The War the West has HIDDEN from the World

Resistance fine and joyful surprises Antzerowoowoo Aahrar and Astadowoowo rubble

for an hour and the emergence of mass liberation Fjrrrr !

Ezz El Arab media:
{{{{Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaam and Aaaaaaaaaaagel}}}} {{{{Alandaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Alakhieeyeaier}}}} Per Libyan tribes and the words of history and the history of Aarahm because it records in everythingbut unforgettable and now make this speech in order to not be there is an argument loyalty tribe after today will not hear of any tribe excuse after today

and say explicitly ((brethren in the south and in the Rishvana In the department in Al Ojailat whole reel her father families, children, women, youth and men fighting on all fronts and you are asleep and Ttafrjohn the enemy all were Bani Walid yesterday, today Here the role Ali and Rishvana and department in Al Ojailat and southern tribes and tomorrow Tarhunah and Alnoael and Chiaan and Rkdalin and Ztun and Sabratha and Surman and Qasr Ben Ghashir (aspects of the four) and Zliten and five Asabah and epiphyseal and Sirte and tribes Burka all Arab Indeed, for Unlom p Tawergha or Rullish or Riaineh Western because they are displaced and displaced and even uncertain that their youth and their men Mmelthmoun with us in the fight and defend the supply and honor as a war against the tribes dishonest Arab and remnants of the Turks and led by the Muslim Brotherhood

and supporters of evil and rule to control the people and the country turned out now evident that in “February” the biggest lie: is not a revolution but Athuar. It is a major plot on the Arab world in general and Libya special because it is the Arab presence and break up everything at home and it’s great strife and they support them fatwas sheikhs tribulations of Al-Qaradawi and SADAK Gharyiani and others.

Iaabina badiha Iaabina villages Iaabina ancient cities endowed to defend the supply and the honor and the nation and the future of your sons is here sounded the hours of work and the “salvation of the Muslim Brotherhood and Zmrthm and shields” who were killed slaves and ruined the country and Aathoa in the land—

of corruption three years and Libya are suffering, and you Ttafrjohn.

Is it possible for this and we slaughter every day assassinations, bombings, rapes and prisons and jails and wars of extermination and mesmerized between tribes and between families and neighbors ?…..

It withholds now become satisfied and flip and a partner in the plot …

We Ankhun not threatening, but because our country, and our country sank and people killed, Is Responsive…

ساعة الصفر

الاعلامي عز العرب
{{{{ هااااااااااااااام وعااااااااااجل }}}} {{{{ النداااااااااااااااء اﻻخيييييييير }}}} لكل القبائل الليبيه وكلام للتاريخ والتاريخ لايرحم لانه يسجل في كل شئ ولاينسي والان نوجه هذا الكلام لكي لاتكون هناك حجه لائ قبيله بعد اليوم ولن يسمع من اي قبيله عذر بعد اليوم ونقول بصريح العبارة (( اخوتكم في الجنوب وفي ورشفانه وفي العجيلات كلها علي بكرة ابيها عائلات واطفال ونساء وشباب ورجال تقاتل في الجبهات وانتم نائمون وتتفرجون علي عدوكم جميعا فكانت بني وليد بالامس واليوم هاهو الدور علي ورشفانه والعجيلات وقبائل الجنوب وغدا ترهونه والنوايل والصيعان ورقدالين وزلطن وصبراته وصرمان وقصر بن غشير (النواحي الاربعه ) وزليتن والخمس والاصابعه والمشاشيه وسرت وقبائل برقه العربيه جميعا وفي الحقيقه لانلوم ع تاورغاء او القواليش او الرياينه الغربيه لانهم مهجرين ونازحين بل ومؤكد ان شبابهم ورجالهم ملتحمون معنا في القتال والدفاع علي العرض والشرف انها حرب علي القبائل الشريفه والعربيه من بقايا الاتراك وبقياده الاخوان وانصار الشر والقاعده للسيطرة علي الشعب والوطن فتبين الان جليا واضحا ان فبراير اكبر كذبه ليست ثورة ولاثوار انها مؤامره كبري علي الوطن العربي عامه وليبيا خاصه لانها الوجود العربي وتفتيت كل شئ في الوطن وانها فتنه كبري وانهم يدعمونها بفتاوي مشائخ الفتن من القرضاوي والغرياني وغيرهم ياابناء الباديه ياابناء القري ياابناء المدن العريقه هبوا للدفاع علي العرض والشرف والوطن ومستقبل ابناءكم هاقد دقت ساعه العمل والخلاص من الاخوان وزمرتهم ودروعهم الذين قتلوا العباد وخربوا البلاد واعاثوا في الارض الفساد ثلاث سنوات وليبيا تعاني وانتم تتفرجون هل يعقل هذا و نحن نذبح كل يوم اغتيالات وتفجيرات واغتصابات وسجون ومعتقلات وحروب اباده وفتن بين القبائل وبين العائلات والجيران …..فمن لايقوم الان يصبح راضيا ومتخاذلا وشريكا في المؤامره …نحن لانخون ولا نهدد ولكن لان وطننا وبلادنا غرقت وشعبنا قتل فهل من مجيب

  PRAISE BE TO ALLAH, Lord of all the Universe!

GREAT SON writes:

I do solemnly swear that of the nation and the people perished before Hola rats and traitors and agents are the politicians Almsison Hola …
Owners of big bellies and freaks mundane, certificates and paper dubbed …
I swear to God they are fork that hinder our victory …
Hola, who believe that they are the only ones who are capable of understanding and analysis and detection …
Hola who see us every day and ask their sojourn in the philosophical pretext of bloodshed and to give the impression that the permanent home is going to hell and of promises, but … So they can put their project thus political subservient which was drafted by the same hands that destroyed the home and violated the blood supply and legalized
Any right politicians Dear Honorable evacuation talking about this settlement and national cohesion with the Astbdltm now nominated Balfberarion instead of traitors and agents … And no blood is not talkin ‘blood of the martyrs blood???
Are not they are rip covenants and refused to shake hands with the hands of their brothers that stretched them to save the home before entering into this sordid plot and they refuse it and scorn Bashitanhm NATO.

By what right and any right talking Yamen purely voices in front of the leader and you Thtvon spirit and blood Nvidk Yakaúdna …
Dear Almtnazlon any right for the constants that we’ve endured for it, killing and displacing our children and our parents and our brothers without sin of their own, but they defended their land, their honor and dignity ….
Or you may have forgotten the greater country valued policy defeatists Actors suspicious at this critical juncture that the suffering of the homeland and the citizen …
What is this then waived only justification to accept the terms of the West Bergoekm We know perfectly well aware of the fact and the agreements from which the political establishment Jbhattkm declared as part of their resistance Tkhaddon just like ordinary chameleon who recite the day as many times as interest and interest.
Laggards question each day and those who were with us yesterday Thtvon and singing in the Green Square and in front of the leader … Mass .. Authority and popularity .. Muammar is Amen nationalism!!!!
Where is the power of the people in Trgm who are trying to put in your data now and Halolkm this miserable???
Where Ahodgkm commander who you trust and honesty when Slmkm him swear that he will remain the leader is a legitimacy to it,
or you were the symbol Tnavqon???
Where to greet those green flag which Cservtm by a fluttering high in all the capitals of the world that Astqubltkm
where Kamboson and politicians in the tasks of national and revolutionary leader who Anzaatm his legitimacy now????
Where is your concern for blood when NATO bombed and destroyed homes and cities, and the blood of your sons and brothers bleed in each division and the Valley and you are you arguing steadfast ..
Or is it that by steadfastness was interest on the premise victory only at the time of the stature abound and the better chance of theft and corruption????
In short Aashmaz prospects …
You do not interest you as much as the blood of the martyrs of interest to you your money and your accounts …
You do not interest you as much as constants Maémkm go back and live under the banner of CNF and shame …
You do not concern you that people power Aatleetm through which sovereign positions as much as Maémkm your palaces and farms and Mentzhatkm corrupt …
In the end, I say … History will not have mercy will not have mercy never never
Each tribute to the simple honest Alankiee loyal to the nation and the leader and martyrs
Armed resistance is the way a solution … It will tamping strongholds wrong solution wherever and wherever …
Keep up the Resistance, even if it did not hear my voice … Tamam sir ..
We will continue to make these historical epics that Rwinha the blood of our sons and brothers ..
Sntsamar convoys followed by convoys of heroes to worship the way to victory and restitution Amosobh
Yes sir and drivers Sntsamar … Not slept the eyes of cowards … Allahu Akbar … Allahu Akbar … Allahu Akbar
We’ve endured the steadfastness of men …. And here we are winning the Champions victory.
اقسم جازما بأن من هلك الوطن والعباد قبل هولاء الجرذان والخونه والعملاء هم هولاء الساسه المسيسون … اصحاب البطون الكبيره والنزوات الدنيوية والشهادات والورقية المدبلجة …اقسم بالله انهم هم الشوكة التي تعيق انتصارنا … هولاء الذين يعتقدون بانهم هم وحدهم القادرين على الفهم والتحليل والكشف … هولاء الذين ينظرون علينا كل يوم ويطرحون في حلولهم الفلسفيه بحجة حقن الدماء والايحاء الدائم بان الوطن ذاهب الى الهاويه والا عوده … حتى يتمكنوا بالتالي من طرح مشروعهم السياسي الخانع والذي تمت صياغته بواسطة نفس الايادي التي دمرت الوطن وهتكت العرض واباحت الدماءبأي حق ايها السياسيون المحترمون الاجلاء تتحدثون عن هذه التسوية واللحمة الوطنية مع من استبدلتم الان تسميتهم بالفبراريون بدل الخونه والعملاء … وعن اي دم تتحدثون أليس دم الشهداء دم ؟؟؟ اليسوا هم من مزق العهود ورفض مصافحة ايادي اخوانهم التي امتدت لهم لحفظ الوطن قبل الدخول في هذه المؤامرة الدنيئة وأبوا ذلك واستكبروا بشيطانهم الناتو
بأي حق وعن اي حق تتكلمون يامن بحت اصواتكم امام القائد وانتم تهتفون بالروح والدم نفيدك ياقائدنا … بأي حق ايها المتنازلون عن الثوابت التي صمدنا من اجلها وقتل وشرد ابناءنا وأبائنا واخواننا دون ذنبا اقترفوه الا انهم دافعوا عن ارضهم وشرفهم وكرامتهم…. أم انكم قد نسيتم ياسادة السياسة الكرام المتخاذلين اصحاب الادوار المشبوهه في هذا الظرف الحرج الذي يعانيه الوطن والمواطن … ثم ماهذا التنازل الا مبرر بقبول شروط الغرب برجوعكم ونحن نعلم تمام المعرفه وندرك حقيقة الاتفاقيات التي تم من خلالها تأسيس جبهاتكم السياسية المعلنه في اطار مقاومة تخدعون بها البسطاء تماما مثل الحرباء التي تتلون في اليوم عدة مرات حسب المصلحة والفائدة
سؤال لكل المتخاذلون اليوم والذين كانوا بالامس تهتفون معنا ويغنون في الساحة الخضراء وامام القائد … جماهيرية .. سلطة شعبية ..ومعمر هو امين امين القومية !!!!
أين هي سلطة الشعب في طرحكم الذي تحاولون طرحه الان في بياناتكم وحلولكم البائسة هذه ؟؟؟
أين عهودكم للقائد الذي وثق بكم وسلمكم الامانه عندما اقسمتم له بأنه سيقى هو القائد وهو الشرعيه وهو الرمز أم انكم كنتم تنافقون ؟؟؟
أين تحيتكم لتلك الراية الخضراء التي تشرفتم بها وهي ترفرف عاليا في كل عواصم العالم التي استقبلتكم فيها كامبعثون وسياسيون في مهام وطنيه وثوريه من القائد الذي انزعتم عنه الشرعية الان ؟؟؟؟
أين حرصكم على الدماء عندما كان الناتو يقصف ويدمر البيوت والمدن ودماء اخوتكم وأبنائكم تنزف في كل شعبة ووادي وانتم كنتم بحجة الصامدون .. ام ان صمودكم كان حسب المصلحة على فرضيه النصر فقط في ذلك الوقت لتزدادوا مكانة وحظوظ اوفر للسرقة والفساد ؟؟؟؟
باختصار ياشذاذ الافاق …
أنتم لا يهمكم دماء الشهداء بقدر ما تهمكم اموالكم وحساباتكم …
انتم لا تهمكم الثوابت بقدر مايهمكم الرجوع والعيش تحت كنف وراية الخزي والعار …
انتم لا تهمكم سلطة الشعب التي اعتليتم من خلالها المناصب السياديه بقدر مايهمكم قصوركم ومزارعكم ومنتزهاتكم الفاسدة …

وفي النهايه اقول … ان التاريخ لن يرحم ابدا ابدا لن يرحم
كل التحية للشرفاء الانقياء البسطاء الاوفياء للوطن والقائد والشهداء

المقاومة المسلحة هي الطريق وهي الحل … وسوف تدك معاقل الباطل اينما حل وحيثما كان … استمروا في المقاومة حتى وان لم تسمعوا صوتي … تمام سيدي .. سنستمر في صنع هذه الملاحم التاريخية التي روينها بدماء ابناءنا واخوتنا .. سنتسمر قوافل تعقبها قوافل من الابطال لنعبد الطريق نحو النصر واسترداد الحقوق المغصوبة
نعم سيدي وقائدي سنتسمر … ولا نامت اعين الجبناء … الله اكبر … الله اكبر … الله اكبر

صمدنا صمود الرجال …. وها نحن ننتصر انتصار الابطال

Farewell to our brave deceased today:

Oh God, forgive our martyrs and to be merciful and placed them roomy Jnatk and decide our brave

soldiers of the popular forces, and come down on them tranquility and serenity, wisdom and

discernment and terrified the enemy and come down on them fear and worry and panic and

earthquake ground from under their feet.

For 60 000 martyrs of our armed forces ……. Must uprising
Tripoli Mermaid … Stantvd on all of lawful display.

THE EVIL AXIS FORCES which FOUGHT THE GREAT JAMAHIRIYA ARMY in 2011 and are still heavily involved in the “LIBYAN-CONFLICT”:Khashin hell with those of the country and our heads and slug Jardan and God Almighty without NATO Maverm footmen and guide you to this = employees of the armed people was a great army ..

Because he fought against NATO and its collaborators: * the forces involved in the plight of February 17:

– 25000 of elite soldiers Arabs (Qatar – UAE – Jordan – Kuwait – Saudi Arabia – Sudan) –12,500 Special Forces soldier belonging to the NATO (Legion African French army – Major Arab Army FA – U.S. Special Forces – Malta – Italy – Turkey) –

mercenaries follow-Qaeda and Alakhunjah as follows: * 1200 Afghan * 800 Chechen * 1300 Algerian * 400 Lebanese * 2200 Tunisian * 15000 Egyptian * 1000 Sudanese * 3200 Gulf * 250 Yemeni * Uribe 400 * 600 Turkish –

300 fighter aircraft and bombers – 50 aircraft Arab (Qatar Saudi Arabia United Arab Emirates Jordan) – 250 helicopter – 12 AWACS aircraft, including: * 4 * Saudi planes Number 2 nuclear submarine aircraft carriers * 4 * 16 * 12 frigate battleship * 8 * 25 submarines normal Coast Guard ship * 5 supply vessels and Bureau – in addition to the three Arab countries neighboring Libya, and put all its potential military and logistics at the disposal of pawns February 17 and these countries are Tunisia and Sudan

Are not we a great army … ?! It is from the Arab armies fought like all these cosmic force …

Acknowledge my debt Jardan channels.
Say you Ardjao me back a little bit
When he was with them 48 states and all the weapons and aviation did not stand one hour and was with them in the field of forces, backed by the West Sea Joe Land
The Antro me what they

Today, how to control the country …..
Do not believe them, but the owners of weak hearts
[* Sniper *]

(No alternative to the Liberation of Libya)

Resilience to hold out until victory … Greetings leader (shehab libya):

For publication and circulation immediately and soon

Libyan Arabic Jamahiriya:
(To whom it may concern, the Libyan people) that
Wave 3 and call for the Libyan people and the wise men and wise al-Zentan regarding captive Saif al-Islam Muammar Gaddafi
Please take the report into account.
We appreciate all the circumstances for the Libyans, but this is what it happening, may explain the Resistance but will recognize the fact,

because Al-Qaeda and the Brotherhood could not hide their actions much,
because most young people now engaged with them and clear them will abandon goals and join their families who fled their base acts
and will remember the acts of Al-Qaeda, as they saw him here will be two-third not Libya, Resistance and invalidate them
true communities of Al-Qaeda and the Brotherhood almtaslmine, each will disappear
Manifestations of other blocs, here you will be fighting between two flags: just a green flag, or, the banner of Al-Qaeda and terrorism.
And moodiness for everyone that Misurata is geographical and regional movaha a billion kilometers; and this that I found on the map or boundary and sovereignty of the Libyan Jamahiriya
We know all the Liberal wallibin that there are several ongoing meetings and operating rooms were created from great and friendly States
and very impressive on the international scene and discuss how to enter Libya 

and cleared of Al-Qaeda and international terrorism,

and this information will be translated on the ground into action effectively and forayed into (but invisible to the public) and will be a great surprise for everyone including America and Europeand all these States

are now waiting the results of the Libyan Resistance movement which forayed into the actual plot.

Regarding captive Saif al-Islam Muammar Gaddafi:
And the speech wave llzentan
M single options: tullus buzzes.
The first option handed Dr. Saif al-Islam prisoner to the International Criminal Court (and would be in a weak position to the Libyan people)…
Option and is the choice of Libya and Libya’s release of captive Dr. Saif al-Islam Muammar Gaddafi : 
[this be buzzes chosen meat with the rest of the tribal fair.]
The third option is joining the buzzes down and hand over the captive Seif Al-Islam to them:
this was worthy of all the buzzes. I will have mercy them rule they are the first targets Al-Qaeda tinges all Libyan people;
and you will not find any Pro you…
The ball is in your court; and we recommend that every minute after the issuance of this statement,
will be upon you and time is not in the interests of anyone except members of the Honorable Libya.
(The media Committee of the battalion’s men currently)
Released on 26-01-2014
للنشر والتعميم الفور ي والعاجل
الجماهيريه العربيه الليبيه الشعبيه الاشتراكيه العظمى
بيــ( الى من يهمه الامر والى عموم الشعب الليبي الشريف)ــــــــان
الكلمه الموجه رقم 3 والموجه لعامه الشعب الليبي ولحكماء وعقلاء النزنتان بخصوص الاسير سيف الاسلام معمر القدافي
نرجوا اخد التقرير بعين الاعتبار.
نحن نقدر كل الظروف بالنسبة لليبيين ولكن هذا ماسوف يحدث ، قد يفسرون ذلك من المقاومة ولكن سوف يدركون حقيقة الامر ، لان القاعدة والاخوان لايستطيعون اخفاء افعالهم كثيراً ، لان اغلب الشباب الان منخرط معهم وعندما تتضح لهم اهدافهم سوف يتخلون عنهم ويلتحقون بأهلهم الذين هربوا من افعال القاعدة بهم ، وسوف يذكرون ماشاهدوه من افعال القاعدة ، وهنا سوف تكون ليبيا بين طرفين لا ثالث لهم ، المقاومة وابطالها الحقيقيون وجماعات القاعدة والاخوان المتأسلمين ، وسوف تختفي كل مظاهر التكتلات الاخرى ، وهنا سوف يكون القتال بين رايتان فقط وهي الراية الخضراء ، وراية القاعدة والارهاب
ونكد للجميع بأن مدينة مصراته سيكون موفعها الجغرافي والاقليمي على بعد مليار من الكيلو مترات وهدا ان وجدت على الخريطه الليبيه او الحدود وسيادة الجماهيريه العظمى
ونعلم جميع الاحرار والليبين بانه هناك عدة اجتماعات متواصله وغرف عمليات تم انشائها من دول كبرى ودول صديقه ومؤثره جدا على المشهد الدولي ويناقشون كيفيه الدخول الى ليبيا وتطهيرها من القاعده والارهاب الدولي المنتشر وهدا المعلومات ستترجم على الارض الى افعال وبدءت فعليا ولكن غير مرئيه للعموم وسوف تكون مفاجئه كبرى للجميع ومن فيهم امريكا واروبا وجميع هده الدول ينتظرون الان نتائج حراك المقاومه الليبيه الشعبيه التي بدءت على فعليا على الارض
بخصوص الاسير سيف الاسلام معمر القدافي
والكلام موجه للزنتان
اما م الزنتان تلاث خيارات وحيده :-
الخيار الاول تسليم الاسير الدكتور سيف الاسلام الى محكمة الجنايات الدوليه وسيكونون في موقف ضعيف امام الشعب الليبي
الخيار التاني وهو خيار ليبيا ومصلحة ليبيا وهو اطلاق سراح الاسير الدكتور سيف الاسلام معمر القدافي وبهدا تكون الزنتان اختارت اللحمه مع باقي القبائل الشريفه
الخيار الثالث وهو انضمام الزنتان الى القاعده وتسليم الاسير سيف الاسلام اليهم وبهدا قد حكموا على كل شي في الزنتان اولا لن ترحمهم القاعده وهم اول اهداف القاعده وتاني الشعب اليبي جميعا ولن تجدوا اي مناصر لكم
والكره الان في ملعبكم ونحن ننصحكم بأن كل دقيقه بعد اصدار هدا البيان ستنحسب عليكم والوقت ليس في صالح احد الا ابناء ليبيا الشرفاء
اللجنه الاعلاميه لكتيبة رجال الظرف الحالي
صدر بتاريخ 26-1-2014


the leadership of the “People’s Armed Forces of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA”:

Ahbab and loyal to the sound of the voice and the right of Libyans

I ask you to pray for the dear Canutona Hamza Thami
Today the date of his surgery.

Hoping God that culminated in the operation a complete success.

And overlooks we master media as soon as possible
And stronger than before the traitors and climbers and fat cats.

The right of your name, O Lord, Shafi
Affey heal and Hamza Thami and tirelessly his operation a success
You all things, O Lord of the Worlds.
الى احباب واوفياء صوت الحق وصوت الليبيين

ارجو منكم الدعاء ل دكتونا الغالي حمزة التهامي
غدا موعد عمليته الجراحية

راجية من الله تعالى ان تكلل العملية بالنجاح التام

وان يطل علينا سيد الاعلاميين باسرع وقت ممكن
واقوى من قبل على الخونة والمتسلقين والقطط السمان

يا رب بحق اسمك الشافي
اشفي وعافي حمزة التهامي وكلل عمليته بالنجاح
انك على كل شيء قدير يا رب العالمين

Liberal Ntmn
That Dr. Mujahid Hamzah
My traumatic process has succeeded ….
(Praise God for your safety, my hero)
(* Sniper *)
News Libyan armed Resistance:

Green Green TV satellite channel

Dr. Hamza Touhami brought greetings to all free and all asking about us and say box that BiH succeeded and process is in good health.

اخبار المقاومة الليبية المسلحة

قناة الخضراء الفضائية Green TV

الدكتور حمزة التهامي يوجه التحية لجميع الاحرار ولكل من يسأل عنا ويقوللكم ان العملية نجحت والحمدلله وهو في صحة جيدة ..

قناة الخضراء الفضائية Green TV

الدكتور حمزة التهامي يوجه التحية لجميع الاحرار ولكل من يسأل عنا ويقوللكم ان العملية نجحت والحمدلله وهو في صحة جيدة ..
Mujahideen fine and morale hugging the sky…
(God and Muammar and Libya ups)
* (Sniper) *

O God, my neighborhood, my Qayyum Aadla majesty and Cram
O, O mighty strong O compelling enemies ..
Victory to our brothers the mujahideen all over the Great Jamahiriya
And be of help to them and decide on their feet and hit a throw
(Carefree secretary)

* Sniper *

Green Army fighter



Ambulances cattle Gaya on Tripoli from the west.

News about military preparations of tribes and Rafla pride and Tarhounah to enter Tripoli

and we can not place the secret Decker.
Zero hour writes:
Hallelujah Hallelujah and praise the great.

Zero hour informs us:
Urgent and very important for every Liberal ..

Please cancel Aajabatkm page after Libyan political dialogue control of Tripoli’s security committee, headed by Hashim humans on published materials on the page and follow the comments by the Liberal and then arrested.

Electrical Power outages at several districts in Tripoli.

Electrical black-out

Hashim Humans 6

Haaaam very dangerous :

leaked a phone call from a Libyan intelligence has the head of a branch Supreme Security Committee Hashim humans and a person named Otbaiqa/ Atabaiqa

(turned out he Aladinm main page political dialogue and the owner of the page thrust literally)

Hello Cheikhna. How are you and the state of the family?, Lord’s okay,,,
Hashim humans:
welcome your professor Atabaiqa and long champion of the right, how is the young? all Lord’s okay ::

Thankfully Sheikh Hashim all Beslmoa you and invites you all the best, saw all the pages would attack you and the rebels, and I spoke to each Alazmnyh to form a work cell to respond to pages misinformation and thwart what they want from a distortion of your good self and Khouna Haitham Tagouris,

Hola dogs barking Maandhm something special pages FCC pages of the Eastern Region and God baccarat to a statement Tharihm you sick,, ::
Hashim humans:

beings have the right to a total of Tafhen especially page urgent Benghazi and pages Zintan Tfhik plus Bbachrp rice sell their home,

I sat for matter and anti-I served others Are dogs ::
Hashim humans:
dunk to matter because the number of participants propagation and turned over public opinion, you bastards,

and I worked for you. A money transfer can be found in the same bank and distributed reward young people

who Maak vinegary become active ::
God bless you and I spoke to Azmnah dialogue try to penetrate the participants in the page and you turn them

information and Ze time you who missed monastery necessary ::: ::
Hashim humans:
do not care about, but give me accurate information, and I appreciate the teams in Benghazi where we work even.

Salvation agreed and Lord Maihrmena you Sheikh :::

Hashim humans:
in God Save Khouna and Nthatv later and Matnssa bank,, ::

Thanked Ghali RBI Adomk Lena))
text call keys on 1/26/2014 third hour fifteen minutes pm incoming Britain Liverpool to Tripoli, Libya.
(The hour of victory)




Thank God, thousands of young people from all Rishvana ready for jihad and sacrifice, and enthusiastic and morale is high above; tell you, the sons and Rishvana and our fellow Libyans We are with you, and will not let you down, live in Rishvana Aljafarah and Libya and die there; Aljafarah and Libya Masebenhash for Turk and not Italians Aabal Nsebouha’s remnants, and edged Saaa mercenaries heretics Goodenough uniforms Haddow; morale is high, thanks to God and our youth; God willing, my Lord Mark and Rishvana and Libya, a country safer.


This is one of dozens of houses destroyed by criminal gangs in the corner (TRIPOLI) Bossrh

هذا احد بيوت من العشرات التي دمرتها عصابات الزاوية الإجرامية في مهذا احد بيوت من العشرات التي دمرتها عصابات الزاوية الإجرامية في منطقة بوصرة


MUSICIAN  writes:{And} Amatsmaaaah in the department in Ajeelat:

No one can deny that he did not listen to the Libyan women are honest in the city department in Ajeelat that screamed the loudest voice and Amatsmaaaah after being flattened missiles and launchers injustice mosques and houses in the department in Ajeelat and killed children, women and elderly, honest woman agitate you, determination and noble values, O Liberal Libyans, Calls you on behalf of masculinity and courage The Tnkaddoa Silks of the department in Ajeelat  Tnkaddoa of injustice infidels Almsttren religion.

Who heard the screams of the women who slept in the street with silks department in Ajeelat and their children in the freezing cold and did not move him to know that he has lost Nakhweh manhood and scared men in adversity, on behalf Billah pronounced in order to invite you to Amuriyah other Brega again where the sword believe news of books, what guilt Silks who bombed their homes and their children with missiles and tanks, no locusts this Islam which bombards his supporters innocent? How do we allow a handful of extremist groups of all brothels earth to kill Hraúrna in the department in Ajeelat and enter into their sanctities Is Matt Billah us? .
The Prophet said that good in my nation to the hour and this is the same Al faza’a and magnanimity and masculinity in the victory of the oppressed, wherever they are, my HSS honorable to call out to you the certificate ajaylat is calling all nabbers, don’t be late for duty is a necessary Sharia and legitimate; so,
fight them punish God Bslagm heal them understand Category transgressing that killed companion Ammar bin Yasir signed in two rows and killed in Silks department in Ajeelat Let us Nahrawan another kill all the Kharijites mirror and say to the noble in the department in Ajeelat to pick what we have wronged woman alive.
And still continues playing the lead…
{musician }

Dardanelles channel satellite Aldardanel |
# Çanakkale Dard _ Urgent
The death of the commander of the armed militias in
Department in Ajeelat Abdul Baset Bouhafah” after
Injured in clashes yesterday, mentions
He  is one of the instigators of the attack on
Department in Ajeelat and destroyed by the militias



One spy van in the city of Zliten:




believe me
Global criminal Zionist Bernard Levy has entered into Misrata and  says he is there

“with my Jewish Misrata friends with me to fight against al-Qathafi”.

الصهيوني المجرم العالمي برنارد ليفي لقد دخلت الي مصراتة ومعي اصدقائي اليهود للقتال ضد القذافي
Zionist “Bernard Levy” entered Misrata with friends to fight Gaddafi soldiers
Zionist “Bernard Levy,” and say it in front of the world is fully aware that this is a Jew and says:
Entered the Libyan city of Misrata to fight my friends and I to fight Gaddafi soldiers to liberate the city of them ..
الصهيونى “برنارد ليفي” يقولها و امام العالم الذي يدرك تماماً هذا اليهودي و هو يقول :دخلت الى مدينة مصراتة الليبية للقتال انا و اصدقائي لقتال جنود القذافي لتحرير المدينة منهم ..

Urgent to spread and generalize the Balfour Declaration New rats Awlad Suleiman Aahdo shortly before their masters in MISURATA,  annexation of the territory of Fezzan to Misrata under the name of a new province, the center and the capital of Misratah and Atfqo the survival and the concentration of militias in Misrata Sabha after “its liberation from the arrows” in their words !!!!!


Bushmin and the National Congress of Misrata rebels are demanding to come
To Tripoli to “protect the conference on 07-2 2014″….
News Sowaihili intervention in an attempt to persuade the rebels
Misurata to come to Tripoli to “protect the National Congress “…



The resignation of a member of what is known as local council of Bani Walid F Gmad from office.





The killing of four people from the pagan army and injuring seven others in clashes with gunmen area bed.




Supporters Eboumnyar:
Sabra Sabra Aalepien God willing release.

Exchange to launch Narbin commandos and Ansarhetan [Sharia] in front of the hospital and the fall of Galaa

@ 5 dead so far from both sides.

Mohammad Ali senile assassinated in Benghazi, which continued Bmaysmy

military intelligence Badatalaq Naralih in the tikka.

Water began to be interrupted for several neighborhoods in Benghazi due to stop

pumping water Great Manmade River in the south.

The Great Rafla great Werflla
Moved from the page and now Rafla
Urgent …
Declares the founding committee of the brigade Rusaifa Benghazi to all members of the tribe and Rafla need to come to the NLD headquarters in Benghazi to register their names and engage in a brigade Rusaifa, also asks all members of the tribe Almnspitn former and current to different battalions immediate withdrawal of them, and join the brigade Rusaifa in compliance with the instructions of the Tribal Council and Rafla, note that the force would be under the command of Major General and a reference board and Rafla tribes in Bani Walid from now on must of all the sons and Rafla in the eastern cities of Sirte from the west to the east Amsaad. . . . . . . . . . Daytime characters


USA is supplying Turkey with equipment and Atomics (B53 uranium tipped bombs). Then this is moved out of Ankara by air.The Turks now have many war planes and heavy military equipment and ammo going in and out of JUFRA airbase, …which then NATO pilots go out to bomb SABHA.
Urgent hole for publication and dissemination.
(There suspicious movements of Turkish planes at the base of Jafra,

the day dawn, and there are stories saying that the pilots diagonals rule.)(picture of the al-JUFRAH airbase)

Jardan Misurata move a convoy of Jafra toward Sabha and the presence of a convoy in Alchuirv.




God is greatest above the aggressor Kid
Destroyed 17 vehicles rats Misurata was heading to the city of Sabha by the Popular Resistance for the Champions
Snthfez secret place and timing ambush-
There is a suspicious movements to NATO mercenaries through the use of airport Opare and radio advertising
as a “relief and medicines to the population Sabha” (LIARS!) ...
Obviously there is a crowd of military forces by air in an attempt to circumvent the Liberals in the seawall and Sabha.
God be the news is not true, O are free
Far out moments before a military aircraft from the base of Jafra bombed city of Sebha
Plane traitors and Alamle bombing in the city of Sabha in the evening:
طائرة الخونة والعملااء تقصف في مدينة سبها اليوم عند المساء

Zero hour writes:

Thia thanked me and respect for the Champions fierce popular resistance ..
Was destroyed a convoy of NATO Jardan me …..
(We do not want to place safety Decker Champions)
God is great and above Kid aggressors.
(* Sniper *)

Camp April 7 Sabha

سبها معسكر7ابريل (كتيبة النهار الاسود) 27-01-2014 لمتابعة اخر الاخبار والفيديوات الحصرية تابعونا علي صفحة ناس بوك اضغط هنا
يرجي من الجميع المساهمة في نشر الصفحة الاحتياطيةناس بوك
Durée : 1:48
Announces booklet Black Fezzan positioned at the City first spark Sabha will be targeting all of Njadda
on the plate of his car  (Targah).Word mass media has distorted any kind of savior and Ali Zaidane (who is sure of himself) Jardan February to retain his portrait mineral as it is

and everyone cleaning word Aljmaherth immediately will be suspended from any car in Albobat Affiliated to PDF.

The only forward and Tory constant struggle.

South of the Libyan assure that the south is under control and there is no any creatures Jerdanih

just some hidden pockets and is still an ongoing process of cleansing.

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaam very, very (for all Libyans)

The so-called Brigade sixth Bsabha For your information Aalepien he followed the terrorist Abdul Wahab commander’s brother Abohristi Libi, who belongs to al Qaeda who shape and pay him the money

and the possibilities from the treasury of the armor of the amounts they had received a 900 million and with the youth of the Awlad Suleiman and young Hasouna and youth Fsasenh Agrohm money and laughed them jihad and washed them with their brains and Amohm money and now profess to rumors that Alqmazvh want revenge on the Awlad Suleiman
and this lie; and conflict on-going in the south is a conflict or a war between all the tribes of the south against these outlaws and custom and immorality of these criminals (who carry out the agendas of the supporters of the fry and the base and agendas Brotherhood criminals service for “al-Qaeda” and the organization of the “International Brotherhood” Almtaslim supported by Erdogan and Qatar …
They are the same terrorists who are fighting and Rishvana and accepted by the Department in Ajeelat, who fought Bani Walid: Baawamr Alajuanjah of the Conference and the Government of Dubl blade …..

I hope Publishing, to know all the Libyans and the whole world.

(The hour of victory)

Those who do not know ..
Army Sabha in Awlad Suleiman, as follows:
Sixth Infantry Brigade Awlad Suleiman (fire battalion fire was named for a Mpaysh) and ordered him Ahmid Attaybe Soleimani.
Battalion Emhemed mark of Awlad Suleiman, and ordered her to Soleimani invited Allam.
Saif Tabala special battalion Baltmamh of Awlad Suleiman.
Battalion Balharidat private right of Awlad Suleiman Mansour and ordered black.
Awlad Suleiman, the military intelligence and Maskha Bhrralden Sharaydi Slimani ….


Security Committee Awlad Suleiman and her commander Yahya al-‘Alam Almiasa.
Backing the security Awlad Suleiman, formerly based in the outer track Bhrralden Slimani.
Commercial Bank of Awlad Suleiman and porte-born Saif Al-Nasr was born before Alzoam GS entire south.
Agriculture Mksminha Alharidat including Ahvav Sharaydi and entourage.
Dispensary Mansheya fishplates Soleimani.
The local council was fishplates Soleimani.
Council Mansheya Maskinh Awlad Suleiman.
Military Council fishplates Soleimani.
Even al-Qaeda in Sabha in the Awlad Suleiman Mtemtl Farouk battalion following her commander Massoud serious and Abed Mpaysh.
You Aaarb Sabha following Tmoto Ahan Awlad Suleiman launched a collectors T Narafo each Kowoas ..!!

Volcano Zliten tells us:
The rest of the Kabyle share Jebbeh with Awlad Suleiman Vqz.

Camp April 7 Sabha

I am God and to him we shall return:
Been martyred hero Maj. Mohammed Abdel-Moneim Emhemed Ajtilaoy Gaddafi is someone

else Zletuny in the Indian company as a result of a mine explosion.

Image of the hero martyr Abdel Moneim Emhemed Ajtilaoy:

  DAHAB SHATI  camp,

Confirmed information about the so-called Ahmed Aoun Alzentani a resident of the area know as Dahab Shati camp,

located to the area know me last night and asked Almujdan inside the camp leaving immediately

and said that there Mlishat for xanthan Hedda would come to the camp.
(Today Nhano traitors among you, O)


A force for secrecy
Quraish to come from Zintan reticule
To smuggle a group under siege .. Asked Omar
Now chosen Assistance Force Once the author
Now off the power of the Western Brigade
Support for up to Aeetmkn criminals
Escape .. There are still shooting
Intermittent South Taiaria.
Filter has been Chairman of the Board Riyaana Albareh at night named Issa holsters.


of lower Egypt beloved Walt:

Onzero here they are free nation Hahm men or men minimum beloved Egypt, which he said the Libyan leader Muammar al-Qathafi, the pulsating heart of the nation.
I wish all Members Ischofoa this video

Lord grant us victory on terrorism and the Kharijites and the people of sedition.

أنظرو هاهم أحرار الامة هاهم الرجال رجال أم الدنيا مصر الحبيبة التي قال عليها القائد معمر القدافي قلب الامة النابض
يا ريت كل الأعضاء يشوفوا الفيديو هذاربنا ينصرنا على الإرهاب و الخوارج و أهل الفتنة


Internet Spy
All pages of the honorable resistance to all of the lives and safety of charge to all Mqaomina Mushtaq green banner of anyone who wants to ask how the victory of God in your prayers to be with the resistance and Aiken them. While ye them, not with them ..
The enemies deliberately Astfsazakm Tkhvoa for all your papers and this is not something for your interest, but in their favor .. Wlosmanm from now on to publish any news Atqoumoua joyful or sad news of our heroes on the ground, no matter how simple. . The safety of our men who put their lives at risk on the ground much more important than happiness and cheer up Alvesbokyin names delusional unsuspecting owners in their homes and the center of their parents.
Please let the heroes are working safely and the results will be known at the end of the world as a whole, we are not ready for the new loss in order not to bear some of the responsibility for the dissemination of news Almtsraein Vhafzawa the safety of your children …..

إلى جميع صفحات المقاومة الشريفه إلى كل من تهمه حياة وسلامة مقاومينا إلى كل مشتاق للراية الخضراء لكل من يريد النصر كيف تطلبون من الله سبحانه في دعائكم بأن يكون مع المقاومين ولايكن عليهم .في الوقت الذي تكونوا أنتم عليهم وليس معهم ..
إن اعدائكم يتعمدون استفزازكم لتكشفوا عن جميع أوراقكم وهذا شئ ليس لصالحكم ولكنه لصالحهم .. فلوسمحتم من الأن فصاعدا لاتقوموا بنشر أي خبر مفرح أو محزن من اخبار ابطالنا على الأرض مهما كان بسيطا . . فسلامة رجالنا الذين يعرضون حياتهم للخطر على أرض الواقع أهم بكثير من سعادة و رفع معنويات الفيسبوكيين اصحاب الاسماء الوهميه الامنين في بيوتهم ووسط أهلهم .
رجاءا اتركوا الابطال يشتغلون بسلام والنتائج سيعرفها العالم بأسره في النهاية فنحن لسنا مستعدين لخسارة جديده من أجل عدم تحمل مسؤلية بعض المتسرعين لنشر الأخبار فحافظوا على سلامة ابنائكم…..

Hey hey are free Op thread:
Yamen Tcolo we Nhaaft Ali Mujahideen ….
Please, do not post anything on the meeting.
* (Sniper) *
 Disclaimer of Youth Resistance
Some pages
Some pages will not impose the news
I am one of inventories carried me The short one on youth resistance.
My Decker and lose all of their information
Anicol love.
First. Shi download information to decide whatever. Guidance is not one of morality resistance.
Tanya. Ban me from the Copts them through the girls have nothing to do my resistance.
Talt Shi .s.ahidin Resistance rightful Ketar withholds them to contact me my wives and their families, even to himself and his associates shall be subjected to me the danger …
(Protect carefree youth resistance and take them support and insist on Aaadahm)
* (Sniper )*
تنويه من شباب المقاومه
لبعض الصفحات
لن بعض الصفحات تقوم بانزال خبر
انا احد الجردات قامت بي الابلغ علي احد شباب المقاومه.
وقامو بي دكر كل معلوماتها
نحب انقول .
اول .شي تنزيل المعلومات علي البت مهما كانت. هدي ليست من اخلاق المقاومه.
تانيا . بان من يقوم بي القبط عليهم من خلال البنات ليس لهم علاقه بي المقاومه.
تالت شي انامجاهدين المقاومه الحقيقين الكتير منهم لايقوم بي الاتصال بي زوجاتهم واهلهم حتي لايعرض نفسه ورفاقه لي الخطر …
(الهم احمي شباب المقاومه وكن لهم سند وانصرهم علي اعداهم)


Network correspondents E.W.A
Peace, mercy and blessings of God
I have a message of peace and a member of the Syrian Arab Army:
After the peace …
Big salute to the popular forces of Libya, we have our hearts PRESIDENT: Good Bthrkatkm revolutionary, we Antapekm Bghtmam and call you a great victory, we were sure that our fellow Libyans do not sleep on the dirt, Gaddafi was educating men and not Jardan, granted, you T.
And we will regain our homelands of the Zionists and terrorism, all of al Qaeda fleeing from hearing voices feet of the Syrian army and the national defense forces
Salami reached all the families and all the Libyan resistance fighters
We Antapekm on the ground
You will hear good news soon in Syria and Libya
God is great above the aggressor Kid
Humaid Salem
Live the Syrian army

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