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Brigade 32 booster for the defense of Libya:

There is no substitute for the power of the people, not on behalf of the people, and representation quackery
The time does not return back to the time and do not come back from behind and trying to do so has sentenced himself to failure before it begins!
They are also followers of February when they tried to replace the power of the people and the people’s congresses that embodies the meaning of direct democracy, with (outdated) parties and parliaments .. And the result was a fiasco, it is inconceivable that the Libyan people back to the time of ignorance and representation after March of direct democracy through the Basic People’s Congresses
And, for example, but not limited to the parliamentary elections held in the city’s white population of 700 000 citizens of the register of whom 25 000 citizens and those who have contributed already to testify voice their 7000 citizen only!
As for the so-called election of the Committee of 60, even now, those who have registered do not exceed 10% of the population of Libya
Any talk about elections after it was people’s congresses are held in every city and in every village and in every street and in every organization with the participation of all citizens .. For any election talk after home destroyed and looted the wealth and
And impoverished the population and are Atracson on Uttar labor and betrayal!
Libya where in the presence of this Acharazm and tails ..
God help the citizen orthopedist silence in front of this bunch of rotting polemics.

# Lt.
لا بديل عن سلطة الشعب ,, ولا نيابة عن الشعب ,, و التمثيل تدجيل
لا تعود الساعة للوراء ولا يعود الزمن للخلف و من يحاول فعل ذلك فقد حكم على نفسه بالفشل قبل ان يبدأ !
كذلك هم أتباع فبراير حين حاولوا استبدال سلطة الشعب و المؤتمرات الشعبية التي تجسد معنى الديمقراطية المباشرة بالأحزاب و المجالس النيابية .. و كانت النتيجة الفشل الذريع ، فمن غير المعقول أن يعودوا بالشعب الليبي الى زمن الجهل و التمثيل بعد أن مارس الديمقراطية المباشرة من خلال المؤتمرات الشعبية الأساسية
و على سبيل المثال لا الحصر اقيمت الانتخابات النيابية في مدينة البيضاء البالغ تعداد سكانها 700 الف مواطن من قام بالتسجيل منهم 25 الف مواطن و من ساهم بالفعل بإدلاء صوته هم 7000 الاف مواطن فقط !
اما عن ما يسمى بانتخابات لجنة ال 60 فحتى الان من قاموا بالتسجيل لا يتجاوزوا ال 10% من سكان ليبيا
عن أي انتخابات يتحدثون بعد ان كانت المؤتمرات الشعبية تقام في كل مدينة و في كل قرية و في كل شارع و في كل مؤسسة بمشاركة كل المواطنين .. عن اي انتخابات يتحدثون بعد أن دمروا الوطن و و نهبوا ثرواته
و افقروا سكانه و هم يتراقصون على اوتار العمالة و الخيانة !
ليبيا الى اين في ظل وجود هذه الشراذم و الاذناب ..
كان الله في عون المواطن المجبر على الصمت امام مهاترات هذه الزمرة المتعفنة .

Egyptian terrorist linked to aviation disaster 25 years after plane came down
Egyptian terrorist Mohammed Abu Talb named as likely suspect in bombing
Alleged to be behind the blast on Pan Am Flight 103 on December 22, 1988
Private investigation – Operation Bird – also claims CIA covered up truth
Bombing remains worst terrorist attack to have been committed in UK

PUBLISHED: 11:05 GMT, 15 December 2013 | UPDATED: 11:49 GMT, 15 December 2013
Egyptian terrorist Mohammed Abu Talb named as likely suspect in bombing
The real bomber? Mohammed Abu Talb has been named as a likely suspect in the Lockerbie bombing

For 25 years, the Lockerbie Bombing has been shrouded in mystery.

Now, an Eyptian terrorist has been revealed as a likely suspect in the devastating attack.

Mohammed Abu Talb – who is serving life in prison for a series of bombings – has been named in a private investigation called Operation Bird.

He is alleged to be behind the blast that took place on board Pan Am Flight 103 over Scotland in 1988 – killing 270 people.

The investigation – put forward as a report by Forensic Investigative Associates in London – has also accused the CIA of covering up Talb’s role in the atrocity, according the The Sunday People and Exaro.

It was commissioned by lawyers for Libyan Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, who was jailed in 2001 for masterminding the bombing.

If the report is correct, it means al-Megrahi – who died of cancer aged 60 last year after being controversially freed from jail in 2009 – may have been wrongly imprisoned.

Investigators claim key pieces of evidence in the case against al-Megrahi – including a fragment of circuit board for a timer – were faked.

They also allege the bomb was planted in luggage at Heathrow airport in London – not loaded by al-Megrahi in Malta, as the prosecution claimed during his trial in 2001.

And they say Talb – who was an initial suspect in the case – met with other Middle East terror suspects in the run-up to the bombing.


British Channel : al-Qathafi is innocent of the Lockerbie airliner bombing .. America confirmed the involvement of the Palestinians and the continued siege and blackmail Libya

British Channel Four revealed that Libya is not responsible for the downing of the Lockerbie famous American over Scotland in 1988 , and Ahmed Jibril, leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine – General Command is the mastermind of the operation .

“The British Channel” aired that the United States was aware that Muammar al-Qathafi was not involved in the projection plane over Lockerbie , where he received intelligence officials the U.S. on that information officers Syrian army during the period from 1990 to 1995 , but the USA did not disclose and hid to achieve its objectives besieged Libyan regime at that time.

And got Britain and America on a huge compensation from Libya amounted to 2.7 billion dollars , in return for lifting the international sanctions imposed on them, after they accused the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA for the plane bombing , which killed 170 people from 17 different nationalities.

He said, ” Richard Fuse ” analyst CIA ” CIA ” he received assurances about the involvement of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine in the Lockerbie bombing , and Ahmed Jibril was the mastermind of the operation and not Libya , which was confirmed by officers of the Syrian army met an official U.S. intelligence .

“During the period from 1990 to 1995 , I met between 10 and 15 and an officer in charge of the Syrian army , all of whom confirmed that al-Qathafi was not responsible for shooting down a U.S. airliner over Lockerbie, Scotland , and Ahmed Jibril, who is responsible –

After 25 years of Lockerbie Megrahi’s family intends to appeal the judgment against him 21.12.2013 | 4:04 p.m. News Arab world

http://arabic.rt.com/news/638233/ :روسيا اليوم

Family want Libyan Abdel Basset al-Megrahi  falsely convicted only in the case of the Lockerbie attack, which killed 270 people in 1988,

the wish to appeal against the judgment of it because they do not believe his guilt.

His brother, Abdul Hakim al-Megrahi for “BBC” Friday, December 20 / December “family want to appeal. Want to re-open the file Lockerbie to know who is responsible.” 

He added, saying,

“My brother Abdul Basit could not have committed this crime abhorrent. Was incapable of hurting anyone.” 

It is noted that a plane belonging to the airline “PanAm” exploded in the December 21, 1988 over Lockerbie, Scotland, and was most accident victims from the Americans.

Issued at that time and sentenced to life imprisonment Abdel Basset al-Megrahi, but released him five years ago for health reasons and died in May / May 2012 of cancer.

in 2003,Muammar feeling sorry for the victims (but never admittingly any responsibility for the crash)

paid 2.7 billion dollars compensation to the families of the victims.


Brigade 32 booster for the defense of Libya:
You live, O glorious hours are free



Asaad Aboqilh Newsflash:
Fire Central Bank of Libya and the fire eat up billions of paper currencies.
To the agency and JD Valley News Is Fire Central Bank of Libya because of because of a short circuit or arson he want comment on the news?? Why Hmae media blackout on the fire?? ,,, You the latest news.
Send your Ptsriha press publishing me via agency and tons News and newspaper Saida Online and newspaper Donya home and NHK Arabic section and the location of a crowd Net, site Sama Jordan news and site Penthouse Forum Russia today and Forum National Grid Kuwaiti and various news Web sites highlights Ali Shan Libyan For details Place pans in the Google search engine titled (Fire Central Bank of Libya and the flames devour billions of Banknotes By Asad Aboqilh) will show you the results of my article published in various news Web sites.
Fire Central Bank of Libya and the fire eat up billions of paper currencies.
Said Asaad Ambia Aboqilh journalist and writer Libby independent and correspondent Saida Online and correspondent Zakalh and tons News and correspondent for a number of international broadcasters that broadcast on shortwave and satellite, especially through the BBC and Japanese television NHK Arabic section in a press statement published today Fri, December 20, 2013 We continue to pursue both large and small from the scene of the Libyan Iron scene in Libya is stating sources of the center of the Libyan and witnesses reported a large fire in the Central Bank of Libya in the Libyan capital Tripoli midnight last Wednesday According to eyewitnesses, about the escalation of the year smoke from inside the building of the Central Bank of initial losses by Sources indicate that the big fire caused the destruction and burning of billions of Currency Banknotes, domestic and foreign, and the burning of many of the documents in the Central Bank of Libya and added Asaad Aboqilh Central Bank of Libya until this Allhoudh not issued any official statement about the big fire but it is likely to issue Central Bank of Libya statement an official in the coming days reveal more details and special reasons Hmae Great Fire
The seal Asaad Aboqilh saying is worth mentioning after World War led NATO to topple the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA vision of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi in support of the February 17 revolution became Libya in a state of lack of security, safety and stability, especially in the city of Tripoli and Benghazi and threatening civil war and split the country.
Asaad Ambia Aboqilh
Journalist and writer Libby independent
By (Asaad Ambia Aboqilh journalist and writer Libby Independent)
Fire Central Bank of Libya and the fire eat up billions of Banknotes
Site (Saida Online Lebanon)
To read the news click on the link below
Fire Central Bank of Libya and the fire eat up billions of Banknotes
By (Asaad Ambia Aboqilh journalist and writer Libby Independent)
Fire Central Bank of Libya and the fire eat up billions of Banknotes
Site (and tons News Agency and Jordan News)
To read the news click on the link below
Fire Central Bank of Libya and the fire eat up billions of Banknotes

Asaad Ambia Aboqilh writes:

Said Asaad Ambia Aboqilh journalist and writer Libby independent and correspondent Saida Online and correspondent for a number of international broadcasters that broadcast on shortwave and satellite, especially through the BBC and Japanese television NHK Arabic section in a press statement published today Fri, December 20, 2013

we continue to follow every large and small from the scene of the Libyan iron in the scene Libyan is stating sources of the center of the Libyan and witnesses reported a large fire in the Central Bank of Libya in the Libyan capital Tripoli midnight last Wednesday
According to eyewitnesses, about the escalation of the year smoke from inside the building of the Central Bank losses preliminary According to sources, stating that the fire the great cause of the destruction and burning of billions of Currency Banknotes, domestic and foreign, and the burning of many of the documents in the Central Bank of Libya and added Asaad Aboqilh Central Bank of Libya until this Allhoudh not issued any official statement about the big fire but it is likely to issue a CBL official statement in the coming days reveals more details and special reasons Hmae big fire.
seal Asaad Aboqilh saying is worth mentioning after World War led NATO to topple the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA (vision of Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi) in support of the “February 17 revolution” became Libya in a state of lack of security, safety and stability, especially in the city of Tripoli and Benghazi and threaten war The civil division of the country.

Bank of Libya: Close oil ports on the impact of the budget funding
“Atmosphere of the country” – particularly
The director of financial markets, Central Bank of Libya lamp Akkari today that the closure of oil ports Crescent area of ​​oil greatly affected the financing of the state budget.
Akkari explained to the ambiance of the country, that the effects of the closure of ports and lower oil revenues began to emerge in the middle of last August to fund the budget of the Libyan dinar.
Akkari pointed out that the total oil revenues since September to December is not equivalent to revenues in March when the situation was normal.
And between the Central Bank of Libya has the ability by law to provide an advance on compensation for the government fiscal deficit budget of the state, pointing out that the law provides for the settlement of the advance before the end of the year.
Akkari added that the budget is prepared on the basis of estimates of the volume of oil sales during the year 2014, stressing that the Libyan economy depends on oil revenues by 95 percent.
Referred to the oil and gas sector is suffering disruptions in production processes because of the sit-ins of armed groups, which has led to daily losses estimated at one hundred million dollars a day by the statements of the Ministry of Oil.


Channel Zintan Media reported:
Urwah ibn Word:
Very dangerous ((Khaled Baseer meet after prayers this afternoon more than fifty Islamic extremist from Libya, Tunisia, Algeria and Egypt mosque women Baradh market Friday after lunch from his home near the mosque and came to this meeting, the following statement which he delivered on ((I’ve become Mujahideen at risk and pursued every infidel states and what happened to the Mujahid Abu Anas Libyan.
Today’s Mujahid Haitham Tagouris.
What is the only proof of that and it should be organized rows and the brothers of the Mujahideen in Yemen to join us as the enemy and you will be all Western interests in Libya, Algeria, Tunisia and Egypt Hzv us as well as the institutions of this States with puppet regimes of the West, will not Nkti Alhzv this time I will make it fire and Dhamar and killed, and who cut Arzak Muslims in ports and oil fields in agreement with Italy, Britain and America, tell them and to whom they call their leader (Jdharan) will not slip Bfltk this and the guillotine will be interrupted for your head and will not find you destroy the tribe corpse for burial.
That is God’s punishment fair to you, and tell America that was Abu Anas Libyan and Haitham Tagouris in your grip you waiting battalions of the Mujahideen who will slaughter all U.S. long Ivna his days among us, and tell the client infidels Abouchmadeh Army disbelief that Tassh and represses by the Mujahideen will not stop us from mow your head on your neck and very soon, my brothers the Mujahideen O Jundallah is the moment to declare a holy war of Islam Libya Libya Libya unification of Islamic law, peace and God’s mercy and blessings be upon you)).


UPDATE on Haitham Tagouris:

Aseert Seef Aleslam (a FB pseudonymn) informs us:
A very important and very dangerous / newspaper Le Journal du Dimanche / French article about the arrest of Haitham Tagouris at the airport in Belgium which said ((men were FBI U.S.,

this time on a date with hunting another Libyan after Abu Anas Libyan difference that I was on the men’s squad Delta Go to him in Tripoli west Libyan capital either the latter has shipped his luggage and was attended by himself to the men of the FBI of America, who were waiting for him Airport, Belgium,

where it did not occur to the minds of the boy that his every move in Tripoli, which is believed to be administered ordering monitored by each Ajhzat global intelligence 

After the confessions of Abu Anas al-Libi,, received Haitham Tagouris by men ((now Ntts)) Director of Intelligence Belgian was handed over to write security coordination Europeanisation in the U.S. which is run by the FBI and CIA,

where and in front of the inexperience of this fishing Libyan and confront conclusive evidence has led to Gontnamua or another against humanity sponsor transmitting to the Office of the Prosecutor International, 

did not hold much Haitham Tagouris front torrent questions that besieged by men of the CIA where he confessed to abducting intelligence officers loyal to the former regime in Libya, Tunisia, 

and he was one Almnfdan for the assassination of Chokri Belaid instructions of Belhadj and Khaled al-Sharif is responsible to defend the Libyan and process gas complex in Algeria

has knowledge of Khalid Basir and his role in which it was providing weapons and explosives, said Haitham Tagouris that the assassinations were against pro-Gaddafi regime is daily by special managed Hashim humans and the assassination of a whole family in Aziziyah outside Tripoli were instructions Minister Almakhalah Fawzi Abdel Aal 

and Execution Hashim humans head room private security in Libya, and that the mass killings were against some diners wine by Sheikh predecessor, Abdul Raouf hater is adding toxic substances to the Wines and distributed among a youth to leave who have them drink wine, 

all this did not appeal to men CIA and here I got the deal in which it was released on Tagouris after transmittal to the Office of Investigations followed by U.S. intelligence in Casablanca for further questioning 

and recruited and leaked information from the Office of Antoine codeine Minister Almakhalah Albalijkih that the minister objected to the transfer Haitham Tagouris to one of the clinics

After knowing that a transmitter very precise implant inside the body makes in the case of follow-up over time throughout his life to hear his talks and locate what he considered he was the minister that this work is not coordination between the leaders of the security Albalijkih and its American counterpart)).

(So Haithem Tagouris has an implanted tracker within him; but they still released him and he is back in LIBYA…doing whatever mischief he seems to do well for the Brotherhood and BelHadj.)

هام للغايه وخطير جداً / نشرت صحيفة لو جورنال دو ديمانش / الفرنسيه مقال عن عملية القبض على هيثم التاجوري في مطار بلجيكا جاء فيه (( كان رجال FBI الامريكية هذه المرة على موعد مع صيد ليبي اخر بعد ابو انس الليبي والاختلاف ان الاول كان على رجال فرقة الدلتا الذهاب له بطرابلس الغرب العاصمة الليبية اما هذا الاخير فقد شحن حقائبه وحضر بنفسه الي رجال مكتب التحقيقات الامريكيه والذين كانوا في انتظاره بمطار بلجيكا حيث لم يخطر على بال هذا الصبي ان كل تحركاته في طرابلس التي يعتقد انه تدار بأمره مرصوده من قبل كل اجهزت المخابرات العالميه بعد اعترافات ابو انس الليبي ،، استقبل هيثم التاجوري من قبل رجال ((الأن نتنانتس)) مدير المخابرات البلجيكيه وتم تسليمه الي نكتب التنسيق الامني الاروبي الامريكي الذي يدار من قبل FBI و CIA حيث وامام قلة خبرة هذا الصيد الليبي ومواجهته بادلة قاطعة قد تقوده الي غونتناموا او اخرى ضد الانسانيه كفيله باحالته الي مكتب المدعي العام الدولي ،، لم يصمد كثيراً هيثم التاجوري امام سيل الاسئله التي حاصره بها رجال المخابرات الامريكيه حيث اعترف باختطافه ضباط مخابرات تابعين للنظام السابق في ليبيا من تونس ،، وانه كان احد المنفدين لعملية اغتيال شكري بلعيد بتعليمات من بلحاج وخالد الشريف مسئول بالدفاع الليبي وان عملية مجمع الغاز في الجزائر تمت بمعرفة خالد البصير ودوره فيها كان توفير الاسلحه والمتفجرات ،، افاد هيثم التاجوري ان اغتيالات تمت ضد موالين لنظام القذافي تتم يومياً من قبل خاصه تدار من هاشم بشر وان عملية اغتيال عائلة كاملة بمدينة العزيزيه خارج طرابلس كانت بتعليمات وزير الذاخليه فوزي عبدالعال وتنفيد هاشم بشر رئيس غرفة امنيه خاصه بليبيا ، وان عمليات قتل جماعي تمت ضد بعض متناولي الخمر من قبل شيخ سلفي يدعى عبد الرؤوف كاره امر باضافه مواد سامه للخمور وتوزيعها بين شريحة شباب كي يتركوا الذين بعدهم شرب الخمر ،، كل ذلك لم يروق لرجال المخابرات الامريكيه وهنا حصلت الصفقة التي تم بها الافراج على التاجوري بعد احالته الي مكتب تحقيقات يتبع المخابرات الامريكيه بالدار البيضاء لاستكمال استجوابه وتجنيده وتسربت معلومات من مكتب انطوان كودين وزير الذاخليه البلجكيه ان الوزير اعترض على نقل هيثم التاجوري لاحدى العيادات بعد علمه ان جهاز ارسال دقيق جداً زرع داخل جسده يجعله في حالة متابعه على مدار الوقت طيلة حياته بسماع احاديثه وتحديد اماكن تواجده مما اعتبره الوزير ان هذا العمل لم يتم التنسيق فيه بين قيادات الامن البلجكيه ونظيرتها الامريكيه ))





22 DEC. 2013:


all the stories were just rumors, and were BIG FAT LIES!

Boukaiqis: Tagouris denied entry because of visa Brussels

“Atmosphere of the country” – Fathi Ismail

Confirmed agent of Political Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and the fulfillment Boukaiqis that the cause of preventing Haitham Tagouris from entering the Belgian territory is receiving a visa from Poland, which requires that Poland is a transit station first to Europe, according to the law of visa “Schengen” of the European Union.

Denied Boukaiqis to the atmosphere of the country on Saturday, what some of the media about the detention of Haytham Tagouris in the Belgian capital, Brussels Airport and deported to the United States.

Boukaiqis confirmed that the news is not unfounded, pointing out that the charge d’affaires

in charge in Brussels in constant contact with Tagouris on his way back to Libya have already returned.

It is noteworthy about  Haitham Tagouris: He is currently a member of the control committee wanted the security of Tripoli by the Directorate of the Office of the President of the Security Committee in Tripoli PSD Hashim humans.

21 DECEMBER 2013:

Security Council / Libya branch / agency combating crimes:
Urgent: Belgian police have been investigated with Haitham Tagouris
And at least two others and not to investigate the health benefits attributed
to them.
Security Council / Libya branch / agency combating crimes :::
Belgian Interior Ministry / /:
Haitham tribal mortgage provisional arrest
for questioning in several crimes attributed to him.
Proof of correctness or not is eliminated, if the investigation was not able to prove the crimes charged would be released
but confirmed the validity of the trial will be attributed to him.
Compacts and took them not to get involved in anything contrary to international law or domestic.
While innocence which they were accused in the charges of the four, but they committed the offense use Aelchengl visa.
It was to act and push the offense and are now Aaúdan to Libyan territories !

International channel Libya Libya International Channel:

Urgent – especially for international channel Libya:

the U.S. Embassy in Brussels, the Belgian counterpart informed this morning that the commander of the Libyan secret backing initial “Haitham Tagouris” suspended in Brussels have elements of U.S. intelligence since the early hours of yesterday as required to the U.S. authorities.

Agency urgently Libya / stop “Tagouris” in Brussels and deported to America.
According to preliminary information that the CIA stopped the first commander of the secret backing

“Haitham Tagouris” in the Belgian capital Brussels.

According to informed sources, reliable been deported “Tagouris” flown to the United States at dawn today.
The police threw the International “Interpol” capture “Tagouris” in Belgium, accused of four charges,

including two international and one more likely criminal and political, namely:
– Attacking the Ministry of Justice in Tripoli.
– Trapping the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the State under the protection of the United Nations.
– Participation in Alaatmae with Belhadj on the U.S. embassy in Tunis.
– Involved in killing people urges torture.

The information had been leaked last week that the British government informed the interim government and different political parties that everyone involved with murder, torture and crime and attacked the institutions of the Libyan state after placed under the protection of the United Nations and its goal is going to get him.
Informed sources said that this speech was two weeks ago when he visited the British ambassador Misrata

Tagouris said literally that Libya will not be divided and will not allow dividing but Misrata may be divided into five regions that did not release the detainees have received the sons of those involved to justice.

Palestinian Hashim humans | |:
Haitham Tagouris access and facilities to Casablanca airport, coming from Brussels, capital of Belgium and was received by the Libyan consul there Idriss Abu Dib.

Hashim humans denies that Haithem Tagouris has been deported from Brussels (BELGIUM) to Washington, DC (USA).

He says that Tagouris was stopped for an error in the Schengen visa that Tagouris possesses with which he is able to enter Belgian territory.

Hathem Tagouris on the way to Libya and prevent Tagouris of
Belgian entry because you get a visa from the State
Poland, and no truth to the reports transmitted from the airport detention
The Belgian capital, Brussels, and deported to U.S.

(pictured above are the TAGOURIS brothers)


“Gateway Libya Libya Gate”:

Abdul Rahman Al-Shater member General National Congress for “Libya’s future”  says:

political isolation law is flawed Oorteurnah under pressure reached reduce murder …

7 private law Bani Walid sow hatred did not achieve more than is required of him …

The departure of the government has become a popular demand for its failure in several files …

Just moved from the federal requirement to impose a political reality and this deviation from legitimate.

بوابة ليبيا Libya Gateعبد الرحمن الشاطر عضو المؤتمر الوطني العام لـ”ليبيا المستقبل”: العزل السياسي قانون معيب أقررناه تحت ضغوط وصلت لحد القتل… القانون 7 الخاص ببني وليد زرع الكراهية اكثر ولم يحقق المطلوب منه… رحيل الحكومة أصبح مطلبا شعبيا لإخفاقها في عدة ملفات… الفيدرالية انتقلت من مجرد مطلب سياسي إلى فرض واقع وهذا خروج عن الشرعية.
Fathi Turkish:
What happened yesterday before Friday evening prayers:12/20/2013 at the mosque before Friday prayers Mazran voices against Sheikh Mohammed Merghem insults and verbal abuse. Where the rat Sheikh Mohammed urged people not to boycott the elections committee sixty Constitution
and almost up to the physical assault and many pandemonium inside the mosque and turf Mazran violation of the sanctity of the house of God with science Friday preacher man law belongs to the ‘MUSLIM ‘ BROTHERHOODs Party of Justice and construction.Janas God’s houses of worship and remembrance of Allah and not to engage in matters of politics.
We ask God to guide us to the path of truth, O Lord of the Worlds.Holy Quran 3(Quoting \ channel Zanata Friday market Tripoli)

Urgent and Important

Some associations Alashtlakih ask the national figure of the citizen as soon as Alassof

and the file is closed so as to exploit the national figure in the elections.

(WikiLeaks Cyrenaica)


Recent developments in the storming telecommunications company. 9pm
Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of Communications on the latest
developments in the storming telecommunications company.
– The threat of the company’s workers
Conflicting demands
– Lock mandatory for Internet services
– Their number exceeds the percent
الوكيل المساعد لوزارة الأتصالات حول أخر مستجدات اقتحام شركه الأتصالات .-تهديد عمال الشركه
تضارب في المطالب
-قفل اجباري لخدمات الأنترنت
-عددهم يتجاوز المئه21-12-2013

Undersecretary of the Ministry of Communications in Allagovernm mainframe: Muhammad Ali Cape
On the news channel ..
Internet service was cut off for Tripoli and surrounding areas and some
Areas of the south actually ..
The remaining eastern region (Cyrenaica) operate normally due to its association
Network Egypt and Italy.
Has been the matter by force ..

(Media Center tuber Libya)


Salem al-Obeidi | |

An informed source confirmed that the young intruder communications company are
Youth young age from the market Friday, at the beginning of the commanding
Corps and was with them during an interview with them engineers have been directed
Weapons and some of them returned to his home, and they confirmed the same source
Asked to sever contacts on the eastern region were also closed
Oil from the east of the country, and asked them to sever contacts
Even the prime minister offers his resignation, and asked them to cut
Communications on the mountain west

has also been cut gas !

Atef Shelmani reports:
The beginning of the return of the Internet service to the city of Tripoli
Now .. After the interruption of service due to the entry set
(Company’s Ltt)

Cause interruption of the Internet:
Agency News – Tripoli – Libyan Network Media # LNM
Undersecretary of the Ministry of Communications, “the head Mohammed Ali” that the cause of interruption Internet, is breaking into the headquarters of the company by way of the coast by the citizens, asked to cut Internet service or the use of force after they threatened engineers,
And said “Ali” in a statement that they heading to them for bargaining and did not succeed was informed the prime minister and the General Staff and the Ministry of the Interior and not life did not call out, had already been cut off the Internet in the region of Central and West and South, with the exception of the eastern region due to its association Egypt sister network state, and pointed out the Deputy Minister of Communications that it did not see any weapons with the intruders, but they threatened him and of his use of force.

Salem al-Obeidi:
Undersecretary of the Ministry of Communications, “the head Mohammed Ali” that the reason
Interruption of the Internet, is to break into the headquarters of the company by way of the coast
By citizens, asked Internet service cut off or the use of force

After they threatened engineers, and said “Ali” in a statement
Special to them that they heading for bargaining and did not succeed was
Report to the Prime Minister and the Chief of Staff and the Ministry of Interior and no life
Did not call out, the Internet has already been cut to the central region and
West and South, with the exception of the eastern region due to its association
Egypt sister network state, and pointed out the Deputy Minister of Communications that
Did not see any weapons with the intruders, but they threatened him and of
With the use of force.
URGENT :: militia Loyalty to Martyrs of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood are attacked company information and
communications today and beat a staff.
And demanded to cut off communications on Libya and cut the Internet and cut communication lines and to stop the traffic signals and traffic.
Company Libya Telecom and Technology … ltt
Militias still control the building and the possibility of cutting connections Libyana sperm for her involvement and communication technology
Net work in accordance with the emergency plan approved by the company’s Ka temporary solution.
The protesters are demanding the gunmen cut off communications for the eastern region (against JDHARAN).
Negotiations are continuing to now have been unsuccessful.


Abdel Moez Bannon
Been confirmed the news,,,,
An armed group stormed the two Libya Telecom & Technology and Libyana, cut communications and requests for the eastern region, otherwise they will blow up the main divider their gear,,,,
Currently, officials of the company are negotiating with them to get them out, and, in connection with one of the technicians told me that there is no possibility for commuting from Tripoli Technically,,, even if detonated Dividers,,, in the absence of any security personnel in place …
It’s ignorance and backwardness particular,,,, and I repeat, not one of them represent me …

Abdel Moez Bannon ..
To break into the company Ltt Libyana and claim to separate coverage
For the eastern region.

Qallk Mguethmin company LTT and Libyana, and cut their demand for telecommunications eastern region!!!!!!
No one in Halbashr represent me,,,
Channel correspondent Libya Liberal Moataz fall:
I called the company Bmassadra Libya Telecom & Technology ..
Yet they are not aware of the mechanism that made the Internet give it locked again.!
Not aware of them, nor how the initiative that made them fall back on their actions. !
I’m still waiting for someone replies.
My contact with one of informatics: Bushra Azmi in Tripoli and to talk about the situation, said the city ::::::
Unidentified storm the headquarters of the city’s communications and had to cut off Internet service
and stop the service broadcast by satellite and there may be negotiations with them …
And unconfirmed reports that will come out demonstrations to topple the government and prime minister ....
And talk about the elections: Many do not want to vote because they are not convinced by,
and because they are not fully aware of it and want to extend the election period to inform people about this election
and what is the constitution (!!!), which will be held by the state ……(UGH!!) (BACKWARD forgetting the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA and the Third UNIVERSAL THEORY which totally replaced  representative demoracy with direct democracy and the Holy Quaran which  surpasses all man-made laws!)
(Mutassim Faitouri)

Drone hovering on the skies harcha corner of Libya.

News of military coordination between Libya and Tunisia and Algeria to fight al-Qaeda and Ansar al-Sharia in northern Africa:
لـيـبـيـا تتحــــدث

أنباء عن تنسيق عسكرى بين ليبيا وتونس والجزائر لمحاربة انصار الشريعة والقاعدة بشمال افريقيا
HaHa HA–are they kidding? Then who runs the GNC of Zaidane?—are they fighting Zaidane’s administration? are they fighting the USA, Turkey, Qatar and FRANCE who support these groups?
هاها ها – هم تمزح؟ ثم الذي يدير المؤتمر الوطني العام من زيدان؟ — هم يقاتلون الإدارة زيدان؟
هم يقاتلون الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية وتركيا وقطر وفرنسا الذين يدعمون هذه الجماعات؟


Urgent Libya

Agency urgently Libya / death of manipulators national figure and Libyan nationality
Court of Appeals issued in Tripoli Ahkamas to death 5 people involved in the numbers of national least two of Sabha and 2 of Tobruk and people of Benghazi and sets Wednesday execution of the judgment because of its moral value in the public arena of the Courts Complex in the presence of parents and a number of colleagues in the Passports and Nationality.

Convicts were transferred to Tripoli in the previous period and charged them with treason to the homeland and mercenary in Mmtalkat sovereign Libyan state security

The Interior Minister in charge of that trapping counterfeiters have become easy and identify the beneficiaries become easily and will track them all and execution of all those involved and the Interior Ministry will sign a number of security agreements with a number of Arab countries and European and Asian countries to punish the criminals and the exchange of prisoners and handed over.

The interior minister said that the arrested are involved in these processes actor or object trader or an intermediary or beneficiary will face death without pleading and saluting the presence of entanglement recognition Zmna crime and physical evidence of the occurrence of the event and the General Authority for the Elimination of Higher granted internal freedom to act in this type of case,

Saluting the courts do not call the crime committed and responsible for them exists, and will transform some cases if it considers it tangled internal to the courts for broadcast and consideration in this case was unable to prove the internal incident.

Al-Quds Al-Arabi 21/12/2013:
Photo : ‎جريدة القدس العربي 21-12-2013‎



Journalists Union condemns attack on Omar al-Badri
“Atmosphere of the country”
Condemned the General Union of journalists and media attack on a journalist in Tripoli Rawasi Omar al-Badri, who was shot Belaovernm injury, and after that transfer of treatment in Tunisia.
Said Capt. General Mustafa told reporters Venosh “atmosphere for the country” to be surprised that the union government inaction or lack of condemnation of these attacks and kidnappings that affect the media without opening the investigation, and if they were working in the Libyan scene is the scene as he put it.
It is noteworthy that Libya was ranked 131 in the world rankings for the freedom of the press and the media, which put the organization “Reporters without Borders” in 2013.


Fire at the gas station Got Alshall,,, and this image the gas station after burning.
That’s what happened last night Bgot Alshall fuel station and entering the novel by young drunken road opposite and a cigarette in his hand.
According to the information the reason is the entry of young drunken road opposite his hand and a cigarette? This is the result
Brega Oil Marketing
Urgent …
Calls Ministry of Oil and Gas Messrs. citizens not to listen to rumors about the return of the fuel crisis and thus we report that the fuel and all its derivatives available in large quantities at stores Brega oil marketing and movement of fuel trucks flowing normally and refinery corner work regularly and that creates such rumors are traders crises their goal of creating chaos and confusion of the causes and motives of dirty, and we turn this statement we Ntmon everyone and no need to panic and that the congestion and security agencies will deal firmly and seriously with the raise of these rumors and creating havoc in front of gas stations.
God save Libya

Operations room Mermaid:
Shortly before
About the smoke from the Damascus neighborhood lawns beside the school.

Fire cause a problem in a car yesterday in place.

Operations room Mermaid:
“It is February comes the new …”*
Tripoli: military police patrol arrested the gang now conducting robberies in the way of the coast. .
And possession of “a quantity of heroin and hashish.”*:


A traffic accident shortly before at the traffic light near the Corinthia Hotel

I ask pardon and safety and wellness


Battalion Knights janzour Hello:

For the closure of the coastal road today:

maintenance work of the road who falsely broken Maiya from the bridge 17 to gate 27.




Olive groves in the city Tarhounah over looked Mchae

Olive groves in the city Tarhounah over looked Mchae


Foreign military flight landed less than an hour before the area
Desert south a distance of five and 40 miles south-east
Tarhounah a distance of 18 miles, and is close to the road
Desert areas to Ahala honorable hope to know what’s going on
Now going on, and find out why the plane landed, authorities
The lives of those who are not competent advocates hope Publishing and circular and is
The following coordinates:

N 32184143 E13572926

(Salem al-Obeidi)


Now department in Ajeelat:
Hospital department in Ajeeilat depends entirely on the work
Local council department in Ajeelat is wholly dependent and works apartment in Tripoli
Shura Council of Elders and is wholly dependent
Institutions of civil society parked entirely
Manpower Bureau Jadida is wholly dependent
United Bank is wholly dependent department in Ajeelat
National Directorate of Security department in Ajeelat semi parked
with the presence of more than one thousand registered by the component and Atkado in salaries
Are there any other City in Libya has all these achievements?

Department in Ajeelat / / / /

Trabih screens erected some gunmen on the road between Zuwarah and department in Ajeelat ...

And the department in Ajeelat market Friday Sabratha ..

We ask God to guide everyone.

We received via e-page pictures of  NATO’s burning and destruction of family homes in the department in Ajeelat Walter ..

U.S. begins using Predator drones in Libya

US predator drone now flying over NW LIBYA's Nafus Mountains and struck homes in Ajeelat

President Obama has approved the use of armed Predator drone aircraft to launch airstrikes against ground targets in Libya, the latest sign of mounting concern in Washington that the NATO-led air campaign has failed to stop Moammar Kadafi’s forces.
There was an attaack on Misurata by Green forces this past Tuesday!

the Joint Chiefs of Staff said two drones would fly 24 hours a day.
U.S. Army units are equipped with radar that tracks the trajectory of incoming mortar shells and allows U.S. forces to swiftly return fire.
Here is a drone virtual room, which operates the  unmanned drones (which are able to see everything!, even below ground.):


Quoting \ channel Zintan Media
Prophet need to tell her lip yesterday …
The kidnapping of Wazwaz Girls in tourism in Tripoli before the BHS at about 10 at night .. the situation has become in front of my eyes Wazwaz Girls pedestrians their car in their hands Bags and how Ahto need in the car examined Miche (banana) Laura car Winslow 4 youth of the car and Shido girls Roshm or rather of their hair and Rkpohm Balgsb in Almiche and girls Haulo escape but Magdroush aspirations hands of Alroashen and Qt Icolo For God Help us and Ieito but the whole street watching and do not like who Sayer Sayer official like Temtal As Talaat car was in a car Miche even are but Kabana school and open the door and what Talaat car (banana) and fell down quickly Laket it broke the car door Altanip who are Almiche Kabana Then Talaat Akaddam Tani and Khst of Rue … and I swear to God the situation became Mafysh limit movement … of protecting the girls Haddow me aggressors are known in captivity and who is responsible for Elly Lake became … God Aalibia.



Haaaaaaaam Jaddaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa …

Extension Mlisheh shield Libya _ Central Misrata …. To the end of the year 2014, after a lengthy meeting with the prime minister of the interim government of Libya …. Has concluded that the Libyan army can not deter any outside force from the state, but with the help of the power of the shield _ Central ..

From inside Mzrath:

Near the headquarters of the Security Committee in Misurata they stuffed arms to more than 1,000 SUV.

(They keep-on getting air-ship-loads of arms from Turkey, Qatar and the USA daily!) …ooo, that’s right, “they are fighting al-Qaeda!!!!” (HAH!)

DAILY thousands of illegal weapons are exported from Istanbul to MISURATA, including a thousand assault rifles, hundreds of guns and large quantities of ammunition



Agency News :: Sirte Libyan army
I went yesterday, the power of police operations for the city of Sirte to resolve the problem of stolen money after a long period of negotiations to no avail ..
It is noteworthy to mention that he accused the co-operation of the well-known to the relevant authorities and will begin the process of arrest and prosecution over the next few days until the recovery of all the stolen money.
Agency News Libyan army :::::::::::
Since the process began a few wide intrusion of homes and dens involved in the theft of million dinars in the city of Sirte ..
Involved in this process SS + forces and police operations, a joint forces between elements of Benghazi and Tripoli ..

Urgent exclusive of Sirte (as reported by Special Forces, Benghazi):

stun your sales, police raided the headquarters that the suspects in the theft of money…

Storming battalion Buhelaiqah and the Committee for the arrest of

Walker dens of criminals accused in the theft of 53 million

and the city’s hospital under the control of the battalion to protect the wounded …

O Allah, keep them from all evil Champions special forces Hama home

Security source confirmed battalion Thunderbolt 21 “martyrs of the corner,” that
Battalion did a raid and did not reach them commands the raid, and that
Battalion stationed at several points in the city of Sirte, and sent
Mobile patrols in some areas, and power coming from the city
Tripoli for the purpose of the raid was not a raid, and in the same context
Is confirmed Battalion 136 Infantry, “Ali Sadiq,” he did not force
A raid and did not reach them also commands, and the reason is the proliferation
Fixed and mobile patrols to maintain security in the city
(Salem al-Obeidi)



N kill Libyans in Sirte ….
O God, Lkhoti Libyans was Khalatoha Libby Libby P kindest
With it’s charm …
But Egyptian kills Khok Libyan consent thou
Hadi what Aqublohash grandchildren in the history books ..
What Tcololish its finest Muammar Jayb Africans
What Tqarnoh your spirit Beah
Almost Torah magnification does not accept the comparison between the rebels and the battalions ….
I do not Gth …
What the group who Aahbuh this kind of videos Mesh necessary Aalqo
ن يقتلون الليبيين في سرت….والله يا خوتي الليبيين كان خليتوها ليبي ف ليبي أرحم
مع انها فتنة…
لكن مصري يقتل خوك الليبي بموافقتك انت
هادي ما يقبلوهاش أحفادنا في كتب التاريخ..
ما تقولوليش به خيره معمر جايب أفارقة
ما تقارنوش روحكم بيه
وتقريبا تورة التكبير لا تقبل المقارنة بين الثوار والكتائب ….
ولا اني غالطة…
الجماعة اللي ما يحبوش النوع هذا من الفيديوات مش ضروري يعلقّو


Libya TV channel
Wall) – The medical staff of state visits Turkey to the city of Sirte on Friday on a visit to Ben Sina Hospital Education to conduct many of the statements of some medical conditions in the city at the invitation and for the supervision of the Central Committee of Sirte for treatment abroad.

According to committee member Sirte central abroad for treatment, Dr. “Hassan blue” to visit the medical staff Turkish, which includes specialists and consultants in the specialties of ear, nose and throat, bones, nerves

and inward to the city of Sirte came at the invitation of the Committee of Sirte for treatment abroad and in coordination with the Department of Training Hospital, Bin Sina educational Sirte to make statements Medical pathological cases that received treatment period, the last state of Turkey,

as well as make some statements of cases of new patients that suffer from health problems satisfactory in those disciplines.

He explained that doctors Visitors from Turkey will lay lectures in medical specialties for the benefit of Libyan doctors and medical components and medical aid them in raising the level of their competency in the provision of health and medical services in the specialties of ear, nose and throat, bone, nerves, and internal medicine.



Zliten … Activating a demonstration demanding the judiciary.


9 people were Haddvhm in this tragic incident

We ask God’s forgiveness and mercy for them and their families to inspire patience
Resulting in a collision two trucks and a car (Mercedes Vito) and vehicle type or Algranic Kia area at dawn on Friday, killing nine people

And Asdam signed between the truck was loaded with scrap Hodeidah with a truck loaded with flour was coming in the same direction.

Is likely to be the cause of the accident lack of backlighting for a truck which is confirmed by eyewitnesses.

They reported that the truck was traveling on the road without backlighting
Before you hit the second truck then Tsaddam veto and Kia trucks violently.

We ask God to forgive them and have mercy on them and makes them resting place paradise



HURRAH!!! al-JDHARAN and the “POLITICAL BUREAU of the Province of Cyrenaica’s People”

Advertising in its wire “channel, DC”

After the interview, Ibrahim Aljdharan official of the U.S. oil expert,

America gives approval for the sale of oil from the oil ports in Cyrenaica and undertake to secure corridors so

(Channel tenderly Free)
في شريطها الاعلاني “قناة العاصمة ”

بعد مقابلة ابراهيم الجضران مسؤل وخبير نفط امريكي ,,,

امريكآ تعطي موافقة لـ بيع النفط من الموانيء النفطية في برقة وتتعهد بـ تآمين ممرات لذلك

قناة برقة الحرة

(The PICTURE is of PORT HARIGA and the Tanker entering the Port after ZAIDANE‘s Government fired upon it.):


The oil minister said OPEC conference that the military option for ports and oil Ward
وزير النفط صرح فى مؤتمر الآوبيك بأن الخيار العسكرى بالنسبه للموانى النفطيه وارد

Libya Tripoli Street


Gateway Libya Libya Gate” publishes today this STATEMENT:

Urgent: – Important ..

To all the chieftains and sages and men of Benghazi ……. To all the chieftains
The sages and men tenderly ……… To all the residents and the people of Cyrenaica
Valley and the presence of federal and non-federal must announce the formation of
Battalion parents blood, support and stand beside them so take revenge from
Kharijites and Takfiris …
Must officially announced the beginning of the war, Benghazi and Cyrenaica to the Kharijites
And extremist groups who cut in capital sons of Benghazi and Derna all Cyrenaica
,,, Guys tenderly hour of zero Tskto no more blood for your children
On the future of your grandchildren, they will bring you the colonization of the New,
They kill us and them mercenaries from Yemen, Algeria, Afghanistan, …


Defence Force gently to prevent an oil tanker from entering the port of Harika.
 Aaaaaaaaaaaaagel .. Libya first channel:Fire on an oil tanker belonging to the Libyan state in its attempts to enter the port of Harika TOBRUK
(Channel Vision Libyan)
(Channel Vision Libyan)

Ali Asbali informs us:
Capital channel, quoting Al-Hayat:
Head of the Political Council of the province of Cyrenaica Ibrahim Aljdharan visited the port of Sidra, accompanied by oil expert U.S. Avid Lifco where inquired about the shipping lines of oil and quantities available in the reservoirs also asked to see the shipping documents earlier and frequencies that are used to communicate with ships before they enter into the pavement and prepares the U.S. expert to export oil for the benefit of province of Cyrenaica.

Agency urgently Libya / Benghazi Zidane blew up today

Reporter learned agency urgently Libya in Tripoli and that the diplomatic delegation is composed of Prime Minister Ali Zaidane and twenty ministers from his government will dawn on Sunday, the city of Benghazi.

The source confirmed to the reporter urgent Libya that the prime minister will appear at a news conference this afternoon from inside the hotel ballroom holy Benghazi, to respond to the forum, which ended on Saturday, the elders and sheikhs and youth tenderly Nddo the announcement of the government to use force to open the oil ports, as Tallowa the Office of the province of Cyrenaica Executive to proceed in the sale of oil.

Laroussi threatens to resort to force to open oil ports

Alluded Minister of Oil and Gas in the interim government, “Abdul Bari Arousi”
today to the possibility of resorting to force, to re-open the oil ports closed since July.


Malik Muhammad
Hearts insurer mourn brother:
Saeed Hamad Asih cabled City Ajdabiya, who passed away-term slaying by Almilishiaat note that Taser yesterday clashed, which happened yesterday and that they have commissioned an official from the Ministry of Defence proof that they are not a people with morals and the treatment of their captives, and to God and to him Rajaowon
(Channel tenderly Free)
Ssalhe Salim reports:
Clashes in the city of Ajdabiya cabled between the tribe and the Tabu.

7 burned homes for TPU and the fire burning in the possibility of scattered in the neighborhood Angiamana Bojaddabaa after the attack on the neighborhood by youth angry at the impact of the killing of six young people from the city of Ajdabiya by gangs Tabu in bed area of the SOUTH and news of the death of 7 TPU. 

Police gathered Libya in the Eastern Province
Ajdabiya now /
Average lead resound ... downtown Ajdabiya, the more likely groups angry burn Mnasal against the backdrop of clashes
and Azhoyh Tabu tribe in the south of Libya ..
26 burning car TPU Toubou Bojaddabaa in retaliation for the killing of a number of people from the city at the hands of a group belonging to the TPU in the area of the bed. 
26 burning car Bojaddabaa TPU, and move the focus of the tension of the neighborhood
N’djamena neighborhood to October 7, and some homes were burned tribe
Tabu in Ajdabiya, against the backdrop of the killing of five soldiers from the tribe
Azwaip, belonging to the 427 Infantry Battalion, after the outbreak of A Fight
Between them and armed battalion Ahmed Sharif field bed after
Conflicting mandates to protect fields:
# Ajdabiya
(Salem al-Obeidi)
(T. Customary p reporting)
# # # And clarify apology
From his home was raided Tbawi citizen named “Ali” and of confirmed
To me that house, “Ali Sheedy,” employees of a security room
Ajdabiya is a youth Azwaip, after my contact with someone close
Battalion command of Ahmed Sharif, for not arriving to him personally because he
The heart of the desert and figures out personal service, assured me
That “Ali” does not have a home city of Ajdabiya and were storming
His home is a citizen Tbawi his name on the residents of Ajdabiya
(Salem al-Obeidi)


Abduction “Mohammed Hawari,” a son of the city of Derna and employees of a
Special Forces “Thunderbolt” Benghazi, after he join them
After the war of liberation and participated as a civilian with them during the War of Liberation, is
And sister, and the news now found his head on a
Green Mountain and the beaches are not sure of the news so far, and
Sister’s fate still unknown
(Salem al-Obeidi)

Since the past few days have been kidnapped by members of the bolt forces and is going from the city of Derna to Benghazi, but when he arrived at the city of Casablanca was kidnapped there and the brothers Blablag for his abduction,

note that the population of the city of Derna ….

Today were surprised to find a lump on his head in white and did not find the body

and found the head with his hair loose and cut short and the subject with him ……
And his name: Mohammed Hawari T …..

I am God and I Rajawan him (God bless his soul) ……

(Mutassim Faitouri)


Intelligence service Benghazi | |
The remains of officers in Benghazi and beheadings in Benghazi and Derna and did not see anyone
we come out on the screen and say a word of the Kharijites Altkfferin!!
Today was arrested Haitham Ali Tagouris flipped State Conference on the flags!!!!
Down with the State of tykes!

Find the girl hijacked: our farmer Abdul Salam, who was kidnapped two days ago and was found at the Children’s Hospital ….
Thank God she comes back safely to her family …….

Citizenship “We Abdulsalam farmer” and is one of the missing residents
Street, the liver, and at the age of eight-year-old
(Salem al-Obeidi)

(Mutassim Faitouri)


SS says sadly been released about the people who arrested them young Tablino area and that has been handed

over to the battalion February 17 and are 3 people, including a person of Battalion 204 tanks ….

And we also say we have captured the fourth person is online and we have,

and we will not Plavraj him until after the investigation and with the permission of the owners of the house,

which has been attacking him ….

(Mutassim Faitouri)

The burning of two cars behind the head of Awqaf area Aobeidh and fire unknown reasons ….
(Mutassim Faitouri)

Salem al-Obeidi:

Targeting booth portfolio “trunk” area near the pond
Battalion of the holy earlier, blast damage
And did not result in casualties.

The jeep Bermaah the concert ((Rab)) Street, Abdul Jalil,

which resulted in the injury of two people and they are now Galaa Hospital, one care and other noteworthy.

(Reporter: Mutassim Faitouri)

Mahdoa bombing shop for spare parts market area Allouhiche coal and only material damage.
(Reporter: Mutassim Faitouri)

SS now stumbled upon an unidentified person infected with a knife in his heart and tied by his torturer, in the Sabri sea .….

(Mutassim Faitouri)

Chamber of investigations Thunderbolt :::
1 – personal problem area of ​​the country ((hotel)) Tariq Mahmood claimed the lives of sanding and a Palestinian nationality, was shot dead.
2 – and news of the shooting near a market garden killed Hesham Salah mourning shot dead and his brother is in hospital ….
(Mutassim Faitouri)

Reporter Mutassim Faitouri | |:
And found the body of Osama Fathi Almqsba Hospital in Benghazi in 1200, was found shot,
knowing that he was kidnapped three days ago …..

Osama Fathi Almqsba pathogen that is found slain brother Ahmed Fathi media Almqsba

(News Agency of Libya today)

Salem al-Obeidi:

Media Center tuber Libya
Newsflash ….
Tuber assassinate Colonel Fathallah Aelkezira now.
Assassinate Colonel “Fathallah Rahim Aelkezira” was assigned branch
Military Intelligence Benghazi a few days ago, treacherously murdered by bullets
Left a little while ago in the city of Derna, while attending the wedding daughter
His brother in the city of Derna.

Said a medical source in the tuber to the atmosphere of the country and the arrival of the body of

Colonel Special Forces Fathallah Rahim Aelkezira to hospital promptly at 18:00 by the target by a

bullet in the neck Street “hashish” in the city, noting that the victim of the population of the city

of Benghazi and was visiting the city of Derna.

Galaa Hospital:

Was dismantled an explosive device from a car in front of Galaa Hospital ….

The first images of the suicide operation that targeted the gate precise.

IT WAS NO SUICIDE!! the 16 year-old did not know what was planned.

About what happened in the precise Gate .
Say / that what happened in the Gate precise planning of Sufian Ibrahim Alqovernm him and someone else called ((BU point of the city of Derna)) and another person named Ali bin Tahir ((mouse)) and key Ibrak Mkraz .. The owner of the car that exploded in a precise gate and another person named Hafez al-Mansouri Barrani aka Balaour, and another person named Sheikh ((Gaddafi)) Tunisian nationality and another person named Ali Ghaithi .. Where Famo coordination of this process in the city of Derna. Asro and a car bombing in the center of a gathering of army men in Gate precise. Retaliation for the killing of four members of the Atbahm during the past few weeks
Where lose luring young man from the city of Derna called ((Murad, nicknamed Abu Ajaj Libyan)) at the age of 16 years and lose sedition it and send it to transfer the shipment of explosives to City turf for the purpose of implementation of operations in the City Prairie and invitee has to go to transfer the consignment to the city of Prairie and at the exit of this the young man to transport explosives Arslo successor car was driven Almdo Au ((the mouse Bin Taher)) and the Ghaithi and maintained Barrani Upon passage of the young man from the gate precise and stopped by members of the gate lose treachery this young man and blown up, including loads of explosives without being aware of this scheme, which Ahik him where he was believed to be on a mission and not a transfer task Antharoosnoafikm the rest of the information, if available, and this is what happened in this process in the sense of sacrifice to one of their personnel without teaching him and planted an explosive device.
# (Gate _ Libya)


Security room Benghazi:
Elvis trading news pages targeting Prime security room Benghazi, Colonel Abdullah Saaiti suicide bombing

this news tonight purpose of publishing a false awe and dread in the hearts of the people of Benghazi,

Colonel good health, thank God.
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel Benghazi

Reports indicate the arrival of the death toll to five after the bombing gate precise.
Ali Asbali reports:

3 dead and several wounded on the way to hospital lawn by the explosion of a car bomb driven by a suicide bomber at the gate precise.
A source close to the gate is precise order of communicative through the gate
That is infected with the gate after a car bomb explosion and their news
They are the primary source by a suicide attack, because the car soon
Standing at the gate exploded them, was to be rescued from their gate
To the hospital and has not been confirmed for the presence of dead.

Gateway precise ::::::

Dead :::
1 – Saqr Saqr Jaballah.
2 – Mohammed valid key.
3 – Nuri al-Hamad Al-goers.
4 – Beauty Bouhoshh Kharruba.
5 – just Saaiti.

Missing ::::
1 – F Mehdi Persian.
2 – Ibrahim Jaballah Alsagher.
Casualties who were taken to Benghazi:
1 – Ahmed Clmana.
2 – Nasser Ibrahim patients.
And there are others present to the rest of the hospitals and Heath Tokrh ……..
The news of the bombing of the gate precise true, contacted now ordered the gate, but I was surprised that someone else is given a high and says that the phone owner’s infected and there are a large number of wounded, and news about the presence of 5 dead because the situation Mezri very fire landing place and overcrowded by car ….

After confirmation of the death toll has reached buba precise number of them 3 to 7 men and 3 gate unknown and 1 was standing on the road.

A member of the Gateway precise told me ::::
The type of car flying carpet and its people and the Bracken car blew up next to the gate and suddenly the car is inside and what happened happened …
For large wholesale entry wounded, either dead Almost 10 people dead, including brother / key Mohammed Saleh Al-Abdali ……

And they :::::::

1 – Key Mohammed Abdali
And two of the sons of the family Dinal ((Alsagher))
Elly and the rest is now unknown …..

(Mutassim Faitouri)

 source familiar Sathfez named for the presence of dead, including
Citizens standing on the right of the road for the purpose of inspection and present
Families and also among the dead, “Mohammad Musa key Abdali
Also known as “Mhaaa” and “Nasser Ibrahim satisfactory” and the rest
The remains have not been identified, and the injured is not recognized
A certain number.
(Salem al-Obeidi)

Agency urgently Libya / video effects bombing precise gate east of Benghazi
وكالة عاجل ليبيا / فيديو اثار تفجير بوابة برسس شرق بنغازي
FLASH very ::::::::
 Reported injury is the gate precise Mr. / Faraj Al Abdali.
Ordered investigations commandos in touch with me through now ::::::
We came out of camp now and stun mongrel ::::
Special Forces “Thunderbolt” send support to the gate precise
Now, and send ambulances to transport the injured.
10 ambulances.
And a number of civil defense vehicles.
100 military vehicle.
And heading to precise.
All cars belonging to the camp of the Thunderbolt.
These assignments by Colonel Nice Bouchmadh now ……….
RBI keeps them.
 The sound of a powerful explosion in Benghazi.




Media Center tuber Libya
Newsflash ….

Tuber huge explosion shakes the city center now.

Media Center tuber Libya
Newsflash ….
The bombing of the ice plant near the port of Derna and learned this plant feeds the city’s snow in the summer
and used to preserve meat and fish imported as well as the rest of the nutrients that you need to store them
when they are imported through the port of Derna to Bicycle low temperature; as well as the needs of ships
calling at the port of Derna him for the same reason.

The arrival of the aircraft Poll atmosphere Aldrnawih since few.

(AD Media tuber)

# Tuber

Pharmacy exposed to theft and assault in Derna near Sahaba Mosque, where the attack was to destroy
the upper part of the pharmacy and the assailants stole a plasma TV and a computer and a number of medications.




In the town of Gallo major campaign (to the shops and restaurants of):

Before the Municipal Guard, which has been the confiscation of many commodities ended
Validity (out-dated), also launched a campaign of inspection procedures for other employment
Expat and the exercise of the profession across trade shops without legal action
And licenses,

(Salem al-Obeidi)

Colonel, “Mohammed Said” is a guard oil installations Gallo
Receiving the bodies of the elements of Battalion 427, which was charged with the newly
Protection of some oil fields, by the battalion Ahmed Sharif
Formerly in charge of the protection of some of the fields, after conflicting assignments
By the competent authorities and the military men who Colonel
Mohammed Saeed transferred to the hospital after the outbreak of A Fight
They are armed
Saeed Mohammed Alsoaa cabled
Nasser Borimh Bojvol cabled
Ali Issa Bossaqa cabled
Faraj Issa cabled
Fathi Hassan Saeed

# Gallo

 The transfer of the bodies of the victims of clashes to a hospital bed Ajdabiya
“Atmosphere of the country “-The supervisor for General Hospital Gallo Osman Harsh.  The hospital sent the bodies of five soldiers who were killed in the clashes that took place two days before the agricultural area of the bed to the hospital of Ajdabiya.Harsh added to the “atmosphere of the country” on Sunday that the transfer took place at midnight yesterday to be handed over to their families, their bodies and brought before a coroner in the city.The atmosphere of the country” contacted agent on behalf of the court that Gallo received the bodies to find out more details, but preferred not to make statements because the case under investigation – he said.

# Godless
(Salem al-Obeidi)


Salem al-Obeidi reports:
Targeting an army patrol in the national Sabha, from
By unknown Ikazv “RPG”, without causing
Targeting casualties

Free newspaper Sabha:

Interruption of communications in the area Opare because of the theft of electricity

transformer station coverage Libyana in Junction Fageej which led the lack of coverage in areas that followed.


Bed – Libyan Media Network – # LNM
“Station bed” to generate electricity to start its work in power generation and network support General Electricity


Signed yesterday evening, sporadic clashes between booklet Ahmed Sharif, Tabu and battalion 427 of Ajdabiya, which was Tkllivera Protect vital installations in the bed area, including the site of the river industrial plant bed invasive site torch and warehouse Brega oil South City Gallo and after negotiations yesterday to deliver the sites rejected booklet Ahmed Sharif delivery locations and cars arms to Battalion 427, which was the outcome of the clashes Tkllivera fall of the number of dead and wounded from both sides now Awosol to 5 bodies to hospital Gallo of Battalion 427 of Ajdabiya.  They are:
1 – Fathi Hassan Saeed
2 – Ali Issa Busaqa
3 – Nasser Ibrama Bojvol
4 – Said Hamad Abimi
5 – Abdel Salam Mahmoud Doma.
Atef Shelmani
Was the arrival of the bodies of five of the city of Gallo in the wake of clashes
Dart to bed between Battalion 427, which was assigned to
Protect the field and positioned within the field, and mentions
The five bodies belonging to employees of the Army battalion
They are 427 ::
/ Said Asih.
2 / Nasser Borimh Bojvol.
3 / the messenger.
4 / Faraj Issa cabled.
5 / nurse from the city of Kufra is not recognized his name on the ambulance facility.

And wounded out of the field an hour before bed to hospital Gallo year named Abdullah Fathi Heram of Ajdabiya and was in serious condition
There are a number of dead and wounded among the Tabu did not know how many so far

Agency urgently Libya / 5 dead in clashes bed Zarei Gallo
Gallo received General Hospital on Saturday evening bodies of five soldiers from the Libyan army killed in the clashes that took place two days before the agricultural region of the bed.
A reporter Libyan news agency Bjalo, that a group of tribes Tabu stationed in the area handed over the bodies to guard installations oases, the presence of the judge and the prosecutor on behalf of the court Gallo.
The reporter quoted officials at the hospital receiving the bodies, and make connections to people with the dead to receive it.

Was sure to deliver the news of the corpses 5 gang aggressor on the National Army (Guard Almnchaouat oil) in the area of ​​the bed yesterday to the commander of the guard oil installations Branch plates Colonel Mohammed Saeed and wounded as well have been delivered and arrived to the hospital currently Gallo.

(Tabu sons of the desert)

Photos of / Gabrekosh
Follow-up / Mohammed Alqbouzay:


Essam al-Obeidi reports:
Reports that some gangs and thieves electric cables trying to attack and sabotage the project
bed (north) and there are initial reports that the attackers of Ojkrh Ajdabiya
and investigation is underway to find out clothes this criminal act.
(Tabu channel on Facebook.)
Ongoing clashes in the field when the torch is also #
There are several casualties … There are also other clashes in a field # bed …

Field day bed ::::

Azwaip and clashes between Tabu and there are no injuries or deaths ….

(Mutassim Faitouri)

Tabu channel on Facebook:
A group of heavily armed with heavy weapons attacked on the evening of the day bed agricultural project f
or the purpose of sabotage were kidnapped engineer Adam sole charge of the Department of Animal Production.
(Channel correspondent of Ajdabiya)
And our response shortly before news of a captured criminals who attempt an assault on the bed project in the North, said preliminary investigations with him that they came to steal livestock and crops, and some machines and mechanisms on the project and its impact fled after them ….. We will bring you will Balkhbar upon receipt of any new in this regard.
The outbreak of an armed clash on the field between the bed force charged with protecting
Field bed “obelisk” Battalion 25 border guards battalion “Mujahid
Ahmed al-Sharif “and previously unknown destination, and one of them was arrested on
According to a source familiar with the reservation and the two cars, one carrying 14.5
Reported clashes in the bed of Kufra basin between tribal militias in the region.
Militias calculated on Azwaiat tribe of infidels and Ojkrh turning control of the fields and
attacked the troops in charge of the Department of Defense to protect the fields …
And has control of the forces in charge of the Department of Defense to protect the fields on militias
# Bed
Salem al-Obeidi

Picture of Muammar al-Qathafi’s bed agricultural Project which the Tabu tried to destroy, sabatage and steal cattle from.

This case infidels shops closed and streets paralysis prevail and become like a military buffer zone forbidden curfew and mobility
Nor for the diseases of materials and basic goods in the region as a result of this paralysis … Orby and guide everyone.


Funeral service for employees of 427 Infantry Battalion, who Gu
Died, by the outbreak of an armed clash between them and the battalion
Ahmed al-Sharif, because of the conflicting mandates to protect fields
After noon prayers in Ajdabiya and they are:
Fathi Hassan Saeed
Ali Issa and leg
Nasser Bojvol
Said Hamad Souayah
Abdulsalam Mahmoud Doma
# (Gate _ Libya)

Synergy … (4 photos)

The release of the abducted from Libyan port Owaynat

“Atmosphere of the country” – Ahmad Faitouri
Coordinator of the Commission confirmed the information and security on the local council of Kufra Borkik that five people abducted earlier this month from the port Owaynat had arrived by Saturday evening to their families in Kufra.
The Borkik  told “the atmosphere of the country” that the head of the Military Council of the infidels previously received hostages for Barbaana handed over to the kidnappers of four people accused of smuggling issues, the two of them, Tabu and others from Chad.
The Borkik has confirmed that six trucks of fuel were being held Btazrbu has allowed her to four days before going towards Rbeana, at the request of the kidnappers and try to list the success of the negotiations.
It is noteworthy that the Secretary of Defense commissioned junta chief infidels previously, following up the issue of the abduction of four soldiers and a civilian Libyans and twenty-five Sudanese sponsor of Balauinat border checkpoint on the second of December.
A released from the port to the atmosphere Owaynat tells the story of the country’s kidnapping
Atmosphere of the country – particularly
Narrated by one of the soldiers released from the port Owaynat head sergeants Salah Mansour Buamirh to the atmosphere of the details of the kidnapping the country, where he confirmed that they had been trapped nearly four dozen vehicles, including two cars military, who arrested them and most of them do not speak Arabic.
He added that the process of Buamirh detention lasted for twenty days, where booked in the first three days in the area Rbeana, explaining that they were getting one meal a day.
Buamirh noted that they had been tortured, was photographed by one of the kidnappers, stressing that the photography section has spread, and that one of the checkpoints on the photographer captured near the city of Ajdabiya.
Buamirh pointed out that the kidnappers were talking in the beginning about being liquidated, then told them the possibility of an exchange of prisoners with the others present in the city of Kufra, indicating that the handover took place just 100 kilometers from the area Rbeana.
The atmosphere of the country tried to communicate with the kidnappers to comment on the incident were not available to do so.
The Secretary of Defense commissioned junta chief infidels earlier, follow-up case of the kidnapping of the four soldiers and one civilian facilities to them in the second of December..
In big cities and neighborhoods flooded roads and rain water but alive Tabu infidels flooded all kinds of garbage, and people’s resorted to digging trenches to pay them as a solution as long as the local administration ignores some neighborhoods ….
Broadcast images of the reality that you are going through these neighborhoods:
Synergy …


Shipment arrival medications and equipment to the city of Kufra.



Prevent the entry of Egyptian workers from Libya through the Salloum
Piled dozens of passenger cars for the second day in a row in front of Salloum land port on the Egyptian-Libyan border after authorities banned Libyan Battalion 71 in the entry of Egyptian workers without reasons unannounced.
While authorities allowed the entry of trucks Patel Battalion banned the entry of all vehicles transporting passengers to the Egyptian Libya. Said Tariq Mahmood motorist Macairopas Egyptian Ban authorities Salloum prevented him from crossing the port, causing him to have to return with passengers to stay overnight in recreations Salloum, adding that the reason for this is to prevent members of the gate 71 Libyan entry Egyptians since the afternoon of the first on Thursday, and until the present time.
A number of drivers on this talk, preferring to return to the town of Salloum even be allowed to enter Libya by the Egyptian authorities and the Libyan Battalion 71. Some eyewitnesses in the region that the security personnel to the port of the Libyan dealt with the Egyptian workers in a bad way, and they took samples analyzes of all the passengers, and forced them to pay at least 20 dinars, in addition to the collection of Libyan dinars at a rate of 800 pounds of each passenger, however it ended up preventing them from entering since last Thursday evening until Saturday morning.
News in circulation suggest that Turkey asked the Brotherhood in
Libya is that the attack on the Egyptian embassy on 22 and are
Expel the ambassador of Egypt, after Egypt’s position of power against Turkey:
The Brotherhood.
(WikiLeaks Cyrenaica)

Views of the Egyptian author Mohamed Hassanein Heikal:

Structure: Libyan tribal leaders asked for the intervention of the Egyptian army to end the militias
The author said the great journalist Mohamed Hassanein Heikal, in his interview with the media for the Miss Iron program “Egypt where and to where?”, The leaders of some Libyan tribes said to him, there is no solution except that the Egyptian army to help us to stabilize things, a response that the Egyptian army with Busy deep regret, and that phone is already some military personnel who know them and are not leaders, and said that this is improbable, and the quantities of weapons in Libya humbling.
* For the Libyan situation, what your expectations in this regard, you are waiting for “the chaos of Iraq”?
I’ve seen this week, a delegation from the supervision of Cyrenaica and tribal leaders, and the image that Qsoua me what is going on there are awesome, Libya today are all militias take is to export oil, to the point where they said they blocked the export ports in order not to steal, there is a process looting very severe in Libya, according to information spoken to me, that the precautions that were at Libya’s Gaddafi era 400 billion dollars and that the money abroad to avoid confiscation was fictitious names, and therefore the situation in ultimate chaos to the extent that tribal leaders have said there is no solution except that the Egyptian army to help us in Libya to stabilize things, I told them that the Egyptian army with great regret busy, and telephoned some of the military people I know who are not leaders, they told me that this is improbable, and the quantities of weapons in Libya earth-shattering, and it seems that Gaddafi was buying many weapons, weapons caches No one imagines flow to and from Libya Egypt, because the price of the weapon into the ground, and you know some people bought “RPG” and heavy weapons and machine guns.
* What do you expect?
Constantly this situation may be a country that has borders with you subject to the disintegration of you in front of stretch before me, and therefore you have a situation in the Middle tired In the West, painful and in the south, you have what is happening in the cluster inflamed “Sudan” Originally, we did not understand it throughout our lives we talked about in National Movement and many of the enthusiasts for Sudan talk about them without their knowledge, including Dr. Farag Fouda, and the most ardent Sudanese border existing or terrain is delimited manufactured movement geographical in the 19th century, with the help of Egyptian Geographic Society, and direct support from the Khedive, who tried to look for treasures In Africa, this is not just state this is not the tribes of this geographical area extended, and you always say that there are 4 Sudan, north heading towards Egypt to Nubia and the south, which is heading towards Kenya, East Africa, and the West is heading towards Chad and Central Africa, and there is the east in Sudan heading towards Ethiopia, and unfortunately we did not study Sudan finally, separation you unexpected to the point that in the newspapers delegation in 1959 wrote about me, “the structure of the separatist”, because I am after visiting her I said that any talk about the unity of Egypt with the Nile Valley is mixing in securities, and that the south will secede language and we have, but it also threatened the South to secede again, there are two major tribes Noel and Dinka, and in fact failed coup that occurred tribes have a relationship with it.
Q: So all these separations, whether from the south or west How do you see the impact on us?
* Do Taatsouri that you live in an oasis away from this, as well as that this occurs near the headwaters of the Nile and the area has a great future for Egypt, at least in terms of agricultural land, I know, for example, that China, which did not have a presence in Africa since a decade ago, now has investments estimated at around 350 billion dollars, and 2 million Chinese living on the continent. This allows the expansion of the agricultural south and close to us and a safe area.
About / / TV Libya future

Network TV Libya LTN:
Prevent the entry of Egyptian workers from Libya through the Salloum

Piled dozens of passenger cars for the second day in a row in front of Salloum land port on the Egyptian-Libyan border after authorities banned Libyan Battalion 71 in the entry of Egyptian workers without reasons unannounced.
While authorities allowed the battalion to enter those trucks banned the entry of all vehicles transporting passengers to the Egyptian Libya. Said Tariq Mahmood motorist Macairopas Egyptian Ban authorities Salloum prevented him from crossing the port, causing him to have to return with passengers to stay overnight in recreations Salloum, adding that the reason for this is to prevent members of the gate 71 Libyan entry Egyptians

since the afternoon of the first on Thursday, and until the present time.

number of drivers on this talk, preferring to return to the town of Salloum even be allowed to enter Libya by the Egyptian authorities and the Libyan Battalion 71.

Some eyewitnesses in the region that the security personnel to the port of the Libyan dealt with the Egyptian workers in a bad way, and they took samples analyzes of all the passengers, and forced them to pay at least 20 dinars, in addition to the collection of Libyan dinars at a rate of 800 pounds of each passenger, however it ended up preventing them from entering since last Thursday evening until Saturday morning.

(Libya future)

Brigade 32 booster for the defense of Libya (FB PAGE)
writes on 04 décembre  2013:

Egyptian Dream TV in the hosting of the brilliant artist Wael Kfoury .... When he had submitted the dialogue for political topics with the artist was of the questions directed to the artist of the greatest Arab character you love and if Madaa of his question by virtue of hospitality artist on their channels they want to polish the image of the person concerned to show that his name and shine but Khabh they believe when they responded artist and with pride and humility of it
Said leader Muammar al-Qathafi ; and respect eluted from the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA of Colonel al-Qathafi ..

“I’m in the hearts of millions!!”


Monitoring of foreign military aircraft!
The foreign military aviation day yesterday on Thursday, 19.12.2013 Tema 11pm combing operations and monitor the military heavily in the southwestern desert of Libya, and the desert of Algeria and Tunisia as well!



la vidéo de radio tataouine Radio Tataouine.

أقدم منذ قليل شاب على إحراق نفسه قبالة مركز شرطة مدينة تطاوين.
و الانباء المتوفرة الى حد اللحظة تفيد بان الشاب قد فارق الحياة وقد تم نقله الى المستشفى الجهوي بتطاوين .radio tataouine اذاعة تطاوين

The death of the young man after I burn himself in front of police station Tataouine
Since few older young man burned himself off the police station in the city of Tataouine.
And news available to the extent of stating that the moment the young man was dead has been transferred to the regional hospital in Tataouine.

Radio Tataouine radio tataouine



The sons of Libya
Osama Alakora,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,:
The protesting wounded who were healing  in Greece from the Gharghour attacks last month and were airlifted to Greece,
were sentenced by the court on the wounded and the accompanying Petrhlehm Libyans to Libya
Peshkoh of the Libyan ambassador to Greece Ahmad Jacob Zqlal
And the light of the court has taken the decision to deport them and stamp their passports to non-access to the EU for five years.
Each of their cause that they are no visa.
ARAB LEAGUE:Death Esmat Abdel Meguid, Secretary General of the Arab League, former age 90 years


Very QUESTIONABLE:le statut de Ali Handb.

Gaddafi’s supporters are fighting Syria!!

“I received several messages from young people of the Libyan pro-Gaddafi, the captives appeared on Syrian television.
Fact that these Alqmavien supporters were detained by militias and rebels of NATO in Libya, was to get them out of jails and transported in groups Natoyh to Syria to fight alongside NATO partners Alhadeyen rebels in Syria.”

  • so much of what Ali Handb says and writes, seem to be propagandist LIES!

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