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Young rebel gets an interview with Mu’ammar al-Qathafi
le 09 avr. 2014
Leader Muammar al-Qathafi appears before a rebel standing in his tent for an interview with Colonel al-Qathafi.

al-Qathafi asked the young man several questions in the interview of …

a video of al-Qathafi meeting with a young rebel against him, and forgives him.
Muammar al-Qathafi meets with one of those who revolted against him, and forgives him.
Rare video of Colonel Muammar Qathafi who admonishes one rebel, and then forgives him.



Al-Qaeda sets up ‘Islamic emirate’ in eastern Libya

TRIPOLI Agence France-Presse | 23 FEBRUARY 2011 12:00:00 AM |

Al-Qaeda has set up an Islamic emirate in Derna, in eastern Libya, headed by a former U.S. prisoner at Guantanamo Bay, the country’s deputy foreign minister told EU ambassadors in Tripoli.

Al-Qaeda has set up an Islamic emirate in Derna, in eastern Libya, headed by a former U.S. prisoner at Guantanamo Bay, the country’s deputy foreign minister told EU ambassadors in Tripoli.

“Al-Qaeda has established an emirate in Derna led by Abdelkarim al-Hasadi, a former Guantanamo detainee,” Khaled Khaim said.
“They have an FM radio station and have begun to impose the burqa” (head-to-toe covering for women) and have “executed people who refuse to cooperate with them.”
Khaim said Hasadi has a lieutenant, “also a member of al-Qaeda and named Kheirallah Baraassi” in al-Baida.

Derna is the capital of a province by the same name in the region of Cyrenaica, some 1,250 kilometers east of Libya’s capital Tripoli. Al-Baida lies about 100 kilometers west of Derna.

Earlier, Italian Foreign Minister Francesco Franco Frattini said embattled Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi had lost control of Cyrenaica and shared reports that an Islamic emirate had been declared there.
Speaking at a meeting in Rome organized by the Community of Sant’Egidio, a Christian organization, Frattini said here had been recent proclamations in Cyrenaica that it was now an Islamic emirate and calls to break with the West.
“It is a worrying developments if radical Islam is only a few hundred kilometers away from the European Union’s front door, but nothing can justify the violent death of hundreds of innocent civilians,” he added.

The area is known to be a hide-out. Rumor of an emirate have been reported on state-controlled, al-Jamahiriya radio since Tuesday.



18:40 for an exclusive interview with FRANCE 24, Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi
de France 24 / FRANCE 24 
3 ans (07 MARCH 2011)
Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi in an exclusive interview to France 24 accused al-Qaida of being behind the unrest in Libya since 3 weeks and was also charged with conspiring foreign channels on the interests of Libya and the falsification of the facts.
He said, adding that France recognition of the Libyan National Council set up by the rebels is funny.
Africa – القذافي يتهم القنوات الأجنبية بالتآمر على ليبيا ويصف الاعتراف بالمجلس الوطني الليبي…
جدد العقيد معمر القذافي في حديث حصري لفرانس 24 اتهامه للقاعدة بالوقوف وراء الاضطرابات التي تشهدها ليبيا منذ ثلاثة أسابيع. واتهم أيضا…

al-Qathafi accused the channels of foreign conspiracy against Libya and describes

the recognition of the Libyan National Council as funny.


Video Khalil Bashir

Text France 24 

Last Updated: 07/03/2011

New Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi in an exclusive interview to France 24 accused al-Qaeda of being behind the unrest in Libya three weeks ago. He also accused foreign channels plotting the interests of Libya and warping of the facts, he said, adding that the recognition by France of the National Council set up by the Libyan rebels “is funny.”

New Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi accused al-Qaeda in the stand behind the unrest, which has entered its third week in Libya. The Libyan Colonel in an exclusive interview with FRANCE 24 that the insurgents in Benghazi are not only elements of al-Qaeda are not political demands, but they are human beings not only have the desire to kill and seize the weapons of the security forces Cores. al-Qathafi said that Libya was surprised by the presence of these sleeper cells of the terrorist organization and its plans aimed at Libyan military barracks. And responsible for the deaths of the two numbers ranged between 150 and 200 people at the latest.

He accused the Libyan Colonel foreign channels of conspiring against his country and said it falsifies the facts

according to their own agendas and allow only broadcast what fits their interests and promotes a false picture

of what is happening in Libya, and wondered about the party that stands behind these channels.

The al-Qathafi that Libya’s relationship good with neighboring countries and the United States, the European Union and Libya plays a key role in maintaining regional and global peace, describing his country valve safety before the waves of illegal immigration into Europe and a key partner in the war on terrorism and the threat of radical Islam. Adding that the stability of Libya is stabilizing for the entire Mediterranean region.

Muammar al-Qathafi said that the world public opinion found himself in trouble now that was based on false reports

broadcast by the media and news agencies to adopt a resolution against Libya in the UN Security Council. He said,

adding that the world is going to change his mind now.


al-Qathafi said that the Libyan officials who have resigned from their posts abroad regret political turn after believing

them to this same false news about the reality of the situation in Libya.


al-Qathafi described as France’s intention to recognize the founding of the Council which was established in the rebel city of Benghazi, the funny thing, considering it an interference in the internal affairs of Libya, saying that Libya could in this case the recognition Pkor_i_a Badenaa Sardinia and northern Italy.

As for the news that talk about Hugo Chavez’s mediation between the Libyan regime and the rebels in Benghazi, al-Qathafi said that it has no need for such mediation as inherently unstable situation in Libya, and even in the city of Benghazi.

al-Qathafi stressed that the Libyan people will be held accountable for himself and vandals will control them

with the help of the Libyan security forces.

Published in: 07/03/2011

Libyan activist confirmed that calls itself the “Lioness” for “freedom” that Libya now controlled by al-Qaeda, adding that one of the leaders of this organization Muslim Brotherhood Abdul Hakim Belhadj and Sufian bin Qmo and Kayed.
The active themselves, for security reasons, to trading video on social networking sites, showing the control of al-Qaeda on the entire city of Derna and advertised as “Islamic emirate.”
She added in the same context, that these Islamic groups also spread in the cities of Libyan, like Benghazi and Tajourah (TRIPOLI suburb) and Sirte, as well as Misurata, and made it clear that those groups that belong to the al-Qaeda maintains training camps in Tawergha, after Depopulation for the export of terrorism to neighboring countries.
She activist Libyan itself that the city of Derna has become completely under the control of armed groups belonging to al-Qaeda, noting that the mountains of the region with the largest training camps, and added that the elements of the organization they are abducting teenagers between the ages of 15 to 20 years to recruit them in order to be sent to Syria to participate in the There is war and the bombings and assassinations in Libya, as well as to carry out a terrorist in Europe.
She added in the same context, that in case of rejection of these recruitment into the ranks of al-Qaeda is a threat to video excerpts that have been photographed where they are taking drugs, “grain hallucinogenic” and stressed that the financing of armed groups from Qatar and Turkey.
She said that Libya is fully and in the near future, will announce the base control and turn it into a new Afghanistan and become “Libya Stan,” and added that the Libyans are now under the control of the weapon since the “Nakba February,” they no longer have the ability to make a decision. She explained that all the assassinations and bombings that took place in Benghazi is the biggest proof of the control of al-Qaeda on Libya.
And targeting Egyptians in Libya by armed militias and killed, the Libyan activist explained that the Egyptians kidnapped and killed by armed militias, is a message to the defense minister, the former Egyptian ‘Muslim’ (WAHABI) Brotherhood for refusing to rule.
She emphasized that the targeting of the Egyptians inside and outside Libya continues, adding that al-Qaeda in Libya is responsible for training and funding the ‘Muslim’ (WAHABI) Brotherhood in Egypt, Tunisia and Syria.
القاعدة تنتشر بليبيا لتصدير الإرهاب إلى دول الجوار


قالت إن تنظيم بلحاج يجند الشباب لإرسالهم إلى سوريا، ناشطة ليبيةتكشف لـ “الحرية“: 

أكدت ناشطة ليبية انتهاء حكم أتباع فيفري وبداية حكم الإخوان بليبيا،وأضافت إن هذه الجماعة الإسلامية المقاتلة المتطرفة سبق لها أن شاركتفي القتال بأفغانستان مع أسامة بن لادنوأشارت إلى أن من أبرزقياديي هذا التنظيم الإخواني عبد الحكيم بلحاج وسفيان بن قمو والقايد.

أكدت الناشطة الليبية التي تطلق على نفسها اسم “بنت الليث” لـ “الحرية” أن ليبيايسيطر عليها الآن عليها تنظيم القاعدة، وأضافت إن من أبرز قياديي هذا التنظيم الإخوانيعبد الحكيم بلحاج وسفيان بن قمو والقايد.

وأشارت الناشطة ذاتها، لدواعٍ أمنية، إلى تداول شريط فيديو على مواقع التواصلالاجتماعي، يظهر فيه سيطرة تنظيم القاعدة على مدينة درنة بالكامل والإعلان عنها بأنها”إمارة إسلامية”.

وأضافت في السياق ذاته، إن تلك الجماعات الإسلامية تنتشر أيضا بمدن ليبية، على غراربنغازي وتاجوراء وسرت، وكذا بمصراتة، وأوضحت أن تلك الجماعات التي تنتمي إلىالقاعدة  تقيم معسكرات للتدريب بمدينة تاورغاء، بعد تهجير سكانها من أجل تصديرالإرهاب إلى دول الجوار.

وأوضحت الناشطة الليبية ذاتها أن مدينة درنة أصبحت بالكامل تحت سيطرة جماعاتمسلحة  تنتمي إلى تنظيم القاعدة، مشيرة إلى أن جبال المنطقة بها أكبر معسكراتالتدريب، وأضافت إن عناصر التنظيم يقومون بخطف مراهقين تتراوح أعمارهم ما بين 15 إلى20 سنه لتجنيدهم بهدف إرسالهم إلى سوريا للمشاركة في الحرب هناك وتنفيذالتفجيرات والاغتيالات بليبيا، إلى جانب القيام بعمليات إرهابية بأوروبا.  

وأضافت في السياق ذاته، أنه في حال رفض هؤلاء التجنيد في صفوف القاعدة يتمتهديدهم بمقتطفات فيديو التي تم تصويرهم فيها وهم يتناولون المخدرات “الحبوبالمهلوسة” وأكدت أن الجماعات المسلحة من تمويل دولة قطر وتركيا.

وقالت إن ليبيا بالكامل وفى القريب العاجل ستعلن القاعدة السيطرة عليها وتحويلها إلىأفغانستان جديدة وتصبح “ليبيا ستان” ، وأضافت إن الليبيين الآن هم تحت سيطرة السلاحمنذ “نكبة فيفري” ولم يعد لهم القدرة على اتخاذ القرار. وأوضحت أن جميع الاغتيالاتوالتفجيرات التي وقعت بمدينة بنغازي هي أكبر دليل على سيطرة القاعدة على ليبيا.

وعن استهداف المصريين بليبيا من طرف الميليشيات المسلحة وقتلهم، أوضحت الناشطةالليبية أن خطف مصريين وقتلهم من قبل ميليشيات مسلحة، هو رسالة لوزير الدفاعالمصري السابق لرفضه حكم الإخوان.

وأكدت أن استهداف المصريين داخل ليبيا وخارجها مستمر، وأضافت إن تنظيم القاعدةبليبيا هو المسؤول عن تدريب وتمويل الإخوان بمصر وتونس وسوريا.

مريم دلومي

Ex-Gitmo detainee training Libyan rebels in Derna

A former Guantanamo detainee who spent nearly six years in detention at Cuba is training Libyan rebels in the city of Derna, according to The Wall Street Journal’s Charles Levinson.

Sufyan Ben Qumu / Qmo(whose name has also been transliterated as Sofiane Ibrahim Gammu) was transferred from US custody to Libya in 2007. Levinson reports that Qumu, who was imprisoned in Libya after his transfer from Guantanamo, was released by Qaddafi’s regime as part of its reconciliation effort with Islamists in 2008. However, press reports from August 2010 indicate that he was released last year. [See LWJ report, Libya frees ex-Gitmo detainee.]

Declassified files produced at Guantanamo point to Qumu’s multiple ties to al Qaeda and the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), a known al Qaeda affiliate. Qumu, according toThe Wall Street Journal, is now “training many of [Derna’s] rebel recruits.”

Qumu serves as a rebel commander along with two other jihadists who also fought in Afghanistan. One of the two is Abdul Hakim al Hasadi Belhadj, who was briefly detained by the US in late 2001 before being turned over to the Libyan government. Al Hasadi’s role in the Libyan uprising has been widely reported and, according to The Wall Street Journal, he “oversees the recruitment, training and deployment of about 300 rebel fighters from” Derna.

Early in the uprising, Libyan dictator Muammar Qaddafi and members of his government claimed that al Hasadi was himself a former Guantanamo detainee and had established an Islamic emirate in Derna. While al Hasadi has set up a base of operations in Derna, he was not formerly held at Guantanamo. [See Threat Matrix ReportLibyan opposition leader wasn’t held at Guantanamo.]

Qumu also serves alongside Salah al Barrani, who is “a former fighter” from the LIFG. Barrani is al Hasadi’s “field commander on the front lines.”

The extent of jihadist involvement is unclear

The news that Qumu is training Derna’s rebels comes at a time when the extent of jihadist involvement in the Libyan uprising is being hotly debated in the US. Levinson reports that they are “a relatively small minority within the rebel cause,” whose “discipline and fighting experience is badly needed by the rebels’ ragtag army.”

Still, the roles played by men such as Qumu, al Hasadi, and Barrani are likely to be an ongoing cause for Western concern. The city of Derna is a known stronghold for Islamist and jihadist extremists who long opposed Qaddafi’s regime. And while the Derna rebels may be faithfully serving the rebellion’s secular leadership today, it remains to be seen what their plans are for the near future.

Declassified memos produced at Guantanamo paint a troubling picture of the man who is training Derna’s rebels.

Qumu served in the Libyan Army from 1979 until 1990, but his service was marred with trouble. He was “arrested and jailed multiple times for drug and alcohol offenses, going absent without leave and attempted rape.” Qumu “was sentenced to four years in prison for drug trafficking,” but escaped prison and “fled to Sudan in 1992,” at which point he allegedly started serving al Qaeda.

In Sudan, Qumu was a truck driver for a company owned by Osama bin Laden, but his standing soon progressed. He was named to the military committee of the LIFG. In 1998, Qumu joined the Taliban’s forces in Afghanistan, where he fought against the Northern Alliance.

Qumu continued to work with al Qaeda in Afghanistan as well. In memos prepared at Guantanamo, US officials alleged that he “received military training at Osama bin Laden’s training camps in Afghanistan” and his “name and family information” were “listed on a document which contained details of al Qaeda operatives’ families.” The Gitmo files note that the document “is associated with a senior al Qaeda operative.”

US officials at Gitmo also alleged that Qumu “met a senior al Qaeda facilitator between ten and twenty occasions.” One of the al Qaeda-affiliated camps Qumu attended was the Khalden camp, which was run by Ibn Sheikh al Libi, a senior al Qaeda leader who died while in Libyan custody in 2009, and Abu Zubaydah, a senior al Qaeda facilitator who is currently detained at Gitmo. The Gitmo files do not specifically say if either of these two al Qaeda leaders met with Qumu, or if he repeatedly met some other “senior al Qaeda facilitator.”

While in Kabul from August to November of 2001, Qumu worked for al Wafa, a charity that has been designated as an al Qaeda front by the US Treasury Department and United Nations. Sometime after the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, Qumu allegedly “met with al Qaeda operatives at a guest house in Kabul…to discuss the evacuation of women and children.” He also allegedly delivered equipment to al Qaeda and Taliban forces fighting the Northern Alliance in Mazar e Sharif, Afghanistan in late 2001.

Qumu and Barrani “were on the front lines and couldn’t be reached for comment,” The Wall Street Journal reported. But al Hasadi did make himself available for an interview.

In previous interviews with Western publications, al Hasadi has practiced double-speak with respect to al Qaeda. Al Hasadi has, for example, condemned the Sept. 11 attacks while at the same time praising al Qaeda fighters in Iraq as “good Muslims, not terrorists.” According to The New York Times, al Hasadi praises Osama bin Laden’s “good points” even while trying to distance himself from al Qaeda.

And in an interview with Il Sole, an Italian publication, al Hasadi admitted that he fought against American-led forces in Afghanistan and also claimed to have sent more than two dozen Derna residents off to fight in Iraq.

But The Wall Street Journal found that “his discourse has become dramatically more pro-American.” Al Hasadi claims: “Our view is starting to change of the U.S. If we hated the Americans 100%, today it is less than 50%. They have started to redeem themselves for their past mistakes by helping us to preserve the blood of our children.”

Al Hasadi’s rhetoric marks a stark contrast from his previous actions.

As for Qumu, the declassified Gitmo files note: “A foreign government considers the detainee a dangerous man with no qualms about committing terrorist acts. They believe he was one of the extremist commanders of the Afghan Arabs.”



Why is Congress does not want Allaotunai Commission 60 …..

and Mada has modified some of the laws repealed by the Constitution of the Committee ….
Supporters of February Arafo that the cause of the devastation and destruction of (Libyan fighter and Brotherhood)

and knead not elect any one of them or elect a few of them and the Conference (Brotherhood and fighter)

change some of the items in order to comply with them in order to have a

role in the presidency and control aspects of the state and re-election at the head of the government bending again

because he (bending) obeys orders without discussion:

kidnapping of the brother of Abdul Raouf (moldy) hater.
(BELOW) picture of Raouf hater:

France # 24

French defense minister announced a new statement that any move to any convoy Balibia will be destroyed with less than five minutes have been determined to hit targets, including targets and Bdrna Misurata and Sabha and Sabratha and said the aircraft now flying over the skies of Libya.




According to “news Musfah” corner to close the oil refinery.

Start shutting down by the Ministry appointed by a group of young people near a cafe Mayor.

Fire broke out in a car parked in front of a school in Vanguard Ben Achour for unknown reasons.


Through the fence now:





Coastal road just before Surman:


Lock the coastal road just before. 

Protests demanding the departure of the “conference” of  The ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood as they called them.




Urgent ~ 3 wounded in a clash between Zintan and Alguentarar in the city of Mizdah.





A very strong explosion shakes Misurata now.

In the Seventh Century A.D., MISURATA emerged as a caravan supply centre, known as Thubaqt. 

Today, the main contributor to Misurata’s economy is the steel mill. Other industries include the production of

carpets, textiles, baskets, pottery and some hardware. Misurata is also a market and administrative centre.










Sirte :: earth mounds in the area of the “700” and the impact of housing units armed clashes between the tribe and the so-called shield Alhamalh Central on the back of the camp to seize the land, and divided among the members of the shield, which it considers a tribe Alhamalh her king.






Green in Cyrenaica province

le 21 janv. 2014
#Libya#Jamahiriya#Declaration of the Green #Resistance in the#Libyan_Eastern_Provinces.

#17_01_2014 ~ 17 January 2014
#Green_Resistance prepares the decisive battle



Masked men burst into the home of a candidate and his wife stabbing

Masked gunmen broke into the house of “Muhammad key Saaiti”
A Almarchabn to the so-called election of the municipal council of Benghazi, a little while ago and
Was the attack on his wife and beat her hair was shaved, and stabbed her
White with a weapon, and the house is located in the street of the tunnel area parks in Bengahazi suburbs.

Assassination attempt:

Marwan Issa Mustafa Saaiti near “Sellouk” and is on his way to his home area Ddina ‘where gunmen Bmtardth

two cars during the chase and crashed into one of the trees on the side of the road, and the gunmen fled and

Saaiti:  The head of the so-called “Council of Local Ddina”.




injury Boca Oraibi Rulrhh in Benghazi.


Targeting the protesters in front of Hotel al-Tibesti now dead and wounded 2.




I moved to the mercy of God emigrated Imam Abdul Hameed Faitouri which began with the victim and her father afternoon

after he was planting a bomb in the car in Benghazi.


There is no God but Allah.


A wave of anger and massive protests permeated the city of Benghazi,

after three operations witnessed the assassination of the city today.

موجة غضب واحتجاجات عارمة تعم مدينة بنغازي بعد ثلاثة عمليات اغتيال شهدتها المدينة اليوم






Awlad Suleiman militias and so-called third force (May 28) to withdraw from the military headquarters after the

withdrawal of all the weapons and transferred them to other places.

In Libya, many citizens live in daily fear. They feel unsafe in public and even in their own homes. More than one-third of Libyans report feeling unsafe going to the market, school or work, according to three nationally representative surveys, each of 1,200 Libyans.

(Wahington Post, the Yankee publication newspaper, conducted these in May, September and November 2013 with the National Democratic Institute and JMW Consulting in collaboration with Diwan Market Research and funded by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.)
One in five people feel somewhat or very unsafe at home or in their neighborhood. The situation is particularly troubling for women; 40 percent of women feel unsafe going out. And, it is worse in rural areas and in the southern region of Fezzan, where half of residents feel unsafe going to school or work. Not surprisingly, security concerns top the national agenda for two-thirds of the population.

City and oasis in central Libya with 150,000 inhabitants (2005 estimate), capital of the Fezzanregion. Sebha is the largest and most important settlement in Libyan Sahara.
The economic base of the city is administrative activities, trade, transportation and some tourism. The military is also an important employer. Local agriculture is quite diverse, producing barley, wheat, onions and dates. Sebha also has a date-packing factory and handicraft industries. Much of the town’s food and water must be transported from other oases.
Sebha is an important transportation hub in the Sahara. While all is done by road or air, many old pattern still applies. Motor caravans from Algeria, Niger, Chad and even Tunisia pass through Sebha, and can even be linked directly to the Mediterranean Sea.
Sebha is dominated by white buildings, wide streets. A few sections of the old quarters still stand, with mud-brick houses and covered alleyways. The Italian Fort Elena rests on nearby hill, and is used as a military base.
Sebha has main teaching institutions is a teacher-training school.
Sebha’s claim to fame comes from being the town where Libya’s leader Mu’ammar al-Qathafi was educated.
1943: During World War 2, Sebha is conquered from the Italians by the French.
1977 March 02: al-Qathafi makes the “Declaration of Sebha”, in which the Great Jamahiriyya, “the state of the masses”, was the defined.

By Tore Kjeilen




Tharwat Salah Shehata, rap

The arrest of Al-Qaeda leader while he was in Egypt, Libya
Egyptian Day – Tuesday, 08 April 2014

Egyptian police have succeeded in arresting the leader of excommunicating Tharwat Salah Shehata commander of al-Qaeda camps in Libya and the founder of the organization “consolidant”, while he was at the home of a leading ‘MUSLIM’ (WAHABI) brothers Eastern province.

Began Shehata his life in the Jihad organization, and joined to the base, which was entrusted to him the establishment of the organization of the Islamic state in Egypt and Libya, along the lines of “the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant – Daash”,
and the involvement of the organization last in the killing of Egyptian Christians in Libya, and the supply of Tkveriy Sinai, weapons and recruit and train fundamentalists .
Immediately after the arrest of Shehata and directed his prosecution charges of planning to carry out terrorist attacks and killed 7 Egyptians in Libya, and the formation of an armed organization, and remanded him in custody pending further investigation 15 days.

In a related context, counter-terrorism expert said Khaled Okasha The arrest Shehata security painful blow to al-Qaeda in the region, as is a further evidence of the link Baltkvarien Brotherhood.

He guessed Okasha in his remarks to be entered Shehata Egypt during the last few weeks, across the border illegally from Libya, to rearrange the situation after the arrest of a number of extremist groups during the past few days.

CAIRO: National security forces arrested Monday Egyptian Islamic Jihad leader Tharwat Salah Shehata in 10th of Ramadan City in Sharqia.

Sources told Youm7 that police confirmed Shehata’s presence in Egypt within the last year, having previously spent time in Libya where he helped militants before traveling to Turkey.

The general prosecution ordered for Shehata to be held for 15 days pending investigations into several charges, including belonging to a “terrorist” organization and for his alleged involvement in killing seven Egyptian workers in Libya in March.

Al-Watan Newspaper reported that an official source said that Shehata is also accused of targeting police officers and National Security officers.

Al-Ahram Newspaper reported Wednesday that an official source in the state security prosecution said that they will begin an investigation into Shehata’s charges early Thursday morning.

Shehata is considered one of the most important leaders in the jihadist movement as he was a member of the Jihad Shura council. He spent three years in prison for his involvement in the assassination of former President Anwar Sadat, and was sentenced to death in absentia two times by military courts.

The first was based on an accusation of attempting to assassinate late Prime Minister Atef Sedqy in 1994, and the second time was in the case referred to as the “Returnees from Albania” in 1999.

MAGGIE MICHAEL, The Associated Press

CAIRO (AP) – Egyptian authorities arrested a top aide to al-Qaida chief Ayman al-Zawahri in a Nile Delta city on Monday and are interrogating him in an undisclosed location, officials said.

Tharwat Salah Shehata was caught in an apartment in the 10th of Ramadan district of the city of Sharqiya, officials said.

They said he is held over accusations of forming militant groups in western Egypt and alleged involvement in a spat of killings of Coptic Christians in eastern city of Benghazi in Libya, and that he has been training militants in eastern Libya – a hub of extremist Islamist militia groups.

One of the groups, Ansar al-Shariah, has been blamed for the killing of the U.S. Ambassador to Libya and three other Americans in Benghazi in 2012. Officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to the press.

According to Libyan security experts Shehata has been in Libya’s eastern cities of Darna and Benghazi – where there has been a sharp rise in targeted killings of security officers, activists and clerics.

Shehata, a member of the Egyptian Islamic Jihad group that assassinated former President Anwar Sadat in 1981, was sentenced to death for an assassination attempt on a former prime minister in the 1990s. After the failed attempt, website The Long War Journal said that Shehata had “pursued jihad around the globe” traveling to Sudan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Iraq. Then in 2001, his group merged with al-Qaida under the banner of the Global Islamic Front.

Since then, the United Nations has listed him as an al-Qaida affiliate, saying he had worked together with Osama bin Laden. The UN said that Shehata was a member of the Egyptian Islamic Jihad’s nine-member consultative council headed by al-Zawahri in charge of al-Qaida organization work.

The arrest of Shehata comes as al-Zawahri’s brother, Mohammed, has been jailed since the military ouster of Islamist President Mohammed Morsi in July. Under Morsi, he mediated between extremist groups and the presidency to cease attacks against military and police in the volatile Sinai Peninsula.

On Sunday, he was referred to trial by the country’s top prosecutor along with 67 others on charges of forming and leading a terrorist group linked to al-Qaida, and planning attacks.


(BELOW , Tharwat Salah Shehata, commander of al-Qaeda camps in Libyagone, so now Salah al-Din,  a brother of  Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi ( a senior jihadi ideologue), has rejoined the jihad since 2010.

Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi:

To the Arab League …..
In a report on the conditions of Libyans in Egypt who Jau to Egypt after the fall of Tripoli and found that the conditions of Libyans living in Egypt is very bad and they are suffering from poverty and living on subsidy.

Wishers due to non-payment of any subsidy from the Libyan embassy to Hola displaced by the prosecution because all the crime. They did not accept the occupation and invasion of western Libya did not betray their homeland and have been defending him valiantly through 8 months of constant bombardment from NATO aircraft.

Spent died, the families of the captured and delivered in Gaibat Alaatqlat controlled by al-Qaeda and armed militias.

They wanted to go back to their country, but they realize that death Mlaekayam they chose to shelter themselves in the confines of the mother, which opens its doors for all the oppressed and deprived of their money and their homes and their property after it was seized by gangs of evil and betrayal and turned Libya into a haven for terrorism and extremist ideology, which is supported by America and the West, hoping that the fall of Egypt and all Arabs.

From here, we appeal to the Arab League, who gave the green light for NATO to strike Libya, did not think of to solve any problem in the house of the Arabs demanding the university Arabo provide for Hola expatriates from their homeland and their families and loved ones of aid. They became refugees did not provide them with the Libyan Embassy any kind of aid or any subsidy at all, but that Government Allibh client chased.

They are begging to every sheriff in the nation that seeks to provide them with assistance; and that the case is tragic beyond Mitejel others do not have the understanding of the sometimes wish popular meal of the less popular restaurants.

The Libyans are suffering terribly understanding Aisttiawa back to their homeland because their return is concerned, tortured and liquidated They can not resistance to life in this difficult physical conditions.

Hence, during the search, we have found that the cases are all human and living on subsidy wishers. Is it reasonable to leave million Libyan displaced in Egypt, and like them out of Egypt and God alone knows their circumstances in this tragic situation, and live in fare worse poverty? They belong to a country that was once blessed with opulence??

Hence the appeal to Arab League, which was the cause of the destruction of Libya, that seeks to extend a helping hand to Libyan refugees in Egypt and the remaining states.

This is a letter addressed to Mr. Amin Arab League to take the necessary support from the university fund and re-payment of salaries of a puppet-state that robs and steals billions in time for the Egged here, or there Libyan wish a meal or wish or analgesic medication.

The report was prepared / master Tours ….. Egyptian newspaper Voice of the Arabs.
A. M

الى الجامعه العربيه …..
فى تقرير عن احوال الليبين فى مصر الذين لجاوء الى مصر بعد سقوط طرابلس وجدنا ان احوال الليبين الذين يعيشون فى مصر سيئه للغايه وهم يعانون من الفقر ويعيشون على إعانه اهل الخير نظرا لعدم صرف اى اعانه من السفارة الليبيه لهولاء المهجرين بسبب ملاحقتهم لان كل جريمتهم انهم لم يقبلوا بالاحتلال والغزو الغربى على ليبيا ولم يخونوا وطنهم وظلوا يدافعون عنه ببساله خلال8شهور من القصف المستمر من طائرات الناتو قضى من قضى نحبه واسر من اسر والقى فى غايبات الاعتقلات التى تسيطر عليها القاعدة والمليشيات المسلحه .
ارادوا ان يعودوا لبلادهم لكنهم يدركوا ان الموت ملاقيهم فاختاروا ان يحتموا فى كنف الام التى تفتح ابوابها لكل مظلوم وحرموا من اموالهم وبيوتهم واملاكهم بعدما استولى عليها عصابات الشر والخيانه وحولوا ليبيا الى ماوى للارهاب والفكر المتطرف الذى تدعمه امريكا والغرب املين ان يسقطوا مصر والعرب جميعا .
من هنا نناشد الجامعه العربيه التى اعطت الضوء الاخضر للناتو بضرب ليبيا ولم تفكر ان تحل اى مشكله فى بيت العرب نطالب الجامعه العريه ان تقدم لهولاء المغتربين عن وطنهم وعن اسرهم وعن ذويهم المعونه كونهم اصبحوا لاجئين ولم تقدم لهم السفارة الليبيه اى مساعدات او اى اعانه بل ان الحكومة الليبة العميلة لاحقتهم .
وهم يتوسلون الى كل شريف فى الامه ان يسعى لتقديم المساعدات لهم وان الحال ماساوى لأبعد مايتخيل الاخرون فهم لايملكون احيانا تمن وجبه شعبيه من اقل المطاعم الشعبيه .
ان الليبين يعانون الامرين فهم لايستطيعوا العودة لوطنهم لان عودتهم تعنى تصفيتهم وتعذيبهم ولايستطيعون المقاومه على الحياة فى هذه الظروف الماديه الصعبة .
ومن هنا خلال البحث وجدنا الحالات كلها انسانيه ويعيشون على اعانه اهل الخير فهل يعقل ان نترك مليون ليبى مهجر فى مصر ومثلهم خارج مصر الله وحده اعلم بظروفهم فى هذا الوضع الماساوى والعيش فى اسواء حاله من الفقر وهم ينتمون لدوله كانت تنعم بالخير الوفير ؟؟
ومن هنا اناشد الجامعه العربيه التى كانت سببا فى تدمير ليبيا ان تسعى لمد يد العون للاجئين الليبين فى مصر وباق الدول .
وهذه رساله موجهه للسيد امين الجامعه العربيه لاتخاذ الدعم اللازم من صندوق الجامعه واعادة صرف رواتبهم من دولتهم التى تنهب وتسرق المليارات فى وقت لايجد هنا او هناك الليبى تمن وجبه او تمن دواء او مسكن .
أعد التقرير/ سيد سياحه ….. جريدة صوت العرب المصرية .
A . M


Hedda simple part of the achievements of the “revolution of 17 February” for the world to watch !
Spread O are free to light in all pages sites in the world

Promised Abraham:

Qatari army officers are raping in Libyan prisons.

She promised to Abraham, the Libyan activist in the field of human rights, said the Qatari military are raping Libyan women in prison, noting that the Qatari army officers were interrogating the detainees in Libyan prisons.
She promised in her dialogue for “Gate News”, that country presence crude in Libya, backed by Abdul Hakim Belhadj and jihadist organizations, is a key factor behind the deterioration of the situation, noting that Qatar pervasive within the joints of the state private room security, with the help of the organization Al-Qaeda and the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood.

Prisons militias

She promised that the people Allliba subjected to widespread abuse, has not seen her world before, ranging from policies of exclusion faced by political forces, and violations of freedom of opinion and expression, which reached to the murder and physical liquidation, against the pro-GREAT JAMAHIRIYA peoples, as well as the forced displacement, where people have been displaced Tawergha is an entire area.

She promised that there are two manifestations of displacement: 

the first displacement, through direct denials or indirect result of the practices by the new state against those who belonged to the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA offices… pointing out that the new Libyan regime has invented private prisons as institutions, and they punitively operate outside the supervision of the state; 

and the militias, especially the torture of citizens, cutting their organs, which causes the death of many people as a result of torture.

Human rights organizations

She promised, they addressed the international and regional organizations to visit prisons of Libya for an intervention, in order to enter the prison under the supervision of the state, 

but the GNC puppet-government was not responding to our demands, so that the “Human Rights Watch”, which has an office in Tripoli, have not been able to visit these prisons, for fear that they may attain a weapon militias.

Abraham revealed the promise, that the most prominent persons within prisons, is great writer Ahmad Ibrahim Mansour, and languishing in the prisons, are also the children of Jesus (Christians) and they are subjected to torture on a daily basis, 

as well as Sheikh civil Alchuirv is a cleric, and the average of the graduates of Al-Azhar University in Cairo at the age of nearly ninety-year-old being treated inhumane at all times.
just because he called for the National Beef to reject NATO intervention in Libya. 


And file of migrants and refugees, revealed, promised Abraham, that the number of immigrants Libyans now living in Egypt amounted to a million and a half ; as well as a million citizens in Tunisia, 

and they suffer great because they do not get paid by the Libyan state now more than three years ago, prompting many of them to work in homes and housing in tombs of ancient Egypt.

And demanded the promised officials in Egypt to be treated the same treatment as the Libyans, the Syrians even dissolve the crisis and return to Libya as it was.

هدا جزء بسيطة من انجازات ثورة 17 فبراير ليشاهد العالم
انشروا يا احرار الفاتح فى جميع الصفحات المواقع فى العالم
وعد إبراهيم: ضباط الجيش القطري يغتصبون الليبيات في السجون

قالت وعد إبراهيم، الناشطة الليبية بمجال حقوق الإنسان، إن الجيش القطري يقوم باغتصاب الليبيات داخل السجون، مشيرة إلى أن ضباط الجيش القطري هم من يستجوبون المعتقلين في السجون الليبية.
وأكدت وعد في حوارها لـ”البوابة نيوز”، أن الوجود القطري الفج في ليبيا والمدعوم من قبل عبد الحكيم بلحاج والتنظيمات الجهادية هو عامل رئيسي وراء تدهور الأوضاع وفشل بناء الدولة من جديد، مشيرة إلى أن قطر متغلغلة داخل مفاصل الدولة خاصة الغرف الأمنية، بمساعدة تنظيم القاعدة وجماعة الإخوان.
سجون المليشيات
وأضافت وعد أن الشعب اللليبي يتعرض لانتهاكات واسعة لم يشهد لها العالم من قبل، بدءا من سياسات الإقصاء التي تتعرض لها القوى السياسية، وانتهاكات حرية الرأي والتعبير التي وصلت إلى القتل والتصفيات الجسدية، ضد الموالين لنظام الرئيس الراحل معمر القذافي، فضلا عن التهجير القسري، حيث تم تهجير أهالي منطقة تاورغاء بأكملها.
وأوضحت وعد أن هناك صورتين لمظاهر التهجير، أولهما التهجير المباشر من خلال النفي أو الغير مباشر نتيجة الممارسات التي تقوم بها الدولة الجديد ضد المحسوبين على نظام القذافي، مشيرة إلى أن النظام الليبي الجديد ابتكر السجون الخاصة كمؤسسات عقابية تعمل خارج إشراف الدولة وبميليشيات خاصة تقوم بتعذيب المواطنين، وقطع أعضاءهم مما يتسبب في موت الكثيرين نتيجة التعذيب.
المنظمات الحقوقية
وقالت وعد، إنهم خاطبوا المنظمات الدولية والإقليمية لزيارة السجون الليبية والتدخل من أجل إدخال هذه السجون تحت إشراف الدولة، إلا أنه لم يتم الاستجابة لمطالبنا، حتى أن منظمة هيومان رايتس ووش التي تملك مكتبا بطرابلس لم تستطع زيارة هذه السجون خوفا من أن ينالهم سلاح الميلشيات.
وكشف وعد، عن أن أبرز الموجودين داخل السجون هو الأديب الكبير أحمد إبراهيم منصور، ويقبع في سجون أولاد عيسى ويتعرض لتعذيب بشكل يومي، كذلك الشيخ المدني الشويرف هو رجل دين وسطي من خريجي جامعة الأزهر بالقاهرة وعمره يقرب من التسعين عاما يلقى معاملة غير إنسانية على الإطلاق فقط لأنه ينادي باللحمة الوطنية ورفض تدخل الناتو في ليبيا رغم أنه ابدا لم يتملق أو يمتدح القذافي يوما ما.
وعن ملف المهاجرين واللاجئين، كشفت وعد إبراهيم عن أن عدد المهاجرين الليبيين في مصر بلغ المليون ونصف المليون فضلا عن مليون مواطن بتونس، ويعانون معاناة كبيرة لانهم لا يتقاضون رواتبهم من الدولة الليبية منذ ثلاث سنوات، مما دفع الكثير منهم للعمل في المنازل والسكن في المقابر بمصر القديمة،
وطالبت وعد المسئولين بمصر بأن يعاملوا الليبيين نفس معاملة السوريين حتى تنحل الأزمة وتعود ليبيا كما كانت.


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