al-Qaeda Think they are in Control

Mu  simply gorgeous

 Muammar al-Qathafi declared:


“You shall see the True Quran. You shall know that all that is done in the Muslim world (formerly)—in the name of the Quran, IS NOT of the Holy Quran; it is pretense ! These were only laws promulgated by people with certain vested interests: interests in polygamy and slave trade; the interests of those who have reserves of gold and own big businesses.
IT IS THIS CORRUPT CLASS which promulgated such false ‘LAWS’ in the name of ‘Islam’.”The true Islamic ideal of love, equality and justice, is the founding idea of Direct Democracy (or rule of the masses without any mediation.) It is the basis of a system called Divine Law [shariah]-All traditional Systems of hierarchical authority, reject Divine Authority, and therfore do not possess Divine sanction. The direct rule of the masses (JAMAHIRIYA) is a sacred trust.
It is God’s rule through his human creation. It stands by God’s absolute Sovereignty. Muhammed was a Prophet—not a King—He did not therefore appoint a successor. Jesus was a King, and looked upon Simon, asking “Who do you say I AM?”




He spoke those words on 01 FEBRUARY 1983

“GADDAFI SNIPER”: “Gen. Golden (TKHAMIS Muammar Gaddafi Eboumnyar) difficult equation.”


Nato home without our souls and Nato Oamrnaaa: Tribute to Black Rseifeh Bani Walid
دون الوطن نعطو أرواحنا ونعطو أعمرنااا : تحية الي اسود الرصيفه بني وليد


Khamis and Mu


Word addressed to the Libyan Arab people of Dr. Yusuf Shakir ….
Stay tuned for the night via satellite at exactly ninth green evening to meet with a comprehensive media.
dr. Yusuf Shakir explains the facts and reveal things for the first time on the visual media in a comprehensive
dialogue which also tries to put forward solutions to the possibility to get out of this ordeal,
which is currently going through the home ….. Be on time.
(A. M)


كلمة موجهة الى الشعب العربي الليبي من د : يوسف شاكير ….
ترقبوا الليلة عبر فضائية الخضراء فى تمام التاسعة مساء لقاء شامل للاعلامي د : يوسف شاكير يوضح فيه حقائق و أمور تكشف لأول مرة على الاعلام المرئى فى حوار شامل يحاول خلاله أيضا طرح حلول لأمكانية الخروج من هذه المحنة التى يمر بها الوطن حاليا ….. كونوا فى الموعد .
A . M









SALAFI ALLIANCE OF al-Qaeda/ Brotherhood and Ansar al-Sharia throughout LIBYA:


Escape CIA’s Khalifa Hftar and his family back to their residence in Virginia, USA:


No one respects the agents and spies and traitors (SHALGHAM) whatever Tbakua Whatever Taitoa, it has sold his country and himself became humiliated disgrace Nzla not worth anything,

About | News Libyan Revolution urgent

Leaks (Rahan Admoekm Aashalghem and Aadbashi)
Deborah Jones denier Abdullah (hakim Belhadj) during their meeting:

Shalgham and M. Ibrahim O. A. Dabbashi were headed Moaadan # Libya by the White House


PICTURE (above): M. Ibrahim O. A. Dabbashi and Shalgham crying together as losers !

versus defected to “support the February 17 revolution”, but the U.S. administration reneged on its promises,

because the situation in Libya needs to be a man of exceptional ability and specifications to run the country in their current.

لا احد يحترم العملاء والجواسيس والخونه مهما تباكوا ومهما تعايطوا , فمن باع وطنه ونفسه اصبح ذليلاً مهاناً نذلاً ولا يساوي شيئاً ,,

عن | اخبار الثورة الليبية عاجل
تسريبات (راحن ادموعكم ياشلقم ويادباشي)
ديبورا جونز لعبدالله ناكر خلال لقائهما
شلقم والدباشي كانا موعدان برئاسة #ليبيا من قبل البيت الابيض مقابل انشقاقهما لدعم ثورة 17 فبراير ولكن الادارة الامريكية تراجعت عن وعودها لأن الوضع في ليبيا يحتاج الى رجل له مواصفات وقدرة استثنائية لادارة البلاد في وضعها الراهن

 Nouri Abushmin escaped outside Libya not to treat as announced and reports on the total collapse of the body Conference pagan overall country; and preparations carried out to overthrow him and the receipt of the Council of rebels Kandahar power in the country officially.

Now preparing and preparing in rats Misrata and are now trying by all means to persuade them to participate with them entitled to secure the capital and the reality is Guendhary coup.




The truth hidden in order to expose … customers .. and traders of religion … in Libya …

(False Gharyiani) this quack who catch the price of betraying his religion and his country does not deem Libyans from the original …!!!
Published the French newspaper Le Figaro article is very serious about revolutionize Algahaar for the same officer Qatari called massive had previously written articles newspaper Lamond expose the rebels Alnatwa,

and this is a literal translation of an article in the newspaper Le Figaro ((sincere Gharyiani At the beginning of our involvement we Qataris to help the rebels asked him to help speech religious claim street uprising and support the Libyan eastern Libya has been delayed response from Gharyiani for three days then contact us by telephone and spoke on condition versus doing so give him a million dollars

and it really has to approve the request and sent to Doha, people from the tip named Abdul Rauf hater been Taslima amount quoted by private plane diagonal to Benghazi after we opened the line between channel Al Jazeera and Gharyiani during which mobilizes the street and actually succeeded in that role, and then the Gharyiani visit Doha where he met with a number of senators, businessmen

and knew Hola that this person has nothing to do with religion and led by the article he exploited some businessmen this case and asked the Gharyiani Find them for girls or wives of Libya to work party Qatari companies did not miss Sheikh main objective of this request but decided to exploit it,

he asked the businessman to provide housing him in Doha comes to him from time to time to rest so the businessman book suite has a Hilton Hotel Doha for two years paid.

Account then became Gharyiani in turn the other which is to provide the fairer sex for elders, businessmen and was the first trip are his knowledge includes thirty girl from Tajourah and Friday Market attended on a private plane from Benghazi to Doha

and continued this Ahudaa kind revive the old and young Qatari.

Sometimes Ahoudrhen someone called Khaled al-Sharif and sometimes someone called Haitham Tagouris and one time Ahoudrhen Hakim Belhaj was with them goodies.

Hana Abyssinian and Ghada Beauty and the number sixty girls and women of Misurata and Ifrane and Friday market and since this trip has become a blissful Abyssinian and Ghada Beauty and the names sound and Huda Sarari their network bringing girls Libyan to Doha as well as transferred also to Bahrain building applications preloaded with sheikhs from Saudi Arabia

and the United Arab Emirates has been awarded Hana Abyssinian apartment in central Doha, as well as Ghada Beauty and the names of the sound by the Ministry of Defense’s country, became Gharyiani personal greed and numerous requests, making businessmen averse him wroth them to marginalize him and commissioning (Turki Al Dosari), the country’s powerful strong among men of money and power with the task of bringing women and send them to them in Sharm El Sheikh hotels,

and so as not to continue the anger Gharyiani decided businessmen granted one million and six hundred thousand dinars, compared to withdraw without a huff or narrated in the past and actually responded Gharyiani so him check for the amount and became Dosari and Hana Abyssinian Network nights red Maruyt Sharm el-Sheikh and the Hilton Doha, Dubai and Manama,,,,

I felt over the past few days short of myself and worry and you’re in desperate need of frankness reality I lived the Libyan revolution and all its stages Revolution was the greed of the chieftains of religion and prostitutes, not morality them all hum raise money and trading in Honor with of giving money, not Akhlasn for Qatar but for those who pay the Qatari or Saudi or Arab Emirates or French or American

All these nationalities have won them and others all of which were with the knowledge of the Transitional Council, but that the members of the council likes cantaloupe and others were willing to leave their jobs and to do Hana and Ghada and others, this is the reality of the dire situation of the Libyan revolution and Post articles will show successive role of all the girls in prostitution and the leaders of the revolutionary moral bathos in the spring of Libya.

لجمـــــاهيريه الثــــانيه

الحقيقة الخفية من أجل …فضح العملاء..وتجار الدين…فى الجماهيرية العظمى…

( الكاذب الغرياني) هذا الدجال الذى قبض ثمن خيانتة لدينة وبلاده ولا أحسبة ليبيى من الأصل…!!!
نشرت صحيفة لوفيغارو الفرنسية مقال خطير للغايه عن احداث ثورة القهاير لنفس الضابط القطري المدعو الهائل الذي سبق وان كتب مقالات بصحيفة لاموند فضح فيه ثوار الناتوا ،، وهذه ترجمه حرفيه للمقال في صحيفة لوفيغارو (( الصادق الغرياني وفي بداية تدخلنا نحن القطريين لمساعدة الثوار طلبنا منه المساعدة بخطاب ديني يدعوا الشارع للانتفاضه ومساندة الليبيين شرق ليبيا وقد تاخر الرد من الغرياني لمدة ثلاثه ايام بعدها اتصل بنا هاتفياً واشترط مقابل القيام بذلك اعطائه مبلغ مليون دولار وفعلاً تمت الموافقة على طلبه وارسل للدوحه شخصاً من طرفه يدعى عبدالرؤوف كاره تم تسليمة المبلغ ونقلته طائره خاصه قطريه الي بنغازي بعدها فتحنا خط بين قناة الجزيزة والغرياني كان خلالها يحشد الشارع وفعلاً نجح في ذلك الدور وبعدها قام الغرياني بزيارة الدوحه حيث تقابل مع عدد من الشيوخ ورجال الاعمال وعرف هولاء ان هذا الشخص ليس له علاقة بالدين وتقوده المادة فأستغل بعض رجال الاعمال هذه الحاله وطلبوا من الغرياني البحث لهم عن فتيات او نسوة من ليبيا للعمل طرف شركات قطريه ولم يغيب عن الشيخ الهدف الرئيسي من هذا الطلب بل قرر استغلاله فطلب من رجل اعمال توفير سكن له بالدوحه يأتي له بين الحين والاخر للراحه فقام رجل الاعمال بحجز جناح له بفندق هيلتون الدوحه لمدة سنتان مدفوع الحساب بعدها اصبح الغرياني يقوم بدوره الاخر وهو توفير الجنس اللطيف للشيوخ ورجال الاعمال وكانت اول رحله تتم بمعرفته تضم ثلاثون فتاة من تاجوراء وسوق الجمعة حضروا على متن طائرة خاصة من بنغازي الي الدوحه واستمرت هذه الهديا اللطيفه التي تنعش الشيوخ والشباب القطري فتارة يحضرهن شخص يسمى خالد الشريف وتارة شخص يسمى هيثم التاجوري واحدى المرات احضرهن عبدالحكيم بالحاج وكانت معهن اللذيذه هناء الحبشي وغادة جمال وعدد ستون فتاة وامرأة من مصراته ويفرن وسوق الجمعة ومنذ هذه الرحلة اصبحت هناء الحبشي وغادة جمال واسماء سليم وهدى الصراري هم شبكة جلب الفتيات الليبيات الى الدوحه وكذلك نقلهن ايضاً للبحرين بناء على طلبات مسبقه مع مشايخ من السعوديه والامارات وقد منحت هناء الحبشي شقة بوسط الدوحه وكذلك غادة جمال واسماء سليم من قبل وزارة الدفاع القطريه ، اصبح الغرياني شخصيه جشعه وكثرت طلباته مما جعل رجال الاعمال ينفرون منه فغضب منهم لتهميشهم له وتكليف (تركي الدوسري ) القطري صاحب النفوذ القوي بين رجال المال والسلطه بمهمة جلب النسوة وارسالهن لهم في فنادق شرم الشيخ ، وحتى لا يستمر غضب الغرياني قرر رجال الاعمال منحه مبلغ مليون وستمائة الف دينار مقابل ان ينسحب بدون زعل او حكي في الماضي وفعلاً استجاب الغرياني لذلك وسلم شيك بالمبلغ واصبح الدوسري وهناء الحبشي شبكة الليالي الحمراء في مارويت شرم الشيخ وهيلتون الدوحه ودبي والمنامه ،،،، شعرت طيلة الايام الماضيه بضيق نفسي وقلق وكنت في امس الحاجه للمصارحه بالواقع فانا عشت الثورة الليبيه وكل مراحلها لقد كانت ثورة طمع من مشايخ الدين وعاهرات لا اخلاق لهم كل همهم جمع المال والمتاجرة في الشرف مع من يعطي المال ، لم يكن اخلاصهن لقطر بل لمن يدفع كان قطري او سعودي او اماراتي او فرنسي او امريكي فكل هذه الجنسيات نالوا منهن ومن غيرهن وكل ذلك كان بعلم المجلس الانتقالي بل ان اعضاء المجلس امثال شمام وغيره كانوا على استعداد لترك وظائفهم والقيام باعمال هناء وغادة وغيرهن ،، هذه هي حقيقة الحاله المؤلمه للثورة الليبيه وسوف انشر مقالات متلاحقة تبين دور كل فتيات العهر الثوري وقادة الاسفاف الاخلاقي في ربيع ليبيا

News on charging excommunicating “Omar Mukhtar Almdhuna” a former member of the group,
the Libyan Fighting and Vice President of the Chamber ruin Libya is currently implementing
resolution 33 adopted by the Conference pagan outgoing judge and secured (with rape) of the capital Tripoli.

The emergence of mafia dollar in Libya???!!!

Was yesterday’s Bank of the Republic of the main withdraw the amount of two million dollars had been transferred from the Central Bank of Libya to sell to citizens Libyans and Arabs as in the procedure of conversion … but that a group of mafia new Libyan been following the transfer of the Central Bank of Libya until the arrival of the amount of the Bank Republic and received a fully paid interview in Libyan Dinars and while some of the citizens of protest and make a complaint to the managing director of the bank, fled the bankmen on the run and his assistant suffered outside the bank, for fear of the evolution of matter???!!!!
(A. M)
هااااام وعاااااجل :::::ظهور مافيا الدولار بليبيا ؟؟؟!!!
تم يوم الأمس بمصرف الجمهورية الرئيسى سحب مبلغ اثنين مليون دولار كانت قد تم تحويلها من مصرف ليبيا المركزى لبيعها للمواطنين الليبين والعرب حسب المعتمد فى اجراءات التحويل … إلا ان مجموعة من المافيا الليبية الجديدة كانت تتابع عملية النقل من مصرف ليبيا المركزى حتى وصول المبلغ لمصرف الجمهورية واستلمته بالكامل ودفعت مقابله بالدينار الليبي وحين قام البعض من المواطنين بالأحتجاج و تقديم شكوى لأدارة المصرف فر مدير المصرف هاربا ولحق به مساعده الى خارج المصرف خشية من تطور الأمر ؟؟؟!!!!



!Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar!, on FB tells us:

This is the beginning of the Liberation War Come.
Will enter Tripoli war will involve all the tribes of Libya.

~ very dangerous there a gang of Misrata militias’ presence in the city of Tripoli, the kidnapping and bombings

center of Tripoli as a prelude to entering Shield Forces Central to secure the capital Tripoli on the pretext of terrorists-



Haaaaam and Aaaaaajl ::::
Inventory Almqml / Gneoh Atilla gang leader Abu Salim Jerdanih moving car Maxima white opaque glass
and accompanied by a white Toyota Fox and evaluates these days farm area near Ain Zara flour factory.So are their lives fleeing and hiding and they think they Survivors Mtanaseon calls and mothers and fathers
and the sons of the oppressed and God waits but does not neglect.
How long???
(A. M)
هااااام وعاااااجل ::::الجرد المقمل / إغنيوة الككلى رئيس عصابة ابوسليم الجردانية يتنقل بسيارة مكسيما بيضاء معتمة الزجاج وترافقه سيارة تويوتا ثعلب بيضاء ويقيم هذه الأيام بمزرعة بمنطقة عين زارة بالقرب من مصنع الدقيق .
هكذا هى حياتهم يهربون ويختفون ويعتقدون إنهم ناجون ومتناسيون دعوات أمهات وأباء وأبناء المظلومين وإن الله يمهل ولا يهمل .
فإلى متى ؟؟؟

Another crime committed by a serial killer Atilla Gneoh Alkkla Abu Salim ..

Bodies and the violation of the symptoms became the dominant language in Libya in February ..
The offender Rat Gneoh Alkkla Atilla ordered militia Abu Salim assault on Libyan family area project plateau structure capturing on the farm and to reject this family and their defense for their money and their offer was the killing of three brothers of this family family wasteland.This was not the first crime or crime last committed by Atilla Gneoh and his gang in Abu Salim has Symptoms violated and killed dozens of people of this region that they are safe and stable spook unsuspecting families and abandoned and destroyed houses and arrested hundreds or even thousands of torture cellars and waving them goodbye ..


“Zero hour”, comments:


Oh Mliqth you coward Yally Jack urination reflex after the call threat who Jatk of Derna invaded al-Qaida to Tripoli after the dismantling powerful good Zintani brigade Qaqaa, Nicolk just Qamz you pseudo-men like you

and remember the hero martyr guy Billah who during the biggest dreams Almqji and with them NATO they iPhoto Jaddabaa.

But I do not Aouselo Tripoli, Aarafo as much as yourselves, O cowards and Aarafo today as much as men.

Guendhary coup by MB / ZIONISTA of MISURATA:


A statement issued shortly before the so-called local council Alrajaban regarding military intervention in the capital Tripoli:


All Liberal be on alert: al-Qaeda alliance in full force coming!
At the following locations ….

Airport Road from driving

and even Qasr Ben Ghashir


project plateau Abu Salim Alrabash


College Girls College ..……


military plateau


old city


Salahuddin .………..


Mountain Road


starts from Sawani


and even Zahra College of Agriculture

Taking the maximum extreme caution from now until next Saturday.

على كل الاحرار
فى الاماكن التاليه….
طريق المطار من القياده وحتى قصر بن غشير مشروع الهضبه ابوسليم الرابش
كلية البنات……..كلية العسكريه فى الهضبه المدينه القديمه صلاح الدين…………طريق الجبل يبدا من السوانى وحتى الزهراء كلية الزراعه فى جنزور
اخذ اقصى اقصى درجات الحذر من الان وحتى يوم السبت القادم


Serious conversation between the leader of the terrorist Al-Qaida Deputy Saalem Derby.
He threatens the Al Qaqaa Brigade commander Osman mlikoth; and explains the preparation of suicide bombers
in the tuber and their crowds in Misuratah to invade Tripoli and break into unsuspecting homes.
مكالمه خطيره بين قيادي من تنظيم القاعده نائب الإرهابي سالم دربي.
يهدد آمر لواء القعقاع المدعو عثمان مليقطه ويشرح استعدادات الانتحاريين في درنه وحشودهم في مصراته لاجتياح طرابلس واقتحام منازل الأمنين


N columns of troops Jardan Shield Libya and the Middle Shield Libya centrist heading to the city of Tripoli and in the mobilization of large battalions Jardan Tripoli  to go up against QaaQa of Zintan.

Aktar than 200 heavily armed car under a bridge vector Zliten to the capital Tripoli. Please circular O are free.

Excommunicating Tntosh leader Abu Bakr al-Qaeda excommunicating Almtertbt control of
the camp west of Tripoli and the camp known as “27”.


outlets handed over to the so-called “power of tanks” !


arrival of armed groups to follow the armor into Spring Valley !

Sources: alert to severe lightning Mlisheh Airport Road in Tripoli and call all affiliates Mend early morning.
Abduction officer Libyan nationality and is working with the U.S. Embassy Kharsh.
The kidnapping of an Egyptian girl alleges sexual Fatima Mohammed Iron and at the age of 19 years from
the Ras Hassan in Tripoli
The vigil for the phone company employees in protest against the incident, the kidnapping of the daughter
of colleague bolt birthday girl who was abducted on Monday in Tripoli.
German Embassy in Tripoli shut down and deport German embassy staff.
TRIPOLI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT:The son of one of our response to our own sources that the Chief of Staff
issued a commissioning”Formal power to shield Libya editing the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the building by the airport
and controlled forces of Zintan”. News reports that the so-called chief of staff issued a formal mandate to shield
Libya militias control of the building is called the Chief of Staff through the airport, which is controlled by brigades from Zintan.
Hey folks means prepared for a war between Tripoli and Zintan Almzarat, Tripoli O blood pit soon. 
alert to Zintan militia on Airport Road, Brotherhood alliance of MISURATA ready to attack them.
وردنا ابن من احد مصادرنا الخـاصة أن رئيــس الأركان أصــدر تكليف
رسمي لقوة درع ليبيا بتحرير مبنى رئاسة الأركان في طريق المطار والمسيطر عليه قوات من الزنتان
يعني استعدوا يا اهل طرابلس لحرب بين المزاريط و الزنتان ، طرابلس يا حفرة الدم قريبا
to lead sounded the drums of war ~ Shield average room revolutionaries nostalgia ask Qaqaa Brigade, lightning,
civil out of Tripoli without the use of force.
These militias Almzarat a Zintan militia vows and Anatohm thieves and ignorant and Etwaadonhm a fierce war!!
Central shield militias preparing to fly to Tripoli ~ and lightning and QaaQa review its road to the airport in Tripoli, O ~ what Thalilatkm free? ~ What will happen?
Agency Valley dinars:
Khaaaaaaaaaaas and exclusive and uncertain.
Three “Vskiat” I found out Jtt.
The first 14 bodies
The second 21 bodies
The third has not been full count.
A place sites Heretic “Haitham Tagouris
Science “Alveskiat three” were distorting Aljtt water “to water Atcedoa * fire * nitric acid” some skin Aljtt decomposition of acid.
Why put acid on Aljtt that in recognition of a follower named Haitham “even said to be al-Qathafi behind it and Aljtt old”
Forensic refuted this and said it was recent.

The bodies were found in one of the sites Rat “Haitham Tagouris” distorted by water and fire.

The  coroner confirms she knelt modern and not old and all Aljtt analyst.




Find a child (bolt), hijacked from the  angle Dahmani in Tripoli  two days ago
and is now receiving treatment in a hospital street corner




 moves to the camp of Ansar al-Sharia Alalalqh.


within 72 hours (RISHVANA will be ravaged by MB MISURATA militias).


The arrival of a convoy of huge battalion Martyrs Libya free and battalion island to the city of Misrata
amid reports of a move to the two battalions in the coming hours in the direction of Tripoli.
Came with reports of the issuance of the orders of the General Staff of the force shield Libya Central
to impose security by force of arms in the capital, Tripoli major.
Rally for Central and armor battalions Veolh in Misurata and Tripoli being the target.
Misrata ::: are preparing to attack the area and Rishvana within 72 hours 


  • Shooting now through the coastal city of Zliten. Between Zliten rats and rats Misurata and the reason is that the rats Zliten Mesku car driven Misrati without Paintings.
     Today was robbery at a car person named Recep Alsaddaaa in front of the so-called local council Bzletn ~
    broken windshield of the car and steal an amount of 3,000 dinars ~
    after this theft headed the gang robbed the car in front of hotel Zliten Luckily, have been arrested ~
    this band from the city of Misurata.

  • Yesterday’s robbery was the crusher person named Mustafa Ben Halim ~
    Fortunately for the gang were arrested two members of the gang of five new area.

~ was yesterday evening arrested a car without license plates by young drunk was found in the car drug type Hashish
and metal plates Automotive ~

found in the car large knife by traces of blood and a pistol Turkish ~ 

science to the car by 5 reports.
Yesterday was robbery at the head of a European market in the city of Zliten. Tuesday robbery was the type Miche my truck Shi ~
in the same area were also on the Shell robbery Ghwell on the coastal road in  Zliten  Hikagua ~
Lord Save the people of the city of  Zliten honorable rogue gangs of lawless.
Aware of people who are Jardan Mzrath yesterday robbery has been marketed to people in the Hyundai Azera Model 2013
has been Aslaq shot him at the market yesterday with Barake at 12:30 at night.
90% of what is happening in Zliten and the killing and displacement of burglary and displacement caused by the tribe,
the people that owe their origin to the sons of bastards Krgl and Turks.


Eastern Province pages cry from the horror of the base:
When your precautions, and Saif al-Islam commander of the base and extremist groups,
and denied the Tnafajtm and lied,
Here you Tsagon cup of death and humiliation, humiliating,
Quoting | newspaper “urgent Burka”:
Ansar al-Sharia trying to make the Emirate of Benghazi tonight
I still hear the voices of lead by some areas of Benghazi
Appeal to the young people of Benghazi to protect the remaining commandos
Fahadvhm eliminate such Magadwa stun them in Sirte.
Please publishing and Circular Calls you Vlsaakh.

صفحات المنطقه الشرقيه تستغيث من هول القاعده :
عندما حذركم القائد وسيف الاسلام من القاعده والتكفيريين , تنافختم وانكرتم وكذبتم ,
وها انتم تُسقون من كأس الموت والذل المهين ,,
نقلاً عن | عاجل برقهانصار الشريعه يحاولون جعل بنغازي اماره هذه الليلةولازلت اصوات الرصاص تسمع من قبل بعض مناطق بنغازى

نداء الى شباب بنغازي ان يحموا من تبقي من قوات الصاعقه
فهدفهم القضاء على الصاعقه مثل ماقضوا عليها فى سرتالرجاء النشر والتعميم فلصاعقه تناديكم




heavy deployment of Ansar al-Sharia in the middle of the road junctions.




Car explosion in Ras Obeida.



Detonate a car called “Khaled el-Masri,” Balsabera.



The bombing of the headquarters of Ansar al-Sharia, “former Homeland Security” in the gardens.

Further to what we published in advance: smoke billowed from the headquarters

of the internal security previously gardens.


complete control through patrols and gates to Ansar al-Sharia.
Assassinated at dawn today, owned by Ibrahim Boubacar shot by Moroccan Omar
Gunmen.  Assassination of Ibrahim Boubacar age Moroccan dawn today in the city of Benghazi
as soon as he left dawn prayers.
Egyptian citizen, is being subjected to sexual shooting shot dead in Benghazi.
Vandals Wednesday morning Bermaah citizen “Hussein Adahman
Ahmed,”  an Egyptian national was shot dead by “cartouche” near the bridge
Hospital Galaa.
The wounded Egyptian workers in Libya, named Hassan Ahmed Dahman «27 years»,
after being shot by gunmen in a car shot him, in the city of Benghazi, yesterday.
An official media Galaa hospital in Benghazi «Fadia Albergty», that «the worker
performed his first upon his arrival and his condition is stable».
The attempted assassination of a member of Osama Badri military’s own intelligence in
Benghazi,  has survived assassinations and injured in one of his legs.
He has been identified as a Mnfda attack, Khalid Almsheeti
It follows the Shield forces Libya 1 have fled after being shot.
He and his family are to leave their home, and the situation in congestion in the
Almsheeti home, for fear of the bombing of the forces Shield.

محاولة أغتيال اسامة البدري أحد أفراد ألاستخبارت العسكرية
بنغازي وقد نجا من الاغتيال وأصيب في أحد رجليه
وقد تم التعرف على أحد منفدي الهجوم وهو خالد المشيطي
ويتبع لقوات درع ليبيا 1 وقد فر بعد أطلاق الرصاص عليه
وقام أهله بمغادرة منزلهم والوضع في أحتقان
خشية تفجير منزل المشيطي التابع لقوات الدرع


Two people found dead of gunshot wounds to the head and another person wounded in the leg in a car

Mazda passenger area Algrarat market shortly before Friday



A car bomb explosion area Quiche in Benghazi.


Survived citizen “Abdel Moneim Saleh customary” one of the candidates for mayor of Benghazi from an
assassination attempt by unknown assailants suffered Zawoh land area of ​​the city.


The recent bombing and the sounds of bullets that you hear now is a battle in the area between traders Almajora Mkhdhirat ..

Bashir killed Bibany Alakora
Story Battle Almajora ..
The citizen Bashir Bibany Alakora famous title Bashir Alabana
Chiaa expel vendors lawn in front of his house because they promote for sale in front of his home
The quarrel came to pass, publicizing his weapon and throwing dead.
So the members of the battalion February 17 dropped it to Ardoh shot dead.




complete control of Masmi youth organization of radical Islam.

Youth Association of Tobruk: they are looking for security and safety:
Frogmen forces stationed base Tobruk Navy seized the ship and described Palmhbohh bearing the name “Nancy”
and it is just 10 miles north of the city of Tobruk in the far east of Libya occupied.

A medical source at the hospital Hraish tuber confirms the arrival of the body, “Mohammed Suleiman Tagouris”

belonging to the group Ansar al-Sharia elements of one of the Islamic Army of Libya after Amatarh unknown
shortly before a hail of bullets in front of the Bank of unity in the city of Derna and shot him dead. News about the
clash in front of complex Harish “between two cars, one car kind” Chevrolet “and the other kind” BM “which led to the killing
of a so-called Solomon Tagouris elements of Ansar al-Sharia from Benghazi and has been to car” BM “bleed often drive.Partners in yesterday’s enemies are today’s infidelity,
Their agreement yesterday was their pragmatism own power and the employment of foreigners and the destruction of Libya,
as well as the struggle today and the same reasons, Valkhiana not only produce infidelity, Libya were not into account
and their accounts, but their employment and their interests are the priorities, objectives, first and foremost, this as
evidenced by the days and events, and all of them have Taroa Suathm exposed in front of public….


Killed, Muhammad Fawzi Sanusi accused in the murder of  American University professor
and many Qzaih assassination and Hua from Benghazi were targeted while coming to Derna.


Abduction adviser to the Tunisian Embassy in Libya

 URGENT: kidnapping advisor first Tunisian embassy in Tripoli
Rusaifa news – news sources reported shortly before the kidnapping Almscharalaol the Tunisian ambassador in Libya,
the source added that unidentified gunmen kidnapped Chancellor and Aqtiadhala unknown destination
until now did not know the motives and reasons and only Raalhadt.
AFP Abduction adviser to the Tunisian Embassy in Libya Confirmed Libyan media day Thursday, April 17 / April, kidnapping Arousi Alguentasa legal adviser in the Tunisian Embassy in the Libyan capital Tripoli. The means to do this unidentified Tunisian diplomat kidnapped while he was in the field of Qadisiyah the center of Tripoli. This, so far has not issued any official data on both sides of the Libyan and Tunisian. The staff is another Tunisian Sheikh Mohammed’s private office director of the Tunisian ambassador to Libya, was kidnapped in Tripoli on March 21 / March last year, is still unaccounted for so far.
Source: RT + Agencies


Tunisia ::: Marzouki announce the border with Libya closed military zone.


la photo de displaced Libyans voice in the world.

Special: Displaced Libyans in Tunisia refuse mediation Ghannouchi reconciliation

Bashir’s lawyer said fishing displaced Libyans in Tunisia that “displaced Libyans in Tunisia Klfona has announced that in my capacity as the right lawyers for their rejection of the initiative of the President of Renaissance Movement Rached Ghannouchi for national reconciliation in Libya.”
He added fishing they respect the man – Ghannouchi – figure and Tine Tunisian and heads the party is important, but can not mediating between the Libyans because it is neutral as to his deep relationships and relationships with actors Libyan interview, “in an implicit reference to the stream of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood in Libya , pointing, saying that “the initiative or mediation should be available where the requirement of neutrality, which they said was missing it.”

Ghannouchi and had started an initiative to help the Libyan parties to the conflict, to find a way out of the crisis faced by the country, after the disclosure of his presence in Tripoli since last Friday evening, in an attempt to help the Libyans to contain the ongoing political crisis in the country.

According to information, being Ghannouchi, meetings with a number of leading political actors, and through coordination with the UN envoy to Libya, Tarek Mitri. It is expected to meet with both the head of the “Loyalty to the Martyrs”, in the rat General National Congress  Abdul Wahab Kaid, Abu BUSHMIN arrows, and the head of the MB party “Justice and Development”, Mohammed Sawan, as well as chairman of the steering committee of the party “Alliance”, Abdul Majid Mliqth.

initiative comes Ghannouchi after the failure of an initiative to Libya began five months ago in Jordan, had asked the Chairman of the Commission of national consensus in Parliament, Abdul Hadi Hmath, Engineer Usman Featherbed, as representatives of the current Salafists, the representatives of the alliance “national forces” and spectra political other.




Egyptian troops to secure the shared border, alert !


Sources: Syrian Salafi coming to Egypt with help

from Turkey, Qatar and Obama

Special to

Yossef Bodansky, Senior Editor, Global Information System / Defense & Foreign Affairs

The struggle for Egypt is on the verge of a major escalation as the key sponsors of the Salafist cause in Syria are now committed to a similar campaign against Egypt.

The overall strategic objective is to prevent the emergence of an inward-looking regional order based on the Arab heartland, shielded by the Fertile Crescent of Minorities, and thus excluding the external forces. A strong and stable Egypt is considered a cornerstone of such a regional posture.

A fighter celebrates after firing a missile toward a building where Syrian troops were hiding. /
Because Russia is the primary supporter and sponsor of the emerging regional order, the sponsors of the Salafsts are convinced the U.S. Barack Obama Administration supports them just as Obama is supporting their (false) so-called  “jihad” in Syria.
Salafist sources directly involved in the sponsorship of Salafist causes in Syria and Egypt just reported on the comparable effort against Egypt.

According to these Salafist sources, “attempts to create a Free Egyptian Army in Libya have been identified, with the participation of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and Al Qaeda and under Qatari-Turkish-Iranian patronage, in addition to plans to target vital installations, including Cairo International Airport, the storming of prisons to free ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood  detainees, and spreading chaos to sabotage the presidential elections.”

The Libyan intelligence services allegedly permit — or at least cannot control or constrain — the advance preparations.
“Factories in Libya are making Egyptian Army uniforms and distributing them to members of the Free Egyptian Army, in preparation to enter the country in the future and implement those schemes and awaiting the zero hour, which will be set by the intelligence agencies that control them,” the sources said. Large quantities of weapons, vehicles and other equipment are being delivered to the Egyptian groups and stored in the Derna self-declared “Emirate” in Libya’s Cyrenaica region, pending dispatch into Egypt. Most of the combatants engaged were reported to be experienced jihadis, mostly not of Libyan citizenship, but including a considerable number of Sudanese and other fighters who had gained experience in Syria and elsewhere.

The Emir (Commander) of the Free Egyptian Army is Sharif al-Radwani. He is currently running the training camps and weapon storage site of the Free Egyptian Army in Libya. In recent years, Sharif al-Radwani participated in the jihads in Syria, Lebanon, and Afghanistan-Pakistan. The key commander responsible for coordination with foreign sponsors and intelligence services is Ismail al-Salabi. He is a senior member of the Al Qaeda high command. Significantly, Ismail al-Salabi is a friend and confidant of the head of Qatari intelligence, Ghanem al-Kubaisi, and both meet frequently.

The senior commanders are also coordinating with the supreme leaders of the clandestine arm of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood the launch of terrorist operations inside Egypt. The jihadist sources specified that “Kami al-Saifi and Ismail al-Salabi, who are both in Al Qaeda, were in contact with the Muslim Brotherhood’s (Ikhwan) Deputy Supreme Guide Khairat al-Shater and have a special role to play in creating instability prior to the upcoming presidential elections”.

The overall activities in the training camps in Libya suggest that the Free Egyptian Army is comprised of a few distinct elements, each of which joined after building expertise and cohesion in other jihadist fronts, mainly Syria and Libya. The best organized and best trained are the “Al Qaeda elements” under the command of Sufian al-Hakim. They joined the training camps as a cohesive unit with well-defined cells and networks, including inside Egypt. They receive weapons, ammunition and other sophisticated equipment in the camps.

The first cells are already being smuggled across the Libyan borders. The largest element of the Free Egyptian Army is comprised of Egyptian students who fled to Libya. The military commander of these forces is Abu-Fahd al-Zaz, a veteran of the fighting in Syria who returned to Libya to help launch their (false) “jihad” in Egypt. The liaison officer with the Qataris in the training camps is Abu-Ubaida, a veteran al-Qaeda commander who had worked with the Qataris in Libya, Syria and other sensitive projects.Qatari intelligence and military officers are present on Libyan soil and visit Abu-Ubaida frequently to inspect the camps and get progress reports.

Significantly, the Free Egyptian Army is being organized and run separately, but parallel, to the ongoing expansion of the armed jihadist groups in and out of the Sinai, particularly the Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis (Supporters of Jerusalem) forces. The Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis started as Sinai-based and Egyptian off-shoots of the Hamas forces in Gaza affiliated with the Egyptian ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood (of which the Hamas is an extension).

[The U.S. Department of State has announced the designation of Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis as a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO) under Section 219 of the Immigration and Nationality Act and as a Specially Designated Global Terrorist entity under section 1(b) of Executive Order (EO) 13224.]

In mid-July 2013, soon after the Egyptian military overthrew the Morsi Administration and saved Egypt from collapse, the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood established a command post at the Gaza Beach Hotel in the Gaza Strip. The primary mission of the command post is to organize and run the Salafist resistance and, should the need arise, a civil war in Egypt. The ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood cooperate closely with the Hamas and the various Al Qaeda-affiliated neo-salafist and Wahabi forces in Sinai. The Gaza Beach Hotel command post is run by Mahmud Izzat Ibrahim, a senior deputy of the Supreme Guide, known as “the Iron Man”.

Hamas sources claim that he is ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood senior leader Khairat al-Shater’s right-hand man and deputy for special projects in the underground/clandestine apparatus. Initially, there were at least six Egyptian senior operatives in the Gaza Beach Hotel, as well as a few Hamas and other Arab Salafist leaders help the Egyptians. In mid-August 2013, the number and seniority of the Egyptians at the Gaza Beach Hotel command post rose markedly.Most important was the arrival of the supreme leader of the clandestine arm of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood. Both the real name and nom-de-guerre of the commander are unknown. The most senior Hamas officials are referring to him as “Mr X” and hold him at great reverence.

The key to the power of “Mr X” is that he received his “takfiri” (ie: a Muslim who accuses another of apostasy) education from Sheikh Abdul Meguid al-Shazli, the mentor of both Shater and Supreme Guide Muhammad Badei. Some 20 senior commanders and operatives of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood’s clandestine apparatus arrived with “Mr X”, bringing the total of Egyptians at the Gaza Beach Hotel command center to more than 30, on top of the few dozen Palestinians and other Arab Salafists who assist in running operations not only in Egypt but also throughout the Middle East.

The Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis in its current structure and role was funded in late-August 2013 by the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood leadership. The turning point was a deal between Deputy Supreme Guide Khairat al-Shater and Muhammad al-Zawahiri — Ayman’s brother and leader of the “Egyptian Islamic Jihad” – which brought the Hamas special operations command and numerous takfiri networks inside Egypt into the deal. As part of the agreement, the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood committed to supplying both Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis and Hamas with weapons from Libya which would be delivered through the Gaza tunnels.

Qatar agreed to fund these weapons and both Qatari and Turkish intelligence officials coordinated the weapons purchase and delivery with their Libyan counterparts. Little wonder that Hamas officials often refer to Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis as “the military wing of the ‘Muslim’ Brothershood” in Egypt. However, the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood’s supreme leadership remained apprehensive about their dependence on the Gaza Strip and the Sinai, and therefore, explained the Salafist sources, “kept planning to form its own militia”: the Free Egyptian Army.

Meanwhile, according to Salafist sources, Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis was being converted into an elite Salafi force “made up of Hamas militants, youth of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, and fighters trained in Afghanistan”. Indeed, the Gaza Beach Hotel command post is coordinating closely with Ramzi Mowafi – the Egyptian Al Qaeda leader known as the Chief of Sinai – and the Salafist army in the Sinai. The first manifestation of the new cooperation is the emergence in the Sinai of a new Salafist group – “The Communicators with the Mahdi” – which, although comprised mainly of Palestinian members of the Hamas and “Islamic Jihad from the Gaza Strip”, is focused on fighting the Egyptian Security Forces.Autumn 2013 saw the beginning of sustained operations at the heart of Egypt.

The first strikes were amateurish and caused extensive harm to bystanders. The Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis apologized and explained that the attackers “did their best in terms of monitoring and planning so as to avoid injuring any innocent Muslim”.

Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis stressed that the ultimate objective of the mujahedin was “attacking [the Government] without inflicting harm in the ranks of the Muslims” and called on all Egyptian Muslims “to come together around their mujahedin brothers in their war against” the security forces. An individual identified as Abu-Osama al-Masri emerged as the chief spokesman of Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis.

In Winter 2013-2014, Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis became sufficiently strong and stable to escalate operations throughout the heart of Egypt, from Cairo to the Delta and Suez Canal cities.The Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis networks have since carried out numerous car-bombings, shooting attacks and assassinations of senior security personnel.

The Salafist commanders consider this the beginning of a long (false) “jihad” which would ultimately restore WAHABI government to Egypt. The Salafists are escalating their jihad to destabilize Egypt through “the battle for avenging the Muslims of Egypt.” According to the Salafist sources, the primary objectives of Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis are “to target vital installations, mainly the bombing of the Aswan High Dam, which was at the top of their target list, in addition to targeting a number of churches, places of worship, and police and army facilities”.

The Salafist sources stressed that once “the Free Egyptian Army”, the new forces of the Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis, and a myriad of localized Salafi-takfiri networks are unleashed, Cairo would be shocked by the spread and magnitude of the violence. The Salafist leaders and their sponsoring states were convinced that “Egypt is in a real crisis” and that Cairo was incapable of meeting the new challenge.

“The ignorance of the security forces and intelligence services of these new elements of terrorism is disastrous,” the Salafist sources claimed.

Seif Yazal: «Egyptian army free» funded by Qatar, Turkey and the

soldiers of Al-Azhar students

Sameh Seif Yazal

Detection Gen. Sameh Seif Yazal strategic expert, about the details of what it calls some foreign newspapers, “the Egyptian army free”, which is being trained and prepared in Libya. Consists Egyptian army free, students from Al-Azhar University, belonging to the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, and the elements of Yemen, and al-Qaeda, He stressed that the composition of the army free instructions came directly from the international organization of the ‘Muslim’  Brotherhood in Afghanistan.

Being free army Tdrbyate in Libya, led by Ismail Salaabi, Kanye Seyoufi, and funded by the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood leader Mahmoud Ezzat, who is leading the attack of a hotel in the Gaza Strip called “Gaza Beach”.

And receives Ghanem Al Qubaisi, one of the main leaders of the Egyptian army, free, instructions of Khairat Al-Shater.

The Yazal during a meeting with the program “90 Minutes,” which presents the channel “axis”, and provided Osama Mounir, that “Abu Fahd Alrzazi” is from the train elements of the army free in Libya.
He denied Yazal, the involvement of the United States, in support of the so-alled “Egyptian army free”, because it is politically stupid.

He accused both Iran and Turkey, and Qatari intelligence, to supply the Egyptian army with the necessary information free, access to the best points, which moves in which elements of the “Egyptian army free”, and the 700 element, to the Egyptian border.

The Yazal, and the Brotherhood, chose Libya to conduct military training, what ails the loose security.

سيف اليزل: « الجيش المصري الحر» يُمول من قطر وتركيا وجنوده من طلاب الأزهر
سامح سيف اليزل
كشف اللواء سامح سيف اليزل الخبير الإستراتيجي، عن تفاصيل ما أطلقت عليه بعض الصحف الأجنبية “الجيش المصري الحر”، الذي يجري تدريبه وإعداده في ليبيا.ويتكون الجيش المصري الحر، من طلاب جامعة الأزهر، المنتمين لجماعة الإخوان، وعناصر يمنية، ومن تنظيم القاعدة، مؤكدا أن تكوين الجيش الحر جاء بتعليمات مباشرة من التنظيم الدولي لجماعة الإخوان بأفغانستان.
ويجري الجيش الحر تدربياته في ليبيا بقيادة إسماعيل الصلابى، وكانى السيوفي، ويمولهم القيادي الإخواني محمود عزت، الذي يقود الهجوم من أحد الفنادق في قطاع غزة يسمى “غزة بيتش”.
ويتلقى غانم القبيسى، أحد أهم قيادات الجيش المصري الحر، تعليماته من خيرت الشاطر.
وأشار اليزل خلال لقائه مع برنامج “90 دقيقة”، الذي يعرض على قناة “المحور”، ويقدمه أسامة منير، إلى أن “أبو فهد الرزازي” هو من يقوم بتدريب عناصر الجيش الحر في ليبيا.
ونفى اليزل، اشتراك الولايات المتحدة، في دعم الجيش المصري الحر، لأن ذلك يعتبر غباء سياسيا.
واتهم كلا من إيران، وتركيا، والمخابرات القطرية، بإمداد الجيش المصري الحر بالمعلومات اللازمة، للوصول إلى أفضل النقاط، التي تنتقل فيها عناصر الجيش المصري الحر، وعددهم 700 عنصر، إلى الحدود المصرية.
وأوضح اليزل، أن الإخوان اختاروا ليبيا لإجراء عمليات التدريب العسكري، لما تعانيه من انفلات أمني.


Hamdi Bakhit: Egyptian army will go to the depth of the Libyan If sensed danger
Said Gen. Hamdi Bakhit, security expert and strategic:

“Libya has no central government control of the things there,” explaining: “The attacks, which exposed the Egyptians there come by terrorist groups as a kind of pressure and blackmail on the Egyptian administration.”

The Bakhit during his speech telephony program “on my responsibility,” provided by the media, Ahmed Musa:

“The terrorist groups in Libya is a re-centering for many terrorist elements from Afghanistan, and the device Salafi WAHABI and the ‘Muslim’  Brotherhood, noting that these groups are moving and monitors by devices Intelligence superpowers against  Egypt.

The security expert, Bakhit added that the Egyptian armed forces monitoring the situation seriously, saying:

“We are in the utmost attention, and our forces well-trained to deal with these matters in the case of Egyptian national security, and we’ll go to the rear of the Libyan If sensed Armed Forces of danger.”
He spoke about the brigade that the Egyptian army capable of protecting national security in any strategic direction,
and any theater in any point of the borders of Egypt.
“Libya has become a state-controlled militias, and terrorist groups, and terrorist groups in Libya knows well the ability of the Egyptian army, stressing the need to be a military command Mmeltvth well for such a thing.”
He concluded his remarks, a strategic expert, describing the so-called free-Egyptian army is a superstition, adding that the security assessments do not overlook such threats, he said, adding:
“Egypt take the right decision at the right time.”

Haaaaaam and Aaaaaaagel :::::
Sources :::: “Brotherhood and al-Qaeda” Aassan “Egyptian army free” in Libya under the auspices of “Turkish”.

Sources sovereign high-level to the “homeland” of Egypt, that the security services spotted the attempts to establish a free army in Libya, or what is called “the Egyptian army of liberation”, with the participation of regulatory “Brotherhood,” and “Al-Qaeda”, and under the auspices of Turkey, and that there are plans to target vital installations in Egypt, including Cairo International Airport,

and the storming of the prison for smuggling Brotherhood leaders, and wreak havoc in order to invalidate the election scene.The sources pointed out that it is planning to target potential candidates for the presidency, and military figures, and factories in Libya, the industry your outfit Egyptian army, and distributed free to members of the Army, to enter the country during the coming period, and the implementation of those plans.

The sources said, that is responsible for the free army camps in Libya, a person named “Sheriff Alrdoany”, and participated in the operations of armed violence in Syria, Lebanon and Pakistan. And that the official contact person named “Ismail Salaabi,” a member of al Qaeda, and collected contacts with the country’s intelligence chief Ghanem Kubaisi, and they met secretly in Qatar, during the past few months, while supervised by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard training camps.The sources revealed that both “Kamei Syafi’ie” and “Ismail Salaabi,” a member of al-Qaeda, were contacts Boukert Shater, deputy leader of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood organization, accused in several cases, before June 30.

The sources added that it was monitoring groups, the Brotherhood, which is involved in the establishment of “free army”, and includes Egyptian students were able to flee to Libya, across the border, with the help of a person named “Abufahad Alzaz,” one military leaders who took part in combat operations in Syria for the period since the start of disorder conditions Syrian,then returned to Libya, and that elements of al-Qaeda joined to these camps under the banner of “Sufian al-Hakim”, leader of al-Qaeda, and are providing them with arms and ammunition through trucks smuggled into Libya across the border, landing on Libyan territory in secret.

They also reported the security services, as revealed by informed sources, the presence of officers Qataris in the land Allibh, more than once, most recently last week, to meet with the leaders who are working to establish a free army, and they met a person named “Abu Obaida,” one of the leaders of “Al Qaeda” to participate in the preparation of such schemes, for two hours in Tripoli, one of the famous hotels.

هاااااام وعااااااجل :::::مصادر:::: “الإخوان والقاعدة” يؤسسان “الجيش المصرى الحر” في ليبيا برعاية “إيرانية- قطرية- تركية” .كشفت مصادر سيادية رفيعة المستوى لـصحيفة “الوطن” المصرية ، عن أن الأجهزة الأمنية رصدت محاولات لتأسيس الجيش الحر فى ليبيا، أو ما يسمى بـ”الجيش المصرى التحرير”، بمشاركة تنظيمي “الإخوان”، و”القاعدة”، وتحت رعاية إيرانية – قطرية – تركية، وأن هناك مخططات لاستهداف منشآت حيوية في مصر، منها مطار القاهرة الدولي، واقتحام السجون لتهريب قيادات الإخوان، ونشر الفوضى بهدف إبطال مشهد الانتخابات الرئاسية.
كما أوضحت المصادر أنه يتم التخطيط لاستهداف مرشحين محتملين للرئاسة، وشخصيات عسكرية، وأن مصانع فى ليبيا تقوم بصناعة الزى الخاص بالجيش المصرى، وتوزيعه على أعضاء بالجيش الحر، لدخول البلاد خلال الفترة المقبلة، وتنفيذ تلك المخططات.
وقالت المصادر، إن المسئول عن معسكرات الجيش الحر فى ليبيا، شخص يدعى “شريف الردوانى”، وشارك في عمليات العنف المسلح فى سوريا ولبنان وباكستان. وأن مسئول الاتصال شخص يدعى “إسماعيل الصلابى”، عضو بتنظيم القاعدة، وتجمعه اتصالات مع رئيس المخابرات القطرية غانم الكبيسى، والتقيا سراً فى قطر، خلال الأشهر الماضية، فيما يشرف الحرس الثورى الإيرانى على معسكرات التدريب.
وكشفت المصادر عن أن كلاً من “كامى السيفى” و”إسماعيل الصلابى”، عضوا تنظيم القاعدة، كانا على اتصالات بخيرت الشاطر نائب المرشد العام لتنظيم الإخوان، المتهم في عدة قضايا، قبل 30 يونيو.
وأضافت المصادر أنه تم رصد المجموعات الإخوانية التي تشارك في تأسيس “الجيش الحر”، وتضم طلاب مصريين تمكنوا من الهرب إلى ليبيا، عبر الحدود، بمساعدة شخص يدعى “أبوفهد الزاز”، أحد القيادات العسكرية الذي شارك فى عمليات القتال بسوريا لفترة منذ بدء اضطراب الأوضاع السورية، ثم عاد إلى ليبيا، وأن عناصر من تنظيم القاعدة انضمت لهذه المعسكرات تحت راية “سفيان الحكيم”، القيادي بالقاعدة، ويتم مدهم بالسلاح والذخيرة من خلال شاحنات إيرانية تُهرب إلى ليبيا عبر الحدود، أو عبر طائرات إيرانية تهبط بالأراضي الليبية سراً.
كما رصدت الأجهزة الأمنية، حسب ما كشفته المصادر المطلعة، حضور ضباط قطريين في الأراضي الليبة، أكثر من مرة، وأخرها الأسبوع الماضى، للقاء القادة الذين يعملون على تأسيس الجيش الحر، وأنهم اجتمعوا بشخص يدعى “أبوعبيدة”، أحد قيادات “القاعدة” المشاركة في إعداد تلك المخططات، لمدة ساعتين فى طرابلس، بأحد الفنادق الشهيرة.
(A . M)

The so-called “Egyptian army out free ” reviewing the Libyan city of Derna :::

Systems, the so-called «Egyptian army free» a military parade in the city of Derna, located between the cities of Salloum Egyptian and Benghazi, Libya, yesterday, and deliberated sites incitements videos for viewing, which was held in the area of ​​the field of the companions of the city, and the video shows that the majority of the participants of the Egyptians, in addition to the numbers of Arab nationalities,

and they were waving banners of al-Qaeda terrorist, Ismail Itusthm hardness, leading to «Al-Qaeda».Sources sovereign that Egyptian security services received information for officials «army free» with jaw blades wireless devices Egyptian and imaging devices Leila border control , as monitored communications between Qatari officials to discuss the situation in Egypt with the participation of prominent Turkish businessman linked to the international organization of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood.

The sources revealed the presence of factories in Libya and the Gaza Strip for the manufacture of uniforms to the armed forces and the police, and added: «revealed information about the plans and documents have been sent from the views of the Libyan to the security authorities in Egypt reveal the intention of the army free to attack military units in Matrouh and the smuggling of these items to the Delta governorates such as Mansoura and Eastern.

And provided authorities Libyan Information reveal bringing Brotherhood Africans to work in the army free in return for cash, and the establishment of the movement of the rebels in Libya to support «international regulation», as spotted views intelligence planned visit to «Anas al-Tikriti», one of the leaders of the international organization, the army camps free in Libya .

Training elements of the army during their camps in Libya and work organization «Free Army» under the slogan «Army of the State of Libya Islamic free»; in order to avoid interference Egypt militarily in Libya and strike his camps, after it announced the Egyptian armed forces establishment «NRF» to combat terrorism. The Baset Azzouz, adviser Ayman al-Zawahiri, al-Qaeda leader, he founded and supervision of his camps in the «Sirte and Benghazi and Derna», with the help of Yousef Taher, and Ismail hardness, and Egyptian Tharwat Salah Shehata, who was arrested recently in the Tenth of Ramadan, and took his place Nasser Alhoucy.

The «Salaabi», planned for the «Egyptian army free», especially as it has good relations with the guidance office in Egypt, and is the official intelligence Brotherhood in Libya, and represents the link between the group in Cairo and Tripoli.

According to reports, the intention of the terrorist elements targeting airports in Cairo and excursions, and prisons

where there were leaders of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, and camps belonging to the security forces in different places. 

(A. M)

Picture of SALAFIST military meeting in Derna over Egypt:

Aldoahri Ayman al-Qaeda leader on Libyan territory.

Industry terrorism
Sources: Turkey, Qatar and Iran supports the «insurgents» .. mostly Egyptians and aides .. «Zawahiri» driving exercises.
Systems, the so-called «Egyptian army free» a military parade in the city of Derna, located between the cities of Salloum Egyptian and Benghazi Libyan yesterday, and deliberated sites incitements videos for viewing, which was held in the area of ​​the field of the companions of the city, and the video shows that the majority of the participants of the Egyptians, as well as the number of Arab nationalities, and they were waving banners of al-Qaeda terrorist, Ismail Itusthm hardness, leading to «Al-Qaeda».

Sources sovereign that Egyptian security services received information that officials visited Libya secretly to meet Egyptian elements in the area «Gulf Baroudi», officials «army free» with jaw blades wireless devices Egyptian and imaging devices Leila border control , as monitored communications between Qatari and Iranian officials to discuss the situation in Egypt with the participation of prominent Turkish businessman linked to the international organization of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood.

The sources revealed the presence of factories in Libya and the Gaza Strip for the manufacture of uniforms to the armed forces and the police.
She added: «revealed information about the plans and documents have been sent to the views of the Libyan security authorities in Egypt reveal the intention of the army free to attack military units in Matrouh and the smuggling of these items to the provinces, such as Delta and Eastern Mansoura.

And provided authorities Libyan Information reveal bringing Brotherhood Africans to work in the army free in return for cash, and the establishment of the movement of the rebels in Libya to support «international regulation», as spotted views intelligence planned visit to «Anas al-Tikriti», one of the leaders of the international organization for military camps free in Libya.

SUMMARY Egyptian newspaper.

“Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar”,  on FB comments:

Road to Sinai from Libya
Sinai sacred land of Mount Sinai when the Jews.
Country have taken figs and olives and remains a country to achieve the phase state of Zion,
Great Britain and was the beginning of the Camp David treaty.
As U.S. imperialism was able to break Bzjh Saddam’s army in Kuwait, despite the fact that his relationship with America was excellent thenand he had taken it by the advice of the U.S. ambassador occupation of Kuwait.
Today imperialism works to break the Egyptian army’s parents is a U.S. leadership Mend Treaty and knead Bzjh in the war.America today gathered at the base of the tuber and its members facilitate migration from Tunisia, Algeria, Syria and everywhere to the tuber and napkins will be used this topic as soon use them in Afghanistan and Iraq and to Abba and together. America deliberately turning a blind eye to the Al-Qaeda in the tuber …
Stzj America its army inside Egypt eastern Libya any action on behalf of artificially Brotherhood or al-Qaeda or any other, and the reverse was shredding it to easily claim the occupied Libya.Military intervention to protect its territory. Sinai to describe Zionism and the division of Egypt ..Today we see the Egyptian channels says that eastern Libya is Egyptian and see channels Gerdanih Tibet from Egypt calling for secession ……
They said a search for an old female in any war, and I’d say look for Jews in any war.
Thank you.
صباح الخير خوتنا
حبيت ناخد رايكم و الاحرار فى تحليل عملناه فى مركز الانتامبريالزم لندن امس
هدا ملخص متاعى
الطريق الى سيناء يبدأ من ليبيا
سيناء ارض جبل الطور مقدسة عند اليهود. أخدوا بلد التين و الزيتون و يبقى بلد الطور لتحقيق دولة صهيون العظمى وكانت البداية بمعاهدة كامب ديفيد.
فكما استطاعت الامبريالية الامريكية تكسير جيش صدام بزجه فى الكويت رغم ان علاقته بامريكا كانت ممتازة حينها و كان قد أخد مشورة السفيرة الامريكية قبل احتلاله للكويت. اليوم تعمل الامبريالية على كسر الجيش المصرى الدى يعتبر امريكى القيادة مند المعاهدة و دلك بزجه فى حرب. امريكا اليوم تجمع القاعدة فى درنة و تسهل لافرادها الهجرة من تونس و الجزائر وسوريا و كل مكان الى درنة و ستستعمل هده المناديل قريبا كما استعملتهم فى افغانستان و العراق و ليببا و سويا. امريكا تغض البصر قصدا عن سفيرها المغتال فى بنغازى و القاعدة فى درنة… ستزج امريكا بجيشها المصرى داخل شرق ليبيا باى عمل مفتعل باسم الاخوان او القاعدة او غيره, و من تم تنقض عليه لتفتته بسهولة بمطالبة ليبيا المحتلة بالتدخل العسكرى لحماية اراضيها . لتصفوا سيناء للصهيونية و تقسيم مصر.. اليوم نرى قنوات مصرية تقول ان شرق ليبيا هو مصرى و نرى قنوات جردانية تبت من مصر تدعوا للانفصال……قالو ا قديما ابحث عن الانثى فى اى حرب و انا اقول ابحث عن اليهود فى اى حربشكرا



 Yankee twisted so-named “Christian”-Fundamentalists


Not for the fierce attack on the Arab world from the West:

It is not a coincidence that the bombing of Tripoli came on 20 March 2011  …..

March 20 Day bombed Baghdad and bombed Tripoli Day

What is the secret to choose this day once in 2003 and then again in 2011??

And what the real reason behind the invasion of Iraq??
March 20 is the beginning of the Passover feast of the Jews
Passover is the holiday of holidays mentioned in the Torah, and is out of the children of Israel, led by Moses Masralfronah
Where the Jews came out of Egypt, led by Moses to the land of Canaan (Palestine) and they consider freedom festival or holiday emergence of the Jewish people.Fbasdf in the holiday of freedom and the emergence of the Jewish people is the bombing of Iraq and then Libya!!!Hatred of Jews on the Old Iraq since 586 BC

Since that Nebuchadnezzar conquered the Babylonian kingdom of Judah and demolish Al-Aqsa Mosque and Spa Jews to Babylon
Known as the Babylonian captivity and destroyed their kingdom
We read in the Torah distorted
Psalms: Psalm 1, “37”: 8 O Babylon girl bound mess, Blessed is he who will reward you with Jazetna him, Blessed is he who holds the little ones and throw them into the rock “

In the opinion of the leaders of Christian Zionism that Iraq and expressed “the girl Babylon” enemy of the Lord, and that it is destroying this country, but to draw near to God.

This explains those “Lord of hatred” against Iraq through their understanding as stated in the book of Isaiah titled Pride of Ephraim and sanitation Raaah 9 (13-14): “12 Vinqd Arameans from the east, and the Palestinians of the West to Israel Ilthmua Bashdq Wager, 14 … so Siktarab of Israel, in one day, head and tail, branch and rush. “.

This chapter talks about the present-day Israel, it threatens Israel (the northern kingdom, which was old and geography includes Aljaliloasmtha Sebastia northern West Bank) and Atuadha punishment landslide cut off the head and tail cut off any parent and branch (nor do keep WeatherBug).

The extreme right explains the above verses from the Torah as follows:

In their minds, The return of Christ is subject to the establishment of the Zionist entity on the land of Palestine, and the rebuilding of a temple on the ruins of Al-Aqsa, and Bonalkhtr Kabiralve staring Jews will come from the East and specifically Iraq, and the West, specifically from Gaza Hashim.

That is why it is so important to America that the pre-emptive strike to extend the life of her stepdaughter Zionism that Taathe conditions for battle interval. Especially the emergence of the late President Saddam Hussein as one of the most important enemies of the Zionists and the Western project in the region, with the simultaneous promotion of the desire of the latter handing down the sentence for his son, Qusay,

and the late entry of the third millennium, the far-right push to accelerate the implementation of the so-called Project for the New American Century.The name of the bombs that destroyed Iraq (or bombs) on behalf of Moab, a Hebrew name mentioned in the Bible 201 times in 180 verse of the Torah.Owing to the biblical maps we find a large province located to the east of the Dead Sea …

This region is called the Great “Moab” …On the other hand, Iraq is a big province is located to the east of the Dead Sea ..
So Alaracho Moab, according to the biblical maps.This is what persuaded by Bush ..

Because the Torah predicts doom and destruction and looting of Moab …and this prophecy waiting for the man who the Lord chooses to receive this great honor …

and are on hand to achieve and implement these biblical prophecy ..

and so was persuaded Bush that he is the man chosen by the Lord to do the work sacred.

To this I say ..

if assigned to any of the politicians himself some effort to look at the Bible from Moab (Moab) of the science of everything in detail all aspects of the invasion of Moab, so there is no longer any door of ijtihad or conclusion, Vkheie scheme has been concocted in the kitchen of the Torah political.Here, we can understand the argument of Mr. Bush:

“I have ordered (by bringing in thousand) beat Iraq (Moab).

“They so wish and strongly in attacking Iraq and destroyed in retaliation for the promise of the first time and to avoid the promise of the afterlife (the second time) as in the verse:

(If the promise of Alakhrhlasuua your faces and to enter the mosque, as Dkhloh the first time and Atbrooa what Exalt Tetbira)

(Isra 7)

Predict where the Holy Quran ruin at the hands of Israel who Okhrbuha the first time the descendants of Nebuchadnezzar

The people of Babylon …..

لا للهجمة الشرسة على العالم العربى من الغرب :

هل صدفة أن يتم قصف طرابلس يوم20مارس2011…..

20 مارس يوم قصفت بغداد ويوم قُصفت طرابلس
فما سر اختيار هذا اليوم مرة عام 2003 ثم مرة أخرى عام 2011 ؟؟
و ما السبب الحقيقي خلف غزو العراق ؟؟

20 مارس هو بداية عيد الفصح لليهود
عيد الفصح هو من الأعياد المذكورة في التوراة، و هو خروج بني إسرائيل من مصرالفرعونية بقيادة موسى
حيث خرج اليهود من مصر بقيادة سيدنا موسى إلى بلاد كنعان (فلسطين) و يعتبرونه عيد الحرية أو عيد نشأة الشعب اليهودي
فباللصدف في عيد الحرية و نشأة الشعب اليهودي يتم قصف العراق ثم ليبيا !!!
حقد اليهود على العراق قديم منذ عام 586 قبل الميلاد
منذ أن غزا نبوخذ نصر البابلي مملكة يهوذا و هدم المسجد الأقصى و سبا اليهود لبابل
فيما يعرف بالسبي البابلي و دمر مملكتهم
نقرأ في التوراة المحرفة
سفر المزامير: المزمور 1 “37”: 8 يا بنت بابل المحتم خرابها، طوبى لمن يُجازيك بما جازيتنا به، طوبى لمن يُمسك صغارك ويلقي بهم إلى الصخرة”
ويرى دهاقنة المسيحية الصهيونية بأن العراق والمعبر عنه بـ”بنت بابل” عدو الرب, وبأن من يدمر هذا البلد إنما يتقرب إلى الله.
ويفسر هؤلاء هذا “الحقد الرباني” على العراق من خلال فهمهم لما ورد في سفر إشعياء تحت عنوان كبرياء أفرايم ورياؤه الإصحاح9(13-14) : ”
12فينقضّ الآراميون من الشرق, والفلسطينيون من الغرب ليلتهموا إسرائيل بشدقٍ فاغر,… 14لذلك سيقطعالرب من إسرائيل، في يوم واحد الرأس والذنب، النخل والأسل.”.
فهذا الإصحاح يتحدّث عن إسرائيل الحاليّة, فهو ينذر إسرائيل (المملكة الشمالية القديمة والتي كانت جغرافيّتها تضم الجليلوعاصمتها سبسطية شمال الضفة الغربية) ويتوعدها بعقاب كاسح يقطع فيه الرأس والذنب أي يقطع الأصل والفرع (لا يبقي ولا يذر)
اليمين المتطرف يفسر ما سبق من آيات التوراة على النحو التالي: إن عودة المسيح مرهونة بقيام الكيان الصهيوني على أرض فلسطين, وإعادة بناء الهيكل المزعوم على أنقاض الأقصى الشريف, وبأنالخطر الكبيرالذي يحدق باليهود سيأتي من الشرق وبالتحديد من العراق, ومن الغرب وبالتحديد من غزة هاشم
ولهذا بات لزاما على أمريكا أن تقوم بضربة استباقية لتمد من عمر ربيبتها الصهيونية إلى أن تتهيء الأوضاع للمعركة الفاصلة. وخاصة أن بروز الرئيس الراحل صدام حسين كأحد أهم أعداء الصهاينة والمشروع الغربي في المنطقة, المتزامن مع الترويج لرغبة هذا الأخير بتوريث الحكم لنجله الراحل قصي ودخول الألفية الثالثة, دفع اليمين المتطرف للتعجيل بتنفيذ ما يعرف بمشروع القرن الأمريكي الجديد
اسم القنابل التي دمرت العراق (أم القنابل) باسم مواب وهو اسم عبري ذكر في التوراة201 مرة في 180 آية من آيات التوراة.
فبالنظر الى الخرائط التوراتية فاننا نجد اقليما كبيرا يقع الى الشرق من البحر الميت…
ويسمى هذا الاقليم الكبير ” مواب “… ومن ناحية أخرى فان العراق يعتبر اقليما كبيرا يقع الى الشرق من البحر الميت.. اذن العراقهو مواب بحسب الخرائط التوراتية
وهذا هو ما أقنعوا به بوش.. ولأن التوراة تتنبأ بهلاك وتدمير ونهب مواب… وهذه النبوءة فى انتظار الرجل الذى يختاره الرب لينال هذا الشرف العظيم… وتتم على يده تحقيق وتنفيذ هذه النبوءة التوراتية.. وهكذا تم إقناع بوش أنه هو الرجل الذى اختاره الرب للقيام بهذا العمل المقدس .
لهذا أقول .. لو كلف أي من السياسيين نفسه بعض الجهد للبحث في التوراة عن موآب (Moab) لعـلم كل شيء بالتفصيل عن كل جوانب غزو مواب بحيث لم يعـد هناك أي باب للاجتهاد أو الاستنتاج ، فكلشيء مخطط له وتم طبخه في مطبخ التوراة السياسي
وهنا يمكننا أن نفهم مقولة السيد بوش:” لقد أًمرت ( بضم الألف ) بضرب العـراق( مواب ) ”
وهم لذلك يرغبون وبقوة في ضرب العراق وتدميرها إنتقاما من وعد المرة الأولى وتفاديا لوعد الآخرة (المرة الثانية) كما في قوله تعالى: (فَإِذَا جَاءَ وَعْدُ الْآخِرَةِلِيَسُوءُوا وُجُوهَكُمْ وَلِيَدْخُلُوا الْمَسْجِدَ كَمَا دَخَلُوهُ أَوَّلَ مَرَّةٍ وَلِيُتَبِّرُوا مَا عَلَوْا تَتْبِيرًا) (الإسراء 7 )
حيث يتنبأ القرآن بخراب إسرائيل على يد الذين أخربوها في المرة الأولى أحفاد نبوخذ نصر
أهل بابل…..



London-based Arab newspaper today 17/04/2014





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