Murder and Mayhem continues


Media Committee of the battalion men the current situation:

((Summary career three-year-old media of Resistance))

During the three years in the media work we sought many things, including: –

1_ found men loyal to the country, who without a working connection, led. Their only concern is the liberation of the country

and against the target married Hedda case, and the gun and bullets.

2_ We found there are people working in the Resistance but the hum is not home,

but are concerned about is the satisfaction of the legitimate leadership and they were Infdon business was run out by other people, they in turn attribute them to themselves …… but they forgot that staying home.

3_ we found people who were top in the employment and support clients NATO fronts and would stand against the forces of the armed people

and Mend period and after that lived actually my dad brought us to us the plot, which come on the “plight of February 17”.

Returned to the front rows and formed resistance groups and a fierce defense of the homeland and to maintain and atone for what they have done in a time of crisis.

(Media Committee of the battalion men the current situation)

اللجنه الاعلاميه لكتيبة رجال الظرف الحالي
((ملخص مشوار عمره ثلاث سنوات من المقاومه الاعلاميه ))
خلال الثلاث سنوات في العمل الاعلامي التمسنا امور كثيره ومنها:-
1_ وجدنا رجال مخلصين للوطن يعملون دون اتصال بقياده وهمهم الوحيد هو تحرير الوطن ومقابل هدا الهدف تزوجوا القضيه والبندقيه والرصاص
2_ وجدنا هناك اشخاص يعملون في المقاومه ولكن همهم ليس الوطن وانما كان همهم هو رضا القياده الشرعيه عليهم وكانوا ينفدون اعمال كانت تنفد عن طريق اشخاص اخرين وهم بدورهم ينسبونها الى انفسهم ……ولكن نسوا ان الوطن باق
3_ وجدنا اشخاص كانوا قمه في العماله ومساندة عملاء الناتو في الجبهات ووقوفهم ضد قوات الشعب المسلح ومند فتره وبعد ان عاشوا الواقع الدي اوصلتنا الينا المؤامره والتي هيا نكبة 17 فبراير عادوا الى الصفوف الاماميه وشكلوا مجموعات مقاومه وشرسه للدفاع عن الوطن والمحافظه والتكفير عن ما قاموا به في وقت الازمه
اللجنه الاعلاميه لكتيبة رجال الظرف الحالي



These school children will honor the real REVOLUTION”: The GREAT al-Fatah Glorious SEPTEMBER ’69 revolution of Light:

Farces Hakra 17 Aalaaar School


THE al-Fateh 1969:

Today, the leaders of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA:






Lioness fierce predators a publié sur Hamza Abuchnger on FB:

News uncertain

I’m a donkey defense Adeyo he kidnapped for five months in a mysterious accident did not disclose its interpretation…

It turned out that the son of named, Abdullah bending (NIGERIAN puppet Libyan PM) was imprisoned in Tunisia,

because of the issue of prejudice,

and Zarh literature has gone to Tunisia, accompanied by bad guys, without the knowledge of his family,

and there was imprisoned in Tunisia…

and Papa now has to come out to pay bail of 170 000 Tunisian dinars.
اللبوة الشرسة المفترسةa publié surحمزه ابوخنجر

خبر مؤكــد

ابن حمار الدفاع الذي ادعىو انه مختطف لمدة خمسة اشهر في حادث غامض لم يفصح عن تفسيـره

اتضح ان ابن المدعو عبدالله الثني كان مسجون في تونس بسبب قضية ذعارة والاخلال بالادب وقد ذهب الى تونس برفقة رفاق السوء دون علم اهله و هناك تم سجنه في تونس واخرج بدفع كفالة بقيمة 170 الف دينار تونسي

PICTURE: Muhammad (age 27), son of Abdullah bending, was kidnapped (?) months ago





Leaks of records Sana Djerbi and nostalgia Alrabotta and Aatervat about their arrest with Nuri Abusshmin
تسريبات لتسجيلات سناء الجربي وحنين الرابطي واعترفات حول القبض عليهن مع نوري ابوسهمين


International reporter:

shut down the headquarters of the so-named “prime minister” in the capital Tripoli
by protesters on the delayed salaries.
British Airways canceled all its flights to Tripoli.
The continuation of chaos and road closures by protesters because of the continuing murders and kidnappings ….
Poll by two flying in the skies of Tripoli Mend early morning in areas of Spring Valley and the Ayn Zara
and Os and Aziziyah and janzour.طائرتا استطلاع تحلق في سماء طرابلس مند الصباح الباكر في مناطق وادي الربيع وعين زاره والسراج والعزيزيه وجنزور–


armed group abducting 3 girls in the neighborhood of Al-Andalus.






Jardan of Got Alshall:

each of the tribe Alzenath and others from Rahibat, these are Dahmu home hero Abu Zaid Dorda

and arrested him and then lose tortured and thrown from the second floor to see them Najib Ferjany Rahiba,

and his father, God’s mercy was an employee glossy honestly Foreign and move between offices popular abroad for a period of long,,,
Erhomh Sultan glare officer Air Force was studying in Russia for several years (at the expense of the community),

residing in the Got Alshall rat traitor and climber, his brother Kamal like him as well as Mahmoud, who gets on a mission to America

(by one of his relatives at the expense of the community) and returned at the beginning of the Nakba Ktaúr (17th FEBRUARY), which is really just a

Climber no more-

[Op 2]


جردان غوط الشعال بعضهم من قبيلة الزناتة والبعض الاخر من الرحيبات ,هؤلاء هم من داهمو منزل البطل ابوزيد دوردة واعتقلوه ومن ثم قامو بتعذيبه ورميه من الطابق الثاني نرى منهم نجيب الفرجاني الرحيبي ,والده رحمه الله كان موظف لامع بأمانة الخارجية وتنقل بين المكاتب الشعبية في الخارج لفترة طويلة ,,,
أرحومة سلطان الوهج ضابط بالسلاح الجوي كان يدرس في روسيا عدة سنوات على حساب المجتمع يقيم في غوط الشعال جرذ خائن ومتسلق , أخوه كمال مثله وكذلك محمود الذي تحصل على بعثة لاامريكا عن طريق أحد أقاربه على حساب المجتمع وعاد في بداية النكبة كثائر ,وهو في الحقيقة مجرد متسلق لااكثر
Dr. Zaid Dorda in Got Ashall, his captors


Tripoli now Mottagrbah all on Ross Street Shooting Rats corner and through the rail and Shargh victory and dense.

طرابلس الان متقربعه كلها على روس الجرذان رماية بشارع الزاوية و طريق السكة وشارغ النصر وكثيفة




Student at the Faculty of five UNIVERSITY attacks on Dr.

weapons and wounded six students and Talibat Pei seriously injured and 4 in Care







Residents rise up against armed gangs (from the heart of the event from the western mountain Kklh) residents Kklh attacking gangs and armed militias that wreaked havoc in the ground and robbed and killed and looted a reason Kklh catastrophe and calamity to “Anzmamha 17 February” ::::
Today has been the attack on these fragmentation Kklh western mountain, who number about 100 criminal and thief, and say that we are rebels were killed, three of them criminals, including:
1 – Outlaw Ibrahim Hamouda small (the son of the so-called head of the local council Kklh), head of the gang,
2 – Ibn Red
3 – Ibn Oraybi
And some of them in intensive care – and a host of other wounded and injured were arrested Deputy Prime Almlishh
were arrested a large number of villainous gang and managed a number of the gang to escape,

من ككله

الاهالي تنتفض ضد العصابات المسلحة (من قلب الحدث من ككلة بالجبل الغربي) اهالي ككلة تهاجم العصابات والمليشات المسلحة التي عاثت في الارض فساداً وسرقت وقتلت ونهبت وهي سبب نكبة ككلة وانظمامها الى نكبة فبراير ::::

فلقد تم اليوم الهجوم علي هؤلاء الشرذمة بككلة بالجبل الغربي والذين يبلغ عددهم حوالي 100 مجرم وسارق ويقولون اننا ثوار وتم قتل منهم ثلاث مجرمين منهم :
1- المجرم حموده ابراهيم الصغير (ابن ما يسمى رئيس المجلس المحلي ككله ) وهو رئيس العصابة ,,
2- ابن الاحمر
3- ابن عريبي
ومنهم من في العنايه الفائقه –ومجموعه اخري جرحي ومصابين وتم القبض علي نائب رئيس المليشة وتم القبض على عدد كبير من العصابه المجرمه و تمكن عدد من العصابه من الفرار ,,




Salafi RATS blow up SUFI SACRED SHRINES again and the ancient tombs

of ALCHUIRV family ancestry:

Blow up a number of shrines near the city of Mizdah and Alchuirv.

Mizdah March 31, 2014 (Wall) – the dawn of the tomb complex, unknown tombs of the righteous in the region of the head drum away from the city of Mizdah 75 kilometers. 

Eyewitnesses reported that eight cars came out of the cemetery after they blew all the shrines and tombs in the cemetery of coral, particularly Sheikh \ “Mohammed world \” in pushing Valley \ “Adridr \” near the top of the drum at dawn today.

In the same vein dawn unknown tomb of Sheikh \ “Abubakar \” Alchuirv in the cemetery, which lies 250 kilometers south of Mizdah. 

According to the correspondent of the News Agency of Libya Bmzdh Alchuirv that buildings shook at dawn today from the horror of the blast, while another population in a state of panic from the virus, indicating that this is the first time that affect their graves bombings Alchuirv

Pictures: Shuwarif shrine in MIZDAH GRAVES destroyed
from a former desecration of 04 SEPT 2013
Graves and shrines in the Jabal Nafusa town of Mizdah were desecrated, bombed and vandalised. Then,

“One of the graves belonged a Libyan Sufi, Sheikh Badawi, whom Mizdah locals revere,” he said, adding that Mizdah locals were extremely upset by the incident.

“The vandalised graves were exhumed and the remains have been moved to a neighbouring cemetery,” said Badawi.
There was spate of attacks on Sufi shrines in number of Libyan towns and cities by armed groups in 2012. These included the attempted destruction of the Abdussalam Lasmar shrine in Zliten and graves beside the Sahaba Mosque in Derna. Last month, the ancient Shuwarif shrine in the Souk Al-Juma cemetery of the same name, was utterly destroyed by vandals using heavy equipment. also in Jabal-as-Sawda in Mizdah.

Zintani elders meet with the IMPERIALIST Yanks:





Misurata yesterday evening

The last offense occurred in the area of inventory Alqoshi Mahiche just killed his sister after his sister adjust their neighbor in Apartment
Yesterday when he and his sister, and very neighbor’s apartment without clothes. Drunk and come back to God he shot his sister, killing her.

مصراته مساء امس

اخر جريمه حدثت فى منطقة القوشي جرد عادل المحيشي قتل اخته بعد ضبط اخته في شقه جارهم
امس عندما و وجدا اخته فى شقة جارهم بدون ملابس .بحالة سكر واعود بالله قام اطلق النار على اخته فقتله




NATO sees only OIL, cares nothing about loss of life and LIBYAN people or their dignity:

non-Persuaded him to drop it (oil war)
As he called agents of NATO, which will be between East customers and customers of Central and Western name battle that shows shows that the battle is not related to the safety and security or the dignity and sovereignty of the nation, but what will be the war is money and black oil and my father into each clients NATO master biggest.

They never did Ikhroja for Libyan citizen.
They will not declare war on extremist groups for the debt structure and announced their presence in Libya grabbed publicly

Those seeking money nor Shi is money
And that the land and the soil of the homeland and the graves opened its doors in order to swallow all of Ajev battle in this topic.

The battle will not be delayed over the valley and the Reds will actually bleed red.

Falwell Tkhodon you, from the battles for the money and forget about your symptoms and Ttanason which violated the distal and proximal and Enjoy Tldd Bashrvkm Frttm by my father.

اقنعه تسقطها (حرب النفط )
كما اسماها عملاء الناتو والتي ستكون بين عملاء الشرق وعملاء الوسطى والغربيه اسم المعركه ان يدل يدل على ان المعركه لا صله لها بامن وامان او بكرامة وسيادة الوطن وانما ما ستقوم عليه الحرب هو المال الاسود والبترول والدي بنظر كل عملاء الناتو سيدهم الاكبر 
هؤلاء لم يخروجا ابدا من اجل المواطن الليبي 
هؤلاء لن يعلنوا الحرب على التكفيريين الدين اعلنوا عن هيكلهم ووجودهم في ليبيا الم
غتصبه للعلن 
هؤلاء يسعون الى المال ولا شي غير المال 
وان الارض والقبور وتراب الوطن تفتح ابوابها لكي تبتلع كل من يجيف في هده المعركه 
والمعركه لن تتاخر اكثر والوادي الحمر سيكون حمر فعلا 
فالويل لكم يا من تخوضون المعارك من اجل المال وتنسون وتتناسون اعراضكم التي انتهكها القاصي والداني واستمتع وتلدد بشرفكم الدي فرطتم به .






Close Airport Gate Aldavnip in Sirte, by Misurata Militia for unknown reasons.





locust swarm attacking agricultural land area South-east of Benghazi.






The assassination of one air defense personnel and title Barasi in al-Salam neighborhood in front of Omar bin.


Barasi shot in front of his children in the morning. Officer killed in air defense weapon (Mahmoud Ettalhi)

wounds sustained as a result of exposure to the process of shooting in different parts of his body,

was shot dead by unidentified region of Al-Salam neighborhood.



Torched the headquarters of the Department of Park Alboudzarh:











Egypt prevent the Libyans from entering the territory through the port Salloum .. has been permanently lock port ..

will be allowed only with the passage of cargo trucks.

Egyptian army colonel killed in Ismailia after an attack on his car.







Dr. Hamza Abuchnger on FB writes:

Peace, mercy and blessings of God ….

Nntcef sits on your image of the globe on the equator in central Africa and the world as if it says Anaqlb …

also sits in the hearts of millions of people …

your image perceived by travelers from around the world from a distance of twenty kilometers to tell them we are here in the heart of the world how much you are .. Great …

promised Vovc struggled in God and still the minarets of mosques frequency of the voice of God in the larger parts of you were to where you hear the bells ..

but here in the highest summit in Kampala lifted up their cross minaret to minaret is the highest point in Kampala …

no matter what we said Vick remains the biggest of words ……

حمزه ابوخنجر
السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته ….
تتربع صورتك على ننتصف للكرة الارضيه على خط الاستواء بوسط افريقيا وكانها تقول اناقلب العالم …كما تتربع في قلوب ملايين البشر …تتراءى صورتك للمسافرين من مختلف انحاء العالم من مسافة عشرون كيلو مترا لتقول لهم نحن هنا في قلب العالم ..كم انت عظيم …عاهدت فاوفيت وجاهدت في الله ولازالت مآذن المساجد تردد صوت الله اكبر في بقاع كانت قبلك لاتسمع فيها الا الاجراس ..هنا وفي اعلى قمة في كمبالا رفعت المئذنه فوق صليبهم لتكون المئذنه اعلى نقطة في كمبالا …مهما قلنا فيك تظل اكبر من الكلمات ……

PICTURE shows Dr. Hamza Thami in Kampala, Uganda




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