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18- 21 MAY 2009

al-BAGHDADI al-MAMMOUDI, General Secretary of the General People’s Committee of THE GREAT JAMAHIRIYA:

Libya Build Expo 2009 معرض البناء ليبيا بيلد
Mise en ligne le 24 nov. 2009

Libya Build today is the largest International exhibition held in Libya, specialized in Building and Construction sector.

Libya Build 2009 proved to be a huge success with a participation of more than 550 companies from 31 countries from all over the world.
Please watch the opening cermoney video and visit www.libyabuild.com for more videos and more details.

The exhibition was opened officially by:
Dr. Baghdadi Al Mahmoudi, the Secretary of the General People’s Committee  of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA
Mr. Mohamed Haweij, the Secretary of the Libyan General People’s Committee of Industry, Economy and Trade (Minister), and
Mr. Abdelhafidh Zlitni, the Secretary of Planning and Finance (Minister),

The ceremony witnessed the presence of other high-rank officials led by:
Eng. Saeed Rashid, the Secretary of the Steering Committee of the Libyan Railway Executive Board,
Mr. Jomaa Al Ostta, the Secretary of the General Union of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry,
Dr. Jamal El Lamoshi, the Secretary of the General Board of Fairs,
Mr. Samir El Werfali, the Chairman of the Libyan Contracting Union, and
hundreds of businessmen and CEO’s of local and international organizations.

Mr. Firas ElMortadi the Director of ATEX, the organizing company, and Mr. Maged Mahfoud the Managing Director along with Mr. Abdu Al Hamid Edbayba, the Chairman of the Libyan Investment and Development Company, the Platinum sponsor of Libya Build 2009, were at the forefront of welcoming the VIP visitors.

Digital Group for Telecom and Informatics is the IT and Media partner of the exhibition

معرض البناء و الإنشاءات ليبيا بيلد يعتبر أكبر معرض عالمي يقام في ليبيا، يتخصص في مجالي البناء و الإنشاءات. معرض البناء ليبيا بيلد 2009 حقق نجاح كبير عبر مشاركة عالمية و محلية من عدد يزيد عن 550 شركة من أكثر من 31 دولة حول العالم.
فضلاً شاهدوا مقاطع من الإفتتاح و قوموا بزيارة موقع المعرض لمشاهدة مقاطع فيديو أخرى و للحصول على معلومات أكثر حول المعرض.

المعرض أفتتح رسمياً من قبل:
السيد الدكتور البغدادي المحمودي أمين اللجنة الشعبية العامة رئيس الوزراء،
السيد محمد الحويج وزير الصناعة و الإقتصاد و التجارة،
السيد عبد الحفيظ الزليطني وزير التخطيط و المالية.

كما شهد حفل الإفتتاح حضور كلٍّ من:
السيد المهندس سعيد راشد أمين اللجنة الإدارية للجهاز التنفيذي للسكك الحديدية،
السيد جمعة الأسطى أمين إتحاد عام غرف التجارة و الصناعة،
السيد الدكتور جمال اللموشي أمين الهيئة العامة للمعارض،
السيد المهندس سمير الورفلي أمين إتحاد المقاولين الليبيين،
و جمع من رؤساء مجالس إدارات و مدراء تنفيذين لشركات محلية و عالمية.

السيد فراس المرتضي مدير شكة أتيكس المنظمة للمعرض و السيد ماجد محفوظ المدير التنفيذي للشركة رفقة السيد عبد الحميد دبيبة رئيس مجلس إدارة الشركة الليبية للإستثمار و التنمية الراعي البلاتيني للمعرض كانوا في مقدمة مستقبلي كبار الزوار.

يذكر أن شركة مجموعة الرقميات للإتصالات و المعلوماتية هي الشريك التقني و الإعلامي للمعرض.

Libya Build today is the largest International exhibition held in Libya, special.


DURATION: 26.08.2008 – 01.09.2009

Landscape project consultation and application.

659 unit palm tree, 900 unit tree, 700 unit water-plants, 2000 unit climbing plant, and 106.195 unit shrubs were planted with irrigation system. There are 1 main restaurant ( 1319 sqm), 1 event space (925 sqm), 1 internet cafe ( 722 sqm), 1 amphitheater( 236 sqm), 2 cafes(200 sqm each), 1 basketball-volleyball area (510 sqm), open sport areas and two football field ( 930 sqm each),dancing fountain(2010 sqm), ponds(125 sqm, 90 sqm), water features( 1550 sqm, 2500 sqm), 3 children playground(total 450 sqm), and an outdoor gym area(total 400 sqm).

14.000 sqm interlock stone, 11.000 sqm stamp concrete, 11.000 sqm asphalt, 1000 m³ gravel, 1000 sqm epdm, 2000 sqm of sports area were covered with grass; 70.000 sqm grass used in landscape areas. 3000 sqm natural stone was used for covering outer walls; 10.000 sqm marble was used both for wall covering and floor covering; 6000 sqm granite was used for floor covering.







Published On:Wednesday, November 13, 2013
Posted by Sri Lanka Guardian

Libya Almost Imploding, Status Quo Unsustainable

| by Nicola Nasser*
( November 13, 2013, Gaza, Sri Lanka Guardian) More than two years on since the “revolution” of Feb. 2011, the security crisis is exacerbating by the day threatening Libya with an implosion charged with potential realistic risks to the geopolitical unity of the Arab north African country, turning this crisis into a national existential one. Obviously the status quo is unsustainable.
Libya’s oil industry has become the target of violent attacks and civil protests, closing export terminals in east and west or/and creating an oil black market. “Security guards” at the country’s main ports are on strike and selling oil independently in spite of a 67% in pay for employees of the state oil sector on last 31 Oct. 2013. Libyan oil minister, Abdulbari Ali al-Arousi, told the Financial Times on last 29 April 2013 that disruptions to production and export cost the country about 0.73€bn over the previous five months only.
On this 11 Nov. 2013, Reuters reported that Protesters shut Libya’s gas export pipeline to Italy, its only customer, in the Mellitah complex, some 100 km west of Tripoli, after shutting down oil exports from there as well. A day earlier, Reuters reported that the separatist self-declared autonomous Cyrenaica government set up a regional firm called “Libya Oil and Gas Corp” to sell oil independently after seizing several ports in the east of the country, where Libya’s two most important oil ports, Sidra and Ras Lanuf, were blockaded by protestors.
Libya is Europe’s single largest oil supplier. Cutting the Libyan oil and gas supplies to Europe on the eve of a winter that weather forecasts predict to be a very cold one would be an excellent pretext for inviting a European military intervention in the country, which seems the only option left for the transitional government of Prime Minister Ali Zeidan that ran out of options for its survival.
It is noteworthy here that while the U.N. Support Mission in Libya can obviously “support” nothing, France, Italy, the UK and the U.S., who spearheaded the NATO campaign to topple the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, in a joint statement on this Nov. 8, expressed their concern “at the instability in Libya and reiterated their “support to their puppet political institutions,” i.e. to Zaidane’s “government”.
Ironically, Zaidane on this Nov. 10 warned his compatriots of a possible “intervention of foreign occupation forces” in order to protect civilians under Chapter VII of the U.N. Charter because “the international community cannot tolerate a state in the middle of the Mediterranean that is a source of violence, terrorism and murder,” which was the same pretext for the NATO military intervention that contributed mainly, if not created, the security crisis in the first place by destroying the military and police infrastructure of the central government and turned the country practically into a sponsor of regional terrorism in general and an exporter of arms and “Jihadists” to Syria in particular.
Libya is the second largest oil producer in Africa and the continent’s fourth largest natural gas supplier and already dominates the Southern Mediterranean’s petroleum sector. According to the Libyan National Oil Corporation (NOC), more than 50 international oil companies were already present in the Libya on the eve of the “revolution.” The country’s potential is more promising; Austria’s OMV said on last Oct. 21 it had struck oil in Libya in its first new discovery since 2011.

On last Oct. 18, CNBC.com quoted Paolo Scaroni, the CEO of the Italian oil and gas firm ENI, which is Libya’s largest foreign partner, as saying: “Everyone is going to be wealthy” in Libya, citing statistics of what could be: “Five million people and 2 million barrels of oil (per day), which means that this country can be a paradise, and I am doubtful that Libyans will not catch this opportunity of becoming the new Abu Dhabi, or the new Qatar or the new Kuwait.”
Libyan Copy of Iraq’s “Green Zone”
Yet Libyans seem determined to miss “this opportunity.” “Revolutionary” Libya, reminiscent of the U.S. – engineered “democratic” Iraq after some ten years of the U.S. invasion, is still unable to offer basic services to its citizens. Real unemployment is estimated at over 30%. Economy has stalled and frustration is growing. Gone are the welfare days of Muammar al-Qathafi’s GREAT JAMAHIRIYA when young families could get a house with benefits for free, people’s medication and treatment were paid by the state and free education made available to everyone. About one million supporters of the Gaddafi regime remain internally displaced; hundreds of thousands more fled for their lives abroad.
Remnants of the destroyed institutional infrastructure of law, order and security is hardly capable of protecting the symbolic central government in Tripoli, reminiscent of its Iraqi counterpart, which is still besieged in the so-called “Green Zone” in Baghdad. Late last October Libya’s central bank was robbed of 40.07€m in a broad daylight robbery. More than one hundred senior military and police commanders were assassinated.
“Libya isn’t just at a crossroads. We are at a roundabout. We keep driving round in circles without knowing where to get off,” Libya’s Minister of Economy, Alikilani al-Jazi, said at a conference in London last September, quoted by The Australian on last Oct. 14.
On last Aug. 30, the Swiss-based group Petromatrix said: “We are currently witnessing the collapse of state in Libya, and the country is getting closer to local wars for oil revenues.” Four days later Patrick Cockburn reported in British The Independent that “Libyans are increasingly at the mercy of militias” and that the “Government authority is disintegrating in all parts of the country.”
Ironically, an estimated one-quarter of a million heavily armed militiamen, who are the main obstacle to creating and empowering a central government, are on government payroll.
Writing in The Tripoli Post on Oct. 31, Karen Dabrowska said that, “Local notables, tribal groups, Salafists and militias are all vying to keep the centre from extending its authority to their fiefdoms and this explains why disparate social groupings can only unite temporarily to prevent the centre from gaining power over them.”
It “goes without saying” that the post – “The once majestic GREAT JAMAHIRTIYA of Muammar al-Qathafi‘s Libya , now is purely a failed state” governed by ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood militias.”  Adfer Rashid Shah of the Jamia Millia Islamia, Central University in New Delhi, wrote on last Oct. 15.
Following the heavy infighting in the Libyan capital on this Nov. 7, Italian foreign minister Emma Bonino told newspaper La Republicca that the country was “absolutely out of control” and the situation is worsening, hinting that Italian oil and gas firm ENI was prepared to close its oil wells.
Zaidan’s threat to “use force” against the people‘s “POLITICAL BUREAU OF CYRENAICA” will inevitably be counterproductive, not only because his government’s lack of “force” would compromise his credibility, but because, within the current balance of power between his puppet NATO “government” and the eastern people’s army of Cyrenaica’s “Political Bureau”, it will make the security situation worse (if it does not ignite a civil war first).

Zaidane said his government would give the “revolutionaries” who have turned into rival and vying militias and warlords until next 31 Dec.2014  to join the regular army and police or they will be cut from government payroll, that is if his coffers could afford to sustain their payroll if they accepted and if they did not accept his offer it will be another reason for more mutiny and rebellion.
More likely the Zaidane / GNC government payroll may not be rolling because the government is now facing a Zionist Western-budget crisis like the rest of the Western nations (who created the “new” Libya), as“from next or the following month, there could be a problem covering expenditure” according to Zaidane himself. 
An imminent constitutional crisis could create a power vacuum that in turn would worsen the security crisis. Published by RT on this 07 Nov. 2013, analyst Nile Bowie wrote:
“In accordance with the transitional roadmap adopted by the transitional government in May 2011, the mandate of the current government in Tripoli is set to expire on 08 February 2014. Failure to implement a new constitution by then would either force Tripoli into extending its mandate – a move which is seen as highly unpopular – or a potential power vacuum scenario which could set off a chain of events that could lead to a civil war or dissolution.”

Zaidane, with less than three months remaining for him in office, seems relying on Pentagon’s plans to arm and train, through “AFRICOM,” a new Libyan army called “a general purpose force.”

But “the case of a separate and underreported U.S. effort to train a small Libyan counterterrorism unit inside Libya earlier this year is instructive,” Frederic Wehrey wrote recently in Foreign Affairs, adding: The absence of clear lines of authority — nearly inevitable given Libya’s fragmented security sector — meant that the force’s capabilities could just have easily ended up being used against political enemies as against terrorists. In August militias launched a pre-dawn raid on the training camp which was not well-guarded. There were no U.S. soldiers at the camp, but the militia took a great deal of U.S. military equipment from the site, some of it sensitive. The U.S. decided to abort the program and the U.S. forces supposedly went home.
The obvious alternative to Zaidane’s western supported government would be a stateless society governed by the people themselves (as was THE GREAT JAMAHIRIYA); while the survival of his government promises more of the same chaos and violence.
At the (so-called) “official” end of the NATO war for the “regime change in Libya on Oct. 31, 2011”, U.S. President Obama proclaimed from the White House Rose Garden that this event signaled the advent of “a new and democratic Libya,” but more than two years later Libya is recurring to the pre-Gaddafi old undemocratic tribal and ethnic rivalries with the added value of the exclusionist terrorist religious fundamentalism wearing the mantle of Salafism and the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood.

About the Author*:

*:* Nicola Nasser is a veteran Arab journalist based in Birzeit, West Bank of the Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories. nassernicola@ymail.com

Statement leadership of the resistance heroes represented the city wheels
Room Muammar Kadhafi Aalbaltok ·




The news agency western mountain:
Some members are preparing themselves for travel outside Libya and there are moves in the palaces of hospitality, where some members of Congress were seen coming out of the bags inside the hotel

Sahah “Favor” Joudah flees to LONDON:
News of the escape of favor Jaudh to London shortly before
Saleh Joada / Saleh Gaouda / صالح جعودة
(Channel Vision, quoting Libyan)


Statements concerning the 2012 budget:

A few days ago, Mr. Abdul Rahim nutria, an intervention in the television, that the total’ve spent the transitional government of the budget was nearly 45 billion, or 24 billion that has been carried over to the interim government.

Yesterday, Finance Minister in the interim government, Dr. Kilani, that what I’ve spent the transitional government was 55 billion and 14 billion has been carried over to the interim government.
With these two statements, there is a value of 10 billion undefined determination between the two governments .. Which makes the Libyan authorities are obliged to issue a clarification that the difference in the two statements.
Dr. Fatima Ahamroch
27 DECEMBER 2013

To channel international scandals and theft and corruption operations in a deal to buy armored vehicles from Turkey of the type “Arma and Cobra” worth more than three times the value of the real price of a vehicle by entering into the single rat Joseph ornately (ZAIDANE’s rat interior ministry of defense man).

Now on channel Libya International / / / /
Documents … Deal import of armored vehicles to calculate the so-called Ministry of Defence actual value of 200 million dinars have been concluded with a value of 400 million dinars by Rebel real Joseph chiselled and Misrata Alsmoud and true revolutionaries.
And Makhva was the greatest .. Amata Paso Ptstfikoa Íaagbea “17 February”

And Zdwa Aaszj February Rajua sang and clapped for good and thieves and criminals
Son flee propelled Dugan ..

Without a passport, fled son propelled Dugan, Bilal, to Georgia to request background investigation of corruption issues.

Member of Congress and a member of the Committee on the roadmap, “Mohammed Al-Amari,” he says,

even if Congress has made Libya the committee people Sikhrjrn Mtalippin drop it so we decided ot ..

عضو المؤتمر وعضو لجنة خارطة الطريق “محمد العماري” يقول : حتى لو المؤتمر جعل من ليبيا جنة فأن الناس سيخروجون مطاليبين بأسقاطه ولذلك نحن قررنا التمديد ..

م الاعلامي درنة

SALAH JOUDAH already left for LONDON and other Congress members have been seen wilth heavy loads of luggage…..

Abdo Libya writes:

“I am of the opinion that the Attorney General issue a decision to prevent members of Congress failed and all the ministers not to travel outside Libya and takes them Joazathm Witham until the investigation into the stolen money from the budget of the people Walibi”
(Moved from Libyan wounded)



Qmins storm to hit from the direction of the sea retardation serious damage to property, including houses, cars and walls.
The storm was the speed of more than 150 km per hour and did not take only about 30 seconds …
O ask you pardon and wellness.


Electric poles fall and Spring Valley area and the world as a result of a well escarpment lands by some citizens
Announced that General Electric Company on Friday evening that the power transmission lines effort 30 kV link between Tepe flour to Tepe artillery zones, well the world and the Valley of the spring exposed to fall as a result of cliff land by some citizens to a depth of up to 2 meters for the purpose of the establishment of new housing without contact.
The company explained in a statement to the Libyan News Agency that these business practices have caused the fall of the electric poles and power outages to many areas. The source added that the technical teams able to rewind the power supply to these areas through alternative sources, and that the detection of these lines and maintenance work sustained by the technical teams to return these lines that operate on the feeding zones (well the world – and the Valley of the spring – Alnchea – the fetus – Agayoo. Called upon Company Balahale and residents of the area to contact and follow legal procedures recognized inform any work of maintenance contribution to the support of the work of a company that strives to raise the level of services and improve voltage and reduce interruptions. lamented the company to some of the practices and acts of infringement on the electric grid which cause low performance and foil maintenance teams operating company General Electricity.


No extension of the CONGRESS:

Participation of people with special needs in the demonstration does not extend to the field Algeria:


28 JAN 2010
The song is called Al Shamas (The Sun) and performed by the Libyan singer Ahmed Fakroun.


CONSTRUCTION AREA: 1.185.447 sqm

Concept landscape project.

The Wadi El Rabi Industrial Development Park has 427.227 sqm building area with a 244.328 sqm soft landscape area and 249.048 sqm hard landscape area including parking and pavements.

Said a source familiar with the Turkish Embassy in Tripoli, the headquarters
Turkish Airlines subjected to an armed attack by a total of
Unidentified armed identity, and two people were killed and wounded
Our Lady of the Turks and their citizenship, according to a source Embassy
Said a source familiar with the Turkish Embassy, ​​that the attack on
The headquarters of Turkish Airlines since yesterday and is likely to be
For the purpose of theft, and said the same source in the special permit
He was lost and workers were searching for them at the headquarters of
Their work and find them killed two people and injured two people
Including a woman, and investigations are underway now.
(Salem al-Obeidi)

Green Square :: influx of demonstrators against the extension of the National Congress, in the presence of media.





The last gathering information now located in Tallil going to the border because Balash before Amort Event

clash between militias and the national army to kill someone performance of the militia and wounded two

of them, and now the people of the beautiful and Racdalin heading to the border in particular.

Channel Racdalin on Facebook:
From your letters
I am a resident of the city of Racdalin today at about five and a quarter Talaat of the yard and saw that strange car without plates kind Toyota Camry 2012 dark ÇĎćŃ in Racdalin of place for me somewhere in the first Nhsabha army but after what followed and stance received the Wazwaz foreigners and with them a GPS positioning I stayed and ask them escaped and walked me to the military police told me Mesh Chorna overland Look army prophet of God, you take notice of the people who enter the car to me beloved cities (I wish you could come and my God bless you).



Agency urgently Libya / dismantling a ticking time bomb in Tarhounah
According to preliminary information that disposal experts and dismantle explosives
in the city Tarhounah were able to dismantle
and neutralize the bomb found planted at the gas station area Aldawon.


# Department in Ajeelat
Has been opened by Al-zeramqh closed Psoatir of dirt Mend events last week and
now back open road and a natural movement in the way this topic
Channel department in Ajeelat free FB:
Sources, especially from the area of ​​the lattice confirms the arrest of two people inside the armored car believed to be
U.S. citizens are equipped with weapons and special equipment ..
And handed over to the Office of Intelligence
In the department in Ajeelat ..
The emphasis is not so far from an official source.
City department in Ajeelat

Page mortality department in Ajeelat:
Killing and wounding at least three people in clashes Haddtt yesterday in the New.

# Alash

Fierce war now raging in the area Alash … Alabr downright It is the heart of the event
And it combines the podium after dismounting me large forces in Sabratha and

horn in the department in Ajeelat ..

Shani, the mesh concept ..

Road beteen MIZDAH & GHARYAN:

Road between Misdah and Gharyan

The local council area Mizdah
In the name of God the Merciful
He says:
and restrain anger and pardon people and Allah loves the doers of good}
((It is out of date and repaired his reward on God))
I bear witness acknowledged and I am fully my powers of mental and without any pressure from him or from individuals that I have and for Libya and for national reconciliation among the people of Libya relinquish my right to the assaulted a high shot and tried kidnapped and and kill me and Samehthm to the face of God and love of Libya and the Libyans and the hope of God to guide them that there is no Almsi repeat this work with others, and stay away from this topic Business
Abdul Hakim Mohammed Badran – head of the local council Mnth Mizdah


Mizda'da son kale
Mizda’da son kale

Mizdah old Lighthouse:



One of the slogans raised in today’s demonstration against the Brotherhood Misurata:




la photo de Association for Peace and Charity Relief AL-Salam Association For Charity.Hospital Management Bani Walid year the dispatch number ten elements of medical and medical help in a quick cycle to the Kingdom of Jordan at the expense of the hospital administration.
We wish success to all for the good of the hospital and its services sophistication.
(Op hatem)

90 years  ago, today !

Friday 12/27/2013 anniversary of the Battle of Wadi Dinar timeless …
But the heroes and celebrated Rafla refused to mourn the lives of heroes precise.
Actually dampers positions ..
Fathiati your heroes and Rafael H. ..
Today’s the anniversary of the Battle of Wadi Dinar 27 December 2013
Battle of Wadi Dinar 27 December 1923 AD
After the events that took place between Bani Walid and Misrata, and the outbreak of a new fire of sedition between Arabs and Amazigh in the mountains, and the subsequent occupation of the center of Nalut Khalifa Bin Askar. The pro opportunity for Italians to pounce on Libya after it contributed to the dissemination of the role of discord between the leaders and the heads of the tribes at the time
Moved the Italian armies to occupy the cities one after the other, and they arrived Gharyan in the 15 November 1922 and made it a center for the start of their campaigns towards the west of Libya, after or three months, they moved to the South occupied the Terhana and after less than a month they entered Misrata and occupied and was the last battle in Misrata battle Valley polytheist that quote where Saadoun Sowaihili .
Transfer Mujahideen camps to Bani Walid, after the occupation of areas of Misrata and Zliten and Mslath and other neighboring regions, and found in Bani Walid safe haven, and he settled there more than 100 000, by some accounts in the novel conveys Marzouki Sheikh Tamer:
“About two hundred thousand people, and God forbid you go out in the 1922-1923 season rainfall, and we have acquired the injury like what we have seen in our lives.”
Regardless of the accuracy of this figure, however, suggests that the number was large, and was led by leaders from which it withdrew after the occupation of towns such as Ahmed Sowaihili and Ahmed patient and Mukhtar Kaabar and Alsoiei Alkhatona and Mohammed will carp victor Samad drowsiness and Ahmed Rasim and Farhat, angular, and others.
Jratsiana wrote about planning these gatherings on Rafla:
I had to be beaten rebels (Mujahedeen) knockdown by depriving them of the means of those remaining have a contact with the province and Rafla.
The ultimate goal is to Bani Walid and Rafla capital of the province and the seat of Nabi, the center of great importance to meet the caravan routes and around Askar had the largest number of troops that could have been directed against us Nabi when necessary.
Took advantage of the Mujahideen that period to unite between Nabi Boulkheir and Ahmed Sowaihili was Ahmed Sowaihili men loyal and loving to his homeland did not mind putting up the differences for the home, however, Abraham’s son Ramadan opposed his uncle, and I disagree with him and refused to understanding with Nabi Boulkheir with it was in hospitality and in the territory of Beni Walid, and decided to separation from his uncle and left, followed by part of the army.
That was a new blow to the ranks of the Mujahideen exploited by the Italians to occupy the plug after the division of the Mujahideen, and that was before the occupation of Bani Walid five days will come and talk about it later.
Is a campaign the Italian on Bani Walid, one of the greatest campaigns carried out by the Italian government at the time, due to the location of the city and the difficulty of access to it and collect the mujahideen and their willingness to defend it and was planning on beating the simultaneous three axes at the same time and used Italy warplanes in the poll and hit the sites of the Mujahideen and throwing saws on the people to sow terror in their hearts.
Altlesi stated in his book after Alkarzabip processing campaign:
Mountain forces led by General Jratsiana consists of 4000 rifle knight 4 530 artillery pieces
Eastern forces led by Colonel Metzna 3500 and consists of 530 rifle knight 4 pieces of artillery
Mariotti forces consists of 580 130 fugitive gun and two pieces of artillery
Malta forces consists of 800 rifle
Forces Volbyna 500 50 rifle knight
Galliani forces 250 90 rifle knight.
Bdlk and a total campaign to Bani Walid 9900 1330 knight rifle except for reserve forces distributed in different regions to the field of operations.
Battle and occupation of Bani Walid
After the failure of the Italians in an attempt to woo Nabi Boulkheir and the rest of the leaders in that period in Bani Walid and forcing them to crawl delivery decide on Bani Walid.
Was the split that took place in the camp of Misrata between Ibrahim and his uncle Ahmed Winter tempting for Italians and gave the first strike of the camp cleats in the stopper east of the city of Bani Walid.
Entrusted with the task to Col. Metzna The task is to hit the camp stopper and prevent displaced people from access to Bani Walid to prevent Althamanm the rest of the Mujahideen in Bani Walid, saluting the movement wrap on a camp of the Mujahideen from the south to force them to commit to the fight until the end, or withdraw north saluting controlled Italy all cities , and he directed hit the camp on December 22, 1923, has been in front of this Astmat Mujahideen surprise attack, but they could not withstand long has suffered huge losses in lives and materiel and lost a lot of weapons in their possession and that they have to pull in several directions.
Jratsiana talked about their loot in that battle:
“Was in the stopper grab petals pieces of artillery, and a small warehouse of sustenance and supplies, and equipment of various types, and the number of thousands of head of cattle.”
Maj. Gen. Metzna they looted four guns and grenade launcher, five machine guns and 550 boxes of ammunition and artillery guns.
Decides to crawl on Bani Walid on 23 was delayed Italian army will be mentioned no reasons were crawling on Bani Walid and occupation on December 27.
General says about the battle:
Decides to crawl on 23.
“It was aviation activity in that period great, in expeditions over the territory and Rafla despite poor weather, has been made during those trips several publications directed to the government of the people.”
Metzna received direct orders to crawl towards Bani Walid from the point of the plug, which was dominated by As we began to move towards the Rafla while moving other troops from the northern and southern sides.
Bani Walid was priming itself for battle Mend occupation and Tarhunah Misrata and the western mountains, and the Mujahideen fortifying the city and provide the ammunition.
Says Metzna: groups of residents and Rafla we encountered dissuade our advance, were waving white flags confirming that Nabi will not show any resistance, and while the troops were crossing the valley with all due caution in these cases, the groups of knights rebels and infantry holed up in trenches dug in the opposite bank launched fire against the left wing of the advancing forces) and the Army found itself in a very awkward position after the surprise attack.
The battle of Valley Gbin of the first battles that take place around Bani Walid, where Nabi resorted to deception known by lifting white flags that pointed her Aktar of source and monitored by an Italian aircraft which was flying over Bani Walid.
Adopted Nabi plan on the expectation that they court will sign Jratsiana creeping from Terhana in pliers will not escape them, Fathsn militants on both sides of the valley dinars a force, according to the tower will Jratsiana 4,000 fighters were Aktar forces in the valley of dinars to believe Nabi that the only way that could be is used by armies Italian came him all the armies that invaded Bani Walid earlier, and it also relies on the Mujahideen stationed in the stopper to protect the eastern side with the army can not override the western side of the Oaourtha and the difficulty of the tracks and the lack of experience by the Italians.
But there are those who whispered to Jratsiana that circumvented through the valley Ghalboun from the west will be a surprise too and its victory while walking in the valley of dinars would be fatal because of the bumps and rugged force stationed where the Mujahideen and Rafla, unfortunately, was personal Libyan personalities that dealt with the Italians because of personal problems and old,
He agreed the general and sent the part of the army of the western side while he leads the North to delude the Mujahideen that the army is coming from the north, while advancing forces Metzna from the east, and the creeping commander Malta from the south, but that Malta was not up to Bani Walid in date was delayed due to some motives “security,” which talked about Jratsiana They relate to the fear of the tribes that are still outside the control of the Italians.
On December 27 pilots reported that the quiet atmosphere in Bani Walid and that they pierced above the castle, and people had set up decorations demonstration of joy and pleasure, and were waiting for the arrival of the army, richly.
When he received the commander of such a reference, the most dangerous by Alogihen religion were with him, the two Khrbich Warrior and Ahmed Alvesataiwi political, and was the first Ehrh in the head and had not shown any signs never uncertainty like this time, and states that he does not understand what happened, while the second, he said Without influenced and simply (a day of fighting, sir), was known as Nabi right knowledge, knead treacherous subtle infamous for betraying Miani When he left for Sirte to the outskirts of the headquarters Bohadi arguing accelerate in the defense and Rafla while he knew in fact that Ramadan winter may striker armies regulars.
Army moved north toward Bani Walid until it reached the valley Maqraoh and there began heavy gunfire erupted a fierce battle between the mujahideen and the Italian army, which was backed by artillery and fire batteries and aviation against the rifles of the Mujahideen and the weakness of their equipment, and admits Jratsiana he faced fierce resistance and that the situation was very critical, and the battle lasted until noon the second retreat between the Mujahideen and the Italians progress until Balajata forces entered from the west side of the center of Bani Walid and fly the flag on top of the castle after the King movement to circumvent carried out by the Italian army.
And was surprised by the Mujahideen presence of Italians behind them, make haste to repel knead the attack, and without any coordination, and although they were able to go back the difference Abyssinian on the aftermath of the Arab teams were clashed strongly cavalry led by Khrbich only that the weapon which is owned by the enemy and training teams, processing and the element of surprise caused the death of a lot of Mujahideen result scramble in the defense of their city, and fly movements were very dense and they continue to loop between the stores for attacking Bani Walid from the east and west, north and south.
He says that the defense Jratsiana Bani Walid has collapsed after it was pressure from all sides.
Withdraw Abdul Nabi Boulkheir and the Mujahideen and a large number of people towards Ashimikh which were not Italian forces had but relate However Sunrise forces arrived commander of Malta dispersion again Mujahideen religion were trying to rearrange their ranks have fled south toward everyone Fezzan.
In the meantime, there were still some pockets of resistance in Bani Walid, but they soon broke down all been occupying Bani Walid by the Italian army to begin later his extensive occupation of the south.
Occupied Jratsiana Bani Walid on 27 December 1923 had barely eliminates pockets of resistance even permitted the country to the army for 3 days in retaliation for the killing of members of the garrison Italian leader Briggnta after Alkarzabip, Venhpt livelihoods and stolen homes and killing people hanging out and slaughtered were confiscated funds Mujahideen who are on the menus Kmtalobin because they were disobedient .
He Italians victory on Bani Walid a crucial point in the history of military operations, said the newspaper Alchoriera with Tripoli in commenting on the violent resistance of the people of the city, (“Contrary to what was expected, in general, the rebels have changed the resistance desperate and violent were Aamlon from behind Success”) .
Although knead the Mujahideen of Bani Walid did not surrender and continued to Jihad in the south and in the province of Fezzan precisely who they are leading up to the fall and occupation, like other areas because of a difference of arming and betrayal of citizens to their parents.
(Blog Bani Walid)

Dinar News

Atef Shelmani:
Qmins storm to hit from the direction of the sea retardation Jasama damage to property, including houses, cars and walls.

The storm was the speed of more than 150 km per hour and did not take only about 30 seconds … Oh God ask you pardon and wellness.

The final stage of the maintenance work in the building economy,
after suffering years 2011/2012 for sabotage, looting and burning.
Let our motto hand in hand to build Bani Walid again:



01  APRIL 2010:

LIBYA, 01 APRIL 2010

Photos of Sirte Before The NATO Bombing in Libya

Sirte Rbaah Almaih.
Would advise you to a branch of Social Affairs Sirte that the number of displaced families in the city is (1026 families) from different cities of Libya as shown detects below, through a statistical study by the committee formed to confine and collect Baanatnazhan inside Almedinhbaqrar Mr. Rais Branch No. (17) for the year 2012.
Detect particular IDPs in Sirte by towns
T. City v Issue Notes
1. Misratah, 686
2. Benghazi 18
3. White 4
4. Tawergha 250
5. Oases 1
6. Brega 5
7. Mizdah 6
8. Ifrane 7
9. Ajdabiya 11
10. Jafra 1
11. Tripoli, 17
12. Sabha 4
13. Ras not Nov 9
15. Bluish 2
16. Heathens 1
Gross / 1026 displaced families in Sirte (alone)!!
and from the following, you can see how many residences were beautifully availablebefore the bombings By NATO in Sirte…and no one had to pay rent or an interested Morgage to live in any dwelling in Libya.
Channel Sirte on Facebook
Added by Inform Africa on 30 October  2011.

Sirte is a beautiful city in Libya, and has the aspirations to be the “capital of Africa”. It is on the south coast of the Gulf of Sidra (ancient Syrtis Major, from which Sirte’s name derives). Sirte lies halfway between Tripoli and Benghazi. The settlement was established in the early 20th century by the Italians, at the site of a 19th-century fortress built by the Ottomans. It grew into a city after World War II.

As the birthplace of Muammar al-Qathafi, Sirte was favoured by  Muammar al-Qathafi. 
However, evil NATO and US-backed rebels have bombarded the whole city of Sirte; purposely ruining everything al-Qathafi has worked for under pretense.



Concept landscape project.




This project is based on several concepts. First of them is connecting the university and the congress hall with a pedestrian way. This axis is the main element of the project. All elements that are composing the park are connected around this axis. There are two main green triangle artificial hills in the park.

Jealous of Libya’s mass wealth and natural resources, the United States and NATO along with NTC fighters attacked civilians throughout the north African country leaving Libya in ruins, killing hundreds of thousands and wounding almost a million. It has been estimated that the NATO led War on Libya has displacedover two million people as well.

n 2010 Gaddafi offered to invest 70.66€ billion in Africa to free it from Western influence, on condition that African states rid themselves of corruption and nepotism. Gaddafi always dreamed of a Developed, United Africa and was about to make that dream come true – and nothing is more terrifying to the West than a Developed, United Africa.

Muammar al-Qathafi student room in Sirte – Libya

AL-TAHADI UNIVERSITY جامعة سرت, Sirt, Libya

AL-TAHADI UNIVERSITY جامعة سرت, Sirt, Libya

School in Sirte

School building in the city of Sirte

After reviewing this photos, check out a selection of the initiatives Libya has already put in place in Africa, as well as some of the projects it is planning, explaining why the West’s illegal war against Libya also is a war against entire Africa. Titled “Gaddafi Placed 70.66€ Billion On Table To Free Africa From Imperialism“.

DURATION: 26.08.2008 – 01.09.2009

Landscape project consultation and application.

659 unit palm tree, 900 unit tree, 700 unit water-plants, 2000 unit climbing plant, and 106.195 unit shrubs were planted with irrigation system. There are 1 main restaurant ( 1319 sqm), 1 event space (925 sqm), 1 internet cafe ( 722 sqm), 1 amphitheater( 236 sqm), 2 cafes(200 sqm each), 1 basketball-volleyball area (510 sqm), open sport areas and two football field ( 930 sqm each),dancing fountain(2010 sqm), ponds(125 sqm, 90 sqm), water features( 1550 sqm, 2500 sqm), 3 children playground(total 450 sqm), and an outdoor gym area(total 400 sqm).

14.000 sqm interlock stone, 11.000 sqm stamp concrete, 11.000 sqm asphalt, 1000 m³ gravel, 1000 sqm epdm, 2000 sqm of sports area were covered with grass; 70.000 sqm grass used in landscape areas. 3000 sqm natural stone was used for covering outer walls; 10.000 sqm marble was used both for wall covering and floor covering; 6000 sqm granite was used for floor covering.

DURATION: 26.08.2008 – 01.09.2009DETAILS:
Landscape project consultation and application.659 unit palm tree, 900 unit tree, 700 unit water-plants, 2000 unit climbing plant, and 106.195 unit shrubs were planted with irrigation system. There are 1 main restaurant ( 1319 sqm), 1 event space (925 sqm), 1 internet cafe ( 722 sqm), 1 amphitheater( 236 sqm), 2 cafes(200 sqm each), 1 basketball-volleyball area (510 sqm), open sport areas and two football field ( 930 sqm each),dancing fountain(2010 sqm), ponds(125 sqm, 90 sqm), water features( 1550 sqm, 2500 sqm), 3 children playground(total 450 sqm), and an outdoor gym area(total 400 sqm).14.000 sqm interlock stone, 11.000 sqm stamp concrete, 11.000 sqm asphalt, 1000 m³ gravel, 1000 sqm epdm, 2000 sqm of sports area were covered with grass; 70.000 sqm grass used in landscape areas. 3000 sqm natural stone was used for covering outer walls; 10.000 sqm marble was used both for wall covering and floor covering; 6000 sqm granite was used for floor covering.

The spokesman of the 136 Infantry Battalion Khalifa Allowahh Sirte on Friday told the atmosphere of the country; elements of the battalion found a stolen car belonging to the electricity company, in a farm area Bozaar south of Sirte, indicating that the car was returned to the company.

Prosecutor subjected to an assassination attempt on Sirte

(Agency urgently Libya) Private Sirte
Exposure prosecutor in the city of Sirte to an assassination attempt when a car trying to sort
Hyundai rammed his Toyota and the attempt failed and the driver lost control of the car attacking Vastdmt barriers middle of the road ..
The driver got off at lightning speed despite being injured in the face and
the type of car Camry by 3 people are moving too quickly and smuggling, and as soon as they fled their car exploded Alhavandaa.
And interpreted by informed sources that the attempted assassination of the Attorney General of Sirte (which is at the foundation
of the city of Ajdabiya) as a failed attempt also to keep him on the issue of the theft of the money,
which took place in Sirte long ago, even though the government and officials of Sirte were still hiding the murderers and thieves.



Moussa Koni:





Agency urgently Libya / port of Sidra – reporter (special)
Entered the agency urgently to Libya on Thursday through its correspondent in Ajdabiya to the port of Sidra oil, where the reporter continued the process of installing meters and units of measurement of US-made oversees fitted Council Cyrenaica province headed by Ibrahim Jdharan, to resume oil exports from the port within a few days.
Said one of the operators at the port reporter urgent Libya that U.S. experts visited the port and offered tips to the Council of Cyrenaica, which is scheduled it will be the first shipment of oil destined to the United States of America, where I learned the agency urgently Libya that an American businessman arrived a few days ago to Burka and met Jdharan and Barasi The visit ended agreement on the sale of the first shipment of oil to the U.S. company did not disclose the source of its name.
The source confirmed that the bad weather the past few days have prevented the arrival of the USS that resides days ago off the coast of Cyrenaica.
According to the source, the American businessman offered security guarantees to both houses of Cyrenaica political and executive, after the head of the central government, ALI ZAIDANE, threatened to attack and
pound any steamer coming in interference of Libyan territorial waters (without a permit to entry from Tripoli) whatever its destination and nationality.

As-Sidrah Port (Oil Terminal)

As Sidrah or as-Sidra, located in the Gulf of Sidrah (the Sirte Gulf), is an offshore oil terminal, frequesnted by about 200 vessels a year. Vessels with telex facilities on board should telex directly to al-Waha Oil Company on 20158 or 20758. Customs and Immigration requirements should be obtained from the vessel’s agent. Tankers with inoperative or partially inoperative propulsion units will be rejected. There are no garbage disposal facilities, and severe penalties may be imposed for pollution and waste discharged into the sea. The approach to the harbour is best made parallel to the coast until the oil tanks are detected on radar. The most prominent landmark is a water tower in the terminal area (white colour), located at 30°38’N 018°21’E (FR). Tanker specifications: tankers should have 2 bower anchors and ground tackle; at least one winch capable of heaving on two ropes simultaneously; suitable stoppers for all lines and stoppers for wire ropes; at least nine good synthetic fibre lines of not less than 9in circumference; be equipped with block, tackle, booms, runners, sundry equipment, wrenches, gaskets, nuts, bolts, strops, drip tray and sawdust, drift pins and taglines. No repairs should be made while the tanker is in or near a berth.
Operator: Waha Oil Company.
Port activity: loading crude oil.
Communications: VHF: Ch 16.
Location: 33:38 N, Long: 18:22 E.
Tankers should maintain listening on VHF Ch 08 and 16.
Omnidirectional aircraft radio beacon: at 30°37.31’N 018°21.04’E, transmission OJ, 5 times every 60 seconds on 300KC/S.
Charts: BA 3344. Admiralty Pilot NP49.
Max draft: 18M.
Dock density: 1025.
Pilot: compulsory and according to instructions, vailable at all hours, in the vicinity of 30°40.2’N 018°23.5’E.
Anchorage: between the parallels of 30°41.4’N and 30°43.0’N and between the meridians of 018°22.0’E and 018°25.0’E; depth approximately 33m.
Tidal range: 0.5m.
There are 4 crude oil loading berths, 2 conventional buoy berths and 2 SBM.
Services: no bunkering, medical facilities for emergencies only.
Nearest airport: local airfield, for oil company personnel only.

Libyan Oil port


Libya’s Brega Port to begin oil exports soon


Despite continuing disturbances to the Libyan oil sector with the largest terminals, Es Sider and Ras Lanuf still remaining closed due to protests, the local sources said that Marsa al Brega Port reopened on Tuesday and might start handling oil cargo in the next few days. According to a shipping source, Brega has resumed most of its functions with the arrival of shipments of fertilizer and methanol and yet no oil tanker is seen berthing there. The source added: “We think Brega crude oil exports will restart in about two to three days.”

The ship operator of the Hellas Warrior crude oil tanker, waiting to load in the port of Marsa al Hariga in easter Libya said that the situation was constantly changing with conflicting details coming from the port and the National Oil Corp.(NOC)

Earlier this week, the Libyan Oil Ministry announced that Marsa al Hariga has reopened.

The Libyan Navy said in a statement that the units in charge of scanning and reconnaissance operations, deployed off the oil ports of Sidra, Ras Lanuf and Brega will inspect tankers in the region and end the illegal presence of those that do not have the right authorization.

A good beginning is half the battle. And, determination to win completes it.




No extension of the CONGRESS:

(Blagraa) White began gathering now Bmuftriq management banks Bawhita.

# (White )… The closure of the junction trade by protestors refusing the extension of the National Conference


Another picture of a demonstration city of Casablanca to reject the extension of the National Conference:


Came out and no longer :::::
Ajdabiya ::::::

Came out and no longer young Hamid Faraj Dwoad carp 12 year old where out in his father’s car type Hnde Antra Model 2013 Inflatable Plate Number Libya / 8 the rest of the figure Unknown after prayers on Friday afternoon today in the city of Ajdabiya, please on the recognize it inform the Directorate of National Security Ajdabiya and God will not waste the reward of the best work.

(Mutassim Faitouri)

Agency urgently Libya / Ajdabiya – Correspondent
The escape of more than 30 prisoners from the prison of the judiciary now in Ajdabiya,

after being assaulted on Hrsat prison with the help of armed groups during prayers Friday afternoon.

Now the heart of the event Ajdabiya ::::
Concerning escape Almsgen from prison judicial Ajdabiya where they were shooting the prison jurisdiction of 4 cars and resulted in the escape of 35 prisoners and spread patrols security services within the city,

where they rebel Ajdabiya and the Preventive Security Service in cooperation with the security room and help the army and managed to arrest the 13 and Mazel Gary Now search for 22 of the fugitives who are believed to be part of them fled to the city of Benghazi,

was identified on a car and one of the cars attackers and Hey Toyota Fjah color white glass opaque black color has Balrmih dense.

No one was hurt me any Mae as advised me by

Sheikh Mchae God _ and Hussein Bouhoria _ Mohammed and tax Remember God Ajdabiya and Eyea

picture now from there.

Judicial assault on the prison was smuggling a number of prisoners
At the present time is hunted by the security authorities
With the cooperation of the people of the city.
(Atef Clmana)
Colonel “Basheer Abdul Kader,” ordered the security room Ajdabiya
The escape of a number of prisoners in a prison Ajdabiya
Without any resistance by force charged with protecting, and is
Judicial police, and said, “Kader” in a statement that
The agency responsible did not inform the competent authorities only after it is too
Now and after Ferraralsjnae’s “45” and was a prisoner
The arrest of the “4” prisoners of them, and is pointed Room
Security Ajdabiya that was fleeing from the charge of complicity
Protection, so do not do wrong one, according to him, because he did not ask
Support during the escape and were not reported and were not immediately
There any kind of resistance.
(Salem al-Obeidi)

(Mutassim Alvuori)

Heavy rain in Benghazi and Ajdabiya and the cities of the Green mountain yet,

and meteorologists expect continuing until Saturday morning.


Demonstrations from the capital wounded “Benghazi” now navigate GS Cyrenaica tv channel frequency 11111 vertical encoding 27500

Benghazi by the sea

Benghazi now before Tbisti …

Wael Ali channels with the following describes the Brotherhood
Today should be locked.

Not to extend the front Tbsta.
Where are you Aaahak heating and screens
The number of those killed in Benghazi only 312 figure in 2013 and the conference wants

the extension under the pretext of security and political vacuum.

No extension of the CONGRESS:




Landscape application projects.

After making sure it turns out that the clashes occurred between February 17th battalion and brigade battalion first missiles ….
News about the return of new clashes since about half an hour and now put security, between February 17th battalion
and is said to be between 204 Tank Battalion and Benghazi Security Directorate in the case of a security alert
and the security situation there is good ……
(Mutassim Faitouri)

Quoting \ gate Libya Libya Gate:
Our neighbor colonel in the Libyan army and retired before the revolution
Chaib large health Tabanh Loya Dobk walks footmen good and in the case of
He was praying in the mosque five times in ă Ehlbash one time,,
After a wave of assassinations guy has a two-month randomized Venah walked to the mosque,!
Once it opens once Nchofoa Koraj the car to his son after what the university calls them ..
Ali heady spirit No visits were not even walk to the shops.
This is the law claim Elly Ebouha nor did I understand wrong?

on the channel Aakkak Iraq:
A meeting with one of the free accused criminals assassinations on the screen written words on the screen:
“Meeting with Jardan Qaeda “


Found an unidentified body Buhedama industrial area, multiplied by the number of bullets.
(Mutassim Faitouri)


FLASH very ::::::::Special Forces say we received the communication of finding the body of an unidentified area Hawari and when we went out there already, and we found a dead person and it is thrown, but we could not take him out because he chucked a hole depth of 12 meters and note that is important earthy any that you can not entering only by car payment quadrilateral with us and ambulances can not get out of the place and the place we stayed inside waiting for help,,,,,,
Stun forces are directed to call the Civil Defense and the competent authorities and says we present Hawari area specifically after the old cemetery Hawari then go along the street and 3 as of this street ….
Please help and circular and publishing …………………………..
Who has any help on your talking to me …………..
SS says: We could not pull the unidentified person Hawari area because it is located in a crater approximately 20 meters and the place does not help it, but tomorrow morning we’ll directed …….
Accompanied by civil defense men and stun ……
This appeal to those media to cover the event,,,,,,,,,,,
(Mutassim Faitouri)
Salem al-Obeidi:
The civil defense taking out all cars submerged in the mud
Hawari area near Hinagher glaucoma near cemetery
New, and has not been directed by the body because they are well within the depth of 25 meters
And there is no potential to be leveraged and lighting, and power left over to surround the place, and
Tomorrow morning will be exhumed by special forces
And continues the series of assassinations, kidnappings and destruction in Libya ..(The following reads from BENGHAZI alone…but there are more throughout LIBYA)

The assassination of Payment: Mohammed Faraj Assarar in the neighborhood of peace, while going to perform Friday prayers ..
Note that follows the air defense.
I am God and to Him we return ..
● assassination provided the national army «Mohammed Faraj cabled»’s air defense Benghazi by unknown assailants shot at him with a barrage of bullets area «neighborhood peace» in the city of Benghazi, killing him ..Confirmed speaking media Galaa Hospital Fadia Albergthe Friday told the atmosphere of the country, and the arrival of the body of Mohammed Faraj Ibrak cabled, Force’s air defense, and aged 39 years, was shot dead by unknown assailants after being targeted area al-Salam neighborhood in Benghazi.

The assassination of the leading “Mohammed Faraj Assarar” B Salam neighborhood while going
For Friday prayers and mentions that he continued to defend the air.
Found dead by unidentified area Rulrhh infected
B several divorces. Sponsored assassination “Mohammed Faraj cabled”, shot by left area
Al-Salam neighborhood, and mentions that “cabled” a men’s air defense

● grabs submitted National Army «Ahmad believer senile»’s
First Infantry Brigade in front of his home in the city of Benghazi by unknown assailants who were on

board the vehicle type pocket black nor news about his fate so far ..
● found Abuatunai area in the city of Benghazi this morning, the driver of a passenger bus Egyptian nationality infected several gunshots by unknown assailants and taken to hospital in critical condition too ..An Egyptian nationality hit by a bullet ((a cartouche)) and is now a hospital in critical condition and evacuate ….

Finding an Egyptian bus driver led Egyptian nationality
Boatni area, injured by a bullet and his condition is very critical
Reservation was on the bus and ambulance driver, and also the reservation
A sum of money by bus.

(Mutassim Faitouri)

● armed groups attacked at dawn on Friday, National Security Directorate Benghazi light and medium weapons nor reported fatalities ..
Found the body of an unidentified person wearing a suit
Military, and it seems that he has shot and left inside the filter
Hinagher glaucoma that come after the new cemetery, near
From the cement plant Benghazi
Urgent appeal for civil defense, there are cars belonging to the army
National and ambulance mired in mud, near the
Hinagher glaucoma, it wants help in getting a car
Immediately go to there.


Exposure at dawn today the house, “Saleh Mahmoud Louhichi”, to attack
Armed milkfish area, without knowing the details, and did not
The attack resulted in casualties or damage, remember.
(Salem al-Obeidi)
Syria satellite channel to achieve with the young Ibrahim Ragab Ferjany of Benghazi .. ..
Benghazi is situated in northeastern Libya with 950,000 inhabitants (2004 estimate), on the Gulf of Sidra. It is the second largest city in Libya, and the dominating centre in the eastern Cyrenaica region.
The photo was taken on a religious holiday, hence the empty square.:
Square in Benghazi on holiday
تحقيق قناة سوريا الفضائية مع الشاب ابراهيم رجب الفرجاني من بنغازي .. ..


Intermittent sounds of explosions are dotted Fwyhat!!
God willing the good.



Tuber death Chancellor Joseph Ayad cream after being fired by the bats of darkness for several weeks in the tuber and died on a bed room care in Tunisia.

And thus increasing the death toll from the tuber of suicide bombings and assassinations for the 112 victims so far, mostly in the last period, any increase in violence on all day.
(AD Media tuber)



Heathens ..
Offers one of the checkpoints of the army to attack
By an armed group.

The death of the citizen Altbawi “Hussein pen”, shot by left
When he went to the mosque to perform noon prayers district shura
Today Friday in godless.
Security source confirmed that early point stationed by the national army
Godless city came under armed attack by gunmen.
Attack without causing casualties, and mentions that
City godless experiencing great tension, by the outbreak of an armed clash
And a dispute between the tribe and the Tabu Azwaip.
# Godless
(Salem al-Obeidi)


(Free newspaper Sabha)
Demonstrations against the extension of the National Congress of the year today.


● killing of Altbawi «Hussein pen» left by bullets while he was on his way to perform Friday prayers
at the mosque in the city of Kufra SC by unknown ..


International channel Libya Libya International
The Egyptian Interior Ministry says it has already started to deal with the associate to the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood,
and supported by, or deals financed Amaaha or “terrorists belonging to a terrorist organization”
Brothers Tunisia, Syria, Algeria and Libya in a joint statement: classification decision of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood as a terrorist group “unjust decision” (BLA BLA…then stop bombing, assassinations and preaching HATE)

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