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Mu smiling for us

Mu w a very Young Senussi FULL

MU’AMMAR al-QATHAFI has been FALSELY maligned:

Mu has been falsely maligned

Speech of Dr. Hamza Thami on the green channel on 24/12/2013 P

Saqr and Rishvana on FB writes:
42 years and shoe commander closing in burrows traitors


teacher from the very start:


Shananagins and doings of the ‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD:

1) Islamic Research Academy decides to dismiss # _ Yusuf al-Qaradawi of membership


Touati Alaadh and Holy Quran

Touati Alaeidah ..

Since the Brotherhood and fighter and Fidelity with the MILF  failed to topple the government of Zaidane, the  MB within the leadership of the Conference, now attempts “à Jio”,  to starve the people. …And Touati Alaeidah reveals, with  papers which confirm, the ‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD’s plan to cause  a “shortage of flour crisis”; so, the people will come out next month against the government.

.. “After the failure of the  gasoline  shortage scheme, the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and their [MISURATA] allies will seek with The Conference  to create a ‘flour crisis’ in order to starve the citizens to come out aìgainst the government of Ali Zaidane.”



–        .



–  Honte l’OTAN  Clients Colonialime  Rats Révolutionaires  17  Février    .

–  Il suffit de dire  :  Certains Membres de la Conférence ont été Photographiés Nus par les Milices  – Et ils sont Maintenant moins pour Faire Chanter ces Photo    !!!   …

–  Nu : Président de la Conférence Nationale Générale  Libyen  –  Le Présisent Actuel de la Libye  Nuri Abushiman    .

–  Al-Aida TOUATI est Recherché par la Conférence Nationale pour son Assassinat  …


–   Deux de ses Amis Tués  –  Accuse les Membres du Congrès National de Tenter de le TUER      .

–          .







An important document issued by the Embassy of Qatar in Libya,

confirming that this mini-state of Qatar is purposely  causing zoloa-terrorism in Iraq.


Ali Zaidane \“:

lower the state’s income to 40% due to suspension of the export of oil, which will cause disruption in the preparation of the budget.

Tripoli 25 December 2013 (and) –

The head of the interim government, “Ali Zaidane” lower the state’s income to 40% due to suspension of the export of oil, which will cause disruption in the preparation of the budget. He said, “Zaidane” in the press conference held on the eve of Wednesday in the presence of a number of ministers now and we have more than one option for the budget and sent to the National Congress,

the public and will be discussed with the Committee on the budget conference with the President of Congress and the Presidency on the agreement on how they will put the budget so that everyone knows a bug that caused the closure of the state’s oil ports and Libya in general.

He asked,

Zaidane said this work I do not know you Sagverh the Libyan people in one day or not – but the reason for a major imbalance malfunction state and hindered her career and felt the National Congress and the government to nine with all my strength and come out of this predicament without causing things may cause an imbalance in the social structure or in relationships.”

Conference failed even in Alkolsh lying Look argument said
The plenty of incursions have not been able to get the job done .. and two Kmloha
Discuss in salaries* and ozone hole and prevent smoking in places
General and punishment harvest peacock ..


Green Mountain newspaper Cyrenaica, Libya:
Committee said the roadmap ..
Based initiatives that ..
4-year transition period .. I mean the conference is committed to 02/07/2014
4 years … I mean, when the 2018
Abdel Moez Bannon:
Commission roadmap says the Libyan people,,,,,
Goats even flew, Give thanks to the Lord and we increased our one-year base, we Nqdroa Nmddoa
up to 4 years,,, mesh Qllkm what Ifamosh Haddow ..
Ask the government to increase the salaries of employees in the electricity company
because of the efforts of Alambdolh in the provision of electricity to the people of Libya and Tripoli in particular.


Kaled Moner Brega Ttmn only but the truth is that Valmkhozon not enough for the five-day production refinery corner enough 25 percent of the consumption of Tripoli and the West, let alone the south and Misrata and five Zliten and Bani Walid warehouses enamel Misrata and you know that Bani Walid is no longer supplied from Misrata and for this there is a shortage severe and Brega lie not to mention if the sea like any storms will end Banzina fully …. This is a fact what they feel knowledgeable about it.

Will Libya GO GREEN?:




Media / Maram Albuaiche:

Shortly before the clinic Mercy, Albive, periodic patrols of the passage of Tajourah

arrest armed person tried to kidnap a girl from in front of the clinic.

Word Now
Vote bombings and shooting up resonate to different areas, including the cast ..

Demonstration in the Libyan capital, to protest the parliament's decision to extend his mandate

AFP Demonstration in the Libyan capital, to protest the parliament’s decision to extend his mandate :روسيا اليوم


A copy of the front of the National Congress today:

PEOPLE refused to extend despite ALI ZAIDANE making it another year!

Demonstrated a number of parents this morning, because of the decision
Issued to evacuate the school, “Mermaid”, Street Mazran
Refusing to vacate the decision of the school. (the decision to evacuate the school for the purpose of

maintenance and science has previously maintained)

(Salem al-Obeidi)

National Safety Authority Tripoli ::::::
Hawwadt day Allata
Apartment fire area Spud Damascus neighborhood was put out the fire and losses are estimated at about 40%
Fire in a flat area neighborhood huts resulted in the death of a woman was rescued another woman inspired in good condition
Fire Pfilh located in the neighborhood barrier of flowers were put out the fire and the loss is estimated at 25%
God, do not ask the judiciary’s response, but ask you.
The kindness.



“implementation of Resolution No. 27, and the judge to vacate the Tripoli-based armed manifestations.

We will provide for the delivery of heavy and medium weapons in Tripoli under the auspices of the Ministry of Defence.”

Brega Ttminkm that all of its warehouses operating at full capacity and that the productivity of all kinds of fuel available.
So we wonder why congestion citizens’ cars in front of gas stations.

Fuel crisis back to Tripoli and congestion claustrophobic now

Men army prevented anyone who has half a tank or more access to gas stations to reduce the queues …

A fire in a condominium neighborhood of cottages formerly the fire caused the deaths and
cause of the fire, electric Dfaúah (rigged-up, unprofessional, electrial wiring):




Predicted rainfall and snow limited to coastal areas
Atmosphere of the country –

Predicted the National Center for Meteorological Rainfall rain Friday and Saturday on most coastal areas, specifically the eastern region including loss pills snow.

The head of the department weather forecasts Center Mohammad Sevenfold‘s “atmosphere of the country,” predicted Rainfall Rain “medium to heavy most of the coastal areas, but it will be the most prolific on the eastern region in the plain of Benghazi and the Green Mountain,” adding that it may be accompanied by some thunderstorms and loss is limited to beads cold.

He predicted Sibai runny valleys in mountainous areas such as Shahat and Marg, pointing out that the minimum temperature may reach 11 degrees and severe cold wave remain excluded.

The heavy rains pounded the beginning of this month on the capital Tripoli and resulted in two deaths.


Exposure young Mounir Mohamed Mahmoud Abdasameea
Kidnapped yesterday by unknown assailants and demanded ransom
Estimated 50 000 dinars and beat him shot dead on his feet
Mmasbb severe bleeding in the transfer of the effect of hospital
We ask God has a beautiful healing..

(Page mortality department in Ajeelat )



Letter to the Director of Health in Bani Walid Dr. Bashir:

Doctor concluded Drs collaborators Libyans who did not receive their salaries from the month of 4, all the doctors collaborators offer their services to the citizens in the city of Bani Walid and include most of the city from the point of the tribes of homosexuals to the river and Almrdom and Ashimikh and Taninaa for you ‘s important this want the destruction of health centers in Bani Walid and we Drs collaborators warn you, because we We do not want that it comes to the road can not be reversed patterns establish many and we are the sons of doctors and well-known people.

We warn you, if we get rid of Maashatna will be saved even from your pocket personal “because these people Arzak Varezagna without death.”
(Email Eagle Garah”)



Sirte withstand / /

armed robbery at a car e-Passports branch of Sirte …

Saluting the two armed robbery on the driver of the car while on the transfer of mail the branch to Tripoli, it is worth Baldkr that the armed group was aware of the date of travel of the vehicle saluting was intercepted leaving the driver on the road after discernible car with all the contents of passports and cards and other important documents.



(THE FORKED-TALKER) Zaidane says:

“the situation in Libya now is harder than it is believed the Libyans, and in spite of this we are

still better than several states have passed the same conditions….

lock the ports of oil betrayed by the Secretariat commissioned by the government,

therefore it will not sit for dialogue with them but we addressed their tribes and gave them

one last chance to resolve the crisis before next January, though they do not do the government

and the Libyan people are capable of solving this problem.” (!!)


Director of the Port Harika oil tanker denies exposure (kaeros werrior) any assault.

Tobruk – (and) – Libyan Media Network – # LNM:
Port director denied Mr. Harika oil \ “Yassin Hammad \” to be tanker (kaeros werrior) have been any assault or shooting as published in some media and social networking sites.
And Mr. \ “Hammad \” that the technical and security procedures are currently underway to receive the tanker and its cargo of 600 thousand barrels of crude oil ..
Indicating that the management of the port waiting for instructions from the security agencies having jurisdiction to protect and secure the oil installations and protecting the entry and exit of oil tankers to and from the port of Harika.
He added that currently exist tanker anchorage off the port area of ​​the oil in a distance of 10 miles, and that there is coordination with the commander of the military region Btabriq regarding allowing the carrier to enter the port of Harika or not, after taking the necessary security precautions to protect the tanker


Salem al-Obeidi reporting:
Department Explosive Ordnance Disposal dismantle a car bomb placed citizenship
Jasmine Eslim, and weigh 400 grams of blockbuster “TNT” put
Under the driver’s seat, and mentions that the citizenship of the population of the city of Ajdabiya
And place of domicile Street Fire Station

# Ajdabiya

Water pours into the reservoir at Ajdabiya, North East Libya.
The Arabic text written on the concrete quotes the Koran:
‘We create every living thing from water’:


The Arabic text written on the concrete at AJDABIYA, quotes the HOLY QURAN:

‘We create every living thing from water’

Richard Hollingham visits Great Man-Made River Project
Monday 10 July 2006, 2100-2130

Searching for oil in the desert, Libya found vast quantities of fresh water under the sand. A huge engineering project was inaugurated by Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi, to pipe the water from the desert aquifers to the coastal cities. The Great Man-Made River is one of the largest civil engineering projects in the world, but it is almost unknown outside Libya. Richard Hollingham, one of the first western journalists to visit the project, describes his experiences.

Inaugurated in 1991, the Great Man-Made River consists of 5,000 kilometres of pipes carrying 6.5 million cubic metres of water a day from desert aquifers to cities and farms on the coast.

The water has the power to transform Libyan life and economy.

As well as providing Libyans with fresh, clean water, the country also has ambitious plans to develop a European market for early fruit and vegetables.

When, after almost six months of trying, reporter Richard Hollingham was finally given permission to visit the Great Man-Made River, he had no idea what sort of reception he would get.

EVIL UN Sanctions imposed on Libya after the Lockerbie bombings had only been lifted three years earlier, and diplomatic ties with the US had yet to be fully restored: how open would his Libyan hosts be? How much would they show him?
Worried that he might return to England with nothing, Richard decided to record whenever he could, even in his hotel room.
What he found was a country quite different from what he was told.
The Great Man-Made River is playing a central role in changing people’s lives.

As well as providing Libya with technical expertise and know-how, the River is also fuelling a dispesity of changes.
But it’s not only Libya that’s changing.
Very quickly, Richard had to start revising his own opinions about Libya; first because,
rather than struggling to secure interview and having access to the project restricted by government officials, Richard found his hosts candid and obliging. 

It soon became clear that there was a serious mismatch between his preconceptions of the country and his experiences when he got there.

Forensic report and analysis of Ajdabiya, A Fight to the victims and migrant agricultural workers of Kufra in the agricultural-field
Bed and associate battalion “427”, the Army’s infantry in GALLO/KUFRA
National (5 photos)


Word communication from the missing “Juma al-Sharif,” bus driver has
One of the schools, driving a bus Sharp white color, and disappeared
Immediately after the delivery of the students this morning, and no longer to take them to their homes
And the school Baissalhm to their homes and lost contact with him
Until this moment

(Salem al-Obeidi)

Benghazi last night

Targeting booth area neighborhood peace portfolio “trunk”, without
The explosion that resulted in casualties, material losses and only

Exposure to a police station Fwyhat Random Shooting from a distance, from
By some young people to try to get their brother, who was thrown
Arrest him and the special forces intervened “stun” to protect
Center, the assailants fled MAIN.

The story of the beating center Fwyhat, that there is someone imprisoned inside, and he came

with his brothers, and a large number of young people and they want to release him by force,

but forces intervened and ended the bolt thread …..
RBI keeps them ….

(Mutassim Faitouri)

Said media coordinator for the Benghazi hospital medical Khalil blasted to the “atmosphere of the country”
that the hospital received the dead and injured were in critical condition from the special forces.

Exposure invalidate explosives experts department’s Special Forces Thunderbolt
Random Shooting, during the performance of their duty and dismantling bag “bag”
Area near the gardens of the dental clinic, was dismantled explosives
Shooting and did not cause casualties.

Atef Shelmani:
Target “Mohammed Suleiman Abdel Razek,”‘s device attribution
Security and Investigation Unit arrested, a direct hit in the head and
His condition is very critical, and the process is now under hospital in 1200
Special Forces “Thunderbolt“, the ministry of “Moses Alzoam” and
Is a resident of the area Laithi, after being subjected to a barrage of bullets
Al-Salam neighborhood area and was taken to the hospital dead.
The assassination of one of employees of national security “police.”
Since few of the city of Benghazi and claims, “Moussa Alzoam”
B area al-Salam neighborhood near the island of car market.



Local tuber poses an initiative to end the security crisis in the city
“Atmosphere of the country” –

The head of the local council tuber, “Hossam Alnobar”,  says that The Council provides for the prime minister and the Congress on the initiative to find solutions to the deteriorating security situation in the city.

He stressed, “Alnobar” to “the atmosphere of the country” on Tuesday, they are waiting for a reply from the RAT “government” and the Congress, pointing out that in the absence of their response will be in the solution of the Council and ordered him to carry all of their responsibilities, he said.

And “Alnobar” that he could not permit the details of the initiative because of the sensitivity of the security situation in the city.

It is worth mentioning that the city of Derna seen since Anflata for security and a series of assassinations affected the security personnel.






Security Council / Libya branch / agency “combating crimes” (HAH!) ::::::

URGENT / / foreign “Albanian” to Tripoli
We have ?a concern of the tide in South Africa” will not allow Psodna Libya to end this way.

We share historical ties and the Islamic conquests and affinity, and we will be Aktar of Sa’d to provide military assistance in its totality, and

the Albanian Ministry of Defense is ready to send its troops and spread over the entire southern border of Libya that the Libyan authorities requested it.

(Ministry of Foreign Affairs / Tripoli / Media Department)


Meeting in Sabha to discuss the situation and the circumstances that resulted from an armed group to storm the headquarters of the local council.

Sabha 25 December 2013 (and) –

Council members discussed the local Sabha situation and circumstances that resulted from an armed group to storm the headquarters of the Council yesterday, the first and the assault and terrorize staff and cracking some sections of the Council.

According to the President of the Council, “Ayoub injectables Abosslah” delegate Libyan news agency in the city that an armed group had stormed the Council last Monday while he was at a meeting to discuss the problems of security faced by work center Sabha medical and terrorized members of the Board and staff, where they send their guns to the issuance of the staff and they break down the doors of the Council Jobseeker Council President and Vice President.

He denied “Abosslah” His knowledge of the reasons that prompted the militants to storm the Council. Mr. “Ayoub” that this is not the first time that the storming of the Council therefore calls and the Council at an emergency meeting to discuss the matter, where it was agreed to suspend the local council and the councils of the Steering in the city until the full protection of the Council by the competent authorities. .

Military area command Sabha pass a resolution to secure and protect the Sabha Medical Center.
The only one who drew my attention to the costly empty box??!!!!
Suspension of the local council Sabha and sub-assemblies
Against the backdrop of repeated attacks on staff
Until they are providing the necessary protection by the competent authorities, and
Local Sabha today issued a statement and commented the work of the Council.
Ordered the military Sabha area will receive the new armor, which will be received with
the end of the month and the 60 gay armored variety between type Puma Italian and Tiger EMIRATI
against an armored tank launchers as a down payment to fortify the south, according
to information that we have acquired from the presidency of the General Staff.

Tabu Libya
Urgent infidels at this moment exposed neighborhood Qderfa random bombardment of sniper

Zhoyat centering on the western side. On the track was hit by a large mirror in age.



News infidels from the heart of the event
Channel Libya Liberal.Was to find a solution to the problem of bed after a delegation of notables eastern region were interviewed notables Azwaip and notables Altbwa also went to the scene of the fighting by the bed and the meeting was sponsored
by the tribe Majabrh in Gallois and agreeing to a prisoner swap between the two sides
and turn the page on the past between the two tribes.
Salem al-Obeidi reports:
Stopped the study in the city of godless on Wednesday, against the backdrop of
Tension in the city between tribes and Tabu Azwaip, and will be on
Tomorrow’s Thursday study by the city’s source
# (Godless)
The arrival of the delegation of the Elders of Libya to Gallo for the interview and the Tabu tribe Azwaip
Against the backdrop of fighting between them, and a field visit to the bed and end the dispute
Debate between
# (Gallo)


Heading a number of workers and engineers belonging to the company
World electricity services “Gisco” and the General Company for Electricity
To assess the status of the power plant, the bed area in spite of the deterioration of
The security situation, and secured and try to operate it and handed it back to support
Public network to reduce the deficit in energy, where it was yesterday
Connect the module on the network capacity 230 MW.
(Salem al-Obeidi)

and the Agricultural Bed DISTRICT:

Salem al-Obeidi, reports:

Mr. “wise Mazb”, was commissioned under the command of Battalion 427
Colonel “Oouhadh Ali”, to protect the field, “torch” and the river
Electricity and the station, and said, “Mazb” in a statement that
Battalion Headquarters notification to the question, at the request of the corner
Border and vital goals and oil installations, and engaged the
And the two parties were eliminated army men belonging to 427 Battalion
Pedestrian, and pointed out “Mazb” that The clash lasted until solutions
Dark, and the wounded were not liquidated because there are witnesses may
They saw him alive, so it was to resuscitate him, and explained, “Mazb” that
Put out the fields that congestion is security, semi-field Obelisk
Free users and field is completely free, and plant the river
Some have been detained Almstkhaddan, and field bed semi-free
And the power plant is totally free

In a telephone conversation with Lieutenant-Colonel “Sidi Ali”, is a battalion, “Ahmad
Sharif “25 border guards currently, refuted the execution of the national army men
Battalion 427 Infantry phrase and detailed, and stressed “Sidi” that
Four o’clock on the evening of the attack on the agricultural project
And an armed group affiliated with “wise Mazb”, and a total of another
Brigades of certain clashed directly with them, and has to chase them, and in
Solutions have been found on the morning 6 people died, including five Qdo
In the clash, and not finding them because of darkness,

but am
And wounded with them, “Abdullah Fathi HeramMartyrs Battalion of the island and
Been transferred to resuscitate him and Gallo and then to Ajdabiya, and said the battalion command
25 border guards, “Mr. Ali,” in a statement if we want to filter
As one of the wounded kept alive by saying

# # Exclusive bed


Mortar shell fell on a house of a citizen in Kufra
Mortar shell, since few, at the home of a district Bushoq citizens in the city of Kufra.
According to the reporter, “news agency solidarity” to the house of blue Ghaith suffered
a mortar shell fell by gunmen in al-Shura, noting that it did not result in loss of life.
He added that resulted from the fall of the mortar minor injury to a citizen named Younis Sultan
wounded in one of his hands, in addition to material losses in some cars and neighboring buildings.
A number of citizens infidels subjected to armed robbery…A number of citizens in Kufra, Tuesday, robbed by gunmen.According to the reporter, “news agency Solidarity” that Tabu gunmen attacked a number of citizens district of Kufra new homes and stole their car and seized a number of weapons.The correspondent of the agency to the citizens who were seized on their car Mathoon Mahmoud Dhokh to Ocaly and Fathi Abdul Salam Fazzani pilot and another person were not able to find out his name.The correspondent added that the special forces withdrew from the city as a result of intense attack by the militants.


Break up the sit-in Ubari civil airport, after the intervention of the wise and
Wise for nine days, and returned to work at the airport in
Unusual until deadline.
Maintenance network Libyana area Ubari
“Atmosphere of the country “Ubari – special
The day began with company engineers Libyana mobile phone maintenance work for the network, which suffers frequent outages Ubari area.
The engineer said, “Ahmad al-Mahdi,” The reason is the frequent interruptions steal an electrical transformer in the village of Short, adding that the coverage will revert to the city of Ubari and the rest of the line through the optical fiber extending from Sabha to Ubari.
Ahmad” told the atmosphere of the country on Tuesday that the company Libyana will not rely on the old line passing Sabha and Ubari to be adopted in the next phase of running several locations across the fiber optic system as the most secure, as he put it.
Referred to the area of ​​Ubari suffer disruption to network services Libyana mobile phone during these days.

Wounding six people, including three soldiers in clashes

with armed groups in the city of Kufra.

Heathens 25 December 2013 (and) – A spokesman for the local council infidels “Mustafa Aujali” that six people,
including three soldiers belonging to the battalion (36) Special Forces suffered injuries of varying during armed clashes broke out on Tuesday in “Swedish” with groups belong to the tribe Tabu.
He explained, “Aujali” the Libyan news agency that military casualties are “pasture Alsellany Mohammed, Mustafa Ahallil on, Imran F Survivor” and that civilians are the “guests of God Rashid Hamad, Abdullah Bukhari Magbari, Younis Sultan.”
Sources told the Libyan news burning two cars and a truck as a result of the clashes and the fall of the shell type (mortar) on the home district (Bo longing) resulted in the collapse of the roof without causing damage to mankind.
The sources noted that the clashes are still going on in the city of Kufra but intermittently and that there is a security alert in the ranks of the elements of the Libyan army in an attempt to control the situation. … (And – infidel)






Threat from Syria to .. Libyans .. Because of the burning flag-Qaeda in Libya:
تهديد من سوريا الى .. الليبيين .. بسبب حرق علم القاعدة في ليبيا

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