GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, and no substitute

“Media Committee of the battalion men the current situation”:
((Close Prince and swear allegiance to the leadership legitimacy Libyan Thmlna represent

all honest people in the Great Jamahiriya))

Greetings great conqueror: –
I am a citizen (citizenship) Sharif (honest)
I swear by Almighty God Allah and I bear witness to the full loyalty to the leadership legitimacy Almthmthelh in Libyan in our Living leader Muammar al-Qathafi, sir; and keep his family and dignity as a precious national symbol always.

I bear witness of God, of the builder (Mu’ammar) in God, and I would fight right until the liberation struggle home from the collaborators and traitors and reactionaries and Altcfhirien.

Allah and I bear witness that I will abide by whatever be issued by the leadership of the venerable Libyan Resistance
And full commitment to the national principles, which come on: –

1_ Libyan Arab Jamahiriya and our flag green symbol of pride and dignity and Jihad.

2_ return of all displaced from their homes by a palace abandoned them.

3_ release of all detainees and prisoners from jails and prisons, armed militias Altcfhirien.

4_ protect the soil of the homeland and the rule of Libya and the defense of the dignity of the Libyan citizen.

God and bear witness to what I say, and God is the best witnesses.

اللجنه الاعلاميه لكتيبة رجال الظرف الحالي
((وثيقه عهد ومبايعه للقياده الشرعيه الليبيه التي ثملني وتمثل كل الشرفاء في الجماهيريه العظمى ))
تحية الفاتح العظيم :-
انا المواطن (المواطنه) الشريف ( الشريفه)
اقسم بالله العظيم واشهد الله على ولائي الكامل للقياده الليبيه الشرعيه المثمثله في سيدي القائد معمر القدافي والحفاظ على عائلته الكريمه وكرامتها باعتبارها رمز وطني
واشهد الله باني سأجاهد في الله حق جهاده حتى تحرير الوطن من العملاء والخونه والرجعيين والتكفيريين
واشهد الله باني سالتزم بكل ما سيصدر عن القياده الموقره للمقاومه الليبيه
والالتزام الكامل بالثوابت الوطنيه والتى هيا :-
1_الجماهيريه العربيه الليبيه الشعبيه الاشتراكيه العظمى ورايتنا الخضراء رمز العزه والكرامه والجهاد
2_عودة كل المهجرين قصرا من ديارهم التي هجروا منها
3_ اطلاق سراح كل المعتقلين والاسرى من سجون المليشيات المسلحه ومن سجون التكفيريين
4_ حماية تراب الوطن وسياده الجماهيريه والدفاع عن كرامة المواطن الليبي
واشهد الله على ما اقول والله خير الشاهدين

Falcon Garah, ÔăćÎ Sirte, says:

“Hello Aahrar …

Adeulena luck .. we turn the scales soon with God’s help.”

السلام عليكم يــآحرآر …

#ادعـولنـآ بــالتوفيق .. سنقلب الموازين عن قريب بعون الله .

Leader Muammar al-Qathafi calls for the establishment of the state of the Fatimid two o’clock modern and new (Libyan second),

Establishment of the state of the Fatimid modern new beginning from North Africa to pervade the Arab world is the solution for what ails the nation of religious extremism penitential and eliminate terrorism in the name of Islam and Islam is innocent of them, and raise high the banner of Islam and all Muslims, both
And each house of the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him, are the first of others to lead the modern state and the Arab nation.

قيام الدوله الفاطمية الجديده الحديثه بداية من شمال افريقيا لتعم الوطن العربي هي الحل لما نعانيه من تطرف ديني تكفيري والقضاء على الارهاب بأسم الاسلام والاسلام منهم براء ,,ورفع راية الاسلام عالياً ,,,وآل بيت رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم هم اولى من غيرهم لقيادة هذه الدوله والامه العربيه ,,

“Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar”, on FB, writes us:

Hahaha rats recognizing that Our Commander was leading Libya to safety and God willing,

will come back and lead Libya, Africa and the Arab world.
أولاد الشيخ عبدالسلام الاسمر

هههههه الجرذان معترفين بأن القائد كان يقود ليبيا الي بر الأمان وبأذن الله سوف يعود ويقود ليبيا وإفريقيا والعالم العربي

Two o’clock mass (GREAT JAMAHIRIYA) FB GROUP:One of the pages of the resistanceand calls for the liberation of Libya and the establishment of public order and public announcement.second,
Libya, also calls for the establishment of the state of modern Fatimid @ two o’clock
(Communauté الجمـــــاهيريه الثــــانيه/ Two o’clock mass)الجمـــــاهيريه-الثــــانيه/1427180017518262

احدى صفحات المقاومه وهي تدعو الى تحرير ليبيا وإقامة النظام الجماهيري و اعلان الجماهيريه الثانيه في ليبيا , كما تدعو الى قيام الدولة الفاطميه الثانيه الحديثه ,


One of the many achievements of Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi:

After less than one year from the Torah great conqueror British bases were expelled from the land mass,
Anniversary of the evacuation of British bases for the homeland.
And who agrees 28-3. Every year

Agrees on 28 March – the anniversary of the evacuation of the British bases of pure ground Quebec ..

On this day, March 28, 1970 forced the evacuation of the British bases on the bases of the Quebec territory ..

which one of the main achievements of September Revolution …

of course, this achievement can not value of slaves before the State of Qatar, who occupies half of the land ..

foreign bases nor NATO slaves who Astmatu to return the humiliation and colonization of new and Hahm Ihsodon off.

من انجازات العقيد معمر القذافي
بعد اقل من سنة واحدة من قيام تورة الفاتح العظيم تم طرد القواعد البريطانية من ارض الجماهيرية ،
ذكري اجلاء القواعد البريطانية عن ارض الوطن .
و الذي يوافق 28 -3 .من كل سنة

يوافق يوم 28 مارس – ذكرى اجلاء القواعد البريطانية من الارض اليبية الطاهرة .. في مثل هذا اليوم 28 مارس 1970 اجبرت القواعد البريطانية على اجلاء قواعدها من الاراضي اليبية .. وهي احده من اهم انجازات ثورة الفاتح من سبتمبر … طبعا هذا الانجاز لا يقدر قيمته من قبل عبيد دولة قطر الذين تحتل نصف ارضهم قواعد اجنبيه .. ولا عبيد الناتو الذين إستماتو لارجاع الذل و الاستعمار من جديد و هاهم يحصودون ثماره

MU Black & White

picture (above) 28 MARCH 1970.
Document the rights and duties of women in the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA (mass) society:Women in the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA (mass) society, they were making their lives guided by religion
And custom and the Quranic law, as outlined in the Green Book approach, declaring that the natural rule of equality established by the people of the community showed the public their right to self-determination, where the ultimate goal in life is to be free and happy humans.Women in The GREAT JAMAHIRIYA (mass) society believes that the distinction between men and women flagrant injustice, and that freedom mortgage possession of the need for the highest degrees sacred and guaranteed to ensure non-robbery, based on the principle that human freedom is indivisible, and from the induction Brother / Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi, Leader of the Great Revolution lasting for Women, Based on the recommendations of the emancipation of women Almngd in 8 spring (March) 1969foreign in Sirte slogan God maternity production struggle to God and that targeted arming women’s freedom and science, ethics and shaping the present and future, guided by the principles of the law of society and the confirmation of the responsibility for the children of the mass society, men and women in laying the foundations of building society conscious of the responsibility unable to bear the burden of the political transition, and social revolutionary and on the basis of scientific and ideological pay women for leadership of the movement Hadharhenand exploring the prospects for their future in furtherance of their right to exercise power choice and escalation, and control and Tcieira and implementation, and the elimination of injustice and excellence all.Based on that and based on mm came in the “Great Green Charter for Human Rights in the era of the masses” (12 JUNE 1988), and the “Promotion of Freedom Act”, the women in the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA (mass) society emphasizes the right to enjoy all the rights enjoyed by men, without differentiating between them for a feature or capability, although women announce the real beginning of the exercise of their freedom and their control on Mekdrathen social, legal, political and economic development in the community.Of justice, equality and brotherhood, solidarity and Asdrn document the rights and duties of women in society and the public in accordance with the following principles:• confirm that women in the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA (mass) society have the right and duty to exercise power through Popular Congresses and People’s Committees without representation on behalf of one or because democracy is the rule, not the popular popular expression.• That women in the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA (mass) society are committed to the duty of defending the homeland, Death for the sake of the homeland is not on behalf of it.• Charter of the marriage contract is based on the basis of equality and mutual consent and agreement is terminated by a judicial or spouses.• Friendship wife’s prerogative has confirmed the law and it should be on its performance when it is due.

• Women have a right to custody of her children and grandchildren and the burden of maintaining the natural right of the Bible.

• Women most important factors of family formation, and the burden of maintaining the upbringing of their members ensures correct upbringing.

• Women have the right to enjoy an independent financial owed, and it has the right to act accordingly in buying and selling property and mortgage in their own funds to dispose of all types of legal and other Kalptaqh personal and passport.

• Do not located a second marriage (after legal divource) and beyond without the consent of the first wife, or by virtue of the court.

• in order to achieve equality before the law and in order to preserve the elements of society, any violation or attack on the show and honor requires treatment of women on an equal footing with men when applying the law.

• women in society and the public refuses to criminalize attacks on supply and honor.

• for the children of women married in the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA (mass) society including the nationality of citizenship is the right to enjoy the same rights and the same duties on them.

• Work honor and the duty of every citizen and even the men and women to assume leadership positions and other according to their abilities, experience and competencies.

• Social Security right guaranteed by the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA (mass) society of women and men alike in aging, disability and work-related injury, illness and the profession and to the heirs of the women the right to the enjoyment of security when she died.

• for working women and their children the right to enjoy security rights to her deceased husband in full.

• confirm women in GREAT JAMAHIRIYA (mass) society to adhere to what is stated in this document within the framework of the principles of the “Green Charter for Human Rights” in the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA (mass) society and the “Promotion of Freedom Act”.

(A. M)

وثيقة حقوق وواجبات المرأة في المجتمع الجماهيري

النساء في المجتمع الجماهيري ، هن يصنعن حياتهن اهتداء بالدين
والعرف شريعة والكتاب الأخضر منهجا ، يعلن أن القاعدة الطبيعية للمساواة التي أرساها أبناء المجتمع الجماهيري بينت حقهن في تقرير المصير ، حيث الغاية النهائية في الحياة أن يكون الإنسان حراً سعيداً .
النساء في المجتمع الجماهيري يؤمن بأن التفرقة بين الرجل والمرأة ظلم صارخ ، وأن الحرية رهن امتلاك الحاجة امتلاكاً مقدساً ومضموناً ضماناً غير قابل للسلب ، انطلاقاً من مبدأ أن حرية الإنسان لا تتجزأ ، وانطلاقا منٍ تحريض الأخ/ العقيد معمر القذافي قائد ثورة الفاتح العظيم الدائم للمرأة ، وتأسيساً على توصيات مؤتمر انعتاق المرأة المعنقد في 8 الربيع ( مارس ) 1969 إفرنجي بمدينة سرت شعار لله أمومة إنتاج نضال لله والذي استهدف تسليح المرأة بالحرية والعلم والأخلاق ورسم ملامح حاضرها ومستقبلها ، استرشاداً بمبادىء شريعة المجتمع وتأكيد لمسئولية أبناء المجتمع الجماهيري رجالاً ونساءً في وضع أسس بناء مجتمع واع لمسئولية قادر على تحمل أعباء التحول السياسي ، والاجتماعي ثورياً وعلى أسس علمية وعقائدية تدفع بالنساء لقيادة حركة حاضرهن واستشراف آفاق مستقبلهن تعزيزاً لحقهن في ممارسة السلطة اختياراً وتصعيداً ، ورقابة وتسييراً وتنفيذاً ، وإلغاء أشكال الظلم والتميز كافة .
وتأسيساً على ذلك وانطلاقاً مم جاء في الوثيقة الخضراء الكبرى لحقوق الإنسان في عصر الجماهير وقانون تعزيز الحرية فإن المرأة في المجتمع الجماهيري تؤكد على حقها في التمتع بكافة الحقوق التي يتمتع بها الرجل دون التفريق بينهما لميزة أو لمقدرة ، وإن النساء يعلن البداية الحقيقية لممارسة حريتهن وسيطرتهن على مقدراتهن الاجتماعية والقانونية والسياسية والاقتصادية في المجتمع .
يسوده العدل والمساواة والإخاء والتكافل ويصدرن وثيقة حقوق وواجبات المرأة في المجتمع الجماهيري وفقاً للمبادئ التاليـــة :
• تؤكد المرأة في المجتمع الجماهيري على حقها وواجبها في ممارسة السلطة من خلال المؤتمرات الشعبية واللجان الشعبية دون نيابة أو تمثيل من أحد لأن الديمقراطية هي الحكم الشعبي وليست التعبير الشعبي .
• المرأة في المجتمع الجماهيري تلتزم بواجب الدفاع عن الوطن ، فالموت في سبيل الوطن لا نيابة فيه .
• عقد الزواج ميثاق يقوم على أساس المساواة والتراضي وإنهاؤه يتم باتفاق الزوجين أو بحكم قضائي .
• صداق الزوجة حق خالص لها أكدت الشريعة عليه وعلى وجوب أدائه عند استحقاقه .
• للمرأة الحق في حضانة أولادها وأحفادها ويقع عليها عبء الحفاظ على هذا الحق الطبيعي المقدس .
• المرأة أهم عوامل تكوين الأسرة ، وعليها يقع عبء الحفاظ عليها ما يضمن تنشئة أفرادها تنشئة صحيحة .
• للمرأة الحق في التمتع بذمة مالية مستقلة ، ولها وفق ذلك حق التصرف في البيع والشراء والتملك والرهن في أموالها الخاصة بكافة أنواع التصرف القانونية وغيرها كالبطاقة الشخصية وجواز السفر .
• لا يقع زواج ثان وما بعده إلا بموافقة الزوجة الأولى أو بحكم محكمة .
• تحقيقاً للمساواة أمام القانون وحفاظاً على مقومات المجتمع فإن أي انتهاك أو اعتداء على العرض والشرف يستوجب معاملة المرأة على قدم المساواة مع الرجل عند تطبيق القوانين .
• المرأة في المجتمع الجماهيري ترفض وتجرم الاعتداء على العرض والشرف .
• لأبناء المرأة في المجتمع الجماهيري المتزوجة بمن يحمل جنسية غير جنسيتها حق التمتع بنفس الحقوق وعليهم ذات الواجبات .
• العمل شرف وواجب على كل مواطن ويتساوى في ذلك الرجل والنساء في تولي المواقع القيادية وغيرها بحسب قدراتهم وخبراتهم وكفاءاتهم .
• الضمان الاجتماعي حق يكفله المجتمع الجماهيري للمرأة والرجل على حد سواء في الشيخوخة ، والعجز وإصابة العمل ، ومرض المهنة ولورثة المرأة الحق في التمتع بالحقوق الضمانية عند وفاتها .
• للمرأة العاملة وأبنائها الحق في التمتع بالحقوق الضمانية لزوجها المتوفى بالكامل .
• تؤكد المرأة في المجتمع الجماهيري على الالتزام بما ورد بهذه الوثيقة في إطار مبادئ الوثيقة الخضراء لحقوق الإنسان في المجتمع الجماهيري وقانون تعزيز الحرية.
A . M

Youth Congress Libyan tribes year(((Dependent Shahi ..)))
Features of the Libyan Turat authentic …
Which unfortunately began in absenteeism and quasi-extinction of our councils.
It was characterized by the presence of a burden session Allibahalaaúlah Shahi, which meets around the family, and through him sitting parasite known as Family News where each individual.But it became the only used at weddings and other events
It is rare to find in homes dependent Shahi Libyans
This period, especially in Tripoli
If I asked a lot of young Libyan
When I saw the last time dependent Shahi?
Will tell you in Almnaspab or in stores.((( عالة الشاهي.. )))
من مميزات الترات الليبي الأصيل…
والتي للاسف بدأت في الغياب وشبه الأنقراض من مجالسنا.
فقد كانت تتميز الجلسة الليبيةالعائلية بوجود عالة الشاهي التى يجتمع حولها العائلة ومن خلالة جلسة العالة تعرف العائلة اخبار كل فرد فيها.
لكن اصحبت تقتصر استخدمها في الاعراس والمناسبات الاخرى
ومن النادر ان تجد عالة الشاهي في البيوت الليبيين
هذه الفترة خاصة في طرابلس
واذا سألت الكثير من الشباب الليبي
متى شاهدت اخر مرة عالة الشاهي ؟
سيقول لك في المناسباب او في المحلات .
LIBYAN CITIES, and some of their ORIGINS, posted by:”Youth Congress Libyan tribes year”, who informs us on:Meaning of the names of Libyan cities
In the name of God the Merciful
Etymology is a perversion of the label Greek Ontپrگos (Antipyrgos) and mean corresponding to Pyrgos Pyrgos, a city in Crete. It is worth mentioning here that this city was built in the era of colonization of Libya, a Greek city, Mujahid Omar Mukhtar.Abyar:
So named because they contain a lot of wells.Department in Ajeelat:
The designation of the city department in Ajeelat proportion to Wali Abu Agila, whose real name is Emhemed movements Ansari.Bani Walid:
Believes that the naming of Bani Walid is that the pilgrims who dedicate to the pilgrimage from ((Maghreb)) of Tunisia and Morocco pass from Libya and passing on Bani Walid and remain in the valley of Bani Walid Nogahm and their camels which give birth and then when they return from Hajj find their camels were born they shot the valley and the name of the valley newborn then launched the label on the people of this region, and was told Bani Walid.
There is another version says that the tribe of Bani Helal have stayed in this area for some time gaining the place its name even after their departure and the name of this tribe Bani Walid. The camels drink of water brought by rains descended across the valley, where after rainfall and drought water filled the valley herbal medicine and the environment is suitable for live camels and reproduction in the valley, and is worth mentioning the presence of a group of drilling in the valley, worked by peasants to keep rainwater “Torrent” is the most famous episodes camels and shaved Eshtewi. “called drilling in the valley Balhalouk dialect Libyan” advised not to approach them in the case of Ceylon valley because it dangerous, especially for young people where they signed a series of cases of drowning in those pits “throats” It is remarkable to name and Rafla on the city of Bani Walid but This label spread internally only at the state level.Tajourah:
There are different stories about the origin of the label but it is likely that they word Amazigh means walking accent Amazigh coast, audible for a long time by grandparents there were Queen holds the name (Ora) floating around when brook large in the region and apparently she wanted to look at her image in the water fell crown on top of the news and the spread between the soldiers and the people are looking for a drug, the crown of Ora and that day was the place that name.Tawergha:
Is originally a word language Tamazight to pronounce (Tamort Taoragt) means any land of green can be seen clearly through the characters, words Vhort local dialect to the current name.Tarhounah:
Continued designation Tarhounah different … it is Tarhounah of indigenous tribes in Libya … The origins of Tarhounah as many believe Amazigh tribes to donkeys that were inhabiting the Arabian Peninsula and migrated them to the African coast BC.Jermana:
Proportion to Jermntyon who they built in the first century as the capital of their state, and is one of the most important and oldest evidence and effects in Libya function on the history of the ancient Libyans.Five:
Because it was produced five production from Libya olive oil, and because the five tax in Libya were gathered them alone for the abundance of crops.

There are many stories about the origin of call it by that name, one says that this region ruled handsome man characterized by his deeds good and was succeeded by another approach to the same predecessor, and when he died he was named Zein second, but that many of the Arab tribes living in the region to pronounce Althae triangular, V became Zain Tani and finally settled pronunciation of the Zintan broken Zein.

Called old on the region along the Mediterranean between mother Algranic east and eyes Heisha west and means Amazigh Bay, and the city of Sirte current gained multiple names are the days of the Phoenicians known as Ivoranta Makumades

and they seem settled during and after that period to the presence of graves out back to the fourth century AD, while After the Fatimids established in the century atheist century AD, known as the city of Sirte, which lies to the east of the city of Sirte and the current is now known as the city.

Etymology of the area where deprivation was called that name and then named Surman.

Opinions differed on the label, it is the people who said it is one of Ghaith ie they Ngat traveler in the desert and believes his intake and water and some of them said they called on the name of the Crown in favor of a relief, where he lived the city and when he died was named the city its name is still grave in the old city Bhagat. The second label is probably in the languages of the people.

Naming Ahlgrefah due to the presence of a room was inhabited by Sheikh Abdullah and his brother Saleh and said they were from the tribe of Alahtman House tucker light Gesarh bin.
I have found some old documents in the Fezzan region to prove it. Sheikh Abdullah Saleh and his brother were the first inhabitants of this region and the people they say they’re going to that room and with the passage of time called Bahlgrefah. Alahtman have come from the city _ Brguen Valley seawall and live there the majority Alahtman.

Continued naming any country Qdamos leather in Romania.
The derivation of the name of Hun Hin is easy to point in the verse (it is the lesser) and the conquest of the Huns, tranquility and dignity.
As stated in the book Lexicon countries Libyan narrator Sheikh Tahir angular (Hun Oasis great when people sort of well-being to live, their skill in leather tanning and Ttrisaha silk by local agriculture watered Balqguades, and appear in the call “that this name came to us from the built Huns Arab tribe belonging to the Huns bin Khuzaymah bin aware, “Ben Elias bin Mudar, and came with the Islamic conquest, as stated in the novel oral frequent and received the words of Sheikh World Sufi Ahmed Zarouk told Tlemceni who came to him asking advice, saying to him,” I go to Mescan and took them homes.

The naming of the city Mislath disputable and there are several opinions about it, including:
Go to some theories that the name is a perversion of the word stelae (obelisk collection) as the zone contains approximately 22 rod and is building a vertical obelisk-like to a certain extent. In another theory which is most likely that the name has to do with the fact that the city an important center for the cultivation of olive trees word Mislath Amazigh language is the name of a species of olive, and the origin of the name came from the Celts any salt olive and Mim at the beginning of the word is an acronym for (M) definition in the Arab Himyarite that correspond to (the) definition in the Arabic language.

Ifrane word Amazigh word and Ifrane origin and meaning of Amazigh cave, and there is another city in Morocco the same name Ifrane.

Cyrenaica = Bless the current name Prairie is located east of the city of Benghazi, a distance of 100 kilometers and west of the city of Casablanca distance of 100 kilometers and east of the city of Ajdabiya a distance of 265 kilometers, and after the Islamic conquest in (642 m) character name to Cyrenaica and became the capital of the eastern region of Libya and was named the region, which was formerly known as Koranaike proportion to the city Corini, as to what this city dubbed as the rubella (Thumbnail red) because of the color of its soil.
Also, this city has a long history of economic and political and cultural, where she was one of the largest Libyan cities economical than BC until the present time, because the soil is considered one of the finest soil types ranging from the export of plant Alsyyoum – definition of rich – even grains and vegetables, which is famous for its Day, as it is the first of the Principality of Libyan declares independence, and Aasana here to mention the history of Cyrenaica and glory because it needs to be the title of a separate thread.

And translate the hill bare cliff or bald head and the current name of white lies to the east of the city of Parque (turf) and a distance of 100 kilometers west of the city of Derna distance of 100 kilometers, and has called the Greeks Blajraa when the city became a free Greek taken her Vieques (Dove) port. The site is now called Blajraa Bulgra is not known whether the name was previously or subsequently to the name of the Greek Blajraa Are any Bulgra is the name of the Libyan drowning him Blajraa to the Greeks, or Greek origin Blajraa his letters to the Libyans Bulgra.

The city of Sabratha one of the most ancient cities of Libya, and was known to ancient Sparta, historians explain the meaning of this label means that it (the grain market), which suggests that the Phoenicians are the owners of this label business.

Benghazi is known by several names throughout its history, including Josberides which is one of the first cities of ancient Greek and founded a quarter of the sixth century BC. M

The word “Tripoli” Romans Greek, which means the three cities. The owners talked about the walk, they said it in another land “gently”, built by Ohbarros Caesar. And had a wall of rocky Jalil architecture, and by bus markets. It was a mosque in the Islamic period, known as the Mosque of coral. The Amazigh and the Nabataeans around. Open Amr ibn al-Aas year 23 AH, after a siege that lasted two months, Vantzaaha from the hands of the Romans.

Attributed to Tripoli, a large number of scholars and goodness, including: Abu Suleiman Mohammed bin Muawiya Alotarabulsi, and Abdullah Memon Alotarabulsi, and Musa bin Abdul Rahman bin Habib Al-Attar Alotarabulsi, and Abdullah bin Ahmad bin Abdullah bin Saleh rotavirus Kufi Alotarabulsi, who was father of the people of Kufa, The inn Tripoli.

Then there is Ibrahim bin Mohammed Ghafiqi Alotarabulsi, Tripoli deceased judge in Morocco in 525 AH; and attributed to Abu al-Hasan Ali bin Abdullah bin Makhlouf Trabelsi, Trabelsi famous Workbook history, I’ve realized that died 522 years in Mecca e.
And poets Tripoli: Ahmed bin Hussein bin Hydra, known as Ibn Khorasan Trabelsi.

Some blame the Misurata have originated in place station Tobakedz old that were thriving years ago in the Middle Ages was to Misurata trade relations with Venice where she was issued her wool and carpets, oil, salt and imports, including glass and gunpowder, as it was an important station for the passage of convoys business coming from the mid-Saharan Africa,

and flights to the city of Tripoli, and so was the resting point for pilgrims and traders and travelers coming from the east and the west, and evidenced by the receipt of its name in many of the books travelers.

– Is located west of the capital Tripoli corner up to 48 km and abundant know Bmzruatha.

Located on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, away from the capital Tripoli, about 120 km west and 60 km away from the borders of Tunisia. With a population of 0.35 thousand people. A city with assets.The Amazigh population still speak Tamazight and called the name of the city of Zuwarah Tamurt. They are indigenous to Libya. It is the most important battles fought in the modern history of the battle of Sidi Said, against Italian colonialism in position off the island Abe Kemash scalp. Of the most important resources of its population living fishing, trade and agriculture.

Located in the northwestern part of Libya, about 80 km from the south Medina tarabuls. Track City Gharyan. Gharyan due to the continued popularity of the label to the clay soil wetted with water and is one of the most famous cities in the western mountains.

Source: Znguetna … Forums Libya Liberal: ixzz2wuQqKWh

مؤتمر شباب القبائل الليبية العام

معاني اسماء المدن الليبية
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
اصل التسمية هو تحريف للتسمية الاغريقية أنتِپرگوس (Antipyrgos) وتعنى المقابلة لبيرجوس Pyrgos وهى مدينة فى كريت. ويجدر الذكر هنا أن هذه المدينة شيدت فى عهد الاستيطان الاغريقي لليبيا وهي مدينة المجاهد عمر المختار .
سميت بهذا الاسم لاحتوائها علي الكثير من الآبار .
جاءت تسمية مدينة العجيلات نسبة الى الولى ابو عجيلة واسمه الحقيقي هو امحمد حركات الأنصاري .
بني وليد
يعتقد أن أصل تسمية بني وليد هو أن الحجاج الذين يهبون إلى الحج من ((المغرب العربي)) من تونس ومن المغرب يمرون من ليبيا ويمرون على بن وليد ويبقون في وادي بني وليد نوقهم وإبلهم التي ستلد ثم عندما يعودون من الحج يجدون إبلهم قد ولدت فأطلقوا على الوادي اسم وادي الوليد ثم أطلقت التسمية على أبناء هذه المنطقة وقيل بني وليد .
وهناك رواية أخرى تقول أن قبيلة من بنى هلال أقاموا في هذه المنطقة فترة من الزمن فاكتسب المكان اسمها حتى بعد رحيلهم واسم هذه القبيلة بنى الوليد. وكانت الإبل تشرب من المياه التي تجلبها الأمطار منحدرة عبر الوادي، حيث بعد هطول الأمطار وجفاف المياه يمتلئ الوادي بالإعشاب وتكون البيئة مناسبة لعيش الإبل وتكاثرها في الوادي، وجدير بالذكر وجود مجموعة من الحفر في الوادي يعملها الفلاحون للحفاظ على مياه الأمطار ” السيل” ومن اشهرها حلق الإبل وحلق اشتيوي.”تسمى الحفر الموجودة في الوادي بالحلوق باللهجة الليبية” وننصح عدم الاقتراب منها في حالة سيلان الوادي لأنها خطيرة وخاصة بالنسبة لصغار السن حيث وقعت مجموعة من حالات الغرق في تلك الحفر”الحلوق” ومن الملاحظ إطلاق اسم ورفلة على مدينة بني وليد لكن هذه التسمية منتشرة داخليا فقط على مستوى الدولة .
هناك قصص مختلفة عن أصل التسمية لكن المرجح أنها كلمة أمازيغية وتعني المشي بلهجة أمازيغ الساحل ، المسموع منذ مدة طويلة عن طريق الأجداد انه كانت هناك ملكة تحمل أسم ( أوراء ) تطوف عند غدير كبير في المنطقة و الظاهر أنها أرادت النظر الى صورتها في الماء فسقط التاج من على رأسها و بانتشار الخبر بين الجنود و الناس بدواء يبحثون عن تاج أوراء و من ذلك اليوم أطلق على المكان بهذا الاسم .
هي في الأصل كلمه بلغة البربر( الأمازيغية ) تنطق(طامورط تاءوراغت) أى تعني ارض خضراء ويمكن ملاحظة ذلك بوضوح من خلال أحرف الكلمتين فحورت باللهجة المحلية إلى الاسم الحالي .
اصل تسمية ترهونة مختلف فيه…وتعد ترهونة من القبائل الأصلية في ليبيا…وترجع أصول ترهونة البربرية كما يعتقد الكثيرون إلي قبائل حمير التي كانت تقطن الجزيرة العربية وهاجرت منها إلي الساحل الأفريقي ما قبل الميلاد .
نسبة الى الجرمنتيون الذين بنوها في القرن الأول للميلاد كعاصمة لدولتهم، وتعد من أهم وأقدم الشواهد والآثار في ليبيا الدالة عن تاريخ الليبيين القدماء .
لأنها كانت تنتج خمس إنتاج ليبيا من زيت الزيتون ،و لأن خمس الضريبة في ليبيا كانت تجمع منها وحدها لوفرة المحاصيل الزراعية .
هناك روايات كثيرة عن اصل تسميتها بهذا الاسم تقول إحداها أن هذه المنطقة حكمها رجل وسيم اتصف بأفعاله الحسنة وخلفه آخر نهج نفس سلفه وعندما توفى أطلق عليه لقب الزين الثاني إلا إن كثير من القبائل العربية القاطنة في المنطقة تنطق الثاء المثلثة، تاء فأصبحت زين تانى واخيراً استقر نطقها على الزنتان بكسر الزين .
يطلق قديما على المنطقة الممتدة على البحر المتوسط بين أم الغرانيق شرقا وعيون الهيشة غربا ويعني بالأمازيغية خليج، ومدينة سرت الحالية اكتسبت أسماء متعددة فهي على أيام الفينيقيين تعرف باسم ايفورانتا ماكوماديس ويبدو أنها أستوُطِنَتْ أثناء وعقب تلك الحقبة لوجود مقابر بها تعود الى القرن الرابع الميلادي، فيما بعد أسس الفاطميون في القرن الحادي عشر الميلادي مدينة عرفت باسم سرت وهي تقع الى الشرق من مدينة سرت الحالية وتعرف الآن باسم المْديّنة .
اصل التسمية من منطقة حرمان حيث كان يطلق عليها ذلك الاسم ومن ثم سميت صرمان .
اختلفت الآراء حول التسمية فمن الناس من قال أنها من الغيث أي أنها تغيث المسافر في الصحراء وتؤمن له الزاد و الماء و منهم من قال أنها مسماة على اسم ولي صالح وهو غوث حيث كان يسكن المدينة وعندما مات سميت المدينة باسمه ولا يزال قبره في المدينة القديمة بغات والتسمية الثانية هي الأرجح لدى الناس في غات .
الغريفة :
ترجع تسمية الغريفة إلي وجود غرفة كان يسكنها الشيخ عبد الله وأخيه صالح ويقال أنهم من قبيلة الحطمان من بيت ضنى ضوء بن حثيرة .
ولقد وجدت بعض الوثائق القديمة فى منطقة فزان التي تثبت ذلك . والشيخ عبد الله وشقيقه صالح هم أول من سكن هذه المنطقة وكانوا الناس يقولون أنهم ذاهبون إلي تلك الغرفة ومع مرور الزمن سميت بالغريفة .ولقد أتوا الحطمان من مدينة برقن _ وادي الشاطي وهناك يعيش أغلبية الحطمان .
اصل التسمية قداموس أي بلد الجلود باللغة الرومانية .
إن اشتقاق اسم هون من جهة السهل فهو هين في قوله تعالى (هو أهون عليه ) والهون بالفتح ، السكينة والوقار .
كما جاء في كتاب معجم البلدان الليبية للراوية الشيخ الطاهر الزاوي ( هون واحة كبيرة وعند أهلها شئ من رفاهة العيش ، لهم مهارة في دبغ الجلود وتطريزها بالحرير بها زراعة محلية تسقى بالقواديس ، وتظهر في تسميتها “أن هذا الاسم جاءنا من بنى الهون قبيلة عربية تنتمي الى الهون بن خزيمة بن مدركة” بن الياس بن مضر ،وجاءت مع الفتح الإسلامي ،كما جاء في الرواية الشفهية المتواترة والتي وردت على لسان الشيخ العالم الصوفي أحمد الزروق مخاطبا التلمساني الذي جاءه طالبا النصح والمشورة قائلا له ” أذهب لمسكان واتخذ منها مسكنا .
أصل تسمية مدينة مسلاتة محل خلاف و هناك عدة آراء حوله منها :
تذهب بعض النظريات إلى أن الاسم هو تحريف لكلمة مسلات (جمع مسلة) إذ تحتوي المنطقة على قرابة 22 قصبة و هو بناء عمودي يشبه المسلة إلى حد ما . في نظرية أخرى وهي الأرجح أن الإسم له علاقة بكون المدينة مركز مهم لزراعة أشجار الزيتون فكلمة مسلاتة باللغة الأمازيغية هي اسم لأحد أنواع الزيتون،وأصل الإسم جاء من السلت أي سلت الزيتون و الميم في بداية الكلمة هي اختصار ل(ام) التعريف في العربية الحميرية التي تقابل (أل) التعريف في اللغة العربية .
كلمة يفرن كلمة أمازيغية وأصلها إفران ومعناها بالأمازيغية الكهف ، كما توجد مدينة أخرى بالمغرب بنفس هذا الإسم إفران.
باركا = باركي اسمها الحالي المرج تقع شرق مدينة بنغازي بمسافة 100 كيلو متر وغرب مدينة البيضاء بمسافة 100 كيلومتر وشرق مدينة إجدابيا بمسافة 265 كيلو متر ،و بعد الفتح الإسلامي عام (642 م ) حُرّف الاسم إلى برقة وأصبحت عاصمة المنطقة الشرقية من ليبيا وأطلق اسمها على الإقليم الذي كان يعرف سابقا باسم كورينايكا نسبة إلى مدينة كوريني ،ك ما لقبت هذه المدينة باسم الحميراء (تصغير حمراء) بسبب لون تربتها .
كما أن لهذه المدينة تاريخ عريق اقتصادي وسياسي وثقافي، حيث كانت إحدى أكبر المدن الليبية اقتصادا من قبل الميلاد حتى وقتنا هذا، ذلك لأن تربتها تعتبر من أجود أنواع التربة بدءا من تصديرها لنبات السلفيوم –الغني عن التعريف-، حتى الحبوب والخضراوات التي تشتهر بها اليوم، كما أنها تعتبر أول إمارة ليبية تعلن استقلالها ، و لايسعنا هنا أن نذكر تاريخ برقة وأمجادها لأن ذلك يحتاج أن يكون عنواناً لموضوعٍ مستقل .
وترجمته التل الأجرد أو الرأس الصلعاء واسمها الحالي البيضاء تقع إلى الشرق من مدينة باركي (المرج) بمسافة 100 كيلومتر وغرب مدينة درنة بمسافة 100 كيلومتر ،و قد سماها الإغريق بلاجراي عندما صارت مدينة إغريقية حرة اتخذت لها فيكوس (الحمامة) ميناءً. وموقع بلاجراي يسمى الآن بلغرا وليس معروفا ما إذا كان الاسم سابقا أم لاحقا للاسم الإغريقي بلاجراي أي هل بلغرا هو الاسم الليبي أغرقه الإغريق إلى بلاجراي، أم الأصل بلاجراي الإغريقي حرفه الليبيون إلى بلغرا .
مدينة صبراتة أحد أهم المدن الليبية العريقة، وكانت تعرف قديماً بـ سبارتا، يفسر المؤرخين معنى هذه التسمية بأنها تعنى (سوق الحبوب) مما يوحي بأن الفينيقيين هم أصحاب هذه التسمية التجارية.
عرفت بنغازي عبر تاريخها بعدة اسماء من بينها يوسبريدس وهي من اوائل المدن اليونانية القديمة واسست في الربع من القرن السادس ق . م
لفظة” طرابلس “روميّة إغريقيّة، وهي تَعني المدن الثلاث. وقد تحدّث عنها أصحاب السّير، فقالوا إنّها في آخر أرض “بَرقَة”، بناها أشباروس قيصر. وكان لها سور صخريّ جليل البُنيان، وبها أسواق حافلة. وكان فيها مسجد في العهد الإسلامي، يُعرَف بمسجد الشّعاب. وكان حولها بربر وأنباط. فتحها عمرو بن العاص سنة23 هـ، بعد حصارٍ استمرّ شهرين، فانتزعها من يد الرّومان.
يُنسب إلى طرابلس الغرب عددٌ كبيرٌ من أهل العلم والصّلاح، منهم: أبو سُليمان محمّد بن معاوية الأطرابلسي، وعبدالله بن ميمون الأطرابلسي، وموسى بن عبد الرحمن بن حبيب العطّار الأطرابلسي، وعبدالله بن أحمد بن عبدالله بن صالح العجلي الكوفي الأطرابلسي الذي كان أبوه من أهل الكوفة ونزل طرابلس الغرب. ثم هناك إبراهيم بن محمد الغافقي الأطرابلسي، قاضي طرابلس المتوفّي بالمغرب سنة 525 هـ؛ وإليها يُنسب أبو الحسن علي بن عبدالله بن مخلوف الطّرابلسي، مُصنّف التّاريخ الطّرابلسي المشهور، الذي أدركته المنيّة بمكّة سنة 522 هـ.
ومن شعراء طرابلس الغرب: أحمد بن الحسين بن حيدرة، المعروف بابن خراسان الطرابلسي.
يرجع البعض إن مصراتة قد نشأت في مكان محطة توباكتس القديمة التي كانت مزدهرة قديماً و في العصور الوسطى كان لمصراتة علاقات تجارية مع البندقية حيث كانت تصدر اليها الصوف و السجاد و الزيت و الملح و تستورد منها الزجاج و البارود ، كما إنها كانت محطة هامة لمرور القوافل التجارية القادمة من أواسط أفريقيا و الصحراء الكبرى و المتجهة إلى مدينة طرابلس ، و كذلك كانت نقطة استراحة للحجاج و التجار و الرحالة القادمين من الشرق و الغرب و يدل على ذلك ورود اسمها في كثير من كتب الرحالة.
– تقع مدينة الزاوية غرب العاصمة طرابلس بحدود 48 كم و تعرف بمزروعاتها الوفيرة
زوارة -تقع على شاطئ البحر الابيض المتوسط، تبعد عن العاصمة طرابلس حوالي 120 كم غرباً وتبعد 60 كم عن حدود تونس. يبلغ عدد سكانها,35 ألف نسمة. وهي مدينة ذات أصول امازيغية ما زال سكانها يتحدثون الأمازيغية ويسمون مدينة زوارة بإسم تامورت وهم من السكان الأصليين لليبيا. ومن اهم المعارك التي خاضوها في التاريخ الحديث معركة سيدي سعيد ضد الاستعمار الايطالي في موقعة ابي كماش قبالة جزيرة فروة. من أهم موارد عيش سكانها الصيد البحري والتجارة والزراعة.
تقع في الجزء الشمالي الغربي من ليبيا تبعد 80 كم عن مدينةطرابلس جنوبا. تتبع مدينة غريان لشعبية غريان يرجع اصل التسمية إلى التربة الطينية المبللة بالماء و هي من أشهر مدن الجبل الغربي .

المصدر : زنقتنا …منتديات شباب ليبيا الاحرار:

Sheikh Imran Hosein:
WARNING to all of the people in the ZIONIST WESTERN COUNTRIES:–
saying the same as Muammar al-Qathafi:
GET OUT of those countries; and if you cannot, leave to at least a very rural area.
May Allah reward you and Nfna all this knowledge, and keep all of us from temptation.
May Allah reward you and Nfna all this knowledge, and keep all of sedition
تنويه الى الأخوة والأخوات الكرام بخصوص التعليقات على الفيديو ، عند ترك التعليق الرجاء الانتظار ما بين ساعة الى 24 ساعه حتى يظهر التعليق على الفيديو حيث سوف تتم قراءة التعليقات قبل النشر وذلك لتجنب نشر تعليقات ضلال او فتنه من قبل بعض السفهاء الذين يتركون تعليقات تصل احيانا الى الكفر بالله تعالى او يدعون الى الفتنة او يتكلمون بسفاهة او شتيمة او طائفية وبسبب ان هذا يعتبر اثما عظيما لو سمحنا به ان يظهر للناس ، جزاكم الله خيرا ونفعنا جميعا بهذا العلم وحفظنا جميعا من الفتن

“ZERO HOUR” comments:

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We say and we say the media war of the fiercest and most powerful military battle is not far away and dropping us Mermaid and the consequences of disasters by decisive confrontation Calanzhab of Brega and concentration in Sirte Aalsamud for real?
The insurer does not bite, twice shy?
Where channel Al Khaimah?
Where channel appeal .. Where channel tribes .. ??

Wayne Wayne
Please advise us mercy of God
Aalmoaan NATO rebels know the seriousness of the media war, so watching the World Wide Web, a thermometer to accurately Mnauyatem downlink originally?
What thoughts opening of many channels of resistance to ward off military motionless during the confrontation inevitably coming?

Finally, do not thank you enough for our brother Libyan blood and team work Aziz folk and we ăÚÇßă you and God and of the intent behind.
(Libyan national)

لا تتركوا الخضراء وحدها ؟؟قلنا ونقول الحرب الاعلامية اقوى واشرس من المعركة العسكرية وليس ببعيد عنا اسقاط عروس البحر وما تترتب عنها من كوارث حاسمة فى المواجهه كالانسحاب من البريقة والتمركز فى سرت االصمود لحقيقى؟
المؤمن لا يلدغ من جحر مرتين ؟
اين قناة الخيمة ؟
اين قناة النداء .. اين قناة القبائل .. واين واين اجيبونا يرحمكم الله ؟
اعلمواان ثوار الناتو يعرفون خطورة الحرب الاعلامية لذا يتابعون الشبكة العنكبوتية بدقة وهى ترمومتر لمنعوياتهم الهابطة اصلا ؟
ما بالك بافتتاح العديد من القنوات المقاومة دفعا للحراك العسكرى اثناء المواجهه القادمة لا محاله ؟
اخيرا شكرا لا تكفى لاخينا ليبى الدم وفريق عمل عزيز قوم ونحن معاكم وبكم والله من وراء القصد .
ليبى وطنى
Message from behind bars dark
Sheikhs and elders and youth areas and tribes and women respected …
Greetings …We are male and female prisoners Libyans and Libyan your daughters and your sons, Alkabon in the prisons of the militias and the puppet government imported, we draw this letter to Your Excellency and we are fighting a battle of will and pride, the Battle of the intestines empty and slow pulse, and the veins dry of blood.Battle of daily humiliations and insults, torture and murder and torture and abuse, mixed Balhma high and spells tremendous effort from us to complete our right to liberate the homeland, and in front of these great sacrifices and large after some began to question the cause and say if we do not fight for you, because we defended and fought for you, and you are now busy behind corridors of Facebook and others, did not ‘t liberate us,not even the delivery of voice for the world to know any loss of where we are, we pain daughters and sons? Pain fight for you? ….We ask you to forget your problems and Ahkadkm personal and Taatkatvo to save us, we live in the hope that you Stnqdhunna any day …We fought all in the same trench and we all tribes and regions of Libya, and there is no trench tribe City or without the other why you are trying to divide us now?Why cultivate doubt some of you? Why now Tansaon behind the weak people who have tried in the past divide us, but they were unable to this and Hahm Evrkonkm you now …Come to save us ….. Come, we bring us together in the past to save you then complete the march Ezz march Hero Muammar al-Qathafi initiated and we and you Sankmlha ..Libya and the blood of the sons of the leader and the largest and most prestigious of the martyrs and the highest of all those nonsense ….
ĎăĘă the right help …and your martyrs and captives faithful
Peace be upon you and God’s mercy and blessings.
Prisoners and detainees in the prisons of the Libyan militias
Armed and the government imported
In all parts of Libya.مؤتمر شباب القبائل الليبية العام
رسالة من وراء القضبان المظلمة
مشائخ واعيان وشباب المناطق والقبائل والنساء …المحترمين
تحية طيبة وبعد …
نحن الأسيرات والأسرى الليبيين والليبيات بناتكم وأبنائكم ،القابعون في سجون المليشيات والحكومة العميلة المستوردة ، نوجه إلى سعادتكم هذه الرسالة ونحن نخوض معركة الإرادة والإباء،معركة الأمعاء الخاوية والنبضات البطيئة،والعروق الجافة من الدماء,.
معركة الاهانات اليومية والشتائم والتعذيب والقتل والتنكيل والاعتداء ، ممزوجة بالهمة العالية والعزائم الجبارة سعيا منا لاستكمال حقنا في تحرير الوطن ،وأمام هذه التضحيات العظيمة والكبيرة بعد أن بدأ البعض يشكك في قضيتنا ويقول لو أننا لم نقاتل من أجلكم, لأننا دافعنا وقاتلنا عنكم وانتم الآن منشغلون خلف أروقة الفيس بوك وغيرها ، ولم تستطيعوا تحريرنا ولا حتي إيصال صوتنا للعالم كي يعلم أي هلاك نحن فيه ، الم نكن بناتكم وأبنائكم؟ الم نقاتل من أجلكم ؟….نطلب منكم أن تنسوا مشاكلكم وأحقادكم الشخصية وان تتكاثفوا من اجل إنقاذنا فنحن نعيش علي أمل أنكم ستنقذوننا في أي يوم …نحن قاتلنا جميعا في نفس الخندق ونحن من كافة قبائل ومناطق ليبيا ,وليس هناك خندق لقبيلة أو مدينة دون الاخري لماذا الآن تحاولون تفريقنا؟ لماذا تزرعون الشك في بعضكم؟ لماذا الآن تنصاعون خلف ضعاف النفوس الذين حاولوا في السابق تفريقنا ولكنهم عجزوا عن ذلك وهاهم يفرقونكم انتم الآن …هلموا لانقاذنا….. هلموا فنحن تجمعنا في السابق لإنقاذكم فأكملوا مسيرة العز مسيرة البطل معمر القذافي التي بدأها ونحن وانتم سنكملها ..ليبيا ودماء أبناء القائد والشهداء اكبر وارقي واعلي من كل تلك الترهات ….
دمتم للحق عونا…ولشهدائكم وأسراكم أوفياء
والسلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
المعتقلين والمعتقلات الليبيين في سجون المليشيات
المسلحة والحكومة المستوردة
في كل أنحاء ليبيا

For the rightTo our brothers and sisters Liberal honorable.
In order to do right and show the fact that the suffering of our brothers and sisters Liberal Silks in detention centers and prisons Alfberaara injustice.
Be obliged to each and every one of us to brief turn in these difficult days of our country’s history in the Detection and deployment of all that would help to alleviate the suffering of them revealed Maitardon his practices inhumane and immoral from a bunch of darkness and agents of Satan and shamed various images and form a permanent and continuous.
And still God help the slave as long as the slave helps his brother.
The God of the intent behind and intent.
الى اخواننا واخواتنا الاحرار الشرفاء .
من أجل احقاق الحق واظهار حقيقة معاناة اخواننا الاحرار واخواتنا الحرائر في معتقلات وسجون الظلم الفبرايري .
يكون لزاما علي كل واحد من وفينا ان يطلع بدوره في هذه الايام العصيبة من تاريخ بلادنا في كشف ونشر كل ما من شأنه ان يساعد على رفع المعاناة عنهم وكشف مايتعرضون له من ممارسات لا انسانية ولاأخلاقية من شلة الظلام واعوان الشيطان وفضحهم بشتى الصور ولشكل دائم ومستمر .
ومازال الله في عون العبد مادام العبد في عون اخيه
والله من وراء القصد والنية

شبكة نداء ليبيا network appeal for libya

الى اخواننا واخواتنا الاحرار الشرفاء .
من أجل احقاق الحق واظهار حقيقة معاناة اخواننا الاحرار واخواتنا الحرائر في معتقلات وسجون الظلم الفبرايري .
يكون لزاما علي كل واحد من وفينا ان يطلع بدوره في هذه الايام العصيبة من تاريخ بلادنا في كشف ونشر كل ما من شأنه ان يساعد على رفع المعاناة عنهم وكشف مايتعرضون له من ممارسات لا انسانية ولاأخلاقية من شلة الظلام واعوان الشيطان وفضحهم بشتى الصور ولشكل دائم ومستمر .
ومازال الله في عون العبد مادام العبد في عون اخيه
والله من وراء القصد والنية



THE RAT STORY by “Two o’clock mass”:

Move it to you |

Alfberaara missing in the current scene:

Hamad bin Khalifa, commander of the revolution footmen Mozah insults sector Tash, your children differed Rihhm exempt but did not go after.

Bernard Levy, bomber Revolution Tech my Arrrr “Thoark in the East and the West Idalho Darrow” shame.

Zubair, who announced Steshr once tenderly federal region. See Zidha Sbatash is Naeidah Mesh Mesh Naeidah,,

Alkuafa Khalil, the owner of the bucket baggage Libyan investments, you Fein and Fein pail.

On Isawi, who Jaap confessions revolution but escaped from recognition of the killers of Abdel-Fattah, and that showed.

Activist / usurped Iman al-Obeidi, who is still looking for her groom Rebel Aldrnawi, to divorce her.

Mr. / E Solomon Dogh, the first loss of training in the field of rights who is Tanagal.

Spring wicked, from the day he married Rana shape has achieved the goals of the revolution.

Salah Jaudh, but the hill is the one happening in other middle.

Mr. / cook Maqrief, sitting with Nuri Abu Bushmin and only invited Maqrief Take him with indemnity.

Major / Barrani forms, from the blood of Libyans on injection Maad Aaodha, Libya bleed and needs you now.

Sheikh Mohammed Arifi / Gap angels fought with the rebels in Libya, but Maadsh got their uniforms to the rebels Syria, modesty.

Zaidane / waiting for a new revolution to come back with a new fighter VFD became required again.

Major / Mahmoud Suleiman, on kidnapped his son to tell a lie is not no sweet acid.

Dr. Aqeel Hussein, died on the Egyptian doctor who is familiar with his books Maadsh released his new book.

Colonel / Ahmed Bani, required urgently Bish singing the length of column Jay who the Red Valley.

Major / Zayat, of Salaith Kikalh a roundabout Aleppo, Syria’s milk acid Ajerioat.

Colonel / Abojeelh Habashi, the lower and forth, O God Buaa.

Majid Saif Al-Nasr, after all Haers walked consul to Morocco, what you’re saying from the first Rah was easier to increase the capital of the company car Hadikh!!

Alkwytb / Tariq Aelkezira, fabricated connections eyewitnesses from within the resort Alkmbenski Doha (QATAR), to Ijuk perished two passages in the fifty-gate ..

Nuri cuneiform participated in the “17 February ‘Revolution ” and built a villa in Amman, Tripoli Jet Yala eye of the genitalia.

Embarak as tall, young nobles in the valley Ekshko Red “is Yaghaly showed us a solution you gates of paradise” Vohmha course.

Tabby / granddaughter Fatima Mukhtar, from Qatar in Matrouh tents, tents Emirates in Tataouine, tents Aezzawat Libyan, to the Sheraton Deira, the matter was Alarih?.

Moses cosmic / day of resolution. 7 Araja sitting in the goodness of Aouinat arrive, but thankfully joining is good in Paris and Tunis.
Musa Kusa, why Ataud to Tripoli, they are safe, and Hamdi Sowaihili knows it.

Abdulrahman Shalgam, you are not absent or missing, but we know that you are busy printing the book (people with Gaddafi) the number of six million pages…

Zaidane clothes Interior / secrets of this nation and its place will be announced after twenty years.

Abdul Hakim Belhadj, who Rah and Mao behind Wali.

الجمـــــاهيريه الثــــانيه:
انقله لكم |

مفقودون في المشهد الفبرايري الحالي :

حمد بن خليفة ، راجل موزه قائد ثورة السب اع طاش ، ابناءك اختلفوا لكن ريحهم المعفنه لم تذهب بعد.

برنازد ليفي ، مفجر ثورة تك بي ارررر ” ثوارك في الشرق وفي الغرب يدالحو دارو العار.

الزبير ، اللي اعلن سطاشر مرة برقة اقليم فيدرالي . اطلع زيدها السبعطاش هي مش نايضه مش نايضه,,

خليل الكوافي ، صاحب السطل متاع الاستثمارات الليبية ، انت فين والسطل فين .

على العيساوى ، اللي جاب الاعترافات بالثورة لكن هرب من الاعتراف على قتلة عبدالفتاح ، اظهر وبان .

المناضلة/ المغتصبة ايمان العبيدي التى لازالت تبحث عن عريسها الثائر الدرناوي ، ليطلقها .

السيد/ة سليمان دوغه ، اول خسائر التدريب في مجال الحقوق اللي ما تنقال .

ربيع شرير ، من يوم تزوج رنا شكله تحققت عنده اهداف الثورة .

جعودة ، هو والا التل فيه واحد حاصل في التاني .

السيد/ طباخ المقريف ، قاعد مع بوسهمين والا خذوه عيت المقريف مع مكافأة نهاية الخدمة .

اللواء/ البراني شكال ، من يوم حقن دماء الليبين ماعاد عاودها ، ليبيا تنزف وتحتاجك الان .

الشيخ محمد العريفي / جاب ملائكة قاتلت مع الثوار في ليبيا لكن معادش حصل زيهم لثوار سوريا ، حشمة .

على زيدان / في انتظار ثورة جديدة ليعود معها كمناضل جديد ففد اصبح مطلوباً مرة اخرى .

اللواء/ سليمان محمود ، من يوم خطفوا ولده وهو لاخبر لا كذبة لا حامض حلو .

الدكتور عقيل حسين ، من يوم مات الدكتور المصري اللي يألف له في الكتب معادش صدر له كتاب جديد .

العقيد/ احمد باني ، مطلوب عاجل بيش يكيل طول الرتل اللي جاي للوادي الاحمر .

اللواء/ الزيات ، من ساليطة كيكيله الى دوار حلب ،، في سوريا اللبن حامض عالجريوات .

العقيد/ابوعجيلة الحبشي ، الدنيا واليها الله يا بوعا .

عبدالمجيد سيف النصر ، بعد كل هالعرس مشى قنصل للمغرب ، ما كنت تقول من الاول راه كانت اسهل زيادة راس مال شركة السيارات هاديكه !!

الكويتب/طارق القزيري، مفبرك اتصالات شهود العيان من داخل منتجع الكمبنسكي بالدوحة ، تو يجوك هلك بايتين في بوابة الخمسين ..

نوري المسماري شارك في ثورة فبراير وشيد فيلا في عمان ، طرابلس جت من يالا العين العوره .

امبارك الشامخ ، الشباب النبلاء في الوادي الاحمر يكشكو ” غير اظهر ياغالي لنا حل عليك ابواب الجنة ” فاهمها طبعاً .

العانس/فاطمة حفيدة المختار ، من خيام قطر في مطروح وخيام الامارات في تطاوين ، الى خيام العزاوات الليبية ، الى شيراتون الديرة ، ايهم كان الاريح ؟.

موسى الكوني / من ايام القرار رقم. 7 قاعد يراجي في الخير يوصل للعوينات ، لكن الحمد لله يتلاقى هو والخير في باريس وتونس .
موسى كوسا ، لماذا لاتعود لطرابلس فهي امنة ، وحمدي السويحلي يعرف ذلك .

عبدالرحمن شلقم ، انت لست غائباَ او مفقود لكننا نعرف بأنك مشغول بطباعة كتاب (اشخاص مع القذافي ) بعدد ستة مليون صفحة .

ملابس زيدان الداخلية/ هذه من الاسرار القومية وسيعلن عن مكانها بعد عشرين سنة .

عبدالحكيم بلحاج ، اللي وراه ماو وراء والي .

Gentlemen: How paved al-Jazeera to NATO intervention in Libya
Qatar’s Al-Jazeera via paved the necessity of the NATO intervention in Libya, foreign intervention in the Arab territories

See – Gentlemen: crimes of NATO and Qatar and customers in Libya

Gentlemen: crimes of NATO and Qatar in Libya
Turn the decision of Security Council Resolution 1973 on Libya non-military intervention in violation of the decision itself and speak No one

Urgent Benghazi:Htak information that mortgage companies and contracts for oil companies and security companies Amarkih be requested Brotherhood lobby Congress and the Turkish and Qatari-sponsored by the United States. I hope to knead Altaktef of all the sons of our dear homeland Hakoukan activists Ssayasn and honest men and Askaran and sheikhs and sages that :We must collect signatures and submit them to the umpires ICC and tighter Libyan that Hedda Conference Allaotunai terrorist illegal and any decision has pledged to Libya to the West and the Americans leopards it will make us equip kit and equip strap to our feet and a war would not be where no green or crusty against them to the brothers Devils religion want to sell our home against the judgment They want to sell our oil contracts in exchange for the Americans at a bargain price compared to Almkot in judgment.This topic will not need a time to those who cry in the Security Council or the United Nations. Honorable men of Libya will fight until the white arms against terrorism and agents of the Americans and the terrorists and the two countries.هاهم استفاقوا وكشفوا المؤامره ووصلوا الى ماقاله القائد لهم وماقاله سيف ,,
و لكن بعد 3 سنوات عجاف وبعد خراب ودمار ليبيا وبعد ان تبعثرت, عاليها على سافيها بسبب المؤامره الناتويه ,
من صفحات المستفيقين :عاجل بنغازي :هتاك معلومات تفيد برهن شركات وعقود لشركات نفطيه امركيه وشركات امنيه سيطلبها المؤتمر اللوبي الاخواني وبرعايه قطريه وتركيه من الولايات المتحده الامريكيه . لدلك أرجو التاكتف من كل ابناء الوطن الغالي حقوقين ونشطاء سياسين ورجال شرفاء وعسكرين ومشائخ وحكماء بأنه :::
يجب علينا جمع توقيعات وتقديمها لمحكمات الجنايات الدوليه وللماحكم الليبيه بأن هدا المؤتمر الوتني الارهابي غير شرعي وأي قرار قد يرهن ليبيا للغرب والامريكان فهدا الامر سيجعلنا نجهز العده ونجهز رباط لأرجلنا ولحرب لن يكون فيها لا أخضر ولا يابس ضد الخوارج وأخوان الشياطين الدين يريدون بيع وطننا مقابل الحكم وهم من يريدون بيع وطننا مقابل عقود النفط للأمريكان وبسعر بخس مقابل المكوت في الحكم .
هده المره لن نحتاج لمن يبكي في مجلس الامن أو الامم المتحده .فرجال ليبيا الشرفاء ستحارب حتى بالاسلحه البيضاء ضد الارهاب وعملاء الامريكان والارهابين والقطرين




Plateau region of armed clashes in Tripoli between Mlishha Saadawi and residents

of the area after the killing of one of the region’s population at the hands of those Mlechih.


The killing of a former military in the Libyan army called (Mohamed Ammar) inside his house near the mosque plateau Tahir .. three military vehicles after the age of them masked jumping down inside the house and killing a man and leaving without objected released a …

(BELOW: Benghazi Road, Omar Al-Mokhtar street, Tripoli – Libya, near the Light Tahir mosque)

Omar Muctar Street in Tripoli
مقتل عسكري سابق في الجيش الليبي يدعى (محمد عمار) داخل منزله بالهضبة قرب جامع الطاهر .. ثلاث سيارات عسكرية بعد العصر ينزل منها ملثمون يقفزون داخل البيت ويقتلون الرجل ويغادرون دون أن يعترض سبيلهم أحد …

Damascus neighborhood of Tripoli rising columns of thick black smoke from the area.


The body of the victim, Fathi Arafat Da’aki Warfali 21 years old was killed by militia backing Friday market,

after being kidnapped for two days was found dead after he was shot and thrown.

The assassination of Abdul Aziz Sarhani military brigade of the army’s tanks Allaotunai Rulrhh area

where gunmen intercepted and sprayed with bullets and shot him dead.

“A Tunisian diplomat was kidnapped in Tripoli, the Tunisian ambassador told me that his car was found empty,”

Foreign Minister Mongi Hamdi told the local radio station Shems FM.


Urgent: – suspended flights as German and Austrian and English and Jordan at the Tripoli International Airport.

Ali Jehani ..employee Tripoli International Airport.

The assassination of Abdul Aziz Sarhani military brigade of the army’s tanks Allaotunai Rulrhh area where gunmen

intercepted and sprayed with bullets and shot him dead.


as posted by  “Youth Congress Libyan tribes year”

In the heart of the Libyan capital, was the fish market place goes to citizens to buy everything from fish and meat to clothing and even pets ..

Now, it has become the largest arms market in Tripoli, where he was pistols, rifles on the tables ..

just ask the seller, to withdraw weapons mechanism largest and sells thousands of dollars.Millions of weapons spread without government control on their trade, in Libya, where they have hundreds of militias influential, amid deficit almost entirely by the central government. And nourish these weapons are available to all, not just the unrest in Libya, but they are also fueling conflicts in the region; where they are smuggled out of the country’s borders wide open to the insurgents and militants who have been waging wars and conflicts stretching from Syria to West Africa.

Sometimes, raises the absence of control and loss of control of many distraught .. Last month, a militia fighters stole a plane loaded with weapons from Russia to the Libyan army, when they stopped to refuel at the Tripoli International Airport, which is on its way to a military base south of the country.

And surrounded the fighters, the plane on the runway, and looted shipment automatic weapons and ammunition, according to Hashim Bashir, a third-party security official of the Interior Ministry in Tripoli, told The Associated Press. In another indignity, the government appointed officially fighters belonging to a militia, to secure the airport, because the regular sustenance too weak to do the job. A few weeks ago, another militia seized a shipment of weapons (from Turkey), landed at Mitigua airport in Tripoli, which was heading to the First Battalion of the Army, according to Bashir.

Among the weapons anti-aircraft guns, which were rife amongst the militias, which are usually mounted on the back of pickup trucks. Chaos, aroused the concern of Europe – close to Libya, which is separated only by the Mediterranean – as well as the United States.

At the RTA NATO conference in Rome this month, the pressure of Western and Arab diplomats, particularly U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry, the Libyan puppet-officials, in order to achieve some political consensus, allowing the international community to assist the Government to “collect weapons” (to leave the citizenry defenseless!!!), and to rebuild the army and police. The problem is that Europe and the United States, simply do not know which party can talk to him in Libya, said a “Western diplomat in Tripoli to the Associated Press” (HAH, HAH).

The official added: “The problem is whether they are able to receive assistance,” in reference to the puppet-Libyan government. The official spoke on condition of secrecy on the identity; because it deals with the discussions within the Conference. In this regard, he referred to the Western official international efforts to build a warehouse to “collect weapons from the town of Gharyan west of Libya” (HAH–to make the citizenry defenseless and helpless!), but the project stalled, the inability to determine “who is responsible or who will cooperate with them.”

RAT Saleh Juedah, a “deputy in the National Security Committee of Parliament”, in turn, said that all the numbers that advertise just speculation, but estimates are more reasonable to suggest that the number of weapons, ranging between 10 and 15 million firearms mild, but there is no inventory of weapons heavier or shields.

Most of the weapons from the arsenals of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, had installations policing, but which was looted by mercenaries during the CIA-led NATO war.. The second source is the large quantities of weapons sent to the rebels – to a large extent by the Gulf states(QATAR and the Arab Emarites), TURKEY, FRANCE, U.K. and the U.S.A.- during the CIA-led “uprising”, which lasted eight months.

Absorbed hundreds of militias around the country, many of these weapons, and do not know of any armed group, the size of arming other groups, creating an atmosphere of “mutual fear”, according to Bashir. There is also a strong internal market for weapons, for personal protection. Almost every family, has a weapon at least one.

The fish market, one of the main sources of weapons in Tripoli, which are found only steps away from the historic Red Fort in the capital.
The Red fort held 2000 Russian-made Kaslimakov rifles –
Muammar al-Qathafi gave freely, by word, of these rifles to Libyan citizens during the CIA -led uprising of 2011. He ordered to open the casche of the total arsenal of weapons to the public to defend themselves against NATO and the mercenaries.

The smuggling of weapons to the outside, has also become big business and big, where he says Basset Haroun, a former intelligence official: The tribes and militias, which controls the border of East and West and South, are involved in smuggling operations.
According to a report from the ninety-seven pages issued by the Committee of Experts of the United Nations in March, he could be found on a Libyan weapons in fourteen countries, and often up to militant groups.

They have dropped the portable air defense system coming from Libya Egyptian military helicopter in the Sinai Peninsula, according to the report. Also found on a Libyan weapons in Somalia, Central African Republic, and parts of Nigeria. In Niger.

Turkey and Qatar daily fly-in weapons which eventually reach the hands of Islamist fighters in Syria.

Wrote Brian Katulis, one author of the report, a senior fellow for the Center for American Progress, says: “The fact, Libya exported to the chaos surrounding countries.

(BTW: THE Western anti-Great Jamahiriya propaganda has been removed from this original story by the Associated Press)





Zintan closing lines Rpson Elephant oil field and Hamada and demanding to bring down the conference outgoing.

Canal Capital Jerdanih:

Closing lines of the oil fields (the elephant and Rpson and Hamada) and claim to bring down the

Congress and the activation of the Army. 

Channel DC:  
Aglaf lines oilfield Elephant Rpson Hamada field and claim the conference and dropping the activation of the Army.
Decrease in the rate of export to Libya of oil to less than 150 000 barrels per day after the closure of the Elephant field.
Spokeswoman said the National Oil Corporation said on Monday that Libya’s Elephant oil field closed due to
suspension of the pipeline to the port of Mellitah.
A spokeswoman for the organization that the country’s oil production will decline due to the 150
thousand barrels per day on Tuesday of 230 thousand barrels per day, on a Sunday night.
He added that he did not know the cause of the pipeline stopped. The Department of Italian oil company Eni field
in collaboration with the oil. .
And that feed Alkhql Port Mellitah in western Libya.





Al February expose them!!


Abdul Baset Aaron, now on “channel Libya First“, says that Misurata MB “shields of Libya” ...

if they entered a town or village (no matter what city, town or village), they stole, steal the furniture, gold

and clothes and even Anm and camels and kill her family and kill in the army and found him like what

happened in Bani Walid and in Sirte…

آل فبراير يفضحون بعضهم !!


عبدالباسط هارون الآن على قناة ليبيا اولاً : يقول ان مليشات الدروع اذا دخلوا مدينه او قريه سرقوها ,, يسرقون في الاثاث والذهب والملابس وحتي العنم والابل ويقتلون اهلها ويقتلون في الجيش ان وجدوه مثل ماحصل في بني وليد وفي سرت

URGENT: severe congestion within the city of Misrata because of an attack by an armed group at the Central Hospital of Misrata.



Youth Congress Libyan tribes year a partagé le statut de cry detainee.

# Çanakkale Dard _ directly
Now the channel space program addresses the Dardanelles on its activities detainees

to be held on Thursday, 27 March 2 2014

Thanks for the Dardanelles channel .. actually the voice of a vote for him.




The road to hell

By / Ammar -assets, of Yemen.

When you experience a global war in all directions and levels; You have to draw your plans and determine your bearings and choose your ways, and modify them constantly by the chronology of events, and developments that float on the surface of the battle,

and as the leader Muammar al-Qathafi is leading the battle of pride and dignity, there is no doubt that he may sow glory. From the first shot, and the nature of war and the loss of victory, and before them the trick, there is no doubt that the Liberals never ..

Saktefon fruit planted by the glory of their leader, even after a while.

In this battle .. Use enemy element of betrayal as the most important elements, comes after the employment component by siblings and their university Hebrew, and move then Barjath and submarines, and ordered his followers to rebellion, and Resolution No. 1973 beating the drums of war, has faced public challenge to challenge and announced the confrontation, and dug the grave of a senior Hell.

So the battle began, and after eight months of confrontation; went convoy splendor; this column who defied the whole world, and across the way all the glory and pride, departing Sirte, meaning hell, in order to drag the ousted NATO City steadfast, and take the fight to the Valley Open is not teeming with civilians.

Because supporters of NATO Kano are well aware that the yard of hell are open, there is no room in which to hide and shuffle or hunkering down behind the residential neighborhoods and the skulls of children, and also the opportunity to escape or retreat, it is an invader enters either win or die.

Since they know their strengths and abilities trembling; decided not to get involved in hell, especially missiles and NATO planes Sttoh inevitably in the vast land and zigzagging like this, so Astjdoa NATO to end the fight as soon as possible, justifying their inability to go to Hell Valley and their inability to confrontation in which, where that the confrontation will be open and genuine, and the inevitability of defeat without debate.

Responded to NATO for their demand has also responded to them before that in Benghazi and the mountain west and Brega and Ajdabiya and other cities, especially after seeing the fear dominated them, and saw death imminent their grave awaits them, then ..

The leadership decided to NATO to write “the end” in its own way, and forgotten that the struggle of multiple chapters, and that glory too .. will write the end; own way.

* By / Ammar assets, Yemen 23/02/2014 AD.

* Hell: Valley aspects of Sirte

الطريق إلى جهنم

بقلم/ عمار_الأشول , اليمن .

عندما تواجهك حرب كونية في كل الإتجاهات والأصعدة؛ عليك أن ترسم خططك وتحدد إتجاهاتك وتختار طرقك، وتعدلها بأستمرار حسب التسلسل الزمني للأحداث، والمستجدات التي تطفو على سطح المعركة، وبما أن الزعيم معمر القذافي هو من قاد معركة العز والكرامة، فلا شك أنه قد بذر المجد من أول طلقة، والحرب بطبيعتها نصر وخسارة، وقبلهما خدعة، فلا شك أبداً .. بأن الأحرار سيقطفون ثمرة المجد التي زرعها قائدهم، ولو بعد حين .

في هذه المعركة .. استخدم العدو عنصر الخيانة كأهم العناصر، يأتي بعده عنصر العمالة من قبل الأشقاء وجامعتهم العبرية، وحرك بعد ذلك بارجاته وغواصاته، وأمر اتباعه بالتمرد، وبالقرار رقم 1973 دق طبول الحرب، فواجهت الجماهيرية التحدي بتحدي وأعلنت المواجهه، وحفرت قبر كبير في جهنم .

إذن بدأت المعركة، وبعد ثمانية أشهر من المواجهه؛ توجه رتل العز؛ ذلك الرتل الذي تحدى العالم كله، وعبر طريقه بكل شموخ وكبرياء، مغادراً سرت قاصداً جهنم، بهدف جر أزلام الناتو من المدينة الصامدة، ونقل المعركة إلى وادي مفتوح لا يعج بالمدنيين .

ولأن أنصار الناتو كانو يدركون جيداً بأن جهنم ساحة مفتوحة، لا مجال فيها للإختباء والمراوغة أو التمترس خلف الأحياء السكنية وجماجم الأطفال، ولا فرصة فيها أيضاً للهرب أو التراجع، فمن يدخلها غازياً إما أن ينتصر أو يموت .

وبما أنهم يعرفون قواهم وقدراتهم المرتعشة؛ قرروا عدم التورط في جهنم، خاصة أن صواريخ الناتو وطائراته ستتوه حتماً في أرض واسعة ومتعرجة كهذه، لذلك استجدوا حلف الناتو أن ينهي المعركة بأسرع وقت، مبررين عدم قدرتهم على التوجه إلى وادي جهنم وعجزهم عن المواجهة فيه، حيث أن المواجهة ستكون مفتوحة وحقيقية، وهزيمتهم حتمية بلا نقاش .

استجاب الناتو لمطلبهم كما استجاب لهم قبل ذلك في بني غازي والجبل الغربي والبريقة وأجدابيا وغيرها من المدن، خاصة بعد أن رأى الخوف مسيطر عليهم، وشاهد الموت محدّق بهم والقبر ينتظرهم، حينها .. قررت قيادة حلف شمال الأطلسي كتابة “النهــــاية” بطريقتها الخاصة، ونست بأن للنضال فصول متعددة، وأن المجد أيضا .. سيكتب النهـــــــــاية؛ بطريقته الخاصة .

* بقلم/ عمار الأشول , اليمن , 23 / 2 / 2014م .

** جهنم : وادي بنواحي سرت


Hatem resignation warrior Director, Office of the news channel in Ajdabiya as he cleared his responsibility

for the news conveyed by the channel of Ajdabiya and any interventions by telephone from the city.

Urgent :::
Statistical Alguetla by record Ajdabiya hospital morgue
1 – Naima denominator Taher Gabésien / Age 28 years Ajdabiya deceased
2 – Mahmoud Abdul-Karim Alqtani F / Age 22 Ajdabiya deceased
3 – Fathi Saad Bouchmadh / Ajdabiya / deceased
4 – Mohammed Amariama Alkerkaa conversion of Brega / deceased
# _ First statistical Ajdabiya General Hospital
1. Abdullah F Attia Oraibi Age / 29 years of Benghazi
2. Mohammed Jdharan / Ajdabiya
3. Isa Ali Isa Alolaiwi Age / 25 years Ajdabiya
4. Nasser Salim Idris Dawwas 29 age / year Ajdabiya
5. Said Salim Idris Dawwas 20 age / year Ajdabiya
6. Nasser Said Jadallah Houderi Age / 23 years Ajdabiya
7. Mohammed Hamad Badr Age / 34 years old Niger
8. Applies to Salem Faraj / 4 year-old girl Ajdabiya
9. Shaaban Hussein Alhmala Alhmala
10. Idris Jadallah Abimi
11. Victor Mahmoud Poukrbah
12. Mohammed Omar Ali
13. Supervised Elmarghani / converter to Benghazi
14. Abdullah Mohammed Saleh / converter to Benghazi
15. Ahmed Abdel Raouf F / Ajdabiya
16. Musa Abdullah Adam
17. Abdullah F Attia Oraibi Age / 29 years of Benghazi
# Second statistical Clinic Abdul Hafeez cinnamon
18. Ahmad Alakea departure / Clinic cinnamon
19. Mohamed Hamed Abdel-Salam / Clinic cinnamon
20. Ahmed Omar safety / clinic cinnamon
21. Mohamed Abdel Salam Sall / Clinic cinnamon
22. Mohamed Abdel Hamid Ebadi / Age 19 / cinnamon Clinic
23. Ahmed Mohammed / 20 years old / Clinic cinnamon
24. Osama Saleh / 20 years old / Clinic cinnamon
25. Ahmed Fathi Saad / 17 years old / Clinic cinnamon
26. Rafi Ahmed Idris / Age 18 / cinnamon Clinic
27. Mohammed Faraj al-Obeidi / Tobruk
28. Saad Noordin Canna Shi
29. Salah Mohammed Alakory / turf
عــــــــــــــــــاجل :::
الاحصائية القتلاء حسب سجل ثلاجة الموتى بمستشفي اجدابيـــا1- نعيمة بالقاسم طاهر القابسي / العمر 28 سنة اجدابيا متوفي
2- محمود جمعة عبد الكريم القطعاني / العمر 22 اجدابيا متوفى
3- فتحي سعد بوخمادة / اجدابيا /متوفى
4- محمد امريمي القرقعي تحويل من البريقة /متوفى
#اولا _إحصائية مستشفي اجدابيـــــــــــــا العام
1. عبد الله جمعة عطية العريبي العمر / 29 سنة بنغازي
2. محمد جضران / اجدابيا
3. عيسي على عيسي العليوي العمر / 25 سنة اجدابيا
4. ناصر إدريس سالم دواس 29 العمر / سنة اجدابيا
5. سعيد إدريس سالم دواس 20 العمر / سنة اجدابيا
6. ناصر جاد الله سعيد الحضيري العمر / 23 سنة اجدابيا
7. محمد حمد بدر العمر / 34 سنة النيجر
8. يسري سالم فرج / طفلة عمرها 4 سنوات اجدابيا
9. شعبان الهمالي حسين الهمالي
10. إدريس جاد الله الصريمي
11. منتصر محمود بوكريبية
12. محمد عمر علي
13. أشرف على المرغني / تحويل إلي بنغازي
14. عبد الله محمد صالح / تحويل إلي بنغازي
15. احمد عبد الرؤوف جمعة / اجدابيا
16. موسي عبد الله آدم
17. عبد الله جمعة عطية العريبي العمر / 29 سنة بنغازي
#ثانيـــا احصائية عيادة عبد الحفيظ القـــرفة
18. أحمد ابحيري رحيل / عيـــادة القرفة
19. محمد حامد عبد السلام / عيـــادة القرفة
20. سالمة احمد عمر/ عيـــادة القرفة
21. محمد عبد السلام سال/ عيـــادة القرفة
22. عبادي محمد عبد الحميد / العمر 19/ عيـــادة القرفة
23. أحمد محمد / العمر 20 سنة / عيـــادة القرفة
24. أسامة صالح / العمر 20 سنة/ عيـــادة القرفة
25. احمد فتحي سعد / العمر 17 سنة/ عيـــادة القرفة
26. احمد رافع إدريس / العمر 18/ عيـــادة القرفة
27. محمد فرج العبيدي / طبرق
28. سعد نور الدين القنا شي
29. صلاح محمد العقورى / المرج

Ajdabiya now:
There are no armed clash and news about the deadline at 7:00 in order to break into the camp.


“Two o’clock mass” reports, VERY IMPORTANT concerning the terror in BENGHAZI::

ÚÇÇÇÇÇÇÇÇÇĚá channel now in Libya first:
Newsflash stating that he (was arrested meanwhile arrested KHARAZ)),
And directly attached Basset Aaron on the news, saying:
Will come out of Benghazi tomorrow to reel her father, and I know the people of Benghazi and that did not rise up and go out, I will not stay there forever, these Hayley and I know them folks Cyrenaica broken all tomorrow after he was arrested son KHARAZ who came out on the air and expose the Brotherhood said they stole 19 million dinars allocated Directorate for Security Benghazi –—— easy arrest him – but why Aigdon terrorists who kill in our children and our people??


The last Tsrhat penitent Abdul Basit Haroun:


– Head of military intelligence poisoned
– Abdul Hamid cuneiform head of military intelligence poisoned and I ask the Attorney General to conduct analyzes of the condition of any of the Commission’s involvement in it, and nominate only Germany and China.
– The playoffs and murder not only among Islamist / all, but political assassinations, they have a band of Palestinian Arabs exist in the market (Benghazi) used for the implementation of assassinations and bombings.


عاااااااااجل الآن في قناة ليبيا اولاً:
خبر عاجل يفيد بانه (تم القبض هذه الاثناء القبض علي الخراز )),
ويعلق مباشرة عبدالباسط هارون على الخبر قائلاً:
ستخرج بنغازي غدا على بكرة ابيها وانا نعرف اهل بنغازي وان لم تنتفض وتخرج فأنا لن ابق فيها ابدا ,,هؤلاء هلي وانا نعرفهم اهل برقه سيخرجون جميعا غدا بعد ان تم القبض علي ابنهم الخراز وهو الذي خرج علي الهواء وفضح الاخوان وقال سرقوا 19 مليون دينار مخصصه لمديرية امن بنعازي ——-سهل يقبضوا عليه– و لكن لماذا لايقبضون على الارهابيين الذين يقتلون في اولادنا واهلنا ؟؟

اخر تصرحات النادم عبد الباسط هارون:

– رئيس الأستخبارات العسكرية مات مسموماً
– عبد الحميد المسماري رئيس الأستخبارات العسكرية مات مسموماً و أطالب النائب العام باجراء تحاليل بشرط عدم تورط أي لجنة في الأمر ، و أرشح ألمانيا و الصين فقط .
– التصفيات والقتل ليس الاسلامين فقط /كلها ، بل اغتيالات سياسية ،، لديهم عصابه فلسطينية موجودة في سوق العرب (بنغازي) تستخدم لتنفيذ الأغتيالات و التفجيرات



Assassination attempt for the media, “Khalifa al-Obeidi,” and once again escape them.


Youth Congress Libyan tribes year, reports:

Unidentified gunmen seize the administrative headquarters for the company Ras Lanuf
Negotiations are still under way to exit from the company’s headquarters located area of ​​Sidi Hussein central Benghazi.

Said the spokesman for the joint security room to protect the city of Benghazi, Ibrahim al-Shara Awami, said the gunmen attacked the administrative headquarters of the company and took it completely.

This image of the clashes between the bolt and an armed group in the region of Sidi Hussein.



Robbery on a private car to transfer the money to the company
Libyana and estimated amount of about 750 000 dinars by gunmen.

Find a car Bank Republic tuber exposed to armed robbery near the center of Libyana sales in the city,

and by the amount of 90 000 dinars out of 700 000 dinars.

Libyan gunmen stealing 600 thousand dollars

from the fund-raisers

مسلحون ليبيون يسرقون 600 ألف دولار من جامعي الأموال

Photo: © AFP

Gunmen stopped eastern Libya on Sunday, 23 March / March car collectors and stole money, including thousand.

The vehicle was transporting money from the Office of Bank of Communications Company Libyana in the eastern

coastal town of Derna. The five armed men stopped the car and grab the money and run.



23/01/2014 – 22:56

Cairo Time

It seems they were not the laughing stock of that sentence launched by the media, “Tawfiq Okasha” Mtrakhmo on Brigade “Omar Suleiman,” and calling on him to health and wellness at the same time, before a few hours to celebrate the third anniversary of the revolution on January 25, inaugurated a number of activists campaign “campaign inauguration Omar Suleiman, head of Egypt 2014 “, which revealed details of the scheme delude the whole world the death of the” General “, plans to eliminate terrorism and bring down the Brotherhood after proving plotting with foreign powers, which reveal details of” The Voice of the Nation “over the next lines.

Says a group of activists, who called themselves the “hawks” in relation to the title of the head of Egyptian intelligence, former:

“When we realized that the Muslim Brotherhood, the mother-group for each jihadist groups terrorist, took advantage of innocent people, but we are we committed to God that does not draw our weapons to the people was

We have to change our strategy, and we use plan prepared for years is that we put the traitors in power, and join the opposition, and so arrived traitors to the rule, and the next task is to expose them to the people and they are seeking to sabotage the country and sell it piece-and the sale of its people, and so dedicated themselves to reveal themselves and we lookout for them watch and record, and we know all the details and we had the first two goals is to detect us aways from birds dark gray and the army, and the second goal is to expose the traitors of the people and expose their plans. ”

He continues, “activists”: “When he took the traitor rule and began leaking information and sell it to intelligence agencies hostile work to their advantage we monitor and we know, and we give him what we want to the leaked Ki prove it treason, so as not to harm the national security of the country and when we announced near open the black box of scandals.

This was a letter addressed to the traitors at home and abroad, gathered a number of them and they decided to get rid of the black box Assassinate General Omar Suleiman, was that we knew of the plot and its outskirts, and we then have been able to configure an international coalition Anti between Egypt, Russia, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states against the United States, Turkey, Qatar, Israel, and met with leaders intelligence agencies hostile to develop a plan to get rid of the black box, so as not revealed all their plots in particular, and we would know all their plans past, present and future, and put the details of the killing of more than a scenario involving all finance, planning and logistical support, weapons and personnel, and here we had to move the plan counter that surprised Everyone was alleged plan of death. ”

And narrow “campaign”: “We were always Nspgahm step and prepare the scene and sit waiting mobilized the part you know agitated in advance and know where you will be in the future, so they thought they had succeeded in killing while we have succeeded in the disappearance and then Guensm one after another to respond saa Saian, and we know what they think him and left them they’re doing,

and we left them some papers that Tohmanm they succeeded in getting what they want in order not to look more and deeper it has Alheinahm little to stay we have a lot more serious, which will be used in a timely and since the beginning of this shift to attack the headquarters of the State Security, we realized that things might get out of Decree her and this Gervnahm in the way of policy, and we let them receive power represented in the parliament ki feel of victory and in charge of their protection of state institutions instead of attacking it was rushed stupidly severe implementation of their plan to enable as we know it, but they Srawa security pace is strange and very deep and this we realized he did not escape from the implementation of the Plan strategic deception.

we have prepared in case of emergency has been lost Ohana news disease Gen. everywhere then began Gen. moving in travel outside the country and we know he is monitored so it does not settle the whereabouts of the devices are hostile move the clients of those countries to eliminate him but they can not harm it, and this befuddled of all their plan to eliminate him, and at the same time it has been the goal that prolonged swing this Ki manipulate them and disclose all elements of their networks and already uncovered a lot and Rsdnahm and we knew from the charge of the liquidation of the general,

but increased the traitors of treason to the homeland and began to speed up the pace of home sale and conspiracy Ali, which made ​​us accelerate scenario Disappearances and left some errors intended and observed by some and questioned in the death and surprised everyone the news of death and, of course, was not the general is deceased but it was one of the persons that near-in the specifications of Gethsemane and began to implement a plan disappearances and everything was carefully considered the place, time and manner and method, everything has been arranged from time. ”

The sequence “campaign”: “The war did not have a specific place Vmsarh operations is all the world and did not have a specific weapon every weapon available but had a specific time, we can accomplish it hit us before to assassinate the country so we put dots above the letters because we know that the devil many eyes Everywhere monitors and controls and nails violate the body of the nation is no longer manicure worthwhile We had to amputate the hand in preparation for cutting the neck full so we chose the land of the devil theater of our operations and to this we had to get a death certificate documented from the land of the devil do not even question the one everyone trusts in the devil and his proficiency and knows the extent of his hatred, us and the extent of his attempts desperate to snipe Gen.

Therefore, when announcing the devil himself and the death of General is so be honest, but how to extract a confession from the devil death of Gen. He is still alive, this is the secret, I’ve Haina theater before and studied everything, and the arrival of General Hospital to conduct tests normal and exulted lineament Devil and revealed teeth hideous smile nail the petition, it came to him from GAP whole earth to discredit him and warmed the devil to carry out his plan to liquidate him in a scientific way do not leave the impact adopted in the attempted murder of high quality, but we know how Nfelt them in a moment calculated accurately and in a manner secret comes out Gen. safe and sound to go to the bunker safe while getting the Americans and Hitanhm on the body Almsjy which announced his death,

and hide us samples can be attributed to it as evidence and will have to use in day to return and be announced death to rest traitors and congratulate and breathe a sigh of relief has gone from the capture of their necks, but they do not know it went back triumphantly got rid now of restrictions and became a full-time to his war with the enemies of the homeland and theater operations of all the earth image, their interests and their associates in every place and was the first strike leaders, which maintains a huge amount of details of the network and the plan, some of whom were Guens in one of the streets and some of them flipped over by the car, including of suicide remained actor is unknown but it was to us what he has not let it go with him,

it is an advantage for us in our fight with the devil either traitors was us with rounds and rounds thwarted by their plans sordid before you start so the first step after the disappearance is changing the key players, Even the enemy thinks he is playing with the amateurs, an alternative to the veterans who are causing them to panic and fear, and we are preparing the second generation of the duration and Hainah a way that is acceptable to the enemy and thought he was easy to manipulate and control it. ”

The sequence “campaign”: “It was a difficult time and the time available very little we want to restore, homeland usurper and occupier sense of the word and infiltrated many of the devices, and the traitors and agents We’ve put our plan that during a period of 365 days at the most, we have saved the country from the clutches of customers and reveal all their plans despicable people to raise all eyes nebula which Asboh by Brotherhood we started it push them to accelerate their plan through moving the cases against the Shura Council and show their greed,

and greed and guide them ugly and already have their crime heinous with the help of their friends traitors in Rafah and killed our children on the border in the month of Ramadan so that they find fry to topple Council military, they know well that the army would not accept it and can spend them in moments, and therefore they had to be Aljioa to agree on a safe exit for the junta and give him the opportunity, for the appointment of a successor, and that’s exactly what we wanted, we were equip-Khalifa ago period,

it is spiritual son of the man great in the army and his student ignoble and we have we prepared and Drbnah and Jhznah for this moment, and we have shown in the picture, which make them feel that they can control it, and to cooperate with him Vtaliboh to withdraw the army from the streets, he agreed on the spot and asked him to prevent the army’s intervention in politics, he agreed immediately and they do not know that this is our plan, we want This is to prepare for the next battle, away from the conflict and ironing does not comment on us idiots failure next Loki becomes President client Tmla’s responsibility alone, and after we verify them this quick implementation of their plan,

which we know in the empowerment of the group has increased people’s problems were amplified and knew they had the cheek deceived renaissance imaginary were not only looting Jama’ah the resources of the state, and here began to come to life in the opposition in the street, but the devil had been penetrated, and bought them from bought in order to be exhibitions cartoon as the saying goes, I hear a noise I do not see the flour, Vtkont front of customers and old friends in the Association of change has divided the roles, the team’s governance and in the opposition team, and a small faction swinging between them even absorb the anger of the street. ”

In the next episode, disclose the relationship traitor President Pal “CIA” Vantzerohna.



Russian government to prevent communications minister, Anwar Faitouri NATO‘s government, from entering the territory.

The Ukraine Crisis and Vladimir Putin: A New Financial

System Free from Wall Street and the City of London?

Global Research, 22 March 2014

Approximate Transcript of Interview

The Ukrainian crisis? It is basically the opposite of what the media and politicians keep repeating both in the US and Europe. They say that the so-called International community have isolated Russia and Vladimir Putin.

In fact it is the real sponsors of the coup d’état and the violence in Ukraine who are isolated not only morally but also strategically.

And it is Putin, the first leader who resisted and defeated the strategy of world domination, who is enjoying the enthusiastic support of his people and the growing admiration of the world. The well financed media and politicians do not want to hear this, but this is the reality. Without exaggeration, one can compare this resistance to that against Hitler…

Only few know precisely how dangerous the situation has been. How close to a real war.

The incompetent representatives of the ‘international community’ lost any sense of reality and deployed the weapons of social destabilization, armed insurrection, assassination by snipers, a fascist March on Kiev reminiscent of Mussolini’s March on Rome, targeting of the Russian population.

They intended to give Russia the Libya treatment, and they did not make a secret of it.

After the assurances given by George H W Bush to Mikhail Gorbachev that NATO couldn’t be used for a push toward East, successive US governments did exactly that. Their objective is to surround Russia. With the smiling hypocrisy of hyenas, they made clear that there was no alternative but to surrender to the military power and propaganda capabilities of NATO.

No compromise, no negotiations. Or better when negotiations took place like on Feb 21, the neo-Nazi gangs in Kiev were incited to escalate the armed violence and take over the Parliament and Government buildings, beating and intimidating whoever did not agree.

The Western “diplomats” immediately recognized the neo-Nazi coup d’état as the legitimate government. Yatsenyuk, the candidate of Victoria Nuland, declared himself Prime Minister while members of the parliament were brutally beaten in the street, their houses invaded and violated, their families terrorized… to ensure their support for the democratic process…

These criminal politicians even pushed the situation close to a real nuclear war. Putin made clear that Russia — which had lost a large percentage of its population in the war against Nazism and accepted to see Moscow in flames — was not going to surrender. That moment was more dangerous than the 1962 Cuban missile crisis. Putin called their bluff… Then, while the Crimean (and not only Crimean) population asked for protection against the NATO-supported armed gangs, the propaganda machine went into full speed in the West, but it was too late. In this sense Putin not only saved Russia, but gave a chance to the whole of Europe… like in WWII.

The fascist armed insurrection and the Kiev coup were not simply a war against Russia, they were also a war against Europe. Not the EU bureaucracy in Brussels, whose loyalty lies with the big financial institutions, but the Europe of the various countries reduced to misery and despair by austerity measures and the economic looting of Wall Street and the city of London.

Ukraine has been destabilized in order to make sure that Europe would be in a perennial war with Russia.

In fact, both, the interests of Europe and that of Russia, lie in a common economic plan for the development of the whole area. This is what was proposed by Putin and by several leaders such as former German chancellors Helmut Kohl and Gerhard Schroeder. This is exactly what had to be prevented with the Victoria Nuland 3.63€ billion ‘to help democracy.’ And now, despite all the noises and rhetoric, this is the most obvious direction to go.

The most important point to understand is that this war and looting policy is not in the interest of the Europeans or even of the Americans.

This is the big secret that now cannot be covered anymore. The governments of the US and the European countries are NOT independent entities, they are not sovereign. They do not have the will or even the ability to act on behalf of their people. They are controlled by powerful banking interests. They have been taken over by two financial centers that do not care for the real economy. They pursue only speculation and looting.

In response on March 4th the economic adviser to Putin, Sergey Glazyev declared openly that if the financial vultures persisted, Russia would create on the spot an independent financial system which is separate from that of the US Dollar.

Glazyev explained to the vampires:

‘We have wonderful economic and trade relations with our Southern and Eastern partners. We will find a way not just to eliminate our dependence on the US but also profit from these sanctions…. .If sanctions are applied against Russia’s state structures we will have to move into other currencies and create our own settlement system. We will be forced to recognize the impossibility of repayment of the loans that the US banks gave to Russian state structures. Indeed, sanctions are a double-edged weapon, and if the US chooses to freeze our assets, then our equities and liabilities in dollars will also be frozen…’

This strategy is known as the Financial Nuclear Option. It could lead to the end of the predatory looting system of Wall Street.

The ‘Southern and Eastern partners’ Glazyev is talking about are clearly the members of the BRICS, Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa, the sane part of the world economy, the future.

And it is exactly what the official spokesman of the Kremlin, Dmitry Peskov indicated in an interview to the BBC:

“Sanctions against Russia could be the final trigger that will force many countries to create a new independent financial system based on the real economy. The world is changing rapidly. How many civilizations grew and died in the course of history? Who will be able to resist the pressure of dying systems and indicate to the people the road toward the future?”

The possibility of a new financial system independent from the collapsing dollar empire, as consequence of anti Russia sanctions was also emphasized by an authoritative the Russian media including RT. (See:

…Western sanctions might push Russia to deepen cooperation with BRICS states, in particular, to strengthen its ties with China, which will possibly turn out to be a big catastrophe for the US and the EU some time later.

On March 18, the spokesperson for the Kremlin, Dmitry Peskov, stated that Russia would switch to new partners in case of economic sanctions being imposed by the European Union and the United States. He highlighted that the modern world isn’t unipolar and Russia has strong ties with other states as well, though Russia wants to remain in good relations with its Western partners, especially with the EU due to the volume of trade and joint projects.

Those “new partners” are not really new since Russia has been closely interconnected with them for almost 13 years. This is all about the so-called BRICS organization, consisting of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. BRICS represents 42 percent of the world’s population and about a quarter of the world’s economy, which means that this bloc of states is an important global actor.

The BRICS countries are like-minded in regard to supporting the principles of international law, the central role of the UN Security Council and the principles of the non-use of force in international relations; this is why they are so actively performing in the sphere of settling regional conflicts. However, the cooperation between Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa goes beyond political aspects and is also demonstrated by dynamic trade and multiple projects in different areas.

Today, in total, there are more than 20 formats of cooperation within the BRICS which are being developing. For example, in February the member-states came to an agreement about 11 possible projects of scientific and technical cooperation, from aeronautics to bio- and nanotechnology.

In order to modernize the global economic system, at the center of which stand the US and the EU, the leaders of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa have created the BRICS Stock Alliance and are creating their own development bank to finance large infrastructure projects. On the whole, despite fierce criticism of BRICS as an organization with no future, it is developing and increasing cooperation with its members and, in fact, BRICS is showing pretty good results.

With the suspension of Russia’s participation in G8 and the strengthening of economic sanctions against Russia, specific industries may be targeted, including limits on imported commodities.

While the West seeks to hit Russia hard, it is important to notice that Russia is ready to switch to other markets, including BRICS, with a view to expanding its trade.

The following are excerpts from a March 19 2014 interview with Umberto Pascali, Macedonian TV program, “The People’s Voice” directed by Slobodan Tomic.


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