Hftar arrested and Illigitimate Conference still rules

Mu disguised as a Taureg

(MU’AMMAR al-Qathafi disguised as a Taureg)

Oh God, give us victory, O Lord of the Worlds ..

God and Muammar and Libya ups everywhere.

Revolutionary Struggle continuously until victory, God willing.

Approached the hour of decision …!! Historical hour, God willing,

Rotating in Heretics .. No mercy and no pity with them.


News heroic Libyan resistance and crimes and scandals NATO:
Chairman of the Supreme Council for the Tuareg in Libya:
We will meet before the 20th of February, to determine the current position.

News Libyan armed resistance on FB / SUN WILL LOSE MASS:
Generalizable …………………
Began the process of controlling the coup on the headquarters of the conference pagan and this means
that there is no government, and therefore the military government is in control of the Libyan arena in the coming hours,
Differences between militias among themselves and between the army Allaotunai will cause Ochaabakat
between Triple Almtnahr at the level of the capital to control the institutions and facilities; and,
control means control over Tripoli, Libya.
As for Cyrenaica, we are waiting impatiently for these clashes to declare secession from Libya, but not as a region or Kaamarh Kingdom.
As for the south, there will be cohesion between all Tabu and Touareg to form an army capable of protecting its wealth (oil).
As for the free and honorable green flag, there will be a great surprise in this month, not only for you but for the entire world.
Patience and public awareness is the only way for the return of the Libyan masses (Libya).
ــــــــــــــ شمــس الجمــاهيرية لن تغيب ــــــــــــــ SUN WILL LOSE MASS.

“32 Enhanced Brigade” has an obsession to eliminate the criminal militias in Libya.

“Zero hour” on FB, comments:

“If you are not eligible to say a word because the light is not taking her conqueror and Mbda sacrifice, patience and glory and prestige and victory ….. On behalf of the SOL.

Our patience and a lot more Snsber that preaches us God promised victory .. God Almighty said
(And human patient):
Will not surrender and will not give up the more we signed increases our determination to promote and for each Maashnah will remain steadfast and confident and will not back down no matter what happens and will not accept a fait accompli imposed on us and can not in any way waive victory Vnasrna is our dignity
And for the moral dignity of our lives is not without dignity of life is lived without dignity of life is worthy of our love and self-esteem and pride perfected addicted Shoumoukh will not kneel Alavi our prayers ….”



(pictured are ALI Sour Plant & Misurata NURI arrows in interview together)

see Zaidane’s breakfast with outlaw MISURATA “al-Nassem” dairy products ?

Aaaaaaaaaaaaagel too ((the text of a leaked ‘phone call today)) from one of the national intelligence service, between the two shares:
Nuri Abu Bushmin arrows and Ali Zaidane :: 
Nuri Abusshmin: 
my brother Ali, how are you? I liked your revolution on the pawns in Benghazi and God does not maibwa red eye, but you Alj-love :::
How are you Professor Nuri ? Aarajl received punishment moldy smell uniforms sweepings speak and antagonize, which I can not run a bath.

ratified Hola Meboa non Gal-Qathafi knows their medicine because their uniforms and Look Zintan from the sale of truffles Yeboah become. Government Is muggers, but the religious and worship Mankhalém go back to selling truffles and housing drilling; and just the boy who in Abu Salim, Ghani, has videos Mskhm of when Xanthan were arrested in Abu Salim of how many months.
I spoke to Hashem (TAGOURIS) and told him Khalha down in the net and Avdhohm; and spoke to a room lenses conference. I told them: “Spread attack Mliqth the hotel and Avdhohm in the street.”
and God refund my servants others Are dogs ::

best Madert I Necip O professor Nouri. Paso Kotaite footmen what the next phase Hovoa fairly acceptable :::

just Mesh Is Aldoh time and more importantly thwart moves Haftar and Zintan, and who then becomes Horn.

any benefits ::: :::

Professor Abu arrows: 
long as a brother and a friend and ask about you all.

((ended with the caller ..))
on Bushmin or Zaidane Akzban this caller, and then we will publish an audio CD ::

I challenge them to discredit it and I’ll wait for them on the hottest coals. …

عااااااااااااجل جداً (( نص مكالمة هاتفيه مسربه اليوم من احد الوطنيين بجهاز المخابرات بين نوري ابو سهمين وعلي زيدان :: نوري ابوسهمين كيف حالك اخي علي عجبتني ثورتك على البيادق في بنغازي والله مايبوا الا العين الحمراء هل الجلوف ::: زيدان كيف حالك استاذ نوري ياراجل تلقى عقاب معفن رائحته زي الكناسه يتكلم ويخاصم وهو مش قادر يدير حمام ،، ابوسهمين صدقت هولاء مايبوا غير القذافي يعرف طبهم لانه زيهم وشوف الزنتان من بيع الترفاس يبوا يصبحوا حكومه هل السراق بس وديني وما نعبد مانخليهم يرجعوا لبيع الترفاس وسكن الحفر وتوا الولد اللي في بوسليم عبدالغني عنده مقاطع فيديو مسكهم عند زنتان قبض عليهم في بوسليم من كم شهر كلمت هاشم وقلت له خلها تنزل في النت وافضحوهم وكلمت غرفة عدسات المؤتمر قلت لهم انشروا تهجم مليقطه على الفندق وافضحوهم في الشارع والله معاد عندي خدمه غيرهم هل الكلاب :: زيدان احسن مادرت وانا بنسيب يا استاذ نوري بس قطيط ما راجل المرحله المقبله شوفوا حد مقبول ::: ابوسهمين توا مش وقت هل الدوه والاهم افشال تحركات حفتر والزنتان وبعدها اللي تبيه يصير ::: زيدان اي استحقاقات استاذ ::: ابو سهمين دمت اخ وصديق ونسأل عنك فقط … انتهت المكالمه )) على بوسهمين او زيدان ان يكذبان هذه المكالمه وعندها سوف ننشر السي دي صوتي :: اتحداهم تكذيب ذلك وانا انتظر منهم ذلك على احر من جمر ..



All channels in February, leaders and analysts are talking about the word coup ::

Here shall clarification ::

Is there a state originally to be a coup
Are there government originally to be a coup

All the Libyans know that the ruling is apparent militias and armed gangs that impose decisions by force of arms. And threatening of Balricksos and Taktafhm and Tbtzhm and their perception and Thenhm and forcing them to walk according to the agenda at and interests. They are just pawns They can not even protect their clothes and their children.

But the Libyans also know that even these militias are not the actual ruler. Because everyone knows that it is managed by Western embassies and Qatar Airways and Emirates .. They issued orders to move these militias or calm, or even whether or not the permit. To see this, despite all the chaos in the country,

but the U.S. ambassador and the British ambassador and the French move easily and wandering in all areas and holding meetings, agreements and without the knowledge of anyone Fberaaria. And only those militias task of protection only. We saw how the U.S. aircraft flying without knowing anyone. We saw how are arrested on any citizen of the center of the capital to protest without any one.

We saw how I could say Khrti Qatar collect weapons if you want it. We saw Kiev were released boob Zidane immediately after the intervention of Western embassies.

We saw how ISO Al-jdharan Britain after the closure of fields to receive instructions.

And therefore does not have a name Shi coup if only the real power that runs things today which external control over the country. But other than that, it is not not change roles according to a scenario prepared in advance of the player and the real ruler of Western embassies located in the capital and intelligence offices scattered across the country.

Intelligence report up since a few of the Conference Allaotunai.

Officers Bakdon group meeting now “Hall of the People in Tripoli” earlier for processing what the report

called the seizure of power.

Urgent .. A MISURATA convoy consisting of three hundred military vehicles from heavy weapons and medium-Track Misrata Military Council reach area Alqrbula waiting for orders to enter Tripoli from Tajourah axis and the axis of Spring Valley.
Defense Minister on his way now to the National Congress held an emergency session.
Columns of the rebel brigades from all the surrounding cities in Tripoli raise the degree of willingness to maximum score.

Strangely Today’s meeting was scheduled to review the alternatives of Zaidane, whatever approach the Zaidane calamity will occur.

Issued by NURI BUSHMIN “so-named” ‘Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces’.

The defense minister has orders to arrest any people gathered in the hall if there is movement.

The so-called room Libya rebels arrest Tamer Ali, Major General Haftar, charges the military coup and seize power.

7:31 Abdullah bending process reveals coup Khalifa Haftar


Tripoli, Libya
Military police refused to arrest Major General Khalifa Haftar processing charges to a so-called military “coup”.

Security source confirmed to the Agency that the military police had received an order of the National Congress

to arrest Major General Khalifa Haftar accused of presiding over a so-called military “coup” attempt in Libya ..
However, the arrest warrants dismissed from the military police on the grounds that the National Congress

lacks constitutional legitimacy since 07 February 2014 AD, according to the interim Constitutional Declaration
Tuesday, February 11th, 2014 AD. Edit. Mohammed Shafi.

And clear the game Mukhtar Fernana al-Akhdar Green, who is the head of the Zintani military police. Hua.

Partner in planning the so-called “Coup” !

The Rat Minister of Defense, the so-called “Abdullah bending”, will deliver a statement shortly afterwards:

B self-styled Libya International
URGENT: “National Congress” ended his tenure discusses the withdrawal of confidence from the Prime Minister and confer in alternative names may be more puppet-candidates to succeed puppet Zaidane.
Leaks list of rat candidates for prime minister, succeeding inventory Ali Zaidane:
Omar Ben Younes
Kotaite extender.
Mohammed Poker
Alhaji hopes
Ahmed Al Abbar
Omar Hassi
Ashour Hoael
Gaiblkm AHLA news from ratsA dernalhm ya baby:’Operations room Libya rebels’ “Official Page”
Statement rebel RATs eastern region.We learned this morning from reliable sources, the determination of a group of officers and politicians who are in contact with the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, as Lennon announced a statement against the legitimacy of the Libyan state and the National Congress,which embraced the Libyan people to be represented by him regardless of the position of the National Congress,we declare to those in conflict with the “will of the nation” that we will protect to the “Libyan 17 FEBRUARY Revolution and our legitimacy ” (HAH, hah!)
and those that protector them stand bdamaena!and our spirits warn all who are tempted to compromise “the security of Libya” (HAh, hah!), that we rebels are ready to protect the (17 FEBRUARY) “revolution” and its gains and the “maintaining the peaceful transition of power.”
Libya .. RATS Supreme Court sets February 24 to consider the constitutionality of “the law of political isolation” .._____(THESE so-called “rebels” are truly dillusional!!!!)

“Zero hour” writes:
Alaagmh who Tahristin where members of Congress and the ventral two years, is very natural that contribute to Tmddhm.
Video shows one seducer Behm by militias cart and humans and Behm involvement in battles against tribes ..
فيديو يوضح احد المغرر بيهم من قبل مليشيات كارة وبشر والزج بيهم في معارك ضد القبائل ..

“ZERO HOUR” writes:

Criminals, prisoners of Abu Salim (Ajdbea) receive money in return for a while. Imprisoned
And the people of Tawergha honorable living homeless nor plasmon you Lord cream Aataaorghae

wounded and Hspena God and yes, the agent.

Belhaj and Sami al-Saadi and hardness in the Office of Intelligence
and  Aaddoumon loyalty and obedience to Saif Gaddafi.
Traitors to Kano Athompshon on the eve of their masters !God’s curse on them and this Alvedioa of Alamle at debunking and slag each of its business Ali hardness and Abdul Hakim Belhadj.
بالحاج و الصلابي وسامي الساعدي في مكتب المخابرات و الولاء و الطاعة لسيف القذافي.الخونة لما كانو يتمسحون على اعتاب اسيادهملعنة الله عليهم وهذا الفيديوا من عند العملااء يكشف زيف وخبث ااعمالة لكل من الصلابي وعبد الحكيم بلحاج
(MY OCR refuses to give me a clear translation of the frames written. This is what it gave me!) :
Refine the spring. Solution
Henahma voluntarily for every n 0 k hurry to Haa to the bottom of the pre Jkloh
Iiaalia Amos Lalla
For folks. In general. Yale. Alive
Hah, followed by all
Mind of the king Ingaho hee 2 face Luke. What about you Qlabak unrest
Mmah for each of Qallla
Both players do not Ngilo
You right. BBs. DBS Au minimum altitude Lang. Per each
Iohlljkl to Antabh all at the Keck Pir Takla for Wa.
They Berrah n «T. feed 0.0 g – Aaakul – h—-For Hnella to make
0 of Ah Roma to carry mussels. Tirelessly to Hlqk
Melllqa to ta 2 Te.
Iksa catch of 0 Rtnelllqa ». Barr s for DBS.
—KC resolve each. Aa
Per exempt
Lq 0 Iike Lhz Lake Niamsala
At. Login ml. Instrument.
–Aatk by each pilgrimage. Yen for meat 0.0 taper BmlqtalFor the mind to work does not point to n 0 Ag Look Iqaaa to make it
Ka Bel 0
Makes for Allhaaa to make both She enjoys Iilhal–Ke a Ldi you navigate all yourĹÚ 0CJK Akkar to Ihll hampered
Haq 0 Gelaq. Attached to each.

0 comment because Qubhmanha Air Ra not receive Amsj
Ah Nhah k for Adjala Knit
Table Macllqa for not saluting both 0
Each. Terre for 20 Klaj Nquierj Kllh
For Mhauhelm.

History will not forget and will not Showing videos Stmli world one can erase them … those who provide Jardan loyalty and obedience to the engineer today and climb and rode Gahaar believe that history Sensi Fliscahid Jardan Amalguethm Kano where and what to say …
al-Qathafi’s Sirte Trchana.


Strong sandstorm hit Tripoli now.

ALLAH is making nature to work for us!

The disappearance of the editor of “Tripoli LIBYAN NEWS AGENCY”

Atmosphere of the country” – Abdulsalam customary, reporter:

The head of the “Steering Committee for the ‘Libyan News Agency’ (‘and’)” those that are friendly Basset,

“kidnapped” the editor of the “Tripoli LIBYAN NEWS AGENCY”, Younes Ali Younes, by persons unknown,

on Monday evening, from a cafe adjacent to the Mahari Hotel in Tripoli.

He added that the journalist known as “friendly Younis” is one of the journalists belonging to the TRIPOLI division

of the” Libyan News Agency, in addition to being editor of the head of the “Tripoli Local Council”.

Boudia assured that the process of “kidnapping” was near the Mahari Hotel, by a white car with five men,

who had escorted the reporter Younis to an unknown location.

It is noteworthy that Tripoli is witnessing these days Anflata security and an increase in kidnappings.

Top Secret …
More than twenty members of the Whitney and the leaders of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood are reviewing Clinic psychologist specializing in large Libyan capital Tripoli after their discovery that supporters of al-Qathafi were better for my country they are the victors on the plight of February …
The saree has degenerated Dalk doubt in my fingers in his eyes. On behalf of the SOL.
It is strange Almayorl ….
To see a drug addict and a thief and a rapist and a client and a traitor and a spy Athdt his love and loyalty to the homeland ………
On behalf of the SOL

Hello my brother and my friend Libby blood Helena, O Canal honorable Resistance and legitimacy ..

Warning Ooerjae our people in the area street corner. Tripoli

And silks Tripoli Medical Hospital of puppet Mendsh.

Theraia Ibrahim bin Tahir. Place Alacamth street corner ..

Maken and his office of quality in the Tripoli Medical Center ..

It is the customer relationship Pei oversaw Alnami Msaal the Ayn Zara Prison and logged Mclamat

honorable and the numbers on the lists of honest Madvin hospital and medical area resident it ..
God is the greatest above the aggressor Kid.

The total of the tribe Awlad Boucif headed called on Hamid shop owner Auto Glass Whalley on the ring against the Fateh district were from two envoys to Tripoli to receive a dozen cars from the (Ministry of Defense) course commissioned by the brothers new) and Q (and after receiving their cars cut the distance up to Alchuirv Jahm is no traffic on the Alchuirv fear of targeting cars or burglarythem with them expert from invited Ayat income Behm Hamada and then, I grew up in their heads and headed
for the mountains of blacks on the grounds that they were hunting trip. got them militias Misurata unscrewed them cars and weapons saree with them rifles, pistols, ammunition and even Tlfonathm own and beat them and Bala Imarh with them one Qallahm bent boys Boucif Qalolh quieted best thing Nqtalk Alsank and Atohm forty dinars of their money confiscated and Talegohm close to the roadJabhm one bus Marawah to Sabha and since then Msktin on the news and compass in the end walked to Msarit speak to them and Sarilhm split in Bazhm and Taarqua girl Suleiman Qalolhm how SEND civilians bent Qlnalkm walk, including the military and became the lead ..
Oh God, smite the oppressors and oppressors brought us out of them safely.




Zintan military council asks all battalions to go to the camps brigade and QaaQa battalion,

Thunderbolt and Xanthan military police. Happening now.



News of the MISURATA attack on the prison Mager dawn and taken away by force,

the number of prisoners to the city of Misratah ! Misrata militias are kidnapping 65 inmates

from a prison Mager Bzletn last night and were rushed to the city
Misurata …




The Criminal destroyers of the GREAT MAN-MADE RIVER announced today that the GMMR is only able
to provide fresh water to Benghazi for one month.

A powerful explosion heard in Benghazi and initial news reports targeting military convoy followed militia Omar Mukhtar field
heading to the agricultural bed.
Street shut again behind the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Central Bank of Libya in Benghazi
by the people of the area:
Who blow assassinated in Benghazi and acted them financial compensation for the delay to the time of their crimes.
A group of people in front of the hospital Galaa they are “cut” iron outer wall of the hospital ….




M kidnapping journalists rats channel Libya national branch Sabha. Rats were kidnapped media channel Libya national branch Sabha.
Yesterday was stolen Extensive Library of owner Kdafa person after it has been stealing World Library last few days …
Being God in you, and yes, the agent got shy
(Aamajanb Aajerdan) …
Urgent Najat student during an exchange of fire between the two Faculty of Science, University of Sabha..
Buried a number of unidentified bodies in Sabha.
News of the kidnapping of Mohammed Ferjani Ahoudera by militias Awlad Suleiman. It has been decoding the families of the kidnapped..
Both were abducted …
1 – Ahmed Saleh Qrifa and is displaced from Tawergha
2 – Mabrouka favor Qrifah and are displaced from Tawergha
And knead by self-styled battalion deterrence and is a subsidiary of Awlad Suleiman tribe
We ask God Almighty to two safety and speedy return …
Misurata access 7 Jardan coming from Sabha to Misurata from wounds of different aviation.
All are free to the attention of the first spark Sabha …There is a list of names of wanted GREEN men prepared by Gardah rats which were delivered to the Jews of Misrata taking
cover under the alias of “the battalion Shield Libya” and the National Guard and political security they are:1 – Ali Ibrahim Ali Deeb (ordered Legion fighter during events),2 – Guensoa Hussein Massoud (ordered Legion fighter during events),3 – Ahmed Abuscabh Taboni (Director, Center for Green Book) and the record against the Revolution,4 – Imran Saad al-Megrahi (former officer) and inducible against the revolution and
commander of the Legion of Almgarhh official of arming tribes,5 – Mohammed Abdulsalam Diheby coordinator of the Revolutionary Committees Movement,6 – Abdullah Saqr Meudon security officer and a member of an external filter,7 – Ali Abdullah Eshtewi fighter in front of Brega,8 – Mohamed Omar Khuyt fighter in front of Brega (appeared on the screen) in the field,9 – Saad Ahmid Warfali instigator against rebels,10 – Ali Salem Al Suwaidi (Assistant Masoud Abdel Hafiz) and is responsible for mercenaries,11 – Mohammed Abubakar Bilal officer salaries volunteers,12 – Mohammed Ashanibo for financial management official of Massoud Hafeez,13 – Mohammed cleats Treasury official running Massoud Hafeez,14 – Matouk Aljtalawi fighters against rebels,15 – Moussa Salem Akhchibh Officer patrols Sabha,

16 – Farhat Masood (officer and is responsible for recruiting volunteers),

17 – Hussein Faraj Ferjany (Draa Hafiz Masood).

These will will be kidnapped or filtered (who are upon this list).
Be prepared in knowing of both Mohammed Busafa, and Mohammed Sanusi Aahmoudh-Massoud.

انتباه الى جميع احرار الشرارة الاولى سبها …

توجد قائمة باسماء المطلوبين اعدها جرذان القرضة وتم تسليمها الى يهود مصراتة المتسترين باسم كتيبة درع ليبيا والحرس الوطني والامن السياسي وهم

1 – علي ابراهيم علي الديب (امر جحفل مقاتل اثناء الاحداث )
2 – حسين قنصوا مسعود (امر جحفل مقاتل اثناء الاحداث)
3- احمد ابوشيبة الطابوني (مدير مركز الكتاب الاخضر) ومحضر ضد الثورة
4 – عمران سعد المقرحي (ضابط سابق )ومحرض ضد الثورة آمر جحفل المقارحة ومسؤل تسليح قبائل
5 – محمد عبدالسلام الدهيبي منسق حركة اللجان الثورية
6 – صقر عبدالله ميدون ضابط امن خارجي وعضو تصفية
7 – علي اشتيوي عبدالله مقاتل في جبهة البريقة
8 – محمد عمر خويط مقاتل في جبهة البريقة (ظهر على الشاشة ) في الميدان
9 – سعد احميد الورفلي محرض ضد الثوار
10 – علي سالم السويدي (مساعد مسعود عبدالحفيظ) ومسؤول عن المرتزقة
11 – محمد ابوبكر بلال ضابط رواتب المتطوعين
12 – محمد اشنيبو مسؤل عن المالية بادارة مسعود عبدالحفيظ
13 – محمد المرابط مسؤول الخزينة بادارة مسعود عبدالحفيظ
14 – معتوق الجطلاوي مقاتل ضد الثوار
15 – موسى سالم اخشيبة مسوؤل دوريات سبها
16 – مسعود فرحات (ضابط ومسؤول عن تجنيد المتطوعين)
17 – حسين فرج الفرجاني (دراع مسعود عبدالحفيظ)

سوف يتم خطف او تصفية هذه القائمة .. اعدت بمعرفة كلا من …
محمد البوسيفي _ محمد احمودة _ السنوسي مسعود ..



Godless / / / /

And continue the indiscriminate mortar shelling heavily on reviving Tabu in Kufra and the death toll for
two days and there are some of them under the rubble, according to what was stated …
And knead by militias Azwaip or the so-called Front for the Liberation of South fighter also fired upon …


Malta “warns” of extremism in Libya. (HAH!)
(Picture shows Maltese Armed Forces men)
Really—peanut nation of Hoodlums!!!
Foreign Minister of Malta calls for the European Union to intervene militarily in Libya to eliminate al-Qaeda and terrorism. (HA!)
(LIARS! They party with them and are supplying MISURATA.)


Libyan students in the state of Tennessee, U.S. Grant outage conditions forced him to work in the “Rabash” Cars:
Story sari ..!!
The United States sent in July 1801 a fleet of war consisted of two destroyers processes known in my name and Ledge «President» and «Philadelphia», each with four and forty cannons accompanied by warships and thirty two guns .. The U.S. President, Thomas Jefferson, to issue orders to the fleet in the Mediterranean blockade on the port of Tripoli in 1803 and the bombing of the city of Tripoli with guns.On October 31, 1803 from the Libyan navy had captured the frigate (destroyer) and Philadelphia sailors navigated by the Libyans to the port of Tripoli and 308 sailors on board, the Americans surrendered all of its leader and led by Captain Bainbridge Bainbridge .. And when the inability of Americans to recover from this ship slipped her and blasting them so they do not become a trophy in the hands of the Libyans. The shape of the ship incident Philadelphia powerful incentive for the United States to the attention of the establishment of freedom of speech has taken a strong Tripoli anthem echoed her soldiers every morning ..(“FROM THE HALLS OF MONTEZUMA TO THE SHORES OF TRIPOLI…we will fight our country’s battles whether on land or the sea”…)And called this war a war four years and the reason for this war, that the Libyan navy at the time was controlled on the Mediterranean and attacked in the cities of others under her Kskulaih and Genoa and other cities Italian and French while she was staying excellent relationships with other cities and was Kvenesea those cities not to be subject to them attacking Libyan forces and change them to be asked for help from America and what happened happened, and all of this was in the era of the Ottoman Empire ….And still valid devastated “Philadelphia” exist over Castle Saraya red in Tripoli until the present day.
Philadelphia pole still stands in Tripoli.On the night of 16 February 1804, Decatur led a covert team of American sailors into Tripoli Harbor and destroyed the captured Philadelphia.In August of that year, Decatur led an attack on Tripoli Harbor, during which he boarded enemy gunboats, and rescued several American captives from imprisonment. During the battle, his brother James Decatur was killed and a wounded sailor named Reuben James saved Decatur’s life by inserting himself between his captain and a Libyan sword. James survived the attack.How we greats and was Ikhava world …!
 President Thomas Jefferson decided to use force to ensure American “safety in the Mediterrannean”.

As secretary of state in the years prior, Jefferson had long taken a hard line against the Tripoli early resistance to Western Colonialism. In March 1801, Jefferson ordered a squadron led by Commodore Richard Dale to blockade Tripoli and to attack any interfering Tripoli ship.
Captain William Eaton led the conflict’s most daring raid. Eaton, the former consul of Tunis, established an alliance between the United States and the former Bashaw of Tripoli Hamet Karamanli, who had been deposed by his brother Yusuf Karamanli (Jusef Caramanli). In the Spring of 1805, Eaton and Hamet marched an army of 400 Arab and Greek mercenaries  across Libya, and attacked Tripoli’s second city of Derna.
They easily captured the city with the help of three American ships led by Captain Isaac Hull. Before the force could continue on to Tripoli, General Consul Tobias Lear and the Danish Consul Nicholas C. Nissen, reached a peace settlement with the Bashaw. The agreement stipulated that after paying a 44,381.98€ ransom, the United States no longer needed to offer tributes to Tripoli.


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