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New quick message from Mu’ammar al-Qathafi

AL victory my voice struggling fasting Muslim leader Muammar al-Qathafi

سوره النصر بي صوت القائد المسلم المجاهد الصائم معمر القدافي

سوره النصر بي صوت القائد المسلم المجاهد الصائم معمر القدافي


Question and wait for the answer to be presented, questions and answers you have great O Come Hmtkm free

Driver Certificate and dignity convoy in Sirte Alabahasil how to destroy a convoy remains revive him and

called the death of many people, even though they were not Balrtl?????

Wait for your answer
Aladinm main this talk I Msaal it before God and before history
سؤال وانتظر الاجابة التى ستطرح اسئلة واجابات كبرى لديكم هيا همتكم يا أحرار

سائق رتل الشهادة والكرامة في سرت الأبيةيسئل كيف للرتل ان يدمر ويبقى منه احياء ويدعون موت الكثيرين رغم انهم لم يكونوا بالرتل ؟؟؟؟؟

انتظر اجابتكم
الأدمن الرئيسي وهذا الكلام انا مسؤال عليه امام الله وامام التاريخ

A second question the Palestinian doctor who was entrusted Badth DNA analysis
When he was assassinated 20 days after the destruction of the convoy

and where is the doctor accompanying the convoy then Wayne?  Come jeep black color,

which was to accompany the convoy and also white lioness car, which was at the forefront

of the queue directly behind the driver queue.
Do not put it here with something only needed to answer questions about.

سؤال ثان الطبيب الفلسطيني الذي كان منوط بعدته تحليل DNA
لما تم اغتياله بعد 20 يوم من تدمير الرتل واين هو الطبيب المرافق للرتل ثم اين هيا السيارة الجيب السوداء اللون التى كانت مرافقة للرتل وايضا سيارة اللبوة البيضاء التى كانت في مقدمة الرتل خلف سائق الرتل مباشرة
هنا لا اصرح بشيئ فقط اسئلة احتاج للاجابة عنها

QUOTE from below:
“let the family leader and will and that there was something kept silent in order to preserve their lives….”

“ZERO HOUR” on FB relates:

After that it was Lion of the Desert and the leader of the resistance and the editor Libya they are fighters and Alambaaon him and without him dying ..

they just today put your photos Ktdhamn with Nkpetk that has befallen you and ask God to you vulva and more what Astatawa saying collectivity famous ((resistance Mesh standing on end)) and even quick folding each Btolatk that told us about to declare us the joy of the amounts for the appearance of the commander of the new resistance so without sorrow befitting the size of Ttabalhm of the prisoner,

and they who were yesterday handing out instruments of national it was with the leader of the resistance and national and unable to communicate with him or be in a row Ttabalhm traitor and client inventory and Mendes. .

continue to tinker They Azvon us that the process of buying resistance leader planning and tactics we will see results soon, oh, you will say Saadi ups and without death when we advise and say let the family leader and will and that there was something kept silent in order to preserve their lives

and they observed their circumstances and the pressures for extradition ..’ve Ptkhuynna questioning us and Azartamona in the form of hate on the family of the leader and we are refusing to resistance leader and traitors and you have analyzed kill anyone who tries to make any movement or political action in the interests of the nation,

did not deliver you even gave martyrs and prisoners, and fought to the last breath, the day that you were actually men and leader of the resistance means something to you behooves you to enter in to the country and made the sacrifices you make your commander as a scapegoat for your statements childish ..

And advise the family of the leader martyr loving advice and keen and national learned from the mistakes of the past have not lost our country and our leader is betrayed clique Almtablin Aldhagan in your face and you not really appreciate and respect that he works silently to become accustomed to the bosom of the nation honor and dignity ..

Libya has not abandoned the men and Charfaúha and resistance exist we have seen in more than the fact that the men did not Anztheroa Valjnob witness and Rishvana witness, and Sirte witness, and Bani Walid witnessing, department in Ajeelat witness, and Zliten witness, Alrkdalin witness, and Beautiful experience, and Abu Salim witness, Tarhounah witness, and the Middle witness and other cities …

and the hour of victory and decisiveness God is not approved by the slaves when the hour comes, and you will see the victory away from the rightful resisters heresies adolescents and cheaters and hypocrites ..

And someday when the time comes, I will talk about the way I came out and the families that helped me, women and children and the men did not know me only through the screen with this all gave what they have to be of a new free; and this is the resistance that will never die in us and these are the fighters of Evlon without Itafajroa what they did and Kadmoh ..

And what I fear more than one day and another extinct, Someone “resistance mesh parked on the end” .

We are subject to genocide …
بعد أن كان اسد الصحراء وقائد المقاومة ومحرر ليبيا وهم المقاومون والمبايعون له ودونه الموت .. اكتفوا اليوم بوضع صورك كتضامن مع نكبتك التي حلت بك ونسأل الله لك الفرج واكثر ما استاطعوا قوله جملتهم الشهيرة (( المقاومة مش واقفة على حد )) بل وسارعوا لطي كل بطولاتك التي اخبرونا عنها ليعلنوا لنا بفرح مبالغ عن ظهور قائد للمقاومة جديد هكذا دونما حزن يليق بحجم تطبيلهم للأسير، وهم من كانوا بالأمس يوزعون صكوك الوطنية فمن كان مع قائد المقاومة وطني ومن تعذر عليه التواصل معه أو أن يكون في صف تطبيلهم خائن وعميل وجرد ومندس .. ويستمر العبث وهم يزفون لنا أن عملية شراء قائد المقاومة تخطيط وتكتيك سنرى نتائجه قريباً، يا من كنتم تقولون الساعدي وبس ودونه الموت عندما كنا ننصح ونقول اتركوا عائلة القائد وشأنها و ان كان هناك شيء التزموا الصمت حفاظاً على ارواحهم وراعوا ظروفهم والضغوط التي تمارس لأجل تسليمهم .. قمتم بتخويننا والتشكيك فينا واظهرتمونا في صورة الحاقدين على عائلة القائد واننا رافضين لقائد المقاومة وخونة وحللتم قتل كل من يحاول ان يقوم بأي حراك او عمل سياسي يصب في صالح الوطن ، فلم يسلم منكم حتى من قدموا شهداء واسرى وقاتلوا لأخر رمق ، اليوم أن كنتم فعلاً رجال وقائد المقاومة يعني لكم شيء فحري بكم ان تدخلوا للوطن وتقدموا التضحيات كما قدمتم قائدكم كبش فداء لأجل تصريحاتكم الصبيانية ..

ونصحي لعائلة القائد الشهيد نصيحة محب وحريص ووطني تعلموا من اخطاء الماضي فلم يضيع بلادنا ويخن قائدنا غير زمرة المطبلين الضاحكين في وجوهكم ومن فعلا يكن لكم التقدير والاحترام فعليه ان يعمل بصمت لتعودوا لحضن الوطن معززين مكرمين ..

وليبيا لم تخلى من رجالها وشرفائها والمقاومة موجودة وقد شهدنا في اكثر من واقعة ان الرجال لم ينذثروا فالجنوب يشهد وورشفانة تشهد وسرت تشهد وبني وليد تشهد والعجيلات تشهد وزليطن تشهد والرقدالين تشهد والجميل تشهد وابوسليم تشهد وترهونة تشهد والشرق يشهد وغيرهم من المدن … وساعة النصر والحسم يقرها الله لا عباده وعندما تحين ساعة النصر سترون المقاومين الحقيقين بعيداً عن هرطقات المراهقين والمخادعين والمنافقين ..
ويوما ما عندما يحين الوقت المناسب سأتحدث عن طريقة خروجي وعن العائلات التي ساعدتني ونساء واطفال ورجال لم يعرفوني إلا من خلال الشاشة مع هذا كلهم قدموا ما عليهم لأكون من جديد حرة وهذه هي المقاومة التي لن تموت فينا وهؤلاء هم المقاومين من يفلعون دون ان يتافخروا بما فعلوه وقادموه ..
واكثر ما اخشاه من يأتي يوم وينقرض أخر قائل ” المقاومة مش واقفة على حد ” ونحن نتعرض للإبادة الجماعية


ZERO HOUR on FB writes us
سيتم نشر خطوات يجب اتباعها بالتوالي
وبسم الله نبدا وبسم الله الدي لا يضر مع اسمه شي والمناشير ستكون متواليه ومتتابعه
Vais poster les étapes à suivre dans l’ordre et le même Dieu que nous commençons avec le même mal de Dieu
avec nommé Shi tronçonneuses serait progressive et séquentiel.


EVIL should never call upon the name of Allah in VAIN!

Will be published steps must be followed sequentially
And the name of God and by the name of God, the same God hurts with named Shi.

He hurts to be called by the Shi.

Therefore, saws will be successive and sequential.



News From  Atlantis.

The only cure for our ailing planet:







Atnso to day 14 bird anniversary confronted the brave Libyan people against

U.S. aggression Barbary failed to Libya in 1986, Christian 

le statut de ساعة الصفر.
لاتنسو يوم 14 الطير ذكرى تصدى الشعب الليبى الشجاع ضد العدوان الامريكى البربرى الفاشل على الجماهيرية العظمى عام 1986 مسيحى













Another option for the Libyan people is to break the barrier of fear and out of the streets, squares and liberation

of the country from the hands of the traitors and agents, criminals.


“ZERO HOUR” exclaims:

Hallelujah and praise the number of creation and satisfaction of the same talents throne and outrigger Clemeth
Important disclaimer too,,,,
All officers and internal and external security and speed Kherowouoj wanted because of Tunisia have been sold
by the Tunisian Government.


Hamdallah the Liberal Elly in Tunisia’s parents have been arrested on charges of terrorism and insecurity in Libya have been released to them by the Tunisian authorities
حمدالله على الاحرار اللى فى تونس والدى تم القبض عليهم بتهمة الارهاب وزعزعة الامن فى ليبيا تم الافراج عليهم من قبل السلطات التونسية

“Statement Haaaaaaam” from  Secretary-General Professor / equitable Louhichi:

In the name of God the Merciful
Republic of Tunisia

People’s Alliance for racking Tunisia Tunisian government of delivery displaced Libyans in Tunisia ….

In light of the current events taking place in the Tunisian political arena by the Provisional Government of Mr. Mahdi F and that the issue of displaced Alippin sting which exposed to public opinion before the completion of part of a deal a serious financial urged to hand over 6,000 Libyan citizen immigrant minors from their motherland.Baradt foreign interference American Zionist Western Baradt NATO’s parents destroyed Libya and proceeded to shed the blood of Libyans and seize the wealth of Libya using clients of al-Qaeda and so-called organized Muslim Brotherhood Da’omin of the terrorist organization of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood in the world and one of the bases Rached Ghannouchi party emphasizes that the delivery status of those displaced exclusively from their home to Libya to al-Qaeda

The Muslim Brotherhood, the rulers of Libya’s new Almmthnin for crimes against humanity that have left thousands dead and martyrs odds of a thousand prisoners in the prisons of death in detention centers run by militias, al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood prisoners are subjected daily to the ugliest forms of Altaadib my father never witnessed human in the modern era to be inside this topic prisons ability more of 30 000 prisoners, including more than 10 thousand Amrah Taatardna to the ugliest forms of Altaadib of rape, harassment and cut for members and the burning of skins

and Hedda Ali mirrors and ears of the whole world and singled them Arab regimes official, including Systems Ring silent on the right and continues to conceal Asdaa word of truth in the case of the displaced Libyans and dangerous situation inside diameter Libyan dad misses to all elements of the human rights of all their own identityand Madrjadtha my father came by the International Charter of Human Rights and ignore the Tak decisions relieve the Tunisian people to get involved in this topic serious deal weaved woven by by al-Qaeda and singled criminal Abdulhakim Belhadj and organizing  Brotherhood Almsameen in Libya and you for this interim government.

the government of Mr. Mehdi F bear Msalatha legal, political and moral before God Almighty and the Tunisian people, great dad Aerdy be a ride to the agendas of the organization of the hall, led culprit Abdul Hakim Belhadjand organize the so-called Blajuan Muslims will of Rached Ghannouchi to reach the delivery The sale and catch money at the expense of the Displaced Libyans from their motherland Libya and fabrication of charges them haphazardly and null and therefore can not be returned deal Baghdadi Mahmudi, which involved the government Jabali and the broad and interim President Marzouki

and Hedda shame beyond shame will not forget Nations along the years and the length of a lifetime at the expense of the Tunisian people.Great rejecting this topic policies paid under the deal have Dalalt firmly on the fingerprints interfere foreign in the sovereign decision of Tunisia and its people from buying and selling to Dmm ruling power in Tunisia today entrusted with the safety of the nation and its people and Asager him and his people Commando jealous for his patriotism and sovereignty that in the delivery of our fellow Libyans Mudallhand insult for our peoples in front of the world for seeking this topic

the government threw 6,000 citizen in Botguet death, namely Libya, the current lack of system state with all _khasyatea Hmqomadtha In Aulauyatea independent judiciary Ed call on this topic the government that was seeking to apply this topic deal rejected popularly them to demand Bahzar and extradition Abdul Hakim BelhadjAmir organization Qaeda Mort in the murder of the martyr Chokri Belaid and Shaheed Mohamed Brahman is with them, including the criminal Abu Ayad and forgotten in one day blasting my father has done criminal Abdul Hakim Belhadj in the Kingdom of Morocco

and the killing of innocent children, women and elders grounds that Islam and Islam disowns him.innocence Aldib of my blood son of Jacob peace be upon him shame that contributes to Tunisian media in whitening and decorate page Hedda culprit and make it from Zia to a patriot and political leader of the top state in Libya and business leaders in the Arab world and licking his bootsand Ali Hedda foundation we call Kahzb his political stature of national, Arab and international extradition Hedda criminal justice Tunisian and appear before the Tunisian judiciary

and trial of a fair trial with the involvement of him in the works Alaghtylat political, security and military, which proved the involvement of its actors continuing direct with Abuaaaz who is currently under the protection of Heddaculprit Assassin bloodshed in Libya also call on Tunisia’s interim government to Tak decisions bold and courageous Concerning. Failure to comply with the pressures of foreign pressures and the Libyan and Gulf and also the party of the Muslim Brotherhood, led by Rachid Ghannouchi, Ida as Mr. Mehdi F it independently and away from interference in its policy of any political party whatsoever in the decisions of national sovereignty

and Lada has the deal, we are facing an enemy plunges us crucible of violence, considering that this topic deal Saif de edged We also call on the government temporary Tak political decisions daring and courage to expel the Libyan ambassador and the withdrawal of the Tunisian ambassador from Libya

and the suspension of dealing with the government Almelcaat in Libya, according to disregard clear violation of human rights in Libya, in a country that lacks a national sovereignty intensely my foreign interference is ruled Melcaat and warlords of al-Qaeda, led by the organization of the so-called Muslim Brotherhood terrorists

and Hedda sense stress Kahzb politician in Tunisia and duty to speed up to avoid the popular movement and clashes and Almazharrat parties nationalism and the people, not in Tunisia, but also in Algeria, Egypt, refusing to this topic transaction is suspicious harm to Tunisia and its people highly preliminary and that targeting the 6000 Libyan citizen.

Secono victim of this topic transaction is suspicious that the bloc’s popular in order to Tunis demanding the prime minister Belkrog to the public press conference and announce his rejection of this topic deal Mahdran of silence and pass this topic deal under the table, as happened in a deal Mahmoud Albgdaa and other honorable Alddin deformities and physical faults tenants honor people Tunisian

and to knead you for this government to bear Msalatha before God Almighty and in front of people and either dear homeland Tunisia and the Arab world, mothers Alddin will sacrifice them for pennies will be deposited in the pockets of opportunists and merchants of religion and politicians Almenbodan front of honorable Arab nation

and its symbols in the Arab world and the whole world and knead to see the world Tunisia is a country of democracy and social justice In conclusion testifies Party bloc in order to Tunisia that in the full resolution of this topic deal Tamiriyah before God Almighty and the Tunisian people and the Arab people

and calls on all the components of the Arab community to stand in the demonstrations, as well as on the media to stop sacrificing the lives of innocent people hyped them of interest to the Lisu them by the Sultan.

Secretary-General and spokesman of the party.
Professor / equitable Louhichi.
A. M

” بيان هااااااام “بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
الجمهورية التونسيةالتكتل الشعبي من أجل تونس يحدر الحكومة التونسية من تسليم المهجرين الليبين في تونس ….في ظل الاحداث الراهنة التي تشهدها الساحة السياسية التونسية من قبل الحكومة المؤقته لسيد مهدي جمعة وأن قضية المهجرين اليبين المفضوحة والتي انكشفت لرأي العام قبل اتمامها في اطار صفقة مالية خطيرة تحث علي تسليم 6000 مواطن ليبي مهجر قصرا من وطنهم الام بإرادت تدخلات اجنبية أمريكية صهيونية غربية بإرادت حلف الناتو الدي دمر ليبيا وشرع استباحة دماء الليبين واستباحة ثروات ليبيا بإستعمال عملائه من تنظيم القاعدة وما يسمي بتنظيم الاخوان المسلمين الدعومين من المنظمة الارهابية للاخوان المسلمين في العالم ومن أحد اركانها راشد الغنوشي يؤكد الحزب ان في حالة تسليم هؤلاء المهجرين قصرا من وطنهم ليبيا الي تنظيم القاعدة والاخوان المسلمين حكام ليبيا الجدد الممتهنين لجرائم ضد الانسانية والتي خلفت ألاف القتلي والشهداء خلاف لالف المساجين داخل سجون الموت في معتقلات تشرف عليها مليشيات تنظيم القاعدة والاخوان المسلمين مساجين يتعرضون يوميا الي ابشع انواع التعديب الدي لم تشهده البشرية في العصر الحديث لما يكون داخل هده السجون القدرة اكثر من 30 الف سجين بينهم أكثر من 10 الالف امرءة تتعرضنا الي ابشع انواع التعديب من اغتصاب وتنكيل وقطع للاعضاء وحرق لجلود وهدا علي مرأئ ومسمع من العالم اجمع ونخص منها الانظمة العربية الرسمية ومنها انظمة الطوق الصامتة عن الحق وهي مستمرة في كتمان الاصداع بكلمة الحق في قضية المهجرين الليبين والوضع الخطير داخل القطر الليبي الدي يفتقد الي كل مقومات حقوق الانسان بكل اصنافها ومدرجاتها الدي جاءت به ميثاق الدولي لحقوق الانسان وتتغافل عن اتخاد قرارات تعفي الشعب التونسي من التورط في هده الصفقة الخطيرة خيوطها محاكة من قبل من قبل تنظيم القاعدة ونخص المجرم عبدالحكيم بلحاج وتنظيم الاخوان الملسمين في ليبيا وعلي هده الحكومة الموقتة حكومة السيد مهدي جمعة ان تتحمل مسؤليتها القانونية والسياسية والاخلاقية أمام الله عز وجل والشعب التونسي العظيم الدي لايرضي ان يكون مطية لاجندات من تنظيم القاعة بقيادة المجرم السفاح عبد الحكيم بلحاج وتنظيم ما يسمي بلاخوان المسلمين بإرادة راشد الغنوشي للوصل الي تسليم وبيع وقبض الاموال علي حساب المهجرين الليبين من طنهم الام ليبيا وتلفيق التهم لهم جزافا وبطلانا وبناء عليه لايمكن ان تعاد صفقة البغدادي المحمودي التي تورطة فيها حكومة الجبالي وعلي العريض والرئيس المؤقت المرزوقي وهدا عار ما بعده عار لن تنساه الامم طول السنين وطول الدهر علي حساب الشعب التونسي العظيم الرافض لهده السياسات المأجورة في ظل صفقة لها دلالت راسخة علي بصمات اتدخل الاجنبي في القرار السيادي لتونس ولشعبها من بيع وشراء لدمم السلطة الحاكمة في تونس اليوم المؤتمنة علي سلامة الوطن وشعبه ومن اسأجر به وبشعبه المغوار الغيور علي وطنيته وسيادته إن في تسليم اخواننا الليبين مدلة وإهانة لشعبانا أمام العالم لما تسعي هده الحكومة برمي 6000 مواطن في بوتقت الموت وهي ليبيا الحالية التي تفتقر لمنظومة الدولة بكل خصياتها ةمقوماتها وفي اولاوياتها القضاء المستقل إد نطالب هده الحكومة ان كانت تسعي بتطبيق هده الصفقة المرفوضة شعبيا عليها ان تطالب بإحظار وتسليم المجرم عبد الحكيم بلحاج امير تنظيم القاعدة المورط في قتل الشهيد شكري بلعيد والشهيد محمد البراهمي ومن معهم من بينهم المجرم ابو عياظ ولاننسي في يوم من الايام التفجير الدي قام به المجرم عبد الحكيم بلحاج في المملكة المغربية وقتل الابرياء من اطفال ونساء وشيوخ بداعي الاسلام والاسلام براء منه براءة الدئب من دمي ابن يعقوب عليه السلام من العار ان يساهم الاعلام التونسي في تبييض وتزيين صفحة هدا المجرم السفاح وجعله من وظيع الي رجل وطني وقيادي سياسي من كبار الدولة في ليبيا ومن كبار رجال الاعمال في العالم العربي ويلعقون له الجزم وعلي هدا الاساس نطالب كاحزب سياسي له مكانته الوطنية والعربية والعالمية بتسليم هدا المجرم للعدالة التونسية والمثول امام القضاء التونسي ومحاكمته محاكمة عادلة مع من تورط معه في اعمال الاغتيلات السياسية والامنية والعسكرية التي ثبت تورط فاعليها بتواصل المباشر مع ابوعياظ الموجود حاليا تحت حماية هدا المجرم السفاح سفاك الدماء في ليبيا كما ندعو الحكومة التونسية المؤقتة الي اتخاد قرارات جرئية وشجاعة بخصوص . عدم الامتثال لضغوطات الاجنبية والضغوطات الليبية والخليجية وايضا الحزبية من تنظيم الاخوان المسلمين بقيادة راشد الغنوشي إدا كما قال السيد مهدي جمعة انه مستقل وبعيد عن تدخل في سياسته اي حزب سياسي مهما كان في قرارات السيادة الوطنية وادا تمت الصفقة فاننا نواجه عدو يهوي بنا بوتقة العنف باعتبار ان هده الصفقة سيف دو حدين كما ندعو الحكومة المؤقته الي اتخاد قرارات سياسية جرئية وشجاعة بطرد السفير الليبي وسحب السفير التونسي من ليبيا وتعليق التعامل مع حكومة الملشيات في ليبيا بنائا علي الاستهتار الواضح في انتهاك حقوق الانسان في ليبيا في بلد يفتقد لسيادة الوطنية مكثف بي التدخلات الاجنبية يحكمها ملشيات وامراء الحرب من تنظيم القاعدة بقيادة تنظيم ما يسمي الاخوان المسلمين الارهابيين ومن هدا المنطلق نؤكد كاحزب سياسي في تونس واجب الاسراع لتفادي الحراك الشعبي والمصادمات والمظهارات للاحزاب القومية والشعب وليس في تونس فقط بل في الجزائر ومصر رافضين لهده الصفقة المشبوهة التي تسئ لتونس وشعبها بدرجة الاولي والتي تستهدف 6000 مواطن ليبي سيكونو ضحية هده الصفقة المشبوهة ان التكتل الشعبي من اجل تونس يطالب رئيس الحكومة بلخروج الي مؤتمر صحفي علني ويعلن رفضه لهده الصفقة محدرين من صمته وتمرير هده الصفقة من تحت الطاولة كما حدث في صفقة محمود البغداي وغيره من الشرفاء اللدين دخلو مستاجرين بشرف الشعب التونسي ومن أجل دلك علي هده الحكومة ان تتحمل مسؤليتها امام الله عز وجل وامام الشعب واما الوطن العزيز تونس والوطن العربي وأمهات اللدين سيضحون بهم من اجل ملاليم ستودع في جيوب الانتهازيين وتجار الدين والساسة المنبودين امام شرفاء الامة العربية ورموزها في العالم العربي والعالم اجمع ودلك لرؤية العالم ان تونس بلد الديمقراطية والعدالة الاجتماعية وفي الختام يشهد حزب التكتل من اجل تونس انه في حل كامل من هده الصفقة التامرية امام الله عز وجل والشعب التونسي والشعب العربي ويدعو كافة مكونات المجتمع العربي الي الوقوف في مظاهرات وايضا علي الاعلام لوقف التضحية بارواح ابرياء لفقت لهم تهم ليسو لهم بها من سلطان .الأمين العام والناطق الرسمي للحزب .
الأستاذ / المنصف الوحيشي .
A . M

Abdelhakim Belhaj, aka Abu Abdallah al-Sadek, is a Libyan jihadist. Born in May 1966, he made his debut with the mujahideen during the jihad anti-Soviet Afghanistan in the 80s. He is the founder of the Islamic Fighting Group in Libya and its de facto emir.

After 9/11, Belhaj moved to Pakistan and also to Iraq, where he befriended neither more nor less than the ultra radical AbuMusab al-Zarqawi – all this before al-Qaeda in Iraq allegiance to Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri and dramatically strengthens its actions.

In 2003, Belhadj was finally arrested in Malaysia. In 2004, the Americans decided to make a gift to Libyan intelligence – until his release by Saif and the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA in March 2010, along with 211 other “terrorists”.

Then in 2007, Zawahiri, the number two of Al Qaeda at the time, officially announced the merger between the LIFG and Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM). Since then, LIFG and AQIM are the same organization and Balhaj was and is the leader (emir). Now to February 2011 Belahj, a free man, decides to return to his jihadi activities and engage his men in the uprising planned Cyrenaica.

It is not a coincidence that all senior military commanders are LIFG rebel / AQIM Balhaj of Tripoli to Ismael did some Salabi in Benghazi through Abdelhakim al-Assadi in Derna, not to mention an important member, Ali Salabi, which sits at the heart of CNT. (Well, the image of BHL is a bit sneaky of me but I could not resist) It is Salabi who negotiated with Saif al-Islam Gaddafi the “end” of jihad LIFG / AQIM their ensuring a bright future under the new label of “freedom fighters.

Since the beginning, al-Qathafi said that the operation was supported from abroad and Al-Qaeda; he was right, no doubt. He also said that the operation was a prelude to a foreign occupation whose goal was to privatize and take control of the natural resources of Libya. He might have – once again – right.



U.S. Ambassador Deborah Jones meets again with Hakim Belhaj, al-Qaeda head of National Party

and some of his aides at his residence hotels skill in the capital Tripoli.

picture shows Jones & Belhadj laughing together:

Tunisie: Résumé des accusations qui accablent Abdelhakim Belhaj, « invité d’honneur » d’Ennahdha

Based on accumulated evidence and research work , Taieb Aguili listed the various accusations against Abdelhakim Belhaj , a sponsor of the murder of Belaid and “revolutionary” close to Libyan Ennahdha . Belhaj is to summarize :
– Suspected of killing Abdelfatah Younis Member Libyan Transitional Assembly.
Affiliated with a state – of golf that provides weapons and ammunition.
– Suspected of participating in a transfer network of jihadists to Syria
– Did the war in Afghanistan with Abu Iadh
– Former Guantanamo detainee
– Accused by the Spanish authorities of involvement in the bombings in Madrid in 2004 (200 dead, 1,400 injured)
– Order in China in 2004 and extradited to Libya where he was imprisoned until 2009
– Released in 2009 by Saif al-Islam Gaddafi through a strategic truce with the Islamists.
– Accused in 2013 by the Tunisian Ministry of Interior , of plotting attacks in Tunisia.
Selon des preuves accumulées et un travail de recherche, Taîeb Aguili a énuméré les différentes accusations contre Abdelhakim Belhaj, un des commanditaire du meurtre de Bélaîd et « révolutionnaire » libyen proche d’Ennahdha. Pour résumer Belhaj est:
-Soupçonné d’avoir assassiné Abdelfatah Younès, membre de l’Assemblée Transitionnelle libyenne.
-Affilié à un état du golf qui le fournit en armes et en munitions.
-Soupçonné de participer à un réseau de transfert de djihadistes vers la Syrie
-A fait la guerre d’Afghanistan avec Abou Iadh
-Ancien détenu à Guantanamo
-Accusé par les autorités espagnoles d’avoir participé aux attentas de Madrid en 2004 (200 morts, 1400 blessés)
-Arrêté en 2004 en Chine et extradé vers la Lybie où il a été emprisonné jusqu’en 2009
-Libéré en 2009 par Seif Allah Kadhafi dans le cadre d’une trêve stratégique avec les islamistes.
-Accusé en 2013, par le ministère de l’intérieur tunisien, d’avoir préparé des attentats en Tunisie.




Ex-Gitmo detainee training Libyan rebels in Derna


A former Guantanamo detainee who spent nearly six years in detention at Cuba is training Libyan rebels in the city of Derna, according to The Wall Street Journal’s Charles Levinson.

Sufyan Ben Qumu / Qmo(whose name has also been transliterated as Sofiane Ibrahim Gammu) was transferred from US custody to Libya in 2007. Levinson reports that Qumu, who was imprisoned in Libya after his transfer from Guantanamo, was released by Qaddafi’s regime as part of its reconciliation effort with Islamists in 2008. However, press reports from August 2010 indicate that he was released last year. [See LWJ report, Libya frees ex-Gitmo detainee.]

Declassified files produced at Guantanamo point to Qumu’s multiple ties to al Qaeda and the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), a known al Qaeda affiliate. Qumu, according toThe Wall Street Journal, is now “training many of [Derna’s] rebel recruits.”

Qumu serves as a rebel commander along with two other jihadists who also fought in Afghanistan. One of the two is Abdul Hakim al Hasadi Belhadj, who was briefly detained by the US in late 2001 before being turned over to the Libyan government. Al Hasadi’s role in the Libyan uprising has been widely reported and, according to The Wall Street Journal, he “oversees the recruitment, training and deployment of about 300 rebel fighters from” Derna.

Early in the uprising, Libyan dictator Muammar Qaddafi and members of his government claimed that al Hasadi was himself a former Guantanamo detainee and had established an Islamic emirate in Derna. While al Hasadi has set up a base of operations in Derna, he was not formerly held at Guantanamo. [See Threat Matrix ReportLibyan opposition leader wasn’t held at Guantanamo.]

Qumu also serves alongside Salah al Barrani, who is “a former fighter” from the LIFG. Barrani is al Hasadi’s “field commander on the front lines.”

The extent of jihadist involvement is unclear

The news that Qumu is training Derna’s rebels comes at a time when the extent of jihadist involvement in the Libyan uprising is being hotly debated in the US. Levinson reports that they are “a relatively small minority within the rebel cause,” whose “discipline and fighting experience is badly needed by the rebels’ ragtag army.”

Still, the roles played by men such as Qumu, al Hasadi, and Barrani are likely to be an ongoing cause for Western concern. The city of Derna is a known stronghold for Islamist and jihadist extremists who long opposed Qaddafi’s regime. And while the Derna rebels may be faithfully serving the rebellion’s secular leadership today, it remains to be seen what their plans are for the near future.

Declassified memos produced at Guantanamo paint a troubling picture of the man who is training Derna’s rebels.

Qumu served in the Libyan Army from 1979 until 1990, but his service was marred with trouble. He was “arrested and jailed multiple times for drug and alcohol offenses, going absent without leave and attempted rape.” Qumu “was sentenced to four years in prison for drug trafficking,” but escaped prison and “fled to Sudan in 1992,” at which point he allegedly started serving al Qaeda.

In Sudan, Qumu was a truck driver for a company owned by Osama bin Laden, but his standing soon progressed. He was named to the military committee of the LIFG. In 1998, Qumu joined the Taliban’s forces in Afghanistan, where he fought against the Northern Alliance.

Qumu continued to work with al Qaeda in Afghanistan as well. In memos prepared at Guantanamo, US officials alleged that he “received military training at Osama bin Laden’s training camps in Afghanistan” and his “name and family information” were “listed on a document which contained details of al Qaeda operatives’ families.” The Gitmo files note that the document “is associated with a senior al Qaeda operative.”

US officials at Gitmo also alleged that Qumu “met a senior al Qaeda facilitator between ten and twenty occasions.” One of the al Qaeda-affiliated camps Qumu attended was the Khalden camp, which was run by Ibn Sheikh al Libi, a senior al Qaeda leader who died while in Libyan custody in 2009, and Abu Zubaydah, a senior al Qaeda facilitator who is currently detained at Gitmo. The Gitmo files do not specifically say if either of these two al Qaeda leaders met with Qumu, or if he repeatedly met some other “senior al Qaeda facilitator.”

While in Kabul from August to November of 2001, Qumu worked for al Wafa, a charity that has been designated as an al Qaeda front by the US Treasury Department and United Nations. Sometime after the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, Qumu allegedly “met with al Qaeda operatives at a guest house in Kabul…to discuss the evacuation of women and children.” He also allegedly delivered equipment to al Qaeda and Taliban forces fighting the Northern Alliance in Mazar e Sharif, Afghanistan in late 2001.

Qumu and Barrani “were on the front lines and couldn’t be reached for comment,” The Wall Street Journal reported. But al Hasadi did make himself available for an interview.

In previous interviews with Western publications, al Hasadi has practiced double-speak with respect to al Qaeda. Al Hasadi has, for example, condemned the Sept. 11 attacks while at the same time praising al Qaeda fighters in Iraq as “good Muslims, not terrorists.” According to The New York Times, al Hasadi praises Osama bin Laden’s “good points” even while trying to distance himself from al Qaeda.

And in an interview with Il Sole, an Italian publication, al Hasadi admitted that he fought against American-led forces in Afghanistan and also claimed to have sent more than two dozen Derna residents off to fight in Iraq.

But The Wall Street Journal found that “his discourse has become dramatically more pro-American.” Al Hasadi claims: “Our view is starting to change of the U.S. If we hated the Americans 100%, today it is less than 50%. They have started to redeem themselves for their past mistakes by helping us to preserve the blood of our children.”

Al Hasadi’s rhetoric marks a stark contrast from his previous actions.

As for Qumu, the declassified Gitmo files note: “A foreign government considers the detainee a dangerous man with no qualms about committing terrorist acts. They believe he was one of the extremist commanders of the Afghan Arabs.”

Face Sufyan bin Qmo intervention in a telephone call on channel visible to members of Rat Congress and the President

and NATO  Mufti Sadiq Ghiryani to visit Derna:

“I’m not surprised by the presence of members of Congress and officials to tuber despite the availability of security and safety.”

(AD 219 Lean)


Who rules in tuber now!!!!!
Terrorist Sufyan bin Qmo
Palestinian origin
Driver of Osama bin Laden’s former … It is the biggest drug dealers Bdrnh …..
Ben Qmo prison after being arrested over the internal security architecture in the former with a moral issue where the kids throw a child from the top architecture Aatda after it …

Ben Qmo transfer to Abu Salim prison in the capital Tripoli and promised there spent months before the bin Qmo and his imprisonment, hard-wall
And escape towards Afghanistan and the driver I have worked there (bin Laden)

Before he caught Alcolmnds the U.S. and the Forces by prisoners in Guantanamo prison and a half years there.

And then brought him (Saif-al-Islam Gaddafi) to bring him back to Abu Salim prison again
He was released when Zjul Jardan to Tripoli …
And here he is now a free man pays lip Baasm religion which governs and controls the tuber now.
من يحكم فى درنة الان !!!!!
الارهابي سفيان بن قمو
فلسطيني الاصل
سائق أسامه بن لادن السابق…ومن اكبر تجار المخدرات بدرنه…..
سجن بن قمو بعد القبض عليه فوق عمارة الامن الداخلي سابقا في قضيه أخلاقيه مع أحد الاطفال حيث رمي بطفل من اعلي العماره بعدما اعتدا عليه…
نقل بن قمو الي سجن بوسليم بالعاصمه طرابلس وهناك قضى عدت اشهر قبل ان يقوم بن قمو ومن معه فالسجن بشق الجدار
والهرب نحو افغانستان وهناك اشتغل سائق لدي( بن لادن )
قبل ان يقبض عليه الكومندس الامريكي والقو به سجينا بغوانتانامو سجن هناك سنه ونصف. ومن ثم اتى به ( المهندس سيف الاسلام القذافي) ليعيده لسجن بوسليم من جديد
وتم اطلاق سراحه عند ذخول الجردان الى طرابلس…
وها هو الان حراً طليقاً يتشدق بااسم الدين وهو من يحكم ويسيطر على درنة الان


Is this how beautiful is given … Aasvian!!!!!
Cyrene newspaper published on 30/08/2010
foreign conducted a dialogue with the inventory Almqml / Sufyan ibn Qmo, the al-Qaeda leadership in expressing his thanks
and appreciation to the Leader Colonel / Muammar al-Qathafi and his son Saif al-Islam,
“which he took to save my family and return them to Afghanistan and sponsorship for the duration of a prisoner at Guantanamo.”
and the Gaddafi Foundation purchased the abode of the family in Tripoli.
(A. M)

أهكذا يرد الجميل … ياسفيان !!!!!
نشرت صحيفة قورينا بتاريخ 2010/8/30 إفرنجي حواراً أجري مع الجرد المقمل / سفيان بن قمو القيادي في تنظيم القاعدة عبر فيه عن شكره و تقديره للاخ القائد العقيد / معمر القذافي و نجله سيف الاسلام ” الذي تولى انقاذ اسرتي و العودة بها من افغانستان و رعايتها طيلة فترة سجني في معتقل غوانتانموا ” و قامت مؤسسة القذافي بشراء مسكن للعائلة بمدينة طرابلس .
(A . M)







To diffuse yesterday’s thread gunmen stormed the Courts Complex in Tripoli and attack and injury lawyers and lawyers,

the right bullet mistake of starting a policeman wounded lawyer inside the court and terrorize Online.

Found the body of a young man showing his body on the effects of torture in Tripoli. Sidi Salim Airport Road in Tripoli

found an unidentified body. He was exposed to torture and dumped dead a young man at the age of almost 30 to 40 years old.

The kidnapping of two buses carrying students from Al-Fateh University and all the bus by 20 female students

who were abducted in the area June 11 and that after returning from the university this afternoon …..


Locks area by the fence with sand barriers and burning tires and abduction of a person because of the region’s population. –

The closure of primary and secondary roads into visited Tripoli to protest against the lack of passing Congress. –

Medinhanzour in clashes in the area al-Khawaldeh.


Kidnapping, deputy director of the Higher Judicial Institute (Kamal maritime) .

Janzour clashes in the city in the area last night Al-khawaldeh.

اشتباكات في مدينة جنزور في منطقة الخوالدية ليلة البارحة



News From Atlantis:



Scheming, false flag creating (terror) Yanks:

State sovereignty looted
U.S. troops run out kidnappings and physical liquidation in various areas of Tripoli and Ge, most recently

in the area of process Janzour resulted in the kidnapping of 3 people


  • Al Qaeda False Flag in Occupied Libya (Innocence of Muslims):The CIA’s mercenaries, Al Qaeda, have yet again committed a terrorist outrage in a territory besieged by their paymasters….the latest outrage carried out by the barbaric footsoldiers of the Washington-London-Tel Aviv axis of evil, has been carried out against officials serving the regime which controls the terrorists. An uncritical view of the murders in occupied Libya, would suggest that the Al Qaeda stooges, …have not only bitten the hand that feeds – they have bombed it….
    Creating a state of constant terror in Libya eases the placement of foreign troops on sovereign Libyan soil, in the excuse of “fighting terrorism”.



Gneoh Alkkla militia burn a car and intentionally a citizen without convincing reasons in the area Abu Salim.


Aldhalim Baldhalim

This boob Hua of tortures and kills the Liberals and the holder of the Office of the investigation

and the investigation with the Tramp Gnjoh Alkkla in Abu Salim. 

Today found slain two days after his abduction. 

O smite Aldhalim Baldhalim

أولاد الشيخ عبدالسلام الاسمر

هذا المعتوه هوا من يعذب ويقتل في الأحرار وكان ماسك مكتب التحقيق والتحري مع الصعلوك غنيوه الككلي في ابو سليم. اليوم وجد مذبوح بعد يومين من اختطافه اللهم اضرب الضالمين بالضالمين

His own reflective punishment
(diyumid, Chinese version of Pergatory):

(HE GETS BACK personally what he gave-out himself.)


Jardan Protesters blocked the port corner and prevented oil tankers carrying oil products from unloading their cargo.









Explosion of munitions stored in one central city of Gharyan homes did not result in casualties.
Gharyan April 10, 2014 (and) –

A powerful explosion occurred after midnight last night downtown Gharyan great horror among citizens following

the explosion of large quantities of ammunition stored one of the houses of citizens and called \ “Mohammed Hassan Almchaa \”.

Immediately after the explosion, ambulances and fire trucks to the blast site was cordoned off by the security services and elements of the Libyan army and prevent citizens from approaching the place in order to avoid any injuries. According to the spokesman of the Security Directorate of Gharyan \ “Emhemed Cherkaoui \” reporter Libyan news agency, that the explosion was due to poor storage of ammunition type (RPG), and (grenades), one of the houses but caused no casualties.

He confirmed that the blast occurred after midnight last night in the area Ngsat has caused great panic among the population and the destruction of the house, which was signed by the blast did not result in any human victims. He urged \ “Cherkaoui \” in his statement on the need for citizens to cooperate with security agencies and their families are not exposed to the risk of such munitions store, and report any suspected place any weapons or ammunition stored inside in order to preserve the security of the city and the safety of citizens.







dirty MISURATA continues to corrupt and destroy ZLITEN!

“The fight against crime in Zliten” arrested a gang of Misratah conducting robberies within the city ~

after a night of their arrest, came a group from the city of Misurata and brought them out by force of arms ~

On the second day they have returned and robbed a car belonging to “The fight Against crime” from inside the headquarters !!

 Zliten country flag and the Holy Quran turned into a den of militants and criminals ~ protector & Haramiha !

Gunmen who robbed a store of materials Foods on the coastal road near the western city of Zlitan and they

killed the owner of the shop and Hamzah Ibrahim Almsheeti.

Today, groups of unidentified armed robbery at 5 pharmacies within the city of Zliten and several other shops in the city.

Ali robbery replace materials Gdaúah on the coastal road  Zliten and killed its owner after its resistance to them.

The day yesterday at the height of the armed gang robbed a store farm equipment on the coastal road to the city of Zliten & Hikaau.

And our response now ~ band that has robbed the place of Foods and killed its owner Hamzah Ibrahim Almsheeti in the same day,

the gang robbed a shop Gdaúah else in the market area Tuesday Luckily, the owner of the shop armed by Balrmih them,

killing one of the gang members ~ now the people of the gang members by Maurdna demanding ~

revenge for their son to be aware of the gang from the city of Misurata.


A youth told us that most of the city of Zliten, the Zliten youth are now abusing pills rouge, hallucinations; and dens selling grain and

liquor were common within the city. Spread and planted in all Libyan cities – reckless war on Islam and Muslims.

Witnessed last night the city of Zliten several robberies and burglaries included Ali 3 cars and several shops and pharmacies

and even pigsties sheep and the cylinders had not been delivered from the hands of criminals goodness ~ Jay




Martyr Hero Imran Ali Abuchras Gaddafi Trahmo his pure soul.

May Allah Giraa Aghafrlh

God and God have mercy on all of our martyrs heroes.








Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar, on FB prays for the soul of

God Aaahrarna pray for a martyr survivor Salem Gaddafi accepted by God for mercy and solace Lord

بالله ياأحرارنا الدعاء للشهيدة ناجيه سالم القذافي الله يتقبلها بالرحمة والسلوان يار

Finding a two-year-old girl dumped in Sirte.

Scanning the ground with rats and through their channels
Related to Fethiye from Sirte cleared the ground with rats and says “Hey Benghazi who Drtoh us Rdholkm Lord in this world assassinations, killings and instability.”
The announcer Ttnervz.
Hey girl greeting Lake Sirte.
مسح الارض بالجرذان وعبر قنواتهمالمتصلة فتحية من سرت تمسح الارض بالجرذان وتقول “يا بنغازي اللي درتوه فينا ربي ردهولكم في الدنيا بالاغتيالات والقتل وعدم الاستقرار”
والمذيعة تتنرفز.تحية ليك يا بنت سرت.



Youth Congress Libyan tribes year a partagé la photo de Sirte O _6 his students,on FB.

Very very important _ I’m the brother _ Captain Attia Gaddafi one employees of the brigade Ezz 32 _


call is very important too _ from the leadership of the resistance personally _


to all members of the Libyan army *** to the employees of these battalions official fan marrow _ follows Dlm ***


battalion brigade Ezz Tripoli _ Battalion M’hamed Tripoli _ battalion Saadi Sirte _ battalion Mujahid Jufrah _ battalion Tqrvat Sirte _ battalion Knight Sabha _ battalion Legion bin Nile Tripoli _ battalion Tariq Ubari _ battalion Garah Albezae _ battalion Alfezal Ben Amar Benghazi _ battalion deterrence Gharyan _ battalion Omar Mukhtar Benghazi _ battalion commandos south _ Battalion 77 Tripoli _ battalion regiment ninth Tripoli _ employees of the Hawks Bo Minyar _ Hawks stun _


Call of the leading corner 01 \

will descend this word to one Guenawatna knead Astt to do Bloajp and asks connect and communicate in any way with Bazkm some _

soon will announce the hour of decision Vkono Vlmuad and Atkhadl or miss will be punished militarily _

Astt nts _

It must Publishing and Circular guys reach the Conqueror necessary information and will take action on the screen Alkhzera forward _ *




A fire at the headquarters of a large company railway project located near the city of Ras Lanuf against the company

Alharog airport and near the industrial complex of Ras Lanuf; intervention and ash Ras Lanuf

and Alharog to extinguish the fire.






Attack from extremists on the gate Galaa Hospital in the city of Benghazi stricken.

Successive explosions were heard in the city of Benghazi.


Osama Ferjany exposure of an assassination attempt, where it launched a barrage of bullets Buhedama area

and his condition is very critical.


A car bombing in the region of Sidi Hussein. 




Since few have been dismantling IED planted a car in the area of ​​Quiche in Benghazi.

The explosion of a car over a major Nasr Club.

The explosion of the housing area in Benghazi.


4 kidnapping of Egyptian workers in Benghazi.
The patience of the people and the Egyptian government carried out these acts of senseless.


Naming Colonel “Ali Boudia White, succeeding Dean Ahmad Habib cuneiform” as Chief of Staff of the Air Force, against the backdrop of the presence of “cuneiform” for the meeting of illegal base we built air with a command of ground forces former brigade “Khalifa Haftar” in the city of Benghazi, and military source confirmed, headed by Staff special permit, that “cuneiform” was referred to the military prosecutor in this regard.

'We built' airport in Benghazi 2



List the names of the victims of assassinations, who were killed in March in the cities of Benghazi and Derna only:
1 – On March 2 assassination of a French citizen in Benghazi Real Patrs
2 – On March 2 assassination of the soldier Omran al-Obeidi in Benghazi
3 – March 2, found the body of Ibrahim Torgoman in Benghazi
4 – March 2, found dead in Benghazi Islam Amnana
5 – March 2, found dead in Benghazi, Abdulsalam Alsoiei
6 – March 2, found dead in tribal forbid Benghazi
8 – March 2, found the body of an Egyptian citizen Christian anonymously in Benghazi
9 – March 2, found the body of a policeman in Benghazi Naji Ferjany
10 – March 2, found the body of a key benefit of the farmer in Benghazi
11 – On March 3. The assassination of the soldier Abdul Salam Hussein al-Obeidi in Benghazi
12 – On March 4 assassination of Colonel Adam Abdali in Benghazi
13 – On March 4 found the body of a repentant Salem in Benghazi
14 – On March 4 found dead citizenship Fethiye Badri in Benghazi
15 – On March 7 murder of Adam Almjndabd Rahim al-Obeidi in Benghazi
16 – On March 8 murder of retired Colonel Mustafa Bodbus Talobh in Benghazi
17 – On March 8 Moan Syrian assassination of Ahmad Sibai in Benghazi
18 – On March 9 assassination of blissful gift of citizenship in Benghazi
19 – On March 9 assassination of Khaled Abdel-Salam Jazawi in Benghazi
20 – On March 10 assassination attempt on Colonel Mohammed Ahmed Israfil Barasi in Benghazi
21 – On March 10 assassination of the soldier birth Altarhuni Benghazi
22 – On March 10, the assassination of Captain Hatem Oraibi in Benghazi
23 – On March 10 found the body of the Indian, Dr. Irfan Ali Mirza in the tuber
24 – On March 13 found the body of the Egyptian citizen Tarek Hassan in Benghazi
25 – 13 on the assassination of Mrs. citizen Essam Aldmaki in Benghazi
26 – On March 13 found the body of Mohammed judge in tuber
27 – On March 13 found the body of Ghassan Boubacar Thana in tuber
28 – On March 13 Alosoraly body of Abdullah Fakhiri in tuber
29 – On March 13 found at the body of Awami F in the city of Derna
30 – On March 14 assassination of Saad citizen in cuneiform tuber
31 – On 14 Marsaghtyal citizen Badr Abdel Razek in tuber
32 – On March 14, the assassination of Adnan Ashour al-Rashidi in Benghazi
33 – On March 15 murder of policeman Lutfi Faitouri in Benghazi
34 – On March 15 found the body of the spring Aladola in Benghazi
35 – on March 16 assassination attempt presenter pilot Hassan Mahmoud Barasi in Benghazi
36 – On March 17 assassination of Ahmed citizen birth in Benghazi
37 – On March 17 assassination of Colonel Mohammed Barasi in Benghazi
38 – On March 17 assassination of Ali Aldriue in the city of Derna
39 – On March 17 assassination of the citizen Murat Boezkih in Benghazi
40 – March 17, found the body of the Chadian Adam Musa skin in Benghazi
41 – On March 17 assassination of Mohammed Aqeeli recruiter in Benghazi
42 – On March 17 assassination of Imran Bourguiah recruiter in Benghazi
43 – On March 17 assassination recruiter Khlav Muhammad Ali in Benghazi
44 – On March 17 assassination recruiter recruiter Emhemed Ferjany in Benghazi
45 – On March 17 assassination of a key recruiter Embarak in Benghazi
46 – On March 17 assassination Almjendassa Awad Altarhuni in Benghazi
47 – On March 17 assassination Almjendali senile in Benghazi
48 – On March 17 assassination of Mahmoud Saleh Hamad recruiter in Benghazi
49 – On March 17 assassination of Hassan Musa Boukran recruiter in Benghazi
50 – On March 17 recruiter Ahmed Abdullah Alkerkad in Benghazi
51 – On 17 Marsaghtyal recruiter Khallifa Mohammed Salih Osman in Benghazi
52 – On March 17 assassination of Saleh Mohammed Alshata recruiter in Benghazi
54 – On March 19 assassination of the soldier Talal Abdul Qadir Tiger in Benghazi
55 – On March 19 assassination of Abraham Bovenarh recruiter in the city of Benghazi
56 – On March 19, found the body of Ahmed Bouhlal Barasi in tuber
57 – On March 21 assassination of the officer Younis in favor of Jazawi tuber
58 – On March 23 found the body of Khaled Jazawi in tuber
59 – On March 23 assassination of Abdul Aziz Sarhani soldier in Benghazi
60 – On March 24 assassination of Colonel Abed Mansour Awami in Benghazi
61 – On March 24 assassination of the poet Atef customary in Benghazi
62 – dated March 24, found the body of the Egyptian citizen Mohamed Shehata in Benghazi
63 – On March 25 assassination of Mohammed Ataiwir in Benghazi
64 – On March 26 assassination of the soldier Fuad customary speech in Benghazi
65 – On March 28 assassination of Abraham submitted exiled in Benghazi
66 – March 29, found the body of the Egyptian citizen Gad Abdel Massih in Benghazi
67 – March 31 assassination of Colonel Mahmoud Ettalhi in Benghazi

قائمة باسماء ضحايا الاغتيالات الذين قتلوا في شهر مارس في مدينتي بنغــــازي و درنـــة فقط :
1- بتاريخ 2 مارس اغتيال المواطن الفرنسي باترس ريال في بنغازي
2 – بتاريخ 2 مارس اغتيال الجندي عمران العبيدي في بنغازي
3 – بتاريخ 2 مارس العثور على جثة ابراهيم الترجمان في بنغازي
4 – بتاريخ 2 مارس العثور على جثة اسلام امنينة في بنغازي
5 – بتاريخ 2 مارس العثور على جثة عبدالسلام الصويعي في بنغازي
6 -بتاريخ 2 مارس العثور على جثة معاذ القبائلي في بنغازي
8 – بتاريخ 2 مارس العثور على جثة مواطن مصري مسيحي مجهول الهوية في بنغازي
9 – بتاريخ 2 مارس العثور على جثة الشرطي ناجي الفرجاني في بنغازي
10 – بتاريخ 2 مارس العثور على جثة المواطن مفتاح صالح الفلاح ف بنغازي
11 – بتاريخ 3 مارس . اغتيال الجندي عبد السلام حسين العبيدي في بنغازي
12 – بتاريخ 4 مارس اغتيال العقيد ادم العبدلي في بنغازي
13 – بتاريخ 4 مارس العثور على جثة المواطن على سالم التائب في بنغازي
14 – بتاريخ 4 مارس العثور على جثة المواطنة فتحية البدري في بنغازي
15 – بتاريخ 7 مارس اغتيال المجندعبد الرحيم ادم العبيدي في بنغازي
16 – بتاريخ 8 مارس اغتيال العقيد المتقاعد مصطفى بودبوس طلوبة في بنغازي
17 – بتاريخ 8 مارس اغتيال الموان السوري احمد السباعي في بنغازي
18 – بتاريخ 9 مارس اغتيال المواطنة هناء عطية في بنغازي
19 – بتاريخ 9 مارس اغتيال المواطن خالد عبد السلام الجازوي في بنغازي
20 – بتاريخ 10 مارس محاولة اغتيال المقدم محمد احمد اسرافيل البرعصي في بنغازي
21 – بتاريخ 10 مارس اغتيال الجندي ميلاد الترهوني بنغازي
22 – بتاريخ 10 مارس اغتيال النقيب حاتم العريبي في بنغازي
23 – بتاريخ 10 مارس العثور على جثة الدكتور الهندي عرفان علي ميرزا في درنة
24 – بتاريخ 13 مارس العثور على جثة المواطن المصري طارق حسن في بنغازي
25 – بتاريخ 13 مرس اغتيال المواطن عصام الدحومي في بنغازي
26 – بتاريخ 13 مارس العثور على جثة المواطن محمد القاضي في درنة
27 – بتاريخ 13 مارس العثور على جثة المواطن غسان بوبكر الطشاني في درنة
28 – بتاريخ 13 مارس العثورعلى جثة المواطن عبدالله الفاخري في درنة
29 – بتاريخ 13 مارس العثور عل جثة المواطن جمعة العوامي في مدينة درنة
30 – بتاريخ 14 مارس اغتيال المواطن سعد المسماري في درنة
31 – بتاريخ 14 مارساغتيال المواطن عبدالرازق بدر في درنة
32 – بتاريخ 14 مارس اغتيال المواطن عدنان عاشور الراشدي في بنغازي
33 – بتاريخ 15 مارس اغتيال الشرطي لطفي الفيتوري في بنغازي
34 – بتاريخ 15 مارس العثور على جثة المواطن ربيع العدولي في بنغازي
35 – بتاريخ 16 مارس محاولة اغتيال مقدم طيار حسن محمود البرعصي في بنغازي
36 – بتاريخ 17 مارس اغتيال المواطن احمد ميلاد في بنغازي
37 – بتاريخ 17 مارس اغتيال العقيد محمد البرعصي في بنغازي
38 – بتاريخ 17 مارس اغتيال المواطن علي الدريوي في مدينة درنة
39 – بتاريخ 17 مارس اغتيال المواطن مراد بوزقية في بنغازي
40 – بتاريخ 17 مارس العثور على جثة المواطن التشادي ادم موسى بشرة في بنغازي
41 – بتاريخ 17 مارس اغتيال المجند محمد العقيلي في بنغازي
42 – بتاريخ 17 مارس اغتيال المجند عمران بورقيعة في بنغازي
43 – بتاريخ 17 مارس اغتيال المجند محمد علي كشلاف في بنغازي
44 – بتاريخ 17 مارس اغتيال المجند المجند امحمد الفرجاني في بنغازي
45 – بتاريخ 17 مارس اغتيال المجند على مفتاح امبارك في بنغازي
46 – بتاريخ17 مارس اغتيال المجندعيسى عوض الترهوني في بنغازي
47 – بتاريخ 17 مارس اغتيال المجندعلي الشيخي في بنغازي
48 – بتاريخ 17 مارس اغتيال المجند صالح حمد محمود في بنغازي
49 – بتاريخ 17مارس اغتيال المجند حسن موسى بوقرين في بنغازي
50 – بتاريخ 17 مارس المجند احمد عبد الله القرقاض في بنغازي
51 – بتاريخ 17 مارساغتيال المجند محمد خلليفة صالح عثمان في بنغازي
52 -بتاريخ 17 مارس اغتيال المجند صالح محمد السحاتي في بنغازي
54 – بتاريخ 19 مارس اغتيال الجندي طلال عبد القادر النمر في بنغازي
55 – بتاريخ 19 مارس اغتيال المجند ابراهيم بوفنارة في مدينة بنغازي
56 – بتاريخ 19 مارس العثور على جثة المواطن احمد بوهلال البرعصي في درنة
57 – بتاريخ 21 مارس اغتيال الضابط يونس صالح الجازوي في درنة
58 – بتاريخ 23 مارس العثور على جثة خالد الجازوي في درنة
59 – بتاريخ 23 مارس اغتيال الجندي عبد العزيز السرحاني في بنغازي
60 – بتاريخ 24 مارس اغتيال العقيد عابد منصور العوامي في بنغازي
61 – بتاريخ 24 مارس اغتيال الشاعر عاطف العرفي في بنغازي
62 – بتاريخ 24 مارس العثور على جثة المواطن المصري محمد شحاتة في بنغازي
63 – بتاريخ 25 مارس اغتيال المواطن محمد اطوير في بنغازي
64 – بتاريخ 26 مارس اغتيال الجندي فؤاد خطاب العرفي في بنغازي
65 – بتاريخ 28 مارس اغتيال المقدم ابراهيم المنفي في بنغازي
66 – بتاريخ 29 مارس العثور على جثة المواطن المصري جاد عبد المسيح في بنغازي
67 – بتاريخ31 مارس اغتيال العقيد محمود الطلحي في بنغازي




Praying the Salafi, ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood way:

Derna‘s new law:








Announcement curfew in the city of Sabha from 12 am till 5:00, starting from today Thursday, April 10, 2014

Awlad Suleiman militia movement of trucks full of weapons and ammunition to their neighborhoods Alexanahma.

concentration of medium weapons to some civilian sites of the state central city of Sebha:






4 kidnapping of Egyptian workers in Benghazi. 4 Egyptian workers in front of the Al-Ahly.
The patience of the people and the Egyptian government carried out these acts of senseless.

Egyptian Liberation channel conducts meetings with the Egyptians were subjected to torture and

persecution in Libya and displays videos very shameful for cases of torture suffered by Egyptian citizens inside Libya.
NATO will pay the government a hefty price tag for each of these offenses.





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