Civil disobedience for nine more days

Mu tears

We’re not defending all positions Vqaúdna is making these positions and made us masters and learned that sovereignty is not money just Sovereignty is the dignity.
When living in security and safety, and decide each Matrade to do at any time to Aistabdk diagonal or my brothers
or a terrorist, you are in this case be the master of yourself you decide ..
when The positions of the men was the leader positions are filling their places and all the glory and objective mind …
Yet we defend our dignity and our home and our land and our offer.
The day after the catastrophe of February and became a special Valmnesb Balmkhnthon and owners of prostitution cases,
corruption and theft Alsaqton If the sponsors are reprobates February how the case if the parish?
Valraah ..
tykes will not accept Bgmanm only parish Vfberaar most despicable of them all fallen by the abbreviation shepherds tending diocese
dropped them do not expect February generations supervisor Vacharf standalone Eichervh Alfberairiun.
No need for Anker February Fjmaekm bisexual and I bet my life that was found to February only one man is selling his sisters honor and sells his homeland is not a man of manliness and IMT any link …. With regards and respect for the men and the Black Knights
(Commander of the Great Conqueror)
نحن لاندافع عن مناصب فقائدنا هو من صنع هذه المناصب وجعلنا اسيادا وللعلم ان السياده ليست اموال فقط فالسياده هي الكرامه فعندما تعيش بأمن وامان وتقرر كل ماتريد فعله في اي وقت لايستعبدك قطري او اخواني او ارهابي فأنت في هذه الحاله تكون سيد نفسك انت تقرر ..وعندما كانت المناصب مناصب كان رجال القائد يملئون اماكنهم بكل شموخ وعقل وموضوعيه… نحن نحن ندافع عن كرامتنا وعن وطننا وارضنا وعرضنا . اما اليوم وبعد نكبة فبراير فالمناصب اصبحت خاصه بالمخنثون واصحاب قضايا الدعاره والفساد والسرقه فاذا كان الساقطون الفاسقون هم رعاة فبراير فكيف حال الرعيه اذا؟ ..فالراعاة الحقراء لن يقبل بحكمهم الا رعية احقر منهم ففبراير بكل اختصار رعاة ساقطون يرعون رعية اسقط منهم فلا تتوقعوا من فبراير اجيالا مشرفه فالشرف بذاته لايشرفه الفبرايريون .
لاداعي للأنكار فبراير فجميعكم مـــخــنــثـــون واراهن بحياتي ان وجد بفبراير رجل واحد فقط فمن يبيع شرف اخواته ويبيع وطنه ليس رجــــل ولايمت للرجولة بأي صلة …. مع تحياتي واحترامي لرجال واسود الفاتح العظيم فرسان القائد

Mu alive 2014



MU’Ammar now and definitely alive:

Image that terrified Jardan and became Vem involuntary urination.

ÔăćÎ corner

الصورة التي أرعبت الجردان وأصبح لذيهم تبول لا إرادي.(شموخ الزاويه)

جحفل قبيلة الزاوية المقاتل

 Haaaaaaaaaam Jaddaaaaaaaaa. . .
This is in response to some of the commander Illusionist fearful of the truth …Living Dead 07
هاااااااااام جدااااااااا . . .هذا رد القائد على بعض الواهمون الخائفون من الحقيقة …الميت الحي07

Living Dead


بلادنا يابلادنا يا ارضنا وميعادنا يا ارثنا لأولادنا لينا ومش لغيرنا ويا حبنا ويا زادنا ويا مجدنا ويا اعيادنا تبقي نصيب لأحفادنا مهما يكون مصيرنا عدينا العده ليك افواج افواج انجيك
صفحة ليبيا بوك أضغط هنا ليبيا بوك
‫#‏تنبيه‬ هدة صفحة ليبيا بوك الصفحة الاصلية ولايوجد لدينا صفحة اخري بعد قفل الصفحة الرئسية من قبل ادارة الفيسبوك(LIBYABOOK)

Our country, our land and Aabladna oh oh Miedna our heritage for our children Lena and don our love for others Loya Loya Loya

our chagrin glory Loya share to keep our feasts grandchildren Whatever be our destiny Adina kit Lake battalions battalions Angiu

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‫ # alert ‬ Dell Libya page Facebook page original and does not have another page after page lock Actual by Facebook administration



Each year, you okay, are free and silks …..
Great Jamahiriya on the occasion of Eid seventh of April …
and God willing, the feast happy Nanfloaa Beah’s beloved Jamahiriya.
Muammar al-Qathafi’s visit to the school Bznath generation unit...
Mu visit students 09 APRIL 2011

Oh briefed bat of the night …... Jack seventh of April

See ya bat of the night ** Jack seventh of April

Extend our congratulations to the Leader on the occasion of the anniversary

of the Revolution of 38 students on the seventh of April 1976 …

Not to falsify history ….

Seventh of April revolution peaceful student :::

We follow the campaign hectic that Infdha haters clients NATO to distort Fateh Revolution and great leader martyr fasting ..

publish Alakadeb and fabrication of charges lump-sum and repeat claims sting after that became clear what they

are in front of the Libyans and the whole world as a group of criminal gangs starved of power at any cost …

It Zmanalmodoat basic in their campaign. . miserable attempts to tarnish the image of the glorious revolution student in

the seventh of April, which contributed to the security and stability of Libya for several decades.

But I saw the importance of it to show some of the facts as they are and God is my witness, and I challenge the sincerity of denial that will attempt to refute any of them, or that prove to be incorrect.

1_ first student revolt were started in 1970, against attempts to use the university communists to gain power at the time and culminated Palmdahirat peaceful student in the seventh of April 1976 which universities free of communist gangs that tried to run out to the media student.

2_ horsehair on the cutting has been executed or killed any student or any other person during and after the revolution of April 7 in universities or other educational institutions .. Yes you may injure some students in the faculties of Tripoli in normal fights when they tried to cope with the Mdahirat peaceful groups against communists.

In Benghazi took over the committee organized all the members of CCAMLR delegates from teaching and students from the college students took over the leadership of the revolution, which focused on Trudolf education and curriculum change.

3_ anyway not executed anyone during 1976 in Libya

4_ in 1977 was executed three people convicted of the crime of bombing the Socialist Union and the port of Benghazi, not including students .. Kdalk and a number of military officers convicted of Alddin military courts in the case of a conspiracy Mahichy.

5_ in later years in the number of octets executed five people convicted of charges of membership of extremist parties, and also a number of militants tried to Alddin Execution of terrorist operations in Libya, and in any case, has publicly these executions in accordance with the provisions of a lawsuit from the competent authorities at the time.

Has been confirmed today that all Alddin punished are actually convicted of crimes that they were accused has become brag about it in the media .. and ask who killed Ahmed lamp in Benghazi with premeditated What punishment legal and legitimate, how criminalizing of Nfdha ..

and work with foreign parties to destabilize What is the security of the state punished. Would you suggest them to maximize the Peace Ray Egyptian brothers .. and how do you justify Alhagm on the follow-up of the system and agents Tzmounam Taatuadonhm doom and destruction and marvelous things because they may disturb your security and Astaqrarkm.

The most important question to look only at the number of killed, kidnapped, and Adb. And brutal practices against them .. and size Mend {01/01/2012}, compared to only committed throughout the 42 years of the Revolution.

From Atpacon the alleged victims in the April 7 Why do not care about thousands of innocent detainees and thousands of women prisoners in detention centers run by foreigners and teenagers in the previous did not witness her Libyan history ever seen .. and the arrest of Senate elderly from the likes of Sheikh Civil Alchuirv and Abdulaaty Abidi and Recep Abodbus and others.

Our message to them that Alakadeb grudges and does not make the future of the peoples.

Aboiarb Trabelsi.
A. M

لا لتزييف التاريخ ….

السابع من ابريل ثورة طلابية سلمية :::

نتابع الحملة المحمومة التى ينفدها الحاقدون عملاء الناتو لتشويه ثورة الفاتح العظيمة وقائدها الشهيد الصائم ..بنشر الاكاديب وتلفيق التهم الجزافية وتكرار ادعائاتهم المفضوحة بعد ان اتضحت حقيقتهم امام الليبيين والعالم اجمع كمجموعة من العصابات المجرمة المتعطشة للسلطة بآي ثمن …ومن ظمنالموضوعات الاساسية في حملتهم ..محاولاتهم البائسة لتشويه صورة الثورة الطلابية المجيدة فى السابع من ابريل التى ساهمت فى امن واستقرار ليبيا لعدة عقود.
ولاهمية الامر رآيت ان آبين بعض الحقائق كما هى ويشهد الله على صدقها واتحدى من سيحاول نكرانها ان يفند اى منها او ان يثبت عدم صحتها
1_اولا ثورة الطلاب بداءت عام 1970 ضد محاولات الشيوعيين استخدام الجامعة للوصول الى السلطة في ذلك الوقت وتوجت بالمضاهرات الطلابية السلمية فى السابع من ابريل1976 الذي حرر الجامعات من العصابات الشيوعية التي حاولت النفاد الي الاوساط الطلابية
2_على سبيب القطع لم يعدم او يقتل اى طالب او اى شخص اخر اثناء وبعد ثورة 7 ابريل فى الجامعات او غيرها من مؤسسات التعليم ..نعم قد جرح بعض الطلبة فى كليات طرابلس في مشاجرات عادية عندما حاولوا التصدى للمضاهرات السلمية ضد مجموعات الشيوعيين
فى بنغازى تولت لجنة ظمت جميع اعضاء هئية التدريس ومندوبين عن الطلاب من الكليات تولت قيادة ثورة الطلاب التى تركزت على تتوير التعليم وتغيير المناهج
3_على اية حال لم يعدم اى انسان طيلة عام 1976 في ليبيا
4_عام 1977 اعدم ثلاث اشخاص ادينوا بجريمة تفجير الاتحاد الاشتراكى وميناء بنغازى وليس من بينهم طلاب ..وكدالك عدد من الظباط اللدين ادينوا من المحاكم العسكرية فى قضية مؤامرة المحيشى
5_فى سنوات لاحقة فى الثمانيات اعدم عدد 5 اشخاص مدانون بتهم عضوية احزاب متطرفة ,وكذالك عدد من المسلحين اللدين حاولوا تنفيد عمليات ارهابية في ليبيا ,وفى كل الاحوال تمت تلك الاعدامات علنا وفقا لاحكام قضائية من جهات مختصة في ذلك الوقت
لقد تآكد اليوم ان كل اللدين عوقبوا هم فعلا مدانون بالجرائم التى اتهموا بها فلقد صاروا يتبجحون بها فى وسائل الاعلام .. ولنسآل من قتل احمد مصباح فى بنغازى مع سبق الاصرار ماهى عقوبته القانونية والشرعية فكيف يجرم من نفدها..ومن عمل مع جهات اجنبية على زعزعة امن الدولة ما هو جزاءه .فهل تقترحون تعظيم سلام لهم على راى الاخوة المصريين.. وكيف تبررون الحاحكم على متابعة من تسمونهم اعوان النظام وتتوعدونهم بالويل والثبور وعظائم الامور لآنهم قد يزعزعون امنكم واستقراركم
السؤال الاهم لننظر فقط فى عدد من قتل ,وخطف,وعدب . ووحشية الممارسات ضدهم..وحجمها مند {1.1.2012} فقط مقارنة بما ارتكب طيلة 42 عاما من عمر الثورة
من يتباكون على ضحايا مزعومين فى 7ابريل لماذا لا يهتمون بالاف المعتقلين الابرياء والاف النسوة السجينات فى معتقلات يديرها اجانب ومراهقون فى سابقة لم يشهد لها التاريخ الليبي مثيلا..واعتقال الشيوخ المسنين من امثال الشيخ المدنى الشويرف وعبدالعاطى العبيدى ورجب ابودبوس وغيرهم
رسالتنا اليهم ان الاكاديب والاحقاد لا تصنع مستقبل الشعوب .
ابويعرب الطرابلسى.
8_4_2012″ A. M.

“Advancing leadership popular social warmest congratulations and blessings to the Leader of the Revolution and all students of universities, colleges and institutes of higher education anniversary 38 of the student revolt in the seventh of April 1976, a Christian, who has been the elimination of the reactionary regime rotten inside universities, colleges and institutes of higher education and turn them into fortresses scientific urban that every night is a night light great that every day is the seventh of April and go ahead and light and ever Revolutionary Struggle constant People’s Leadership in Great Jamahiriya.”
Gulch pictures on 09-4-2011
la photo de Alomla fierce:

Damn them black hearts …….. …….
want money looting and covet in power by force …
Aaarouk pride and pride anchored depths ……
Fjro rock the earth beneath their feet and Oqzvo in heartened Naked Hoaza of Seir Ndhuq fire, shame and avenge …….
Sasrkh highest audio Felicmawa Fdakhala volcano anger ……..
Sasrkh even silent voice, and I will write, even if subjected to injustice and beatings …….
Sasrkh not Tfzawa of they vent my cry ……
I will write and make my blood of the outrigger in the right way and will be symbolic and drivers …….
and Sancd God is great ….. and woe to Mstabdi Be with me, be with me …….. .la photo de الوملي الشرس.تبا لهم سوداء قلوبهم …….. يريدون المال نهبا ……. ويطمعون في الحكم غصبا … ياعروق الفخر والعزة الراسية بأعماق الصخور …… فجرو الارض من تحت أقدامهم و أقذفوا في صدرنا العاري شواظا من سعير لنذوق النار والعار ونثأر ……. سأصرخ بأعلي صوتي فليسمعوا فداخلي بركان غضب …….. سأصرخ حتي يسكت صوتي وسأكتب ولو تعرضت للظلم والضرب ……. سأصرخ لا تفزعوا من صرختي فأنها تنفيس …… سأكتب و أجعل من دمي مداد في سبيل الحق وستكون رمزي وقائدي ……. وسأنشد الله أكبر ….. والويل للمستعبدي فكونوا معي كونوا معي ………
Young Conqueror:
Young Conqueror young conqueror O Muammar not Ikhzlok youth on the path may Aahdok in joy
and intensity Nasrok as I gave them should Aatok not Artazava Bdilm of Ogtaluk sworn right not forget you
and fight of the war Jbrook and while victory would regret from Baauk young conqueror.
O Muammar not Ikhzlok Site web

Even the group’s page Hkelm Amdayrin civil disobedience in the page and there is no Aakat to suspend or post today.

Libya declares sit on the people Until it is cleared of collaborators and traitors.



FOREIGNERS at the expense of LIBYANS!

Very important ……………………. (campaign not to send foreigners at the expense of the people of Libya and Libya): Hey guys and girls will dispatch a group of (foreign) of Arab nationalities to send any of the study abroad and exchange them by Libya and there are thousands of Libyans, including those who wish complete his studies in a particular area can not Neil dispatch and some of them rip shoes back and leg on the offices of scholarship and study and excuse them excuses unsubstantiated nomination and whether or not they preparing bags for foreigners ..

Enough is enough … and ended the night … and Srzina horse … we will cut off the tail of each … and evaluate every mile descent … Vantzeroa Torrent ..

(Living Dead 07)


Thirty members of Congress are threatening to resign client pagan, if not resignation or dismissal of the

so-called President of the Conference customer cuckold Nuri Aboukrnin (ABU BUSHMIN).



The International Federation of Banks did not admit to violating Jardan at now …
and the best proof of the image.
(Living Dead 07)
اﻻتحاد الدولي للبنوك لم يعترف بخرقة الجردان لعند اﻻن … و الصورة خير دليل.الميت الحي07


United Arab Emirates to prevent rat customer Awad Barasi deputy so-called head of the puppet government of Libya and former so-called former electricity minister and member of the ruling “Justice and construction” party

of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood in Libya, from entering Dubai. 

The Dubai authorities see Awad Barasi as a persona non grata and has banned him from entering the United Arab Emirates …


European airlines suspended flights to Libya indefinitely.



Libyan rebel movement announces disobedience in the city of Tripoli:  


News of an attack on the headquarters of Gneoh:




Stop and shut down completely now street corner.



Lock the highway:

Lock both directions of the highway, on the Muslim Quarter:


The death of a student of al-Fateh University shot in the head when he tried to shut down the road

with his comrades in the Ben Achour “Triangle market.”

Jardan room Jardan craving pizza kidnaps client Zubair ibn Oraybi who
Commands a battalion of Jardan in Tripoli; and it was he who published a video
of the Scandal with client Nuri Abu Bushmin.



Aldrebe, TRIPOLI






The arrival of a number of helicopter gunships of the model MI-24
to Mitigua Air Base.

News about the exit of military reinforcements in the vicinity of Hall Mitigua air with anger Street

and growing swath of civil disobedience in Tripoli.


Legion tribe corner Fighter, reports:

The arrival of this topic the girl to the care home for orphans in Tripoli today and says of her grandfather and dumped her in the area of ​​Spring Valley Vdhb Bhdh the girl to the hospital and the work of its analysis of each crisis has been handed over to the police.



This girl is found today in the morning in a garbage dump area Tajourah, is now in the police station Tajourah:





“in concert” !!!!


HOLY ISLAND, now (above)

Rail way, now (below):


Jerusalem bombing targeting a school district Khlav, in the attack on Tripoli and other schools;

and force it to stop the study because they did not participate in the civil disobedience ???

Mtartarabuls International:





Mu’ammar al-Qathafi salutes the tribe and the noble Rishvana
تحية الى قبيلة ورشفانة الشريفة

Abu Baker and Mu

To whom it may concern …

Haaaam for Gaaaah (project co-ordinator)….

There was a board that includes the leader Muammar al-Qathafi and ten or more close to him before three months” in Sabha and events and Rishvana and department in Ajeelat.”

and among these individuals in person sixty years of age and above, and it is not Qmavia features such person close to the south

and likable leader Muammar al-Qathafi and was seen as the leader of evading his looks, as if he can not face the glances

of Our Commander,

with the commander Aazza goat private …

Generally this person is a traitor of the first class and affects a direct impact on the functioning of the Resistance groups,

and is headed by a group of traitors lurking among the leadership of the Resistance and the number Three …

And it also has a direct impact on treason in the South move and they will encounter in the coming days on the ground.

And will not fully speak to the seriousness of the subject ..

(07 Living Dead)

إلى من يهمه اﻻمر…
هاااام للغاااية….
كان هناك مجلس يضم القائد معمر القذافى و عشرة او أكثر من المقربين له قبل تﻻثة أشهر ”في أحداث سبها و ورشفانة و العجيﻻت” و من ضمن هؤﻻء اﻻفراد شخص في الستين من عمره و ما فوق ليس قذافيا و عليه مﻻمح الجنوب هذا الشخص مقرب و محبب للقائد معمر القذافى و كلما كان ينظر إليه القائد يتهرب من نظراته و كأنه ﻻ يستطيع أن يواجه نظرات القائد مع إن القائد يعزه معزة خاصة…
عموما هذا الشخص خائن من الطراز اﻻول و يؤثر تأثير مباشر على سير عمل مجموعات المقاومة و هو يترأس مجموعة من الخونة المندسين بين صفوف قيادة المقاومة و عددهم تﻻثة …
وكما له تأثير مباشر على الخيانة في الجنوب وقت التحرك و هم سوف ينكشفون خﻻل اﻻيام القادمة على أرض الواقع …
و لن أكمل الكﻻم لخطورة الموضوع..

07الميت الحي

for illustration, I am showing a picture of Muammar al-Qathafi with 2 traitors behind him, Colonel Saleh Bashir Bashir bo Strand and Shagam.


Again reported on “ZERO HOUR”:

Very important .. Cheikhna Galilee))
Roaaa one of our elders: – in which he says
There was a board that includes the leader Muammar al-Qathafi and a dozen or more of those close to him before or

three months (in the events Sabha and the department in Ajeelat and Rishvana).

Among these individuals are people in sixty years of age and older not Kdavia and it features the south Hedda person close and likable leader Muammar al-Qathafi was, as seen Commander, evade his looks like he can not face the Nzerah commander with the commander Aazza goat Specials.

Hedda is generally the person is a traitor of the first class and affects a direct impact on the functioning of the resistance groups, a total of Atraús traitors lurking among the leadership of the resistance and the number or three.

And has had a direct impact on infidelity in the south as they move … Henkhvon in the coming days on the ground
Will complete the rest of the seriousness of this topic Alroaaa speech
((Hedda and what he was transferred to us Bhdh Alroaaa))
هام للغايه ..شيخنا الجليل ))
روؤيا من احد شيوخنا :- يقول فيها
كان هناك مجلس يضم القائد معمر القدافي وعشره او اكثر من المقربين منه قبل تلاته اشهر (في احداث سبها والعجيلات وورشفانه)ومن ضمن هؤلاء الافراد شخص في الستين من عمره وما فوق ليس قدافيا وعليه ملامح الجنوب هدا الشخص مقرب ومحبب للقائد معمر القدافي وكان كلما ينظر اليه القائد يتهرب من نظراته وكانه لا يستطيع ان يواجه نظراة القائد مع ان القائد يعزه معزه خاصه
عموما هدا الشخص خائن من الطراز الاول ويؤثر تاثير مباشر على سير عمل مجموعات المقاومه وهو يترائس مجموعه من الخونه المندسين بين صفوف قيادة المقاومه وعددهم تلاته
وكان له تاثير مباشر على الخيانه في الجنوب وقت التحرك …وهم شينكشفون خلال الايام القادمه على ارض الواقع
ولن اكمل باقي هده الروؤيا لخطورة الكلام
((وهدا ما تم نقله الينا بهده الروؤيا ))





FAKE SECURITY watching and filming women nude in privies:

Mzrath sure of the source
Was the discovery of a camera small in size
Operate via the internet in the compound clinics
In bathrooms allocated to the women’s section of the analysis so that women are portrayed in a semi-naked

was extreme secrecy on the news and current investigation
And God knows how many women have been photographed.
مزراطة من مصدر أكيد
تم اكتشاف كاميرا تصوير صغيرة الحجم
تعمل عن طريق النت في مجمع العيادات
في الحمامات المخصصة لقسم النساء لتحليل بحيث يتم تصوير النساء بصورة شبة عارية وتم التكتم الشديد علي الخبر وجاري التحقيق
والله اعلم كم من النساء تم تصويرهم

6 youths are arrested at Taorga Misrata airport, who were on the plane
that changed the course from Benghazi airports (being closed), to Misrata

(which is not participating in the state of civil disobedience), and has been coming from Tunisia.








Was removed by the puppet-presidency (Allaotunai Conference) Idriss Bouchmadh

(listed as a “cronie traitor”/ aka GREAT JAMAHIRIYA supporter) from the guard oil installations;

and the rats appointed traitor-thief-rat Colonel Bashir Bo strand as his successor.



It must be here noted, that Colonel Saleh Bashir Bashir was an undercover agent planted into the Great Jamahiriya

working with Abdul Jalil and Musa KusaThey had contacts with Sarkozy, Bernard Levy and the French government;

and they played-out their game until they thought “Muammar was a ‘gone-er’ for sure.” Colonel Saleh Bashir Bashir 'Bo'

Sarkozy promises to stop the former Libyan ‘dignitary’

Bashir Saleh

if prescribed by Interpol

Published on 01/05/2012 at 09:11 , Updated on 01/05/2012 at 14:40

President Nicolas Sarkozy candidate for reelection in meeting in Toulouse - Pascal Pavani AFP
President Nicolas Sarkozy candidate for reelection in meeting in ToulousePascal Pavani AFP
Nicolas Sarkozy said Tuesday that Bashir Saleh, former Libyan dignitary near Colonel Gaddafi was welcomed in France in accordance with Tripoli and will be arrested “if it is wanted by Interpol,” facing a controversy five days before the second round the presidential election. Stay in France Bashir Saleh, former Chief of Staff of Muammar al-Qathafi and former president of a Libyan investment fund in Africa, the subject of questions, particularly because of the publication of a notice by Interpol red showing his photo under a different identity.

The Chained Duck had from April 4 revealed his arrival in France “in the greatest secrecy,” saying on April 18 that it was covered by a sheet Interpol on behalf of Al-Bashir Schrkawi. An Interpol Red Notice, available on the internet concerning a certain Al-Bashir Shrkawi, a Libyan national, wanted for fraud by Libya, whose photos have been identified by the AFP in Tripoli as those Bashir Saleh.

Red Notices are a means by which Interpol informs its members of a country requests for arrest and extradition, each state is free to call or not the person. A lawyer Saleh, Marcel Ceccaldi, confirmed Monday that his client was the person described by Interpol, while questioning “What democratic country would risk arrest someone for transfer Libya? “ “We work hand in hand with the Libyan authorities if Saleh is wanted by Interpol, it will be delivered to Interpol”, “it’s not a shadow of a doubt,” Mr. Sarkozy said Tuesday, when asked on RMC / BFMTV, referring to the record Interpol mentioning “another identity”. “The services of the Quai d’Orsay and the Ministry of the Interior are looking at the issue,” he added.

The Minister of Justice Michel Mercier declared Monday night AFP that “checks” were underway to “identify the person actually sought by the Libyan authorities” who “sent to Interpol, in the month of March a request for provisional arrest for acts of fraud against a Mr. Al-Shrkawi “. Saleh appeared on the front of the stage when he denied this weekend being the recipient of the note published by Mediapart on Libyan financing assumed up “50 million” Campaign 2007 Mr. Sarkozy.

The president candidate, who called the accusations of “infamy”, filed a complaint and the Paris prosecutor on Monday opened an investigation against Mediapart for “forgery and use of false” and “publishing false news”. Mr. Sarkozy said that “the arrival of Mr. Saleh France was made with the full agreement of the President (National Transitional Council of Libya Mustafa) Abdeljalil”. Questioned by AFP, the Interior Ministry confirmed Tuesday that Saleh has “a temporary residence permit in respect of private and family life since early February because part of his family is in France” .

The wife of Mr. Saleh, Kafa Kachour Bashir, a Franco-Lebanese 56 years who has a second home Prevessin (Ain), was sentenced on April 25 in Bourg-en-Bresse to two years suspended sentence for domestic slavery against four Tanzanians. His lawyer announced his intention to appeal. On Monday, Prime Minister Francois Fillon said that there was “no evidence of an international mandate” to Bashir Saleh and the former Libyan dignitary was protected by diplomatic immunity “through a” diplomatic passport the Niger. “ But the Nigerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs told AFP that Saleh had no passport that he had decided to return.

Civil disobedience in Benghazi and some cities in eastern Libya.




University Students Union announces the launch civil disobedience

Sirte university, starting from Sunday
Green Commitment in SIRTE


Gate City came to Ajdabiya Eastern

Shooting by three gunmen traveling in a car they Balrmih members cutter border

belonging to a secret poll and who are the city’s eastern gate, in order to rob a military vehicle belonging to the secret.

The commander of the cutter that the attackers were subjected to resistance by members of the cutter border, wounding

one of the attackers wound in the leg Enter the impact to the care of the hospital, while the rest of the attackers fled.


Announces the teachers’ union in the closure of the university and the

turf all the city’s schools

since the launch of civil disobedience on Sunday.

Shut down the coastal road link between the turf and Benghazi.



Four assassinations day yesterday only fault is a declaration of civil disobedience to bring down the conference Nostalgia:
1 – Ahmed Salem civil born in 1994
2 – Lance Abdul Alroav Arab born in 1992
3 – Mr. Muhammad Lafi was born in 1968 (Secretary of Education Benghazi former Testament)*
4 – Capt. Fathi Saleh exile of military intelligence in the Hijaz Street

*: Assassination of Muhammad Lafi Al-Barhami ( Mohamed Lafi El Barhami ) former education secretary

just before the highway …. and was taken to hospital in 1200, but he died now 

Hearts filled with sadness .. and eyes filled with tears .. and souls filled with groans and heartbreak ..
we say goodbye to our families and friends in all our towns and villages goodbye to throw beyond,
but in the Gardens of Eternity, God willing ..taking their lives without any fault of their own,
but they are people who are virgins insisted on staying in their home wounded with their families were the hands
of treachery unjust chased by surprise to also subject to and leave their children orphans and their wives widows and mothers bereaved ..
This Magnet we Nakba February damned .. but equally terrible unavoidable him ..
Today we bid farewell to a brother and a friend that he deceased Muhammad Lafi,
who died in the same cause and the same the sad thing ..
I hope to God that is acceptable to have been well received and forgive him and bless his soul
and inspires us and inspires his family patience and solace ..
I am God and to Him we return.

بقلوب ملؤها الحزن .. وعيون ملؤها الدمع .. وأنفس ملأتها الآهات والحسرات .. نودع أهلنا وأصدقائنا في كافة مدننا وقرانا وداعا لالقاء بعده إلا في جنات الخلد بإذن الله .. تزهق أرواحهم بدون أي ذنب ارتكبوه إلا كونهم أناس أطهار أصروا على البقاء في وطنهم الجريح مع أسرهم فكانت أيادي الغدر الاثمة تطاردهم على حين غرة لتطالهم وتترك أولادهم يتامى وزوجاتهم أرامل وأمهاتهم ثكلى .. هذا ماجنت علينا نكبة فبراير اللعينة .. لكنه القدر الرهيب الذي لامفر منه .. اليوم نودع أخا وصديقا إنه الفقيد محمد اللافي الذي فارق الحياة بنفس السبب وبنفس المصيبة .. أدعوا الله أن يتقبله قبولا حسنا ويغفر له ويرحمه ويلهمنا ويلهم أهله الصبر والسلوان .. إنا لله


Street gardens in the city of Benghazi today ..

because of the sit-in a country like Ghost:



Event hospital shortly before the October 7
Person who threw gas bombs inside the hospital, causing panic inside and some cases of shortness of breath
for patients and their companions.
Jardan Benghazi gathered to respond to any attack on the camps and Jardan force formed to catch some advocates disobedience.
More information shortly.
Benina International Airport announce civil disobedience and stop all international flights and domestic starting from Sunday.
Road to Benina airport blocked for Day of Disobedience 07 APRIL 2014
Close all outlets “have built international airport” in Benghazi

“ACT of DAYS OF CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE”  has stopped a  Turkish plane from landing in Benghazi, by the use of force:

Benghazi, Libya (CNN) – Libyan authorities announced on Sunday, said that an armed group calling itself the “institutions of civil society activists,” the control of the airports, “Benina” international” and “Have built”, prevented the Turkish plane entered the atmosphere of the city in which the landing.

A report posted on the official Libyan news agency on the lips of Abraham, Frckash, director of the other “airport have built” as saying: “The group forced the airport authorities to stop air traffic force to implement what they said was a civil disobedience protest against the deterioration of the security situation in Benghazi.”

He continued, saying, “The plane belonging to the lines of the Turkish prevented from landing at the “airport have built” international and forced to return after reaching the atmosphere of the city of Benghazi,”

TURKS have been airlifting arms to terrorists; and the puppet-government does not recognise the “DAYS of CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE”.

noting that “there are talks taking place with some of the men of the civil society institutions of the protesters at the airport for the return to work and air traffic at the airport.

ليبيا: منع طائرة تركية من الهبوط ببنغازي باستخدام القوة:
بنغازي، ليبيا (CNN)—أعلنت السلطات الليبية، الأحد، إن مجموعة مسلحة تطلق على نفسها اسم “نشطاء مؤسسات المجتمع المدني،” قامت بالسيطرة على مطار “بنينا” الدولي، ومنعت طائرة تركية دخلت أجواء المدينة في الهبوط فيه.

ونقل تقرير نشر على وكالة الأنباء الليبية الرسمية على لسان إبراهيم، فركاش، مدير مطار بنينا قوله: “إن المجموعة أجبرت سلطات المطار على وقف حركة الملاحة الجوية بالقوة تنفيذاً لما قالوا إنه عصيان مدني احتجاجاً على تردي الأوضاع الأمنية بمدينة بنغازي.”

وتابع قائلا “إن طائرة تابعة للخطوط التركية منعت من الهبوط في مطار بنينا الدولي وأجبرت على العودة بعد أن وصلت إلى أجواء مدينة بنغازي،” مشيرا إلى أن “هناك محادثات تجرى مع بعض رجال مؤسسات المجتمع المدني المعتصمين بالمطار


The killing of two brothers in the land of Blon (Ahmed Salem 15 years of civil and civil civil Salem 20 years)
after the person who fired them.
(Anonymous Lead)
Image Alfberaarien and published a description of a real sigh .. what happened to him if Benghazi today ..!
Image says “” Benghazi at the time of dogs “”
Actually when control rats and dogs so the market will be if the country ..!
صورة نشرها أحد الفبرايريين و بوصف حقيقي .. متحسراً لما آل اليه حال بنغازي اليوم ..!
تقول الصوره “” بنغازي في زمن الكلاب “”
فعلاً عندما تحكم الجرذان و كلاب السوق هكذا يكون حال البلاد ..!


Creamy – Sawani
Closing all Qrajat distributors of food street samba area
This is the region’s largest wholesale distributor of food in Libya



Noman bin Othman, head of the Quilliam Foundation to combat terrorism and formerly a member of “LFG” Fighters:
– Tharwat Shehata aka Abu tolerant man second base in the tuber is sometimes visit the camp in Benghazi February 17″
– Organize Daash and engage youth / children tuber in his booklet inside Syria:

Norman bin Othman with Belhadj and Tim Osman (Osama bin Laden):


Mohammed BoSidra member of the RAT National Congress of the outgoing:
“Assassinations in Benghazi and Derna are crimes and can not be half as ‘terrorism,’
as long as we did not know who carried it out after.”

People entering the city dome in civil disobedience and completely stop all institutions operating in the city for work.



The spread is too large for an insect locusts zones Tokrh and precise.

The pleas from the people to immediately

intervene in the operations of anti-locust swarms that have sprung up in many of the

land area is easy Benghazi.







Tabu channel on Facebook Aaaaaajl News about alliances between tribes in the noble

Sabha to put an end to these gangs,

which refused to hear the vote for peace, peace, but refused to speak the language of

arms and wreaked havoc in the land of Sabha.

The militias Awlad Suleiman clasps some roads and vital places inSabha and threatened to cut off electricity on Sunday .. A rally for the military militias to attack the revival Taiora, Indian and Nasiriyah inhabited by Althbo. We ask God to free safety Sabha.


The Godfather ..

African worker was killed today in a bakery serving Mansheya at the hands of militias Awlad Suleiman tribe Almpaysh.
Found the body of a person was found dead and is now at the Center for Medical Sabha has not been identified
on the identity until this moment:

Killing two people and wounding six others in the city after the explosion

Tuibih Kadifah was placed in the framework of Ablaze.

Sabha ..
Since the assassination attempt hour Bsabha Dean Ahmad unidentified material was driving a car type Verna white opaque glass no license plates Balrmih random Brigadier Ali Ahmed physical branch manager of a municipal guard Sabha near the back door of the local market Sakra Sabha. Assassination attempt Bsabha Dean Ahmad unidentified material was driving a car type Verna white opaque glass no license plates Balrmih random Brigadier Ali Ahmed physical branch manager of a municipal guard Sabha near the back door of the local market Sakra Sabha





The names of the founders of the Egyptian army and financiers of free Libya
Security spotted the so-called free-Egyptian army, who camped in the east of Libya, which is funded by the Qatari intelligence.
3000 includes Army fighters, mostly Egyptians as well as Yemen, Tunisia, Syria, and the rival are firm and free, and the supervision and training of terrorist elements from both
Egyptian Abu Faraj
And Tharwat Salah Shehata Jihadist
And Mohamed Salah
Mohammed Abu Atiya famous b Alqaaa
The present Egyptian army camp in the Gulf of free Albordh
The camp Fattaih
The desert camp of Zamzam in Misrata
The camp in the city of the corner.
The Mahmoud Ezzat and Tharwat Salah Shehata bringing the group “Boko Haram” Nigerian consisting of 800 fighters stationed in the Bay Area papyrus Libyan, 60 km from the Qatari Turkish Salloum funded under the supervision of the CIA.
The Israel and Turkey processing of arms to the Egyptian army free financing Qatari sincere and it was agreed to take over Ayman Abdel Ghani overseeing the military correspondent and international regulation so as to identify the zero hour before the end of the presidential election

بالاسماء مؤسسى وممولى الجيش المصرى الحر بليبيا
رصدت الاجهزة الامنية مايسمى بالجيش المصرى الحر الذى يعسكر فى شرق ليبيا والتى تقوم المخابرات القطرية بتمويله .
يضم الجيش 3 الاف مقاتل اغلبهم مصريين وكذلك من اليمن ، وتونس ، وسوريا ، وحركتى حازمون وأحرار ويقوم بالاشراف وتدريب العناصر الارهابية كلا من
ابو الفرج المصرى
والجهادى ثروت صلاح شحاتة
ومحمد صلاح
ومحمد عطية الشهير بـ ابو القعاع
ويقيم هذا الجيش المصرى الحر فى معسكر خليج البوردة
ومعسكر فتايح
ومعسكر صحراء زمزم فى مصراتة
ومعسكر فى مدينة الزاوية .
وقام محمود عزت وثروت صلاح شحاتة بجلب جماعة ” بوكو حرام ” النيجيرية المكونة من 800 مقاتل وتتمركز فى منطقة خليج البردى الليبية على بعد 60 كم من السلوم بتمويل قطرى تركى بإشراف المخابرات الامريكية .
وتقوم اسرائيل وإيران وتركيا بتجهيز السلاح للجيش المصرى الحر بتمويل قطرى خالص وتم الاتفاق على تولى ايمن عبد الغنى الاشراف على الجيش ومراسلة التنظيم الدولى حتى تحدد ساعة الصفر قبل انتهاء الانتخابات الرئاسية

“Youth Congress Libyan tribes year”, on FB, REPORTS:
The Assistant Egyptian Foreign Minister for Consular Affairs Ambassador Ali decile that the efforts of the Egyptian
authorities in cooperation with the Libyan side succeeded in ending the crisis truckers arrested inside Libyan territory.
The decile of the Middle East News Agency that the Egyptian shipments began to move in a way to return to Cairo.
Tribal elder «Alguenashat» Bmatarouh:

Gunmen holding 150 Egyptians in Libya – Sunrise Gateway

Omran said Ompioh, a tribal elder Alguenashat and member of the Egyptian reconciliation of Libya,

said that
«militias Libyan armed had detained 150 argo trucks transport goods Egyptian with drivers in the area of ​​Ajdabiya, Libya,
because of the verdict to life imprisonment on nearby (close) to them have been caught in Egypt while trying to smuggle weapons
across the common border» .
Posted on: Saturday, April 5th, 2014 – 11:40 | Last updated: Saturday, April 5th, 2014 – 11:41

Matrouh – Ahmad race

Omran said Ompioh, a tribal elder Alguenashat and member of the Egyptian reconciliation of Libya, said that «militias Libyan armed had detained 150 trucks transport goods Egyptian with drivers in the area of Ajdabiya Libya, because of the verdict to life imprisonment on close to them have been caught in Egypt while trying to smuggle weapons across the common border» .

The «safety Mohammed Salameh – Libyan nationality» has been issued thereon sentenced to life in prison last Wednesday after caught red-handed while he was infiltrating across the Libyan-Egyptian border in possession of large quantities of automatic weapons, which raised the ire of his family in Ajdabiya who decided to detain all trucks Egyptian upcoming road International in an attempt to put pressure on the Egyptian government to release him.

The mayor Alguenashat tribe, that «the negotiations are still ongoing with the Libyan insurgents, in coordination with the Egyptian military intelligence, and Awaql and chieftains of the Elders Council of Libya, and members of the local council, which receives Libyan dialogue sessions between the two parties to get out a solution to the crisis».




“Youth Congress Libyan tribes year”, on “FB” reports on


Special: all the details about the initiative, Rashid Ghannouchi reconciliation in Libya


Daytime News launched Renaissance Movement Chairman Rached Ghannouchi,

on a tour inside the Libyan soil to promote his initiative Latte launched some time ago

about national reconciliation in Libya.

Well-informed sources of the day News that Ghannouchi intends to … 



Libyan embassy in Berlin announced strike action starting on Sunday in solidarity
with the demands of the Libyan people on the inside.




“Two o’clock mass” on FB, writes:

“BBC: Britain is the “Ansar al-Sharia,” a terrorist organization ….
Jack Death Yakata heads.”






Gaddafi National Mosque in Kampala in Uganda on 03/20/2014 P
(beautiful HD)
Gaddafi Mosque in Kampala, UGANDA


Pentagon Targets African-American and Hispanic Kids to Fight Its

Wars: Third in a Three-Part Series

by Sherwood Ross –

If African-Americans are overrepresented in the armed forces it is likely because of the military’s practice of “strategically targeting low-income youth and students of color,” the ACLU has found.

Result: While African-Americans make up only 16% of the same-age civilian population, in 2006 they represented about 22% of enlisted Army personnel.

Even though enlistment under law is supposed to be voluntary, the Pentagon’s racial targeting “in combination with exaggerated promises of financial rewards for enlistment, undermines the voluntariness of their enlistment,” ACLU said in a 46-page report, “Soldiers of Misfortune.”

Can it be accidental that 54% of the participants in JROTC programs are African-American and Latino students?

In the Los Angeles Unified School District, the 30 JROTC programs enrolling 4,754 students “are located in the most economically depressed communities in the city,” according to the Coalition Against Militarism in Our Schools.

Nationally, JROTC programs are offered in 18% of high schools. They have enrolled 273,000 “cadets,” of whom 45% typically enlist. According to the National Priorities Project, of the top 50 high schools ranked by the number of Black recruits, 94% have a JROTC program; similarly, for the top 50 high schools ranked by number of Hispanic recruits, 86% have JROTC.

The Army’s “School Recruiting Program Handbook,” ACLU says, advises recruiters to participate in Hispanic Heritage and Black History Month activities. And through its Joint Advertising Market Research & Studies database(JAMRS), the Pentagon collects information on 16-year-olds in the eleventh grade, in violation of the U.S. agreement, ratified by the Senate, not to recruit those under age 17. That agreement is Article 3 of the Optional Protocol to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

JAMRS is thought to be the largest repository of data anywhere on the 16-to-25 age group, covering 30 million Americans, and specifically includes data about students’ race and ethnicity.

This information is key to Pentagon recruitment plans as it has been found that the two most important predictors of enlistment are students’ race/ethnicity and their college plans. College-bound students aren’t as likely to give serious thought to military service.

A 2004 study by the Boston Globe found the Pentagon makes minimal effort to recruit students at schools where guidance counselors steer them to college. “This strategy results in recruiters generally focusing on lower-middle class youth in places with limited economic opportunities,” the ACLU report says.

The newspaper compared recruitment activities at a working-class public high school in Maryland with a Virginia public high school in an affluent neighborhood 37 miles away and found students in the former were six times more likely to join the military!

At the Maryland school, recruiters chaperoned school dances, distributed key chains, mugs and military brochures in the school cafeteria, repeatedly telephoned students, and enrolled them in JROTC classes. At the Virginia school, “there was no military chaperoning of school events, no ROTC class, and recruiters limited themselves to a strict quota of visits,” the ACLU report said.

The civil liberties group claims PowerPoint training materials taken from the Department of Defense website based recruiting efforts “around stereotypes of Latino and African American youth, including adapting language to mimic ‘hip hop culture’ and to appeal to ‘hotheaded’ Latino culture.”

In New York, Army recruiters at high schools drive a specially-equipped “African-American Humvee” and a “Yo Soy El Army Humvee” (I am the Army Humvee) that have plasma television screens and blast rock music intended to appeal to black and Latino kids.

Dangling financial incentives before poor and minority students such as college aid and 14,598.54€ sign-up bonuses also mocks the concept that their enlistment is “voluntary.” In July, 2005, the Army unveiled an incentive package of recruiting bonuses, college funds and special pay for selected jobs that could add up to more than 72.99€ for a new active duty recruit, according to The New York Times.

Students frequently do not get the pay-offs recruiters promised them. In North Philadelphia, for example, reservist Joshua Gordy told the AP recruiters at his high school promised he could earn 25,547.45€ for college, but said he has yet to receive the money. And Alberto Gomez, a Northern California student told the ACLU the recruiter at his high school promised him “about half a million dollars,” adding, “Even if I knew that he might be telling lies, it still sounded so good—money for college, job training, traveling.”

sherwood-ross.jpgGomez’s experience may not be exceptional. “Although Latinos are somewhat underrepresented in the military,” the ACLU report says, “their numbers are increasing rapidly, having jumped about 30% in the last decade.”

The U.S. has come a long way since December 8, 1941, the day after Pearl Harbor was attacked by Japan, when long lines formed outside recruiting offices, and not for any enlistment bonuses, either. Could it be that when President Bush does the attacking, fewer folks think it is patriotic to fight?

Sherwood Ross

Sherwood Ross is a veteran reporter and public relations consultant. He formerly worked for the City News Bureau of Chicago, the Chicago Daily News, and as a columnist for wire

Sherwood’s Three-Part Series:



From a witness and heard confessions, Major General Al-Saadi Gaddafi, the captor must understand two things only

two that these confessions if they were correct and that the probability is very weak, it means that the brigade was

dealing with all the Libyan people in public places and private,

because what came in his confession replace modern cafes restaurants and salons houses.

He did not mention Shi did not hear from here and there in different places of our living and our conversation,

and certainly the work of a secret of this magnitude can not be the subject of conversations all the people,

while the second thing which is the correct probability, which is consistent with reason and logic says that armed militias assembled.

everything that goes on from the conversations of people in public places and summarized in a scenario knitted

and gave him the banner of al-Saadi to recognize it,

and therefore will believe people talk heard in the past without a guide, and the day came for them confessions Saadi evidence,

with some increases in the writing of the script and plot a way conspiratorial.

But those who planned for it forgetting intentionally they are not trustworthy of one will believe them only person involved

with them in their crimes,

hence did not serve confessions interest militia and became a place of mockery and ridicule the people,

who plays the paper when the militias came down to this paper at the wrong time and thus lost a large sheet of paper

because all experience does not go beyond the experience of prisoners  remained in jail as punishment for an act committed

because his elders told him that this act is the key to Paradise.

To find himself living in hell which is inside the prison and outside, ended Confessions brigade without any gains for them

and without that crash the lowest amount of morale

and this in itself respite from God.

And still continues playing the lead

Baket Elzaidi, comments:
It is important that the Libyan citizen knew where to go WAM percentage me Saadi was a golden opportunity to ask him
to allow all of us and I have Eminence Is everyone like me, I hope the piece.

قراءة في اعترافات مزيفةمن شاهد وسمع اعترافات اللواء الساعدي القذافي وهو في الآسر لا بد ان يفهم شيئين لا ثالث لهما ان هذه الاعترافات لو كانت صحيحة وهذا احتمال ضعيف جداً فهذا يعني ان اللواء كان يتعامل مع كل الشعب الليبي في الاماكن العامة والخاصة لان ما جاء في اعترافاته محل حديث المقاهي والمطاعم وصالونات البيوت فهو لم يذكر شي لم نسمعه من هنا وهناك باختلاف أماكن جلوسنا وحديثنا ، و بالتأكيد ان عمل سري بهذا الحجم لا يمكن ان يكون محل احاديث كل الناس ، اما الشيء الثاني وهو الاحتمال الصحيح الذي يتفق مع العقل والمنطق يقول ان المليشيات المسلحة قامت بتجميع كل ما يدور من احاديث الناس بالأماكن العامة ولخصته في سيناريو محبوك و اعطته للواء الساعدي لكي يعترف به ، وبالتالي سوف يصدق الناس احاديث سمعوها في الماضي بدون دليل واليوم جاءت لهم اعترافات الساعدي بالدليل ، مع بعض الزيادات في كتابة السيناريو وحبكه بطريقة تآمرية .لكن الذين خططوا لذلك تناسوا عمداً انهم ليسوا محل ثقة من احد ولن يصدقهم إلا شخص متورط معهم في جرائمهم ومن هنا لم تخدم الاعترافات مصلحة المليشيات وصارت محل استهزاء وسخرية الشعب ، الذي يلعب الورق عند المليشيات نزل بهذه الورقة في غير وقتها وبالتالي خسر ورقة كبيرة لان كل خبرته لا تتجاوز خبرة سجين ظل في السجن عقاباً عن فعل ارتكبـه لان شيوخه قالوا له ان هذا الفعل هو مفتاح الجنة ليجد نفسه يعيش في الجحيم وهو بداخل السجن وخارجـه ، انتهت اعترافات اللواء بدون اي مكاسب لهم وبدون ان تحطم ادنى قدر من معنوياتنا وهذا في حد ذاته فرجا من الله .ولازال عزف الرصاص مستمراً { الموسيقار }
Baket Elzaidi

المهم ان المواطن الليبي عرف الي اين ذهب وام بنسبه لي الساعدى فكانت الفرصة الذهبيه له لطلب السماح منا جميعا وانا قد سماحته هل الجميع مثلي ارجو ذالك


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