AFTERMATH of the Southern Storm

Mu in Uniform waves after recouvering from hip Surgery 1998

Kono in time and fully prepared for consideration by the resistance forces your eyes

ÚÇÇÇÇÇÇÇÇÇĚá and Haaaaaaaaaam very Moved from channel green on both the Liberals in the capital Tripoli and Tarhunah In coastal areas and in the Mslath In Aldawon in the corner and department in Al Ojailat and Orishvana of this Alhzat you store gasoline is Haaaam Jaddaaaaa and Aldoaaaae and Mahavdah on each shot lead and not to go out after 12 o’clock the night Haaam Jaddaaaa Jaddaaaa Jaddaaaaa and prepare for the liberation of the country …

 All young people in all areas of military conveyor suspicious of any move in the
direction of any region or city please report and thanks ….
على كل الشباب في كل مناطقهم اي تحرك عسكري مشبوه متحرك في اتجاه الجنوب من اي منطقة او مدينة الرجاء التبليغ عنه وشكرآ….
عاااااااااجل وهاااااااااام جدا جدا منقول من قناة الخضراء على كل الأحرار في العاصمة طرابلس وترهونه وفي المناطق الساحلية وفي مسلاته وفي الداوون وفي الزاوية والعجيلات وورشفانة من هذه الحظات عليكم بتخزين البنزين امر هاااام جدااااا والدوااااء والمحافضه على كل طلقة رصاص وعدم الخروج من بعد الساعة 12 لليلا هااام جداااا جداااا جدااااا والأستعداد لتحرير الوطن…

The soil mix blood Tahir .. Libya’s actions much great manifestations

We will meet in the Green Square …. soon to become a victory soon

Young Libyan, “Abdul Rahman Ocila” of Benghazi in order to win the first contest
Khartoum International Holy Quran!
A Congratulations to him !

Statement of the western region of Sirte to the head is worth 512 014
Stay statement (1) for the western region of Sirte to Ras worth -5-1-2014. . Direct broadcast room leader / Muammar al-Qathafi.


Nasser year:

News almost certain to take over Dr. “Ahfazh carp Idriss al-Obeidi,” the prime minister, replacing Zaidane.

(Gateway Libya)




Doctors Tripoli Medical Center since last Tuesday Azalo refuse to work after one of them subjected to beatings.
At the same time, the number of died 8 people who are engaged in laundering the total because of the sit-in.
Are these doctors ethics?
Before you comment ăÇÍĎ walks shows incidents of Abu Saleem, a hospital plateau and problems
who become the doctors working with this …..
(About / / operations room Mermaid)


Car in Abu Salim
2 Shoes wholesale shops  at OMAR MUCTAR STREET

Operations room Mermaid
So far in Tripoli ...
Fire broke out in two apartments and one in Victory Street and the other on Airport Road.
Burning  “HOME LOGIC ”  in  Abu Salim.
Car fire crackers and fireworks targeted.
6 burning cars belonging to citizens by targeting them through flares.
Fire in a bakery accidentally Salahuddin.
35 injury within hospitals oldest 15 years old between minor burns and one of them lost his left eye was 9 years old.
This statistic is not final until now.
Alator unidentified girl burned her between fifteen and twenty in the market area Thursday Achristl.
 Fire bakery area Salahuddin.
_ My apartment fire Nasr Street.
_ A house fire in Abu Salim property specifically
Glass cracking fire truck unit Abu Salim during orientation to a house fire by citizens. It was targeted by fireworks.
We hope the citizens not to use fireworks in crowded places and near gas stations and inside the house
and not directing Mekdova games to humans or moving vehicles or parked because of their severely
damaged and painful consequences we do not want this topic to the appropriate turn into tragedy.
Source: National Safety Tripoli.




Channel Alnoael on Facebook
Urgent # | # beautiful
Faisal Hamil HADI injured by a bullet just before by unknown assailants,

was taken to hospital and then to the nice Tunisia.

We ask God to him a speedy recovery

Hurricane Faisal Hadi of Hedda (SOUTH LIBYA)




Now department in Ajeelat
URGENT / /Expeditionary force to arrest three criminals who stole operations of foreign workers and counted by the Public Prosecution.The particular strength of the General Intelligence grab someone from the corner B- Ajeelat resident plans to assassinations and Atarh confusion in region in collaboration with a group of criminals Bajeelat.Oh God, who wants B-Ajeelat ill Mark Kedah in his throat and handed our people and our youth and our women and children.

City department in Ajeelat
Warning we came across a mail page!!

There is an armed group consisting of two men and two women in a black jeep,

This group robbed homes in the areas of lattice and Alvrich and its environs, especially in the morning!

Now department in Ajeelat 
The death of Mohammed Albscri residents of Jinan Attia gunshot wound.


Some men from ZINTAN are safely detaining 30 citizens of IFRANE, in the region of Bir Ayyad,

on the background of inter-tribal problems, to enforce peace in the area…

and there are appeals and efforts underway to release them if they promise that they will not cause more disturbances.



The local council of Bani Walid ::::::::

Concerning compensation for the citizens of the city of Bani Walid …
Will be initiated in the distribution of half the value observed a 50% of the value of next Tuesday

before the Committee on this we bring you at the headquarters of the Commission in the near future,

God willing, and those who did not see that compensation is appropriate for them to wait a little bit

until embark committee in charge of compensation Baastlam complaints and motions in

few days the next in order to regulate and even offer citizens better services within the city

and in order to facilitate the procedures ..



The killing of “good Aldroaa” shortly before he was shot after an

Undersecretary Ministry of Industry, near the market Mkmadas.

Salem al-Obeidi:

Assassination “Hassan Ali Aldroaa,” Undersecretary of the Ministry of Industry and Member
National Transitional Council previously, after being subjected to a shooting
Anonymous traveling in a car Toyota Camry No. 2 in the region near
the commercial market Mkmadas.

SIRTE targeted

Photos of the car Hassan Aldroaa Undersecretary of the Ministry of Industry,
who was killed last night by shooting him near the market Mkmadas in Sirte:


Attempt at killing RABBO BARASI !!

Supposedly the culprit is caught who tried assassinating “Abed Rabbo Barasi” at the Executive

Office of the President of the Political Bureau of Cyrenaica  It is now to be investigated.

(Gateway Libya)

Abed Rabbo Barasi


The news agency Solidarity …
Gateway precise ..
Security authorities found a number of rocket launchers east of Benghazi:
Agency urgently Libya / find platforms guided missiles to precise gate
Security forces found in the city of Benghazi, was found Saturday evening on a number of rocket
launchers near the area east of Benghazi Drianh addressed to the gate precise.
A security source said the precise area for “news agency solidarity” that the security authorities
in the region found 30 rocket launcher which 27 rockets addressed to the gate precise,
in addition to the 3 platforms empty.
The source, who preferred anonymity, said that the rockets in the empty pallets had been launched
earlier, one of which landed in the area of ​​the building east of Benghazi and the other landed on the
main road leading to precise pointing out that the third did not know who had killed them.
Found the security authorities, on Saturday evening, a number of rocket launchers near the area east of
Benghazi Drianh addressed to the gate precise.
According to a security source from the precise area for “news agency solidarity” that the security
authorities in the region found 30 rocket launcher which 27 rockets addressed to the gate precise,
in addition to the 3 platforms empty.
The source, who preferred anonymity, said that the rockets in the empty pallets had been launched earlier,
one of which landed in the area of ​​the building east of Benghazi and the other landed on the main road leading to the precise,
He pointed out that the third did not know who had killed them.
Wounding three students from the University of Benghazi after a brawl inside for the University of Benghazi, where the type of car my mother and my other car the exchange of fire inside the University of Benghazi.
(Qusay cabled)
Atef Shelmani:
An armed clash between Shell TT is now near a gas station
“Poker” and panic and panic affects women and children in front of shops
Clothes in the same place.
The patrols out at the present time to the same place.



Gateway Libya Libya Gate

ANSAR al-SHARIA escape

A copy of the Archive

Quoting a resident of the city of Sousse

This compound reached the Egyptian coast, Sousse passengers were greeted by a military convoy followed by militia ANSAR al- Sharia in Derna .. And the way it has indicated that it was less important figures coming from Egypt .. where she participated more than 20 military vehicle in the process and sealed off the area for a period of time .. Now empty compound where some clothes and some food, mostly used ..


مركب مجهول الهويه يرسو على شواطئ مدينة سوسه ولا آثر لطاقمه
Unidentified compound anchored on the shores of the city of Sousse and does not impact his crew.
The arrest of 53 people from Yemen found in the city of Bayda headed for Derna.


Newsflash …

The sound of a powerful explosion in the tuber.

(AD Media tuber)





Black assassins 1



Guevara forget revenge (FB page) writes:
The fact that no one knows, not even the state a lot of rats
The children of Solomon in Sabha beast and some of them are free Liberals Epehroh … They are all mercenaries and Baain “Hashish” and or drug dealers who smuggle the origin of them Libby The overwhelming majority God, what are the Libyans …..
Throwing Tabu being mercenaries and Chadian illusion of three-quarters of their militias Chadian right and truth and God and God and God and speak Lkhoti who were Aarafohm right knowledge and closely and dealt with some of them before the catastrophe in February what Aarafh speak Arabic and tells you Soleimani “black night” What Hoch Browning of South Arabia, but black darkening Alzenok and tells you Soleimani Arabic dialect broken
Vennsahhm Khalhm from cylinder gangs Chadian and face the fact that it is the case of some of the Toubou Libyans Kifam times and the best of them because they are out of place …. Enough of Islam as a religion…
Prophet of the government or the so-called army Allaotunai becomes cards and booklets rats Girls Solomon and three-quarters of God seen what Andhmh Libyan nationality.
This is accurate; as for what I have witnessed through the years and particularly since the organised CIA-led “uprising of 17 February”, The children of Sulieman have always sought mischief, murder and killing…Black Kjarjites who are trained in the ways of Satan.
Black assassins 2

:جيفارا ما ننسى ثاره

حقيقة لا يعلمها الكثير ولا حتى دولة الجرذان

أولاد سليمان في سبها حشا بعض الأحرار منهم وأحرار اهراوه … كلهم مرتزقة وبياعين “حشيش” ومخدرات أو تجار تهريب هذا اللي أصله منهم ليبي أما الغالبية الكاسحة والله ما هم ليبيين …..
يرمون التبو بانهم مرتزقة وتشادية وهم ثلاث أرباع ميليشياتهم تشادية بحق وحقيقة والله والله والله والكلام لخوتي اللي كانوا يعرفوهم حق المعرفة وعن قرب وتعاملوا مع بعضهم قبل نكبة فبراير ما يعرفش يتكلم عربي ويقولك سليماني “أسود ليل” ما هوش سمار الجنوب العربي لكنهم سود سواد الزنوك ويقولك سليماني بلهجه عربية مكسرة
فننصحهم خلهم من اسطوانة عصابات تشادية ويواجهوا الحقيقة وهو أن الحال من بعضه والتبو ليبيين كيفهم ومرات خير منهم لأنهم أصل المكان …. وكفى بالإسلام ديناً

نبي من الحكومة أو ما يسمى الجيش اللاوطني يشبح بطاقات وكتيبات جرذان بنات سليمان والله يطلع ثلاث أرباعهم ما عندهمش جنسية ليبية

وهذا دقيقة؛ أما بالنسبة لما قد شهدت خلال السنوات الماضية، ولا سيما منذ المنظمة قيادة وكالة المخابرات المركزية الأمريكية “الانتفاضة في 17 شباط/فبراير”، أبناء سليمان سعت دائماً القيام بالأذى: وهي مدمرات الذين يسعون إلى قتله والقتلة…كجارجيتيس الأسود الذين يتم تدريبهم في سبل الشيطان.

Tabu channel on Facebook:

Pond and Duqqu Mahdi in touch with him, “I did not say that Tabu A_ak_ih and Akny I said that the borders are open and there is a lot in the country and the speed of change from one point to another for the determination of speakers around in circles you Odhan people dare to understand what is happening and forces legitimate TPU under the legitimacy of the state did not Adkhalo this fighting. At a meeting at the time of the wicked channel 4 times, and channel capital to 9 o’clock at night to clarify the misunderstanding my father signed
I hope you have a video of the real full to bring him down on the page to that in the videos cut and arrived scattered Elsafhah Fezzan channel and channel the children of Solomon even video to Elly Aaod which means cut and arrived to speak to those concerned.

They Akznon
We are not afraid, we are not greedy, we are not the owners of a lie … For Ankzb in the satellite problem Sabha problem tribal one of the sons Awlad Sulayman killed the sons of Tabu

and like their bodies is not one nor Atnyen not three, but more than a dozen people from Tabu, including an elderly woman and a pregnant woman and Talfah small and wounded in the room Aanaas kill the offender in front of everyone,

and this criminal wandering a free man in front of everyone and killed him when the parents of the Awlad Suleiman blood slaughter innocent people slaughtered, where students in the Department of Homeland Alhiappan Gafrai and working at night people were killed in the way of travelers, rather, they bombed revive Tabu tanks and mortars in the media Chadian forces occupies Sabha,

Is it conceivable force Chadian occupies Sabha and Sabha by other tribes did not see them Sabha not to the children of Solomon, where Alqmazfah and Almgarhh and Warfalla and Hasouna and Mahamed, Tuaregs and the balcony all of these to Aaran these forces, which occupies the camps and fighting the Libyan army. only Awlad Suleiman, they see that they are lying and lies clearly rather, they did not know how to lie.

(Mohammed Altpauy)


The protesters were expelled from the sons of Awlad Suleiman in front of the headquarters of the National Congress in Tripoli and that by forces of the National Army.

Awlad Suleiman do the impossible broadcasting sedition and tarnish the image of Tabu and enlist the support of the military and the media for the extermination of Tabu, Awlad Suleiman are not alone, with them tribes Azwaiat who support them in the media.
Lord guide them and, God willing,

Events Sabha Libya
We can not be silent or stand Kalmtmishqin what happens in Sabha we hold all parties the responsibility of what is happening Almutmr the national government as well as the Awlad Suleiman and Tabu as we record our refusal to enter the aviation and the bombing of one entity and leaves the other and even offers her support and everyone knows that Tabu and Awlad Suleiman Qubltin both Libyan.
Any attempt to interfere with aviation we consider excellence and ethnic cleansing, the Libyan government did not use the fly in the bombing of the militias that were besieging the ministries nor who killed demonstrators in Benghazi and Tripoli, but did not use the flight against the militias, which closed oil in the Middle, but today is used for the bombing of a particular party in the conflict,

this does not mean not discriminate Interracial by the government and the army without justification and the United Nations to intervene immediately in order to protect minorities and to stop bleeding in Libya, which will not end the existence of racist government.

Quoting from the Tuareg in Libya Tuareg in Libya.

The killing of the girl Marwa Chha Adam is one of the Tabu
I am God and to him we shall return.

Tabu channel on Facebook:

And our response to some of those who belonged to the tribe of the children of Sulaiman arrested

and killed every expats skinned black, in order to show the media that they are fighting a foreign power.

God and yes, the agent in them, just Shani overriding guilt of me coming to earn a living bash bash kill them

and Thelohawwa them in the streets.

International channel Libya Libya International Channel

All South
guest program to Libya this evening now live:
Previously a member General National Congress Touati Alaadh:

“There are honest, Tabu came out and they said the right word and announced who launch attacks in the south are the gangs Chadian and not of the sons of Libyan tribes Tabu propagated liquidated and the latest was “good Qlami” which was liquidated a few days ago in Kufra after saying the right word.

Chadian forces penetrating inside the Libyan territories between now and then to chase the armed

gangs follow the Chadian. Chadian opposition and intelligence chief  ‘failed’ know about it

and did not give up a report to the government.
During my time in Congress, I could not make anything of the South, but out on the media and the

‘Brotherhood bankrupts’ and their supporters are waging against me campaigns. The rest of the

members from the South, I will not, I can aspects blame them because their parents and their families

at the mercy of gangs of Chad in the south.”

Cutting telecommunications service Libyana and orbit and the Internet for both cities
((Murzuq, or rabbits, Alqtron)) This Sabha sirs…:
“Tabu sons of the desert” write:

After starting the process of ethnic cleansing in Sabha ..

Now start stage media blackout: Tripoli cut off communications for cities in the south Tabu

In these moments have been cut all telephone communications to a statement from orbit and cities ..

Kitron mother rabbits and Murzuq and Tgrhi …

telecommunications 2


Congress and Senate leaders – Murzuq
After the meeting of the elders of the tribes of Tabu and military leaders issued a statement Btmina
all families belonging to the tribe of the children of Solomon in all of the city of Murzuq mother rabbits and Kitron …
They are safe for their lives and property.


What day is like yesterday
In March of 2012, said Awlad Suleiman as there is occupation gangs Chadian city of Sabha,
and then ended the problem was holding the Charter of the reconciliation between the tribes
and the Tabu Awlad Suleiman.
Today repeats the same scenario:
What Vhmich how Atqatloa with _ak_in And then hold them in the presence of the President of the Charter of the reconciliation conference, the Prime Minister???
Stop mockery of people’s minds, O Awlad Suleiman.
(Tabu channel on Facebook)

“Atmosphere of the country”
The Director of Medical Affairs Medical Center Sabha Nasser Alaghima, interviewed for “atmosphere for the country,”

said the center received on Sunday, five of the dead toll to 21 events Sabha.

Calm prevails city of Sabha with heavy deployment of National Security in the city and sweeps of the Libyan army.
Sabha 12 January 2014 (and) – prevails city of Sabha on Sunday, cautious calm after the clashes that took place on Saturday, and resulted in a number of dead and wounded, as heard every now and then shooting with heavy weapons and medium during mopping-up operations carried out by the Libyan army.
The source said the medical center Sabha Mr. \ “Abdullah Oouhadh \”,that the possibilities of medical care are available and there is no problem with the equipment and medicines, and that the outcome of the clashes, which came to Sabha Medical Center reached 21 dead and 45 wounded. He said: (received medical center \ “4 \” the bodies of unidentified African nationalities, with infected Africans enter the health center Mansheya, and is currently being treated, although the number of bodies that have reached the center outweigh the absorption refrigerator dedicated to keeping the dead). He called \ “Oouhadh \”, the military commander of the region, to help provide the center with car (refrigerator) to save these bodies in the state has provided. On the other hand, spokesman of the delegation of the Council of elders to Libya, located Bsabha Mr. \ “Ayoub al-Shara, \” that the armed groups that have clashed with the Libyan army are beyond the State and legitimacy. He revealed Mr. \ “Shara \”, and according to what reported by the commander of the military region of Sabha, that the Libyan army military Sabha area, set on Sunday the southern city of Sabha, a bus by a number of fighters in Darfur, according to their passports, and the actions taken with respect to whom. He noted Mr. \ “Ayoub \”, that there is a military reinforcements continue its arrival to the city of Sabha to support the army in the region, and to restore security, stability.
A reporter Libyan news agency, that the city of Sabha witnessing widespread heavy national security street and fields within the city
with stops of interest and administrative institutions, banks and gas stations for work today, in addition to the closure of many shops doors to customers.
(And – Sabha) …
City Sabha witnessing clashes in some military sites, and the efforts of the Council of elders to Libya to contain the situation. Saturday, 11/01/2014 – 22:00
11 January 2014 (and) –
A member of the Council of elders Libya to reconcile Mr. “Ayoub al-Shara” that a delegation from their council had arrived since yesterday to the city of Sabha to help heal the rift and instead efforts and work to achieve a truce will lead to solving problems of the list. He said, “al-Shara in a telephone news agency Libyan Sabha that there is communication with the Department of Defense and the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the prime minister about the clashes that took place in some military sites.
Confirmed that there were casualties as a result of these events reached 10 people, in addition to the killing of others as a result of the targeting process and Hunting sporadic. his part, said a member of the Council of elders Libya for reconciliation, “Mohammed evangelist”.
The command now going according to planned and that the security situation in the improvement were seized gangs that trade in the camps. said that efforts are being made all the notables and elders of Libya to put things in perspective, and support force military stationed in Sabha and secured, to reach real solutions and logical problems that have occurred on this day.
” that it was possible today to meet Boaaan Tabu but it was a postponement for security reasons, pointing out that the objects of Tabu tribes are ready to negotiate, and they assert on the legitimacy of the state and full consent to what is being reached for the sake of Libya … (and Sabha) ..”


Air Libyan air force since the morning sorties over the city of Sabha
Chairman of the local council Sabha advocated the use of aviation to stop the fighting in the city.

PICTURE SHOWS Fireball XL5 of the NLAF of the New Libya Air Force It

Sabha – a special “Germa” 12/01/2014
Said council elders Libya for reconciliation in Sabha on Sunday for “Germa”
There are strenuous efforts for a cease-fire and calm and I was there the strength of the third party fired in both directions, were monitored car type Miche to Victory white opaque glass fire in two directions and these acts are considered acts of individual Atotr Ali truce efforts.
Said Sheikh Mohammed evangelist board member notables Libya for reconciliation there is not any outside force coming from the south and the national army
Citizens are advised not to approach places the clashes.
The news agency “Germa – special”
Fathi bin Isa:
According to the field hospital area Mansheya Bsabha death toll had reached 23 so far. Ministry of Health: 31 dead and 65 injured in clashes Sabha


Signs of easing looming

Commissioned by the delegation of the Elders of Libya and military ruler
Number of Elders Sabha represented in elders:
Erhomh Salem
Hameed Suweid
Zarouk Abdullah
Atiq Sultan
Sanusi Salem
Salem Touati
Yellow Owaidat
Mohammed Sanusi
Agreed to locate to meet tomorrow morning with representatives from Altbually
Boubacar Agami Altpauy
Adam Dko Altpauy
Amacy Altpauy
After the pledge for Tabu representatives to provide a place for the meeting

and the presence of representatives from each of the Tabu

God according to their efforts and success Kllaha

(Free newspaper Sabha)

Ongoing clashes so far in Sabha, specifically in the Indian company did not reach

any convoy or military support than any other city so far as claimed by some of the pages.

(News Agency of Libya today)

Statement of the National Rally Altbawi on events Sabha:

PICTURE: reflecting upon NATO‘s war on Libya, on 15 AUGUST 2011 at 12:01am, Father George Zabelka wrote:

”Yes, war is Hell, and ISSA/Christ did not come to justify the creation of Hell on earth by his disciples. The justification of war may be compatible with some religions and philosophies, but it is not compatible with the nonviolent teaching of Jesus/ISSA.”

(Posted 15 August 2011 at 12:01am |)

Post image for Big money behind war: the military-industrial complex

Big money behind war: the military-industrial complex

11 JANUARY  2014

Last updated: 11 Jan 2014 07:42
Jonathan Turley
Jonathan Turley is the Shapiro Professor of Public Interest Law at George Washington University and has testified before Congress on the dangerous expansion of presidential powers.



Source: Al Jazeera

In January 1961, US President Dwight D Eisenhower used his farewell address to warn the nation of what he viewed as one of its greatest threats: the military-industrial complex composed of military contractors and lobbyists perpetuating war.

Eisenhower warned that ”an immense military establishment and a large arms industry” had emerged as a hidden force in US politics and that Americans “must not fail to comprehend its grave implications”. The speech may have been Eisenhower’s most courageous and prophetic moment. Fifty years and some later, Americans find themselves in what seems like perpetual war. No sooner do we draw down on operations in Iraq than leaders demand an intervention in Libya or Syria or Iran. While perpetual war constitutes perpetual losses for families, and ever expanding budgets, it also represents perpetual profits for a new and larger complex of business and government interests.

The new military-industrial complex is fuelled by a conveniently ambiguous and unseen enemy: the terrorist. Former President George W Bush and his aides insisted on calling counter-terrorism efforts a “war”.

This concerted effort by leaders like former Vice President Dick Cheney (himself the former CEO of defence-contractor Halliburton) was not some empty rhetorical exercise. Not only would a war maximise the inherent powers of the president, but it would maximise the budgets for military and homeland agencies.

This new coalition of companies, agencies, and lobbyists dwarfs the system known by Eisenhower when he warned Americans to “guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence… by the military-industrial complex”. Ironically, it has had some of its best days under President Barack Obama who has radically expanded drone attacks and claimed that he alone determines what a war is for the purposes of consulting Congress.

Good for economy?

While few politicians are willing to admit it, we don’t just endure wars we seem to need war – at least for some people. A study showed that roughly 75 percent of the fallen in these wars come from working class families. They do not need war. They pay the cost of the war. Eisenhower would likely be appalled by the size of the industrial and governmental workforce committed to war or counter-terrorism activities. Military and homeland budgets now support millions of people in an otherwise declining economy. Hundreds of billions of dollars flow each year from the public coffers to agencies and contractors who have an incentive to keep the country on a war-footing – and footing the bill for war.

Across the country, the war-based economy can be seen in an industry which includes everything from Homeland Security educational degrees to counter-terrorism consultants to private-run preferred traveller programmes for airport security gates. Recently, the “black budget” of secret intelligence programmes alone was estimated at 38.58€bn for 2013. That is only the secret programmes, not the much larger intelligence and counterintelligence budgets. We now have 16 spy agencies that employ 107,035 employees. This is separate from the over one million people employed by the military and national security law enforcement agencies.

The core of this expanding complex is an axis of influence of corporations, lobbyists, and agencies that have created a massive, self-sustaining terror-based industry.

The contractors

In the last eight years, trillions of dollars have flowed to military and homeland security companies. When the administration starts a war like Libya, it is a windfall for companies who are given generous contracts to produce everything from replacement missiles to ready-to-eat meals.

In the first 10 days of the Libyan war alone, the administration spent roughly 403.4€m. That figure includes about 249.38€m for munitions – mostly cruise missiles that must be replaced. Not only did Democratic members of Congress offer post-hoc support for the Libyan attack, but they also proposed a permanent authorisation for presidents to attack targets deemed connected to terrorism – a perpetual war on terror. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) offers an even steadier profit margin. According to Morgan Keegan, a wealth management and capital firm, investment in homeland security companies is expected to yield a 12 percent annual growth through 2013 – an astronomical return when compared to other parts of the tanking economy.

The lobbyists

There are thousands of lobbyists in Washington to guarantee the ever-expanding budgets for war and homeland security. One such example is former DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff who pushed the purchase of the heavily criticised (and little tested) full-body scanners used in airports. When Chertoff was giving dozens of interviews to convince the public that the machines were needed to hold back the terror threat, many people were unaware that the manufacturer of the machine is a client of the Chertoff Group, his highly profitable security consulting agency. (Those hugely expensive machines were later scrapped after Rapiscan, the manufacturer, received the windfall.)

Lobbyists maintain pressure on politicians by framing every budget in “tough on terror” versus “soft on terror” terms. They have the perfect products to pitch – products that are designed to destroy themselves and be replaced in an ever-lasting war on terror.

The agencies 

It is not just revolving doors that tie federal agencies to these lobbyists and companies. The war-based economy allows for military and homeland departments to be virtually untouchable. Environmental and social programmes are eliminated or curtailed by billions as war-related budgets continue to expand to meet “new threats”.

With the support of an army of lobbyists and companies, cabinet members like former DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano, are invincible in Washington. When citizens complained of watching their children groped by the TSA, Napolitano defiantly retorted that if people did not want their children groped, they should yield and use the unpopular full-body machines – the machines being sold by her predecessor, Chertoff.

It is not just the Defense and DHS departments that enjoy the war windfall. Take the Department of Justice (DOJ). A massive counterterrorism system has been created employing tens of thousands of personnel with billions of dollars to search for domestic terrorists. The problem has been a comparative shortage of actual terrorists to justify the size of this internal security system.

Accordingly, the DOJ has counted everything from simple immigration cases to credit card fraud as terror cases in a body count approach not seen since the Vietnam War. For example, the DOJ claimed to have busted a major terror-network as part of “Operation Cedar Sweep”, where Lebanese citizens were accused of sending money to terrorists. They were later forced to drop all charges against all 27 defendants as unsupportable. It turned out to be a bunch of simple head shops. Nevertheless, the new internal security system continues to grind on with expanding powers and budgets. A few years ago, the DOJ even changed the definition of terrorism to allow for an ever-widening number of cases to be considered “terror-related”.

Symbiotic relationship

Our economic war-dependence is matched by political war-dependence. Many members represent districts with contractors that supply homeland security needs and our on-going wars.

Even with polls showing that the majority of Americans are opposed to continuing the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the new military-industrial complex continues to easily muster the necessary support from both Democrats and Republicans in Congress. It is a testament to the influence of this alliance that hundreds of billions are being spent in Afghanistan and Iraq while Congress is planning to cut billions from core social programmes, including a possible rollback on Medicare due to lack of money. None of that matters. It doesn’t even matter that Afghan President Hamid Karzai has called the US the enemy and said he wishes that he had joined the Taliban. Even the documented billions stolen by government officials in Iraq and Afghanistan are treated as a mere cost of doing business.

It is what Eisenhower described as the “misplaced power” of the military-industrial complex – power that makes public opposition and even thousands of dead soldiers immaterial. War may be hell for some but it is heaven for others in a war-dependent economy.

Jonathan Turley is the Shapiro Professor of Public Interest Law at George Washington University and has testified in Congress on the massive counter-terrorism budgets and bureaucracy in the United States.


Image of the Prophet’s birthday celebration (PBUH) in the camp of Tawergha:
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In honor of the HOLY Prophet of Allah (PBUH) 13 JANUARY 2014

Prophet's Birthday 2014


Celebration of the birth of the Prophet  (PBUH) in Libya

1973 Muammar al-Qathafi resides congregational prayer in the mosque

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