Zaidane’s Tricks again!

Mu defiant alive

GREAT SON writes:

Life without green flags has no value … Life without dignity and honor and pride and the pride of life is worthless without the glory and sacrifice and masculinity are worthless … Life without struggle and struggle and steadfastness are worthless … Life without real freedom is worthless … Life without a free homeland lofty Aziz worthless … Life without a history of bright Musharraf worthless … life without principles, honest and noble values ​​are worthless … Life without the courage and constancy, and the faith and determination of worthless
Life means struggle and struggle and steadfastness … Life means pride, honor and dignity and pride
Life means virility and sacrifice … Life means determination and strength and pride and conscience.

Dear cowards will not win … Dear tykes will not win …

We will win, O traitors and agents … We Shall Overcome
God protestors .. Accordingly reliant .. And it Mgnen … We will win if Maldy world have gathered strength and an arsenal of armed defend them on yourselves … You will not ‘t it …. because we have the faith and the right arsenal and the confidence and determination and defiance and steadfastness … which will Tguetekm of your roots, O servants and the tobacco and icons of the game of chess at the table your masters
Will prevail and prevail in green color and the development of life and paradise all around the globe despite Anovkm
Lanuf and your masters … Allah is the greatest of you and your masters … God is greater than your strength and Asatilkm and Bawarjkm and Taúratkm … God is greater than the dreaded Dsaúskm and Batalkm

Allah Akbar will not be defeated right … even if it met the demons of mankind and the jinn … God will not yield the largest generation of NHL history fathers and forefathers all the meanings of dignity and manhood and heroism … Allah is the greatest generation will not kneel graduated from the School of steadfastness and challenge and stepping up … School pride and pride .. School Certificate and redemption … School leader Muammar al-Qathafi and struggling and struggling .. Allah is the greatest word shaking strongholds and mighty emperors and their servants from Aaiqi shoes and Hani heads to God.


الحياة بدون رايات خضراء لا قيمة لها … الحياة بدون كرامة وشرف وعزة وكبرياء لا قيمة لها الحياة بدون شموخ وتضحية ورجولة لا قيمة لها … الحياة بدون كفاح ونضال وصمود لا قيمة لها … الحياة بدون حرية حقيقية لا قيمة لها … الحياة بدون وطن حر شامخ عزيز لا قيمة لها … الحياة بدون تاريخ ناصع مشرف لا قيمة لها …الحياة بدون مبادئ شريفة وقيم نبيلة لا قيمة لها … الحياة بدون شجاعة وثبات وايمان وعزيمة لا قيمة لها
الحياة تعني الكفاح والنضال والصمود … الحياة تعني العزة والشرف والكرامة والكبرياء
الحياة تعني الرجوله والتضحية والفداء … الحياة تعني الاصرار والقوة والنخوة والضمير
سننتصر ايها الجبناء … سننتصر ايها الحقراء … سننتصر ايها الخونة والعملاء … سننتصر
بالله معتصمين .. وعليه متوكلين .. وإليه منيبين … سننتصر ولو جمعتم مالدى العالم من قوة وترسانة مسلحة تدافعون بها على انفسكم … فلن تستطيعوا ذلك ….لاننا نملك ترسانة الايمان والحق والثقة والاصرار والتحدي والصمود …التي سوف تقتلعكم من جذوركم ايها التبع والخدم وايقونات لعبة الشطرنج على طاولة اسيادكم
سننتصر ويعم اللون الاخضر لون النماء والحياة والجنة كل ارجاء المعمورة رغما عن انوفكم
وانوف اسيادكم … الله أكبر منكم ومن اسيادكم … الله اكبر من قوتكم واساطيلكم وبوارجكم وطائراتكم … الله اكبر من دسائسكم وباطلكم اللعين
الله اكبر لن يهزم الحق …ولو اجتمعت عليه شياطين الانس والجن … الله اكبر لن يرضخ جيلا نهل من تاريخ اباءه واجداده كل معاني الكرامة والرجولة والبطوله … الله اكبر لن يركع جيلا تخرج من مدرسة الصمود والتحدي والشموخ … مدرسة العزة والكبرياء .. مدرسة الشهادة والفداء … مدرسة معمر القذافي القائد والمناضل والمجاهد .. الله اكبر كلمة تهز معاقل الجبابرة والاباطرة وخدمهم من لاعيقي الاحذية وحانئي الرؤوس لغير الله
الله اكبر … الله اكبر … الله اكبرصامدون … ثابتون … وبعون الله منتصرون


Libya196900 1:01 displaced the Liberal Republic of Egypt and the era of document and renew a pledge to continue the struggle until the liberation of Libya
de Libya196900il ya 1 jour167 vues Liberal displaced Libyans Republic of Egypt and the era of document and renew a pledge to continue the struggle until the liberation of Libya from traitors and agents
To ensure business continuity and lack of closure of the channel please put Lake on the video and subscribe to …

Publiée le 5 janv. 2014
This is the way to liberate the land and supply
This is an option that scans the shame inflicted customers beloved Libya
This is the solution for trembling hands and acquiescent and cowards and undecided

Mu green heroes


REALLY NOT UNEXPECTED as reported.-A few weeks ag, the ‘MUSLIM’ SALAFIST KHARJITES from MISDURATA announced if their gas shortages did not work to bring down the Zaidane government that they would create a flour shortage..and mass “hunger” will do what they could not accomplish with the gas.:

Their goal–ONLY an “ISLAMIC CALAPHATE for LIBYA” (nothing short of this will satisfy them):

Urgent …
Members of the conference «Rixos» General receiving kidnapping threats in the absence of a
no-confidence vote on the government «Ali Zaidane» or
withdraw from the next session in order to prevent a quorum ..
(News Agency of Libya)

A number of members of the National Congress in a special permit
Now, will not be voting on the withdrawal of confidence from the Government of Zaidane
In light of this threat and the status quo, and in Oharo Tbarham
Will not vote until they are to discuss the proposal before the clouds, and confirmed
The demonstrators told them that they were unarmed, and when it was evacuated
For “Ali Lafi” Director of Safe corner at a time
Former arms went out to celebrate and have been shooting in the air
Some members also came out to talk with the protesters shortly before.

National Conference held today its 150 year, and discussed at the meeting of the note by the 72 members of the Conference on the withdrawal of confidence from the government and the formation of a government crisis. The Conference also heard the final concept of the Commission roadmap on proposed reforms to the work of the National Conference of the year.

International channel Libya Libya International Channel
National Congress decides to set up a committee to carry out what he called a member of the National Conference Ojaili Busdel “reforms” on the work of the conference over the next year that Congress extended the same.
Moatasem Pomnyar Algaddfe writes: this client vile traitor after he finished his studies abroad in Russia at the expense of the state and outside of the Batat Khan Testament.

And continue to waste money on behalf of the Commission illiteracy delusional!!
Cabinet allows for the direct contracting of Veterans Affairs to carry out projects worth 14 million dinars:14 million .. Budget for the Veterans Affairs ((Alsracan)) and are as follows
3 million for the establishment of centers for business projects Small and Medium
5 million for the training and rehabilitation of 5,000 beneficiaries.
3 million for the program of e-learning across the Web.
900 000 for the program” camps” Awareness900 000” camps” awareness?????
# (Gate _ Libya)
WikiLeaks Cyrenaica
Counselor Mustafa Abdul Jalil (DESPITE HIS DISQUALIFICATION by the “ISLATIONIST LAW”) proposes initiatives of ” how to come out of
Crisis” (blah, blah, blah): -His first plan: – is that the board is formed to replace the conference
National year consists of 5 members of Congress and selected by older …. And each member of the province …
((Meant for Muslim Brotherhood’s Suleiman Zubi 75 years, for the province of Cyrenaica !!! ^ __ ^ -see pic below–

And the for province of Tripoli, Misurata’s ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood of jewish origins, Abdulrahman Sowaihili 72 years ^ __ ^ see next photo))
Judge Jalil‘s second plan: – is the continuation of the conference with the amended and non-intervention in the executive branch …
—Ali Asbali writes to inform us:
Jalil said once on the Al-Arabiya that he does not understand the policy, and we came out today to put a political initiative!? Mvh respect to the mind of the Libyan citizen who satisfies all state injustice.ALSO, from what JALIL says on this TV interview, JALIL has NO REGRETS concerning his murdering General YOUNIS and his two companions!!!
Jalil called Younis and the two officers with him “extremists”…(because they honored Mouammar al-Qathafi) and “17 FEBRUARY” loyalty says that is a no no…SALAFIST KHARJITES are acceptable, but Great Jamahiriya Loyalists are a no no: a big no no.JALIL says the same thing about Green in SIRTE: “People, including people killed in clashes in the city of Sirte and 4 people were present and known ..”.

.. عاجـــــــــــل :
العميل مصطفى عبدالجليل على قناة الوطنية الآن :من قتل عبدالفتاح يونس ورفيقية هم متطرفين ومن شارك 5
اشخاص منهم شخص قتل في مواجهات في مدينة سرت و4 اشخاص موجودين ومعروفين ..بنت الوادي


Remember that this criminal, theif and murderer was a hand-picked by NATO /US as the (former) PM for LIBYA!!!

ويكيليكس برقــــــــــــــة
المستشــار مصطفي عبدالجليل يقترح مبادرتيـن للخروج من
الازمـة :-الخطة الاولـى :- هى أن يتـم تشكـيـل مجلـس يحـل محـل المؤتمـر
الوطنـى العـام يتكـون مـن 5 اعضـاء من المـؤتمـر ويتــم أختيـارهم عن طـريق الاكبـر سنآ …. ويكون كل عضو من اقليــم …
(( يعنى عن برقة سليمان زوبي 75 سنة ^__^ –
وعن اقليم طرابلس عبدالرحمن السويحلى 72 سنة ^__^ ))الخطـة الثانيـة :- هو استمرار المؤتمر مع تعديله وعدم تدخله فى السلطة التنفيذية …شنو رايكـــم فى المبــادرة ؟؟؟
News Burqa reports:
Chairman of the Committee as well as the family:
The grant will be disbursed next week
The head of the committee as well as the family, Ministry of Social Affairs, on Monday,
it has been removing barriers is expected to start cashing in Grant planned for the family next week.
The confirmation was Chairman of the Committee during its meeting with the
Committee on Labor and Social Affairs, Youth and Sports at the headquarters
of the National Congress in the capital Tripoli.
It was also during the meeting to discuss the resumption of exchange mechanism planned for Grant’s family.



This picture is clear to the family home of al-Megrahi, who blew yesterday,

where the injured person inside the house and his leg was amputated and named Salah al-Megrahi,
where there was no one at home,
whether Salah The rest are passengers and Salah will travel to Tunisia for treatment today, God willing …



building the General People’s Committee:

There Umar issued to workers building the General People’s Committee previously Dion as prime minister is currently the need to evacuate the building immediately unknown reasons, according to one of the workers advised me.
(The hour of victory)

A group takfiri trying to demolish the tomb of Sheikh Osman Saleh Bin Omran Benmbarek cat seawall after it was targeted by Bakadf RBJ causing the demolition of one of the outer walls and Sheikh Osman is one of the grandsons of Sheikh Embarak grandfather tribe Oladamamed mercy of God and Ghafrlhm.
Bent Vzaatk íÇćŘä  writes: unfortunately Sheikh Othman, son of Sheikh Imran mis typographical

Qusay cabled:
Will Atfajah everyone tomorrow in a session dismiss Zaidane where has been an amount of one thousand dinars for each young man Mutassim in front of the National Congress demanding my dismissal Zaidane told the conference arrived by bus to Tripoli Mndhu yesterday and told me that one of the witnesses he services are excellent and he was eating provides them with a mesh naturally Is this the price Libya? Said Zaidane will not defend him, but the way in which Ochteroha will not only be a new crime against Libya that do not know their value, such as Hola cowards and thieves and suffering and turn except God.

Growing number of demonstrators in front of the National Congress to support the decision to drop the government Zaidane:

Quoting / / operations room Libya rebels corner __
Sunday will be the one with the permission on Tuesday Zaidane boob end and there will be a massive demonstration in front of the National Congress of all regions and God is the greatest ..

Media Center Alrajaban

The gentlemen travelers not to go to Tripoli from the roads between the sheep and the angle

well and they have a commitment to the corner of the main road and then Tripoli ..

And that the presence of a group of armed masked exceed 20 people intercepting cars in those roads.

The death of the media named Bassam Al-Aradi # Libya # Tripoli.


Agency urgently Libya / abduction delegate special forces to Tripoli
Said the commander of the Libyan special forces “Thunderbolt and umbrellas”
colonel “Nice Bouchmadh” kidnapping delegate in charge of standing on
some financial and administrative procedures for the special forces in the city of Tripoli.
It is noteworthy that the delegate special forces “Zakaria Shafi”
had disappeared in circumstances Aaamadh near the Bab al-Aziziya in Tripoli four days ago,
and information about him until now.




Agency Valley dinars newsletter. Valley Agency Dinar News

After the deterioration of the security situation in department in Ajeelat, reached Intervention Force
Rapid led “Hossam Altlesi”, to maintain security in the city, and
Security source confirmed that the citizens early collaborators with the very power.

# Department in Ajeelat

Now department in Ajeelat
URGENT / / /
Reported an armed robbery of the Bank of the Republic of New Branch.


Now department in Ajeelat
Kidnapping and stole several cars from Sabratha After confirming and tracking of these cars made sure
that the cars found in City department in Ajeelat
He said the elders and notables that will not Sabratha Ardwo similarly, but over 3 days
And that the car did not return within 3 days will be responding in kind.
Where the youth department in Ajeelat sapiens and the Senate,
many of whom are known from their day generosity and morality.
(Moved from Page News Sabratha)


Daily News, Inc., Mellitah Oil and Gas of ITALY


Is now open line of oil from the field to meet the Mellitah who was locked a week ago by some of the protesters ….



Quoting / channel Sawani on Facebook
Enable youth Sawani last night to adjust the 4 masked men Balthabt while trying to steal a house near the compound of health, in a fully twelfth hour after midnight was calm region almost entirely except for some young people who were traveling between the corridors of Sawani and they themselves who have the arrest of the gang, which was later found to be from outside the region and outside the scope of the Rishvana ..
In the meantime, the gang prepares to execute did it, and they thought that they will not face any difficulties in that, and already succeeded in entering the house in question and robbed him of a sum of money and a TV screen, and before they left the place with a few moments felt young Sawani Alsaheron at the time of the movement of strange in the region, armed with P and they work with a quick tour of ..
After that enables youth Sawani find this gang, P Event heavy exchange of fire between the two sides resulted in the seizure of two of the gang members and the escape of two others for a few moments hiding them in a neighboring houses, but they did not stay there long P have been arrested also enroll them Balchkchin others ..
Were also seized the gang’s car also with all the loot that was where, after the delivery of all gang members to the Office of Criminal Investigation object b by rail (b rule that the center Sawani was Fame in honey), and are now under arrest and being interrogated by the authorities concerned. .


Allepieh sovereignty: –
South plane stopped “Nalut” and away from the road Nalut Ogdams 7 mi
There are raised “dirt airstrip” and away from the borders of Tunisia is less than 4 miles
The coordinates are (N30574311, E10212799)
Observer navigational Libyan:




On behalf of Zliten partial release twenty GREEN people;
26 others are still incarcerated for supporiting the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA!!
And – the Commission of Inquiry released Zliten District Procuratorate two dozen people last week,
who had been imprisoned in the prison-related charges Mager revolution seventeenth of February.
The Committee had achieved with the 46 defendants in the cases against the revolution, the seventeenth of February, and released twenty of them, and decided the extension of the twenty-six others for varying periods. It is reported that the formation of the Department of Criminal seconds in Zliten to be considered in cases involving defendants who are referred for prosecution to the Court of Zliten, and broadcast them promptly and in order to relieve the pressure and the load on the Criminal Chamber of the first.




In light of the strong friendship between Alzbebh and Alfortah Bernar Levy
1 \ reached more than three flights coming from the airport to the city of Misratah airport in Tel Aviv included economic delegations held meetings and to raise the level of economic exchange between the two countries.
2 \ presented the idea of ​​buying a British company Asraúlah compound of iron and steel Misurata.
3 \ Esttmar hotels and tourist sites by Libyan businessmen for the state of Israel.
(News Agency of Libya today)
Misurata traitors raise the flag of Israel



Dardanelles channel TV | Aldardanel TV
Urgent # # Mslath
The death of the citizen “Mohammed Ayeb” and another injured after a shooting spree by Kharjite militants
who have invaded B Mslath.




Omar Juma Al Suwaidi
I have the body of the hero Gaddafi Omar Juma Al Suwaidi Gaddafi, the true meaning of the word brotherhood among tribes Alqmazfah and the Rafla when Amichq his weapon and took part in the defense of Bani Walid with his brothers, sons and Rafla and the rest of the tribes honest despite the certainty behind the force, and even when asked jailer what to do in Bani Walid replied for fighting with my brothers and Rafla, this is the brotherhood truth linking Alqmazfah and Rafla through history and strengthened after the battle of honor 2011, and the sons and Rafla and Alqmazfah miss an opportunity to lurking and hate and not to stop at some of the things that do not only reflect the opinion or knowledge of the perpetrator, and synergy in order to liberate the homeland with the rest of the noble tribes, would also like to thank the people of the vineyard and the brothers were greeted by the magnificent Gaddafi son Omar Juma Al Suwaidi

The release of Masood Aldroaa citizen militias from Misrata prisons ..
Recall that the identity was arrested following the decision unjust No. 7, without any charge against him

God decoding the families of all detainees.

(The Great Rafla | Great Werfalla)

–The arrival of the captive hero Sheikh Mohammed Masood Aboukran Aldroaa

to the city of Bani Walid now after decoding a family of Jews Misrata detention centers
Decoding God capturing all detainees Liberal.

Agency Valley dinars newsletter. Valley Agency Dinar News

Arrived in the city of Bani Walid on Sunday logistical support for PSD
Bani Walid, and have received the Directorate yesterday the number 56 car
SUVs, to help enforce the city’s Safe

BANI WALID new Police trucks




Banking unit of Sirte and the National Commercial Bank branch Sirte today Abuabaha permanently
closed in the face of customers due to lack of liquidity Balmusrven at all.
(AD Media tuber)



a port of Cyrenaica

Journalist Hussein Elmessallati:
Cbahi confirms that the reasons for the water to penetrate the Libyan tanker Baku is known
for not questioning or crew escorted by the Navy!!
Atmosphere of the country
A spokesman for the Ministry of Defense Abdul Razzaq Cbahi in a statement to
the atmosphere of the country that Malta officially apologized to the Libyan government
for breach done by the Maltese tanker on Sunday night.
Ibrahim Al-Jdharan ..
– Ardo: I have to be an ambassador in any country, as with Flo..
– “Some students who have power Osubho ambassadors and consuls.”
– Ardo: They say you took bribes in the millions you Pfdhaa you publicly:
– “Did not give in to the ambitions of power and money, despite presented to us…
And we had not to accept bribes because we choose positions that we want As opposed
to the open fields to be partners in the crime of theft.”
إبراهيم الجضران ..- عرضو علي أن أكون سفير في أي دولة مثلما فعلو مع
– بعض طلاب السلطة الذين أصبحو سفراء وقناصل
– وعرضو علي رشاوي بالملايين قمت بفضحها لكم على الملأ
– لم نرضخ لمطامع السلطة والمال رغم عرضها علينا
– وكان يمكننا قبول الرشاوي و اختيار المناصب الذي نريد
– مقابل ان نفتح الحقول لنكون شركاء في جريمة سرقةصـ سبها الحرة
(Al-Sabha Free)


Agency urgently Libya / Benghazi now – Correspondent
Heavy rains cause a car accident at the western entrance to the city of Benghazi,

killing three people, one of them a Syrian.

News about the attack on the Egyptian consulate intervened and the Special Forces terminate

this problem in spite of cracking the consulate by people who wanted to force discernible visas

and Tak were all measures against the attack on the consulate.

Salem al-Obeidi reports:
Special Forces “Thunderbolt” and the Marine Corps had directed all
The staff of the Egyptian consulate after being subjected to hours before shooting
From now, and has been transported to a safe place, and were identified from
The Balrmih and will take the necessary actions towards him.

The body that was found is the military, “Hussein al-Sanusi
Zidan “of the population Almajora, born in 1975 and one of the employees
Battalion “Martyrs corner” Thunderbolt 21
#Found an unidentified body, near the Hotel Ramadan
Shortly before now, and has been reported to the competent authorities and Gary
Transported to the hospital in 1200, and initial reports indicate that the body
Modern and non-rotting.

Commandos found two bodies:
1 – when the body first bridge Tripoli and is an old man was found dead with a bullet in his head
and his throat cut by the words and called Mr. Yusuf Hassan and follow the Martyrs Battalion corner
and old for approximately 65 years.
2 – second body at Hotel ouzo and is a young man in the Age Mguetulaumdharopa
shot in the head and named Hassan al-Sanusi.

News Agency of Libya today:

Mend Benghazi and hours in front of a home security director Benghazi.

Mr. Sadiq Wati. area parks – Street tunnel was a car bomb, and Thank God there is no human damage.

(The news agency Libya)

The Minister of Justice has Bzaah prisons

Special Forces Thunderbolt
The city of Benghazi, is accompanied by Special Forces Colonel Thunderbolt
Nice Bouchmadh

In charge of the Interior Ministry to visit the city of Benghazi, and touring
Meanwhile, inside the prisons of special forces “Thunderbolt” after FAJR PRAYER.
Colonel “Nice Bouchmadh” is the Libyan special forces.


# Exclusive
Explosion rocks area Laithi now and news about targeting
HOME, director of security for Benghazi, “Sadiq al-Lawati.”

Hajj Boatni

Found dead, “Sharif Hassan Mohammed,” near the hotel
Ozu, and the victim was killed by slitting his throat and shot left to the head and face
It is reported that one of the deceased men of the Special Forces Battalion 21 Thunderbolt
Martyrs corner, and residents of the Hajj Boatni.

Guard facilities in the Central Region prevent large trucks from passing
and blocking the road and that the delay in their salaries.




uninterrupted communication Libyana city of Tobruk ….


Since tuber few car burglaries transfer money National Commercial Bank’s branch in the center of the country tuber.

a white Toyota car transfer compartment by a double car Chevrolet Ooberta white. ..

At the height of crowds and people are watching.

An armed group has robbed a mail car Tuber area and steal cards for mobile prepaid 42 thousand dinars.

(Gateway Libya)

Media Center tuber Libya
Newsflash …
Tuber morning kidnapping of slaves in one of the elders of the tuber
and heterodox Bgaith Mansouri and the district peace (Ambouk) west of Derna,
and said it came at the 9:00 he stopped a car with four masked men kidnapped lose.





Lech Tawergha:
And our response over the phone has been kidnapped Hamad Ramadan Haritl With his son from his home now,
Of an unknown soldier and science of displaced Tawergha and displaced people in the city of Sabha ..
We ask God Almighty to return to his family ..
Clarify the kidnapping last night
A group of unidentified armed men broke into the home of identity
Hamad Ramadan Haritl at about 12:15 at night and the
Kidnapped him and all of ..
1 – Osama Hamad Ramadan Haritl
2 – Mohammed Hamad Ramadan Haritl
3 – F Hamad Ramadan Haritl
4 – Hamad Ramadan Ramadan Haritl
And where they searched the house and left his youngest son, where they beat him
And so far there is no information on them from all sides of security Sabha.
Tell A events and Tazerbo
Was released on the site in the torch kidnapped on their way to the city of Gallo.  They Hamid Adam and Hafiz Idrees, Samir Abdel Razek and Rashid Idriss shortly before.


Are free Murzuq:

URGENT / / /

We received a tip that yesterday happened firefight with small arms and heavy between Toubou Libyans and Tabu Chadian at the site of the torch in the afternoon, as well as a renewed engagement, including in Morocco and has resulted in a set of Kulty and wounded, and on top of the wounded Mahmoud Shida brother called on Shida battalion commander, Ahmed Sharif

and was transferred from the torch to Oasis Gallo to be transferred to the outside of Libya and was told that serious wounds him and another person named F was told that his condition is very serious, where the doctor told them that if he was transferred to die .. And now, we received information that he was dead.


French Army Re-positioning Troops in Sahel Region

06 JANUARY 2014

Redéploiement de l’armée française dans la bande sahélienne

The French Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian expressed last Friday Chadian President Idriss Déby’s intention of France to keep the outpost of Faya-Largeau. This decision is just one of many repositioning of the French army across the Sahel-Sahelian better suited for fighting Salafi-terrorists. 

This repositioning includes “cooperation focal points” such as former Dakar, N’djamena or Djibouti is to say bases capable of driving large transactions or be reservoirs of strength, and points of entry as coastal Douala in Cameroon and Côte d’Ivoire in Abidjan to deliver reinforcements. But the main change is the increase in support, more or less important items in Mauritania, Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger.

Faya-Largeau in Chad, 350 kilometers from the Libyan border, should allow the French army to keep an eye on the Libyan South where folded multiple Kharjite Salafist elements expelled from Mali. 

The small town of Zouar, historically northwest passage could also house a small infrastructure. The French goshawks have undertaken an extensive campaign with African heads of state allies to determine the contours of their positions. During his visit of several days in the region last week, Jean-Yves Le Drian met with the presidents of Mali, Niger and Chad. And on the occasion of the release of the hostage priest Georges Vandenbeusch, the French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius had talks with Cameroonian President Paul Biya.

Objective of this repositioning is to prevent the relocation of some hundreds of Kharjite Salafist fighters defeated since the beginning of the intervention of the French army there is a year of that. To do this, the watchword is flexibility of action. France has decided to establish a set of points along the Sahel to facilitate the triggering of specific field support to African armed operations.


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