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Falcon al-Qathafi

  • God is above all !
  •  He gave all things life and everything there is…to not acknowledge this is the worst sin that any man can do.
  • This can be a beautiful world were it not for the corruption of EVIL, CARNAL and greedy men..who disrupt the wonderful things God has provided for us…They are hideous,  and only can be described as followers of the DARK one who first rejected ALLAH (GOD)’s will and prefer “their own” man-made stupidity!
  • Muammar al-Qathafi is obedient and subservient to NO MAN; but is completely submissive to the WILL OF ALLAH.
    IT IS HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS and purity of heart (in all what God has revealed to him) that will save LIBYA and our sick world.

A congratulatory message from the leaders of all the men and the formation of the earthquake fighter
Dear beloved: I turned the pages of last year Boukerha and evil, never to return until the day of judgment
and the profit of the profit lost from the lost.
We are we committed to God to be our situation in the new year 2014
The most effective, and most useful. Safer for the homeland and the citizen and to be
liberators of our land of traitors and agents and the Kharijites and make our flag fluttering
on the green Jamahirya beloved .. The forward …….
(M. Saqr

رسالة تهنئة من جميع قادة ورجال تشكيل الزلزال المقاتل
أيها الأحبة: لقد طُويت صفحات العام الماضي بخيرها وشرها إلى غير رجعة وحتى يوم الدين ربح فيها من ربح وخسر فيها من خسر.
نحن عاهدنا الله على أن يكون حالنا في العام الجديد 2014
أجدى، وأنفع.وأكثر أمنا للوطن والمواطن وأن نكون محررون أرضنا من الخونه والعملاء والخوارج وأن نجعل رايتنا الخضراء ترفرف علي جماهيريتنا الحبيبة.. وإلي الأمام…….
(م.صقر الزلزال) مساعد قائد سرية زلزال الغضب وأمر كتيبة الزلزال المقاتلة..

 assistant company commander earthquake rage and ordered the battalion earthquake fighter ..

Soon the Last Episode/ قريبا .. الحلقة الأخيرة ..


Ali Salem DLF word assassin 51:33
Dr. Hamza Abuschgner Thami in the green channel on 31 / DECEMBER / 2013 P
de Ali Salem DLF Cutthroat



The puppet show in Libya has been set – here are the actors..

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The puppet show in Libya has been set. Actually it was set before the Libyan revolutionaries revolted against al-Qathafi. They will soon have to face the bitter truth when these puppets will negotiate in their name and will sell Oil to their masters..

Image scaled down

The puppet show in Libya has been set – here are the actors..

The puppet show in Libya has been set. Actually it was set before the Libyan revolutionaries revolted against al-Qathafi. They will soon have to face the bitter truth  when these puppets will negotiate in their name and will sell Oil to their masters..
Mahmud Jibril (right ) and Ali al-Essawi (center) of Libya’s rebel national council, and Ali Zeidan (Left ), envoys from Libya’s opposition leave on 10 March 2011 the Elysee presidential palace, after a meeting with France’s president Nicolas Sarkozy

And ….. the wild card ** Ali Zaidane (left in the foto below) .. he is not member of the council ..he has not been appointed by anyone.. BUT HE IS always present in the meeting with Sarkozy.. 

Ali Zaidane doesn’t live in Libya; he is based in Munich and he worked for oil company having business in Iraq. Ali Zaidane, a Europe-based envoy (appointed by who ?) for the Libyan National Transitional Council, and Mansour Sayfal-Naser, a member of the Libyan Human Rights League !!, speak to the Associated Press in Paris, Monday 21 March 2011. 
Zaidane said air strikes, led by France, Britain and the United States, have helped, but the council do not want international forces to invade the country. “al-Qathafi must disappear. He should leave as soon as possible,” Zaidane said. “We would like to establish a new state on the basis of “democracy” … we do not want an Islamist government.”

ZAIDANE was always present in Meetings with SARKOZY:

Here he is in Sarkozy’s office…He was always part of SARKOZY foreign deplomacy; but being German, it was “covert”…(just like NIXON used Henry Kissinger).

Mahmud Shammam:
News from the Brotherhood and the coalition agreement on naming Ali al-Issawi, head of the government substitute for Zaidane.

Ali Al Issawi

A former minister for economy, trade and investment, he was serving as Libya’s ambassador to India but stepped down last month out of objection to “the violence against civilians by the government and mercenaries,” as he told the Indian Express. He had twice attempted to step down from his ministerial position in 2008 owing to disagreements with al-Baghdadi Mamoudi, secretary of the People’s Committee, but was persuaded to stay, according to a leaked U.S. diplomatic cable. He now serves on the national Ccouncil’s steering committee and shares responsibility for foreign affairs. He was part of the delegation that received France’s formal recognition of the council on 10 March 2011.

Mr. Ali Al Issawi ( Essawi) A political and education Libyan who was born in the city of Benghazi in 1966. Has a PhD in pivatisation obtained from the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest Romania. He occupied the position of Minister of Economy, Trade and Investment in Libya, and was the youngest minister to fill such a post. Before taking the ministerial position, he founded the Centre for Export Development in 2006 and became the first Director General for it. He also assumed the position of Director General for the Ownership expansion program (privatization fund) in 2005. Ali Al Issawi, former ambassador to India and one of the first Libyan diplomats to have raised the banner of revolt against Muammar al-Qathafi since 20th of February , is the rebels’ choice to reach out to the world.

Name: Ali al-Issawi

Position: Transitional council’s foreign envoy

Bio: Issawi joined Jibril to meet with Sarkozy earlier this month. A career diplomat, he previously served as Libya’s trade minister and ambassador to India but resigned during the crisis. He has strong relationships with foreign companies, the Journal says.


a FB vidéo de Tabu sons of the desert.

News conference, a spokesman for the National Conference – Omar Ahmidan
– Roadmap .. Extension of the conference .. Constitutional amendment ..
– Initiative give the government one month to give all the support to end the file of oil /

blockade and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


مؤتمر صحفي للناطق بأسم المؤتمر الوطني – عمر أحميدان
– خارطة الطريق .. التمديد للمؤتمر.. تعديل دستوري ..
– مبادره امهال الحكومه شهر واحد مع منحها كل الدعم لانهاء ملف النفط / حصار وزارة الخارجية31/12/2013

Spies “American in Libya and sophisticated weapons for” catching “the most dangerous terrorists!!

The security expert said Faisal al-Sharif and the presence of a competent American teams roam in Libya, a civilian uniforms Jussh teams stationed in Libya to search for items terrorist sleeper. And note that he has been arrested four members of the espionage exploded in their car without touching the impact of landing them.

The expert added, “the incident that Asher them yesterday got in Misratah, where he was arrested four persons of U.S. citizenship has been burned out of their car as soon as Nzoa them because they are equipped with modern technologies and sophisticated, and operate these units to monitor the impact of the terrorists in order to eliminate the most dangerous warheads terrorist”

(Tunisian news)

Publishing and Circular:
Have you heard or read about the Foundation Komenx?
Komenx Foundation. comnics corporation is the foundation of the industry, the CIA and the Zionist Mossad.
Mission of the institution and in front of the surface states Almtwadh where is the development and preparation of cadres to the authority of the state.
The main task of the Foundation is purely intelligence. Will write more about the mission, because all of Sikra understand. But what made me write to touch the subject is that the institution has become since the play (no. 9) in Libya in full.
The Foundation has rented villa site of three roles Street Mohammed Alkhalqy area Alnofleeyen as drawing facility.
That institution has toured with most of the Libyan cities and met with a number of the elders of the Libyan cities under the framework of mutual understanding and assistance and the organization to make payments to those who see it will help them in the specification incursions into cities and provide information. It also works in secrecy on every area of ​​the same does not reveal her true identity to those who meet them, alas, that some of those interviewed received sums of money and Tktamoa on their actions so as not to unfold their heads in front of the rest of the tribal elders, and this is one of the terms and conditions in the official work.
As the numbers of its members, members of the intelligence service and who are now working in Tripoli roam also a number of cities and had previously visited Zintan and Misurata and Zliten and Tarhounah and five corner and Zuwarah and Gharyan.
Also, the location and the landlord of one of the citizens at fifteen thousand Libyan dinars a month is also in doubt. In addition to the CIA agents and the Mossad institution residents who work inside the building does not appear on any of the building the appearance of which suggests the existence of one.
The Enterprise car rental from one office leasing, which established for the purpose of service of the institution did not know until one of them or not be compromised for its business and for the Office Car Rental for one customer Almzarat.
As the drivers have been specially selected by the Libyans of their clients and are paid monthly salaries alluring.
That Libya is now a hotbed of Kfar clients and villains
(Op 2):

UPDATE 01 JANUARY 2014:(Agency urgently Libya)

Private TripoliAccording to leaks confirmed from within the corridors of the National Conference-General to the President of the National Commission on the High Elections “Nuri al-Abbar,” has given preliminary approval to the masses of ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood’s “justice and construction” (PARTY of the SALFIST LIBYA).and “meet” on the run for the post of prime minister after the withdrawal of confidence from the current president, “Ali Zaidane.”According to our sources in the National Congress, that several meetings were held between “Alabbar” and to reassure the two blocs to obtain a quorum, which qualifies him for prime minister.Meanwhile the last confirmed number of members of the National Congress, told an urgent Libya,that the current Prime Minister, “Ali Zaidane,” still enjoys the support of a number of members of Congress, including Bkivl him to stay in office unless there is a surprise oust him.




Dr Aref Ali Nayed (Arabic: عارف علي النايض) (born in 1962) is a Libyan Islamic scholar and the Libyan Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates.[1] He had resigned upon the holding of elections in 2012 (a condition he had insisted upon on assuming the position), however, his resignation was subsequently rejected by the Libyan government. He is also the founder and director of Kalam Research & Media (KRM), based in Tripoli, Libya and Dubai.[2] Until the outbreak of the revolution in Libya, he lectured on Islamic theology, logic, and spirituality at the restored Uthman Pasha Madrassa in Tripoli, and supervised graduate students at the Islamic Call College there.

Before the liberation of Tripoli in 2011, he was appointed by the National Transitional Council as the coordinator of the Tripoli Taskforce. When Tripoli was liberated in late August 2011, the remit was broadened and he was made the lead coordinator of the Libya Stabilization Team. Earlier in the year, he was the coordinator for the Support Offices of the Executive Team of the National Transitional Council (NTC) of Libya. He is also the secretary of the Network of Free Ulema – Libya.Aref Ali Nayed was born in Benghazi and raised in Tripoli. He later went to Canada, to study at the insistence of his father, and received his BSc in Engineering from the University of Guelph in Ontario. At Guelph, he became deeply interested in philosophy and science and stayed on to complete an MA in the Philosophy of Science, and then a PhD in Hermeneutics. His doctoral work on operational hermeneutics was published in 2011 by Kalam Research and Media. Pursuing further his academic interests he studied Islamic philosophy and theology at the University of Toronto and then specialised in Christian theology at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome.

He went on to take up several academic positions and was Professor at the Pontifical Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies in Rome, and the International Institute for Islamic Thought and Civilization in Malaysia.

In the 1990s, he returned to Libya and headed an IT Company with offices in Tripoli, Benghazi, Sharjah and Hyderabad.

As the former Libyan government began lifting restrictions on religious teaching, Aref Nayed helped restore and reopen the famous Othman Pasha Madrasa in the Old Madina of Tripoli. This madrasa was a renowned centre for theological and spiritual instructions and many leading Tripolitanian scholars of the past were associated with it. Aref Nayed taught theology, logic and spirituality there, until February 2011, when the political unrest in Tripoli escalated and the former regime’s forces committed widespread violence, killings and summary arrests of those supporting the Free Libyan movement.

Aref Nayed is also Senior Advisor to the Cambridge Inter-Faith Programme; Fellow of the Royal Aal Al-Bayt Institute in Jordan; and was appointed to the Board of Advisors of the prestigious Templeton Foundation.Advocacy early in the civil war[edit]
Nayed took part in demonstrations in Tripoli on 19 February and witnessed first-hand the brutality of the regime against its own people. Together with other Libyan ulema from Tripoli and Western region of Libya, Nayed established the Network of Free Ulema. The network comprised traditional religious scholars and they called for an immediate end to the killings by the regime.[3][4]

On 20 February, Nayed left Tripoli for Istanbul in order to help the campaign against Gaddafi. In Istanbul and Ankara he talked to the Chief Advisor to the Turkish Prime Minister Ibrahim Kalin and described the situation in Libya and requested that Turkey help the Free Libya movement and condemn Gaddafi. He also requested that the Turkish government send immediate medical supplies to hospitals in Benghazi through the Turkish ships that were evacuating their nationals. The day after, Nayed gave an interview to BBC Radio 4, in which he decried Saif al-Islam Gaddafi and the Gaddafi government, and called on them to stop attacks on innocent people and on the international community to help the innocent people.[5]
As the situation in Libya escalated, Nayed, along with the Network of Free Ulema, issued a fatwa calling for open rebellion. The statement read:
Two days ago we made an appeal to the Libyan regime and its helpers to stop killing their brothers and sisters.

They have demonstrated total arrogant impunity and continued, and even intensified, their bloody crimes against humanity. They have thereby demonstrated total infidelity to the guidance of God and His beloved Prophet (peace be upon him). This renders them undeserving of any obedience or support, and makes rebelling against them by all means possible a divinely ordained duty upon every able Muslim, male or female, to the extent of their capacity. We support our brave brother and colleague Sheikh al-Sadiq al-Ghriani in his recent fatwas, and call for his immediate release un- harmed. We also call for the immediate release of all imprisoned demonstrators, including many of our young students.[6]

On 22 February, the Network of Free Ulema called for urgent medical supplies and for the international community to help the Free Libya cause and condemn Gaddafi.[7] Then on 23 February, the Network of Free Ulema issued an endorsement of the Declaration of the 17 February Revolution stating: “Today, we thank God for giving us the honor of endorsing and fully supporting the Declarations of the Revolution of February 17th, 2011, announced by our brother Dr. Al-Tarhuni and broadcast locally over the past few days, and on Al-Jazeera (Arabic) this morning.”[8]
In the following days, Nayed contacted and briefed a number of key international leaders and institutions in order to galvanize international support for the revolution: Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan of the UAE, Prince Ghazi bin Muhammad of Jordan; Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, and World Council of Churches (which led to it issuing a statement on 22 February).

Since the statements issued by the Network of Free Ulema on 19 February, Dr Nayed’s Kalam Research and Media office in Dubai became a centre for media activity supporting the Free Libya efforts. The KRM office, through its massive media network around the world, ensured that all statements of the Network of Free Ulema would be circulated as widely as possible to all media. The office also liaised with international journalists and governments to ensure they had up to date information on the Libyan crisis. The KRM office worked 24 hours daily to maintain media pressure and then very quickly expanded its team of Libyan experts, and with the blessing of the UAE government, and began engaging in diplomatic work with NATO to support the efforts of the Executive Team.

The KRM office also relayed to the media agencies (Al Jazeera, BBC, CNN, Sky News, and other international networks) video and audio footage from Tripoli and other parts of Libya about the situation there. There footage was received through direct contacts in the capital. On 23 February, Nayed made a second visit to Istanbul to seek medical aid for Libyan hospitals and met with the Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu to update him and to thank him for their efforts. Meanwhile, the situation in Tripoli worsened and due to his exposure to the media, threats to his family members in Tripoli also increased. On 24 February, the KRM media team joined with a team of young Libyans in Dubai to coordinate a strategic media campaign for New Libya.

All efforts to place speakers, feature articles, and information packs were increased across all international media. Teams were working from multiple locations in the Middle East and Europe and the US. Then on 26 February the Network of Free Ulema issued a statement calling for more humanitarian help for the Libyan people and calling for arrest warrants to be issued by the International Criminal Court: “Please urgently send into Libya as much medical and humanitarian aid as possible. The Egyptian-Libyan border, Benghazi Port, and Misrata Port are now open, and we urge Libyans inside and outside the country to help in every way they can with logistics and distribution. We very much appreciate the early response from Turkey and from the International Red Cross/Red Crescent in this regard.”[9] The Network of Free Ulema also issued a statement supporting and endorsing the National Transitional Council.[10]

In March the Network of Free Ulema also issued a statement supporting the efforts of Libyan women in the Free Libya movement.[11]
On 15 March, after the constant targeting, killing and harassment of journalists by the Gaddafi government, the Network of Free Ulema issued a new statement:
‘The bravery of Libyan and international journalists in reporting on the facts on the ground in the face of violence, obstruction and propaganda by the regime is nothing short of heroic. Without their efforts the outside world would not be able to understand the truly shocking nature of the evil that Gaddafi’s thugs are perpetrating against the Libyan people.'[12]

Working with the NTC[edit]

At the beginning of March, Nayed set up the support offices for the Executive Team. The support offices, with its experienced and volunteer and professional team of Libyan staff aimed to provide administrative and expert assistance to the Executive Team. Its teams assisted in the Energy, Diplomacy, Security, and other sectors particularly the offices of Mahmoud Jibril, Ali Issawi, and Ali Tarhouni. At the Dubai Operations Room, the Support Office continued working vigorously on humanitarian needs of the Libyan people and diplomatic efforts and media outreach to support the call for the UN Security Council to impose a No-Fly Zone. Nayed rallied a number of leading government leaders internationally and political and religious personalities over the coming days to put pressure on the UN. Dr Nayed’s team in Dubai assisted the Centre for Islam and Democracy in Washington, D.C. to substantially increase the number of signatories calling for U.S. President Barack Obama to support the No-Fly Zone. As a result a large number of leading academic and politicians in the US supported the petition which was given to the White House.

On 17 March, the UN Security Council passed the No-Fly Zone. On 4 April, two Support Office members from Dubai accompanied Ali Isawi, then the Foreign Secretary of the NTC Executive Team to his meeting in Rome with Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini. The Support Team provided him with media and press and administrative support throughout the visit. At the press conference after the bilaterial meeting, Frattini, on behalf of the Italian Government, officially recognized the NTC as the sole and legitimate representative of the Libyan people.[13][14]

From the beginning of April, Nayed, along with two other assistants, Qatar provided assistance to Jibril. They assisted Jibril with the preparations for the Doha Contact Group Meeting on 11 April, and the EU Foreign Ministers Meeting on 12 April in Luxembourg.

On 12 April, the head of the NTC Executive Team, Mahmoud Jibril was accompanied by Nayed to the EU Foreign Ministers Council in Luxembourg. The meeting was chaired by Catherine Ashton, the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy.[15][16]
Nayed was part of the NTC Delegation to the Contact Group meeting in Doha on 13 April. The Contact Group countries agreed to establish a Temporary Financial Mechanism to assist Libya. Doha was the first time that the NTC was able to attend the Contact Group meeting as an entity in and of itself and brief the Foreign Ministers on the current situation and the needs of the Libyan people and to request the international community to maintain the No-Fly Zone.[

17] The Support Offices worked closely with Executive Team and the Libya Contact Group representatives on the Temporary Financial Mechanism (TFM). The TFM was then agreed upon by the Contact Group and it became the mechanism through which the Contact Group donors would provide financial assistance. Detailed work on the construction of the framework of the TFM took place at the Support Offices in Dubai. The work was done in close coordination with the Economics and Oil Portfolio of the NTC Executive Team and with Abdullah Shamia, Omar Shakmak and Idris Al-Sharif. A draft was already ready by 18 April and the final version was completed by 28 April. [18]

On 14 April, the Support Office team drafted a letter to ICC Prosecutor Ocampo, which were officially signed by Mustafa Abdul Jalil and also letters for Denmark, the Maldives and Jordan. [19]
The Support Offices also helped draft a Weapons Control Mechanism for the NTC at the request of the Contact Group nations, particularly the UAE and Qatar. The first draft was submitted to Mahmoud Jibril on 20 April and then submitted to the Contact Group.

For three weeks in April the Support Offices under the direction of Nayed provided intense and around the clock help to the Financial, Security, Oil and Telecommunications portfolios of the NTC Executive Team and contributed directly to its initial successes for the Free Libya cause. On the Telecommunications front, the Support Office team members in Doha were working closely with the teams in Benghazi to restore the mobile phone lines with Libyana and were also working closely with Qtel for other telecommunication repair and reconstruction. [20]

Nayed, Muneim Boud and the Support Offices, with the financial assistance from the Qatari authorities, purchased a field hospital with 50 beds for Misrata. Misrata was under intense shelling by the Gaddafi government and there was no working hospital. Nayed liaised with the Qatari authorities to finalise the financing, and Boud travelled to Norway to oversee the order and to learn the installation procedures. The field hospital reached Misrata by the end of April and it was soon operational with the help of Italian medical staff.

Further work was carried out during April on humanitarian, financial, diplomatic, and security sectors, and support teams actively worked in Dubai, Doha, Amman, and Bahrain. On 2–3 May Nayed met with 12 lawyers from five countries at Doha to discuss various issues ahead of the Contact Group meeting in Rome on 5 May.

The 3rd Libya Contact Group Meeting took place in Rome on 5 May and the Temporary Financial Mechanism was fully approved by the Contact Group Members. [21]
Relations between liberated and non-liberated areas of Libya[edit]”Libya Together and Free Conference”, Doha, with leaders from the west, centre and south of Libya.

In May Nayed and the Support Office coordinated the arrangements for major conferences in Abu Dhabi, Doha and Benghazi for Western, Central and Southern Libyan representatives, representing a total of 23 local councils. The main title of the three conferences was “Libya, Together and Free: Supporting the National Transitional Council”. The conferences culminated in a visit to Benghazi to join the NTC. This was a major initiative as until then the NTC did not have countrywide representation in its Council. The conferences received worldwide media coverage and anger from the Gaddafi government. Conferences therefore took place in:Rally in Benghazi with leaders from the west, centre and south of Libya.


ABU DHABI – 9 May 2011: organized with the assistance of the UAE Foreign Ministry.[22][23][24][25]
DOHA – 11 May 2011: organized with the assistance of the Qatari Foreign Ministry[26][27][28][29]
BENGHAZI – 13–14 May: With the assistance of the Qatari authorities all the 23 regional council representatives arrived in Benghazi on 12 May on a military plane and were welcome by NTC leaders.[30] On 13 May, there was a mass rally at Freedom Square in Benghazi with the regional representatives gave speeches from the podium and announced their council’s allegiance to the NTC.[31] On 14 May, the 23 regional representatives met with Mustafa Abdul Jalil to discuss issues related to their councils and regions and the NTC. After the meeting with Jalil, a press conference was held. Later that day, Jalil met privately each Council representative at the Fadhil and several representatives agreed to stay on in Benghazi and sit at the Council. This effort connected all newly freed parts of the country with the NTC and to firmly stand behind the leadership of Jalil.

Stabilization in Libya[edit]New NTC members meeting diplomats from France, the UK, US and Italy.

On 18 May, the new council members along with Nayed met with the diplomatic representatives of the UK, US, Italy and France to discuss the situation in the newly freed areas of Libya such as the Nafusa Mountains, Misrata, and areas of the South. They also discussed how best to urgently assist those regions with humanitarian and tactical help. Support Offices for the Executive Team were then established at the Tibesti Hotel in Benghazi. Together with the offices in Dubai, Doha, Amman, and Bahrain, Nayed was able to tap into a wide network of expertise and assistance across all required sectors.Members of the Tobu and Touareg tribes at a conference to enlist their help in humanitarian and security sectors.

On 22 May, Nayed was appointed as the Coordinator of the Tripoli Taskforce by Jalil. Nayed began forming the Tripoli Stabilisation Team, at that point named the Tripoli Taskforce. Nayed formed a new team in Benghazi to work on the Tripoli Taskforce; working from the Tibesti offices and also established an Operations Room. A further site was allocated as a storage site for humanitarian aid and other preparations for Tripoli. At the Operations Room, the Tripoli Taskforce regularly briefed and worked closely focusing on stabilization planning and strategy with experts from the UK, French, Italian, Qatari and US teams in Benghazi. On 22 May, Nayed organized a meeting with Abdulmajeed Saif Nasr, a Council member, and with other members a meeting of the Tobu and Tuareg and others to enlist their help in the various security and humanitarian sectors. There was a turnout of almost 800 people.Internal Stabilization Workshop in 22–23 July, with team coordinators and Khaled El-Ghuel.

In late May the Contact Group sent an International Stabilization Response Team (ISRT) to Benghazi. These were experts from Contact Group countries led by the British Department for International Development and they were set the task of conducting preliminary assessments and issuing a report for consideration by the Contact Group. Nayed’s team, together with Foreign Minister Jehani of the NTC, were tasked with engaging with the ISRT team.

The Tripoli Taskforce subsequently presented high-level and initial plans for the stabilization of vital sectors such as security, telecommunications, health, water, food, electricity, education, media and messaging, infrastructure, municipal services, and other vital sectors. The initial plans were praised by the ISRT team and other international partners and also by some NTC ministers. The Tripoli Taskforce organized two workshops in Benghazi, with the final one prior to the end of ISRT’s visit to Benghazi to assess and engage with their initial report. Dr Nayed had particularly pressed the ISRT to provide an update on the NTC request for De la Rue to release Libyan dinars. A report was delivered by the ISRT on 30 May and its was forwarded to the NTC. This document was foundational for the legal pursuit of the bank notes.

On 8 June, Nayed received a further decree from Jibril confirming and supporting the earlier decree by Jalil that appointed Nayed as coordinator of the Tripoli Taskforce. During June, Nayed returned to Dubai to add additional technical experts and project managers to the Tripoli Taskforce. In the weeks that followed, robust and sector-specific teams were formed with Libyan experts from the US, Europe, Middle East, together with those in Libya. Each sector had a detailed first phase plan prepared and that formed the basis for the presentations that were made to Contact Group partners in July. On 9 June, Nayed accompanied Jibril to a meeting with Abdallah Nahyan, Foreign Minister of the United Arab Emirates.[32]
In late June, Jibril formed a steering committee to oversee the stabilisation of the whole of Libya. The Tripoli Taskforce was therefore subsumed under the larger stabilization plan for the country. The first meeting of the Organizing Committee was held in Abu Dhabi and organized by Nayed on 4–5 July. The meeting was chaired by Jibril and included Foreign Minister Mahmoud Shammam and several key Libyan leaders and individuals. Nayed presented the Stabilization Team’s plans as did others.

On 15 July, Nayed and his colleagues in the Tripoli Taskforce attended the 4th Contact Group Meeting in Istanbul and presented the stabilisation plans there. The stabilisation presentation was a key highlight of the Contact Group meeting and was cited positively by Hillary Clinton, Frattini, William Hague and other leaders. Requests were made by all main Contact Group countries for workshops to study the details of the stabilisation plan produced by Nayed and his team.[33]

Stabilising Libya workshop held in Dubai, with Minister Ahmed Jehani patched in from Benghazi.
Nayed convened an Internal Stabilisation Workshop in 22–23 July, with his team coordinators and with Eng. Khaled El-Ghuel. The two-day workshop discussed the plans in detail with Eng. Khaled, who was formerly the head of the public works authority in Tripoli. On 28 and 29 July, Nayed hosted the Stabilising Libya Workshop with the Contact Group experts. The workshop was held at Dubai Knowledge Village. All key stabilisation experts from the UN, EU, US, UK and other countries attended to study in detail the stabilisation plans developed by the team. The NTC’s Minister for Infrastructure and Reconstruction, Jehani joined the workshop via a skype link-up from Benghazi.

Once the Stabilising Libya Workshop ended, key team members from the stabilisation team left for Tunisa and then for the Western Mountain where they spent the coming weeks meeting and discussing the stabilisation plans with Libyan professionals and local councils. They held meetings over this period with over 600 key Libyan personalities and officials and incorporate their efforts to the wider stabilisation plans. The Libya Stabilisation Team was thus developed to encapsulate a wider remit for all parts of the country. All of the Nafusa Mountain councils were firmly behind the stabilisation efforts.

On 2 September, Nayed held a meeting in Paris with senior decision makers from international organizations that included the United Nations, International Monetary Fund, European Union, World Bank and USAID. The purpose of the workshop was to release details on Stabilisation Team Priority Sectors to improve communications and aid flow from these organizations, through the Stabilisation Team, to Libyans. Focus was on Tripoli and the provision of prioritized assistance – especially water and fuel.

Throughout September the Stabilisation Team continued to work on the ground in Libya, liaising with the NTC at the strategic level and with town councils, militia and various other groups at the operational level. Town hall meetings, deployments of assessment and repair teams, retrieval of telephone records, logistical assistance in the distribution of humanitarian aid were all examples of the wide range of activities under the Team’s remit. As the situation improved, the Team increasingly withdrew from working in sectors to ensure that NTC Ministries could fully take over.
Ambassador of Libya to UAE, and work to stabilize Libya[edit]

In early August the NTC announced Nayed as the new Libyan Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and he was given possession of the Libyan Consulate buildings in Dubai. He was the first ambassador to be officially appointed under the NTC.[34] The Libya Stabilisation Team moved its operations HQ to the Libyan Consulate in Dubai with a full team working around the clock on all vital sectors and continued its diplomatic work with NATO. On 11 August, a Libyan cargo plane took off safely to Benghazi.

A public gathering was held on 19 August to mark the opening of the Libyan Consulate in Dubai. Over 500 Libyans residing in the UAE came to mark this key occasion. The famous Libyan Qur’an reciter, Sheikh Dukali, attended the ceremony and held the tarawih prayer at the Consulate. The new Libyan flag was raised at the consulate.[35]

On 21 August, Day 1 of the Stabilisation Plan was announced by Jehani and Nayed at a press conference.[36][37] Both Jehani and Nayed held key interviews for television and newspapers with all main media outlets, and daily press releases and regular press conferences were held at the Libyan Consulate in Dubai. On 22–23 August, the Libya Stabilisation team held a Security Workshop with the Contact Group members. Attending the meeting included specialist heads the UN, EU, US, UK, Italy, Canada, and the UAE. The two-day workshop, chaired by Jehani, discussed the immediate security and humanitarian needs for Tripoli and the rest of the country. Nayed presented a detailed report of the security situation in the country and an update on immediate developments. In Dubai on 23–24 August, Nayed held the initial meetings between the UN and NTC. Ian Martin (the Secretary General’s Special Representative to Libya) and Hansjeorg Strommeyer (Chief of Policy at the UN’s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs) attended.

In Doha on 24 August, Nayed led the Libyan delegation at a mini Contact Group meeting of specialists on Unfreezing Assets and deciding humanitarian assistance for the Libyan People. Before the meeting in Doha, Nayed held interviews with CNN and with the Wall Street Journal.[38][39] In Istanbul on 25 August, Nayed attended the Fifth Contact Group Meeting as part of the Libyan delegation.[40] Nayed held detailed meetings with UN Special Representative Ian Martin, and UNDP Resident Representative in Libya, Constanza Farina. The Stabilization Team gave a copy of the stabilization plan presentation to all participants. Nayed left meeting early to send teams to work on the water crisis in Tripoli.[41]
On 26 August, Nayed was invited by the UN went to Tunisia to meet with UN agencies in their operational centre in Zarzis. Nayed held the first operational meetings between the NTC and the UN. Meetings were convened on water, medicine and food, and Nayed briefed UN on the current situation and the crisis regarding water.

On 27 August, during the ongoing water crisis in Tripoli, Nayed and members of the LST held key operational meetings on water with the UN. These meetings ensured that the UN and the NTC were coordinated in terms of water delivery and established method of delivery. They worked on implementation plan for water.[42] From Tunisia, Nayed left for Tripoli and set up the Stabilization Team’s operations rooms at the Corinthia Hotel with his Libya Stabilization Team. Nayed and the LST team liaised with UN from 30 August to arrange UN Security Team to assess the level of security in Tripoli.

Tripoli was decided to be safe enough for initial mission by Special Representative of the UN Secretary General, Ian Martin, and subsequently allowed UN operational teams to work in Tripoli. On 30–31 August, Nayed and the LST liaised with UN and NTC to get a formal request for water from Libya to the UN, to formalise the bilateral relationship between the UN and Libya. On 1 September, the stabilization team arrived early and worked with French and UN security and protocol teams to organise arrangements, security and logistics for meeting between UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, Jalil and Jehani.[43]Police cars donated by the UAE arriving at Tripoli Airport.

Nayed flew to Paris for a major donor’s meeting on 2 September. The high-level donors meeting in Paris was chaired by Jehani and the UN’s Ian Martin, and was attended by all major donor organizations. Nayed presented the NTC’s stabilization plan to all agencies, who subsequently agreed to work with NTC. From this meeting a special framework for engagement was established between NTC and these organizations.[44][45]
After the liberation of Tripoli, the Libya Stabilization Team and its members worked intensively and restored electricity, telecommunications, and water supply and fuel. They worked closely and held regular press briefings with Ali Tarhouni, Faituri, Shammam, Najib Bakarat and other ministers. Nayed helped the UAE reopen its embassy in Tripoli and received the UAE diplomatic delegation in Libya. He also arranged for UAE support for the Interior Ministry, including delivery of 100 police cars to the Tripoli police along with uniforms and equipment. Nayed later held a press conference to hand over all work in these key sectors to the relevant ministries.

Ambassadorial Role[edit]Ministerial Visit to the UAE.Libyan Minister of Culture at the Abu Dhabi Book Fair
On 20 September, Nayed returned to UAE to take part in the Annual Ceremony where all new ambassadors gave their credentials to Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

Since Nayed became Ambassador the Libyan Mission the UAE has hosted several high-profile delegations from Libya. Delegations have included a team of Ministers along with the Prime Minister Abdurrahman Al Keib, a large group from the Libyan Ministry of Culture, leaders from the Tripoli Local Council, among others. Delegations have been introduced to their various counterparts in the Emirates. The Libyan Ministry of Culture visit included travel to sites of significance and to cultural organizations in the emirates of Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah. The Consulate in Dubai has also hosted several Libyan sports teams for training and competition in the UAE including the Libyan National Football team and the Libyan Chess team.

Since the liberation of Libya he has made a number of public addresses, in universities in Libya, Turkey and the UK.[46][47][48] He was also asked to make the key-note address in the TEDx Tripoli event, where Deputy Prime-Minister Abushagur also gave a speech.[49] He gives regular teachings in Dubai on Islamic theology and philosophy and its role in the lives of people today.[50]
During Nayed’s time leading the Libyan diplomatic mission to the UAE, consular services were restored and good diplomatic relations were established and upheld with both the UAE and other states.

The Libyan diplomatic mission also participated in the organization of a charity football match.[51] The Embassy staff also helped Etihad airways with a launch event for a direct UAE-Libya route with an inaugural flight with numerous dignitaries.

[52] A small community event to celebrate the 17 February was hosted by the Libyan Consulate in Dubai.[53] Nayed also resided over the reopening of the Libyan Embassy in Abu Dhabi; as control of the previous embassy was returned to the landlords once the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA era diplomats were expelled from the UAE.[54] The staff of the Libyan Mission facilitated a visit by the Libyan PM, Abdul Rahim ElKeeb, along with nine ministers, who were on a tour of the gulf region and wanted to meet UAE officials.[55] Nayed’s staff also helped coordinate a fact-finding visit by the Libyan Ministry of Culture to the UAE, which included visits to the Abu Dhabi Book Fair, and museums and cultural sites in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah.[56][57] During this visit the Libyan Embassy also organized a traditional Libyan musical performance,[58] A series of debates on pertinent issues of concern to Libyans were also held including on critical thinking and the issue of federalism in Libya.[59][60]

During the year that Dr Nayed was in charge of the Libyan diplomatic mission cordial relations were established with all other diplomatic missions, and a reception of all ambassadors to UAE was held in the reopened Libyan embassy in Abu Dhabi.[61] Overseas voting was held in the Dubai consulate, along with voting centres in Amman, Berlin, London, Washington DC, and Canada.[62][63] In line with the original agreement with NTC leader Mustafa Abdel Jalil, Nayed stepped down from the ambassadorial post, once elections were held successfully in Libya.

Theological[edit]He is member of the Board of Advisors of the prestigious Templeton Foundation; Senior Advisor to the Cambridge Inter-Faith Programme at the University of Cambridge, UK; and Fellow of the Royal Aal Al-Bayt Institute in Jordan. He was included in the list of 500 most influential Muslims published by the Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Centre, Amman. He was a former professor at the Pontifical Institute for Arabic and Islamic Studies in Rome, and the International Institute for Islamic Thought and Civilization, Malaysia.

Nayed is one of the leading Muslim figures in the field of inter-faith relations, and has been involved in various inter-iaith initiatives since 1987, including the recent A Common Word process, of which he was one of the original signatories. He was part of the Muslim delegation at the seminal Common Word bilateral meetings between Muslims and Christians at the Vatican, Lambeth Palace, Cambridge, Yale and Georgetown. In 2006 when Pope Benedict XVI made controversial comments on Islam in Regensburg, Germany, Nayed was one of 138 Muslim scholars who drafted a letter inviting Catholic-Muslim dialogue. He also took part in a conference of clerics who reinterpreted the 14th-century scholar Ibn Taymiyya’s celebrated fatwa on jihad, arguing that radical Islamists who use it to justify killing are misguided.

[64] When the Libyan civil war started in February 2011, he and other clerics issued a joint fatwa calling on Libyans to resist Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi. Two days later he fled to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, where he ran Kalam Research & Media, an Islamic theological research and policy organization, until he was appointed as Libyan Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates.

Ministry of Communications:
Announced Libyana mobile phone recharge cards for the availability of sufficient quantities
and to reassure citizens that no need to worry about shortages that occurred was for reasons
beyond will have been addressed urgently ..

Caution about the cards Libyana …
Cards are provided by the company in both categories 5 and 0.10, and became available to the citizens.
But because of an error in the packaging system may not be filled cards
It has got Chochorh because of the subject and rumors that fake cards.
To inform you that he has been communicating with the company and told us the error in the system.
Will be repaired during the day. Everyone Buy Shipping card did not work has not Rmith after hours and try to fix bugs while ..

The Ministry of Electricity
General Electric Company


Statement ….. General Electric Company

Directed General Electric Company attention gentlemen citizens and all industrial and service sectors and others that, in the event of an interruption lift station pressure natural gas were located in Brega, a subsidiary of Sirte for the oil and gas production and feeding stations north of Benghazi cycle dual Azwaitina gas, which will result in lost productive capacity of these units capacity of up to about 800 MW, it will result in a power outage for several Libyan cities, especially in the eastern region and may lead to the collapse of the public network for electricity and power outages fully for large areas of Libya.
Calling upon the General Electric Company approaching all concerned and relevant to immediately intervene to stop the lift station to prevent the pressure of natural gas.
The company confirms that claimed responsibility for the consequences of such acts of power outages or the collapse of the public network.

Tripoli / / announced that General Electric Company stopped pumping station pressure natural gas were located in the Brega and feeding stations north of Benghazi cycle dual Azwaitina soft, and made it clear that it will result in a power outage for several Libyan cities, especially in the eastern region and may lead to the collapse of the public network for electricity and power outages fully for large areas of Libya.

(Aladinm main)

The staff of General Electric Company South they lock some departments.
South Station stop work to pump gas Balbrivh which entails cutting the power supply for the whole country in the coming hours.
# (Jerusalem)

Which occurs in Tripoli from a shortage of gasoline and cuts many of the electricity and the separation of the Internet and Nfs in cards prepaid mobile phones is only the pressure exerted on the government of Ali Zaidane in order to bring it down ~ In the last of the Libyan people is Almtmmermd and Almichjt he is and eaten as a result of these pressures.


Salah Mohammed Salem
Missing since the day 12/26/2013
Please anyone who know him call. 0923002217
Please participate and Publishing:
صلاح محمد سالممفقود منذ يوم 26/12/2013يرجي من اي شخص تعرف عليه الاتصال. 0923002217الرجاء النشر والمشاركه


URGENT: a massive fire in a camp for refugees from Tawergha Airport Road # Tripoli and reports of injuries:
la vidéo de uprising of 17 February 2011 – to make it a day of anger in Libya.
نشوب حريق في مخيم لمهجري تاورغاء بطريق المطار بطرابلس 1.1.2014
Blast dragged inside the boat type Hyundai near the city center. By a group of young Kano Ihtflo ..
There have been no human damage …

Far side Al Ittihad ablaze tires on the main road and do not know why this vandalism. .
Problematic moment street corner traffic light mosque Moulay Mohammed precisely and shooting
Guo Alssaraa interference in the direction of the place.
Street cedi problematic now required NRF strongly interfere now.


Fire in the Abu Salim Bridge tspecifically

Problematic among young people unconscious Zbthm been fully …

(Operations room Mermaid)

(Operations room Mermaid)


A car bomb at a military police island neighborhood Corner and there is no human damage …

News Agency of Libya:
An exchange of fire inside the hospital in Tripoli street corner and injuring two people so far one in the operating room ..
Tripoli Central Hospital.



Taraaaaaaaaaabuls last night :: ::
Tripoli yesterday after midnight eastern plateau campus last night five explosions B-gelatina the homes of former officials in the State:
1 Home Eve Altaorgy smashing a car and breaking glass and the front facade of the house *
2 Mohammad Omar home runs in command is responsible for car stores in the plateau Alsaah smashing glass and smashing the outer wall of the house *
3 bombing of the home of the family of the tribe and Rafla *
4 clothing store targeting young people at the beginning of Ajdabiya Street beside the coffee Alchamly in the eastern plateau has led to financial losses blew up part of the store and blow adjuster *
5 targeted photographer sun beginning of the eastern plateau plateau under the condominium owner photographer in intelligence work previously this topic blasting operations at the same time and almost beyond aimed at the center of the eastern plateau.


Maram Albuaiche – Libyan Media Network – # LNM
Shortly before: the Muslim Quarter, the sound of bullets and firearms raid to arrest drug pushers and Wines.
Students Media Center – Media Center Student
Not to take down the grant at the time of some of the colleges is a shortening of the managements of these colleges, students and grant them the disposal of others waiting for an indefinite period, why do not abide by university staff discipline before Alsmo student Ptaalimam and procedures of administrative long and complicated?
Should be reconsidered in the efficiency of workers, there are many others who are waiting for opportunities to work
Valkadr career for the University of Tripoli campus is not worthy of carrying the name of the capital.
(Abdul Rahman Ghemari – a member of the Student Media Center)



Channel Zintan on Facebook
Of exercises # Thunderbolt:
The nation needs to protect men #


A little while ago in the area of ​​Sawani
A total of thieves had robbed an elderly citizen car and downloaded them by force of arms
Make stolen Toyota ram
Specification car thieves Maxima Color White Model 1997
(The globe)
Photos and news from Rishvana
Today through at 2 pm So far, there is an armed gang in Cimafro Jaddaam portal containers they halt any youth and Rishvana and transferred to one of Saraya because of the youth of the area and Rishvana kidnapping of 7 members from the corner and one of the individuals named Ashraf campus and knead for the release of a detained person from the area Ameria was arrested in the corner the last two days so please beware of passing discernible.


The fall of the 10 dead, mostly African migrants and 4 wounded, evening night,
in a traffic accident suffered in Alchuirv area south of the city of Mizdah.


9-year-old girl lost today from sunrise elementary school in the five named Fatima Belaid Ashour

who hope to find a way that it deems appropriate and you pay God willing.

The news agency five 24.



Supreme Commander of the armed forces and the commander of the Popular Resistance armed /THE FACEBOOK SITE):
Aircraft targeted a site in Sirte this morning, and it is likely belonging to NATO and with the knowledge
that within the city of Sirte are stationed (in the area where the base “aldaher Sirte”).
# [Jerusalem]
طائرة تستهدف أحد المواقع بسرت صباح اليوم و يرجح انها تابعة لحلف الناتو و مع العلم ان مدينة سرت تتمركز فيها القاعدة في منطقة الضهير بسرت.
I walked in this morning and at the intersection of complex administrative group of armed men dressed in
what looks like a costume they expel Afghan traffic police and receive their place for a period of time,
knowing that in these days are installing new traffic lights and police are excited to work.


Sons College:
Innovation and Excellence Engineer Electronic Tech College of Bani Walid
Tribute to Dr. “Ahmad Abumzod” featured scientific creativity and it is evident in his papers and research characteristic of this wonderful book, which authored completed after the completion of the master stage, what Sathva before the completion of the doctoral level, I wish God to help him in the publication of a series of books.
In fact, it is our right to be proud of the pioneers of science. Ahmad Abumzod of outstanding students who continued their studies after completing a Bachelor of Engineering from the microwave, “Electronic Technical College” Bani Walid in 2003. After that the work of the architect of the Faculty of Technical Electronic Engineering laboratory microwave.
After that happened on the nomination of the Technical College of electronic dispatch to study abroad chose to go to study in Canada to receive the flag at the best universities in the world. May Allah bless him and completed a master’s degree at the University of Concordia University, Canada in 2009, and has published several papers. After that keen on the completion of his book “Half Cylindrical Dielectric Resonator Antenna”, then continued to the stage to continue doctorate at the University of McGill University of Canada, which sustained them so far.
We hope that Ihtdhanhm home full of care and attention to continue to throw in the genius and the development of the nation.
It is our pride as sons of Bani Walid, Libya and all of us hope to God that reconciles Electronic Technical College produce more creative and talented. We ask God Almighty to help us all to fulfill our organization for excellence “Electronic Technical College” and the progress of our nation.
(M. Abdlerhman holy – Malaysia)

The book Offered for sale at several locations including:
Good luck to all of our sons… Where Makanwa inside or outside the home.



Out a convoy of more than 100 cars of armed Ajdabiya including those 35 tanker “carrying tanks
and now settles the convoy in the city of Ojkrh ..
This force is moving Baez and orders “Brothers Banna and Qutb brothers” to control the fields
protected by Tabu battalions belonging to guard oil installations.



Libyan-Airlines-Airbus-A320-200 direct flight from CASABLANCA TO BENGHAZI Benina:

Libyan-Airlines-Airbus-A320-200 direct flight from CASABLANCA TO BENGHAZI

The Ministry of Communications and Informatics – Libya
Statement Concerning stop communication between CASABLANCA and the  tuber to the area Amsaad
31/12/2013 AD
Company announces phone Libya exposure cable network project next generation “NGBN” Cutting cutter sub-Shahat – Abraq specifically, 20 km from the city of white due to the removal of a cliff face by one of the citizens which caused the interruption of communication between the white and the tuber to the area Amsaad.
At the time that the phone company had regretted Libya on this outage abroad for her will invite everyone on the need for cooperation and concern for the preservation of all the infrastructure in coordination with the relevant authorities to ensure the functioning and quality of communication


In the name of God the Merciful
Received by the Department of hours from now, the CID white tip of one of the citizens of the population of Chinese Buildings, which filed a complaint in one of his sons who was drunk apparent and holds a hunting rifle cartridge type Automatic
The harm the population and members of his family stood CID white Ba transition to Chinese buildings and when they come there the young man who told him his father from direct fire on the members of the section with several releases, but thanks to God and discerning members of the Criminal Investigation
No one was happening to only some minor injuries and thanks to the wisdom and courage of the members had been arrested without firing a shot and one of the men of the Criminal Investigation and upon arrest, they found him a piece drugs and some ecstasy and was drunk apparent abuse of pills and gun type cartridge Automatic and is now in custody legal even is displayed on the Public Prosecution.



Today catch a car laden with explosives in an ambush tight near Biar was trying to sow destruction in Benghazi were arrested two people were with them 4 bags filled with materials Almtfgerh and 2 gun Klashen Cove and launcher propelled چa, they said they were hunters Turcot the east coast as a whole and Ja to hunt in the water Aker!!

Quoting hospital Galaa :::::::::::::::
And confirmation of the news published by :::::
The arrival of a civilian (Abdel Razek Tabola) to the hospital injured in the leg from Hzaia explosion that occurred in the neighborhood of the corner (Conqueror previously) in the attempted assassination of a member of the military police (Ahmad Alzoam) after the fall of the packaging Adhesive from his car during the passing of the bump in the area and it exploded between car unharmed and did not praise God.
Car bomb military police district corner and there is no damage to human injury, only one person whose name: Abdel Razek Tabola and is in hospital and his health condition is good only some shrapnel in the leg ………..
Oh God, Mark Kidd of CAD and wanted the same debris or death unjustly in his throat.
* Albergthe *
The explosion of a police car in the corner of the military district of Benghazi,
which led to the injury of a person named Abdel Razek Tabola.

Channel Free Libya
Enable members of the university guards to arrest the criminal who tried to steal a car forced from one of the members of the Faculty of Science … and that after the assault, a professor of the car and tried to flee but we were a lookout was arrested and referred to the Office of university guards and searched it was found in possession of a pistol Turkish The tablets Mkhdhirh ….

He was handed over to the police station Garyounes

and forgotten the cooperation of the students who were with members of the Guard and they help them in the arrest of the offender …


An unknown person has Bermaah Julatina Square School, Jeddah Laithi area and there is no damage.

Nneberh blue car has Balrmih on members Thunderbolt Bmuftriq housing and was arrested
and it turns out that the two people, and in the case of vintage ……..
The jeep Bermaah Qazvin RPG on the wall of the camp of the bolt and bolt forces in a security alert …….

Crimes and criminals at large have fun ..
«Ali Mohamed Fazzani» ..
Was arrested in the city of Benghazi for his involvement in the commission of crimes related to terrorism in the city, most notably the assassination of Colonel «Faraj Drissi» Director of National Security Benghazi at the time and admit an investigation that the so-called group «Ansar al-Sharia» behind the implementation of bombings and assassinations in the city, then transferred to the city of Tripoli to avoid what would happen as a result of his arrest and trial in Benghazi and deposited in what is known plateau prison in Tripoli, which is managed by «Khalid Sharif» member Shura Council LIFG for days and then disappeared in mysterious circumstances ..
RECALLING thus confirm that the agent one of the key ministries in the country was behind the release of the said process and secure the disappearance in one of the Libyan cities so far ..
But God promised the right to «and will teach those who wronged any return overturn»
(The news agency Libya)


Urgent …..
A fire in the shop … Our neighbor Joseph camel
Teenage clothing for sale in the Pepsi Street.


The communication of the Special Forces of the population of the area milkfish for a dead body inside one of the apartments and when Zhbo out there and entered the apartment Osro the deceased person inside and name: Walid Recep cuneiform deceased his apartment with him and no one is at home and the deceased couple of days.




Atef Shelmani:

Assassination “Mohammed Fawzi Sassi” b neighborhood flowers in front of Bengazi Bank
Depending on the status of the source in the slain officer, he resided in tuber. Tuber …
Shot by unknown assailants on Brother Mohammed Fawzi Sassi in the neighborhood of flowers Bdrna front of his house. 

Newsflash ….
Today tuber assassination attempt adviser in Abubakar Almiar legal advisor at the Bank of tuber unity during his exit from his home and shot did not hit him and quickly returned home to escape to catch the door and the wall only.
With that the distance was very close between the Chancellor and the treacherous but God above all peace and not subtly treacherous predecessors who have been killed or arrested in the gate precise in earlier times this month.
(AD Media tuber)

URGENT / / fact injured Nasser Almqsby
Ahmed was quoted as Altarhuny ::
Nasser went to his car, accompanied by a person of the tuber to the District for the murder of peace officer (Ahmed Lamamy) …. After the prayers and Rsdo goal and came down with him and Aldrnaoy pistol to the officer Lamamy in the workshop and opened fire on the officer Ahmad Lamamy …. At the same moment, the neighbors came out and clash took place between shooting and wounding at Aldrnaoy ….. Nasser inn Almqsby rushed to evacuate Aldrnaoy, opened fire and wounded him in the shoulder and Almqsby hand …. Was fleeing after the intervention of the car, which was secured with them in the process of assassination and Harbaugh ….. Then the story of workmanship that Nasser Almqsby targeted in Sabri Bjulatina

Last night in the tuber and near the street search was a car bombing Abdulkarim poetic _ until now Anmlk any information about this person and therefore odds of the reasons for the bombing but it may be just because he lives near the CID (previously) and it is natural to have mace peace be upon them in One day of his life!

(AD Media tuber)


Ghaithi car Mohsen (Mohsen Flax) God bless his soul and Aghafrlh of the city of Derna, which he and his wife died

after being burnt in an accident as a result of the collision of their car Opel Astra car Kia Optima off the area

which led to the burning illusion inside ..

And the death of the driver of the Kia residents appointed by a passing split into two halves yesterday night ..

We ask God’s mercy and forgiveness for them.

(AD Media tuber)

Green Mountain newspaper – Libya:
The first explosion in 2014, Happy New bombing
Explosion rocks city of Derna turned out he targeted a car versus

poetic Abdul Karim Al-Manar School of Languages.



Supreme Commander of the armed forces and the commander of the Popular Resistance armed (FB SITE)

South Station stop work to pump gas Balbrivh which entails cutting the power supply for the whole country in the coming hours.
# (Jerusalem)

The staff of General Electric Company South they lock some departments.

The Ministry of Electricity
General Electric Company
Statement ….. General Electric Company
Directed General Electric Company attention gentlemen citizens and all industrial and service sectors and others that, in the event of an interruption lift station pressure natural gas were located in Brega, a subsidiary of Sirte for the oil and gas production and feeding stations north of Benghazi cycle dual Azwaitina gas, which will result in lost productive capacity of these units capacity of up to about 800 MW, it will result in a power outage for several Libyan cities, especially in the eastern region and may lead to the collapse of the public network for electricity and power outages fully for large areas of Libya.
Calling upon the General Electric Company approaching all concerned and relevant to immediately intervene to stop the lift station to prevent the pressure of natural gas.
The company confirms that claimed responsibility for the consequences of such acts of power outages or the collapse of the public network.


Sabha today:
Alqmazfah between the end of the problem and the sons of Solomon for the release of the kidnapped
and the story of the arrest of gunmen in the hospital was correct to confiscate arms and interrogated 0

Tragedy Girls Sabha and injustice evil slaves and Asabat Allatwar, drug dealers and smugglers of liquor and the hijackers of the girls in town unjust people Sabha his wicked this topic girl from Girls Sabha going on the road street beauty near the School of eternity, carrying my gun caliber 9 ms Belgian-made WHDH girl going, carrying a gun to protect WHDH is itself Sabha greater country and his wonder and inconceivable crime and kill the soul which Allah has forbidden Vtlha Sabha country importers owners nationalities Almadharoppe Cards and nuts and brochures Aylah forged suffering Sabha Libya.
ماساه بنات سبها وظلم اشرار العباد وعاصابات اللاتوار وتجار المخدرات ومهربي الخمور وخاطفي البنات في البلده الظالم اهلها سبها بلده الاشرار هده بنت من بنات سبها تسير علي الطريق بشارع جمال بالقرب من مدرسه الخلود وهي تحمل مسدسي من عيار 9مللي بلجيكي الصنع وهده الفتاه تسير وهي تحمل المسدس لتحمي نفسها وهده هي سبها ياساده بلده العجب والعجاب والاجرام وقتل النفس التي حرم الله فتلها سبها بلاد المستوردين اصحاب الجنسيات الماضروبه والبطاقات والجوزات والكتيبات العاىليه المزوره سبها معاناه ليبيا



Agency Valley dinars newsletter. Valley Agency Dinar NewsSynergy:
And our response to news of the dismissal of the commander of the area of ​​Kufra military and assigned a new order for the region and at the same time arrived in Kufra Vanguards.  Libyan army is coming from the north reinforcements and mechanisms
in order to establish security and control things on the ground, and this will will bring you the latest news as soon as they are received.

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