DAY of RAT HACKING and loss of Internet for Green Libyans

pure, honest and mighty with the help of Allah !   Mu outlook fine Mu now is Libya     “Media Committee of the battalion men the current situation” ((To cut the road in front of trying to laugh on the minds of the Liberal behind the sea)) Yesterday we published in the near Nhaddr publication of the Liberal that there horns tracking views and ideologies slot An international mission that skepticism and betray the Liberal or even consider them a symbol of the Liberal and Hedda know everyone that: –  “The Media Committee of the battalion men the current situation” is not aimed at one Hjarta and always and thanks to God, but do not tell the truth and we are sending our words directly mean when we want to say, for example, Page “battalion men the current situation” does not have the credibility or place Balahrar, or, their words CDP. Nati evidence and argument and are faced with in order to convince people, including my things belong to so and so or so and so Loya, Dr. Moussa Ibrahim when you want to talk about an individual from the Liberal you have to speak directly stated and what you have to say and pocket tangible evidence of what you have and you have my full respect I Badr al-Qathafi Anicolha Me’ri my head and my Lord and witness to say what… He would not excluded anyone from detection and burn his papers in front of the Libyan people Sharif argument and evidence and fronting. What I have a large, but Allah and the Prophet and Leader Muammar al-Qathafi sir ! The days will prove what we have to speak And speech are free to arrive O And forward the revolutionary struggle continuously. اللجنه الاعلاميه لكتيبة رجال الظرف الحالي (( لقطع الطريق امام من يحاول الضحك على عقول الاحرار من خلف البحار)) في الامس القريب نشرنا منشور نحدر فيه الاحرار من ان هناك ابواق تتبع لجهات وايدلوجيات خارجيه دوليه مهمتها ان تشكك وتخون الاحرار او حتى من يعتبره الاحرار رمزا لهم ولهدا نعلم الجميع بأن :- .ان اللجنه الاعلاميه لكتيبة رجال الظرف الحالي لا ترمي حجارتا على احد ودائما وبفضل الله لا نقول الا الحق وكلامنا نوجهه بشكل مباشر يعني عندما نريد ان نقول مثلا صفحه كتيبة رجال الظرف الحالي لا مصداقيه لها او تجري بالاحرار او او او كلامهم كدب ناتي بالدليل والحجه ونواجه لكي نقنع الناس بما عندي من اشياء تخص فلان او فلان ويا دكتور موسى ابراهيم عندما تريد ان تتكلم عن فرد من الاحرار عليك ان تتكلم بشكل مباشر وصرح وقول ما عندك وجيب دليل ملموس على ما عندك ولك مني كل الاحترام وانا بدر القدافي انقولها وراسي معري وربي شاهد على ما قول بانه لن استثني اي شخص من الكشف وحرق اوراقه امام الشعب الليبي الشريف بالحجه وبالدليل والمواجه وما عندي كبير الا الله والرسول وسيدي القائد معمر القدافي والايام وما لدينا سيثبت الكلام والكلام يوصل يا احرار والى الامام والكفاح الثوري مستمر — la photo de Libyan affairs in the international press. London-based newspaper Al Quds Al Arabi morning 25/03/2014



BUSHMIN & THE PARTY GIRLS: Mafysh “commander” in Libya, but one which is (SAOC t) and only two girls that Bo Mahwah only pimp for girls only…

Ibrahim Al Mansoori, reports:
Al-Jazeera allegedly posted a video Bushmin uniforms patchwork published in the audio recordings of the CC!

Lied named Nuri Abu Bushmin of the two faces: (Hathem Tagouris, his buddy, cleaned it up!) Malowoma uncertain why the deployment Haitham Tagouris video Abusshmin me “from a friend Haitham. Abusshmin promised Haitham Tagouris order not to publish video about the amount of 20 million dollars and had to pay them 14 million.  Abusshmin me Haitham Tagouris and sat Ahddd Abusshmin in order to pay the rest of the price and the delay in the payment.  Tagouris decided to publish the video and there are several videos exist where Haitham Tagouris exposes more than one member in the Conference. The video contains follows .. ◘ – the incident that occurred in the Fashloum and lie on the population Anizqh that the incident had nothing to wear but by and at home .. ◘ – a press conference held at night and reassure people that the incident had nothing to do with and nothing but rumors .. ◘ – the investigation, which was conducted with him and frank confession that the girls were in the house Saoto him an excuse that they are working with him in the conference ..

International channel Libya Libya International Channel
In a telephone interview with Channel Libya international comment on the video, who is portrayed by Mr. Nuri Abu Bushmin of the National Congress leader, Haitham Tagouris undertakes to channel Libya International that he will be a guest on Channel next Thursday to comment on this video and show more and more facts about this a case that became known popularly known as the issue of “nostalgia”.

Abdel Mawla Abdamoly:
Bushmin…. Information nostalgia and her friend and incomplete misnomer cell number 200 mesh 20 mesh from
Algeria of us and the base at the top of the post and found to assassinate the nation Mesh you and your friends.
Activist Issa Abdul Gayoom Essa Abdulkayum Hess:Get out (LT) Tariq KHARAZ some papers (punishment) Security Directorate .. he considered outlaws ..
wrote Attorney General asks out .. (Captain) Haitham Tagouris some clips (Conference) fasted Attorney General ..
Do you feel like me double standards? !.
News reports that the incoming President of the Conference donkeys rotten pagan client (Nuri Abusshmin)
has once again submitted his resignation verbally over the phone...(Will it be for real this time around?)

And the heads of the blocks within the conference meet in the palaces of hospitality now to discuss the candidates of the blocks.
According to leaks from within the consultative meeting, the most prominent candidates for the presidency are:

1) Abdul Rahman Al-Shater

2) Ahmed pure

3) Ibrahim witnessed.

a [front ruin (save) Libya] !!!

False Taliani (SADAK GHARYIANI)  says:
(The deployment of video investigation with the head of the National Congress Nuri Bushmin considered sedition
for incision national action and destabilize the country, which is on its way to the security and safety).
Lefty and the need to close the websites inside Libya to quell sedition. He said … even Istthb security again.
GS Rai was this randomized Nabo it opens up the net again with all ĺĺĺĺĺĺĺ


“From this rostrum, I recommend a lock-Web for it has become a hotbed of sedition and ruin to the extension of security while fully throughout our country Taybeh”

and GHARYIANI, in particular, singled-out “BASIC PEOPLE’s CONGRESS ELVIS BUCKY FREE”!!!!! as a seducer !


How Rai-O-Si-Mufti in the Head of State! According to the correspondent of the News Agency Fassato Awjila in the city that the city suffers from interruption and stopped in Services (ADSL) and the Mend on Wednesday, the nineteenth of March. It is worth mentioning that the company does not LTT Tafr any other city services such as Libya Max and Wi-Max… Ibrahim Sultan, reports: Interruption of services my father CNN the city Awjila since Wednesday, 19 March 2014 have not been to the day fix bugs of infiltration that have been reported, our correspondent in the city of Awjila the company of NTT main provider of Internet in Libya does not provide any alternative services have CL like Libya Max and Wi-Mex also over the Internet to a new and Libyana networks are very herewith can not meet the wishes of any citizen ..  Wi-Mex interruption for five area and its environs.   — ” ‘MUSLIM’ (WAHABI) Brotherhood” turned against some after leaking a video for Nuri (arrows) Abu Bushmin by Haitham Tagouris.

But a 0 Welcome Lhz. Gahad Ä them »NL. . 0
Have a supply of Hagaha Alpha 0 What oh. . And for and in
Milan 0 Q Roikrzi met Dennis Company «Aanyh with Dennis Italian Minister Libyan interim sent to the increasing importance of gas Libyan 0 Salns its time for me to Italy Lahey they shed light Alr Ukraine crisis Aakrad Italy Alr supplies Russian.
Italy and Kskord growth. Batna Man Aaqiajagaha are half size o More details Q from Russia and Qakmd also imports gas from Algeria, Libya, the Netherlands, BC
He led Aaulo Sharoni Alrnes Executive dug «Eni 6 Hill supplies Daz of the Mechanism does not Yatta Yatta lumpish and Leah O Qgelb any crisis Qqalq Oh my resource contagious To her face suffered serious Qouktt if supplies are second supplier.
She said «metabolic» Lee was on Monday that the main issue discussed thrown Lee Yen interest Saaroni and Reds Minister Abdul Qldh Libyan people is the importance of Subsequent levels Anqaj «Eni 0 valuable financial and Libya increased.
The statement added lead the wake of the genitalia, the last time on the political International President Algosve to Eni also growing importance of Libya relativism For the security of gas supplies to the Italian ..
The European leaders said on Friday they intend to reduce dependence Alssa Russian energy and accelerate their efforts to Kdasir more Alamthadat most Safer.
And Eaada thrown Ksatr state is the largest – has been for oil and Azfa Libya The commander of the production and Airadagaha Dhak cause turmoil for 0 (
The British literary .. valuable said earlier this river it had suspended Plans to drill in the Ghadames Basin of Libya’s 0 Asci security concerns.
ا ٠ الا اهلا لهذ . قهعد ء لهم » نل . . ٠
لها ا لههقهع ا امدادات الفا ٠ ما اه. . و ل و في
٠ ميلانو س رويقرذئ إلتقى دنيس شركة «إينيه الإيطالية مع دنيس الوزراء الليبي المؤقت لبعث الأهمية المتزايدة للغاز الليبي صالنس٠ة لإيطاليا لي الوقت اهي نسلط هم أزمة اوكرانيا الضوء علر إعقراد إيطاليا علر الإمدادات الروسية.
وقسقورد إيطاليا نمو. باتنة مان اعقياجاقها هن سز س أكثرمن نصفها من روسيا س وقعقمد أيضا على واردات الغاز من الجزائر وهولندا وليبيا ق
وقاد ياولو سحاروني الرنيس التنفيذي ضرة «إيني٦ ان هيل إمدادات ا لضاذ ا لا يطا لية سمج و يطا ليا يا لقغلب على أي أزمة ققعلق يا ي مورد معد لعنها ستواجه منيت خطيرة إذا قوقثت الإمدادات هن مورد ثان.
وقالت «إيضي» لي كان أمس الإثنين ان القضية الرئيسية القي نوقشت لي الإهتمام ين سعاروني ورضس الوزراء الليبي عبد قلده اهل هي أهمية الحقا على مستويات إنقاج «إيني٠ المالية قي ليبيا وزيادتها.
وأضاف البيان ءدي أعقاب العورات الاخيرة على الساعة السياسية الدولية أكد الرئيس القصذي لإيني أيضا الاهمية المتزايدة لليبيا بالنسبية لأمن إمدادات الغاز الإيطالية..
وكان زعماء أوروبيون قالوا يوم الجمعة انهم عازمون على خفض الاعتماد علسى الطاقة الروسية وتسريع مساعيهم لقدصير مزيد من الإمثادات الاكثر أمانا.
وءإيضع القي قسيطر عليها الدولة هي أكبر-تم للنفط والعاذفي ليبيا وقائد إنتاجها وإيراداقها ضاك ل٠سبب الاضطراب(
وكانت ادبيا.. البريطانية قالت قي وقت سابق من هذا النهر انها علقت خططا للتنقيب في حوض غدامس الليبي ل٠اسجي مخاوف أمنية.
Issa Oraibi:Ya know me Haitham Mands you in Xi ^ ^# Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces and Chairman of the highest authority in Libya (joseph Carved)
HAH HAH!! REALLY? Gateway Libya: Met yesterday, Mr. Ismail hardness and the leaders of some of the armed formations in the city of Benghazi with Justice Minister Salah Elmarghani to reject a statement languages issued by the government last week in connection with the fight against terrorism .. He Salaabi that this statement is intended to declare war on the rebels and their formations armed and demanded the government to backtrack on the statement.
“good ole QATAR” / DOHA smooches with USA…
International channel Libya Libya International Channel
The report of the institution, “Rand” American Research, based in the Qatari capital Doha published a report entitled “Libya after al-Qathafi,” recommends which Libya’s international partners to be ready for the possible deployment of a “peace force in Libya” (HAH!), considering that the possibility of a civil war, “not far” and that the best option is to The United Nations peacekeeping mission in Libya (UGH!!!), but if prevented differences in the Security Council of the deployment of the force, it is incumbent on NATO and the European Union to act independently, and preferably along the Gulf Cooperation Council and the Arab League. (O BOY!! NOT AGAIN!!!—the same excuse to  make more mayhem, death and destruction….)
“Zero hour” posts:
Report recommended the institution, “Rand” American Research Libya’s international partners to be ready for the possible deployment of a peace force in Libya, saying that the possibility of civil war “is not far away, unfortunately,” although it can still be avoided through the “correct approach and a bit of luck.” The report, which was released earlier this month under the title “Libya after al-Qathafi, lessons and implications for the future,” The best option is to take the United Nations peacekeeping mission, but if prevented differences in the Security Council of the deployment of the force, the NATO and the EU they will have to act independently , and preferably along the Gulf Cooperation Council and the Arab League, according to the report. The report considers the interests of that external actors can enhance security in Libya, but cost much more than it seems on what the international community can fill currently. It can also impose security if one of the armed groups took control of the rest, but this will be possible only after a civil conflict, and this would be a cure worse than the status quo. Instead, it could some groups in Libya to reach a political consensus relieves tension and includes specific steps to improve security. The report says that the United States and its allies ethical interests and strategy together to ensure that it does not slip Libya to violence, and that turned into a haven for jihadi groups stone’s throw from Europe, would be a major problem for the West, noting that terrorist violence escalating in Libya would have a chilling effect on the area the already fragile coast. Challenges, says the report, prepared by researchers Christopher Tchivis and Jeffrey Martini It’s two years after the disposal of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA in the third anniversary of the outbreak of the revolution, continue the great state of instability, and the political process stalled and the economic outlook is deteriorating, although it is clear that Libya is in better shape than Syria and other countries region. The researchers add: as well as its direct impact on the verdict, the case of non-security and also put the government in front of challenges far exceed their capabilities, and created more concern for the government is in fact prey to the pressure. Features and finds that the lay hierarchy of stability under a representative government and a constitutional system will enable the benefits of sustained energy and other resources in Libya, which will enhance the region in general, warning of the need to step up the government and its international partners of their efforts to control the security situation in Libya through steps such as disarmament , and the demobilization and reintegration of combatants. In spite of the current challenges – as seen researchers – the Libya continue to enjoy several advantages compared to the other communities living post-conflict situations, which promotes improvement in the fortunes of the situation. Thus, the relatively small size of the population reason for optimism, as many Libyans remain generally closer to their horizons in the American public, despite reluctance from foreign influence.
la photo de Libyan Ministry of Health – official page:
FROM THE RAT PAGES !!!!“Saleh Omran precordial”: HONORING OF A TERRIBLE MURDERING FILTHY GANGLAND MB RAT ?????? “Revolution” (WHAT ‘REVOLUTION’ ?) blessing and blessing (?) in precordial (THE BIG RAT and THUG) Saleh Omran precordial distributor of milk formerly the food shops, born in 1969, a member of the Association was born conqueror, and Sheikh Salah today is the scion of a family steeped in the area of Abu Salim known and famous criminality and problems and committing sins and police records and court registered and documented where their careers aromatic blessed, which smelt and increased the blessing
after the “victory of the revolution blessed” (HAH!!).Band of brother Omar cross band backing the fourth, and pocketed his brother Yunus, who caught revenue automotive market in Abu Salim and the rest of the project, and a team of thugs made up of a group of sellers of alcohol, cannabis provided them with protection against the assigned tasks ability against opponents from the likes of Ramadan Hornet and Ashour and Geho.Mirdiff Salah entered Abu Salim prison criminals
and came out an old man from the Academy of the Abu Salim scientific foundations of a battalion of several individuals and RBC landed pond where and where with a little alliances and the support of the elders and scholars of the Academy of Abu Salim became head of the military council of Abu Salim member grouping PAM Salafi, he was appointed ordered band backing Fourth Aldraa’s military a terrorist Sami al-Saadi and do not forget Barakat Sheikh Aleem member of Congress for Tarhounah, and preoccupation with Sheikh Salah commissioned his brother, “Omar precordial” nicknamed (Tamtam), led by the band and is directed by the interests of the group and turn a blind eye to the excesses and Sergath and cases of torture and murder, which exercised.Nfhat Biography of the “blessed”:- One of the biggest opponents of Dr. Ashour Hoael demanding his ouster, and said in a statement videotaped isolates PalmOS not Baldbus.- Receives in rent revenue and market cars in Abu Salim in full.- Chamber of power adapter Bjawarsouk light previously demolished and increased expansion and has opened a restaurant Baijarha Bolvin dinars per month.- Grab several government lands and lands to stop tracking the Ministry of Awqaf, including the land behind the mosque Alharaty and other land next to the military police and the Gila is in the eye of the Ministry of furniture from the homes as companions described. – Champions of the siege of the ministries and government offices and the headquarters of the conference more than once. – The Sheikh Salah “may God bless him the spiritual father of Sheikh A. Gneoh (UGH!!!) may God protect him. (!!!! BIG MURDEROUS MOTHER-KILLING RAT & THUG) Academic Rank and certificates: – Holds a junior. – A certificate of vaccination. – A birth certificate. – A certificate of clearance from the precedents (forged). Long live free Libya (HAH!!) and the blood of the martyrs (HAH, HAH–these are NO MARTYRS, as ALLAH KNOWS!) is Emcich vain. # _ Singing outside the flock _ Omar Alqoira 03/24/2014




The arrival of Afghan religion their plane landed in Mitiga base camp to the 27 Oh Belhadj Altman will pay dearly. Violent clashes between rival militias and the Liberal religion out rejection of the presence of extremist groups in the Afghan terrorist camp. And are free speech, my clients NATO.   —   Bhamdallah been released ((ea reliability)) Director of the Office of Information Central Bank of Libya kidnapped two days …………. —   KANGAROO COURT OF PUPPETS IN TRIPOLI: Libyan puppet-judiciary announced Monday, 24 March 2014, after hearing the unexpected in Tripoli that the trial of Saif al-Islam Gaddafi and key officials in the former regime will start on 14 April 2014 due to the absence of several of the defendants, including Saif al-Islam Gaddafi. In October, prosecutors charged accusations to more than thirty officials from the former regime on charges of “bloody repression of the Revolution of 2011” and the case was referred to the criminal court in Tripoli that the president determines the date for the start of the trial. The Attorney General’s friend fence in a press conference that the postponement would allow for many of the defendants to hire lawyers. The news agency quoted Libyan sources in the Ministry of Justice that the 23 accused out of 37 who attended the session, including the former director of the Libyan intelligence Abdullah Al-Senussi and Baghdadi Mahmudi the last secretary of the people’s Committees of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA. He added that the fence will not be moved Saif al-Islam from Tripoli to Zintan “for security reasons”, but the son of the Libyan leader, will appear in court via closed-circuit television. Libyan authorities have not been able to transfer to Tripoli in spite of tough negotiations. And directed about a dozen charges against more than thirty formerly in charge of Libya-related assassinations, looting and vandalism, and other acts affecting national unity. He said the fence he will also trial Saadi Gaddafi, son of Libyan leader, in the same case after it was handed over by Niger to Tripoli in early March / March Source: RT + Agence France-Presse (all propaganda: SAADI is free!) Russia Today — Word is now: shoot Gate Hotel Rixos by an armed group and fled. —


Closure of roads leading to the Fashloum burning tires after heavy fire happened near the Great Mosque !

Grande Mosque, TripoliPLATEAU:   The killing of a former military in the Libyan army colonel named “Mohamed Ammar,” was shot dead by gunmen stormed his house in the plateau region of Tripoli.

Agency Mermaid news Mermaid News Agency:
Urgent. Massadrberiash General Staff of the Libyan army confirms the Agency news of the transfer of the headquarters of the presidential primary from its current, Airport Road, to Tripoli, the Military College for Girls, formerly the center of the capital Tripoli. Justified this decision multiple attacks on the presidential residence the current is switched on and zone isolation.

الكلية العسكرية للبنات Girls Military College     —


Agency Mermaid news Mermaid News Agency Urgent. After the abduction, Bahlul fishing, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior for security affairs earlier. Armed militias attacked his house, and his sons and his wife graduated force Tajourah area, near fish restaurants. Mentions that the Interior Ministry has not issued any explanatory statement. Also the so-called “government and the National Conference” did not issue a public statement about what happened to any of the former Deputy Minister.   —

Attack on the headquarters of the Interior Ministry in Tripoli.

Attack on the headquarters of the Interior Ministry in Tripoli.Interior for security affairs earlier.

Armed militias attacked his house, and his sons and his wife graduated force Tajourah area. Near fish restaurants.

The Interior Ministry has not issued any explanatory statement

. “Government” and also “Allaotunai General Conference” did not issue a statement about what happened

to any of the former Deputy Minister.



An armed attack on the Moroccan embassy area Ben Achour.


University announced that corner Grant student will be as follows: – 1 – the grant will be disbursed to students outside the boundaries of the corner in a period not to exceed two weeks. 2 – The grant will be disbursed to the cards that were distributed recently by the next day Alatnen 3 – The grant will be disbursed to new students during the month of 9-10-11-12 next week . 4 – will be disbursed new cards that have been robbed during the next two weeks. Registered college Abozyrebh (Radio Field) — Increasing congestion on refueling stations, and the next day in a row on the back of a refinery shutdown corner.


Body Found “Salem Eid Matouk,” the officer police station in the Muslim Quarter of Tripoli shot dead and his body seems to stab wounds and signs of torture. Last Friday entered into the center of the national security industrial district armed group of residents of the Muslim Quarter and they are killer Salah Juweili and with him two Aqthmou position by force of arms and Khtafo assistant officer Salem Belaid Matouk Age 43 years old and beat him severely beaten and fired on him (the dog) and then the offender Salah GEWEILI shot in the head to kill him and why Salem Belaid Matouk was in the lead and where is the duty of the opening minutes of the center in the industrial district called Salah GEWEILI** means result in duty …. tip of one of the citizens in the offender and the bad luck that day is located and is open from the record … that the killer did not like killing him for this reason … the center of the industrial district is now locked by colleagues of the late Salem Belaid Matouk! (SEE: “RISHVANA”, below)   _________________


Libyan tribe and Rishvana Wershfana Tribe Libya:
Shura Council and Rishvana:
Dialogue and reconciliation between Rishvana and Friday Market A sense of brotherhood among the sons of the nation to hold a meeting of the dialogue between the people and Rishvana market on Friday 03/17/2014 Friday Market area and to consult and work on the release of detainees and Abram national reconciliation broadcast spirit tranquility in the hearts of people and achieve social peace. The meeting was attended by the Rishvana: Mr. Mohammed Tntosh Chairman of the Shura Council and the wise and Rishvana Mr. Abojeelh Seif official spokesman of the Shura Council and the wise and Rishvana and gentlemen charity Alranda and tourist Faraj and Ahmed Abodor, Mustafa Abdel-Fattah and Qjam tourist and Khalifa Qjam And was attended by about Friday Market: Mr. Mhammed Lander head of the local council Friday Market and gentlemen / Khalid Basir and Mohamed Shaaban Grira and Ben Flower and Colonel Nice coastline. The meeting concluded on the following: – 1 – Work on the release of all detainees identity without conditions or exceptions including Khalid Ibrahim Abuamad detained for more than eighteen months 2 – to issue a joint statement between the people and Rishvana market Friday and Tajourah Once Abram Magistrate 3 – Work to produce a document of national reconciliation between the people and Rishvana and Friday market and Tajura 4 – the composition of the permanent joint committee contribute to solving all outstanding problems 5 – emphasis on permanent dialogue without the direct intervention of a third party in the dialogue This was confirmed by the audience that what brings them together is motivation and a sense of national to achieve social peace and are keen to introduce tranquility in the hearts of parents and convene another meeting featuring Rishvana and respects the four and the Friday Market and Tajourah and does not publish these meetings, in the media or social networking only after reconciliation. May God help us all to the good of the country and the people (Media Office of the Shura Council and the wise and Rishvana / Monday, 03/17/2014)
And Rishvana: spokesperson told us of the Shura Council and the wise and Mr. Rishvana:
Abojeelh Seif El-Nasr,  that the detainees will be released from the sons of the Friday market they 1 – Mohammed young green 2 – Marwan Ali and prestige 3 – Mohammed Faraj Matouk 4 – SE Louhichi 5 – Sndachid Saadi 6 – Mohammad Ali Al Abdali 7 – Jamal Ali Aldake 8 – Ammar Mohammed tribal 9 – Abdel Salam Mohammed tribal 10 – Salem Falba 11 – Abdel Salam Ghawi 12 – Mohammed Atef Turkish 13 – Bashir Salem Abdelnour 14 – Jihad Muhammad Sharif 15 – Nodin Abdullatif bin Saud 16 – Muammar carp months 17 – Moses Alsja Ghiryani 18 – Abdul Rahman Almqamz 19 – Ashraf Muslim 20 – Ali Abdullah al-Najjar 21 – Knight Fathi Arjubh 0.22 – Ashraf Mohamed Sharif 23 – F Noureddine frying 24 – Alaa angular 25 – Ahmadmsaudatawaib 26 – Mustafa Abdul Salam Aburas 27 – Abdel-Moneim key Barasi 28 – Mohammed Mabrouk birth 29 – Al-Falah 30 – Ayman Jamal Alchomana
Issued Balzizih Information Office of the Shura Council and the wise and Rishvana 24/03/2014

Was released on the sons and Rishvana detained Friday in the market are: – 1 – Fawzi al-Mahdi Khalifa. 2 – Salah Mohammed Jubran. 3 – Mohammed Said Dehom. 4 – Hassan Dehom. 5 – Hamza Dehom. 6 – Ashraf Ibrahim Al-Nouri. 7 – Samir Nouri Dou. 8 – F Congratulations to Salem. 9 – Suleiman Mohammed Lafi. 10 – Majid Masood Lafi. 11 – Ali Lafi Emhemed. 12 – Mansour Abdul Khaliq Sahbun. 13 – Salim Mohammed bird. 14 – Raef Majid Moussa. 15 – Hani Abdul Majid Moussa. 16 – Nasser Majeed Musa . 17 – Mohammad Abdul Baset farmers. 18 – Abdel Salam Gomaa tourist. 19 – Ahmed Gomaa tourist. 20 – Khalid Ibrahim Abuamad. O decoding captured everyone!  this will be the release of all detainees of the sons of the Friday market and other conditions of the settlement by philanthropists and Reform Information Office of the Shura Council and the wise and Rishvana / 03/24/2014

(Channel capital)

These pictures last night, God save the sons and Rishvana:

Shura Council and Rishvana
Reconciliation between Rishvana and Friday market and Tajourah Based on the consultations and Allqat which has among the people and Rishvana and Friday market and Tajourah and the efforts of the Committee of the Elders of Libya in order to achieve social peace and solve the existing problems in accordance with the social norms prevailing in Libya to ensure defuse the conflict between the brothers and the preservation of good neighborliness and unity of the nation. Hold a meeting in Tripoli at the Department of Moral Guidance Staff, headed by the Libyan army included the following committees: – Committee Rishvana: Gentlemen both / Mohammed Tntosh / Abojeelh Seif El-Nasr / Naji Issa / charity Alranda / Dou Mansouri / Saleh Zahaf. Friday Market Committee: Messrs. both / Emhemed Lander / Mohammed Grira / Mohamed Ahmed speech / Faisal benign Albulazi / Osama on Ataiwar / Adel Abdullah Ramadan Commission Tajura: Jalal drowsiness / / Sayf al-Din Muhammad Ghawi / Congratulations favor Ataiwara / Nasser Sanusi drowsiness / Noordin Abdullah Habibi / Pacific goalkeeper Ali Committee of the Elders of Libya: both gentlemen / Taher Zinati / Mustafa Bashir birth / Ali Ali Zinati / Abul Qasim Masud al-Rubaie / Dou cuttings / Ahmed Albesbas Post Chiefs of Staff / Dean Alabana F / Salah Mohammed Henber This has been the signing of a document of social reconciliation through which the release of all those detained on identity and solving the outstanding problems and to cooperate with the judicial authorities and local Media Office of the Shura Council and the wise and Rishvana / Thursday, 20/03/2014
Hashim humans:
Hashim Humans 6
“Was the release of all abductees and captured between the tribe and Rishvana and Friday market and Tajura and battalion rebels Tripoli under the auspices of the Council of Elders of Libya and some of the leaders and elders of the military junta and the tribe Zintan and thankfully returned most of the hostages and arrested identity at each end and thankfully Aalslama and thanks to all the families of the detainees and those abducted .. this will be the settlement of all outstanding issues and problems later on committees and special thanks go also to the presence of the Attorney General and his office was aware of the nature and destination stage public interest and safety of the nation and the social fabric.”
Shura Council and Rishvana
Information Office of the Shura Council and the wise and Rishvana in connection with the official spokesman of the Shura Council and the wise and Rishvana: Mr. Abojeelh Seif El-Nasr, on social reconciliation between Rishvana and Friday market and Tajourah told us he was the efforts of philanthropists and reform and the determination of an adult and the intention of the finest and the will of the interest stems from men reformers are faithful to God and the nation have successfully God and His help reconcile reconciliation and social contract between the people and the good guys from Rishvana and Friday market and Tajourah for the introduction of satisfaction in the hearts of parents and restores harmony and compose hearts.
The Saif Al-Nasr it did this national duty honest men of Pigs, honored destined, and honored morals, and Tabt Mnapthm of sheikhs and the Elders and elders and young reformers, and under this reconciliation has been the release of detainees on the identity of all of these areas and the formation of a standing committee is sponsoring this reconciliation and oversees Tidha in cooperation with the Council of Elders of Libya. This provides Seif on behalf of the Shura Council and the wise and Rishvana thanks and appreciation to all who participated in this humanitarian work and Ihnya all the families of their children, hoping that the return of security and stability prevails throughout this country. Media Office of the Shura Council and the wise and Rishvana / Monday, 24/03/2014
Libyan tribe and Rishvana Wershfana Tribe Libya
And Rishvana:
Information Office of the Shura Council and the wise and Rishvana been released Khalid Ibrahim Abuamad
efforts of reformers from honest home has assured us this news:
Mr. Mohammed Tntosh Chairman of the Shura Council and the wise and Rishvana, Mr. Abojeelh Seif El-Nasr
and Mr. Naji Issa and Mr. Abdelfattah tourist and charity Alranda. Issued LAID (Alrvafah) Monday, 03/24/2014
Urgent: the release of the sons of “F-Sayeh,”
the former member of the National Conference of abducted
since last month after the Magistrate, who was yesterday between the boards and the Friday Market and Rishvana and Tajourah ..F Sayeh, a former member of the National Conference year:
International channel Libya Libya International Channel
“More than 50% of the members of Congress belong to the stream of political Islam and most of them are terrorists and those who belong to extremist organizations and some of them were in Afghanistan, and the other, headed by Abdul Wahab Kayed, who leads the Fidelity . How to fight terrorism, the prime minister and terror in Libya led and funded by elements in his government and in the Congress? “Ibrahim Buamad” one of the sons of the family Buamad that killed completely in Rishvana in 2012 at the hands of the power of belonging to Hashim man jailed for 6 months in Mitigua at the hands of Hashim humans and told us not released until the sign “Ibrahim Buamad” abdication on the issue that killed his father and his mother.  Musaylimah liar Hashim humans of Jewish origin and Rishvana wants to give up on a murder case, ‘A-Buamad’.  This will never happen.”

The need tell the truth concerning how the situation in Libya, the Libyan time: The dead and the killer, and there is nothing any page broke the news or denounced the crime, at a time if they were hit by a car in Qreish rapid areas Rishvana Raho Vena media war and a war of militias and not around and no power but from God Salem Belaid Matouk one of the sons of the area and Rishvana Sawani exposed to crime. Killed at the hands of a heinous criminal Salah Juweili of the population of the industrial district!!! Last Friday entered into the center of the national security industrial district armed group of residents of the Muslim Quarter and they are killer Salah Juweili and with him two Aqthmou position by force of arms and Khtafo assistant officer Salem Belaid Matouk Age 43 years old and beat him severely beaten and fired on him (the dog) and then the offender Salah GEWEILI shot in the head to kill him and why Salem Belaid Matouk was in the lead and where is the duty of the opening minutes of the center in the industrial district called Salah GEWEILI** means result in duty …. tip of one of the citizens in the offender and the bad luck that day is located and is open from the record … that the killer did not like killing him for this reason … the center of the industrial district is now locked by colleagues of the late Salem Belaid Matouk! O mercy on him and forgive him, O Lord, and no one blames the police in gangs and militias everywhere in Libya and in every street and can not afford to cop does not even have a weapon to defend himself from such criminality Very ugly images of the effects of torture and beatings do not want published!    **: For information only: Did you know that shops vegetable market neighborhood Islamic # Btrabulsalmarov market Tuesday new all imports stores pay for someone named SALAH GEWEILI (or, Salah Juweili) under duress, and the state has not been able to stop Hedda person until this moment, because he is surrounded by a gang of armed’re building stores random versus the market and in its surroundings and in the near future, you will find shops on the highway, and by force of arms.   “ZERO HOUR” writes to inform us: Important Tnyh To everyone who asks for a fighter Khaled Abubrigad. We inform you that which was blazoned is a relative of the family of the martyr Ramadan Abuamad named Khalid Ibrahim Abubrigad not Khaled Ramadan Abubrigad. He was arrested more than a year and a half at the airport in Tripoli, a car dealer and stayed all that time in prison after refusing to waive the amount that was found with him. We thank all of Ptsaúlh sent and expressed concern. We extend each liberated captives of the sons and Rishvana heartfelt congratulations Rajin of Almighty God that His grace is upon us and see all our prisoners from all the tribes of Libya outside prisons DARK.   ____________________


statut de Dardanelles channel TV | Aldardanel TV. # Obituary

Hearts locked in God and mourns the management of the Technical College Electronic / Bani Walid engineers
Ayman birth Zubrh and Mustafa Ibrahim, who Matouk and Avahm term after a tragic car accident
on the road between Bani Walid and Tarhounah. May the bereaved God rest in peace and their families;
carefree and beautiful college family patience and solace .. To God and to Him we return that ..
Back telecommunications networks and Libyana orbit and Internet services to the city of Bani Walid
after a lapse of more than 24 hours…JUST ENOUGH TIME TO HACK the GREEN SITES!!!



Meet Ali hardness in Misrata b Salah Paddy’s military intelligence chief to discuss the crisis, the oil fields “in Alemraabie”: (MISURATA MB RATS w ALI hardness, discuss eliminating CYRENAICA) MISURATA MB RATS w ALI hardness, discuss eliminating CYRENAICA

What do not they learned from the city of Misratah after the return of her armor.
1 – infect human beasts and villains on the sand dunes and Alhishom and Alasbach, beaches, natural forests, “belt”
and the jungle city of Misurata ….
It is the land owned by the state in all the constitutions of the world … and she was in the former Lands General
No one can infringed upon …
2 – The spread of drug trafficking and alcohol and drug abusers excessively and rapidly ..
3 – assault on the territory had been confiscated by the state in the past has been to compensate owners large sums in the center
and outskirts of the city.
4 – infringement of the owners of shops, cafes, restaurants and other public …
on the sidewalk leading to a crawl on the public streets sometimes
(Depression Forum)



hearing voices successive explosions in the city of Benghazi. — Six students injured by the explosion of a homemade bomb in the city of Benghazi.Mohammed Taiwir was assassinated Ataiwir Magbari hotel manager Tibesti previously. Was assassinated this morning, “Mohammad Taiwir” # Tibesti hotel manager Formerly area Fwyhat b proximity of Khansa School. Was assassinated Mohammed Ataiwir Magbari hotel manager  of the Tibesti,  previously were shot and one of them lodged in his head and that the atmosphere in front of the headquarters of the country in the Pepsi Street. I am God, and to Him we return, ________ But in an interview with a teacher to a school Near the crime, she told me (Atef Shelmani)  that she saw the killing: The two are from the crime where they left off with their car In the middle of the road and Winslow them and lose to Descend Taiwir of his car And put it on one of the walls and directing their weapons has been carried B crime in front of people in broad daylight and did not move one finger. For how long.! Every single day.   The kidnapping of the so-called field commander “Amer Bhoshradeh” Libyan plot to Amer Jaddabaa.   — The assassination of the poet, “Atef customary” in the city of Benghazi, a famous poet of the court yard.   — Urgent ::::::::::::::::: A military source from SS confirms that they had to arrest the cell criminal steals car, whom the Egyptians and Libyans and Palestinians and multiple sexual and stole about 45 cars so far, where they stole the car and cut it into pieces and parts to burn what is left of the car and SS Appealing to all citizens of a stolen car has to go to camp Thunderbolt might find his car into this car …… (Mutassim Faitouri) The killing of an Egyptian citizen citizenship in the city of Benghazi by unknown A source from the military special forces “Thunderbolt” in a statement That the citizen “Mohamed Shehata just” an Egyptian national was killed in The early morning hours by gunmen’s place of residence in the area Boatni near the beverage factory and was transferred to the Hospital Galaa, and in the same context, the medical source at the hospital Galaa. In a statement that the dead man at the age of “45” years and subjected to shooting bullets and injured on impact in the head and killed him. —   News gathering of armed men at the headquarters of illegal immigration near a market garden in an attempt to free prisoners .. —

LT: Tariq KHARAZ :
“bears responsibility for the lawlessness of the city # Bnghazaely director of the Directorate of
Security in Benghazi,” Sadiq al-Lawati, “and also carries the responsibility of assassinations against security men.
I carry my responsibility if something happened to me.”




What is called “The Ministry of Awqaf” Tobruk unlocked by neighbors and by his failure to catastrophe ..     _____________________________



Lack of liquidity in the banks and the closure of banks Opare . Closure of banks operating area Ubari after kidnapping bank manager North Africa.  Ubari March 25, 2014 (and) – closed banks operating area of ​​Ubari, doors, Tuesday morning, to protest against the kidnapping of the Director of the Bank of North Africa, Mr. \ “Mohammed righteous Aazim \”. According to the correspondent of the News Agency of Libya in the region, that Mr. \ “Aazim \” abducted on Monday, on his way to his home after the end of the official working hours of the bank. The correspondent added that the kidnappers demanded – in a telephone conversation the people of the kidnapped – the amount (000.600) six hundred thousand dinars for the release of Mr. \ “Aazim \”. … (And – Ubari) …   ——-



Almzarat meeting between Suleiman and sons, in the Hall of the People on the eve of the day. — Searatin steal their kind “Mercedes” 10 tons “Khasta provide aircraft fuel and electricity generator airport Sabha with the knowledge that the airport under the occupation of the self-styled third force Almzratih.   _______________________


AMSAAD:   News heroic Libyan resistance and crimes and scandals NATO: # Egypt – # Libya Mnfd # Amsaad Egyptian army incursion into the hall Mnfd Amsaad saluting the border in each of Almnfd escape after skirmishes broke Amsaad population of Egyptian cars and the Egyptian army to arrest some of the problems Metairie inside Libyan territory ..





Israel expects World War III to break out and is acting accordingly.

Something huge is coming… be prepared.



Mu looks on


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