Determination with Allah beside Us

Mu saying 'wonderful'


and the Media laughed!

Mu asks why are the people so blind to the truth


Dedicate of the page to each Nzlh ululated when NATO bombed innocent and safe cities.
Creativity, and they can print rag shame him.




Tomorrow will announce a statement on the satellite channel Al Khadra the Supreme Council of the noble tribes.


“Saif al-Arab Legion martyr for the Liberation of Libya”, on FB announces:

This is the text of the ad, which aired on the green and we say that tomorrow to sight a close

Triqbo statement tomorrow evening, God willing, on the green screen.
Libyan tribes of ancient noble Mujahid said, she will not be deterred by anything, God willing.

(picture is from Supreme Council of TRIBES August 2011, when over 500 tribes met in TRIPOLI

to announce full support for the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA and Muammar al-Qathafi) A tribute to the noble tribes of Libya posed by the banner Ezz green flag which refuses reconciliation

with the traitors in form and substance.



all martyrs are heroes:



Bannars for MARTYRS, both the pure fasting-Living and the deceased dead…
Saif al-Arab Legion martyr for the Liberation of Libya:








Page 219 Legion securityWorld Health Organization confirmed and human rights organizations who visited Libya that NATO forces
had used chemical, nuclear and biological weapons internationally banned in the war on Libya. These were the assertions contained in their investigation, which they did with the pilots belonging to NATO who refused orders to take off Bttiyarathm Alemczuna these dangerous weapons on human health and the environment and also lose by taking samples from a waste weapons, tanks, vehicles and bodies and more samples of soil from the Libyan cities that were the fields of the war in this events and located in the Libyan state, such as Ajdabiya and Crescent Oilfield Libyan city of Sirte and Bani Walid and Tawergha, Tripoli and all trials and tests have proved that NATO used these weapons in its war on Libya and confirmed these sources that these cities have been saturated home run this Alaslhalh dangerous to humans and the environment, which turned it into cities unfit for settlement of civil and confirmed that these cities will not even suitable for grazing and agriculture after the saturation of these dangerous weapons on humansand the environment has classified these organizations these cities territorial Alambah result of the presence of these toxic substances that overlapping in the ground that are easily inhaled with dust from the movement in this cities.The more injuries and more spread of these toxins in the city of Sirte and Tawergha and Brega and Ajdabiya and Aqeel Bani Walid, Tripoli and Zintan.This was the research confirmed the presence of white phosphorus and depleted uranium and chemical weapons internationally banned, which will remain at these sites for several generations to come.(219 m)اكدت منظمة الصحة العالمية ومنظمات حقوق الانسان التى زارت ليبيا ان قوات الناتو استخدموا الاسلحة الكيماوية والبيولوجية المحرمة دوليا في حربها على ليبيا
وكانت هذه التأكيدات وردت في تحقيقاتهم التى قاموا بها مع الطيارين التابعين لحلف الناتو الذين رفضوا الاوامر بالاقلاع بطياراتهم المشونة بهذه الاسلحة الخطيرة على صحة الانسان والبيئة وايضاً قامو بأخذ عينات من بقاية الاسلحة والدبابات والاليات والجثث وعينات اخرى من التربة من المدن الليبية التى كانت ميادين للحرب في هذه الاحداث والواقعة في الدولة الليبية مثل اجدابيا والهلال النفطى الليبي ومدينة سرت وبن وليد وتاورغاء وطرابلس وكانت كل التجارب والفحوصات اثبتت ان حلف الناتو استخدم هذه الاسلحة في حربها على ليبيا واكدت هذه المصادر ان هذه المدن قد تشبعت ارضها بهذه الاسلحلة الخطيرة على الانسان والبيئة التى حولتها الى مدن غير صالحة للاستيطان المدني واكدت ان هذه المدن لن تصلح حتى للرعي والزراعة بعد تشبعها بهذه الاسلحة الخطيرة على الانسان والبيئة وقد صنفة هذه المنظمات هذه المدن بالاراضي المبؤة نتيجة لوجود هذه المواد السامة التى تداخلة في باطن الارض التى من السهل استنشاقها مع الغبار الناتج عن الحركة في هذه المدن
وكان اكثر الاصابات واكثر انتشار لهذه السموم في مدينة سرت وتاورغاء والبريقة واجدابيا والعقيلة وبن وليد وطرابلس والزنتان
وكانت هذه البحوث اكدت وجود الفسفور الابيض واليورانيوم المنضب والاسلحة الكيماوية المحرمة دوليا والتى سوف تبقى في هذه المواقع لعدة اجيال قادمة.


  • and lest we forget, THE GREAT MAN-MADE RIVER, poisoned also with depleted uranium—
    unfit for any life to drink now for billions of years!
    Where Muammar al-Qathafi brought LIFE, NATO brought DEATH and destruction:


Two more big RATS whom the USA, O Belhadj, thinks will be ruling LIBYA:


Camp 27 is controlled by extremist SALAFI groups and al-Qaida flags fluttering above it
Also sleeper cells in each of Sabratha and department in Ajeelat.
It seems that the conference would not leave until the pagan delivers the power of these groups to Belhadj, which is mobilized in force.
The cities spree shame became silent watching the situation as if they settled in Libya for the whole of the Constitution and the language.
Other cities in support of these groups, believing that they will fight “Cronies” (pro-GREAT JAMAHIRIYA) honorable,

and secularists in this way.
They do not know that they will be an absolute evil to them and to the country.





Ambassadors are leaving after the other, in contrast terrible silence of Congress pagan outgoing.

Also the growing power of the strange groups“Salafi” extremist, and their access to weapons and ammunition,

and a quantity of abnormal cars from TUBER—

all out of coverage !


Publishing and Circular
“Media Committee Ktibhrjal the current situation”

Badr Kadhafi, reporting:

“Hannscherh and talk to me, I have just issued a seer personally issued a personal mesh of any face.

To both Helena and Khotna in Tripoli Mermaid Hvata on the blood of our women and our elders and our children.
I recommend all families where there are the elderly, children and the elderly and women
To go to the south of Libya and keep the young people to protect homes and property.
Hedda and the alarm is to preserve the blood that would flow by the war militias battling for power.

And I repeat, not for the seriousness of the situation and the large number of blood that collect in this topic War.

I am what I wrote Hedda publication and a witness to the Lord my words:
Publishing reason to fear Helena in Tripoli.

Allah and I bear witness that he Hedda steering me. I, Badr Kadhafi, and not of any other.

Oh God, Protect the Liberals and honorable !
Multiply the oppressors and oppressors; and come out of the Liberal ones safe and sound.
(Media Committee of the battalion men the current situation)

للنشر والتعميم
((اللجنه الاعلاميه لكتيبةرجال الظرف الحالي ))
بدر القدافي
والكلام الي حننشره توا صادر مني انا شخصيا وهو رائي شخصي ومش صادر من اي جهه .
الى كل هلنا وخوتنا في طرابلس عروس البحر حفاطا على دماء نسائنا وشيوخنا واطفالنا
انا ننصح كل العائلات التي يوجد بها كبار السن واطفال وعجائز ونساء
بالتوجه الى الجنوب الليبي وابقاء الشباب لحماية المنازل والممتلكات
وهدا التنبيه هو حفاظا على دماء التي ستسيل جراء حرب المليشيات المتناحره على السلطه
واكرر لولا خطورة الوضع وكثرة الدماء التي حتسيل في هده الحرب
انا ماكنت كتبت هدا المنشور وربي شاهد على كلامي
سبب النشر خوفا على هلنا في طرابلس
واشهد الله انه هدا التوجيه مني انا بدر القدافي وليس من اي جهه اخرى
اللهم احمى الاحرار والشرفاء
واضرب الظالمين بالظالمين واخرج الاحرار منها سالمين امنين
اللجنه الاعلاميه لكتيبة رجال الظرف الحالي


WARNING ABOUT THE INVASION of SALAFI RATS all OVER TRIPOLI:It also went on saying that the organization and will be announced during a period of limited control over the central region.Following news from the pages of  “each revolution of shame”:
Places and headquarters that would travel with troops Salem Derby and Boca, which will enter a Misurata currently getaway
to the city of Tripoli on Sunday as saying some accompanying them
1 – the headquarters of the General Staff on Airport Road.
2 – Tripoli International Airport.
3 – headquarters of the Islamic Call Society.
4 – Transmission headquarters on Airport Road.
5 – Yarmouk camp Saladin.
6 – Camp April 7.
9 – Riqath tourist village.
10 – the club’s headquarters Libyan cars and trips.
11 – the company’s headquarters in the village of Alancat public Albuaiche Bgot Alshall.
12 – headquarters of the anti-drug Baldrebe.
13 – Mitiga air base.
14 – Haitham headquarters Tagouris forest ostrich
(219 m)
الخبر التالي من صفحات آل ثورة العار
الأماكن والمقرات التي ستتوجه لها قوات سالم الدربي وبوكا والتي ستتجمع في مصراته حاليا للإنطلاق لمدينة طرابلس يوم الأحد حسب ما يقوله بعض المرافقين لهم
1 – مقر رئاسة الأركـان العـامة بطريق المطار.
2 – مطــار طرابلــس الـدولـي .
3- مقر جمعية الدعوة الإسلامية .
4 – مقر النقـلـيـة بطريق المطار .
5 – معسكر اليرمـوك بصلاح الدين .
6 – معسكر 7 أبريل .
9 – قــريـــة الريقاتة السياحية .
10- مقر النادي الليبي للسيارات والرحلات .
11 – مقر شركة الإنشآت العامة بقرية البوعيشي بغوط الشعال .
12 – مقر مكـافـحـة المخـدرات بالـدريبي.
13 – قاعدة معيتيقة الجوية .
14 – مقر هيثم التاجوري بغابة النعام
(219 م)




RAT LEADER Salem Joha to adjust the “security” in the capital Lybia:

 “Zero hour” on FB contemplates:

Why should the ordinary citizen that is now a shadow of this topic drums
Pealed for war
First, each firm conviction that in order to book and reconstruction in God’s hands, it was completed for him
However, it’s a fierce one God.

Tanya on everyone to pray for convinced that resistance and jihad is an obligation on all Libyans now to protect Tripoli.

Come interface Libya and represent all Libyans, not only of interest to the people of Tripoli. Tripoli interface

all Libyan tribes and the control of extremist groups and customers by the stain will be forever and ever.

Fastta to defend Libya prepared to testify, and I love to meet God, God loved meeting
And we’re on the right Baden God
…And welcome paradise Jet Atdny.


The praise of God and sponsorship returned to his family student Mohammed bin Isa Al-Sharif after being kidnapped

for 12 days and returned for ransom worth 150,000 dinars
It was under torture, beatings, starvation, and said that many of the kidnapped in the same place, and it was the length of the kidnapping eyes closed.
We ask for the safety of all innocent and God is enough, and yes, the agent.
(219 m)




on a police station Gardah Valley beach and killed one of the prisoners is a “Ali Omar Alahtmana”

and wounding two policemen and all the prisoners escape.

Saudi Arabia and the UAE’s authorities to withdraw their representatives and diplomatic missions of Libya.

Theft of a weapon and security vehicles, thanks to the glories of the Portuguese embassy by “17 February”.
Nor to the news of the kidnapping of Health Alsfber Portuguese.

Warnings for all periodicals not to go to the airport and through the island and Agheiran Got Alshall.



Voices of bullets and shells perimeter road to the airport, and lead Banzour.

the Liberals in janzour provide us with Ihdt there.




Shooting bracket in the OS and panic among the people.




Heavy fire region of Abu Salim and the initial news refers to a confrontation with an armed group that does not

know its source attempted to enter the area.





The armed group attacked the Green Hospital in Tripoli, the Libyan capital.

an armed attack on the hospital shortly before the green.




Angry citizens are coming out now and in the Fashloum Alnofleeyen against the influx of

terrorists From eastern Libya to Tripoli ...




Leave the Canadian embassy charge d’affaires in Libya occupied.









Ivory (the movements of their base, in  Sabratha)) for
“Media Committee of the battalion men the current situation”:

Initiated militias to move from their base of Sabratha, led by Omar Mukhtar excommunicating.





Beautiful goal and Radalin,
To control the Libyan-Tunisian border there.






Severe congestion in the city of Zliten of what the Misurata militia and followers of Zliten of

kidnapping, robbery and terrorize the people inside the city.



dirty, dirty MISURATA:



(Ahmed Ibrahim pictured here with Mu’ammar al-Qathafi)

and Sheikh ALCHURIV and other holy men:

Misrata militias, the execution of 21 detainees were shot and we could not know

the names of the “martyrs of religion” has been liquidated within prisons armed militias Misratan !!


Important ……
Sheikh Alchuirv civil trial when the judge says if you want to govern justly so make “swab” among us,
and dig the graves of those who fought on both sides, but of his body did not decompose,
find that he is thus a martyr, by text of the law.
You must not judge any word…





Heavy fire Jaddaaaaaa downtown Sirte.
The deaths of Ahmed Mahmoud Siwi in clashes between militia shield Sirte Libya and supporters of vice.

Walker change al-Qaida in Sirte turned him back from the project and led me out of fear of the bombing after the

arrival of Mokhtar Belmokhtar to the city of Sirte. Changed the headquarters of al-Qaida in Sirte from

Mntfah back to the project “My Valley” for fear of the bombing, after the arrival of Mokhtar Belmokhtar

to the city of Sirte.

Try a so-called “Ansar al-Sharia” for control of the port of  Sirte and the total spread around the road leading

to the port and renewed clashes between them and a group of Central shield.



What is occuring in Tripoli is also happening in Benghazi !


Shortly before an unknown person in a car threw Gelatinh the wedding tent in an area near a school Laithi silver wedding anniversary of Mohammed’s family Drissi and there is no damage to praise God and fled. 

Was found this morning in the city area # Laithi the Opel car bomb type red color close-friendly school,
which would have taken place by the so-called elections meager ..



Shortly before the explosion in the region of Sidi Akharabich in the house inhabited by the Egyptians and

there is no human damage.





Rat killing of Abdul Rahman al-Feki impact accident happened today Paljfrh a field commander in the militia third force,
It also killed a militia force the third died of his wounds, a rat (M’hamed Marwan Ali Hussein) when he was

heading to Sabha from Jafra, and injured rat Basheer Abdullah Hadi.









“Two o’clock mass”,on FB, retells:

Party “workers” Algerian: the people chose Bouteflika’s “refusal” to jump into the unknown,

Considered the Secretary General of the party “workers” Algerian Louisa Hanoun, today, that the Algerian presidential election results represent a victory for the Algerian nation, stressing that he did not shed a drop of blood and did not sink in Algeria spiral of chaos and instability.She affectionate – in a press conference that the results of this election is a victory for the nation of Algeria and the struggle of the party (workers) for democracy, adding that Algeria did not sink into chaos and instability, as is not bloodshed, and pointed out that the Algerian people and through the choice expressed by refused to do a leap into the unknown.

The Secretary General of the party “workers” Algerian, that the option of the Algerian people to elect

an independent candidate Abdelaziz Bouteflika for a fourth term, but is an option refuge and Mquaomata and defense
in order to maintain stability and peace, national sovereignty and prevent the country into chaos and instability, adding that the election of the citizens of (Bouteflika) was clear and do not put any field in front of blackmail and manipulate the fate and future of the country.She drew affectionate greeting, to maturity and political awareness shown by the Algerian citizen during the elections, pointing out that the majority of the people to give priority to maintain peace and stability, while the demand for democratic political change has been postponed without abandoning it, describing the election as was legitimate and not dust them and unmarked fraud.

حزب “العمال” الجزائري: الشعب اختار بوتفليقة لـ”رفضه” القفز نحو المجهول,,اعتبرت الأمينة العامة لحزب “العمال” الجزائري لويزة حنون، اليوم، أن نتائج الانتخابات الرئاسية الجزائرية تمثل انتصارا للأمة الجزائرية، مشددة على أنه لم تراق نقطة دم ولم تغرق الجزائر في دوامة الفوضى وعدم الاستقرار.
وأكدت حنون- في ندوة صحفيةـ أن نتائج هذه الانتخابات هي انتصار للأمة الجزائرية ولنضال حزب (العمال) من أجل الديمقراطية، مضيفة أن الجزائر لم تغرق في الفوضى وعدم الاستقرار، كما لم تتم إراقة الدماء، وأشارت إلى أن الشعب الجزائري ومن خلال الاختيار الذى عبر عنه رفض القيام بقفزة نحو المجهول.
وأشارت الأمينة العامة لحزب “العمال” الجزائري، إلى أن خيار الشعب الجزائري بانتخاب المرشح المستقل عبدالعزيز بوتفليقة لفترة رئاسية رابعة إنما هو خيار ملجأ ومقاوماتي ودفاعي من أجل الحفاظ على الاستقرار والسلم والسيادة الوطنية وتفادي وقوع البلاد في دوامة الفوضى وعدم الاستقرار، مضيفة أن انتخاب المواطنين لـ(بوتفليقة) كان واضحا وصريحا ولا يضع أي مجال أمام الابتزازات والتلاعب بمصير ومستقبل البلاد.
ووجهت حنون التحية، إلى النضج والوعى السياسي الذى أظهره المواطن الجزائري خلال الانتخابات، موضحة أن أغلبية الشعب منح الأولوية للحفاظ على السلم والاستقرار، أما مطلب التغيير السياسي الديمقراطي فقد تم تأجيله دون التخلي عنه، واصفة الانتخابات بأنها كانت شرعية ولا غبار عليها ولم يشبها التزوير.

In honor of Mu’ammar al-Qathafi and Boudeflika of Algeria:







The death of a student Libyan Military Academy Sudanese military
Ali Asbiei due to harsh training.





Agreement humiliating to Qatar implementation document, Riyadh, to expel, Yusuf al-Qaradawi, and drive him to one of the countries Turkey, Tunisia, Sudan, and the expulsion, 0.15, of the leaders of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, including, Emirati, and, 0.2, , Saudis and the rest of Bahrain, Yemen, Egypt and stop the attack channel, Al Jazeera,

the countries of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Bahrain and work to prevent opponents of Egyptians who are in Qatar from Salafists from boarding platforms and halt incitement to Field Marshal, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, the most important Matsrb of agreement sponsored by the State of Kuwait on Thursday, 

and it seems from the terms of the agreement that the states of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain would not agree to return their ambassadors to Doha even implement the recent agreement in full, document Riyadh,,.,

and it seems that the Doha found herself trapped in a tight angle in front of threats to escalate the largest of the Gulf states and Egypt to implement the terms of agreement, humiliating, after media leaks from inside the Amiri Diwan in Qatar.

Mistakenly pronounced dead last month, Yusuf al-Qaradawi, continues to make mischied in LIBYA,

where he is presently staying, and has alled all Salafi to come to LIBYA and join Abdul Hakim Belhadj’s Islamic Army.

from 02 FEBR. 2014:

UAE summons Qatar envoy over Qaradawi’s remarks

(Wam) / 2 February 2014

Foreign Ministry expresses protest over Egyptian scholar’s Friday sermon aired through Al Jazeera TV.

The UAE foreign ministry on Sunday summoned Faris Al Nuaimi, Ambassador of Qatar to the UAE, and expressed its protest over the offensive remarks made by Egyptian scholar Yousuf Al Qaradawi against the UAE during a Friday sermon aired on Al Jazeera TV.

Dr Anwer Gargash, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, in a protest note handed over to the Qatari envoy, said the UAE government and people are unhappy about what Qaradawi uttered against the UAE via the official TV of a sisterly and a neighbouring country.

He added: “We have been waiting for our neighbour to express its clear criticism to such defaming words and to guarantee that such offence would not happen again.”

“As the UAE fully respects the freedom of speech, it rejects any words that stir violence and hatred. But, regretfully, though we exercised self-control and kept calm, we have not received any response from our brothers in Qatar.”

Gargash went on to say: “Despite continuous high-level calls between the two countries, the UAE could not yield anything but an official statement, which failed to indicate a clear stand, which rejects what appeared in Qaradawi’s address and guarantees that it will not occur again.”

“We have tried to contain such a situation in order to maintain the fraternal ties between both countries, yet we had no option but to take such an unprecedented step in our GCC relationships,” he said.

اتفاق مذل لقطر بتنفيذ وثيقة ,, الرياض ,, يقضي بطرد ,, يوسف القرضاوي ,,وابعاده الى احدى الدول تركيا او تونس او السودان , وطرد ,, 15 ,, من قيادات الاخوان المسلمين من بينهم ,, اماراتيون ,, و ,, 2 ,, سعوديون والباقي من البحرين واليمن ومصر ووقف هجوم قناة ,, الجزيرة ,, على دول السعودية والامارات ومصر والبحرين والعمل على منع المعارضين المصريين الموجودين في قطر من الاسلاميين من اعتلاء المنابر ووقف التحريض على المشير ,, عبد الفتاح السيسي ,, هذا اهم ماتسرب من اتفاق رعته دولة الكويت يوم الخميس ويبدوا من بنود الاتفاق ان دول السعودية والامارات والبحرين لن توافق على عودة سفرائها الى الدوحة حتى تنفذ الأخيرة الاتفاق كاملا ,, وثيقة الرياض ,,.ويبدوا ان الدوحة وجدت نفسها محصورة في زاوية ضيقة امام تهديدات بتصعيد اكبر من دول الخليج ومصر لتنفذ اتفاق بشروط ,, مذلة ,, بعد تسربها للاعلام من داخل الديوان الاميري في قطر.

Qaradawi’s Fatwa to Kill al-Qathafi (English Subtitles)
23 févr. 2011
Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi’s decree to kill Muammar A-Qathafi.


The personification of EVIL: Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi





“Zero hour”, on FB comments:

Why is obtained chaos (the Arab Spring) in each of the (Libya – Egypt – Yemen – Syria – Tunisia)
Did not occur in other countries …
Because of these countries rejected U.S. hegemony and Alsoynet them and did not allow for the existence

of military bases on its territory or consent in the invasion of Iraq.

was the Aqaba big split in the Arab World (New Middle East) Audo to the principles of Freemasonry domination,

and read what is written in it …

you’ve destroyed your country your hands and became a Muslim kills a Muslim brother Arab spring Hedda …

Yes, it’s spring .. America and the Zionists and the destruction of the Arab world


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