NOTHING CAME out of yesterday “protests” ! All the rats are back; claiming resignations under duress and therefore not binding!
Zaidane just appoined another big rat as Secreatry of the Interior, Brigadier Salah Mazen.

Have faith though, because the protests are not from the Leadership of the Resistance. What the resistance is asking, is to continue a period of total CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE*…and do not send your children off to the RAT school system. Be well provisioned: for when the Green Army does arrive at your city, they wants all elderly, women, the infirm and children to stay indoors and away from the confrontations. This weekend in particular, do not open shops or drive to “work”….
and very important: DO NOT read the Mass Media news or reports, as they do not tell the truth.
PLEASE pray for the success of the People’s Liberation Armed Forces of the Great Jamahiriya.

Asthezwa victory Asthezwa hours crawling .. Asthezwa Bsamudna .. Asthezwa Bakdomana .. We are now moving Darb light .. and you are staying in Talmat graves .. Stdq hour of victory … and the doors Snzhv Mkaaan all of you .. and you will veto the masses .. and you Stsamudon in graves .. or Sjohnnaaa … but we Snalo the word of our victory in the squares and in Almidaúan .. In all Mkaaaanwala Alamaaaam. victory coming Bauowon God.
*: Channel Cyrenaica.

Announces civil disobedience in all the cities of Libya.
استهزوا بالنصر استهزوا بساعات الزحف..استهزوا بصمودنا..استهزوا بقدومانا..نحن الان سائرون بدرب النور..وانتم باقون في طلمات القبور..ستدق ساعة النصر ابوابها…وسنزحف عليكم من كل مكااان..وستنقض عليكم الجماهير..وانتم ستصمودون في القبور ..او سجوننااا…اما نحن سنعلوا كلامات نصرنا في الساحات وفي الميدائين ..وفي كل مكاااانوالي الاااماااام.والنصر قادم بعوووون الله

Mu Lion and Billah Cub

Stroll in the Park



A government source: assigning Brigadier Salah Mazen Interior portfolio
A government source: assigning Brigadier Salah Mazen Interior portfolio
07/02/2014 20:27
Author: Nargis Ghiryani

According to a government source said on Friday that Prime Minister Ali Zaidane commissioned Brigadier General Salah Mazen Interior portfolio.

He added the source for “news agency Solidarity” that this step comes within the framework of the amendments carried out by Zaidane and some government ministries, pointing out that Abbas will hold the office next week at the latest.

The Brigadier General Salah Mazen, of Casablanca, he served as Director of the CID branch Tripoli

before the CIA-led uprising; and was one of the first officers who defected from the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA.

It should also be noted that the Ministry of Interior was the most government ministries and a change of ministers, where the exchange by more than 3 feet ministers all of whom resigned after a period of assuming office, even commissioned by the Deputy Prime Minister for Development Affairs Abdul Karim friend recently.

The news agency Solidarity Mohammed Ghonaimi

A member of the National Congress what some of the media for their resignation from Congress.
Tripoli, February 8, 2014 (and) -denied a member of the National Congress what some of the media for their resignation from Congress. According to the notice published on the website of the National Congress has denied a member of the conference, namely Mr. \ “Taher Mohammed McNee \” Ms. \ “Zainab Shetty Hamidi \” for the Seventh Circuit City Murzuq what is rumored to Cefhataltoasl social, and some television channels, the news of their resignation.It also refuted the site in the last mention what was visible in one of the channels that a member of Congress, Mr. \ “key Hnbur has submitted his resignation indicating that Mr. .. \” Hnbur \ “has been issued in the right political decision of his dismissal by the application of political isolation for more than two months . referred to a number of members of the General National Congress said they reached (12),most of them members of the National Alliance has announced over local visual channels resignation from Congress. (and)

the resignation of a member of Congress, “Sadiq Abuaaúhh” zone mil membership of the Conference of the pagan.

Zubi arrest Solomon built a Fimtar

URGENT: arrest Suleiman Zubi member Allaotunai Congress year at the airport in Benghazi have built.

Libyans for their suffering Ago
What are the accomplishments produced by the national conference in Libya ?:
Cultural vacuum
Social vacuum
Deflate economic
Security vacuum
Vacuum military
Daily assassinations
Daily bombings
Daily thefts
A worsening situation with:
LACK OF WATER, fuel and electricity

destruction of homes and properties


taxes on everything

high food costs

inadequate health-care !

disease, alcoholism, prevailance of illegal drugs

non-inspection of consumable-goods.

proliferation of chemical weapons

destruction of shrines and mosques

surveillance of communications, even if available!

destrution of north-african arabic culture.
A red card and the suffering of the Libyan people


Libya’s international ….. Aaaaaaagel ….
A number of lawyers, judges and civil society institutions in Tripoli are preparing to raise the issue
at the conference Alaotunai year, accusing it of power rapist.
Do not motionless actor and not important events as we expected quite the course of the events of this day, and will remain all the data and denunciations air bubbles are flying here and there, the money he knew the Libyans that the so-called National Conference is a tool of destruction and looting of the bounties of Libya only, and when it ends role will leave the scene demonstration does not exceed the number ten people, and it seems that with the absence of water bottles injected solvents ecstasy will not see tournaments flimsy fake soon Kptolat called ZEW and much more of fooled them who have been crossing their bodies by traitors and customers for the destruction of Libya under the pretext of protection civilians and spreading democracy …..
(Astronomical spiritual Libyan)
The globe today a partagé la vidéo de News Libyan resistance valiant and NATO crimes and scandals.
Look O shows the security and safety
destruction of this man’s house for no reason!
انظروا يا ليبين الأمن والأمان


A huge fire in the restaurant next to the coast by the Presidential Radio

Fire in a building opposite the channel Libya Allaotunai (formerly the mass channel) by way of the coast and the initial investigations suggest the existence of Qalone Gas and sponge is evidence that the fire was caused by arson.

Gateway center: activist Nur al-Din Shiha mysteriously disappears in Tripoli.

Gate _ middle _ Libya: HID activist Nur al-Din Shiha, on Wednesday morning, in mysterious circumstances, and did not yet know the reasons for his disappearance. Sources close to the activist Nur al-Din Shiha:

“He disappeared mysteriously since last Wednesday afternoon, and was last seen in Green Square in Tripoli after leaving his hotel and in front of the Tripoli International Fair.”

In a telephone conversation for “middle gate”, on Saturday, with Nasser Abu Shiha, the father of Nur al-Din, said:

“It’s on its way to Tripoli to follow the mysterious disappearance.”

Friends said the activist Nur al-Din Shiha for “gateway center”:

“The hotel management told them his absence since last Wednesday afternoon.

Distributed Libyan Red Crescent Society branch Tripoli today Saturday 02/08/2014

Some non-humanitarian aid Gdaúah included blankets and heaters to the displaced people of the area Rullish:


Exit Ahli TRIPOLI in the arena Elhoudra to demand the fall of the Conference fake.
Each of resignation “, Muhammad Alkhnjara” a member of Congress fake. ‫ ‬
Gamal Abdel Nasser Street closure of shops good parts litter boxes.
The resignation of a member of Congress fake “sincere Abuaaúhh called” area of ​​the membership of the Conference mil ending.

خروج أهلي طرابلس في الساحة الحضراء لمطلبة سقوط المؤتمر المزيف #ليبيا

استقالة كل من ” المدعو محمد الخنجاري” عضو المؤتمر المزيف ‫#‏طرابلس‬ #ليبيا

اغلاق شارع جمال عبدالناصر من جيهة محلات قطع الغيار بصناديق القمامة #ليبيا.

استقالة عضو المؤتمر المزيف “المدعو الصادق ابوعائشة ” عن منطقة الماية من عضوية المؤتمر المنتهي #طرابلس #ليبيا

Service was cut off communication network Libyana orbit and Corner of the city….as well as for AJEELAT, and Sabratha and Surman and visitors even crossing of Ras !

Breaking News interruption of service to a statement orbit and Wi-Mex from Rishvana to top worthy and uninterrupted Wi-Mex city five for the seventh day in a row the assassination of one Illaz army in the area of ​​the five.

Continued uninterrupted communication services for mobile phone “Libyana and orbit” for the city of Zawiya and several other cities are located west of the capital Tripoli.


injury activist “inventory Ahmed Orabi,” one of the founders of the movement does not extend the

arena green simple injury and survived an assassination attempt after being shot towards his car near

a mosque compassion Btajurae. 

Misrata militias applying at the gate Alqoaah “eastern gate of the city,” and shows the gunmen in civilian clothes and black vehicles
(* Sniper *)




Carrion Sifaw Apodih before entering me and Rishvana moments
Video of the cadaver Sifaw Apodih killer of children and women and destroyed the homes of innocent moments before entering into the land of thorns and Rishvana and thankfully RBI and avenged him of its forms and Rouho Behm in a coffin … Ahzaw to the way he talks and it was clearly drunk and Asmau what he said: O Htalh Bnmshoha and society … etc. … In the end Lord Dima with the oppressed and the oppressor uniforms just end!!!
فيديو للجيفة سيفاو ابودية قاتل الاطفال و النساء و مهدم بيوت الابرياء قبل دخوله بلحظات الي ارض الشوك ورشفانة و الحمد لله ربي انتقم منه و من اشكاله و روحو بيهم في تابوت … لاحظو طريقة كلامه واضح عليه كان مخمور و اسمعو ماذا قال : بنمسحوها و يا حتالة المجتمع …الخ … في النهاية ربك ديما مع المظلوم و الظالم نهايته زي توه !!!



School offers immortality Sirte to sabotage the dawn of the day …
Mr. “Abdel Mawla Zayani,” school director immortality of basic education in the residential area second in Sirte,
that the school has been at dawn today to sabotage and messes and burn management Bunting and archive
students and exam results for this school year as well as the previous years, in addition to the theft of a
number of computers and heating.



Channel Cyrenaica.
Announces civil disobedience in all the cities of Libya.


out on the streets today demanding the overthrow National Conference .


Employees of Branch Registry Authority Estate area of Green Mountain .. declare civil disobedience

until they are responding to the demand for a referendum on the extension of National Conference.

Corporal assassination “Ali Issa exiled” (exiled’s so-called unity of the military – lab Qaeda)

shot by unknown assailants while standing in one of the patrols in the city.

“The globe today” a partagé la photo de Elmessallati Hussein.

Al-Jazeera reporter in Benghazi (Ahmed Khalifa) breathes a lie ..

And spews venom malicious and distorts the children in his hometown .. God and yes, the agent.


(The ANSAR al-SHARIA have also taken over AJEELAT and RISHVANA) Their false claim, as previously in DERNA, “to protect civilians” !!!


Sereni newspaper

Banks and government departments in Shahat witnessing closure since morning till now.

المعـــــــــــــــــموره اليــــــــــــــــــــوم
نقلا عن الصفحة الرسمية لتنظيم انصار الشريعة : تحقيقاً لمقاصد الشريعة الغراء خرج إخوانكم في أنصار الشريعة ” الدوريات الأمنية ” لتأمين بعض المناطق والمفترقات الحيوية في مدينة بنغازي


Abdullah Aalghemati represents NO ONE!

Area Qmins take all actions and decides to drop out today Abdullah Aalghemati member of Congress for Qmins after ignoring the demands of the people of the region.




Urgent: –

Now demonstrators in Martyrs’ Square Tobruk declare that their demands
Are the same demands of the demonstrators in Benghazi, Vote No and yes
For the departure of the conference, and the demands are: –

– National Congress ended on a legitimate 7-2 and receive the Supreme Court
Legislative power in the country.
– Constitution of the Judicial Council does 51 or 63 people with a referendum on
The state system and form of government.




The assassination of Chancellor Abdulaziz al-Husadi former Attorney General shot by unknown assailants in the city of Derna





Awlad Suleiman Algdarin asking Magistrate of Tabu Today

Yesterday at 12 text has theft carried out by a young Moroccan man and the youth of the tribe Awlad Sulayman of farm Alkhbayra residents Sabha new and the owners of the farm Balrmih the robbers died person Moroccan was arrested on a person from the tribe of Awlad Suleiman arose a group of cousins ​​arrested attack on the home of Alkhbayra.
The shooting was injured on the track one of the sons of Alkhbayra two bullets in the chest and was taken to the hospital as well as carried out the attack on the police station, new weapons and they stripped members of the center of their weapons and stolen and the liberalization of the prisoners who are the center, but they did not find their relative inside the center but was converted to the building of the Directorate and the fear of retaliation in the case of the death of the infected son Alkhbayra and Lord Lester and injected into the blood
(Moved “Directorate of Security Sabha”)



This delayed it oh the February .. Qataris say to you Qtae?????
Please circular and publishing to reach all Libyans idiots Almenbtahin to Qatar:
That’s what they brought to the traitors and agents of our country from destruction, looting and theft, torture rats who brought shame us Mazloa offer and prove they are the biggest customers and traitors in the history of mankind ..
Libya lose her hotel water floating Cruz lost to Libya her hotel floating tourist with 625,000,000 million euros and that when he refused to board a shame transitional pay the value of the premium deal, which is 270 million euros contracted Germa for maritime transport in the Great Jamahiriya on a deal to 6,000,000,000 euros to buy 4 hotels Floating aquatic world and build nine terminals freely on the Libyan coast is full and it was estimated for the project to be completed in 23 years – 7 – 2013 opens on 01/09/2013 .. Entered the country in chaos and destruction in the year 2011 .. Asked the company to pay the value of the premium for a giant tourist steamer remaining amount to be delivered by saluting the completion rate was 90% of the first vessel and asked the company to detect them before finishing .. Thieves refusal shame Transitional Council Faqamt company to stop the project and offered to ship in the auction so the friends one leader Muammar Gaddafi businessmen bought the ship and pay the remaining amount of the company .. The project has been implemented based on the study of economic and generates the project after its completion on Libyan state per year from 27 to 33 billion .. Experts have predicted that the projects will be especially full during 4 years of operation, and provide jobs for local employees 173 453 .. The loss of the project loss of Libya to this deal, which was attended by 236 engineer planning and economy and architects saluting was to be implemented with 17 hotels and 30 tourist resort on the beach and 22 tourist resort in different parts of the Libyan desert 7 Airports air with a capacity of 2 million passengers per annum expandable to 50 passenger plane and 13 plane Air cargo worth 79 billion .. One of the most important project is accompanied by internal tourism within the Mediterranean and the European Union indulgence in the granting of visas to Libyans because they entered the European Partnership .. And destroyed the traitors and agents and insane afflicted descendants of Turks and Italians this huge project …
And led the country
هذا ما جلبوه الخونة والعملاء الى بلادنا من دمار ونهب وسرقة وتعذيب الجرذان الذين جلبوا العار لنا مازلوا يقدمون ويثبتون انهم اكبر عملاء وخونة في تاريخ البشرية ..ليبيا تخسر فندقها المائي العائم كروز خسرت ليبيا فندقها العائم السياحي ومعه 625.000.000 مليون يورو وذلك حين رفض مجلس العار الانتقالي دفع بقيمة اقساط الصفقة وهي 270 مليون يورو تعاقدت شركة جرمة للنقل البحري فى الجماهيرية العظمى على صفقة بــــ6.000.000.000 يورو لشراء 4 فنادق مائية عائمة عالمية وبناء 9 مرافيء بحرية على كامل الشط الليبي وكان المقدر للمشروع ان ينتهي في سنة 23 – 7 – 2013 ليفتتح في 1.9.2013 .. دخلت البلاد في حالة الفوضى والدمار فى سنة 2011 .. طلبت الشركة دفع بقيمة القسط للباخرة السياحية العملاقة وهي المبلغ المتبقي عليها لتسليمها حيت ان نسبة الانجاز كانت 90% من الباخرة الاولى وطلبت الشركة للكشف عليها قبل التشطيب .. رفض لصوص مجلس العار الانتقالي فقامت الشركة بايقاف المشروع وعرضت الباخرة في المزاد فقام احد اصدقاء القائد معمــر القــذافى من رجال الاعمال بشراء الباخرة ودفع المبلغ المتبقي للشركة .. المشروع تم تنفيذه بناء على دراسة اقتصادية ويدر المشروع بعد اكتماله على الدولة الليبية في السنة الواحدة من 27 الي 33 مليار .. وتوقع الخبراء بأن المشاريع ستكون خاصة بالكامل خلال 4 سنوات من تشغيلها وتوفر فرصة عمل لــ173453 موظف محلي .. خسارة المشروع خسارة لليبيا لهذه الصفقة التي شارك بها 236 مهندس تخطيط واقتصاد ومعماريين حيت كانت ستنفذ معه 17 فندقاً و30 منتجع سياحي على الشاطي و22 منتجع سياحي في مناطق متفرقة من الصحراء الليبية 7 مطارات جوية بسعة 2مليون مسافر سنوياً قابلة للتوسعة و 50 طائرة نقل ركاب و13 طائرة شحن جوي بقيمة 79 مليار .. وكان من أهم ما يرافق المشروع هو السياحة الداخلية داخل البحر المتوسط وتساهل الاتحاد الاوروبي في منح التأشيرات لليبيين وذلك لأنهم دخلوا الشراكة الاوروبية .. ودمر الخونة والعملاء والمجانين المبتلية من احفاد الترك والطليان هذا المشروع الضخم …وادى البلاد



1K 67 Iran announces & sends warships to the YANKEE WATER-border, as a response to the moves in the Persian Gulf by the the U.S. Navy:

Command announced Iranian Navy on Saturday, February 8, to send warships to the border, the U.S. Navy in response to the spread of U.S. ships in the Gulf region. The commander of the Northern Fleet Iranian Afshin Rezaei Haddad that “Iranian warships had crossed the coast of South Africa on its way to the Atlantic Ocean,” and they are “approaching the border from the U.S. Navy, and this step is a clear message.” The move comes after the commander of the Iranian navy, Admiral Habibollah Sayyari said earlier that Iran intends to send naval vessels to respond to the presence of the U.S. Fifth Fleet in the Gulf. Source: RT + “Knight” Russia Today

Iran announces send warships to the border, the U.S. Navy



An armed group attacked a convoy of police cars and fleeing the south of Algeria to Libya
2/8/2014 6:55 AM
An armed group attacked a convoy of police cars and fleeing the south of Algeria to Libya
Convoy of police vehicles on Friday evening, between the city and the village Omnas Ohant state Alesi eastern Algeria, heavy fire from an armed group, in a bid to grab the wheel-drive vehicles belonging to the police.
The newspaper “news” in the issue dated on Saturday, citing Anmassaderha, he did not record any loss of life after the attack, which was thwarted by the forces of the security guard.
The sources did not specify the number of members of the attacking group, but said it belonged to gangs smuggling and banditry, which are active at the level of the border with Libya.
The forces began ground and air sweep of the area and wide in search of the terrorist group, which is believed to be headed towards the border with Libya.

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