After the so-called “Arrest” of Major-General al-Saadi

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Leader of the Resistance

3:542 in March .. words at the heart of leader Muammar al-Qathafi ..
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HAMZA speaks

19:33 Hamza Thami delivery Maj. Gen. al-Saadi – 03/06/2014
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Dr Hamza Thami delivery Maj. Gen. al-Saadi
And the resilience and stability of the challenge until victory -6-3-2014 …

  • مداخله دكتور حمزه التهامي 6 3 2014عبر اثير غرفة معمر القدافي

    19:33 Hamza Thami delivery Maj. Gen. al-Saadi – 03/06/2014
    de Conqueror never il ya 10 heures1 086 vues Dr Hamza Thami delivery Maj. Gen. al-Saadi
    And the resilience and stability of the challenge until victory -6-3-2014 …

    Dr. Hamza Thami delivery Maj. Gen. al-Saadi
    And the resilience and stability of the challenge until victory -6-3-2014.
    . ,,, Commander of the room / Muammar al-Qathafi.


    What came in the intervention Mujahid Hamza Thami on 03/06/2014 regarding the “arrest of Al-Saadi al-Assad”

    Hamza said :

    I want to tell you a little family spokesman Commander, any moment what is going on in the minds of these precious family, this family has provided youth and age and their loved livers of Libya continued this precious family struggle despite the pain and did not lose hope in the young people of Libya and not in the Libyan people.

    Now we all know that the injured gravely missed, now he’s sold Saadi prisoners state that does not honor or dignity of her article where overwhelmed and deals on dignity

    Saadi Gaddafi gave what could and above being able to, what palace nor Khan does not request asylum to any state despite offers that pounded him and I am a witness to this, by the countries that have status, but these countries stipulated that it refused and preferred to stay at home, along with his brothers .

    Now this family has done its part and now came the role of the free Libyan youth, this young Fleurna Jihad and dedicated work to insure the blood of the martyrs and the tears of the bereaved and widows, it is not in vain

    Liberals are now at a crossroads, either be or not to be, Aruna courage and valor and Jihad Libyan youth, who sacrificed these precious family everything in the process.

    We have sacrificed martyrs and prisoners of war and displaced persons did not keep this little family, that this precious family believes in all the Liberals and honorable, sees in them the determination and steadfastness Saadi and Seif constancy and determination and courage of Muammar Gaddafi Mutassim and Saif al-Arab faith.

    Why do we Qailon of this family? As they say now, each one on his head bare (ie, prove that he loves to Libya and Commander) and there is no time to talk.

    He said the situation is difficult and hard to vulnerable people only

    He (al-Saadi) spoke to them the day before yesterday and said that Hamza al-Assad knows he was exposed to the filter and detention and this road (Jihad) who enters it is not furnished with flowers

    No arrests wrong with knights and brave, a lot of people liberated their country from behind bars, thanks to their determination and patience and steadfastness to principle and have become symbols.

    Rats are now in a difficult position, now arrested this hero and we will see if he will stop murder, rape and theft !

    Regarding the video in which he said Mujahid said Saadi al-Assad in the cage does not help barking dogs contrary Aarém front Bnmalthm states and non-respect for the prisoners and expose their freedom and fairness.

    For our part we want to say the word chapter, missed the leader and continued resistance and struggle, not the resistance to be armed only Addressing void is the resistance, the families of the sword and affirmed people on principle and struggle Here the hero the other captured and will continue the resistance, God willing, the issue is not an issue of a person, but the issue of all even an atom of his dignity because the home is occupied.

    Welcome ongoing issue lobby and mujahedeen Shakir and Balahrar

    Frustrated people say that the world does not recognize either the weak and those who caught the stick from the middle of the resistance must not choice but to resistance or sided with the other side.

    Said (sarcastically on rats) were Bcolon that Mutassim not fluent play ball now he’s not the most expensive shows divisions and bring 10 billion

    Mujahid said Hamza, both now and listen to everyone who gets the words registered, must be lifted his head high and proud of the family of the leader and must be high spirits, there are hundreds of Saadi inside Libya, Libya, and we will see the birth also Mahm actors.

    Live a long list of Green Pages

    Warned Almrgevin and fearful who Aanscheron unrest

    Addressing the youth, said the road is now open in front of you, especially those who were saying that Saadi bump ahead

    In the latter he said that “the arrest of Saadi Hero” is now taking out of the bottle and the bottle will come out young people who are interested in al-Saadi and Libya, where hundreds of leaders


    صوت ليبيا
    هذا ما قالته اسرة القائد بخصوص اعتقال شبلها الساعدي على لسان المجاهد حمزة وهي بمثابة رسالة
    ما جاء في مداخلة المجاهد حمزة يوم 6-3-2014 بخصوص اعتقال الاسد الساعدي

    قال حمزة اريد ان احدثكم قليلا بلسان عائلة القائد,اي ما يدور اللحظة في اذهان هذه العائلة الكريمة,هذه الاسرة قدمت شبابها وعمرها وفلذات اكبادها لليبيا الغالية وواصلت هذه الاسرة النضال رغم الالام ولم تفقد الامل في الشباب الليبي ولا في الشعب الليبي.

    الان نعلم جميعا ان المصاب جلل,هاهو الان الساعدي اسيرا باعته دولة لا شرف ولا كرامة لها حيث طغى المقال والصفقات على الكرامة

    الساعدي معمر القذافي قدم ما استطاع وما فوق استطاعته,ما قصر ولا خان ولا طلب اللجوء الى اي دولة رغم العروض التي تهاطلت عليه وانا شاهد على هذا,من طرف دول لها مكانة,لكن هذه الدول اشترطت عليه فرفض وفضل ان يبقى في وطنه الى جانب اخوته.

    الان هذه الاسرة قامت بدورها والان جاء دور الشباب الليبي الحر ,فليرنا هذا الشباب الجهاد والعمل المخلص لنطمئن لدماء الشهداء دموع والثكالى والارامل انها لم تذهب سدى

    الان الاحرار في مفترق الطرق,اما يكونوا او لا يكونوا,ارونا الشجاعة والجهاد وبسالة الشباب الليبي, الذي ضحت هذه الاسرة الكريمة بكل شيء في سبيله.

    لقد ضحت بالشهداء والاسرى والمهجرين ولم يبقى من هذه الاسرة الا القليل,ان هذه الاسرة الكريمة ترى في كل الاحرار والشرفاء,ترى فيهم عزم الساعدي وصموده و ثبات سيف واصرار معمر القذافي وشجاعة المعتصم بالله وايمان سيف العرب.

    ماذا نحن قائلون لهذه الاسرة؟ كما يقال الان كل واحد يعري على رأسه(اي يثبت انه يحب ليبيا والقائد) ولا يوجد وقت للكلام.

    قال ان الموقف صعب وعصيب على الناس الضعفاء فقط

    قال انه(الساعدي) كلمهم اول امس وقال حمزة ان الاسد كان يعلم انه معرض للتصفية والاعتقال وهذه الطريق(الجهاد) من يدخلها فهي ليست مفروشة بالورد

    الاعتقال لا يعيب الفرسان والشجعان,الكثير من الناس حرروا بلدانهم من خلف القضبان بفضل عزيمتهم وصبرهم وثباتهم على المبدأ واصبحوا رموز

    الجرذان الان في موقف عصيب,الان اعتقلوا هذا البطل وسنرى ان كان سيتوقف القتل والاغتصاب والسرقات

    فيما يخص الفيديو الذي بين فيه الساعدي قال المجاهد ان الاسد في القفص ولا ينفع نباح الكلاب بل بالعكس يعريهم امام الدول بنذالتهم وعدم احترامهم للاسير وتفضح حريتهم وعدالتهم

    فيما يخصنا نحن اريد ان اقول كلمة الفصل ,غاب القائد واستمرت المقاومة والنضال,ليست المقاومة ان تكون بالسلاح فقط فالتصدي للباطل هي مقاومة ,اسر سيف فثبت الناس على المبدأ والنضال وهاهو البطل الاخر يؤسر وستستمر المقاومة ان شاء الله,فالقضية ليست قضية شخص وانما قضية كل من له ولو ذرة كرامة لان الوطن محتل.

    القضية مستمرة بكم وبي وبالمجاهد شاكير وبالاحرار

    للناس المحبطين نقول ان الدنيا لا تعترف بالضعفاء واما الذين مسكوا العصى من الوسط فلابد من المقاومة ولا خيار الا المقاومة او انحازوا للطرف الاخر.

    قال (بتهكم على الجرذان )كانوا بقولون ان المعتصم لا يجيد لعب الكرة هاهو الان يظهر اغلى لا عب وجلب ب 10 ملايير

    قال المجاهد حمزة لكل من يستمع الي الان ولكل من تصله كلمتي مسجلة,يجب ان يرفع رأسه عاليا وان يفتخر بعائلة القائد ويجب ان تكون معنوياته مرتفعة فهناك مئات الساعدي داخل ليبيا وليبيا ولادة ايضا وسنرى ماهم فاعلون.

    حي قائمة طويلة من الصفحات الخضراء

    حذر من المرجفين والخائفين الذين يينشرون القلاقل

    خاطب الشباب وقال الان الطريق مفتوحة امامكم وخاصة الذين كانوا يقولون ان الساعدي عثرة امامنا

    في الاخير قال قال ان اعتقال البطل الساعدي هو الان اخراج القمقم من الزجاجة وسيخرج الشباب الذين يهمهم الساعدي وليبيا فيها المئات من القيادات

    Appeal to the struggling Hamza:

    Oh Mujahid Hamza, not out of fear of rats, but for the issue we wish to leave the country where you are and do not trust them and even ordinary citizens like us knows that these rulers do not know what neighborhood they are buying and do not know the meaning of modesty or virility and can not afford Ahsan leader to them and most of the rulers of countries Sub-Saharan were ranking military intelligence in the West and now are the heads of
    Oh God, you do not buck Mujahid and left do not want to fool
    We want to publish this appeal yesterday when hearing the news of the arrest of Saadi al-Assad is the circumstance unpropitious
    Please copy and Publishing publishes news or all their own way until it reaches the call to Hamza.
    نداء الى المجاهد حمزةيا مجاهد حمزة,ليس خوفا من الجرذان وانما من اجل القضية نتمنى ان تغادر البلد الذي انت فيه ولا تثق فيهم وحتى المواطن البسيط مثلنا يعرف ان هؤلاء الحكام لا يعرفون معنى الجيرة وهم يشترون ولا يعرفون معنى الحياء او المروءة ولا يقدرون احسان القائد اليهم واغلب حكام بلدان جنوب الصحراء كانوا برتب عسكرية في المخابرات الغربية والان هم رؤساءبالله عليك يا مجاهد لا تعاند وغادر ولا نريد ان تخدعكنا نريد ان ننشر هذا النداء امس عند سماع خبر اعتقال الاسد الساعدي غير ان الظرف غير مواتيالرجاء النسخ والنشر او كل ينشر الخبر بطريقته حتى يصل النداء الى حمزة

    YES! and we were prewarned as well..
    I knew something was kookoo when all of us knew SAADI was no longer was in Niger since Jan 2012…
    and he was leading the Resistance forces with his LIVING FATHER, actively on the battlefield..
    training soldiers as well as purchasing military equipment airjets, barge runways, tanks, etc…
    Hecda him, Major General Al-Saadi Muammar Gaddafi Hama God protect him …
    The deal between:
    – Salem Elhasy
    – Minister of State for Niger
    – Minister of the Interior for Niger
    – Intelligence Nigeria
    – Central Bank of Nigeria
    – Minister of Foreign Affairs of Nigeria
    The deal was worth 5 billion after it was 10 billion, including 400 million to Nigeria
    Coordination was between intelligence Niger and intelligence Nigeria, the need to open an account called (screw Laconte) This account opens once and closes after the completion of the deal, Nigeria was the guarantor of the amount that will be deposited in the account by Salem Elhasy and Central Bank of Libya, that recognizes the value of the State Once the Niger, the Libyan government’s announcement of receipt of the forearm, and the arrival of the plane, which was traveling from Niger,
    As for the reason he took in the morning, which is because banks in Nigeria am open to be released immediately after the announcement of the amount the Government of Libya for the arrival of the aircraft into its territory and received the forearm, and this is precisely what happened.
    Serious economic crisis ..
    The ZIONISTA “World Bank” confirms that the Libyan ZAIDANE government was forced to use between
    10 billion to 13 billion dollars from its stockpile of foreign currency reserves:
    Notice the green bottles! PARADOX…
    and also:
    notice the “ailing” d. Abdul Rahman Al Shaibani Sowaihili—who was so “seriously wounded”!!
    وتلاحظ “المريض” د. عبد الرحمن الشيباني السويحلي
    Ramadan Sowaihili was sipping wine with his grandson Italians Abdulrahman Sowaihili sipping wine with the Italians. History repeats itself.
    I am surprised at some of the pages on the calculated Resistance !!
    Shopping and supports any intervention or the so-called dialogue Asaad Zhio
    A spokesman for the movement of the fat cats. (NATIONALIST MOVEMENT!)
    They are knowing that the fat cats are gone to Rome yesterday under the banner of
    national reconciliation and met with traitors and Jeffrey Feltman Zionist par excellence.
    Enough virulent O generation of vipers !
    Turn that to your pages and horns of the movement fat cats
    Instead what Tdamohm secret, and malicious manner.
    The laugh of O Almqji meeting in Rome!!
    What is your conference, but the elimination of Libya and the rest of them
    What to Ahztwa Xi is in bombings in the Middle of yesterday!!!
    Because goats Algahaar Bjmie colors present in Rome
    Bnzloa weapons and their masters in Mitiga At Sea
    Ships and aircraft from Qatar and Turkey, Europe and the U.S. lowered the weapon in Mitiga airport
    and the south and east of the armed groups
    Ikluon want and assemble arms spread in Libya.
    عجبي على بعض الصفحات المحسوبة على المقاومةتسّوق وتدعم اي مداخلة او حوار بما يسمى اسعد زهيو
    الناطق باسم حركة القطط السمانوهم عارفين ان القطط السمان هي من ذهبت الى روما امس تحت شعار المصالحة الوطنية واجتمعت مع الخونة وجيفري فيلتمان الصهيوني بامتيازكفى خبثا يا اولاد الافاعيواقلبوا صفحاتكم الى ابواق للحركة القطط السمان
    بدل ما تدعموهم بالخفاء وبطريقة خبيثة
    “The Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar” on “FB posts:Jews are determined to enter Libya after buying pieces of land tracts in Tripoli and the Nafusa Mountains…and even lands formerly possessed by the Tawergha people of Torghae…and the blessing of NATO and the immorality … said Asaad Ambia Aboqilh journalist and writer Libby independent and correspondent Saida Online and correspondent for a number of international broadcasters, which broadcasts on shortwave and satellites,especially through the body radio and television NHK Japanese Arabic section in a press statement published on Saturday, 22 February 2014.

    They’re Still to follow both large and small from the scene of the Libyan new scene Libyan sources report the center of the Libyan citing news has been circulating widely among Libyans that Rafael Falah head of the Jewish community of Libya has purchased pieces of land tracts in the Libyan capital Tripoli and also in the Green Mountain in eastern Libya, according to the same Sources said the land originally owned by Jewish businessmen expelled by King Idrass Senussi of Libya before the 1969 al-Fateh Revolution of Light by Mu’ammar al-Qathafi (also known as the Glorious September Revolution)…

    and issued al-Qathafi all Arzhihm and their farms and their homes and their shops were not revealed more details about the secret deals that have been the purchase of the land of Libya In a related context in a press statement earlier and across Israel Radio said Rafael farmer, a businessman, a Jew Libby has investments in various countries around the world that the Libyan Jews returning to their homeland Libya very soon.

    and will be in 2014 is Bmaah return of the Jews to Libya with the help of the international community, the UN and rights groups Global rights.

    He said Asaad Aboqilh of science has been a major conference for the Jews of Libya in the Italian capital of Rome in the first of October (October) last year in 2013 and was the highlight of those who had to insist on the right to return to Libya and claim to the Libyan authorities to allow them to return and the return of their property and their land in Libya and compensated financially and stress that they have papers and documents to prove that they have the land and property in Libya, and was the conference under the slogan (debt to God for all Libyans and Libya).

    The Libyan Jewish community has stepped up its activities in recent times, was held President Rafael Falah number of press conferences in some European capitals, notably a press conference in London in which he stressed the need for coexistence between Jews and Arabs, stressing that they were always partners.

    He focused on the farmer that Libyan Jews proved their patriotism and are still clinging to the original homeland of Libya in which they lived more than two thousand and three hundred years, participated in the Arab happiness and sadness.

    He concluded by saying Asaad Aboqilh worth mentioning after World War, led NATO to topple the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA in support of the 17 February (GEHAAR), Libya became a state of chaos and loss of security and safety, threaten the country into civil war which claims to divide Libya by the UNO and NATO into 3 separate nations!

    أولاد الشيخ عبدالسلام الاسمر

    يهود مصممون لدخول ليبيا بعد شراء قطع اراضي شاسعه في طرابلس والجبل الاخضر ومباركة من الناتو ومؤتمر العهر …قال اسعد امبية ابوقيلة صحفي وكاتب ليبي مستقل و مراسل موقع صيدا اون لاين ومراسل لعدد من الاذاعات العالمية التي تبث علي الموجات القصيرة والاقمار الصناعية وخاصة عبر هيئة الإذاعة والتلفزيون اليابانية NHK القسم العربي في تصريحات صحافية نشرت اليوم السبت, 22 فبراير, 2014. مازالنا نتابع كل صغيرة وكبيرة عن المشهد الليبي الجديد في المشهد الليبي تفيد مصادر الوسط الليبي نقلآ عن انباء تم تداولها علي نطاق واسع بين الليبيين ان رافائيل فلاح رئيس الجالية اليهودية الليبية قام بشراء قطع اراضي شاسعة في العاصمة الليبية طرابلس وفي منطقة الجبل الاخضر شرق ليبيا وتفيد نفس المصادر ان تلك الاراضي اصلآ تعود ملكيتها الي رجال اعمال يهود طردهم معمر القذافي من ليبيا بعد ثورة القذافي او كما تعرف بثورة الفاتح من سبتمبر وصادر القذافي كل ارظيهم ومزارعهم ومساكنهم ومحلاتهم التجارية ولم يتم كشف المزيد من التفاصيل حول الصفقات السرية التي تم فيها شراء تلك الاراضي الليبية وفي سياق متصل في تصريحات صحافية سابقة وعبر اذاعة اسرائيل قال رافائيل فلاح وهو رجل أعمال يهودي ليبي وله استثمارات في مختلف دول العالم ان اليهود الليبيين عائدون الي وطنهم ليبيا قريبا جدا وسوف تكون سنة 2014 هي بذاية عودة اليهود الي ليبيا بمساعدة المجتمع الدولي والامم المتحدة ومنظمات حقوق الانسان العالمية .

    واضاف اسعد ابوقيله للعلم تم عقد مؤتمر كبير ليهود ليبيا في العاصمة الإيطالية روما في الأول من اكتوبر (تشرين الاول) الماضي سنة 2013 وكان أبرز ما تناولوه الإصرار على حق العودة إلى ليبيا والمطالبة للسلطات الليبية بأن تسمح لهم بالعودة وارجاع أملاكهم وأراضيهم في ليبيا وتعويضهم ماليًا ويؤكدون بأن لديهم أوراق و وثائق تثبت أن لديهم أراضي وأملاك في ليبيا ، وكان المؤتمر تحت شعار (الدين لله وليبيا لكل الليبيين )

    وكانت الجالية اليهودية الليبية قد كثفت من نشاطاتها في الآونة الاخيرة، فعقد رئيسها رافائيل فلاح عدد من المؤتمرات الصحافية في بعض العواصم الاوربية ابرزها مؤتمرا صحافيا في لندن شدد فيه على ضرورة التعايش بين العرب واليهود، مشددا على انهم كانوا دوما شركاء.

    وركز فلاح على ان اليهود الليبيين اثبتوا وطنيتهم وما زالوا متعلقين بوطنهم الاصلي ليبيا الذي عاشوا فيه اكثر من الفين وثلاثمائة عام، شاركوا فيها العرب افراحهم واحزانهم
    وختم اسعد ابوقيله بقوله الجدير بالذكر بعد الحرب العالمية التي قادها حلف الناتو لاسقاط نظام العقيد الليبي معمر القذافي مساندة لثورة 17 فبراير اصبحت ليبيا تعيش حالة من الفوضي وفقدان الامن والامان تهدد البلاد بالحرب الاهلية التي سوف تودي الي تقسيم ليبيا

    3:33 shame to one million Arab soldier
    de GD DAFI shame on the Arab nation incoherent.


BRITISH OIL COMPANY stops Libyan exploration:
BP oil company to announce its withdrawal from plans for oil exploration in Libya with the growing instability where day after day…

or perhaps they see the bombs of NATO coming?




RPG launcher aimed at the Italian consulate in the capitol..

Kidnapping and robbery for the amount of more than half a million dinars from the Republic Bank branch by Soane today .

theft, kidnapping has the impact of the branch manager, who asked the kidnappers to contact the Secretary of the Treasury

to pay a ransom for his release.


Urgent: Clashes in the way of the coast Tajourah district in the capitol Tripoli is now resulting in the death

of the young Adnan author and burn many cars .. Libya.

The assassination of the commander of a secret Black Tajourah, was shot by unknown assailants in Tajourah. He was the Colonel General Staff operations room “fair Elhasy”. It cost the Shura Council Tajourah, who now must wait for the situation to calm down …………….. (Hyamamr)
Filter has been prescriptive secret Tajourah…


Inspection and heavy gates Germanah Front-Made River at Spring Valley.



QUOTE (from :

“There are many good restaurants and snack bars near the town centre and the food is generally of a good quality.

No special care need be taken over drinks or salads. The water in Tripoli comes from very pure “Great Man Made River” water.

Walking around Tripoli is safe, even at night. As a rule the atmosphere in the town is very friendly and there is almost no harassment by salesmen. ”



Oooooooooooooooooh the BIG LIARS and Fabricators of Tall TALES!!:

Stories from the Libyan Jihad against Jews Misurata
The story of 52 Commando of the city of Sirte and Rowe, who with their blood the soil of Libya Taher
When Thasrt forces armed people inside Tripoli Street in the city of Misurata
On 22/5/2011
Asked the leadership of the operations room of Sirte
Urgency in sending suicide bombers to Rescue forces armed people besieged Fjhz Revolutionary Guards in Sirte, including 52 Commando hero martyr Hussein to do the job, and when they arrive to Misrata met their commander Gen. enhanced KHAMIS Gaddafi.
He said to them this mission, you requested Leader Muammar Gaddafi and stolons of Sirte, his family, because you will not Tbkhalo it, and the job requires the removal of the containers in Tripoli Street to the Rescue of the armed forces besieged people inside because we are all trying to enter Tariqlna containers and enemy fire
And the proportion of redemption of this task is the 1% it wanted to withdraw Vlinshab There is nothing wrong in it then shouted everyone
(Chanting functioning and do not bother Yakaúd Ansvohm blood Yakaúd). Smiled and asked them to allow.
Prepare Alfdaúan weapons and condoms against bullets and deformities and physical faults Tripoli Street and Sahpthm bulldozer, initially, did not throw a little resistance, and when they approached the completion of the task, Surprize rats martyred dozens of them and headed a group of them nearly 25 people to a single buildings called (Building Alguenida) on the street after the short period of time income column of
Brigade 32 to supply modules are besieged inside Tripoli Street, and the misfortune Alfdaúan income column density of fire, and when we say the intensity of the fires meant that the army is aimed at two sides left and right to protect himself and that he could not Alfdaúan go out and join a convoy bound for units besieged inside the street, then the Chermam rats close the street from the new containers, trucks, and found themselves trapped inside the youth building, and continued to battle on the withdrawal of our troops from the street.
Says the martyr when Thasrna inside the building came out to us mercenary Egyptian asks us to surrender but we refused so the rats Bokhadd body of one of the fedayeen and burned in the street in front of them, and divides the Martyr hard belief that the smell of musk covered the street and then collapsed morale of most of the young people trapped came out, one of them from the window of the building screaming
(Balgali Anjudo precious our lives and Bakri) .. Martyr says:
Hallelujah most young people are making only two young men began to weakened opponents ran amok rats and Ktfo shooting and everything that we stop shooting Nstvzhm revolutionary songs Vioasaloa shooting again, and we started a few Zkhiratna deal logic (bullet inventory).
Keep up to Hedda case for two days and narrowed their reasons to decide out at dawn … the next day and Glory of expanded mercy everything quirk of fate that it rained as if God sent to save them … took advantage of young rain and began jumping from the second floor of the building, wounding one of them and broke leg and was a huge architecture but they could not drive and asked them to leave him and give him 3 stores Klashen Cove additional out the guerrillas number not exceeding 13 per capita of the total fighters … and says the martyr when we arrived forces armed people began we archery by them our Passover victory victory a password agreed with People armed forces stopped shooting, we wrote our God Deliverance
Engineer Shahid Hussain
Date of Death convoy Ezz

(Bernard-Henri Levy_Misrata-5 year 2011 the war):



Port of SIDRA:

Korean oil tanker entry to the port of Sidra without the knowledge of the “competent authorities”.
O God, Your Excellency in violation of rats on 17 Gahaar (FEBRUARY)….


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel and important and dangerous ..

And the deaths of many children from newborns vaccinated after vaccination and the new I personally know two died after vaccination, a child from a family of Benina invited Alrto Albergthe, and another child son Faraj Boam Awami Hana coast,,,, and
And another child son Abdullah Faraj Harsh Abdali, mostly children under the month and Chaan So .. should alarm and publishing ..

De ‎ساعة الصفر‎
عااااااااااااااااااااااجل ومهم وخطير ..وفاه العديد من اطفال من المواليد الجدد بعد تطعيمهم بالتطعيم الجديد وانا شخصيا اعرف اثنين توفي بعد التطعيم ،،طفل من بنينه من عائله عيت الرتو البرغثي ،،وطفل اخر ابن فرج بوام الهنا العوامي في الساحل ،،،،و
وطفل اخر ابن عبدالله فرج الحرش العبدلي اغلبهم اطفال دون الشهر والشهؤين وهكذا ..يجب التنبيه والنشر ..


The arrival of the body of just one Riani employees of “Ansar al-Sharia” were killed by a bullet in the head in a neighborhood pond in Benghazi.

News of the bombing of the gate Mrtoppe in Benghazi and wounding two people in charge of the guard.

Explosive device was detonated near the Tibesti Hotel # Benghazi.


A fire in the power plant area of ​​Sarti in Benghazi.



Lady assassination claims Hanan Yousef al-Husadi after gunmen targeted in front of her house with bullets and fled Adhu.



4 was kidnapped employees of Public Management of the Rural Bank. Director of Administrative Affairs Dr. Mohammed Guenivid and planning director, Dr. Mohammed Masood and good financial manager and employee Haj Saleh Hussein Gaar by the militia in the city of Tripoli (Gneoh, Salah, Sharif and their men), following the exit of the meeting. The four employees who had gone from the city of JUFRAH to Tripoli to attend a meeting there.

(Tripoli: – the kidnapping of the fight against crime branch head at the level of Libya.)



A witness from her family. Wherever attended Wahhabi Brotherhood found corruption, murder and destruction. Oh what an animal instead serve Helena immigrants and residents stayed in Egypt Atharb them and serve Brotherhood. Infonk just let them.
وشهد شاهد من اهلها. اينما حضرت الوهابية الاخوانية وجد الفساد والقتل والدمار. بدل ما يا حيوان تخدم هلنا المهاجرين والمقيمين في مصر قعدت اتحارب فيهم وتخدم الاخوان. خليهم ينفعونك توا .



News newspapers

Oman withdraw its ambassador from statelet of Qatar and the GCC flag down Qatar.

Morocco to join rode state withdrew its ambassadors from statelet of Qatar.
Channel Life titles Newspapers
Saudi, Egyptian and United Arab Emirates:

– Qatar trained in its spies in Arab countries.

– Qatar has grown in cells in the Gulf States to topple
Systems in the Gulf states.

– Qatar logged meetings of the Gulf Cooperation Council
And handed recordings to Israel.

(((God be upon you, O Ansar al-Sharia Weah supporters Ameitikh
Ôäć do you think?? Is this the law of God?? Avhmu you perform
Used by the Jews to destroy the Arab countries and burned and traceable
To the age of the dinosaurs))))

there were secret meetings between Sheikh Tanim and Israeli delegations , meetings which took place outside the territories of occupied Palestine and Qatar.

Israel and Qatar would maintain ” illegally ” for years – often through organizations and European companies screens – political and economic relations, including trade in goods . The emir has not denied these “accusations” . These revelations could create a scandal in the Arab world, if they are correct.



Risk القــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــادم
To the country of the Two Holy
Saudi Arabia recognizes the law under which the inclusion of the Muslim Brotherhood in the list of terrorism,
which is punishable from 3 years to 20 years old .. and the formation of a committee of the Interior, Foreign Affairs
and Endowments to prepare a complete list of terrorist groups.
Now if only they apply this to all their WAHABI
and keep their Islam pure in the face of Allah!
“Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar” on FB posts:
Aasobhan God after Damro Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen and Syria today Ikhrjo in their channels Personal after Damohm money, weapons and human beings today and after Hissou that the danger was running out and categories them to Amehal say Brotherhood terrorists to the suffering and turn except God Almighty God is enough, and yes, the agent Aamuftnin Iampsudain Aoelkm of RBI.
ياسبحان الله بعد ان دمرو تونس ومصر وليبيا واليمن وسوريا اليوم يخرجو في قنواتهم الشخصيه وبعد ان دعموهم بالمال والسلاح والبشر اليوم وبعد ان حسو ان الخطر يداهمهم وءات اليهم لامحال يقولون الاخوان ارهابيين لاحول ولاقوة الا بالله العلي العظيم حسبنا الله ونعم الوكيل يامفتنين يامفسدين ياويلكم من ربي




To the rest of the Free Officers Who in Niger next week will be Tzlimkm supporters of the law of the State

of incitements and the deal has funds. Libyan people hope steep 20 distinguished officer in Niger will be
handed over really shame on African countries treacherous …

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