Operations room Sabha now muttered areas in Sabha and other cities located around us …………

The hour of victory!

Mu is the  King of Kings of all Africa
GREAT SON writes:

F blessing each honorable loyal to this dirt Tahir …

Good morning and home victories are free Hraúrh

Good morning … oh national
Good morning … oh land … our love over time
Good day … morning club hug Rabiek Green
Morning, musk and amber
Morning high among Jebalk
Hugging in the morning and in the evening … Mrodgk green love … … Naftdak Highlands lives … but more
Vhpk … and all of our wishes … we’re the biggest …
Sabahak ye land that Bhmak … Will not conquer
If the long-Qiedk … we break the oath tomorrow …
Each morning victory honorable fighters are promised truthful Bnasra of God and Azza
Morning of honor, dignity and challenge
Good morning, God willing Victories.

Mu removes his glasses
جمعة مباركة لكل الشرفاء الاوفياء لهذا التراب الطاهر … صباحكم انتصارات احرار الوطن وحرائرهصباح الخير …يا وطنى
صباح الخير…يا ارضا…عشقناها مدى الزمن
صباح نهارك النادي …بحضن ربيعك الأخضر
صباح المسك والعنبر
صباح جبالك الشماء
تعانق في الصباح وفي المساء…مروجك الخضراء نحبك…نفتديك…نجود بالأرواح …بل أكثر
فحبك …من أمانينا…وكل وجودنا …اكبر
صباحك أيها الأرض التي بحماكِ… لن نقهر
إذا ما طال قيدك …نحن اقسمنا…غدا يكسر
صباح النصر لكل المناضلين الشرفاء الصادقين الموعودين بنصرا من الله وعزه
صباح الشرف والكرامة والتحدي
صباحكم انتصارات بإذن اللهMu kneels before the Great al-Asmar MOSQUE in ZLITENMUAMMAR al_QATHAFI kneels before the GREAT al-ASMAR MOSQUE in ZLITEN. (above)MUAMMAR: GREAT IMAM

معمر، وهو الإمام العظيم

نرجــــو من كل صفحات علي الفيس بوك نشير فيديو هذا لنشير بس تعرفـو أنى القائد أسلم علي ايده مليـون شخص واكثـرليبي اخضر
 —Dr.Yusef Shakir:ســـــــــــــــــاعة النصر

2014 will be the end of the rats at the hands of the armed forces of the People
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GREAT SON writes:
To the gullible and the traders and brokers issue home …
Leader Muammar Gaddafi, the size of the nation is not the size of the tribe or city … Leader Muammar Gaddafi means Libya .. The school where we studied the ideological and get us out of them … Leader Muammar Gaddafi means a permanent legal for us revolutionaries ideologues … His thoughts … Modern .. Platform for Action are the directives for us in every time and when .. Whether it was us or away from us is always the reference and the intellectual and ideological struggle …
If the leader is home and home is the commander Tdzithma can not in any way
Even his voice, and I missed the rest of us is committed to our ears in every word uttered by
We Aahidnah and oath to do so
Hola to all who are trying to separate the legitimacy of the commander for the body of the nation say
Muammar Gaddafi .. Red line
His ideas and guidance .. Red line
Mass and power of the people .. Red line
Green flag … Red line
We commend the pride and dignity … Red line
These constants can not be waived, even if we drove convoys towards death
These constants can not be sold at any price and we will defend them, even if it was our blood
Leader Muammar Gaddafi is we … The Great Jamahiriya is we … The power of the people we are … The green flag is we … We commend God is greater .. We
Of us in this is we and in we .. And so it is in the barrel of rifles like the traitors and agents

We’ve endured the steadfastness of men …. And here we are winning the Champions victory

الى السذج وتجار القضية وسماسرة الوطن …
القائد معمر القذافي بحجم وطن لا بحجم قبيلة او مدينة …القائد معمر القذافي يعني الجماهيرية .. والمدرسة العقائدية التي درسنا فيها وتخرجنا منها …القائد معمر القذافي يعني الشرعية الدائمة لنا نحن الثوريون العقائديون … افكاره … حديثة .. توجيهاته هي منهاج عمل بالنسبة لنا في كل وقتا وحين .. سواء كان معنا أو بعيدا عنا فهو دائما المرجعية الفكرية والعقائدية والنضاليه …
أذا القائد هو الوطن والوطن هو القائد لايمكن تجزئتهما بأي حال من الأحوال
حتى وانا غاب صوته عنا فهو باقي في اسماعنا ملتزمين بكل كلمة قالها
نحن من عاهدناه واقسمنا له بذلك
إلى كل هولاء الذين يحاولون فصل شرعية القائد عن جسد الوطن نقول
معمر القذافي .. خط احمر
افكاره وتوجيهاته .. خط احمر
الجماهيرية وسلطة الشعب .. خط احمر
الراية الخضراء … خط احمر
نشيد العزة والكرامة … خط احمر
هذه الثوابت لايمكن التنازل عنها ولو سرنا قوافل نحو الموت
هذه الثوابت لا يمكن بيعها بأي ثمن وسندافع عنها حتى وان كان ذلك بدمائنا
القائد معمر القذافي هو نحن … والجماهيرية العظمى هي نحن … وسلطة الشعب هي نحن … والراية الخضراء هي نحن … ونشيد الله اكبر هو نحن ..
من معنا في هذا فهو منا وفينا .. وغير ذلك فهو في فوهة بنادقنا مثله مثل الخونه والعملاءصمدنا صمود الرجال …. وها نحن ننتصر انتصار الابطال
  • While it is only men who are obliged to attend the Friday congregational prayer there are also many recommended acts that can be performed by men, women or children during this day….saying numerous supplications to God, sending blessings upon Prophet Muhammad, and reading Chapter 18 of the Quran, which is entitled ‘The Cave’.
    Prophet Muhammad, may the mercy and blessings of God be upon him, said, “There is no day more virtuous than Friday. In it there is an hour in which no one will pray to God except that God will hear his prayer”.”Friday consists of twelve hours, one of which is the hour where supplications are granted for believers. This hour is sought during the last hour after Asr (the third prayer in the day).”Whoever recites ‘The Cave’ on Friday, God will give him a light to the next Friday.””The best day on which the sun rises is Friday. It is the day Adam was created. It is the day when Adam entered the Heavenly Gardens, the day when he was expelled from it and also the day he died. Friday is the day on which the Day of Resurrection will take place.”

    Friday is also the day on which one of the greatest verses in the Quran was revealed.“This day, I have perfected your religion for you, completed My Favor upon you, and have chosen Islam as your religion.” (Quran 5:3)Friday is a special day; the congregational prayer performed on this day holds special significance in the life of a Muslim. This is well noted and discussed by Islamic scholars both past and present. Thirteenth century Islamic scholar Ibn Taymiyyah said: “The most excellent day of the week is Friday according to the consensus of scholars.”Believers would be wise to take advantage of the blessings God sends down to His slaves on Friday. This is a day of congregation, a day of celebration and a day of contemplation and supplication.

    Please pray for the success of the “Great Jamahiriya Green Resistance” and especially for its messenger and Supreme Commander, Muammar al-Qathafi….

Haaaaaam very,,,,,,, Afiko Dear Libyans

When a conference decision of Misurata invaded Bani Walid and torturing its people we thought it was an inadvertent error of the rulers of Libya new, but when you send troops from Sabratha, headed by terrorist claims Omar Mukhtar in order to winkle the people of the department in Al Ojailat, and when we send troops from janzour the corner and Rishvana for the purpose of harassment them and burn their homes, and when we commissioned the children of Solomon abusing Baltbo and Akaddadfh and Almgarha,,, only then, we were sure that there is a conspiracy against the Arab tribes contiguous and Aigad dredge and old differences between these tribes even Andthero in wars and devoid arena Libyan customers and their masters.

Not everything is accurate here in this you-tube video, but at least we can see that the West is getting a sniff of the aroma..



Rats afraid of Muammar al-Qathafi

Confrontation .. Sharif is option

Every day our children are abducted or killed .. NATO and the boys they may add Tafran
This weakens the resistance without justification and without result
I Ooglua in hatred .. Hchakm rotten hearts .. They found in Scottkm
Gain in front of the rest of the people who have ordered.
No solution except confrontation?? Formed small groups
And kidnapped Raashm and honorable Qaydoha Balahrar.

There is no state
Make this your motto in front of them so as not to take over the state.
Incited civil disobedience and Begin from your families? Took advantage of the crisis

of electricity, fuel and money.
War psychological warfare.

We have to fulfill our duty and Abdullah Oolkm
They hours a brilliant victory from God days, and may enter the country

in chaos catastrophe extension or not.
Prepare yourselves equipped with all you need is
Akhlqgua them Ersdtkm crises Withdraw from banks
And queues formed at petrol stations.

Put your trust in God that God loves those who trust and soon Libya victorious God.

At the hands of the mujahideen PDF tribes noble resolve the matter forward not back.

# (Libyan national)

De l’album : Photos du journal
De ‎سبها الأن | Sebha Now‎
المواجهة .. هي الخيار الشريفكل يوم يقتل أو يختطف أبنائنا .. وصبيان الناتو يزدادوا تفرعن
وهذا يضعف المقاومة بدون مبرر وبدون نتيجة
لقد أوغلوا في الحقد .. قلوب عفنه حشاكم .. ووجدوا في سكوتكم
مكسب أمام بقية الشعب المغلوب على أمره .
لا حل إلا المواجهة ؟؟ شكلوا مجموعات صغيرة
واختطفوا رؤؤسهم وقايضوها بالأحرار الشرفاء
لا وجود لدولة
اجعلوا هذا شعاركم أمامهم لكي لا يسيطروا على أركان الدولة .
حرضوا على العصيان المدني وابدؤوا من عائلاتكم ؟ استغلوا أزمة الكهرباء والوقود والنقود .
الحرب حرب نفسية
علينا القيام بالواجب والعبدالله أولكم
أنها ساعات النصر المؤزر من عند الله أيام ويدخلوا البلاد في فوضى عارمة بنكبة التمديد من عدمه
استعدوا جهزوا أنفسكم بكل ما تحتاجونه
اخلقوا لهم الأزمات اسحبوا أرصدتكم من المصارف
وشكلوا طوابير على محطات الوقود
توكلوا على الله أن الله يحب المتوكلين وقريبا ليبيا المنتصرة بالله . على ايدى المجاهدين قوات الدفاع الشعبي والقبائل الشريفة حسم الأمر إلى الأمام لا رجوع .#ليبى وطنى
عز الأرض – الحرس الثوري
 Mu stick gesture



Goldman Sachs laughs on Libya losing deals worth billion dollars:

 Libya Sues Goldman Over Massive 0.73€ Billion Trading Loss

libya protester burning flag

Libya’s sovereign wealth fund is suing banking giant Goldman Sachs for“deliberately exploiting” its position to make 255.72€ million profit on0.73€ billion worth of failed derivative trades, London’s High Court announced Thursday.

The Libyan Investment Authority (LIA), which was set up in 2006 to handle the country’s oil revenues, accuses the investment bank of gaining the “trust and confidence” of its inexperienced managers, before advising them to enter into “inadequately documented” derivative trades intocompanies including Citigroup, EdF, Santander and ENI.

The nine deals, totalling 0.73€ billion, were entered into in early 2008 but turned sour during the financial crisis, according to details made available by the High Court on Thursday.

The trades “lost substantially all of their value” during the crisis and expired worthless in 2011, the fund alleges.

Despite the losses, the fund claims that the bank still walked away with profits of 255.72€ million (255.7€ million, 257 million euros).

A spokeswoman for the bank called the claims “without merit” and said they would “defend them vigorously.”

The fund claims that senior bankers — including Driss Ben-Brahim and Youssef Kabbaj — tried to influence LIA staff with small gifts and a trip to Monaco.

Kabbaj, chief of Goldman’s Libyan operations, and Ben-Brahim, the bank’s head of trading for emerging markets, “reassured the LIA they were one of Goldman’s key strategic clients,” according to the fund’s suit, which was filed last week.

“Goldman unconscionably took advantage of the LIA’s weakness… and encouraged the LIA to enter into the disputed trades… in order that Goldman might earn… substantial profit margins,” it continued.

Managers of the 43.84€ billion fund were apparently confused about what they were investing in due to their “extremely limited in-house financial expertise”, and were exploited by “Goldman’s considerable financial experience,” added the submission.

Copyright (2014) AFP. All rights reserved.

  1. atastrophe ..
    Jay, my goodness Libyans.
    This is the truth…sarificing young boys, drinking wine made from Cadavers, rapes, killings, beheadings,organ fests (ripping the heart out & eating it), torture and purposely diffused chaos, sex cults, drugs…
    all this t is the workings of SATAN.
    انتشار عبدة الشيطان في ليبيا عقب نكبة فبراير ..
    الخير جاي يا ليبيين .


Assigning inventory ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood Ali hardness whose actual name is Sheikh Mohammed Salaabi  (picture above),

to the Embassy in Bangladesh (his order is posted below).

Inventory Drunkard Mokhtar Alheihi Sharaydi Slimani one of the leaders of rats who did not Ttalhm justice yet,
but look to us the next day.
# Saahnasr




Aaúlmmimitttbaktha Nath, and Amrlshelm «j
Armahmilim Hrlrlhaha Q Z
Arshma – leisurely and then
announce Hrvh Zleat rebels do not displeasure Yafi what a waste of For Shannon has Yeh groups,
an Egyptian Zintan airport Tripoli and hijacked all are Althanian 
not my wit b Hassan password promising rebel city of Dora Vice Rnths Ottaghna operations rebels Liliaj o cu b Ahadalran Faja one rebel Hsmag Fridayevening blame security corresponding to T then what did you «is Mguetshv EllyAt a time when the descendants of the Alzktan each of the council and local council diabetes is imminent
Gahanlha leaders Thoarha Alakhan what Whoa Atardhar his secondary of R doubt forms the Secretariat
or defamation Vsmenkoqon Shohin for igniting Lamar Alguenqh 0and Aanhaddam this approach Khater and suspicion towards the citizens of justice based on the kidnapping and vibration
does not transfer Hmayorgh tha (Ignored Alozkan and Tanya kill Ke opportunity to stop the bloodshed and the lack Atjaq Alhlad in
the chaos that Islam will pay the price the two parties, both Sunand his family on what Mukul martyrPerhaps Christ Lage
zu NL 0.0
Al and yes its a
Tte age uncle
p diamonds, Haq «Q« Salamq «« «,
n Ahhahih extent. (huckster – a Tinh

بنت السبعة طبول

Frequency channel the same frequency as the first green Hua 10815 -27500 – H.Our Channel Afaraho today returned.Frequency channel green
10815_27500_H …. (name of AKH TV)
  •  Channel interference from the new green:
    cars exist in the area Alfornaj intelligence specifically in the camp next to housing students
    are cars that run on jamming on the green channel which is found in the hangar (truss) and they monitor cameras ….
    Please dispose of it as required by # Tripoli # Libya


Shen story Kklh militias who are sitting in the village janzour???

(Libby and Rishvana)

 A chief of staff in the Libyan ‘army’ has been killed in clashes with gangs south of Tripoli, Libyan security sources said. Traitor Karah Mohammed died Sunday of a gunshot wound to the head, after taking part in an offensive against the terrorist gangs who had been stealing cars and blocking roads in the Rishfana area on the outskirts of the capital.

* Today it was announced that the Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Sadiq Abdulkarim Abdulrahman survived the attempt on his life in Tripoli. “Gunmen attacked and his car was riddled with bullets,” – said Deputy Interior Minister Sayed Al-Bahloul. Attack occurred when the minister left the building complex Dawa Islamiya Al-Falah district in Tripoli, near the main road to the airport. According to the security service in Tripoli, he only survived because his car was armored.

*Bands of armed mercenary “security” have entered Abu Salim and are abducting  all young people and their parents, humiliated in the presence of women and children, these NATO criminals do not respect the sanctity of the home. All hostages are taken to a concentration camp. The families of Abu Salim, are angry and full of pain wondering why we had our people and our brothers, the sons of Abu Salim abducted. Their only crime of their fathers, mothers and children is staying true to the leader Muammar Gaddafi and opposition to colonialism and destruction committed by NATO against Libya.

*This shameful act shows their fear the puppets of NATO to the new popular army libration is parallel to the Libyan Jamahiriya.

* Armed militias in Tripoli had hijacked Libyan Justice Minister Salah al-Mirghani.



Declaration of malfunction:
We note the attention of our subscribers on the Internet service stops (Libya ADSL, and Abouapamax), in each of the following cities:
(Gharyan – Ghadames – Ifrane – Gado – Alrajaban – Rahibat – Zintan).
Because there is a break in the fiber-optic cable, and all the efforts being made by the phone company to repair Libya holidays and return service as soon as possible.


I swear to God the sweetest need her lip on the morning of the Kaaba solidarity with the people and Rishvana.

(Girl seven drums)

Abu Shaaban Obaida Libyan head room Jardan Libya meet Ali and Rishvana 30 JAN 2014

The client Abu Shaaban arrows with inventory gift known in the media as “Abu Obaida Libyan”

head room Jardan Libya meet Ali and Rishvana.

The people say NO…to the extension of the ALLAOTUNAI CONFERENCE and also NO to the GNC:

Abuamad family statement regarding the recent events.

(Libby and Rishvana)

A copy of the report of the coroner’s Abdullah Jaidi which we have previously developed a publication about

the abduction and killing him with Recep Bakkar and Hafez Khalil mercy of God.
Where he was abducted from the coastal road past few days by gangs combing and tortured and liquidated shot in the mouth in the prisons Mitigua. And the coroner’s sentiments on the state of the late Abdullah Jaidi:



Almost complete interruption of river water for the entire industrial city of Sirte —

Again, because of the destruction of the electrial power plant suffered in the Agricultural Fields of the GMMR at Ajdabiya,

two days ago, meant the pumps stopped working.



Urgent :::

Interruption of water from the Great Man-made River each of the cities (Sirte – Brega – Ajdabiya – Benghazi)

This result of the destruction of electrical-power plant at the AGRICULTURAL FIELDS of AJDABIYA 2 days ago—

The pump stopped and now no water.


1200 bed hospital in Benghazi receives a number of unidentified dead
God bless over (and)

Kharijite-Salafists demanding the withdrawal of commandos from Benghazi to meet

with the release of a son and Nice Bouchmadh commander of these forces.

The great Rishvana / Great WRishvana inform us:

Bouchmadeh days and his son in front of Kano Kano supporters fry Aicolo Crown

ordered and committed home and just Mdayrin spirit planners by 69 … Hypocrisy feature most Libyans!!!

ايام بوخماده و ولده كانو في جبهة انصار الزريعة كانو ايقولو ولي امر و الزم بيتك و توه مدايرين روحهم مخططين من قبل 69 … النفاق سمة اغلب الليبين !!!

(ليبي ورشفاني / Libby and RISHVANA)

Inventory Colonel Nice Bouchmadh “denies health news circulating about the death of his son and his body

was found thrown upon his front lawn….BUT  HE WAS KIDNAPPED AGAIN!

on Thursday afternoon, the son of ‘Ali Bouchmadh “was kidnapped, the father said to the troops to search for him. Witnesses say of this traitor’s son that he was captured as he left the University of Benghazi by people traveling in two white Toyota cars that fled to an unknown destination.

* Now there is fighting in Al Sabri, cars on fire, the smoke rising over the city of Benghazi.

* Fighting among army troops and bandits of Al Qaeda at the main entrance to the University of Benghazi Gariyunis, we report the shot down an unmanned drone helicopter.

* News about the presence of al Qaeda’s Ayman al-Zawahiri in the field Battalion February 17 in Benghazi that is being bombarded by helicopters misnamed Libyan army.

 Puppet government condemns the kidnapping, “the inventory and Nice Bouchmadh”
son of the commander of the forces in Benghazi stun Libyan client calls to speed his release.

Son of Libya army commander kidnapped

2014-01-30 19:04

Libyans look at the building of the al-Baraka police station that was destroyed in a second attack targeting the building in the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi. (Abdullah Doma, AFP)
Libyans look at the building of the al-Baraka police station that was destroyed in a second attack targeting thebuilding in the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi. (Abdullah Doma, AFP)

Tripoli – A Libyan security official says masked gunmen have kidnapped the son of a top commander of the special forces

in the eastern city of Benghazi.

The official says that the son of Colonel Wanis Abu Khamada, head of the military’s commandos,

was abducted near Benghazi University on Thursday as he was entering a restaurant with his colleagues.

He did not provide additional details and spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to talk to the press.

News Now – Akhbar Al Aan:
# The assassination of the son of a colonel in the Libyan forces and wounding his friend opened fire on them.

Abd al-Fattah injury Barasi in the head from firing a bullet arriving now for the center and was in critical condition

and one police Hua was born in 1953 # Benghazi # Libya.

The guidance of his car:


To correct the news

Najat inventory “Yousef Hamad Sha’ala” Bus Driver of special police
Military Jerdanih of an assassination attempt shortly before the city of Benghazi and

subjected to shooting left by unknown assailants traveling in a car Kia
White area of the city of Benghazi Sabri “inventory” Yousef Hamad Sha’ala “stable condition

and receiving treatment at a hospital in the city as a” Sha’ala “50 years old # Benghazi # Libya

The news has been corrected by the director of our Libyan army mail and sorry for spreading the word mistake.

Inventory Abubakar Mahmoud Jazawi a member “Thunderbolt”  injured yesterday in night raids

and is now in intensive care.

The attempted assassination of  Abdul Karim Awad Tagouris “Forces soldier Thunderbolt by sea and was transferred

to Benghazi hospital after being shot several times ..


Assassination: Khalifa Saad Ferjani was assassinated area Salam neighborhood shot in the head:





Tazerbo for the ninth day without electricity




Youth Torah Conqueror
Ezz El Arab Media
In the name of God the Merciful
To all the people of the Libyan-Sharif, said operating rooms Libyan resistance in the south of the Libyan Tbashrkm victory nearby Baden God has been concentrated in New Listings and the tactic of resistance and strategy in which it operates resistance in the south, according to the bases of the leadership of the resistance put steps and confirm that what is happening in the south, and all that has happened and is happening is a plan of resistance in direct combat and not directly Libyan resistance controlled this topic moments over large areas have been ambushing a court in the city of Sabha and Resistance found in Sabha and ordered the withdrawalwas not only taste to bring extremist groups and the laggards and
adolescents from armed militias to Almcyprgah and heartburnand God is greatest over Kidd aggressors.
(Media Committee of the battalion men) the current situation on Thursday,  29 JANUARY 2014
شباب تورة الفاتح
الإعلامي عز العرببسم الله الرحمن الرحيمالى عموم الشعب الليبي الشريف ان غرف العمليات المقاومة الليبيه في الجنوب الليبي تبشركم بنصر قريب بادن الله تم التمركز في المواقع الجديده وتكتيك المقاومه والاستراتيجيه التي تعمل بها المقاومه في الجنوب ووفق الاسس التي قامت قيادة المقاومه بوضع خطواتها ونؤكد ان ما يجري في الجنوب وكل ما حدث ويحدث هو من خطة المقاومه في القتال المباشر والا مباشر المقاومه الليبيه تسيطر هده اللحظات على مساحات كبيره وقد تم نصب كمائن محكمه في مدينة سبها والمقاومه موجوده في سبها وامر الانسحاب لم يكن الا طعم لجلب التكفيريين والقاعدين والمراهقين من المليشيات المسلحه الى المقبرقه والحرقه والله اكبر فوق كيد المعتدين اللجنه الاعلاميه لكتيبة رجال الظرف الحالي اليوم الخميس 29-1-2014

Ali Chendeb Handb writes:

NATO and the militias who entered Tmanhunt and others are invaders who came from outside, not the sons of Sabha.

There is no doubt that the resistance is considering and evaluate exactly what happened and prepare itself for the

second step is in the area of Libya.”

ENZOG writes:

Large Libyan resistance patriots fighting radical Islamists illegally occupying their country, are having great victories against evil. Today a convoy of over 100 vehicles (reinforced) of these criminals was ambushed and destroyed about 70 km from Sabha. The popular resistance is strong and their voice is strong for all Libyan patriots.

*Sabha and the tribes of the southern half of Libya announced the emergence of a

parallel army provisional the Jamahiriya People’s Resistance.

The Sabha Mosque:

The Sabha Mosque

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa kidnapping Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaajl
After the Asr prayer kidnapped citizen Abdul Salam departure Alkhatri
Where an armed group kidnapped from outside his home Bashobeiat Mansheya near the Mosque of Ibn Taymiyyah.
The armed group has kidnapping under the guise of revolutionaries.
The group surrounded the place with 3 cars armed and shooting random Baldochka.
After reviewing the operations room south told us that they did not issue an arrest warrant against the citizen
and then release it after the pressure on the armed group.
(Free special newspaper Sabha)
Almsarit heard they Talbo flus about 15 million bash Joe Sabha, the operation is a puppet slaves flus clear.
Black Assassin's Sulieman

The strength and reasons for al-Qaeda in SOUTH LIBYA from

Urgent for publication and dissemination to a wider range of
Awlad Suleiman tribe became a militia belonging to the base by Ghaith Abdul-Majid Seif al-Nasr, intruders Alihawalven to Aantamon forth in the original.

I contact one Nadmon tribe Awlad Suleiman, named ((h, p, m)) and the address of his residence city of Sebha, on one of our calculations Elvis bouquet on the private, and asked to determine a phone number to a person trusted.

and He asked security for himself and his family, and on condition of anonymity for fear on his life and the lives of his family members and his family, were sent to him the phone number of one of the loyal and keen too,

and he refuses and refused and said this person Aaarafh how me confident him and asked to determine a person he knew and we know Nhanoa, we asked him to show some of the names that are trusted by was to identify some of the people who know them and should fear them and among them were people we trust him very well,

and Amrnah connect to it was done after that tell us that the person that was contacted them and set a meeting place for them in the city of Hun Paljfrh, and Altkiee there and was in possession of the Holy Quran of the Quran, and the department was that unfortunate reminded him of the fact and the reality and unambiguous, and asked the person who met him the section on the Quran that were with him in order to anonymity and lack of news about it,

and to be named to the public in order to preserve his life and the lives of his family, has swear our friend on the Holy Quran in front of him that his name will not come out to one like did not come to him, and vowed on it,

The start of the narrative Mabjabth said:
Have been several meetings between al-Qaeda Who’s in the south of Libya;

and the promised leaders of the militias Awlad Suleiman, (was the first meeting between them in the month of 2/2013 any in the last year) and that was in coordination between the so-called Abdul Majeed Ghaith Seif El-Nasr and Al-Qaeda group in Tripoli and asked it set the names of the tip of the Awlad Suleiman in the city of Sabha, in order to assign groups of al-Qaida Who are there to connect them with some consultation and coordination between them,

and he called Majid Seif al-Nasr, commissioned by his supporters in the city of Sabha illusion.

Bhrralden Sharaydi and Ahmid to Ataybe and Ben Black, and Kamal Ajayb and Mukhtar Alheihi, and approved them by al-Qaeda groups in Tripoli, and has been issuing their orders to their communities in the city of Sabha, and tell them to meet and sit down with them, and consultation and Alenzik them and send a report of what happened to them, where The meeting between them and consulted on the promised things of their own,

and belong to their goals and their militias from both sides, and since that meeting became the meetings going on and is a capacitor degrees become almost weekly, according to what was going on in the southern region,

and increased confidence among them, and has been approved to include them and set militias Awlad Suleiman force of the rule sets in the south Libyan militia leaders have been speaking on condition Awlad Suleiman certain conditions and requirements and have been approved by the leaders of Al-Qaeda in the south, a Libyan

@ @ @ @. Terms leaders Awlad Suleiman

First,,, not to disclose their relationship with al-Qaeda and this is no secret, including among the leaders of all the parties, and not Nscherzlk any reason whatsoever, even individuals who are affiliated with militias Awlad Suleiman did not know this until Aakhosroa for their loyalty to them

Secondly,,,,, not to contact them publicly, and have it set the people of the two sides and on a very small scale to do the communication of them and them.

Thirdly,,,,, support in the corridors of government and ministries at the level of governance in the existing system in Libya is done in coordination with the so-called Majid Seif al-Nasr nor other.

Fourthly,,,,, Mozrthm and support including require to achieve their goals.

Fifthly,,,,,, financial and military support to take control of all cities in the South and help them subdue the population of the south for them, and helping them to LMO south.

@ @ @ @. Terms of the leaders of al-Qaeda:

First,,,,, the approval of the state system, which will be announced and the anthem and the flag and systematize.

Secondly,,,,,, Maysnd them do all of the tasks and support in Libya and abroad.

Thirdly,,,,,, recruitment in favor of al-Qaeda and the implementation of their orders.

Fourthly,,,,,, do investigations and intelligence for the benefit of the base and provide them with the information.

Fifthly,,,, do link with al-Qaeda groups in neighboring countries and support them.

Sixth…not to object to any of the principles of starter orientations.

Seventh,,,,, not unilateral decisions without reference to them.

Eighth,,,,, demonstrations in front of all the Libyans that they are affiliated to the Libyan National Army, and bore all the slogans of the national army.
And surrounded them with their news, including the tasks assigned to them by the Ministry of Defense and Interior and the security services,

ninth,,,, lack of exposure to individuals belonging to them and not to object to the functions of Aklfonh of their communities,

Tenth,,,, facilitate and support Mjoathm to do the assigned.

It was agreed that all the false mentioned between the parties.

When we asked him, Are individuals belonging to the militia Awlad Suleiman aware of this agreement ? , he said, not all. It is in the strictest confidence between the leaders only.

Was asked, Are tribe Awlad Suleiman has aware of this at the level of the tribe ?, he said, do not do not Diaalm so never though they knew would have them received strong reactions against them will agree to join their children to the base

and they or sentences even what they are doing now and protesting it; and Aessandounam on Maevalon, but unfortunately, When the battle between Tabu and militias Awlad Suleiman, gathered the tribe to protect their blood and motivated by the blood they know and-confessed that the militias Sea religion and those with him, were the tribe in a tribal war and isolation from the tribes of the south and became demanding of all tribes

and became in trouble for Aihamd Akbaha to a very large extent, and most of the tribe elders are at a loss is the tribe and the results of its affairs by Ghaith Abdul Majeed and his wishes and judgment of this gang and drag them to the consequences Malaihamd became Tribe undesirable among the tribes in the south and even at the level of the whole of Libya.

When asked about who are the tribes who regard them as enemies or targets them?,
He said, Alqmazfah and Almgarhh and Toubou and Tuareg and Hasouna and epiphyseal and others from other tribes, and said even the rest of the other tribes of Aelovesazna in Gardah and new and Awlad Abu Seif and Alshech all tribes who initially supported them, have become do not wish them after they revealed their plans in order to rule the south and control.

Having been asked about their supporters from other tribes, there are known, they with them many of the non-Awlad Suleiman, responded by saying no no not with groups representing the tribes, but with them have been implicated with members of other tribes and do not represent their tribes, but has been become involved in some of the issues such as murder and Almkhdhirat, kidnapping, torture and assassination.

HTC symptoms some women and buying money was used against them and threatened Bhaany no slots for them and now they are in trouble and some of them fled out of the country and leave them, and the rest could not it continued with them, and even named Abdul Majeed Ghaith left them this burden became communicate with them phone from afar, and issued orders to them, but they got stuck.

They can not refrain from force and even Aisttiawa discussion.

Finally, this has become a poor man, babbling including his mind and repeating, I’ve lost everything because of these, we lost each other and we lost our children and the lost tribes and Gerannawasarna and our friends by Abdul Majeed Ghaith Saif Nasromlishyate, in order to rule the south,

and we are now wanted by many tribes, and became sheikhs tribe in big trouble. There is no longer a place Aaana or even accepts us.
He became many families of our tribe which are determined to leave,

But Aidron, where will leave to ?,

and some of them think to leave their families to Egypt to the Diaspora, such as time.

Many of us know that the situation in Libya will settle down someday, but this was the day away or close to it coming Hmalamehalh.

and I assure you that this Acharadm that made the tribe in this predicament Kanwaahelmon by virtue of the south, but will not govern, by their actions this, and even though the referee elections will not find from elected and supported by tribes.

He became the man repeats, saying, God and the God we families.

Statistics of this tribe we are now in real trouble and are lost, and either of these deviants collected money haraam and theft and they have a lot of money has been Herboha outside the country, and are watching the situation in the country, has been advised by day Angdam inside the country

and hear They fled, and lived out of the country and we remain faced with in Mazraoh of the tribe, this has become a citizen asks himself and Atsal, where will we leave where even Chad and Niger,

we can not go at them because of what happened between us and the Toubou and Tuareg.

They now lie and say that the battle between the Chadian and Libyan army; but in the fact, that the battle between us tribe Awlad Suleiman and between Tabu Libyans… and this fact could not one undeniable.

So that was the blackout now, forgery, now that that between the army and the Chadians, but all the people in the south and even the Awlad Suleiman know the whole truth: it between Altbuallepien and Awlad Suleiman,

and in order to change my revenge and so, all known what happened in Gardah and stones and all of Sebha in the south all we all know who did it,,,

The last words of this man:
First tribe reasonable Suleiman after he has an honorable history in all of Libya, has become a militia from al-Qaida and the militias led by Ayman became Aldoahri and his approach and methodology of Osama bin Laden.

He concluded saying this supplication
O Lord, O Lord, O Lord,,,,,,,,,,,,, deliver us and discharged us and Asturna and protect us, O Lord of the Worlds


Patches Albaad writes:
Lied and only the right one fact that Awlad Suleiman, the people who do not Zalo Ali Testament and there were Jardan, for example, when we say Alqmazvh Znabil Iron Is Barrani forms

and Ahmed Gadaffi blood Kmalk of course does not say that all the Kabyle Libya without exception where Jardan and customers and the national honest.


عاجل للنشر والتعميم على اوسع نطاق
قبيلة اولاد سليمان اصبحت مليشيا تابعة للقاعدة بفعل عبد المجيد غيث سيف النصر والدخلاء عليهاوالذين لاينتمون اليها في الاصل
لقد اتصل احد النادمون من قبيلة اولاد سليمان ، واسمه (( ح ، ع ، م )) وعنوان سكنه مدينة سبها ، على احد حساباتنا الفيس بوكية على الخاص ، وطلب تحديد رقم هاتف لاحد الاشخاص الموثوق به ، وطلب الامان لنفسه ولاهله ، وعدم نشر اسمه خوفاً على حياته وحياة افراد اسرته واهله ، وتم ارسال له رقم هاتف احد الاوفياء والحريصين جداً ، فامتنع ورفض وقال هذا الشخص لااعرفه فكيف لي ان اثق به وطلب تحديد شخص يعرفه هو ونعرفه نحنوا ، فطلبنا منه عرض بعض الاسماء التى يثق بها وتم تحديد بعض الاشخاص الذين يعرفهم ويتق بهم وكان من بينهم شخص نحن نثق به جيداً ، وامرناه بالاتصال به وتم ذلك بعد ان اخبرنا هذا الشخص بذلك وتم الاتصال بينهم وحددوا مكان للقاء بينهم في مدينة هون بالجفرة ، والتقياء هناك وكان بحوزته مصحف للقرأن الكريم ، وقام بالقسم عليه بأن ماسوف يذكره حقيقة وواقع ولا لبس فيه ، وطلب من الشخص الذي التقى به القسم على القرأن الكريم الذي معه بغية عدم ذكر اسمه وعدم الاخبار عنه ونشر اسمه للعامة حفاظاً على حياته وحياة اهله ، وقد اقسم صاحبنا على المصحف امامه بأن اسمه لن يخرج الى احد وكأنه لم يأتي اليه ، وتعاهدا على ذلك ،
وبدء في سرد مابجعبته وقال :
لقد تمت عدة اجتماعات بين جماعة القاعدة المتواجدون في منطقة الجنوب الليبي ، وبين عدت قيادات لمليشيات اولاد سليمان ، وكان اول اجتماع بينهم في شهر 2/ 2013 اي في العام الماضي ، وكان ذلك بالتنسيق بين المدعو عبد المجيد غيث سيف النصر ، وجماعة القاعدة في طرابلس وطلبوا منه تعيين اسماء من طرفه من اولاد سليمان في مدينة سبها ، وذلك لتكليف جماعات القاعدة المتواجدون هناك لربطهم ببعض والتشاور والتنسيق بينهم ، وقام المدعو عبدالمجيد سيف النصر ،بتكليف المؤيدين له في مدينة سبها وهم
بحرالدين الشريدي و احميد لعطايبي و بن الاسود ، وكمال عجايب ومختار الهيشي ، وتمت الموافقة عليهم من قبل جماعات القاعدة في طرابلس ، وتمت اصدار اوامرهم الى جماعاتهم الموجودة في مدينة سبها ، وابلاغهم بالاجتماع والجلوس مع هؤلاء ، والتشاور والنتسيق بينهم وارسال تقرير لما حدث بينهم ، وتم اللقاء بينهم وتشاوروا على عدت امور تخصهم ، وتخص اهدافهم ومليشياتهم من الطرفين ، ومنذ ذلك الاجتماع اصبحت اجتماعاتهم مستمرة ويشكل مكثف لدرجة اصبحت شبه اسبوعية وحسب مايدور في المنطقة الجنوبية ، وزادت الثقة بينهم ، وتمت الموافقة على ضمهم وتعيين مليشيات اولاد سليمان قوة تابعة لمجموعات القاعدة في الجنوب الليبي ، وقد اشترطوا قادة مليشيات اولاد سليمان بعض الشروط والمتطلبات وتمت الموافقة عليها من قبل قادة القاعدة في الجنوب الليبي وهي

@@@@. شروط قادة اولاد سليمان

اولاً ،،، عدم الافصاح عن علاقتهم بالقاعدة وهذا يكون سري بينهم اي بين القادة فقط من الطرفين ، وعدم نشرذلك باي سبب كان ، وحتى الافراد الذين تابعين لمليشيات اولاد سليمان لايعلمون بذلك حتى لايخسروا ولائهم لهم
ثانياً ،،،،، عدم الاتصال بهم علنياً ، ويكون ذلك بتعيين اشخاص من الطرفين وعلى نطاق ضيق جداً للقيام بهذه الاتصالات منهم واليهم
ثالثاً ،،،،، دعمهم في اروقة الحكم والوزارات على مستوى الحكم في النظام القائم في ليبيا ويتم ذلك بالتنسيق مع المدعو عبدالمجيد سيف النصر ولا غيره
رابعاً ،،،،، مأزرتهم ودعمهم بما يتطلب لتحقيق اهدافهم
خامساً ،،،،،، دعمهم المادي والعسكري للسيطرة على كافة مدن الجنوب ومساعدتهم في اخضاع سكان الجنوب لهم ، ومعاونتهم لكحم الجنوب

@@@@. شروط قادة القاعدة
اولاً،،،،، الموافقة على نظام الدولة الذي سوف يعلن عنه ونشيده ورايته ومنهجه
ثانياً ،،،،،، القيام بكل مايسند اليهم من مهام ودعمه في ليبيا وخارجها
ثالثاً،،،،،، التجنيد لصالح القاعدة وتنفيذ اوامرهم
رابعاً ،،،،،، القيام بالتحريات والاستخبارات لصالح القاعدة ومدهم بالمعلومات
خامساً،،،، القيام بالربط مع مجموعات القاعدة في الدول المجاورة ودعمهم لهم
سادساً،،،،،، عدم الاعتراض على اي مبدئ من مبادئ توجهاتهم
سابعاً ،،،،، عدم الانفراد بالقرارات دون الرجوع اليهم
ثامناً ،،،،، التظاهر امام كل الليبيين بأنهم تابعين الى الجيش الوطني الليبي ، وحمل كل شعارات الجيش الوطني
مع اخبارهم واحاطتهم بما يسند لهم من مهام من وزارة الدفاع والداخلية والاجهزة الامنية ،
تاسعاً ،،،، عدم التعرض للافراد التابعين لهم وعدم الاعتراض على مهام من يكلفونه من جماعاتهم ،
عاشراً ،،،، تسهيل ودعم مجوعاتهم للقيام بما يكلفون
،،،،،،،،،،،،،،،،،،،،،،،،،،،،،،،،،،،،،،،،،،،،،،،،،،،،،،،،،،، وتم الاتفاق على كل ماورد ذكره بين الطرفين
وعند سؤالنا له ، هل الافراد التابعين لمليشيات اولاد سليمان لديهم علم بهذا الاتفاق ، قال ، لا وكل ذلك بسرية تامة بين القادة فقط
وتم سؤاله ، هل قبيلة اولاد سليمان لديها علم بذلك على مستوى القبيلة ، قال لا ليست لديهاعلم بذلك ابداً وان عرفوا سوف يكون لهم ردت فعل قوية ضدهم ولن يوافقون على انضمام ابنائهم الى القاعدة وهم لايعترفون حتى بما يفعلونه الان ومعترضين عليه ولايساندونهم على مايفعلون ، ولكن للاسف عندما قامت المعركة بين التبو ومليشيات اولاد سليمان ، تجمعت القبيلة على حماية دمهم وبدافع الدم وهم يعرفون ومعترفون بأن مليشيات بحر الدين ومن معه ، جرت القبيلة في حرب قبلية وعزلتهم عن قبائل الجنوب واصبحوا مطالبين من كل القبائل واصبحوا في ورطة لايحمد عقباها على مدى بعيد جداً، وان اغلب اعيان القبيلة اصبحوا في حيرة من امر القبيلة وما ألت اليه امورها بفعل عبدالمجيد غيث ورغباته بالحكم وهذه العصابة وجرهم الى مالايحمد عقباه واصبحت القبيلة غير مرغوب فيها بين القبائل الموجودة في الجنوب وحتى على مستوى ليبيا كلها
وعند سؤاله عن من هي القبائل الذين يعتبرونهم اعداء او اهداف لهم ،
قال ، القذاذفة والمقارحة والتبو والطوارق والحساونة والمشاشية وغيرهم من القبائل الاخرى، وقال حتى باقي القبائل الاخرى من الفزازنة في القرضة والجديد واولاد ابوسيف والسهكة وكل القبائل الذين في البداية ساندوهم ، اصبحوا لايرغبون فيهم بعد ان انكشفت مخططاتهم بغرض حكم الجنوب والسيطرة عليه ،
وبعد ان تم سؤاله عن من يساندهم من القبائل الاخرى هناك ومن المعروف انهم معهم الكثيرين من غير اولاد سليمان ، رد قائلاً لا لا ليست معهم مجموعات يمثلون قبائلهم ، وانما معهم من تم توريطه معهم من افراد من القبائل الاخرى ولايمثلون قبائلهم وانما تم توريطهم في بعض القضايا مثل القتل والمخذرات والخطف والتعذيب والاغتيال وهتك اعراض بعض النساء وشرائهم بالمال وتم استخدامها ضدهم وتهديدهم بهاحتى لا ينشقوا عنهم وهم الان في ورطة ومنهم من هرب خارج البلاد وتركهم ، والباقي لم يستطع ذلك واستمر معهم ، وحتى المدعو عبد المجيد غيث ترك لهم هذا العبئ واصبح يتواصل معهم بالهاتف من بعيد ، ويصدر لهم الاوامر ، وهم متورطون ولايستطيعون الامتناع عن التنفيذ ولايستطيعوا حتى المناقشة ،
واخيراً اصبح هذا الرجل المسكين ، يهذي بما في خاطره ويردد ، لقد خسرنا كل شئ بفعل هؤلاء ، خسرنا بعضنا وخسرنا اولادنا وخسرنا القبائل وجيرانناواصهارنا واصدقائنا بفعل عبد المجيد غيث سيف النصرومليشياته بهدف حكم الجنوب ، واصبحنا مطلوبين من العديد من القبائل ، واصبحوا مشائخ القبيلة في ورطة كبيرة ، لم يعد هناك مكان يؤينا او حتى يقبلنا ، اصبح العديد من العائلات من قبيلتنا عازمون على الرحيل ولكن لايدرون الى اين سوف يرحلون ، وبعضهم يفكر في الرحيل بعائلاتهم الى مصر الى المهجر مثل زمان ،
العديد منا يعرف بأن الوضع في ليبيا سوف يستقر يوماً ما ، سوى كان هذا اليوم بعيداً او قريب انه قادم هذالامحالة ، وانا اؤكد لكم ان هذه الشرادم التى جعلت القبيلة في هذا المأزق كانوايحلمون بحكم الجنوب ، ولكن لن يحكموا ، بافعالهم هذه ، وحتى وان كان الحكم بالانتخابات لن يجدوا من ينتخبهم ويساندهم من القبائل ،
واصبح هذا الرجل يردد قائلاً ، والله والله نحن العائلات البسيطة من هذه القبيلة اصبحنا في ورطة حقيقية وتائهون ، واما هؤلاء المنحرفين جمعوا اموالاً بالحرام و بالسرقة ولديهم اموالاً كثيرة وقد هربوها خارج البلاد ،، ويراقبون في الاوضاع في البلاد ، وقد نصحا يوماً ولانجدهم داخل البلاد ونسمع انهم هربوا ، وعاشوا خارج البلاد ونحن نبقى نواجه في مازرعوه للقبيلة ، اصبح هذا المواطن يسأل في نفسه ويتسأل ، الى اين سوف نرحل الى اين حتى تشاد والنيجر لانستطيع الذهاب اليهن بفعل ماحصل بيننا وبين التبو والطوارق ، هم الان يكذبون ويقولون ان المعركة بين التشاديين والجيش الليبي ، ولكن في حقيقة الامر ان المعركة بيننا قبيلة اولاد سليمان وبين قبيلة التبو الليبيين وهذه حقيقة لايستطيع احد نكرانها ، حتى ان تم التعتيم الان والتزوير الان بأن ذلك بين الجيش والتشاديين ، ولكن كل سكان الجنوب بل حتى اولاد سليمان يعرفون الحقيقة كاملةً انها بين التبوالليبيين واولاد سليمان ، وهي من اجل الثأر ولاغير ذلك ، كل ماحصل معروف في القرضة وحجارة وكل سبها وفي كل الجنوب كلنا نعرف من فعل ذلك ،،،
وكانت اخر كلمات هذا الرجل
معقولة قبيلة اولا سليمان بعد ان كان لها تاريخ مشرف في كل ليبيا، اصبحت مليشيا من مليشيات القاعدة واصبح يقودها ايمن الضواهري واتباعه ومنهجها منهج اسامة بن لادن ،
وختم قوله بهذا الدعاء
اللهم يارب اللهم يارب اللهم يارب ،،،،،،،،،،،،، نجنا واعفوا عنا واسترنا واحمنا يارب العالمين


رقاع البايد
كذب وإلا حق هناك حقيقه ان اولاد سليمان فيه أناس لا زالو علي العهد وهناك منهم جردان مثلا عندما نقول القذاذفه زنابيل الحديد هل البراني شكال واحمد قذاف الدم كذالك طبعا لا ونقول ان جميع القباىل الليبية بدون استثناء فيها جردان وعملاء وفيها وطنيين شرفاء.

dodging NATO bombs:

General Khamis:



And received the following important information:
The colonel called Nuri Alrgiay management team to investigate the nape teamed Libyan intelligence groups

in the Egyptian capital Cairo and Alexandria in order to limit the pro-legitimacy of military students and residents

of the Libyan Arab Republic of Egypt and includes a few:
Accommodations and locations frequented by the target
Family activity and places of their reluctance
Undecided on the target observer of visitors from inside and outside Egypt.
Phone numbers, addresses and emails and housing activity Elvis Bucky.
By asking everyone steep and monitor the ocean to avoid falling into the traps of Libyan intelligence client

and causing Aidae self and others.


Gaddafi ‘stroke’ a hoax

LIBYAN leader Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi was at the centre of a health scare yesterday,

amid false rumours that he was fighting for his life after a stroke.

Published: Tue, 15 May 2007

Colonel Gaddafi
Colonel al-Qathafi
Colonel  al-Qathafi, 64, was reported to be in hospital with a blood clot on the brain, after a late-night drama.His children – two of them based in Italy – were said to have been asked to return to Tripoli immediately, to be at their father’s bedside.The reports said he had the stroke soon  after speaking to Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi. But authorities in Libya scoffed at rumours.The state news agency said the health scare about the Arab world’s longest-serving leader was the subject of joking during a phone conversation with Mr. Prodi.“The phone call was an opportunity for the Italian prime minister to joke about a lie created by a traitor media outlet about the Brother Leader’s health,” the news agency said.
Mr. Prodi, on a visit to Prague in the Czech Republic, said later that he talked to al-Qathafi on Sunday and Monday.“He told me that he was well and these things were said from time to time about political leaders,” Mr. Prodi said.

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