Elgiabu Ramadan inspirationally writes us:

Hey Dr Fatima,

[Dr. Fatima Ahamroch:
who has belittled the Green Resistance, calling them “comical toy revolutionary soldiers”],

to be the triumph of a party and we reject the invasion of you who participated in it along with the jokes Libya and they have been caught in the national Rzilth do not want to lose our home to become a hotbed for Olaoamrakyin and their agents from extremists . We want to recover the state September Nicomha and make it democratic actual application and not the theoretical,We want equal rights of all Libyan citizens and all men and women , we want every citizen voice , whether male or female , who wants to claim that it is coming from God, let us go to God , and he wants the Hereafter and Horyatea Glmanha and let him hustling her life,

we want all the merit and all the freedom and safety and the well-off because the afterlife knowing God and we humans , like other human beings , but we want and we do not want our partners Oroamrakjon Gulf or share it or govern us in it.

Feltkm war between right and wrong between the nation and agents of colonialism and cheek , but not the war do not keep be devastating and fearful is not worth his life among humans.

It’s a battle between advocates of the death and the advocates of life , advocates of virtue and advocates of immorality , between believers in God the Lord of Being and Nothingness, and believers in God the Lord of Mecca stone house Saudi, between believers neighborhood Gayoom believers in God and the Lord of death, murder, torture and destruction of life on earth.

يا دكتورة فاطمة , لابد من إنتصار طرف ونحن الرافضين للغزو الذي أنت شاركت فيه جنبًا إلى جنب مع مهابيل ليبيا وإنغمسوا في رذيلته الوطنية لا نريد بأن نفقد وطننا ليصبح مرتعًا للأولاوأمريكيين وعملائهم من المتطرفين . نريد إسترداد دولة سبتمبر لنقوّمها ولنجعلها ديموقراطية التطبيق الفعلي وليس النظري , نريد المساواة في الحقوق بين جميع المواطنين الليبيين وجميع الرجال والنساء , نريد لكل مواطن صوت سواءً كان ذكر أم أنثى , ومن يريد أن يدعي بأنه آتٍ من عند الله فليذهب إلى الله , ومن يريد الآخرة وحورياتها وغلمانها فليذهب مسرعًا لها فنحن نريد الحياة الدنيا بكل محاسنها وكل الحرية والأمان فيها ورغيد العيش لأن الآخرة علمها عند الله وما نحن إلاّ بشر كبقية البشر نريد وطننا ولا نريد شركاء أوروأمريكيون أو خليجيون يشاركوننا فيه أو يحكموننا فيه . فلتكم حرب بين الحق والباطل بين الوطن وعملاء الأستعمار وخده , ولتكن حرب لا تبقي ولا تذر والخائف لا يستحق حياته بين البشر , إنها معركة بين دعاة الموت ودعاة الحياة , دعاة الفضيلة ودعاة الرذيلة , بين المؤمنين بالله رب الوجود والعدم والمؤمنين بالله رب مكة بيت الحجر السعودي , بين المؤمنين بالحي القيوم والمؤمنين بالله رب الموت والقتل والتعذيب والدمار للحياة على وجه الأرض .

Almandil happiest Zhio announce the popular uprising against the “17 February calamity” has begun in all Libyan cities
01/24/2014 channel 24 FRANCE…

The Libyan Resistance  released a statement urging Libyans who were deceived or what naively believed the invading enemy,  to now surrender. Libyan Resistance People’s  ensures their safety and will be well  treated according to international standards and peace.*

Msakm joys and triumphs … Now begin the psychological warfare furiously by rats traumatized between the denial of our victory and the fabrication of lies and fabrications images would launch upon a fierce war so be steadfast either outlast strongly in front of a storm rumors or you Stnksron you now from his hand to locate. Every according morale and intelligence it was confident steadfast and high spirits will Aziz the same place and at the height of the summit was reluctant humiliated frustrating it would be despised and weak and place under the foot of victory and glory and pride for us despised rats and Atsgua to understand Ohaathm Iharbounkm psychologically but losers mass ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ triumph lawyer throwing:

There is no more “LIBYAN GOVERNMENT”!! THE GREAT JAMAHIRIYA of the PEOPLE HAVE MADE VICTORY, although this will completely denied by the West and the Press, THE GNC is no longer in existance and green reigns now. Now has begun the psychological war and the continued bombings by NATO, who will NOT ACCEPT THEIR DEFEAT!

The following is the sick STUPIDITY that Dr. Dr. Fatima Ahamroch posted!!


“We call on the Libyan authorities to act wisely and deal with all outlaws the balance of justice and one, and that is not biased in the ranks of the oppressors on the pretext that they are revolutionaries!
The government and the Congress and the Libyan people (of all sects: Fberaarien and loyalists of the former regime) that seek to stop the bloodshed and extinguish the fire of sedition, instead of beating the drums of civil war.”
God save Libya.
Dr. Fatima Ahamroch

FIRST of all:  IT WAS NOT A CIVIL WAR !! and The RAT puppet Congress and the so-called “authorities” DO NOT EXIST ANY MORE: THEY HAVE FLED; 

and most important, there is GREEN VICTORY today…and Elgiabu Ramadan is more than 100%++++ right in what he has expressed.


Did you know @ @

Jardan NATO was paying 184.28€ million .. In order to disrupt the green channel.

To everyone and anyone who asks for green channel say:

Channel that God will passionately unexpected will come upon them suddenly and will be charged the direct transport of areas within the Great Jamahiriya and we will reveal the facts on the ground …

As I say that the channel crews and technicians were distributed in most parts of the mass and Sabde live broadcast and we will program the first good morning mass.

Thank God, and the situation in all regions and axes and men’s increasing popular resistance and international cooperation and international communication increases.

This Atmn to everyone and ask them to pray for the removal of fear from the hearts begin to disobedience in all regions, especially Tripoli …

For the rest of the interview.

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Mu message 24 JAN 2014

Mise en ligne le 18 mars 2011
al-Qathafi says that the word democracy is made up of two syllables the first
Demo .. And its meaning in Arabic .. forever
And the second
karase .. And its meaning in Arabic .. seat
Meaning to become permanent positions
And calls on Arab rulers to be like him, and calls for sober people govern themselves


YESTERDAY’s image of Liberation. Since then,  the Resistance has declared Victory:

Word Ahmad Gadaf-a-Dam blood on what is happening in Libya:


كلمة أحمد قذاف الدم بشأن ما يحدث في ليبيا
Will not kneel only to God.Official page Bashaier satellite channel,,,,, Page Alolh been infiltrated by Jardan …..then the honorable retrieved and closed permanently.FB site and video removed by rats and FB:FB site and video removed by rats and FBBashaier satellite channel Bashaiyr tv
Channel Bashaier Alvzaih thought the green channel and the channel resistance of the Libyan Frequency 11137 horizontal on the Nilesat satellite.

Praise be to Allah, and then open the channel “# omens” Ali frequency Aiia: 

11137 / / 27500 / / H Horizontal

Please contribute to the publication and dissemination …………………………
Of the General Command of the popular resistance to all battalions of the armed forces and the people located in the following areas and the roads leading to the south of Libya
It is as follows : –
First … The road to the south of the east of Sirte to any Jufrah to the south.

Second … The road to the south from the north to any of Heisha Apunjam to Jufrah to the south.
Thirdly … Moada the road to the south from the north-west direction of any of Mizdah to Qurayyat to Alchuirv and Shatty to the south.
Fourth … Secondary road leading from the center of the stopper to bin Walid and Ashimikh to the people and to the south .
To all existing and battalions stationed on the implementation of these trends Ajeraútkm literally following orders :
– Increase raise Astaadadatkm and provide mutatis your needs and combat ration to fight the fiercest battles for the home.
Ajeraúkm and not to draw the attention of the enemy any manifestation of your equipment and hidden and camouflaged perfectly natural lives pretending to exercise the task entrusted to you now is just intelligence . And Ajeraúkm activate Mkhpericm and deployed on a very large scale
And let us know all the moves hostile flying to the south and the lack of resistance now in order to preserve the integrity and let them Afradkm foray and lure them towards the south until reaching the places Almottagv from all the above-mentioned methods .
On any battalion pass by hostile forces to the south from any direction of the trends previously mentioned , to equip itself to move and have ordered that the recipient of the leadership of the resistance will be sent to you so it’s soon approaching enemy forces to the point pounce agreed upon from all directions and besiege and destroy it and cut way back and not access support them from the enemy.
Ajeraútkm the implementation of the foregoing literally …… ……………

Victorious , God willing Almighty ……….. Son Conqueror

Multiply the O’s Liberation Army
“Today clarion
“My purity purge”
Army beat us, O Rahman “all faith”
What unforgiving row Akhawan
“Nboha Tola fire
“They have not .. And destroyed Adwank destruction ..


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Seal Quran:

Oh God, grant me the strength to resist myself, and the courage to face twice, and certainty to accept my fate,

and satisfaction to relax my mind, and understanding to reassure my heart.

اميرة السلام•الرائد ركن حرب الآسد•

اضرب يا جيش التحرير

„اليوم نفير
„بلادي طهرها تطهير„
اضربهم يا جيش الرحمن ”بكل ايمان”
ما ترحم صف الخوان
”نبوها تولع نيران
”عليهم غير .. ودمر عدوانك تدمير ..

We say the words of the Prophet Haaaaaaaam
Me all the pages of Resistance
The first thing I say prophet resistance ended in Facebook
Resistance is now looked on the ground
For me the pages of Resistance
Maeve knew the mind processes give the orders on Facebook …
Some pages
My dad says Mtal news came down just before
Ali units gathered around City Jufrah Labelling Group B Wayne Moukahaaa. You Tenbho in Jardan Bish Istt ….
Or on the news of my father’s inn in some pages
Ali Liberals who are in Sabha income revive them Jardan me out
To my mind that in the heat of his heart on his base with Jardan
Tani Shi Ye Tenbho in Jardan mesh Liberal …..
Or news about our heroes in Tripoli and Douhahaaaaaa
For God Hfattkm God Vkonaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa of storytelling on Facebook
Resistance youth have contact with some across the Libyan
And continuing to the resistance does not return   …



Fatwa issued an advisory opinion from the corrupt NATO MUFTI trouble maker SADAK Gharyiani, declaring war on legitimate supporters of green and allow the bombing of civilians in Sabha, Rishvana, and department in Ajeelat; and he calls for Libyans fighting among themselves again (Muslim blood, which the Prophet [PBUH] warned us specifically against!!).
  • “Zero hour” writes:Told you the false Taliani spoke and said Adrbu supporters of al-Qathafi iron fistChino him to return the Iaahrar Ha eyed Antichrist


Citing news agency Solidarity:
Media sources confirm that the Egyptian authorities detain President of the Chamber of Libya rebels known as Shaaban Shaaban gift angular.

From Egypt

The news that Egyptian authorities arrested Shaaban gift known as “Abu Obaida Libyan” head room rats Libya

The news agency SolidarityNargis Ghiryani:
A source of operating room Libya rebels, on Friday, that the Egyptian authorities have arrested President of the Chamber Shaaban gift while he was in Cairo.
He added the source for “news agency solidarity” that is not recognized until the moment the reasons which led to the arrest of a gift and taken to an unknown location.
The operations room Libya rebels one of the battalions under the flag of the presidency of the General Staff of the Libyan army.
 Lafrasin Greens News 
Urgent.Egyptian authorities allowed the Abu Ubaida angular contact his family
to check on him and the Egyptian authorities to quickly disconnect the call after the belief that he sent a secret code of his group.
did not understand the Egyptian authorities—-
Namely, Moi to all those people in the street Althelolh..
CORPSE à do-do maintainent!!Logic =)) .. Your faaace .. !! ಠ _ ಠHaj Ghaith Ghiryani who Khtafo duration of sight in front of Blon .. 70 years .. And diabetic,
Guo and his body dumped on the signs of torture!




“Islamic Front of Derna”:
Today, God willing times from the 1 to 4 am
You will hear the voices of explosions pounded the defenses of the puppet government in Tripoli

God save our fighters and heroes endorsed the victory of his own

We promised that we have and that we’ve won.

Tripoli mosques conquerors zooming specifically, Mr. Khalifa street corner ….

News resistance People’s Libyan Free:

City martyr convulsed 6000 to lead and the rest of the tribes are honorable decisive battle ..


Tribes satellite channel

Signed Friday morning a huge explosion in the area of ​​the bridge Tajourah Balqab Industrial Research Center.

ياقائد ثورتنا على دربك طوالي…
يامخلي رايتنا خفاقا في العالي



Dardanelles channel TV | Aldardanel TV
# Çanakkale Dard _ Urgent
Armed clashes in the city of Tarhounah.

Clashes in the city was kidnapped and Tarhunah Ramadan Chaibi and assuming the militias of Misrata.
(Son Conqueror)

News Network Libya green:
I swear including raising the sky that all that is written in this page 100% real.
Tarhounah this morning, a group of children of Alnaajh kidnap someone from a family of well-known Alemragna loyalty to the homeland and the Libyan leader’s family Vgillt Alemragna of these continuous provocations Acharadm Louhichi lost followers and slaves Misrata Jews ..
Then decided sons Alemragna put an end to this family of rogue response to their size and naturally picked up all the young arms and Tnado of every inch in Tarhounah. There is a great post from other families such as the family and the family of Trchana Hamrouni and others ..
Lose the expulsion of these bastards and the demolition of their homes ..
Child died after a family Alemragna indiscriminate shelling from afar ..
Fur family Alanaajh from their homes, leaving behind their wives and their children,
but family Alemragna dealt with all the families and tribal custom to now now still clashes
and eluted did not specify the scene in Tarhounah constantly cleansing Tarhounah
or just to join the uprising of the Libyan people ..
A thousand greetings to each family did not accept the injustice ..
This is the reality of what is going on in the dust Tarhouna Sharif.


A message to the Beautiful who are free, and Racdlin: ask the Liberal move and not to refer to the climbers

who claim they Antdharon instructions from Major General Valloa instruction issued to you Mindua

week ago and did not dwell moved.




Department in Ajeelat split me two sides good Western point of Oriental Liberal Etwajdzn in the western corner of the city either Jardan corner and Sabratha and visitors, steady and Surman Amdayrin Popat in Djihh Eastern and sing in Wayne end Jay from the west and Elly are long and the new and the lattice and the landfill and Aljafarah and the girl’s head and Alvrich and Icomo Ba arrested. Please Hey steep Aahrar Elly present in the western corner of the department in Ajeelat.

Greeting to Ashaws triangle Champions department in Ajeelat epics written in terms of a jihad – 
in the department in Ajeelat.



اهداء الي اشاوس مثلث الابطال العجيلات وهي تسطر ملاحم الجهاد — في العجيلات.



Only four of the young people in our youth and the arrest of the offender Rishvana Mohammed

paste of the Duckh captured from and without any damage.
A tribute to the heroes …. inventory and inventory behind GOD IS GREAT ABOVE THE AGGRESSOR.

After the escape of columns aggressors from battlefields
Group hid in a factory Alaageor .. It was pursued and captured them from families fled from them fled ..
Sheep were many of their vehicles
God is great .. Allahu Akbar
Now celebratory victory marches described and we bring you video of the bridge 27 ..

Allahu Akbar
Champions tribe Chiaan country convulsed the armed militias.
Other tribes Feltenvd.


The Libyan Resistance  released a statement urging Libyans who were deceived or what naively believed the invading enemy,  to now surrender. Libyan Resistance People’s  ensures their safety and will be well  treated according to international standards and peace.*

Spokesman of the Shura Council and Rishvana Bo Aoueigila Seif El-Nasr:
– User received on behalf of 200 people wanted.
– *: Agreed to be arrested for the most wanted by the police stations.
The Cilh Shura and Rishvana has met with the Council and local councils Tripoli Tripoli
and the Council of Sub-Azizia and some councils of the mountain yesterday to discuss the
repercussions of the current events in the region and Rishvana.
URGENT | even houses of God have not been spared the brutality of the crimes of armed terrorist Almelcaat
This is what NATO rebels in the mosque of Ali bin Abi Talib in dotted mil b # and Rishvana:

Green TV Channel Green TV


The arrival of 8 cases of suffocation to Zahra Hospital Ajraouasthaddam Sroaik gas in indiscriminate shelling of the area

and Rishvana by armed militias.
Reporting new genocide in Libya: criminal gangs ruling in serving Libya NATO and the U.S. are using mustard gas in its bombing in RISHVANA (as well as already seen in the SOUTH by QATAR) come the report from Al Zahra hospital doctors certifying the infestation of innocent civilians.

The use of mustard gas by armed gangs against Rishvana area and there are cases infected in Al Zahra Hospital.

Militias, terrorist use of poison gas to try to control the # and Rishvana.

The attack was the Champions Rishvana today battalion Alguenida Grad rockets

and Allah is the greatest.

(picture: Shell Arada, RISHVANA)

(picture: Shell Arada, RISHVANA)

Electricity was cut off to part of the area and now Rishvana.

Aaaaaaaajl of one free and Rishvana now
God is great and thankfully the news and I saw myself downright
The arrest of the hardest criminals in the corner …. arrest of killing
Dozens of army and volunteers and was tortured prisoners
The arrest of the offender Munir paste and God is now in the hands of the Liberal
Awlad Embarak ... God is greatest above the aggressor Kid ..


Please Alnscherwaltamim Jardan Misratans last night and with them Jardan of Tarhounah and walking around with them across Tarhounah and Ydlewnhm the homes of Liberal

and it was agreed that tonight 24/01/2014 Power will come from the city of Misurata to catch them all, and the one on the end without Cocraroach order
not to teach them one of the very arrival of Misurata.

Quoting / / Mslath – (so named by them) “the cradle of the Republic” :::

Men gate russet due any citizen Mslaty vector to five in order to maintain the integrity ….

Those who ask about the reason:
The reason is that the people of the area blessings Bmslath complained of room security Mslath because of a busy Magen and sounds music high and so I went on the spot groups of the national army and Saraya backing led security room Mslath and raided the place, which is a break out the number of 60 people in the drunk of them Tarhounah and blessings and five and Misurata means Mtkhalth …

This is what led to what has happened today.

Ibrahim Shati:
Tarhunah country wise people who actually Khaifa p homeland and Hatta who Tofu them

with the tyrant just made sure he was tricked. Behm two Thrko door of fear GS home saves Tarhounah.
Lord God and the city of history and the true national not like pumice Elly on Behm Hamza and Damro towns.

Jardan Misratans now in Jufrah, are preparing themselves to enter the Sabha under the cover of Joy!

The power that came from Misurata to the city (and Dan) the number of cars 23 cars which are stationed outside the city
Command prompt from the (operating room Sabha) to Kabylia noble in the city and Dan handled

Misrata Militias preparing rockets against free SABHA:



Tribes satellite channel

The clashes in the city of Zliten Mager. THIS IS A REPEAT OF 2011 !!


NATO Massacres of Civilians Aimed at “Cleansing” the Libyan People’s Resistance

Many of the journalists from NATO countries held meetings on how to disseminate the news.

NATO claims categorically that the areas bombed were “legitimate” military targets and that there is no evidence of civilian casualties.

This statement is false and in total contradiction with realities on the ground including photographic and film evidence (see the photographs below).

Areas in Zliten and Majer (Mager) were bombed by NATO for strategic reasons. The bombing of civilian areas is tied to the planning of NATO’s offensive against the Green Resistance.

The Libyan clans in these areas have made it clear that they would fight the General National Congress and ZAIDANE should its

forces try to move westward against Tripoli from their position in Misurata. NATO deliberately bombed these areas “to clear the way” .

Thousands of people also came to the funerals of the victims of the NATO / QATARI attacks.

Green TV Satellite Channel was also jammeded by NATO. This was part of NATO’s efforts to contain information from coming out of Libya regarding the realities of the war.

NATO is running out of steam and the GNC has collapsed.

NATO’s killing of civilians is intended to force the Libyan population into surrendering. The “Responsibility to Protect” is an utter shame.

In 2011 NATO left many boatloads of migrants and refugees escaping Libya, to die in the Mediterranean Sea.

Human Rights Watch (HRW) has sent a team to Tripoli from its head office in New York, supposedly to investigate. George Soros heads the HRW, and is known to liaise with the U.S. State Department.

NATO which has also announced that it will attack civilian sites as it did in 2011, to force the populace into submission.

Copyright © 2014 Global Research
new protests against NATO:

Dead civilians in Zliten Hospital.  

While in fact harming civilians, NATO‘s aim to decide the fate of Libya and who its government will be is a violation of international law. Indeed, the situation is a clear instance of foreign interference in the internal affairs of Libya.

It is a violation of the right of the Libyan people to decide their own affairs, and affirm their national right to sovereignty from all outside interference.

NATO mission is exposed as an imperialist project it is while it is facing an ever-greater united front of the Libyan people against it. Across the country, Libyans are protesting against NATO and the GNC government of ALI ZAIDANE.

Various sources report that the Libyan people are increasingly mobilizing against NATO and its puppet-regime across the country. While demonstrations have been taking place for weeks in government-held areas, protests and even fighting have now begun to erupt. Libyans across the country are rebelling against them and their foreign backer NATO. Falsely made to appear deceased, Col. Gadhafi has re-called on people to rise up against the foreign occupation.

In Tripoli, Sabha and other areas, mass demonstrations against NATO and their GNC puppet-“government” have been reported for weeks now. In recent developments, the movement against NATO and her puppets, including their stronghold Benghazi. According to Global Research, people in Benghazi, Derna and Tobruk have taken to the streets denouncing NATO and the armed gangs of militias they installed, while fighting has actually broken out in some areas. A peaceful unity march from Al-Sabaa was attacked in Gwaleesh with aerial support by NATO and QATAR. 

Picture of ZLITEN’s al-ASMAR PLAZA:



Dr. Fatima Ahamroch:
Today has been intercepted a convoy of medical aid to the Society of Peace Bin Walid,

traveling from Bani Walid to a hospital Venus, and forced to return by the gunmen.
This is a repeat of what happened in 2012 during the events of Bin Walid, was then returned oxygen cylinders flying from a supply of the central Ministry of Health to a hospital bin Walid, in addition to intercept the ambulance which was carrying the first wounded to the Tripoli Medical Center gracious and abuse Alysaúgaha addition to the kidnapping of a wounded !!!






Special Forces Benghazi

Injury to a Special Forces Thunderbolt soldier in clashes in the region of al-Hawari.
“Atmosphere of the country”
The official media Hawari hospital, “Hani Al Oraibi:”

The members of a “Special Forces Thunderbolt”died the day after his arrival to the hospital

after being injured in clashes in Sidi Faraj.

Safi Menafi:
Began motionless very much in Benghazi and now clashes with heavy weapons between

militias Rav God Alshata and Thunderbolt in Hawari.


“Farces of February” collapsed announcer asks a member of the Conference is not a national solution

to the problem of bombings and assassinations ..

This member of Congress replied amazing answer …

He said the solution to the bombings by what each person riding in his car degrades Tel Alemraamith

was ÎÔ the whole meaning of the hill riding and hill walking, even if it means Mkhch explosives ..

This is “February” and damned Germanha God’s curse on them:

Urgent. Sarah’s skin. Member of the Commission on Security strong for the first time reveals plan for securing Benghazi!

Special and exclusive white now … Jaudh favor of a member of the National Security Committee reveals for the first time about the security plan, which reduces the bombings and assassinations in the city of Benghazi in particular, then implemented throughout Libya beloved. The answer to the question: Broadcaster through the channel of Libya I. Do you put a security plan to reduce assassinations and bombings in the city of Benghazi? Jaudh answered with confidence and yes, every home in the city of Benghazi buy (Tel) and before that running puts his cars (the hill) inside Almaramith and make sure that there is something inside the ensure the safety of content (Almaramith) puts his trust in God. This is with regard to the bombings to assassinations still studying the plan in court, such as the plan to secure (Sweetie) Libya.

Icon – Design
To ensure your safety and the safety of your family,
follow these steps with world-renowned expert in the field of explosives: Saleh Jaudh
I wish you safety,
Addicted: Gentle Man –

How to protect yourself from the terrorist bombings by Salah Jaudhi:



كيف تحمي نفسك من التفجيرات الأرهابيةانــشـرهـــا


Logic =)) .. Your faaace .. !! ಠ _ ಠ


Two assassinated this morning in the city of Derna, two intelligence officer,

Colonel Saleh Computer and policeman Salah Al Mansouri Boukdr ……….. I am God and to him we shall return.

 a tank was destroyed by the Resistance.

and many armored vehicles were captured from rats  who refused to surrender

and thus were put to the sword by their own law.





ZAIDANE Government warplanes to the customers with heavy aerial bombardments

of the city of Sabha to Maholahibosh to open the way for al-Qaeda and extremist groups backed Misrata.

(Son Conqueror)

1:13 shelling of civilians in Sabha by the Government of customers
(de girl milk)

Dogs NATO bombing Sabhabaltaúrat !!!

The martyrdom of the hero knight / Masoud Hamad Al Hamri
In the battle to liberate Sabha,,,,,,,,
for him God Aalmtkhazlin Tris Atamot and Tris time very seriously and fell down history Sgelhaalikm God’s curse on you shame the longest-old was understood Aaaar longest of age. Glory to Hola men who Maujroa not sold and greet each of the shadow of Ali Testament …. Resistance Day moved Dayra account for everything and Mtoklh Ali God Mesh Mnuklh Ali hands trembling. Donkm Aakhunh joined up with Almenbtahin God’s curse upon the curse of God be upon you. Glory to the martyrs of the glory of the Champions ye Yamtkhadelan Donkm shaved Chenbatkm and Deroa so sweet and Mkiqoa Khirlkm with respect to the silks who supervised all Mtkhadl and Ashraf from every player on the ropes women feet of you and Maujrt today battling Bbandkietha and women passengers on the Alarbatash and Atalath Twenty Sabha and Ghadames and Rishvana .. do not know how Tris lying next to your wives and displaced not Adkhalo this topic hour Bellman calls but who Treaty God Miglab Miglab Paso endowed Andrm victory God and history Mirahm / national grand.

Inventory was Achtzaf Abdul Alhfat Gogha for seven hours and was Urgent …

Hottest Awlad Suleiman honorable declare Anzmamanm the ranks of the SPLA in Sabha ...

God is great and thankfully.

Ivory (operations room popular forces – # Sabha) for

To the entire population and area residents and around # Gardah
To all residents and residents in and around # Manshiyya
To all residents in the camp # five Altmanin and around
In order to preserve your souls you to evacuate the places mentioned before tomorrow morning Saturday, 01/25/2014
Dear brothers your safety is important to us and our priority Please Come Atid and compliance.
Room operations forces popular Sabha. . . . Issued on 24.01.2014

Jardan Sabha bombing in locust point Manshia to target civilians … Mark Kiedkm in Nhrkm Aajerdan

Heroes of the Popular Defence destroying Zbaptan mercenaries Kharijites Sabha.

These tanks who destroyed the UPDF in the way of agricultural near the airport before 4-5 days.

Allah Akbar Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar
Was before the hour destroyed two tanks of traitors within their last stronghold in the battalion Knight desert by forces armed people and Maad rats only 3 tanks and Heetm destroy them upon arrival Ahaddathiathen teams surveyed and prepared to receive the announcement liberation of the south Garieyeeyeeyeeyeayiba forward O Rvagueta P Sabha spark:


Interruption of electricity to the cities of Kufra and Tazerbo



Abu Guenchert Foundation flags, media arm of Ansar al-Sharia is banned in Tunisia, a message said the group has received from the leader known in Jihadist Salafist movement Jordanian Omar Mahmoud Othman famous by his nickname, “Abu Qatada the Palestinian” from his prison in the capital Alardnaheman, where the trial before the State Security Court of Jordan on terrorism charges.
And accused Abu Qatada in his siding with the Islamic Renaissance Movement to secularists, saying: “It has been estimated that the group is on the renaissance of this extreme ignorance, I expect you to become right through to its rule and its conflict with the secular are approximately us (…), they instead I went away from us to the point of secularists, have been on a jag-fold from taking hurt us a way to accept the religion of the infidels of the Americans and Europeans, and Renaissance have learned runner secularists in Tunisia for Islam, and I learned a runner Europe for Muslims, but did not Tantsah not Thtd, but I went to take off more of Registration Islam until they accepted Islam, not the law of laws in Tunisia, I do not know what is left of them, they claim they want the war from behind the establishment of Islam. “
And called Abu Qatada “Ansar al-Sharia in Tunisia” to the “Declaration of corruption and misguidance” Renaissance Movement invitation only without entering into a physical struggle with her, saying: “As is the Renaissance with you has shown the political leaders you hostility, and allied themselves with the secularists against you, but they became the spearhead Against this call please do not hesitate to declare their corruption and misguided, and we were and continue to finish the fight Muslim or hostile, standing on the side of the people of Islam against heretics secularists against the infidels, the infidels and apostates, even if it was contrary to us, but what I did renaissance but it is a bias class enemies of the Muslims against fellow Muslims , Valmuaq them on this his rule of Fight recognized for his conversion to Islam and is known with you, and I ask you to independence in advocacy and non Joined today by any title only ((Ansar al-Sharia)) then this happened Fbla announcement, this after estimating interest, this is the safest to call today so as not to flock by the wolves. “
He also called in the same context to declare a “war on secularists, saying:” Then you severity and cruelty as you can on the secular heretics with you, I do not know of a Muslim country of screaming hostility religion of these as they are with you in Turkey and Iran, and now almost brothers in Egypt are causing In their declaration of hostility to Islam. “
And praised Abu Qatada in his message on what he called a “clarion Tunisian youth to Damascus” to fight within the jihadist groups there, saying: “I have learned that a lot of young people concerning you may jeered jihad to Syria Sham and this is, Mahmoud Mubarak, and I’ve learned that Sheikh Abu Ayaz God save violates these young people in the general alarm there so as not to leave Tunisia without an invitation and do not care, and it is close, a good many of you have sought both cases. “
However, the scene jihadist has denied some of the fighters what he called “radical,” adding, saying: “But Adsna some of the turnoff toward you to Syria, the Levant and they are few and members of those stresses because of the Hamas youth and their rush, and I was pleased news, many of them from the militants, and they knew the brunt ignorance, has experienced a lot of them. “
As a student of Abu Qatada elements of Ansar al-Sharia in Tunisia to work together and coordinate with the “jihadists in Libya,” saying: if Twasaltm with your brothers in Libya that is better so you will be one hand in the advocacy and cooperation, this is with the scientific fact that fraternity ancients in Libya became Caster fragments, and varied stranded a lot, “in reference to the leaders of abandoning Aljmaah Libyan jihadist fighter from the curriculum after revisions, led by the emir, Abdul Hakim Belhaj, the year 2008 during the reign of The GREAT JAMAHIRIYA.
أبو قنشرت مؤسسة البيارق،الذراع الاعلامي لجماعة أنصار الشريعة المحظورة في تونس،رسالة قالت ان الجماعة قد تلقتها من القيادي المعروف في التيار السلفي الجهادي الأردني عمر محمود عثمان الشهير بكنيته “أبو قتادة الفلسطيني” من سجنه بالعاصمة الاردنية عمان ،حيث يحاكم أمام محكمة أمن الدولة الأردنية بتهم تتعلق بالارهاب.و اتهم أبو قتادة في رسالته حركة النهضة الاسلامية بالانحياز الى العلمانيين قائلا :” لقد كان تقديري أن جماعة النهضة على غير هذا الجهل الشديد، فإني كنت أتوقع أن تصير إلى الحق من خلال حكمها وصراعها مع العلمانيين فتقترب إلينا(…)فإنها بدل ذلك ذهبت بعيداً عنا إلى جهة العلمانيين، وقد جرت على سنن أمثالها من اتخاذ إيذائنا سبيلاً للقبول في دين الكافرين من الأمريكان والأوروبيين، والنهضة قد علمت عداء العلمانيين في تونس للإسلام، وعلمت عداء أوروبا للمسلمين لكنها لم تنتصح ولم تهتد، بل ذهبت إلى خلع المزيد من الإنتساب للإسلام حتى أنها قبلت عدم الإسلام شريعة القوانين في تونس، فلا أدري ما بقي لهم من زعمهم أنهم في حرب يريدون من ورائها إقامة الإسلام.”و دعا أبو قتادة “أنصار الشريعة في تونس” الى “إعلان فساد وضلالة” حركة النهضة بالدعوة فقط دون الدخول في مادي صراع معها ،قائلا : ” أما أمر النهضة عندكم فقد أظهر القادة السياسيون لكم العداء، وتحالفوا مع العلمانيين ضدكم، بل صاروا رأس حربة ضد هذه الدعوة فلا تترددوا في إعلان فسادهم وضلالهم، وإننا كنا ومازلنا ننهى أن يحارب مسلم أو يعادى وهو يقف في صف أهل الإسلام ضد الزنادقة العلمانيين وضد الكفرة المشركين والمرتدين حتى لو كان مخالفاً لنا لكن ما فعلته النهضة إنما هو الإنحياز لصف أعداء المسلمين ضد إخوانهم المسلمين، فالموافق لهم على هذا له حكم من حارب المسلم من أجل اسلامه وهو معروف عندكم، وأنا أطلب منكم الإستقلال في الدعوة وعدم الإلتحاق اليوم بأي عنوان سوى ((أنصار الشريعة)) فإن حصل هذا فبلا إعلان، هذا بعد تقدير المصلحة، فإن هذا هو الأسلم للدعوة اليوم حتى لا تتكالب عليها الذئاب.”كما دعا في ذات السياق الى اعلان “الحرب على العلمانيين قائلا : ” ثم عليكم بالشدة والقسوة ما استطعتم على العلمانيين الزنادقة عندكم، فإني لا أعلم من بلاد المسلمين من يصرخ بعداء الدين من هؤلاء كما هم عندكم وفي تركيا وإيران، والآن يكاد إخوانهم في مصر يلحقون بهم في إعلان العداء للإسلام”.و أثنى أبو قتادة في رسالته على ما سماه “نفير الشباب التونسي الى الشام” للقتال ضمن الجماعات الجهادية هناك قائلا : ” ولقد علمت أن الكثير من الشباب من جهتكم قد نفروا إلى الجهاد إلى سوريا الشام وهذا أمر محمود مبارك، ولقد علمت أن الشيخ أبا عياض حفظه الله يخالف هؤلاء الشباب في النفير العام هناك حتى لا تترك تونس بلا دعوة ولا عناية، والأمر قريب، فإن الخير عندكم كثير يسع الحالين”.غير أن المنظر الجهادي قد أنكر على بعض المقاتلين ما أسماه “التشدد” ،مشيرا بالقول :” لكن ساءني بعض من نفر من جهتكم إلى سوريا الشام وهم قلة وأفراد فيهم تشدد بسبب حماس الشباب واندفاعهم، كما سرني أخبار كثير منهم من المجاهدين، وهؤلاء يعلمون وطأة الجاهلية، وقد عاشها الكثير منهم.”كما طالب أبو قتادة عناصر أنصار الشريعة بتونس الى العمل المشترك و التنسيق مع “الجهاديين في ليبيا” قائلا : ولو تواصلتم مع إخوانكم في ليبيا فهذا خير حتى تكونوا يداً واحدة في الدعوة والتعاون، فهذا مع علمي أن الأخوة القدماء في ليبيا صاروا شذر مذر، واختلفت بهم السبل كثيرا ” في اشارة منه الى تخلي قادة الجماعاة الليبية المقاتلة عن المنهج الجهادي بعد المراجعات التي قادتها أميرها عبد الحكيم بالحاج العام 2008 ابان عهد القذافي.و عمر محمود عثمان ، مواليد 1960 في بيت لحم التابعة للضفة الغربية ، و يكنى بأبي قتادة متهم بالإرهاب من قبل عدة بلدان حول العالم كما ضم اسمه ضمن القرار الدولي رقم 1267 الصادر من مجلس الأمن الدولي التابع للأمم المتحدة الذي صدر في عام 1999م والذي يختص بالأفراد والمؤسسات التي ترتبط بحركة القاعدة أو حركة طالبان.و يعتبر مطلوباً من قبل حكومات الأردن، الجزائر، بلجيكا، فرنسا، الولايات المتحدة، إسبانيا، ألمانيا وإيطاليا. وأشرف المنظر الإسلامي على إصدار عدة مجلات منها “الفجر” و”المنهاج”. كما أصدر كتاباً ينظر فيه ويؤسس للحركة السلفية الجهادية وهو يصنف ضمن “أقوى ما كتب في التعريف بالحركة السلفية الجهادية وفي تفسير وتبرير أفكارها ورؤاها”.في 7 جويلية 2013 أعيد إلى الأردن إثر اتفاقية مع بريطانيا صدّق عليها البرلمان الأردني تكفل محاكمة مستقلة لأبي قتادة.تادة ينقد النهضة و يحرض على العلمانيين في تونس
Security expert: setback terrorist groups in Tunisia warns of reprisals
Said the former National Gua

And noted security expert told the Facts Online that the “silence” of this trend does not necessarily mean falling and but remains the country’s Tunisian hot area and is open to all scenarios of terrorist considering that these Islamist militant organizations follow the style Ascending in the implementation of their criminal operations, adding that the protests recent border towns like Kasserine and Gafsa was a golden opportunity for these elements even penetrate the center of the popular urban neighborhoods to carry out terrorist plots recorded in which its presence and announces its presence.
And in comments on the recent terrorist attacks in Egypt today detonated an explosive device and a car bomb inside the residential areas deemed Alzermedina there a big difference between that seen in Egypt, Tunisia, and especially at the political level in addition to the different number of supporters Takfirism represents the difference between the two countries in the the quality of the operations carried out by these groups, pointing out that the Tunisian street awareness and security system were solid safety valve prevented a disaster would have been paid in the country towards a dark tunnel as he put it.

rd Colonel Ali Alzermedina on Friday 24 January 2014 that the hard thing with the relevant authorities indicates that terrorist groups in Tunisia is witnessing a psychological setback historical view of the recent security successes in thwarting a large number of criminal operations, along with the arrest of most of the leaders in Tunisia and Algeria, stressing the need to reserve from this setback as it represents a gateway to reprisals embodied in explosive belts and car bombs and taken by the parties to this way of jihad and struggle against private security institutions and that they were trained and mastered her portrayal of Afghanistan, Libya and Iraq.

Depression Forum:
The Tunisian government expresses its deep concern the flow of large numbers of Libyan citizens across the port head
Igdir the past two days, where the number of Libyans who crossed into Tunisia 5000 Libyan citizen during the twenty-four hour past!

Ras is worth crossing this morning ..

Worth mentioning that leave mid-year school holiday complemented / mean imposed unwind mesh seen :



One thought on “2011 REPEATS ITSELF

  1. Muammar was/is a “leader” in quite a different sense: He held NO POWER under the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, and still holds only the power of the people’s devotion to him and what he has revealed and given to the whole world. He is in the truest sense, a Great North African Marabout, a remakably worthy Holy IMAM, and Military strategist whose only concern is the welfare of humanity and to be subserviant to no man..but fully submissive to the will of GOD/ALLAH.

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