Conference of Criminals, nothing seems to be able to remove them!

Mu tour of Italy

Mu in sub-african garb

Mu’ammar al-Qathafi warned us, but who was listening ?:



Jbnaha and told you zoom in and liberated Bjeelatyna
Report of channel France 24 about the presence of 4,000 French troops on the ground in Libya
France to decide the fate of Libya
French Foreign Ministry:
“We will hold an international meeting concerning Libya to combat terrorism.”



Salah Jaudh in Carthage airport Marawah to Libya after he had a phobia of the day 07-02-2014:

Wati Congress refuses to step aside and dispense power and hold
Session amid tight security escorts, and discuss Committee, which
Will be selected to implement the roadmap for a period of 10 months to come!!

Chino when he was at the USTA denier today as threatened Night Albareh members of Congress

and the pagan death penalty in the case entered the conference hall of the New.

National Congress defied his constituents and meet after the end of the period of validity.

A fourth group Alaadaoah Tahristin in Zintan and denier of the board
God, beg not to extend, and warn of dire reprocussions from all good and honest Libyans (against the illegal Conference).

Ali Zaidane client asks the so-called Conference Allaotunai exchange Tuari estimated budget Pei (1,6,000,000,000) billion, six hundred million dinars, only to change
According to leaks that this amount is the share of Zaidane before leaving the government provided unless Congress extend the period of his rule.
 Amount which Ashabqubl few of the CBL by militias room Libya rebels include compensation in addition
to financial rewards prisoners hundreds of millions of armor and the security room of the Chamber
of aspiring Libya rebels.



GPC basic Elvis Bucky free
Girls who often kept the Holy Quran at a mosque in the field of Algeria forced by the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood to come to the

door of the mosque to participate in a demonstration in support of the Muslim Brotherhood and the control of

Qatar on Libya.

‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD doing BRIBERY and non-local busing, to emass huge so-call “PROTESTS” for the CONTINUATION of the illigimate CONFERENCE !

Today the Brotherhood and Piedgahm conducting in their contacts and headed Madiha Skype and Jamal al-Haji, Khalid Mashri in order to rally the largest number in front of RIXOS tomorrow upheld Congress and Sadat Badri and Brothers Council of Abdul Razak Al-Aradi and Abdul Razzaq Abouhger are funding PHYSICAL to move some buses from neighboring cities to the capital to bring defamation sprinkled and their henchmen for barking in front of the conference will now be distributed Tripoli Local Council of money for some young people to move young people and give them full of gasoline and hyphens Arashwaoy money and play 9 tonight Tripoli is to pay bribes.

The attack on the crew of each channel Libya baddies in the field of Algeria and smashing cameras

by protesters supporters of the Conference retaliatory.

Al-Qaeda in Derna, and saucer in Benghazi, and the receiver in Tripoli, and the remote in the hands of Qatar.

Watch ŘíČĺ nights Fberaearerrr stricken

Inventory Nuri Baby Bushmin arrows in the session following the NATO today:

“we have not received any written resignation of resignations”

Vote zooming in most mosques now.

Alraeid factory owner purchased the factory breeze
Water bottling company’s water Tripoli
The factory is located on 3 acres near the factory
The star of the soap and detergent factory work
The region’s youth, who have been offered a training course
Yogurt plant in Misrata, but he likely will build
Branch to manufacture its products on the factory floor.

Become a murder on the streets in broad daylight
One man was killed in Omar Mukhtar Street and stealing 360 000 dinars from him,

God forgive him, and mercy on him.

القتل اصبح في الشوارع وفي وضح النهار
قتل رجل في شارع عمر المختار و سرقة 360 الف دينار منه , اللهم اغفر له و ارحمه




Open road link between Al-Azizia and Gharyan after closing lasted for several weeks.

the road link between the capital and Gharyan

 AZAZIA and local roads to Gharyan and TRIPOLI in Nafusa Mountains

AZAZIA and local roads to Gharyan and TRIPOLI in Nafusa Mountains



They pledge to wipe Rishvana and her inhabitants off the earth!

I hope a very important publication:

The so-called battalion Lhalboss gangs of Misrata student from the state Jermanah fifty million to enter and Rishvana.
And battalion commander said Alhablos what your income in Shi Bring fifty million and I get into the Orishvana and wounded and treated with high
Rats and still they agree they have just charged the mountain rats
And rats in the mountain prepare themselves Pedkhaloa and Rishvana in the coming days.

“Zero hour” writes:Tender souls and Rishvana ..…..

How cheap are the souls of the Libyans are even cheaper than paper napkins and become raised in open tenders.
Government customers and the shame and science vile villainy and sale homelands and conscience, not Ictfo Resolution No. (7) for the destruction of Bani Walid and his consequent displacement of Orvlh.
Here they are asking this tender open between militias to storm and Rishvana and destruction and the displacement of its people and expropriated their symptoms.
Actually if I do Macit ashamed, and still hear Alozn is inconceivable and also said the late poet squint bin Kareh (Leszek New forget to Walat).
If the Libyan one still has a shred of national and fulfillment of Libya and its people can not be pleased with him that the extension does not for a moment one of these villains.
Made the so-called militia Lhalboss are viewing the destruction and Rishvana paid fifty million dinars, and provide for expenses Jerhh treatment of its members.
But villainy and cynicism and betrayal is not in Misrata, but also got to Gado and around the militias, Vtqdmo best offer of the Government of shame propagated awarding them probably ten million dinars, or even less.
God damn you all and I barely disbelieve this people, which proved to be not out of him and do not bind any link interconnected womb is not a religion, people stripped of all the values ​​of humanity, it is actually less tidy than dogs.
How long will this submission, humiliation and lie Aashab Bazin?
How long will this hypocrisy Aashab mountains and the customers?
How long and when Aashab ……………… ?



Coastal road Zliten morning:

dozens of vehicles MISURATA locusts and heavy weapons and trucks carrying tanks coming from Misurata westbound towards Tripoli.



This image of the Misrata militia stationed in Alqoaah.





unprecedented MISURATA MB militias and the presence of armed men in the thick of all intersections Prairie City.

Haley Prairie City Btoaber standing on the banks and protesting against the undescended Mratbaathm and are preparing

to escalate in the absence of the government’s response to the client.



“ZERO HOUR” writes us:

Benghazi is not flown over by the Guardian Angels}Since 2011 entered the Devils to Benghazi from all over the world and met some of the locals in Benghazi Devils cordially in a hoax made by Qatar and carried out by France, and left the Angels the city since that day, to enter the city in a spiral of death and destruction and ruin;and when leader Muammar al-Qathafi wanted to save Benghazi, he sent his son Billah;

but the Devils have persuaded people that Billah and his army “is coming to destroy them, and destroy their city” (rather than eliminate the demons and their actions dirty and sincerity of many novel demons in Benghazi).

And lied novel men right who were seeking to free them from demons and their actions, after he killed the men in a convoy of pride, hauled Devils city and pant all satanic deeds and become people scream the loudest voice calling for a savior to save her from this hell.

Three years and death and explosions transmit the lives of people to hell, missed the security, safety and absent smile on the faces of the people who are no longer in front of them;

but the tragedy and this a normal situation for those who opens the doors of his city of demons and expels them angels, …everyone wonders today in Benghazi: why did not we listen to the words of the leader Muammar al-Qathafi (but instead, why we chose hell) and emerged from the Commission on Security and safety?

Are questions later does not do any good, even Adam, peace be upon him, out of the Gardens of Paradise when he committed the sin of violation of the commands of God Almighty:
Such is Divine justice, even with the prophets, requires that the person who commits a sin to be punished, no matter what his situation was described by the sincerity of his actions.

Those who left Benghazi, its actions and its alliance with the demons of a safe haven where they lived, and their familes knew that the prisoners (who were killed at the time of the security) were demons and were imprisoned and were killers. This all by a matter of the continuation of life in the Safety Committee.

In the absence of angels, do not be surprised Shi to kill women and children…
and turns quiet night to hell, and the return of a sleeping security and the smile, is now beyond impossible.

You Edjltm demons ! and you get them out today because you want to return to life again: Valmenkz have left is the one with the angels and leaving you life in Jajim (created by your own erroneous deeds….

and minds that do not think about the future, are ruled by demons and guarduan angels are absent from being about him.

نغازي لا تطير فوقها الملائكة }

منذ عام 2011 دخلت الشياطين الي بنغازي من كل حدب وصوب واستقبل بعض الاهالي في بنغازي الشياطين بكل ترحاب في خدعة صنعتها قطر ونفذتها فرنسا وغادرت الملائكة المدينة منذ ذلك اليوم ، لتدخل المدينة في دوامة القتل والدمار والخراب ، وعندما اراد القائد معمر القذافي انقاذ بنغازي ارسل لها نجله المعتصم بالله لكن الشياطين اقنعت الناس بأن المعتصم بالله وجيشه قادم للقضاء عليهم وتدمير مدينتهم وليس القضاء على الشياطين وأفعالهم القذرة وصدق الكثيرين رواية الشياطين في بنغازي وكذبوا رواية رجال الحق الذين كانوا يسعون الي تحريرهم من الشياطين وتصرفاتهم ، بعد ان استشهد الرجال في رتل العزة ، استحوذ الشياطين عن المدينة وبانت كل افعالهم الشيطانية وصارت الناس تصرخ بأعلى صوتها تنادي عن منقـذ يخلصها من هذا الجحيم .

ثلاثة سنوات والموت و الانفجارات تحيل حياة الناس الي جهنم ، غاب الامن والأمان وغابت البسمة على وجوه الناس ولم يعد امامهم إلا المأساة وهذا وضع طبيعي لمن يفتح ابواب مدينته للشياطين ويطرد منها الملائكـة ، الجميع يتساءل اليوم في بنغازي لماذا لم نستمع لكلام القائد معمر القذافي لماذا اخترنا الجحيم وخرجنا من جنة الامن والأمان ؟ هي اسئلة متأخرة لا تجدي نفعاً فحتى سيدنا ادم عليه السلام خرج من الجنة عندما ارتكب خطيئة مخالفة اوامر الله عز وجل ، العدالة الالهية حتى مع الانبياء تقتضي ان من يرتكب خطيئة لابد من عقابه مهما كان وضعه وصفته وصدق افعاله ، خرجت بنغازي بأفعالها وتحالفها مع الشياطين من جنة آمنة كانت تعيش فيها ، وعرف اهلها ان المساجين والذين قتلوا في زمن الامن كانوا من الشياطين وكان سجنهم وقتلهم من دواعي استمرار الحياة في جنة الآمان .

في غياب الملائكة لا تستغرب شي ان يقتل النساء والأطفال ويتحول هدوء الليل الي جحيم ويصبح النوم أمنية والابتسامة أمر ما بعد المستحيل ، انتم ادخلتم الشياطين وعليكم اخراجهم اليوم اذ اردتم العودة للحياة مجدداً فالمنقذ قد غادر هو الآخر مع الملائكة وترك لكم الحياة في ججيم صنعته افعالكم الخاطئة وعقولكم التي لا تفكر في مستقبل تحكمه الشياطين وتغيب عنه الملائكـة

News about the detention of a battalion commander of the so-called February 17 the offender previously

(Fawzi Boktefbuilt the airport in Benghazi after riding in the volatile African heading to the city of Tripoli.

Release Heretic Fawzi Boktef after his arrest for hours in Pnina.
And to prevent a member of the Conference of scandals Ali Zubi from leaving the airport have built to Turkey.


MB Threat up to my school and Khansa October 5 to stop the education of women in # Benghazi # Libya
Takfirists to have last night burning cars silks and number eight cars in the area of ​​West Street (the village of al-Saadi),
part of their campaign against the leadership of women, the fatwa transmits Altcfhirien thrust of killing three girls Icodn cars
entering paradise this terrorist act on the fatwa by extremist groups.



2-day old child kidnapped!

Communiqué of operations Salim moment kidnap a child from the hospital only two days old green kidnappers footmen wearing a blue sports suit and princes fermented and have the vehicle number plate Sunny white former excellence (10-5-456784)




Now the people of Tobruk cheers Nboha decisive night.


¤ assassinate Colonel Faraj bin imagination Badkhruge of evening prayers.



This morning … No to extension.

Jufrah-Hun protestors say No to extension

Almzarat to the Hun / Jafra:
Rats Hun expelled from the gate (will Najla) located between the Hun and Sukna and now the gate where Almzarat

so informed the Liberals in order to Aigawa in the trap.

Hun / Jufrah
Misrata militias Mdayrin gate in (Sovngelh) that were expelled after the so-called security committee Kano guarding the gate and are located between the city of Hun and Sukna.






An armed MIZRATA group made attacks on Sabha. Those who are wounded (from among the Misratan attackers)

in the senseless clashes, are sent to Mitigua Hospital and combing Mrafikhm;
and Mitigua hospital expels them out of the hospital, and throws them onto the streets!

(picture shows Mitugua Airport entrance)

Asma Mohammed:
News ÚÇÇÇÇĚá spotted a convoy of Misurata accompanied by a total of Altba moves towards untouched at 11:00 today after they were last night in the area of jurists is likely to be heading to Sabha on all Altba take caution and common sense and please Circular and Publishing-

Aaaaaaaaaaaajl swear him that there is no God, but is the one Sunday in this it the morning had stopped the two truckloads of missiles Grad, which means the locusts Balaba and Dkhirh or three twenty heading to the Sixth Brigade and their Talathachkas only they had told the whole of the base Jawaa Bjfrh That fired Asraham .

This means that the state had a hand downright Tabu in genocide if Misurata have no relevance in this it what it should be immediately confiscated the ammunition is now Mottagh the city of Sabha and was the lie I hope my words of God that Ahaspena doomsday.

Tabu channel on Facebook:
Uncertain and news from reliable sources inside the hospital medical Attia Alcasa Heathens
Clashes began yesterday evening around 11:00 hours on the morning of my very Bhaon and Rjemat Saorieg Valley casualties than 6 dead and 27 wounded from the ranks of boutiques criminal Azwaiat were transferred today to the city of Benghazi this morning.

Tabu the control of large parts of Sabha, notably the Indian company and the gate 17.

Shufu army Jirdani God farce = 10200883995716422
(FB has already pulled this!)


Congestion at petrol stations in Ubari.





Rappers of Zionist Money


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