MU the flame of the Desert

“Soon will lock the door acceptance on penitents that were deceived.

Their expiration date will not be later than “the month of the bird” (APRIL):
either in water systems (as the Great Man-made River will be closed)…

and then they will regret every drop of water lost; as every drop, is a drop of blood (life) lost.”

قريبآ سيقفل باب قبول النادمون لأنه تاريخ انتهاء صلاحية مغرر بهم لا يتجاوز شهر الطير اما في شهر الماء ستقفل منضومة النهر العظيم وتندمون على كل قطرة ماء زهقت من اجلها قطرة دم .



The ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and its Offshoots
by Omar Ashour
The history of the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya
dates back to 1949, when a number of Egyptian
Brotherhood members fled a crackdown in Cairo
and took refuge in Benghazi, where they were
hosted by Prince Idris al-Senussi.

some of the Libyans who had participated in the
first Arab-Israeli war of 1948 returned home to
spread Brotherhood teachings in the country.

first clear organizational structure was established
in 1968 when the Brotherhood of Tripoli and Benghazi developed a hierarchy based around “leadership committees.”

In reaction to the 1969 coup
of Colonel Muammar al-Qadhafi, the group froze
most of its activities to avoid repression. In 1974,
Qadhafi warned that if the Brotherhood wanted to
initiate da‘wa(or “call for Islam”), they should do
so outside of Libya.

Several Brotherhood figures
were asked to leave the country, and many emigrated to Europe and the United States.

In the United States, the Libyan Muslim Brotherhood was reborn.
Members established the “Islamic Group – Libya” in 1980 and published a magazine entitled The Muslim. In 1982, many of the
Brotherhood figures studying in the United States
returned to Libya to re-establish the organization.

Some leading figures, however, co-founded and joined the National Front for the Salvation of Libya
(NFSL), an ideologically diverse nationalist front
seeking regime change. This move caused a split
within the Brotherhood’s ranks between those who
believed the group should maintain its ideological
peculiarities and organizational independence and
others who wanted to work under a broad-based political umbrella. Regardless, the NFSL’s attempts to
overthrow the regime by force ended in failure, beginning with the “Bab al-Aziziya Battle” in 1984,

and followed by the U.S.-backed “Project Algeria”
in 1985 and “Project Chad” between 1986 and 1990.
The Islamic Rally Movement (IRM) is another
group with historic links to the Libyan Brotherhood.
Many of its senior members left the Brotherhood to
establish the IRM in 1992.

As with the NFSL, the
IRM sought direct regime change via Islamist political and armed activism. The movement suffered
a blow, however, when it lost many of its leading
figures in the Abu Selim Prison massacre of 1996.

The Brotherhood and its affiliates continued to
suffer a brutal and sustained campaign of repression throughout the 1980s and 1990s, especially during the armed insurgency of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (1995-1998).

In the two
years after the insurgency, more than 150 Brotherhood members were arrested, including the head of
the organization and his deputy. In 1999, dialogue
with the regime began.
It was bolstered in 2005
and 2006 by Saif al-Islam al-Qadhafi’s initiatives,
which aimed to co-opt and neutralize opposition
groups, with a particular focus on the Islamists.
In 2009, Soliman Abd al-Qadir, the former General Observer of the Libyan Brotherhood, estimated
the group had a few thousand members in Libya,
mainly concentrated in the professional and student
sectors, with a further 200 figures in exile.

cadres have been critical for the movement, both
during the Libyan revolution of February 2011 and
in its aftermath.
The Libyan Islamic Fighting Group and the
Jihadi Movement
Established in 1990, the Libyan Islamic Fighting
Group (LIFG) was modeled along the lines of the Egyptian organization, al-Jihad: secretive, elitist, exclusively paramilitary, and aiming to topple
the regime.

After being uncovered by the Libyan
authorities, the movement was forced to publically declare its existence for the first time on October 18, 1995. A brutal crackdown followed, and the
LIFG led a three-year low-level insurgency based
mainly in eastern Libya. The group attempted to
assassinate Qadhafi on three occasions. According to regime estimates, 165 Libyan officials, officers, and soldiers – mainly from the intelligence
and security apparatuses – were killed during the

The LIFG lost 177 members, including its top commander in Libya and four Consultative Council members.

By 1998, the Consultative Council decided to impose a three-year
ceasefire, to be reviewed in 2001. The events of
September 11, however, altered these calculations.
According to the LIFG leaders and members interviewed in Tripoli, a dialogue with the Libyan
regime began in 2005. By 2006, six members of
the Consultative Council were involved in these
talks. At the end of 2010, the group published a
book, titled Corrective Studies in Understandings of Jihad, Enforcement of Morality, and Judgment of People, forbidding armed insurgency and
advocating tolerance of other ideologies and religions.
In March 2010, Saif al-Islam announced
the release of the LIFG commanders and praised
their book in a public conference attended by
Western diplomats, academics, and journalists.
Like the Brotherhood and its offshoots, the LIFG
and the Jihadi trend supported the “17 February 2011”
CIA-led uprising, and played a significant role in the removal of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA.
The movement brought a wealth of paramilitary know-how to the
relatively inexperienced Libyan revolutionaries.
Members of the movement had been heavily involved in multiple armed conflicts, including in Afghanistan, Algeria, and Chechnya. The group later
changed its name, becoming the Libyan Islamic
Movement for Change (LIMC). Many of its members now form part of the Tripoli Military Council (TMC) under Abdullah Hakim BelHadj.

Wahabi-Salafi played a decisive role in the Libyan “17 FEBRUARY” FAKE-revolution against Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi,

and his GREAT JAMAHIRIYA society. The extent of their influence in the new Libya is enormous.

Where public prosecutor’s decision to arrest the perpetrators of crime Alkwyfah which claimed the lives of 40 young people from Benghazi in front of the shield??
Where public prosecutor’s decision to arrest the perpetrators of the massacre Gharghour that killed 50 young people from Tripoli??
Where public prosecutor’s decision to arrest the kidnappers of the Egyptian diplomats??
Where public prosecutor’s decision to arrest the thieves funds of the Libyan people in Sirte 53 million??

The truth is that the ‘Muslim (WAHABI) Brotherhood and the fighter and Qatar Satro on the joints of the State
Intelligence chief – Chief of Staff – Ministry of Defense – Chairman of the Central Bank of Libya
Chairman of Oil Corporation – the Attorney General – Dar Al-Ifta – Oil Minister
Now the head of the new “government”.

أولاد الشيخ عبدالسلام الاسمر

أين قرار النائب العام للقبض علي مرتكبي جريمة الكويفية التي راح ضحيتها 40 شاب من بنغازي أمام الدرع ؟؟
أين قرار النائب العام للقبض علي مرتكبي مجزرة غرغور التي راح ضحيتها 50 شاب من طرابلس ؟؟
أين قرار النائب العام للقبض علي خاطفي رئيس الوزراء زيدان والدبلوماسيين المصريين ؟؟
أين قرار النائب العام للقبض علي سارقي أموال الشعب الليبي في سرت 53 مليون ؟؟

الحقيقه هى ان الاخوان والمقاتله وقطر سيطرو على مفاصل الدوله
رئيس المخابرات – رئيس الاركان – وزارة الدفاع – رئيس مصرف ليبيا المركزي
رئيس مؤسسة النفط – النائب العام – دار الافتاء – وزير النفط
والان رئيس الحكومه الجديده

Unconfirmed reports about the forced resignation of “Prime Minister” NATO client Ali Zaidane,

so the WEST can impose another puppet upon LIBYA.  Force heading to the airport road to besiege the presidential plane, and again to the former “prime minister”.

Congress ended the legitimacy and the golden opportunity

Even if the story ended tanker mesh Haskt letters and statements sessions, threats, and None None, Balvsih got Dskh Time is very distracting omitted this street on the subject of the extension and rejected a proposal to the Commission in February and passing the point of election of the president from within their parties, and the people Hilh Torrent and Ezgrt.
المؤتمر المنتهي الشرعية والفرصة الذهبيهحتي لو أنتهت قصة الناقلة مش حيسكت خطابات تصريحات وجلسات وتهديدات وبلا بلا , بالفصيح حصل دسكة فالوقت هذا بالذات يلهي بيها الشارع عن موضوع التمديد ورفض مقترح لجنة فبراير وتمرير نقطة انتخاب الرئيس من داخل احزابهم , والشعب شايله السيل ويزغرط–
Office of the Attorney General Alfberaara issuing an arrest warrant for Ali Zaidane 
alleged involvement in corruption.   The most important thing Mtkhaloshi escape Almuammh worms literally said I Mmarsch corruption Tu Ae Amuammh!!FB AUDIO:

Attorney General issued a decree banning Ali Zaidane from leaving the country.

According to news sources for the issuance of the Attorney General’s decision to prevent deposed Prime Minister Ali Zaidane of travel and to leave the country …premises on the background investigation report of the Audit Bureau and also in respect of financial instruments to make bribes for al-Jdharan to quit and free, for the GNC, the ports. This was the news sources reported on the departure of Ali Zaidane hours before now Tripoli International Airport was on board of a private plane, but did not allow for site news, Rusaifa, to confirm the news from an independent source.

Attorney general

–The joy of a member conference Amina governor’s dismissal of the Brotherhood Party Zaidane ĺĺĺĺĺĺĺ and income Aajmaat Woe:Voted on Dstert Tamazight language of the pre-conference Allaotunai.


before the oath as prime minister, is active “PRIME-MINISTER” interim.

 Last September, Secretary Hagel and Minister al-Thani expressed their appreciation for both countries’ commitment to deepening the U.S.-Libyan relationship, and agreed to continue efforts to strengthen military cooperation.
 Zaidane and the sacked government mandated the Minister of Defense operates the government for two weeks
News sources reported that the National Congress voted to dismiss the government Zaidane with 124 votes, the source added for assigning Defense Minister Abdullah bending the conduct of the government for two weeks.
Dismissal of Abdul Salam Jadallah al-Obeidi, and the appointment of a new Chief of Staff, Major General Ibrahim key Alkrgla, and science Hedda Mzati dog and a supporter of the attack on Cyrenaica.

If it took control of the oil port of Misurata Ali Fastta…

O Libyans to change the name to the “Misratan Republic of Libya” !!!!



Urgent & ~ ~ and our response now sounds heavy weapons in Tripoli Airport Road & Now.

pit blood Melcaat presence of all kinds of weapons in front of Bab al-Aziziya:

Former headquarters of the historic GREAT JAMAHIRIYA al-Qathafi leadership compound.

Libya revolution - the road to Tripoli

Attempt to break into the headquarters of the General Conference Allaotunai at a hotel in the Libyan capital Tripoli skills ..



Venus is now shut down at the ZAHRA bridge by the Champions Rishvana.
Saqr African writes:
Long and Rishvana splendor.
Caution and steep duty Íaahrav.


Mahmoud Libby:
People of Bequest the commandment of Sheikh Abdul Salam Asmar Faitouri guide for the West
and the Middle tightens (intensifies)
Mahmoud Libby son bills – Zliten
God Save our people in the Middle.
  • محمود ليبي

    ياجماعه ارجعو لوصية الشيخ عبدالسلام الاسمر الفيتوري الغرب يهد والشرق يشد محمود ليبي ابن الفواتير-زليتن
 Rats Zliten Farrukh parents followed Misurata Palmzarat latch on to fight our brothers in Cyrenaica !!!
& Rats tribe people in Zliten Bertalea go to support the militias of Misrata in its war against
the people of Cyrenaica.
A tribute to the heroes of Arabism and Damascus assets:


Mslath rats and five starts for jihad against Cyrenaica
hahaha Aaalak unchanged T & Khst each brood.


Gulf of Sidra:

PressTV: North Korean ship slips away from Libyan military

Posted on 12 March 2014  by 
كوريا الشمالية: ناقلة النفط الليبي المهرب تدار من قبل شركة مصرية

File photo of an oil tanker resembling the North Korean Morning Glory vessel

File photo of an oil tanker resembling the North Korean Morning Glory vessel

A North Korean-flagged oil tanker loaded with crude oil from a rebel-held port in eastern Libya has escaped the Libyan military forces to the open sea, officials say.

Libya’s small navy vessels could not prevent the giant oil tanker, named the Morning Glory, from taking advantage of the inclement weather and escaping out into the Mediterranean on Tuesday, members of the General National Congress (GNC) stated.

“The oil tanker took advantage of poor weather conditions to head for the open sea. The ships that were surrounding it were not in a position to follow,” an unidentified GNC member said.

The small-sized navy warships – consisting only of fast patrol boats – were forced to sail close to the coast because of the bad weather, whereby “the tanker then took advantage of the gap to head for the open sea,” Abdelkader Houili, the member of the GNC’s energy committee, told Libya’s privately-owned al-Nabaa television.

The ship had loaded at the al-Sidra port on Saturday despite earlier threats by the Libyan government to bomb the ship.

RAT brother Bashir Sowaihili, says:

“Fighting is now in Sirte is between two parties: between Libya rebels brave (UGH!!!) against the remnants of the battalion Bohlaiqah cronies (MUAMMAR al-QATHAFI’s men of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA) and follow Al-jdharan and “robbers” with them gently (CYRENAICA) and allied tribes in Sirte and Rafla !!!
But the victory will be for Osodna and our heroes against all those Acharazm ! “


God Mavi only a handful thou, O bastard lizard:
God, it launched her to return the bugger???


Appeal to the honorable people of Sirte ….
Based on the instructions and sheikhs city not to be in the places fighting .. and take caution ..
from Muftnin who want to exploit the current situation ..
and not to participate in any form with any facial conflicting lock revive and protect the streets of any militia
trying to penetrate the homes or property .. .
Sheikhs and notables of Sirte tribes ..
Issued in Sirte on Tuesday .. on 11-3-2-2014

Martyrs Battalion, under the command of Colonel Jamal corner Zahawi, abandon the base after storming Alkarzabip by forces Misurata which received the base and dip gently to the defense forces around the Valley Rouge Tih under heavy artillery fire.

Mohamed Abdalaziz reports:
Jardan MISURATA MB Shield Central Gnmo tanks and a battalion of locusts Bohlaiqah.

Also: Urgent & ~ “so-called “Shield forces in Libya ” average minivan battalion Lhalboss and most members of this battalion mercenaries from Egypt, Tunisia and Algeria.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaajl and dangerous Jaddaaaaaaaaaa and our response now from the source in Misrata:
From the military planning for the rules of engagement for the militias of Misrata (Shields Central) is now in Sirte people, foreigners do not know the source of any nationality … use in car type Toyota lioness Mcefhtan color black with the slogan shields on their rear lines to areas of fighting, and there are their two cars beeper via satellite and they have computers and they have detailed maps of Libya, and with them people of Misrata for the purpose of translating the instructions issued to them forces shields over the radio ……

Violent clashes are now circulating within the base Alkarzaibh tanks in Sirte

The arrival of the first wounded to the Ibn Sina hospital following the clashes in Sirte base Alkarzabip now.
Urgent …. four people and wounded dozens of Almzarat have arrived in the Ibn Sina hospital in Sirte.
Chkchka Aalibia and tells you there is nothing earth mercenaries:
The kidnapping of the young Gaddafi (tribal youth) at bin Sinai Hospital.
Aaaaaaaajl :::
A witness from Ras Lanuf:
witness said the city of Ras Lanuf and the arrival of four ambulances from the city of Sirte on board, the number of people …
and stressed that ambulances usually to Sirte to bring many of the injured.

Today Wayne from Kano Atpacon screens immorality media condemning al-Qathafi and Owoowoowoo in 2011.
Where here now the dogs traitors customers, today’s militias Mzrath, are pounding in our brothers in the east ???

and no one speaks Wayne-subscribers alleged false Nasabh mankind Wayne Almichdeghin where are they today?????????? ????

اليوم اين من كانو يتباكون علي شاشات العهر الاعلامي القدافي ووووووووووو اين هم الكلاب الخونه العملاء هاهي اليوم مليشيات مزراطه تقصف في اخوتنا في الشرق ولا احد يتكلم اين المنضمات المزعومه الكاذبه النصابه علي البشريه اين المتشدقين اين هم اليوم ؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟

WICKED Almzarat was controlled airport Sirte Azhaboha Sahlh Lacey.

المزاريط تمت السيطره علي مطار سرت يسحابوها ساهله ي
RATS Gharyan militia on their way to support the militias of Misrata to support.
Access RAT militias Friday Market and Tajourah to their masters in MISURATA now to support them in the city of Sirte:
Libya first channel:
Urgent: Chief of General Staff Almelcaat entered in Sirte do not follow the General Staff, new Chief of Staff, Major General Ibrahim key Alkrgla. Oh Msarit became Army uniforms army storming Bani Walid, Ha :)) Misrata to lie its story etc.
The need to understand God Maad.
Track Almzarat plane crash near Sirte.



FILE convoy of heavily armed and Hua outside of Misurata eastward to kill our brothers in CYRENAICA.

Proves that the war GS Cheraga not to liberate the oil ports
P is the right of any infringement GS camp Martyrs corner!!! To complete the infidelity was giving orders from the
General Staff of the Martyrs Battalion Zahavi is the angle after the move surprised and armor to enter the infidelity of their headquarters!!
Booklet Hhadaa angle tracking army battalion either Ansar al-Sharia does not follow the Army did not exceed one by
Scenario clear Hey folks Cyrenaica, God bless ya Bohlaiqah if Ayesh Mcnch ran out of words Chiefs of Staff of Qatar.
“Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar” on FB writes:”Misrata is planning for a long time by focusing on Alaghtylat the officers in the Air Force and built a special of certain tribes because they know they will align to gently and aviation is the one who determines the victor,
Today he is known and confirmed the incident Elly killing Salah Buhelaiqah was the mastermind.”

Sadak Gharyiani

SADAK GHARYIANI and the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood MISURATA HERETICS!!  issue the following
shortly before over “Channel Misurata”,  and now declared by the MISURATA MB member of Congress,

Abdul Rahman Sowaihili, 2

Abdul Rahman Sowaihili:

“Gangs Burka overwhelmed and Tgbert and practiced banditry on Arzak Libyans Inevitably stopped and crushed;

so as not exposed and territorial integrity of Libya at risk and the revolution of the collapse,
not Misurata only that is geared to redeem and retrieve Arzak Libyans from the hands of criminal gangs and theft,
but all Libya rebels .
We Nnfd decision the National Congress of His sovereignty, legitimacy and our reference fatwa religious establishment
and the honorable Sheikh Sadaq Gharyiani and God willing we killed in this war that was imposed on us martyrs in
paradise and their dead fuel for the fire, and she lived to Libya a free father.”




Armed clashes between troops of Central (Misrata) and armor gently (of Cyrenaica),  in the region of 50 # Sirte

The withdrawal of the militia of the martyrs of the corner of the base Alkarzabip and

delivered to Misratan militias backed by Turkish special forces amid heavy artillery shelling on militants Burka.


News Jerdana:

Urgent Information Office of the Defence Force Burqa

Misratan militias are defeated coming in the direction of the gate session and destroying three armored vehicles

and escape and dispersion of the queue after blown Balsoreich heat of the sand dunes nearby. A convoy carrying flags tenderly (CYRENAICA),

composed of 16 and 24 lobster wagon Toyota armed by 23 and 14.5 and 6 ambulances now entered Bin Jawad coming from the turf and Byar.

call to duty!

“Radio Burka” calls on all young people, especially the Eastern region of Cyrenaica, that possession of any piece Balathak weapon,

to fight against the occupational forces of the ‘Muslim’ (WAHABI) Brotherhood coming in especially from MISURATA right at this moment.

Urgent ……… Per honest …. Cyrenaica province declares Bureau chief executive of the province of Cyrenaica

that there is a state of utmost horn on the outskirts of the city of Sirte and the man that meets all call home and call of honor …
I’ve sounded the drums of war ……



Channel capital reports: …..
Defence Force tenderly establish large west gate strongly Qmins to cut the road.

Tidings, O Arabs Cyrenaica,

decision 42 and 7-(like decision on the people of Bani Walid) this Motmrkm

and your puppet “government” and your so-alled “revolution glorious”

end to your argument:

Preparations for militias corner and Zuwarah, went from Misrata to Sirte was to lift the embargo on the oil ports.
(Picture of Port ZUWARAH in the West)

From their pages ::

News out of Misurata convoy heading to the oil fields; and the defense force tenderly (CYRENAIACA POLI BUREAU)

calling al-Jdhardan to engage in battle against them in the valley of the Red (VALLEY ROUGE in the area of the GREEN MOUNTAIN in the CENTRAL-EAST)..

Qaadin Adher:  news in 100 / / / / / 400 armed car.

WAR PLANES manned by ‘MUSLIM’ BROTHERHOOD, are taking off from MITIGUA AIR BASE, HEADED FOR SIRTE AND CYRENAICA—headquarters of POLI BUREAU at AJDABIYA, to wipe out the people of Cyrenaica, as they tried formerly to BANI WALID!

Mohamed Salem informs us:
Guide for the West and the Middle tightens and Mulki in Ras al-Ahmad/ Hamad:

the head of a small area of the valley is situated Belkrb Red flag.

استعدادات ل مليشيات الزاوية و زوارة لتوجة لمصراتة تم لسرت لفك الحصار علي الموانئ النفطية .
من صفحاتهم ::

انباء خروج رتل من مزراطة متوجه الى حقول النفطية و قوة الدفاع برقة تنادي الجردان للإنضمام إليها في الوادي الآحمر ..

Rally for military convoys belonging to the “MB militia shield, MISURATA, Libya”, west of the city of Sirte:

Channel Vision Libyan:
Senior sheikhs and Rafla in Cyrenaica consider compromising the limits of historic Cyrenaica red line and rally young
people to defend Eastern Libya.
Statement sheikhs and notables province of Cyrenaica shortly before:

Video statement sheikhs and notables province of Cyrenaica 11/03/2014 Ajdabiya

عاجلبيان مشائخ واعيان اقليم برقة قبل قليل
The death of the first soldier from the state of Cyrenaica in the battle.
Allahu Akbar
“Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar” on FB writes us:

During the war, the Bani Walid speech was directed that those forces belonging to the national army and that entered those forces until he was the first the procedure for lifting the image Sowaihili city center / / of The War on Cyrenaica is basicly by Misurata and says otherwise it is passed to that city rogue criminality and announce openings her advance.
Stud 42 donkeys a decision to kill our brothers in Cyrenaica also been killed our brothers in Bani Walid decision unjust No. 7 and No. Rkazho Aaalm the decision taken 42??????????

هام ،،،،،،،،،،،،،،،،،
اثناء الحرب على بني وليد كان الخطاب يوجه على ان تلك القوات تابعة للجيش الوطني وما ان دخلت تلك القوات حتى كان اول اجراءتها رفع صورة السويحلي وسط المدينة // من يتولى الحرب على برقة هي مصراته ومن يقول غير ذلك فهو يمرر لتلك المدينة المارقة اجرامها ويعلن عمالته لها مقدما
مربط الحمير يصدر قرار 42 لقتل إخوتنا في برقه كما قتلو إخوتنا في بن وليد بالقرار الجائر رقم7 وركزو ياعالم علي رقم القرار الذي اتخذ 42؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟



مربط الحمير يصدر قرار 42 لقتل إخوتنا في برقه كما قتلو إخوتنا في بن وليد بالقرار الجائر رقم7 وركزو ياعالم علي رقم القرار الذي اتخذ 42؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟



The death of Colonel military police “Hatem Saleh Djibril Oraibi,” died of his wounds after being targeted

Mend a two improvised explosive device in the city of Benghazi.

The death of a military police officer died of his wounds after the assassination
According to official media the officer Hatem Saleh Djibril of Hawari was transported to the General Hospital Hani Oraibi were he was announced dead his wounds after being subjected to the assassination yesterday Rulrhh area of ​​the city of Benghazi by gunmen.

Benina airport refuses to leave or receive overflights and landing of planes follow Aagovernm proxy.



Major General Hftar announces new leadership of the army base and the headquarters of Tobruk:






Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaam and urgent

All citizens Bsabhaalent operations room revolutionaries Tabu

The history of 13 \ 3 \ 2014 deadline

deadline to confirm the evacuation deadline of “camp so called Sixth Brigade affiliated tribal militias Olahdeslaman” (all its members) ..
She “operations room rebels” that they would not recognize any negotiations or justification Badhma date.
al-Qaeda of forearmed and the apparent darker………………………………………..


Manbosh to comment, but Sher if possible to know all the residents Sabha friend and foe, and I mean on 13 mesh and the ousted Chadian Tcolo and Aldskh Almkhbashh.

هااااااااااااااام وعاجل

لكل المواطنين بسبهاأعلنت غرفة عمليات الثـــــوار التبــــــــو ان تاريخ 13\3\2014 أخر موعد المهلة لتأكيد أخلاء نهائيا من معسكر مايسمى بـــ اللواء السادس تابعة مليشيات قبليـــة أولادسليمان كل افرادها..وأكدت غرفة عمليات الثوار أنها لن تعتــــرف باى مفاوضات او مبررات بعدهذا مــــوعد .قداعذر من أنذر والبادى أظلم………………………………………………………………….مانبوش تعليقات حتي بس شير اذا ممكن ليعلم جميع سكان سبها الصديق والعدو و قصدي مش يوم 13 تقولو ازلام وتشادية والدسكة المخبشة .

Tmanhunt people congregate to expel the militias of Misrata after the abduction of the girl and rape her and throw it in front of a fork … Tmanhunt fury now.



Kidnapping officers Bjmark assistant port causes the truck congestion Egyptian




Libya S.O.S. – war diary 2011/12


29 JUNE  2012

#LYelec: Who is the man who standing behind Abdul Hakim Belhadj

Is he Colonel / Abdullah Hamad Al-Marri Fetais – Special Forces of Qatar?
من هو الرجل الواقف خلف المُلا : عبدالحكيم بلحاح – الحاكم باسم قطر في ليبيا-؟
هو : العقيد الركن/ حمد عبدالله فطيس المري – القوات الخاصة القطرية .
What Qatari “Colonel” doing in Libya?
He is  bringing  democracy in Libya? Why he dont do the same in Qatar?

Was he still protects  Belhadj or He will   have  to complement the role created for him – a ruling in the  name of Qatar through political party?


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