CHAD armed Militia take advantage of the unrest in SABHA; and The LIBYAN people say they have had enough!

Assad Benghazi:

” we will tell you that we are coming!”
نحن من سوف نقول لكم اننا قادمون

Maj Asl:

“said Anas, may Allah be pleased with him: ‘Two of the fittest between every word that God gave him to free a slave.’ ”

Love the Holy Quran

So they are lizards, but the big lizard did not leave the small drop,
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(gecko helping another gecko)

gecko helping another gecko

حملة زراعة 6 مليون زيتونة
Together hand in hand .. To volunteer for this campaign, which aimed to reach 6 million olive with God’s help and grace and Bmjhodat owners of the goodness of the people of Libya ..

We wish to promote the page to reach the campaign to everyone .. Vpaljmaa to reach our goals.



Journal of Qasr Ben Ghashir _ special

Is currently being held an expanded meeting hosted by the Council sub-Qasr Ben Ghashir includes all of the presidents and sheikhs, dignitaries and local councils Kklh Asabah and Gharyan and the Nafusa Mountains and Orishvana market Thursday, and Asabieh

And members of the National Congress General Engineer / Mohamed Apogmjh. Edu National Congress by the Department of Qasr Ben Ghashir. Mr. and / sincere Abuaaúhh Edu National Congress by the Department of mil
. And Dr. Mohammed thermal head of the National Dialogue Committee to the National Conference of the year.

And Director of the Directorate of National Security (Aljafarah)
And Edu local council (Misurata)
Members of the Shura Council (Misurata)
Chairman of the Shura Council (the five)
Members of the Council of the Elders of Libya.


The Ministry of Education that the holiday half of the school year starting from (12 January 2014) to (23 January 2014), and on 26 January 2014 AD is the beginning of the second semester for all stages (Years transport) and the beginning of the half year, second semester of the certificates of public .. enjoyable holiday and useful for everyone.



the GNC:

“Atmosphere of the country”
Spokesman for the National Congress of General Omar Humaidan confirms the formation

of new blocs inside the conference are the National Movement and the Democratic Convergence.


Agency urgently Libya / retaining Zaidane and reshuffle prospective Tripoli

According to well-informed sources that the President of the interim government, “Ali Zaidane” has promised to conduct a cabinet reshuffle, as follows:
Grable, foreign, and the impasse of the interior, and the abolition of the ministries of oil and electricity, tourism, industry, and the integration of financial planning, in one ministry and changing the ministers of education, health and local government, and all the change agents.
Speaking of leaks, a source close to “Ali Zaidane” close consultations and complete the arrangements for the ministerial amendment promised by Zidane in his press conference last, and information indicate a big change and structural and important:
– All change agents all ministries.
– The abolition of the Ministry of Oil, and the sufficiency of the NOC managed by the current.
– The abolition of the Ministry of Electricity, the Minister noted that electricity demand, the sufficiency and public electricity company managed by the current.
– The abolition of the Ministry of Tourism, and converted to a body headed by the current minister.
– The abolition of the Ministry of Industry, and turn it into an institution for the industry.
– Merge the ministries of finance and planning.
– The appointment of a new minister of local government, the trade-off between the two names, one from the east and the other from the south.
– Change the education minister, the trade-off between the two names.
– Change the health minister, the trade-off between the two names.
It also refers to the completion of selected information ministers Siadean important:
Foreign Minister: Abdel Dayem Grable.
Interior Minister: Saleh trouble.
The general trend: the reduction and replacement of ministers and party agents and independent efficiencies across Libya



News TPU Libya
Chairman of the Board, Mr. Murzuq military / / pond and Redco Mahdi, under house arrest in Tripoli.
Contact was lost with him since the clocks, and his family, according to testimony.

Agriculture and livestock Tripoli calls wanting to get a seedling forests contact the Chamber of afforestation.
Tripoli 11 January 2014 (and) –
The sector of agriculture, livestock and marine Tripoli brothers citizens about launching a campaign for the afforestation of agricultural season 2013-2014 to compensate for the loss of forest trees that have been infringed upon in the previous period. He called on the agriculture sector in Tripoli those willing to get seedlings forests contact the Chamber of afforestation and plowing particular problem at the farm sector, the object of the Egyptian sir. ..



Loss of student Abdalokel Mohammed Alshahuba of ileus City residents aged 16 years was on Wednesday

promptly at 10:30 almost where he was coming home from a school where they were connected to one of its

neighbors to the distance, not far from his home and later revealed that the neighbor did not return to his house to this moment.
It has any information, please contact the following numbers:


الرحيبات RAHIBAT
(in the SOUTH-WEST)

Statement …

Civil society institutions Rahibat

Civil society institutions Rahibat

Free to all City Rahibat of civil society institutions and interested on the local city …

I’ve reached Enough is enough non- elected local council , who missed the rights of the city to be at the level of events in our country, the construction of the row between the citizens of the city in his actions that do not afflict connection to reality and not Oktruth Bmsoaleighth direction rights like all other cities, the city and other areas

Accordingly, , ,
We inform you that we have decided the following:
1: terminate the services of the members of the local council Rahibat non- elected.
2 : Delivery Mavi their charge to all members of the SC within 48 hours of the morning on Sunday, 12 \ 1 \ 2014 .

We want him pause in front of the headquarters of the Liberal Council on Sunday Bbahamuaq 12 \ 1 \ 2014 .
Civil society institutions Rahibat.

عـــــــــــــــاجل،،،بيـــان…مؤسسات المجتمع المدني الرحيبات
إلي كل أحرار مدينة الرحيبات من مؤسسات مجتمع مدني ومهتمين بشأن المحلي بالمدينة …لقد بلغ السيل الزبي بالمجلس المحلي الغير منتخب الذي ضيع حقوق المدينة في ان تكون فى مستوى الأحداث في بلادنا وشق الصف بين أبناء المدينة في تصرفاته التي لا تلم إلي الواقع بصلة وعدم أكتراتة بمسوؤلايته إتجاه حقوق المدينة كسائر المدن والمناطق الأخريعليــه،،،
نفيدكم إننا قررنا الأتي:
1:إنهاء خدمات أعضاء مجلس المحلي الرحيبات الغير منتخبين.
2:تسليم كل مافي عهدتهم إلي أعضاء الشوري في خلال 48ساعة من صباح يوم الأحد 12\1\2014.عليه نريد وقفة الأحرار أمام مقر المجلس يوم الأحد صباحاًموافق12\1\2014.
مؤسسات المجتمع المدنى الرحيبات

THE AMAZIGH CITY of Rahibat is one of the Libyan cities incident Mount western Libya . southwest of the capital Tripoli . Among the most important places that lead to Rahibat Hleyona Albazinh and Hleyona Sheyyab Rahibat City consists of about 13 villages. Are as follows:
Khirbet (center) Arabs, village children the gift and Alhamamush (Arab and Amazigh), village boys Abujdid Amazigh, village Hamran ((Aymersaun)) Amazigh and village pieces Arabs, village Metyon Amazigh village symposium Arabs. and village Alkromh, and Nzirv (Albahna) Amazigh and Arabs , and the village Alviasalh and Alqtarsh (Arab and Amazigh), and the village Jital Amazigh and Arabs, and the Arabs Sheyyab village, and the village of Salamat Arab, Amazigh, Arab, and the village Alguenaivarb.

Rahibat has 14 schools and a number of specialized high schools 4 and 5 each with the number of centers for the memorization of the HOLY QURAN, and there is a club and a popular square.

Child studies Quran

Within the health sector, social security, health complex contains one and eight rural clinics and building an investment security. The inhabitants speak Arabic and Tamazight.

Rahibat famous for the cultivation of grain and rely on rain owns large tracts of land in the fertile and GDU Daher also known for its population under the auspices of sheep and camels. There it Mistosfin veterinarians and three Lapierre pastoral and two associations Zraeitan and other fancier,

worth mentioning that there is a line feed of the GREAT MAN MADE RIVER reaching the area Rahibat and waits for the beginning of pumping through it to the area Rahibat tank Iboseann as the largest reservoir of this line is located in the area Rahibat as they reach capacity reservoir to 27 thousand cubic meters of water.
Or near Al rhebaat:

RAHIBAT (within the Western province of GHARYAN,which is the Administrative Center for Rahibat):

There Barahibat number 5 Bakeries oldest bakery Mohammed Zouari and Bakery Alabrod and folliculitis and Ashtar and the last of the village Alviasalh gas station and one distribution center for gas cylinders and Office Services Alkahrabawaijera now work on the completion and opening of the transfer station the new area boys Abujdid and number 37 participatory industrial and considered Rahibat cities in the Nafusa Mountains producing oil olives and figs as well as the famous (Akarmos) and is made of barley and grain, but in small quantities.

Number markets Barahibat popular market and one Weekly on Sunday (Sunday market) and the number 18 Association of Consumer There are also a number of small shops and some supermarkets and a number of cafes, restaurants and concentrated the majority of shops and restaurants in the village of dilapidated because of its great location as well as the region has a bank and Ahdho Bank Republic (foreign currency exchange and a director Modvin only).

Considered Nana tala “eye or proximity” of eyes famous in the Nafusa Mountains, and also of the most important landmarks Seen palaces, buildings and houses are old in various villages, for example, collector Aezzaby Salem collector Sheikh charity which is the oldest corner to teach the Holy Quran collector Solomon Alaenri located Balhmmash and the Mosque of Ibn insured and collector Emhemed Abu Andalusian good things and the serious collector and the collector Emrsaun and other mosques, and Alkhngah and train Rahibat also contains many of the villages and the modern and the old abandoned houses from the Ottoman period, or about century and a half.



Was the release of the captive hero “Dheifallah safety Gmad bin Qtnc” and

captive “Mustafa bin Embarak Gmad Qtnc” from the prisons of Misrata militias.

The hero was arrested on 17 October 2012 in the center of Hmikh at the hands of militias shield Libya

Thank God for his safety .. Faraj Allah and the rest of the detainees.

(The Great Rafla | Great Werfalla)

Agency Valley dinars newsletter. Valley Agency Dinar News:

Bin Walid Ashraf and stronger than the whole

and the honor they have resisted all militias, including Libya, Sudan,

and a battalion of troops from Turkey and Qatar logistical support.

Lion’s Den notables Libya two Anhm Tawergha and in Bani Walid and Sirte and Kufra

and displaced from their homes in all parts of the land and prisoners and detainees and Isra….

News from the hospital ………….
Has been in the past two days installing a range of new devices within the hospital and which is one of the important and necessary services to ensure the workflow and provide good services to the citizen Karim .. WHDH devices is ..
– My analysis of the hormones ….
– A blood gas analysis, Department special care only … WHDH is the first time in the history of the hospital.
– Some control devices Alodaúv vital ..
– Number 3 device breathe industrial .. birth .. And adults .. And mobile.
With maintenance of some old computers ..
He has also been contracted with a number 2 doctors in the field of dialysis and kidney disease from Tripoli Central Hospital and knead to oversee the cases within the department and assistant medical staff found to improve the performance of their work .. The Bachro Mend nearly three weeks
Work is under way to supply more of the devices necessary for the hospital … and provide Maver baffled favor of people …… (4 photos)




News Mkmadas:
Declares the local council Sirte citizens living neighborhood thousand housing units not processing new files for compensation after the opening day of the local council, because the files are first, and proceeded GS Council
in the processing of instruments for those affected and for the district in question.
The young man who was found dead in the city of Sirte today named Mohammed was born 92 Busevy a single family is counting his mother and sisters and calms the Giza area of ​​military found the day after Achtvah night yesterday Taadib signs of severe and shot in the head next to the airport 17 west of Sirte. Carefree patience of God, his family did this Ajab us the ability. God is a lawful Muslim blood unjustly Ahsm number and cutting them into pieces and Cobham in hell Kappa and Faraj on Libya Krabha. To God and to Him we return.




Ali Asbali:
Today was the opening of the headquarters of the executive office of the region of Cyrenaica

in the area near Aslenth,Casablanca (white), delicately “Gently-channel ” has covered the event

and will be presented at a later date.

CASABLANCA (White City) elects Ali Hussein Mohamed dean of the municipality
And – elected city Casablanca on Saturday, Ali Hussein Mohammed dean of the municipality,
to be the first mayor in Libya.


Atef Shelmani:

Seek electric vehicles are one of the crossroads of Dubai Street
Lead to a fire drive and there is no human damage
It was driving the car, “woman” and came out of the car before
Ignition.We ask God for the safety of all.
Atef Shelmani:#بنــغازي
التماس كهربائي بــ أحدي السيارات بــ مفترق شارع دبي
يؤدي الي اشتعال النيران بالسيارة ولا وجود آضرار بشرية
ومن كان يقود السيارة “آمرأة” وخرجت من السيارة قبل
الاشتعال.نسآل الله السلآمة للجميع .
Atef Shelmani:
Someone lost “consciousness” is Balrmih random b region
Boatni b Land Alkuadak out patrol “Thunderbolt”
To the same place where he was arrested on a person
And citizen ambulance to a hospital, “Galaa”.
Galaa Hospital for surgery and accidents / Benghazi
Musharraf injury clinic Almajora (Adel Ahmad Al-Huwaidi) of the hospital with several gunshot wounds
in the abdomen and legs at his residence near the headquarters of the military police and is currently in
the operating room Benghazi Medical Center followed by an employee of the hospital …
We ask God Almighty, Lord of the Great Throne to heal …


Assassination attempt, “Adel Ahmad Huwaydi”, shortly before the close of the headquarters
Military police area Buhedama city of Benghazi, when he tried to
Unidentified targeting sister pioneering “Salah Ahmed Huwaydi” charge
Criminal search Benghazi, a medical source also confirmed that a “fair” Chamber
Operations now after being discharged three bullets in the back.
 The attempted assassination of Adel Ahmed Ahouidi was in a coma in intensive care.

Brother CID official in Benghazi dies of his wounds after being lead to unknown on Saturday.
Benghazi January 12, 2014 (and) – died citizen \ “Adel Ahmed Huwaydi \” brother in charge of CID in Benghazi
\ “Salah Huwaydi \” Saturday night the status of Benghazi Medical wounds sustained by the impact of exposure
to lead by unidentified gunmen attacked area \ “Buhedama \ “one of the western suburbs of the city of Benghazi.
The official said the Benghazi Medical Center, told the Libyan news that the medical staff has made the center
what it can to rescue the injured, but it was not able to do so as a result of severe injuries suffered in a
very critical areas in the head and body. … (And – Benghazi) ..
Explosive ordnance disposal section puts the blame on the company orbit …….
Division Champions explosives to dismantle the bag weighs 6 kg of explosives at the crossroads of 14th Street in front of Zintan gallery.
Department of explosive ordnance disposal dismantle a bag of explosives, weighing 6 K at the crossroads of 14th Street in front of an exhibition called “Balzntan” (ZINTAN GALLERY), where found at the place that exists by traffic and from her grandfather is Mr.: Farhat al-Obeidi is a policeman belonging to the passage where he found the room small subsidiary of the passage at the junction placed under The so-called ((Barcurbe car)) inside, and the reporting of them is the person named: Mr. Nasser Al-Kilani Fathallah and is followed by the 20 Battalion of the Ministry of Defense, and this person is with the help of traffic and facilitates traffic.
All those of us thank them for the role they are doing in order to keep our city expensive.



Atef Shelmani

START city of Tobruk in installing surveillance cameras in most
Aljiuyh places and there will be room for operations
These cameras.






The so-called President of the Council Murzuq military called / / pond and Redco Mahdi, under house arrest in Tripoli. Contact was lost with him since the clocks, and his family, according to testimony.
Abu Faraj betrayal.

Murzuq hospital was shut and the detention of the doctors and the people not to enter the Murzuq Kdalk and shut the gate to the road and prevent Sabha Murzuq out parents.


Tabu and exclusive boys Solomon:

FIGHTING for the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, freedomfrom the supressive colonial powers, and the principles al-Qathafi has taught us!

Hear sounds of heavy weapons since the early morning across the heavily Sabha more than yesterday.
The withdrawal of the military police under the command of “Cashua” from the headquarters of the military police and the concentration of Tabu inside the headquarters.
Free newspaper Sabha
Loud explosions rocked Sabha likely they are tank shells and Grad.
Firing several rounds of hand Taiory camp clerks formerly Knight.
No truth to the reports circulating about the occupation of Tabu for this camp.
(Al-Sabha Free)
A security source told me that from Tripoli Mndhu few have been the end of an emergency meeting of Dr. Ali Zaidane so-called “head of the interim puppet-NATO ‘government’ “, with figures such as (Majid Seif al-Nasr) and (Hafez pots) and (pond and Redco) Altpauy and (Isa Abdul Majid).
And others came this emergency meeting about the recent events in the city of Sabha and there are moves strange occur in the south mentions that yesterday warned President Idriss Deby of Chad on the movements of the cars armed in the south of Libya.
and called for the “Libyan puppet-NATO government” to intervene immediately to stop these militants.
This he said did not explain the source of any Other details about this meeting …..
RATS MISURATA ARE AFTER THE GREEN RESISTANCE, do not be fooled that they are going after the infiltrating Chad Rebels!

Omar Alqoira:
Air Force Libyan preparing in the city of Misrata ((base Misrata air)) to go south and do combed the southern region hand Sabha and hit any enemy targets or military formations warring factions are also carried military preparations Dhma ground forces backed by rebel forces to head south to “enforce safe in areas of tension and forces ready to move in a waiting military orders.” (YOU BELIEVE THIS? really?)  Chadian Alddin kill our fellow Libyans in Sabha.

Atef Shelmani:
“Pond and Redco Altbawi”
On channel Fezzan, head of the military council, “Murzuq” and a
Senior leaders authorized Tabu says that troops fighting in the city
“Sabha” is not a Libyan and Atantma to “Tabu” and I hope that the Libyans
State to intervene in the fastest time.

MISURATA forces heading SOUTH to SABHA.
(Free Sabha)

Witnesses in the area Punjam to assert their vision of the National Army convoys coming from Tripoli, 

Misrata and heading to Sabha. The arrival of reinforcements for the army and the national voice of spacing clashes.

Colonel, “Ibrahim house money,” there was no truth to the News
Circulating on social networking sites about the strength
Expensive city of Misrata, heading to the city of Sabha, and
This is a shame that the news about the health of phrase and detailed.

(Salem al-Obeidi)

(Free special newspaper Sabha)

Colonel Emhemed Busafa:Emphasizes cross-channel Free Libya that he had issued an order to provide air support and awaits
execution only confirmed that the attackers are Altbwa and he called sleeper cells that are being dealt
with and promised that victory is near:
(Al-Sabha Free)


Atef Shelmani:
Meetings on the channel “Libya national” from inside the hospital Sabha
Faithful to assert that what is happening in Sabha is not as tribal war
Some calling it clashes with militias non-Libyan.

Qusay cabled:

Confirmed to me now, security sources from Sabha killed 27 people and injured more than 35 people in Sabha where initiated the clashes Mndhu dawn today with heavy weapons after the incident suffered by the ruling military Sabha in the Tragn is my storming battalion God Shi Mahdi where clashes continued 4 hours It was storming of the battalion by the national army then came cars armed Chad and reaches the clashes Mndhu morning and yet continuously with the spread of Qnasian on the roofs of buildings ((zero and Collect)) next for General sixth battalion headquarters Knight, the source said the case with now in Sabha is occupied by Chadian armed forces this as described for water is now being.

Media quoting Miss Reem tar:
Said Mohammed Busafa military governor of Sabha:

“Some sleeper cells that carried out the attack on the Chadian army troops were killed and more than 10 people have been dealing with them and get them out of the area and they
In touch with the government was that the Air Force Report spotted their places and deal with them …”

He noted that the Tabu disowned these groups of Chadian.

Qusay cabled:
Now on the screen of the Free Libya
Mervat Altargi on channel Libya Liberal, a member of the media in the Women’s Union Sabha confirm the existence of gangs Chadian belonging to the Chadian opposition armed threaten innocent people in Sabha and fights members of the Libyan army confirmed address members of the tribe Toubou and Tuareg Libyans to this attack in the neighborhood of ornithological and confirmed that the martyrs of the national army arrived Aadadhm to 10 martyrs and wounded is not recognized statistical to this moment.

Agency Valley dinars newsletter. Valley Agency Dinar News
Mustafa Ocaly:
# Sabha ……insulted
Those sad Southern marginalized scream and cry out loud but inaudible shed blood and spread terror total degradation of the security situation and humanitarian nor life of those who advocate and if the south is not part of Libya Unfortunately, the media is absent completely, whether on satellite channels or ELVIS FB painful to become a free media continued for political purposes and personal interests or partisan does not care about the blood of the sons of the nation. O God, you Sabha ..!!

Hatem S. Shawesh:

” Libya occupied 20-8-2011 and Jay says Chadian forces ĘČí occupies the country …!!!
our country is occupied on 20-8-2011 … Needs to be liberated!!!…vinegary Azhfo … Forward … Until the liberation of Libya from Jardan!!!”

* Sniper *:

“Tell me all the sons of the Libyan beloved
When one Ndkr Kabylia to Angsd Liberal rats, but we mean religion cached religion and Alozn and cached honor to me and say the West and repeat PANA all the sons of the Libyan brothers nor Ncmt in the death of one
Nhano Hzva liberation of our country m traitors and colonizers
Our goal and are not laying claim to some of our intimacy km
God, what I’m saying Shahid Ali.”

Radio Murzuq a little before the authorization of the commander of the Tabu leaders that they Bezhvo ….. ĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺ
“Sheikhs and notables Tabu send messages to all tribes Sabha and regions and honest Awlad Suleiman, who had not been contaminated on their hands that (we Snzhv to kill the militias that lie in wait for slaves and Taut in Sabha corruption …. and kill and steal and loot, and this in front of one of everyone … lost in the silence of the government. This .. warn all those tribes and regions not to go out of their homes and stay away from the vicinity of the fighting and the lack of support and the participation of militias because we are determined to retribution, God willing), and Ayatollah Ali Manicolh martyr …. ”
This is part of a statement one of the leaders Tabu now through radio Murzuq ….

The news agency Sabha:
Clashes taking place in Sabha is not, as claimed by some of the pages as between the army and gangs of outlaws, but between the Martyrs Battalion of Kitron of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the sixth infantry brigade’s also the Joint Chiefs of Staff .. Means two Alatnen followed the army I wish you could get out the military governor and explains Alamuar Balash and messing up and gave him and sedition mesh lacking …

Musician Tariqa Ihsaboha:

Tripoli, I swear to God roller Almzarat, Misrati Mahrrm on the south, the descendants of the sons of Zion @

Qusay cabled:
# Sources confirmed Sabha from now
Gardah out youth and noted Mansheya to stand up and support the military

and violent clashes in the way of health and hospital Sabha.

Rats out of their homes to Gardah Dvag for Sabha.

In a telephone conversation now with Colonel Alsukna told me it was the attack on the city of Sebha on three axes and hospital city was evacuated and closed, and there are dead bodies in the freezer and the attack now with tanks and told me we hold responsibility for the case with the Sabha to the Ministry of Defence where we contacted my chief of staff and demanded my intervention Aviation military because such a large force coming from Chad and said metabolically he is rushed to the hospital Barak seawall and spin now fierce battles in gate 17 South Sabha this, he said the case Alfodhae and awe-legged in the city, with the spread of gunmen on rooftops and still battles revolve until now my arms Heavy ……
O blood inject our brothers in the city of Sabha.
(Mutassim Faitouri – Qusay cabled)

Sahrawe Khteer :

I am surprised of the cylinder Chadian do not know are how to differentiate strange

Matzmash cylinder Chadian only after becoming Dekh Bahi Aleesh after

ending the crisis Mansamah cylinder allegedly demons possible Bahi launched Chadian,

they label pulque have a pair Khcom and three eyes and four and Dan.

Sabha Medical Center calls on all citizens to evacuate the children’s section and the women’s section and took them to me dispensary  Mansheya:
News of the death of Yahya Abed Heretic Almiasa Farouk battalion commander of the heretic Massoud serious Slimani ..
 There is no truth to the news of the death of “Abu Zeid Ahvav RatHua” now in good health.
Abed injury is Farouk battalion, the gift of the background of the thrower was near it when it is not in good condition for the validity of anecdotal rumors about his death.
(Free newspaper Sabha)
N inside the hospital March 2:
Killed Tamer Abdul Kader.
News of the death of the military called Tamer Abdelkader city of Sabha.
Hospital Barak seawall trying to treat all wounded in battle Sabha today.
The return of some doctors to Sabha Medical Center and now they are treating the wounded and conducting
surgeries for patients and asked the medical director of the Center Sabha of all medical workers and medical
assistance refer now to serve the city and treat the injured served the nation. Calls you Sabha Vbawa appeal.
God, do not ask the judiciary’s response, but we ask you where kindness.
Hospital director Sabha asks the people to the hospital so inclined to take their babies because there is no Ammann ….
And the flight of doctors and nurses of the hospital medical Sabha ….
Now there are 14 bodies, including a woman from the Tuareg tribe.
Air ambulance landing at the airport shortly before Tmanhunt
To carry the wounded in the clashes to Tripoli for treatment.
Free newspaper Sabha:
Back to work Sabha Medical Center and the increase of the death toll, as a result
Armed clashes in Sabha on Saturday
The director of the hospital medical Sabha Dr “Ibrahim cabled”, that
The latest statistics Sabha final status of the medical and health center Mansheya
And 22 dead and 51 wounded, injured, yet after the cessation of hostilities
And said, “cabled” in a statement and exclusive now that the Ministry of Health
Continued with them a few hours before to try to help with the deterioration
Health status and security in the city of Sabha, and pointed out, “cabled” they
Create service demanded by the ministry to address some of the wounded Bmsahh
Mercy and was conducted 4 surgeries so far Bmsahh compassion and
The director of the hospital medical Sabha that before the four hours from now
Returned to work normally after it has been an appeal for medical crews and
Medical Center staff Sabha, and explained, “cabled” it was the transfer of some
Barak cases to the hospital and the beach, and two cases to Hun,

The first images from the hospital Sabha for the city’s department of war injuries:

Times newspaper Sabha:
Clinic surgeon and ask them to go to Msaaeidin Clinic.

Sabha bleed :::
Indiscriminate beatings and constant up to high school and the opportunity and stones…

Mohammed Zkir Sabha member of the local council on the news channel now:

The arrival of the death toll of 15-20 people, and the situation in the hospital is very bad

(Free Sahifahsabha)

Colonel, “Sanusi favor,” Director of Safe City
Sabha, in a statement, and exclusive, that the clashes currently
Mtovqh Cautious calm prevails and the city after a day of bloody
Clashes, as explained Colonel “Sanusi”, that the beginning of the

The clash on Saturday afternoon, after the attack force have carried out
An attack on the city of three axes, and accused the Director of Safe
Colonel Sabha “Sanusi favor,” the power that surrounded the headquarters of the continued
Military Police in the city of Tragn two days before the attack and launched a
To kill a person named “Mansour Black”, is one of the attacked city
Sabha today, and pointed out the “fit” in a statement that the death toll

In the city of Sabha in the attack thirteen people dead, including two
Africans and a woman bystander, and six members of the brigade’s Alsace
National Army and four of Tabu, and stressed that this statistic
Only in the city of Sabha, and dozens wounded, without giving statistics on the number wounded.

Some injuries from Tabu :::
1 Mahmoud Ali Lamine * 17 Years in the chest
2 Fatma Sidi Ali languages ​​* 60 years in the chest
3 Ahmed Ibrahim * the best 26 years in the head _ Murzuq
4 Mohamed Osman Abubakar * 1990 in the face _ Murzuq
5 Adam Mohamed Moussa Sadr in 1992

smoke & fumes:

The death of a child, “Mohamed Abdel Salam harsh” residents “neighborhood of Nasiriyah” Sabha

by stray bullets resulting from the clashes.

(Free newspaper Sabha)

Still the security situation in the city of Sabha is tense at the moment after the attempted attacks failed by gunmen from Tabu to several military sites in the city and the high number of the outcome of their dead to more than eight dead, and the cause of their attack on the palm Sabha murdering two of the tribe of the children of Solomon are Ferjany Akila and Hamad Oldjarani and injury
Mohamed Hamed Al Tamami, Ali Ibrahim, Tabu and out of the palm project Sabha and try to re-enter ..

From others by what our response from another unconfirmed.

RAT Shield Force from the central area of ​​Misrata, Libya go to support the military governor in Sabha (EVIL)!!.
(Source from  the RAT “shield”)

Sabha now
The issuance of Resolution No. 13/2014 and Decree No. 4/2014,,,
The text of the resolution on the formation of the special operations room tasks based Jafra base of 5 military mission to secure areas of the south and the entire state sovereignty,,, have the authority to bind with the help of military battalions and deem appropriate to achieve the objective and to harness the existing air assets or which will reach very soon,
Aekhi Jabiree killing of Awlad Suleiman tribe due to clashes.
* Sniper *
RAT Misrata Brigades dogs first battalions that went to the now Sabha and other military equipment from Libya Shield Central to go to support the RAT military governor in Sabha now. The intervention of a large force of rats Awlad Boucif and clashes now in front of a battalion of Persia.
At least 16 dead in the city of Sabha; as I headed to the south a large force of militia shield Libya central region
to support the so-called military ruler in the city of Sabha. # Libya
* Sniper *


Tabu deny the news channel which themes in the news a little while ago about the events of Sabha about the blockade – for Hannah, wise and reconciliation – this story lie and intended to pass out of it own agenda and creating discord only ask this space remain neutral and Almsedkih.
Valtbo always welcome them at any time.
Tabu elders and wise men are facing great difficulty to control the victims’ families ((blood parents))
who have been betrayed by their children unjustly some criminal gangs in Sabha.
News TPU Libya
Tabu elders, but their children have died in an atrocious manner they said no to reconciliation between them
and the Awlad Suleiman field will rule us.
Last time, on the basis of Btzlmoa murderers and army tightens the country and large do you think your head Gertoa
Every day is a new crime Khaletwa nor tribe.
(Today Alalala
Shreena Krmtna)
Toubou rebels convoy up to the city of Sabha, led by notables Tabu,
to confront any attempt to ethnic cleansing, so as not to re-scenario 2012.
Leaders of the rebels Tabu fields are evacuating all families Altabawih city of Sabha,
a precautionary measure to cope with the planned process of ethnic cleansing by some criminal gangs and that it failed in 2012.
(Room Tabu Libya rebels)
Operations room to the rebels Tabu:
– Wait around all militias that follow the Awlad Suleiman tribe out immediately from the city of Sabha until dawn.
– Extradition who Bgdr 6 youth of Tabu.
South dying! Vote launchers and artillery! And smoke
Mounts since noon today so far in the sky Sabha!
Motasem Alfath:
urgent now Grad missiles and rocket launchers fall camp clerks Ali Mansour subsidiary right next to the
black security room Sabha and Grad rockets fired from the castle on the point of camp behind Tabu pasta factory now this topic in the moment and God is witness.
Of Tabu ::::
Youssef Ghali:
 SEBHA airport
Çanakkale Dard _ Urgent
Close Sabha airport as a result of violent clashes in the city, and the registration number of victims among the dead and wounded.# Sabha now:
Thrower tanks and rocket launchers in the city of Sabha in the vicinity of the airport:

Tabu in control of the airport of Sebha and battalion and palm Sabha Central Hospital
Tabu chieftains reject truce or peace with the killing of innocent people in cold blood as he described, but there are efforts to reach an agreement with the Elders of the Tabu to establish a truce
Tabu leaders of the fronts in the city of Sabha reject ceasefire
Massive reinforcements and dozens of fighters are preparing to resolve the battle Sabha
Besieged battalion Knight and violent clashes revolve now around Headquarters
Oh God, inject the blood of Muslims

Latest news Sabha
1 – Jump to the mercy of God Child Hamad Abdul Salam al-Megrahi because of harsh clashes in Nasiriyah shot of militias battling .
2 – killing the rat Boubacar Hussein Ahmed ,
3 – Tabu in control of the airport of Sebha and battalion and palm Sabha Central Hospital .
4 – Tabu chieftains reject truce or peace with the killing of innocent people in cold blood as he described , but there are efforts to reach an agreement with the Elders of the Tabu to establish a truce .
5 – Tabu leaders fronts in the city of Sabha reject the cease-fire .
6 – massive reinforcements and dozens of fighters are preparing to resolve the battle Sabha .
7 – control of the battalion Knight and violent clashes now revolve around Altanuya
8 – director of the hospital Sabha asks the people to the hospital so inclined to take their babies because there is no security systems.
9 – the flight of doctors and nurses of the hospital medical Sabha .
10 – and now there are 14 bodies , including a woman from the Tuareg tribe .
11 – killing 27 people and wounding more than 35 people in Sabha .
12 – indiscriminate beatings and constant up to secondary and Gardah and stones .
13 – the killing of Mahmoud Ali Lamine * 17 Years in the chest
14 – the death of Fatima , Sir 60 years * languages in the chest
15 – the best of the killing of Ahmad Ibrahim * 26 years in the head _ Murzuq
16 – Mohamed Osman Abubakar killed in 1990 in the face * _ Murzuq
17 – killed Adam Mohamed Moussa Sadr in 1992_ *
18 – hear the sound of gunfire for heavy and light weapons Bstmrar .
19 – indiscriminate beatings and constant up to high school and the opportunity and stones .
20 – congestion in front of the house of the students in the city of Sabha object district ( Brady ) by their parents to leave student housing …

* Sniper


The last city of Sebha News
– Control of Tabu tribes Ali Airport Sabha now
– Ferjani killed and wounded Akila Tamami Mohamed Hamed Al Tamami Tabu fire after he tried to assault the homes Tabu.
– The killing of Saleh Tctouk Altbawi wounds sustained in front of his home in Sabha morning at the hands of gangs trace Mlisheh black.
– The death of Hamad Al-Djarani Alsba (originally just News on the injury Hamad al-Djarani Alsba).
And the death
Ferjany Hussein Haj, and
The young man Hassnaoui.
(Al-Sabha Free)
The city on high alert to these moments.
  • اخر اخبار سبها
    1 – انتقل الى رحمة الله الطفل حمد عبد السلام القاسي المقرحي بسبب الاشتباكات في الناصرية برصاص من الميلشيات المتناحره.
    2 – مقتل الجرذ حسين بوبكر احمد ,
    3 – التبو يسيطرون على مطار سبها و كتيبة النخيل و مستشفى سبها مركزى.
    4 – مشايخ التبو يرفضون الهدنة او الصلح مع من قتل اﻻبرياء بدم بارد حسب وصفهم الا ان هناك مساعى للتوصل الى اﻻتفاق مع حكماء التبو لاقامة هدنة.
    5 – قادة جبهات التبو فى مدينة سبها يرفضون وقف اطلاق النار.
    6 – تعزيزات ضخمة و عشرات المقاتلين يستعدون لحسم معركة سبها .
    7 – سيطره علي كتيبة فارس و الاشتباكات عنيفة تدور الان حول التانويا
    8 – مدير مستشفى سبها يطلب من الاهالى أن يأتو الى المستشفى لأخذ أطفالهم الرضع لآنه لا يوجد آمان .
    9 – هروب الأطباء و الممرضين من مستشفى سبها الطبي .
    10 – والان توجد 14 جثة بينهم امرأة من قبيلة الطوارق .
    11 – مقتل 27 شخص وجرح أكثر من 35 شخص من سكان سبها .
    12 – الضرب العشوائي مستمر ويصل الي الثانوية والقرضة وحجارة .
    13 – مقتل محمود علي لامين*17سنه في الصدر
    14 – مقتل فاطمة سيدي علي 60سنه غات *في الصدر
    15 – مقتل أحمد احسن ابراهيم*26سنه في الرأس_مرزق
    16 – مقتل محمد عثمان أبوبكر 1990 *في الوجه_مرزق
    17 – مقتل ادم محمد موسى *1992_في الصدر
    18 – سماع دوي اطلاق رصاص للاسلحة الثقيلة والخفيفة بستمرار .
    19 – الضرب العشوائي مستمر ويصل الي الثانوية والفرصة وحجارة.
    20 – ازدحام امام بيت الطالبات فى مدينة سبها الكائن بحي (بردي) من قبل اولياء امورهم لمغادرة السكن الطلابى …


SABHA night on Hospital rooftop

Huda Sabha now
* Sniper * (4 photos):



Washington plans to train thousands of Libyans from the military in order to strengthen security in the region.

David Rodriguez ..  File photo :روسيا اليوم

AFP AHMED OUOBA David Rodriguez .. File photo Gen.

David Rodriguez, commander of U.S. forces in Africa that the Pentagon intends to train Libyan military in order to strengthen security in Libya and the region in general.
Rodriguez said at a news conference that the U.S. initiative is part of the international efforts to achieve stability in the region, according to the news agency quoted “Oscatd Press” on Friday, 10 January 2014.
The U.S. General that the training program will include 5 or 8 of thousands of Libyan soldiers and will continue to 24 weeks.
Rodriguez expressed his fear that the insurgency in the north and east of Africa in the future will lead to the occurrence of a major attack, as happened in Nairobi last year.


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