a few more days and Victory for the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA !

Mu at his best
An IMPORTANT MESSAGE from the “Political Council of Popular Forces”:

Responding to messages honorable ::: about conflicts that occur between now militias … (colloquially to reach to everyone)
That what is happening between the West and the Middle militia … is the result of Misurata running out ….

They are now reaping Mazraoh …
They now have depleted their strength .. and the two will not retreat from their goals … There will be no reconciliation between them … and even that happened will fail … and the reason is the differing ambitions of their agenda and their masters and conflicts of interest ..

Win, and the Middle Ali Almsarit .. that would be the end of Almsarit .. Once that drive them even Heisha or sealer .. Veselthak their thousands of Libyans Maldém ancient feuds … and they are many.

And overcome Almsarit Ali Cheraga (and this is what many people do not want) will become Benghazi and the east part of the aggrieved Misurata .. like Tawergha and Sirte and Ben Walid and many others??

Earner and loser of them all …
The gainers are the most honest people who are committed to their homes … because this conflict does not represent us and does not serve our cause ..

And served .. if Astglina Zaafna that conflict and efforts to collect arms and ammunition and equipment … and work away from their sights .. even hour comes the real work .. to cleanse Libya of all these militias and the Muslim Brotherhood …

And eliminate anyone who is trying to wrest legitimacy for himself or his agenda or the countries supporting him …

without permission from Mhaúkhana and Aianna and Ugeaúna from all tribes and regions of the honest ….

(Political Council of Popular Forces)

REMEMBER, today is the day that Pagan FRANCE made her first strike with NATO upon LIBYA, 19 MARCH 2011–MINERVA GODDESS OF WAR:


To Dr. Moussa Ibrahim from “Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar”:

The awareness stage and gravity are the characteristics and functions of activists who stood pause Shoumoukh and pause pride and honor overall ambitions of Zionism and the American administration and Arabized and their customers from the traitors and liars

and walked Bdrihm to undermine our beloved Libya and our fans fighter hero, that we stick to the conscious our principles and defend and strongly stiffness and the will not budge is the decision taken by the Resistance from supporters of the leader Mujahid hero ..

we live sorrows of our fans and we live suffering and feeling the Bmrartha has Tanas other and Nest by the spirit of treachery and selfishness that fell arms of the killers of our people and shed our blood does not have a patron saint in the world

and analyzes the slaughter of the sons of the nation will be judged tomorrow; because, our fans refused, and still refuses, to policy lies and deception as adopted by some reconciliation to pass to get to their destination and goals.

We say to hula advocates of reconciliation and peaceful advocates of political and national movements peaceful …

Any reconciliation advocated by some people die and kill, and any “national movement” peaceful Taatbd revenge and retribution demanded by some of the operations of marginalization and treachery going on in full swing, and any reconciliation wants some tragedies necrosis of the rest of the body home Ripper, and any reconciliation want other and activists watered various kinds of torture in the darkness of prisons militia terrorist, and any reconciliation desired by some, and prosecutions of pro-leader Mujahid, contributed by the Who was calculated on the honorable supporters of the leader Mujahid hero,

any peaceful you want and your hands shake hands with murderers, thugs and criminals….
Any reconciliation and a “national movement” peaceful far from the fighting and Jihad want ..

The fighters stationed in the homeland proud of its principles as proud of their principles and their march culminated in a struggle without any compromise, both the interests of our fans or the interest of the nation and the homeland;

and trading demands of the masses would be unacceptable …

Letters vague given by some Without a clear action wraps around the Libyan people: these letters make us wonder whether some of the coup was claiming fidelity to the leader and warrior for the people and the nation, will put aside the rhetoric of the owners was
Drumming and cheering for the leader and his sons. ,,,

And whether he asked the owners of the rhetoric about the position of the traitors and agents of the two, reacting to sit down and be challenged by them for “national reconciliation”, as they call it, and the Libyans are imprisoned, tortured and killed and violate sanctities and honor,

and whether he asked the owners of rhetoric when our troops were fighting on all fronts and moving from trench combat to another carrier concerns of the nation, you ever wondered where it was do you respond to sit with them who were traveling to and from the finest hotels brothel Bljalehm red in the streets of London and Paris like a lost dog.

Wondered whether the owners of the rhetoric km from Shahid Libby fell because of treason and Tkhazlhm; or, we ask, but is there of you, O Mujibur owners rhetoric that left the matter to the legitimate owner of the truth and Tensahbua best and safest for you.

The victory and the pride and the Summit of “The People’s Armed Resistance”:

The Glory and eternity to our innocent martyrs !

All the pride and appreciation for “The Armed Popular Resistance”.

The victory, but from God and God is great !

Death to the invaders
With all the pride and appreciation to the Leaders of “the People’s Armed Resistance”
Saadi and Muammar al-Qathafi Eboumnyar.

أولاد الشيخ عبدالسلام الاسمر

الى( د. موسى ابراهيم)
ان وعي المرحلة وخطورتها هي من خصائص ومهمات المناضلين اللذين وقفوا وقفة الشموخ ووقفة العزة والشرف بوجه المطامع الصهيونية والإدارة الامريكية والمستعربة وعملائهم من الخونة والكذابين ومن سار بدربهم للنيل من وطننا الحبيب ليبيا وجماهيرنا المناضل البطل , ان تمسكنا الواعي بمبادئنا والدفاع عنها و بقوة وصلابة وبإرادة لا تتزحزح هو القرار الذي اتخذه المقاومين من انصار القائد المجاهد البطل ..اننا نعيش احزان جماهيرنا ونعيش معاناتها ونتحسس بمرارتها فقد تناس البعض ومن عششت به روح الغدر والأنانية أن من سقط بأحضان قتلة شعبنا وسفكت دمه ليس له شفيع في الدنيا ومن يحلل ذبح ابناء الوطن سيحاسب غدا لان جماهيرنا رفضت ولازالت ترفض سياسة الكذب والخداع والذي اعتمد عليها البعض لتمرير المصالحة للوصول الى غايتهم وأهدافهم
فنقول لهولا دعاة المصالحة والسلمية ودعاة السياسة والحركات الوطنية السلمية … أية مصالحة ينادي بها البعض والشعب يموت ويقتل, وأية حركة وطنية سلمية تتبد الثأر والقصاص يطالب بها البعض وعمليات التهميش والغدر جارية على قدم وساق ,وأية مصالحة يريدها البعض والمآسي تنخر ما تبقى من جسد الوطن الممزق ,وأية مصالحة يريدها البعض والمناضلين يسقون شتى انواع التعذيب في ظلمات سجون الميلشيات الارهابية ,وأية مصالحة يرغبها البعض وملاحقات المؤيدين للقائد المجاهد يساهم بها من كان محسوبا على الشرفاء من انصار القائد المجاهد البطل ,أية سلمية تريدونها وأيديكم تصافح القتله والسفاحين والمجرمين
أية مصالحة وحركة وطنية سلمية بعيده عن القتال والجهاد تريدون..إن المقاومين المرابطين على ارض الوطن يعتزون بمبادئهم كما تعتز بهم المبادئ ومسيرتهم تكللت بالنضال دون أية مساومة سواء على مصالح جماهيرنا أو مصلحة الامة والوطن والمتاجرة بمطالب الجماهير أمرا مرفوضا …خطابات مبهمة يلقيها البعض وبدون عمل واضح يلتف حوله الشعب الليبي هذه الخطابات تجعلنا نتساءل هل انقلاب بعض من كان يدعي الاخلاص للقائد المجاهد و للشعب والوطن ,فهل تناسى أصحاب الخطب الرنانة من كان
يطبل ويهلل للقائد وأبناءه . ,,, وهل تساءل اصحاب الخطب الرنانة عن موقف الخونة والعملاء من اللذين يردون الجلوس والتقوض معهم من اجل المصالحة الوطنية كما يسمونها والليبيون يسجنون ويعذبون ويقتلون وتنتهك حرماتهم وإعراضهم ,وهل تساءل أصحاب الخطب الرنانة عندما كانت قواتنا تحارب على جميع الجبهات وتتنقل من خندق قتالي الى آخر حاملة هموم الامة هل تساءل اين كان من تردون الجلوس معهم كانوا يتنقلون من والى افخر الفنادق دعارة بلياليهم الحمراء في شوارع لندن وباريس اشبه بالكلاب الضائعة.
وهل تساءل اصحاب الخطب الرنانة كم من شهيد ليبي سقط بسبب الخيانة وتخاذلهم أم نحن نسأل ولكن هل هناك من مجيب عليكم يا اصحاب الخطابات الرنانة ان تركوا الامر الى صاحب الشرعية الحقيقة وتنسحبوا افضل لكم واسلم
والنصر والفخر والقمة للمقاومة الشعبية المسلحة
والمجد والخلود لشهدائنا الابرار
كل الاعتزاز والتقدير لمقاومتنا الشعبية المسلحة
وما النصر الا من عند الله والله اكبر والموت للغزاة
ومع كل الاعتزاز والتقدير لقائد المقاومة الشعبية المسلحة
الساعدي معمر ابومنيار القذافي

أَيَّامٌ حُسومٌ وليالٍ سَمُومٌ : انْقَطَعَ خَيْرُهَا وعَمّ شَرُّها
تِلْكَ هِيَ أيّامُ مَا سُمِّي وسُمِّمَ وصُمِّمَ رَبيعَا للْعَرَبِ على وزْنِ:
“ربيعِ براغ 1968” و”ربيع بيكين 1989 “وربيع أوروبا الشّرقية”
من إخراج وإنتاج الغرب الإمبريالي الصّليبي الصّهيوني الأطلسي وعملاءِه الأنْذالِ الأنْجاس…
سُمِّيَ وسُمِّمَ فكان بَشِعا قَذِرا مُقْرفا مُقَزِّزا مُدَمِّرا لِلأوْطان ومُهْلِكا لِلحَرْث وللنّسْل ومُمَزِّقا للأفْئِدة فَطَمَسَ الحقَّ وسَفَّهَ العُقُولَ وأَعَمَّ الخرابَ واليأسَ…
وهذه أقل من 20 دقيقةً صامتةً تَنْزِفُ عَنْ أيّامِ الحُسُومِ على العربِ و على الإسلامِ وعلى مُعَمِّر القذافي وعلى القوميّة العربيّة وعلى الجماهيريّة وعلى الرِّباط الأماميّ سِرْت إنّه الحقدُ الصّليبيّ الشّعوبيّ الصّهيونيّ…لَنْ يدومَ…
نحن مُسْتَمِرُّون في المقاومة…لنْ نَخْضعْ. لنْ نَسْتسْلمْ…ذلك واجِبُنا …الصّبرُ والثّباتُ…والنّصْرُ بمشيئةِ الله وبإذنهِ…نحنُ صَبَرْنا ولمْ نَهْتَزّ ولمْ نُنْخدَعْ أيامَ كانَتِ الخديعةُ والتّضليلُ والرُّعْبُ والارتباكُ يَعْصِفُ بِها أفْواجًا أفواجَا … لَنْ نَفْقِدَ التّصميمَ الآن وَقَدْ وَقَفَ حِمَارُ شَيْخِهِمْ في العَقبةِ وقد تجلّتْ آثامُهُمْ وقد ظَهَرَتْ حقيقةُ الحُسُومِ السَّمُومِ التي أَطْلَقُوها وقد انْكَشَفَ رَاعِيهِمْ وتَعَرّتِ الجَرِيمةُ سَافِرَةً وقد أَصْبَحَ القَاصِي والدَّانِي يَعْرفُ لِمَصْلَحَةِ مَنْ ارْتُكِبَتِ الجَرِيمَةُ؟…
فإِلى الأمَامِ…والكِفاحُ مُسْتَمِرٌّ…


“Lioness fierce predators” a publié sur “Hamza Abuchnger on FB”:
posted on 19 mars 2014
On this day 19-3-2011 answered the master code and magnanimity of Dr. Billah Gaddafi and his comrades call Benghazi and Hraúrha that were moaning and screaming from the futility of criminal gangs,

And along the way he gives instructions to his soldiers we want to edit Benghazi
And east of the Libyan these gangs and do not want blood, I pray for them a way out to escape

Dr. Billah when someone asked him about the situation he said: (predominance of NATO are not called predominance))

Reached our armed forces on the outskirts of Benghazi in order to prevent what experienced Benghazi day of the killing and bombing and the rule of the dark forces, but the forces of global arrogance Acetkbert on Libya and Benghazi on the freedom and security they enjoyed during the past decades,

Faqamt pounding our brave troops and landed a large number of our martyrs
And if the amount of these forces to reach achieve its mission was to enjoy the security of Benghazi today
And safety

Condolences betrayed him in the homeland of our people, it is destroyed Libya’s first and least are the children who were affiliated with the Libyan people –

Salt them from snitching on him the same home!!!!

Salt and some of them have the same snitching to send the coordinates to the destruction of his homeland!!!

Some of them founded the “National Movement” of the fat cats and insist on reconciliation with those who have destroyed the country and killed our men and our young people and our children.

Some of them left and betrayed Gen. al-Saadi Gaddafi and rallied around Hftar the first CIA client of the Libyan Jaen.

And the disaster that some people affiliated with the Ansar eluted Mnama insight and turn a blind eye on the movement of the fat cats, especially those who belong to the tribe of each client complicit in the first movement on the blood of its martyrs and collaborating on the nation and the master of the homeland.
Yesterday we heard the horn of the fat cats
Some welcomed and applauded uniforms Hubal
Of course, the Liberals and the light fighters loyal even refused to hear his speech or allow the non Btensl his speech on the pages of resistance.

But when we see the enormous sacrifices made by the people Allbey Sharif, in 19-3-2011
In all the battles in cities Allepieh and our men who are in captivity.

We feel the greatness of these men and we did not offer anything to the nation toward the sacrifices which exceeded the carrying mountains

For these sacrifices ….

And for the leader and his family, Mr. precious

And for our prisoners and Aseeratna dear ….

And for Major General Al-Saadi,

In order to Director captive Abdullah Sanusi,

To order Falcon Bouzid Dorda,

In order to Ahmed Ibrahim,

In order to Dmat our mothers bereaved

And for the men in the desert

In order to conquer our men prisoners in the prisons of the Jews of Libya

In order to become darlings under dirt and Andfnoa in exile,

We will resist and resist and resist until victory and advancing our flag banner … Khadra Mohammed’s religion. Or Neil Certificate.

Martyrs convoy Ezz God bless your souls pure

Think not of those who were killed for the sake of Allah dead, but alive with their Lord

Almighty God

اللبوة الشرسة المفترسةa publié surحمزه ابوخنجر
19 mars
في مثل هذا اليوم 19-3-2011 لبى رمز وسيد الشهامة الدكتور المعتصم بالله معمر القذافي و رفاقه نداء بنغازي و حرائرها التي كانت تئن و تصرخ من عبث العصابات الإجرامية،

و كان على طول الطريق يعطي التعليمات لجنوده نحن نريد تحرير بنغازي
والشرق الليبي من هذه العصابات و لا نريد الدم فاجعلوا لهم مخرج للهروب

الدكتور المعتصم بالله عندما سأله احدهم عن الوضع قال: ( غلبة الناتو لا تسمى غلبة))

وصلت قواتنا المسلحة على مشارف بنغازي لكي يمنع ما تعيشه بنغازي اليوم من قتل و تفجير و حكم قوى الظلام ، لكن قوى استكبار العالمي استكبرت على ليبيا و على بنغازي الحرية و الأمن الذي نعمت به خلال العقود الماضية ،

فقامت بقصف قواتنا الباسلة و سقطت عدد كبير من شهداءنا الابرار
و لو قدر هذه القوات ان تصل الى تحقيق مهمتها لكانت بنغازي اليوم تنعم بأمن

عزائنا في وطن غدر به شعبنا فمن دمر ليبيا اولاً و آخراً هم ابناء كانوا محسوبين على شعبنا الليبي –

منهم من سوّلت له نفسه الوشاية على وطنه !!!!

و منهم من سوّلت له نفسه الوشاية لارسال الاحداثيات لتدمير وطنه !!!

ومنهم من اسس حركة القطط السمان ويصرون على المصالحة مع الذين دمروا الوطن وقتلوا رجالنا وشبابنا واطفالنا

ومنهم من تركوا وخذلوا اللواء الساعدي معمر القذافي والتفوا حول احفيتر اول عميل وخاين للجماهيرية

والكارثة ان بعض شعبنا المحسوب على الانصار مزال منعمي البصيرة ويغض النظر عن حركة القطط السمان وخاصة الذين ينتمون الى قبيلة كل من في الحركة العميلة المتواطئة اولا على دم شهدائها والمتواطئة على الوطن وسيد الوطن
وبالامس سمعنا بوق من القطط السمان
البعض رحب وصفق زي الهبل
وطبعا الاحرار واوفياء الفاتح والمناضلين رفضوا حتى ان يسمعوا كلمته او يسمحوا للغير بتنزل كلمته على صفحات المقاومة

و لكن عندما نرى التضحيات الجسام التى قدمها أبناء الشعب اللبيى الشريف ، في 19-3-2011
وفي كل المعارك في المدن الليبيية ورجالنا الذين في الاسر

نشعر بعظمة هؤلاء الرجال و بأننا لم نقدم شيئا للوطن تجاه تضحيات التى فاقت حمل الجبال

لأجل هذة التضحيات ….

و لأجل سيدي القائد واسرته الكريمة

ولأجل اسرانا واسيراتنا الاعزاء….

و لأجل اللواء الساعدي

ولأجل المدير الاسير عبدالله السنوسي

ولاجل الصقر بوزيد دورده

ولأجل منصور ضو

ولأجل احمد ابراهيم

ولأجل دمعات امهاتنا الثكالى

ولأجل رجالنا في الصحراء

ولأجل قهر رجالنا الاسرى في سجون يهود ليبيا

ولأجل اعزاء صاروا تحت التراب واندفنوا في الغربة

سنقاوم و نقاوم و نقاوم حتى النصر المبين واعلاء رايتنا الخضرا … راية دين محمد. او نيل الشهادة

شهداء رتل العز قدس الله ارواحكم الطاهرة

وَلَا تَحْسَبَنَّ الَّذِينَ قُتِلُوا فِي سَبِيلِ اللَّهِ أَمْوَاتًا بَلْ أَحْيَاءٌ عِنْدَ رَبِّهِمْ يُرْزَقُونَ

صدق الله العظيم

“Libyan Resistance Movement (h m l)” on FB, commentary:
19 MARCH 2011-19 MARCH 2014
West took the decision to destroy Libya ..

and took the traitors and treason, and the customer’s decision to walk on the blood of the sons of the homeland towards authority, and took a walk like donkeys idiots behind these traitors Musfiqin cheering for the Crusader NATO planes and is the country’s overthrow and kill their brothers ..

People who have left this life, raising the slogan of martyrdom for the nation ..

heading heeded the call a lot of people from the free people in the Middle of the salvation of a handful of traitors and extremist groups who robbed the country unlawfully ..

but the donkey did not realize at the time the size of the plot, which came to overthrow Libya, were not less the ferocity of the fighter planes of their fellow crusader alliance ..
and now here they are paying the price today ..

Perhaps the price that they paid within three years ago it was liable to wake up ..
perhaps the best punishment for them! God waits but does not neglect ..

Vfberaar Today 90% of them regret their leaders not excluded from this ratio and are looking for any way take them out of the dark tunnel, which brought the country and its people ..

Because I do not want to talk too much in the past .. because many, many became his major concern is writing and talking about the past, without giving to write about the future or the development of new solutions to get out of the current impasse!

Only a few of the owners minds percolating, as Dr. Moussa Ibrahim, who unfortunately did not realize his words a lot!

Martyr Gibran Warfali .. (going to cleanse Libya of Heretics). TODAY IS THE ANNIVERSARY OF HIS MARTYRDOM in 2011.

The foundation of the plot and the basis of the plight of “17 February” and Asestmrarha are conducted by ‘Muslim’ (WAHABI) Brotherhood, starting from criminals and ending with al-Qaeda in various forms and Msmyate ..

The finished (the basis of the plot) invalidated the plot! There will be room for everyone accounting of traitors and customers ..
What politicians in “17 February”, are but pawns driven organizations Almtaslma by force and threat .. They do not have their heads something.

Gneoh militias and also Raouf hater of the organizations Almtaslma received some news that most of their ingredients are from the reconstruction of 17 years to 20 years!!

Will these boys realize what they are doing! Or are they just odds and ends, and with the current power regardless of being a terrorist!
The fact that the Great Satan is in Libya is clear to all, and is no longer secret to anyone .. it is the hands of the West to the hidden dirty mess in the country .. They are thieves who tampered with the wealth of Libya through 40 years ago, more than 400 billion.
War priorities and levels .. the first of what goes west to root out their hands and frivolous in the country!

19 3 2011 – 19 3 2014

اتخذ الغرب قرار تدمير ليبيا .. واتخذ الخونة و العملاء قرار الخيانة و السير على دماء ابناء الوطن نحو السلطة ,, و اتخذ الاغبياء السير كالحمير وراء هؤلاء الخونة مصفقين مهللين لطائرات الحلف الصليبي و هي تطيح بالبلاد و تقتل اخوانهم ..
اناس تركوا الحياة الدنيا رافعين شعار الاستشهاد من اجل الوطن .. متجهين ملبين نداء الكثير من ابناء الشعب الحر بالشرق لخلاصهم من شرذمة الخونة و التكفيريين الذين سطو على البلاد دون وجه حق .. ولكن الحمير لم يدركوا انذاك حجم المؤامرة التي اتت لتطيح بليبيا فلم يكونوا اقل شراسة في مقاتلة اخوانهم من طائرات الحلف الصليبي .. و ها هم يدفعون الثمن اليوم ..
لعل الثمن الذي دفعوه خلال ثلاثة سنوات مضت كان كفيل بأن يستفيقوا .. لعله خير عقاب لهم ! فالله يمهل ولا يهمل ..
ففبراير اليوم 90% منهم نادمون ولا استثنى قياداتهم من هذه النسبة ويبحثون عن اي سبيل يخرجهم من النفق المظلم الذي ادخلوا فيه البلاد و العباد ..
ولأني لا اريد الحديث في الماضي كثيرا .. لان الكثير الكثير اصبح شغله الشاغل هو الكتابة و الحديث عن الماضي دون ان يتطرق للكتابة عن المستقبل او وضع حلول جديدة للخروج من المأزق الحالي !
الا القليل من اصحاب العقول الراشحة كالدكتور موسى ابراهيم الذي وللاسف لم يدرك كلامه الكثير !
الشهيد جبران الورفلي .. (ذاهبون لتطهير ليبيا من الزنادقة)
فأساس المؤامرة و اساس نكبة فبراير و اسستمرارها هم المتأسلمون بدءا من الاخوان المجرمون و انتهاءا بتنظيم القاعدة بمختلف اشكاله ومسمياته ..
فإن انتهى (اساس المؤامرة) بطلت المؤامرة ! وسوف يكون هناك مجال لمحاسبة الجميع من الخونة و العملاء ..
فما ساسة فبراير الا بيادق تحركها التنظيمات المتأسلمة بفعل القوة و التهديد .. فهم لا يملكون من امرهم شيئا .
مليشيات غنيوة و كاره ايضا التابعة للتنظيمات المتأسلمة وردني خبر ان اغلب عناصرهم هم من اعمار 17 عاما الى 20 عاما !!
فهل هؤلاء الفتية يدركون ما يفعلون ! ام انهم مجرد مغيبون و مع السلطة الحالية بغض النظر عن كونها ارهابية !
الشيطان الاكبر في ليبيا واضح للجميع ولم يعد يخفى على احد .. فهو ايدي الغرب الخفية القذرة الى تعبث بالبلاد .. وهم السارقون الذين عبثوا بثروات ليبيا خلال 40 عاما مضت وهو ما يزيد عن 400 مليار .
الحرب اولويات و مستويات .. اولها ما يقطع دابر الغرب و ايديهم العابثة في البلاد !


And I liked what I read ..

In such hours we share our communications to insure the case of the sons of the Libyan army and people of the areas by the MRO … and we hear about the joy of their population having sawed them peace of mind and ensure-feed them “oven-baked” ..
And suddenly came to me in a sad voice tells me touch that soldiers bombed and that a very large number of martyrs .. I refused to believe the trauma and stayed with my hope not occur Libyan channels that you Otabaha on the subject …
After a time I saw the photos and videos are shameful what did NATO planes infidel bodies of the sons of the homeland … and completed by the mob from the east of Libya from the imaging side of body parts and storytelling illogical drag and insult surviving and soaked in his blood groaning from the pain of injuries he sustained ….
What a day and what a betrayal and what a pain image accompanied me whenever I remembered this today or turned frightening picture ….
I ask God’s mercy to them and Gaderan penalty of sex work ..

مما قرأت وأعجبني ..

في مثل هذه الساعات كنا نتبادل الاتصالات لنطمئن على حال أبناء الجيش الليبي وابناء المناطق التي مرو بها … وكنا نسمع عن فرح سكانها بهم بعد ان اعادوا لهم راحة البال ومنهم من تكفل باطعامهم “خبز التنور” ..
وفجأة أتاني اتصال بصوت حزين يخبرني ان الجنود قصفوا وان عدد الشهداء كبير جدا ..فرفضت أن اصدق من هول الصدمة وبقي عندي امل مع عدم تحدث القنوات الليبية التي كنت اتابعها عن الموضوع…
وبعد زمن رأيت من الصور والفيديوات ما يندى له الجبين لما فعلته طائرات الحلف الكافر باجساد ابناء الوطن…وما اكمله الرعاع من الشرق الليبي من التصوير بجانب الاشلاء وسرد القصص الغير منطقية وجر واهانة من بقي حيا وغارقا في دمائه يئن من ألم الاصابات التي المت به ….
ياله من يوم ويالها من خيانة وياله من الم يصاحبني كلما تذكرت هذا اليوم او قلبت صوره المخيفة….
أسال الله لهم الرحمة وللغادرين جزاء من جنس العمل ..

Since 2011, 650 Thousand decent, green, true soldiers have been senselessly murdered beginning on this anniversary day. Soldiers whose desire was only for the good of LIBYA…
THIS PROVES that NATO is totally criminal and on SATAN’s driveway…and nowhere’s near the good they lyingly proclaim. They are al-Qaeda and MB..They work with them and really created them…since the days of Eisenhower in the 1950’s…NEVER LET THEM FOOL YOU…especially today on the anniversay of their attack on LIBYA: MINERVA, the GODDESS of WAR DAY 19 MARCH 2011.

“ZERO HOUR” comments:

“Dogs Burka Adfo collapsed blood per day for each drop of blood flowed from the Champions Libyan army anger and punishment of the Lord of the Worlds, a day in the streets of their bodies Milohat cheaper than the remains of dogs, Zdhm O O O Zdhm Zdhm Agt and converts them.

كلاب برقه يدفعو انهار دم يوميا ثمن كل قطرة دم سالت من ابطال الجيش الليبي غضباً وعقاباً من رب العالمين ، يوميا جثثهم ملوحات في شوارع ارخص من اشلاء الكلاب ،، اللهم زدهم اللهم زدهم اللهم زدهم واغث المهتدين منهم




The Libyan government has announced that it will announce the proxy war on terrorism, accusing for the first time, publicly, “terrorist groups” of being behind dozens of attacks and assassinations against security forces and Westerners in the east of the country.
The government said proxy in a statement posted on its website: “There will be no place for terrorism in Libya, and it must be the Libyans are willing to will impose such a battle for the hand of caution and alertness and sacrifices,” student support of the international community in order to “eradicate terrorism from Libyan cities.”




Battalion lightning” (of ZINTAN) arrest an air-bus without plates transporting important” documents of the Joint Chiefs of Staff:

Evacuated the headquarters of the General Staff of the airport road area (bridge equestrian) of all important papers and archives, everything official in anticipation of an expected attack may occur tonight from an unknown destination.

“Nigerian” fake Prime Minister Abdullah bending, has decided to transfer flights to international

and domestic airport MITIGUA, and to lock the International airport in Tripoli until the end, to get out;

and he took control of what he described as militias outside the law against him.


Shooting in Arada and so far unknown reasons.

The armed group broke into the headquarters of a militia Shaheen’s chief of staff on the plateau, and donkeys

are stealing weapons and military vehicles. (SAADI is free.)

Armed robbery at the National Bank in the commercial city of Tripoli.



Now may become a danger threatens Schools Tripoli bombings.
Today was find the number three grenades with a girl in the seventh grade in Madrazh “martyr Omar Mukhtar”

in the region Got Alshall.
Reasons unknown.

The kidnapping of a member of the militia, the Criminal Investigation Department in the capital, Tripoli.


News about closing the refinery.


Forces shields of the western Nafusa mountain, denies its troops went to Sirte.
Telephone Company Libya announced Wednesday afternoon interruption fiber optic cable Tripoli airport, as a result of actions undertaken by the company Almnfdh to fence the airport road. The company explained in a press release that the maintenance teams, a subsidiary of Telephone Libya turned immediately to place holidays .. pointing out that he was alert Almnfdh company several times in the past about the company informed.The company reported that transit traffic and wireless phone has stopped area connections Gharyan Sawani, as well as the movement of Libyana all of Gharyan and Nalut and Zintan. With the presence of breaks in communication ground station Thursday Market Achristl due to interruption of fiber optic cable capacity of 144 fiber is 700.11 km direction of the airport.


and the Algerian Border:

The newspaper El Khabar that the five members of the armed groups Libyan killed in an operation carried out by Algerian security forces in the southwest municipality Aldbdab.

Newspaper quoted local sources on Wednesday as saying that the operation was on Tuesday came after surveillance units belonging to the Air Force Algerian two vehicles, four-wheel drive Type of Toyota may Tzllta were on the same day of the first Valley city of Ghadames in Libya

before the ambush them and added that the bodies of the militants were transferred to the headquarters of the military sector in the town Aldbdab to be subjected to DNA tests. It was also during the process of recovery of heavy machine type 7/12, and four Kalashnikov-type weapons.



Very important: Please publishA person named Abdul Salam lamp Uwaydat Abdelhafid, seller of tribe alziyadat, a Bani Walid resident, near Al Faiha, has as his nephew the Belaid detection and Abdel Moneim, whom revealed that this person is leaking information of the free movement of people in Bani Walid,and the inventory of his uncle, Colonel Belaid, detectitive at the Interior Ministry, daily sends the reports to the city of Bani Walid Ministry of the Interior, resiliance division.
The free people of Bani Walid for taking care and discernible precaution and steep than upon these Alandal fake religion, home of a bunch of money shame on metal these against citizens.________________________


BASTARD UNO DECISION AGAINST CYRENAICA, after they promised al-JDHARAN, they negate on their false promise, and enact the evil following, declaration against the Libyan people, in favor of the MB RAT “Allaotunai Congress”:
International channel Libya Libya International Channel

Urgent: UN Security Council adopts a resolution unanimously just before and on the export of Libyan oil came in the following clauses:

1 – The Council underlines the international support for Libya’s sovereignty over its land, resources and condemns attempts to export Libyan oil illegally

2 – The Council calls on Libya to inform the sanctions committee of the Council of Bay Ships carrying Libyan oil source “illegally”

3 – The resolution obliges countries that carry their flag vessels to prevent ships from loading oil or transferred or discharged them without guidance from the concerned Libyan

4 – authorized to UN members that inspect ships involved in the high seas
And take appropriate action to restore the oil to Libya in coordination with the “Libyan government”.

5 – The resolution obliges states to prevent ships from entering its ports specified or provide services to them and prevent their citizens, entities and individuals in its territory from engaging in financial transactions related to Libyan oil on ships identified by the Sanctions Committee.

6 – this decision is valid for one year subject to renewal.

Quoting “logic”:
Repeated government Cyrenaica today warned the U.S. government of the consequences of handing Thelat Libyan nationals of the population of the province of CYRENAICA, as they said to the Libyan government of the National Council in Tripoli and these three citizens of Kano on board the oil tanker known as “pride of the morning” or MORNING GLORY  as registered to North Korea, which was intercepted by the U.S. Navy in international waters adjacent to Cyprus and young people are:
1} Majid Al Abdali
2} Salah Achuiqy
3} Salem Dawwas

Thea West, writes:

“The UNO played a central role in creating the situation we see today in Libya when it embraced the lies about al-Qathafi killing his own people, when it refused to send observers that al-Qathafi requested. However, notice how quickly the UNO was scrambling to send uninvited observers to Crimea. The UNO is corrupt, as al-Qathafi had indicated in his last address to that body. It is no better than the League of Nations. It is an enabler and sanctioner of wars prosecuted by the US, Britain and France.”


Stealing two cars Camry new type of Sirte University today
Said “pole”:
# Tribe _ Moroccans postpone its meeting scheduled to be held today at  Alnovljeh until the withdrawal of
troops # shield _ Central west of Sirte,
and # Alotyosh says that the goal is to reject the military option and increase the pressure even open oil ports,
and social pressures mounting to withdraw # forces _ Bushmin of Sirte,
and open by  Al-jdharan the oil ports.
and a meeting in Ahraoh yesterday between the leaders of the valley _ and the Red Shield Central lead
to defuse the tension between the two parties…..hmmmm ?


Murder of three police officers for so-called diplomatic security support Benghazi ..
by unknown assailants.


“Workers Unity Bank” branches Jadu, Zintan, Riyaana, and Ifrane organize a protest to condemn
and denounce the assassination of two of their colleagues in the tuber.
Staff Wahda Bank branch Zliten went on strike Tuesday, lasted for several hours, in protest against the robberies cars transfer of funds between commercial banks operating in the country and the killings, which affected a number of their colleagues during the performance of their duties and demanded during the vigil in front of the bank building Bzletn, the interim government and security agencies to put an end to such criminal acts, threatening to expand the strike.
العاملون بفروع مصرف الوحدة جادو ، الزنتان ، الرياينة ، ويفرن ينظمون وقفة إحتجاجية تنديدا واستنكارا لاغتيال اثنين من زملائهم بمدينة درنةبنت الوادي

UNITED NATIONS – Hypocritical, Imperialist Global SHAM

Issued by the International Coordinating Committee,
International League of Peoples’ Struggle
21 September 2011

THE International League of Peoples’ Struggle (ILPS) denounces as a complete sham and grand deception the UN call for the celebration of September 21 as an “International Day of Peace”. The UN Secretary General describes this as “a day on which armed conflicts is meant to be stilled… a day on which we appeal to combatants to observe a ceasefire… a day on which we reaffirm commitment to non-violence and the peaceful resolution of disputes.”

Nothing can be more hypocritical on a global scale than for the UN to appeal for non-violence and peace. The United Nations Organization was established in 1945 after the Second World War supposedly in response to the global aspiration to preserve peace and prevent war. But through its sixty-six years as an international agency purportedly with a mission to keep and ensure global peace, the UN has had its hands dripping with the blood and tears of millions of victims of imperialist aggression, to which it had either turned a blind eye if not supported and even vested with a cloak of legitimacy.

In November 1947, only two years after its establishment, the UN General Assembly passed Resolution 181 (II), creating the state of Israel by “partitioning” Palestine into a Jewish state and an Arab state. Pushed by the US, the partition resolution gave the larger and choice portion to the minority Jews, and the smaller one to the majority Palestinians. Instead of putting an end to the armed conflict, the resolution immediately caused its escalation and intensification, eventually resulting in the ruthless, violent expulsion of the Palestinians from their homeland.

It also set off a series of Arab-Israeli wars ostensibly over the existence of the state of Israel vis-à-vis the rights of the Palestinians to their homeland. But behind all the conflict was the aim of US imperialism to secure a foothold in the Middle East and ensure their control of oil and other resources in the region. Since then, Israel has zealously served the US as junior partner and hatchetman in the Middle East. The UN has condoned and supported Zionist Israel’s violent oppression and persecution of the Palestinians, and its military transgressions on neighboring Arab states such as Lebanon and Syria.

The UN also served US imperialist interests when the US attacked North Korea in 1950 and began the war of aggression against Korea. The UN endorsed the US aggression and further sent troops under the guise of “peace keeping” to fight alongside the US and South Korean armies against the North Koreans and the Chinese volunteers. It ultimately enforced the permanent division of the Korean nation through the establishment of the so-called Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) at the 38th parallel.

In 1960-61, a UN peace-enforcement contingent was sent to the Congo where its first Prime Minister, Patrice Lumumba, faced a US- and Belgian-backed rebellion in the Congolese province of Katanga. Lumumba appealed for UN and even US intervention, but the UN refused while the US continued to support the rebellion. US official documents declassified years later reveal that then US President Eisenhower ordered the CIA to “eliminate” Lumumba, after several attempts to poison him failed. The Katanga rebels eventually captured Lumumba with the help of CIA and Belgian police officers. Lumumba again appealed to the UN to intervene, but all the UN Secretary General Dag Hammarksjold did was to lamely appeal to the Katangans to treat Lumumba according to the due process of law.

The UN did not act when US-NATO took advantage of ethnic conflict and intervened in the Kosovo war, subjecting Serbia to intense bombing in Serbia in March 1999. Instead, UN Security Council Resolution 1244 dated June 10, 1999 provided the pretext for US-NATO occupation of Kosovo under the guise of a UN mission to enforce a peace agreement. The resolution in effect legitimized the US-NATO bombings of Serbia and paved the way for the separation of Kosovo from Serbia.

Kosovo is now a US-NATO colony, with the biggest US Army base in the Balkans, Camp Bondsteel, also serving as the headquarters of the NATO Kosovo Force Multinational Brigade East. It was the first time the UN invoked “humanitarian” reasons to legitimize aggression and occupation by imperialist forces. Camp Bondsteel is reportedly being used as a secret detention center, with one European Council observer describing it as “a small version of Guantanamo”.

Like Kosovo, Sudan is another country coveted by US imperialism, being rich in still untapped oil, copper and other natural resources, where the entry of a UN peacekeeping mission served US imperialist interest rather than that of the Sudanese. The US had instigated and taken advantage of ethnic differences as one way of destabilizing the Sudanese government and preventing Sudan’s extraction of its natural resources with the help of China. The US brokered the Darfur Peace Agreement between the Sudanese government and the rebels it has backed, with provisions for the presence of US troops under a UN peacekeeping force.

The UN again sat idly by while the US and its “coalition of the willing” allies invaded and occupied Afghanistan and then Iraq on false claims of countering terrorism and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. When the US found itself saddled with rising costs of occupation and many of its allies withdrew from the coalition, the UN was called upon to set up a “Peacebuilding Commission” to provide a politically acceptable mechanism for overseeing the occupation and sharing the financial burden.

The Peacebuilding Commission, which includes all the permanent members of the Security Council at its core, primarily brings together international donors, and financial institutions, national governments, troop contributing countries; marshals resources and advises on and proposes integrated strategies for post-conflict peacebuilding and recovery. A Peacebuilding Fund was also provided for in the UN resolutions establishing the Peace Commission.

The most recent and most blatant example so far of how the UN is being used to legitimize and deodorize naked imperialist aggression under the guise of “humanitarian intervention” is the March 2011 UN Security Council Resolution 1973 (2011) ordering a “No-Fly-Zone over Libya” and air strikes against Muammar al-Qathafi “to ensure the protection of civilians”. Thinking that a few bombings for a few days would bring about the downfall of al-Qathafi, the US and its NATO allies were at first careful to point out that the intervention precludes hitting non-military targets, deploying ground forces or arming the so-called Libyan rebels. 


But as the months wore on the targets became more visibly non-military, and the presence of foreign ground troops and the arming of the rebels became an open secret. The bombings have been extremely barbaric and resulted in a full blown invasion, tens of thousands of civilian casualties (at least 250,000 according to the NATO rebels themselves) and untold destruction of social infrastructure and civilian structures. No end is in sight for the violence unleashed and further generated by the UN and NATO. 

By acts of commission and omission, the UN has been wantonly violating the provisions in its own Charter upholding the norms of international law especially on respecting national sovereignty and defining the parameters for the use of armed force. In September 2008, UN Secretary General Ban Ki -Moon and NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer signed a declaration of cooperation which reportedly included cooperation in “maintaining international security on the basis of the UN Charter and certain international directives”. But the text of the declaration has been kept secret even to Security Council members, eliciting suspicion as to its contents.

It is not surprising that the UN hardly enforces resolutions, such as those passed by the General Assembly, that are not attuned to imperialist interests, while those that serve imperialist interests are the ones that are enforced. It is in the General Assembly where issues are discussed openly and voted upon democratically, each member countries being represented and having equally one vote. But it has no implementing power and thus its resolutions have only the power of moral suasion, no matter that these are democratically arrived at.

The real power to decide and implement lies in the Security Council, which has only fifteen members, ten of whom are temporary and on rotation basis. The remaining five permanent members, all victors in the Second World War, each has a veto power over the fourteen others. Additionally, the US is undisputedly “the first among equals”, being the biggest donor contributing up to 22 percent of the UNO’s finances aside from having the mightiest military machine.

The pretense at maintaining global peace and security is as deceitful as the related myth of promoting development and progress. The UN plays lip service to the need for global and economic justice especially for the third world countries, if there is to be an enduring peace. But its programs and policies, such as the Millennium Development Goals, are designed to serve the corporate agenda of imperialist globalization instead of instituting structural and policy reforms such as national industrialization, the cancellation of onerous debts and the reversal of WTO trade regimes and neoliberal reforms imposed by the IMF-WB. The perpetuation of these policies daily inflict the slow but severe violence through poverty and social injustice that afflicts the majority of peoples all over the world.

It is thus totally pathetic and disgusting for the UN to continue the pretense at being the champions of world peace. Its calls for an international day of peace, ceasefire and non-violence ring hollow amid the cacophony of injustice, murder and genocide that it has been a willing party to. The UN, especially its Security Council and the office of the Secretary General, has been a tool of the US and its imperialist allies and reactionary puppets for waging wars of aggression against sovereign states as well as for armed counterrevolution against the people and their revolutionary forces.

The ILPS calls on all its member organizations and allies to totally expose and oppose the UN for being a front and tool of imperialist plunder and war, not an international agency for promoting peace and development. Only the solidarity of the people and all those who resist and struggle against imperialism can pave the way to a world with genuine peace and development.###

(Reprinted with permission from Mr. Jose Maria Sison)



The Saudii’s Jedda Airport:This picture on one of the walls of Jeddah airport ….
One writer Aalehit Misrata steadfastness came Elly line after it wrote Cyrenaica. Are you Mahien Umrah and only Mahien Front for Valley Rouge??
هذه الصورة على احد حيطان مطار جده ….
واحد كاتب عالحيط مصراته الصمود جاء اللى بعده خط عليها وكتب برقه
هو انتم ماشيين عمرة والا ماشيين جبهة الوادى لحمر ؟

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