Cool Saturday

Mu is waving to us


 LEADER of the true GREEN RESISTANCE and Supreme Commander of the People’s Liberation Forces of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA.

 THERE SHOULD BE NO DOUBT ANYMORE: MU’ammar al Qathafi is ALIVE, actively watching over the circumstances, and Leading the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA RESISTANCE.

from “The media committee of the battalion current circumstance”:

Carefree and the only thing my father Atrakd Rah and all Libyans and not just the Liberal
1_ is the de facto leader of the resistance

2 – essential Narafoa person of being of being Hedda

3 – allegedly Our LEADER IS ALIVE (Mu’ammar al-Qathafi) and watching how the country where Sarir

4_ they said so and so Jaen replied ÇáĘÇäí said Khalha in circa volcano said Palestinian

5_ our delegations and Drht Kpodna

6_ understand what Shi Shi

7_ We Nbwa Nkhaddmoa but Nbwa end leads

8 – Vkona of Joe FB with it most of the forums was based on the entire mesh FB
And, this is the forgotten disease-specific home and conduct Laura needs Tanueh
Serve over the country and just missed everything and devoid your thinking in the whole country
More serious customers Dalk man to think of his country
The Lord saw
I you publish the first step and let the tribe and activate its role and income from this topic Step
(The media committee of the battalion current circumstance)

الهم والشي الوحيد الدي يتراكض وراه كل الليبين وليس الاحرار فقط
1_ من هو القائد الفعلي للمقاومه
2- ضروري نعرفوا فلان من يكون وهدا من يكون
3- زعما القائد حي ويتفرج على البلاد كيف صارير فيها
4_ قالوا فلان خاين رد عليه التاني قاله خلها في سرك قالوا بركان فلسطيني
5_ فدينا ودرهت كبودنا
6_ شي ما تفهم شي
7_ نحن نبوا نخدموا لكن نبوا حد يوجهنا
8- فكونا من جو الفيس بوك مع انه اغلب المنتديات كان مش كلها معتمده على الفيس بوك
وهدا هو المرض بعينه نسوا الوطن ويجروا ورا حاجات تانويه
اخدموا على البلاد توا وفوتوا كل شي وخلوا تفكيركم كله في البلاد
اشد خطوره على العملاء دالك الرجل الي يفكر في بلاده
وربي شاهد
انا قمت بنشر الخطوه الاولى وهيا القبيله وتفعيل دورها وينكم من هده الخطوه
اللجنة الاعلامية لكتيبة الظرف الحالى

Mu is glorious


Gaddafi Sniper

God willing, be gone Eid (45) of the Great Revolution the world is witnessing the strongest festival will be the surprise festival will celebrate the homeland specifically in the arena of green and the next few days will prove the validity of this permission to speak to God.
باذن لله راح يكون العيد (45) لثورة الفاتح العظيم اقوي عيد يشهده العالم وسوف يكون عيد المفاجأه سوف نحتفل به علي أرض الوطن وبتحديد في الساحة الخضراء والأيام القليله القادمه سوف تثبت صحة هذا الكلام بإذن لله


Ali Salem DLF (Thug), honestly writes

At this stage of the battle of the nation and the acceleration of events and the volatility of conditions inside Libya and abroad began to come out, we Voices Semiconductor guy to Chtah and promotes the FALSE idea that the only solution to get out our homeland from this crisis is a coalition and Algeloa with Western powers (!!), which have contributed to the pod home and left his family and began to sit with them as a source of pride (!) and boasted to get out our project interests with a party of parties rats to get rid of the other party and Rdjaohm they and their families; and their money without any accountability and tell us that:

“Rip Green” citing underneath our children and who formerly sought ‘God is greater, the mass and the sacrifices of the leader and the blood of the martyrs and the suffering of the prisoners’,

THATall does not concern us (???? how now???) are concerned is their return to Libya …

Tell them: And when you crushed Salt him yourselves and your money fitting that Sergtamoha of Alepien dogs can go to Giftha.

I say to our people at home steadfast that all of the outside of the Cats ensure owners chairs and positions and Nafud In Egypt Baldat only from the womb of my Lord Ahzbohm the dead to Ataoloa them and that Libya will not return to meetings of traitors and sit with clients. Vusih leader you and We continue to resist, even if you have not obeyed my voice .. .

They perish those who deny the sacrifices of its people and we found begging rats to sit with him …

That sir commander refused to sit with them and subservience to the infidel countries because it is abusive to the history and the sacrifices of our forefathers and we are moving on his path.
The nation and the sacrifices of your sons and Biatkm commander Amanh in their necks beware of the enemy …

until victory and steadfastness forward.
[Ali Salem DLF (Thug)]

علي دلف السفاح قادم a partagé un statut.

في هذه المرحله من معركة الوطن وتسارع الاحداث وتقلب الاحوال داخل ليبيا وخارجها بدأت تخرج علينا اصوات اشباه الراجل لتشطح وتروج لفكرة ان الحل الوحيد للخروج بالوطن من هذه الازمه هو التحالف والجلوي مع القوى الغربية التي ساهمت في جراب الوطن وتشريد اهله وبدأ الجلوس معهم مصدر فخر وتفاخر ليخرجوا لنا بمشروع مصالحه مع طرف من اطراف الجرذان لتخلص من الطرف الاخر ورجعوهم وهم ودويهم واموالهم دون محاسبه وليقولوا لنا ان الرية الخضراء التي استشهد تحتها ابناءنا ونشد الله اكبر والجماهيرية وتضحيات القائد ودماء الشهداء ومعاناة الاسرى كلها لا تعنينا ما يعنيهم هو عودتهم لليبيا … اقول لهم سحقا لكم ولما سولت له انفسكم ولاموالكم السحت التي سرقتموها من اليبيين فلتذهب الكلاب الى جيفتها .
واقول لاهلنا في الداخل الصامدين ان كل من في الخارج من قطط سمان واصحاب الكراسي والمناصب والنفود وفي مصر بالدات الا من رحم ربي احتسبوهم اموات لاتعولوا عليهم وان ليبيا لن ترجع باجتماعات الخونه والجلوس مع العملاء فوصية القائد لكم استمروا في المقاومة حتى وان لم تسمعوا صوتي … فتباً لمن يزايد علينا بتضحيات اهله ونجده يستجدي الجرذان للجلوس معه … ان سيدي القائد رفض الجلوس معهم والخنوع لدول الكفر لانه يسئ لتاريخ وتضحيات الاجداد ونحن على دربه سائرون .
الوطن وتضحيات ابنائكم وبيعتكم للقائد امانه في اعناقكم فاحذروهم هم العدو …صمود حتى النصر والى الامام .
علي سالم دلف (السفاح)


Commenting on the publication government in exile:
We suggest that consists of the last remaining true to the legitimacy during the war dignity of the General People’s Committee and the Secretariat of the Conference and the People’s Leadership…

وتعقيبا على منشور حكومة المنفى
نقترح ان تتشكل من اخر من تبقى وفيا للشرعية اثناء حرب الكرامة من اللجنة الشعبية العامة وامانة المؤتمر والقيادة الشعبية


Five projects are realistic and serious work on the ground.
Including four projects partly hostile alliance at some stage and sometimes collide vigorously and for each of the four followers of the sons of our nation are concerned their horizons anomalous Btamaan.

In contrast, each of these projects, which are crumbling, we project there is ONLY ONE fighting for freedom from colonialism, unity and cut the hand of aggression,

which can not only be hostile for:
(2 eastern Persian Safavid) and (5 Western imperialist Crusader) and (4 Northern Seljuk Ottoman Ataiwrani) and (3 Zionist Talmudic that is tearing the heart from the inside)

– The spearhead of our enterprise forensic and historical: they are killing Iranians;

and Americans and Zionists are the scholars in Baghdad received from the attacks and campaigns involving dozens of countries are sentenced Chapter VII resolutions are they lava came in Sirte: They are the conscience of the nation, they are the future of the neighborhood steadfastness service to the heyday of Resistance generations .. generation after generation.

And those who say  that it ignores the well-being of things (!):
Do not ask them, they are otherwise At the fall of the Tomahawk cruise?
And against the horror of the International Council issued its decisions? And recruit mercenaries and channels, the elderly and intellectuals? ..
They are reassured … and they are falling lava will they be consumed reassured … but you do not hear about them .. Static days telling them … probably some news of their captives or dead or well-being upon us and you and our children and your children ..

If we confess our thanks to them, or the existence of … and this is unlikely as usual .. with all our enemies recognize them and hunting them down and maimed furiously and insistence and even insist on the recognition of the physical them by what comes out of the resolutions and the attacks that stuns the ears and blasted sight …

Nevertheless insists one that he did not hear Even a draft liberation horizon unitary Arabic … What I say Asana for those looking for a water drowning …

هي خمسة مشاريع واقعية جدية تعمل على الأرض.
من بينها أربعة مشاريع معادية تتحالف جزئيا في بعض المراحل وتتصادم بقوة أحيانا ولكل من الأربعة أتباع من بني أمتنا تعلقت آفاقهم الشاذة بالطامعين.
وفي المقابل لكل هذه المشاريع التي تتداعى علينا هناك مشروع واحد فقط يقاتل للحرية من الاستعمار والوحدة وقطع يد العدوان وهو لا يمكن أن يكون إلا معاديا لـ:
(2الشرقي الفارسي الصفوي) و(5الغربي الصليبي الامبريالي) و(4الشمالي السلجوقي العثماني الطوراني) و(3 الصهيوني التلمودي الذي يمزق القلب من الداخل )
– رأس حربة مشروعنا الشرعي والتاريخي : هم من قتل الايرانيون والامريكان والصهاينة علمائهم في بغداد هم من تلقوا الهجمات والحملات التي تشارك فيها عشرات الدول هم من صدرت بحقهم قرارات الفصل السابع هم من تهطل عليهم الحمم في سرت. هم ضمير الامة الحي وهم مستقبل صمودها خدمة لعنفوان مقاومة اجيالها ..جيلا بعد جيل. ولمن يتجاهل خيرهم عليه نقول:
لا تسأل عنهم إنهم موجودون وإلاّ فعلى من تسقط التوماهوك والكروز؟
وضد من يصدر مجلس الرعب الدولي قراراته؟ وتجند المرتزقة والقنوات والشيوخ والمثقفون ؟..
…اطمإن انهم موجودون وتتساقط عليهم الحمم ولن يفنوا اطمإن … وإن لم تسمع عنهم .. ستأتيك الأيام بأخبارهم … على الأرجح بأخبار بعض أسراهم أو قتلاهم أو خيرهم علينا وعليك وعلى أولادنا وعلى أولادك .. إن اعترفنا لهم بفضل أو بوجود… وهذا هو المستبعد كما جرت العادة.. مع أن جميع أعدائنا يعترفون بهم ويطاردونهم ويشوهونهم بشراسة وإصرار بل ويصرون على الاعتراف المادي بهم عبر ما يصدر من القرارات والهجمات التي تصعق الآذان وتجهر الأبصار…ومع كل ذلك يصر بعضنا على أنه لم يسمع حتى بمشروع تحرر بأفق وحدوي عربي …ماذا عساني أقول لمن يبحث عن الماء وهو غريق…

The right “new” SAIF, no longer compromising:


Soma Muammar Conqueror Conqueror, writes:

God protect you, my dear and long Canutorna. God in your life, Lord dampers.
سوما معمر الفاتح الفاتح
الله يحفظك يا دكتورنا الغالي ويطول الله في عمرك يا سيد التريس




from “Asham el-watan ( alla, moamer , libya only )”,

a bit of history: 10 April 1982:

10 avril
– In 1982 defines Dt Syrian forces in Lebanon to strikes overwhelmingly by the Israeli army superior, the impact of such a strike suffered land formations Syrian acute shortage of armor, the impact knocked Syria all the doors of Gulf oil to help to bridge that gap killer but did not find to hear or tell her

if the word Welcome, I’ve closed the in her face all the doors Gulf, until you can not understanding only by the Israeli enemy, despite the apathy located between Gaddafi and Hafez al-Assad, the latter to explain the position of general military forces Armed Syrian leader Muammar Gaddafi,

Gaddafi, Assad’s exactly my brother President Ma gap required of me, Assad Muammar, we have fast connections with Moscow for immediate access to 300 tanks, half of the T-72, but the Russians asked us to be a payment in cash and in advance before conducting shipping,

Gaddafi Lion Saisalkm payment within 24 hours, as well as Saisalkm delegation Libyan military coordination and consultation with you to determine the urgent needs of the Syrian army, contracted to Libya with black market traders in Lebanon in order to buy 250 Bldoz

American-made meets the requirements of the military as a gift to the Syrian army, is supposed to be an angel Armored Brigade Globally,

from 4 to 6 bulldozer by the time the band has only Syrian armored bulldozer and type 2 Russian backward.

– في عام 1982 تعر ضت القوات السورية العاملة فى لبنان لضربات ساحقة من قبل جيش العدو الإسرائيلي المتفوق، على أثر تلك الضربة عانت التشكيلات البرية السورية من نقص حاد في الدرع، على أثر ذلك طرقت سوريا كل الأبواب الخليجية النفطية لمساعدتها من أجل ردم تلك الثغرة القاتلة لكنها لم تجد من يسمع أو من يقول لها ولو بكلمة أهلا وسهلا، لقد أوصدت في وجهها كل الأبواب الخليجية، ولغاية لا يمكن تفهما إلا من قبل ألعدو الإسرائيلي، رغم الفتور الموجود ما بين القذافي وحافظ الأسد، قام هذا الأخير من شرح الموقف العسكري العام للقوات المسلحة السورية للقائد معمر القذافي، القذافي للأسد بالضبط أخي الرئيس ما هوة المطلوب مني، الأسد لمعمر، أجرينا اتصالات سريعة مع موسكو من أجل الحصول الفوري على 300 دبابة نصفها من طراز تي 72 لكن الروس طلبوا منا أن يكون الدفع نقدا ومقدما قبل أجراء عمليات الشحن، القذافي لأسد سيصلكم المبلغ خلال 24 ساعة، كذلك سيصلكم وفد عسكري ليبي بالتنسيق والتشاور معكم لتحديد الاحتياجات الملحة للجيش السوري، تعاقدت ليبيا مع تجار السوق السوداء في لبنان من أجل شراء 250 بلدوز أمريكية الصنع يفي بالمتطلبات العسكرية كهدية للجيش السوري، يفترض أن يكون ملاك اللواء المدرع عالميا من 4 إلى 6 بلدوزر بالوقت الذي كانت الفرقة المدرعة السورية






Against Sabha on February 17 in Libya
What came in the intervention Mujahid Hamzah on 04/10/2014
He said the Liberals imposed the respect of the world Bthbathm and respect for themselves
Talked about the rapes that are hyped to the people in the armed incidents have been denied by all international organizations, said Alan rapes occur publicly and openly in hotels in Doha, Qatar
He said that Libya has moved from the rule of Bernard Levy to rule Alammerakh Ambassador Deborah said that everyone receives the orders of them and even Mufti
He said the commander defended by many of those who graduated from the idea and is now leading the world in the squares of the African, American and defended by many Muslims. Khalid in history
Talked about explosions and killings that occur particularly in the Middle.
He was in the process of writing a book which deals with what happened and is happening in Libya and will be a reference to the Arab nationalists and the Libyans.
Neighborhood all Libyans and called on them to stability and said he would talk to them at every opportunity.

سبها ضد يوم 17 فبراير في ليبيا
ما جاء في مداخلة المجاهد حمزة يوم 10-4-2014
قال ان الاحرار فرضوا احترام العالم بثباتهم واحترامهم لانفسهم
تحدث عن الاغتصابات التي لفقت للشعب المسلح في فترة الاحداث وقد نفتها كل المنظمات الدولية وقال الان تحدث الاغتصابات علانية وجهرا في الفنادق القطرية وفي الدوحة
قال ان ليبيا انتقلت من حكم برنار ليفي الى حكم السفيرة الامريكة ديبورا وقال ان الكل يتلقى الاوامر منها وحتى المفتي
قال ان القائد يدافع عنه الكثير ممن تخرجوا من فكره ويقودون الان العالم في الساحات الافريقية والامريكية ويدافع عنه الكثير من المسلمين وهو خالد في التاريخ
تحدث عن الانفجارات والقتل التي تحدث وبالخصوص في الشرق
قال انه بصدد تأليف كتاب يتناول فيه ماحدث ويحدث في ليبيا وسيكون مرجع للقوميين العرب ولليبيين
حي كل الليبيين ودعاهم الى الثبات وقال انه سيتحدث اليهم كلما سنحت الفرصة

Publiée le 11 avr. 2014
الدكتور حمزه التهامي 10 4 2014
صرخة وطن ،

everyone obeys Queen Deb !


Queen Deb w Taurega

Punishment whore infidels Mtemtah in Libya where they are Maetbi how religion Igtalo people in 24 hours

during the years hills nor is the guidance of the head feathers.

عقاب فاجره كافره متمتعه في ليبيا كيف ماتبي أين هم الدين يغتالو في الناس 24ساعه خلال التلات سنوات ولا غير هدي علي رأسها ريشه

Hamza Thami 11 4 2014 0001
Dr. Hamza Thami 11 42 014 cry homeland, the commander of the room / Muammar al-Qathafi. .

Hamza Tuhami tries to uplift moral

حمزة تهامى هام جدا

see, Dr. Hamza warned us ahead of the time the West claimed Mu’ammar al-Qathafi deceased
Mise en ligne le 15 oct. 2011


الاسد الاخضر الجماهيريهa publié surحمزه ابوخنجر

Assad the green mass
a publié sur
Hamza Abuchnger on FB:

Brothers, sisters, my children my daughters are free and silks mass beloved Esbero and Sabero and put your trust in God and obedient to him glorified not Thno do not grieve and you Baden God incline and the victors have exposed the game and became everyone,

including Jardan seducer their religion Bless and Anzmoa calamity “17 February” mentally sick and  made assured that there

is no security, no safety or strength;

no dignity, no freedom to Libya, but with relapsing legitimacy of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA from our Libyan leader,

Sir legend hero Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi and make sure that the key safety and security of Libya after God is the

lord commander ‘Vobcroa victory near Baden God.

اخوتي اخواتي ابنائي بناتي احرار وحرائر الجماهيريه الحبيبه اصبرو وصابرو وتوكلوا على الله واستعينوا به سبحانه فلا تهنو ولا تحزنوا وانتم بادن الله الاعلون والمنتصرون فقد انكشفت اللعبه واصبح الجميع بما فيهم الجردان المغرر بهم والدين باركوا وانظموا لنكبة فبراير اللعينه على يقين بان لا امن ولا امان ولا عزه ولا كرامه ولا حريه لليبيا الا برجوع الشرعيه الجماهيريه المتمثله في سيدي القائد البطل الاسطوره العقيد معمر القدافي وتأكدوا بان مفتاح امن وامان ليبيا بعد الله هو سيدي القائد ‘ فابشروا بالنصر القريب بادن الله






U.S.A. approved !

As reported to us:
That what is happening in the camp of 27, which was formerly Camp Brigade 32 of the preparation for the siege of the city of Tripoli, where he was observed to raise the flags of the base on the gate and Kdlk entry of more than a bus by a large mercenary number of Arabs Egyptians and Surin as well as commissioning terrorist Ibrahim Tntosh under his chairmanship, a terrorist was brought from South Africa and extending large number of four cars carrying ammunition, which is equipped with a helicopter and was expelled by the military police guarding the gate of Foreign Affairs has been ordered to expel the camp Colonel Alahjny
All this is happening with the blessing of the Western Shield.



Continuing tension in the corner...

Doi 3 explosions respectively rocked City corner on exactly two o’clock in the morning on Saturday 12 – 4 – 2014

this has heard the sound of the different parts of the city due to its strength, or any information about the cause

of the blast or origin, and is most likely as close to the city center.

Violent clashes between rival militias.

News stops working inside the warehouse oil tanks at the airport road +

corner refinery, which may result in the evolution of the fuel crisis.

Has been shut down a number of petrol stations in the capital due to lack of fuel due to a refinery shutdown corner.
Exposed FM radio field corner to attack and assault by gunmen and management of the radio confirmed that this attack came

after the broadcast episodes of civil disobedience around the city; and that the gunmen affiliated

with the local council and the Brotherhood.

This time people Mthbn to the infirmary next to the gas station to steal Alkerkna Ambulances.

News on the state of rebellion of the prisoners inside the prison (Alruyemi) in the eye of the Ministry of Tripoli,

with the voices of dense Shooting. Suffice it, and yes, the agent / / / /
News of the killing of three prisoners in Tripoli Alruyemi … and when you think them martyrs of Allah Almighty Padnh …

not to mention the injuries and eloquent … There is no power but from God.

 Blast targets Beauty Salon “Seville” for women near the Grand Hotel

Decorated with the bombing of Seville next to the big downtown hotel. Good up to Tripoli ..
Decorated Seville bombing Tripoli and now Random Shooting.

Clashes in Tripoli now occupied.

Goods Street Bridge over Al-sreem:







Flight Aviation rat (skies over with French MI-24)




Violent clashes last night when crossing Thuhayba – balanced with heavy weapons between

the two battalions of Nalut intent to control it.






Communication breakdown in the city of Bani Walid fully



Libyan wounded
a publié sur
Hamza Abuchnger on FB:

State sovereignty and looted by the commandment of country
Qatari military plane to spy on communications within Libya
And a picture of one of the offices of the Qatari intelligence Corinthia Hotel:






Mil in clashes between the people of the area now
And Allarhabiy Salah Valley.



Bombing targeting the main gate of the port of Sirte sea, causing material damage them.

Sirte turn into a city ruled by terrorists
Picture inside the city of Sirte Schools



tension and strange movements



Mine explosion near the building, “police farm” in Benghazi, Libya stricken #


The killing of a number of supporters of the rats at the hands of the Thunderbolt.



al-Sabri district, killing one person called a “holiday”, and his body was moved to Benghazi Medical Center.








The strength of the dirty occupation forces MISURATI on its way to the city of Sabha !


Tension in Sabha after the killing at the hands of a rat Misrati-Tabu.








Muslim’ Brotherhood militant dvsn.:

Brigadier Bashir bargain hunting exposes the head of the Tunisian-Libyan worthy
Friday, 11 April 2014

Dean lawyers vowed former professor “Bashir fishing” resort to the judiciary and to pursue all legal proceedings against any official may offer to hand over any Libyan political refugees languishing in our country to the Libyan authorities.
He denounced fishing in a statement the “Tanit Press” Raj what about the last meeting which brought together the Tunisian Interior Minister “Lotfi Ben Jeddo” and his Libyan counterpart, according to which the existence of a deal behind the open Ras Jedir.

He said that to meet “Ben Jeddo” Benazir e Libyan spend to keep at Ras Jedir open from the Libyan side for turning in Tunisia for 10 prisoners, has revealed to us about the two names of them, two each from Nabil winter and the birth of Abu Zair aka Son spiritual to the “Muammar al-Qathafi ” who Ikavan in Mornaguia, saying of such a deal is immoral and unconstitutional, according to his words.

He was surprised, “Bashir fishing” not Itti’az the current government from the consequences of the previous government to hand over his client’s former Libyan Prime Minister Al-Baghdadi al-Mahmoudi to the Libyan authorities.

At the end of his talk to us, stressed Professor “fishing” on the committee for the defense of the oppressed and displaced Libyans at home will not remain indifferent before the inhuman acts that have already been taken by the previous government and the new government, which plans to walk on her footsteps.

Tanit Press – gift Hamidi

Dean lawyers vowed former professor “Bashir fishing” resort to the judiciary and to pursue all legal proceedings against any official may offer to hand over any Libyan political refugees languishing in our country to the Libyan authorities.


  (Brigadier Bashir bargain hunting exposes the head of the Tunisian-Libyan worthy)

He denounced fishing in a statement the “Tanit Press” Raj what about the last meeting which brought together the Tunisian Interior Minister “Lotfi Ben Jeddo” and his Libyan counterpart, according to which the existence of a deal behind the open Ras Jedir.

He said that to meet “Ben Jeddo” Benazir e Libyan spend to keep at Ras Jedir open from the Libyan side for turning in Tunisia for 10 prisoners, has revealed to us about the two names of them, two each from Nabil winter and the birth of Abu Zair aka Son spiritual to the late “Muammar Gaddafi “who Ikavan in Mornaguia, saying of such a deal is immoral and unconstitutional, according to his words.

He was surprised, “Bashir fishing” not Itti’az the current government from the consequences of the previous government to hand over his client’s former Libyan Secretary Minister Al-Baghdadi al-Mahmoudi to the Libyan authorities.

At the end of his talk to us, stressed Professor “fishing” on the committee for the defense of the oppressed and displaced Libyans at home will not remain indifferent before the inhuman acts that have already been taken by the previous government and the new government, which plans to walk on her footsteps.


Liberal Unionist movement in Tunisia
Tunisia: 11/04/2014
******* Statement *************
Following reports in the pages of social networking and news sites Libyan information that the Tunisian government approval to deliver a large number of refugees and displaced Libyans who left their country forcibly under the oppression of al-Qaeda gangs incitements which controls all aspects of the state Aata destroyed by NATO
The movement of the Liberal Unionists in Tunisia announces the following:
– Calls for the movement and the Tunisian Ministry of the Interior and the prime minister to clarify the fact that the meeting between the Minister of Interior Tunisian Libyan party
– Remember the movement that the process of handing over captured al-Baghdadi Mahmudi. Langer him great tension in the relations between the people of Tunisia and the Libyan people and leaving more than two thousand businessman Libyan Tunisian territory to neighboring countries, which have negatively impacted on the Tunisian economy and prevented the implementation of investment projects important was solved the problem of unemployment In Tunisia
– Movement emphasizes that Libya a failed state and under the control of al-Qaeda testimony of the military leaders of NATO and the NATO defense ministers that the prisons in Libya exercised the most and the worst of the torture and abuse and inhuman practices by the reports and observatories human rights and international organizations, and Arabic.
– Bear the consequences of foot traffic on the implementation of such an agreement because it is contrary to the teachings and values ​​of the Islamic religion and our customs and traditions and Arab thoroughbreds for the shredding of the ties of brotherhood between the two brotherly peoples.
– Movement announces it in coordination with the rest of the revolutionary and nationalist forces in Tunisia will take measures to prosecution will be announced in a timely manner against every state official involved in a deal with al-Qaeda for a handful of Alumblymat.
(Liberal Unionist movement Tunisia)

حركة الوحدويين الاحرار بتونس
تونس في : 2014/04/11
******* بيان *************
على اثر ما تردد في صفحات التواصل الاجتماعي ومواقع اخبارية ليبية من معلومات مفادها موافقة الحكومة التونسية على تسليم عدد كبير من المهجرين و اللاجئيين الليبيين الذين غادروا بلادهم قسرا تحت وطأة بطش عصابات القاعدة التكفيرية التي تسيطر على كافة مفاصل الدولة ااتي دمرها حلف الناتو
فان حركة الوحدويين الاحرار بتونس تعلن ما يلي :
– تدعو الحركة وزارة الداخلية التونسية ورئاسة الحكومة الى توضيح حقيقة اللقاء الذي جمع وزير الداخلية التونسي بالطرف الليبي
– تذكر الحركة ان عملية تسليم الاسير البغدادي المحمودي انجر عنه توتر كبير في العلاقات بين الشعب التونسي و الشعب الليبي و مغادرة اكثر من الفي رجل اعمال ليبي الاراضي التونسية الى دول مجاورة مما اثر سلبا على الاقتصاد التونسي وحال دون تنفيذ مشاريع استثمارية هامة كانت ستحل مشكلة البطالة في تونس
– تؤكد الحركة ان ليبيا دولة منهارة و تحت سيطرة تنظيم القاعدة بشهادة القادة العسكريين لحلف الناتو و وزراء دفاع دول الحلف وان السجون في ليبيا تمارس فيها اشد و ابشع عمليات التعذيب و الانتهاكات و الممارسات اللاانسانية حسب التقارير و المراصد الحقوقية والمنظمات العالمية و العربية.
– تحمل الحركة عواقب الاقدام على تنفيذ مثل هذا الاتفاق لما فيه من مخالفة لتعاليم و قيم الدين الاسلامي و عاداتنا و تقاليدنا العربية الاصيلة و لما فيه من تمزيق لروابط الاخوة بين الشعبين الشقيقين .
– تعلن الحركة انها بالتنسيق مع بقية القوى القومية و الثورية في تونس ستتخذ اجراءات للملاحقة القانونية ستعلن عنها في الابان ضد كل مسؤول في الدولة يتورط في ابرام صفقة مع تنظيم القاعدة من اجل حفنة من المليمات .
حركة الوحدويين الاحرار تونس






LIBYAN MB RATS FAILURE in PLEA-BARGAINING ALGERIA for Mohammed al-Qathafi (Muammar’s first-born son):

Algerian authorities refuse to extradite Mohammed Gaddafi and wanted some of the followers of the former regime’s decision came after the Libyan government said Alotaho news agencies, newspapers and the latter came under attractive financial offer made by the Libyan RAT “government”.

السلطات الجزائرية ترفض تسليم محمد القذافي و بعض المطلوبين من أتباع النظام السابق بعد أن جاء قرار من الحكومة الليبية الأتيةو ذكرت وكالات أنباء و صحف جزائرية أن هذا الأخير جاء تحت عرض مالي مغر قدمته الحكومة الليبية




Important to all free of Arab Republic of Egypt
Please warn the client Hassouna Tata Naki has reported 600 people are rumored to be in Egypt.

Hassouna Tata Naki wants to run Lee Rish Libya, from among the names reported by the client

within 600 Naki bowed name (Ghazali Boubacar).


Green silloette of Mu


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