Turmoil and unloyalty of the weak of heart

Mu smiling for us



Mu displaying his Green soldiers

Media Committee of the battalion men the current situation
To both the Liberals and the patient honorable:

There are people who will appear for the media job broadcast Alakadeb resistance, including people who have had weight in the Libyan media and legitimate after the crisis and the events of them joined the ranks of dignity and completed the journey Revolutionary Struggle and some of them joined the parties and blocs are supported by external parties to do paving the way media and popular for the Execution of schemes countries supporting to their parties

And here we are men of the current situation on the lookout for them
And assure everyone that the leadership and structure of the political and military monolithic and Ually the highest degree of coordination and regular hierarchically beginning of Sir supreme commander of the armed forces of the people (Mu’ammar al- Qathafi).

Nhaita smallest military rank
We are the parents of Blood
We are the parents of Blood
It wants reconciliation is a partner in shedding the blood of Libyans.

اللجنه الاعلاميه لكتيبة رجال الظرف الحالي
الى كل الاحرار والشرفاء الصابرين
هناك اشخاص سيظهرون للاعلام وظيفتهم بث الاكاديب عن المقاومه ومنهم اشخاص كان لهم وزن في الاعلام الليبي الشرعي وبعد الازمه والاحداث منهم من التحق بصفوف الكرامه واكمل مشوار الكفاح الثوري ومنهم من انضم الى احزاب وتكتلات تم دعمها من اطراف خارجيه ليقوموا بتمهيد الطريق اعلاميا وشعبيا لتنفيد مخططات الدول الداعمه لاحزابهم
وهنا نحن رجال الظرف الحالي لهم بالمرصاد
ونؤكد للجميع بأن القياده والهيكل السياسي والعسكري متراصه ووعلى اعلى درجات التنسيق ومنتظمه بشكل هرمي بدايه من سيدي القائد الاعلى لقوات الشعب المسلح نهايتا باصغر رتبه عسكريه
ونحن اولياء الدم
نحن اولياء الدم
ومن يريد المصالحه فهو شريك في سفك دماء الليبين

** Haaaaam and Aaaaaajl ::::
No mercy or pity with all tempted to stand in front of the popular forces in all parts of Libya …
safety and security to all of the necessary home and committed to the instructions of the popular forces …
Operations room ** popular forces.

** هااااام وعاااااجل ::::

لا رحمه ولا شفقة مع كل من تسول له نفسه الوقوف امام القوات الشعبية في كافة ربوع ليبيا…والامان الامان الي كل من لزم بيته والتزم بتعليمات القوات الشعبية …

** غرفه عمليات القوات الشعبية.

Dr. Moussa Ibrahim:

The duty of the Liberals in this stage 24.03.2014

عآآآآآآآآآجل .. آرجو النشر .. مشاركة = أجر


“Youth Congress Libyan tribes of the year, on FB” writes:

Every Libyan forces armed people or the security services no longer need to call for the defense of his homeland after the beginning of the battle of liberation, of joined the ranks of the Libyan resistance which has been battling liberation are the brave men of the armed people who did not betray section of the nation and loyalty to the leader.

There is no excuse accepted today than any officer or soldier is still far away from the fighting fronts in Libya, Valmitrdd and fearful lose honor to join this epic historical and concede victory or martyrdom in the field and left to his family after a heavy legacy under the name row, on the crawl, the Libyan people, almost all in Waiting forces armed people in order to dock with and complements the image of the popular revolution in Libya, which aims to liberate the country and the return of pride and dignity,

do not let fear overwhelm you guys armed people every colleagues today in the field and in urgent need in order to Tjuadwa them the battle of liberation,

this is your battle recent defeat, which does not God forbid you mean your death and revival, What do you mean life without a homeland? How long watching and heroes cite for the sake of the nation and honor, in short any officer or soldier are reluctant for enrollment up today is a microcosm of the traitor Barrani forms will not find his place in the future, but the dustbin of history, which sleeps where Barrani forms three years ago.

For this we say to you that the greatest response to your defeat earlier by NATO, is your victory today by your own conscience and the voice of lead, no excuses, no justifications after day and fails to duty is just a traitor and a coward was he was in the forces, the armed people kind of coincidence and nothing more, history writes today and its pages will know men of semiconductor men.
كل ليبي من قوات الشعب المسلح او الاجهزة الامنية لم يعد بحاجة الي نداء للدفاع عن وطنه بعد بداية معركة التحرير ، من التحق بصفوف المقاومة الليبية التي تخوض معارك التحرير هم الاشاوس من رجال الشعب المسلح الذين لم يخونوا القسم للوطن والوفاء للقائد .

ليس ثمة عذرا يقبل اليوم من اي ضابط او جندي لازال بعيداً عن جبهات القتال في ليبيا ، فالمتردد والخائف يخسر شرف الانضمام لهذه الملحمة التاريخية ويتنازل عن النصر او الشهادة في الميدان ويترك لعائلته من بعده ارث ثقيل تحت مسمي التولي يوم الزحف ، الشعب الليبي كله تقريباً في انتظار قوات الشعب المسلح لكي يلتحم بها ويكمل صورة الثورة الشعبية في ليبيا التي تهدف الي تحرير البلاد وعودة العزة والكرامة ، لا تتركوا الخوف يسيطر عليكم يا رجال الشعب المسلح فكل زملائكم اليوم في الميدان وبحاجة ماسة لكي تخوضوا معهم معركة التحرير ، فهذه معركتكم الاخيرة والهزيمة فيها لا قدر الله تعني موتكم وانتم احياء ، ماذا تعني الحياة بدون وطن ؟ الي متي تتفرج والأبطال يستشهدون في سبيل الوطن والشرف ، باختصار اي ضابط او جندي يتخاذل عن الالتحاق بالركب اليوم هو صورة مصغرة من الخائن البراني اشكال ولن يجد له مكان في المستقبل الا مزبلة التاريخ التي ينام فيها البراني اشكال منذ ثلاثة سنوات .

لهذا نقول لكم ان اعظم رد على هزيمتكم السابقة بفعل الناتو هي انتصاركم اليوم بفعل عقيدتكم وصوت الرصـاص ، لا اعذار لا مبررات بعد اليوم ومن يتخلف عن واجبه هو مجرد خائن وجبان كان تواجده في قوات الشعب المسلح نوع من المصادفة لا اكثر ولا اقل ، التاريخ يكتب اليوم ومن صفحاته سوف نعرف الرجال من اشباه الرجال



Popular Resistance: your gun is not for bargaining on behalf of assets.



(E Tdkir meeting Aladinmah day) or
Ndkr every Liberal date of meeting my father for Adinmah Green Pages and Resistance
And anyone who wants to attend the meeting of Aladinmah you please Presence promptly at 9 and a meeting would be on my Imiolna Skytrain alaksaa2
The meeting will begin at 10 pm
And forward the revolutionary struggle continuously.


About what we got him at a meeting on Monday Aladinmah: –
1_ form the nucleus of informational pages oversees the resistance is made up of a group of media and religion Aladinmah have experience formed informative journey through the struggle and the struggle the media. Page will be offered after it is processing them through Alasus administration to the next and the formation of integrated.
2_ Let’s create a page to be the reference for all the pages and be under the administration of Adinmah born competence and experience informative and their heart beats to the homeland (((There are people who have been recommending .. and finds himself in the efficiency and sophistication to withstand play Hedda turn to do the distinguished National)).
3_ install a meeting of all the Liberal every Thursday at 9 pm sharp and Dalk for discussion at the things that pertain to home and away from anything for Resistance.
God is great and above Kid aggressors

In the name of God the Merciful.
Haaaaaaaam too.
An open invitation to all free people of the world … to attend on 29/03/2014.
The third hour and a half pm in front of the embassies of Libya occupied all of the countries mentioned follows …
and all of his extra days … he writes in the register of your history, your history of struggle … the golden days …
say it is not and does not thousand of injustice and tyranny and colonialism .. .
thousand not not for HTC freedoms. Clients by NATO.
The free world and the global movement of the revolutionary committees …
will vigil. Clients against NATO and those who stand behind them. The Liberal Ddtzlam honorable. To a state of lawlessness …
and support of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya. Front of the embassies of Libya occupied …
in: Algeria – Senegal Burkanavaswa France, Italy, Belgium, on 29 32014. 15:30 on the clock) each state by the timing of the local.
Outings addresses:
Embassy of Libya occupied Algeria. Algiers. Ambassade. de Libye. 15 Chemin Bachir El Ibrahimi. El Biar-Algérie
Embassy of Libya occupied Senegal. Dakar.
Ambassade De Libye.
Route De Almadies. En Face. 2ème porte. Hôtel. Méridien. Président. Dakar. Sénégal.
_____________________________________________ Embassy of Libya. Bburkanavasu occupied. Ouagadougou.
Avenue Pascal Zagre.01 BP 1601
Embassy of Libya occupied France. Paris.
Ambassade De Libye Paris.
6 Rue. Chasseloup – Laubat-Paris.15 éme. Métro. Cambonne.
Embassy of Libya occupied Italy. Rome.
Ambassade De Libye.
Via Nomentanà 365
Rame – Haly
Embassy of Libya occupied Brussels, Belgium _.
Ambassade. De Libye
Avenue. Victoria 28
1000 Bruxelles_ Belgique.
Contact. Contact
Frank Pucciarelli
email: cld.France @ Outlook. fr
Mobile. +33695055520

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم.
هاااااااام جدا.
دعوة مفتوحة الى كل احرار وشرفاء العالم… للحضور يوم 29.3.2014. على الساعة الثالثة والنصف مساءا امام سفارات ليبيا المحتلة بكل من الدول الاتي ذكرها…وكل من بلده… انه يوما اضافي يكتب في سجل تاريخكم النضالي…تاريخكم الذهبي… يوم نقول فيه لا والف لا للظلم والاستبداد والاستعمار… لا الف لا لهتك الحريات. من طرف عملاء الناتو.

أحرار العالم وحركة اللجان الثورية العالمية… سيقومون بوقفة احتجاجية.ضد عملاء الناتو ومن يقف وراءهم. وضدتسليم الاحرار الشرفاء. الى دولة اللاقانون… ومساندة للجماهيرية العربية العظمى.امام سفارات ليبيا المحتلة…في كل من : الجزائر-السنغال ـ بوركينافاسوا ـ فرنسا ـ ايطالياـ بلجيكا ـ وذلك يوم 29 ـ3ـ2014. على الساعة 15.30)كل دولة حسب توقيتها المحلي(.
عناوين السفرات:
سفارة ليبيا المحتلة بالجزائر.الجزائر العاصمة.Ambassade. de Libye. 15 Chemin Bachir El Ibrahimi. El Biar- Algérie
سفارة ليبيا المحتلة بالسنغال.داكار.
Ambassade De Libye.
Route De Almadies. En Face. 2ème porte. Hôtel. Méridien. Président .Dakar. Sénégal.
_____________________________________________سفارة ليبيا. المحتلة ببوركينافاسو.واغادوغو.
Avenue Pascal Zagre.01 BP 1601
Ouagadougou -Burkinafaço
سفارة ليبيا المحتلة بفرنسا.باريس.
Ambassade De Libye Paris.
6 Rue. Chasseloup – Laubat- Paris.15 éme. Métro. Cambonne.
سفارة ليبيا المحتلة بايطاليا.روما.
Ambassade De Libye.
Via Nomentanà 365
Rame – Haly
سفارة ليبيا المحتلة ببلجيكا_بروكسل.
Ambassade. De Libye
Avenue. Victoria 28
1000 Bruxelles_ Belgique.
الاتصال .contact
Frank Pucciarelli
email :cld.France@Outlook .fr

Popular Resistance statement:

The back of the right to pay tribute to the difference between the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA and commend “17 February”!:
atheists !!! who totally deny ALLAH!


Attribute members of the “MB Justice and Construction Party in Libya” in the execution of their colleagues
in Egypt and wish them the same fate sooner not later.
نعزي أعضاء العدالة والبناء في ليبيا في اعدام زملائهم في مصر ونتمنى لهم نفس المصير عاجلاً غير آجلاً.
The last Tsrhat penitent Abdul Basit Haroun: –
head of military intelligence poisoned – Abdul Hamid cuneiform head of military intelligence,
was poisoned and I ask the Attorney General to conduct analyzes of the condition of any involvement of
the Commission in order, and nominate only Germany and China.
Adjust a 40-foot container of liquor Port Marine five by five members of the Customs and the tip of the iceberg:

Just as Muammar  al-Qathafi said…”they are giving it to the kids, Parents please watch your children!”

نطلعو من جوء السياسة والنكد شويه …شورهم الجماعة كثروا من حبوب الهلوسة

نطلعو من جوء السياسة والنكد شويه …واضحك في هل الليل.
حبوب يا c ! .
Oil has become more important than the blood that is flowing when the elders of NATO
Meeting at the Ministry of Health to discuss the pricing of health services in the private sector.

RAT government deliberately cutting off communications and the net for some cities of Tripoli suburbs and the surrounding Libyan in the Middle/Western region.


Corruption at the University of Tripoli and its president (Civil intruder):
Believe it or not believe private bathroom maintenance manager assigned to the university
only seventy-seven thousand dinars?!
Targeting Tripoli International Airport by two projectiles by unknown assailants near the runway. Lock shops in the street bumps behind the oil tanks via Tripoli airport and the reason is the death of two people of the city at the hands of unidentified Zintan.



The kidnapping of 4-year-old girl from her mother’s car, which left her asleep in the car
and I got to market the island under the bridge market verdant corner. Child abduction mercy Akecot
3 years old and half of the car in which the morning in the corner.
Suffice it, and yes, the agent.
Refinery shutdown corner for oil in Libya by armed elements and the expulsion of its staff .


Please avoid all of the traffic from the highway area Al-grarat specifically for closing the road
by some residents of the area in protest against the abduction of one of their children.

Tripoli highway area “Algrarat” an armed group in civilian clothes who blocked the road in both
directions and congestion and chaos of place.


And shut down by the plateau along with the burning of two cars.
Kidnapping Issam reliability Director of the Office of Information Central Bank of Libya in front of his home in Tripoli.


Reported clashes in the area of ​​Salahuddin.
The family burned the family home after the death of another one of the sons of the first in the Salah al-Din.
Bngxistan. Gunmen who seized the headquarters of the military accounts and converted into shops
Orteurrt circuit court south of Tripoli Criminal Court on Monday postponed the hero captive Abdullah Senoussi and captive fighter al-Baghdadi Mamoudi to April next.



Closure of some streets in the city’s market area
(above) Market area of Surman



Alert …Declares brigade and military Rishvana continuance in Mdahmt nests criminal gangs that tried to take the plain area Al-jafarah starting point for their operations and calls for brigade and military Rishvana citizens to continue to cooperate with its members and report any suspicious places.
Where he has been the extension of security in all areas of easy Aljafarah by at least 80% in recent months, thanks to God and thanks to the cooperation of citizens with the youth of the region Jealous.
(Brigade and military Rishvana)
23/03/2014(Tribe and Rishvana)


Department in Ajeelat
The release of Ahmed Abkbdh engineer analyzes in the laboratory of a hospital department in Ajeelat
year after nearly two months of detention in prison Mellita.


Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar, on FB:

Urgent ~ Libyan authorities are offering a formal request to NATO to intervene in Libya Congratulations ~ ~

You occupation Aajerman you Sdj to this degree.The story of a client of NATO ~ in the rat from the area Friday in Zliten ~ day opinion Gen. Golden KHAMIS Muammar Gaddafi
frequented the house of his neighbor ~ arose this rat giving coordinates for NATO to bomb the house of his neighbor ~
on the second day some miracle ~
NATO bombed the house of a rat died, his mother, his wife and his sons ~ This true story took place in the city of Zliten. Picture:
Trahmo Shahid Ali Hamza bin Khalil to be one of the supervision of the children of Sheikh Abdul Salam brown Zliten cited 08/15/2011:

ترحمو علي شهيد الواجب حمزه بن خليل أحد أشراف أولاد الشيخ عبدالسلام الأسمر زليتن واستشهد 15/8/2011
Zliten is now free of gang Alarhabh.“Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar” on FB gives us a view:Lake Aabladna God our Lord, brings us the soil of the Great Jamahiriya and Turabk Aazletn (19 photos)SOIL of GREAT JAMAHIRIA brought to shrine for a blessing:




Interruption of communications for the city of Bani Walid in full.



Outlaw killed carrion Noordin Mohammad Karim, a leader of the Jews shield Misrata,
killer of children in Bani Walid and the thief homes.
Obstacle facing all Libyans are Misrati Zionist entity … must all Libyans to get rid of this entity
ساعة الصفرالعقبة التي تواجه الليبيين جميعا هي الكيان الصهيوني المصراتي … يجب على كل الليبيين التخلص من هذا الكيان




Assassination called “Abdul Aziz Amradja Sarhani” several times in the chest
area Rulrhh near the market “livestock” and mentions that Alakora military camp tanks.


Child abduction Fattah Mohammed Toumi Ahmid Warfali city of Sirte School Vanguards victory residential neighborhood located 2 note that the child fifth grade primary school student and the hijackers cowards asking for a ransom of 200 thousand dinars for his release .. God suffices, and yes, the agent


Urgent …..

Ibrahim Al-jdharan exposure of an assassination attempt by one of his “bodyguards”

after the “guard” tried to treachery. It presents the impact of minor injuries ..

Was to confirm the news of the closure of the refinery Azwaip. Deadline to topple the government, while shame.

Today was the abduction of customer inventory Alkhaan field commander Bhoshradeh Amer Amer

Libyan plot and that after leaving the camp Hinniyah by office Cyrenaica.


Sea tossed the body of one of the crew members of the military aircraft lost, and now in the hospital Brega
The body was found at the area or Algranic West preached in 40 kilometers. 

That have been identified on the body, which found a few days ago
B Algrnic area or near Ras Lanuf, which is said
It is due to a vertical plane pilots that disappeared after
Taking off from the airport of Sidra.



Coordination between the two backing security and special forces headquarters were evacuated
Thunderbolt military accounts, and also to the building of the Ras Lanuf from Maoa precedents and outlaws ..


TV cameraman injured Libya First “Mohammed Hijazi” in an assassination attempt in Benghazi

and was taken to the hospital in critical condition.

A gathering of some of the people of Benghazi to demand the dismissal of the director of the
Directorate of Security Benghazi and held accountable ..


Mr. assassination attempt: Mohi essential by unknown Sabri district, where injured his hand and leg and was to resuscitate him to a hospital evacuation and medical source inside the hospital said that Mr. fundamental underwent two operations and mentions he follows intelligence service.




The death of the offender, “Mohammed Nur al-Din Karim,” a member of the so-called gang MB  Shield Force (Central)
today following the accident … in the city of Hun during his return to the city of Misrata.





 a huge fire in the area near the mosque Mansheya Ramla.

Fire strong now in Mansheya near Ramla Mosque ‘.

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