Mu victory on 44th

Mu a marvel

Young and Victorious Mu 2

Mu work in holiness

Still finding cleansed —–
Vmend plight of February, and we say that 90% of the Libyan people, are pro-leader Muammar al-Qathafi,

and against the plight of February

and today professes inventory Mohammed Kilani, a member of the so-called Conference Allaotunai, who admits as
Election of Chairman of the People at this time , one needs to think about this; because, of the rebellious cities in Libya,

the numbers are small and few in number of the rebels.

and , if the election were directly by the people, would mean that the regime leader Muammar al-Qathafi, will return.

(mass trauma)

لازالت الحقائق تطهر —–
فمند نكبة فبراير ونحن نقول انه 90% من الشعب الليبي مؤيد لقائد معمر القذافي وضد نكبة فبراير واليوم يصرح الجرد محمد الكيلاني عضو ما يسمي المؤتمر الوتني ويعترف
انتخاب الرئيس من الشعب في هذا الوقت يحتاج الي تفكير لأن المدن الثائرة في ليبيا عددها قليل و الثوار عددهم قليل و اذا تم الانتخاب مباشرة من الشعب فهذا معناه بأن النظام القائد معمر القذافي سيعود
جرح الجماهيرية

جداااااااااااااااااااااااا an urgent appeal to all the pages and pages of resistance rights to all pages of the splendor and glory and resilience
I hope Publishing all pages in all sites until it reaches our voice for all

Let one hand

In the name of God the Merciful and prayers and peace be upon the Prophet, peace Huda Muhammad and his family and companions and loyal and most importantly to the day of judgment and consequence for the cautious either:

Yamashr Libyans Liberals:

Let one hand and the doctrine of the body and one wide one and I hope that the Nfrq between one and one and Anterc field to enter the traitors among us and Alamle.

Each of us offers for his part, according to its capabilities and will not leave Libya lost more than they lost to unite our discourse to unite the message, a homecoming and recovery of the hands of criminals, abusers Vksma there will be no state without her children and there will be a life filled with happiness and comfort without the Patriots faithful all of us to show the sons of light and sons Great Britain and is one piece of Aamthelna our flag and banner Ezz green flag only.

My appeal to all pages to unite and we exchange thread until it reaches our voice for all home and abroad, we are all one hand is the motto stage to rise from Spatna.

It is our differences and leave it aside and announce that we are one hand against the invader and occupier against traitors and Alamle Fajtamha death either today or tomorrow.

And God is reconciled to reconcile God and of the intent behind.

نداء عاجل جداااااااااااااااااااااااا لجميع صفحات المقاومة والصفحات الحقوقية لجميع صفحات العز والمجد والصمود
ارجو النشر على جميع الصفحات وفي جميع المواقع حتى يصل صوتنا للجميع

لنكن يد واحده

بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم والصلاة والسلام على نبي الهدى والسلام محمد وعلى آله وصحبه المخلصين ومن والاهم الى يوم الدين والعاقبه للمتقين أما بعد:
يامعشر الليبين الأحرار لنكن يد واحده وعقيده وجسم واحد ويد واحدة وارجو ان لانفرق بين احد وأحد ولانترك مجال لدخول الخونة والعملااء بيننا
فكل منا يقدم من ناحيته وبحسب امكانياته ولن نترك ليبيا تضيع اكثر مما ضاعت لنوحد الخطاب لنوحد الرسالة وهي العودة للوطن وإستعادته من ايادي المجرمين العابثين فقسما لن تكون هناك دولة من دون ابنائها ولن تكون هناك حياة ملؤها السعادة والراحة من دون الوطنيين المخلصين فكلنا ليبين ابناء الفاتح وابناء العظمى وغير ذالك لايمثلنا احد ورايتنا راية العز الراية الخضراء فقط
ندائي لجميع الصفحات ان نتوحد ونقوم بتبادل الصفحات حتى يصل صوتنا للجميع بالداخل والخارج فكلنا يد واحدة هو شعار المرحلة لننهض من سباتنا ومن خلافاتنا ونتركها جانبا ونعلن اننا يد واحدة ضد الغازي والمحتل ضد الخونة والعملااء فختامها موت سواءا اليوم او غدا
والله ولي التوفيق التوفيق والله من وراء القصد


8:39 ÚÇÇÇĚá Mujahid Shakir  defends al-Saadi 09 March 2014
de Mr.Karimkarim99

In an interview with the Voice of Russia on 03.09.2014, said Mujahid Shakir he was not surprised when they “handed  al-Saadi”, because rats are working for some time on this issue (the receipt Saadi) and the move began to extradite Abdullah Mansour and the reason behind receiving Saadi (and the Liberals and the leaders of Libya of course) is to export the problems that floats by Libya to the outside (the distraction of the Libyan people and divert their attention from the core issues)

Mujahid said Shakir said the delivery was under the deal, and we monitor and exposing details

In answer to a question about the leaks of the deal, said Mujahid Shakir had been leaking a lot of information, including that:

– The deal was between the Foreign Minister and the President of Niger intelligence rats Salem Elhasy

– Was negotiated in the deal on the 10 billion in the deal and Astafrt 5 billion

– Faced the deal, forming two grounds, namely lack of trust between the parties and how to receive the money was agreed to open an account Askero Laconte account opens a one-time order of the Libyan people did not know anything about the money

– The account was opened in the State of Nigeria

– Now the problems between the State of Nigeria and Niger on the money in the coming days Sttafoa many secrets Nigeria because of the desire to take their share of the money

When asked about the importance of receiving a private Saadi and it’s a professional football player and practicing acts of free and not included on the list of Interpol, said Mujahid said Shakir al-Saadi is included on the list and rats since the fall of Libya routinely include an incredible number 95, which required a red newsletter

Saadi accused that he was behind the events of the south and the fact that al-Saadi nothing to do with the events of the south, either closely or from afar, and this must be known far and wide for being the events of the south was a peg rats to export their problems and claim also do not forget that Saadi was a refugee politician

President Alngera said famously (if the sheep touched Muammar Gaddafi will not Aslmha to Libya), but the conflict between Prime Ngeria and his foreign minister and head of intelligence on the one hand and fear Niger pitting Libya to extremist groups hastened to hand over al-Saadi, but this political stupidity and shake Niger in the coming days, several events by these extremist groups and our days

Received Mahmoudi Al Baghdadi Will founded the state?’ve Received Abdullah Sanusi Will founded the state?’ve Received Abdullah Mansour Will founded the state? Both, all of that is throwing dust in the eyes in order to show themselves as they were victorious, but In fact, this trafficking in human beings and this Aaqublh not mind not religion

It was better for their receipt of Musa Kusa in a list of Interpol was better for their demanding it from a friendly country and helped them in their revolt, a Qatar

Asked about the government’s investment Jermanah to the issue of the receipt of Assad al-Saadi, said Mujahid Shakir Yes invested issue has allocated special coverage, but most of the citizens have said the government and Congress can go to hell, we want to eliminate the murder, rape and theft

In the last question about the Rome conference, said Shakir in fact that this conference is a dialogue among rats, Vmahmoud Jibril tried to play with the failure of some regional powers, and now an alliance with Europe and the Brotherhood in order to take his share of the judgment and prolong the rule of Zidane.
The aim of this conference is to liberate the Libyan money frozen for the purchase of receivables and payment transactions required.
Was more worthy of the Rome Conference Almelcaat solution in Libya, especially as it is included in the list of terrorism and crimes against the West and its citizens and the bottom line is that the Rome conference Hubea and Bznssh money for Libya and its resources …
عااااااجل المجاهد شاكير يدافع عن الاسد الساعدي

في مقابلة مع صوت روسيا يوم 9-3-2014,قال المجاهد شاكير انه لم يتفاجأ حينما سلم الاسد الساعدي,لان الجرذان يشتغلون منذ مدة على هذه القضية(استلام الساعدي) والخطوة بدأت بتسليم عبد الله منصور والسبب من وراء استلام الساعدي (والاحرار والقيادات الليبية طبعا) هو تصدير المشاكل التي تعوم فيها ليبيا الى الخارج(الهاء الشعب الليبي وصرف انظارهم عن القضايا الاساسية)

قال المجاهد شاكير ان التسليم تم بموجب صفقة ونحن نرصد خفاياها وتفاصيلها

وفي اجابة عن سؤال حول التسريبات عن الصفقة,قال المجاهد شاكير انه تم تسريب معلومات كثيرة من بينها ان :

-الصفقة تمت بين وزير خارجية النيجر ورئيس مخابرات الجرذان سالم الحاسي

-تم التفاوض في الصفقة على 10 مليار واستفرت الصفقة في 5 مليار

-واجهت الصفقة مشكلين اساسين وهما عدم الثقة بين الطرفين وكيفية تلقي الاموال فتم الاتفاق على فتح حساب اسكرو اكونت وهو حساب يفتح لمرة واحدة لكي لا يعلم الشعب الليبي اي شيء بشأن هذه الاموال

-تم فتح الحساب في دولة نيجيريا

-الان مشاكل بين دولة نيجيريا والنيجر حول هذه الاموال وفي الايام المقبلة ستطفوا العديد من الاسرار بسبب رغبة نيجيريا اخذ حصتها من الاموال

وعن سؤال حول اهمية استلام الساعدي خاصة وانه لاعب كرة محترف ويمارس اعمال حرة وغير مدرج على قائمة الانتربول ,قال المجاهد شاكير ان الساعدي مدرج على القائمة والجرذان منذ سقوط ليبيا دأبوا على ادراج عدد لا يصدق وهو 95 مطلوبا على النشرية الحمراء

الساعدي اتهم انه كان وراء احداث الجنوب والحقيقة ان الساعدي لا علاقة له بأحداث الجنوب لا من قريب ولا من بعيد وهذا يجب ان يعرفه القاصي والداني واتهامه باحداث الجنوب كانت شماعة الجرذان لتصدير مشاكلهم والمطالبة به ايضا ولا تنسى ان الساعدي كان لاجيء سياسي

الرئيس النجري قال مقولة مشهورة(لو ان شاة مسها معمر القذافي فسوف لن اسلمها لليبيا) الا ان الصراعات بين رئيس نجيريا ووزير خارجيته ورئيس مخابراته من جهة وخوف النيجر من تأليب ليبيا للجماعات المتطرفة عجلت بتسليم الساعدي,لكن هذا غباء سياسي وستهز النيجر في الايام القادمة عدة احداث من طرف هذه الجماعات المتطرفة والايام بيننا

لقد استلموا محمودي البغدادي فهل اسسوا دولة؟لقد استلموا عبد الله السنوسي فهل اسسوا دولة؟لقد استلموا عبد الله منصور فهل اسسوا دولة؟كلا,فكل هذا ذر للرماد في العيون من اجل اظهار انفسهم على انهم انتصروا ولكن في الحقيقة هذه اتجار بالبشر وهذا لايقبله لا عقل ولا دين

كان من الاجدر بهم استلام موسى كوسا وهو في لاءحة الانتربول كان الاجدر بهم مطالبتهم به من دولة صديقة وساعدتهم في ثورتهم وهي قطر

وحول سؤال عن استثمار الحكومة الجرذانية لقضية استلام الاسد الساعدي,قال المجاهد شاكير نعم القضية استثمرت وقد خصصت تغطية خاصة ولكن اغلب المواطنين قالوا فلتذهب الحكومة والمؤتمر الى الجحيم,نحن نريد القضاء على القتل والاغتصاب والسرقات

في سؤال اخير حول مؤتمر روما,قال شاكير في الحقيقة ان هذا المؤتمر هو حوار فيما بين الجرذان,فمحمود جبريل حاول اللعب مع بعض القوى الاقليمية ففشل والان تحالف مع اوروبا والاخوان من اجل اخذ نصيبه من الحكم واطالة حكم زيدان.
الهدف من هذا المؤتمر هو تحرير الاموال الليبية المجمدة من اجل شراء الذمم ودفع صفقات المطلوبين.
كان الاجدى لمؤتمر روما حل الملشيات الموجودة في ليبيا وخاصة وانها ادرجت في قائمة الارهاب وقامت بجرائم في حق الغرب ومواطنيها وخلاصة القول ان مؤتمر روما هوبيع وبزنسسة لاموال ليبيا وخيراتها…

For the second day in a row, blackouts on most areas in Libya: an average of two hours a day.



Abduction of satisfaction and prestige Alorchwena director of the Customs Department

in control in Tripoli today by Raouf hater and Hashim humans.

Power outages due to fuel shortages:

The Director of Technical Affairs Department public electricity company:

“The cause of power outages on the city of Tripoli is due to the fluctuation in the supply of liquid fuels

and natural gas for power stations, pointing out that the operational process linked to the size of the supply.
And seeing different parts of the city of Tripoli interruptions in electricity amounted to 6 hours in the area of ​​Tajourah.”


Dozens of students from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Tripoli, demonstrating in front of the college building,

demanding the release of their colleague Imad Aburawi student who disappeared since last Wednesday evening.


In the corner now .. violent clashes between Jardan paralysis in some .. God smite oppressors oppressors.



The death of the young man (Muammar Alnaaja) reaches the age of 22 years under torture by armed extremist groups

in Tarhounah in one of foreign companies in the city.





Media Khalil Syrian Alorchwena Rishvana sons and one of the sons Embarak
Khalil defies the impossible
On this day 03/09/2011 .. and history testifies:

We asked the certificate .. but not Talpana .. God what I’m saying martyr ..
When he went to a city west of Tripoli at the beginning of the events in 2011, I and my colleague Iman Abu Zeid .. and we entered the first reporters entering the heart of the event at the scene of new media not seen Libyan media before .. and when we conducted interviews with families retained Sadftna a family of seven girls and a young man only Madlkhana them .. first .. Osubho screaming Libyan Jamahiriya ..!!

I told them yes .. was the elder sister scream and say Muammar Muammar Bona Bona .. and Andhant correspondence Iman Abu Zeid .. and crying .. and the other has become a voice of joy .. Taataly and youth were armed people say out loud we do not Matkhafush ăÚÇßă Mtkhafush ..!!

We’re still standing in the rest home and if its sniper’s bullet came over my head completely .. and Nbtahna ground .. He was a young volunteer to protect us .. stand up and say we do not be afraid nothing will be done .. and brought us out of the house safely after what we encounter .. and made us reassurance in the hearts of the family .. we have divided the faith I am and messaging for each one place ..

Here, as I was with one of the soldiers by sending armed people .. They opened fire on us .. But Anbtahna ground .. and here Wenta me who this guy is me in the picture .. Matakafsh Matakafsh .. I Wenta media Zec ..

I have a production company, but new media .. sat what Faththash .. and God willing Nbek serve brightest was Lord gave me life .. and Wenta I decide Sgara and Aillete Bach protect my .. “Hovoa spontaneous speech How came it .. It is the center of his mind and his heart,” and sat laughing and do not think of something .. I am God The Lord is witnessing high Manevkr in myself think about the faith Bouzid media have been ăÚÇí Ôäć Sayer in. .. because Talaat ăÚÇí channel public and Majberth her mother faint say it does not Maatmhih .. and the right, I was the first reporter of war during the events, I called my mother Akhaddat satisfaction ..

and I told her that the letter ” William I Walker city west of Tripoli and Nsouroa with the army and people of Gadi “.. Aletly ..” There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of God “..” with I predicted say no Maatmhih nor spirit nor need uniforms Bob “, but Tfajoh wholesale Hadi .. and another thing and Talaana above the fly and I my colleague Iman Abu Zeid and conveyed the fact that the people’s army armed who they gave us the best received with dates and milk ..

and families were related straws of hope and Rfnalhm morale .. and we have taken the news of the Liberation Army of Libya to the city by 90% and Ntfaji after the second day out marches joy of victory ..

The day will come .. We will announce the liberation of our country once again ..
Media Khalil Syrian ..
Thanks for the sons and Rishvana always two races ..

الإعلامي خليل السوري الورشفاني احد أبناء ورشفانة من ولاد امبارك
خليل يتحدى المستحيل
في مثل هذا اليوم 9 -3-2011 .. والتاريخ يشهد
طلبنا الشهادة .. ولكن لم تلبينا .. والله على ما أقوله شهيد ..
عندما ذهب إلى مدينة غرب مدينة طرابلس في بداية الاحداث في 2011 أنا وزميلتي إيمان أبوزيد .. ودخلنا كأول مراسلين يدخلون قلب الحدث في مشهد اعلامي جديد لم يشهده الاعلام الليبي من قبل .. وعندما قمنا بإجراء لقاءات مع العائلات المحتجزة صادفتني عائلة من 7 بنات وشاب فقط .. أول مادلخنا إليهم .. أصبحو يصرخون الجماهيرية الجماهيرية .. !! فقلت لهم نعم .. فكانت الاخت الكبرى تصرخ وتقول معمر بونا معمر بونا .. وحتضنت المراسلة ايمان ابوزيد .. وقامت تبكي .. والاخرى اصبحت تتعلى بصوت الزغاريد .. وكانوا شباب الشعب المسلح يقولون بصوت عالي لا ماتخافوش نحن معاكم متخافوش ..!!
ونحن لازلنا واقفين في استراحة البيت وإذا به رصاصة قناص تأتي فوق رأسي تماما .. ونبطحنا أرضا .. وكان أحد الشباب المتطوع لحمايتنا .. يقف ويقول لنا لا تخافوا لن يفعل شيء .. واخرجنا من البيت بسلام بعدما ما أجرينا اللقاء .. وجعلنا الطمأنينة في قلوب الأسرة .. وانقسمنا انا والمراسلة ايمان لكل واحد مكان ..
وهنا وانا اقوم بمراسلة مع احد جنود الشعب المسلح .. قاموا بالرمي علينا .. ولكن وانبطحنا أرضا .. وهنا قالي لي هذا الراجل اللي معي في الصورة .. ماتخافش ماتخافش .. قالي انا اعلامي زيك .. عندي شركة انتاج اعلامي .. بس جديدة قعد ما فتحتهاش .. وبأذن الله نبيك تخدم معانا كان ربي اعطاني عمر.. وقالي اني سيبت صغاري وعيلتي بش نحمي بلادي .. “شوفوا العفوية والكلام كيف طلع منه .. ومن وسط خاطره وقلبه ” وقعد يضحك ولا فكر في شي.. واني والله وربي يشهد عليا مانفكر في نفسي نفكر في إيمان بوزيد الاعلامية لكانت معاي شنو صاير فيها .. لأن طلعت معاي من قناة الجماهيرية وماخبرتش امها خافت تقولها لا ماتمشيش .. والحق اني كانت اول مراسلة حرب اثناء الاحداث فإتصلت بأمي اخديت رضاها .. وقلت لها بالحرف “يام اني ماشي مدينة غرب طرابلس ونصوروا مع الجيش والناس لغادي” .. قالتلي .. “لا إله إلا الله ومحمد رسول الله “.. “مع اني توقعتها تقولي لا ماتمشيش ولا روح ولا حاجة زي هادي ” بس تفاجأة بالجملة هادي .. واخر شي وطلعنا فوق الذبابة أنا وزميلتي ايمان ابوزيد ونقلنا حقيقة جيش الشعب المسلح اللي استقبلونا احسن استقبل بالتمر والحليب .. والعائلات لكانت متعلقة بقشة امل ورفعنالهم معنوياتهم .. ونقلنا خبر تحرير الجيش الليبي لهذه المدينة بنسبة 90% ونتفاجئ بعدها في اليوم الثاني خروج مسيرات الفرحة بالانتصار ..
سيأتي اليوم الذي .. سنعلن فيه تحرير وطننا مرة أخرة ..
الإعلامي خليل السوري ..
شكرا لأبناء ورشفانة دائما سباقين ..



Rabid dogs on the money and power!
MISURATA vessel to help incite WAR
الكلاب المسعوره علي المال والسلطه

After Sdawa Jews Misurata our heads that they took control of the tanker …

now say the tanker was able to escape because of either weather.
بعد ان صدعوا يهود مصراته رؤوسنا بانهم سيطروا على الناقلة … الان يقولون ان الناقلة استطاعت الهرب بسبب سواء الاحوال الجوية

Abduction of Colonel Khalid Abdul Nabi Dawadi officers Alorchwena a so-called fourth brigade of infantry City hunter

by the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and al-Qaida militants based in the coastal road from Misurata.



Youth Caucus Sirte withstand.
Lord Us Now ..
The kidnapping of a young city of Sirte ‬ ‫ # now …

Shooting, which happened shortly before it was between supporters of the fry … and the so-called Martyrs Battalion corner.

So I tried the so-called Martyrs Battalion corner entry to the city of Sirte, but prevented them fry battalion supporters ..



Non-stop assassinations:



QUOTE of their LIE:

“Are untrue tanker oil in Gansbaai Sidra and untrue to the news of the export of oil but a cover for the project next war, because the tanker carrying a weapon support for Khalifa Haftar and Army Burka. Arabia has stocked Haftar with arms and tanker leased from Korea because Medm arms Korean and he also Saudi Arabia will support countries of the Arab Spring to topple Governments and crushing the Brotherhood also supported Egypt will hold hearings in the Arab League and the Arab Summit Declaration of War Ola Brotherhood, Arab support.”


Office of the President Altive province of Cyrenaica

warns any party whatsoever of prejudice to any carrier or a piece intervention territorial waters of Cyrenaica

and that the response of the defense force and Cyrenaica Guard facilities and the rebels

IT will be crucial and it will be tantamount to a declaration of war.

North Korean embassy in Tripoli, Libya bear the responsibility for the safety of the ship’s crew Korean anchored

near the port of Sidra in the east of the country.
After threats launched by the Prime Minister called Ali Zaidane.



“Discount and the use of force would be master of the situation with the territory of Cyrenaica.”

Zaidane’s GNC forces blow up latest tanker in Gulf of Sidra:

(al-JDHARAN and Rabo BARASI said it would be an act of WAR if any ship was blown-up in

Cyrenaica‘s waters as defined by Muammar’s 40° line in 1981.)

URGENT: Defence Force gently in a statement that the oil tanker Korean “Moning Glory” treacherous port

in the early morning hours and the same source said in a statement last treacherous as the cosine four o’clock dawn # Sidra ..

عاجل : قوة الدفاع برقة في تصريح خاص بأن الناقلة النفط الكورية ” مونينغ غلوري ” غادرة ميناء في ساعات الصبــاح الآولـى و قال نفس المصدر في تصريح اخر بأنها غادرة على التمام الساعة الرابعة فجر #السدرة ..

Channel FOX NEWS

For the Executive Office of the Cyrenaica province in the east Libyan claims it has preliminary approval

from the United Nations to allow it to sell oil.

Intercept the tanker before the rebels from the sea (the collection of Thor) will spark the contact between the west and Cyrenaica.

“Buchet Head” writes:
Infect saying God loves Ras luggage Muammar costume before.,,,

And pictures of him in the head and he likes Muammar Halkalp.

قوله يعدي يحب راس الاله متاعه معمر زي قبل.,,,وفي صور له وهو يحب ف راس معمر هالكلب

War between Tripoli and Cyrenaica greatest day .. opposing parties is the”government of the Republic of Tripoli” that

you think or imagine themselves as “Libyan government” .. and gently revealed themselves and their boards ..

if we review the mobility demands of autonomy in the province of Cyrenaica during the past years and How evolution ..

then we will realize that the next state is gently if continued debate on what it is and Bahma ado and parity,

and especially after the defection of the Government of Cyrenaica from Tripoli with respect to the sale process

for the benefit of Cyrenaica and the whole of Libya.


Libya’s international channel:
Clashes between locals and “Militia February 17” in the city of Casablanca after the killing of a young man from the city works

to search criminal in mysterious circumstances in front of battalion headquarters yesterday.

The death of Akram Khairallah Elhasy in front of the headquarters of Militia Tawfiq Cowboys, where he was hit by a bullet in the neck while passing in front of the headquarters of the armed Militia, the self-styled Bobaqr Bawhita.

Exclusive photos of (white) CASABLANCA people to enter the GS battalion belonging to the armor that killed one of her sons last night.

Killed and wounded four in clashes in the city of Casablanca:

The arrival of the number of casualties to 27 the number of dead and wounded in clashes CASABLANCA shortly before.

Now called “Farhat Jawafa Barasi” an eyewitness says of CASABLANCA:
The army and the forces of Hftar and Thunderbolt dominated and took over the “February 17 terrorist camp” in Casablanca.

Many were killed after a number of residents have been arrested and now even their battalion commander was killed

and killed also a number of policemen… and wounding many and now the situation is under control again.



The kidnapping of support in favor of so-called Yassin al-Obeidi, a resident of the area Laithi

was kidnapped and thrown in Benghazi today near a hospital Galaa.


Killed a woman and her husband inside their home area Alkorashh Benghazi
The killing of citizenship “Hana Abdul Salam gift” and her husband “Khaled Abdulsalam
Belkacem Gaose “Sunday morning Alkorashh area in Benghazi
And military source confirmed the security room in a statement that the room
Sent an ambulance to transport the bodies to the Benghazi Medical Center, and
He added that the crime was inside their home shortly before, and did not know the reasons for
Crime Up to this moment, and said a medical source Benghazi Medical Center
That by the victim at the age of “32” years old, was killed by three bullets, and
By the victim at the age of “45” years old, was killed by four bullets.




Special source from inside the port in the city of Tobruk Harika inform me that the port

is now preparing for another Receive an oil tanker in favor of the

political council of the Cyrenaica province.





Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Muhammad‘s death Inventory great Abuscabh Masrati who killed 3 of youth
and Rafla killed in the city of Sabha.

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