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Muammar al-Qathafi conscience of the world:

(“ZERO HOUR”) I hope Publishing:

“Green Day 17 Algahaar” !! ATTENTION:

Nbcrkm that Alskhit feast tomorrow and last for the supporters of the “plight of February” ..

We are better for Pei Libya in February Andal O O O clients Mozah Hakra O Shaddad Hobo what you stayed a little Chtamkm tomorrow Nkpetkm Alskhith blundering has no legitimacy Mend beginning …..

Conqueror lives forever and ever ….. On behalf of the SOL

Everyone likes to leader Muammar al-Qathafi to detract Tomorrow. Never Had not and what should it not move anything from him, even if the bike or wants to get out for anything not Takrjo tomorrow Oh Ahbab never Altorh Green Day 17 Algahaar
Mu wondrous
Three years of the rats in Libya, and the most important realizations Tbzeiq Rizk Libyans over to be settled and settled into what!!!!

Do you have the right Tanfloa Oh rats

Why celebrate …!!!
42 killed in Benghazi, Libyan young man in black on Saturday
Gharghour massacre that killed 52 people and injured 500 people at the hands of armed militias
The theft of 90 million dinars in Sirte
2 billion payment to the Government of Egypt in Alokhoun
100 million paid to the State of Tunisia for delivery Hero Baghdadi Mahmoudi
100 million paid to the State of Mauritania for free delivery Abdullah Sanusi
900 million to support Shields (military force of the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya)

The displacement of 1.5 million Libyan outside the country who are in especially bad Living situation
Displaced inside _ Tawergha and epiphyseal and Alaoynet _ for years Thelat

Killing and theft and kidnapping for ransom and the proliferation of weapons and cannabis dealers
Tendencies and tribal conflicts kill hundreds of young Libyans
Theft of funds of the Libyan people, which is estimated 400 billion dollars
Closing the oil ports for more than five months
Assassinations and bombings in Benghazi and the number of murders to 160 military and police officer
The spread of al-Qaeda in eastern Libya …………………….
Matqalat secret prisons and outside the control of the state and is the worst kind of rape and Altaadib
And the list goes on and the tip of the iceberg ……


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News coming in for a meeting of the largest tribes of Libya will be in Rome on 01/03/2014 ...

To Analm causes nor the significance of it …

روما ////

تتوارد انباء عن اجتماع لأكبر قبائل ليبيا سيتم في روما يوم 1-3-2014 … ولانعلم اسبابه ولا المغزى منه …
(02 MARCH is “DAY OF PEOPLE’s POWER” in which Muammar al-Qathafi is scheduled to speak)
Mu fire
ZERO HOUR writes:Would never shove the only God and we believe that God will not Akhaddlna and as long as God has commanded us we have given a Suffice it will not be afraid of the right to anybody as long and we will win and return of displaced persons to their families for this Make God is a God of a Nasirkm decide your fate ..

God protect you, God with you, God willing, my brother, Major General Engineer Saadi

But not getting in the State led Jardan
Tank stand in a queue to Fuel Cartridge

S alienation:
Dedicate this work of Salam Zqlam lyrics, music composed by Muhammad Hassan and performance Warda
to each displaced Libyans legitimate sons of the green.
اهدي هذا العمل من كلمات عبدالسلام زقلام الحان محمد حسن واداء وردة الجزائرية الى كل المهجرين الليبيين ابناء الشرعية الخضراء




لكل جرذ يعتقد ان مايسمي بنكبة فبراير ثورة شعب لكم الدليل يا جهلاء

Room rats Libya accuses UAE of funding and supporting a coup Hftar.



The al-QATHAFI TOWER tripoli

Far from the airport was built a beating, “Ezzedine Awami”
First Vice President of the Conference for Allaotunai and took his passport
And the intervention of a people who are Awami Pick Up
But the plane without a passport and whacked ..
(Son Alzenabil)


Reported hearing voices lead in the vicinity of the Friday Market.

The highway was still closed this morning in the area Al-grart.


The release of 14 prisoners in military # corner of Dean and 7, including colonels and non-commissioned officers.

The assassination of journalist Khaled cabled in the city of Tripoli by unknown …
Bab Ben Ghashir:
Spark Green reports:
Heinous crime …….
Image of a child was found lying in Bab Ben Ghashir # Tripoli yesterday …
There is no power but from God …


Wanted criminals to justice in Bani Walid:

1 – Mohammed Maqrief.
2 – Joseph carved.
3 – Abdulrahman Sowaihili.
4 – Omar Humaidan.
5 – Salah Badi.
6 – Mohammed Alguendoz.
7 – Faraj Sowaihili.

These leaflets distributed in the city of Bani Walid:




To all youth and Alqmazvh Ma’daan and Hassoun and Furjan the battalion Black Canyon of Misrata to Sirte

today deformities and physical faults in the coastal and cars with them a list of youth and especially Qmazvh Ma’daan take caution …..

A reliable source from within (1) God was God, I bear witness of peace.




Renewed clashes in Libya barrier of the agricultural bed of the GREAT MANmade RIVER drainage field.


abduction “Umaymah Ibrahim Emhemed” at the age of fourteen-year-old.

Where she was abducted from the street in front of her home, by rats Misratah.

It is the second case of hijacked for the day.


The child was kidnapped, Ali Faisal Protective, in front of a nearby school Alralake , age 9 years old today,

where he was kidnapped as he left school.

Alkwyfah clashes outside the prison and the escape of 25 prisoners from the “prison Keffiyeh”




The deaths of soldiers in the so-called Special Forces Mohammad Ali Bu per shot dead by gunmen on

Sunday evening when he returned from his office in Benghazi to his residence in the city of Derna.



Tabu demanding the extradition of rats Awlad Suleiman to accept the truce in Sabha.

Rats are the processing system operations room south to catch

the noble sons of the tribes in the south ..






As it was with “the youth in the department in Ajeelat“, Sabha Aychen of Hlhm please contact Behm.

They were liquidated because there are many black Africans, under the pretext that they are insurrectionists or Chad gangs.

Body was found by a member of the so-called connected military intelligence’s to Bhrralden Meudon Sharaydi named Mohammed from the eastern region known as Sarawi, filtered is and facilities him by unknown is wanted in a murder case in the Eastern Province and fled to Sabha fear of retaliation .. .Rat killing Alsurroi Mohammed, a resident of Benghazi followed the Rat Junkie Sea mud Sharaydi Slimani.

Shortly before the Sabha targeting four cars of armed Misurata at “island of stones”...

Combustion Ahdhen fully ..


The handover ceremony of the international airport of Sebha.



My father was a control urges elders and chieftains and youth Tabu

and efforts to meet the armistice neutral force participation of elders and chieftains city

of Misrata in the presence of the Minister of Labour and Minister of Awqaf.
((And the complete absence of the tribe Awlad Asilyman)) ..

How Tabu got him on the approval of Misrata notables to arrest

the criminals from the tribe of Awlad Asilyman

with 125 criminal Charcot in the killing of women, children and elders Tabu in Sabha …


Lack of liquidity in the banks of the city Opare amid great suffering for the people of the South ...



The Tunisian Ministry of Defence:

Army orders Tunisian Balastnfar the full-length bar border with Libya.

Brigadier-General Mokhtar Ben Nasr official spokesman for the Ministry of Defence of Tunisia declares: security alert on the Tunisian-Libyan border and the possibility of the closure of the crossing and incoming ..
He added that Dean and security units and the national army are located heavily in the South, especially in the Tunisian border with Libya.


Ghali Prince of Martyrs “Dr. Billah Gaddafi“:



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