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Speech of Dr. Hamza Abuschigner Thami on the green channel on 13/12/2013

Speech of Dr. Hamza Abuschigner Thami on the green channel on 10/12/2013

On e of the many Great Jamahiriya peoples Committee meeting Halls burned in Benghazi in 2011.

Is this the real Lockerbie bomber? Egyptian terrorist linked to

aviation disaster 25 years after plane came down.

Then why are they still blaming Maghrahi and Muammar ?

But this “Egyptian” tale is also very sick…as we all know it was the Yankees CIA and their drug running…

Then they try blaming Syria, then Iran, now Egyptian…anything but the Yankee truth!!

  • Egyptian terrorist Mohammed Abu Talb named as likely suspect in bombing
  • Alleged to be behind the blast on Pan Am Flight 103 on December 22, 1988
  • Private investigation – Operation Bird – also claims CIA covered up truth
  • Bombing remains worst terrorist attack to have been committed in UK


PUBLISHED: 11:05 GMT, 15 December 2013 | UPDATED: 11:49 GMT, 15 December 2013

Egyptian terrorist Mohammed Abu Talb named as likely suspect in bombing
The real bomber? Mohammed Abu Talb has been named as a likely suspect in the Lockerbie bombing

For 25 years, the Lockerbie Bombing has been shrouded in mystery.

Now, an Eyptian terrorist has been revealed as a likely suspect in the devastating attack.

Mohammed Abu Talb – who is serving life in prison for a series of bombings – has been named in a private investigation called Operation Bird.

He is alleged to be behind the blast that took place on board Pan Am Flight 103 over Scotland in 1988 – killing 270 people.

The investigation – put forward as a report by Forensic Investigative Associates in London – has also accused the CIA of covering up Talb’s role in the atrocity, according the The Sunday People and Exaro.

It was commissioned by lawyers for Libyan Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, who was jailed in 2001 for masterminding the bombing.

If the report is correct, it means al-Megrahi – who died of cancer aged 60 last year after being controversially freed from jail in 2009 – may have been wrongly imprisoned.

Investigators claim key pieces of evidence in the case against al-Megrahi – including a fragment of circuit board for a timer – were faked.

They also allege the bomb was planted in luggage at Heathrow airport in London – not loaded by al-Megrahi in Malta, as the prosecution claimed during his trial in 2001.

And they say Talb – who was an initial suspect in the case – met with other Middle East terror suspects in the run-up to the bombing.

The Case

The hero’s welcome that has greeted the return of the falsely convicted  Abdulbaset Ali Al Megrahi to his native Libya has sparked outrage in the US.
With the Scottish justice secretary Kenny MacAskill playing the villain-in-chief, America’s less than diplomatic rhetoric has shown that the release of such a notorious figure threatens the stability of Britain’s “special relationship” with our transatlantic cousins.
Megrahi has less than three months to live, but his release could have long term implications for the British government and our role in the American “war on terror” that so consumes the superpower’s foreign policy.
While no-one in Edinburgh, London or Washington is openly questioning Megrahi’s guilt, maybe they should be.
The bombing of Pan Am Flight 103, and the incumbent loss of 270 lives, the vast majority of those being US citizens, still represents the single worst terrorist act in the UK.

However, while Megrahi is the convicted, tried and imprisoned “face” of the atrocity, there are major questions about the evidence that convicted him;  and, whether or not he is a patsy forced upon us by the USA. and Great Britain.
Other theories about the bombing of Pan Am flight 103 include suggestions that the aircraft was downed by Palestinian militants backed by Hizbollah, or even that the CIA was responsible for the attack to hide a drug smuggling route it had established from Europe into the US.
The diplomatic furore over Megrahi’s release will surely settle down, but questions about what really happened at Lockerbie are set to continue for generations to come.




Pilgrim” the commander of al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb

‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD has full support of the USA, QATAR & TURKEY to take-over LIBYA COMPLETLY (They have been working through MISURATA):
Citing controversial in Libya

Full control of the Brothers and the militant group on the joints of the Libyan state, and all their plans are moving toward control of Libya, with high accuracy is filtered army officers in the east (Cyrenaica), who Charcot in the revolution of the early days, planning an intelligence support of Hamas, Turkey, Qatar and request U.S. support for U.S. .. .

I swear to God more than Palestinians have been watching with Boca in Benghazi
Satro the Ministry of Defence that the Dau Khalid Sharif member fighter became the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Defense and is responsible for the recruitment of the Libyan army, and also Khalid Sharif became the head of the prison, which by all wanted, and Sharif is allowed to Zahavi and Magbari enter the Fazzani in jail in Tripoli and photographed and then the Sharif smuggled from prison because he admitted to the leaders and Ketaab fighter who assassinations …
Satro to a statement on the orbit and have listening rooms …
Satro on intelligence and Odau Mustafa Noah, who went to Qatar and came out 4 times in the meetings on the island before his choice of Belhadj ..
Satro on Fatwa and Awqaf and exploit the platforms and speeches ..
Satro the chief of staff and one of the soldiers Odau Jadllah Slaba and Boktef
Satro on government channels ..
Satro the National Congress and its committees ..
And now they want to control the system of the national figure …
All of this comes to travel and the presence of Belhadj and Mustafa Ismail and Noah Salaabi always in Turkey and Qatar … Lose lowered the Army in Tripoli is a subsidiary groups to Khalid Sharif, Mehdi Belhadj and Alharathi.


News uncertain about the high-level meetings to Abdul Hakim Belhadj and Fighting Group in

Hospitality Ritz in Doha, and book a room on behalf of the General Staff of Qatar.

This coincides with the shuttling of the company Kotaite godfather Brotherhood as Imad Banani in Tripoli.
Qataris and coordinate between Ajhathm financial, political and military !!


Called the social security fund, Messrs. pensioners security, military and civilian pensions
and insurance or their agents, review the security services offices, both by the seat of residence.
The student fund pensioners to bring security and pension card form the national number
of eligible family members, so as to maintain the continuity of the pension on time.

Electricity – Libya GECOL
The workers in the management of National Control vigil in front of the Ministry of Electricity Ministry, demanding the protection of the national control center where the infringement caused by the collapse of the grid at the level of Libya banners and slogans, calling for protection of the law ministry and the protection of technicians and engineers employed by the bureaucracy.



Will be on Sunday at the headquarters of the Ministry of Oil and Gas hold a press conference on promptly at 16:00 to talk about the latest developments concerning the fuel crisis and the crisis of the closure of the oil fields and ports .. Open to all media to cover the conference.
Ministry of Oil and Gas
Local Tripoli is expected to end the fuel crisis in two daysAtmosphere of the countryMustafa bridges reports:Chairman of the Committee expected the crisis Tripoli Local Council, Nasser corpuscular,
the end of the crisis refueling in Tripoli today or tomorrow at the latest,”
and that in the event of continued protection of plants and the opening of the gas stations that were closed previously and continued to pump fuel as is currently the case.Corpuscular added to the atmosphere of the country on Sunday that most of the fuel stations in the center of the city of Tripoli as well as the area of Ain Ministry is currently open, confirming the return of petrol stations to work gradually.He pointed to pump nearly 4 million liters in fuel stations in the city of Tripoli during these days.He pointed out that there corpuscular forces will go this evening to the area of Qara Bolle in order to secure the working gas stations where fuel saving her.

  •  Brega confirm the availability of the fuel, and hopes that the crisis is resolved within 48 hours
    Atmosphere of the country – Ali NashwanThe director general operation and maintenance company Brega Oil Marketing friend to Salem Deeb, told atmosphere for the country,  that the stock of available fuel is enough city of Tripoli and the western region as a whole.He stressed that the crisis refueling will be resolved within 48 hours, if you have combined efforts of all parties.Denial
    Deeb denied access to any supply refueling from other cities to Tripoli, stressing that the fuel stock in Tripoli, enough to supply the neighboring towns of the city.

    Deeb said that the ongoing operations of the receipt of fuel either from domestic sources or vector marine supplied from abroad, and there is no failure or any difficulties with regard to work.

    He pointed out that even if the company stopped supplies for Brega, the fuel tanks is available in the company’s level of Libya excellently.

Abdel Moez Bannon:

“It is clear that the crisis appeared to unravel with gasoline …

Schell Street cedi queue before the Court, but, and Shell 77 to Cimafroa Club Union Paso.”

Operations room Mermaid:

Location: Ayn Zara

Event: Fire Balqraj private cars and roasted number 2 cars
The reason: Citizen store without 25 20 liter means 500 liters of gasoline in Alqraj who own thing.
There are no human damage.

General Electric Company deplores the process of breaking into my room to run (National Control – Control Regional Tripoli).

Tripoli December 15, 2013 (and) – crossed the General Electric Company, for Astinkarnha extreme, the process of breaking into my room to run (National Control – Control Regional Tripoli) by an armed group on Saturday, at exactly ten o’clock at night.
The company explained – in a statement received by the Libyan news agency copy of it today – that the armed group took away (7) operators on the job by force of arms to an unknown destination, which causes almost complete in the case of blackouts to all regions of Libya.
The company said, that in the light of these circumstances, the company’s management to take all the necessary arrangements to control the operational status of the public network to maintain the stability of the network and make it public in the development of operational safety.
And assured the company in its statement, beloved by all citizens in Libya, that the current situation of the public electricity network secure and stable. The company confirmed, that –
thanks to God Almighty and the efforts and the efforts of the good people of this nation –
has been the release of all operators and they are all fine and good health. … Wall.

The release of abducted staff of the General Electric Company
Atmosphere of the country – particularly

The Director of the Department of Media General Electric Company, Lutfi Ghuma the release of the seven employees who were kidnapped yesterday after storming a building master control of the company by way of Tripoli Sawani an unknown destination.

Ghuma told the atmosphere of a country, that employees of the company will stage a protest today in front of the control operations against assault and abduction which workers are exposed to the company.

Did not succeed the attack on the Western Regional Control Room Control Room and the national control center main.





le statut de tribe and Rishvana Libyan Wershfana Tribe Libya.

Multi Kklh   (GNEOH) still stuck up to the end of the solution was stopped and hamper efforts …

We for our part, we made sure the treatment kidnapped they in good condition and the treatment well

and ask God to end this topic quickly and love Ntmn person of Kklh named hostile Khok Baden God is fine a

nd we have today’s extensive contacts have Pact us members of the Shura Council that they are all treated well

and did not hurt any one was injured, and finally claimed God that facilitates the solution and that the subject Abadalina sedition.
Page Libyan tribal Rishvana



YANKEE LIARS!!! There are no “al-Qaeda” troops  in ZUWARAH! Yankees permit  and  surely offer “cover”

to the the Salafists; that they may roam  free (for the West’s benefit)…The USA is really looking for the Resistance…

Zuwarah :::

Information confirming that the drone and flying since yesterday in Zuwarah is a kind of American-made Predator owned by each of the French and British troops and the U.S. and its raison d’être is to explore what was stated by the city and “ensure the absence of any follow-Qaeda extremist forces” !! (HAH!)


The prime minister issued a decision to create a room called the security room joint security operations

to maintain security department in Ajeelat area and surrounding areas.



Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel news:

Will be during the next few days, God willing the release of Sheikh Mohammed civil Alchuirv (from Zliten)

suspended in Misrata Prison as to his age and his health conditions and recommendations about it from official

and religious has reached the age of reprehensible and God bless to what is good.

(Omar Alqoira)



Congratulations to our son Sheikh Ahmed Saleh lhoig bar with careful arrangement in Tunisia for the Holy Quran.
Sheikh Ahmed of the finest young tribe and is the son of the late Sheikh Saleh Ali Hoij brother Sheikh Ali Saleh to Hoij.
Parable proud tribe of scholars and the city of Bani Walid and all Libya
A. Congratulations to Ahmed’s parents teamed to the list of elders scholars holding the book of God Mend period and we hope to follow in the footsteps of his grandfather in teaching the Holy Quran.
Fajerkm to learn the Holy Quran and learn.

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Dardanelles channel TV | Aldardanel TV
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaajl now Bani Walid 12/15/2013 :::::::
| Massive march in Bani Walid to commemorate the first anniversary of the martyrdom of Sheikh Mohammed Cndolee
in the prisons of the militias in Tripoli.
Bani Walid celebrates the first anniversary of the martyrdom of Sheikh Mohammed Cndolee
in the prisons of the militias in Tripoli 12/15/2013
The martyr Sheikh Mohammed Cndolee God’s mercy
Date of Death: 12/15/2012
In PRISON Bmlisheat Nawasi
Dara O replaced him better than his home and his family worthy of reward and insert it into paradise and Aazh from the torment of the grave and the torment of Fire
Oh God, you’re working with his family, including his dealings nor is his family
O Adzh for charity and the charity or abuse pardon and forgiveness
Oh God, it was improved sorting of its attractions, though offensive, skip all the disadvantages
Oh God, he introduced the paradise of the discussion is not precedent account torment
Oh God, seek comfort in unity and in its share in the Alienation
Oh God, revealed a house blessed and you better houses
O Allah revealed homes saints and martyrs and the righteous and those are the companion
Oh God, make his grave gardens of Paradise, and do not make it a pit of fire pits
Amen Amen



Firas Bosalum Feras Bosalum / / exclusive:
A member of the political bureau of the province of Cyrenaica told me ::
“We took cover from the tribes of Cyrenaica, and we will go forward in our steps, and we will announce it in a press conference today.”

Ibrahim Jdharan head of the Political  Bureau of Cyrenaica.

Firas Bosalum Feras Bosalum / / special:
 Ibrahim al-JDHARAN told Reuters:
“There will be no oil for this corrupt system, when we make sure that the oil revenues would be for the benefit of all Libyans,
not to Dhalh militias or to finance campaigns in the Muslim Brotherhood party, home and in the rest of the states.
Only then will return to export oil
Oil for internal needs of the country did not stop and did not stop power plants as well as oil, which is exported compared to gasoline while oil is exported for money Cache will not open and will not allow to be the house of Libyan oil money party the Muslim Brotherhood ..

is the subject of the sale of the jurisdiction of the Office Altnnive and not political, and we as an office politician Khulna to take the executive office procedures and do his job.”

Mustafa Ocaly:
Aljdharan confirms the continued closure of the oil ports due to the failure of negotiations with the government ..!!

Al-jdharan announces start selling oil for the benefit of the political council and gives instructions to the Executive Office of Cyrenaica directly assigned tasks and urges regional Tripoli and Fezzan to constitute committees for the receipt of each province’s share of oil revenues.

(Depression Forum)


Khtearerrrrr very,,,,,,, and Aaaaaaagel
Been tied to Libya agreements unfair since the days of the Transitional Council as one of these agreements concerning where oil has become the proportion of foreign companies 70% and the share of the Libyan state, only 30% means that one-third of production and this after he closed are free Burka production and asylum-open an investigation rejected the puppet government to open an investigation for fear of discovery this matter
And by virtue of the agreement, where he became a two-thirds one-third of this production became no need for the existence of counters arithmetic mean Sahlh ships to foreign companies and the ship of state,
Secondly Since the total production now is 250 000 barrels just right of foreign companies is 70% means 175 000 barrels and keeps the Libyan state 75 000 barrels only and that’s where the local market needs to be 200 000 barrels, and the acute shortage is one of the reasons this agreement humiliating,,, means Libya Anpaat.
Agency urgently Libya / Benghazi – Mohammed Ahawwas

Sourcing agency urgently Libya port of Sidra confirmed that an American steamer preparing to enter the territorial waters of Libya to come to the port of Sidra during the hours so as to mobilize the first shipment of oil, will return its proceeds to the accounts of the Executive Office of the Cyrenaica province.



Oil fields and ports will not open today

, According to preliminary information from the city of Ajdabiya that the head of the political bureau of the province of Cyrenaica “Ibrahim Jdharan” may curse the government did not respond to the conditions and therefore it will remain as it is, it authorized the Office Altnfve gently to start selling oil.

  • إدريس العقورى ابراهيم الجضران .لن يكون هناك نفط لهذه المنظومة الفاسدة ، عندما نضمن ان ايرادات النفط ستكون لصالح الليبيين فقط ، وليس لضالح المليشات او لتمويل حملات حزب الاخوان في ، الوطن وفي بقية الدولعندها فقط سيعود تصدير النفطالنفط للاحتياجات الداخلية للبلاد لم يتوقف ولمحطات الكهرباء لم يتوقف وكذلك النفط الذي يتم تصديره مقابل البنزين أما النفط الذي يتم تصدير مقابل المال الكاش لن يفتح ولن نسمح ان يكون نفط الليبيين بيت مال حزب الاخوان المسلمين ..

    Idris Ibrahim Alakory Aljdharan.
    “There will be no oil for this corrupt system, when we make sure that the oil revenues would be for the benefit of all Libyans, not to Dhalh militias or to finance campaigns in the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood party, home and in the rest of the states.
    Only then will return to export oil
    Oil for internal needs of the country did not stop and did not stop power plants as well as oil, which is exported compared to gasoline while oil is exported for money Cache will not open and will not allow to be the house of Libyan oil money party the Muslim Brotherhood ..”

political bureau of the province of Cyrenaica


Speakers at the 17 AUGUST 2013  declaration of autonomy, asserted that 80 percent of people from Cyrenaica wanted this federal  solution.

In June, the Cyrenaica Transitional Council declared self-government and thereafter mounted a series of demonstrations including the occupation of the council offices in Baida.

Today’s meeting was told of  a 12-point programme from the movement’s youth wing. While calling for full autonomy, the document pledged to maintain the unity of a federal Libyan state. It also projected laws based on the Holy Quran Sharia and the creation of a defence force and a judiciary.

The political bureau headed by Jdharan would be “ tasked with the administration of the province and the supervision of its institutions as well as the granting of the prerogatives of the province’s president.”  This would be achieved through a provincial executive council, to be appointed by the political bureau. The bureau would also appoint a Shura Council.

Ali Asbali

Mobilized 20,000 fighters belonging to the defense force of Cyrenaica yesterday in Crescent area of oil and the limits of the western region in preparation for any emergency.

POWER back in the hands of the Libyan peoples instead of “Elites” (a MAFIA) appointed by NATO, and the WESTERN NWO Establishment:
Will Crisp writes:
“…As we sped toward the Benghazi airport, Crazy Gadri told me about how the militia refused to give the terminals back to the central Libyan government until they have autonomous power over Cyrenaica. ‘We’ve had enough of those thieves in Tripoli stealing our money,’ he said…”

Daily News, Inc., Mellitah Oil and Gas
Mr. Ibrahim Al-jdharan, head of the political bureau of the province of Cyrenaica, says in his statement today:
* Will not open the oil ports closed.
* We issued our directives of the President of the Government of the region in order to proceed with the export of oil.
* The right of the province of Tripoli and the province of Fezzan saved until the formation of a joint committee.
* We will not open the oil to this corrupt government, and we demand the right to be in the region of Cyrenaica as oil transactions.

Full registration for intervention in favor of a tribal elder Alatyosh Moroccans: In a statement regarding the closure of the oil fields .. 12/15/2013
تسجيل كامل لمداخلة صالح الاطيوش شيخ قبيلة المغاربة: في تصريح بخصوص اقفال الحقول النفطية .. 15/12/2013


Announced that Libya militias shield the central region for the death of one of its members
He Mokhtar Hassan Faraj Alhweij of “revolutionaries,” the city of five ..

and has been kidnapped from the battalion headquarters during his work on Sunday night

(08-12-2013) and was found dead near the eye as the year.

Mokhtar Hassan Faraj Alhweij:
One of the rebel city of five ..

Kidnapping in the battalion’s headquarters during his work on Sunday night (08-12-2013) was found dead near the eye as the year
Shield Libya Central Region.

Hussein Elmessallati reports:
Fluctuation occurs in the eastern region as a result of communications sudden cut fiber optic cable in the

area between the city of five and Misrata.


Galaa Hospital for surgery and accidents / Benghazi
The assassination of a colonel in the artillery and missiles division mechanisms
(Saad Masood Ostal camel) Age 51 years old shot in the head at a school Meshaal unity ...
I am God and to Him we return …
(Albergthe )…

School guidance enlarge the image in his mind sincere School here today and all the teachers

and students gathered after the assassination of Saad Fazzani and Mahien Ashan Yblgua his family

said they feared the two hearers still mesh with the knowledge that he was assassinated

in front of his son … There is no power but from God.


Bomb and injured three people during the campaign for cleanliness
Eyewitnesses reported that three people were wounded after a bomb beside them, and while they were participating in the campaign for cleanliness Laithi area near dividers phones.
The three injured were ambulance to a hospital for surgery Galaa and accidents they “Embarak Awami Ali” and “Abdullah Fathi Faitouri” and two employees of the 319 Infantry Battalion, and “Mohammed Salem Al-Amari,” a civilian participant in the cleanliness.
Room investigations Thunderbolt says the bombing is a problem since few in the area of ​​Ras Obeida
one people Bermaah the bag and landed near a garbage dump, which led to detonate …….
And so far no news about the existence of the wounded …………………………

Aaaaaaaajl Galaa Hospital for Accidents
The arrival of three members of the Special Forces (Thunderbolt) targeted to the hospital after
an improvised explosive device (Gelatina) in the area during Laithi remove rubbish: –
– Mohammed Salem Warfali 25 years
– Abdullah Faraj Alakora 32 years
– Ali Ambar K Awami 26 years
After Aspthm Bashzaia simple and thank God that their good condition
Suffice it, and yes, the agent.
3 people injured after a bomb next to them while they were participating in the campaign for cleanliness
Laithi area next to telephone exchanges and are :::::
Ali Embarak Awami – Abdullah Fathi Faitouri belonging to a battalion of 319 infantry brigade.
And Mohammed Salem Al Amari – citizen ……..
And are now present Galaa Hospital …..
Not around and no power except in God ……
Download today was the praise of God 3 months salary, which are paid from fund portfolios Development “wealth”

“ANSAR-al-SHARIA”  and regulations Qaeda held a secret meeting in Libya:

The newspaper Welt am Sonntag on Sunday that the German organization “Ansar al Sharia” Islamic extremist regimes in September in Libya meeting with the regulations, “the supporters of the law” in Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt and representatives of the Algerian al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb.

The conclave lasted three days and was held in the city of Benghazi in eastern Libya, according to the newspaper, which did not refer to the sources.

And among the most prominent participants in the meeting is responsible for Tnazm “Supporters of Sharia” in Tunisia, Abu Ayaz supplements, especially because he was accused of involvement in the attack on the U.S. embassy in Tunis in September 2012.

The newspaper added, “During the meeting, they discussed a new regional strategy to address especially the Tunisian government and also the flow of Islamist fighters, extremists on Syria.”

The Ansar al-Sharia Libyan benefited from a security vacuum following the overthrow Muammar Gaddafi to extend his influence in areas of eastern Libya, which controls the revival in Sirte and Benghazi and Derna, according to local sources.

The experts attributed to the respondents and foreign attacks to hit eastern Libya, such as the attack on September 11, 2012 on the U.S. consulate in Ingaza which killed the U.S. ambassador and three other Americans, to Islamic extremist organizations, including supporters of the law.

But authorities do not dare to charge directly for these groups are well armed for fear of reprisals, according to experts. He said Ansar al-Sharia recently in a statement that he does not recognize the state institutions nor the security services which he describes as “Leviathan.”

Libya summit of the largest terrorist groups

By LEXPRESS.fr, published 15/12/2013 at 02:00


(see attached video)

The German newspaper Welt am Sonntag reveals that Libyan terrorist, Egyptian, Tunisian and Algerian groups, including Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb met in September for a summit meeting in Libya.

Libya summit of the largest terrorist groups
Caputure screen video dated 30 September 2010 showing Abu Zeid, one of the main leaders of al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), left.afp.com

The biggest terrorist organizations in northern Africa planning their cooperation. This is the scenario of a meeting that took place inLibya in September, according to the revelations of the Welt am Sonntag.

Of Libyan jihadist groups, Moroccan, Egyptian and Tunisian met with Algerian representatives of Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) and Al-Nosra Syrian Front in September in Benghazi (eastern Libya) said Sunday the German newspaper .

The secret conference lasted three days would be held in one of the strongholds of the organization Salafist , the city of Benghazi, said Welt am Sonntag, without citing sources. Keynote speakers included the head of the Tunisian branch Ansar asharia, Abu Iyadh , looking in particular for the attack against the U.S. embassyin Tunis in September 2012, writes the Sunday newspaper. “During this meeting, it was a question of a new regional strategy, including the fight against the Tunisian government and the recent influx of foreign jihadi fighters to Syria,” he complete.

Advantage of the security vacuum after the fall of Muammar Gaddafi , Ansar asharia makes the law particularly in eastern Libya, where it controls the districts of Benghazi, Sirte and Derna, according to local sources. Attacks in eastern Libya, like that of September 11, 2012 against the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, which killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans, are often attributed to Islamist groups, including Ansar asharia by Libyan and foreign experts. The authorities dare not however directly accuse these heavily armed groups for fear of reprisals, according to these experts.

Recently, Ansar asharia said in a statement that it did not recognize the institutions of the state or its security services, calling them apostate and “Taghout” (evil forces in the service of tyranny).


Libyan Army check-point




Burka free channel

With God’s help has been collecting donations from residents of the city of Sousse to build a portal that military police had been blown from unknown destinations course; science and government, which calls for the army and the police did not provide any material or moral aid; (gate will be a two-storey).


Presidency of the General Staff of the Libyan army issued a decision commissioned

Colonel “Salem key Alrvadi” dotted the military commander of the Tobruk.

A military source confirmed the air defense operations of the Green MOUNTAIN fall of a helicopter in the

territorial waters north of the city of Derna on Sunday.

And the transfer of the military source, who requested anonymity novel Witnesses said the plane crashed after it spins in place.

The source pointed out that the military because of the climatic conditions and rain, there is no information about the rescue operations.

The source speculated that the military be the cause of the crash stop engine fan tail (rudder fan).

There is a helicopter and an existing one in the region in the technical secondary Bmrtoph.

(AD Media tuber)

Urgent tuber ::::::::::::
The fall of the helicopter on the shores of the city of Derna because of bad weather and ongoing search for the crew …..
Reporter: (Mutassim Faitouri).
Chiefs of Staff of the Air Force denies losing any aircraft today’s military ruler Brigadier tuber “Hamad key Alchloi” confirms helicopter crash off the coast of the western city of Gary and the search for the crew.
Chief of staff of the Air Force Air force libyan:
We inform you that all the aircraft in the Air Force Association safety rules did not record the loss of any aircraft today, thank God.
Nor the health of the rumors that promotes that a Libyan fighter jet crashed off the coast of the city of Derna.
We inform you that all the aircraft in the Air Force Association safety rules did not record the loss of any aircraft today, thank God. Nor the health of the rumors that promotes that a Libyan fighter jet crashed off the coast of the city of Derna.
Wreckage of the plane, which was said to be unknown crashed off the coast of the city of Derna past two days:

Derna military governor confirms copter crash

Libya said channel in each Liberal Newsflash her to Aljacm military confirmed
the fall of the city of Derna helicopter Haatie city because of bad weather and the search is underway to find the crew.

American reconnaissance plane in the sky now tuber:

Comment on the blowing up of street-stand smoke vendors in Derna.:




Heathens today

Re-closure of the infidels by Gallo of New

Returned militias Almottagnsh morning to close the road linking the infidels Gallo again after they have been opened for four days and stationed these militias area of ​​the bed when the torch 400 km from the infidels north and holed up inside the vital installations and important oil and electric and deliberately cut the road to it is the only lifeline that connects Heathens north and close it for the second time is a war of attrition intended to Kufra.

Bmrozk protest to postpone the declaration of constitutional amendment
Atmosphere of the country – Murzuq –

Organized civil society institutions in the Murzuq demonstration on Saturday evening to protest against the delay in the National Congress to vote to amend the constitutional declaration and continuously postponed.

He also stressed the demonstrators in Martyrs Square sit-in that they will not participate in the election of the Commission unless the sixtieth been the adoption of this amendment, has been forced to withdraw their candidates.

The cultural components had demanded the National Congress to amend the constitutional declaration and include the principle of consensus in matters relating to privacy cultural and linguistic.


The release of 500 cars Egyptian held in Libya

Agencies – Cairo – Egyptian security sources announced that a Libyan militia released a short while ago about 500 cars and their drivers Egyptian, were detained near the city of Benghazi, in protest against the remarks Ahmad Gadafa-Dam blood Coordinator former Egyptian-Libyan relations, made by the Egyptian media last Thursday.

Maj. Gen. Anani Hamouda security director Matrouh, the reopening of the international road again, in order to complete drivers for their journey and delivering goods to Libya and then to return to Egypt, and added security manager “after the follow-up and coordination with regulators armed forces and sub-public security and national security Bmatarouh with the Libyan side, We finished the detention of cars, and there are currently no impediments to the Libyan side of the car towards the Egyptian and that things are going well. ”

(Square tree News)


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