Production and Western nerve…ZAIDANE CALLS IN THE YANKS!

Mu young Imam 2
Word of the Brother Leader of the Revolution Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi in “18 months Hannibal syphilis in 1982”, at the Second Conference of the World Islamic Call Society, at Tripoli.

“The nation’s spirit and body, which embrace nationalism and ignoring Islam, this excess and indicates ignorance. Said in an analytical and as is the fact that any nation is the spirit and the body of such a creature, and like any living organism is the spirit and the body. Flesh is nationalism and the soul is religion and if you will allow me to speak to the Arab nation, the Arab nation body and soul of Arab nationalism and Islam can not be separated, and if we decided to kill them if it has this object. If you leave Islam if I took the body without the spirit of nationalism and if left if I took Spirit and left the body and then if we want to keep this object that must Yahya alive the spirit and the body of the twin and not separated and divorced if this organism is dead. ”

“الامة روح و جسد الذي تبني القومية و تجاهل الاسلام هذا شطط و يدل علي الجهل. ان في تحليلي و كما هو واقع ان اي امة هي روح و جسد مثل اي مخلوق و مثل اي كائن حي هو روح و جسد. الجسد هو القومية والروح هي الدين و اذا سمحتم لي ان اتكلم علي الامة العربية, فالامة العربية جسدها القومية العربية و روحها الاسلام و لا يمكن الفصل بينهما و اذا فصلنا بينهما اذا فقد قتلنا هذا الكائن.اذا تركت الاسلام اذا انا اخذت جسد بلا روح و اذا تركت القومية اذا انا اخذت الروح و تركت الجسد و من ثم اذا اردنا لهذا الكائن ان يبقي حيا يجب ان يحي بروح و جسد متلازمين و غير منفصلين و اذا انفصلا مات هذا الكائن الحي”.

*من كلمة الاخ قائد الثورة العقيد معمر القذافي في 18 شهر هانيبال 1982 إفرنجي في المؤتمر الثاني لجمعية الدعوة الاسلامية العالمية طرابلس .




Presence in Morocco … tell the story of Sheikh Sidi Abdel-Salam El Asmar …
—————— —————– Mhajah death appeared in the Sunni Ochow safe in Libya Alebado,
Obiq heart releases I cry but our Lord as much as the Rada and the right of God who create toxic death.Omatarhh uniforms Jerado trimming Daw increased supplemented water and harvested them

cannon harvest and Maarafnash wage is bending Shi Li Ki Light jihad and told you sitting down
is Alenci city of Ajdabiya and Ben horse Alash corner Onhrguet Ohba and Zaid Misurata in the end Alexado Logo.Are you saying to Zuwarah war art in Zintan.

Khalahm ashes and Rhett Alcor how to call plonk and injustice to inspire Deccan blacker Lugar Bambassl

Dsat Aaghanna and the rest of the fire Hrguetlh benefited
—————— Mhajah ——- ——-Every day evolve exceeding In every street Mtbzaa blood and accumulated people.

His men maliciousness responded with one another Lech Ghashm said conspiracy Tree-from afar

and said striped needed completed and Manrdash governing new Manrdash switch science and Alenci
and powdering workers Aghareed
seemed Oakhcoa in the center of meat and sausages.Tema cry in his heart Kamid follow the Taatabie necessary Oaazb it

and punishment severe and intensify them intensify Alglm and acquaint themselves with them Vchkaar

semolina u Bicol how RBC rule and hits them with fire and iron Oakarz them Tqarb Algelm.This Mathm claim martyr Mullah people how to call split and Rhett today to Frguen two and Rhett time

how to call Onberm Halt and another fire Hnhi who benefit ÇäÔÇááĺ Otarb and Tabat Aalsagm—————— Mhajah —————

been beating Valleil and day Libya was Otercb qualitative Aamolaa Ki torch fire Otrd Revenge

people are weak and the matter soon Volhm and destruction sang

guy named Elly shell rock and most important their reaction works shame the lack of origin and religion weak

seemed Oakhcoa in the center of home and was Oaaathm works plume and people still Vst orbit above the embers in Kubba summer

and Rhett How Khalat after Amar.

Bergolha government and the sword seemed Harbin Khashin infidels, said residents of rural Otfdiloa ÇäÔÇááĺ Oqsar are your days,

and extended judgment Oichomk YasifLet them get together and are rated Osgar Anicol of Dhanoh Ojoifah.

* Interpret the tone for this Hadra brothers Bbadih Morocco.




Mu reception


WE MUST BE A LIBYA UNITED under ONE GREAT JAMAMHIRIYA!”Tarhounah Mujahid – young Tarhounah loyal” writes us on FACEBOOK:

Oh Helena throughout Libya beloved
Per rugged than the western opposition Spring SINS
In Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Syria and Sudan and Bahrain armed opposition and peaceful, but did not abandon outside home.

As for those outside the western scarp of spring, such as Turkey, Greece and other opposition and even America, but did but abandon the people,

Dear Alfberarion, Dawaanevskm place supporters of Muammar al-Qathafi and the green flag,, ((Sbtmbrion))
Do you guarantee the support of the international community over the life of you and kill you and Mhazeltkm Achteraqatkm human rights ?
Certainly not. There is no guarantee you of the international community,
And it will face the fate may be trickier than where we are today.

Does this mean that you do not belong to the nation, to Libya, as charged, the day of the supporters of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA and Azltohm homeland, and Tusbandounam treason and unpatriotic, and you are trying hard to eliminate them either imprisoned pro or killed and forever, Valley when this injustice and darkness.

The country does not belong to one, and we are partners in it, does not take your pride in unrighteousness.

Yo arrived on the wings of NATO aircraft, and Vredkm on the ground,
The change of strategy, and overtaken, Fastfikoa and return to its senses, and stayed away from political farce experienced by inform you and Mahleljkm and Nashtikm Jurists.

Let Mardakm freely dialogue and talk, to get this country the wounded to safety, Feltatoa Mardakm space in Guenuatcm space ,
Three years ago, we did not hear that there are those who spoke about the return of the displaced unconditionally, of what significance is it ?

The only sign of, is that who governs Libya today, is not of the sons of the homeland,
If they were patriots, for Andhanoa everyone and created a solution M diaspora homeland, even Fatwa implemented in the agendas country.
The purpose and goal of them, creating hotbeds of tension will last a lifetime, for those agendas, and hose who took control are of the ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ and their militias are ideologically against Libya.

The only solution
,, Is that all of the holds Libyan nationality has the right to citizenship and to participate and contribute to nation-building,

We knew independence (PEOPLE’s POWER) flap on Libya 18 years, and the green flag Rfert on Libya 42 years (al-FATEH REVOLUTION),
It is time for the weft national, at the invitation of the tribes of ancient.

Those who are supporters of February, and there supporters Spettmr within each tribe, would allow the division and fragmentation and discord even within the tribe, which are more than three million pro-September, which represents half of the Libyan people,

We will not allow or permit to be marginalized, but Tstikadwa of all those illusions that Taichoha Hey Al February.
Otherwise, continue to dispute and conflict, and every category you want to control and imposing presence, even by force of arms:
The arms means more death, and pain,
Astfikoa of your dreams pink and slogans for a free Libya,

and on the wings of false democracy Alnatwa and employment.

To build a home away from foreign agendas,
Fbmgarna is simple:
Libya today where every citizen has the greatest need for the sake of Libya,
Astfikoa O Helena
Oh and Slmtwa Helena…

(picture entitled “LIBYA UNDER THE YOLKE“)



يا هلنا في ربوع ليبيا الحبيبة
لكل عورة من عورات الربيع الغربي معارضة
في تونس و مصر و اليمن وسوريا و السودان والبحرين معارضة مسلحة وسلمية ولكن لم يهجروا خارج الوطن
واما من هم خارج عورة الربيع الغربي مثل تركيا واليونان وغيرها وحتى امريكا معارضة ولكن لم يهجر الشعب ,,
ايها الفبراريون ,, ضعواانفسكم مكان المؤيدين لمعمر القذافي والراية الخضراء ,, (( السبتمبريون ))
هل تضمنون تأييد المجتمع الدولي لكم مدى الحياة لمهزلتكم وقتلكم واختراقاتكم لحقوق الانسان ,,بالتأكيد لا , فلا ضمانة لكم للمجتمع الدولي ,,
و عليه ستواجهون مصير قد يكون اصعب مما نحن فيه اليوم ,
فهل هذا يعني انكم لا تنتمون للوطن ,, لليبيا ,, مثلما توجه التهم اليوم لمؤيدي النظام السابق وعزلتوهم عن الوطن ,, وتواجهونهم بالخيانة وعدم الوطنية ,, وتحاولون جاهدين القضاء عليهم اما بسجنهم مؤيد او قتلهم والي الابد ,, فالي متى هذا الظلم والظلام
الوطن ليس ملك لأحد ,,ونحن شركاء فيه ,,ولا تأخذكم العزة بالاثم ,,
انتم جئتم على اجنحة طائرات الناتو ,,وفرضكم على الارض ,,
وقد يغير من استراتيجيته , وتنقلب الموازين ,,فاستفيقوا وعودوا الي رشدكم ,, وابتعدوا عن المهزلة السياسية التي يعيشها اعلامكم ومحليليكم وناشطيكم الحقوقيين ,, اسمحوا لمعارضيكم بحرية الحوار والحديث ,,لنصل بهذا الوطن الجريح الي بر الامان ,,فلتعطوا معارضيكم مساحة في قنواتكم الفضائية ,,
ثلاث اعوام ,, لم نسمع ان هناك من تكلم عن عودة المهجرين دون قيد او شرط ,,فما دلالة ذلك ,,
ان الدلالة الوحيدة ,, هي ان من يحكم ليبيا اليوم ,,ليس من ابناء الوطن ,,
فلو كانوا وطنيون ,,لحتضنوا الجميع واوجدوا الحلول للم شتات الوطن ,, فحتى دار الافتاء تنفذ في اجندات قطرية ,, الغاية والهدف منها ,,خلق بؤر توتر تستمر مدى الحياة , من أجل تلك الاجندات وسيطرت الاخوان وميليشياتهم المؤدلجة على ليبيا
فالحل الوحيد
,,هو أن كل من يحمل الجنسية الليبية له حق المواطنة والمشاركة والمساهمة في بناء الوطن ,, فعلم الاستقلال رفرف على ليبيا 18 عام ,, والراية الخضراء رفرت على ليبيا 42 عام ,,
فقد آن الاوان للحمة الوطنية ,, بدعوة من قبائلنا العريقة ,,فهناك المؤيدين لفبراير وهناك المؤيدين لسبتمر داخل كل قبيلة ,,فهل نسمح للتقسيم والتجزئة والفتنة حتى داخل القبيلة ,,اكثر من ثلاث مليون مؤيد لسبتمبر ,,وهو يمثل نصف الشعب الليبي , لن يسمحوا ولن نسمح بتهميشهم ,, الا تستيقضوا من كل تلك الاوهام التي تعيشوها يا آل فبراير ,,
وخلاف ذلك ,, سيستمر النزاع والصراع , وكل فئة تريد السيطرة وفرض وجودها ولو بقوة السلاح ,
والسلاح يعني المزيد من الموت ,,والالم ,,
استفيقوا من احلامكم الوردية وشعارات ليبيا حرة ,,والديمقراطية الكاذبة على اجنحة الناتوا والعمالة ,,لنبني وطن بعيدا عن اجندات اجنبية ,,
فبمقارنة بسيطة
ليبيا اليوم احوج لكل مواطن فيها من اجل ليبيا ,,
استفيقوا يا هلنا
وسلمتوا يا هلنا










Played Zaidane is true on the national and Salemoly oh ..!!!!!!

Shri win to numb the minds of the gullible and rejoice and absorbs anger and abstain it out on 7 \ 2

and drop the conference and the Government of Zaidane .. Greens told you of indignation win Jardan ..

Why did not the prisoners boarded rejoice Aadeah national and especially women, but this their home,

but they and their joy and what Leach said in an amnesty by the way, and turn ya refugees to your country ..

And Lech Lech Lech many benefits on February Salemoly the national God’s.



Tarhounah Mujahid – young Tarhounah loyal” write:The coming days will both

Hola two of the killings and bring sedition, murder and colonize

1. Haftar
2. Collected tourist
3. Mahmoud Jibril
4. Atman Amliqth

Tajourah and some battalions Jermana in Tripoli military coup and control of Tripoli,

and the war will be between them, the rats of the Corner, Zionista RATS Misratah….and the scapegoat Amazigh.

So say you that anyone who considers himself pro-GREAT JAMAHIRIYA system legitimate for the Libyan people (we the owners of green flags)

We owners have the right to not interfere in this matter!!!

Pottery Wicker some of you are.

الأيام القادمه سيقوم كلاً من

هولاء هما من قتل وجلب الفتنه والقتل ولاستعمار

2.جمعه السائح
3.محمود جبريل
4.عتمان امليقطه
وجرذان تاجوراء وبعض الكتائب الجرذانيه في طرابلس بإنقلاب عسكري وسيطرة على طرابلس والحرب ستكون بينهم وبين جرذان الزاويه ومصراته والأمازيغ لذلك نقول لكم اي شخص يعتبر نفسه موالي للنظام الشرعي للشعب الليبي ومن اصحاب الرايات الخضراء اصحاب الثأر اصحاب الحق لا يتدخل في هذا الموضوع فخار يكر بعضه


Jardan for idiots Mdayrin groups on the net to cast doubt on our ability to expose their stupidity but their transgression because he received his soul named Abdo Altarhuni – Mohammed Warfali – Osama al-Megrahi – the Kadhafi – Muhannad Alsoiei.

(Jardan funny!)

Ali ZAIDANE’s response: BRING IN THE YANKS, full ground forces!

Libya occupied: Almazkra Zaidane and Minister Aldlaa gave the green light for U.S. troops to be in Libya.
Zdwa celebrated Khrawat

Oh shame on the traitors and agents of Libya occupied:

Almazkra Zaidane and Minister Aldlaa gave the green light for U.S. troops to be in Libya

Master, NATO speaks,

AND you answered the call rats ĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺ

سيدكم الناتو يكلم فيكم يا جرذان لبوا النداء هههههههههههه









DIRTY Brigades Misurata rebels ask the Minister of Culture beloved secretary supervisor Supply campaign

“liberation of the south” not to provide any financial rewards to Zintan rebels for not participating in

the fighting forces and the Chadian Tabu cronies.




The price of Poti to the Mayflower in the city to 70 dinars, after the price was three days from 30 dinars,

and possibly up to 100 dinars coming days because of pure water scarcity in the city.











Freemasonry and the destruction of the world to the new

world order .. Project Blue Beam

Tuesday, 13 March 2013 , Last challenged 00:42- Panorama Middle East

Engineer Michelle Clagasiالماسونية-وتدمير-العالم-من-أجل-النظام/

Freemasonry and the destruction of the world to the new world order ..  Project Blue Beam

The Project Blue Beam is the idea of ​​Zionism Freemasonry for the elimination of the Christian religion and Muslim alike and for the global system in order to control an atheist in the world. Where the framers believed that if you did not unite the world without religion, new age, the possibility of the success of the new world order will be impossible.

The idea of ​​the project to create a strange phenomena, pictures, and short waves, sounds and audios directed to the inside of your brain that are not available to others to look like a certain truth. Thus, the work on the two areas first produces pictures in the air while the other produces pictures in your mind, where they were to use this project (as a weapon) in Iraq during Desert Storm The images three-dimensional tanks and war machines appeared to Iraqis in the desert has led them to fear and thus surrender seemed as if it is actually real. He says specialize in Network Information Free Press World (an international news agency independent) that our mission is to make people realize that the agenda of the new world order is not just a dream wild or theory barbaric exciting to panic a little bit, it is a project demonic real is happening at the present time. It was necessary for them to carry the success of the new world order of cancellation of religions (Christian and Muslim) in order to Istbdloha to a global one, through the abolition of all national identity and all Miabr for national pride in order to emerge a global identity and pride worldwide.

As well as the abolition of the concept of the family in which we live today a group of individuals working for the glory of a world government and a new one. And the destruction of artistic creativity and scientific application to the individual’s point of view one-world government. The Organization of the United Nations after it has been controlled by the Zionist Masonic global work to serve the achievement of this system through the abolition of national constitutions and establish a trade agreement new to all peoples of the world so that the organization strongly backed military and police multiple and the Ministry of Justice around the world and an international court.The Blue Beam Project began in 1983 and officially announced in 1990, where they supporting new technology and innovations in equipment and various software space science.

All this in the service of the new world order, which defined its objectives, including the following: 1 abolition of all religions and replace them with a unified global system.

2 abolition of national identity and replace it with a unified global identity.

3 dismantling of communities and families and replace them with the concept of total service to the new world order.

4 the development of advanced electronic currency for all the world.

5 create a unified, global Army and the Ministry of Justice and one belonging to the United Nations.

6 create one culture to the whole world so that it Atbermj All.

It will be for the new world order system of government, “the center”, which will be a global political system will replace the new spiritual system that we live under it now. It seems they are planning to get rid of all the people who believe in God, where will be replaced by holidays and religious festivals of the new era and will threaten the most important sanctities of Muslims: the Grand Mosque, the Kaaba, the Holy Mosque, Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock and the destruction of the concept of church and symbols such as the cross and considered outlaws and illegitimate . And remove associations and sanctuaries that pose a threat to their survival after a single application of the global system and a one world government (where anthropomorphic put their alleged temple Place Dome of the Rock), also working for the abolition of all national currencies and trade diversion to electronic cash through the electronic network. Must enter the new era in the system to give people for their own beliefs, and to maintain them seem impossible to beat.

The draft NASA Blue Beam on four steps: The first step depends on the preparation for earthquakes fabricated synthetically using a weapon runaway (harp) on specific sites carefully around the planet and it is assumed that the new discoveries then will people wrong all the major religious denominations that offended the understanding and interpretation of the centuries and will appear archaeological discoveries that follow the proof on the size of the mistakes of the Muslims and Christians in the understanding of their religions.

The second step: a space containing a very large dimensions of the triple-outs includes visual and audio, photos and laser show to different parts of the world, each one received a different picture, in accordance with the prevailing religious doctrine nationally and regionally. And mechanisms and computer systems contain languages ​​and cultures of human beings by allocating electronic wavelengths for every person and every society and culture.This mechanism will explain how the holy books had been misunderstood and interpreted is responsible for the coup, brother against brother, and nation against nation, therefore, must be canceled to make way for the new age of the system, the new world and using waves VIF ELF electromagnetic influence in their brains and manipulate the mind. Step Three: dependence on feeding thinking industrially via satellite then seems possible occlusion mental control on the entire planet, the only resistance for individuals will be constantly question the motivation behind their thoughts, which do not agree with their thoughts private religious and moral, this concept seems to TV of the most important tools. Step Four: include different orientations. By making the human race believes that the occupation of strangers from another world outside is imminent in every city landmark on the ground making every nation a prominent exasperating to use nuclear weapons to respond attack, whereupon the Court of United Nations disarmament when it appears that the invasion was false. The adoption of an electronic mechanism through complex fiber optic penetrates every person and pay it to the edge of hysteria and madness to drown him in a wave of suicide, murder and psychological disorders. It seems we have reached an advanced stage of implementation of this project, said that the economic crisis experienced by the major powers will be transformed into an economic catastrophe will result and through the stages to end the paper currencies that will disappear out of existence and will be concluded to adopt a cash-mail and so can not be for a war funding of any kind as they put mechanisms to prevent States or any members of their independence and the new world order.

Loved ones they’re putting plans Satanic serve their beliefs and achieve their goals, while sinking our ignorance and embryogenesis and chaos, and we see ourselves rush more and more towards the abyss that will Sagotna where (in our hands) much easier than think that we stayed so, that the rush by some toward Ahdanam of some Arab rulers and other easy task . Flanstikz and open our eyes and see what is being plotted for us and we begin to fortify ourselves and our children and our country, it is not all Maiktton his duty to investigate we can stand on our feet and firmly armed with our faith felicitously Ali Holy adhering to his teachings holy Muslim and Christian protestors faith in God is scattered and departing from our originality and our morality as a people Arabic tradition towards a society “much better , where hard work is sincere and hardworking” (BULL !).








Nut .. And .. Tonsil (8) – Sisi throat in the history of Mahrosa

Sunday 02 February  2014 , Last challenged 17:04- Panorama Middle East

Nut ..  And ..  Tonsil (8) Sisi throat in the history of Mahrosa

Mahmoud Kamel Komy

Tonsil ……. :

And divided the Sykes-Picot, Omassarna Arab occupation between British and French troops, and that was a prelude to the loss of Palestine and robbed by gangs Alhjnah Zionism.

Queen (Asinawight):

The rest of my nation always Fatih Atenksr and Atlin, and wake up again to the beat of the Arab nation’s leadership a new leader of the world-class unique.

It Tgrha royal order the sovereign of the time, the nut shows how the body footsteps of Gamal Abdel Nasser in the struggle and lead the nation into the sky.

Nut ….. :

After being shaken meant dust battles in Palestine, the revolutions in July 1952, has been restored to the people of the Arab and Egyptian spirit again, and became the Arab nation flag flapping in a world fraught with the risk of conflict between East and West, and it was for his mother, led by Nasser leader Guo and leadership of the third world New – and they see me strategy has revealed Mkhatrtamr Brotherhood with British intelligence on Egypt and the Arab nation, he judged people on plotting and bring them out of context, and Gamt Gharbanhm hovering in the distance, and God protect Egypt from the conspiracy of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, and the aborted plot on the countries of the Arab nation – and when I left the world of life to the afterlife of eternal, Chitnt crows brothers and became hovering from nearby, even elapsed after the revolution of the people of the referee, who committed to Camp David and made him the way, has been grafted band of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood with the intelligence of Uncle Sam, and committed to the eastern East New Israeli-led, and Sal saliva on what Aohmha by Americans of its disagreement on the ruins of Egypt and Syria, and was a ruin and destruction is their way to Syria, and almost the conspiracy that is going to come home to roost implicate Egyptian army there.

Tonsil …………:

But Egypt Mahrosa carefully God, and it remained on the covenant as a shield for the Arab nation and there were mollified by the Egyptian people on the terrorist gangs of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Nut .. :

And out of the Three Mahrosa and reared commander, side to the people with his army National unique, warned the birth of a new leader is (Abdel Fattah Sisi) who Boagafth and his plan for the road, became on the trail and road abort the plot cosmic on Egypt, Syria and the Arab nation, to stop the planned American colonial Zionist Muslim Brotherhood financier diagonally The Saudis, the scheme, which melt the countries of the Arab nation in the Middle East, a new Israeli-led – and on it (Valsssa) Boagafth majestic with the revolution of the people and established Bouktah calculated and careless, has saved Egypt from the ruins of the brothers who carried it out in Syria, where its succession accused of doing, but on now judge.

Queen (Asinawight):

And on the land of pilgrimage Muslims and the tomb of the messengers, came Wahhabism, destroying graves and portend doom and Altheuer and foolish things of glorifying and maximizes the place of the Prophet in his grave lighted by light, which did not deliver his grave from being hurt, and started on her hands era of atonement for all small and large Aacyr logic and Asratha Allamstakim.

Tonsil .. :

Wahhabism is the Arab nation suffers corruption terrorist groups and militant fundamentalism those funded by and went out of her cloak Daash rule and regulations and every other Maosam Islam with terrorism, abuse, cruelty and aversion, and Islam all that innocent.

Hazelnut and almond:

In the similarity of the drift and consistency in the phrases Agrdan of Tgarhama Bassam, “the people united behind him now, and paid for everyone who wants to question the articles traps and phrases perilous Balgl, hatred and anger from the site of Egypt and its status and its leaders, and Altcol leadership (Sisi) and the uncertainty in the national leadership – therefore, acts No words are what make Sisi Knight of Egypt, which unites her and raise her, and stepping out towards the leadership of Egypt sacrifice him to a leadership position again.

And Henaaaaaaaaaaaaaa realized hazelnut and almond morning, Vomrthm Queen Asinawight silence to speak patency

Waiting for the morning of rising new Mahrosa its Leader (Field Marshal Sisi) into the sky.

Writer and lawyer – Egyptianبندق-و-لوزه-8-السيسى-حلقه-في-تاريخ-المح/


Picture here shows the great al-Asmar brown mosque in ZLITEN, which suffered huge damage on 27 AUGUST 2012

by SALAFI MB Kharijites.:



Sisi and Muammar al-Qathafi (above)


Gamal Abdul Nassar memorial in Benghazi, destroyed by Kharijite vandals in 2011:








Muammar al-Qathafi, Guide of many faces

LE MONDE | 22.08.2011 at 2:52 p.m. • Updated 10/17/2013 at 12:15 |By Jean Gueyras and Gilles Paris

Mouammar Kadhafi, qui se veut le chantre du nationalisme arabe, dénonce le soutien américain à Israël en brandissant un pamplemousse "Jaffa", à Tripoli, le 25 mai 1973.

Mouammar Kadhafi, qui se veut le chantre du nationalisme arabe, dénonce le soutien américain à Israël

en brandissant un pamplemousse “Jaffa”, à Tripoli,
Muammar Qathafi, who wants to be the champion of Arab nationalism, denounced American support for Israel

brandishing a grapefruit “Jaffa” in Tripoli
le 25 mai 1973. | ABBAS/MAGNUM PHOTOS

Born around 1942 in a goatskin tent somewhere in the desert of Sirte, Muammar al-Qathafi could stay longer confined to his village like so many Libyans. By the influence of his family , who had taken part in the long struggle against the Italian colonial powers, he had dreams and plans to overtake the imposed colonial monarchy. He collected a circle of friends, who, at the instigation of the young al-Qathafi, were to lead an ascetic life: their days are devoted to the study and prayer. They deprived themselves of alcohol , of tobacco , of drugs, do not go to nightclubs, and totally refrain from having pre-marital sex.

In 1965, al-Qathafi completed his studies at the Military Academy. He was sent the following year in England, where he attended a training period of six months at the Military Academy Sandhurst. Back in Libya, he devoted himself entirely to his military activities, while pursuing a clandestine sapping. The Arab defeat of June 1967 to face Israel pushes to accelerate its preparations. The decision to overthrow the regime of King Idriss is taken. 01 September  1969, the “al-Fateh Revolution” is a resounding success.

He quickly takes the upper hand over its peers. His emaciated face, with regular features, its black and voluntary eye, his smile quickly become tense legendary.“The Libyan revolution of Light is an aspect of Arab nationalism that you advocate, and now of whom you are the leader.”

It is in these terms that the young Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi is for the President Gamal Abdel Nasser, merely ten days after the overthrow of the colonial monarchy Senoussi.



Le colonel Mouammar Kadhafi à Colombo, au Sri Lanka, pendant le sommet des non-alignés de 1976.


His concern to imitate the Egyptian model borders on obsession. The offset is however clear between the Nasser regime, chastened by its many setbacks, and Colonel impetuous, impatient to achieve the objectives that Cairo has long held illusory. After Nasser’s death, 28 September 1970, the height of the oil resources of his country, he considers best qualified to take up the banner of pan-Arabism, but a draft “federation soft links” involving Libya the Egyptand Syria in jeopardy soon. Quickly scrambled or cold with most Arab countries, al-Qathafi is marginalized. This isolation will increase after the October 1973 war, for which he was not consulted.

al-Qathafi landed by parachute over the Suez Canal front inflamed: –

Mu parachutes over the Suez Canal in  1973

In the October War of 1973, Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi and the leader Abu Bakr Younis Jaber, jumping by umbrellas above boycotted the Suez Canal front, was  to participate in the fighting along the Egyptian forces, this is a great topic and a long and full details, written in the records of the proceedings of Diary of Staff General Egyptian in time of war ..

This is partly to break the reluctance of Libyans fed by these poor results, al-Qathafi launched the same year, his “cultural revolution”. It is necessary, he said to his people, “to mentally burn books that contain ideas imported from capitalist reaction or Jewish Communism. “ He says that the only authorized ideology that is from the book of God, the Holy Qur’an, and invites “free citizens” to take in hand the institutions, key services public and to take control of command posts. “Hunting the enemies of the revolution ” was built under. But it headlong.

To be facing a nascent opposition, al-Qathafi has the support of the poorest segments of the population (Bedouins, urban workers, youth). He adopted his ideas of “direct popular democratic power” to establish a system of government which in his view

“the first real democracy from Athens.”

Based on the “third Universal Theory”, exhibited in the famous Green Book of the Libyan leader – whose first issue appeared in 1976 – the new form of “government of the people” is exercised through the “Basic people’s congresses”  (which every citizen automatically belongs),” Basic popular committees ” (which are the executive bodies) and trade unions and professional associations: the base of a pyramid on top of which the General People’s Congress is, become the supreme authority of Libya, now called the Great Jamahiriya (“state of the masses”).

As for al-Qathafi, he became the Secretary of the General People’s Congress. For him, socialism advocated direct result of Islam , which is “the eternal message, the revolution continues, a new mother and theories ideology.” Consider themselves strong enough, it is run in April 1977, for the first time, some thirty opponents. They will not be the last.
Better able to devote to the “revolutionary action” Colonel al-Qathafi in September 1978 discharge of all his official duties.

« al-Qathafi’s comments about the people of Egypt with his speech Wednesday, March 2, 2011
al-Qathafi: Egypt became a ruin and the army does not work and play on the tank and sweep the streets and working in the sewers |
speech al-Qathafi on Wednesday, 02 March 2011 al-Qathafi renews his commitment to fight to the last man
and called the protests of the people plot to control oil Libya and the Libyan ground |
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“I shall give of trampling
on Shoe at the red lines will not go to Jeddah or Sharm el-Sheikh »


al-Qathafi’s speech on Wednesday, March 2, 2011

al-Qathafi renews his commitment to

fight to the last man and the so-called people’s demonstrations conspiracy to control

Libyan oil and the Libyan ground

Arab News and World



02 MARCH 2011:

Hordes Bomenaar:

Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi spoke of his commitment to fight ” until the last man ” against what he called a conspiracy to control Libyan oil

and the Libyan soil,  denying that he has any position to resign from. He also denied that there were any “peaceful” demonstrations against him in parts of Libya, or the existence of any political prisoners. He threw the responsibility of what is happening on the he called sleeper cells

of al-Qaeda base ; and hecalled for the formation of an international fact-finding committee .

al-Qathafi  warned  within his speech today (before a ceremony held in a closed hall in the capital Tripoli on the occasion of the 34th anniversary of the proclamation of the so-called of much bloodshed happened if the intervention by the U.S. or foreign powers .

He said that the Libyans would not accept to be slaves ,

“and will run in a bloody war in which thousands die is composed of Libyans If  the United States or NATO entered the country.”


al-Qathhafi also repeated, at the ceremony – which was attended by foreign diplomats – , what he said in a speech earlier:

that he does not assume any official position or authority to abandon from; and he considered himself just a reference code

domesticated by the people.

al-Qathafi said that the officers of the revolution no longer have ” any connection to power in Libya at all”

after which was completed the liberation of the people from reactionary colonialism .

al-Qathafi says that The people became,  since then in charge of all powers in Libya:


” it is not the system in Libya, a government system or a class .  I challenge anyone who claims otherwise.

I withstand, and ask him who believes elsewise, to come to Libya and find out the truth from the people directly .”

He pointed out that what he called the power of the people of the General People’s Congress and the People’s Committees , asking him to intervene sometimes using what he described as his influence literary and the use of revolutionary legitimacy to encourage people to exercise their own power.

deny the accusation and ready
He denied al-Qathafi and the existence of any demonstrations in his country, saying that the people of the whole is supported by, and attributed what is happening in Libya to what he described as cells sleeper al-Qaeda infiltrated the territory of Libya and attacked the battalions of security and took control of some cities, but at the same time expressed his willingness for dialogue with anyone from al-Qaeda adding, “But the rule does not discuss nor the demands of her.”

“It is seen as an appearance in Libya understood that the protesters want al-Qathafi to step down, from what steps down al-Qathafi? there are small cells dormant Qaeda received orders from abroad gradually, there are some Libyans living abroad, in Afghanistan and Iraq. ”

and continued, “Some members of these cells are not Libyans. and went out suddenly and betrayed the Covenant, and these cells are dormant in very small groups. group in Benghazi and the other in the corner, the infiltration of some of them from abroad and Acetkanwa in these areas in the form of sleeper cells. ”

explained “The terrorists seized the weapons stores. there is no demonstration was launched never in Benghazi or white and there are no demonstrations. suddenly, came groups of underground and under the barracks became kill people. Ntrahm on our children who were killed and the children who deceived them.”

demands an investigation
and wondered, “How shall the Security Council and the United Nations resolutions on the basis of reports and news agencies?”, questioning the number of dead declared, pointing out that the death toll between 150 and two hundred, half of them security officers and other insurgents “terrorists”, but the number according to those agencies amounted to thousands.

in this context called al-Qathafi the United Nations and NATO to send a fact-finding committee to investigate the truth of what happened in Libya, pointing out that most of the dead in the cities of Benghazi and the white of the security men were killed in front of the headquarters of Ktaúbhm after an attack of what he called armed gangs.

Though So said al-Qathafi, his GREAT JAMAHIRIYA has yet to decide fight what he called armed gangs, despite their control of cities such as Benghazi and Derna and white, pointing out that the people of those cities are subjected to a curfew by these militants.

justify joining
also join the leaders in the military and diplomats abroad resulting from a threat those by gunmen attacked their wives as al-Qathafi said.

considered al-Qathafi that armed groups trapping in place, and can be eliminated, citing what did the Israeli army in Gaza, saying he is fighting insurgents, or the killing of NATO to a hundred people in Afghanistan as militants, saying that kill the insurgents permissible if he decides to fight. was the commemoration of “handing over power to the people” began with the national anthem of Libya and tried to al-Qathafi repeatedly delay his speech a few minutes to give the opportunity to slogans supporting him to appear, and I heard his instructions repeated his aides to focus lights cameras on the owners of these chants before that there is silence and starts Speaking at the ceremony…


Oh God, smite the oppressors and oppressors brought us out of them safely ..


(Sister Ezz men)



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