Blood runs like a River




THE ‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD and its Puppet-master UNO talk

Quoting a Brotherhood member Mohammed Sawan head of the ruling “Justice and construction”:
“I met with Dr. “Tarek Mitri,” Head of Mission of the United Nations to discuss the alleged constitutional crisis, it is not a legal basis for the expiry of a conference on 2/7 as rumored ..”
Flint also stressed during the meeting, and some of the other parties during the meeting that the failure of the prime minister
in the administration of the state is the main reason for this crisis and all parties have to take that into account.
# (Gate _ Libya)

Members of the Libyan National Congress demanding the resignation of Zaidane ….

19 student members of the National Congress, on Thursday, the resignation of Prime Minister Ali Zaidane from office.

The accused are members of a statement, Prime Minister abject failure in resolving the outstanding issues

and the lag in the process of formation of the army and the police and the government to reach the

performance of the degree of impairment can not be tolerated.

And nineteen Members stressed the need to form a government crisis in the country, things are going to be an alternative to the current government Zaidane.

(AD Media tuber)

Libyan Economy Minister Mustafa Ibovas confirms the atmosphere of the country
that the present Libyan economy is not in crisis, but if the crisis continued oil ports,
especially since the present Libyan economy depends on oil production.



“Atmosphere of the country”

The director of the Information Office of the Central Bank of Libya Essam reliability of the “atmosphere to the country” that the National Congress gave its approval to a request by the Central Bank of Libya to join the Convention establishing the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, to take advantage of its expertise in the development of the Libyan financial institutions..

“ANSAR al-Sharia” in Libya is distributing these CDs since the period ago,

and contains video clips to teach fighting and MISGUIDED opinions to atone.

“Look for the logo on the organization of the CD”


Disclaimer ~ ~ ~ ~
Brothers to the people with the basic pensions (Social Solidarity Fund),
fill in the form your national figure in the fastest time, so that data is inserted by the website of this matter.
This link your Active:
The image in one of the hospitals Libya ((need was in Gaya Atqays I think the pressure after a poor Halachkal rose compressed)):

Milling companies to resume the distribution of flour
Atmosphere of the country – Ahmad Faitouri
The Minister of Economy Mustafa Bovenas companies that own the mills have not been distributed sacks of flour on the stores in recent days due to non-payment of dues months ago, pointing out that it resumed distribution following the efforts of the government and the National Conference to resolve the confusion.
The Bovenas, on Thursday, told the atmosphere of the country that exact exact stores available, stressing that

“private milling companies thanks to the play of work and effort, despite their dues in arrears.”

For his part, head of the union bakeries in Benghazi, Mahmoud Oraibi that sacks of flour available in stores in sufficient quantity bakeries in Libya for six months, adding that the crisis was limited in duration and have been resolved following the approval of the Conference on loan to distract milling companies.
It is noteworthy that the distribution of sacks of flour to bakeries delayed some cities this month for approximately seven days.

Libya: Tripoli buy mobile theater Comedie Francaise

20 DEC.  11:33

The 'théatre Ephemere' of the 'Comedie francaise', and 'was sold to the Libyan government
The ‘théatre Ephemere’ of the ‘Comedie francaise’, and ‘was sold to the Libyan government

(ANSAmed) – ROME – A temporary hall of the historic Parisian theater the ‘Comedie Francaise‘ was purchased by the Libyan government and will be transferred to Tripoli. structure of the ‘Theatre éphémère’ had been set up in January 2012 in the gardens of the Royal Palace Paris to allow the Comedie Francaise renovations. The wooden hall, removable and reusable, built at a cost of € 4 million was then placed on sale in January 2013. E ‘yesterday’s news of the agreement between the culture minister Habib Al Amin and Libyan Ambassador French in Tripoli Antoine Sivan for purchase, in addition to the costs of removal and transfer of the structure that can accommodate 746 people seated. (ANSAmed).

Libya buys France theaterEphemere

The theater "Ephemere" (ephemeral), construction timbers, which replaced the main room of the Comédie Française / AFP

The theater “Ephemere” (ephemeral), construction timbers, which replaced the main room of the Comédie Française / AFP

Culture Minister gala, Aurélie Filippetti, in a statement welcomed the sale closed yesterday that in his opinion “extols the French know-how in developing theaters”

EFE     19 DECEMBER 2013 – 2:19 PM

The Ministry of Culture of France said Thursday it has reached an agreement to sell his counterpart in Libya “Ephemere” (ephemeral), theater construction timbers, which replaced the main room of the Comédie Française for reforms which ended last January. gala Culture Minister, Aurélie Filippetti, in a statement welcomed the sale closed yesterday that in his opinion “extols the French know-how in the development of arts facilities, and cabinetmaking art of carpentry. ” Filipetti, which did not specify the price, also held that the grounds of the Royal Palace will get back all your space, since the theater “Ephemere” was practically embedded between them and the courtyard of the Comédie. That historical theatrical institution was founded in 1860 and its main space, Richelieu room was temporarily closed between late 2012 and early 2013 to improve acoustics, why that alternative was up room.

Did you know it was an explosive device!!



Mend few: a traffic accident between two cars riding public (white and Kahla) led to the deaths of drivers
And has been recovered Aljtt of cars by the National Safety Tripoli every street of the cedi and the unity of its Alfornaj:
مند قليل : حادث سير بين سيارتين ركوبه عامه ( بيضاء وكحلة ) أدى الى وفاة السائقين
و قد تم انتشال الجتث من السيارات من قبل هيئة السلامة الوطنية طرابلس كل من شارع السيدي ووحدة الفرناج التابعة له


Ahtat Post last week to spend in the way of pedestrians sunken Shat received a page

of the local council of Tripoli that the thread is finished and will be drained ..
But, unfortunately, I walked a little before received tunnels base soaked!!

Bahi for Amata??! Lin topple the road and Imutw citizens??!
Suffice it, and yes, the agent.

Friday Market | _ Tripoli _ |



Unidentified gunmen fired a barrage of bullets at a car
journalist newspaper Roissy «Omar Badri» last night in the capital Tripoli has resulted in very serious injuries ..

International channel Libya Libya International Channel
The attempted assassination of the journalist Omar Mohammed Badri Alrawsy Tripoli after a newspaper targeted with a barrage of bullets and bullet injuries in the pharynx night Albareh region Got Alshall  by three gunmen
(Libyan Center for Freedom of the Press)


Operations room Mermaid

The closure of the road leading to and from the Gargaresh Tripoli and shut down most of the shops, please everyone not to go to the region to listen to the indiscriminate shooting of brothers and me Bicolo CDP and Yasser sedition picture now of the shops closed in the region.
(Depression Forum)


Concerning Gargaresh required by Sharif mosque. .
Lock the road by a group of gang after the arrest of a person from the area drunk yesterday by the military police.

the operations room Mermaid:

Audi army patrols to secure fuel stations this morning after its withdrawal
Any vandal and anyone manages Doucheh the use of force will be with him.

Strictly prohibited packaging (Algulwnaat and Albanqat)


Found the body of a student hijacked (Fatima Alther) next truck factory area Alnchea Tripoli
Note that the girl was abducted yesterday in front of her school, “Ben-Furat al-Assad.”


The Presidency of the General Staff of the corner border guards and oil installations,

Thursday, commissioned by Battalion 427 to the protection of the oil fields.

Statement by the Joint Chiefs of Staff obtained “news agency Solidarity”,

a copy of that Battalion 427 cost to the protection of the oil fields and the river industrial and power plant torch.

President of the Trade Union of Workers refinery Corner on the news channel now ……
Denies rumors of a sit-in or close to work and confirms that the customary and constant and there is no problems ….
Congestion significantly in some filling stations in the capital of Tripoli
because of information about discontinued refinery Corner.
Fire at the headquarters of the Turkish company (trailers) area farmer Tripoli
And civil defense in the direction of the place.
F tourist: Sadat Badri:

“is that the leaders of the demonstration “and circumvent Conception

and the Libyans,” and kept the battalions in Tripoli. !”
جمعة السائح : السادات البدري هو الذي قادة المظاهرة ” وتحايل ودنس علي الليبيين” وابقي علي كتائبه في طرابلس. !
 Exposure vehicle belonging to the UN last night of the shooting and attempted armed robbery near the market Tuesday:



Confirmation of the news of the previous clashes, which we published about the city department in Ajeelat ..

Now department in Ajeeilat:


About forty car armed forces of the Interior Ministry department in Ajeelat intervention

now the northern entrance and other power interference from the southern entrance.

The news agency western mountain:
City department in Ajeelat cause clashes in the city’s hospital Locks.

Ajeelat ::
NRF has entered the department in Ajeelat and stationed in front of the complex administrative

and College of Education.

(Channel Alzeramqh)

Results clashes city department in Ajeelat day yesterday:


le statut de tribe and Rishvana Libyan Wershfana Tribe Libya.And Wayne íÇÎćí reach Qaeda and Rafla ..
Salami was Bahien heroine ..
Ali handed their valley ..
Him on my mind who Abém ..
Ousellhm Arm and congratulations to the matter ..
Loosen the families Azutem Anzaf Mullah ..
Wayne elders Madego drums on them ..
Opted to challenge, no life humiliation ..
Ali Barghouti him ..
And Gmad and Rezgui and the rest of Lkhoti ..
Shafter and other tresses dead ..
Elly Baiein head without fittings ..
Without their people Qlbo epitaxial poof ..
The Mabo be occupied their country ..

city of AZIZIA:

Libyan tribe and Rishvana Wershfana Tribe Libya
Aaaaaaaaagel reportedly far from Azizia,
Happened in the city of Al-Azizia clash between family run and family Elmessallati and the cause of the clash huh return family Elmessallati to their home after their displacement by the family of the long and cause displacement of one of the sons Elmessallati killed two young men from a family long time ago
and today the sons of long ten o’clock at night stormed a farm Elmessallati and Event clash and led engagement injuring an elderly great in age and come on neighbor Elmessallati family Alashoury injury Belkta
and moved to the mercy of God and withdrew a son long and had sons Alashoury response to the killing of their mother,
the attack on the home of Elmessallati and killed at least two young people from the family Alslaty namely Hassan and Hussein Elmessallati and dragged my car Toyota 24
and are tied to their legs Alashoury to house and then to the center of the city of Al-Azizia and threw me in front of a bakery Palm bodies and knowing that a brother killed in the grip huh judicial authorities.


The killing of Hajj (lamp Idris Bouhamra) which is one of one of the leaders and notables city of Bani Walid,
where he passed away the back of this yesterday 12/19/2013 PHajj died Mgdor by three bullets from the gang during an armed robbery near the gate of Bani Walid North (Wadi Dinar).It was the theft of the money that was in his possession and was returning from the market Thursday,
bringing the lost city of Bani Walid one Rjaltha who had a significant role in the reconciliation
between individuals and the families of the area of ​​Bani Walid.

We note the people of Bani Walid that the funeral prayers for Sheikh Idriss Bouhamra lamp

(assassinated Martyr) will be the day after the Asr prayer mosque support versus secondary (April 7) previouslyGod bless Fiqidna and give him peace .. Beautiful and inspired his family patience and solace,I am God and to him we shall return.20 DECEMBER 2013
Tribes and Rishvana of the warmest condolences to the tribes and Rafla in the late Haj lamp Ibouhmrh clones God that is acceptable to rest in peace,,,
Haj lamp has good relations with the people and Rishvana and most area residents Apple bought him a person who has a good reputation in the market Zahra.

Channel and Great Rafla on YouTube 12:03 funeral lamp Sheikh Idriss Bouhamra
de GreatWerfallali  memorial Sheikh Idriss Bouhamra lamp, a city notables Bani Walid ..

Hands, who was assassinated near the gate treachery Valley dinars Bani Walid

(Fahd Libby)
The people of the city of Bani Walid Bchiea funeral Sheikh Idriss Bouhamra lamp, a city notables Bani Walid and the social and Jhaúha
The lamp adores found dead near the gate of the valley dinars in mysterious circumstances is not detected until now Kowalasha.
The funeral was attended by a large gathering of the city’s residents and guests of several Libyan cities
to regaining its social status of the deceased with which many of the cities and the Libyan tribes.
(Channel Rafla on Facebook)
Funeral Sheikh Idriss Bouhamra lamp (7 photos)


Deputy Chairman of the Committee of Wise Men and the Shura Council in Sirte key Marzouk, said Thursday he would use dialogue and consultation on the issue of the money stolen from the city of Sirte of the Central Bank of Libya Sirte for the extradition of persons accused in the case, with their parents. Said Marzouk’s “news agency solidarity” that the dialogue will be present rather than the use of force at the request of Colonel Khalifa corner Arhomh chairman of the committee in charge of the arrest of the accused from the General Staff and the Ministry of the Interior.
Good rains in the city of Sirte:



Quoting witnesses in the region, emboldened by the beating happened in front of the house as tall ….
Brother injury / / Mahmoud Lamama nicknamed ((items)) and was transferred to the hospital …….
(Mutassim Faitouri)

Atef Shelmani reporting:
Light now armed clash between members of the protection
B Benghazi hospital medical “1200”
and a People in Medenine drunk.



SS says :::
Were captured by members of battalion 204 and is carrying a weapon of
Within the group that entered the house in the area and is al-Tablino.
Is in our possession ….
Join us to know the truth a lot ::::::
Found an unidentified body al-Tablino area and there are no violent shooting ….
Sauaakm ČĂÎŃ runs …..The story of the house and the clashes that occurred area Al-tablino :::::
This story, quoting residents of the house :::::The incident occurred at approximately 2:00 Al-tablino area, where it came from three cars of the type (a lioness, Armada and Shaffer) to the home of a family mourning and they Balrmih home is very shocking, these cars also with a group of young people trying to break into the house and entered various Roads and reached their class to enter the house through the house, which by their side and storming the gates into that arrived inside ((knowing that the house is inhabited by the family of women and children)) were very formidable …..When you hear the arrival of the security authorities and fled, but was able to capture the region’s youth on a car and it is the labia and 3 people after they messed with the house completely and destroyed from the inside ……
After what you asked them to follow it turns out they’re Battalion 104 tanks and one of them said that we follow Mr. Mehdi Albergthe …And home owners say is not true of false news abducting girls or Amskhen hostage ..This problem ended about 5:00 and the damage from this shooting injured two people, one of them residents of the area and his other relatives mourning family and were transported to the hospital …What happened region Tablino that there are 3 cars ((lioness + Shaffer + Armada)) on a house they Balrmih Embarak lofty and fled
within the region
And some say that the residents of the region have the arrest of four people ……
(Mutassim Faitouri)
Logic =)) .. Your faaace .. !! ಠ _ ಠ
After kidnapping the boy of Lafi Fathi,  Yusuf, 17 years old ..
By unknown assailants in front of his home in Tabalino – Benghazi
for almost two days have been demanded by the kidnappers false a sum of one million dinars ..
Today he returned to his home .. However, no details of his family are celebrating now ..
Thank God for safety.
Joseph was released in Fathi Lafi after the delivery of his captors and the amount of 50 thousand dinars
after the efforts made by both his father and his uncles ..
“Atmosphere of the country”
Assigned to the Council of Ministers on Thursday, the Minister of Finance to provide financial
coverage necessary to compensate people affected by the blasts, which occurred in the city of Benghazi last term.


1 – shooting Quiche region and said that many young people who were daring shooting them

from a young man Mjhol arena, knew his house and sprayed bullets Iqmon region …..

2 – a problem area neighborhood peace between two parties unknown, and many say a personal

problem and news about the arrival of 4 injuries to evacuate because of it …..

3 – commandos arrest armed robbery of three people, they tried to sneak into the city next to

the Campo Tawergha sports and for the purpose of theft ….

(Mutassim Faitouri)

Urgent … Shooting the voices in Benghazi Boatni
(Channel Vision Libyan)
NATO RAT false MUFTI hates Muammar al-Qathafi to the extreme, as do the rest of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood.Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel very sincere Gharyiani after Friday prayers,
gave a religious lesson mosque Murad Agha Btajurae today said it literally :

“I have the security situation in Benghazi is very dangerous after the expulsion of the armor, which was to ensure citizens’ safety and security and a comfortable life and the biggest mis committed by the people of Benghazi,

the expulsion of the struggling Rebel and Sam bin Humaid The Mujahideen who were with him and replaced troop Thunderbolt, which includes in the midst of criminals and ousted the former regime and those who do not want for this country’s safety and prosperity, and all their quest to foil the February Revolution glorious blessed by God and our victory in which,

and I call on the residents of Benghazi to re-armor and delivered to secure Benghazi in full, and the appeal of this platform Each Libya rebels true who Foreigoa against Qathafi crawls on ports and oil fields and cleared from the gangs that control the food and livelihood of the Libyan people,

it is the duty of legitimate Ihtmh us the ‘true’ (WAHABI)Islamic religion in the book and ‘Sunnah’ (UGH!!)  and should not be inaction about it at all costs it Vhola Goodenough must fight the extension of State authority These ports and fields very urgently,, God bless you, O Holy crowd and God bless the people of this country honorable.”

عااااااااااااااااااااااجل جداً الصادق الغرياني وبعد صلاة الجمعة القى درس ديني بمسجد مراد اغا بتاجوراء اليوم قال فيه حرفياً (( لقد الوضع الامني في بنغازي بشكل خطير جداً بعد طرد الدروع التي كانت تكفل للمواطنين الامن والامان والحياة المريحه واكبر خطاء ارتكبه اهالي بنغازي طرد المجاهد الثائر وسام بن حميد والمجاهدين الذين معه واستبدالهم بقوات الصاعقه التي تضم في وسطها المجرمين وازلام النظام السابق والذين لايريدون لهذه البلد الامان والرخاء وكل سعيهم افشال ثورة فبراير المجيده التي باركها الله ونصرنا فيها ،، وادعو سكان بنغازي الي اعادة الدروع وتسليمها تأمين بنغازي بالكامل ،، واوجه نداء من هذا المنبر كل ثوار ليبيا الحقيقيين الذين خارجوا ضد القذافي بالزحف على مواني وحقول النفط وتطهيرها من العصابات التي سيطرة على قوت ورزق الشعب الليبي فهذا واجب شرعي يحتمه علينا الدين الاسلامي الحنيف في الكتاب والسنه ولا يجب التقاعس حيال ذلك مهما كلفنا الامر فهولاء خوارج وجب قتالهم وبسط سلطة الدولة على هذه المواني والحقول بشكل عاجل جداً ،، بارك الله فيكم ايها الحشد الكريم وبارك الله في ابناء هذا الوطن الشرفاء ))



Now announced
He was the dawn of the day Friday,  Tobruk  arrested two Libyans in a car type BMW
bearing number ten cans tabs of TNT high explosive and 2-meter fuse and 50 capsule or fuses to blow and bag mine armor.

Two arrested in possession of explosive TNT high explosive
According to preliminary information that patrols Battalion 415 poll Tolbruk arrested early Friday
on two Libyans in a car type BMW carrying at least ten cans tabs of TNT high explosive and 2-meter
fuse and 50 capsule or fuses to blow and bag mine armor.
/ Capture by Battalion 415 brighten Tobruk / source is Battalion 415 Khamis Juma submitted Mozainy.





There are reports that troops from the National Army support coming from Tripoli and Misrata f

or the implementation of the security plan in place for the entire South.

Urgent Sabha ……

On the Agricultural Road Gardah been targeting the youth of the Tabu was kidnapped one and wounding the other.

(Tabu sons of the desert)

Sources: Brotherhood held arming deals with Israelis in Turkey, a country with funding
Thursday, 19 December 1 2013 15:03

Arming deals
Books – Mustafa Barakat
Arab intelligence services monitored, during the past few days moves to a private network of Brotherhood “banned”, at the level of countries in the region to buy and ship huge quantities of weapons to be smuggled into Egypt across the southern border with Sudan and Libya with the West.
Sources especially for “constitution”, that Turkey is facilitating interviews members of the network with a number of traders and brokers weapon and Israelis and Westerners, arranges secret meetings between the two cities in Turkey, sources pointed out that Qatar acts as a financier for these deals, and facilitate their access to Libya through the airport ” Motaiqh “in Libya, which is controlled by militias, the Islamic Group and the forces of a country.
drew, to tighten a number of Arab capitals, security measures in anticipation of the manifestations of chaos during the coming period, the countries of the region through the branches of the group, in preparation for an event gravely missed expected to happen in Egypt during the month of January next year.

Sources: Brotherhood held arming deals with Israelis in Turkey, a country with funding



How the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood leaders masked their Qutbian


by Hany Ghoraba

Throughout five decades Muslim Brotherhood members have been working on masking their real ideology and beliefs from the Egyptian and Arab public in general.
This dates back since the  famous crackdown on the Islamist organization in 1965 during Nasser’s regime. The very crackdown that eventually led to the trial of the godfather of modern terrorism Sayyed Qutb, which resulted in his execution.
They managed throughout the years to downplay their Qutbian leniency and their extremist ideologies.
The execution of the author of the infamous “Signs  on the Road” book which is considered by many to be the manual or bible of modern Islamist terrorism came as a turning point in the history of Islamists who rendered him as a “martyr.”
It is a fact that without the extremist teachings of Qutb, the world would have been a much better place today. His books and teachings have inspired almost every Islamist radical group and jihadists from Indonesia to Morocco.
Accordingly, the question that poses itself; how did the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood managed to distance themselves from the teachings of Qutb throughout the years that followed his execution up to the elections that took place in Egypt and Tunisia post the Arab Spring revolutions? The answers can be numerous elements but the most common can be the following:
A- Al Taqiyya principle:
Despite being a presumably Sunni  Muslim organization in principle, Muslim Brotherhood members have adopted a Shia principle. This principle is called Al Taqqiya. It is mainly a deniability tactic used by the Muslim Brotherhood to conceal the real motives and beliefs of the group. This tactic has provided them with an effective shield against the accusations of endorsing the extremist and terrorist beliefs of Qutb.
But the truth remains is that the majority of the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood today in Egypt and worldwide are loyal advocates to the beliefs of the terrorism godfather especially the likes of the two former supreme guides Mohamed Badiea and Mahdy Akef, who are the most extremist and overzealous leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood in their 85 years’ history.
B- Establishing franchises for the mother group:
These franchises  have appeared since the 1970s and onwards and violently and explicitly adopted Qutb doctrine. Examples for these notorious terrorists organizations that jumped in the cloack of the Brothers are Al Gamaa Al Islamiya, Al Takfeer Wal Higra , Hamas and many others.  These organizations served as militant arms to expand the Qutbism by force throughout the region, yet the main group can always maintain deniability.
Also, occasionally they would denounce the other groups terrorist actions for more dramatic effect and to distance themselves from the very discourse most of them adopt.
That is how the Brotherhood have managed to distinguish themselves from other Islamist andjihadi groups even when they are simply franchises for them. That gimmick worked like a charm in the past two decades especially with the infiltration of western societies by the Brotherhood.
The evidence can be easily shown after the June 30th Revolution in Egypt which was denounced as a coup by many western countries. This simply reflects the influence and the great manipulation of this organization of western politicians who believed that the Brotherhood is actually a moderate Islamic organization and not an extremist Jihadist administrator for all the jihadists in the world which is the truth.
C- Planting Trojan writers and anchors in Media and press:
This was the trick that fooled most people including western regimes into believing that the Brotherhood are an actual moderate group that seeks peace and prosperity. For at least the past 40 years, countless writers and anchors have been handpicked by the group to be cast as propagandists. There are three types of these media players, either actual secret members, apologists to the brotherhood discourse or those who directly on their payroll.
Egyptian history revisionists surfaced in the past few years in favour of the Muslim brotherhood.
These historians-for-hire have done for the Muslim Brotherhood image what money launderers do for drug cartels. They can actually be called “History Launders” because they clean up the history of violent groups and proving them with a clean slate.
The truth is always masked in their books about the involvement of the Brotherhood in terrorist and violent activities through an intricate web of twisted facts. In fact some of such historians like Mohamed El Gawadi, a regular face on the pro-Islamists Qatari Al-jazeera, granted the Brotherhood members a fictitious heroic  status that totally contradicts with the actual historical events.
That propagandist has made up a fictional image of the Brotherhood for at least a decade before their ascension to power. The full support continued after the Brotherhood rise to power. Spreading lies about their opponents is what Al-jazeera has excelled in for the past three years since the start of the Arab Spring.
The Brotherhood was also helped by a group of well known as well as  lesser known journalists, anchors and media players in Egypt and Tunisia.
The victims in this pro-Brotherhood media circus are the Egyptian and Tunisian masses as the truth about them were nowhere to be found till months after the Brotherhood were in power. Accordingly, the world has fallen in the trap of fake moderate stances exhibited by the Muslim Brotherhood leaders while at core they remain as extremist Qutbian as they ever were.
However, after waves of terrorism that claimed hundreds of lives in Egypt following the fall of the Islamist regime led by Mohamed Morsi, there are not any further excuses for the world to be fooled again by false acts of piety and moderation.
The Muslim Brotherhood has once and for all unmasked the truth behind their overzealous and extremist Qutbian attitudes towards Egyptians in general and all minorities in particular. including Christians, Shiites, women, etc. Let everyone be reminded of the famous saying “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice , shame on me.”
1 / 1
Ansar al-Sharia deny the charge of atonement and warn of the project “Angeloamraki”
20 December 2013 – considered the Ansar al-Sharia in a statement issued yesterday, the first of
what is happening Astrechas the blood of Muslims, and kidnapping, and terrorize the people
contrary to the origins and purposes of the law.
Ansar al-Sharia denied being Kharijites and Tkfferin or lovers of killing and blood.
The statement accused the media and social networking, and what he described
as “owners Almarb malicious” exploit events to incite and inflame public opinion,
pointing out that these events “is the mastermind” to cover up the issue of sharia arbitration.
The statement warned those who want “to enter the country in the chaos of the Arab project
to pass the Anglo-American”, viewing it as a war on Islam.

News of military coordination between Libya and Tunisia and Algeria to fight al-Qaeda and Ansar al-Sharia in northern Africa:e statut de وكالــــة وادي دينار الإخبـــــــــــارية . Valley Agency Dinar News.لـيـبـيـا تتحــــدث
..عاااااااااجلأنباء عن تنسيق عسكرى بين ليبيا وتونس والجزائر لمحاربة انصار الشريعة والقاعدة بشمال افريقيا
لـيـبـيـا تتحــــدث
..عاااااااااجلأنباء عن تنسيق عسكرى بين ليبيا وتونس والجزائر لمحاربة انصار الشريعة والقاعدة بشمال افريقيا
HaHa HA–are they kidding? Then who runs the GNC of Zaidane?—
are they fighting Zaidane’s administration? are they fighting the USA, Turkey, Qatar and FRANCE who support these groups?
هاها ها – هم تمزح؟ ثم الذي يدير المؤتمر الوطني العام من زيدان؟ — هم يقاتلون الإدارة زيدان؟هم يقاتلون الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية وتركيا وقطر وفرنسا الذين يدعمون هذه الجماعات؟

“You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time”.- Abraham Lincoln. How the Muslim Brotherhood leaders masked their Qutbian origins?

Fooling the Masses

Tuesday 03/December/2013 – 10:17 AM

Quoting # _ Arabic channel:

Army troops closed in anticipation of the Renaissance Square demonstrations


** Question: How long do you think the demonstrations will continue Brotherhood in Egypt? **

Closed military forces, this morning, on Friday, the field of Renaissance in Giza, from all sides, leading to the University of Cairo, and hours before the demonstrations called by the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, in case of any escalation of the group’s members during the demonstrations, after the prosecutor’s decision to convert a number of its leaders for crimes in the case of collaborating with the Islamic Resistance Movement “Hamas”.


Egyptian Journal Constitution …. Libya closed the border in the face of Egyptian workers from New

Libyan authorities have prevented Battalion 71, which is located just kilometers from the Libyan port Assistant, on Thursday afternoon, all passenger cars from entering Egyptian territory, while the port authorities allowed the Assistant ring by giving them entry to Libya. Libyan authorities also allowed the entry of Battalion 71 cars loaded with goods and vegetables only to the Libyan side, the entry of Egyptian cars loaded with passengers.
Has complained that a number of Egyptian citizens traveling through the Libyan-Egyptian border, from neglect and chaos and ill-treatment by members of the Libyan Battalion 71.
Said Abdul Rahim Mahmoud, from the province of Minya motorist “microbus” and who was forced to return to Egypt, who is currently in one of the restrooms on the Matrouh Alexandria, accompanied by passengers and 12 cars of passenger transport other, said: “The gunmen wearing military uniforms at the headquarters of the gate 71 prevented them from enter Libya and asked them to return to Egypt, on Thursday afternoon.
He stressed that cream Alsohadjiy driver, said:
“The Libyan authorities have treated the Egyptians worst transaction in the security gates, and each gate of the sampling analysis of all the passengers, and forcing the passenger to pay at least 20 dinars, as well as the collection of Libyan dinars at a rate of 800 pounds of each passenger. adding that the security authorities in gate 71 has, today, to prevent all Egyptians from entering, as well as young people in the right of Egyptians and insults improper including ‘Wrapped attributed O Egyptian O dirtied.’
and explained,
“they suffer badly from the lack of form of the state border and port departments, arguing that they were waiting for hours to find the end of their procedures for crossing the border crossing. “
He added that the complainants in the case to find the action of moving the action is going according to the ways and forms of strange does not indicate that there is a legal and regulatory procedures.




Wednesday, 16 September 2009, 09:23
by Kurt Sansone
Mafia turncoat says funds deposited in Malta
An Italian mafia turncoat testifying about the dumping of nuclear and toxic waste in the Mediterranean Sea said that Malta was one of three countries where the criminal organisation deposited money coming from illegal operations.
A former member of the Calabrian Mafia (ndrangheta), Francesco Fonti admitted in front of an Italian judge that the criminal organisation had sunk ships carrying nuclear and toxic waste in the Mediterranean Sea in the 1980s and 1990s.
The accusations are not new but in the past judges had always archived suspect cases because no proof was ever provided of the sunken ships. However, this changed last Saturday when a submersible robot discovered the wreck of a ship that went down in 1992 with 120 drums of toxic waste. The drums were also visible at a depth of 487 metres.
Mr Fonti admitted he had sunk the cargo ship Cunsky off the Cosenza coast after loading its bow with explosives.
In an interview yesterday on Rainews 24, Mr Fonti said the Mafia was paid good money for running the dumping operation. He alleged that the money than found its way to Switzerland, Cyprus and Malta, without elaborating.
Italian environment group Legambiente said there were between 40 and 100 suspect cases between 1985 and 1995 of ships laden with nuclear and toxic waste that mysteriously sunk in the Mediterranean’s deepest points. In each of the cases, the ships never launched a May-day signal and the crew mysteriously disappeared.
The more notable cases include the Maltese-registered cargo vessel Anni, which sank in 1989 off the Ravenna coast in international waters.
Other ships include the Nikos I that vanished in 1985 during a voyage that started in La Spezia for Lome in Togo and sank somewhere between Lebanon and Greece.
Another ship, the Mikigan, sank in the Tyrrhenian Sea in 1986 while carrying suspect cargo.
However, it was the sinking of the Rigel in September 1987 that ignited Legambiente’s suspicions and which led to the first judicial investigation into the matter.
The recent discovery of toxic cargo in the depths of the Mediterranean Sea is expected to prompt a re-opening of archived judicial cases.
“Re-opening the cases was important to establish who was responsible for the illegal dumping and to monitor the sea contamination, which could be dangerous for human health and the ecosystems,” Nuccio Barilla of Legambiente Calabria was quoted as saying.



Toxic nuclear waste dumped illegally by the Mafia is blamed for surge in cancers in southern Italy

By Hannah Roberts In Rome

PUBLISHED: 14:09, 1 November 2013
Read more:

Toxic nuclear and industrial waste, dumped illegally by the Neapolitan mafia, is responsible for a surge in cancers in southern Italy, it is feared.
Screenshot from 2013-11-02 19:23:32

The Italian Senate is investigating a link between buried pollutants and a rise of almost 50 per cent in tumours found in the inhabitants of several towns around Naples.

In classified documents from 1997, only now released to the public, a mafia kingpin warned authorities that the poison in the ground would kill everyone ‘within two decades’.

Camorra chief Francesco Schiavone, once the world’s number one mafia fugitive, said: ‘The inhabitants are all at risk of dying from cancer within twenty years.

‘In towns like Casapesenna, Casal di Principe, Castel Volturno, and so on, they have, perhaps, twenty years to live. In fact I don’t think anyone will survive.’

Doctors first noticed that cancers in towns around Naples were on the rise in the 1990s. But since that time they have increased by 40 per cent in women and 47 per cent in men.

The illegal trafficking of hazardous waste came to light in 1997 when Francesco’s cousin, Carmine Schiavone, was overcome by guilt at the environmental damage he and others were inflicting, and decided to turn super-grass.

Francesco Schiavone was arrested and eventually given a life sentence for a string of murders.

In secret out-of-court testimony he told lawyers how the Casalesi clan ran ‘a military style operation’ dumping millions of tonnes of waste on farmland, in caves, in quarries and even on the edge of towns.

The mafia family also disposed of contaminated waste in Lake Lucrino and all along the coast.

Operatives were equipped with real police and carabinieri uniforms, as well as firearms, and the clans raked in huge profits of up to 600 million of the old lire () a month.

The industry became an officially clan-sanctioned ‘business’ in 1990 but had been going on long before.

Nuclear sludge, brought in on trucks from plants in Germany, was dumped in landfills, Schiavone said. The trucks would unload waste at night before earth was thrown over with a JCB.

He said: ‘I know that some is on land where buffalo live today, and on which no grass grows’

The cost of a clean up would run into billions, he said, describing several sites in the suburbs of Naples.

Schiavone revealed: ‘We buried 520 drums of toxic waste in a specially dug quarry near the town of Pure Villaricca. But we also did it in very populated places, outside towns- at Casal di Principe behind the sports field at the edge of the motorway.’

He added: ‘We disposed of 70 or 80 trucks from the north, millions and millions of tonnes.

‘To clean it up it would cost the entire Italian budget for a year I think.’

The lower house in the Italian Parliament had elected to make the documents public in the interests of transparency.

Read more:

Mafia earning €20bn from dumping toxic waste

Italy’s mafia clans, best known for drug running and extortion rackets, are earning €20 billion a year by turning the south of the country into a toxic waste dump, an environmental organisation said in a major report.

Heavy metals and cancer-causing organic compounds are being illegally buried with increasing frequency, often in agricultural areas or on land that is used to build new homes, the Legambiente group warns.

The dangers to human health were dramatically illustrated when contaminated farmland outside Naples was blamed for the discovery of toxic dioxins in the region’s prized buffalo mozzarella cheese in 2008.

And the escalating risk is underlined by the new report which shows that last year the authorities seized a record two million tonnes of dangerous waste on its way for disposal, often in the one of Italy’s four southern-most regions, Sicily, Calabria, Campania and Puglia where the country’s four main mafia groups hold sway.

Enrico Fontana, Legambiente’s spokesman on environmental and organised crime, said the figure was just the tip of the iceberg. “There was a lot more that was not intercepted,” he said. “And this market makes the mafia huge amounts of money. And the amount they earn from it is growing,” he said.

At the latest count, in 2010, around 31,000 environmental crimes were committed, the report says, with 41% of them involving illegal waste disposal and recycling of cement.

Campania, the region around Naples whose streets are perpetually carpeted in piles of stinking garbage, is the worst-hit part of the country, it is claimed. The local mafia, the Camorra, is frequently blamed for exacerbating or even causing the rubbish crisis – by encouraging the closure of official incineration plants – in order to fan demand for its illegal dumping services.

The Camorra’s role was underlined today by the arrest of Naples-area businessman Ludovico Ucciero for allegedly helping local mobsters enrich themselves through control of garbage removal and incineration. Mr Ucciero runs four rubbish removal companies, which have been seized by authorities.

Campania is followed in the environmental abuse stakes by Calabria, home to the powerful ‘ndrangheta crime syndicate. Then comes Sicily the base of Cosa Nostra, and Puglia, the home of the Sacra Corona Unita crime group. The four southern regions together accounted for 45% of the overall environmental-crime tally.

But Mr Fontana warned that it was not only Italy’s south was under threat from toxic dumping. “It’s happening now in Lombardy (the region around the northern city of Milan). ‘ndrangheta is dumping toxic waste there in or at places where homes and offices are being constructed,” he said. “The Ecomafia is a virus that poisons the environment, pollutes the economy and endangers people’s health.”

According to the report, Italy was the also “the crossroads for the international traffic in dangerous waste and radioactive material coming from other countries that was destined for, via sea, Africa and Asian countries”.

Legambiente said illegal building was another environmental blight that was on the rise, with 26,500 properties illicitly constructed last year. Mr Fontana said that as a result “parks and countryside and other places an area the size of 540 soccer pitches has been stolen”.

Sometimes hideous, concrete monsters sprout up to despoil some of Italy’s most beautiful coast and countryside. Earlier this year, four people were arrested in connection with the illegal construction of the eight-storey “Ecomonster” at Sant’Agata in Puglia.

Illicit and shoddily constructed homes, using poor quality cement, are also prone to collapse, as was the case with the student dormitory that subsided during the 2009 L’Aquila earthquake killing eight students.

Mr Fontana said the Italian government should introduce as a matter of urgency more severe penalties. Currently only one activity, organisation of illegal waste trafficking, has the status of a serious crime that can be punished by longer jail terms and investigated by wiretaps. “The act of dumping poison and polluting streams and the air,” should also be classified in this way,” he said.

Making a killing from the environment



The death of national coach, “Mohammed the five-year” chief Almadrbeyen one
Tunisian clinics at the age of 80 years after its entry in coma
For 10 days
The five-year edema in God
Moved to the mercy of God coach Libyan Mohammad five-year ..
I am God and to him we shall return:


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