النصر قادم

latest pic of MUAMMAR al-Qathafi, Our Supreme Commander and FIGHTING HERO:

Leaked interview
Channel Libya wicked ask a television interview of assets on behalf of the SOL..
…… And Hedda’s response on behalf of the SOL

Although I do not recognize prostitution Media channels of you customers and traitors ..
But in case you want a television interview over the Mona Channel Libya paid the bad guys ..

I have a requirement for them Lada approved it will accept the request parents Serpoh through which people Mtlhm disease ….
I. .. must be directly opposite Aalhoa and agree to interventions by telephone directly from within the prison gangs ..

Tanya .. interventions are free to the outside and the inside and Alhaddat freely and communication within the graves of the martyrs …

after Dalk will accept the request.
تسريب خبر مقابلة
قناة ليبيا الأشرار تطلب مقابلة تلفزيونية من .. باسم الصول
…… وهدا رد باسم الصول
بالرغم أننى لا اعترف بقنوات العهر الأعلامى الخاص بالعملاء والخونه ..
ولكن فى حال تريدون مقابلة تلفزيونية منى عبر قناة ليبيا الاشرار المأجورة .. عندى شرط لهم ادا وافقوا عليه سوف اقبل طلبهم الدى سربوه عبره أشخاص مرض متلهم ….
أولا .. لابد أن تكون المقابلة عالهواء مباشر و أن يوافقوا على مداخلات هاتفية مباشرة من داخل سجون العصابات .. تانيا .. مداخلات للاحرار فى الخارج والداخل والحديت بكل حرية والأتصال بالشهداء من داخل القبــور … بعد دالك سوف اقبل الطلب .

from Dr. Abu Zeid Dorda

رسالة من بطل / يريد منكم الدعاء فقط
Youth Congress Libyan tribes year
Message from the hero / wants you to pray for all

“ZERO HOUR” comments:

“God, my God in prison are free and do not even Ariqdo time guidance and Golo Mafysh Xi?????????”

Demonstration in support of Colonel al-qathafi and the real Libyan people on 29 March 2014, in front of the Libyan

embassy in Burkina located Ouaga 2000!

Support green Resistance and the Libyan people in Paris March 29, 2014.



Youth Congress Libyan tribes year

Stressed the Ambassador of France’s former ambassador to Libya Francois Goyet, on Monday in front of the judges, officials GREAT JAMAHIRIYA of Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi financed the election campaign of former President Nicolas Sarkozy in 2007, said yesterday the site specializes in investigative journalism “Madiabart.”
And were questioned Goyet, who served as ambassador to France, Tunisia’s current, past the end of January, before the judges responsible for the investigation of
Misconceptions about the financing of Sarkozy’s campaign funds to a Libyan. In his testimony, confirmed that a French diplomat in Libya, officials assured him in 2011 that Tripoli paid the money to finance the election campaign that led Sarkozy to the Elysee in 2007.
And pushed the issue to the investigating judges to monitor phone Sarkozy last year, which allowed the discovery of the cause of the use of influence, were evacuated to open another case, al-Qathafi said, in an interview with French newspaper Le Figaro, he Mall Sarkozy’s campaign, the accusations echoed by Saif al-Islam Gaddafi .
It is noteworthy that France under Sarkozy led, with the help of Britain and the United States, in March 2011, the military intervention in Libya.
أكد سفير فرنسا السابق لدى ليبيا فرنسوا غوييت، أمس الاثنين أمام القضاة، أن مسؤولين بنظام العقيد معمر القذافي موَّلوا الحملة الانتخابية للرئيس السابق نيكولا ساركوزي في 2007، حسبما ذكر أمس الموقع المتخصص في صحافة التحقيقات “ميديابارت”.وجرى استجواب غوييت، الذي يشغل منصب سفير فرنسا الحالي لدى تونس، نهاية يناير الماضي، من قِبَل القضاة المسؤولين عن التحقيق فيشبهات حول تمويل حملة ساركوزي بأموال ليبية. وفي معرض شهادته، أكد الدبلوماسي الفرنسي أن أحد المسؤولين في ليبيا أكد له عام 2011 أن طرابلس دفعت أموالاً لتمويل الحملة الانتخابية التي قادت ساركوزي عام 2007 إلى الإليزيه.ودفعت هذه القضية إلى قيام قضاة التحقيق بمراقبة هاتف ساركوزي العام الماضي، مما سمح باكتشاف قضية استخدام نفوذ، تم إثرها فتح قضية أخرى، وكان القذافي قال، في لقاء أجراه مع صحيفة لوفيغارو الفرنسية، إنه موَّل حملة ساركوزي، وهي الاتهامات التي رددها سيف الإسلام القذافي.يُذكر أن فرنسا تحت حكم ساركوزي قادت، مع بريطانيا وبمساعدة الولايات المتحدة، في مارس 2011، التدخل العسكري في ليبيا
One of the protesters from the pipeline company who did not catch their pensions three months ago shortened the maximum psychological violence perpetrated by the central authority on Mtahona middle class with all the bitterness, saying,
“I am .. to what Nachzh salary of three months meaning I Anzlit before my wife .. Anzlit before my son, Anzlit the sight of my daughter, “
God curse you how enslaved people were born free …




news of workings of dirty MISURATA:

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagel *** Please Publishing ** # Op

Misrata militias are armed ship military cars in containers and are brought to Tripoli

and unloading in place in Tajoura and camp on the sea.

I ask you, brothers .. Please help ..

Boy what Kmelc 14 year ..
Kidnapped yesterday and his family in the hard case, but Lord knows omitted ..
Housing: Tripoli street corner ..

His name: Ahmed Zubair Ahmed Parnaz

Any information contact him on this number ..

Please Spread This publication May and perhaps somewhat gets

أرجوكم يا أخوة .. أرجوكم المساعدة ..

الولد ما كمّلش 14 العام ..
مخطوف آمس وعائلته بجد في حالة ما يعلم بيها الا ربي ..
السكن : شارع الزاوية .. طرابلس

اسمه : أحمد زبير أحمد برناز

أي معلومات عليه اتصلوا على هذا الرقم ..

أرجوكم انشروا هذا المنشور لعل وعسى حد يلقاه

Tripoli International Airport

announces the resumption of flights.

Military Intelligence Service:
The lock management intelligence by Jardan protest against the appointment of the corrupt Zionist gangs
Salah director Paddy have a person and a civilian accused of killing issues.–
Camp of the 27 gathered in front of a large columns approximately 30 vehicles and armed mil slots open every car there are also armed the advent of the last convoy from Tripoli point I’ve ever had in front of station west of Tripoli component of approximately 20 cars headed for the point of Camp 27 and the cause is unknown.


The arrival of the oil tanker”MORNING GLORY”, to the dock port of CORNER, along with three Libyan tankers.

The boats were received from the u.s. Navy.

0:54 Rusaifa news Libya’s first video of the oil tanker “Morning Glory” on the coast of the port corner 2 …
de Rusaifa News


Godaúm trapping prison by armed groups and the riots and the burning fire inside the prison

Urgent news about the liberation of prisoners in the prison mil corner ~ Lord saves Ahrarna

Urgent hearing voices heard heavy weapons now in Tripoli

Urgent news about the closure of the refinery corner now ~ please emphasize Aahrar.

Closure of the refinery, and severe congestion in the city because of the arrest of Major General Salem Guenida,

who has now been released.

Urgent ::: kidnapped Major General Salem Alguenida former Chief of Staff-designate

and his son from his home this morning.

The release of Major General Salem Alguenida since few.

Page 219 Legion security

The reasons for the arrest of Major General Salem Guenida
Saying through a NATO channels Shoes:
“It is very easy to control the Derna but dominant on the conference and the government” .. I do not want the army .. and I am asked to configure a brigade of 400 military vehicles stationed and stems from the city of Casablanca.. and the division of Derna to boxes Umniah .. and activating the internal and external security and intelligence services within the city ”
“Directed by commandos to the streets of Benghazi in this way and without well-equipped and possibilities necessary ..

is tantamount to judging the soldiers Thunderbolt death.”
Note that there are conflicting reports today about his release.

اسباب القبض على اللواء سالم قنيدي
قوله عبر احدى قنوات احذية الناتو:
” من السهل جدا السيطرة على درنه ولكن المسيطرون على المؤتمر والحكومة ” .. لا يريدون جيش .. وانا طلبت تكوين لواء من 400 مركبه عسكريه يتمركز وينطلق من مدينة البيضاء .. وتقسيم درنه الي مربعات أمنيه .. وتفعيل الامن الداخلي والخارجي والمخابرات داخل المدينه ”
” اخراج قوات الصاعقة الي شوارع بنغازي بهذا الشكل وبدون تجهيزها بشكل جيد وبالامكانيات اللازمة .. هو بمثابة الحكم على جنود الصاعقة بالاعدام “.
علما بان هناك انباء متضاربة اليوم حول اطلاق سراحه.

THE RATS ARE TRYING TO FORCE  al-GUENIDA into doing their dirty business !

The arrival of a member of the Conference of no Wati donkeys, sheep dealer extremist Mohammed Kalani angular ally
corrupt and despicable Khaled al-Sharif to calm the street in the corner on the kidnapping of Major General Salem Guenida
traitor but was expelled:
The son of Major General Salem al-Guenida channel Libya International: stormed the gunmen who Aatgulw my parents house on the four o’clock in the morning and opened fire inside the rooms and Aqtado my father from his bedroom, stormed the al-Gaddafi our house on 21 March 2011 after raiding a city corner, but what happened today after three years was uglier and more ferocity.


Major General Salem al-Guenida now GREEN Square corner after his release.


There is no truth to the news, which says that the sons of collected tourist has been released ..

They are part of the sons and Rishvana detainees also confirmed their father will not come out,

but with the rest of the hostages.




GHARYAN ARMS TRUCK destroyed with 11 people at TRIPOLI entrance:

Donkeys joint forces kill 11 people, including members of the Arab nationalities at the entrances of Tripoli

Libyan security forces clashed with a group of militants, including Arabs, Gharyan in the area south of Tripoli yesterday, killing members of the group of 11 Libyans who are 9 and two Arabs of different nationalities, in addition to the wounding of three members of the Libyan security.

According to security sources informed that a quantity of arms and ammunition were seized from the truck he was riding gunmen heading for the capital from its southern entrance.

اللبوة الشرسة المفترسةحمزه ابوخنجر
القوات الحمير المشتركة تقتل 11 شخصا منهم أفراد من جنسيات عربيه على مداخل طرابلس

اشتبكت قوات الأمن الليبية مع مجموعة من المسلحين بينهم عرب، في منطقة غريان جنوب طرابلس أمس، ما أسفر عن مقتل أعضاء المجموعة الـ11 وهم ليبيان اثنان و9 عرب من جنسيات مختلفة، إضافة إلى جرح 3 من عناصر الأمن الليبي.

وأفادت مصادر أمنية مطلعة بأن كمية من الأسلحة والذخائر صودرت من شاحنة كان يستقلها المسلحون قاصدين العاصمة من مدخلها الجنوبي.


The killing of Killing “Solomon Almgehod” of Zintan east of the city because of mine from the days of war.


Voices of bullets and hit the ejector Arbjee 2 on the intelligence building in the city department in Ajeelat market.

The gang of Kklh robbed a number of mechanisms follow the quarries in hand Allf head on the road between

Bir Al-Azizia and sheep and Rishvana # # # Kklh Libya

AZAZIA and local roads to Gharyan and TRIPOLI in Nafusa Mountains



Ain Zara prison in which the problems of the present time in prison.

Prisoners attacked the guards Jardan.

The ambulance exist before prison.

This prison before Bridge 27.



Urgent to find unidentified body in Abu_khasab in the city of Zliten yesterday morning.

Was found on the body of a young man in his twenty years old with his throat cut in the city of Zliten area Bouchsab.
(The God we shall return to him though)



Day of Solidarity with the prisoners in all the prisons of the militias in Libya and will be held on 27 March 2014

the city of Bani Walid .. under the banner of a voice inaudible … Be thou my voice.

a partagé la vidéo de ‎قناة الدردنيل الفضائية | Aldardanel TV‎.
a partagé la vidéo de Dardanelles channel TV | Aldardanel TV.Day of Solidarity with the prisoners in all the prisons of the militias in Libya and will be held on March 27, 2014
the city of Bani Walid .. under the banner of a voice inaudible … Be thou my voice.
يوم للتضامن مع المعتقلين بجميع سجون المليشيات في ليبيا و ذلك يوم 27 مارس 2014 بمدينة بني وليد .. تحت شعار صوتي غير مسموع … فكن أنت صوتي .

Men at home deserve our support
O support are freeLibyan Prisoners Day
For our prisoners from the Liberals and the honorable Silks in detention centers and prisons injustice “17 February”…/%D9%8A%D9%88…/230033750521478

من أجل اسرانا من الاحرار والحرائر الشرفاء في معتقلات وسجون ظلم فبراير




Archive scandals first delivery to Libya … Italian!
((The soldier who has removed the chair from the Sheikh of the martyrs .. (Omar Mukhtar) ..

the moment of his execution name (Omar Abdullah Masrati) and number of Italian military army (46831) ….
These are the achievements of Misrata steadfastness!!!!

اولى فضائح تسليم الارشيف الإيطالي لليبيا…! (( الجندي الذي قام بإزالة الكرسي عن شيخ الشهداء ..( عمر المختار ) .. لحظة إعدامه اسمه ( عبدالله عمر المصراتي ) ورقمه العسكري بالجيش الإيطالي ( 46831) …. هذه هي إنجازات مصراته الصمود!!!!

Image from inside the prisons in Libya occupied Alamle Wayne Wayne humanity dignity of Islam where this
Sheikh shame attached to this vein on the dusty time.

Misrata militias insulting, tormenting and Tinkl sons and Rafla honorable, were not satisfied with only this,

but racist chanting against the Libyan Bedouin tribes, and an insult to them by the Jews in Misurata.
إهانة مليشيات مصراته ، تعذب وتنكل بأبناء ورفلة الشرفاء ، ولم يكتفوا بهذا فقط بل هتافات عنصرية ضد قبائل البدو الليبي ، واهانة لهم من قبل اليهود في مصراته



We have presented one of the sons tribe Alqmazfah / Hamad Ferjany Tamami Alkhatri for the kidnapping

of the industrial district in Sirte have not been identified so far kidnappers.

Kidnapping Haj Hamad bin Ferjany Majdoubeh Alkhatri in the city of Sirte from Misurata before the terrorist gangs in front of an industrial complex of its own in the region of seven industrialized, and there is no any information about it.



What is rumored about to reach an agreement with the central are malicious rumors and incorrect.


“ZERO HOUR” writes:

Being in Ajdabiya .. Altfaoooooooav plan?

When shocked Jzeran strongly in the valley Rouge?
And with the effects of social defeat bad as the invasion Misrati Charfaúha downright brutal?

Astmallowa tribe ((Azhoyh)) for Zerb Jzeran and weaken the tribe ((Moroccan)) in exchange for a national conference to not supported in their war with the tribe ((Tabu)) and receive Azhoyh guard the oil fields, which failed to receive military?
Thus, the conflict becomes like what Icolo Sharqawy Sharqawy?
A second plan after it failed to force Maj. Gen. al-Saadi on the incision grade Bazlama Aljzeran and Barquaouian.

      يجرى فى اجدابيا .. خطة التفاأأأأأأأأأف ؟
      حينما صدموا بقوة جظران فى الوادى الحمر ؟
      والهزيمة مع اثار اجتماعية سيئة باعتبار ذلك غزو مصراتى حشى شرفائها اكيد ؟
      استمالوا قبيلة (( ازوية )) لظرب جظران واضعاف قبيلة ((المغاربة )) فى مقابل المؤتمر للا وطنى يدعمهم فى حربهم مع قبيلة (( التبو )) واستلام ازوية حراسة الحقول النفطية التى فشلوا فى استلامها عسكريا ؟
      وهكذا يصبح الصراع زى ما يقولو شرقاوى شرقاوى ؟
      وهى الخطة الثانية بعد ان فشلوا فى ارغام اللواء الساعدى على شق الصف بازلامة الجظران والبرقاويين .

Ajdabiya a house belonging to Salem Fakroun locusts struck by a missile today.
اجدابيا تعرض منزل المواطن سالم فكرون للقصف بصاروخ الجراد اليوم
0:47 indiscriminate shelling and Kadifah fall on a house, killing a woman Ajdabiya 22.3.2 …
de Rusaifa News
The arrival of the wounded in the clashes Ajdabiya to Benghazi
Benghazi Medical Center:
“God Mahmoud victor” old “30” years
“Sharif Ali” old “32” years
Due to injuries seriously wounded in clashes Circle
Ajdabiya, and a medical source said in a statement that the critical condition
Very type of injury and shrapnel.

OSAMA GARD truthfully tells us:

“Kabty” and “al-Qaid” GS line?!

That the parties and the forces of the window in the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood movement and led an observer General of the Brotherhood movement in Libya, “Bashir Kabty” and “Abdulwahab Al Qaid” and “Abdul Hakim Belhaj,” by the parties to military and tribal from within the province of Cyrenaica strive towards strained relations and foment unrest among inhabitants of the region (?!) in order to pay the people of the province to the stage of the lack of confidence in the movement

and then lifting the oil embargo, which called for by the tribes in several meetings, you know all of you .. and maybe support some parties allied with the tribal “Misurata!”!

To reach the stage of confrontation will facilitate her then impose a new reality gives justification for the transfer of units shields to these areas under the pretext of insurance and decoding clashes between the two sides …

after that these forces have been able to implement Ajindath which originally aimed to disrupt social peace within the region ..

After trapping dancers and Flutists and campaign Burners for the center in the camp of “apse” Bagdabia and inspection of mobile phones to the elements of effective besieged show from a phone, one of them a 7 calls with “Bashir Kabty” (moderators Brotherhood) .. a text message from “Abdulwahab Al Qaid” tell them The imminent arrival of a battalion island to lift the siege ..

I think the scene is now clear and I will leave the topic open without giving more details of the unfair mesmerized .. God Save gently from Kid enemies and disobeying her sons

(Osama Gard)
” الكبتى ” و ” القايد ” ع الخط ؟!

أن أطراف و قوى نافذة فى حركة الاخوان المسلمين و على رأسهم مراقب العام لحركة الاخوان فى ليبيا ” بشير الكبتى ” و ” عبدالوهاب القايد ” و ” عبدالحكيم بالحاج ” عن طريق أطراف عسكرية و قبلية من داخل اقليم برقة تسعى باتجاه توتير العلاقات و تأجيج الاضطرابات بين سكان الاقليم (؟!!) بهدف دفع سكان الاقليم إلى مرحلة من عدم الثقة فى الحراك و من ثم يفك الحصار النفطى التى طالبت به القبائل فى عدة اجتماعات تعرفونها جميعكم.. و ربما دعم بعض الأطراف القبلية المتحالفة مع ” مصراته “!!! للوصول لمرحلة المواجهات ما سيسهل لها بعد ذلك فرض واقع جديد يعطي مبرر لنقل وحدات الدروع إلى هذه المناطق بحجة التامين و فك الاشتباكات بين الطرفين… بعد أن تكون هذه القوى قد تمكنت من تنفيذ اجنداته التى تهدف في الأساس لتمزيق السلم الاجتماعى داخل الاقليم .. فبعد محاصرة الراقصون و المزمرون و حملة المباخر للمركز فى معسكر ” الحنية “باجدابيا و تفتيش الهواتف المحمولة للعناصر الفعالة من المحاصرون تبين من هاتف احدهم اجراء 7 مكالمات مع ” بشير الكبتى ” ( مراقب عام الاخوان ).. رسالة نصية من “عبدالوهاب القايد ” تخبرهم باقتراب وصول كتيبة الجزيرة لفك الحصار..اعتقد ان المشهد بات واضحا و ساترك الموضوع مفتوحا من دون اعطاء تفاصيل اكثر تجنيا للفتن .. اللهم احفظ برقة من كيد اعدائها و عقوق ابنائها

اسامة الجارد

Salem Jdharan … the battle will begin in Ajdabiya after half an hour

سالم جضران … المعركة ستبدأ في اجدابيا بعد نصف ساعة

Durée : 3:57
Military helicopters follow me Defence Force tenderly combing place clashes which occurred in Ajdabiya and RadarDEFENSE FORCE ‘GENTLY’ HELICOPTER of CYRENAICA FLYING OVER AJDABIYA

Quoting Page | Urgent Benghazi

Been officially confirmed: WAR of Extermination ON CYRENAICA.

Dk (al-Qaeda and ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood all) met all of:

Ziad macrophage
Wissam bin Humaid
Salem Derby
Salem Subhi
And the leaders of Ansar al-Sharia
The battalion “17 February” 

Ajtmau Hacdo and all their soldiers and mercenaries money to enter the
Ajdabiya and launch them to control the fields and ports
And the arrest of Abd Rabbo Barasi and Aljdharan and Khalid Ibrahim Bu Gibb
And all of the shares in support Al-Jdharan

The implementation of the scheme seemed Bogfer of Ajdabiya in alliance with the tribe Azwaip
Moroccan tribe to strike and then denied Pest Tabu.

The meeting was supported legally and financially from the conference and from sincere religious Gharyiani

which decreed that those who die from this follow Aalajtmah is a martyr (HAH!!!)
Boca declares that he is not a party to the dispute and that it carried out the attack are
wise Amazb Lobo Bouchtale large crowd and the support of  terrorist Khaled al-Sharif.Civil war is now a few metersNews uncertain 100%And the curse of God on Gharyiani and Bushmin and blood become your master.ساعة الصفرنقلاً عن صفحة | عاجل بنغازيتم التاكيد رسميااجتمع ضك كل من :زياد بلعم
وسام بن حميد
سالم دربي
سالم صبحي
وقادة من انصار الشريعة
وكتيبة 17 فبرايراجتمعو وحشدو كل جنودهم ومرتزقة المال للدخول الى
اجدابيا ومنها الانطلاقة للسيطرة على الحقول والموانيء
والقبض على عبد ربه البرعصي وابراهيم الجضران وخالد بو لغيب
وكل من اسهم في دعم الجضرانوبوغفير بدا تنفيذ المخطط من اجدابيا بالتحالف مع قبيلة الزوية
لضرب قبيلة المغاربة ومن ثم نفي وابادة التبوالاجتماع تم دعمه شرعيا وماديا من المؤتمر ودينيا من الصادق الغرياني الذي افتى بان من يموت من اتباع هذا االاجتماه فهو شهيد

الحرب الاهلية الان على بعد امتار قليلة

الخبر مؤكد 100%

ولعنة الله علي الغرياني وبوسهمين والدم في رقابكم

 (pictre shows the al-Qaeda in the  so-called “LIBYA  ‘government’ “)

Activist Nasser El Hawary: –

Now what was going on in Ajdabiya of clashes is a conspiracy against Libya, led by Bushmin

and his “MISURATA MB Central shield”.
الناشط ناصر الهوارى:-

مايدور فى اجدابيا الأن من اشتباكات هى مؤامرة على ليبيا ، يقودها بوسهمين ودرع الوسطى .

Sedition in Ajdabiya planned and Nfdha Misrata Military Council.
الفتنـة في اجدابيـا خطط لها ونفدها المجلس العسكري مصـراته

Ajdabiya now :::::::::::::::
High unit clashes west of the city of Ajdabiya and voices of heavy gunfire and

explosions consecutive hear the meantime, in the region.

So far, the statistical battles in Ajdabiya
2 dead, are 1 – Mahmudalqtaany
2 – one of the sons of Haj Saeed Bouchmadeh
Number 25 wounded, 3 of whom were in critical condition
(Source Saad Fakhiri from the heart of Central Hospital Ajdabiya)
(Channel Ajdabiya)
The remnants of forces Jardan shields “Abu legion” Qatar, which was defeated by the power of defense Cyrenaica.
Camp area (Mr. Faraj):
He calls himself a “militia brigade 17 February”, and they use
Contains the germ warfare and chemical weapons.A very serious number of them 650 pieces of yellow cake.
This is not rocket weapons thermal
And explosive materials.
They are going to change the place and extracted since the past 28 hours.

Channel ousted Colonel
Defence Force Cyrenaica in the Red Valley and their willingness to fight the militias shield Misrata

Medical sources confirmed Hospital “Maqrif” that the hospital had received 16 wounded, their injuries between medium and light, mostly shrapnel shells fell on the city as a result of armed clashes between battalions Martyrs island and Ali Hassan al-Jaber subsidiaries for the presidency of the General Staff of the Libyan army stationed at Camp apse eastern city of Ajdabiya on the one hand and between the battalion region “gently” (CYRENAICA) on the other hand, which were used medium and heavy weapons ……
The sources said that efforts made by the Elders and notables and tribal elders to stop the clashes between the two parties, noting that quietly began gradually returning to the city and its suburbs.

Hospital “Maqrif” in the city of Ajdabiya announces receiving 16 injured injuries between medium and light, mostly shrapnel shells fell on the city as a result of armed clashes between government customers battalions stationed at Camp apse eastern city of Ajdabiya and the Brigades of Cyrenaica. Ibrahim Jdharan hand apse stronghold Alzenazqh camp in Ajdabiya guns Alhauser.

MB Militias are targeting civilian vehicles in the city of Ajdabiya # Libya:

الميليشيات تقوم بإستهداف السيارات المدنية في مدينة اجدابيا #ليبيا

Midnight aurora over Arabia

Shops closed this picture Tripoli Street internal Ajdabiya.




Find an Italian car company employee kidnapped in the city of Tobruk. Engineer :: abduction of Italian nationality,

“Jean Luca” morning in mysterious circumstances where it was found on his car without being inside.


Nice assassinated Gaose Saleh, Libyan Navy officer, in the city of Derna. The channel said “now”:

The Gaose found dead in his car on Saturday morning next to the headquarters of the reformist tuber.


A massive bomb blast in the area of ​​agricultural Afattaúh tuber.



National Security Council considered the Tunisian meeting Friday, 21March 

enhance the protection of the Tunisian border with Libya, according to a communiqué for the presidency. The Council considered that was held with the participation of Tunisian President Mohamed Moncef Marzouki and Prime Minister Mehdi F, means “sent a special security leadership” on the border after his induction to the situation in Libya and its impact on the situation in Tunisia. He said the Council’s efforts to save public security and crime tracking and responding to the threat of terrorism and raising the degree of vigilance and caution to ensure the safety of citizens. The Security Council meeting was attended by ministers of interior, defense and foreign affairs, justice, finance and religious affairs, as well as security and military leaders.

صورة من الارشيف



Doha launches network channels, “the new Arab” after the

collapse of the “island”

الدوحة تطلق شبكة قنوات "العربي الجديد" بعد انهيار "الجزيرة"

Collage: © The Voice Of Russia

Announced, sources close to the Qatari government that Prince Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani during a meeting with a number of officials expressed the intention to launch a new news network under the name of “the new Arab”, where it will be based in the City of London and the headquarters of the Web site in Beirut.

As reported to the Prince Tamim monitor a huge budget for this media network in order to support a new reputation for Qatar after the scandals of the channel “Al Jazeera”, which will carry the new network have different attitudes about the “island.”

The sources confirmed that the network, “the new Arab” will replace the “island”, but will offer a different opinion represents a vision of Prince Tamim, which has become a place of testing and controversy in recent times, especially after the aggravation of tensions and disagreements between Doha and the rest of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).


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