WEST and KHARIJITES ignore the truth of Direct Democracy and the Third Universal Theory

Mu our IMAM seated

Mu, a Green World

Mu green

“Zero hour” writes:

Each word oriented Liberals who see that the resistance ended with the extradition of Gen. Saadi

– Not symbolic resistance is Our Leader Muammar al-Qathafi, a live-fasting person, who commands us that you continue to resist, “even if you have not heard my voice”.

– Deliver Major General al-Saadi is expected and had in mind. Tkitic because of political and military Saadi surrendered indirectly … the impact of this work will be reflected on the Libyan scene after a while between the various Alfberarien Tugetm.

– The Resistance will never end, but cleared all throughout the mass and the return of displaced two million and the release of tens of thousands of people in prisons and detention camps ..

كلمة موجهه لكل الأحرار الذين يروا ان المقاومة انتهت بتسليم اللواء الساعدي

– لا رمزية للمقاومة غير رمزية القائد الشهيد الصائم معمر القذافي وهو الذي اوصانا بأن (استمروا في المقاومة حتى وان لم تسمعوا صوتي)

– تسليم اللواء الساعدي امر متوقع و كان في الحسبان

– المقاومة لم ولن تنتهي الا بتطهير كافة ربوع الجماهيرية وعودة مليوني مهجر و اطلاق سراح عشرات الالاف في السجون و المعتقلات ..

Showing the experience of the application of paillasse people in Libya

Libyafirst15 ·
Publiée le 5 mars 2014
Presentation of the mechanism to apply the power of the people “direct democracy” in the modern era

and have been applied in Libya from March 2, 1977 and until the decision of the UN Security Council and NATO

intervention in Libya, in the year in the month of March 2011.

room Muammar al-Qathafi Aalbaltok 13:22 poet hero Mazroui


By Jah House and Zara.
They Support great Resistance of Saadi.

From Omsaad to do away with the KHARIJITES.
The “prophet” Barh on Abu Nuri Bushmin, Raouf hater,
Ali Zaidane, and Nasara:
The nutria-rats and Shalgam and all his entourage Alskarh,
And Hftar, and LAH in the coup and all whom are in his home:
Each of Jabohm in sack,
Belhadj and Ali hardness (walsalabi)  and all the rest of the Hathem Tagouris,
The unseen and notify your high rank secrets. May Allah make their bodies broken and collapsed,
Vkarhm and confused,
The loss of their marbles (brains).

No Opinion Dbarh
And let them supporters of the ’17 February’ go “dust to dust”(death)

No opinion not debara.
And make them supporters of its fallout of its fallout
Continental standards says Amin.

بجاه البيت ومن زاره .
ينصر الساعدي والمقاومة الجبارة
من أمساعد لعند زواره
ونبيها خباره على أبوسهين وكاره
وعلي زيدان ونصاره
والكيب وشلقم وشلته السكاره
وحفتر ومن ولاه في الانقلاب اللي داره
وكل من جابوهم في شكاره
بلحاج والصلابي وباقي شلتهم الكفارة
بجاهك ياعلام الغيب وأسراره
أجعل أجسامهم منهاره
وفكارهم محتاره
ومربحم خساره
لا رأي لا دباره
واجعلهم أنصار فبراير من غباره لغباره
القاري معاي يقول أمين..


SAADI is insulted and abused as he enters the prison on Tripoli’s Plateau headed

by terrorist KHALED SHARIFF:



Upon arrival at the military airport in Miitiga night, Saadi Gaddafi was driven ” handcuffed and blindfolded ” to al- Hadhba prison in Tripoli, where inmates are other former executives of the jamahiriya , according to the testimony of terrorist Khaled al- Sharif puppet Deputy Minister of Defence in charge of the prison.
Pictures circulating on social networks and have been published by the prison authorities , the show while a man shaves his head and beard with an electric razor. He knelt in blue outfit on a mattress on the floor surrounded by several men.


Passionate about football, Saadi Gaddafi has played for the club Al -Ahly Tripoli , before joining his rival Al -Ittihad . After his football career , he was the leader of Al- Ittihad Club and the Libyan Football Federation.

A few days after the start of the Libyan revolt in 2011, he had been seen in military attire , Kalashnikov slung being embraced his father ended a speech. Mobilized as the whole family to defend jamahiriya ;

Military training , he was , like his brothers Khamis hero Mouatassim 2011 and , at the head of a military unit. But unlike his brothers, no information has filtered its effective participation in the fighting against the rebellion, during the eight -month conflict .

Since his exile , the Libyan puppet authorities transitions , serving the U.S. and NATO? regularly demanded his extradition. They accused him of working for the Niger to wreak havoc, especially in southern Libya , a stronghold of the GREEN RESISTANCE , especially after forces loyal to the former regime had briefly held the end of January a military base in the region Sebha (south).


Niger authorities had previously stated that it was ” no question ” of extraditing Saadi Gaddafi, at least until it can be assured of a fair trial in Libya. Niger’s President Mahamadou Issoufou announced in November 2012 that his country had granted asylum to Saadi Gaddafi for “humanitarian reasons.”

A suitcases of Ammerican 4 billion and 600 million dollars seems to have changed his mind …

Mujahid al-Saadi delivery cost state budget rats Four billion and six hundred million dollars package delivery Saadi Gaddafi to the Government of Libya, a French-brokered.

The ICC has indicted Saif al-Islam for crimes against humanity. He is being held by Zintani Elders in Zintan and tried there for various charges, although a local court keeps adjourning proceedings after brief sessions.

Zintani fighters have allies themselves to tribes that once formed Muammar al-Qathafi’s power base, which analysts say partly explains their benevolent attitude towards Saif al-Islam.

“MUSICIAN”  WRITES in shock:

{Niger is not a state}

When I saw the pictures, Major General Al-Saadi Gaddafi militias in prisons completely confirmed that there was a deal between the militia control of Libya and Niger militia control, Tsalt Perhaps everyone should Atsal also, where the Attorney General of Niger?

Where Aladalh and the charges against al-Saadi Brigade Wayne and his lawyer made the decision to delivery and on what basis was this decision?

Where is the justice in the absolute?

Questions not answers her when talking money silences everyone sleeps justice and smiling injustice, and only God Almighty does not shut up and do not satisfy the injustice has an hour of Justice says to it, God forbid, since time immemorial to do wrong in this way has the wisdom in it, no doubt it’s a test, but hours without doubt Injustice does not hold more of them in the face of the right, believe in the wisdom of God and spend and the amount and we are certain that Libya’s liberation is greater than the symbols because the injustice and the abandonment of the prison is the people completely,
because that lawful and destroyed the home is full, gift today paid dearly for it from customers resorted for the purpose in the same Gentlemen in the Rome meeting, it’s not a sad day, but Day calls for more design principle,

Grief for us no longer have a place in our hearts, because the sadness move occupied all the space in our hearts and became the rest of the grief the other is not interested in her, just Kalambtl does not care that walks under the rain, our country will not leave it, even if Achtrona all the money in the end will Chtrona people to come back to his country and then drive them out of it.

And still continues playing the lead


{ النيجـر ليست دولة }
عندما شاهدت صور اللواء الساعدي معمر القذافي في سجون المليشيات تأكدت تماماً ان هناك صفقة بين مليشيا تحكم ليبيا ومليشيا تحكم النيجر , تسألت ولربما على الجميع ان يتسأل ايضا , اين النائب العام النيجري ؟

اين الادالة والتهم الموجهة للواء الساعدي واين محاميه ومن اتخذ قرار التسليم وعلى اي اساس بني هذا القرار ؟

أين العدالة في المطلق ؟

أسئلة لا اجابات لها فعندما تتكلم الاموال يسكت الجميع وتنام العدالة ويبتسم الظلم ، وحده الله عز وجل لا يصمت ولا يرضي بالظلم وله ساعة للعدل يقول له كن فيكون ، قدر الله منذ الازل ان نظلم بهذه الطريقة وله حكمة في ذلك ، لاشك انه ابتلاء ولكنها ساعة بدون شك فالظلم لا يصمد اكثر منها في مواجهـة الحق , نؤمن بحكمة الله وقضائه وقدره ولدينا يقين بأن تحرير ليبيا اكبر من رموزها لان الذي ظلم وهجر وسجن هو الشعب بالكامل لان الذي استباح ودمر هو الوطن بالكامل ، هدية اليوم المدفوع ثمنها غالياً من العملاء جأت لغرض في نفس السادة في اجتماع روما ، انه ليس يوم حزين بل يوم يدعو للمزيد من التصميم على المبدأ ، فالحزن بالنسبة لنا لم يعد له مكان في صدورنا ، لان حزن مضي احتل كل المساحة في قلوبنا واصبحت بقية الاحزان الاخري لا معني لها ، تماما كالمبتل لا يهمه ان يمشي تحت المطر ، بلادنا لن نتركها حتي ولو اشترونا بكل الأموال في النهاية سوف تشترونا شعب ليعود لبلاده ويطردهم بعد ذلك منها .

ولازال عزف الرصاص مستمراً { الموسيقار }

Niger authorities gave Libya Muammar al-Qathafi’s son
06.03.2014 8:44 (Updated: 06.03.2014 9:53 ) 

Son of deposed Libyan leader Muammar al-Qathafi, Saadi, fled Libya to Niger in mid-September 2011 for the month.

The new Libyan authorities are judging the older brother of Saadi – Saif al-Islam.
Саади Каддафи. Архивное фото
2014 © AFP / Olivier Chouchana

DUBAI, March 6 – RIA Novosti, Nadim Zuaui. Niger authorities gave Libya the son of the deposed Libyan leader Muammar al-Qathafi, Saadi, said in a statement posted on the website of the Libyan government.

“The Libyan government was handed over today Saadi Gaddafi, who had already arrived in Libya and is in police custody,” – said in a statement. In this case the Libyan authorities promised to respect the rights of all prisoners in accordance with international standards.

Saadi Gaddafi fled Libya to Niger in mid-September 2011.

Муамар Каддафи и Николя Саркози. Архивное фото
2014 © AFP / Eric Feferberg
al-Qathafi helped define the French president
The authorities of the African country provided 38-year-old son Libyan leader asylum “for humanitarian reasons”. In February last year, he was placed under house arrest because of statements in the press about the situation in the Libyan state after the overthrow of al-Qathafi. Libyan government urged Niger to give the son of former Libyan ruler, who is accused of misappropriation of state property.
The new Libyan authorities have judged older brother Saadi – Saif al-Islam, has long been considered likely successor to Muammar Gaddafi as leader of Libya. Saif al-Islam was captured in November 2011. Since then he has been hidden away. He is accused of crimes against humanity.

The youngest of the sons – 29-year-old Saif al-Arab, and three grandchildren of Muammar Gaddafi on the night of May 1, 2011 were victims of NATO airstrikes. Gaddafi’s wife Safia, daughter Aisha and sons Muhammad (from his first marriage) and Hannibal managed to escape abroad.


  • Niger extradites Gaddafi’s son Saadi to Libya – 6 March 2014
    The Libyan government says former leader Col Muammar al-Qathafi’s son, Saadi, has b..
  • Al Jazeera report on al-Qathafi’s son’s extradition from Niger
    Chained and shaving : Colonel al-Qathafi ‘s son is returned to Libya to face corruption charges…

    Niger ‘extradites’ Gaddafi’s son Saadi to Libya


Rats of the day known cowards and traitors and weak
But God spoke a little with one another and arranged Omorkm and Ashqgua Brogm free Hey little resistance

and responded devoid mind you rats and their reaction ..

TRAITOR gave our General SAADI to the GNC for $$$$ !!
Власти Нигера выдали Ливии сына Муамара Каддафи
Why until now we did not come out an official statement or a statement or a press conference for the government of Niger
to surrender (Abdullah Mansour + Maj. Gen. al-Saadi) ?:
لماذا حتى الان لم يخرج علينا تصريح رسمي او بيان او مؤتمر صحفى لحكومة النيجر على تسليم ( عبدالله منصور + اللواء الساعدي)
Important Notice: Room PDF and armed people:We learned the news of the sale, Major General Al-Saadi of the Government of Niger to the treacherous rat days ago
The publication before I got about 3 hours about the surprise Tsarkm and heal your hearts
Ahbatkm did not want the news of the arrest of Major GeneralWhen we came back and we follow orders and senior leadership and we started to move in Sirte and the south and west Libya
You will not concealed anything anymore everything is open and you will be in the pictureWhat wished mentioned and noted it is not to blame us one of the alliance with Haftar and some leaders of the Middle Libyan This alliance came against the backdrop of the arrest of Major General al-Saadi and the meeting of the enemies of Libya in Rome for the invasion by the armies of NATO and the militia from Misrata and pursued their approach Kalmatmr pagan and Dhiruah and stayed in the footsteps of clients slave and a pawn of the invadersThis issue of The O homeland to die for him, all of us or all of us live for him not an exception nor a maximum of was his loyalty to the homeland homeland is calling sons of sonsAnd we have been discussing with them yesterday evening Wednesday in Sirte 03/05/2014
We met with the leaders of al-East look good intentions and confirmed their return to the bosom of one nation without exception or a maximum of one and we welcomed this does not mean that we agree in toto with them the problems of Libya resolved within Libya and among the sons of Libya We disagree with them or we have agreed with them.It sees you solve the other nine Fletkdm arena everyoneAs a result of what we have said said customers spread the news of the arrest of Major General al-Saadi at this particular time to reassure their followers seducerThe objectives and principles of the constant resistance
Nor negotiate Alihowla neutrality by:
• liberation of the country from NATO and al-Qaeda and militias
• The freeing of prisoners and the return of the displaced and Nazhieddin
• protection capabilities and the wealth of Libya and returned to Libya free and sovereign land, sea and air safe and secure
• Based on all of this reorganization of the Libyan army and one unified all of the cities that is released
• method of governance, and how to choose science and commend the state left to a referendum of all the people and the noble tribesOther details about the prisoners, led captive Saif al-Islam and Almahjrien Static later.
بيـان هــــــام: غرفة الدفاع الشعبي والشعب المسلح:علمنا خبر بيع اللواء الساعدي من قبل حكومة النيجر الخائنة إلى الجرذان قبل أيام
ونزلت منشور قبل حوالي 3 ساعات بخصوص مفأجأة تسركم وتشفي صدوركم
ولم أريد إحباطكم بخبر إعتقال اللواءنحن عند وعدنا و نتبع أوامر قيادة عليا وبدأنا التحرك في سرت والجنوب وغرب ليبيا
ولن أخفى عنكم أي شيء بعد الأن كل شيء أصبح مكشوف ولتكونوا في الصورةما ودت ذكـره والتنويـه إليــه هو أن لا يلومنا أحد على تحالفنا مع حفتـر وبعـض قيــادات الشـرق الليبــي هذا التحالــف أتى على خلفية إعتقال اللواء الساعـدي و إجتماع أعداء ليبيا في روما لإجتياحها بجيوش الناتو ومليشياته من مصراتة ومن أنتهج نهجها كالمؤتمر الوثني وذروعه ومن بقى في ركب العملاء عبدا وبيدق للغزاةهذه قضية وطن يا أما أن نموت لأجله جميعا أو نحيا لأجله جميعا ولا إستثناء ولا أقصى لأحد من كان ولائه للوطن فالوطن ينادي البررة من أبناءه

ومن تحاورنا معهم يوم أمس مساء الإربعاء في سرت 5-3-2014
إجتمعنا مع قادة كتائب الشرق أبدو حسن نواياهم وأكدوا عودتهم إلى حضن الوطن الواحد دون إستثناء أو أقصى لأحد و نحن رحبنا بذلك ولا يعني هذا إتفاقنا جملة وتفصيلا معهم مشاكل ليبيا تحل داخل ليبيا وبين أبناء ليبيا إختلفنا معهم أو أتفقنا معهم .

ومن يرى منكم حل غير ذلك فليتقدم فالساحة تسع الجميع

نتيجة لما أسلفنا ذكره نشروا العملاء خبر إعتقال اللواء الساعدي في هذا الوقت بالذات لطمئنة أتباعهم المغرر بهم

أهداف المقاومة ومبادئها ثابتة
ولا تفاوض عليهاولا حياد عنها:
•تحرير الوطن من الناتو والقاعدة والمليشيات
• تحرير الأسرى وعودة المهجرين والنازحيين
• حماية مقدرات وثروات ليبيا وإرجاع ليبيا حرة ذات سيادة برا وبحرا وجوا أمنة مطمئنة
•بناء على كل هذا إعادة تنظيم جيش ليبي واحد موحد من كافة المدن التي يتم تحريرها
•طريقة وكيفية الحكم وإختيار علم و نشيد للدولة متروكة لإستفتاء كافة أبناء الشعب وقبائله الشريفة

باقي التفاصيل بخصوص الأسرى وعلى رأسهم الأسير سيف الإسلام والمهجريين ستأتيك لاحقا .

“ZERO HOUR” writes us:

Brothers, sisters, we have to ask ourselves this Alsaalat

1 – What is the purpose of publishing the news of al-Saadi in the first hours of the morning

2 – Why was the publication of the news page on the site and the prime minister, and then went out the pictures on the pages of the government have nothing to do

3 – Why not support the news video recording then you know Maalabh sons Sacred customers stateless original lineage and honor

Government Jerdanih pay billions in return for receiving one of the officials of the country and repeated this position more than once ..

means on the basis of the way these and what you pay the billions that are the right of the people

and what Tstlmoa someone suggested due safety and security and the likes of Libyan protection money Libyan due Taaroghae and dignity due all kidnapped to the people

because every prisoner to his family and lacking assassinations and bombings, rape and murder, becoming the roads furnished with flowers and receive every citizen of his salary in a timely manner and available electricity and water are always not interrupted and never prosper the country to construction and buildings and large-scale projects

and returns a smile on the faces of Libyans are all returning displaced people to Libya and become our army The police….
ساعة الصفر

اخوتي اخواتي علينا ان نسأل انفسنا هذه السؤالات

1-ما الغرض من نشر خبر الساعدي في ساعات الصبح الاولى

2-لماذا تم نشر الخبر على موقع وصفحة رئاسة الوزراء ثم خرجت الصور على صفحات ليس لها علاقة بالحكومة

3-لماذا لم يتم دعم الخبر بتسجيل فيديو عندها تعرفون مايلعبه ابناء الحرام العملاء عديمي الاصل والنسب والشرف
الحكومة الجردانية تدفع بالمليارات مقابل استلامها احد المسؤولين من دولة ما ويتكرر هذا الموقف اكثر من مرة .. يعنى على اساس بالطريقة هذه ولما تدفعوا المليارات التى هى من حق الشعب ولما تستلموا شخص ما رح يرجع الامان والامن ويحب الليبي خوه الليبي وترجع تاروغاء معززه مكرمه ويرجع كل مخطوف الى اهل ويرجع كل اسير الى اسرته وتنعدم الاغتيالات والتفجيرات والاغتصاب والقتل وتصبح الطرقات مفروشه بالورود ويستلم كل مواطن راتبه فى موعده وتتوفر الكهرباء والماء بشكل دائما ولا تنقطع ابدا وتزدهر البلاد بالعمران والمبانى والمشاريع الكبيرة وترجع الابتسامه على وجوه الليبين جميعا ويعود المهجرين الى ليبيا ويصبح لدينا جيش وشرطة

As long as I breathe will not shut up ..
I do not Ondhar to morale, but Ondhar forward on behalf of the SOL ..
طالما أتنفس لن أصمت ..
أنا لا أنضر الى المعنويات بل أنضر الى الامام .. باسم الصول

GREAT SON writes:
Those who read history … extracted lessons:
Stability makes victory … and realized the power of resilience …

The rest is not only impressive Astanagas up to the capacity of any human being to withstand: holds both the strengths, needs discovered …

daring, determination, resilience, and fortitude anticipation and patience.
Their Sntansron

ŐČÇÍßă victories Dear stationed steadfast loyal

Steadfast … steadfast … and with God’s help victors.

This morning the closure of all offices of Al Jazeera in both Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain.

Series of regret:

Owl called curses and insults Bushmin. He says that Libyan leader Mu’ammar al-Qathafi

far overseens him and he (Mu’ammar) is accepted nationally.


مسلسل نادمون: المدعو البومة يشتم بوسهمين ويقول ان القائد معمر القذافي اشرف منه ولديه وطنية.



Rat “Nuri Abusshmin” complain to the international community at the Rome headquarters of the pagan Mguethami:

Today’s conference session Friends of Libya Italian capital Rome, Rat Abusshmin Nuri said:

“Thanks for Misrata they went south to secure and defend it!!!”

This international conference stupid mesh Local Bish thank City, but God Ghalib Arefk rat brain

and what you have already contemplating Bish Bay.

The BIG “Rome Plot” Against the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA: “05 MARCH 2014 CONFERENCE of ‘Friends of Libya’ ” (HAH hah):

A meeting between who does not have with those who do not deserve!!
Rome conference is a new episode in a series of conspiracies against the Libyan people and the desperate attempt to save a failing regime imposed by the West on Libya after the overthrow of the legitimate public system of the Great Jamahiriya (direct democracy of the “masses”: the people).

The Rome “conference” is a meeting between those who do not have the ability to overcome the effects of calamity of ’17 February’ and the gangs MB phantom power (even naked from her underwear not to mention the constitutional powers)!!!

In Rome, the capital of the colonial straining Prosecutor Shalgam, and followed pots themselves to discuss ways they remained zeros on the right after they were zeros on the north, and were already in the dustbin of history, and in Rome looking relations officer previously in participatory will not mention them in deference to its owner, “Abusshmin” (Nuri Bushmin) his chair sitting on it (after the crowd hung his chair in the light poles), and the hun Zaidane (hiding from the angry crowd) for an image collected with the lords of yesterday (USA & NATO)!

Rome will not do any spells Haig nor Fragrances Kerry in repairing what marred forever Alfberaara dreaded, but it will be an occasion to write the history of a conference which was the final plotting of the enemies onto Libya (added to Lausanne and O’Shea, London, Doha and Istanbul).

But the door has fallen, and will not rise soon, and Piven g Savarosa , will not Itakerra in The Hague and Fabius and Kerry.

My message to The Illusionists from all sides: There no solution except for that which is in our hands as we Libyans; and it certainly is not in the pod Obama nor Holland.

The solution is a national dialogue between the components of an overarching of the Libyan people’s social, cultural, and academic.
That does not mean a bilateral dialogue with the traitors and customers: but a dialogue between Libyans alone.

And then there are those who ask who are they? They say those who attacked bare-terrorist militias in Benghazi and Alkwyfah inspired martyrs “Gharghour previously” and marched and tore down the (RAT) Parliament and resisting (CIA created, fake) terrorists along the Libyan territory ????

The LIBYANS themselves are the brave men and women who will build the new Libya. Libya is aggrieved or oppressed and will never accept a master nor or blackish.

* D / Mustafa hyperbolic.
03/05/2014 foreigner

* مؤامرة روما
لقاء بين من لا يملك مع من لا يستحق !!
مؤتمر روما هو حلقة جديدة في سلسلة المؤامرات ضد الشعب الليبي ومحاولة يائسة لإنقاذ النظام الفاشل الذى فرضه الغرب علي ليبيا بعد اسقاط النظام الجماهيري الشرعي.
انه لقاء بين من لا يملكون مقدرة على تجاوز اثار نكبة وفبراير وبين عصابة السلطة الوهمية المجرّدة حتي من ملابسها الداخلية ناهيك عن صلاحياتها الدستورية !!!
في روما عاصمة الاستعمار يجهد المدعي شلقم ، وتابعه قدور نفسيهما للبحث في سبل بقائهما اصفارا على اليمين بعد ان كانوا اصفارا علي الشمال ، وصاروا في مزبلة التاريخ ، وفى روما يبحث ضابط العلاقات السابق في تشاركية لن اذكرها احتراما لمالكها “ابوسهمين “عن كرسي يجلس عليه بعد ان علّقت الجماهير كرسيه في اعمدة النور ، ويصارع زيدان المختبئ من الجماهير الغاضبة من اجل صورة تجمعه مع اسياد الامس !.
في روما لن تجدي تعاويذ هيج ولا عطور كيرى في اصلاح ما افسده الدهر الفبرايري اللعين ، لكن ستكون مناسبة ليكتب التاريخ مؤتمرا آخر يتامر فيه الاعداء على ليبيا يضاف الى لوزان واوشى ولندن والدوحة واستانبول ، لكن الباب العالي سقط ولن يرتفع في وقت قريب ، وبيفن ز سافاروزا ،لن يتكررا في هيج وفابيوس وكيري
رسالتي الى الواهمون من كل الاطراف ، الحل يوجد في ايدينا نحن الليبيين وليس في جراب اوباما ولا هولاند .
الحل هو حوار وطني جامع شامل بين مكونات الشعب الليبي الاجتماعية والثقافية والاكاديمية ،
ذلك لا يعني حوارا ثنائيا مع الخونة و العملاء ء بل حوار بين الليبيين ، ولمن يسال من هم ؟ نقول انهم اولئك الذين هاجموا بصدور عارية المليشيات الارهابية في بنغازي والكويفية وحي الشهداء “غرغور سابقا” ومن زحفوا على البرلمان المزيف ويقاومون الارهابيين على طول الارض الليبية .
انهم الرجال والنساء الشجعان الذين سيبنون ليبيا الجديدة ، ليبيا لا مغبون ولا مظلوم ولا سيد ولا مسود .

* د / مصطفى الزائدي .
5 / 3 / 2014 إفرنجي .

“ZERO HOUR” writes:

O brothers what Fish news on all the Rome Conference.

The outline of the home draw in Rome and the Libyan people

Eachd relievers delivery figures for Adhab minds away from what policies to the future of the nation.


MUSICIAN writes concerning the Conference of NATO shame in Rome today::

In the absence of Mr.

Missed master men from Libya rushed Semiconductor men to Rome to see their work, Particularly hard labor and a betrayal of the homeland is a reward in the Rome Conference, where the forum great conspiracy against Libya, with all their sects moving customers to Rome individuals and groups in terms of their masters, in a historical scene brings back the idea of fascism that Libya is the fourth shore of Rome.

People tricked him and left for Rome to determine their own destiny and lost all the blood of the mujahideen in fighting the jihad against the invasion of the Italian Sdَّy, at the time the man was Italy come to accept the hands that forced them to apologize and Altha compensation, a symbol of Italy’s Berlusconi before the hand of the son of Omar Mukhtar and bowed his apology in sight the inability of history about the greatness of thriller writing, but not surprisingly, was in the time of Mr. dignity, pride and stepping up at the top of the stairs.

This Mr. legend in 2010 and before the events a few months forced the whole of Europe to bend and hear what did not hear it before, at the summit of African and European described Palmstamaren and thieves and slaves money they listen to no one dares to respond to the words of the master men, it does not say only the truth and I’m here No recount scene novelist but a historical fact,

was not it only a few years and you can see the top of reprimand both leaders of Europe who are Menksa heads, these glories record master men for every Libyan and every African and record his name in the history of the colonization matter how strong is bound to come out once a leader hold him accountable for his actions and puts it in size.

Missed master men Fgapt glory and opening date records of shame again and returned to Libya a century back, every day that passes we feel the extent of the enormity of the absence of the master men for our country

even suicide after he became is our lot without our faith in God Almighty, is life without a master men make you feel like you live for the humiliation of living in order to conquer every day,

they want us to go back to the enslavement and we were distributing freedom, damn them and their pigs stronghold of Rome will bring her back to kneel again you will not fail to Libya to give birth to another man who looked like the master men.

And still continues playing the lead


في غياب السـيد

غاب سيـد الرجال عن ليبيا فهرع اشباه الرجال الي روما ليروا اعمالهم ، فالأكثر عمالة وخيانة للوطن هو من سيكافئ في مؤتمر روما ، حيث محفل المؤامرة الكبرى على ليبيا ، بكل طوائفهم يتجه العملاء الى روما فردا وجماعات حيث اسيادهم ، في مشهد تاريخي يعيد للأذهان الفكرة الفاشية بأن ليبيا هي الشاطئ الرابع لروما .

شعب غرر به وترك لروما ان تحدد مصيره وضاعت كل دماء المجاهدين في معارك الجهاد ضد الغزو الايطالي سدﱠى ، في زمن الرجل كانت ايطاليا تأتي لتقبل الايادي التي اجبرتها على الاعتذار و اكرهتها على التعويض ، رمز ايطاليا برلسكوني قبل يد نجل عمر المختار وانحنى له اعتذاراً في مشهد عجز التاريخ عن كتابة عظمة احداثه ، لكن لا غرابة ففي زمن السيد كانت الكرامة والعزة والشموخ في أعلى الدرجات .

هذا السيد الاسطورة في عام2010 وقبل الاحداث بشهور قليلة اجبر اوروبا كلها على الانحناء وسماع ما لم تسمعه من قبل ، في مؤتمر القمة الافريقية الاوروبية وصفهم بالمستعمرين واللصوص وعبيد المال وهم ينصتون لا احد يجرؤ ان يرد على كلام سيد الرجال فهو لا يقول إلا الحقيقة و انا هنا لا اسرد مشهد روائي بل حقيقة تاريخية لم يمض عليها إلا سنوات قليلة ويمكنكم ان تشاهدوا قمة التوبيخ لكل قادة اوروبا وهم منكسي الرؤوس ، هذه امجاد سجلها سيد الرجال لكل ليبي ولكل افريقي وسجل باسمه في التاريخ ان الاستعمار مهما كان قوياً لا بد ان يخرج يوماً قائداً يحاسبه عن افعاله ويضعه في حجمه .

غاب سيد الرجال فغابت الامجاد وفتح التاريخ سجلات العار مجدداً ورجعت ليبيا قرنآ كاملاً الى الوراء ، كل يوم يمر علينا نشعر بمدى فداحة غياب سيد الرجال عن بلادنا حتى ان الانتحار بعده اصبح يراودنا كثيراً لولا عقيدتنا في الله عز وجل ، فحياة بدون سيد الرجال تجعلك تشعر انك تعيش لتهان تعيش لكي تقهر كل يوم ، يريدون منا ان نعود للاستعباد ونحن من كنـا نوزع الحرية ،تبآ لهم ولروما معقل خنازيرهم سوف نعيدها لتركع من جديد فلن تعجز ليبيا ان تنجب رجل آخر يشبه سيد الرجال.

ولازال عزف الرصاص مستمراً
{ الموسيقار }


Alfberairiun who claimed that they are the descendants of the chosen. They claimed that they had chosen a revolution. And belong and are proud of the legacy of Omar Mukhtar.

Question: Do you dare one of those present to the meeting in Rome to put a picture of Omar Mukhtar on his chest. Or even mention his name during the meeting. ?

Tnkertm do that to him. And Adeeetm unjustly and falsely that he was Jewish. In the center of the capital, Rome. He said from the balcony of the speeches, including General Rome. Promised that promise.
الفبرايريون الذين أدعوا بأنهم أحفاد المختار . وأدعوا بأنهم قاموا بثورة المختار . وينتسبون ويفتخرون بسيرة عمر المختار .

سؤال :: هل يتجرأ أحد من الحاضرين لأجتماع روما أن يضع صورة عمر المختار على صدره . أو حتى يذكر أسمه خلال الأجتماع . ؟

فعلها الذي تنكرتم له . وأدعيتم ظلما وزورا أنه يهودي . في وسط العاصمة روما . وقال من ذات الشرفة التي خطب منها جنرال روما . ان عدتم عدنا .

Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar on FB:

PDF forces and armed people: have confirmed information stating the intention of the NATO planes, “satanic” NATO raids extended to the territory of the Libyan territory and take necessary on the ground of the landing armies and others which will be announced in the (Conference invaders in Rome, new date for 12 March) .. …

LIBYA IS FLOODED NOW WITH hundreds of thousands of Western soldiers and intelligence Agents.The French are in FEZZAN; The Yanks in the Western Nafusa Mountains and Tripoli, The Brits in Cyrenaica..

The Italians have trained “volunteers” (mercenaries) in Libya !!!

IN OTHER WORDS, by the “grace” of the UNO, Libya is a fully occupied “STATE“!!

If he was lying on a hospital bed yesterday in LIBYA, how could Sowailli be seen at the Conference today in Rome?


Andrew Gavin Marshall writes: ” the …imperial hegemon, UNITED STATES, ran the international monetary system and reigned as champion and arbitrator of the global political economy.To manage the global political economy, the US has created the single largest and most powerful military force in world history. Constant control over the global economy requires constant military presence and action.In 1991, with the collapse of the Soviet Union, US-NATO foreign policy had to re-imagine its role in the world. The US was to act as the imperial hegemony, serving international financial interests in imposing the “New World Order”.In 1992, the US Defense Department, under the leadership of Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney [later to be George Bush Jr.’s VP], had the Pentagon’s Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, Paul Wolfowitz [later to be George Bush Jr.’s Deputy Secretary of Defense and President of the World Bank], write up a defense document to guide American foreign policy in the post-Cold War era, commonly referred to as the “New World Order.”The Defense Planning Guidance document was leaked in 1992, and revealed that,
“In a broad new policy statement that is in its final drafting phase, the Defense Department asserts that America’s political and military mission in the post-cold-war era will be to ensure that no rival superpower is allowed to emerge in Western Europe, Asia or the territories of the former Soviet Union,” and that, “The classified document makes the case for a world dominated by one superpower whose position can be perpetuated by constructive behavior and sufficient military might to deter any nation or group of nations from challenging American primacy.”Further, “the new draft sketches a world in which there is one dominant military power whose leaders ‘must maintain the mechanisms for deterring potential competitors from even aspiring to a larger regional or global role’.”Now that both the American empire and global political economy are in decline and collapse, the prospect of a violent end to the Yankee imperial age is drastically increasing.
The War on Terror and the Project for the New American Century (PNAC):The George H.W. Bush administration formed a think tank called the Project for the New American Century, or PNAC.In 2000, they published a report called, Rebuilding America’s Defenses: Strategy, Forces, and Resources for a New Century.Building upon the Defense Policy Guidance document, they state that,
“the United States must retain sufficient forces able to rapidly deploy and win multiple simultaneous large-scale wars.”Further, there is “need to retain sufficient combat forces to fight and win, multiple, nearly simultaneous major theatre wars,” and that “the Pentagon needs to begin to calculate the force necessary to protect, independently, US interests in Europe, East Asia and the Gulf at all times.”[It advocates] for massive increases in defense spending and for expanding the American Empire across the globe, including the forceful destruction of multiple countries, through major theatre wars, …Many of the authors of the report and members of the Project for the New American Century had become officials in the Bush administration, and were conveniently in place to enact their “Project” after they got their “new Pearl Harbor” (the events of 9/11).The plans for war were,
“already under development by far right Think Tanks in the 1990s, organizations in which cold-war warriors from the inner circle of the secret services, from evangelical churches, from weapons corporations and oil companies forged shocking plans for a new world order.”
To do this,
“the USA would need to use all means – diplomatic, economic and military, even wars of aggression – to have long term control of the resources of the planet and the ability to keep any possible rival weak.”
Among the people involved in PNAC and the plans for empire,
“Dick Cheney – Vice President, Lewis Libby – Cheney’s Chief of Staff, Donald Rumsfeld – Defence Minister, Paul Wolfowitz – Rumsfeld’s deputy, Peter Rodman – in charge of ‘Matters of Global Security’, John Bolton – State Secretary for Arms Control, Richard Armitage – Deputy Foreign Minister, Richard Perle – former Deputy Defence Minister under Reagan, now head of the Defense Policy Board, William Kristol – head of the PNAC and adviser to Bush, known as the brains of the President, Zalmay Khalilzad,” who became Ambassador to both Afghanistan and Iraq following the regime changes in those countries….The War on Terror and Surplus ImperialismIn 2000, the Pentagon released a document called Joint Vision 2020, which outlined a project to achieve what they termed, “Full Spectrum Dominance,” as the blueprint for the Department of Defense in the future.
“Full-spectrum dominance means the ability of U.S. forces, operating alone or with allies, to defeat any adversary and control any situation across the range of military operations.”The report “addresses full-spectrum dominance across the range of conflicts from nuclear war to major theater wars to smaller-scale contingencies. It also addresses amorphous situations like peacekeeping and non-combat humanitarian relief.”Further, “The development of a global information grid will provide the environment for decision superiority.”Following 9/11, the “Bush doctrine” was put in place, which called for,
“a unilateral and exclusive right to preemptive attack, any time, anywhere, unfettered by any international agreements, to ensure that ‘[o]ur forces will be strong enough to dissuade potential adversaries from pursuing a military build-up in hope of surpassing, or equaling, the power of the United States’.” [40]
NATO undertook its first ground invasion of any nation in its entire history, with the October 2001 invasion and occupation of Afghanistan.The Afghan war was in fact, planned prior to the events of 9/11, with the breakdown of major pipeline deals between major western oil companies and the Taliban. The war itself was planned over the summer of 2001 with the operational plan to go to war by mid-October.
Africa and AFRICOM:
n April of 2001, Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney held a hearing on Western involvement in the plunder of Africa, in which she stated,
“at the heart of Africa’s suffering is the West’s, and most notably the United States’, desire to access Africa’s diamonds, oil, natural gas, and other precious resources… the West, and most notably the United States, has set in motion a policy of oppression, destabilization and tempered, not by moral principle, but by a ruthless desire to enrich itself on Africa’s fabulous wealth.”
In the New World Order, Africa has not lost its significance as a geopolitical prize for the great powers.While the Middle East, save Iran, is largely under the influence of the United States and its NATO allies, Africa is the main battleground between the U.S. and the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA (a huge thorn prickling against the toes of YANKEE-NATO imperialism)….Imperialism in Africa goes under many names:
the “War on Terror”
military assistance
economic aid
“humanitarian intervention” to name a few…How the “War on Terror” had been brought to Africa, the report stated:
Post-9/11, the U.S. counter-terror approach to Africa has been led by the U.S. military:
CENTCOM in the Horn
EUCOM in West, Central, and southern Africa
the U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM)
More quietly, U.S. intelligence cooperation with key states has expanded in parallel with the enlargement of the U.S. military’s role.
As the Guardian reported in June of 2005,
“A new ‘scramble for Africa’ is taking place among the world’s big powers, who are tapping into the continent for its oil and diamonds.”AfricomIn 2007, Newsweek reported that,
“America is quietly expanding its fight against terror on the African front. Two years ago the United States set up the Trans-Sahara Counterterrorism Partnership with nine countries in central and western Africa.

There is no permanent presence, but the hope is to generate support and suppress radicalism by both sharing U.S. weapons and tactics with friendly regimes and winning friends through a vast humanitarian program assembled by US-AID, including well building and vocational training.”
The Pentagon announced the formation of a new military strategic command called “Africom” (Africa Command), which,
“will integrate existing diplomatic, economic and humanitarian programs into a single strategic vision for Africa, bring more attention to long-ignored American intelligence-gathering and energy concerns on the continent, and elevate African interests to the same level of importance as those of Asia and the Middle East.”
The article gave brief mention to critics, saying that,
“Not surprisingly, the establishment of a major American base in Africa is inspiring new criticism from European and African critics of U.S. imperial overreach.”
Some claim it represents a “militarization of U.S. Africa policy,” which is not a stretch of imaginations, as the article pointed out,
“the United States has identified the Sahel, a region stretching west from Eritrea across the broadest part of Africa, as the next critical zone in the War on Terror and started working with repressive governments in Chad and Algeria, among others, to further American interests there.”
As Newsweek further reported:
The problem is that, increasingly, African leaders appear not to want Africom. They see it as the next phase of the War on Terror – a way to pursue jihadists inside Africa’s weak or failed states, which many U.S. officials have described as breeding grounds for terror. They worry that the flow of arms will overwhelm the flow of aid, and that U.S. counterterrorism will further destabilize a region already prone to civil wars.[130]
Africom is the new American military command designed to control Africa, which currently sits as an important neo-colonial battleground between the US and China. Africa still remains a major front in the imperialist adventures of the dominant powers of the New World Order.

Its rich wealth in resources makes it an important strategic location for the world powers to seek hegemony over.

When Muammar al-Qathafi took over the reigns of the AFRICAN UNION, he laid a huge obstacle in the path of NWO (especially USA) “AFRICOM” PLANS…

Mu’ammar al-Qathafi vs ‘Africom’ and the recolonisation of Africa – YouTube
► 8:12► 8:12
Dan Glazebrooks said: “In taking out THE GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, Africom had actually eliminated the project’s fiercest adversary”….Muammar al-Qathafi  “is a dedicated pan-Africanist and, whatever one think of the man, it is clear that his vision for African was very different from that of the subordinate supplier of cheap labour and raw materials that Africom was created to maintain. He was not only the driving force behind the creation of the African Union in 2002, but had also served as its elected head, and made Libya its biggest financial donor. To the dismay of some of his African colleagues, he used his time as leader to push for a “United States of Africa”, with a single currency, single army and single passport. More concretely, the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA had an estimated 108.59€bn worth of investment in Africa – often in social infrastructure and development projects, and this largesse bought him many friends, particularly in the smaller nations. As long as al-Qathafi retained this level of influence in Africa, Africom was going to founder.”

The Africa of 2007, refused to allow Africom a base on African soil, forcing it to establish its headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany. al-Qathafi’s GREAT JAMAHIRIYA had served not only as a bulwark against US military designs on the continent, but also as a crucial bridge between black Africa south of the Sahara and Arab Africa in the north.”

Their only solution: Get rid of Muammar al-Qathafi and the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA...This what is happening in their schemes, plots and WAR against The Great Jamahiriya and Muammar al-Qathafi’s THIRD UNIVERSAL THEORY, since particularly the CIA-led NATO war of 2011.

“With Africom on the march and its strongest opponent gone, the African Union now faces the biggest choice in its history: is it to become a force for regional integration and independence [following the former lead of Mu’ammar al-Qathafi], or merely a conduit for continued western military aggression against the continent?”…

Obstacle to the NWO

“The imperial agenda of the US’s ‘Africa Command’

marches on

With mission accomplished in Libya, Africom now has few obstacles to its military ambitions on the continent…”
(Dan Glazebrook)
theguardian.com, Thursday 14 June 2012 12.03 BST
“ZERO HOUR” says:
Alzenthavil lipo respond to Tripoli Qallahm Elephant God and hostile Museibpkm O Champions
مع الجردان مش حتقدر تغمض عينك


RAS JADIR crossing:

It should be shut down after crossing the head of an armed brawl.





And seven drums Rishvana
Today was kidnapped in Tripoli Micro
Behold, nine young people from Rishvana Bassagaha are residents of Alhachan and ain al-Zahra.

(picture of 1981 Stamp commemorating the 1924 battle of ain-Zahra)


Dr. Khalid
…….. In Misrata prisons ..……. Lord IFK your capture

From the city department in Ajeelat…

(Op Ojaili)




Declaration of a state of full alert by Jardan Brigades in Benghazi, Libya and shield the region of Central and Western
The news of the issuance of the orders of the General Staff of the MB RAT shield to move toward Sirte and oil ports ..

ALLAH BLESS RABO BARASI, IBRAHIM al-JDHARAN, all the good People and the Great Tenderly/Gently ARMY of the Poli-Bureau of CYRENAICA!

Over three columns of armed militias Al-Jdharan every component of a convoy of 100 cars and all armed convoy of eight vehicles with lobster and trucks to transport ammunition and ambulances and the transfer of personnel heading Mdhirat Btgah Red Canyon just before passing through the city of Bin Jawad coast road. 

RAT MB “Shield Forces Central Libya’s Misurata” retreat to Misrata after hearing the progress Forces tenderly to the city of Sirte.

(picture of the CYRENAICA FEDERAL ARMY):

Track huge military CIA forces of Khalifa Haftar are moving to control the entire city of Sirte. Happening now.

“Zero hour ” comments:

” I wonder about the reason for the release of the son and Nice A. Bouchmadh,

the question of the value of the amount paid as ransom only.”

well here is your answer..They were rescued, no ransome paid..:

Battalion stun Bawhita are liberated son Alkhaan Nice Bouchmadh where there were mediation by Hassouna Tatanki to pay ransom

and the liberation of the Bouchmadhala that battalion stun Bawhita advised them to wait for the availability of information

from the tuber about the gang was confirmed

that the raid today was the liberation of the kidnapped without any involvement of and Aldhalaqid.

Nice Bo Khmadh ÇÍĐŃć who wants Asinglal what happened to the execution of the trust Alstreetbalaqid.

Alkhaan Nice Bo Khmadh and create dissension and bickering!

كتيبة الصاعقة بالبيضاء هي من قامت بتحرير ابن الخاين ونيس بوخمادة حيث أنه كانت هناك وساطة من قبل حسونة طاطانكي لدفع فدية وتحرير علي بوخمادةالا ان كتيبة الصاعقة بالبيضاء نصحتهم بالتريث لتوفر معلومات من درنة حول العصابة وتم تأكيد ذلك تم الاقتحام اليوم وتم تحرير المخطوف دون اي مشاركة من والدهالعقيد ونيس بو خمادة احذرو ممن يريد اسنغلال ما حدث لإعدام ثقة الشارعبالعقيد الخاين

First statement calling for the independence of Cyrenaica occupation Trabelsi



Spokesman for the Egyptian Foreign Ministry: the situation in Libya is catastrophic and targeting

Egyptian workers under Ataadam security, we will not be silent against these violations.




United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain withdraw their ambassadors from Qatar

after issuing a joint statement stating that they fear for the stability and security of the country.

Let them let them.

Qatar Exchange loses 3% after the withdrawal of the ambassadors of Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Doha.

In the name of God the Merciful!

“And plots and plotted God and God is the best of planners” [Anfal: 30]

Almighty God.

De ‎ساعة الصفر‎
رسمياًالامارات السعودية والبحرين تسحب سفرائها من قطر بعد اصدار بيان مشترك ذكرت فيه انهم يخافون على استقرار وامن البلادخليهم خليهمبسم الله الرحمٰن الرحيم”و يمكرون و يمكر الله و الله خير الماكرين” [الأنفال:30]صدق الله العظيم—-

“Zero hour” tells us:Told you liberated in four days
And told you like us black hawks
And told you the city and the spark of freedomFor God Yasser without Tftric and harvest. Supplements for two years and you _ak_inha uniforms mastic. Tyrant and buried and we were in the fronts and freedom ChminaAnd income Aajpina what killed 45 of your children in Alkwyfah. And income Aattafhen to assassinate in Illatkm and Cherttkm every day before your eyes. And income for the country in your honor violated. And delayed it for fear Haashkm and take Sbayakm before your eyes (lawyer Vtgah Badri Alakora) and Arfoha and turn her clothes and Armoha sixty rounds and Alouhoha in the garbage dump.The disaster that you know the actors and know their names and addresses and the headquarters of their militias. The dog Mavicm deny this. Believe in you and who told you Muftikm less than tidy dogs.
Wayne Elly honor Nfajtona Rosanna Talaat Bey to lie rape Iman al-Obeidi. Wayne tears and crying and Tris Nsawin before the court and we all shout Iman al-Obeidi.Today the 600 usurped by Aaron Macal Rat on the island. And you laugh and danced thank Qatar and the United Arab Emirates .
Thank you. Daughters Mdayrin scandals in Qatar and everywhere. And take them to the center of Hyachehem in broad daylight. And kill you before your eyes.And you to live by those who advocate. God’s curse on you and the government of Qatar and the United Arab Emirates Aaeidima honor and morality. But remember that God gives and Aéml.And is still the one I say footmen. But you say the same Aarf in Alzbehh. To Ahrrnaha. You are cowards and customers and Tafhen and hired.
قالك حررناها في أربعة أيام
وقالك أحنا الأسود والصقور
وقالك مدينة الشرارة والحريةبالله عليكم ياسر بلا تفتريش وقطاف . ليكم سنتين وانتم شادينها زي المستكة . الطاغية والمقبور وكنا في الجبهات وشمينا الحريةوينكم ياجبناء لما قتلوا 45 من اولادكم في الكويفية . وينكم ياتافهين لما يغتالوا في ضباطكم وشرطتكم كل يوم قدام عيونكم . وينكم لما القطريين ينتهكوا في أعراضكم . وأخرتها يخشوا لحياشكم ويأخذوا صباياكم قدام عيونكم (المحامية فتجية البدري العقوري) ويرفعوها ويحولوا ملابسها ويرموها بستين اطلاقة ويلوحوها في مكب القمامة .الكارثة انكم تعرفوا الفاعلين وتعرفوا اسمائهم وعناوينهم ومقرات مليشياتهم . ومافيكم كلب ينكر هذا . وصدق فيكم مفتيكم اللي قال أنكم اقل من مرتبة الكلاب .
وين الشرف اللي نفختونا روسنا بيه لما طلعت كذبة اغتصاب ايمان العبيدي . وين الدموع والبكاء تريس ونساوين قدام المحكمة وتهتفوا كلنا ايمان العبيدي . اليوم فيه 600 مغتصبة حسب ماقال الجرذ هارون في الجزيرة . وانتم تضحكوا وترقصوا وشكرا قطر وشكرا الامارات . بناتكم مدايرين الفضائح في قطر وكل مكان . وياخذوا فيهم من وسط حياشهم وفي وضح النهار . ويقتلوا فيكم قدام عيونكم . وانتم لاحياة لمن تنادي . لعنة الله عليكم وعلى حكومة قطر والامارات ياعديمي الشرف والاخلاق . لكن تذكروا بأن الله يمهل ولايهمل .
ومازال فيه واحد يقول انا راجل . ولايرفع عينه يقول كنت في الزبهة . ولاحررناها . أنتم جبناء وعملاء وتافهين ومأجورين



Did The US Just Attack Russia’s Oil Refinery? (Video)

Tuesday, 04 March 2014 6:33


By Susan Duclos

If any proof comes to light that the US or the US via an ally, struck at Europe’s largest oil refinery, which just happens to be located in Tatarstan, Russia, then we will have a full-scale world war on our hands and heaven help us all.

Videos from Russia have been released showing the Neftekamskneftehim, which is the largest oil refinery in Europe, located in Russia, is ablaze, with firetrucks rushing to the scene.

This comes after the ouster of the pro-Moscow president of the Ukraine, to which we now know the west, including the US, spend over3.62€ billion to overthrow the elected president, and Russia military forces took over the Crimea region of the Ukraine and obtained permission to expand the operation, then the US threatened to “isolate” Russia and impose sanction.

Following those recent events, it was just reported that the Russian controlled Gazprom threatened to disrupt the gas supply to Europe and now we have a “coincidental” major fire inside of Russia at their oil refinery.

Anyone else think this is all part of the lead-in to World War III?

The first video is mine, showing the photos of the fire at the refinery and discussing whether this was an attack against Russia by the US or US allies and the two below that are from within Russia of the blaze and the last video is DAHBOO7, who also notices the incredible timing of this event.

Ukraine is a real problem

Ukraine: A big challenge.

19.03.2008 – Whenever possible, I suppose to major international events and issues position in the hope that by my influence, the career of this international political events can be positively influenced, so that in Libya, and around the world, people may live freedom and security.

This article is about the Ukraine, a country that is facing a major challenge.

Ukraine is an independent, independent member state of the United Nations.

Ukrainian history is entangled with complex national and regional events.

A thousand years, neither Russia nor Ukraine were, as we know it today. Kiev was called the Russian Kiev, the Ukrainians believe that they were the origin of a common culture.

They also claim that the common heritage of Russia makes it difficult to accept Ukraine as an independent state.

Several times, Russia has in the past two centuries tried to suppress the Ukrainian language. Ukrainian history is marked by a continuous struggle for independence.

Before the current independence, Ukraine had already been independently five times. The first attempt of Ukraine as an independent republic was only 6 months, the second 3 months.

Once the independence lasted only 18 hours.

Russia recognizes Ukraine as an independent, sovereign state and as a neighbor and brother. Thus where is the problem?

The difficulty lies in the fact that Ukraine is seeking international guarantees for its independence, so as not to lose again. Russia does, however, very difficult to guarantee these efforts.

This is the crux of the problem. What the Ukraine is a guarantee of its independence, Russia perceives as a risk for his own safety and independence.

The Ukraine is the endeavor of the EU and join NATO, the best guarantee for long-term independence dar.

Russia views Ukraine’s approach as an unnecessary, major threat, especially since it is the autonomy and independence of the neighboring country fully recognizes.

Beyond all differences of opinion, this situation presents a difficult and serious challenge

NATO should have access to the Ukraine, they would face Russia’s door.

If the enemy is coming, there are two possibilities. Either you or she opens the door is forced open.

In order to allay fears of Russia, Ukraine stressed that their constitution prohibits foreign military bases on their territory.

Russia counters that the danger is not from the presence of possible foreign bases from going, but that it rather depends on the fact, that would be part of the Ukrainian territory and NATO, the Ukrainian army.

This is unacceptable for Russia, because it represents a serious threat to its sovereignty.

Ukraine, however, stressed that she is looking for guarantees of independence and does not intend to threaten Russia.

She provides a non-aggression pact with Russia to respond.

Ukraine’s intention is to perceive their own interests and not to threaten Russia.

But Russia sees Ukraine’s membership in NATO, which they regard as an enemy, as a threat in itself, it adds even more, unsolved problems.

These include the boundaries of the Tuzla Island, the city Santova, the Russian military base on the Crimean peninsula and the famine of 1932-33. The Ukrainians believe that a condemnation of the famine would not refer to Russia, but on the past.

The fact that 20% of Ukrainians of Russian descent, makes the situation even more complex. I recently made my first trip to Russia and Ukraine became independent after the collapse of the USSR.

This journey led me to address the problems mentioned above.

It was my concern that all parties should be well informed to make constructive policy decisions.

The parties, Russia, EU and NATO, are powerful international players.

A confrontation between them would endanger world peace, global security, the participants themselves and my country.


أوكرانيا مشكلة حقيقية

بقلم // القائد معمر القذافي … بتاريخ 14 الماء 2009

من حيث كوني مؤثرا في سياسة العالم في هذا العصر بأي قدر ..
وبأي وسيلة ممكنة ، ومحاولا أن أساهم في خلق عالم حر وآمن ؛ لغرض أن تتمتع الشعوب بالحرية والأمن ، وإن شعبي و احد منها ومن هذا الباب والمبدأ أطرح رأيي في القضايا والمشاكل الدولية الخطيرة كلما تمكنت آملا أن يؤثر ذلك في السياسة الدولية بوجه إيجابي .
ففي هذا المقال أتناول أوكرانيا التي أعتبرها مشكلة حقيقية .
إن أوكرانيا الآن تعتبر دولة مستقلة ذات سيادة وعضواً في الأمم المتحدة، لكن هذا غير كاف بالنسبة للأوكرانيين ، لماذا ؟ السبب هو تاريخ أوكرانيا ، بل حتى تاريخ المنطقة . الذي يعود إلى أكثر من ألف عام حيث لم تكن روسيا مثلما هي عليه الآن و لا أوكرانيا ، بل كانت تسمى كييف روسيا .
ويقول الأوكرانيون إن أوكرانيا هي المهد ، و ذلك من باب الاعتزاز بماضيهم. ويقول الأوكرانيون إن التاريخ المشترك للمنطقة ديمغرافيا جعل من الصعب النظر إلى أوكرانيا كدولة من طرف إخوانهم الروس .. ويقولون إنه كان هناك طمس للغة الأوكرانية خلال المائتي عام المنصرمة .
ويقولون ـ أي الأوكرانيون ـ إن تاريخ أوكرانيا كله نضال من أجل الاستقلال استمر مئات السنين.
وإنهم حصلوا على استقلالهم خمس مرات قبل استقلالهم الحالي .. ولكن يقولون هذا الاستقلال لم يدم. لماذا ؟ لأنه لم تكن ثمة ضمانات لذلك الاستقلال ، فأول استقلال لدولة أوكرانيا كجمهورية مستقلة و كما يقولون دام 6 شهور والمرة الثانية دام 3 شهور . وهناك استقلال في إحدى المرات دام 18 ساعة فقط .
الروس من الناحية الرسمية لا يعترضون على استقلال أوكرانيا بل يعترفون بأن أوكرانيا دولة مستقلة ذات سيادة وجارة.. وشقيقة.
إذن ما هي المشكلة الحقيقية الخطيرة في الموضوع ؟ المشكلة الخطيرة هي أن أوكرانيا تريد ضمانات دولية لاستقلالها حتى لا تفقده مرة أخرى كما تقول . ولكن هذه الضمانات صعبة جدا و خطرة جدا بالنسبة لروسيا ، هذا هو لب المشكل وخطورته .فما تراه روسيا خطرا على أمنها واستقلالها تراه أوكرانيا ضمانا لأمنها .. واستقلالها هذا هو أساس المشكل ، وهنا التناقض الشديد في سياسة البلدين .
بوضوح أوكرانيا تريد الانضمام إلى الاتحاد الأوروبي والانضمام إلى حلف شمال الأطلسي ، وتعتبر هذا هو الضمان المضمون لاستقلالها .. وفي الواقع هو ضمان ضد روسيا و ليس ضد أي دولة أخرى ، بينما الروس يقولون : إن هذه الضمانات التي تطلبها أوكرانيا هي تحديات خطرة جدا لأمن روسيا، ويقولون : لا داعي لها ؛ لأن روسيا تعترف بأوكرانيا كدولة مستقلة ذات سيادة.
وفي الواقع ـ بغض النظر عن وجهة نظر الطرفين ـ إن الأمر غاية في الخطورة.. وإنه مشكلة حقيقية ، فإذا وصل حلف الأطلسي إلى أوكرانيا فمعناه الدق على باب موسكو.. و إذا دق العدو على باب دارك فإما أن تفتح له ليدخل أو قد يحطم الباب ، هذا هو الشيء الخطر المتوقع . وبالمقابل فإن أوكرانيا ترد على هذا التخوف لتطمئن شقيقتها روسيا بأن الدستور الأوكراني لا يسمح بمنح قواعد عسكرية أجنبية على الأرض الأوكرانية .
وعليه ترى أوكرانيا أنه لا داعي للتخوف مادامت القواعد غير مسموح بها في أوكرانيا .. ولكن روسيا ترد بالمقابل بأن الخطر لا يتوقف على وجود قواعد عسكرية من عدمه .. بل إن الأراضي الأوكرانية في هذه الحالة ستكون من ضمن أراضي حلف الأطلسي ، وإن الحلف سيتواجد فوقها حتى بدون قواعد ثابتة ، وان القوات المسلحة الأوكرانية ستكون كذلك من ضمن قوات الدول الأعضاء في الحلف .. وهذا أمر مرفوض بالنسبة لروسيا ؛ لأنه يمس أمنها مباشرة ، وبطريقة خطرة غير مسموح بها، بينما الأوكرانيون يؤكدون أنهم يطلبون ضمــانات دولية لاستقلالهم فقط ، ولا يطلبون جلب المخاطر لروسيا .. وأنهم على استعداد لتوقيع أي وثيقة مع الروس للتعهد بأن أوكرانيا لن تكون مصدر خطر عليهم .. لكن الروس يرون أن الخطر يوجد بمجرد أن تكون أوكرانيا عضوا في حلف يعدّ عدوٌّا لروسيا وهو الناتو ، فالأوكرانيون يقولون : نحن لن نعمل شيئا ضد روسيا ، ولكن نعمل الشيء الذي في مصلحة أوكرانيا .
إلى جانب هذا المشكل الأساسي ثمة مشاكل أخرى ثانوية، ولكنها سيئة.. وما لم تحل فقد تقود إلى مضاعفات غير محمودة ، وحلها على ما يبدو يواجه صعوبات جمة ، ويصفها الأوكرانيون بأنها مشاكل شائكة مثل مشكل: جزيرة توزلا ،والجرف القاري وترسيم الحدود ، ومدينة سيفستوبل .. والقاعدة العسكرية الروسية .. وما حدث في عامي 1932 ـ 1933 ( قصة المجاعة ) التي يقول الأوكرانيون إنها إدانة للماضي البغيض وليست إدانة لروسيا . وهناك شبه جزيرة القرم . ومن المعروف أن قرابة 20% من سكان أوكرانيا هم روس !!
وهكذا تبدو الصورة للمشكلة الحقيقية الأوكرانية … وقصدت من طرحها من جانبي و توضيحها بعد زيارتي روسيا لأول مرة بعد أن تفككت دولة الاتحاد السوفيتي ، وزيارتي أوكرانيا لأول مرة بعد أن أعلنت أنها دولة مستقلة قصدت من هذا أن تكون كل الأطراف على علم ، وقد يساعد ذلك على تقدير المواقف والعواقب قبل اعتماد سياسات قد تضر بالسلام العالمي الذي يهمّ بلادي ، كما يهمّ كل الشعوب ، وقد تضرّ تلك السياسات بأصحابها أيضا ؛ إذن الأطراف المعنية أطراف هامة جدا فوق الكرة الأرضية ، وصدامها سيضرّ حتما بالأمن والسلم الدوليين ، وهى روسيا والاتحاد الأوروبي وحلف الأطلسي.



Towards a World War III Scenario: Breaking the “Big Lie”

Global Research, 05 March 2014

BOOK LAUNCH: "Towards a World War Three Scenario" NOW IN PAPERBACK!

The following excerpt is from “Towards a World War III Scenario: The Dangers of Nuclear War“, the latest title by best-selling author Michel Chossudovsky:

The US has embarked on a military adventure, “a long war”, which threatens the future of humanity. US-NATO weapons of mass destruction are portrayed as instruments of peace. Mini-nukes are said to be “harmless to the surrounding civilian population”. Pre-emptive nuclear war is portrayed as a “humanitarian undertaking”.

While one can conceptualize the loss of life and destruction resulting from present-day wars including Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan, it is impossible to fully comprehend the devastation which might result from a Third World War, using “new technologies” and advanced weapons, until it occurs and becomes a reality. The international community has endorsed nuclear war in the name of world peace. “Making the world safer” is the justification for launching a military operation which could potentially result in a nuclear holocaust.

Nuclear war has become a multi-billion dollar undertaking, which fills the pockets of US defense contractors. What is at stake is the outright “privatization of nuclear war”.

The Pentagon’s global military design is one of world conquest. The military deployment of US-NATO forces is occurring in several regions of the world simultaneously.

Central to an understanding of war, is the media campaign which grants it legitimacy in the eyes of public opinion. A good versus evil dichotomy prevails. The perpetrators of war are presented as the victims. Public opinion is misled.

Breaking the “big lie”, which upholds war as a humanitarian undertaking, means breaking a criminal project of global destruction, in which the quest for profit is the overriding force. This profit-driven military agenda destroys human values and transforms people into unconscious zombies.

The object of this book is to forcefully reverse the tide of war, challenge the war criminals in high office and the powerful corporate lobby groups which support them.



A year ago, Pope Benedict XVI stunned the world when he announced that he would resign the papacy. A great leader and a teacher of unimpeachable character, his frail health was nonetheless not up to the daunting task of addressing the administrative problems in the Vatican, while leading the universal Church as the successor of Peter in its divine mission.
11 FEBR. 2013 RATZINGER resigns from Papacy

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