Foresight: Allah’s Warriors

Mu the day it happened explaining People's Power 02 MARCH 1977, 3

Message from officers armed people:

الليبي الاخضر الليبي الاخضر

God's warriors

Surprises in the help of God closer than everyone imagines the help of God the Holy crawl coming …

“Zero hour” on FB,says:

Are free to appeal to the Great Jamahiriya and silks, especially within the territory of Libya

What is happening now and tomorrow 02.07.2014 and in the coming period is a conflict heretics and parties Gerdanih Fberaaria and events for the accused fate of the Libyan people, not from near nor far, so shall you not to interfere in or out, or to participate in any picket or demonstrate a liar in any place or city The creep …. and that the masses of the Libyan people are not coming to stores and customers traitors and heretics and the victory, but from God and forward.

“Green thought” writes:
Hallelujah, free (protection of civilians from?) I don’t know the exact population of each region in the almloinet marches but khalina ankolwa 2/3 (two-thirds the Libyans) came out in the marches.

But remember together these cities that have come out in favour of the leader and the power of the people.

The population of each city or area, or if you didn’t mention valisharkna by city or region.

Abu Salim
Sabha (Fezzan)
RISHVANA (Al-atabol-seven Drums)
Bani Walid
Casablanca (white)
(Victory b)
الفكر الأخضر

سبحان الله يا احرار (حماية المدنيين مٍن مَن؟ ) انا لا اعرف بالدقه عدد سكان كل منطقه خرجت في المسيرات الملوينيه ولكن خلينا انقولوا 2/3 (ثلثين الليبيون )خرجوا في هذا المسيرات …

ولكن لنتذكر سويا هذه المدن التي استطاعت ان تخرج مؤيده للقائد وسلطة الشعب …

الذي يعرف عدد سكان كل مدينه او منطقه او اذا لم اذكر مدينه او منطقه فاليشاركنا بذلك….

سبها (فزان)
العزيزية السبع اطبول – قبائل ورشفانه
بني وليد
الجميل – رقدالين


Media Committee of the battalion men the current situation:((Candles light the way and will increase Ziaiha over your face and Erma per customer))In the name of God the MercifulHe says (((O ye who believe that someone punk news, verify that harm people in ignorance and repent for what you have done)) Almighty God
I Bnteklm in the vernacular speech directed to all Alak and petty, but what they have to fear between the Liberals and the Atenbhawwa Yes bark bark bark and Hedda be dealt with, but moments bark bark normal ups orphanage back to business as usual …………..Do Siltoa yourselves Leach is questioning Balahrar? I Hnjawpkm
First, on the way to the dark Maver narrowed it mandatory Bacon candle or asymptomatic or any light source bash to walk in the dark what was ousted drilled or Tafs on Shi possible harm.And the case of the Libyan Come ŢÖíĺ extremely dark way, especially an almost complete absence of what is going on by the Leadership of the Resistance and the guidance of affairs in Haúhna and we do not want to enter into it with regard to the sacred trust of the Leadership.

It is
**** The people and sounds commissioned or without assignment and possible guidance advantage of God carried on their shoulders to be candles lit by the Liberals and their many religion been questioned them were burned because they are decided to withdraw after he found no one to defend them, and they have forgotten that the work is of It is accompanied by endorsing this topic candles:

First the media as much as Mustafa Poh
But Alami Ezz El Arab
Informational and Diane
Media Hana al-Shaibani
Lt. volcano
The stadium on behalf of the SOL
Dr. Hamza Thami and others and others….

In the interest of this topic to silence voices WHDH candles and extinguish its light. Let us think a little bit and let the space for the mind to think about it.

I am, but I have to clarify to the subject of the stadium as the assets and Hedda man has been charged with the martyr Billah, that be a spokesman for Libyan tribes honest and tried to silence him and questioned and was told that an agent of the Corner

and fulfilled the road and told him that he laughed at Silks and he finished his career, and said he Atdei as a spokesman for the family, of Mr. Leader .

He told of Bhda but what are untrue rumors and men in most circumstances, it was a candle illuminated by illuminating the Liberals in most times. It is the intensity in the south.

As much as Mustafa Khouna media Poh been questioned Beah he works on the outskirts of promise and he and he and he….

I challenge every customer and Jardan what they hear the voice of their hearts as much as Poh m Naldakhl Trash Aasirlhm diarrhea and severe brain.

As for Dr. Hamza Thami, it is bigger than that I am talking about.

For lieutenant volcano and the Hellbe what Aarovoa Lt. volcano, it was from candles the first to lit by the Liberals and was his words and his voice disturbs newborn and tried Ktara arrest him and search for the be much Adaawa in Vnoathm proxy; that he has been killed Lt. volcano in Rkdalin

and again killed in the south !!

Once Alqtron did not work with them to find out ways Lt. volcano and in coordination with Dr. Hamza and special circumstances, said Dr Hamza Thami, that what Fayalmlazem volcano for three years and is still the guy Qaam national duty, and many doubled this ….

The other has increased its light candles and Noarha became symbols of Independents.
Hedda and that Del indicates that the issue of faith above all accounts, even if at the expense of ourselves as people.
Will not affect this topic candles never anything.
WHDH Zia and candles will light up its sleeve and in a lot of surprises for all the Liberal !!

And forward the revolutionary struggle continuously.

(Media Committee of the battalion men the current situation)

اللجنه الاعلاميه لكتيبة رجال الظرف الحالي
((شموع الطريق ستزداد نورا وضيائها اكثر وجهك والالما لكل العملاء))
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
قال تعالى ((( يا أيها الذين آمنوا إن جاءكم فاسق بنبأ فتبينوا أن تصيبوا قوما بجهالة فتصبحوا على ما فعلتم نادمين )) صدق الله العظيم
انا بنتكلم في العاميه والكلام موجه للجميع ولؤلاءك التافهين الى ما عندهم الا يخشوا بين الاحرار ويتنبحوا نعم ينبحوا نباح وهدا النباح يتم التعامل معه بس لحظات النباح وبس ميتم النباح عادي ترجع الامور لمجاريها …………..هل سئلتوا انفسكم ليش يتم التشكيك بالاحرار ؟ انا حنجاوبكم
اولا في الطريق المظلمه الي مافيه ضي اجباري بيكون فيه شمعه او بيله او اي مصدر ضوء باش لما تمشي في الظلام ما اطيح بحفره او تعفس على شي ممكن يضرك
والقضيه الجماهيريه هيا قضيه طريقها مظلم للغايه خصوصا بغياب شبه كامل لما يجري من طرف قيادة المقاومه وهدي امورها وشائهنا ولا نريد الدخول فيه ما يخص امر قياديه
****فيه ناس واصوات بتكليف او بدون تكليف وممكن هدي ميزه من الله حملوا على عاتقهم ان يكونوا شموع تضيئ طريق الاحرار ومنهم الكثيرين الدين تم التشكيك بهم وتم حرقهم لانهم هم من قرروا الانسحاب بعد ان وجد لا احد يدافع عنهم ونسوا ان العمل هو من يزكي صاحبه ومن هده الشموع
اولا الاعلامي مصطفى قدر بوه
الا علامي عز العرب
الاعلاميه وديان
الاعلاميه هناء الشيباني
الملازم بركان
الاستاد باسم الصول
الدكتور حمزه التهامي وغيرهم وغيرهم
من مصلحة من اسكات هده الاصوات وهده الشموع واطفاء نورها فلنفكر قليلا وندع المساحه للعقل لنفكر فيه
وانا بس عندي توضيح لموضوع الاستاد باسم الصول وهدا الرجل تم تكليفه من الشهيد المعتصم بالله بان يكون متحدث باسم القبائل الليبيه الشريفه وحاولوا اسكاته والتشكيك فيه وقيل بانه عميل للنواصي فاكمل الطريق وقالوا عنه بانه ضحك على الحرائر واكمل مشواره وقالوا بانه يتدعي بانه متحدث باسم عائله سيدي القائد وهو من صرح بهدا ولكن لاصحه لما يشاع والرجل في اشد الظروف كان شمعه مضيئه تنير طريق الاحرار وفي اشد الاوقات شده كان متواجد في الجنوب .
اما خونا الاعلامي مصطفى قدر بوه تم التشكيك بيه بانه يعمل على اطراف عده وانه وانه وانه
وانا نتحدى كل العملاء والجردان بانهم لما يسمعوا صوت قدر بوه قلوبهم م نالداخل ترعش ويصيرلهم اسهال شديد في الدماغ
اما الدكتور حمزه التهامي فهو اكبر من ان اتحدث عنه
وبالنسبه للملازم بركان وفيه هلبا ما يعروفوا الملازم بركان هو كان من الشموع الاولى الي اضاءت طريق الاحرار وكان كلماته وصوته تزعج المولودين الجدد وحاولوا كتيرا القاء القبض عليه والبحث عن من يكون وكثيرا اداعوا في فنواتهم العميله بانه تم قتل الملازم بركان في رقدالين ومره اخرى قتلوه في الجنوب ومره القطرون ولم تنجح معهم السبل لمعرفه الملازم بركان وبالتنسيق مع الدكتور حمزه ولظروف خاصه قال الدكتور حمزه التهامي ما قال فيالملازم بركان ومن مدة ثلاث سنوات لا زال الراجل قايم بواجبه الوطني وتضاعف جهده …
اما الشموع الاخرى زادت نورها ونوارها واصبحت رموزا للاحرار
وهدا ان دل يدل على انه الايمان بالقضيه فوق كل الحسابات وحتى لو كانت على حساب انفسنا كاشخاص
ولن يؤثر على هده الشموع اي شي ابدا
وهده الشموع ستزيد ضياء ونور وفي جعبتها الكثير من المفاجئات لكل الاحرار
والى الامام والكفاح الثوري مستمر
اللجنه الاعلاميه لكتيبة رجال الظرف الحالي

Haaaaaam too.
Sneak client (km bin Khaled) channel Fezzan director of the Liberal movements in Egypt, Tunisia
and South by customers Almujdan abroad and reporting them and give their names to the state Jardan and arrested.
Please circular in all pages.
“Strong-willed” writes:
Muammar al-Qathafi, the history and struggle (blessed us with this Commander)
مـعمر القـذافي تاريـخ ونضـال ( هنيئا لنـا بهـذا القائد )
For lovers of this pure land.
To the sacrifice of blood for this country blessed.
To raise their children from the love of this country.
To stand tall in front of the invasion of our land.
To the sacrificed his freedom for Libya.
To each stationed in a row leader Muammar al-Qathafi.
In Libya and in all parts of the world.
You greeted me and you respect me.
الى عشاق هذه الارض الطاهره .
الى من يضحون بدمهم لاجل هذا الوطن المبارك .
الى من تربي ابنائها على عشق هذا الوطن .
الى من يقف شامخا امام غزو ارضنا .
الى من ضحى بحريته لاجل ليبيا .
الى كل المرابطين في صف قائد معمر القذافي.
في ليبيا وفي كل بقاع العالم .
لكم مني التحيه ولكم مني الاحترام

“Zero hour” announces:

…………….. There are jobs …………………
Home needy cleaners
Cleaner home of al-Qaeda and Jardan important and have to be the bearer of national Hitch .. So that is not a need for cleanliness
……………….. As the assets ……………….




America’s ambassador in Libya to leave the country without setting a date to return

This is the control of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood in the conference semi-Men Tsol the American Ambassador Crone

and wandering in Libya now violated sovereignty:


Safira Deborah
Chatting with a soldier from the al-#Jufra MP in the #Libya-n desert

Permalien de l'image intégrée

“The globe today”:

First fugitives
Access boob Zaidane to Malta tonight

coming from Switzerland after receiving information from inside the airport in Tripoli that he thinks unstable.

And is in the Hilton Hotel on the site by Malta Reitenao.

Abu Bushmin arrows (of MISURATA, former president of the GNC) says literally:

“not Tkatrthoa what is happening in the east or south, it is important to secure the capital, Sagotna is to allow people to demonstrate and the attack on the conference in Tripoli, while the dogs that bark in the east, there is the Serbhe, our goal is that we continue to maintain a capital, even acknowledge the Constitution, and those who recognize the power of us, and we, the tyrant ended as soon as he left the capital Tripoli took control of the “” “” “

These statements Abu Bushmin made to “The operations room of Libya rebels”.

Nuri Bushmin arrows

from the post on “Zero hour” of FB :
URGENT :: Foreign Ministry :: Tripoli
Announces the receipt of a telegram from the International Criminal Court is concerned with the

Ministry of Justice and other internal and Talth Conference.

And he says after the translation:

YOU GUYS and the International Criminal Court to investigate crimes that Tsthzv humanity and human life to safe that we have received a number of notes from a number of agencies and humanitarian organizations and has recommended to the Quorum of law to open an international investigation.

We ask it in the list attached to the home of detained 73 of your citizens for the arrest and investigation, including 28 members of the Legislative your conference, so as to achieve them in the case filed against you as a government and legislators against them and against the defendants wanted plotting to murder a random Osthzvt cities in Libya.

Hopes the administrative board of the follow-up file in the Libyan ICC your cooperation so as not to take other aspects of the subject.

Please writers from the Interior Ministry immediately after the arrest of all those listed in the annex, including 23 officials who are directly for murder, kidnapping and outlaw groups in Resolution No. 7 in the other crimes committed in prisons.

Been assigned to an international investigation team to visit your country to find out what Cistgd in a number of

issues and be present in the legal accountabilities and rooms investigations.


(Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Organizations Department / Tripoli)

News that Maqrief and Jewish Sowaihili and a number of well-known names in the list, including

Salah Jaudh and dog Paddy Salah and others,,,,,

Zaidane refuses to Atid International hailed the court’s decision that his powers are considered ended

and it came after Resolution No. 7 and is not a party.

“Zero hour” informs us:Hey are free frequency channel green
——- 10815 27500
But because of international Aldgoz and because the channel expose the crimes and Alnatwa Jardan
and pay billions to lock this topic Channel Adharrna that are reducing the deciding period of six o’clock pm
to the morning and God
And Baden God victors…Hey are free to pray(Sheikh Aladinm )**

“Zero hour” informs us:

Conflict with the puppet government Almutmr Allaotunai …
Now what was going on in Tripoli survival is a struggle between the government

and the Congress is trying to accuse each other and running out of his life and stay in power …
Note Mstvdan of Congress and the government to see them defend their channels.

“Zero hour” a partagé un lien.

Jardan play on channel Libya shortly before the official ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood …
Known to all of this inventory Almzrati .. who was spokesman for the “shield Misurata” during

their entry into Bani Walid from the axis withstand Tarhounah

now representing the role of cronies to restrain the anger of the Libyan people in leaving tomorrow
Rkazhoowo … it’s the same person hehehehe

Leaders of the Brotherhood threaten to burn Libya if the solution Almutmr against the National Congress !
Brotherhood threatens to burn LIBYA if GNC is dissolved. (Ismail SALAABI)

Hiaahiaah offender and the protection money and told you statement (Obeid and precordial Gnjoh) …

Seeing God Bish watch them laugh, but … / / / /

Statement of the military council and the local Abu Salim 02/06/2014
Told you Ehna with legitimacy and with the conference and Allaotunai Mnbua end Atba Hate
Anacdoa told you and the sanctity of the blood of Libyans and we call for dialogue (Hiaahia and income from Haltakrev before)

The globe today:

Urgent …………..
Abdul rahman Sowaihili head the ruling Union for home and Mohammed Sawan head of the ruling ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood “Justice and construction” …. and in anticipation of any emergency may occur due to the anger of the people and of the crimes committed by a source close to the very left him out of Libya, leaving his ilk in the face of the popular movement to control their destiny .. …………………..

To Lebanon was part …………………………… And appends the oil minister to an unknown destination ………………..
As members of Congress and the rest of the ministers in the floundering ………….. The hysteria ………… Fatal …………
Hey are free to publish the information …………….. What remains in the valley was…
Saleh Jaudh up to Turkey, along with three figures Conference expired in a private jet.—

The “RUN-DOWN” SUMMERY from all-over LIBYA:

By Free / Libyan national:

Middle .. FAFSA February talismans???
Demonstration in the city of Shahat attributed the headquarters of the room ((Libya rebels)) to the Security Directorate and ended appearances Althorgih Alfberaaria ….

Demonstrations white Takda Gzaablatt disclosure to the island as with the extension?

The turf Prairie iCty Security protects Square Great Mosque in preparation for a demonstration tomorrow and go out in the city of Alakorah ((first rehearsal)) for the demonstration tomorrow?

Benghazi statement moves the center of numerous assassinations and muzzle the media ((burn) the headquarters of media channels (Libya Doha .. I mean the Liberal Libya .. First of Revelation .. lock channel, DC office and its director Mohammed Almazrob Aserat top of a media project to Libya of tomorrow)

Media danger Wayne Khouna fighter struggle??
Motionless 7 Nawar does not matter .. We are honest Libya victorious in God? We will not allow them ((Bazlamt)) struggle for power and money??? Legally commit our homes??
Nehna Anjuhm Chahar day mesh Baldriqh .. The opinion of the poet fighter Akram Maikl??

The beginning was Tmanhunt and Hefei greatest .. The victory, but from God bless God.



Secret Jardan Yalmnchat oil zone drawer announces arrest Amdamat oil and gas conference in protest
against the extension of the RAT CONGRESS..Very large demonstrations in the city center Taattalib
not an extension of the Conference of donkeys Elly uniforms.
1:06 Abdullah denier threaten members of the National Congress of arrest and murder in the case of the entry …
de libya196900 17 v
Abdullah denier:
said on the Libyan international channel…

“The honest about Gharyiani Fatwa parties to support the Brotherhood and Islamist political parties.

Talk about any religion Illagraana.!!!”

Conference corrupt destroyed Libya and free chaos ..
( Allegedly of who was hilarious and curved in Swabah Ouselhm rule in Al-RIXOS hotel )

Brotherhood and fighter with them and Qatar and Turkey , and the elders of the religion of traders Brotherhood lipo power and are liars ..
( Walkers who allegedly growth Bgroudhm to Qatar and provided documentation of the Covenant and allegiance to Qatar Khrti ) .. ( And the growth of religious sheikhs who you Triqsalhm two Aveto that NATO birds Ababil )

Benghazi assassinations every day and every day the bombing and Mufti Saket ..
( And the growth of his city, who was Walker ‘s fighter group led by Belhadj in February, and the plight of their support with money and weapons . , And who walked after the massacre Gharghour to Misrata Walker brothers and the extremists and gave them loyalty and obedience )
You Aajerz Petty and stupid and not worth even reply. But we have to Nfdg perhaps naive and misled Istfikon.

ABDULLAH denier (also known as “Daft thankless”) was just arrested by ZAIDANE’s gang…


Gates in the area of ​​Abu Salim and inspection, please caution.
Log in groups of Almzarat intermittently to Tripoli  for fear of uprising. Attack, residents of Tripoli
and now the station Alrcoph public station Bourguiba, which belong to Almsarit cars, and have expelled
them from Tripoli,
(the source from the center of the event).
(Tripoli Aahfrh blood) …
The city knocks the drums of war .. Fun watching Aeshrfa home.
Reported clashes in Tripoli and not far to the News.
Militias lightning spread in the vicinity of the General Staff building in Airport Road. Storm the headquarters of the General Staff in the road to the airport and the mechanisms by combing the fight against crime, and the random shooting of place.Mendkulail packages consecutive heard in the vicinity of the airport road and the farmer and the sound of heavy weapon intermittently.

A spokesman for the General Staff, Colonel Ali senile rat:
Attacked the chief of staff of the groups are calculated on a Zintan brigade of QaaQa Battalion and some affiliated to the military police.
There were some injuries in the ranks of the Guard and stolen equipment, vehicles and weapons belonging to the battalion headquarters protection.
The rebels secure Tripoli honorable of lawlessness and to protect the camps and vital targets.

a statement of the Shura Council of Elders and the Friday Market on demonstrations dropping Conference
de libya196900 9:05


(Our Honorable, brave and Loyal)

“ZERO HOUR” writes:

The history department in Ajeelat and Rishvana tournaments:

We apologize
And accept the moral, ethical and social responsibility to the people
Adra Iaahlna in the department in Ajeelat and Rishvana.

We did not and will not Nkhaddlkm
But there are those who let us down and Oachtvy when we announced the steadfast resistance of Jnoibna
Natdr of our people honorable and loyal; and we take responsibility for what occurred to them from the

oppression and injustice of the NATO bandits (gangs).

Our people will know the reality of things in a timely manner
And Massaibna gravely missed and a great and painful and hurtful
Massaibna in every drop of blood shed by the bodies of our children, women and men in the department in Ajeelat and Rishvana.

We did not Nortkm in a losing war
And we promise you that we Snter each blood that flowed
And bear the responsibility with honor and honesty before God and the people and history.

Adra our brothers and sisters of the Resistance and Resistance leader.
They have the blood of Libyans is more precious than everything.

Sntehr rows and disclose Almertashan frightened to resist taking cover.
Reveal the tribes that betrayed the covenant and the promise of God and the homeland and the souls of the martyrs.
This Aatdar your sons resisters and a covenant not Nkhaddlkm again.

Coming soon Abazn God in “Green Square”.
And forward…

ساعة الصفر

العجيلات التاريخ وورشفانه البطولات
ونتحمل المسؤلية الاخلاقية والاجتماعية امام الشعب
عدراً يااهلنا في العجيلات وورشفانه
نحن لم ولن نخدلكم
ولكن هناك من خذلنا وواختفى عندما اعلنا المقاومة من جنوبنا الصامد
نعتدر من اهلنا الشرفاء الاوفياء ونتحمل مسؤلية ماوقع عليهم من ظلم وجور عصابات الناتو
اهلنا ستعلمون حقيقة الامور في حينها
ومصابنا جلل وعظيم ومؤلم وموجع
مصابنا في كل قطرة دم سالت من اجساد اطفالنا والنساء والرجال في العجيلات وورشفانه
نحن لم نورطكم في حرباً خاسرة
ونعدكم بأننا سنثأًر لكل الدماء التي سالت
ونتحمل المسؤلية بشرف وامانة امام الله والشعب والتاريخ
عدراً اخوتنا واخواتنا فالمقاومة وقائد المقاومة عندهم دماء الليبيين اغلى من كل شئ
سنطهر الصفوف ونكشف عن المرتعشين الخائفين المتسترين بالمقاومة
سنكشف عن القبائل التي خانت العهد والوعد لله والوطن وارواح الشهداء
هذا اعتدار ابنائكم المقاومين وعهداً لن نخدلكم مرة اخرى
انتظروناً قريباً باءذن الله في الساحة الخضراء
والى الامام

ساعة الصفر


Mufti Sadiq Gharyani has just authorized the killing of anyone with Zintan identity !!

the anti-Christ is commiting mass-genocide again!

Abdullah denier:
said on the Libyan international channel.

The honest about Gharyiani Fatwa parties to support the Brotherhood and Islamist political parties.

Talk about any religion Illagraana.!!!”
“The globe today” (newspaper of RISHVANA):Jan notables Zintan day 07 al-Ma’a:

Make sure the failure Almutmr and busy with other things led to the lack of him and met him that he could not get to Libya for comfort.1: We reject the extension and road map which was developed for the state themselves and by themselves,
putting themselves and their own self agendas to prevent Ttantha Day 7 /02/2014.2: the will of the Libyan people and their will is a red line and we’re with the right of Libyans to express his opinion.3: uphold the legitimacy of the Islamic law—WHICH MEANS “We reject”: a total rejection of the use of fatwas for the interests of politics.4: deny the kidnapping and assassination of the Libyan people.

5: emphasize the unity of Libya and offer suggestions as follows:

1) complemented by a committee 60
2) the process of the election of the new free committees
3) The government continues only until the end of the process for the new Almutmr.
4) The Libyan judicial election monitoring to guarantee his powers
We offer Hedda statement to stand with the will of the Libyan people.

This will be a serious deterrent to anyone (or for anyone) standing in front of Libya.[Decree Released from the local council and military City Zintan]المعـــــــــــــــــموره اليــــــــــــــــــــوم
يان اعيان الزنتـان ليوم 7 ـ 2
: تاكد بفشل الموتمر وانشغل بامور اخرى ادت الى عدم التقه به وعدم مقدرته لوصول ليبيا للراحه
1ـ نرفض التمديد وخارطه الطريق الدي وضعها لنفسه و بنفسه وصلحيته تتنتهي يوم 7 ـ 2
2: اراده الشعب الليبي و ارادته خط احمر واننا مع حق الليبين مع التعبير عن رايه
3 نتمسك بشرعيه الاسلاميه السماح ونرفض رفض تام لاستخدام الفتاوى من اجل المصالح السياسه
4 ننكر عمليات الخطف والاغتيال للشعب الليبي
5 نؤكد على وحده ليبيا و نقدم الاقتراحات الاتيه :
1 تكمله لجنه 60
2 تتم عمليه انتخابات جديده خاليه من الاحزاب
3 تستمر الحكومه لحين انتهاء الانتخاب الموتمر الجديد
4 يتولى القضاء الليبي مراقبه الانتخابات لضمانه صلاحياته
ونحن نقدم هدا البيان لنقف مع اراده الشعب الليبي وسوف تكون رادع لاي احد جاد لاي احد يقف امام ليبيا
صدر من المجلس المحلى والعسكري لمدينه الزنتان



HUGE explosions now heard in Sirte. Loud explosion shakes the city of Sirte now.




Body Found (Ali Mokhtar Ghazil) in his car and shot dead in the road Agricultural Gardah.


white/ CASABLANCA calls to drop the conference Allaotunai. City residents claim the (white) CASABLANCA “members of the Conference of shame” for the city of Casablanca are to submit their resignations immediately.



Misurata brigades now in the Qara Bolle.



Ship loaded with weapons coming from Turkey now stands in the port of Benghazi ....

(Son Conqueror)

A huge explosion shakes Benghazi now.

Benghazi, Libya @ libya2p0 now
Libya’s ambassador to the United Arab Emirates against the extension and announce his defection

and Anzmamh revolution riots against the Brotherhood, 07 February 2014

and related local council in Zintan…

Channel capital abandoned its office in Benghazi after receiving threats.

B channel self-styled Libya International:

Urgent: the killing of Abdullah Mohammed Ghiryani, one motionless activists not to extend Benghazi

after an improvised explosive device targeting his car.

Co. Bouchmadh, the “Thunderbolt” commander in Benghazi, says:

“we do not want the support of the ‘Zaidane state’ and we have acquired to other sources of support.”

Urgent. Colonel Nice Bouchmadh channel Libya demanding the trial of members of the First National Congress of the year.



Supporters of the fry released from Laithi after the end of its meeting with the invited Bouchtale and they will

prevent the demonstrators in Benghazi !

News of violent clashes in Benghazi.
Benghazi now:
Thunderbolt return to the ranks of the people and chanting to topple the government and conference clients.
Demonstrations in both Benghazi and white (CASABLANCA) Bosaga conference call shame. Demonstrations in both Benghazi
and white (CASABLANCA) calls to drop the conference Allaotunai.


3 consecutive explosions shook the city of Derna this morning…

Derna’s Nasser memorial -past no more



Col Mu


Kidnapping inventory Salem Embarak Attaybe by Tabu ..!!.

Clashes in Sabha in the way of agricultural and hear God’s arms Altqil and Tabu Nawinha.

Mahdi Omar Sharif killed bin Khalid far in the clashes in Sabha.
And the kidnapping of one of the sons Attaybe.

dialogue with Abdul Hakim Muhammad, one of the field commanders of the forces of the Provisional People in Sabha
de libya196900

ساعة الصفر
هاااااااااااااااااااااااااام :::: Tsrihaaaaaaat
Libyan tribes in the south to form the popular forces to confront militants
Abdul Hakim Mohammed one of the field commanders of the forces of the Provisional People in Sabha
QUESTION: Mr. Abdul Hakim you Tugetm to the formation of popular forces, what Tqsdonh Palmagueth, what are the goals that ye shall point out work on them? Are you confident that You can face up to all these armed groups and backed a Gulf Arab country western Turkish?
A: That’s a good question and it’ll give. Everything pretty and everything end Valakech which divided camel’s back, this is what I would like to highlight it, and we come to the crimes and immoral and inhuman, Imagine, my dear brother more than 30 cases, and you can have to ask the central hospital in the south and ask doctors and nurses have been deoxygenation cold-blooded killing of injured or sick and snatched from the hands of doctors and nurses based on recovery and trying to treat and kill him shot in the head and then throw the body in the garbage, the other thing that the crimes immoral, imagine reached militias armed criminal in the south, to the extent that they enter the home of a citizen and kidnapped his wife It is from the tribe of Hasouna from the south, a tribe province Harifahn has been broken into the house and grab women the eyes of her husband and moved to an apartment on the third floor, jumped woman in order to preserve the honor of the third floor, and after all these crimes, which reached tribes to end unbearable life with her, she drew Call-year-old is located across some of the media to all her sons and limited its potential for formation of the Provisional People’s troops, and we Pena and had joined the appeal, and we have goals, what those goals that brought us together and made us go to the weapon? Goals are very simple and legitimate. First, the elimination of the militia, and we do not want to live for another hour if there is criminal militias backed and heavily armed.
Second call for the activation and not establish because there in Libya army, but activation of the army, the judiciary and institutions policeman and security on a professional basis and not on the basis of regional, ethnic, and this is the key requirement in order to live and live each compound Social in the south and all the tribes safety and security and in peace, this is what we want.
Interview: Nawaf Al-Ibrahim
05/02/2014, 21:23
(Voice of Russia)

هاااااااااااااااااااااااااام ::::تصريحااااااات
القبائل الليبية في الجنوب تقوم بتشكيل قوات شعبية لمواجهة المسلحينعبد الحكيم محمد أحد القادة الميدانيين للقوات الشعبية المؤقتة في سبهاسؤال: سيد عبد الحكيم أنتم توجهتم إلى تشكيل قوات شعبية، فما الذي تقصدونه بالمؤقتة، وما هي الأهداف التي ترسمون العمل عليها؟ هل انتم واثقون أنه باستطاعتكم أن تواجهوا كل هذه المجموعات المسلحة والتي تحظى بدعم عربي خليجي قطري تركي غربي؟جواب: هذا سؤال جيد وسأجيبك عليه. لكل شيء حد ولكل شيء نهاية فالقشة التي قسمت ظهر البعير، هذا ما أود أن أسلط الضوء عليه، ونحن وصلنا إلى جرائم لا أخلاقية ولا إنسانية، فتصور أخي الكريم أكثر من 30 حالة وبإمكانكم أن تسألوا المستشفى المركزي في الجنوب وتسالون الأطباء والممرضين حيث تم نزع الأكسجين بدم بارد وقتل المصاب أو المريض وخطفه من أيدي الأطباء والممرضين القائمين على إنعاشه ومحاولة معالجته وقتله بطلقة في الرأس ومن ثم رمي الجثة في القمامة، الشيء الآخر أن الجرائم اللا أخلاقية، تصور وصلت الميليشيات المسلحة الإجرامية في الجنوب إلى حد أنها تدخل إلى منزل مواطن وتختطف زوجته وهو من قبيلة الحساونة من الجنوب وهي قبيلة محافظة وشريفةن وقد تم اقتحام المنزل واخطف المرأة أما عينين زوجها ونقلها إلى شقة في الدور الثالث، فقفزت المرأة حفاظا على شرفها من الطابق الثالث، وبعد كل هذه الجرائم التي وصلت بالقبائل إلى حد لا تطاق الحياة معها، فوجهت نداء عاما وهو موجود عبر بعض وسائل الإعلام إلى جميع أبنائها وبإمكانياتها المحدودة لتكوين القوات الشعبية المؤقتة، ونحن لبينا هذا النداء والتحقنا، ونحن لدينا أهداف، فما هذه الأهداف التي جمعتنا وجعلتنا نتوجه إلى السلاح؟ هي أهداف بسيطة جدا ومشروعة. أولا القضاء على الميليشيات ، ونحن لا نريد العيش ولو لساعة أخرى بوجود الميليشيات الإجرامية المدعومة والمدججة بالسلاح.وثانيا ندعو إلى تفعيل وليس تأسيس لأنه يوجد في ليبيا جيش ولكن تفعيل الجيش والقضاء والمؤسسات الشرطي والأمنية على أساس مهني وليس على أساس جهوي أو عرقي، وهذا المطلب الرئيسي لكي نعيش ويعيش كل المركب الاجتماعي في الجنوب وجميع القبائل بأمن وأمان وبسلام، هذا ما نريده.أجرى الحوار: نواف ابراهيم
5.02.2014, 21:23
صــــــــــوت روسيــــــــــــا

Rusaifa Media Network
Radioa Rusaifa FM
Rusaifa-media video and audio

Publications récentes d’autres personnes sur zero hour Afficher tout
Asma Mohammed:
News ÚÇÇÇÇĚá spotted a convoy of Misurata, accompanied by a total of Altba moves towards untouched

at 11:00 today after they were last night in the area of ​​jurists is likely to be heading to Sabha on all Altba

take caution and common sense.

and please Circular and Publishing
3 février, 12:51

Tabu channel on Facebook
The control of the oil depot in Sabha by forces led by Tabu pond and Redco. Forces and escape Awlad Suleiman mice for this fat girls that they are cowards and sound has been sent to Kitron 2 trucks, 2 and 3 to Murzuq to hand Opare .. which prevent the distribution of oil these areas by those militias for a month.
What still looked these war besara.

Now renewed clashes with weapons and medium Altqilh a little while ago in the way of agricultural
Mesh and Alaoda yet known
((Channel Fezzan Jermanyh)) Aaaaaaaaagel Ahjowom Alaasbat Chadian (Kmaaa said) stationed

at the gate 17 and the Indian company is shelling residential neighborhoods with heavy weapons”.

Pond and Rdako President of the Chamber joint security “South” :

We secure all the entrances and exits of the city,

including the oil reservoir and General Electric Company and confirms that the city will return to normal life

daily in the coming days and Ozaana fuel to all regions of the South and

will be evacuated Castle Sabha and battalion Knight desert formerly of the group

which they are located in the next few hours.

Channel Tabu Tabu Facebook:
To the people of Sabha:
/ You mobilization Khozanatkm water
/ You provide the food and drink
/ You ‘commitment to your homes and do not go out to the streets
/ You take each and all you need is Oazemkm
Finally Lord Ikdrna to do good /.
Tabu news entry to battalion Farr and the airport:
SEBHA airport

al-KUFRA (of the S.E) :

Renewed clashes between tribes and Tabu Azwaip in al-Kufra and
heavy weapons and missiles are showered on the city.

Millions of Tabu tribes in the Sahara desert creeps mounted to the right in the south of Libya

and punishment of wrongdoers.

The Tabu border guard in the Sahara in southern Libya. The Tabu border guard in the Sahara in southern Libya.

“There are also Islamist groups that want to control borders,” says Fathi Baja, professor of political science at Benghazi University..

Tabu and Zwai residents now stick to their heavily guarded neighbourhoods in Kufra.

Small numbers of official army troops guard the town’s invisible borders, having replaced the Shield of Libya auxiliary forces initially dispatched as a neutral buffer after clashes in February.

“The Minister of Defence gave orders to Islamists to go down, control the borders and sort out the issue,” says Rami Al-Shahiebi, one of the few journalists who travelled to Kufra in February.

The undisciplined Shield soon turned their weapons on the Tabu, Al-Shahiebi says. Convinced by the more media-savvy Zwai and Libyan broadcasts from Tripoli that ‘foreigners’ were invading, fighters trekked from as far as the coastal town Misrata for battle.

After hundreds were killed and the Tripoli government was sufficiently embarrassed by the role of their appointed ‘peacekeepers’, a ceasefire was brokered between the Shield and Tabu in June.

Fawzia Idris, an outgoing 37-year-old Tabu nurse in Kufra’s Shura district, is part of a volunteer effort to plant one-foot-tall saplings amongst the piles of rubbish. “To make the neighbourhood beautiful,” she explains.

“Racism and control of the border are the big things,” Idris says. “We are Muslim, but maybe because we are black and not white they think we are not Libyan.

Hassan Mousa, a Tabu military spokesman from Kufra, is direct. “The stability of the south depends on Tabu rights. And Libya’s stability depends on the south’s stability,” he warns.

The Tabu border guard in the Sahara in southern Libya. Credit: Rebecca Murray/IPS.

The death of Khaled Mahdi Omar called his wounds when his attack on a group of Tabu in Taiory.

This little fellow seems oblivious to what is going on around him:


The more extreme, ultra-fundamentalist Libyan ‘Salafi’ party, Al-Watan (The Nation) – inspired by the ideology of Saudi Wahhabism and is led by Abdel hakim Belhadj, former leader of the Al-Qaida-affiliated Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG)

In 2012, at El-Tag near Kufra, in southeast Libya, ’Salafis’/Wahabi removed the body of Sidi Muhammad Al-Mahdi Es-Senussi (1844-1902), a supreme sheikh of the Senussi Sufi order, from his mausoleum.
‘Salafi’ camouflage, Wahabism is unpopular with Libyan Muslims. The latter are devoted to Malkite traditions as a major component of their national history and heritage. Where Muslim clerics and official authorities do not act efficiently to protect the tombs and shrines of Muslim saints, local residents may do so. The Wahabi minority may continue to harass and interfere with the moderate majority.
NATO MUFTI SADAK GHARYIANI, who favors the so-clled ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, has issued false “FATWAS” in favor of razing all the saintly shrines in Libya!!!

(picture here is Belhadj with a younger Terry Osman –Osama bin Laden, when in Afghanastan.)

Libyans call non-Libyan Salafists “KHARIJITES”—meaning “FOREIGNER”. Bel-hadj, and many other Kharijites, now infest Libya and hold important governmental positions! Belhadj is Governor of Tripoli under Ali Zaidane.)



Urgent please PublishingLiberal sons Fateh Revolution of SpettmbralmugodonLibyan brothers Liberal sons Fateh Revolution of Spettmbralmugodon in Germany, (where resides Dr. Moussa Ibrahim):On Saturday, 08/02/2014 from 12:00 Dahra Hatta 17:00 pm.
You have a protest in front of the Libyan Embassy in BERLIN:Podbielskiallee 42, Schützenstrasse 15-17To protect civilians in Libya and stop the shedding of innocent blood and human rights abuses and Taadib prisons and genocide of tribes and violence against women and children.



1:11 Statement southern Tunisia


Mu plays with his grandkids in tent wintertime

Libya 1969-1973
al-Qathafi …

After assuming power was immediately shut down the u.s. and British military bases, including the air hoilos kadhafi told Western officials that their companies would be closed and thus forced out of investing in oil fields in Libya did not participate in more revenue. Oil companies have complied with the request, and Libya share from 79 to 90 percent. In December of 1969, frustrated supporters of kadhafi, a planned coup against kadhafi senior members of its leadership. Many of the dissidents has made unstable growth with growing relationship with Egypt.
Noha al-Gaddafi on the sale of alcohol and non-Gregorian calendar, rename the table of months, from August, named after August Caesar, Hannibal, July, named after Julius Caesar, to Nasser, Gamal Abdel Nasser. His decision to abandon the Hijri and Gregorian calendar, adopted a new calendar and unique to Libya from the death of the Prophet and the Prophet’s birthday is also, adopting different labels is prevalent. In 1970, Gaddafi’s expulsion of Italian settlers left from Libya, emphasized what he saw as a battle between Arabic and Western imperialism nationalism. And openly opposed Zionism and Israel, the expulsion of the Jewish community of Libya. And the Libyans, in positions of power. In the early 1970s, Gaddafi created the revolutionary committees as channels for raising political awareness, with the goal of direct political participation by Libyans instead of the traditional party representative.
Fares apply
The picture in a Libyan Naga bawadi
(Fares apply)

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