LIBYA: the first, fully WAHABI Caliphate!! ? with Yankee and Frank blessings…

Mu’ammar al-Qathafi has given to us an unbreakable command to continue the fight—even to those who do not hear his voice—for there is no alternative to Victory (to regain the Green homeland for the people)—And, for those who unfortunately do not see it through to the end, there is only death into Allah’s arms (given to those who were steadfast).


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The formation of “55” Living Dead 07
Connecting the truth … the only … 
Our goal Oahmun .. Back .. mass led by Mujahid Muammar al-Qathafi


Mu’ammar al-Qathafi  wrapped-up for the desert:


 Youth Congress Libyan tribes year

مؤتمر شباب القبائل الليبية العام

Youth Congress Libyan tribes year:

I liked the words,,,
Gentlemen ¤ Allow me to extend my greetings and honor and pride and appreciation to all Libyan tribes honest that

all tribes are good and blessing, and Atzaad any tribe dishonest on the other,

because every single drop of blood provided by any tribe of tribes noble is the pride of the Libyan entirety as to all Libyan

tribes has the traitors and cowards, even if only one person, there is no tribe net Kalorqh. The point Alsodatojd white

everywhere, even the same family where someone let alone abuse tribes ….

if I wanted to mention tournaments each tribe separately. Oovém not my words right., As I do not deny that there are tribes

affected more than others, and history will not be forgotten,

but we Liberals should you have to maintain our position as a high not take us our passion towards our tribe only ..

There is no room for emotions now ….

It is natural that he has the right of each person: The proud and glorifies his tribe as he pleases; but not now, gentlemen,

we are in these difficult moments, we need to be all of one tribe.

So, are growing strength and stability and not forget that he has passed us the toughest positions and stood fast against

most storms and will not allow that to Thzna winds of strife dirty to divide us ..

So, if we continue this situation that glorifies everyone of his tribe, only forgetting the rest of the tribes,

will not get any radical solution as long as all are free to accused him of only the interests of his tribe.

first ¤ Unite, O Liberal, let us continue our steadfastness and our struggle and forget all of our tribes own;

and let our tribe one tribe, namely Libya, the Libyan!

They, Tribe mother .. Let interest above all else and not our motto. Yes, I am a Libyan and tribes Libya.

Libya Without Green Flag is no value to Qubaúlkm which Taatkhasamun for it, we brings us one case,



the recall of the nation and not to glorify tribes .. and steadfastness and Amjadkm known since ancient times ..

Our strength in our unity ..

and remember the proverb (( My brother and I against my cousin, and my cousin and I’m curious)) and Graybkm today wants Abadtkm ..

So be a lookout .. Fjmaekm branches of the tree of leader Muammar al-Qathafi .. tree pride and dignity and pride ..
Greetings and respect for all.
¤ ¤ ¤ (lawyer leader)

كلام اعجبني ،،،مؤتمر شباب القبائل الليبية العام
أيـهـا الـسـادة ¤ اسـمحـوا لـي أن اقـدم تـحيـاتي وشـرفـي وفـخـري وتـقـديـري لجمـيـع الـقـبـائـل اللـيبيـة الـشريـفـة إن جمـيـع قـبـائـلنـا هـي خـيـر وبـركـة ولاتـزايـد أي قبيلـة شـريفـة عـلى أخـرى لأن كـل قـطـرة دم واحـدة قـدمتـهـا أي قـبيلـة مـن قـبـائلـنـا الـشـريفـة تـعـتبـر فـخـر للجماهيريه بـكـامـلها كما ان جميع القبائل الليبية يوجد بها خونة وجبناء حتى ولو كان شخصا واحدا فقط فلا توجد قبيلة صافية كالورقة البيضاء فالنقطة السوداءتوجد بكل مكان فحتى العائلة الواحدة يوجد بها شخص مخالف فما بالكم بقبائل .. .. ولـو اردت أن أذكر بطـولات كل قـبـيلـة عـلـى حـدا. فـلـن أوفـيـهـم حـقهـم بكـلامـي.كما انني لا انكر بأن هناك قبائل تضررت أكثر من غيرها والتاريخ لن ينساهم ولكـنـنـا أيـهـا الأحـرار يجب ان نحافظ على مكانتنا العالية ولا تأخذنا عاطفتنا باتجاه قبيلتنا فقط.. فلا مجال للعواطف الان ….ومن الطبيعي انه يحق لكل شخص ان يفخر ويمجد قبيلته كما يشاء ولكن ليس الان ايها الساده فنحن في هذه اللحظات العصيبه نحتاج بأن نكون جميعا قبيلة واحده لكي نزداد قوة وثبات ولاتنسوا بانه قد مر علينا اصعب المواقف وصمدنا امام اشد العواصف فلن نسمح بأن تهزنا رياح الفتنة القذره لتفرقنا ..لذلك فإذا استـمـرينـا عـلى هـذا الـوضـع بـأن يـمـجـد كـل شـخـص قـبيلـتـه فـقـط مـتنـاسيـا بـاقـي القـبـائـل فـلـن نـصـل لأي حـل جـذري طـالـمـا أن كـل حـر لاتـهـمـه سـوى مـصلـحـة قبيلـتـه أولا ¤ فلـنـتـحـد أيـهـا الأحـرار ولنواصل صمودنا ونضالنا ولنـنـسى جمـيـعـا قبـائلـنـا الخاصـة ولتـكـن قـبيلتـنا قـبيـلـة واحــدة وهي ليبيا الجماهيريه فهي القبيلة الأم .. ولتـكـن مـصلحـتهـا فـوق كـل إعـتـبـار ولـيكـن شـعـارنـا نـعـم أنـا لـيـبـي وقـبيـلـتـي لـيـبـيـا الجـمـاهـيـريـة الـعـظمـى فبدون ليبيا لاقيمة لقبائلكم التي تتخاصمون من اجلها فنحن تجمعنا قضية واحدة وهي استرجاع وطن وليس تمجيد القبائل ..وصمودكم وامجادكم معروفه منذ القدم ..قـوتـنـا فـي وحـدتـنـا ..وتذكروا المثل القائل (( انــا واخي على ابن عمي وانا وابن عمي على الغريب )) وغريبكم اليوم يريد ابادتكم ..فكونوا له بالمرصاد ..فجميعكم فــروع من شجرة القائد معمر القذافي ..شجرة العزة والكرامة والفخر ..
تــحــيــاتــي واحترامي للجميع
¤¤¤ مـحــامـــيـة الــقــائــد

Wali Fear of victory and morale high Idir Lake and writes will not surrender:

أين عشاق الزعيم !!
لماذا المشاركات الاحرار في اغلب صفحات المقاومة قليله
هل هذا دليل على هبوط معنوياتكم
الي واتق من النصر ومعنوياته عالية ايدير لايك ويكتب لن نستسلم

Maghrib prayer:

Greeting / تحية

20 avril
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The formation of “55” Living Dead 07
Connecting the truth … the only …
Our goal Oahmun .. Back .. mass led by Mujahid Muammar al-Qathafi
Présentateur télé:تشكيل-55-الميت-الحي

We all must deeply pray!

and bless our Green soldiers:





20 avril 2014:
The text of the report of the Organization for the victims of human rights “of torture in prisons the Libyan painful reality and thousands of prisoners without trials”
Prison conditions
Spread prisons in Libya in a way scary after the revolution of February 17, where keen most battalions that have private prisons, and began writers competing for the annexation of the largest number of prisoners, especially the leaders of the regime collapsed and members of the Brigades, volunteers, and did not end up to this point, but found in some cities prisons for families as in the cities of Misurata and Zliten.
Prisons “Circassian Btmana Misurata, prison Mager Bzlten, prison Ameitikh Tripoli prison battalion backing security in Benghazi, prison secondary unit Bmasratp “prison Battalion 17 February” and imprisoned military police Benghazi and many others are among the most headquarters of torture and brutality, has become a prison and a way to Astrezag, which explains clearly reason to keep the battalion commanders on the detainees for months without investigation or presented to the prosecutor.
Some of them exceeded the year under detention without charge or investigation, for example, to imprison Alruyemi eye Ministry released prosecutors in January 2013 in Tripoli for two people who were detained Balruyemi since the month of August 2011 to imprison without charge or Showing the prosecution for 18 months militias currently holding thousands of people, most of whom are accused of being supported or fought alongside the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA. Most of the detainees have not been brought before any judicial authority and are then detained arbitrarily hit their numbers as announced by the Ministry of Justice 8000 detainee.
Torture Libyan prisons
The reality of torture in Libya after the revolution of  “17 February” and a painful reality, detained thousands in prison numbers exceed 27,000 detainees, said the cases of arbitrary detention and extrajudicial killings under torture, amounted to an end is no longer tolerated possible, cases of abduction of journalists and human rights activists and the threat of death for each of the open file rights rights in Libya after “17 February”  and exposes the practices battalions Altavebah is the situation in Libya, torture became a reality painful we live and Ntgrah morning, evening, using members of the Phalange all methods of torture against prisoners, such as beatings with whips and burning gasoline, electric shock and cracking bones, sleep deprivation and even rape in some often. Which caused the death of dozens of them in the prisons of Misrata and Tripoli, Benghazi and Zliten ..
not without a prison in Libya from the use of torture as a means to extract confessions, in the absence of complete disregard of official state institutions, which have left its citizens, prey to warlords and soldiers battalions and prison guards, who move in often motivated by revenge, what happened to Salafists during the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA,
instead of giving in to the program to support and rehabilitate myself, gave them the Article IV of the Act No. 38 of 2012 the notorious, wide powers enabling them to arrest and interrogation of prisoners, and provide them with legal umbrella to commit more of the facts of torture , under the umbrella of extracting confessions, which admit a officers Ain Zara Prison, one of the prison that has seen many cases of torture, he says that he did not confess voluntarily, it must extract confessions from him by force, and this shows us how, reality and mentality of their prison management in Libya away from international standards for the management of prisons Lobel and moral values, what machines of the conditions of the Libyan prisons after February 17, and under the glare of the Transitional Council and former National Congress, illustrates the extent of deficiencies political process a file of torture in Libyan prisons after the “17 FEBRUARY revolution”.
Became the headquarters of some of the Phalange more brutal than detention Nazi, electric shocks and beaten with whips and comment from the hands and legs and ironing and burning with fire and forcing detainees to ensure for days, sleeping on the floor in frost days in addition to attempts rape of women and men alike, the reality of shameful and a disgrace and a scar on the conscience of the Libyan revolution, which tarnished Phalange their practice illegal and unethical and contrary to the teachings of our religion.
Were tortured hundreds of children of Tawergha in the prisons of Misurata, where practiced against them all kinds of torture, beatings with whips and electric shocks and put them in boiling water and burned with fire, died dozens of them under torture, and the remaining two are suffering the hell of torture to today, also what happened to the young people of Bani Walid from the torture and murder of prisons, Misratah and battalion Nawasi and detained Ameitikh. Cases of murder as a result of torture, collective and individual amounted to hundreds, waiting for the victims’ families on retribution and accounting killers fundamental problem that all complaints and reports of incidents of torture made by individuals and organizations to the Attorney General, is now locked drawers Prosecutions, waiting for the power to arrest the suspects They are often the leaders and members of the brigades and militias. Authorities have not been able to arrest any of them.
Should not be justice blind in one eye, you should investigate all the facts of arbitrary detention, enforced disappearances and torture in prisons in Misrata and Zlitan, Tripoli and Zawiya and Benghazi and other lockups in all the cities of Libya, said that the clip torture and rape of a citizen of the Ztun in Zuwarah at the headquarters of one of the battalions, confirms that torture and reality in all cities and in most lockups in Libya, said that such barbaric practices require immediate intervention of the state to lift this injustice and to prosecute the perpetrators of torture since the beginning of the revolution and even today, no one is above the law and the rebels are not prophets, nor the infallibility of one of them, you should punish the killers and perpetrators of torture. The granting of an exit permit free for those responsible for crimes of torture, is devoted to the culture of impunity, which encourages further abuses.
Some cases of torture and murder under torture
First: Issa birth Faitouri city of Zliten were kidnapped in broad daylight in front of his house, unfortunately did this offense are the people belonging to the Ministry of the Interior took him to an unknown location .. had tortured him in collaboration with some of the criminals from the city of Misurata affiliated with the rebels, was kidnapped on February 20, 2013 then found dead in a refrigerator clinics Misurata hospital compound where he stayed for more than 20 days without informing his family and was found by chance.
Second: Hassan Triki ‘young doctor died under torture at the hands of a battalion attribution second and commanded her, “Adnan al-Shaibani,” Hassan Triki, a young man good and Haluk was passing between then and the other on the battalion attribution security second (based near the University of Nasiraan Ministry of Tripoli) to detect the detainees and to provide the necessary treatment to them, been a long time since that was the last visit to the battalion and decided to pass over the edge, “Adnan al-Shibani” Headquarters on Thursday, 28/02/2013 at 20:00, but for some unknown reason, beat him by members of the battalion severely beat and a few hours during his last breath in the hospital, dies, leaving behind a wife and a little boy no more than four years old.
Third: India Girl Libyan accused of belonging to the Amazon guards popular during the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, was arrested and taken to police headquarters, military project plateau, where they were beaten and tortured and imprisoned after the jailing of new, where I stayed eight months, and was finally released by a court decision released follow-up, until the re-hearing by the defense did not give those who have beaten and tortured to eliminate.
Fourth: Hussein Omar Altair young Lent, was found dead in a teaching hospital Bzletn, investigations reported to have been killed at the headquarters of one of the battalions in the city under torture, he spent Hussein six days under torture met where all kinds of torment, handcuffed him and practiced with him all kinds of violence, Hussein was unarmed restricted not helpless, we do not need to know the offense, who was arrested because of him, whatever size is not the offense, it may be tortured anyone or harm physically or subjected to harsh treatment, inhumane, degrading his dignity. that case Hussein joins hundreds, perhaps thousands of cases that died owners under torture, did not provide the criminals to justice.
V: on 13/06/2012 at the prime minister in Tripoli exposure citizen Billah Mohammad Amer Belhadj, 23 years of beatings and torture at the headquarters of the prime minister in Tripoli. Mohammed was working Sfaragy the same building and he was charged by the battalion. Attribution, which has guarded the headquarters of the charge that he ousted the former regime, then transferred to a hospital street corner, and then to Tunisia, on 06/19/2012, and Ray buried the body of Mutassim, city of Tripoli, is still at large killers.
Sixth: Key Mohammed Wales Atunai, assassinated insidious a prison under torture, to join the list of victims of torture who arrived for hundreds whatever the offense, who was arrested because of it, what we understand and imbibe good that young man and promising in the prime of life was killed under torture in the hands of people are still at large.
Seventh: Houderi Fakhri Al-Amari, was killed because he was a member of the Criminal Investigation Btajurae. In mid-October, “the three armed groups under different names and are symbolic” battalion conquest of Mecca “and” battalion delegation home “and” battalion Sabria “the whole area of ​​Tajura. Has carried out the attack on the home of the dead man, and they took him to the site,” Battalion open Mecca “, and was then handed over to the” battalion delegation Home “, was killed and eaten as a raped the girl, and said to them that he was acquitted of that offense and inter detailed. There was tortured by all possible means and that surpasses human imagination. And they beat him with a pipe, “BBC R” and also electrocution, “and also stand on” Frenalo “a small electric stove, until they reached torture to use sharp tools for the rape. The result of torture and death under the usual criminals at large.
Eighth: Nabil Shalluf young engineer born in 1980, was abducted by armed militia belonging to the city of Misrata in the capital Tripoli, according to the investigations that he was beaten and killed in the same night was found on the corpse, and after eleven months of the search for him was found on the corpse decomposed dumped in Valley City five by the forensic report it became clear that he was killed by a bullet in the head, after he was tortured, the militia still exist and murderers Nabil enjoy all the powers that make them continue to murder and torture, but it is trying to do and dare arrest.
Ninth: Wael club Shehata Sadek, an Egyptian citizen at the age of 32 years old, was arrested by the battalion attribution security located area Hawari, Benghazi .. catch it from the street without a crime, Wael been tortured by members of the battalion, under the pretext that arms dealer, We visited the battalion headquarters on Tuesday, 18.9.2012 to see the Egyptian citizen, we found nearly a dozen people from different nationalities, held inside the battalion headquarters, without a warrant, and the difficult living conditions and tortured, beaten with sticks, whips and electric shocks, was called Wael seemed it fear and panic It was sparked by the torture and electric shocks at the bottom of his feet appeared to be modern, and had a limp, as if by injury in one of his feet.
Tenth: Tarik Yousef Rifai birth Altaorga died prisons one of the battalions Misurata under torture, the pictures show the extent of the horror of torture, brutality and criminality of doing.
Eleventh: Dr. Hisham bin fiction / neurosurgeon was kidnapped by one of the battalions in the corner and tortured in an ugly
charges of false Britha including the court after a year of detention, and remained Alaveb to confirm the effects of a brutal members
of the battalion and the ugliness of their crimes.
Twelfth: The complete family of 4 people have been arrested and tortured at the base of Mitigua been detained and tortured, would not speak much, but I will leave the images reflect what happened to them from the crimes amounted to sit on the head of the family stove thermal Vaanrguet buttocks.
Thirteenth: Ahmed Omar Juma Altaorga Ramadan, when he was arrested was 14 years old Abu Salim camp in Tripoli. He was transferred to the prison of a secondary unit in Misrata, where he was tortured and finally since the days of utter Ahmed breathed his last at the age of 15 years and a few months. The images testament to the brutality of what is happening in prisons and detention centers in Misurata battalions that have not even merciless children.
Fourteenth: Open Shukri Ayyash was arrested and transferred to Madrshmkablh Hospital Galaa, and because it is electric accused of being behind the car bombs, members of the armed group did not verify the existence of clear evidence for the existence of this car alleged booby trap, and in the school, which lies against the Hospital Galaa taken by the armed group) Ceccheloahrar Libya’s National Army Chief of Staff)-based, safest Ayyash his soul to the great Barry after receiving harsh torture and brutal barbarian, used when all methods of torture known and unknown.
Fifteenth: Fathi Alahmir killed under torture Bmq. His crime was that he was part of one of the battalions in Zintan,
the pictures show the brutality and criminality of Fathi tortured, and then threw in one way Garat.
We are in the case is no longer tolerated where possible Vmelv human rights after the revolution of February 17 is much worse than ever, has become Libya’s image before the world is very bad, it must be activated and the application of the law criminalizing torture and enforced disappearances, must not take us pity nor mercy of those who have violated the provisions of Islam and all norms, customs and traditions and international covenants on human rights, said that the killers are all still at large,
and rather than providing perpetrators of torture to justice, we come out of the NTC former Law No. 38, which provides in Article IV that “no punishment is necessitated by the revolution seventeenth of February the actions of military, security or civilian carried out by the rebels in order to the success of the revolution or protect “law fortifies the killers and provide them with legal umbrella, to commit more crimes, this law was enacted for political reasons in order to allow those who have committed serious crimes to walk free, the shortcomings of political, legislative, comes at the forefront of the reasons for the worsening file torture in prisons and detention centers battalions in addition to the weakness of state security and its inability to arrest the perpetrators, as well as the atmosphere tense and frightening, which employs judges and prosecutors, threat and intimidation with death is a way of dealing battalions with them and in some cases been assaulted some of them, led by MP the previous year.
That all those responsible for serious violations of international law, human rights and international humanitarian law, a necessary process to become the new Libya based on justice and the rule of law. As we can not fail to point out and emphasize on what I went to him by Human Rights Watch in a report that “international law is opposed to granting amnesty to serious international crimes, such as war crimes and crimes against humanity, and all cases of torture. Libya is a state party to the Convention on the Non-applicability of the provisions of the laws that limit the prosecution of war crimes and crimes against humanity, and which calls for the removal of any restrictions on the prosecution of those responsible for these crimes. It is also a state party to the Convention against Torture, which calls for ensuring that all acts of torture are criminal offenses, and calling for the investigation and prosecution of all persons on the territory of the state, such as those responsible for these acts of torture.
Moreover, the authorities of other countries can prosecute those responsible for acts witnessed by Libya, under universal jurisdiction, without regard to the granting of immunity internally. Other states may be required to maintain the application of universal jurisdiction under the said agreements are a party, such as the Convention against Torture. Any immunity granted by the Transitional Council is not legally binding for the courts of other countries and international courts, such as the International Criminal Court, which has jurisdiction consider violations of international law violations, some of which have been committed in Libya. ICC competence based on war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in Libya Since 15 February 2011, taking into account among other factors, whether the Libyan authorities are willing and able to prosecute the perpetrators of these crimes. Arbitrary detention is strictly prohibited under international law, including the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, and Libya is a state party. Detention “administrative” on the basis of security, outside the criminal law system, it is only allowed
In the circumstances of a few, where there is a real emergency and honest threatening the life of the nation, and the government is committed in the meantime, all of the steps outlined in the International Covenant and established by the United Nations Commission on Human Rights, including the steps in order not to impose restrictions on the rights, but what is necessary is not more to cope with the state of emergency (not to be limits loose or vague wording), and that the government has shown that the existing laws – including criminal law – is not sufficient to address the state of emergency. Libya did not take any of these steps required under the ICCPR, to escape from the provision of these rights in order to justify the operations of administrative detention., As demanded by the International Covenant specifically the right of any person subjected to illegal detention in compensation “
First, you must reject impunity for serious crimes.
Second, you should put a law that criminalizes torture and enforced disappearance into effect.
Third, the Attorney General’s speedy disposition of all complaints and reports of torture directed to his office.
Fourth, we call on the Libyan human rights organizations to the need for the bloc against Torture and prosecution,
both have committed crimes of torture, so as to obtain the victims their right to retribution from the perpetrators and
compensation for damages and injuries suffered as a result of torture.
Fifth: You must ensure the right to resort to the judiciary for people detained by mistake and who are subsequently acquitted.
Sixth: restrictions on individuals who are considered a threat to security must be based on concrete evidence of wrongdoing
and not on the basis of previous affiliations.
Seventh: should exclude those responsible for international crimes from the Department of amnesty, crimes such as murder,
torture, sexual violence and forced disappearances.
Eighth: National Conference on speed to pass a law transitional justice because the protection of individuals from justice are encouraged to commit future violations, and the delay of national reconciliation.
(Source – Organisation for Human Rights Victims)


“Page 219 Legion security” on FBinforms us on one of our brilliant prisoners:
Arab philosopher / a. D. Recep Bo pin.
Who is the thinker of the Libyan Abu Rajab pin ?
Rajab Abu pin
Bachelor of Philosophy University of Libya Benghazi in 1969
Master’s degree from the University of France Oaksenberovans message titled Imagine 1973
Diploma in-depth studies of the dea France Oaksenberovans University for research entitled Anthology of Freedom 1976
Ph.D. from the University of France Oaksenberovans message titled Freedom 1977
Alodaúv Academy
Head of Department of Philosophy, University of Garyounis 1977
Secretary of the People’s Committee for Scientific Research, the University of Garyounis 1984
Secretary of the People’s Committee for Academic Affairs University Garyounes 1985
Secretary of the Humanities Center in 1986
Secretary of the People’s Committee for Media and Culture 1987-1990
President and coordinator of the runway Green 1991
And is still alive to this day in the prisons of “17 FEBRUARY” !
1 – a series of positions 1 to 14, began to publish from 1989 until 2005 and still ongoing
2 – in exile (novel)
3 – Tri-ideal 1976
4 – lectures at the Third Universal Theory, 1980
5 – in the solution SPG 1982
6 – about the interpretation of social history in 1982
7 – ethics Meeting 1990
8 – an attempt in the science of revolution 1985
9 – religion and the mind 1988
10 – chaotic 1989
11 – 1989 economic explanation
12 – Islam and the issue of governance in 1993
13 Series – the philosophy of philosophy in three writes philosophy, philosophy Investigation, the problems of philosophy in 1995
14 – simplification of Philosophy 1996
15 – Lectures in Modern Philosophy 1996
16 – Economic mind criticism in three parts, the first part of 2000 Part II 2001 Part III 2003
17 – Globalization between supporters and opponents in 2001
18 – Madi future conflict of national identity in 2001
19 – Third Way in 2001
1 – infernal gods authored Jean Cocteau in 2002
2 – in prevalence Codo written by Samuel Beckett in 1971
3 – and the collapse of the Great Powers, Paul Kennedy authored
4 – What about the idea of ​​authorship Republic c. Hovanmo 1993
5 – The Great Game author Henry Lawrence in 1993
6 – Introduction to Philosophy authored Jelbers 1994
7 – capitalism and socialism authored Albertini
8 – after the fall of communism capitalism authored Ravi Petra 1998
9 – United States summit decadence written by Roger Garoda 1998
10 knitwear Globalizing c 1 c 2 authored Cold Smith
11 – After the empire authored CHEMANOL Todd 2004
12 – the end of the labor impasse capital formation Gear Revikan
13 – the first part of 2005 and the second in 2006God your capture and decode our prisoners wholes Secretary
(219 m)

الفيلسوف العربي / أ.د. رجب بو دبوس .من هو المفكر الليبي رجب أبو دبوس(السيرة الذاتية )
رجب أبو دبوس
الدرجات العلمية
ليسانس فلسفة الجامعة الليبية بنغازي 1969
درجة الماجستير من فرنسا جامعة أيكسنبروفانس عن رسالة بعنوان التخيل 1973
دبلوم دراسات معمقة d.e.aمن فرنسا جامعة أيكسنبروفانس عن بحوث بعنوان أنطولوجيا الحرية1976
درجة الدكتوراه من فرنسا جامعة أيكسنبروفانس عن رسالة بعنوان الحرية 1977
الوضائف الأكاديمية
رئيس قسم الفلسفة جامعة قاريونس 1977
أمين اللجنة الشعبية للبحث العلمي جامعة قاريونس 1984
أمين اللجنة الشعبية للشئون العلمية جامعة قاريونس 1985
أمين مركز العلوم الإنسانية 1986
أمين اللجنة الشعبية للإعلام و الثقافة 1987-1990
رئيسا و منسقا للمدرج الأخضر 1991
و مازال حيا يرزق حتى يومنا هذا في سجون فبراير
المؤلفات1- سلسلة مواقف من 1 إلى 14 بدأ بنشرها من عام1989 حتى عام 2005 و مازلت مستمرة
2- في المنفى (رواية)
3-ثلاثي المثالية 1976
4-محاضرات في النظرية العالمية الثالثة 1980
5-في الحل الإشتراكي 1982
6- نحو تفسير اجتماعي للتاريخ 1982
7-أخلاق الاجتماع 1990
8- محاولة في علم الثورة 1985
9- الدين و العقل 1988
10- الفوضوية 1989
11-تفسير اقتصادي 1989
12- الإسلام و مسألة الحكم 1993
13- سلسلة فلسفة الفلسفة في ثلاث كتب ما الفلسفة،مباحث الفلسفة،مشكلات الفلسفة 1995
14- تبسيط الفلسفة 1996
15-محاضرات في الفلسفة المعاصرة 1996
16-نقد العقل الاقتصادي في ثلاثة أجزاء جزء الأول 2000 الجزء الثاني 2001 الجزء الثالث 2003
17- العولمة بين الأنصار و الخصوم 2001
18- ماضي المستقبل صراع الهوية الوطنية 2001
19- في الطريق الثالث 2001الترجمات1- الآلهة الجهنمية تأليف جان كوكتو 2002
2- في انتضار قودو تأليف صمويل بيكت 1971
3- قيام و انهيار القوى العظمى تأليف بول كندي
4- فكرة ما عن الجمهورية تأليف ج.شوفانمو 1993
5-اللعبة الكبرى تأليف هنري لورانس 1993
6- مدخل إلى الفلسفة تأليف جلبيرس 1994
7- الرأسمالية و الاشتراكية تأليف البيرتيني
8- بعد الشيوعية سقوط الرأسمالية تأليف رافي بترا 1998
9- الولايات المتحدة قمة الانحطاط تأليف روجيه قارودي 1998
10 محاكة العولمية ج1 ج2 تأليف قولد سميث
11- بعد الامبراطورية تأليف أيمانول تود 2004
12- نهاية العمل مأزق الرأسمالية تأليف جير ريفيكين
13- الجزء الأول 2005 و الثاني 2006فك الله اسرك واسرانا أجمعين أمين

Philosophe arabe Prof. Dr. Recep Boo PIN.




RBI released:





Here is the “Queen witch bitch Deb” enjoying a party in Libya with other Yanks who think they own LIBYA:

The arabic reads:
“I am an American man who Masamat in February before the dog is going on in Libya uniforms Maybe two Maihsabohash exploit the security vacuum and Mihsabohash spy Halajuz Alnnbh the guidance of God’s curse upon you Iabaain home.”
في عمري ماسمعت بأمريكي قبل فبراير الكلاب يدور في ليبيا زي مايبي هما مايحسابوهاش تستغل في الفراغ الأمني وميحسابوهاش جاسوسه هالعجوز النبه هدي لعنة الله عليكم يابياعين الوطن


The Central Bank of the Republic Branch Maqrif transfer of 12.27€ million dollars to the outside of

Libya under fake accounts,

which led to the disappearance of the full amount and in the same context, the Central Bank of Libya fined the bank


General Conference of the pagan ways of looking towards the restoration of 200 billion dollars smuggled abroad.
Rado is the country before.





Drone which is locked in the sky occupied Tripoli back and forth since yesterday and Jardan God, what need to know.


Diffusion security gates and activate the main streets and intersections in the capital and tighten security guards

on the premises of diplomatic missions.

People refuse to sit Tripoli on Sunday after the era of building permit Sadat Badri.


The quality of the process of the formation of … “55” fighter ..
Was liquidated ..
Fadel Al-Amari ..
Ayman Tuberculoid ..
Dawn today, and they are one of the militias in prison executioners Mitigua ..
And warn again ..
Stay away from places Jarden ..
Because we still we perform quality .. until the day of victory ..

Living Dead 07

عملية نوعية … تشكيل “55” المقاتل ..
تم تصفية..
فاضل العماري ..
أيمن السلينى ..
فجر اليوم و هم أحد جﻻدين المليشيات في سجن امعتيقة ..
و ننبه مرة أخرى ..
ابتعدوا عن اماكن الجردان..
ﻻننا ﻻ زلنا نقوم بعمليات نوعية .. حتى يوم النصر..

الميت الحي07



aerial view of Tripoli, Libya in 2007 Gary Denham, Flickr:

aerial view of Tripoli, Libya in 2007 Gary Denham, Flickr


“Youth Congress Libyan tribes year” on FB,  reports
20 avril 2014
Source Moowoabed .
In the name of God the Merciful

“So for those who fight because they have wronged and God on the power to the victory,” Almighty God
Publishing and circular … Biaaaaaan Haaaaam

After the recent events taking place in our country usurped from creep to al-Qaida on the capital Tripoli ..

for Symbol Announces battalion Martyrs Fatih for initiated in quality processes within the Libyan capital ..

We hope you stay away on the whereabouts of Jarden:


been forewarned of the rarest …

Astt for the Liberation of Libya, and days Taatpt that.

Rueda kidnapped student Bashir Warfali yesterday on the way to his  university class.

Since few huts near the neighborhood of Veterans Affairs loud explosion shakes Tripoli.

Loud explosions inside the city of Tripoli.



The people and the families of the victims of the incident, “Gharghour”, and some of the wounded

are organizing a protest in front of the local council in Tripoli, to express their rejection

of the return of armed formations to the capital.

“The image of the bloody events Gharghour” from last November 2013:


Shooting at the airport in Tripoli.


Airport Road shortly before:




Armed robbery on a police station Qasr Ben Ghashir by armed militia and the theft of two cars belonging to the center.





20 avril
من مصـــــــدر مووووثوق ….
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
” أذن للذين يقاتلون بأنهم ظلموا وإن الله على نصرهم لقدير ” صدق الله العظيم
للنشــــــر والتعميــــم … بياااااان هااااام
بعد الاحداث الاخيرة التي تشهدها بلادنا المغتصبة من زحف لتنظيم القاعدة على العاصمة طرابلس .. لهاذا تعلن كتيبة شهداء الفاتح عن بدأها في العمليات النوعية داخل العاصمة الليبية .. فنرجو منكم الأبتعاد عن أماكن تواجد الجردان وقد أعذر من أندر … استعدو لتحرير ليبيا والايام تتبت ذلك

The leaked document shows that al-Qaeda began to carry out its operations in the capital Tripoli.


al-Qaeda and Salafists have entered, in large scale, into TRIPOLI.
All diplomats have left, or are attempting to leave Tripoli and are 
fleeing to nowhere else in Libya. (They are, or are going, abroad only!)
We hear the explosions and clashes in the capital. Urgent hearing with

successive explosions in the capital Tripoli Tmnon ~ O & free.




    The mother of the first Tunisian Embassy Counselor in Libya “Arousi Alguentasa” who was kidnapped since last Thursday that he did not inform his family of the incident is not by the Tunisian Embassy in Libya and not by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    The mother of the kidnapped shown in a video posted on “Sunrise Online” that the family received the news like other citizens via the Internet and media.

    And about the efforts of the state in the subject, she said she met with foreign ministers of the day, “Manji Hamidi” and Interior Minister “Lotfi Ben Jeddo” and who else to make all efforts for the release of the kidnapped Tunisian noting at the same time that the issue may drag on a bit.

    قالت والدة المستشار الأول بالسفارة التونسية بليبيا “العروسي القنطاسي” الذي تم اختطافه منذ الخميس الماضي إنه لم يتم إعلام عائلته بالحادث لا من قبل السفارة التونسية بليبيا ولا من قبل وزارة الخارجية.

    وبيّنت أم المخطوف في شريط فيديو بثه موقع “الشروق أون لاين” أن العائلة تلقت الخبر كغيرها من المواطنين عبر الانترنيت والإعلام.

    وحول مساعي الدولة في الموضوع ،قالت إنها التقت اليوم بوزيري الخارجية”منجي الحامدي” ووزير الداخلية “لطفي بن جدو” الذين وعداها ببذل كل جهودهما من اجل إطلاق سراح التونسي المخطوف مشيرين في الآن ذاته أن المسالة ربما تطول بعض الشيء.

    Libyan militants kidnap, threaten to kill Tunisian embassy employee
    An employee of the Tunisian Embassy in Tripoli, Mohamed Bechikh, has been missing since March 21. On Saturday, Libyan militant group Chabab Tawhid posted a video of Bechikh calling on the Tunisian government to negotiate with the militant group and stating that his kidnappers were threatening to kill him.
    By JC Finley | 21 April 2014 at 12:09 PM

    TRIPOLI, Libya, April 21 (UPI) — Libyan militant group Chabab Tawhid (Youth of Unification) released a video on Saturday showing footage of missing Tunisian embassy employee Mohamed Bechikh, who was kidnapped on March 21 from Tripoli.
    In the video, Bechikh said that his kidnappers were threatening to kill him. “They can kill me… I want to go back to Tunisia.”

    Bechikh relayed a message from Chabab Tawhid, asking the Tunisian government to “negotiate seriously” with the militant group and stated “this is a legitimate request.”
    Another Tunisia diplomat, Aroussi Gantassi, was kidnapped on 17 April 2014 from Tripoli. It is unclear whether he was also taken by Chabab Tawhid.…/Libyan-militants…/9331398095041/

    picture (above) of  Tunisian Embassy in TRIPOLI:


    Libyan militant group Chabab Tawhid released a video on Saturday showing
    footage of  Tunisian embassy employee Mohamed Bechikh, whom they kidnapped.
    Organization calling itself the “youth unification” embrace the abduction of Tunisian diplomat and published his video.

فيديو للدبلوماسي التونسي المخطتف محمد الشيخ من قِبل تنظيم شباب التوحيد في ليبيا و هو يتوسل للرئيس التونسي منصف المرزوقي ان يقوم بإطلاح سراح المساجين الليبين …
Aired a group called “Youth Unification” video clip, which shows an employee of the Tunisian embassy
in Libya was kidnapped in the atheist and the twentieth of last March in the Libyan capital Tripoli,he appeals to the Tunisian president to negotiate with his captors.
The message includes a video clip of the video and audio grabber Sheikh Mohammed bin, at the end of the tape,
followed by another letter written by the kidnappers go to the Tunisian government.
The message says the kidnappers:

“the Government of Tunisia: as the captive of us ..

we capture you as you kill us we kill you ..
and initiator darker. Tamnoa will not Oawankm you do not even secure our brothers in religion, honor and livelihood.”

The section for up to about five minutes, and broadcast on “youth unification” on social networking sites.
Did not mention the hostage video to another Tunisian abducted, according to the Tunisian government, the same group is Arousi Alguentasa diplomat was abducted Thursday, almost a month after the kidnapping of his colleague.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Tunisia Mongi Hamdi, said Friday that the hijackers of the Tunisian diplomat

and other employee at the Tunisian Embassy in Libya, demanding the release of Libyan detainees on charges of “terrorism” in Tunisia.In the video, which was filmed on 19 April 2014,, according to its authors, the hostage says he is working in the
Tunisian Embassy in Libya 12 years ago and that the father of three children want to return to them.He continues:

“Mr. President, negotiate with them … I want to go back to Tunisia (…) they can kill me between overnight.”

According to the minister, the Tunisian group that kidnapped the Tunisian diplomat,

“It seems to be from a family that belongs to the Libyan terrorists detained in Tunisia, they are involved in a terrorist attack in the spiritual and convicted to prison for a long time.”

And called on the Tunisian authorities, on Thursday, its citizens to

“defer the transition to Libyan territory and to do so only when necessary,”

as called for Tunisians living in Libya
“to exercise caution in their movements for their own safety and to avoid for any emergency in these exceptional circumstances.”
Sufian announced Sulaiti spokesman Court of First Instance in Tunis for an investigation into the two incidents of abduction,
Embassy of Tunisia Tunisians working in Libya. He said in a statement to the media that the public prosecutor has
authorized to open an investigation against anyone found guilty in this terrorist act.
The law gives the Tunisian Criminal Tracking and prosecution of perpetrators by Tunisian courts under Chapter 307
and punished the defendants to prison for ten years and the penalty increases to 20 years if he kidnapped a public servant or a
member of the diplomatic corps, according to Chapter 237 of the Criminal Code itself.
أعلن سفيان السليطي المتحدث باسم المحكمة الابتدائية بتونس عن فتح تحقيق في حادثتي اختطاف التونسيين العاملين بسفارة تونس في ليبيا. وقال في تصريح لوسائل الإعلام إن النيابة العمومية قد أذنت بفتح تحقيق ضد كل من تثبت إدانته في هذا العمل الإرهابي. ويمنح القانون الجنائي التونسي تتبع الجناة ومحاكمتهم من قبل المحاكم التونسية وفق الفصل 307 ويعاقب المتهمون بالسجن لمدة عشر سنوات وترتفع العقوبة إلى 20 سنة إذا كان المختطف موظفا عموميا أو عضوا في السلك الدبلوماسي وذلك حسب الفصل 237 من القانون الجنائي ذاته.
Tunisian initiative to launch a national dialogue Libby under international supervision to end the crisis 20.04.2014 | 22:25 News Arab world عععحجم الخط 

AFP A copy of the Archive Tunisia announced on Sunday, April 20th / April, they began efforts to launch a national dialogue among political opponents in Libya, in a bid to end the crisis that is shaking the country with the increasing threat of armed militias. 

A spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Tunisia Mokhtar chaotic Tunisian diplomacy within the framework of its commitment to help Libya overcome the crisis situation, 

and in order to avoid the implications of this situation, it has embarked on endeavors to do in order to launch a “national dialogue” Libby. He added that this initiative endorsed by the Libyan government and several foreign ambassadors in Tunisia and met Tunisian Foreign Minister Manji Hamidi, including the ambassadors of Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United States and Algeria. 

The Interim Libyan Prime Minister Abdullah bending resigned last week after less than a month of his appointment to this position temporarily, and attributed this to the gunmen tried to attack his family. Tunisia did not announce any date for starting this dialogue supposed. 

Tunisian Foreign Ministry said it was proposing to have dialogue under the auspices of the United Nations and the African Union, noting that the dialogue would avoid Tunisia repercussions of the crisis in neighboring Libya. 

Source: RT + Agenciesتونس_ليبيا_حوار_الأزمة/
A copy of the Archive


Tunisian Ambassador in Libya leaves Tripoli after his threat of kidnapping by unknown assailants.
Demonstration in Tunis demanding to cut ties with Libya because of the kidnapping of Tunisian diplomat
in Tripoli at the hands of al-Qaeda.



The SALAFI militant group in the city of Mizdah, made the expulsion of four doctors of Libyan workers

in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, at the Hospital Mizdah. Expectant parents tried to intervene
to prevent this action, but, they did not succeed in it. This has caused resentment among expectant parents,
who confirmed that it would force them to go to distant hospitals for treatment of their families.

Salafi against Gynacology and Obstetric doctors


“I Cannot Go to a Gynecologist. If I do I’ll Have Problems with My Husband,” says a Pregnant Aisha !

SALAFI HAVING BABIES—and wearing the burka:

Aisha, a young shopkeeper, must always be accompanied by her husband Mohamed Issa

either for routine check-ups or any other medical treatment.

“I cannot accept the fact that my wife goes alone to the hospital,” says Issa. “I cannot stand the idea of my wife being touched by another man, not even a doctor.”

A WAHABI religious leader, who prefers anonymity, says it is a universal law and that their faith forbids women from being treated by male doctors. He says “women can only be treated by Muslim women.”

“I don’t know how long I can live with these religious prescriptions,” says Aisha. “It would be easy to go to the nearest hospital. But it is very hard to convince my husband.”

While waiting for the situation to improve, Aicha and many other WAHABI/SALAFI women can only count on themselves to convince their husbands to change their attitude.

This may take some time as Aicha’s husband keeps saying that “I find it shameful to watch a gynecologist touch my wife, especially certain hidden parts of her body. I can’t accept it.”..”if this one dies, I’ll start on another wife….”

Where does it say in the Holy Quran that women cannot have a decent male-gynacologist?
(This is all added on barnicles by men who make their own interpretations, and distort ISLAM–
as Mu’ammar al-Qathafi has pointed out many times.) 

  • JUST ONE REASON WHY SALAFI/WAHABI are unhealthy for a true Muslim Society. 

    Male gynaecologists are being targeted by Islamic extremists. “Because of the extremists’ religious views, doctors are scared to continue with their work and the number of women gynaecologists is very low and cannot meet the demand,” said Mayada Zuhair, spokeswoman for the Women’ Rights Association (WRA).

    “Extremists say that [male] doctors are not allowed to see the private parts of women and two male doctors were reportedly killed last week after leaving their clinics. A message was left near their bodies saying that was the end for any doctor who insists in invading the privacy of Muslim women,” Mayada added.

    at least 22 male gynaecologists who had been sent threatening letters.

    ”Extremists say that [male] doctors are not allowed to see the private parts of women and two male doctors were reportedly killed last week after leaving their clinics.”
    “In one case the extremists tried to carry out their threat. They kidnapped the son of a doctor and only released him after the doctor had closed his clinic. “We don’t know the exact number of doctors who have been killed but we can confirm that four doctors were killed for refusing to circumcise young girls.”

    The Ministry of Health has said it is investigating the cases and has asked the Ministry of Interior to protect doctors and nurses countrywide.

    According to the IMA, at least 75 percent of doctors, pharmacists and nurses have left their jobs at universities, clinics and hospitals. Of these, at least 55 percent have fled abroad.

    “There are days when we find more than 80 patients per doctor in our hospital, an average of 170 daily. All of them are divided among the two women gynaecologists who are left in our clinic,”…

    Just to remind you:

    The GREAT JAMAHIRIYA produced an abundance of doctors…After OCTOBER 2011, the new Libya state forced the majority to leave, saying either they change their profession, or they must leave Libya!

    One of the charges against incarcerated Dr. Mahmoudi al-Baghdadi, SECRETARY of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA PEOPLE’s BC, and who IS a professional gynocologist- doctor, is that he “violated” women!!!




As I reported last week, the French air-lifted into MISURATA, a whole infintry to help the dirty MISURATA MB “SHIELD” MILITIAs:

Here is One French mercenary with rats in Misurata…There are 17 photos in the series, here are 10:
There are lots more–but need I give you more pics of the scum dumped on Libya, this time from France???



Branch Audit Bureau explosion in Sirte



Decorated with the bombing of the city of Benghazi at dawn today Quiche region, causing material
damage on the bombing, including the citizens’ cars and houses next to it.





Faraj Yassin Alambra, says:


“(MY) Vision and aspirations:
Not only what I have prepared
Hard work and keen to be a complete city of Tobruk also hopes her family

I was invited to run this Vlbet, not trying to position or function, but rather a matter of my

concern for this region and the goals of progress in this city, and I am confident that prepared it.”

الرؤية والتطلعات :
لا أعد إلا بما أملك
عمل جاد وحرص تام أن تكون مدينة طبرق كما يتمنى أهلها

دُعيت لهذا الترشح فلبّيت ، ولا أسعى لمنصب أو وظيفة ، وإنما من باب حرصي على هذه المنطقة وهدفي الرقي بهذه المدينة ، وأنا على ثقة مما أعد به .

الإرادة بالتغيير لدينا دائما موجودة ، وإذا تزامنت مع الإمكانيات حققنا الأهداف المنشودة .

مترشح لانتخابات المجلس البلدي لبلدية طبرق
Electoral program of  Faraj Yassin Alambra:
Given the pubic city of Tobruk and its suburbs of neglect and marginalization (???) and lack of development programs and ages throughout the previous years, which suffered during the unfairness and injustice and did not get its share of development and reconstruction (???), despite its historical significance and its border outstanding and the wealth of possibilities for the elements and areas for investment are not available in the states as a whole, and the need to the wings and on the national heart of the city and its suburbs to live up to the highest levels.
So we are out of our sense of national belonging and well for this region and the jealousy and the desire to express them in the transfer from backwardness to progress, we have seen that our electoral program will be as follows:
1 – invest all the elements of the region in order to promote this city and the [state] in general. (WHY NOT PROMOTE THEPEOPLE, and give the people the power?)
2 – Attention to security and building the army, the police and activated seriously and effectively by providing all the advanced capabilities and benefit from the advanced experiences in this aspect.
3 – interest in education, schools and universities, promote and increase the efficiency of university students in Tobruk through twinning with Western universities and the establishment of courses for continuing rehabilitation.
4 – Because of the nature of the pastoral area of ​​Tobruk and depends heavily on sheep farming will be of interest and focus on the provision of feed and stand with educators in obtaining bank loans in order to preserve national breeds of cattle.
5 – Attention youth programs and youth institutions, and the promotion of social and sports clubs for young people and women.
6 – creating jobs for young people through the expansion of the refinery and the establishment of a petrochemical complex.
7 – Work on the establishment of a sports stadium big sophisticated city of Tobruk befitting this city and its place
8 – Attention sports clubs and to encourage and facilitate their involvement in the self-investment.
9 – focus on human development and rehabilitation to prepare for the national cadres to promote the city and rely on local competencies.
10 – To encourage productive enterprise development and the private sector and facilitate engaging in this activity and the establishment of sustainable spatial projects.
11 – the quest for the establishment of investment projects with the Western developed countries, to ensure that the development of the image and make use of ingredients available.
12 – interest in the draft create sophisticated medical city in cooperation with the Houston American hospitals
to provide treatment of locally advanced. (WHY THE YANKS???)
13 – Work on the establishment of a new international airport in Tobruk worthy of being an international airport and port.
14 – Development of the commercial port of Tobruk and turn it into an international port for shipment to Africa.
15 – the establishment of a free trade zone in the port of Tobruk and the exploitation of the international airport.
16 – Work on the exploitation of local raw materials and the establishment of n cement factories of material (clinker) and glass factory of silicon oasis Giarabub.
17 – trying to bring the river water to the industrial city of Tobruk to solve the water problem in the region, [THIS WOULD HAVE BEEN RESOLVED if stages 4 & 5 were permitted to be completed on the MAN-MADE RIVER PROJECT!] with the exploitation of groundwater area Giarabub.
18 – the quest for the establishment of desalination plants along the coast and the exploitation of its waters in the farms for breeding cows and milk production after the exploitation of fertile land in the cultivation of alfalfa.
19 – the exploitation of marine resources along the coast through corporate presentations relating to the Danish canning fish and shrimp farming area eye gazelle.
20 – The exploitation of the valley south of Giarabub in palm cultivation to be reclaimed after Libya from the world’s largest producer of dates.
21 – the attention to the tourist city of Tobruk, and investment and tourism potential of coastal and desert warfare and the establishment of tourist resorts and lakes Giarabub desert, marine and summer camps on the beaches, and the preparation of a team of divers to discover the Military Museum of the underwater city of Tobruk and its suburbs.
22 – the attention to the architectural and aesthetic to the city of Tobruk and the elimination of slums and shanty establishment of new neighborhoods sophisticated health and provide adequate housing for all citizens, whether banking or lending of public housing through a sophisticated international companies.
24 – seriously seeking to re-establish the infrastructure for the city of Tobruk sophisticated image that we all seek, and the paving of the city’s roads and strive to build bridges with all intersections and pedestrian crossings.
25 – interest in solving the problem of garbage and sewage treatment plants to establish new factories and garbage contract with companies advanced in this aspect.
26 – Work to establish Mtnevsat parks and kindergartens in the city and beyond.
30 – Paying attention to people with special needs and their support and stand with them to get involved in the community.
31 – to seek by all means to create national cadres of engineers and technicians, doctors and all disciplines for
the advancement of the city and take advantage of them in various fields.

البرنامج الانتخابي 

نظرا لما عانته مدينة طبرق وضواحيها من إهمال وتهميش وغياب لبرامج التنمية والأعمار طيلة السنوات السابقة ، التي تعرضت خلالها للإجحاف والظلم ولم تحصل على نصيبها من التطور والإعمار رغم مكانتها التاريخية وموقعها الحدودي المتميز وما تزخر به من وإمكانيات مقومات ومجالات لاستثمار لا تتوفر في دول بأسرها ، وتحتاج إلى سواعد وطنية قلبها على هذه المدينة وضواحيها لترتقي بها إلى أعلى المستويات .لذا فإننا انطلاقا من شعورنا وحسنا الوطني بالانتماء لهذه المنطقة والغيرة عليها والرغبة الصريحة في نقلها من التخلف إلى التقدم ، فقد رأينا أن يكون برنامجنا الانتخابي على النحو التالي :1 – استثمار كافة مقومات المنطقة من أجل النهوض بهذه المدينة والدولة بشكل عام .2 – الاهتمام بالأمن وبناء الجيش والشرطة وتفعيلها بشكل جدي وفعال من خلال توفير كافة الإمكانيات المتطورة والاستفادة من الخبرات المتقدمة في هذا الجانب.3 – الاهتمام بالتعليم والمدارس والجامعات والنهوض بها والزيادة من كفاءة طلاب الجامعات بمدينة طبرق من خلال التوأمة مع جامعات غربية وإقامة الدورات المستمرة للتأهيل .4 – نظرا للطابع الرعوي لمنطقة طبرق واعتمادها بشكل كبير على تربية الأغنام سيتم الاهتمام والتركيز على توفير الأعلاف والوقوف مع المربين في الحصول على القروض المصرفية حفاظا على السلالات الوطنية من الماشية .

5 – الاهتمام ببرامج الشباب ومؤسساتهم الشبابية ، وتشجيع إقامة النوادي الاجتماعية والرياضية للشباب والمرأة .

6 – خلق فرص عمل للشباب من خلال توسعة المصفاة وإقامة مجمع للبتروكيماويات.

7 – العمل على إنشاء ملعب رياضي كبير متطور بمدينة طبرق يليق بهذه المدينة ومكانتها

8 – الاهتمام بالنوادي الرياضية وتشجيعها وتسهيل انخراطها في الاستثمار الذاتي .

9 – التركيز على التنمية البشرية بالتأهيل والإعداد للكوادر الوطنية للنهـــــــوض بالمدينة والاعتماد على كفاءاتنا المحلية .

10 – تشجيع المشاريع الإنتاجية التنموية والقطاع الخاص وتسهيل الانخراط في هذا النشاط وإقامة المشاريع المكانية المستدامة .

11 – السعي لإقامة مشاريع استثمارية مع الدول الغربية المتقدمة ، بالصورة التي تكفل التطور والاستفادة من المقومات المتوفرة .

12- الاهتمام بمشروع إنشاء مدينة طبية متطورة بالتعاون مع مستشفيات هيوستن الأمريكية لتوفير العلاج المتطور محليا .

13 – العمل على إنشاء مطار دولي جديد بمدينة طبرق يليق بكونه مطار ومنفذ دولي .

14 – تطوير ميناء طبرق التجاري وتحويله إلى ميناء دولي للشحن إلى أفريقيا .

15 – إقامة منطقة تجارة حرة بمدينة طبرق باستغلال الميناء والمطار الدولي .

16 – العمل على استغلال المواد الخام المحلية ن وإقامة مصــانع للاسمنت من مادة ( الكلينكر ) ومصنع للزجاج من مادة السليكون بواحة الجغبوب .

17 – محاولة جلب مياه النهر الصناعي لمدينة طبرق لحل مشكلة المياه بالمنطقة ، مع استغلال المياه الجوفية بمنطقة الجغبوب .

18 – السعي لإقامة محطات تحلية على طول الساحل واستغلال مياهها في إنشاء مزارع لتربية الأبقار وإنتاج الألبان بعد استغلال الأراضي الخصبة في زراعة البرسيم .

19 – استغلال الثروات البحرية على طول الساحل من خلال عروض الشركات الدنمركية المتعلقة بتعليب الأسماك وزراعة الجمبري بمنطقة عين الغزالة .

20 – استغلال الوادي الواقع جنوب الجغبوب في زراعة النخيل بعد استصلاحه لتكون ليبيا من أكبر دول العالم إنتاجا للتمور .

21 – الاهتمام بالجانب السياحي لمدينة طبرق ، واستثمار المقومات السياحية الشاطئية والحربية والصحراوية وإقامة منتجعات سياحية ببحيرات الجغبوب وصحرائها ، والمصائف البحرية على الشواطئ ، وإعداد فريق من الغواصين لإكتشاف المتحف العسكري الموجود تحت الماء بمدينة طبرق وضواحيها .

22- الاهتمام بالجانب العمراني والجمالي لمدينة طبرق والقضاء على العشوائيات والأكواخ بإقامة أحياء جديدة صحية متطورة وتوفير السكن اللائق لكافة المواطنين سواء بالإقراض المصرفي أو الإسكان العام من خلال شركات دولية متطورة .

24 – السعي بجدية لإعادة إنشاء البنية التحتية لمدينة طبرق بالصورة المتطورة التي ننشدها جميعا ، وتعبيد طرق المدينة والسعي لإقامة جسور بكافة التقاطعات ، ومعابر للمشاة .

25 – الاهتمام بحل مشكلة القمامة والصرف الصحي بإقامة محطات تنقية جديدة ومصانع للقمامة بالتعاقد مع شركات متطورة في هذا الجانب .

26 – العمل على إقامة متنفسات وحدائق ورياض للأطفال داخل المدينة وخارجها .

30 – الاهتمام بذوي الاحتياجات الخاصة ودعمهم والوقوف معهم للانخراط في المجتمع .

31 – السعي بكافة الوسائل لخلق كوادر وطنية من المهندسين والفنيين والأطباء وكافة التخصصات للنهوض بالمدينة والاستفادة منهم بمختلف المجالات .

???? Another one, from the bugger-house Congress?

Almost a consensus among the members of Congress called on Faraj Yassin Alambra president of the
from the successor to the “bending”
“Longing Madjaak T is your soul”:
صفحة الجحفل الأمني 219شبه اجماع بين اعضاء المؤتمر على المدعو فرج ياسين المبري رئيسا للوزارء خلفآ للثني
“شوق ماجايك غير وتي روحك”
 Faraj Yassin Alambra‘s profile is not bad; and HE IS NATIVE LIBYAN …and did not run away…
It (the third Universal Theory) is still the Only solution and cure for our ailing world!
and why look for medical assistance from HOUSTON, TX USA?
Why seek Western Universities?الملف الشخصي فرج ياسين ليست سيئة؛ وسعادة هو مواطن الليبي … ولم يهرب … 
ولكن لماذا سعادة لا يدعم الجماهيرية العظمى؟ …الجماهيرية العظمى 
(النظرية العالمية الثالثة) لا تزال هي الحل الوحيد والعلاج للالعالم المريض لدينا! 

ولماذا نبحث عن المساعدة الطبية من هيوستن، تكساس الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية؟ 

لماذا تسعى الجامعات الغربية؟Faraj Yassin Alambra / فرج ياسين المبري:

Faraj Mohammed Yasin:

Name quadrant:  Faraj Mohammed Yasin Alambra
Place and Date of Birth: Tobruk 1953
ID: 26166 / d
Qualifications and experience:
The second year of human / Faculty of Law / University of Qar Younis, 1975.
Legal expertise for several years in the field (Editor contracts)
Experience (8) years, the national army.
For 3 years as president of the local council of Tobruk.





Found the body of a policeman Recep Massoud Altargi,  Valley Anz.


Was found on one of the officers to the police, “Mohammed Abdullah Abdul Qader” a member of the General
Administration of Security of the Central Branch Alqrbolli dead after being shot in the head
on a public road area Alroajeh.




Motionless Rehab Bani Hassan, pleads with us:
“To every lover of Muammar al-Qathafi … a lot of people from the Jordanian people loving

Alhishad Muammar al-Qathafi and to all the Champions Libya honorable, far from the traitors of the Arab nation;

and released and issued by the Jordanian government does not reflect the opinion of the people of Jordan ..

our people in Libya ask you God of known information about the Jordanian ambassador, the son of Bani Hassan tribe gives us any information …

and what the government is doing now ..

great blackout on all the people…
So,  you please and freedom for Libyan Muammar.”

“Youth Congress Libyan tribes year” on FB reports:

Union warns of Jordanian truck owners who go to Libya:
Oman – warned captain Mohammad Daoud truck owners, truck drivers, which operates on

the lines of the Jordanian-Libyan who go to Libya :
Do not go unless absolutely necessaey,as
during the current period, in light of the seriousness of the situation, which is prevailing there.

He called Daoud truck drivers, in the event of having to go to Libya, to go in groups and

not individuals in order to avoid any theft or kidnapping attempts by some Libyan groups.

Daoud said, “there is reluctance by truckers concerning traveling to Libya

during the current period due to insecurity.”

According to Daoud; the Jordanian trucks, which tend to Libya in transporting food supplies

to some of the industry Jordanian or Arabs.

Daoud stressed the keenness of the union on constant contact with the truck drivers who are currently in

Libya to check on their condition,

and to facilitate the obstacles in front of them by addressing the Jordanian Embassy and the Libyan.

According to David, the number of trucks operating on the lines Libyan no more than 400 trucks,

while the number of trucks that are currently working on a line of Libya does not exceed dozens of them.

The Syndicate of Jordanian trucks truckers demanded inclusion under the umbrella of social security due to

the case of danger faced by truck drivers during their work day.

According to a study of the Social Security Corporation, the number of drivers of public transport to 50

thousand drivers most of whom are not covered under their social security umbrella.

مؤتمر شباب القبائل الليبية العامنقابة أصحاب الشاحنات تحذر من التوجه إلى ليبيا
عمان- حذر نقيب أصحاب الشاحنات محمد الداوود، سائقي الشاحنات، التي تعمل على الخطوط الأردنية الليبية من التوجه إلى ليبيا خلال الفترة الحالية في ظل خطورة الأوضاع السائدة هناك.
ودعا الداوود سائقي الشاحنات، في حال اضطرارهم للتوجه إلى ليبيا، إلى التوجه ضمن مجموعات وليس أفرادا تفاديا لحدوث أي محاولات اختطاف أو سرقة من قبل بعض الجماعات الليبية.
وقال الداوود “هنالك عزوف من قبل سائقي الشاحنات من التوجه إلى ليبيا خلال الفترة الراهنة بسبب انعدام الأمن فيها”.
وبحسب الداوود؛ فإن الشاحنات الأردنية التي تتجه إلى ليبيا تنقل بعض المواد التموينية ذات الصناعة الأردنية أو العربية.
وأكد الداوود حرص النقابة على الاتصال المستمر مع سائقي الشاحنات المتواجدين حاليا في ليبيا للاطمئنان على أحوالهم وتسهيل العقبات أمامهم من خلال مخاطبة السفارة الأردنية والليبية.
ووفقا للداوود؛ فإن عدد الشاحنات العاملة على الخطوط الليبية لا يزيد على 400 شاحنة، فيما أن عدد الشاحنات التي تعمل حاليا على خط ليبيا لا يتجاوز العشرات منها.
يذكر أن نقابة أصحاب الشاحنات الأردنية طالبت بشمول سائقي الشاحنات تحت مظلة الضمان الاجتماعي نظرا لحالة الخطر التي يتعرض لها سائقو الشاحنات يوميا أثناء عملهم.
وبحسب دراسة لمؤسسة الضمان الاجتماعي، يزيد عدد سائقي النقل العمومي على 50 ألف سائق أغلبهم غير مشمولين تحت مظلة الضمان الاجتماعي.



Egypt is preparing to host an international conference to control the border with Libya,
with the participation of neighboring countries and Arab countries, regional and international.

Muammar al-Qathafi is Coming to Greet Us:

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