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conceived by the inspiration of Allah, living experience, history, total love, and penned by Muammar al-QATHAFI in the “GREEN BOOK” and the “Great Universal Green Charter of Human Rights”, 12 June 1988:

In the early 1970s, Qathafi began to synthesize and expand his ideas of Arab unity, independence, economic egalitarianism, and cultural authenticity into the Third Universal Theory. The importance of this new theory to the regime was shown by the creation of the Higher Council for National Guidance on 10 September 1972. The council comprised the RCC chairman; the ASU secretary general; the minister of education; the minister of information and culture; the minister of youth and social affairs; the minister of planning, the University of Libya’s president; the administrative chairmen of religious endowments; the Muslim Call Society chairman, and the ASU secretary of thought and culture.

The Higher Council for National Guidance was created to disseminate and implement al-Qathafi’s Third Universal Theory (also seen as the Third International Theory or simply the Third Theory). The Third Universal Theory was predicated on the belief that the two dominant socio-politico-economic ideologies–capitalism and communism–had been proved invalid. According to the theory, capitalism placed the good of a few individuals ahead of that of the community as a whole; communism so emphasized the community that individual development was stifled.

Nations constituting what is commonly referred to as the Third World were caught between proponents of the two ideologies: the United States and the Soviet Union, both of which, according to Qathafi, were “imperialist states which seek to achieve their ambitions by extending their zones of influence.”Qathafi proclaimed that the Third Universal Theory, because it was based on the Holy Quran, predated capitalism and communism. Furthermore, it offered an alternative. It rejected the class exploitation of capitalism and the class warfare of communism, finding that, in practice at least, systems based on both ideologies were dominated by a small elite.

According to the Third Universal Theory, classes were an artificial colonial import. Far from building a system that rested on some form of class relations, the theory sought to eliminate class differences. It embodied the Islamic principle of consultation (shura), by which community or even national affairs would be conducted through mutual consultation in which the views of all citizens were exchanged.

This principle was manifested later in Libya in the creation of “People’s Committees” and “Popular Congresses”.

The Third Universal Theory was an attempt to establish a philosophical grounding, based on Islam, for positive neutrality on the part of Third World nations. Under the theory, Third World states could coexist with the United States and the Soviet Union, and they could enter into agreements with them for their own purposes. But Third World states in general and Arab states in particular should not fall under the dominance of either of the two ideological, imperialist superpowers.

In dividing the world between the two superpowers and their supposed prey, the Third Universal Theory anticipated much of what has come to be called the North-South interpretation of international relations, whereby the world is divided into natural-resource-consuming nations (the industrialized North) and the natural-resource-producing nations (the underdeveloped South).

Indeed, Qathafi has championed this interpretation of international relations. Guided by this viewpoint, Libya has been a strong supporter of national liberation movements against colonial regimes, even though the terrorist tactics used by some of those groups tarnished Libya’s international reputation and led to misapplied economic sanctions (and to disasterous military attacks) upon him since his

“al-Fateh Revolution of Light” (01 SEPTEMBER REVOLUTION of 1969), and upon Libya particularly in mid-1986.

Central to the “Third Universal Theory” are the concepts of religion and nationalism as embodied in Islam. Qathafi believes that religion and nationalism have been the “two paramount drives that moved forward the evolutionary process. They constitute man’s history as they have formed nations, peoples, wars.” In short, Qathafi knows that religion determines human actions and interactions.

The atheism of the communists is another reason Qathafi finds their ideology invalid. According to Qathafi, communists cannot be trusted because they fear no ultimate judgment and thus may break their word if they consider it beneficial in any particular case. Islam, as the essence of monotheism, is the true religion that encompasses Jews, Christians, and Muslims, all of whom followed God’s prophets. The differences among these religions exist not because of the prophets’ teachings but because of differences among their followers.

According to Qathafi, if religion is utmost basic to the individual, nationalism is basic to the society. The “Holy Quran” refers to tribes and nations that are inherent in the universe. A person belongs to a nationality upon birth. Under Allah’s influence, he or she will become a conscious member of a religion. Thus, al-Qathafi faults those who deny the validity of nationality. The concept of nationality, therefore, relates to his concept of Arab unity.

Mu open Koran

Mu in pastels

An Analysis of Muammar al-Qathafi’s “Green Book”


(FinalCall.com) – Often critical of Arab leaders, Muammar al-Qathafi has never wavered in his call for Pan-Arab unity, and he has never shied away from supporting revolutionary movements. Recently, his term as chairman of the African Union ended. (Consistent with the policy of the AU, the term of the rotating chairmanship is limited to one-year.)

Perhaps no other current leader has been so identified with the move towards a United States of Africa than he. Though considered by some to be odd and unpredictable, in this area, he has shown remarkable consistency.

He called for an emergency African Summit of the Organization of African Unity in September of 1999, which led to the formation of the organization of the continental body called the African Union in Durban, South Africa in 2002. Many African leaders have been slow to move and many Western powers considered it unrealistic.

al-Qathafi’s consistency and determination has actually reignited the movement towards the formation of a United States of Africa that would make Africa richer, stronger, and more peaceful. Despite the incessant demonization in the controlled media, “The Great Brother Leader of the Revolution” as he is called by his people, has remained a force on the global stage.

Because of the deliberately dishonest and even vile portrayals of the leader in the controlled media, not much is known regarding al-Qathafi’s political thoughts and his guiding ideology. He is described in the media as a “dictator”, yet in “The Green Book”, al-Qathafi outlines the actual governing foundation that undergirds the Great Libyan Arab Jamahiriya. That foundation is The Third Universal Theory—which upon critical analysis—puts many so-called Western Democracies and Republics to shame.

Mu and his Green Book, in GOLD

“The Green Book” is broken up into three parts:

Part One: Solution to the Problem of Democracy

Part Two: The Solution to the Economic Problem

Part Three: The Social Basis of the Third Universal Theory

al-Qathafi says political decisions in which one candidate is granted victory, simply because they obtained the highest percentage of the vote by the electorate effectively “establishes a dictatorship in the seat of power garbed in the guise of democracy.” Especially when three or four losing candidates, whose votes combined would equal a higher total than the perceived winning candidate, split the vote.

He then takes on the parliamentary governmental structure. The mere existence of such, al-Qathafi says, “underlies the absence of the people, for democracy can only exist with the presence of the people, and not in the presence of representatives of the people. Parliaments have become a legal barrier between people and their right to exercise authority. They exclude the masses in order to prevent them from practicing politics, and monopolize the control of politics in their name.”

Proportional representation by political parties and coalitions, such as what exists in Israel and the United States, al-Qathafi says, is “rubbish” which only delivers power to the elites of society, and not the masses.

“Under such systems, the people are prey fought over by the predators: instruments of government compete in their power struggle for the votes of the people they in turn neglect and exploit.”

He is also critical of politicians whose “mud-slinging tactics to discredit one another.”

“In order to rule, the opposition party must defeat the existing instrument of government. To do so, the opposition must undermine the government’s achievements and cast doubt on its plans, even if these plans were beneficial to society, to prove the incompetence of the current governing instrument. Consequently, the interests and programs of society become victims of the power struggle raging among the political parties.”

Watching partisan bickering occurring between the Democrats and Republicans in the American political system, it is hard to argue with his analysis. He also rightly notes that political parties can be bribed or corrupted by external and internal interests.

His solution is direct democracy through the establishment of “Popular Conferences” and “People’s Committees” in which all society members participate in shaping policy. The masses select their administrative leaders who then act upon only the direct will of the people (and not their own interests) and are answerable directly to the people (and no others).

In Part II of “The Green Book”, he deals with economics, maintaining that, whether a worker received earnings from an individual business owner, or the state, “wage earners are but slaves to the masters who hire them,” al-Qathafi writes. “To claim that income from a state-controlled establishment is re-injected into society and thus benefits the workers, as opposed to income from a privately-owned establishment which benefits solely the owner, is a true statement only if the general welfare of the society and private well-being of the workers is taken into account.”

In this way, al-Qathafi appears to take on communism while simultaneously redefining socialism. al-Qathafi’s solution is to abolish the wage system, which in his view, would “emancipate the human being.” A reversion to the natural law and relationship between workers and employers before stratification based on social class and status became widespread is recommended.

“The exploitation of man by man and the possession by some individuals of wealth exceeding personal needs are manifestations of departure from the natural rule. This signals the beginning of corruption and distortion in the life of the human community and is the beginning of the emergence of the exploitative society.”

In the truths al-Qathafi’s  has shown to our world, related to housing, everyone would have adequate housing for themselves and their families and it should be their own, and not the property of another. “A person living in another person’s house in return for rent, or even without rent, is not a free person.” Relating to income, “there are no wage earners, only partners.” Relating to vehicles, al-Qathafi calls it an “essential need for the individual and the family” and “no person or party may own private means of transportation for the purposes of renting to others, because this represents controlling the needs of others.”

Likewise, land is no one’s private property. “Everyone has the right to exploit it for farming or grazing for the duration of his or her life and the lives of their heirs.”

The conclusion of “The Green Book” brings to a close his explanation of the Third Universal Theory which, al-Qathafi says, is “a harbinger of the final deliverance of the masses from all the constraints of injustices, tyranny, exploitation, and political and economic subordination. It also heralds the advent of all people’s society in which all individuals are free and equal in authority, wealth and arms.”

“The example of the new ‘socialist’ society is to establish a happy society deriving its happiness from being free. Such a society is realized only through the fulfillment of the individual’s spiritual and material needs, and this can be achieved by liberating these needs from the control and manipulation of others. Satisfaction of needs should be realized without exploitation or enslavement of others.”

Adel Eid Alguenashyklna, Muammar al-Qathafi of Libya and the architect of the World Editor:
“I am not afraid of storms, a sweeping term .. nor Tayar aimed havoc black .. I am steadfast in my tent here in the forum .. I am the owner and maker of uncertainty right from glandular .. I’m here I’m here I’m here”
God bless Colonel Muammar asl-Qathafi

أنا لا أخاف من العواصف وهي تجتاح المدى.. ولا من الطايير التي ترمي دماراً أسود.. أنا صامد هنا في خيمتي في المنتدى.. أنا صاحب الحق اليقين وصانع منه الغدى.. أنا هنا أنا هنا أنا هنا
Liberation of the country the responsibility of every citizen.
تـحـريــر الــوطــن مسؤولـيـه كــل مــواطــن ومــواطـنــه .

Mu 1990s picture

بتاريخ اليوم..


Crash Avion Militaire Libyen-2

Key Althawadi used ambulance plane out of the airport Mitigua to enter the Republic of Tunisia to be away from the

eyes of the Tunisian authorities. Where he was going to catch up with inventory Abdul Hakim Belhadj, who is in Tunisia

for a meeting with a number of leaders of the Islamic movement there # Tunisia # Libya.

From our own sources
Haaaaaaaaaaaaam Publishing oh please free to the widest Ntaaaaaaq
Belhadj behind the theme of the plane which crashed in Tunisia
Who cooperate with the Americans in order to whiten his face as against terrorism
The link with the Americans person named Nabil Karoui owner Guenat people
You can be assured because Nabil catch money by pilgrim
Nabil and his good relationship with the Americans.

Rusaifa News 2:36 plane crash ambulance Libyan Tunisia, killing all on board.

موت الارهابي المجرم مفتاح الداودي امر تنظيم الشريعه في صبراته وكل الارهابيين على متن طائره عسكريه سقطت في تونس
Libyan Resistance Movement (h m l)
The death of the criminal terrorist organization is key Daoudi Sharia of Sabratha and all the terrorists
on board a military plane crashed in Tunisia.

Confirm the news of the death of excommunicating Almqml key Aldodaa on board a Aalmenkoppe

Amir al-Qaeda and ordered the military council Sabratha,
It is the founder of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group,

Zero hour writes:
Very urgent,,,,,,
News reports that one of the rules of the Tunisian spotted rocket was launched towards the Libyan plane stricken
from one of the battleships and confirmed information that the black box of the plane has been Tzmirh instructions
from the U.S. embassy in Tunis have noted that the region’s population fell by the plane hit and exploded in the air
before hitting the ground.
Kamal confirmed the birth of the son of the Director General of Civil Aviation in Tunis said in a statement that he was found
with a camera control tobacco factory area Grombalia to record a last resort for the Libyan plane before the crash yesterday.
Has been registered certificate Aoun guard the factory and delivered the black boxes of the plane to the Commission of Inquiry into the incident, which will be based on the Russian factory in the analysis of the coordinates for the trip, adding that the aim of the investigation is to find out the causes of this incident.
أكّد كمال بن ميلاد المدير العام للطيران المدني بتونس في تصريح انه تم العثور بكاميرا مراقبة مصنع التبغ بمنطقة قرمبالية على تسجيل أخير للطائرة الليبية قبل سقوطها أمس.
وقد تم تسجيل شهادة عون حراسة المصنع وتسليم الصندوقين الأسودين للطائرة الى لجنة التحقيق في الحادث التي ستستند للمصنع الروسي في تحليل الإحداثيات الخاصة بالرحلة، مشيرا الى ان الهدف من التحقيق هو معرفة اسباب هذا الحادث.

fall of Libyan air ambulance in Tunisia, killing all on board

The news of the fall of a military aircraft to Libya have been processed helping accident of the type “Antonov 26,” the source said in a statement that the plane-led pilot “Keep Khammash” and by the Sheikh “key Dawadi,” and others, and explained the same source that the plane by one of eleven people and landed on promptly at 12:02 UTC 2:02 pm local time, at a distance of 15 miles from the Tunis airport by Tunisian authorities communication.

DAWADI MISURATA MB and alQaeda leader in SABRATHA, LIBYA now dead from air hit of plane 21 FEBR. 2014:

DAWADI MISURATA MB and alQaeda leader now dead from air hit of plane 21 FEBR. 2014

The fall of the Libyan plane in Tunisia:
Salah Rashid Elmessallati pilot
Waleed Khalifa Sifaw pilot
Ammar Saleh al-Jabali navigator
Juma Mohammed Aburoas engineer
Pilot Ahmad Mohammad Canadian engineer
Lamp doctor Mohammad Aqil
Nur al-Din Ali Fishing
Hakim Ali Fishing
Walid Saleh fishing
Congratulations key Dawadi ((Mada does in Tunisia Hedda Heretic))
Tahir Sharif Abdamoly

2:36 TNN EXCLUSIVE Grombalia: the fall of the Libyan “civilian  MILIARY airliner” and preliminary information.


devise more TERROR with ABDUL HAKIM BELHADJ in TUNISIA and American and French APPROVAL!

about the death of all passengers
de TNN | Tunisia News Network | news network Tunisia
first images after the fall of the Libyan plane region of Grombalia – 35 km from the capital Tunis

and the death of all crew members and occupants.

Crash Avion Militaire Libyen
9:08 excommunicating Abussdrh Mohammed preached at the funeral of leader of Ansar al-Sharia Sabratha the key …
de Rusaifa News



Called al-Husadi:

an emergency meeting of the National Conference today to discuss threats “battalions QaaQa and lThunderbolt”;

and a formal decision against them.





The kidnapping of three members of the militia, Abdul Raouf cart last night, when wandering in the capital Tripoli !!


Start gathering demonstrators who refused to extend the pagan conference in Green Square in the capital Tripoli.



Militias, criminal Haitham Tagouris Kabdan two daughters on assets in Mitigua base unit title (Zgdani)

inhabit Valhachan Friday market and the second name (Aziza) from the gas station next to Abu Salim…

brown skin, and that it was accused of Guards!!


the peasant: –
Mlishat armed attack the headquarters of the rescue and steal weapons stores and a car to the rescue …

Hear the sounds of bullets randomly downtown Tripoli (Street Mazran – Dahra – Nasr Street –

the beginning of September – Abumhmach – street corner).


Area harcha corner intense shooting 14 text.

The kidnapping of the director secretary Abdul Karim Salem al-Issawi from inside his office Canal National.


Rat Alsdbak Interior Minister Abdul Karim and his companion and assistant Bahlul were stopped

at the airport in Tripoli, after trying a lot of money traveling abroad.

Urgent presence of a large number of cars at the bottom of the bottom Brigade Airport Road.




Assassination Mahdi Ashtar junta chief Saadi, a village of Zintan dawn today in an ambush area farmer Tripoli.




Criminal MISURATA militia “Salah Valley” of the “‘Muslim’ Brotherhood armor” stationed in the Coastal Road abducted 5 young people from Zintan tribe and 4 youth of the tribe and Rishvana.

Urgent and serious,
Groups of satisfaction with all their wings are preparing to apply to the city of Tripoli and put it under complete control, having completed the full readiness arrival of all fighters and their deployment in the areas of Ain Zara (RISHVANA) and Alfornaj and Tajourah.

And the steps that have been agreed upon is to start by creating a kind of fear and panic and confusion in the street and knead In doing abducting many people, especially girls, religion drive cars and kill them and Kdlk attempted bombing of several cars near the markets and supermarkets crowded.
It’s parents will make people stay home so that this topic extremist groups to move freely within the city and so as not to arouse public opinion around them,
My parents and their goal crave Bhdh days, “claim” that it is to eliminate the militias that follow Zintan !!! (excuse)

The battle will start this topic in their advance towards Rishvana and after Bani Walid and Tarhounah.

عــــــاجل وخطـــير ،،
الجمــاعات التكفــــيرية بكل أجنحتهــا تســـتعد لكي تطـــبق على مدينـــة طـــرابلس وتضعـــها تحت الســـيطرة التــامة ، بعـــد أن أكملت جاهــزيتها التـــامة بوصـــول كل مقاتليهـــا وأنتشـــارهم في منــاطق عين زارة والفــرناج وتاجــــوراء ،،
ومن الخطـــوات الــتي تم الأتفــاق عليــها هو البــــدء بخــلق نوعا من الخــوف والفــزع والأرباك في الشــــارع ودلك بقــيامهم بخطف العـــديد من الأهالي وخاصـــة الفتيـــات الـــدين يقـــودون الســـيارات وقتـــلهم وكــدلك بالشـــروع في تفجـــير العـــديد من الســـيارات بالقـــرب من الأســـواق والمحــال التجـــارية الكـــبرى المــزدحمة ،،
الأمـــر الـــدي ســـيجعل الناس يلزمـــون بيـــوتهم لكي يتســـنى لهـــده الجماعات المتطــرفة أن يتحـــركون بحــرية داخل المدينة وحــتى لا يثـــار الرأي العـــام من حــولهم ،،
وهــــدفهم الـــدي يســـعون إليه بهـــده الأيام هـــو القضــاء على المليشــــيات الــتي تتبع الزنتـــان ،،
وســـتكون معــركتهم هــــده البــداية في زحفــهم نحـــو ورشـــفانة ومن بعــــد بني ولـــيد وترهـــونة ،

“Saqr African” comments:

It Mesh Balhsholh this. Their steps are also well thought agree – and the process is very possible the bombings control

is unlikely because the Libyan people, the entire armed.,

And here they will face many of the
Difficulties in their movements Specials
Valozkh and streets because they will be under the barrel of guns …

Hashim Humans 6
The Rats are determined to exterminate RISHVANA, ZINTAN, BANI WALID, TAHOUNAH and AJEELAT…and most outspoken for this is HASHIM HUMANS (Palestinian) , as he wants “RESOLUTION 7” re-enforced! Remember these MB rats are KHARIJITES, foreigners to LIBYA who gained power from 17 FEBRUARY (GEHAR), who know nothing, and care nothing about Libyan culture.



Armed clashes in front of the Security Directorate # Sirte and reports of injuries.



The death of the prisoner / Jamal Nasir lamp Zayed under torture, one of the sons of Tawergha residents

of Benghazi (Louhichi) detained in Misratah while traveling by road, meaning Tripoli.

God’s mercy and God help all our prisoners !





Benghazi elects :

explosion of a car now in front of the mail in the eastern region of milkfish.


A large fire Friday morning in a great store for the Games of the street near the

bathroom market Jerid Benghazi great material losses.

Benghazi now
Large crowds tend to Al-astqlala Street to close. plus Wayne Istiklal Street.
Tires burned a rejection of the extension.
Found an unidentified body belonged to a minor dumped land Alkuadak city of Benghazi,
and found that the body was being killed by gunfire Valras shows that the body age ranges between 15 and 17 years old.






Urgent Heathens:
Bombing (Bakdaúv mortar) to revive the Tabu by armed gangs racism of the Zhoyat :
They have no religion and no religion
Alice Today is Friday instead have to compete on the mosques, they compete for the killing of Muslims.
Are they blood-thirsty monsters!!
(picture: THE ZHOYAT drunk and wild):



Presented yesterday evening inventory so-called head of the local council Murzuq Mohamed Adam Altpauy
challenge by a member of the militia in the region.





Mu w Sarkozy and French journalists

Muìammar al-Qathafi, at ARAB LEAGUE summit, demanded that the LIBYAN ARABIC PEOPLE’s JAMAHIRIYA

be written in Arabic, not Western cuniform:

Mu at ARAB LEAGUE demanded that the LIBYAN ARABIC PEOPLE's JAMAHIRIYA be written in Arabic, not Western cuniform_




Sisi behind Libya’s refusal to enter the territory for 13 Egyptians
سي إن إن: السيسى وراء رفض ليبيا دخول 13 مصريًا لأراضيها

Tweet Friday, 21 February 2014 14:54

After a week of dial-up that took place between Egyptian Defense Minister, Field Marshal Abdel Fattah al-Sisi,

the head of the Libyan government “temporary,” Ali Zaidane, showed signs of a new crisis in relations between Cairo and Tripoli.

I was surprised authorities Cairo airport Friday, the return of the 13 Egyptians on board one of the planes coming from Tripoli, after Libyan authorities prevented from entering the country, for reasons “unknown”, sparking resentment among the Egyptian side.

Accordance with the “CNN” According to the Middle East News Agency that the airport security authorities had examined the passports of Egyptians who were deported from Libya, where it was found that they had left Cairo earlier Wednesday, before they are returned to Egypt on Friday.

In addition to that it also was checking the passports of these passengers, knowing “forensic laboratory”, to make sure of their safety and not rigged, before being allowed to enter the country.

Comes the Libyan authorities to re those Egyptians “without giving reasons,” after a week of contact that took place between Sisi and Zaidane, after the media picked up a Libyan news about “the presence of military movements to undermine the legitimacy of Libya.”

The Egyptian Defense Minister, through contact with the President of the Libyan government, that “Egypt stands strongly with Libya, to cross this stage, and will not tolerate anyone, targeting the security of Libya and safety,” according to the official website cited the Libyan government.

Relations between Cairo and Tripoli several tensions recently, after the gunmen abducted a number of members of the crew of the Egyptian embassy in Libya, the end of January last year, prompting the Egyptian Foreign Ministry to withdraw its diplomatic mission.

It was to contain the crisis, which lasted for about two days after the release of the Libyan armed Egyptian diplomats, to coincide with the launch of the Egyptian authorities released the head of the “room Libya rebels,” Shaaban gift, known as “Abu Ubaida angular.”

Earlier in Feb., dozens of militants detained more than 20 drivers Egyptians in Libya, sparking another crisis in relations between Cairo and Tripoli.


سي إن إن: السيسى وراء رفض ليبيا دخول 13 مصريًا لأراضيها Tweet الجمعة, 21 فبراير 2014 14:54 بعد أسبوع من الاتصال الهاتفي الذي جرى بين وزير الدفاع المصري، المشير عبدالفتاح السيسي، ورئيس الحكومة الليبية “المؤقتة”، علي زيدان، ظهرت بوادر أزمة جديدة في العلاقات بين القاهرة وطرابلس. وفوجئت سلطات مطار القاهرة الجمعة، بعودة 13 مصرياً على متن إحدى الطائرات القادمة من طرابلس، بعد أن منعت السلطات الليبية من دخول البلاد، لأسباب “غير معروفة”، مما أثار استياءً لدى الجانب المصري.وفق الـ”سى ان ان ” وذكرت وكالة أنباء الشرق الأوسط أن سلطات أمن المطار قامت بفحص جوازات المصريين الذين تم ترحيلهم من ليبيا، حيث تبين أنهم غادروا القاهرة في وقت سابق الأربعاء، قبل أن تتم إعادتهم إلى مصر الجمعة. بالإضافة الى أنه تم أيضاً فحص جوازات سفر هؤلاء الركاب، بمعرفة “معمل الأدلة الجنائية”، للتأكد من سلامتها وعدم تزويرها، قبل أن يتم السماح لهم بدخول البلاد. يأتي قيام السلطات الليبية بإعادة هؤلاء المصريين “دون إبداء الأسباب”، بعد أسبوع من الاتصال الذي جرى بين السيسي وزيدان، بعد أن تناقلت وسائل إعلام ليبية أنباء حول “وجود تحركات عسكرية لتقويض الشرعية في ليبيا.” وأكد وزير الدفاع المصري، خلال اتصاله برئيس الحكومة الليبية، أن “مصر تقف بقوة مع ليبيا، لعبور هذه المرحلة، ولن تتساهل مع أي كان، يستهدف أمن ليبيا وسلامتها” ، بحسب ما أورد الموقع الرسمي للحكومة الليبية. وشهدت العلاقات بين القاهرة وطرابلس عدة توترات مؤخراً، بعد قيام مسلحين باختطاف عدد من أعضاء طاقم السفارة المصرية في ليبيا، أواخر يناير/ كانون الثاني الماضي، مما دفع الخارجية المصرية لسحب بعثتها الدبلوماسية. وتم احتواء الأزمة التي استمرت لنحو يومين، بعد قيام المسلحين الليبيين بإطلاق سراح الدبلوماسيين المصريين، تزامناً مع إطلاق السلطات المصرية سراح رئيس “غرفة ثوار ليبيا”، شعبان هدية، المعروف باسم “أبو عبيدة الزاوي.” وفي وقت سابق من فبراير الجاري، قام عشرات المسلحين باحتجاز ما يزيد على 20 سائقاً مصرياً في ليبيا، مما أثار أزمة أخرى في العلاقات بين القاهرة وطرابلس.

اقرأ المقال الاصلى فى المصريون : 




10 février 2014
The council’s statement rejecting the so-called political document, published today in the provinces of Sana’a.”In the name of God the Merciful”Expresses the political council of the Ansar Allah rejected the so-called output of the select committee regions, and outrage to the way was by the functioning of the committee, which we crossed repeatedly expressed our protest them and demanded to correct its course, which exceeded its duties set forth in the document solution for the issue of the South and the presidential decision as well as the principle of consensus and partnership in the process of decision which was based on the basis of national dialogue conference, and what happened today proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that they committee was not meant to only be a committee formality and just a cover to legitimize the vision of politicized and pre-prepared and not based on any criteria and established scientific and objective, and in the time that surprised Hasher the name of Professor / Saleh Habra head of the political council of the list of signatories to the so-called output of work of the Commission affirm that he did not attend the meetings of the Committee originally since its inception, but attended on behalf of the brother / Hussein al-Izzi, who refused to sign a fully those outputs.It is also the time that we announce the rejection of those outputs carry forces that were behind it, as well as the forces that have accepted their signature full responsibility for the consequences of these outputs of the serious risks threaten everyone.The decision to select the regions is the most important and the most serious decisions that may not be in any way be subject to any biases or political bargains or Mkaadat partisan and any defect which eventually lead to an imbalance in the political system itself, and the lack of balance based conflicts permanently threaten security and social peace, and therefore should be be a national decision purely subject to the standards of scientific and objective will lead to a just solution to the issue of the South and to achieve sustainable development and equal citizenship and to preserve the unity and stability of Yemen and to meet the people’s will, and therefore such a decision in this picture irresponsible, especially as we pass the third anniversary of the start of the February Revolution glorious confirms that the Yemeni people great still stands today in front of an important revolutionary and national.Political Council of the Ansar Allah
The 10 of April 1435 e
Corresponding to the 10 of February 2014 AD –

بيان المجلس السياسي الرافض لما سمّي بوثيقة الأقاليم الصادرة اليوم في صنعاء .”بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم”يعبر المجلس السياسي لأنصار الله عن رفضه لما سمي بمخرجات لجنة تحديد الأقاليم، واستهجانه للطريقة التي جرى بها سير عمل اللجنة التي عبرنا مرارا عن احتجاجنا عليها وطالبنا بتصحيح مسارها، والتي تجاوزت مهامها المنصوص عليها في وثيقة الحل للقضية الجنوبية والقرار الرئاسي وكذا مبدأ التوافق والشراكة في عملية اتخاذ القرار التي قام على أساسها مؤتمر الحوار الوطني، وما حدث اليوم يثبت بما لا يدع مجالا للشك بأنها لجنة لم يكن يراد لها سوى أن تكون لجنة شكلية ومجرد غطاء لشرعنة رؤية مسيسة ومعدة سلفا وغير مستندة إلى أي معايير وأسس علمية وموضوعية، وفي الوقت الذي نستغرب فيه حشر اسم الأستاذ/ صالح هبرة رئيس المجلس السياسي ضمن قائمة الموقعين على ما سمي بمخرجات عمل اللجنة نؤكد بأنه لم يحضر اجتماعات اللجنة أصلا منذ بدايتها وإنما حضر نيابة عنه الأخ/ حسين العزي الذي رفض رفضا تاما التوقيع على تلك المخرجات.كما أنه في الوقت الذي نعلن فيه عن رفضنا لتلك المخرجات نحمل القوى التي كانت ورائها وكذا القوى التي قبلت بالتوقيع عليها كامل المسؤلية لما يترتب على هذه المخرجات من مخاطر جمـة تهدد الجميع .إن قرار تحديد الأقاليم يعتبر أهم وأخطر القرارات التي لا يجوز بحال من الأحوال أن يخضع لأي تحيزات أو مساومات سياسية أو مكايدات حزبية وأي خلل فيه يؤسس لخلل في بناء النظام السياسي ذاته، كما أن انعدام التوازن يؤسس لصراعات مستديمة تهدد الأمن والسلم الاجتماعي، ولذلك يجب أن يكون قرارا وطنيا خالصا يخضع لمعايير علمية وموضوعية يفضي إلى حل عادل للقضية الجنوبية ويحقق التنمية المستدامة والمواطنة المتساوية ويحفظ وحدة اليمن واستقراره ويلبي الإرادة الشعبية، وبالتالي فإن اتخاذ مثل هذا القرار بهذه الصورة اللامسؤولة خصوصا ونحن نمر بالذكرى الثالثة لانطلاق ثورة فبراير المجيدة يؤكد أن شعبنا اليمني العظيم مازال يقف اليوم أمام مهمة ثورية ووطنية.المجلس السياسي لأنصار الله
الـ 10 من ربيع الثاني 1435 هـ
الموافق الـ 10 من فبراير 2014م

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