Pseudo Reporting by West and bribeing teenage boys to do their dirtywork

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Mu Holy Imam


{Smear campaign miserable}

– These days, you will hear from the news fabricated and deceptive Maivkirkm same false news, which was free to the client Arab media channels and channels west conspirator in 2011,

This time the campaign is directed to a person Commander of the Libyan revolution, which describes their news today that a serial killer does not assess the weight of the privilege and violates the Libyan symptoms?

The important question to know the truth about these lies, lies in why Chen campaign now?

And why someone Leader Muammar al-Qathafi?

It used this lies in the past?

Fierce campaign being waged on the Leader of the Revolution today have two reasons:

the first: popular uprising in Libya and condensing Libyan tribes about the thought of Muammar al-Qathafi,

and the second reason is: the increase in supporters of Muammar al-Qathafi, even among Libyans who were in favor of the events of “17February” and even those who nominate in Libya today Balnadamin.

It was not the focus of the campaign to honor damned claw row Libyan tribes noble honor, which is below the red line of death.

These lies have been used in the past to tarnish the image of the armed people and accused him of raping women in Misrata and the war ended and did not hear a mirror and one of Misratah raped and published all organizations concerned with human rights reports later confirm that one of the women have been raped in Misurata appeared semiconductor men stateless honor in Misurata to say In their pages and their channels, that they used this lie to get rid of Altagah; and that lying is permissible in war !

This makes me address my question to them: is it in order as so you are willing to sell your honor permission as to why you fight?

Grab the old State Hillary Clinton in this lie, and made it into an international public opinion, and everyone was the day of the infidels and traitors believes that God does not exist.

It is the triumph of falsehood be convinced he has the doctrine that God does not exist and that the basis of life of falsehood and its injustice.

Three years ago and did not see the victim of rape and one of the victims of rape Bab al-Aziziya as you say, and even the Revolutionary Guard officers who were interrogated told me personally that they were forced confessions are not from their own words, only for their release.

The operations room of birth in the College of Medicine, which did not use, was equipped for Dr. Aisha Muammar Gaddafi, who was pregnant with her daughter Amal, was the security situation day requires that give birth to Dr. in a place not frequented by people at the time; became, the doubt which is the principle and ask for a certificate in this regard from Dr. Aisha Per Muammar Gaddafiafi, all Libyans about this incident.

In the end, dare you give me the names of violators Misurata give you the names of the settlements of the Bab al-Aziziya, will not give me Shi Shi, will not give you a loss, because the thing does not give him.

– And still continues playing the lead,
{musician }
{ حملة تشـويه بائسـة }

– هذه الايـام سوف تسمعون من الاخبار الملفقة والمخادعة مايذكركم بنفس الاخبار الكاذبة التي كانت تتردد في قنوات الاعلام العربية العميلة وقنوات الغرب المتآمر عام 2011 ،

هذه المرة الحملة موجهة لشخص قائد الثورة الليبية والتي تصفه اخبارهم اليوم بآنه سفاح ولا يقيم وزن للشرف وينتهك اعراض الليبيات ؟

السؤال المهم لمعرفة حقيقة هذه الاكاذيب يكمن في لماذا تشن الحملة الان ؟

ولماذا شخص القائد معمر القذافي ؟

ومن استخدم هذه الاكاذيب في الماضي ؟

الحملة الشرسة التي تشن على قائد الثورة اليوم لها سببين الاول الانتفاضة الشعبية في ليبيا وتكاثف القبائل الليبية حول فكر معمر القذافي والسبب الثاني ازدياد انصار معمر القذافي حتي في أوساط الليبين الذين كانوا مؤيدين لأحداث 17 فبراير والذين يسموا في ليبيا اليوم بالنادمين ،

وكان لا بد من تركيز الحملة اللعينة على الشرف لشق صف القبائل الليبية الشريفة التي تعتبر الشرف خط احمر دونه الموت ،

هذه الاكاذيب استخدمت في الماضي لتشويه صورة الشعب المسلح واتهامه باغتصاب النساء في مصراته وانتهت الحرب ولم نسمع بمرآة واحدة من مصراته اغتصبت ونشرت كل المنظمات التي تهتم بحقوق الانسان تقارير بعد ذلك تؤكد ان احد من النسوة لم تغتصب في مصراته وظهر أشباه الرجال عديمي الشرف في مصراته ليقولوا في قنواتهم و صفحاتهم انهم استخدموا هذه الكذبة للتخلص من التاغية والكذب في الحروب جائز ،

وهذا يجعلني اتوجه لهم بسؤال في محله اذ كنتم على استعداد لبيع شرفكم اذن على ماذا تحاربون ؟

تلقفت العجوز في الخارجية الامريكية هيلاري كلينتون هذه الكذبة وصنعت منها راي عام عالمي وكان الجميع يومها من الكفرة والخونة يعتقد ان الله غير موجود ،

فمن يقتنع بانتصار الباطل تكون لديه عقيدة بأن الله غير موجود وان الحياة اساسها الباطل ونظامها الظلم ،

منذ ثلاثة سنوات ولم نري ضحية اغتصاب واحدة من ضحايا اغتصاب باب العزيزية كما تقولون وحتي ضابطات الحرس الثوري اللاتي تم التحقيق معهم قالوا لي شخصياً انهم اجبروا على اعترافات ليست من اقوالهم مقابل اطلاق سراحهم ،

وغرفة عمليات الولادة في كلية الطب التي لم تستخدم كانت مجهزة للدكتور عائشة معمر القذافي التي كانت حامل بي ابنتها امل وكان الوضع الامني يومها يقتضي ان تنجب الدكتورة في مكان لا يتردد عليه الناس في زمن صار الشك فيه هو المبدأ واطلب شهادة في هذا المقام من الدكتورة عائشة معمر القذافي لكل الليبين حول هذه الواقعة ،

في النهاية اتحداكم اعطوني اسماء مغتصبات مصراته اعطيكم اسماء مغتصبات باب العزيزية ، لن تعطوني شي ولن اعطيكم شي لان فاقد الشي لا يعطيـه .

— ولازال عزف الرصاص مستمراً { الموسيقار }

“Gibraltar Falcon” presents:God is.(The homeland and Of our duty ):Greetings Honorable tribute glory and free greeting for honest resistance.Gallant greeting people be wrongfully by the optimistic child.Greetings is the best supplication elders, the elderly and the elderly and disadvantaged DOA of Hua Libby who loves this country whom will never betray, We peoples of the South, saw you, the people of Ajeelat: you line up welazaltm.They write epics and tournaments… We are not defending the regions but stand on Libya, because Its our legal and legitimate duty.We have martyrs and we will not shrink from 12,000 and will not surrender and We will protect the Resistance of honest people and there will be retributionBut not by traitors and customer walsrakin or the new global terrorism, backed by the West and America. (Gibbets will suspend you; for you not only cheat, but, you have betrayed, Our Commander of the homeland and all her people)

You made Libya a joke to the world ! We were in peak glory, glory and pride.

As we now are judges, in our sovereign country today, you will see everything you destroyed…

and you have now fallen by the fair and gallant Resistance. we are in our hour of GLORY. We are the flood-attack, erasing the public shame you brought upon our hands in our land. We are honest workers, citizens, engineers, doctors and experts; and, all minds to re-build our Home and we ask the following of you.

1. respect for the military orders issued by the General command of the resistance

2-activate the intelligence security services, internal security and external security and the police both spectrum and municipal guard

3. be there for after full liberalization and all are equal under Libyan law

4 no rape or assault or murder or liquidation of this atrocity is the implementation of the death penalty in front of the masses

5 assemble the weapon and return to state stores by tribal elders

Larger role for elders 6_ tribal elders to solve all outstanding problems and grievances and reconciliation between the people of Libya and granted large powers

7_ code of honor among all tribes in Libya sealed blood to end these extravaganzas

Finally I like to mention to intifadah close, get ready, we are free to go out this time for God and country and duty.

طارق الصقر
الله .. الوطن .. الواجب

تحية الشرفاء تحية المجد والصمود تحية الاحرار للمقاومه الشريفه الباسله تحية الشعب الذي انقهر ظلما وعدوانا تحية الاطفال المستبشرين خيرا بقادم افضل دعاء الشيوخ والعجائز وكبار السن والمحرومين دعاء من كل من هوا ليبي ويحب هذا التراب الذي لم ولن نخونه اهلنا في الجنوب اهلنا في ورشفانه اهلنا في العجيلات سطرتم ولازالتم تسطرون الملاحم والبطولات فنحن لاندافع عن مناطقنا بل ندافع على ليبيا لانه من واجبنا الشرعي والقانوني قدمنا شهداء ولازالنا نقدم ولن نتراجع ولن نستسلم وستحمي المقاومه الشريفه الشعب الليبي ولن يكون القصاص الا من الخونه والعملاء والسراقين واصحاب الارهاب العالمي الجديد المدعوم من الغرب وامريكا فالمشانق ستعلق لكم لانكم لم تخونوا قائد لانكم خنتم وطن وشعب وجعلتم من ليبيا اضحوكه امام العالم بعدما كنا في قمة الشموخ والمجد والعزه عندما كنا نحن من نحكم في بلادنا واليوم ترون كل شي امامكم وواقعكم الي المقاومه الشريفه الباسله ونحن في ساعات مجيده واقتراب الطوفان الاخضر من الهجوم لمسح عار ال فبراير وبناء الجماهيريه من جديد بايدينا نحن من ابناء الوطن الشرفاء عمال ومهندسين ودكاتره وخبراء وكل العقول النيره من اجل بناء الوطن بعرقنا ودمنا نطلب منكم الاتي .

1_ احترام الاوامر العسكريه الصادره من القياده العامه للمقاومه

2_ تفعيل الاجهزه الامنيه الاستخبارات الامن الداخلي والامن الخارجي والشرطه بكل اطيافها والحرس البلدي

3_ لايكون هناك مقابل بعد انتهاء التحرير الكامل والكل سواسيه تحت القانون الليبي

4_ عدم انتهاك الحرمات او التعدي على الاشخاص او القتل او التصفيه ومن يعمل هذا الفعل الشنيع يكون تنفيد عقوبة الاعدام امام الجماهير

5_ تجميع السلاح بدون مقابل وعودته الي مخازن الدوله باشراف حكماء القبائل

6_ الدور الاكبر لحكماء القبائل والشيوخ من اجل حل كل المشكلات العالقه ورد المظالم والصلح بين الشعب الليبي وتمنح لهم صلاحيات كبيره

7_ ميثاق شرف بين كل قبائل ليبيا يبصم بالدم لانهاء هذه المهازل

واخيرا احب ان انوه ان الانتفاضه قريبه فاستعدوا يا احرار لاننا نخرج هذه المره من اجل الله والوطن والواجب

GREAT SON writes:We believe in God the Almighty who is capable of giving us victory, and our support for Him and all is set right,
and certainty and faith in our hearts and our patience, persistence and determination.We don’t believe in only one thing … That which is taken by force can only be retrieved by force. And other HPA scattered …We have a reliable leader and with resilience and fighting, there will be a cleansing … And we also, (always just as we said) as much as what helm death and our duty towards the Great Jamahiriya nation: WE offer dignity and history …Let go of all political entities that try to fit the political mold. Resistance brings us out of the maze of concessions and compromises which lead to hell.
And politicians and intellectuals who go to philosophise upon us, in the name of national and bloodshed, our homes are like an laparoscopic template: BECAUSE we are tired of hearing these lies, and refuse to go to hell with them.And will not undue and forever will adhere to the parameters and principles that we made for her by our blood: So “go to hell”. We go to data liberation organizations’s founding as a home opposed to your hell.And you go all trumpets calling for reconciliation and assignor and the trembling: YOU go to hell.Just as we owe it to the leader in the days of prosperity, pride and resilience. We are naahidh to the Resistance and steadfastness until victory.Our legitimacy is leader Muammar Al-Qadhafi and nothing but Muammar al-Qathafi. His words and his orders are a permanent platform for us in his presence or in his absence.Never give up … Will not tear up the Covenants and conventions … Will not negotiate or rest or compromise.
We will not sell the blood of the martyrs in the name of reconciliation and collusion with heretics and blood Assassin.
Will it be us only, people’s power …

And he wants other go to give it a clear position instead of the almrawaghat and allvdaih in the name of policy implications and case …Fey Hey fans of chairs and politics!!

Thank God that sometimes we watch Berry leaves upon dripping paper, followed by meaningless paper…

We stood up with the Resistance as men. … We win the triumph of heroes.

نحن لا نؤمن الا بالله العلي العظيم القادر على نصرنا ومؤازرتنا لانه عزة وجل هو من ثبتنا على الحق واليقين وقذف بالايمان في قلوبنا ورزقنا بالصبر والثبات والعزيمة
نحن لا نؤمن الا بشئ واحد فقط وهو ما أخذ بالقوة لا يسترد الا بالقوة … وغير ذلك هبأ منثورا ….
قائدنا اوصانا بالثبات والصمود والقتال والتطهير … وسنبقى كذلك دوما فمثلما قال نحن لايهمنا الموت بقدر مايهمنا الواجب نحو الوطن والعرض والكرامة والتاريخ …
ولتذهب كل الكيانات السياسيه التي تحاول احتواء المقاومة في قالب سياسي يدخلنا الى متاهات التنازلات والمساومات الى الجحيم
وليذهب الساسة والمفكرون الذي يتفلسفون علينا بأسم الوطنية وحقن الدماء والوطن في قالب تنظيري سئمنا سماعه الى الجحيم
وليذهب كل من تراجع عن ثوابته ومبادئه التي قدمنا من اجلها الدماء الى الجحيم ولتذهب كل البيانات التأسيسيه لمنظمات التحرير بأسم الوطن الى الجحيم
ولتذهب كل الابواق الداعيه للمصالحة والمتنازله والمرتعشه الى الجحيم
ومثلما عاهدنا القائد في ايام الرخاء والعزة بالتحدي والصمود … ها نحن نعاهده من جديد بالمقاومة والثبات حتى النصر ..
شرعيتنا الدائمة هي القائد معمر القذافي ولا شي غير معمر القذافي .. كلامه وأوامره هي منهاج عمل دائم لنا في وجوده وغيابه

لن نتنازل … لن نمزق العهود والمواثيق … لن نفاوض او نستكين او نساوم
لن نبيع دماء الشهداء بأسم المصالحة والتواطؤ مع زنادقة العصر وسفاكي الدماء
ولن يكون بيننا الا السلاح والقوة … ومن يريد غير ذلك يذهب اليهم وليكن موقفه واضحا بدلا من هذه المراواغات والايحاءات اللفضيه بأسم السياسة والوطن والقضية …يا عشاق الكراسي والسياسة

والحمد الله الذي احيانا لنشاهد اوراق التوت وهي تتساقط ورقة تتلوها ورقه

صمدنا صمود الرجال …. وها نحن ننتصر انتصار الابطال


THE USA IS BRAINWASHING THE WORLD and training their soldiers. This is their deployment.
This comes directly from the US STATE DEPARTMENT and Armed Forces of the USA.

Remember, that this scenario was created prior to the real CIA/NATO-led Libyan War of 2011.

JUST SUBSTITUTE “ATTICA” for LIBYA” and you will see the exact same thing being carried out at this moment upon LIBYA

and the Lies the Press is supposedly reporting to the World!:

credit: U.S. Army/The Economist:


The Middle Eastern nation of Attica has seen better days. The radical Islamic Congress of Attica seeks to destabilize the Attican government and install an oppressive theocratic regime. Meanwhile, the Ellisian Army has sent in mechanized elements as precursor to a full invasion. The Islamic Brotherhood for Jihad would like to establish a terrorist base of operations in the region, from which it can launch transnational attacks.

To deal with this, the U.S. Army has been deployed to work alongside Attican security forces to stop the insurgency, secure Attica’s porous borders, strengthen its tenuous state, and deny haven to terrorists. Working against the U.S.-Attican alliance is the Wolf Brigade, an eight-man cyber-warfare cell capable of disrupting communications and networked electronics. The WIN-T is a command-and-control system that allows critical information to be sent across the battlefield through such devices as Nett Warrior field-capable smartphones.

The “hostile forces” represent “Gaddafi’s soldiers”. 

The Defense Department expects future threats to the interests of the Unites States and Europe to appear a lot like “the war in Attica”—hybrid, with conventional forces, CRIMINAL FORCES, TERRORIST forces, and intelligence services WORKING TOGETHER to topple governments and repel “external threats”.

“The crisis in Attica” is part of the Network Integration Evaluation, now a bi-annual exercise at White Sands Missile Range (USA), which evaluates military communications hardware in the field.
The training simulation is for wars the U.S. Army expects to fight now and in the future. The Network Integration Evaluation also puts the U.S. Army’s Warfighter Information Network-Tactical to the test.


The leader of the nation FB PAGE:Dahab from the country in hell we’re not sure ..Who Uoridonna to come to terms with them are going in the country to the path, but promises ….Unfortunately, the politicians were the only ones who propose and dictated on us and on the same project failed rejected already by usand why we always should provide concessions abandon and torture, and kill and Nstabdb and we have to forget that Owners homeland accept what we are askedbecause we ousted and follow Sidi commander to allow us to stay on condition deaf dumb and either we are in Ndharhm boutiques rogue and terrorists and bandits ææææææ …Is that what they call a reconciliation is not God that for us a state of humiliationand our decision is not will not Nsaleh not Nsaleh willing wills and the parents of the parents of politicians stakeholders,we double our cause is clear and understandable is …… Liberation of the country from traitors and agents of all and most importantly …

we will not be, but as he said Sidi leader will stay steadfast and will continue the resistance and we will liberate Libya home house house house house Rue Rue inch inch steadfast .. .. .. steadfast and victorious, God willing.

زعيم الامه الامه

من دهب بالبلاد الى الهاويه أكيد لسنا نحن.. الذين يوريدوننا ان نتصالح معهم هم من سيذهب بالبلاد الى طريق الا عوده ….وللاسف الساسه فقد وحدهم من يقترح ويملى علينا وعلى نفسه هذا المشروع الفاشل المرفوض أصلاً من قبلنا ولماذا نحن دائماً من يجب أن يقدم التنازلات نهجر ونعذب ونقتل ونستعبدب وعلينا ان ننسى ان اصحاب وطن نرضى بما يطلب منا لاننا ازلام واتباع سيدى القائد كى يسمح لنا بالبقاء بشرط صماً بكماً واما فنحن فى نضرهم عصبات مارقه وارهابيين وقطاع طرق وووووو…اهذا ما يسمونه مصالحة لا والله انه بالنسبه لنا ذل ومهانه وقرارنا هو لا لن نصالح لن نصالح شاء من شاء واباء من اباء من الساسه اصحاب المصالح المزدوجة فنحن قضيتنا واضحه ومفهومه هى…… تحرير الوطن من الخونه والعملاء وكل من والاهم …نحن لن نكون الا كما قال سيدى القائد سنبقى صامدون وسنستمر فالمقاومة وسنحرر ليبيا الوطن بيت بيت دار دار زنقة زنقة شبر شبر ..صامدون ..ثابتون..وبأذن الله منتصرون

From the operations room boys Emhemed Fassi:

“Steadfastness woman” writes:

Name of the revolution and the honor of belonging
The name of the martyrs marching on the path to shine your light on our path in the darkness of the evening
On behalf of languishing in the jails of the enemy
On behalf of were displaced from their homes and do not Ioasém thousand consolation
Call a national overview of all the Liberal :::
We call on the Liberal to cut the road in front of all the lurking and who are trying to track the letter and the path of mass resistance to their personal interests and the second step towards defeating every client call a traitor in our name and on behalf of the principles of the glorious revolution in the original does not know the meaning :::::
ĆĎăĘă and O are free as long as the homeland
Steadfastness and kill them.

“Zero hour”  on FB gives us
Every member of RAT Congress and one whose name and number before him:
Mr. Haddad ……….. 0914614219
Saleh Younis …………. 0919898188
Mohammed Arish ……….. 0912155852
Ibtisam Astih ……… 0925716557
Moncef of the dome ……… 0919898253
Ali pots .. Minister of families of martyrs ….. 0912209934
Amtir safe …….. 0919898182
Minister of Health …….. 0912209916
Tawfiq Shuhaibi …….. 0919898260
Hussein Jazawi ………. 0912207204
Khaled Mashri …………. 0919898169
Saleh Jaudh …………….. 0919898161
Magda farmer ………….. 0919898176
Ramadan Zrmouh … Minister wounded ….. 0912209953
Souad Sultan ……….. 0919898150
Said Alkhtala …………. 0919898167
Suleiman Haj ………….. 0919898126
Saleh Sabratha ……….. 0919898254
Abdel Aal al-Drissi ……… 0919931714
Emigrated commander ………………. 0917772334
Osman mentioned ……………. 0919898082
Abubakar Hamouda ……………. 0919898054
Ola Sanusi …………… 0912111111
Ali Sha’ala for epiphyseal …………. 0914532526
Alqreis Mohammed Ali Zaidan Director, Office of ………. 0912209925
Mohammed caused ……………… 0926893672
Abdullah Joan …………….. 0918815004
Abato Msjat, but the rest of the cabinet Rahwooowohm Antzero
Human Rights Watch says that the decision of the RAT National Congress banning some television stations was a violation of freedom of expression and the Provisional Constitutional Declaration in Libya…. (Ha Haaaaa!)
Please beware of resistance than these people who are among the ranks:
Tafrjo Ali channels rats and Tjo to Facebook Tqt Taatbaku in the comments so is the subject ofAs you
what lies Talmto of laps to capture Moussa Ibrahim and GENERAL KHAMIS and the first on the basis of
yesterday Kabdan Al-Saadi and Abdullah Mansour !! (UGH!!)Leadership and dampers to the south Mibokm Tfhmu
Shi mesh Maipú Afarahokm not even because the rats do not mesh without understanding Shi …
Zeido Tafrjo on their channels and Cololy Shani things Sabha came Mesh Arefanhm Anto nor Cheney and anti-God knew how to reach an understanding ăÚÇßă nor TPU Dr. Moussa Ibrahim Atalaalkm every day Icollkm Sabha Tmanhunt safe safe safe Opare Jufrah under control soon
KERMIT says:
“It’s not easy being green.”:



Please publishing and Circular
Seen a black car, reinforced by members of the masked and pistols silencer for the liquidation of members of a particular seen a few days ago and yesterday area project plateau was the liquidation of a group of individuals and Nghe.
An individual of Death, one of the Tell the incident and the car, and its days are coming will be stationed in areas near to Abu Salim and Green Mountain and other areas please parents when View any car opaque strange shape and suspicious in any of these regions stop and check what’s inside the car, this way you have to go out and disappear in a manner unknown unknown
Please intensify guard areas and God save our children and our parents.


Green TV Channel Green TV:
Of mail page.

I broke into armed criminal gangs masked face houses security of my family Abu Salim withstand been kidnapped all young people as well as their parents were beating them up and cursing did not observe the presence of women and children did not respect even the sanctity of homes and the intrusion on exactly 12 o’clock at night

and it was concentration Aktar the sons department in Ajeelat from my family Abu Salim and at this time did not know of the actor and where they took our people and our brothers, sons of Abu Salim and learned from were kidnapped sons of Abu Salim did not have a hand in anything, whose only fault that they are fathers and mothers and Ojut supporters commander Hero Muammar al-Qathafi,

who stood against NATO and not liked the customers and treason selling home for themselves (as your God, O sons of this nation wounded).

This shameful act that yoke on Xi, it shows the weakness and fear of my father is coming

and we hope to God the Almighty, to save Abanana higher than all the evil that they reach their brethren Almjhdan heroes are freed.


“Zero hour” on FB, informs us:
Urgent .. God and yes, the agent

To God and to Him we return to God’s mercy.

Aantql one Liberal Aacaws inside prisons, torture Bmlisheat Corner Martyr God willing:

Ragab Mohamed Suef under Aaaltaveb

(Aom God bless his soul rest in peace rifled.)

ZINTAN Security at the Tripoli Airport fight ZAIDANE’s Militias :
Now clashes at Tripoli airport, and shut down the airport gate angle.

(between the Zaidane militias and the Zintan airport security militia.)


Publishing and Circular

Certain information
From inside the secret meeting of some militia leaders Jerdanih inside the camp (without mentioning the name of the camp)

resolved to the military coup and arrested all politicians and members of the Conference Allaotunai for treason (lactually are CIA labor for the West, or others to support the legitimate green) as has been accused by some members of Congress Allaotunai previously….

Exchange of charges between the customer and Jardan and the sharp differences among them have made every one of them rallying his mercenaries (the militias that are moving money) and showcases his strength on the other, and everybody is waiting for the right opportunity to Angzaz on government institutions in major cities to be under and prominence.

Increased intensity differences between militia leaders and officers Allajeic Allaotunai and “climbers” reached the threat of liquidation.

Altkvrien readiness of the Islamic Emirate in Derna, Benghazi

Eachotna caution in the land of thorns and Rrrrrishvana there is armed convoy with
heavy weapons coming from the highway heading to Janzour.
(RBI saves seven Tabowoowool)





“Zero hour” on FB  tells us:This person Idaa Mohammed Aoun is entered me and Rishvana Bartel and hater of Hua Draa left me a hater Abdul Rauf,
who killed Ketar sons and Rishvana withstand income, along with brother who killed him dampers cart Ihsabh Saybh ..
The Friday market of Hua lives in Algrart and Hedda his own inventory 0912221016
This is when he entered an armored vehicle and was the first car that killed the brother of a hater was outside the car roof
Hedda Hua person of the arrest of Ali and Muhannad Abouhlalh Abdulkuddous Azmim and Mohammad Khalil and
Magdi Khalil and Abdulaati snake and Abdulrahman Khweldi
And others
Ketar sons and seven drums Rishvana
Hey free Donkm Les ..


(For all actual forayed into war))
To pan the Libyan people:-
The events now at home forced behind the armed militias that shows publicly visible to everyone so (crazy to understand everything and note everything))

After the failure of the exhausted armed militias to rein in the popular uprising in different regions of Libya usurped,the RATS
Issued and ordered from Turkey and Qatar and Saudi Arabia to Al-Qaeda to move-in to end a popular uprising.

In the city of Ajeeat, were PLANTED IN THE LAST MONTH OR SO, AN INFLUX of infidel Kharijites quite noticeable; and they are in the foreground and behind the armed militias.

The killing of the sons of Libya are of many different nationalities.
Al-Qaida is now moving and announce themselves publicly, no longer silent for the great Libyan tribes.

Into Al-Ajeelat came a million and two hundred thousand to do the work for the ethnic cleansing of all popular cities.
All of them coming the city of Ajeelat, whether they are the woman, child or an Ajeelat elder or young person, they arrested immediately by Zaidae’s government: and then are harassed by throwing their tortured bodies and filtering them in the garbage !!!

Call the Libyans appealed to tribesmen appealed to all human rights associations
Where are you … …Now pleads and invokes Ajeelat welcome !!
Where are you … … … … ….And in the history of your fathers..
Where are you men? … … … … ….Do you actually want them to be or become completely, in the detention camps and the diaspora ???
Libya has become a joke wemskhrh.

Thank you and a thousand thanks
Thanks to everyone !


26 janvier
Good God, I ask you in this life and the hereafter. God, I ask you forgiveness and wellness in religious and civil dniay and Mali, o my private parts and ester roaati, o Lord, keep out of my hands and from the rear, on the right and on the North and from above me and I seek refuge with the Majesty of the Undertow assassinated
26 janvier
Good God, I ask you in this life and the hereafter. God, I ask you forgiveness and wellness in religious and civil dniay and Mali, o my private parts and ester roaati, o Lord, keep out of my hands and from the rear, on the right and on the North and from above me and I seek refuge with the Majesty of the Undertow assassinated.26 janvier
اللهم إني اسألك العافية في الدنيا والآخرة. اللهم إني أسألك العفو والعافية في ديني ودنياي وأهلي ومالي, اللهم استر عوراتي وآمن روعاتي, اللهم احفظني من بين يدي ومن خلفي وعن يميني وعن شمالي ومن فوقي وأعوذ بعظمتك أن أغتال من تحتي


Channel Zintan on Facebook
And our response now …….
In a statement, Mr. Moktar Andar Green chosen vice chairman of the Zintan military force when the move this morning:
(Assure everyone that we are here to help restore stability and Tmint folks, and we will not be party to any tribal dispute, and will let the opportunity for solutions Social tribal differences, and we will not use weapons, but for the home and preserve it,
we’ll be on the lookout for both imagine that Roads cut or kill or assault or fighting to restore the country away from the system of crime and abuse)
(Omar Matouk)
This is Moktar Andar Green, former General under Muammmar al-Qathafi air-Command before the War.
already Xanthan have joined the People’s Resistance*….Çanakkale Dard _ Urgent
ZAIDANE’s Defense Minister denies any force assigned to go to the southern region…We will see what Moktar does when he gets there…
Ivory (liberation struggle) for
Media Committee of the battalion men the current situation
God and the largest and thankfully
Join an entire battalion of armed militias to the Popular Resistance full promised and materiel and Afradaha and surrender voluntarily to the forces armed people and volunteers were handed their vehicles Military was Altdfik by the technical staff of the popular resistance of the Alketornej in terms of tracking or Continue through electronic devices owned by the Popular Resistance.
God is great and above Kid aggressors

GOOD STORY from 08 OCTOBER 2011:


Said and Diana


The sand tables more … Kadhafi.jpg

Muammar al-Qathafi 


634 miles away in the North West there is a man writing in a notebook he carries with him in the middle of the city on fire …

Daily newspaper after Night 08 October 2011

Sirte my city again just now I watched you … just before the night here has colors similar to tagelmout worn by Tuareg Tribesmen in all places of our transhumance between black and indigo purple stained blood red when the sun is our god Horus abandon us to our dramas obscurity … Once again I imagined you draped your palms with light floating foliage similar to the brides veils around you with bushes of jasmine and bougainvillea refreshed light rustling over your port where the green and white red ocher colored dots of small fishing boats and thy thousands of seabirds wings tossed my hometown Sirte … you don ‘ are more than a body to shreds of blackened rags barely covering your wounds obscene and your belly excised again a thousand times torn by a band of killers rut … How accept to see you and my city and I do not sleep there and die in the river that your panic punctured pipelines made ​​up to my knees in places … The fiery rain splashes yet established any piece of your quarters and split each window is an open wound and a pink pomegranate seed bare in an oven where the glass background …

My hometown Sirte your flesh comes the crash sparks and not a minute falls without one of their missiles away with fine pliers watchmaker your thighs young marine mare … orgies of ultraviolet sparks are accomplished in when the feast bombing soothes a moment the guests sitting in front of their screens trying to monitor our agony … Something rises in my throat after the number of explosions I counted 23 became one stroke unbearable my ears scratched and I support my hands on at the same time as the smell of gasoline burned tire iron like lava heated liquid asphalt and fire eucalyptus makes me want an ice orangeade … Yaouah ! … I do not know if I screamed or if the raid fortresses winged trapped inside my head a scream that never come out more … It’s not going to stop! It does not stop and there are days and nights that we crawl with animals buried inside the pipes that made ​​their way to the sea before us between the islands of plowed land with gardens become wastelands sand spice gaping intestines …

I saw there are more than five days of it just before dusk adds to his dismay brand monstrous braziers bands rats thousands resurface point really low intensity explosions and form columns of refugees breathless port management … They rode trampled by calling small children surrounded by the insolent sirens screaming and rushed into tiny leaps to the absurd result of their terror as the water will finally quiet swollen corpses … They were in unconscious heap where I overwhelmed with loneliness absent hero at the time of the final defeat to the sea has always been on us the effect of a magnet and a delicious promise of renewal … It does s’ not stop them … The birds who have the wisdom omens azure went before … I did not choose to leave you my city and none of those who piled in cars the little they could carry has decided to abandon you to the terror of gutting and looting …Sirte-before-the-guerre.PNG

But who can resist the desire to achieve more and more huge engulfing the whole body clawing the investing his breath rot fade and acrid homes to escape the destruction programmed running every second that s’ lamp … Who can demand her belly sex of his legs from his lungs are ready to crush the dislocation while while we rushed to reach by any means of witchcraft the end of this Hell Yes … that’s it … Who can require more than we have already supported without knowing the abominable constant death grazed thousand times per hour … As long as the giant street from 1September crater was not open as countless mouths land tortured by a burst of its primordial pain trying to stop this crime Hamou and I have had good … We stood in our insistence on the promise that we would reinvent every morning not feed our flesh goddess of the exodus …220px-Sirte.jpg

Son of transhumance by our fathers that we were not given the taste of honey Saharan track we did not want to leave Sirte imagine that the thirst for even greater freedom … There are a few months everything was ready for me partners continue my development in groundwater hydrology and confront notions that I had acquired mapping with other students from sub-Saharan Africa in London. Those like me who worked to create the plans our underground water city knew that nothing would be denied us what Iman touched the goddess of water if c Syrtecharniershabitations.jpgwretch that which had grown up in the world of sovereign thirst … Hamou aged a few more years was with most of our peers born in the oasis of Al-Jufrah Al Kufra Sebha or Mourzouk passionate research on the Nubian aquifer surprising that we imagine such a drilled underground pool cemented and decorated similar to Egyptian fountains mosaics Siwa and Farafra … A trained under the earth gods fish from our ancestors sacred temple of the ocean our way … Our country was master of a fabulous hidden world where all life and reborn presence of tree leaves and fruit long after they had lit the fire and it is this force which they wanted to deprive us …

We were the children of Tuareg Berber tribes whose fathers had chosen to leave the ephemeral remains of khaïma and curiosity accepted no boundary to its unalterable prowl … We are delighted once readings schoolmasters whose mission us to discover in the pages of books objects of our laughter and our lust this space burns and intoxications buried where we experienced our first quests … On Hamada Al Hamra Fezzan sand fire that ran between our toes became the magic of the story and the words of the storyteller as valuable as grains of semolina taguella and we learned that each well where we drank was a magical resurgence of mother earth nomadic Have Sahara ours And … our country with as uncertain as the cavalcade distraught pursued by singing dunes tobols lived to the rhythm of this profound and eternal pulsation which animated his body even beat sources that countries that were our brothers of shifting boundaries much water as blood …

Miracle oasis of childhood arose the mad project of Great Man-Made River, which then resembled a kind of dream linking the most remote areas as our citadel of Sirte and Al-Kufra oasis far the generous The waters … bathed the body of sand Did Sahara traced a second territory hustling arbitrary marks Winners warriors we could not see or capture … They were the fruit of his fertile mind which had so long nourished people Egypt from Sudan and Chad ours and we’re the son of Africa who were going to draw the secret tracks … Taken by the size of a mission that was beyond us statues of Roman gods of Leptis Magna _libye_leptis_magna_therm_500_.jpgHamou and our comrades were directed to the business of the hydraulic industry and was re   stereo alone with my pencils and my plans as valuable as papyrus scrolls … I pulled a silent glory shared by my father saw me as a worthy descendant of scholarly Babylon …

There are a few months … wondering why the fathers of this wild country with heavy dreams devoured by thirsty white breasts offer their son to take the fetish role divining African countries?Do you know that we live in a land that is not cut by any river and that we ignore lapping swirls on the verges pecked reeds? Camel-in-the-eau.jpg

Who does not know what it is that he never saw the abundant waters across the floodplain fed humus feeder and lay deep in the marshes and mangroves in the ocean knows nothing of thirst … This land will be that of water researchers and not gold diggers. It does not stop … It’s been hours it seems qu’hamou piled inside his car over his wife and three small bags of dates and breads plus two blue plastic drums twenty liters filled with water quickly stacked … Business thrown into the chaos to reach the checkpoint at the exit of the town yet only permitted towards Hun and Al Jufrah before nightfall … Hamou insisted while his Baya Women gathered clothes and children’s toys in the basket braided alfa trying to hide his dismay for me to ride with them in the car …

– There was plenty of room for the three of us … you’re not gonna stay here … they will raze the city and those who will escape will be their slaves and women their maids … you know what they want …

Without ever decided anything about these struggles that tore us all now I knew what they wanted and we who had just Tuareg peoples we have long demented plans of those for whom the earth is a lust and people who live an object of exchange or enslavement … I do not forget that I am a distant son of negro slaves and mine were chained to the caravan Darb el-Arbain …

– You know what they want … eh repeated Hamou her soft voice that grew to anger when we talked about it … they will just capture him alive and they deliver it to those who have invaded the land of ours? there are a hundred years … you know … you know! …

– No … no … Hamou I do not think they will live … Amenay … this is how my father called him with the respect that door to the son of the moon and the sun … I thought his voice we spoke in the middle of the disaster there … but I did not know what time we live …

– “Everyone should be aware that the government of Libya is the Libyan government … that power belongs to the men and women of the People’s Committees and the Popular Conferences in Libya …

– This government by the people will never fall and will not fail. It represents millions of Libyans and this is why it can not fall. Whoever says that my government has fallen is just ridiculous … this is a joke! …Man-in-blanc.jpg

– I do not have a government … therefore the government can not fall …

– When 2,000 tribes met and declared that only the Libyan people represent Libya is that it’s not said enough?

– The Libyan people are here and it is with me … nobody can represent us … So no legitimacy is given to something else and nobody else … the power belongs to the people! All Libyans are members of the Committees of the People! Everything else is wrong! …

– What is happening now in Libya is a joke that can only take place because of the r   aids of NATO that will not last forever … When they leave … leave as traitors … We are ready to die for the power of the people! This is what we support and what our martyrs have argued … ”

Voice haunted me and I could not understand how I do with what I felt when it was all over and the very life of this man over him depended … And the sound of the voice of my dead father came back to me constantly … Amenay Amenay … …

– Hamou … I do not know if we do leave our city, but if we stay they will kill us without even asking the question of who we are …

– That’s why you can not stay in this chaos … it does not make sense … Come there room … must go … children are afraid … we can not wait any longer! …

But I refused … two men in a car that is always already suspect …

– Hamou And thou hast forgotten the color of my skin … You know they are merciless for the Negroes son of trafficking and child survivors of caravans Darb el-Arbain who had to walk forty days in the desert before? being dragged down markets Assiut on the Nile for sale amid sheep and hair …

Hamou did not meet … We were never left us since we shared our teenage cravings and our ideal of fraternal Africa in the streets of Sirte and then smoking shisha at Cafe Niamey …

– You have a Hamou family … I’m alone and I walk along the main street which crosses the city from one side we climb so often happy bands to the beach where wrinkles sprinkled ocher sand white sand make and unmake herds of small dunes … I will walk and I will not be afraid …

– You remember Hamou … bitter smell of eucalyptus planted Tawargha fields … There are so few years that we ran wild with the salt harvest that drove us in its folds the summer and then we went up the port where fishing boats poured their cargo of fish at our feet … I’ll walk as if this time of happiness was not behind us …

– In the evening when I got home my mother who used to caress my mane guarding the sticky wetness of the sea immediately knew where I was … Neither she nor my father have never not understood more your parents also what attracted us to this side of the country from which he could only arise unhappiness and disillusionment … I’ll walk and none of that is not theirs … They take the city but Hamou we do not remove it from our memories of familiar things …

After qu’Hamou I have hugged our eyes gave all they could give the second one and not another because it was likely that we would have no other second like this … Our eyes knew that Al-Jufrah where he intended to return with his family was more distant from us now that the caves of Akakkus with canoes Niger River drawn red earth that surprise travelers oasis … Far from him because the road was trapped and cut in many places by the army of conquerors and away from me because the way I was going to Ammon Siwa.jpg

prendre headed towards Tobruk and the Egyptian border that if all went well I bifurquerais Marsa Matrouh to push me in the sands of another desert to the oasis of Siwa … There my uncle Asulil the brother of my mother a old sedentary nomadic was the guardian of the Temple of Ammon he was visiting tourists and the rest of the days it applied to guess what meant the signs drawn on the walls half eaten away by the sands …

To be continued …

Jeudi 3 novembre 2011

  Les tables de sable suite… Kadhafi.jpg

A Mouamar Kadhafi


A 634 kilomètres de là au Nord‑Ouest il y a un homme qui écrit dans un cahier qu’il emporte avec lui au milieu de la ville en feu…

Journal du jour d’après Nuit du 8 octobre 2011

Syrte ma ville une fois encore tout à l’heure je t’ai regardée… juste avant que la nuit qui a ici des couleurs semblables aux tagelmout que portent les Berbères Touaregs sur tous les lieux de notre transhumance entre le violet noir et l’indigo teinté de rouge sang quand l’astre qui est notre dieu Horus nous abandonne à nos drames de l’obscur… Une fois encore je t’ai imaginée drapée de tes palmiers aux feuillages flottant légers pareils à des voiles de mariées autour de toi avec des buissons de jasmins et de bougainvillées rafraîchis de lumière bruissant au‑dessus de ton port où ballottaient les points rouges verts et blancs teintés d’ocre des petites barques de pêche et tes milliers d’ailes d’oiseaux marins… Syrte ma ville tu n’es plus qu’une dépouille aux lambeaux de linges noircis couvrant à peine tes plaies obscènes et ton ventre excisé à nouveau mille fois déchiré par une troupe de tueurs en rut… Comment accepter de te voir ainsi ma ville et ne pas me coucher là et mourir dans le fleuve affolé que tes canalisations crevées fait monter jusqu’à mes genoux par endroits… La pluie ardente éclabousse le moindre morceau encore dressé de tes quartiers fendus et chaque fenêtre est une plaie vive et rose un pépin de grenade dénudé dans un four où son verre fond…

Syrte ma ville ta chair est livrée aux étincelles du fracas et pas une minute ne tombe sans qu’un de leurs missiles n’écarte avec ses tenailles fines d’horloger tes cuisses de jeune jument marine… Des orgies de flammèches ultraviolettes s’accomplissent au moment où le festin des bombardements apaise un instant les convives assis devant leurs écrans en train de surveiller notre agonie… Quelque chose remonte dans ma gorge après que le nombre d’explosions j’en ai compté 23 soit devenu d’un seul coup insupportable pour mes oreilles égratignées et j’appuie mes paumes dessus en même temps que l’odeur d’essence de pneus brûlés de fer chauffé comme de la lave d’asphalte liquide et de brasier d’eucalyptus me donne envie d’une orangeade glacée… Yaouah !… Je ne sais pas si j’ai crié ou si ce dernier raid des forteresses ailées a piégé à l’intérieur de ma tête un hurlement qui n’en sortira jamais plus… Ça ne va pas s’arrêter ! Ça ne s’arrête pas et il y a des jours et des nuits que nous rampons avec les bêtes enfouies à l’intérieur des canalisations qui ont pris le chemin de la mer bien avant nous entre les îlots de terre labourée des jardins devenus friches dont le sable épice les intestins béants…

J’ai vu il y a plus de cinq jours de ça juste avant que le crépuscule ajoute son désarroi flambant aux braseros monstrueux des bandes de rats par milliers resurgir au point vraiment bas de l’intensité des déflagrations et former des colonnes de réfugiés haletantes en direction du port… Ils se chevauchaient piétinaient en appelant de petits cris d’enfants encerclés par les sirènes insolentes et se ruaient en bonds minuscules vers l’issue absurde à leur terreur car l’eau en fera des cadavres gonflés enfin paisibles… Ils allaient en amas inconscients là où je vais accablé de la solitude des héros absents à l’heure de la défaite finale vers la mer qui a toujours eu sur nous l’effet d’un aimant délicieux et d’une promesse de recommencement…  Ça ne s’arrête pas… Les oiseaux eux qui ont la sagesse des présages de l’azur sont partis bien avant… Je n’ai pas choisi de te quitter ma ville et aucun de ceux qui ont entassé à bord des voitures le peu de choses qu’ils pouvaient emporter n’a décidé de t’abandonner à la terreur de l’éventrement et du pillage… Syrte-avant-la-guerre.PNG

Mais qui peut parvenir à résister au désir de plus en plus énorme engloutissant le corps entier le griffant l’investissant de son souffle de pourriture fade et de foyers âcres d’échapper à cet anéantissement programmé en cours d’exécution à chaque seconde qui s’abat… Qui peut exiger de son ventre de son sexe de ses jambes de ses poumons d’être prêts à l’écrasement à la dislocation alors que tout en nous se rue afin de toucher par n’importe quel moyen de sorcellerie la fin de cet enfer… Oui c’est ça… Qui peut exiger de nous plus que nous avons déjà supporté sans connaître l’abominable constance de la mort frôlée mille fois par heure… Tant que le cratère géant de la rue du 1erseptembre ne s’était pas ouvert comme une des innombrables bouches de la terre torturée par un sursaut de sa douleur primordiale cherchant à faire cesser ce crime Hamou et moi nous avons tenu bon… Nous avons tenu bon dans notre obstination à la promesse que nous refaisions chaque matin de ne pas nourrir de notre chair la déesse de l’exode… 220px-Sirte.jpg

Fils de la transhumance par nos pères qui ne nous ont pas donné le goût de miel de la piste saharienne nous ne voulions imaginer quitter Syrte que par la soif d’une liberté plus grande encore… Il y a quelques mois tout était prêt pour que je parte poursuivre mon perfectionnement en hydrologie souterraine et confronter les notions que j’avais acquises en cartographie avec d’autres étudiants des pays de l’Afrique subsaharienne à Londres. Ceux qui comme moi travaillaient à créer les plans de notre cité aquatique souterraine savaient que rien ne nous serait refusé de ce qui touchait Iman la déesse des eaux si c Syrtecharniershabitations.jpghère à celui qui avait grandi dans le monde de la soif souveraine… Hamou âgé de quelques années de plus était avec la plupart de nos camarades nés dans les oasis d’Al‑Jufrah d’Al‑Kufrah de Sebha ou de Mourzouk passionné par les recherches sur l’étonnant aquifère de Nubie que nous imaginions telle une piscine souterraine forée cimentée et décorée de mosaïques semblables à celles des fontaines égyptiennes de Siwa et de Farafra… Un temple sacré dressé dessous la terre aux dieux poissons nos ancêtres venus de l’océan à notre rencontre… Notre pays était maître d’un fabuleux monde caché d’où renaîtrait toute vie et toute présence de feuilles d’arbres et de fruits bien après l’incendie qu’ils avaient allumé et c’est de cette force dont ils voulaient nous priver…

Nous étions les enfants de tribus berbères touarègues dont les pères avaient choisi de quitter la demeure éphémère de la khaïma et notre curiosité n’acceptait aucune frontière à son inaltérable vagabondage… Nous nous sommes enchantés aussitôt des lectures des maîtres d’école qui avaient pour mission de nous faire découvrir parmi les pages des livres objets de nos rires et de notre convoitise cet espace de brûlures et d’ivresses enfouies où nous avions vécu nos premières quêtes… D’Hamada Al‑Hamra au Fezzan le sable de feu qui coulait entre nos doigts de pieds devenait par la magie du récit et la parole du conteur aussi précieux que les grains de semoule de la taguella et nous apprenions que chaque puits où nous avions bu était une des résurgences magiques de la terre mère des nomades As‑Sahara la nôtre… Et notre pays avec ses frontières mouvantes aussi incertaines que la cavalcade affolée des dunes poursuivies par le chant des tobols vivait au rythme de cette pulsation profonde et éternelle qui animait son corps du même battement de sources que celui des pays qui étaient nos frères d’eau autant que de sang…

Du miracle des oasis de notre enfance a surgi le projet insensé de la Great Man-Made River qui ressemblait alors à une sorte de rêve reliant entre elles les régions les plus éloignées comme notre citadelle de Syrte et Al‑Koufra l’oasis lointaine la généreuse… Les eaux qui baignaient le corps de sable d’As‑Sahara traçaient un second territoire bousculant les marques arbitraires des guerriers vainqueurs qu’on ne pouvait ni voir ni capturer… Elles étaient le fruit de son âme fertile qui avait si longtemps nourri les peuples d’Egypte du Soudan du Tchad et le nôtre et c’est nous les fils d’Afrique qui allions en dessiner les pistes secrètes… Pris par la grandeur d’une mission qui nous élevait au‑delà des statues des dieux romains de Leptis Magna _libye_leptis_magna_therm_500_.jpgHamou et nos camarades s’étaient dirigés vers les métiers de l’industrie hydraulique et j’étais re sté seul avec mes crayons et mes plans aussi précieux que les rouleaux de papyrus… J’en tirais une gloire silencieuse partagée par mon père qui voyait en moi un digne descendant de la savante Babylone…

Il y a quelques mois… qui se demande pourquoi les pères de ce pays sauvage aux lourdes mamelles blanches dévoré par les songes de la soif offrent à leurs fils de reprendre le rôle fétiche de sourcier en pays africains? Savez‑vous que nous vivons sur une terre qui n’est creusée par aucun fleuve et que nous ignorons les clapotis des remous au bord des berges picorées de roseaux ?

Qui ne sait pas ce que c’est que de n’avoir jamais vu les eaux abondantes traverser les plaines inondées nourries de l’humus nourricier et se jeter au creux des marais et des mangroves dans l’océan ignore tout de la soif… Cette terre sera celle des chercheurs d’eau et non plus des chercheurs d’or. Ça ne s’arrête pas… Cela fait des heures il me semble qu’hamou a entassé à l’intérieur de sa voiture par‑dessus sa femme et les trois petits les sacs de dattes et de pains plus les deux bidons en plastique bleu de vingt litres remplis d’eau… Les affaires vite empilées jetées dans le chaos pour arriver au check point à la sortie de la ville la seule encore autorisée en direction de Hun et d’Al Jufrah avant la nuit… Hamou avait insisté pendant que Baya sa femme rassemblait les vêtements et les jouets des enfants dans le couffin d’alfa tressé en essayant de cacher son désarroi pour que je monte avec eux dans l’auto…

‑ Il y a bien assez de place pour nous trois… tu ne vas pas rester ici… ils vont raser la ville et ceux qui en réchapperont seront leurs esclaves et les femmes leurs servantes… tu sais ce qu’ils veulent…

Sans avoir jamais décidé quoi que ce soit au sujet de ces luttes qui nous déchiraient tous désormais je savais ce qu’ils voulaient et nous autres qui venions des peuples touaregs nous connaissons depuis longtemps les projets déments de ceux pour qui la terre est une convoitise et les populations qui l’habitent un objet d’échange ou d’asservissement… Je n’oublie pas que je suis un lointain fils d’esclaves nègres et que les miens ont été enchaînés à la caravane de Darb­ el‑Arbain…

‑ Tu sais ce qu’ils veulent hein ?… a répété Hamou de sa voix douce qui enflait jusqu’à la colère quand nous parlions de ça justement… ils vont le capturer vivant et ils le livreront à ceux qui ont envahi la terre des nôtres il y a cent ans… tu le sais… tu le sais !…

‑ Non… Hamou non… je ne crois pas qu’ils le prendront vivant… Amenay… c’est ainsi que le nommait mon père avec le respect qu’on porte au fils de la lune et du soleil… je songeais à sa voix qui nous parlait au milieu du désastre il y a… mais je ne savais plus dans quel temps nous vivons…

‑ “  Tous devraient être conscients que le gouvernement de Libye est le gouvernement Jamahiriya… que le pouvoir appartient aux hommes et aux femmes des Comités du Peuple et des Conférences Populaires en Libye…

‑ Ce gouvernement par le peuple ne tombera jamais et n’échouera pas. Il représente les millions de Libyens et c’est la raison pour laquelle il ne peut pas tomber. Quiconque dit que mon gouvernement est tombé est juste ridicule… c’est une blague !…Homme-en-blanc.jpg

‑ Je n’ai pas de gouvernement… de ce fait ce gouvernement ne peut pas tomber…

‑ Quand 2000 tribus se sont rencontrées et ont déclaré que seul le peuple libyen représente la Libye est-ce que cela n’en dit pas suffisamment ?

‑ Le peuple Libyen est ici et il est avec moi… personne ne peut nous représenter… Alors aucune légitimité n’est donnée à autre chose et à personne d’autre… le pouvoir appartient au peuple ! Tous les libyens sont membres des Comités du Peuple ! Tout le reste est faux !…

‑ Ce qui arrive maintenant en Libye est une farce qui ne peut avoir lieu qu’en raison des r aids de NATO qui ne dureront pas éternellement… Quand ils partiront… les traîtres partiront aussi… Nous sommes prêts à mourir pour le pouvoir du peuple ! C’est ce que nous soutenons et ce que nos martyrs ont soutenu… ”

La voix m’obsédait et je n’arrivais pas à comprendre comment me débrouiller avec ce que je ressentais alors que tout était consommé et que la vie même de cet homme ne dépendait plus de lui… Et le son de la voix de mon père mort me revenait sans cesse… Amenay… Amenay…

‑ Hamou… je ne sais pas si nous faisons bien de quitter notre ville mais si nous restons ils nous tueront sans même se poser la question de savoir qui nous sommes…

‑ C’est pour ça que tu ne peux pas rester dans ce chaos… ça n’a pas de sens !… Viens il y a de la place… il faut partir… les enfants ont peur… on ne peut pas attendre plus longtemps…

Mais j’ai refusé… deux hommes dans une voiture c’est forcément suspect déjà…

‑ Et puis Hamou tu as oublié la couleur de ma peau ?… Tu sais qu’ils sont sans pitié pour les Négros les fils de la traite et les enfants survivants des caravanes de Darb el‑Arbain qui devaient marcher quarante jours dans le désert avant d’être traînés jusqu’aux marchés d’Assiout sur les bords du Nil pour la vente au milieu des moutons et des cheveux…

Hamou ne répondait pas… Nous ne nous étions jamais quittés depuis que nous avions partagé nos fringales adolescentes et notre idéal d’une Afrique fraternelle dans les rues de Syrte et ensuite en fumant la chicha au Café Niamey…

‑ Tu as une famille Hamou… moi je suis seul et je vais marcher le long de la grande rue qui traverse la ville de part en part que nous avons remontée si souvent en bandes heureuses jusqu’à la plage où des rides de sable ocre saupoudré de sable blanc font et défont des troupeaux de petites dunes… Je vais marcher et je n’aurai pas peur…

‑ Tu te souviens Hamou… l’odeur amère des champs plantés d’eucalyptus de Tawargha… Il y a si peu d’années que nous courions ivres de la moisson salée qui nous roulait dans ses plis l’été et nous allions ensuite jusqu’au port où les bateaux de pêche déversaient leur cargaison de poissons à nos pieds… Je vais marcher comme si ce temps du bonheur n’était pas derrière nous…

‑ Le soir quand je rentrais à la maison ma mère qui avait l’habitude de caresser ma tignasse qui gardait la moiteur poisseuse de la mer savait tout de suite d’où je venais… Ni elle ni mon père n’ont jamais compris pas plus que tes parents d’ailleurs ce qui nous attirait de ce côté‑là du pays d’où il ne pouvait surgir que du malheur et du désenchantement… Je vais marcher et rien de tout ça ne leur appartient… Ils prendront la ville Hamou mais ils ne nous retirerons pas de nos souvenirs des choses familières…

Après qu’Hamou m’ait serré dans ses bras nos regards ont donné tout ce qu’ils pouvaient donner à cette seconde‑là et pas une autre car il était probable que nous n’aurions pas d’autre seconde comme celle‑ci… Nos regards savaient que l’oasis d’Al‑Jufrah où il comptait retourner avec les siens était plus éloignée de nous désormais que les grottes de l’Akakkus avec les pirogues du fleuve Niger dessinées à la terre rouge qui surprennent les voyageurs… Loin de lui car la route était piégée et coupée à de nombreux endroits par l’armée des conquérants et loin de moi car le chemin que  Ammon-Siwa.jpg

j’allais pre ndre se dirigeait vers Tobrouk et la frontière égyptienne où si tout allait bien je bifurquerais à Marsa Matrouh pour m’enfoncer dans les sables d’un autre désert jusqu’à l’oasis de Siwa… Là mon oncle Asulil le frère de ma mère un vieux nomade sédentarisé était le gardien du Temple d’Ammon qu’il faisait visiter aux touristes et le reste des jours il s’appliquait à deviner ce que voulaient dire les signes tracés sur les murailles à moitié rongées par les sables…

A suivre… 



(E about what we promised Bay yesterday and promised and promised to right) or
Media Committee of the battalion men the current situation: –

Resistance has launched a furious offensive Allipe popular sites Misratan militiaswere Tkebedhm big losses in different regions.
Sheep were more than 40 military vehicles and medium and heavy Dkhaúr Among the dead or mislead their clients

did not exceed 16 years of age. Many of them were captured and through investigations with prisoners.
The militias armed by tempting them with money and give them for each day a thousand dinars,

compared to participate in the killing of the sons of Libyan tribes.
(((O Nbcrkm Misurata militias annihilation))
God is great and above Kid aggressors.

(Badr al-Qathafi 28/01/2014 corresponding to Tuesday)

After interrogating prisoners of bands “February”:
Admitted that they get cheques worth 5,000 Libyan dinars to go to fight in the South
And die called a martyr by instrument of the respected Mufti Gharyiani saved God.
150, 000,000 million price for mercenaries who fight now in the South
This number is enough to build hundreds of homes to the Libyans living in the open.
No matter it is to defeat the cohorts and the triumph may whatever cost.
But is it really that mercenaries may be able to defeat cohorts?
This is a point which will not answer him except cohorts themselves.
(Amjad yalibia)

(WE are marking a calendar after Muammar al-Qathafi, to honor him in our Liberation of the Great Jamahiriya.)




Colonel Nice Bouchmadh order the release of the arrested farmer Nasser Al_husona



Urgent :::: of Derna

Drone Explosion* targeted a car is what is known as organized army of the Islamic State of Libya.

(*Likely that the targeting of the drone.)



House who were burned yesterday in Jufrah
The House Hua me a young man from the tribe Akaddadfah
Weft (Alomlh).
Guidance of my list of pointers who burned the house:
1 / Mustafa thirsty (Bude)
2 / Tariq Aekhi (pimp for Msarit)
3 / Kamal Karodh
4 / Hatem Qrenqguo
Erjoowoo publishing widely.




NATO uses small Nukes on Tabu at lower Tmanhunt Square:

Djibo shield the middle and upper and lower Tmanhunt Sqa you TPU nuclear bomb Bish Atkhcoha.

Green TV Channel Green TV
Pen Green.

Information Minister visits the base Jufrah air essayed through filming some planes terrorism and the threat of

folks Sabha medially, evidence of the weakness and bankruptcy and not Asttathm do something of what is happening in Sabha,

as well as the interaction channel Misrata, Showing forces heading to Sabha; BUT, IN REALITY, there is nothing on the ground! So all is fake photography and terrorism: the media trying to scare the Resistance in Sabha by displays such as these muscles Alalamih (which really are empty).

The ZAIDANE “GOVERNMENT” will not do anything and no longer has the ability to enable themselves to control the popular revolution on Aldilm Alfberara in the south of Libya. The people of the south are free and will not be ever enslaved human beings (whatever the nature these who are now free).

DISINFORMATION is publicised in the West:


Akzbosh what you and my God Qaadin and steadfast and rats Jifam in the desert south Tndfn
the help of God Madsh Taatfaragoa Azat lying on young rats radio stations
popular resistance of the noble tribes Astrona now epics of honor, pride and dignity.
Arfo morale and Adeolhm victory over Almertzka you follow NATO.
Mnsourin and with God’s help we are right and they are wrong.


Important Jaddaa ….

in this topic meantime will try to collect the largest possible number of photos and videos of the areas in the south completely and transfer to Misrata to the work of editing and other.

The informative on the south and photographed it was edited and killed sheep and entry areas, one after the other to

hit the morale flags Alcadb as Flo in Green Square

Hedda Bengan with the aid of Turkey and France in photoshop and animated media and

spreading the news Kadba Alqubz the figures in the resistance,

the absence of your faith in God …. great Haddara of war and media, forgery and you in Bani Walid proof ….

fake army

Libyan Resistance Movement (h m l):
We categorically deny all news circulating about rats occupying base Tmanhunt .. We emphasize that al-Qaeda is still around,and will be removed under the control of the Guard and the popular Resistance forces ..
We ask everyone to please not pay attention to the “horns of rats” blasting false news reports.

During World War II, the Allies famously tricked Hitler into believing that the First United States Army Group would invade France at Pas-de-Calais. The real invasion, of course, came at Normandy, and the First United States Army Group did not take part—mostly because it didn’t actually exist.

Fake military units aren’t the only thing the military is good at inventing.

To help prepare soldiers for the overwhelming nature of invading a country where the language is unknown and the culture is mostly alien, the U.S. Army, NATO and puppet leaders invent large-scale tales and use psy-ops on their recruits, mercenaries and young poor, ill-educated soldiers. The give them computer war games and repeated smear campaign stories; and enhance their ability to have power over the helpless. They feed them a scenario of fortune , riches and a wealthy future —if they nicely cooperate….If they do not, they are shown the results of “traitor-soldiers” incarcerated for life or executed as “traitors to their country”.

“ZERO HOUR” on FB writes:
Urgent. Tam crush of criminal militias in Sabha now.

Ya know smolts are free from the fear of Misratah Khco Qua God in the desert Cololhm what Fish Shilat gasoline in the desert.

Sartaoah commander adds:

Oh Lord, I Nstodek resistance fighters in Sabha and other cities, keep them in your eye that Atnam Iaaaaallah and insist extending them Soldiers from you Iaaaarb O Ahvdahm and slotted thrown Iaaaarb understand what went only to cleanse our country of impurity clients traitors who Damro our country

and displaced our people and wreaked wherever they went only decay, the kid customers sneaks to thwart the plot and scatter them and toss fear in their hearts and beat them evil defeat following the Jews from Misrata and other traitors who Sandu this surge almnkooobh.

Youth Caucus Sebha Qadhadhfa (on FB):

God of God the greatest.
Matters with excellent BiH and everything fully and Admission specialist ( Acceptance of the prize of master) for control of the cam, for positioning and morale suffered s samaa and high and preparations there are surprises.
Alshradm are batohm almsarit of mercenaries 12 Miu distorted in news was the grace of God, unity of the armpit.

Allah is the greatest, Allah is the greatest.

تجمع شباب القذاذفة سبهاالله اكبــر الله اكبــر ..
الامــور بفضل الله ممتازة والحمدلله وكل شي تمام وابناء
القب ائ تسيطــر
على كامــل مواقعها والمعنويات تعانــق السمــاء والاستعدادات عاليــة وهناك مفاجأت بإذن الله .
الشرادم يلي بعتوهم المزاريط من مرتزقة 28 مياو مشو في خبر كان بفضل الله وعزيمـة الابطــال .
الله اكبر الله اكبر ولله الحمد .

“ZERO HOUR” on FB writes:

“Hedda some of Mehrat Brigade 32 booster O Jardan Zihua have submitted, as though Tris.”

تجمع شباب القذاذفة سبها

الله اكبــر الله اكبــر ..
الامــور بفضل الله ممتازة والحمدلله وكل شي تمام وابناء
القب ائ تسيطــر
على كامــل مواقعها والمعنويات تعانــق السمــاء والاستعدادات عاليــة وهناك مفاجأت بإذن الله .
الشرادم يلي بعتوهم المزاريط من مرتزقة 28 مياو مشو في خبر كان بفضل الله وعزيمـة الابطــال .
الله اكبر الله اكبر ولله الحمد .

  • طارق الصقر

    الله .. الوطن .. الواجبتحية الشرفاء تحية المجد والصمود تحية الاحرار للمقاومه الشريفه الباسله تحية الشعب الذي انقهر ظلما وعدوانا تحية الاطفال المستبشرين خيرا بقادم افضل دعاء الشيوخ والعجائز وكبار السن والمحرومين دعاء من كل من هوا ليبي ويحب هذا التراب الذي لم ولن نخونه اهلنا في الجنوب اهلنا في ورشفانه اهلنا في العجيلات سطرتم ولازالتم تسطرون الملاحم والبطولات فنحن لاندافع عن مناطقنا بل ندافع على ليبيا لانه من واجبنا الشرعي والقانوني قدمنا شهداء ولازالنا نقدم ولن نتراجع ولن نستسلم وستحمي المقاومه الشريفه الشعب الليبي ولن يكون القصاص الا من الخونه والعملاء والسراقين واصحاب الارهاب العالمي الجديد المدعوم من الغرب وامريكا فالمشانق ستعلق لكم لانكم لم تخونوا قائد لانكم خنتم وطن وشعب وجعلتم من ليبيا اضحوكه امام العالم بعدما كنا في قمة الشموخ والمجد والعزه عندما كنا نحن من نحكم في بلادنا واليوم ترون كل شي امامكم وواقعكم الي المقاومه الشريفه الباسله ونحن في ساعات مجيده واقتراب الطوفان الاخضر من الهجوم لمسح عار ال فبراير وبناء الجماهيريه من جديد بايدينا نحن من ابناء الوطن الشرفاء عمال ومهندسين ودكاتره وخبراء وكل العقول النيره من اجل بناء الوطن بعرقنا ودمنا نطلب منكم الاتي .1_ احترام الاوامر العسكريه الصادره من القياده العامه للمقاومه2_ تفعيل الاجهزه الامنيه الاستخبارات الامن الداخلي والامن الخارجي والشرطه بكل اطيافها والحرس البلدي3_ لايكون هناك مقابل بعد انتهاء التحرير الكامل والكل سواسيه تحت القانون الليبي4_ عدم انتهاك الحرمات او التعدي على الاشخاص او القتل او التصفيه ومن يعمل هذا الفعل الشنيع يكون تنفيد عقوبة الاعدام امام الجماهير5_ تجميع السلاح بدون مقابل وعودته الي مخازن الدوله باشراف حكماء القبائل6_ الدور الاكبر لحكماء القبائل والشيوخ من اجل حل كل المشكلات العالقه ورد المظالم والصلح بين الشعب الليبي وتمنح لهم صلاحيات كبيره7_ ميثاق شرف بين كل قبائل ليبيا يبصم بالدم لانهاء هذه المهازل

    واخيرا احب ان انوه ان الانتفاضه قريبه فاستعدوا يا احرار لاننا نخرج هذه المره من اجل الله والوطن والواجب

Appeal No. (2)
Libyan tribes of the south of languages ​​to the infidels and to Alchuirv Jufrah and Sabha to the mountains Tbsta >>>
In the name of God the Merciful (We opened you opened indicating ** to forgive you for what God offers past and future sins are blesses you and guide you straight path ** and Anasrk God’s victory dear) Almighty God and prayers and peace be upon His messengers to Tuareg tribes in the south of the Libyan beloved tribes Tabu southern Libyan lover of peace and God’s mercy and blessings be upon you, O descendants of Tariq ibn Ziyad Loya men, women and girls Tuareg guys, women and Tabu tribes south of the Libyan beloved Inadekm and Ihamlkm your responsibility historic contribution and participation in the battles of honor and dignity to cleanse Sabha from militias shame and humiliation militias, death and filth militias falsehood and Khurj disbelief about religion to cleanse Sabha of these militias and deter militias coming from Misurata and May 28, and others. Accuracy hour work ….
Accuracy hour Jihad ….
The accuracy of the hour of victory ….
Accuracy hour splendor and dignity, O sons of Tuareg grandchildren and Tariq ibn Ziyad, O sons of Tabu tribes Sharif you now is the moment of enrollment forces People’s tribal people honest immediately and urgently to engage in battles against convoys heading to Sabha militias to cleared of these gangs.
In conclusion, we followed the Council’s statement of social tribes and Rafla issued on Sunday on 01.26.2014 and that the tribes emphasize the statement welcomes him and demanding tribes and Rafla and Rafla pride and dignity and heroism urges you to enter in the battlefields fighting jihad for God to cleanse our country from the filth and Alangas and illegitimate children and the Kharijites and rats. ) If Allah is not often you …..
(God is great and God but God and Mohammed is the Messenger of Allah, peace and God’s mercy and blessings.).
[The Libyan tribes south of languages ​​to the infidels and to Alchuirv Jufrah and Sabha to the mountains Tbsta]
* Publishing and circular on a wider scale.

نداء رقم (2)

من قبائل الجنوب الليبي من غات إلى الكفرة ومن الشويرف إلى الجفرة ومن سبها إلى جبال تبستي>>>

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم (إِنَّا فَتَحْنَا لَكَ فَتْحًا مُّبِينًا ** لِيَغْفِرَ لَكَ اللَّهُ مَا تَقَدَّمَ مِن ذَنبِكَ وَمَا تَأَخَّرَ وَيُتِمَّ نِعْمَتَهُ عَلَيْكَ وَيَهْدِيَكَ صِرَاطًا مُّسْتَقِيمًا ** وَيَنصُرَكَ اللَّهُ نَصْرًا عَزِيزًا ) صدق الله العظيم وصلاة والسلام على أشرف المرسلين إلى قبائل الطوارق بالجنوب الليبي الحبيب إلى قبائل التبــو بالجنوب الليبـي الحبيب السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته يا أحفاد طارق بن زياد ويا رجال ونساء وبنات قبائل الطوارق يارجال ونساء وقبائل التبو الجنوب الليبي الحبيب يناديكم ويحملكم مسئوليتكم التاريخية للمساهمة والمشاركة في معارك الشرف والكرامة لتطهير سبها من مليشيات العار والذل والمهانة مليشيات الموت والقذارة مليشيات الباطل و الكفر الخورج عن الدين لتطهير سبها من هذه المليشيات وردع المليشيات القادمة من مصراته و 28 مايو وغيرهم . دقة ساعة العمل…. دقة ساعة الجهاد …. دقة ساعة النصر …. دقة ساعة العز والكرامة يا أبناء قبائل الطوارق أحفاد وطارق بن زياد يا أبنــــــــاء قبائـــــــل التبــــــــــو الشريــــف عليكم الآن ومن هذه اللحظة ال آلتحاق بالقوات الشعبية لأبناء القبائل الشريفة فوراً وبشكل عاجل للدخول في معارك ضد الأرتال المتوجه إلى سبها من المليشيات لتطهيرها من هذه العصابات . وفي الختام تابعنا بيان المجلس الاجتماعي من لقبائل ورفلة الصادر يوم الأحد بتاريخ 26-01-2014 وأن قبائلنا تؤكد على ما جاء في البيان وترحب به وتطالب قبائل ورفلة ورفلة العزه والكرامة والبطولة تطالبكم بدخول في ميادين المعارك معارك الجهاد في سبيل الله لتطهير بلادنا من الدنس والأنجاس و أولاد الحرام والخوارج والجرذان . ﴿إِنْ يَنْصُرْكُمُ اللَّهُ فَلا غَالِبَ لَكُمْ …..﴾ والله أكبر ولا اله الأ الله محمد رسول الله والسلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته .
قبائل الجنوب الليبي من غات إلى الكفرة ومن الشويرف إلى الجفرة ومن سبها إلى جبال تبستي

**النشر والتعميم على اوسع نطاق .

Urgent. RAT Warplanes (happily) mistakenly bombed a convoy of (their own) Misurata militias in the south of Libya.
. الطيران الحربي يقصف عن طريق الخطأ رتل لمليشيات مصراته في الجنوب الليبي .

F Hvouh:  

killed the commander of Saraya support forces, and backing from the city of Misrata near Smono,

at the hands of the Provisional People’s tribes, and the escape of Saraya himelf into the desert.

مقتل جمعة شفوح آمر سرايا الدعم والاسناد مصراته بالقرب من مدينة سمنو على يد القوات الشعبية المؤقتة للقبائل وفرار السرايا التابعة له في الصحراء .
UPDATE 30 JAN 2014:
Armed militias stormed the safe houses in the area Smono and random arrests of youth and taken to unknown locations.

RAT column was crushed militia near Southern town of Smono by the Provisional People’s forces:

RAT column was crushed militia near Southern town of Smono by the Provisional People's forces

Urgent: –
 “ZERO HOUR” writes
BECAUSE of the destruction of the Convoy, RAT Warplanes bombed the main power plant in the city of Smono
completely and have thus disrupted electricity for the entire south of Libya.
Liberal insure that the popular forces and militants in the south of the Libyan Istron epics history
against prostitutes tyrants and apostates Aqaibdounam heavy losses in lives and equipment ..
We call Ahrarna Hraúrna and to pray for them to victory ..
Forward O Fezzan ..
The struggle for liberation of the Great Jamahiriya (on FB): 
The arrival of hordes of black desert Taurags and join the people’s forces for the defence of the proposed
occupation of Fezzan by Misrati Jews.
Taureg Army coming to save Fezzan:
(Admin 11)
The Libyan resistance movement (h m l) informs us:Urgent Fort Sabha is now free of NATO agents who were stationed in Sabha Castle.
In order to preserve the heritage , the Resistance did not pound or bomb al-Attar Castle. TODAY, the Castle was cleared
of all  NATO personel and the green flag was hoisted up and the Castle has now been returned to the brooding Sabha mass,
and blessed into being a Holy House.God above kid aggressorحركة المقاومة الليبية(ح م ل)
عاجــــــــــــــــــــــــــل قلعة سبها بعدما فر العملاء وتمركزوا في قلعة سبها وحفاظا على التراث وعلى الاتار الليبيه لم يتم قصف القلعه من قبل المقاومه واليوم تحديدا تم تطهير القلعه من عملاء الناتو وتم تعليق الرايه الخضراء فوقها وعادت للحضن والبيت الجماهيري والله اكبر فوق كيد المعتدي

“ZERO HOUR” on FB informs us:

Ivory (Sabha: “Battle of Liberation”)

Today the religion fell dead at the feet of the “Libyan Resistance of noble parents” were with the queues almsalhah almsaratet different nationalities militias and mercenaries:
25 country citizenship and military ranks, including colonels
13 yhamlo of Sudanese nationality
20 Egyptian nationality
5 Afghan nationality
3 Syrian nationals of Qatar and Gulf clients
And the number of people killed in the NATO clients beyond a 500 people who have sold their honour, their land, their honour and their juggernaut’s Jews wadnab of colonialism
As part of our promise and promise to God
((They will give to drink individuality eroded footprints Shurayfah Libyan resistance strikes))
Peace to you, pride of the nation
Peace to you, my men home
Peace to you Oh leader lying by God
And God grew up kid aggressors.

Baden God Triqbo us on the channel fields intervention Stadium as the assets directly from Sabha.
Frequency encoding 11392 27500 v

“al-Fateh” on FB:
From the heart of the event and solid information:

1. full control over the castle al-Arrat of Sabha.

2. was pushing back militias who tried to approach the Sabha and was prosecuted and the number 9

including a field commander of the militia of Misurata and destruction of a large number of mechanisms.

3. Tmanhunt Airbase the Rats could not approach. The base is completely safe from tampering.

Base Tmanhunt under the complete control of all the popular forces stationed in temporary locations 

4. hundreds of tribes from across the South came to support and defend the Earth. (RIGHT OUT OF LORD OF THE RINGS!!)

And God is above the kid’s attackers.

The arrival of a good convoy of Zintan area Sukna.
(The Civil Brigade 32 car armed).

“ZERO HOUR” writes:

Xanthan joins the forces of the Provisional People of the South!

Very very urgent .. Xanthan is now officially part of the Resistance.
Join “the battalions of the military council of Xanthan Forces Provisional People in the south” 

full number and material.

Perfect ambush performed by our heroes brave Hsalo the Jardan Almzarat and Jardan corner was to Trdjaém after Smono
Gore ĘÚÇáć to Moowoowo Jivkm Aajerdan ĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺ

“ZERO HOUR” of FB informs: :

27 janvier
News that the military force that came out of Jufrah and want access Sabha was followed by the destruction and the rest fled due to Ajafrh
Lord Victory resistance in all throughout the mass…

Important Notice Please brothers citizens not to pass through the ring to Brady circular secondary to security reasons
Rats city of Sebha Gardah rats rats rats secondary Brady rats Mansheya of Altmama
Are doing a wonderful plan to secure the city and secure way Modah to the headquarters of the Sixth Brigade of the road completely Momen condominium Brady to the reservoir area with secondary.
Spread set on the roofs of buildings and the deployment of more than 32 armed mechanism in the road and the secondary reservoir and a large group of rats.
Please take the resistance of young science.
(Zero hour)
Ivory (Sabha …. battle of liberation) for
Among today’s debt fell dead under the feet of the Libyan resistance men and religion were dishonest with convoys
Almsalha Misratan militias and mercenaries of different nationalities. –
25 hold Qatari citizenship and military ranks, including Colonels
13 Ihamlo n Sudanese nationality
20 Egyptian citizenship
5 of Afghan nationality
3 hold Syrian citizenship of Qatar and the Gulf clients
The death toll from NATO clients exceed a 500 of these deaths have sold their honor, their honor,
their land and their masters of the tyrant Jews and colonialism Adnab.
As we promised and promised right ÇäÔÇááĺ
((Stsagon individually eroded feet and blows the Libyan resistance dishonest))
Peace to you, Nakhweh home
Peace to you, my homeland men
Peace thee, O leader Mansora with God’s help
God and larger over Kidd aggressors.

The readiness of the three legions desert to participate in a battle with PDF which is now waiting for the signal

from the top leadership of the Libyan resistance.

Victory Now


Move very, very large group of supporters of the rats to the south and now they are present between the Ubari and Owaynat near field of the elephant please have a means of communication to members of the Popular Resistance inform them so …
Our source of private
(Hopefully alarm and circular and Publishing)
(picture shows UBARI hostels and town in background):


“Zero hour” on FB informs us:

On Al-Arabiya event ..
Prof. Dr. Muhammad Hamza president of the Center for Middle East Strategic Studies … Says ..
Libya where 14 leading al-Qaeda, led by ..
Abdul Hakim Belhaj, …… (owner of the news channel) ..

Abdullah Hakim BelHadj, al-Qaeda
There are training camps for the base ..

The leader of one of the battalions Abouhvefah commander of the Libyan and Egyptian. There 1000 under Training
Infiltration of them 14 and one across the border between the Egyptian and Libyan and Syrian
To blow Alexandria Security Directorate at the same time as the bombing of the Cairo Security Directorate
I have been arrested
Groups linked to al Qaeda and the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood.
Unfortunately, the exchange has .. and Egypt have the right to deal with these
American kidnapped Abu Anas Libyan and Egypt have the right to do business with anti-terrorism law:

Training camps for the free Egyptian army in the east of Libya
Includes Egyptians, Africans and other nationalities
The Western Sahara is preparing to swallow rats
It has already swallowed Desert Fox Rommel
Ĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺ and obvious difference, of course
There is no comparison between the rat and fox !

(Moved from, the “Arab nationalist movement Alsisawih”)


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