Commander Mu

The struggle for liberation of the Great Jamahiriya ·

We arrived ……..
1. All were approved military plans for the Liberation of Tripoli by the Leader of the Resistance and the Commander of the true Libyan army today.

2. Libya several strong men and brave of all the tribes of the Honorable Libya as one and are determined to win and might start editing of a city but a unified army resisting the forces of both free and honest Libya and from all spectrums of the Libyan people and all the tribes. No tribe may boast  that that they edit another Libyan, or bully any other of the tribes…For all the tribes are equal in honour within the Resistance.

3. We totally deny any connection to the kidnapping of the Abyssinian resistance.

4. Did not specify the zero hour after waiting for the signal from some Resistance in some cities, which still operates silently on the liberalization of their cities.

5. We ask all Libyans move away from the politics of revenge and reunion and unity and we have a complete and integrated lists of all those who committed crimes against the Libyans and they will be arrested, under the eyes of the Resistance in each city.

6. All the rats were threatening the Tarhounah on the phone by not standing in front of the Green, in order to preserve the lives of the torrent and the lives of their children and our blood only.
Your victory
God and the greatest

Capt. 314
Please publishing and Circular

النظال الالكتروني لتحرير الجماهيرية العظمى ·

1. تم إعتماد كافة الخطط العسكرية لتحرير طرابلس من قبل قائد المقاومة وقائد الجيش الليبي الحقيقي اليوم .
2 . ليبيا بعدة وعتاد قوي ورجال أشاوس من كل قبائل ليبيا الشريفة على قلب رجل واحد ومصممون على النصر وقد يبدأ التحرير من مدينة ما ولكن بجيش موحد صامد قوي من كل أحرار وشرفاء ليبيا ومن كافة أطياف الشعب الليبي وكافة القبائل فلا يحق لأي قبيلة بأن …تتباهى بتحرير ليبيا على الأخرى فكل القبائل متساوون فالمقاومة وشرف التحرير .
3 . نحن ننفي تماما ً أي علاقة للمقاومة بإختطاف الحبشي .
4 . لم يتم تحديد ساعة الصفر بعد في إنتظار الأشارة من بعض المقاومين في بعض المدن التي لا زالت تعمل بصمت على تحرير مدنهم .
5 . نرجو من جميع الليبيين الأبتعاد عن سياسة الأنتقام ولم الشمل ووحدة الصف ونحن لدينا قوائم كاملة ومتكاملة عن جميع من إرتكبوا جرائم بحق الليبيين وسيتم القبض عليهم وهم تحت أعين المقاومة في كل مدينة .
6 . تم تهديد كافة جرذان ترهونة اليوم هاتفيا ً وذلك بعدم الوقوف أمام السيل الأخضر حفاظا ً على أرواحهم وأرواح أبناءهم وحقنا ً للدماء فقط ليس إلا .
دعواتكم بالنصر
الله وأكبر
النقيب 314
نرجو النشر والتعميم

Touati Alaadh:

“the International Declaration of Liberation of Libya in 2011, is in fact a declaration occupation of Libya ..

19 DECEMBER 2013:
Bhamdallah was young and great conqueror distribution of leaflets in the most exotic cities in the region and most parts of Libya and Tripoli are side-Fateh University and the plateau and Amralmokhtar Street and Victory Street and Alnofleeyen Bin Ashour and Ayn Zara and Mansour and market Friday and Tajourah and angle Dahmani and Alqrbula and most of the areas and Rishvana (Azizia and Zahra and forearm and Alhachan and Amiriya and the globe …) Janzour and Tarhounah and Alrkdalin and Beautiful and department in Ajeelat and Asabah and Gharyan,  and Corner
(7 addicted)

Taureg support in the Green Army
“Moved literally – for science”
Statement Ibrahim civil Brigade martyr-founder Muhammad al-Madani:

In the name of God the Merciful
Peace and blessings be upon His prophets and messengers of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him was either after
Nira to the demand of the Libyan people and their aspirations and ambitions of the country is stable and the security of civilian life of dignity and fulfillment of resolution 27/53 departure of all armed formations outside the capital Tripoli without Asttina.

We decided Brigade martyr Muhammad al-Madani out completely from the capital Tripoli note that the associate of all Libyans resident in Tripoli any they are the sons of Tripoli informed that the members of the brigade stationed inside the camp of Yarmouk any Mend Resolution 27 has emerged from our own initiative outside the scope of Tripoli any as I mentioned in the previous camp Yarmouk also ordered Maj. Gen. military lieutenant and personal human civil ceremonial in Hedda Brigade Nira

because I am from established initially with QATAR of Altoar honest people who have the fulfillment of God has been the homeland only we will take a step backward, but we will not leave Libya for terrorists and extremists Libya must be a country of freedoms and opinion The opinion of the other country law country institutions
The word first and last of the Libyan people tell us we go out we go out we go back they said promises
Peace be upon you and God’s mercy
219 m

صفحة الجحفل الأمني 219
21 novembre 2013

“منقول حرفيا – للعلم ”
بيان أبراهيم المدني مؤسس لواء محمد المدني

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
والصلاة والسلام على اشرف الأنبياء والمرسلين سيدنا محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم تم اما بعد
نضرا لمطلب الشعب الليبي وتطلعاته وطموحه لبلد مدني امن مستقر وحياة كريمة وتنفيذا لقرار 27 / 53 بخروج كافة التشكيلات المسلحة إلى خارج العاصمة طرابلس دون استتناء
قررنا لواء الشهيد محمد المدني بالخروج كليا من العاصمه طرابلس علما بان المنتسبين لها من كافة الليبيين المقيمين داخل طرابلس اي أنهم أبناء طرابلس علما بأن أعضاء اللواء متمركزين داخل معسكر اليرموك اي مند قرار 27 قد خرجنا من تلقاء انفسنا خارج نطاق طرابلس اي كما ذكرت في السابق معسكر اليرموك كما ان أمر اللواء عسكري برتبة مقدم وعن شخصي إنسان مدني شرفي في هدا اللواء نضرا لأني من أسسه في البداية مع الكتير من التوار الشرفاء الذين لهم وفاء لله تم للوطن فقط سنأخذ خطوة للوراء ولكننا لن نترك ليبيا للإرهابيين والمتطرفين فليبيا يجب ان تكون بلد الحريات والرأي والرأي الآخر بلد القانون بلد المؤسسات
فالكلمة الأولى والأخيرة للشعب الليبي يقول لنا نخرج نخرج قالو عود نعود
والسلام عليكم ورحمة الله

ANOTHER LOCKERBIE “SCENARIO”–This time a Swedish-Egyptian terrorist!!!


British Independent: Libyan al-Megrahi did not blow Lockerbie

Independent newspaper published a report on its front, returned him to the Lockerbie bombing 25 years ago, and the conviction of former Libyan intelligence agent, Abdel Basset al-Megrahi, the implementation process.

The newspaper quoted one of the victims’ relatives as saying that he believed that al-Megrahi is innocent of this process, directed the finger at someone else lives in Sweden. The Independent reported that the father of one of the Lockerbie victims, Dr. Jim Swire, accused the British government, in a speech to mark the twenty-fifth anniversary of the accident, hide, “you know the full truth about this tragedy.”

The British and American governments and the Libyan issued a joint statement commits to work to uncover the details of what happened, and to provide those involved in the incident to justice. Dr Swire, according to the paper: that al-Megrahi “died and was a friend to me, and did not kill my daughter,” and called on those present at the ceremony of remembrance pray for mercy on the victims of the bombing, to pray for the family of al-Megrahi, who was released after eight years in prison, for humanitarian reasons, where he was afflicted with cancer, in its final stages. He died after his release.

The person who is suspected Alsoaar Egyptian nationality, named Mohammed Abu Taleb, lives in Sweden. Swire said: “I tried to face this guy, but not a given in his house, and all the windows are closed, and the man inside the house he spent his whole life terrorist.” He was sentenced to “Abu Talib to life imprisonment for his involvement in the bombings in 1985 in Copenhagen and Amsterdam, and was released recently.

Added Dr. Swire, who lost his daughter Flora in the age of 23 years of the incident, that he had once Greeting card at the top of the calendar year of al-Megrahi, inviting him to pray for him and for his family. threatened Swire to resort to the European Court if no government investigations in the case, and follow-up according to human rights legislation. was Abdul Hakim al-Megrahi’s brother Abdul Basit told the BBC: The family intends to raise the issue of the resumption as the brother of the deceased, and requests help from the government Libyan.



Libya’s new newspaper published today’s edition black and white and attached:

UNO Security Council / Libya branch / agency combating crimes :::::

URGENT :: Atlantic announce that 8 fighter planes are on a mission
Poll over the Middle Libyan .   THE SAY THEYare not violating any UN resolution!!

Arthur announced Damorc air operations commander in charge of NATO that the 6 fighter-bombers and 2 of NATO is in a reconnaissance mission over the Middle Libyan,

THEY CLAIM THAT THEY did not violate any UN resolution or the sovereignty of the Libyan security.

cooperation in the framework of the joint.


General National Congress will vote on a roadmap delivers the power by 24 Dec. 2014

Abdel Moez Bannon:
Conference Bamdd 8 months, but, but, but,,,, Ratohm Kdah Kwesen … Zlmnahm O people!!!!!!

Abdel Moez Bannon:

Teachers’ salaries will not be issued this month in several cities, including Tripoli and Sirte and Alrajaban and others, because of the counting referral lists of the national number of teachers in these cities to the Ministry of Education by the offices in these cities …

Information about non-payment of salaries of teachers and staff for the month of December 2013, the areas mentioned in this alert, because of the failure to bring their national numbers by officials Affairs Education areas concerned and specific, which  Amsaad, Riyaana, languages, his way, Al-rajaban, Kklh, Qara Polly, Abyar, tuber, Sirte, Ghadames, Tobruk, Mizdah, Tripoli, the Gulf of Sidra, department in AJEELET, Green Mountain, dome, beautiful, Azizia, Gharyan, Misratah, Alqtron, Kapaau, Sabha, Gado, Tarhounah).
219 m

Congress decided the national public questioning the prime minister, “Ali Zaidane,” in light of the financial corruption and the deteriorating security situation.
It is possible to withdraw confidence from him at a meeting Tuesday, Dec. 31.
It is noteworthy that several parties want the dismissal of the government by the end of the year to prevent it from implementing the decision to stop the salaries for the armed militias that flexes its muscles by parties and movements and members of the National Conference of the year.

(Libyan Republic)


Member of the National Conference emigrated Qaid
about rejection of the decision to prevent
the granting of a bonus for some of the (so-called) martyrs of the Libyan “Liberation” (from the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, so repressive!!)
عضو المؤتمر الوطني هاجر القايد حول رفضها لقرار يمنع منح مكافأة الشهداء لبعض الليبيين22-12-2013
Agency urgently Libya / bonus over the life of foreign fighters TripoliThe news channel said in a newsflash, citing its correspondent and a member of the National Congress,
“Kayed migrated” to the National Congress decided to grant a lifetime high for
foreign fighters who fought with the “rebels 17 February” !!!



“Means NATO mercenaries from the air and on the ground.”…


The Ministry of Industry: foreign companies are unable to continue their work
“Atmosphere of the country” –

Undersecretary of the Ministry of Industry for industrial development Fathi Zwage:
The deteriorating security situation in Libya caused the reluctance of foreign companies continue to work.

The Zwage told  “the atmosphere of the country” on Sunday, that the continued kidnappings and killings in Libya has

led to the postponement of the arrival of some foreign companies wishing to invest, stressing that in the case of the return

of calm and restoration of security these companies will return to its practice.

Zwage confirmed that the industrial sector in Libya needs to foreign companies, pointing out that the investments require large sums of money and the state can not be fully implemented.

The student and the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Industry stakeholders amending the investment law and determine the value of the capital and targeted activities, in addition to the open area in front of Libyan investors in the field of micro-factories, and in the case of default by Libyan investors for its implementation shall be referred to the foreign investor.

It is noteworthy that the interim government was announced in the middle of last month for the cancellation of some contracts with some foreign companies contracting in the field of residential projects and delivered to local contractors and companies, with the aim of entering into the market to compete with foreign companies.

Agency urgently Libya / summary meeting Ali Zaidane on the news channel since few

Ali Zaidane Prime Minister of Libya:

: Become a weapon in each house, and became the fighting between brothers in captivity one.

– There are those who are waiting for opportunities to jump on Libya, and impose their opinion on the Libyans.

– Place prime minister does not rejoice in him who wants to comfort himself.

– Not could be better than it was, will not come better than someone offers we have done in the government.

– There are a large number of members of the National Congress gave me the confidence to head the government and still.

– I’m not influenced by what is said and written about me, we try to do everything to save the state Business.

– Na understands what he says and people write on the walls about me.

– We try to create a state, the state does not exist and says that this is not true. (XXX under GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, there was NO ‘STATE’: PEOPLE GOVERNED THEMSELVES through “People’s Congresses” and “basic CONFERENCE Committees”)

– We must be patient and know the obstacles.

– I can not say that I have negative points on the National Congress, this is the ‘first time’ for them, as well as the government.

– We see that there is a lack of enthusiasm for the elections because of the ‘fear of this dressed’. (YOU MEAN FEAR THAT THE people cannot themselves set-up and attend their own Green People’s Congresses and Conference Committees..or they will be arrested or killed)

– We are now in a state of crisis, people may come back to that “everything must be done by the state”. (???? THAT IS COMMUNISM!”)

– I had hoped that the party was postponed until after the adoption of the Constitution, because the policy and practice of public affairs in the new Libya. (CONSTITUTION is bla, bla made by men..HOLY QUARAN is only way for LIBYA)

– Hopefully in the next “election to be elected based on the most efficient and owner experience”.
(ALL ELECTIONS CAN BE RIGGED and run by the MAFIA or a FACTION: This is antiquatated. KNOWTHE THIRD UNIVERSAL THEORY–a greter step ahead for TRUE PARTICIAPATORY/ direct

– HB, “we” formed a new government!, The president, who will need to come for 3 months to work and there are a lot of outstanding issues. (WHO ARE THE “WE”: Surely not the PEOPLES!)

– The whole time we were trying to prepare the army, and when he came out of the army where people said this army!

– Tried at first to form a government of all walks of life in the Conference of the Coalition for Justice and Development and the front. (again, “JUSTICE & DEVELOPEMENT IS THE ‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD)

Here Highlights of the meeting, which was conducted by the news channel space with the head of the interim government, “Ali Zaidane” distinguished journalist colleague monitored “Anwar” on his, according to the sequence of the dialogue in the meeting, and not according to the importance of the subjects: –
(0) I can not leave the country pending in these circumstances until the Conference reaches a consensus on the President of the Government .. And I swear to God I am sincere in my words because no one asked to come to the comfort of this place.
(0) The story of a crisis of gasoline and cut communications and the subject of oil ports are all orchestrated and there hands want to spoil there who wants to take over the country as he did al-Qathafi. (?????)
(0) when he came out of the army in the streets of Tripoli, said some people ask where I come from this army! , While we were in the past months we train and get out payments was not subject overnight as they said
(0) my relationship with local councils is good, but there are boards took a certain line, I am communicating with the boards and if you’re part of the problem in Libya For National Congress and it shows that I am ready to go out.
(0) We have come a run in the military and police training., We deal with the destruction of 42 years and the life of the government years.
(0) I am a man more than sixty does not see any political future as some people think when you choose to be a set of Mayors and not elected.
(0) Party for “Justice and Development” known to the people and talk about the bullying government Mliqth West payoff it .. Is the West, which is named Zaidane. (“JUSTICE & DEVELOPEMENT” IS ‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD!!!!!)
(0) I do not I give an man myself, I began to struggle Thirty years ago, marketed itself is not confident in himself, I may come out of this work and do not come back to politics .. Many confuse national action and political action, and now national.
(0) and the presence of weapons outside the framework of the state, which is the latest development in the country .. There are those who say I kept the weapons to protect the revolution! .. What remained after the killing of people with this weapon, there is a woman opened the safe with firearms came from a bullet killed her.
(0) the international community is talking about the presence of weapons and began to spread and cause a nuisance in the world, should the Libyans to trust in the army and police, and that the arms are collected and disposed of.
(0) is the government of the Libyan people and not the entire 25 Minister only.
(0) the security situation in Benghazi and Derna unfortunate, we have made efforts in Benghazi in support of the army and special forces of the possibilities, but it seems to me in Benghazi needs to multiply these possibilities.
(0) We have arrived at the conviction that the state should use all means to liberate oil ports because we have made several attempts to avoid bloodshed and did not get the result. – (BIGGEST LIE)
وكالة عاجل ليبيا / ملخص لقاء علي زيدان على قناة النبأ منذ قليل هنا أبرز ما جاء في اللقاء الذي أجرته قناة النبأ الفضائية مع رئيس الحكومة المؤقتة “علي زيدان” رصدها الزميل المميز الصحفي “محمد أنور” على صفحته ، حسب تسلسل الحوار في اللقاء وليس حسب أهمية المواضيع :-(0) انا لا استطيع ان اترك البلاد معلقة في هذه الظروف الى حين يصل المؤتمر الى توافق على رئيس حكومة .. واقسم بالله انا صادق في كلامي لان لا احد يطلب الراحة يأتي الى هذا المكان .(0) انا لا استطيع ان اترك البلاد معلقة في هذه الظروف الى حين يصل المؤتمر الى توافق على رئيس حكومة .. واقسم بالله انا صادق في كلامي لان لا احد يطلب الراحة يأتي الى هذا المكان .(0) قصة ازمة البنزين وقطع الاتصالات وموضوع موانئ النفط كلها مدبرة وهناك ايادي تريد ان تفسد وهناك من يريد ان يستولى على البلاد كما فعل القذافي .(0) عندما خرج الجيش في شوارع طرابلس تسأل البعض وقال من اين اتي هذا الجيش ! ، مع اننا كنا خلال الاشهر الماضية ندرب ونخرج دفعات ولم يكن الموضوع بين عشية وضحاها كما قالوا (0) علاقتي بالمجالس المحلية جيدة ، ولكن هناك مجالس اخذت خط معين ،، انا اتواصل مع المجالس واذا كنت جزء من المشكلة في ليبيا فعلى المؤتمر الوطني ان يبين ذلك وانا مستعد ان اخرج .(0) نحن قطعنا شوط في تدريب الجيش والشرطة .فنحن نعالج دمار 42 سنة وعمر الحكومة سنة .(0) انا رجل تجاوزت الستين لا انظر الى أي مستقبل سياسي كما اعتقد البعض عندما اخترت ان يكون عمداء البلديات تعيين وليس انتخاب .(0) حزب العدالة والبناء معروف للشعب وكلام مليقطة بخصوص استقواء الحكومة بالغرب مردود عليه .. هل الغرب هو الذي عين زيدان .

(0) انا لا اسوق نفسي انا رجل بدأت نضالي قبل ثلاثين سنة من يسوق نفسه هو غير واثق في نفسه ، انا قد اخرج من هذا العمل ولا اعود الى السياسة .. الكثير يخلط بين العمل الوطني والسياسي والان العمل وطني .

(0) وجود السلاح خارج اطار الدولة هو الذي اخر التنمية في البلاد .. هناك من يقول انا احتفظ بالسلاح لحماية الثورة !.. ماذا بقى بعد قتل الناس بهذا السلاح ،، فهناك مرأة فتحت خزنة بها قطعة سلاح انطلقت منها رصاصة قتلتها .

(0) المجتمع الدولي يتحدث عن وجود السلاح وانتشاره وبدأ يسبب في ازعاج للعالم ،، يجب على الليبيين ان يثقوا في الجيش والشرطة وان يتم جمع السلاح والتخلص منه .

(0) الحكومة هي الشعب الليبي بأكمله وليس 25 وزير فقط .

(0) الوضع الامني في بنغازي ودرنه مؤسف ،، نحن في بنغازي بذلنا مجهودات في دعم الجيش والقوات الخاصة بالإمكانيات لكن يبدو لي الامر في بنغازي يحتاج الى مضاعفة هذه الامكانيات .

(0) نحن وصلنا الى قناعة الى ان الدولة يجب أن تُستخدم جميع الوسائل لتحرير الموانئ النفطية لأننا قمنا بعدة محاولات لتفادي سفك الدماء ولم نصل لنتيجة .


Quantities of crude oil and condensate produced for the Day, December 21
According to the Information Office of the Ministry of oil and gas to be produced quantities of crude oil and condensate on December 21, 2013 amounted to 233 889 thousand barrels per day, while the quantities of gas 2.058500000 cubic feet.
Atef Shelmani:
Interior Ministry today based correspondent for National Security Directorates
And ask them to change named director of the National Security Directorate to
Only security and national security centers to the police station.Allegedly the problem in Titles.??
General Electric Company cautions citizens generator owners:Because of the expansion of the existing use of generators by gentlemen citizens when the power is on their property as a result of the increasing incidence of injury to the employees of the company at the time of their maintenance work due to lack of knowledgeable gentlemen citizens that when running the generator and the failure to separate the main key for the property happens charging network in reverse and turn the shipment via the transformer to the efforts of a high up to 11 kV. Q.
Thus, the General Electric Company Calls Messrs. citizens generator owners need to adhere follows for employment generators:
• Must be the network that Igdiha-born private network and isolated from the public network.
• In the case of having to connect the generator to the public network must be installed automatic separator (key inverter) or that the citizen is keen on the need to separate the key manually before running generator.
• the importance of adherence to it we hope so, because it is the province of the lives of workers and the part of the generator and the network of the damage from the other side.


Tripoli now is very heavy rain.

Some cars are now sinking in the highway in the city of Tripoli:

Please brothers citizens avoid traffic from the end of the highway eastward Albive precisely
the way in front of a clinic compassion locked rain.
As well as the coastal road along the Tajourah gathering pools of water in the spotty
As well as the highway to the west of the island of tuberculosis to the island and through Agheiran Janzour.
We hope everyone caution

(Operations room Mermaid)

Rain shut down the highway and warning of rain Gzizh Tripoli
Warned the Department of Traffic and Licensing Department of Homeland Security brothers
Tripoli residents of the city of highway traffic westward, because it is fully locked as a result of gathering rainwater.
It also alerted the concerned residents of the capital and its environs to the need to take
action in anticipation of more rain tonight and tomorrow at dawn.



Car type Miche Lancer color white is fully opaque Balrmih the person in the way of Spring Valley

The injury is a serious.

(Operations room Mermaid)

Operations room Mermaid:
After greeting …
On the subject of the Internet and break into the company Libya Telecom and Technology.
The ‘Mulim’ Brotherhood Intruders are still in place and closing the doors of the company in front of the staff force
Dividers and threatening to blow up if it does not meet their demands …
Internet is currently located across the line dedicated to contingency and control room outside the company’s headquarters ..
And to some extent this moment does not have official reaction from any other security …!


this morning:
GREEN SQUARE tonight 23/24  DEC. 1013

Muammar al-Qathafi INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS project (2010):

Urgent / British embassy in Tripoli suspended its work after receiving threats.


Operations room Mermaid:


Urgent Libya shooting at Tripoli airport road
According to preliminary information that four gunmen traveling in a car type Hyundai (lens) color Gray had opened fire on people since little in the way of the airport.
And preliminary information indicates the target injury serious injuries.
Hyundai car type lens color Gray has Bermaah the person now in the road to the airport by car 4 Ashhas gunmen. . We do not know the reasons so far, the car needed to security agencies is now urgent. .

Person’s condition is not true and the creation of a good God.

Operations room Mermaid:
Hyundai car type “lens” white color without plates tinted back half the Bermaah weapon
Clash Cove Ali Gate National Army Brigade first pedestrian bridge over the June 11.


Spray anesthetic happen panic among school pupils (Musa Bin Naseer)
Books / Mustafa Ferjany reports:
Stalked last Thursday, the number of school pupils (Musa Bin Naseer) in Tripoli, a state of panic and fear caused by trading (Spray anesthetic) anonymous among the students at the school .. The director of the school (Musa Bin Naseer) of the Office of Educational Services neighborhood Andalus (a. Mohammed Afilana) said in a statement to the website of the ministry that he set on Thursday, the nineteenth of December being in possession of two students in school (Spray anesthetic) anonymous source indicates instructions written on the box that the nebulizer lead to loss of consciousness and fainting added (Afilana) that students Adea they and very (cans Sprayer) on the table outside Assor school
and do not know the source, stressing that he was not subjected to any of the school’s students to spray sprayer did not register the case of fainting among students and stressed (Afilana) the need to discern the parents to like this topic suspicious objects On his part, said the student (Mohamed Hussein) emphasized the lack of know the seriousness of the drugs
and that he had handed over to the school administration immediately after acquisition as explained specialist social school (a. Leila Mdkin) that the Office of specialists has to follow the theme of the incident and the fact she really a sign that the Bureau has and quickly educate all students the seriousness of the matter and the need to report any incident that may get inside or outside the school ..
The School Musa Bin Naseer includes (725) students in basic education and the number (224) teachers and track administrative office of educational services Trbuls Andalus neighborhood.
(The Ministry of Education and the Libyan)



Youth of the globe on Facebook:
Important Notice
All markets, shops and workshops and Pharmacies area of ​​the globe steep currency
Class 10 dinars Almzoh they are scattered in abundance this topic days:

Libyan tribe and Rishvana Wershfana Tribe Libya


There are gate to stop the sons and Rishvana Island.

Got Alshall TRIPOLI Dalk against the rumored backdrop that a group of Zintan

supposedly kidnapped the son of Muhammad Alstaoa ordered military accounts.

Response being Rishvana youth and kidnapped a group of innocent people from Zintan !!
Gateway is now in Got Alshall (TRIPOLI) check car plates and stop any Rishvana ..

Ajbb discernible caution and steep .. While to unravel if this is sedition or merely Myth or Bcisa ..


“Zintan revolutionaries gathered Saraya” GROUP writes:

Murder today after Cimafro Falah road leading to the gate of gypsum car Chevrolet Cruze chasing a car Toussaint and shut him the way people and Aoukvonh and Ergmoh to go down and when he struggled hitting torpedo was thrown from the car and escape out of road dirt tracks and the biggest problem that there is a police car saw what Ihdt without any person motionless until he came Wakhd milled man in his car and the anger of the people and a dash Dharbohem Hhmo their car …

not about God, the blood of people Brozk evanescent.



Now launched in the city of Misrata release of  Sheikh civil Alchuirv now on his way to the city of Zliten.




Yesterday was martyred near 15 component members of the Libyan army in the gate of the Maltese

“has not been identified to this day the actor died today and 13 element also members of the Libyan army, and of course, unknown actor” (REALLY?..poor LIARS!)
Congress and the government only punctuated condemnation and 3 days of mourning

(Libyan Republic)



photo de Rafla and Great | Great Werfalla.

Grandchildren in the footsteps of ancestors

Will be a big celebration on the occasion of the anniversary of the Battle of Wadi Dinar famous 1923 will be held on 12/27/2013
In the area of Wadi Dinar Beni Walid, after the completion of the restoration of the monument,

which has armed militias destroyed after the October War years ..

Celebrated format and Execution youth Bani Walid in collaboration with the Society of Peace charity ..

May God grant everyone to serve BANI WALID




“Sirte airport” is ready to activate the international and the first international flights next month ..
Greetings to the people of Sirte and all those who contributed to reach this Alhzv …

(Pictured here is how the Sirte International Airport appeared on 09 Oct 2010 19:43:53, under THE GREAT JAMAHIRIYA

before NATO’s bombing campaign)


09 OCT 2010 The Conference Center at the Airport:


Sirte airport vip building 2010-:

Here we see it after the REBELS  destroyed it and took over::

GO TO THIS PAGE TO SEE THE DAILY MOTION VIDEO of the capture and destruction


on 04 SEPT 2010 MUAMMAR a-Qathafi had plans for a beautiful SIRTE PARK:



Libyan affairs in the international press


“studying a resolution obliging the government to use all the powers to end ‘the oil crisis’ “.

Sources of international:

General National Congress held a meeting with the prime minister on Tuesday,

the next question about his plan to resolve the crisis in oil fields and ports.

International channel Libya Libya International Channel
Sources: Prime Minister and Minister of Defense and Chief of Staff told the General National Congress
today that they have reached a court plan to end the closure of the oil fields and ports
without knowing the content of the conference plan.
Ali Asbali:
National Congress decides Asthaddam all means to end the problem of oil, including the use of force ..

Ali Zaidane: 

“We have decided to use force to open the fields and gathered
Today with the intelligence chief and chairman of the defense committee and the Minister of Defense ….
We are obliged to impose the prestige of the state.”

“WikiLeaks Cyrenaica”:

There are strange insistence of Congress and the government on the use of force
To edit the fields you know why???
They Cano can easily solve the problem that Achklo Commission
Achieve that Icomo installing counters and the story ends, but the Brotherhood
Fighter and do not want any power in Libya competing, and the continued strength
Jdharan constitute a risk for them in the future … For this they want
The destruction of this force and Antsetr fields force Brothers
The Fighter … They Satro on the joints of the state, and Oil Corporation
And the Ministry of oil they control Brotherhood … Now only want to eliminate
On any force on earth …

Police gathered Libya in the Eastern Province.

Urgent / There are conflicting reports about the gathering Awakir precise A’badleh

and Alhute and Dinal and knights and Alkhvivat

To the Drianh and youth from Sidi Khalifa
Secretary to each other and Yeboah Aakhcoa Aakhawarj in Benghazi.
And meet the leaders of the Takfir wal Hijra …
(T. Customary p)

Shahat Wait 24 hours, and the government will not intervene in the case of civil disobedience.

(Depression Forum)


Statement (National Rally Altbawi) with respect to the events Ajdabiya


October 7th District:

Shooting dense votes now in the city of Ajdabiya on October 7th District
Balash aspiring neighborhood behind the former Revolutionary Guards camp
and now holds a news clash between angry youth and a group of Tabu dwellers that District 5
because of the execution of the citizens of the city by a group of Chadian Tabu in the area of ​​the bed
and there is no information on the outcome of this Alstbak. ..
We bring you the latest news and when they are received.
(Mutassim Faitouri)
Younis cabled
The right word to God I do not fear them to anybody as long.
What’s happening now from archery and terrorize innocent people in the neighborhood and the neighborhood N’Djamena October 7 fatal error of the sons of the tribe Azhoyh. These neighborhoods inhabited by other people from other tribes mistake does not address this way of shooting people in the revival nothing to do with sentences of clashes happening in the fields.
A little while ago I was at the site of shooting in the neighborhood of October 7 Mezri and unfortunate view of what is happening at the disposal of young people acting light-hearted does not have dire consequences.
3 injured, according to information from the tribe people and wounding Azhoyh Tbawi was attacked in his home district, October 7.
I hope that wise tribe Azhoyh Atdarko such errors Wooten is processed wisdom.
Oh God, inject the blood of Muslims. And averted strife and hidden Madhr

Agency urgently Libya / Ajdabiya – Correspondent
Thirty-five people injured in bloody clashes with medium weapons and heavy Ozoah

between the tribe and the people of TPU, neighborhood “Sugar”

Now the city of Ajdabiya, a hospital and doctors M’hamed Maqrif.

The city’s residents are demanding speed of blood donation.

A spokeswoman for the hospital Galaa Fadia Albergthe that the hospital had received three cases

of Ajdabiya including a woman, were shot dead by a random result of clashes in the city they are currently in care.


Benghazi now … Before Tbsta

Now the crowds in front of the hotel Tbisty Benghazi youth and civil society organizations ..

Refusal on the extension of the National Congress.

Pause in front of a rejection of the extension of the Tibesti and terrorism:

FLASH :::::::
Now armed robbery on a person named / Full Alexandrian was standing in front of the Bank of the Arab
consensus Hawari and steal from him and the amount of 20 000 dinars …..
It is reported that the armed robbery was driving a black BMW and has not been identified or arrested ….
(Mutassim Faitouri)
Mr. / Rizk al-Obeidi, a member of the SS and is now in hospital in critical condition and that the attempt to assassinate him …..
Galaa Hospital for surgery and accidents / Benghazi
The arrival of three cases of Saturday’s clashes Ajdabiya hospital they are in care and their names: –
Omar Suleiman Mahdi
– Ali Abdullah Ahallil
– Zainab Ali MohamedWe wish them a speedy recovery ..
A spokeswoman for the hospital Galaa Fadia Albergthe. The hospital received this morning by
a member of a stun values ​​Mosque Boatni Rizk Marei al-Obeidi after injury in his side
and his hand releases wounds after his release from his office, adding that the status is now stable.
(“Atmosphere of the country”)


Room inquiries via telephone stun me :::::
The city of Benghazi very safe and not from rumors about the health of a convoy from entering the area to area Drianh Laithi and also rumors about the attack on Ansar Sharia Balqguarhh, we are brothers and we do not want the rumors and now Benghazi very safe and secure we are now many places and private entrances and Benghazi exits ………

(Mutassim Faitouri)


(Airport Road – Laithi – milkfish – Al-Salam).

Many hear the sounds of shooting.

Aaaaaaaajl: archery since few in Benghazi
Arrested on a car at an intersection of the housing has a security breach of a lightning strike (TRAFFIC LIGHT SIGNAL); and has been shooting for a warning light weapons and did not stop and the driver stopped after the second warning gunshot, age 23 and then he turned out to driving under the influence of alcohol.
(Alopecia forces)

Precise GATE in  Benghazi:

Khaled al-Sharif:
Report of the Expert crackers at the gate of precise quantitative yesterday says he weighs
600 to 650 kilograms of explosive materials and loaded on a car
Toyota Mat.

Moataz Bengazino:
Assigned to special forces, backed by precise gate of the elements of living in places adjacent to the gate where the two towers will be built to monitor .. The three buildings as points of inspection .. And mine detectors, weapons, explosives and contraband detectors and drug Kalkhmur where this gate will be equipped with all the possibilities for the next month and be the first dam security strong sense of the word.
(WikiLeaks Cyrenaica)
The death of one of the soldiers of the gate precise Mudbna Tol his wounds ..
And Yoweri soul is now in the city cemetery. Suffice it and yes, the agent.
Logic =)) .. Your faaace .. !! ಠ _ ಠ
A government commission to investigate the bombing of the “precise”
“Atmosphere of the country” Amer Abdul Rahman
The Chairman of the Committee of the National Conference of Interior, Ibrahim Sha’ala, said he was assigned to the government to form a committee of the Interior Ministry and the General Intelligence and others to investigate the bombing of the “precise”.
The Chairman of the Committee that the Commission is required to know the reasons and motives behind the bombing as well as the most accurate technical details.
He described the bombing Sha’ala “precise” Balnoaa and unprecedented in Libya, stressing that the committees of the Interior, Defense and National Security met with the Prime Minister and the Presidency Conference today in this regard.
As mentioned Sha’ala that will address the Interior Ministry tomorrow, the need to expedite the completion of the Committee for its work.
Referred to as the gateway precise bombing occurred at dawn today, killing thirteen people from the security gate and civilians and wounding three and losing two others, according to the government statement.



special forces out of Libya “Thunderbolt” Colonel “and Nice
Bouchmadeh “of the city of Benghazi wounded to the gate that precise

Came in the early morning hours of suicide terrorist attack
Killed a number of the dead and killed a number of
Wounded, to follow up on the gate of the security situation and to support the men
National Army and to flatten their hands, also gave condolences
For all the families of the victims one after the other for comforted in grief
(Salem al-Obeidi)


Find someone chucked shot Quiche region and is now a hospital …..
Shortly before the mother Haitham Mahmoud Suleiman:
Channel Libya first pleading and crying and crying and collapsed abra
And I am by my Spirit, says Arjowookm I do not have an end, but Haitham
(Haitham Rdjaoly)



Abduction of “Mohammed Abdul Ghani bin imagination” of the city of Derna, and the Red Crescent works Derna,

has been missing since yesterday and the last contact with him was at 10:00


08 SEPT 2010

Muammar al-Qathafi 370 Villas VILLAGE PROJECT in DERNA:





An Egyptian worker killed in the city of Sabha:

One of the citizens opened fire on an Egyptian worker Plumbing in front of a restaurant district Oqaid

Egyptian city of Sabha due to lack of maintenance worker perfecting his Farda dead.

There is no power but from God.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel Sabha

The closure of the oil depot Sabha for 10 Ysaat by young protestors peacefully because of the delayed salaries were following different security agencies of the security committee and protection device Sabha and other.
I have summarized their demands not to give them Msthakthm and salaries for more than a year and voiced one of the protesters for their insistence on sending a strong message that “lean Natsam intact and we are able to shut down the warehouse at any moment and we are the owners of the right to Mrtbaatna At a time when we see the millions loot and steal and paid bribes of Government is the marginalization of the feet and gave the order to the nation and the security of the homeland “.
The protesters decided to open the warehouse and closing hours and give a deadline for officials regardless Msthakthm in a matter of three days, but will be closed until the settlement of their dues.
Free special newspaper Sabha (7 photos):


Tabu  Sons of the desert

Out since morning Tabu citizens in the city of Murzuq in a protest in solidarity with the people in the city of Ajdabiya Tabu innocent and in condemnation of what they have suffered at dawn today in the city of Ajdabiya from the assault on families safe and burning their property … As stated in their statement:

In the name of God the Merciful
To begin with, said Prophet peace be upon him: “God damn intriguing sleeper awakened from.”

As a result of exposed families Tabu in the city of Ajdabiya from the killing and intimidation and kidnapping of individuals and burning of property and breaking into houses, by armed militias, which did not respect our no norm, and committed the most heinous crimes against innocent unarmed civilians, terrorized children and women in the middle of the night, without sin committed by this families in the city, but for some reason they belong to Tabu. These racial and ethnic cleansing declared openly and clearly.
So we’re in the south Tabu strongly deplore and condemn what happened and is happening to our people and our families in the city of Ajdabiya. We appeal to the honorable tribes of Ajdabiya and dignitaries who signed the charter of honor Ajdabiya, to stop this work is forbidden and shameful, that was committed against innocent people. This affliction gangs want to wake her in the city of Ajdabiya safe.
We also hold the National Congress and the government of responsibility for what is happening to the TPU in Ajdabiya, they did not condemn this crime, and did not move, static direction of what is happening to this minority, racism and ethnic cleansing. We call on human rights organizations, both domestic and international, as well as call upon the United Nations to immediately intervene to stop these crimes, ethnic successive committed against Tabu in Libya.

Murzuq 12/22/2013

Vigil for TPU in the Murzuq afternoon because of the events Ajdabiya last night, where the tribal militias outlaws and some members of the tribe Azhoyh in the city looted and burned houses Tabu and burn their cars and kidnapped more than 12 people to Azalo unknown place to this moment.
Tabu sons of the desert (5 photos):



Console of the Chief of Staff Force personnel employees of border guards battalion 427 (AJDABIYA)

of the National Army who were killed yesterday in the first agricultural field bed:



Libyan Embassy in Yemen!!!!



Nasiriyah area …. Sfax, Tunisia

Languages ​​Tourism Festival starts Saturday, 28 \ 12 \ 2013 over three days.
219 m


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