NO SURPRISE on Russian Television from SABHA!

Mu outlook

“News resistance People’s Libyan Free” on FB:

After that we’ve seen flapping in several towns and villages in the grace of God fluttering aloft;; soon and very soon, and so will we see the sky hugging Whisk all the pride and the pride and glory in the sky and the river Mermaid Tripoli and the rest of the beloved homeland.

“The globe today” on FB:
We wish a speedy recovery for the struggling companion, Dr. Youssef Amin Shakir
نتمنى الشفاء العاجل للرفيق المناضل الدكتور يوسف امين شاكيرالمعـــــــــــــــــموره اليــــــــــــــــــــوم




News resistance People’s Libyan Free
Matthew Authorized U.S. mercenary rebels fought with NATO

(If NATO soldiers Joe H Akhco homes
And appreciates what you say not one footmen liters)
اخبار المقاومة الليبية الشعبية الحرة

ﻣﺎﺛﻴﻮ ﻓﺎﻧﺪﻳﻚ مرتزق امريكي قاتل مع ثوار الناتو

(ﺍﺫﺍ ﺟﻨﻮﺩ ﺍﻟﻨﺎﺗﻮ ﺟﻮ ﺡ ﻳﺨﺸﻮ ﺑﻴﻮﺗﻜﻢ
ﻭ ﻣﺎ ﺗﻘﺪﺭ ﺗﻘﻮﻟﻪ ﻻ ﺗﺮﺍ ﻭﺍﺣﺪ ﺭﺍﺟﻞ)

Sow correspondent in Libya: arrest warrants for 30 officers accused of involvement in the planning of the “coup”.

Prison for anyone who criticises the General National Congress |
News Cyrenaica
In a striking development issued the RAT National Conference of the outgoing year,

a law which now triggers controversy and considered by some as an unwarranted blow to human rights.

National Congress determines the names of the special committee in February

to conduct elections for the constitutional amendment. |

News Cyrenaica:
Select the General National Congress names committee in February to conduct a constitutional amendment for the presidential and parliamentary elections, the Committee shall consist of fifteen members, six of whom are members of Congress who are “Abdulsalam Safrani and equitable Huwail and Ahmad …

National Congress determines the names of the special committee in February to conduct elections for the constitutional amendment

Select the General National Congress names committee in February to conduct a constitutional amendment for the presidential and parliamentary elections, the Committee shall consist of fifteen members, six members of them from the conference they “Abdulsalam Safrani and equitable Huwail and Ahmed pure and Mohammed Abdullah Toumi and Saleh Younis and Mohammed Salameh Ghiryani”, and nine from outside the illusion, “Essam Maoist Mohammed Jarbou and cosmic Abouda and Abdul Wahab Bseka and Mansour birth and pride oppressed and Venosh Younis and Mohammad Ahmad warming and short. “

Date of publication:

2014-02-12 02:50 am

General Conference discusses Exchange 2014 budget and the amount required is 69 billion,

but the amount available is now 60 billion deficit means the first in the history of Libya worth 9 billion,
Customers also discussed the amount spent in 2013 and which is 67 billion ..!!!!!


Leaks – 3
Very dangerous ..
Of standing against the building of the Libyan army?
Here, in this video game is evident and clear
From the stands and all the power is seen against
the construction of the Libyan army.
Please who Osamua our ears that the Salafi movement is
Hinder the building of the army to prove that what they call
Support of army building and respond Sweeper convinced
And carry on the principles of what has been said in this tape ..
The only claim what Ikdroush Azalo Qaidam and Ingsoa
Upon his stay in comfortable hotels in the UAE?
Is .. Vinegary Narafoa some bidders for what they are ..

Ana Libyتسريبات – 3

خطير جدا ..

من يقف ضد بناء الجيش الليبي ؟

هنا و في هذا الفيديو تتضح اللعبة و يتضح
من يقف و ينظر بكل قوة ضد بناء الجيش الليبي .


نرجوا ممن أصموا آذاننا بأن التيار الاسلامي هو
من يعرقل بناء الجيش ان يثبتوا على ما يدعونه
من مساندة بناء الجيش و يردوا كناس مقتنعة
و تحمل مبادئ على ماقيل في هذا الشريط ..

والا زعم ما يقدروش يزعلوا قايدهم و ينغصوا
عليه اقامته المريحة في فنادق الامارات ؟

هي .. خلي نعرفوا بعض المزايدين علي حقيقتهم ..

Ana Liby


Urgent and important …………
The German Foreign Ministry yesterday to address the European Commission’s speech expressed the need to generalize to all countries of the European Union, not to deal with citizens Libyans from the campaign passport with a blue color, (after it was discovered the German experts his lack of minimum technical specifications required security and also note him lately from people suspected of having ties Antmot and system of terrorism in the world )…..It is noteworthy that the Government of customers in Tripoli had been in Dkrt Speaking about its largest and most powerful.

She had prepared a new passport with international standards and that a German company had been contracted to accomplish this!
As part of that is expected to circulate the EU something written on its relation to this matter.

Deputy Prime Minister Abdulsalam Al Gadi displaying Libya’s new biometric passport back in February (2013) this past year

(Photo: Sami Zaptia).:


Please urgently quickly Publishing

Entered the market because of the ignorance of fishermen
Panic in coastal states because of the rabbit fish killer
Carrying deadly toxins capable of killing the consumer in a matter of one day
Leaflets in mosques, schools and cafes to warn of fish

. Quickly Publishing Please Please indicative of good as actors…

Tripoli, 10 May 2013:

Now the breeding season has started for the Rabbitfish, a poisonous non-native species of fish found in Libyan waters, the government is stepping up its campaign to alert the public to the dangers of eating the sea creature.

Rabbitfish contain a poison that, when ingested, lowers the blood pressure and can result in paralysis or even death within a matter of five hours. “There are certain times of the year you can eat it,” a researcher for the Libya Association for Marine Science, Daw Haddoud, told the Libya Herald, “but it is at its most poisonous during its breeding season.”

The fish will mate until the end of June. During this time, said Haddoud, his association, along with the Ministry of Agriculture, is taking an awareness-raising campaign to all settlements along the length of the coast.

The rabbitfish, so called because of its large rabbit-like front teeth, was first spotted in Libyan waters in 2008. A spokesman for the Department of Marine Resources, Ali Aljurnazi, told the Libya Herald that the fish is believed to have been brought to the country’s coast in the wake of boats from the Red Sea.

At first it was only a problem in the east of the country but, he explained, because it has bred successfully in Libyan waters, it is increasingly being spotted along the length if the coast.

“Four months ago it reached Zuwara and there have also been a few sightings in Tunisia,” said Haddoud.

A previous poster and leaflet campaign alerted fishermen in the east to the dangers of the fish but now the Department of Marine Resources, part of the Ministry of Agriculture, has stepped up its campaign. Under the motto: “Beware this fish: don’t sell it, don’t buy it,” it is now targeting fish sellers and consumers as well as fishermen along the coast of Libya.

“Some Libyan fishermen in the west of the country don’t even know about this fish,” Habboud said, “they don’t know that it is poisonous.”

As yet, no-one appears to have been affected, although there have been several false alarms over suspected cases of poisoning. “Some were reported in Derna so we went there and checked,” Aljurnazi said, “but we didn’t find any confirmed cases of poisoning.”

Possible cases have also been reported in Zuitina and Ajdabiya but, according to Haddoud, these too proved to be false alarms.



The arrival of a group of criminals across Syria to Tripoli Mitigua airport occupier and they are now living in one of the villas in the market Friday and have a meeting this evening with the leaders of al-Qaida in Tripoli to prepare a plan for the extension of the control Tripoli fully Almqji.

Stop the attack on the capital and channel congestion of a large army and police are still billowing smoke from the use of number of 3-propelled grenade launchers and heard
The sound of an ambulance …

of the channel, DC 11/02/20146:46 stills initial armed attack on the headquarters de libya196900


From my point of view ..
Hallelujah wondering Muckle the courage and heroism of Channel Capital continues to broadcast just hours after the bombing, and the beautiful thing is that he was not subjected to any broadcaster for any harm it conceivable that the hearts of the armed gangs that have bombing compassionate to such a degree that makes them fear for the safety of people inside the channel they are the same gangs that kill innocent people in a day ..
I also wonder Has Channel team take all the equipment and cameras to their homes and returned a few hours after their broadcast or that those devices to guard against explosions inguinal LG it really been bombing the capital to channel or that channel Capital flare rumors of something in the same Jacob
To be honest, I Athag in everything Fberaara All their money and lied rumors are not unfounded …

ساعة الصفر

من وجهة نظري ..
سبحان الله اتسائل ماكل هذه الشجاعة والبطولة لقناة العاصمه تواصل بثها بعد ساعات فقط من التفجير والجميل في الأمر أنه لم يتعرض أي مذيع لأي أذى فهل يعقل أن تكون قلوب العصابات المسلحه التي قامت بالتفجير رحيمة إلى هذه الدرجه التي تجعلهم يخافون على سلامة الاشخاص داخل القناة وهم نفس العصابات التي تقتل في الأبرياء يوميا..
كما اتسائل هل قام فريق القناة بأخذ جميع المعدات والكاميرات إلى بيوتهم وبعد ساعات أعادوا بها البث أم أن تلك الاجهزه مضاده لتفجيرات الاربي جي فهل حقا تعرضت قناة العاصمه لتفجير ام أن قناة العاصمه تفجر الاشاعات لشئ ما في نفس يعقوب
بصراحه انا لاأثق في كل ماهو فبرايري فكل مالهم كذب واشاعات لا اساس لها من الصحه …


Channel stopped broadcasting after the bombing of the capital of ‘militias room Libya rebels armed’ wing

of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood movement in Libya last night.

God Tafrjo to channel capital Jerdanih
 Some of the crew channel capital Jerdanih accuse Lapua arrows and room Tiran Libya attack on the Canal.
Reported dead in clashes in the Libyan capital Tripoli.


Reported clashes between “room Jardan Libya” and Zintani in the road to the airport …


FALSE news that Zintani want to cut the Electriy going to TRIPOLI !.

Electricity crisis cut back strongly to the capital Tripoli without knowing the reasons




Urgent message from the “Youth Resistance Tarhounah”

Traitor to the client Hftar We know very well, and you Matvolh Mgayth now in Tarhounah, with leaders who think they are Tarhounah!

Do you expect that Salem bin Ali and the like of Istttaaon Matrade, you do? and the most important, but they do not even represent themselves.

As for the Military, who act now with Hftar, and lie to them and say:

“I am green and Bnrdo Brigade 32 and the green flag, and now Ejehzo in Btaqatlzbat and individuals me with them”,

we say to them that Hedda fabricator does not have but a lie; and try to drag them into what he wants.

and finally we are “Young Resistance Tarhounah” who say that the masses of Tarhounah (with the will of the Libyan people), are with a retrieval of the “Great Jamahiriya”

and are the “Youth Resistance Tarhunah”!

We are watching what is happening with books now and we can respond and Struon our response very soon …

(Of Youth Resistance Tarhounah)
شعبية ترهونة العظمى……..منقول
عاجل رساله من شباب المقاومه ترهونه

الى الخائن العميل حفتر نحن نعلم جيدا ماتفعله انت وملقيطه الان فى ترهونه مع من تعتقد انهم قيادات ترهونه هل تتوقع ان سالم بن علي ومن على شاكلتهم يستطتعيون فعل ماتريد فأنت واهم هم لايمثلون الا انفسهم.
اما بالنسبه الي العسكريه الذىن يتحركوا الان مع حفتر ويكذب عليهم ويقول انى اخضر وبنردو اللواء 32 والرايه الخضراء والان يجهزو في بطاقاتللظباط والافراد لي معاهم فنقول لهم ان هدا المفتري ليس عنده الا الكذب والمحاولة الي جرهم الي ما يريد ,واخيرا نحن شباب المقاومه ترهونه نقول بان جماهير ترهونه مع ارادة الشعب الليبي وهى استرجاع الجماهيريه العظمى ونحن شباب المقاومه ترهونه نراقب بكتب مايجري الان ونستطيع الرد وستروون ردنا قريبا جدا…




General Electric Company in Libya says that electricity was cut off due to suspension Event
western mountain gas station to generate electricity (Ruwais) service currently due to interruption
of natural gas supplies for the station..
From our correspondent in the western mountain station Ruwais stop gas station to generate electricity (Ruwais)
service currently due to suspension of gas supplies Aaldy came from field to fulfill.



Armed militia belonging to MB LIBYAN “shield” in the Central Valley region of attacking Big B

and the Balrmih housing randomly and terrorize residents.


Armed attack suffered by Sultan Gate area east of the city of Ajdabiya dawn by unknown leads to
The death of one guard and wounding another and killing one of the attackers …
[PICTURED is ZAIDANE’s MISURATA MB MILITIA on their way to destroy “GENTLY” (the Political Bureau of Cyrenaica) headquarters in AJDABIYA.]


 Explosion market garden shop in Benghazi. Blast market garden shop in Benghazi because of personal differences Tugod no casualties.  

An eyewitness market garden city of Benghazi, that was
Targeting one of the shops in the market and set it off for personal reasons
Between the shop owner and a customer, and the witness said in a statement
Private citizens and merchants that came out of hard-earned place
After the outbreak of an armed clash within the market.


Urgent deployment of Benghazi
There’s internal security headquarters in Benghazi, a former blood bank Hobjawar room diagonal to eavesdrop on what is going on which is a villa in the neighborhood Fwyhat also by teams of bad faith in the operations and give demonstrations in cycles of sabotage and kidnapping of activists.
To knead hope Circular

News heroic Libyan resistance (GROUP ON FB):

Loss of contact by helicopter coming from the direction of Benghazi to Sabha since the morning, and news
Fall near the slip




Chadian President Idriss Deby agreed to the deployment of a French aircraft in northern Chad to monitor

the “bad conditions” in the south of Libya!!




2:5136 ad, Tabu and interruption of food and milk for children in the city of Kufra:

And continue the indiscriminate mortar shelling heavily on reviving Tabu in Kufra

and the death toll for two days and there are some of them under the rubble, according to what was stated …

And knead by militias Azwaip or the so-called Front for the Liberation of South fighter also fired upon …



With the evening was released in favor of citizenship Mabrouka Qrifah
The previously Ncana story that captured by Jardan in Sabha and is the science of Tawergha displaced
and resident in Sabha .
Thank God for her safety and ćÚŢČÇá the release of her brother.
SEBHA airport

Airport Director popular # Sabha: the control of “armed non-State” (HAH!) on several parts of the airport.

Urgent Sabha / / /

Sabha hear the sounds of French military aircraft over the skies of the city

Today warplanes dense city.


Cololna Egina who launched a beating in the Fatih district.

Sabhaaa now ……..

Armed militias of Boucif boys and girl Rulad and sound are now pounding Fatih district Mahdia

(Armo Besoarichkm Tlqo will not only defeat stronger than we are, rockets) ….


The fall of the shells is an elegant-sufficient District Altanueh.


The bombing of civilians in the houses (neighborhood Akaddadfah)

by militias inventory Baharuddin calculated on the military Jirdani.

The death of Mohammed Arhovernm Abokhozam Hasnawi Bkadifah mortar wounds sustained

in his home district of Nasiriyah in front of a battalion Knight ..The death of the citizen population

of Nasiriyah Mohammed Arhovernm Abokhozam Hasnawi wounds sustained mortar Bkadifah.
Fell on his home ..

I am God and to him we shall return.

Continued uninterrupted online on the city of Bani Walid and Sabha Barak seawall and…


Post from a free zone Smono Sabha
Peace and mercy of God
Today Tuesday, 2014 \ 2 \ 11, specifically in the area Smono been arrested three Africans
(Nigerians) by members Misurata. On the way the driver was quickly caught and suddenly brake the car she miscarried.
One of the individuals arrested and killed him and then the gang lowered the retail side of the deceased and ordered them.
How wait Shufu work possible work only Jew
Nsil God and that God is misguided and Ahdan to the right ..
Corps of Hell Nasr
Message to the Awlad Suleiman tribe:
Arzak stole the championship in people??? Tournament in the murder of the innocent???
Betrayal in the tournament live, salt, ratios and friendship???? Wake up and without falsifying the facts …
there Hradm distorted the tribe Awlad Asilyman and dragged most of the tribe behind them …
and I fell into the trap of this topic Tribe family Seif treacherous as the old-new dream: to rule the south,
Is Matt a question one of the family of Saif Al-Nasr this topic in recent battles non-binding?????
Estmarat abroad and banks ….. Push Ya tribe means the price …
and they are in bliss and, unfortunately, this topic is the bitter reality …
and Hedda real speech, not sedition, as promoted by the owners of this topic Almassalj Tribe.


With God’s help live broadcast of the spark City Alawli Sabha ÚáĆ opened at a quarter past five pm EST mass

Alazmi channel Russia Today on the Panorama program, on behalf of the SOL.

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