Preparing for FRIDAY and a new Chapter

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Mu watching what is behind him

(courtesy of GREEN CZAR):

And whoop Mr. Abdul Salam Al Asmar full …….Born Oim Badawi ……..Under you and Agmkm
Forty Aams runs for you, how are you, Libby ……….And serve check how the servants …You
Submissive scared ……….() How dogs Treho on gay and Tenbhawwa the pedestrian is Aref Tabekm
Majntona Tkhounhm ……….The two Awaiedkm from generation to generation, and they looked for help
Infidels and two Haesen and blood god of passengers ………

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After going down to the T. ….. ….

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Taqgueta not you remember the good howl Nnckron Namasshl Astkhqkm Nakt or Astguakm GAO ​​- and
Astnasrkm unjust Q 0 to less Sageddkh entertained and do not follow him and Nasrtamoh Zkitamoh ……..

– two years is given
You and your companion speaks to you first on the scope of the anemone iron Hebron O Zuwarah – whatever angle
Nbashrk whispered …… And Anzourh is Awihariq ……………

(Tripoli O hole
For blood. CES. Absent you Aldiarh 0 Sseasert wound Iltm of Zliti Aetbik
For Bashariq 0 Strhona Ouargla and dropped off to Tripoli armies ……………

(HMC Misrata Treaty gm
Tglebladkm Iharh and fire in the eastern and prevail on Matnqahm scared Nassar – whatever Wellcome, women
And pounds of Tripoli Hleyoga bin Gillan legacy Hakaya ……

({[based and Aamar. Sowalsslaa keeps
Harmful and less harmful than Alhlgharb guide for fitness and the Middle tightens and meet the head of valuable Ham – Yas
Aaashoara … 0. Sahecm and O people of central Tzmau or Metraul ………

{the people of the coast and Tripoli Do
People riot ..)

croak play 0 Sao exhale Zafer Akinte to his followers and supporters ……….

(- Aaashoura
Berdja companion clauses Bamesh traitor – immoral and ungodly shone guide for West

tightens (intensified) wemahad loseHaddssryahyn and walkers who the victors and Sabha p swords with the Cévennes Bnguethi Monday,Submh Gazzaaan Sovereign Czarlrh the applicants and Alvaitat reverse Beys …………..- wisdom and Tabat.
وصيتة سيدي عبد السلام الاسمر كاملة ……. أيجيكم ولد بدوي …….. تحت لك ويحكمكم
أربعين عامس ليدير فيكم كيف ما ليبى فيكم………. وتخدموا تحقق كيف الخدم … وأنتم
خانعة خايفة ……….() كيف الكلاب ترحبو على الجاي وتنبحوا على الماشي هو عارف طبعكم
ماخنتوني تخونهم ………. وهذين عوايدكم من جيل الي جيل وتطلعوا العون من
الكفار وعامين حايسين والدم اله للركاب ……… في كل شعبة وادي وتحصلوا حصلة الشبكة في
ندرة سيالك الوطن للكافرات يعد القاجرلت والقدرات بعد الخترلت٠سس والذوات
بعد ل لنزول ت ….. …. ٠أن بعص ل له نقودتكم غللتي وبننتم وو او وسأوان أمنتي ل رتجقتم٠.٠ … .. ٠وا ن
تاققتي لا تذكرون حسنة ولة ننشكرون نعمةسسهل استخقكم ناكث او استغواكم غاو-و
استنصركم ظالم س٠أق لسقعضدكه خالج لا تبعتموه ونصرتموه وذكيتموه ……..- عامين يرد
عليكم صاحبكم الاول ويكلمكم على لشقار الحديد مجاله الخلي يا زوارة-ايا زاوية
نبشرك بالهمس…… وجنزورة هي اويشارق ……………( طرابلس يا حفرة
للدم .سس.غابت عليك الديارة٠سسياسرت جرحك يلتم من زليتي اتبيك
للبشارق٠سترهونة وورقلة ينزلوا لطرابلس جيوش جرارة ……………( مصراتة همك معاة غم
تجلوبلادكم يحاره ونار في شرقها ويعم يوم ماتنقعهم فزعة النصار-ايا ويلكم يا نساء
وليرة طرابلس من شليوغي بن غيلان تركة حقايا ……({[ ينبني ويعمار .سوالسصلاع يبقي
ضار ضار واقل ياقة من يلهللغرب يهد والشرق يشد وللملاقاة قي راس حم-ياس
ياعاشوارء …٠.وسعهكم يا أهل للوسط تسمعو او ماترعول ………{ أهل الساحل وطرابلس هل
شعب شاغب ..) نعب نلعب ٠سأو زفر زافر لاكنتي أتباعه وأنصاره ……….(- ياعاشوراء
بيرجع صاحبكم بنودة بيمسح الخائن-الفاجر فجوره واشرق يهد والغرب يشد وماحد يخسر
حدسسرليحين واللي مشوا منتصرين وسبها ع السيفين بنقتهض الاثنين ولسوبمة قزاعين
‎ ‏‎ الشظهرلرة طالعين والفايتات عكس البايات …………..- حكمة وتبات

News heroic Libyan resistance:
Are moving some heavy weapons and vehicles from the camp April 17 Bakarions to
a farm in Rulrhh, and the dawn of the morning so far.
/ Son Alzenabil /
يتم نقل بعض الاسلحة والاليات الثقيلة من معسكر 17 أبريل بقاريونس الى مزرعة في القوارشة ، فجر وصباح اليوم وحتى الان/أبـــــنْ الزنابيل/
GPC basic Elvis Bucky free
المؤتمر الشعبي الاساسي الفيس بوكي الحر /

Great Revolution did not leave for Libya it back at the dawn of view like wildfire in the near future.
ثورة الفاتح العظيم لم ترحل عن ليبيا انها عائدة في فجر مطل كالحريق وفي القريب العاجل .
“Zero hour” reminds us:
Excerpts from speeches memory …
How wonderful for people who listen to the words and do not understand the meanings hurting them the truth despite the clarity and this is what happened in Libya three years ago did not Istoabo what was said did not Adricko those words that came in speeches and considered Analysts letters of fire Atsdr only for leaders Allowathagon what they say:
Dr Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, in his first appearance after the events, and what he said and how I did not speak Istoabo
Dr Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, Libya Masabnaha to leave the Italians Aabal little Saaa our army will be in Libya will be in for
Muammar al-Qathafi came now the role of the security guard and the popular folk thousands of volunteers flock to Tripoli
to defend Muammar al-Qathafi …..
Where the army in the equation and why leaving aside to be replaced by security folk and Popular Guard and volunteers say Ahamqa Libya does Army but battalions and armed people and this is something ignorant Libya that limit in five states and has a desert great and long coastline does Army protected whence came the security and the extension of control and how to prevent smugglers and tightened the noose on illegal immigration and how it has maintained its borders Libya to clean
Vea army and a strong army was not involved in the war, because the army commander knows Masikon was the option of battalions and volunteers.
Famous speech, which terrified the world in front of the house steadfast and carry meanings exceeded the minds of petty because the speaker leader has no parallel today,
and reel creep peaceful from inside cities
and was what became Shi there will creep you…
know how it will be and then Sacred crawl who I am Ancodh creep checks on,
because Libya concern to all nations,
I shall appeal to the millions of the Sahara desert and to stop them.
is estimated to save yourselves before the runners give a crawl of the sacred by what we give, referring to the crawl of the Bible.
Why desert dear leader and why three options and you know which thought will carry the great light to the leader!
and you’re still in a small mouth your mind day and age has wrestled with the years to gain experience not as one
of the worlds desert Haya Adeline and let’s point editing.
Dr. Moussa Ibrahim in connection to the channel view will win them will emerge from the underground until the sand would fight with us.
Words will not be absorbed by one Dear Dr.
It was Libya time last breath to be a victim, however, sneaks narrated a victory, you talk, and whether speech was told to just talk or is there something between the lines Yes today probably absorbed some of what has been said, but we were unaware of the meaning of words old and sands fight with us to be one of the victors.
Song memorable forever, for however long it is, even if the words of Colonel spoken on the lips of another man.
Any thought of carrying Dear Leader is where you all this measure and how it is alone to be you’re the leader of this Trabhm.
Dear Colonel for this fear you are for this want Achtvaúk out of existence because they know if they unite on your
hands countries will be on them in great danger Yes motorists.
Yes Dear guy Vmthelk them great danger threatens their interests and Sieidhm midgets in front of Arabs and Muslims as Kano Mndhu ages for this Athdo against you for this Schro traitors and dogs Arabs also described in that famous speech, when I said the same technique any king Sultan Raúas Republic must be servile vile followed the Americans and be the most despicable of dwarf chattel Americans have a dog Arabs Aatamr orders Washington and on walks to Washington Ihsab spirit walker for the Ultimate Tree …
Yes Dear Leader remember those words and how they fired on the kings of the Gulf and Raaads countries and put them in their size natural that they are tools in the hands of the West.
They can not be Aflo Shi without the approval of the West then realized punk various Bank of worth that be in front of Muslims to unite the peoples of the ancient glory and Aaido Ihrro Jerusalem and Alandals and sober gentlemen and others are slaves of time, but came back in the era of the reign of Almenbtahin treacherous era Alangas Almlaian.
Yes sir commander excerpts from speeches memory of a man who is not like a man to a man who
knows Maicol and when he says and how he says to a man who knows a description of the other leader of the ICON.
ساعة الصفر
مقتطفات من ذاكرة الخطابات…
عجبا لقوم يستمعون للكلمات ولا يستوعبون المعاني فتضيع منهم الحقيقة رغم وضوحها وهذا ما حدث في ليبيا قبل ثلاث سنوات لم يستوعبو ما قيل لم يدركو تلك الكلمات التي جائت في الخطابات واعتبرها المحللون خطابات من نار لاتصدر الا عن الزعماء الواثقون فيما يقولون
الدكتور سيف الاسلام القذافي في اول ظهور بعد الاحداث وما قال وكيف لم يستوعبو الكلام
الدكتور سيف الاسلام القذافي ليبيا ماسيبناها للترك والطليان يابال شوية صياع جيشنا سيكون وفي لليبيا وسيكون وفي لمعمر القذافي جاء الان دور الامن الشعبي والحرس الشعبي الاف المتطوعين يتوافدون على طرابلس للدفاع عن معمر القذافي…..
اين الجيش في المعادلة ولماذا ترك جانبا ليحل محله الامن الشعبي والحرس الشعبي والمتطوعين سيقول الحمقا ليبيا لايوجد بها جيش بل كتائب والشعب المسلح وهذا كلام الجاهلين ليبيا التي تحد بخمس دول ولها صحراء عظيمة وساحل طويل لايوجد بها جيش يحميها فمن اين جاء الامن وبسط السيطرة وكيف منعت المهربين واحكمت الخناق على الهجرة الغير شرعية وكيف حافظت على حدودها نظيفة ليبيا لذيها جيش وجيش قوي لم يشارك في الحرب لان قائد الجيش يعلم ماسيكون فكان الخيار للكتائب والمتطوعين
الخطاب الشهير الذي ارعب العالم امام البيت الصامد وما حمل من معاني فاقت عقول التافهين لان المتكلم زعيم ليس له مثيل اليوم وبكرة زحف سلمي من داخل المدن وكان ما صار شي سيكون هناك زحف انتم تعلمون كيف سيكون وبعدها في الزحف المقدس اللي انا انقوده زحف اممي لان ليبيا تهم كل الامم ساوجه نداء للملايين من الصحراء الى الصحراء وماحد يقدر يوقفهم انقذو انفسكم قبل ما نعطي اشارة الزحف المقدس
لماذا الصحراء ايها الزعيم ولماذا الخيارات الثلاثة وانت تعلم ماسيكون اي فكر تحمل ياقائد الفاتح العظيم وانت كنت لاتزال في السن صغير فمابالك اليوم وقد تصارعت مع السنين لتكسب منها خبرة لم يحظى بها احد من العالمين الصحراء هيا الرقم الصعب وهيا نقطة التحرير
الدكتور موسى ابراهيم في اتصال لقناة الراي سننتصر سنخرج لهم من تحت الارض حتى الرمال ستقاتل معنا
كلام لن يستوعبه احد ايها الدكتور فقد كانت ليبيا وقتها تلفظ انفاسها الاخيرة لتكون ضحية بيد الخونه فعن اي نصر كنت تتكلم وهل الكلام قيل لمجرد الكلام ام ان هناك امر بين السطور نعم اليوم ربما استوعب البعض ما قد قيل ولكن نحن كنا مدركين معنى الكلام القديم وعن رمال ستقاتل معنا لنكون من المنتصرين
كلمات لاتنسى مهما طال الدهر لانها كلمات العقيد ولو قيلت على لسان رجلا اخر
اي فكر تحمل ايها القائد ومن اين لك كل هذا التدبير وكيف انفردت لتكون انت الزعيم لهذا ترعبهم ايها العقيد لهذا يخافون وجودك لهذا يريدون اختفائك من الوجود لانهم يعلمون لو توحدت على يداك الدول ستكون عليهم خطر عظيم نعم قائدي نعم ايها الرجل فمثلك عليهم خطر عظيم يهدد مصالحهم وسيعيدهم اقزام امام العرب والمسلمين كما كانو منذو عصور لهذا اتحدو ضدك لهذا سخرو الخونه وكلاب العرب كما وصفتهم في ذاك الخطاب الشهير عندما قلت نفس الاسلوب اي ملك سلطان رائيس جمهورية يجب ان يكون ذليل حقير يتبع للامريكان ويكون احقر من القزمة متاع الامريكان يكون كلب عرب ياتامر باوامر واشنطن ويوم يمشي لواشنطن يحساب روحه ماشي لسدرة المنتهى …نعم ايها الزعيم اذكر تلك الكلمات وكيف اطلقت النار على ملوك الخليج ورؤاساء الدول ووضعتهم في حجمهم الطبيعي بانهم ادوات في يد الغرب لايستطيعون ان يفعلو شي الا بموافقة الغرب عندها ايقنت بانك مختلف بانك من تستحق ان تكون امام المسلمين لتوحد الشعوب ليعيدو مجدهم القديم ويحررو القدس والاندالس ويكونو هم السادة وغيرهم العبيد ولكن الزمان اتى بك في عهد المنبطحين عهد الخائنين عهد الانجاس الملاعيين
نعم سيدي القائد مقتطفات من ذاكرة الخطابات لرجل ليس كالرجال لرجل يعلم مايقول ومتى يقول وكيف يقول لرجل يعرف بالزعيم وصف لغيره لايكون

“Zero hour”:
…….. The right word ……
Outside the home when I say Libby will not find it respects you, but you can not tell I am a supporter of leader Muammar Gaddafi and the green flag indicates Brightk pride flag of my country here find smiles in your face and respects you outside your country ….. On behalf of the SOL

Gerdanih remarks / / / / /

The client … Fatima Hamroush Health Minister Previous | |

Many of those waving them goodbye Gaddafi in prisons, it was not unfair to them, has proved to us that it themselves after they were given the opportunity to liberty ..
The time has come to show us the pilgrims again ..


Fedak resisted typhoon
Not subject Valzl destruction
And stuck to the right, the right weapon whatever Garoua
Fedak resisted typhoon
The decision to offer Vanasr
That your life pause Ezz change the Fates.

Seabed wide and can accommodate all but the summit will not climb a narrow but consistent in their stride greater the increase,
the number of ascenders Magl hands trembling because the owners will not be able to climb and currently lack access ..
Thus we now live quite an important period, a result of years of steadfastness times very sensitive these times will decide
the fates of the masks will fall and cover tend to detect hidden from everyone because we are closer to reach the top and
Manaish now is the outcome of long steadfastness.
Valthabton who were honest and steadfastness are confident of themselves are committed to their faith,
and they are unsure of the right owners.
Will reach the end of their rights and get back ..
As for those who were Mrtaychen infiltrators and playing the role of resilience to fake personal interests
or for the purpose of winning the confidence and sow discord will crush crushed under the feet of the summit ascenders
And the poison in the honey is honey will eat the whole .. Be confident and optimistic and Vhmara of cowardice
and frustration and lift Manotm and Atsthinwa this interval Valbrkin to explode when Atstazn.
Groves for Shi published at this time is any Elk awarded
All free aamlo participation. –

أجمـــل شي تنشره في هذا الوقت هو آيــة الكـــرسي
كل الاحرار اعملو مشاركه..

أجمـــل شي تنشره في هذا الوقت هو آيــة الكـــرسي
كل الاحرار اعملو مشاركه..

“Zero hour” on FB, writes to explain terminology to us:

(((The “Base”, the POLITICAL BUREAU de Cyrenaica, the demonic Brotherhood, and fair Zintan)))

1 – the base are backed Misurata illusion of different nationalities and reduce this topic moment Misurata Almutmr will support any government in order not to fall Zaidane is a Conference rule because he did not complete their preparations in control of the camps planned for them by their control.
2_ “tenderly” POLITICAL BUREAU OF CYRENAICA Hhm Bulls Benghazi and their militias They are trying to find for themselves the entrance to support the Libyan peoples as well as their region.
3_ ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, the Brotherhood groups Almtaslim religion Infdon with Western agendas cover the debt they are in control of the pillars of state customers.
4_ Zintan Mediators looking hopefully for the entrance of Peace and security or Lada war Alfberaerih coming Come Hdoa between the parties and the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood EVIL rule and “gently” people of Cyrenaica and the just Zintan who 
are free and unrelated to any battle which will occur after 7-2 – any day on coming Friday
Zintan Liberals “wish you only total relaxation and trust”…(My words clearly as well.)

“Zero hour” writes:
Beware ………. God bless you???
NATO does not meet boys from a mislead them and outsiders?
But the word (cronies)) to save their plight. ((Saws. Data. Sleeper cells)).
Unfortunately succeed in it .. Is Nted this time .. You are honest, my decision to Libya victorious God.
The arrival of the first battalions Al-Zintani to Tripoli to protect the demonstrations against the GNC, the ‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD, al-QAEDA AND ZAIDANE’s NATO lackies  too 07/02/2014




Abdul Hakim Belhadj (server project Tunisian Renaissance)

“ZERO HOUR” says


Most people who have compassion for them .. They are strangers in Libya loyal to those rats .. They believe that Libya will last intact so .. Unfortunately they do not know the nature of Libya and its people and tribes … So they are digging their own graves.

انهم يقاتلون ويغتالون الشعب ويرهبونه من اجل ان يملكوا الطائرات الخاصة ويسرقوا اموال الشعب باسم الدين واللحية ، محمد الكيلاني من بائع ماشية الي جنرال عسكري !!! تبأ لزمن الروبيضـة .

They are fighting and assassinating people and Arhabonh in order to possess private jets and steal people’s money the name of

religion and beard, Mohammed Kilani cattle from a seller to a military general!!! Heck of a time Alrowhith.



Severe congestion on the gas stations in the city of Tripoli. Congestion at some petrol stations in the capital these days for fear of the coming days, and what is happening in the city and its suburbs ..
The bombing of the headquarters of Libya’s first channel and a channel for the Office of the Liberal Libya:
Immorality Ismail Salaabi lied and told you sow channel Jardan white Ihamo the applicants in
Motmr donkeys year Shufu real video
No No .. not to extend the revolution of new
For Aahzab not brothers .. Libya country brave
الرجاء النشر لفضح الجردان والمقلين وقنوات العهر
كذب اسماعيل الصلابي وقناة الخنزيرة قالك جردان البيضاء طالعين يحمو في موتمر الحمير العام شوفو الفيديو الحقيقي
لا لا للتمديد ..ولا ثورة من جديد
لاأحزاب ولا أخوان ..ليبيا بلاد الشجعانصار قتلي طالعين يحموا فالمؤتمرادمن2

My brother carry you transfer the news and God is my witness /
Today has been meeting on 04/04/2014 rats tribe children Saqr at 17:00 led by Osman Rat flame at the headquarters of the Turkish company or battalion so-called hawks beside (Forest Ben Youssef) was a large number of rats until almost the road closed many of their vehicles and their meeting Karoro it as follows:
They asked 400 volunteers to protect the conference from the pagan people in the coming days alternately where every day is 100 people and they said must alternately repel demonstrations with sticks and if you do not suppress Lead is the solution,
They believed that their presence is associated with the extension of the conference,
Where they said the conference would be extended if he fell chaos will not find it led and therefore will help in entering the algae and will finish it and must try to prevent the demonstrations and if we do not succeed you must use lead,
Asked to cooperate with other tribes rats securing entrances to the corner for fear of exploitation and Rishvana situation and access to the corner,
Angular Mammeri greetings.


Emirati armor up to Tripoli International Airport to support the so-called coalition.

And cargo planes country and all arms of the Turkish brothers and groups of up incitements airport Mitigua.
All of which are directed to kill the Libyans and the destruction of Libya and the disintegration.

Turkish cargo_plane 3
“ZERO HOUR” informs us:
Misurata and the corner are supported by the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood.
Zintan and its supporters are firmly against the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood.
Misratah and corner support Qatari Turkish; Zionist continuously until complete control on Libya
Zintan twice push their cars into desert and then stop the Misurata support coming in from QATAR:
Result is that the (‘Muslim’ Brotherhood) Amsiatrin all state institutions under the phantom seasons Party (Justice and Development) Party, of course, this should it not move in Hua Elly Elly all militias in Libya and (room revolutionaries of Tripoli) under his control
Each of assassinations and destruction Elly holds in Libya and Rah Brotherhood
The credit goes to Mannoi Lee Gahaar glorious spree
Ptasir game winning time Gaah and Elly Pefoz plays the final game with the GS Trophy and his Jdharan.


Sheikh Jalil civil Alchuirv 
MUSICIAN writes:
{ZLITEN Mufti in MISURATA dark prison and outside is SADAK GHARYIANI, the antichrist of NATO,
who is probably involved in assassinations within the country}
Sheikh Jalil civil Alchuirv in prison injustice three years ago, and his charge that he had Nasser right, and fought against falsehood,
and when the state injustice had to be punished supporters of the right to religion in politics in the military police in each area,
Valebatl does not leave the place unless and controlled in time state,
prison Sheikh Alchuirv because he opined that the sanctity of the use of the Jews and Christians,
but he said that what happened sedition and exit from the Guardian is not permissible,
which did not come to these judgments of his own sheikh issued ordinances according to the jurisprudence of the four schools
and Platform Sunnah Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah,
and this means that The four imams and Ibn Taymiyyah if they were revived
and attended events of February, will be a fatwaand will be today in the prisons of oppression Misurata, Valsgen in Misurata today,  is not civil Sheikh Alchuirv.
Prisoner in Misratah is Islamic jurisprudence
and provisions of legitimacy, were all imprisoned because of injustice against religion always,
and hired injustice Dajjal Gharyiani for authorizing the killing of people,
and displaced and imprisoned unjustly,
wander the Antichrist and having fun with his dogs and his norm in everything to fulfill the spoilers in the ground in Doha
and satisfy the devil which simplifies the authority to State of injustice.
Sheikh Alchuirv who reached the age of reprehensible and lost yesterday his wife without being deposited Allowada last
or take solace where knows he defends the right
and he has chosen the Hereafter,
which does not do harm to the believer; does not live in a charlatan.
Sheikh Alchuirv reminds us of the plight of the prophets with their own people; and the plight of The four imams
in upholding the word of truth and non-Ifta including the ruling craves and wants.
Sabra Dear Sheikh Jalil hour State of injustice and state the right time to do that your time with the Paradise Alchuirv Veldakm Sheikh, has the patience and determination of the prophets,
imams and ready to die for the right to prevail in his country and end the injustice, never to return.
And still continues playing the lead…
{المفتي في السجن والدجال خارجه}———————الشيخ الجليل المدني الشويرف في سجن الظلم منذ ثلاث سنوات وتهمته انه قد ناصر الحق وحارب الباطل ، وعندما قامت دولة الظلم كان لا بد من عقاب انصار الحق في الدين في السياسة في الجيش في الشرطة في كل مجال ، فالباطل لا يترك مكان إلا ويسيطر عليه في زمن دولته ، سجن الشيخ الشويرف لأنه افتي بحرمة الاستعانة باليهود و النصارى ولأنه قال ان ما حدث فتنة وان الخروج عن ولي الامر غير جائز وهو لم يأت بهذه الاحكام من عنده فالشيخ اصدر احكامه وفق فقه المذاهب الاربعة ومنهاج السنة النبوية لشيخ الاسلام ابن تيمية ، وهذا يعني ان الائمة الاربعة وابن تيمية لو كانوا احياء وحضروا احداث فبراير فسوف تكون هذه فتواهم وسوف يكونون اليوم في سجون الظلم بمصراته ، فالسجين في مصراته اليوم ليس الشيخ المدني الشويرف .السجين في مصراته هو الفقه الاسلامي وأحكامه الشرعية ، سجنوا جميعا لان الظلم ضد الدين دائما ، واستعان الظلم بالدجال الغرياني ليجيز قتل الناس وتهجيرهم وسجنهم بغير وجه حق ، يسرح الدجال ويمرح مع كلابه ومعياره في كل شي الوفاء للمفسدين في الارض بالدوحة وإرضاء الشيطان الذي يبسط سلطانه على دولة الظلم ، الشيخ الشويرف الذي بلغ من العمر عتياً وفقد بالأمس زوجته دون ان يودعها الوادع الاخير او يأخذ العزاء فيها يعرف انه يدافع عن الحق وانه قد اختار الدار الاخرة التي لا يظلم فيها مؤمن ولا يعيش فيها دجال ، الشيخ الشويرف يذكرنا بمحنة الانبياء مع اقوامهم ومحنة الائمة الاربعة في التمسك بكلمة الحق وعدم الافتاء بما يشتهي الحاكم ويريد .صبرا ايها الشيخ الجليل فدولة الظلم ساعة ودولة الحق الي قيام الساعة ان موعدكم الجنة ال الشويرف فلديكم شيخ يملك صبر الانبياء وعزيمة الائمة ومستعد للموت في سبيل ان يسود الحق في بلاده وينتهي الظلم الي غير رجعة.————————— { ولازال عزف الرصاص مستمراً } { الموسيقار }


HITLER ZAIDANE EMPLOYS MERCENARIES and ZIONISTA MISURATA and the ‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD to attack and destroy CYRENAICANS at the EASTERN PORTS, as well as to defray and stop the demonstrations tomorrow in TRIPOLI !

Now flocking gangs and militias rats western region of Misurata and the market Friday and Tajourah, Tripoli and five Mslath and Qara poly Corner by order of the client Zaidane and sign them from the conference traitor Petklifam off strongly 16 000 rat mercenary and funded planes perpendicular fighter and fighter planes to seize ports and oil fields and Crescent oil from the militias region Eastern and headed by Ibrahim Aljdharan knowing now collects Forces Burka Ali Crescent oil to defend him by force of arms and the number of their troops exceed 30 000 rat to the area at the head of Hamad near the area of ninety-east of Sirte
Almlacah and at the head of Hamad.
Today’s explosions, killing and kidnapping of a sniper and the entire eastern region prevails.
Why is this happening?
That all the fruits of his transplant
And it will come a day of harvest
Far eastern region harvested Mazrat
The harvest will not depend on only the eastern region
It will move to all Libyan cities that were planted sedition between the sons of one people
And reap those cities Mazrat and very soon.


Major General Matthew Yatry back .. Benghazi in order to seek security and prosperity.

We declare our responsibility for the lack of any leaflets distributed in Benghazi or any other areas,

and make it clear that these publications at this time is only a weapon used by NATO and shoes

Jews Misurata and bashing each other in their struggles.

We call upon everyone, including the obligation only issued by the spokesman for the resistance

Dr. Mujahid Hamza Thami .. or green channel and follow-up major resistance pages to see the all-new.


In a despicable attempt of the Jardan ĚăÇÚĺ enemies of Sharia in agreement with the Conference pagan distributing leaflets calculated on the resistance and their synthesis arguing that the uprising that ousted’ll get is for a catastrophe against Gahaar
We Fa supporters commander innocent of this topic saws and we have no relationship omitted, either closely or from afar

Vaqowowol you Aajerdan Alabowoo other Libyan people will. not be deceived by the meager Msarhtm. –

Bouchmadh issued orders to withdraw special forces THUNDERBOLT from the street. Physical liquidation
Per soldiers and officers in Benghazi stun enemies Platform is the law now.


Shell landed near the back gate of the University of GarYounes. .
Security source confirmed at the University of Garyounis for a shell landed near
From the back gate of the university, causing no casualties
Mankind, and the source confirmed in a statement that the shell
Targeting the kitchen near the corporate headquarters near the gate
Background and resulted in material losses only in the ceiling and
/ Son Alzenabil /

Now Nghaza mortar fall at the University of Garyounis and not reported human damage so far.
The Benghazi Tawergha camp is near by the Campus !

Tawergha Camp at Garyounis

The disappearance of the Director of the Office of channel capital Benghazi in mysterious circumstances.


Fire Siaaarat in the area Alserta Benghazi and actor Mjhowol …


The killing of a member of the special forces THUNDERBOLT after being tortured and abused him.
Wednesday morning found the body of “Suleiman Mohammed Idris
Alakora “Hawari area of ​​the city of Benghazi, and the source confirmed
Medical hospital to evacuate in a statement that the effects of torture
Clear the body of the victim was also expe Vqe his eyes and put
With his hand on the victim by the paper without her “gift to stun”, as
The source explained that Alakora at the age of 35-year-old, and found
Handcuffed and condemns source pointed out that the cause of death was a bullet in the head
Directly killed him.


Car bombing one Special Forces officers (Abdulsalam Awami) in front of his home in the Laithi Benghazi.

Almajora youth carrying banners in the streets Almajora youth did not use force after
Youth groups angry shut down most of the roads in Benghazi now set fire to tires and lock it with
stones and remnants of construction waste.
/ Son Alzenabil /


Dozens of casualties from the explosion, which targeted a school for children in Benghazi.
And still tells you Jardan ox ăČÇŃßĺ.

Director of the school, which has been targeted bombing today in Benghazi …
denies any of the expelled students .. says there have been no problem between the students did not have acquired one ..
if you know what the novel head operations room Benghazi misleading!!!!!Qroty by today’s bombings schools who turned out to be the bombings and stuff burnt in cities are terrifying
want people to not go out against the Conference Allaotunai.
They do not want to admit to crimes of extremists and supporters of the fry.
The student has been expelled from a school
Tablino area in the city of Benghazi throwing
A homemade bomb on a school cradle
Knowledge spacious area at a time
Rest of the outside wall of the school
Led to the injury of some students
According to the official spokesman of the Committee
Higher Security Benghazi, “Ibrahim al-Shara”
The student threw a bomb at a local
School led to the injury of six students.
Dismissed student who blow up schools in the form of Spiderman because he flew from Benghazi in an hour
and arrived in Sirte schools, but found the enemies of the law found Spiderman.
Ambulances now come to the area after the bombing of the pleasant School
Children, and horror in the region and a large children’s tragic case:
The school where he was the arrival of cases
To hospital infected Galaa.
A student, a victim of an attack on a school, lies down on a bed during medical treatment at a hospital in the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi February 5, 2014. At least six children were wounded when unknown assailants tossed a hand grenade into a school in Benghazi, hospital and security sources said on Wednesday. REUTERS-Esam Omran Al-Fetori
The arrival of the parties to the cases of a truncated Galaa Hospital in Benghazi, after a bomb attack on a primary school.
Explosion another school .. GARDENING Benghazi:
In the era of February .. The school is set off by students
News of the death of one of the children of Benghazi Medical Center now.
Syrian refugee area of Benghazi:

30 cars belonging to NATO bandits burned.

Heretic for terrorist Ibrahim Ali Tntosh .. It is one of the members of the LIFG fugitive from justice since 25 years ….
He was hiding in a village in South Africa …
The rats smuggled without a passport within Jardan team plane before taking off in South Africa ..
After landing in Benghazi was received by members of al-Qaeda.
Found dead “Solomon Alakory” the officer b Jardan own dead and it looks like signs of torture and liquidation dead.
The release of “Muhammad Sarit” correspondent channel capital in Benghazi after being held last night at the hands of an armed group had kidnapped him while he was covering clashes that occurred last night between this group and commandos in front of the hospital Galaa.



where there is the underground water of the GREAT MAN-MADE RIVER !!!:
Newspapers U.S. says has destroyed and executed Kherd arms and nuclear weapons in the South

in the three major Libyan months under the supervision of experts and Amrakin Grbin Lake Aablad !!

God they were your children how to destroy Vick Theloma the enemy!




One of the TABU leaders says:

Misurata Militias must get out of SABHA pronto”…

Tabu channel on Facebook
Msarit Talbo 3 more days … to withdraw from Sabha. Their shape and their uncle Agafo with children.
I advise you to get out of the Sabha today immediately before Morocco ..
if he really want blood to the right Afaragtm abducted from Tabu
Elmejrmyin is protected from criminal when Tabu .. and this is the last warning ..
(Op Parent)


ZERO HOUR advises us:
Haaaaaaaaaaaaam very, very
We hope that our brothers in the Liberal pages Loans & PAT and others not to publish or mention

any movements or information about the South and specifically Sabha
{{{Starting from this moment}}}
I ask you, brothers, even to marinate in the same predicament and insured for Aalzg from the same snake twice
Oh Ahrarna committed instructions and Hraúrna
And, God willing, victors.

SAVING force the withdrawal of security belonging to the military council of Xanthan Sabha and the situation is now engorged …
And which led to the withdrawal of Zintan Sabha comes against the backdrop of one of the parties in the
Extractor Sabha did not agree to accept the terms of Zintan in calming the situation.
Mukhtar al-Akhdar (GREEN) vice president of the military council of Zintan
Is stronger Mukhtar al-Akhdar Green vice-president of the military council of  Zintan in connection channel Zintan this morning, “said Brigades the military council of Zintan stationed at the airport in Sabha and some neighborhoods have begun to pull on the back in opposition to the actions of the rebels Awlad Suleiman and Misurata toward the rebels Tabu in the city .confirmed the Green Brigades the military council of Zintan resorted to reconciliation among the tribes of the south, not to support the party at the expense of another party in a tribal dispute Ngdi foreign agenda in order to fragment the unity of the Libyan tribes of the south.
Quoting channel Zintan on Facebook:
Urgent military council of Zintan forces begin to withdraw from the city of Sebha fully ...
The reason is the denunciation of the cessation of blood between the tribes Tabu and Awlad Suleiman, who was the military council and the elders of Zintan Ertbunha days ago, has committed Tabu this agreement and stopped the bloodshed by them, but unfortunately was killed 4 people from Tabu after this Convention and in spite of that is not answered by Tabu …..
So he decided Zintan rebels to withdraw and return to Zintan, especially that they have given a promise
to themselves not to shed any blood in the south, or engage in any fighting with any party
or tribe we preserve covenants …
What we can say in these circumstances that he had to Thoarna and elders of our tribe effort in bloodshed
and thankfully the fighting has stopped, or at least not as has been the case in recent weeks,
but do not say much, but what God wants to do.
We ask God to preserve the blood of Muslims in the south and our people all over the country.

Urgent. Bloody night in a revival of Sabha.
Where the neighborhood witnessed Mansheya approximately 30: 2 to Alaamlah armed robbery by an armed criminal militias Awlad Suleiman. Ali’s house and store tires and cutting parts for citizen named Mohammed” Ibokhald Zoad.”
This was used by the armed criminal Almelcaa different types of weapons that I’ve got resistance, which were not in the calculus members Almelcaa
Where he was Ahaddabina Ibokhald”” has a weapon type AFP that during the shooting of mutual injured individuals Almelcah a direct impact immediately killed
Clashes continued hours without any intervention worth mentioning. The city of Sabha. Private and Libya public in a state of very big mess where he became often see scenes of clashes between criminal gangs and robberies and theft, kidnapping and bombing and became the news of the death of a citizen or an accident that is easy to accept the

A capital Jardan in Sabha and collaborators with the Crusaders for the destruction of Libya .. His last breath yesterday.

Shooting on the island of Mansheya (Island Mohammed Sassi) shortly before by car type

Toyota Hilux white houses on the Bermaah Alkhtry was wounded by a bullet African American and most

likely he died, and now the situation Hdoa. (as I SAID, LOTS OF YANKS IN THE SOUTH who work for the CIA)

Congestion at Tabu in Sabha after the killing of a citizen Tbawi yesterday and is now being meeting to respond to this crime.
News Tabu rally at Triangle agricultural Pudong Sabha after the announcement of the loss of 13 members

of the person Tabu ..

(Op # lover Billah)

Tabu are hyping and blocking the road from Murzuq or rabbits Tragn to Sabha.


Institutions of civil society in MurzuqInstitutions of civil society in demanding Murzuq militia infantry brigade sixth release of the activist organization in tolerance, “Yusuf Idris Llano” immediately and who was arrested yesterday evening, corresponding to 04/02/2014 in front of the headquarters of General unlawfully and that any prejudice to the rights of humanity, the perpetrators will be held accountable.


Niger calls for international intervention into Libya against the “17 February GANG- government” and its crimes.


Intellectuals, poets, philosophers and artists analisan and discuss the work and figure Muammar Al-Qathafi in his contribution to culture, peace and solidarity among men and nations in the Book Fair in Cairo:

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