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 the Supreme Commander of the Peoples’s Armed Forces and the Commander of the Popular Resistance Armed

Green Army to protect


Speech of Dr. Hamza Thami in the green channel on 12/15/2013 P

Standing firm ... Muammar Gaddafi appears on Libyan state television

the supreme commander of the armed forces and the commander of the Popular Resistance armed:


Back connections to the central region (MISURATA, SIRTE, ZLITEN)
Atmosphere of the country –
Undersecretary of the Ministry of Communications and Informatics “Muhammad Ali the head,” the return of communications to the central region after repair of fiber optic cable, which cut off the ground because of maintenance work for the year, passing through the city of Zliten yesterday.
“The Cape Ali” told the atmosphere of the country on Monday that he was the reform of the cable at one o’clock in the morning and returned communications for cities affected by them Zliten and Misurata and Sirte, and some areas of Jafra.
Referred to as the General Manager of phone Libya “Toalb Hussein” had confirmed to the atmosphere of the country yesterday that the outage led to the fluctuation of communications in the Eastern Province and Blibiana orbit and low Internet traffic “by a large margin” and the disruption of service in the Central Region orbit.
The Ministry of Communications and Informatics – Libya
Back communications traffic and services in the eastern region
After a hiatus of twenty hours announced phone Libya for the return movement, communication and all the services in the Eastern Province after exposure cable next generation of cutting abruptly between the cities of five and Misrata yesterday Vkdasttaat band unit cables in the Gulf of Sirte to carry out maintenance work on Monday and the return of all communications in the Eastern Province.
Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia .. Underlines the lack of legitimacy .. Sadaq Gharyiani .. NATO Mufti of Libya ..
And rulings that do not meet the conditions of Ifta ..
Fatwas and that they liked .. And meddling in politics in order to extend his influence joints state.
مفتي السعودية .. يؤكد عدم شرعية .. الصادق الغرياني .. كمفتي لليبيا .. و أن فتاويه لا تستوفي شروط الأفتاء .. و أن فتاوية على هواه .. و تدخله بالسياسة من أجل بسط نفوذه بمفاصل الدولة .

Did you know that the salary tempted Diyar Libyan dinars 9000 + Mercedes to navigate
And that his son takes scholarship in Britain with the Libyan state that “a British citizen”  ??
,News agency Libya today



NATO’s destruction of LIBYA: DO NOT FORGET!!

NATO destruction of LIBYA

UN’s Syria “Aid” Appeal is Bid to Relieve Trapped Terrorists

Global Research, 16 December  2013

Evil Salafists

In August 2011, the Telegraph reported in an article titled, “Libya crisis: Rebel leaders hoping to starve Qathafi stronghold of Sirte into submission,” that:

Rebel leaders hope to starve Colonel Qathafi’s home town of Sirte into submission, laying siege to his last remaining stronghold in an attempt to avoid mass bloodshed, according to the man spearheading efforts for a peaceful takeover.

Assisting them in the starvation of the 100,000 civilians who populated the coastal city of Sirte was NATO who rained bombs down upon the besieged city relentlessly while terrorists on the ground cut off electricity, water, gas, food, and other essential supplies.

AP would also report on the starvation of Sirte in its article, “U.N. Warns Libya Is Short of Water, Fuel, Medicine:”

Rebel commanders have been negotiating with tribal leaders in Qathafi’s hometown of Sirte, hoping to avoid further bloodshed. They announced Thursday that they had extended the negotiations’ deadline for another week, from this coming Saturday.

“We want to save our fighters and not lose a single one in battles with Qaddafi’s forces,” said Mohammed al-Rajali, a spokesman for the rebel leadership in the eastern city of Benghazi.

“In the end, we will get Sirte, even if we have to cut water and electricity” and let NATO pound it with airstrikes, he said.

And despite the title of the report, the UN made no mention of the tactics of the terrorists and their NATO backers. Instead, the UN was more concerned with aiding areas of the nation already taken by NATO’s proxy army.

In 2011, the general consensus appeared to be that cutting off an entire city surrounded on all sides by desert and sea, constituted a “humane” and “peaceful” means of taking the remaining strongholds of the overthrown Libyan government. How times and the sensibilities of the West have changed…

The Syrian Arab Army Surrounds Al Qaeda

It is now the end of 2013, with the conflict in Syria having dragged on for three years. The Syrian government has decisively turned the tide against waves of  NATO-backed foreign terrorists and their extremist collaborators within the country, having restored order in many parts of the country and having surrounded the terrorist proxies in a dwindling number of districts across the Syria.

Image: “Humanitarian aid – Qatari Red Crescent-style.” As the UN prepares to flood the Syrian conflict with another 6.5 billion dollars, tales of how “aid money” is ending up facilitating the activities of terrorists inside and along Syria’s borders suggest the UN is not trying to provide mercy for the Syrian people, but perpetuate the tragedy further still. Were it truly interested in relieving Syrians, it would expose the true genesis of the conflict  to the world and hold those responsible accountable.


In some areas, the terrorists have been completely surrounded, cut off from reinforcements and supplies. Just as in Libya, the Syrian Arab Army is waiting for the terrorists to be starved out rather than attempt a bloody assault – the difference being that civilians – women and children – most certainly are allowed (at least by the Syrian government) to leave the besieged areas, leaving the terrorists alone.

Reuters attempts to frame the Syrian government as obstructing aid and intentionally leaving women and children to starve and freeze to death. In its article titled, “Syria uses red tape, threats to control UN aid agencies,” it states:

Syrian government is accused of using hunger as a weapon of war against its people and preventing U.N. aid staff in delivering food and medicines to rebel-held suburbs.

Reuters continues (emphasis added):

As the United Nations launched an annual appeal on Monday to help 16 million people affected Syria’s civil war, divisions among world powers that have crippled peacemaking are also denying UN staff the power to defy President Bashar al-Assad’s officials and push into neighbourhoods now under siege.

“In government-controlled parts of Syria, what, where and to whom to distribute aid, and even staff recruitment, have to be negotiated and are sometimes dictated,” said Ben Parker, who ran the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) in Syria for a year until last February.

“According to the Syrian government’s official position, humanitarian agencies and supplies are allowed to go anywhere, even across any frontline,” he wrote last month in the journal Humanitarian Exchange. “But every action requires time-consuming permissions, which effectively provide multiple veto opportunities.” Fighting and rebel groups are also obstacles.

The United Nations appealed for 4.74€ billion on Monday to help 16 million people affected by the Syrian civil war, including millions made hungry and homeless by the conflict soon entering its fourth year. The world body estimates about a quarter of a million Syrians are living under siege as winter bites, most of them encircled by government forces, but also including 45,000 in two towns in the north that are besieged by anti-Assad rebels.

A binding Security Council resolution could formally oblige the authorities to let aid agencies into areas like the Damascus suburbs and the old city of Homs, where local doctors say children are dying of malnutrition. But divisions between Western powers, backing the rebels, and Russia, have paralysed the world body over Syria since the conflict began in 2011.

Of course, Reuters excuses itself once again from having to qualify any of its claims – particularly those regarding the intentional starving and freezing of women and children. It does so by stating:

Lack of access for independent agencies makes it hard to verify food and medical supplies in many areas. But opposition activists have posted video of the bodies of several skeletal children who local doctors say died of malnutrition.

Once again, accusations of the Syrian government’s “crimes against humanity” are solely based on the “activists say” school of journalism, where “rebel” propagandists renowned as serial liars, have posted videos of unverified footage then reported as fact by their Western collaborators – with disclaimers later buried deep within reports.

What the West is Using the UN for this Time

The gambit is two-fold. First, to portray the Syrian government as guilty of yet more “crimes against humanity,” which then justifies the second – passing a binding UN Security Council resolution that would give the West direct access to their terrorist proxies inside of Syria under the guise of providing “humanitarian aid.”

This is being done in conjunction with plans to drop the pretense of “moderate rebels,” and fully back Al Qaeda and other extremist fronts through a network of proxies including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, and Jordan.

In a recent e-mail leak released by the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA), correspondences between US contractor Matthew Van Dyke and Western journalists revealed that in addition to intentionally deceiving the public regarding the nature of the conflict, aid shipments were being used to smuggle in equipment, fighters, and weapons.

Van Dyke being an armed militant himself, along with those in his company, riding freely back and forth between Libya and Syria on aid ships should raise suspicions at the very least regarding “aid” the UN plans to provide entrapped terrorists.

Stories like Alakhbar English’s “Qatar Red Crescent Funds Syrian Rebel Arms,” also raises immense concern about so-called aid flowing into Syria specifically to help those fighting the government. The article reports:

Sources in the investigation team said that Mahmoud confessed to receiving around 1.6€ million from Khaled Diab, a Qatar Red Crescent official. He was then to hand the money over to a Lebanese cleric identified as O.O., born in 1983 and affiliated with Muslims Without Borders, in the Bekaa village of Bar Elias.

“Through the cleric, Mahmoud was able to acquire 30 RPG launchers for 655,642.17€ and 300 shells for 218,547.39€, which were then transferred to Syria by a smuggler known as Anwar or his nom de guerre Abu Salah.” The smuggler then handed over the weapons to the Syrian national known as Abu Abdullah in the Damascus countryside.

Mahmoud also bought 100 Kalashnikovs and an ammunitions cache for 29,139.65€ from the Ain al-Hilweh Palestinian refugee camp in southern Lebanon. The source added that Mahmoud entered the refugee camp with the Syrian national Mohammad Abdullah, known as Abu Hamza, under the guise of distributing humanitarian aid to refugees from Syria.

One can only imagine what will be bought and done with the 4.74€ billion the UN has called for to assist those in terrorist-held territory. It will most likely be fed directly into the terror networks the NATO and its regional allies have been preparing to expand.

Should the UN decide to truly care about ending the ongoing catastrophe that is the proxy invasion of Syria by foreign-backed terrorists, it could always point out the true nature of the conflict and hold those responsible for it, NATO and its regional axis, fully accountable. Anything less is but a criminal rouse meant to intentionally perpetuate the conflict and give the West yet another chance to end it on terms they find favorable.




comparison GNC vs General people’s Committee of the Great Jamahiriya

Great Jamahiriya direct democracy vs. Idiots of GNC

RATS so-called Allaotunai  CONGRESSThe GNC of LIBYA



U.S. delegation in Tripoli soon, Washington

A source familiar with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a telephone conversation with the agency urgently Libya,
the U.S. delegation will visit Tripoli tomorrow to discuss with the National Congress and the interim government in the latest developments in Libya.

Shooting at the headquarters of the government Tripoli
According to preliminary information keep shooting inside a building before Vleil prime minister in Tripoli.

Today the Egyptian – Libyan Media Network – # LNM

The Second Vice-President General National Congress in Libya (the interim parliament),

in favor of the National Conference Almkhozom subjected to 269 cases of assault and sit throughout the 2013 year.

The «Almkhozom», in a press statement, on Sunday evening, the nature of those incidents that learns them National Congress,

said she intrusions include armed and unarmed to the chamber and sit-ins in front of his headquarters,

which hampered some of his work.


Record in the National Conference incursions
The Second Vice-President General National Congress “favor Almkhozom”
The National Congress subjected to 269 cases of assault and sit throughout the year 2013.
The «Almkhozom», in a press statement that the nature of those incidents that learns them National Congress,
said she intrusions include armed and unarmed to the conference hall and sit-ins in front of his headquarters, which hampered some of his work.
National Congress decides the following: –
1 / punishment of imprisonment for not less than three years for any person or group of persons of non-authorized persons humble they move or transfer or roaming any vehicles or military vehicles or military-style armed or civilian carrying weapons it within cities or villages or on public roads .
2 / prison and a fine not exceeding twenty thousand dinars and not less than ten thousand dinars. Both won or brought or issued or transfer him or particular weapon or through the medium of heavy weapons trafficking or intent dealer already.
3 / adoption law banning the weapons, ammunition and explosives by the National Congress a year to put an end to the spread of arms among individuals and encourage them at the same time to return the possession thereof to the competent authorities, something which is considered a prelude to the restoration of security and stability. Exempts all of him is in possession of weapons or ammunition to any police station or Madrih Security or the Attorney General or units of the national army during the ninety days from the date of entry into force of this law.
Member National Congress Zainab Altargi :
Cabinet authorized to fund the budget price, to borrow from commercial banks operating in Libya to cover the financial obligations resulting from contracts in 2013 AD at the level of the value of those amounts if the adoption of the general budget for the year 2014 AD, or the presence of the general budget surplus.
The news agency Fassato
Concerning (timing adjustment quota first) within schools:
O my dear Qatari!Just as Muammar al-Qathafi always told us…Elections can be easily rigged.Supposedly, figures of those registered to Participate in the election of a constitutional commission in # Libya Albareh number was 388 000 ..

BUT Today reached 660 000 .. Means in less than 24 hours Libyans outnumbered and registered Bhdh speed ..

Brotherhood and serve Mafish sleep .. Registered fraud .. Hola ready to do anything in order to achieve the goals of the organization led by the International Brotherhood of Turkey and Qatar ..

Lada to Atsngrbun number to reach 2 million voters before closing the polling stations with the knowledge that the so-called .. Alabbar, Chairman of the Supreme Electoral Commission .. (my brothers) par excellence ..

Post (from / / Free Traboulsi)



Head of the United Nations Mission to “support” Libya, Tarek Mitri told the Security Council
that the decision regarding sending a team guard “to protect the United Nations Mission” in Tripoli,
has sparked a wave of anger in the streets of Libya.
anti-UNO 1


Robbery at a car Director National Commercial Bank in the corner by an armed gang.
Assassination attempt Abouhmirh Jaidi by some loyal followers
and the criminal Salah Valley, in Corner of the city, caused by the attempt to destroy the car, “Abouhmirh” and some bruises and scratches; after Ann has Rmith while driving his car caused by a collision with another car.
After this attempt was stopped 6 members from the Corner,
including Ouch done by the assassination; discernible
and demands of the Charter and the Covenant and the promise of notables of the Corner
of Ann does not one of the sons of the corner with such criminal acts.
Easing congestion crisis fuel stations in Tripoli
And – delighted in the fuel “crisis” experienced by the capital Tripoli and the surrounding area for several days, and assured reporters Libyan news agency in Tripoli, the end of the phenomenon of congestion in the fuel distribution stations in the capital Tripoli and its suburbs since yesterday evening, and that there are no queues of cars at the stations on Tuesday morning.
The government has resorted to provide the city with mobile stations for fuel distribution, which eased the burden on the gas stations, which were suffering from power outages.




About / / Pictures and News from Rishvana
Gangs on the coastal road – Corner  (TRIPOLI) of the car and robbed Rishvana even though her family!!


Attempt armed robbery at United Bank branch Surman ….
However, they failed in the robbery after parking staff at the bank against them
and prevent them from being stolen and not Aataúhm keys safe ….
A tribute to the worlds in United Bank ..
(Channel Surman)


Agency urgently Libya / Libyan military maneuvers EU-Russia Sirte
Announced the European Union and Russia, they would hold military exercises jointly
with the Libyan army the end of this month to raise the capacity of the Libyan army
and the participation of all weapons and combat units.
According to preliminary information, told Libya to urgently maneuvers would continue for
a whole month and nearing completion of its preparations, to be maneuvering room operations in the city of Sirte.
EU proposes to Moscow to participate in security operations in Libya without participating in leadership
16/12/2013, 23:02
Voice of Russia

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, the EU proposed to Moscow to participate in security operations and consolidate control over the Libyan border, but not on the basis of equality.

This came in a statement to the Minister Lavrov said: “The European Union is interested in cooperation with us on Libya, but he believes that we should join the process carried out by the European Union to strengthen the security of the external borders without allowing us to participate in the leadership process.”

According to his words, the Moscow is convinced that equal partnership alone would be effective. He expressed Russia’s readiness to contribute to the process without joining the European Union, through the training of Libyan security forces and border guards.

(Hopefully Russian troops coming to SIRTE will stop the  michievous, naughty tricks behind the UNO / NATO intervention!)

The French already have a base in Sirte:



In front of the Court of Zliten shooting heavy weapons and heavy medium between the family
of the mast and family Ahamada after the court released a group accused of prisoners at Majer in Zliten.
Mend a long time and some of them get concessions and some do not exist by the evidence,
but some rebels did not like the court’s ruling and
exit those of The prison was filmed armed clashes and bring you the pictures later.



Knight of Werfalla


On this day last year rose youth Bani Walid heroes against militias and criminal gangs, the Supreme Committee of the ousted Qatar after they entered the city after the war, Resolution No. 7, and they charged with kidnapping, detention and theft of cars and combing citizens …. Vtm expelled from Bani Walid evil being sent off in 16/12/2013 AD as provided dozens of armed their vehicles that survived the burning and destruction at the hands of young people during the few hours Almentvd neighbors and tails behind them the disappointment of the crime and where they came from … Since then, and Bani Walid and thankfully enjoy security and safety significantly compared to areas where there are these gangs and armed formations.

(Adam 2 n)

From holding judicial system in Libya?

16/12/2013, 15:43


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Photo: © The Voice of Russia

Dialogue with Fatima bin fire – head of global gathering for the sake of a united, democratic Libya

Interview: Fahim Surani

Text of the interview:

QUESTION: Dr. Fatima discuss with your presence the decision to release the head of the Social Council of the tribes Warfali Dr. Mohammed Barghouti and several of his colleagues in the Council after being arrested by armed groups in October last year, after being kidnapped by armed groups, of course, move came without a clear legal Hence, the question of what the circumstances of this sudden decision to release Barghouti and his colleagues, especially in the absence of legal and judicial mechanism for that?

A: Yes, let me congratulate the people of Bin Waleed specifically and all the people of the city Werfalli and all the sons of the Libyan people because this is Mr. Fadil Dr. Mohammed Barghouti his efforts and his mighty commendable in order to heal the Libyan people and for the unification of Libya and this was the target of armed militias specifically for leaders of armed militias and behind them, but wrote his peace and is with him, thank God, and ask God to complete the march as its covenant that God provide him with health and safety to bring a lot to the sons of this people.

Q: Is information about his release that came with certain conditions?

A: Sure, do not it will not be because this gentleman and his elders elderly dignitaries tribe Morvla they did not accept the bargain days, this understanding of targeted and was planning to assassinate them and even executed, and have already talked about this topic a lot, but I think that the release came togetherness Some conditions and recent events and what happened from the conflict and fighting between militias, primarily the awakening most Libyan tribes and Libyan street to the extent of the conspiracy and the extent of the danger that threatens the cohesion of Libya, most notably the risk of fighting or civil war.

Mr. Sheikh Fadhel Dr. Mohammed Barghouti and his elders evacuated and dignitaries tribes Werfalli members of the Social Council of the tribes Werfalli in the city of Bin Waleed they are victims of the war in October 2012, which launched under Resolution No. 7 fateful issued by the so-called National Congress and public that had previously touched upon a lot, and this is not Our topic today, were among those militias share the corner specifically. We know since the fall of the Libyan state that all detainees in Libya, both those who were arrested on the social identity or the name of the tribe, or who were arrested on the political situation or others, and just like the looting of funds by militias in each region or city, militias area characterized by its share of the detainees, They said they went to militias corner as it was, many of the share of the hundreds of city Werfalli share of militias, the city of Misrata who are still in detention militias of Misrata, including dozens who died under torture and already we had it, and some of them had their share of the militias of Tripoli and specifically militias market Friday, where he spent the late Sheikh Mohammed Cndolee who at the age of about 80 years in detention as a result of the militias what befell on their hands and put the health and age of advanced prisons of darkness.

What we are seeing today from what some of the media about the trial of the Libyan citizen Saifuddin Gadhafi in Zintan court is further evidence that all of these militias Bmatkulaiha behave as they wish.

QUESTION: Let me ask you about the postponement of the trial of Saif al-Islam Gaddafi to the seventeenth of January next year, this decision has been referred to what looks like chaos and form states within states for these armed groups, and therefore what is your reading of the adjournment of the trial and whether there is a critical Maybe those who stand behind Mankma Saif al-Islam?

A: According to the announced or what some of the news media that he postponed the trial to the twenty-seventh of February, which as stated they court Zintan and this is funny, unfortunately, the evil scourge of laughs, so that there is no judiciary in Libya, no justice, no law, Every militia belonging to a particular area and act as they wish. For example, Seif al-Islam was the share of militias Zintan understand from them the right to act by the trial, so to release the name of the trial on what is happening from the plays, they postpone as they please and can not ask a question to those who belong judges who tried Saif al-Islam and what are their grades judicial, and Certainly, they belong to the militia Zintan and to the area of ​​Zintan specifically, and this is what happened with Sheikh Fadhel Mohammed Barghouti and his colleagues did not take any legal decision or a court which has not been any investigation, did not make him any accusation, right or those who with him, it is not right to say that decision of individuals, but he acted and I can not call this act but is acted socially from some notables corner area, or is the pressure on the militias that were holding him and do not rule out also another aspect which is fighting the militia among them, which happened in Tripoli recently, is that it was militias corner which was yesterday Halfa militia Misrata which attack the city Bin Al Waleed with her and Ngnm what Ngnm including from detainees, the day fighting the militias of Misrata as well as militias of Tripoli and the other, what happened from clashes in Gargour and other areas of Tripoli, possibly this dispute and this fighting was also his role in the issue of the release or the release of these, but with this we want to emphasize and prove that the Social Council of the tribes Werfalli all the families of the victims are still clinging to their right to judicial and legal and renew their claims merits of Resolution 7 ominous which authorized the attack on the city of bin Waleed and the consequent resultant including The arrest of these. And take this opportunity to remember always that this is the fate of tens of thousands of detainees in Libya, hundreds of detainees Libyan, and lucky them is the one who survives, and wrote his life after suffering as happened with Dr. Fadel Muhammad Barghouti and his companions and tens of thousands are still languishing in the prisons of darkness, and has parents all day, every hour the news of the death of some of them, and how things stand and the whole world watching what was happening from disasters and human suffering all means call the Libyan people suffered for more than two years.



le statut de Dardanelles channel TV | Aldardanel TV.

# URGENT | killing citizenship “Khawla Taher godfather” under torture in the prisons of a militia in Misrata
Khawla Al Taher express Alrajabana (imprisoned since SEPT. 2011)

Khawla Al Taher express Alrajabana

La fille est dans les vingt ans, elle est dans les prisons de Misrata depuis Septembre 2011 a vécu ses oncles après que sa mère a divorcé et est maintenant dans la prison de Misrata parce que ses oncles sont recherchés et elle ne sera pas libéré jusqu’à ce qu’ils se livrer … milices de Misratah font des ravages sur la terre et emprisonner les gens et kidnappent et l’État ne contrôle pas la ville ni les prisons, même les gens innocents de Misratah n’ont pas le pouvoir de ces milices.

Death (Khawla Taher express Alrajabana) under torture in Misrata:

Girl in the twenty-year-old sits in the prisons of Misrata since the month of September 2011 has lived within the confines of Ojualha after divorcing her mother sitting in prisons in Misrata arguing that Ojualha wanted will not hand over the girl even delivers Ojualha themselves …

militias Misurata wreak havoc on the land and imprisons people and kidnap and the state does not underline the city nor the prisons.

I am God and to Him we return,



 Agency urgently Libya / defense force in Cyrenaica completed readiness Brega

The commander of the defense force colonel gently Corner “Najib Elhasy”

standing over the readiness of the force is in the highest degree of preparedness in the area of Crescent oil.
It is noteworthy that the defense force consists of gently all varieties missile force
Alhauser and artillery, infantry, medium and heavy weapons.

Executive Office – Cyrenaica province
Burka: -Network news gently to the Arab world:
Revealed a senior official in the government of Cyrenaica province network “tenderly news Arab world,” the Colonel, “Najib Elhasy” commander of the defense force Cyrenaica and Colonel “Rizk Elhasy” military advisor and the security of the territory of Cyrenaica toured today the defense forces tenderly; anticipation of any matters of emergency after threats cascading from the President, the interim government, Ali Zaidane, using military force to open the oil ports and not to succumb to the conditions of the people of Cyrenaica.

“During the tour, officials reiterated that the defense forces of Cyrenaica in the case of fully prepared and alert at full strength.”

Roaodh charge that Colonel Elhasy was his response to threats of Zaidane is:

“We do not talk and do not threaten We are men of action, and the date of Cyrenaica testifies to this…You must know the people of Cyrenaica we are watchful eye for the safety and security of this region and that the limits of Cyrenaica eastern, northern and southern ready., …we have the power to deter all tempted to prejudice Berqh, Knights of Cyrenaica stationed on the standby.”

worth mentioning that  Zaidane and some members of the National Congress threatened on more than one occasion to use military force to open the oil ports; what he considered Analysts declaration of war by the government of Zaidane’s most prominent retired Brigadier General Safwat Zayat, who confirmed for “France 24” to launch a single bullet in the Crescent oil means the division of Libya.

Libya _ Libyan Oil Minister likely to use force to re-open the oil ports
The Minister of Libyan oil and gas, Bari Laroussi, that the continued closure of the Libyan oil ports did not leave the state but to resort to the military option to protect the wealth of the Libyan people.
The «Arousi», in a statement, Monday evening, that the subject is closed ports of the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Defence which decides on it what is necessary in coordination with the prime minister.
As the spokesman for the Ministry of Defense Abdul Razak Libyan Cbahi that the decision to use force to re-open the oil ports sovereign decision issued by the prime minister, adding that the ministry is carrying out an executive instruction is not entitled to make a decision of this kind.
Undersecretary of the Ministry of Libyan oil and gas, Omar Alchukmak, the Oil Ministry is working on an operating point of the development of oil fields and installations, as well as to achieve the targets for the financing of the budget.
For his part, predicted Director of Operations to a guard oil installations Colonel Abdul Salam Ibouchihh to reach positive results in the next couple of days on the reopening of the oil installations in the Central Region, stressing the continuation of negotiations with the party that shut down the ports.
Was the commander of the guard installations before, Abraham Jdharan, announced at a news conference Sunday, the continued closure of fields and oil ports the lack of response the Libyan government for the three conditions of the formation of an independent judicial commission of inquiry into the export of oil, and take tenderly share of oil by Law No. 58 of 1951 , in addition to the formation of a committee of the three regions to monitor the process of the sale of oil.
It is noteworthy that the export of Libyan oil production from the oil ports of Crescent Eastern Province turned off, because of the sit-ins Guard installations since the twenty-fifth of last July 2013.

Newspaper “Arabs” of London on Monday morning 16/12/2013 AD

Chamber of so-called Bthoar Libya threatens to use force to gently open the oil ports.

Outlaw and murderer, Sam bin Humaid announced at a meeting of the so-called “room Libya rebels” that he will
“Free” the oil ports of the EAST from the control of IBRAHIM al-JDHARAN

(the Political Bureau of Cyrenaica and her peoples),

using his military forces with assistance from Qatar.

(Presumably he will be well rewarded $$ /(€€€€s ) by the UNO, EU, Turkey and USA..)


Room Libya rebels in fact follow the state, but sometimes to trace the state!
Haeven fear and hashish makes an A. 






Lord have mercy mind how maneuvers Muammar anytime day hit Green Mountain;

and of course it was Amzt in the Al-Qaeda group in the news and I wish you could tell maneuvers

and non Kmlhm Avtekina them…



16/17 DECEMBER 2013:

Abdul Hameed to Aperc cabled
Urgent special

The strength of the city of Ajdabiya stationed at Gate 60 Bojaddabaa arrest two people are not yet certain of their nationality you are Libyan or Chadian and does them any document that proves they are Libyans, he found them videos of torture soldiers and after investigation
and confessions Hola two people were sure they were soldiers of the National Army of the City infidels and those who were kidnapped two weeks ago on the border

and they admit two people were involved in the kidnapping and there are some other information refused to force stationed at Gate 60 Bojaddabaa give it to me only after completing the rest of the investigation also found two people with alcohol (whiskey) and cut Hashish were seized them.


Tomorrow InshaAllah, I will try to get the sections and I’m going to post them and there is some information I can not mention that the investigations completed.


Volunteers from the city Sellouk launching an initiative to restore the road link between Sellouk Qmins

and fill the pits and fissures where:




The strike ended in the case of the General Company for cleanliness
Company cars roaming the streets now for garbage collection.

Declared agent Affairs Bureau of the Ministry of Local Government in Benghazi,Ali Said,” on Monday,

for liquefaction twenty-seven million dinars for the company public services Benghazi and companies supporting them.

Brother t :: News :: Benghazi
1 – the kidnapping of a citizen of the area in front of the door of his house and his name Altablino: Fathi Yusuf Alavi …..
2 – Two people have been arrested (Syrian and Palestinian) within the University of Benghazi and in possession of banned substances ……
3 – Company Tstinav public services work and campaigning for cleaning the streets of …
Concerning Mr. Joseph Fathi Alavi, who was kidnapped, he was abducted this morning from the front door of his home by unknown assailants driving a car Snthavia opaque black ((Glass Black dark)) where Joseph was waiting for his friend to go to school and is a high school, and says neighbor Joseph area he
When he saw the situation behind them and tried to run but to no avail they went on the run away and disappeared and says that ((Tariqh)) car number 8 is, they Benghazi ..………………
(Reporter: Mutassim Faitouri)
(Reporter: Mutassim Faitouri)
Special Forces – Benghazi ::::::
To anyone who has a stolen car in Benghazi :::::::
Enable members of the Criminal Investigation Department of Benghazi adjust the criminal is stealing
Cars by force of arms and confessed to an armed group with him. Lose stealing cars in several areas in Benghazi
The names of stolen cars
1 – Hyundai Intra car type color white model 2012 robbery place next to the Egyptian market
2 – Hyundai Intra car type color Gray Model 2012 Place theft buildings next to the Shell Poker
3 – Hyundai Intra car type color white model 2012 theft of place next to the Italian Embassy Omar Bin Al-Aas
4 – the car type Toussaint golden color model 2013 robbery place next to the Arab Medical University
5 – the car type Antra color white model 2013 Place theft area, Mr. Yunus
6 – the car type Toussaint color red model 2013 Place theft area Sabri
7 – Intra vehicle type color white model 2012 Place theft buildings Quiche
8 – the car type Sonata Panorama color white Place theft Vanessa Street
9 – the type of car theft Samong place Vanessa Street
10 – Hyundai car type Antra color white model 2012 Place theft Gamal Abdel Nasser Street
11 – the car type Kia sounding white crown color Model 2013 Venice Street robbery place by the Directorate
12 – Toyota car type Fjah white color belonging to the National Security Directorate Benghazi place theft auto repair shop area sir Akharabich force of arms
13 – vehicle type Hyundai Sonata color black Model 2013 Place theft area parks
14 – Intra Hyundai vehicle type color white bearing the number 292 902 / Libya Place condominium marsh theft by force of arms.

Spokeswoman Galaa Hospital in Benghazi Fadia Albergthe

told the atmosphere of the country about the killing of Mohammed al vital goals

were wounded by two bullets Shebnah petrol station.
She, Albergthe, told  the atmosphere of a country that Marines were wounded,

Salah Salem Balsabera his car after the bombing and was in critical condition.

Heavy rain now came boil Mdath Benghazi.




Solidarity news agency ..
Back to work Tobruk refinery  but the continued closure of the oil port working under
the local solution of political bureau of the province of Cyrenaica and Ibrahim al-Jdharan..
Returned Tobruk refinery, on Monday afternoon, after work stopped for several weeks after the user stopped work in protest at the refinery some organizational matters and private security work within the refinery.
The members of the Committee a media company Gulf Tobruk Salah Fouad for “news agency Solidarity” that things have returned to normal and began to work in the refinery will start production of the refinery with the end of the day.
On the other hand source of the oil port of Tobruk that the port is still closed, and did not take any action on the re-export it.


Urgent: Explosion rocks neighborhood “Jubailah” city of Derna.


U.S. reconnaissance plane in the sky shortly before the tuber:


Today was the killing of Sheikh Abbas citizen to steal his car in the city of Sabha

note that Sheikh Abbas of the population of the area and the beach Gardah finest young Hasouna
Suffice it, and yes, the agent.

News about the abduction of Omar Muammar M’hamed Alkhatri.

(Al-Sabha Free)

An armed group causing the stoppage of work crews to help doctors and medical center Sabha

Stop doctors and medical personnel to help exercise their functions as a result of security breaches that occurred at the center.

Where an armed group broke into the operations room during surgery for an infected gunshot wound and threatened at gunpoint medical personnel and their kidnapping of a patient and take it out under anesthesia.

Note that the citizen has found a patient lying on the steps of the peace center deceased what caused bewilderment in front of a room operations and a state of fear and shock to the medical staff and the staff of the center ..

Expressing anger and condemnation and outrage at this disgraceful act and very painful in the right of the citizen.

He said one of the staff of the center that these lawless acts will be reflected on the citizen through the provision of medical services, especially urgent ones, pointing out that many of the conditions that made the center over the past three days are referred to hospitals outside the city of Sabha.

He also called “Mohammed Busafa” from the Ministry of Health, and ordered the district Sabha military, national security and civil society institutions and the wise men and the Senate and local council in Sabha need to take firm action from all these actions beyond the law, which reflected negatively on the performance of the staff of the center for refusing to perform their duty medical humanitarian Under these circumstances, the deteriorating security center.

Hospital at the age of Askarlammerad and neurosurgery and spine ::::::
The doctors and hospital staff Ali Omar Askar sit-in protest against the poor security conditions inside the hospital and specifically Mahdt last night and the lack of security for its employees
The hospital where he was in the past and more than one time a blatant violation of the explicit Doctors and staff 17 \ 12 \ 2013
Battalion 15 Thunderbolt Sabha ((access force battalion 15 Thunderbolt stationed region Sabha military to the area of ​​the beach specifically to base Barak Airborne  
They now are securing stores ammunition and weaponry to al-Qaeda commissioned by the command of Military Region Sabha after the tragedies that occurred due to the entry after the citizens of the stores ammunition and exploding later caused the death of dozens of residents of the region.
Manar ** **
Moved from Mrslana .

Sabha city

SABHA night on Hospital rooftop



Libya signs rebuilding contracts with Egypt worth one billion dinars
News from … Page Arab markets.



Tunisian arrest 5 jihadists were going to sneak into Libya, including about Syria:

Tunisian authorities have security in the area of ​​Ben Ghardane maximum southeast Tunisia,
arrested five persons belonging to the jihadi movement were planning to infiltrate into Libyan territory, including about Syria. A security source said a Tunisian official, said in a statement today, he has been coordinating with the Department of Public Prosecutions to stop five people and issued an arrest warrant for a sixth person, a fugitive from the same power to help them move towards Syria through Libya.
The news agency Fassato

The arrest of seven Tunisian jihadists tried to sneak into Libya and on to Syria

The arrest of seven Tunisian Salafists tried to sneak into Libya and on to Syria :روسيا اليوم

The arrest of seven Tunisian jihadists tried to sneak into Libya and on to Syria Security units arrested seven Tunisian Tunisian jihadists tried to sneak into Libya through the Tunisian-Libyan border, five of whom were planning to go to Syria.

A security source said that the arrest was made late last week in the hand Ben Guerdane southern Tunisia, where security forces arrested seven elements belonging to the Jihad Salafi trend surreptitiously trying to cross into Libya with the help of four of the population of the border region.

The same source added that it was clear from the investigation that during the five detainees from the descendants of the People in the capital region (Roundabout Alhicher), they were going to go to Syria.

The arrests came as part of a campaign to combat terrorism led by the security forces and the army, after notice of terrorist threats in the New Year’s Day. Sources: RT



Agency urgently Libya / Chad’s President warns of the consequences of silence about what is happening in the south of Libya.
Warned Chadian President “Idriss Deby” of the consequences of what is happening in the south of the Libyan Mtahedna Aldmt Libyan state, calling the Libyan people to realize the truth and take note before it is too late.
The “Debbie” in a press statement that the Chadian gangs of outlaws and the authority of the state Chadian trained in camps in southern Libya and is preparing for an attack on Chad Badyshl attempt to overthrow the president, “Debbie” a few months ago.
The president said, “Debbie,” a lot of detail in his remarks about the Chadian armed groups by incubating the south of Libya when he spoke about alcoholism training and confirmed as follows:
1 – Rbeana camp has a large number of Chadians and trained at the highest level.
2 – camp bed and has a Chadian salaried from the Libyan state under the pretext that they are protecting the Libyan oil fields.
3 – Station Camp Klnjh a confluence of hashish smugglers, and there is no point him out Chadians are outside the control of the Chadian state believe the passage of cannabis dealers coming from Algeria and Egypt.
3 – Whig camp and has the large numbers of Chadians outlaws and the authority of the state who live in the mountains of the Chadian Tbsta believe the passage of traders coming from Almkhdhirat Klnjh to capture money from the gangs prevalent in the south of Libya.
There is no doubt that the word of Chadian President is very dangerous and threatens the national security of Libya at heart, but you seeking relevant agencies to verify and make sure this information and take them what it takes to keep the country and its people from the evils of these bands? .



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