Troubled Sands upon Water and Oil



The one and only Muammar al-Qathafi









Alkonaini Fawzia publié sur “Hamza Abuchnger on FB”
Who is William Burns?

Deliberated media yesterday the news of the arrival of the invited William Burns, Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs to Tripoli, Libya (attached to you a picture of the plane that gave the board mentioned which, as you can see military transport plane from Lockheed C-5 Galaxy which is parked at Tripoli International Airport yesterday before return hours

after arriving at the U.S. air base Sigoyena and the eastern island of Sicily,

the Italian saluting squadron stationed reconnaissance and espionage and electronic warfare U.S. B-3 Orion).

And I am confident and sure that many people do not know about this Alolliams something other than what I’ve ever had and the media about it, but the seriousness of this villain and his ilk …

I’ve seen my duty and pursuant Lima said Mr. Leader “salvation is returned by the Andrq” to tell the free and honest sons of Libyan tribes great and who are still on the covenant and

mobilizing their energies to day cleanse the nation of filth and Alangas, including the information I have about him.

Arrived Deputy U.S. Secretary of State William Burns to the Libyan capital Tripoli today to meet with senior NATO
shoes and dictated orders them from America, evil traitors and defeatists evil.



William Burns, an officer in the CIA work station Agency State of the Zionist entity in occupied Palestine, has been moved to the U.S. State Department (Office of the fight against terrorism), accompanied by his colleague and his colleague Paul Bremer, who was rewarded after the U.S. occupation of Iraq by appointing him governor of this Arab country.
After the failure of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in its attempt sinful to assassinate the leader of the revolution in 1985 (blew up a car that was believed that it was led by the Leader of the Revolution), and the failure of the U.S. government Reaganism also as well as during the raid on the house of the Brother Leader of the Revolution in TRIPOLI in 1986, this agency has to prepare a new plan in 1990, foreign was approved by U.S. President George Bush Sr. in 6 of the same year.
Under the plan on recruiting a group of spies Arabs to gather information about the movements of the Leader and his movements and the Libyan armed forces, especially the officers, particularly those working near the Leader or Online them abroad for any reason whatsoever, with particular emphasis on Online of them in Syria and Lebanon as well as for security General and other security agencies and the Libyan armed forces officers Libyan traitors in gathering information about the leader and the people armed and security forces are to take advantage of them later.
Entrusted with the task of Execution of this plan to Paul Bremer and his colleague, William Burns, and for that office was set up mainly in Bonn and two sub-offices first in Morocco and the second in Greece to supervise and follow up Tnqidha main office Bremer and Burns Panama Office Morocco was does he know station director of the Central Intelligence Morocco and the Office of Greece entrusted his administration for the U.S. military liaison to Lebanon.
Reports that were received from customers Moroccans and Tunisians (they were mostly from the elements women) who had sent them to Libya respond directly to mkt Bonn saluting the client travels to Bonn upon arrival in Morocco, coming from Libya and the role of the Office of Morocco was to provide logistical support only, while the customer reports Egyptians, Lebanese and walls, and who they send them to Libya, was first sent to the office of Athens, Greece, and then forwarded to the Office of Bonn.
It would have been the outcome of such a plan to recruit a group of traitors and spies led by each of the key Qurum and Abdul Salam Allowaar They are among a group of spies who had been unearthed in 1993 syphilis (the latter then recruited in Syria saluting it works within the range officers of the national leadership in that period, It is the only one of this group who has not been placed under arrest for being able to escape to Britain by Algeria).
This is William Burns gentlemen will I be honored and the other is appointed by the governor to Libya
after the failure of the United States and its allies and strategic defeat in Libya? Karam as his companion
and colleague, Paul Bremer, or what you see?
Keep up the resistance. . . And get ready for more battles with Asalbeyen new, Salibia twenty-first century.
The forward for the home.
By fawzi zertit







Left the Saudi Ambassador to Libya, Mohammed bin Mahmoud Al-Ali, the Libyan capital Tripoli,

on Thursday afternoon, returning to his country due to the instability of the security situation in Tripoli.




Video is very, very important
The first documented video about the effects of the bombing of the city of Tripoli Yesterday Katyusha rockets locusts {}

Which terrorized the people and afraid of women, children and the infirm and destroyed some houses and schools as it is in the attached video was done at five in the morning that

after the bombing, which was the road to the airport in Tripoli, in the vicinity of the new building of the U.S. Embassy 

and international channel a large body of news from news agencies almost certain and as rumored Kalak that the drone had attacked two vehicles carrying missiles locusts on a farm has been destroyed and the other one Achtbit between buildings and in spite of the past more than 20 hours on the episode did not hear that he had issued any official statement on the missiles do not locusts nor Drone.

فيديو هام جدا جدا
اول فيديو موثق عن اثار قصف مدينة طرابلس اليوم بصواريخ الجراد {الكاتيوشا}
التى روعت الاهالى وفزعت النساء والاطفال والعجزه ودمرت بعض البيوت والمدارس كما هو فى الفيديو المرفق وتم ذلك فى الساعة الخامسه فجرا هذا وبعد هذا القصف الذى تم فى طريق المطار بطرابلس فى محيط المبنى الجديد للسفاره الامريكيه وقناة الدوليه تواردت انباء من وكالات الانباء شبه مؤكده وكما يشاع كلك بان طائره بدون طيار قد هاجمت مركبتين يحملان صواريخ الجراد فى مزرعه وقد دمرت واحده والاخرى اختبئت بين المبانى وعلى الرغم من مضى اكثر من 20 ساعه على الحادثه لم نسمع بانه قد صدر اى بيان رسمى لا على صواريخ الجراد ولا على الطائره بدون طيار

Tech burn everything on FB remarks:
“Steadfastness woman”
Toulab claim if the wage had become downright Shi suggested the formation of a massacre

uniform uniforms became a massacre by massacre and guide you Gharghour God Yablady

God and yes, the agent in them Jardan savage.


A large convoy of military vehicles and armored blue written by the so-called Ministry of the Interior in Airport:


School administration al-Saladin in the area of Airport Road announces the suspension of classes in the school after an injury indiscriminate shelling of YANKEE Locusts missiles that hit the region, corresponding to the equestrian airport road in Tripoli at dawn today.

Whalley in Tripoli airport road conditions you have specifically launched.

Sounds of shooting with heavy weapons in # Tripoli airport road.


Two explosions heard.


Heavy fire in the vicinity of the complex administrative janzour before this afternoon, causing the suspension of work by the pool.




Were released pioneering “Salim Ali Abdulsalam Ajpal Gaddafi” from the prisons of the militias in the corner after a

months-long prison without trial.

Last week released militias city corner for 9 prisoners from the prisons of darkness ~ Aqaba to the rest of the prisoners.


Corner ::
The release of some prisoners from the prisons of the dark corner.
Wishing all prisoners Lord
The names of those released from prisons corner yesterday 04/22/2014:
1 – Hamza Mohamed Mohamed Aldovana .. City five.
2 – Salem Abdul Salam material .. Joseph City corner.
3 – Salem Ali Abdullah .. Sabha.
4 – Abdul Rahman Abdul Jalil Abdul Kader .. the city of Sirte.
5 – Mohamed Abdel Fattah Salem Trom .. Tajura.
And on 04/21/2014 .. was released the following:
1 – Ramzi Saleh Ali Dawi.
2 – Ahmed Farag Solomon Bogofah.
And on 20/04/2014 .. was released the following:
1 – Alaa Mostafa Mohammad Hanina resident in the corner.
2 – Salama Salem Abdullah Lajnef resident in Sorman.


Vote Lead shaking Abu Issa area west corner




Lock news Tripoli highway and re coming from the corner and its suburbs.



clashes near a market Alashoury and news about the death of one of them and move the injured for treatment.



YANKEE TRANSPORT JETS at the International Airport



Heart Hospital Btajurae shut due to lack of equipment and all the instability of the security situation.


The kidnapping of a businessman, “Mansouri certified” company owner Judy Food Industries and Bouksma million

claim by his captors to release him ..

and the kidnappers are demanding ransom worth five million dinars, compared to his release.



This week’s number 33 has been transferred from a prison inmate Mager and

presenting them to the public prosecutor at the Court of First Instance & Zliten.








A tragic car accident by way of Bani Walid /Tarhounah resulted in the death of

“Mahmoud Faitouri Qurmat Warfali” and 3 Jtt charred.









The assassination of the citizen as the mourning Faitouri Sirte anonymous bullet lodged in his chest in front

of the Ibn Sina Hospital in Sirte and Ahttaf news for young people who were with him are:
– Marwan Al-Zayani
– Anwar al-Amari







Tragedy added to the series of tragedies have occurred in Benghazi, Libya, where an armed person broke into the family home district,

housing and shoot all the family members, which led to their deaths all they are:
1 – Fajra Boubacar Ahrir Gaddafi Age 70
2 – Bahgat key Jahmi Age 45
3 – Abdullah Abdul Salam senile Age 23
4 – names Fawaz Bontihh Age 38
5 – Arrows Fawaz Bontihh Age 37
The injured girl is still the intensive care department, namely:
Eve Bahgat Muftah Jahmi Age 20 years.



Two bodies were found on the Benghazi area Rulrhh Syed Ali, one of the idyllic kidnapped nearly three days ago

and has launched in the head and other body has not been identified yet.



Finding the bodies region Rulrhh one of these Aljtth due to the poetic kidnapped Mndhu nearly three days, and the body found dumped and murdered by firing in the head with a weapon kind cartouche and the body other was not identified so far, and the body was decomposed completely due to a person wearing a red shirt and black shoes white striped.



The release of Abdel-Salam Ayad Albergthe and after paying a ransom of two million euros and mentions
that he is the man Albergthe businessman who was kidnapped Rulrhh area by gunmen.




Finding artist Ali Aldrnawi music in one of orchestras, slaughtered yesterday evening in the project Elsafcefh Benghazi.




(1) Assassination attempt (Ayad Mohammed Saleh Faraj) of what is called the Ministry of Defense

shot in the shoulder and the bottom of the hand in the area of Al-Sabri.

(2) Shooting near the restaurant area of the bale Sabri Benghazi and kill “,” Ghassan Bouraoui “cousin
political activist” pro Bouraoui.


  • Water sinking ground floor Hawari hospital in Benghazi.




Emirate Drnstan

Farce caliber!!!!!!
Soon building a wall of separation between male students and female students in

the courtyard of the University of Derna!

Militia “Martyrs of Abu Salim” accept insurance University tuber,

after the university administration bowed to the request of the Prince of the terrorist militia Salem Derby
Building a wall of separation between male students and female students in the courtyard of the university!


إمارة درنستان

مهزله من العيار الثقيل !!!!!!
قريبا بناء جدار فاصل بين الطلبة الذكور و الطالبات الإناث في باحة جامعة درنه!

ميليشيا “شهداء أبو سليم” تقبل بتأمين جامعة درنة، بعد ان رضخت إدارة الجامعة لطلب أمير الميليشيا الارهابي سالم دربي
ببناء جدار فاصل بين الطلبة الذكور و الطالبات الإناث في باحة الجامعة!

without heavy beard, on 12 AUGUST 2013:

al-Qaeda rat Salem Derby in front of the Homeland Security buried It tells the story of his release on the system
Misrata city of “martyrs” · Publiée le 12 août 2013
A rare video of Salem Derby battalion commander “Martyrs” Abu Salim

He stayed in the mountains on the run from a tuber buried 11 years, and after coming off of the mountain

See how addressing the internal security system and buried, the guy from the day footmen,

and tells how the “injustice that happened to them” and how it Rado Plus

9:38 a meeting with Sheikh Salem Derby about the security situation in Derna

سالم دربي من مواليد عام 1972،كان مطلوباً للنظام الليبى عام 1996 إبان الاحداث التى شهدتها مدينة درنة حيث لجأ للجبال رفقة بعض الشباب المطاردين من قبل الاجهزة الامنية وظل هناك حتى عام 2006،ليعود للحياة بمدينة درنة مجددا و يعمل فى الأعمال الحرة و يتزوج و له من الأبناء ثلاث.

يتحدث دربي عن الكتيبة و بداية تأسيسها حيث يقول : عندما وصلت جبهة القتال الى بن جواد ، خرجنا مع مجموعة من شباب درنه و اتفقنا معهم قبل كل شئ على أن ندرس المرحلة و من ثم يكون لنا قرار بخصوص الجبهة ، و بدأنا رحلتنا و توقفنا بمدينة بنغازى لزيارة بعض المصابين و من ثم واصلنا المسير الى اجدابيا و منها الى البريقة لنتوقف أخيراً فى راس لانوف و كان عددنا حينها 6 شباب موزعين بين سيارتين.

عند وصولنا للجبهة لاحظنا بأنها غير منظمة وتغلب عليها العشوائية مع وجود بعض من يريد الاستفادة من الحدث ليسرق و ينهب أو يستفيد كما تسول له نفسه ،و ألمنا عشوائية الشباب التى من خلالها تصطادهم الكتائب بكل سهولة فأغلبهم من دون سلاح.

تعرضنا لقصف عنيف فى راس لانوف فانسحبنا الى البريقة ليتواصل القصف و نتراجع حتى اجدابيا و هناك بدأت فكرة تشكيل الكتيبة حيث عزمنا على العودة الى مدينة درنه و البحث عن مجموعة من الشباب الذين لديهم الرغبة فى القتال و ننظم أنفسنا و نبحث عن الأسلحة و السيارات و نعود للمواجهة فى صورة أقوى.

التقينا مع الشباب فى درنه و قلنا لهم اذا وصلت الكتائب الى اجدابيا سنكون مستهدفين فهم قد يأتون الينا مباشرة عبر بوابة الــ200 ، لذا وجب علينا أن نستعد و نجمع السلاح و السيارات حتى نكون فى خط دفاعى أولاً.

و انضم معنا أكثر من 45 شاب و تحصلنا على قرابة 10 سيارات ، إضافة الى عدد قليل من الأسلحة الخفيفة ، فاتجهنا الى اجدابيا في حين كانت الكتائب قد دخلتها،و تلك الليلة توقفنا فى بنغازى و تابعنا الأحدث من هناك لظروف خارجة عن السيطرة.

و باليوم التالى كانت الكتائب تتجه الى مدينة بنغازى فى أرتال كبيرة ، مما أكد لنا أن المواجهة ستكون بالقرب من المدينة،فبعثنا مجموعة استطلاع الى قمينس و حاولنا أن نقوم بعملية لكن لم نستطع و عدنا الى بنغازى لتبدأ الكتائب قصفها للمدينة بالغراد و القذائف.

هنا بدأ الجميع يسأل ماذا سنفعل ، اتخذنا قراراً بموافقة الجميع أن نواجه الكتائب و نأخذ الطريق التى يطلق منها الجراد فالصواريخ ستسقط من خلفنا اذا ما سلكنا الطريق المباشر لها.

كانت الصواريخ تطلق من منطقة القوارشة و نظمنا أنفسنا حيث انقسمنا الى مجموعتين و بتوفيق الله شطرنا الكتائب الى نصفين تلك الليلة، ولا نخفى القول لو أننا رأينا حجم الرتل فى البداية ما كنا نظن أننا سنقدم على مواجهته و لكنها تساهيل و أسباب من الله.

في هذه المعركة قتل منا منصور الغيثى و هانى الشلوى كما أصيب أشرف بن جليل و شباب آخرين من مجموعة بنغازى التى كانت معنا وعلى رأسهم الشيخ راف الله السحاتى.

تحصلنا على مجموعة من السيارات و مجموعة من الأسلحة و شاحنة ذخيرة و سيارة جراد و قتل من الكتائب ما يقارب الــ12 شخص و تراجعت الكتائب الى الخارج قليلاً و بدأ حلف الناتو فى قصف الكتائب بنيران كثيفة.

تمركزت قوات القذافى فيما بعد فى اجدابيا ، و كنا نعمل على مواجهتها بشكل متقطع و العودة الى نقطة تمركزنا ، و يشارك معنا فى هذا الامر مجموعات اخرى من الشباب الثوار المختلطين ، و فى أحيان كثرة كنا نبحث بين السيارات على الشباب الذين هم من مجموعتنا ، و هنا انبثقت فكرة التسمية و اطلقنا على أنفسنا كتيبة شهداء أبوسليم درنه و كنا أول كتيبة فى هذه الثورة.

سبب التسمية إن اغلب شباب الكتيبة المنضم أليها قد تضرر من النظام البائد أو أن أحد أقاربه قد تضرر فأغلبهم قد سجن أو قتل أخاه أو والده فى سجن ابوسليم،و عندما الحقنا مدينة درنه باسم الكتيبة لم يكن هذا من باب التحيز و انما كان من باب التمييز لمجموعتنا لأن اسم الكتيبة لا نستطيع حصره فى مجموعتنا لأنه من المرجح ان تكون هناك كتيبة اخرى من بنغازى تحمل نفس الأسم.

تشكلت فيما بعد عدد من الكتائب الأخرى منها كتيبة 17 فبراير وكتيبة عمر المختار و كتيبة على الجابر و ألوية قطر و كتيبة غراد درنه و ثوار درنه.

كتيبة شهداء ابوسليم حالياً بها 350 مقاتل أغلبهم من مدينة درنه،كما ان البعض من شباب الكتائب الأخرى طلبوا منا أن نضمهم معنا فى الكتيبة لكننا رفضنا ذلك خوفاً من ان تحدث الفتنة.

يصف سالم دربي معركة اجدابيا الأولى بأشد المعارك ضراوة و يقول : إن الكتائب كانت تتمركز بقوة على بوابات اجدابيا و تسيطر عليها بالكامل مع فرض سيطرتها أيضاً على شارع طرابلس الحيوى بالمدينة ، و لم يكن للثوار من حيلة لاقتحام المدينة و الدخول فى حرب مدن مع الكتائب فكانوا يقصفوننا دائما بشدة و لا يستطيعون التقدم و يقتل منهم الكثير فى اغلب الأحيان.

كنا نظن ان الأمر سيستمر لوقت طويل ،حتى يسر الله لنا حيث جاءنا أخوين من اجدابيا هما ابراهيم و سالم الجضران و قالوا لنا أن هناك طريق صحراوى لا يعرفه الكثير إلا من أهل اجدابيا و الكتائب لا تتمركز فيه و يمكن من خلاله الدخول الى وسط المدينة، فقمنا بجولة استطلاع و صدقاً فلقد كان الممر يمهد لنا الدخول المباشر للمدينة و القتال مع الكتائب فى شكل حرب العصابات.

في تلك الأثناء كانت الكتائب تقصف بشدة الثوار المتمركزين على مسافات متباعدة فانسحبوا نتيجة لذلك ، و داخل المدينة كانت الكتائب تجهز العائلات للخروج فى مظاهرات تهتف للنظام.

سألنا الشباب عن رغبتهم فى القتال فأجمع الكل على الدخول الى المدينة عبر ذلك الممر و صلينا الظهر و العصر صلاة جمع تقديم و توكلنا على الله و دخلنا الى اجدابيا.

كانت كتيبتنا هى الوحيدة التى دخلت و وصلت حتى شارع طرابلس و انطلق الشباب يكبرون و يقاتلون جنود الكتائب،و من القصص التى حدثت معهم أن احد كتائب الثوار كانت محاصرة و قد نفذت ذخيرتها و قد قام الشباب بفك الحصار عنها.

دُحرت الكتائب و تراجعت حتى البوابة الغربية ، و قتلنا منهم الكثير كما تحصلنا على سيارات، و عندما أسدل الليل ستاره جاء أهالى المدينة و العديد من الثوار فخشينا أن يكون بينهم مندسين فانسحبنا.

في اليوم التالى انسحبت كتائب القذافى بشكل كبير الى بن جواد ، و قمنا بتمشيط اجدابيا ذلك اليوم ، و كانت القراءة التى امامنا أن نستمر فى المواجهة و نلاحق كتائب القذافى حتى اخر مستقر لها.

نحن حالياً متواجدين فى معسكر باجدابيا و لنا نقاط تمركز في منطقة الــ18 و التى منها نقصف مواقع كتائب القذفى باستمرار و نتقدم اليها في أحيان كثيرة حتى مشارف منطقة الأربعين و نكبدهم خسائر كبيرة.











Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Terrorism: Mokhtar Belmokhtar, THE FANATIC SMUGGLER

Mokhtar Balmokhtar, Abu Hamza al-Libi, whose real name Mohammed Abdullah al-Miqdad
by Lawrence Touchard
PRELIMINARY NOTE: a very condensed version of what follows, and I am the author,
was published by Jeune Afrique end of September 2012:
Here include the full study, updated January 30, 2013.
Photo Mokhtar Belmokhtar shown on the notice of Interpol search
Birth of a “vocation” and Afghanistan
Born in June 1972 in Ghardaia in Algeria, Mokhtar Belmokhtar, alias Khaled Abu al-Abbas (or, Laouar / Borgne) is fascinated by his own confession battles waged by the Soviet mujahedeen in the 1980s, in Afghanistan. In November 1989, Abdullah Azzam, mentor of Osama bin Laden, was killed in a suicide car bombing in Peshawar. His murder would mark the starting point of the ideological commitment Mokhtar Belmokhtar (Bin Laden is one of the possible suspects in the attack!). In 1990, when he was only 17 years old, he went to Saudi Arabia for lesser pilgrimage (‘Umrah, which can be done during any month of the year, preferably that of Ramadan, unlike pilgrimage, Hajj, which can only take place during the last month of the Muslim year), then, at 19, to Afghanistan, accompanied by three of its neighbors.
There, he spent a few months in 1991, the ranks of Islamist Hezb-i-Islami. The movement, led by Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, includes many foreign Muslim volunteers (between 10 000 and 12 000 over a period of ten years), located in the rear bases in Pakistan, engaged in civil war following the withdrawal of Moscow. Rumored that he himself is born in November 2007, MBM would have fought against the Soviet soldiers. What is the legend: they leave the country in February 1989, two years before the arrival of jihadist …! Also according to legend, he lost his eye in a fight, when in reality, he was wounded during a workout. He performs in training camps near Jalalabad, and Khalden near Khost, Afghanistan. He says he met Abu Musab al-Zarqawi (who became the leader of Al-Qaida in Iraq) during this period.
In the early 1990s, several countries (including Algeria) from which the foreign volunteers of Hez-i-Islami protest with Pakistan: they accuse of harboring potential terrorists. In April 1993, Islamabad finally reacts; Pakistani authorities arrested hundreds of volunteers and expelled many of them. Mokhtar Belmokhtar, he returned a few months before the end of 1992. Back that owes nothing to chance. Of course, he knows that the bloody civil war in Algeria, but it does not blind the steps of Algeria vis-à-vis Pakistan.
Back home, logically, he joined the Armed Islamic Group (GIA), at the height of the civil war. Enjoying relative autonomy, he set up the outline of a katiba – katiba Shahada – which quickly radiates beyond Algerian borders in the Sahara and the Sahel in general. He then joined the Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat (GSPC), at its creation by Hassan Hattab in 1998. Jihad does not prevent embarking on lucrative traffic, including weapons, in favor of the GIA, then the GSPC; he then has 25 men. The chaos, especially in the south of the country, facilitates smuggling. Responsible for the assassination of several customs and border guards, Algeria condemned to death twice.
Between 1994 and 1995 he corresponded with several Islamist leaders installed in Sudan (some sources indicate that there would be made and that he met bin Laden, yet Mokhtar Belmokhtar yet quick to mention his glorious interviews and maintain its legend does not mention); nothing therefore confirmed with certainty. At that time, bin Laden lived in Khartoum, capital of Sudan … These contacts are worth Mokhtar Belmokhtar within the GSPC, jealousy and respect for each other.
With its reputation, experience fighter, as well as smuggling in which he reigns, Mokhtar Belmokhtar sees appoint emir of the GSPC zone 9 (southern Algeria and the Sahara). The enmity which, in all likelihood, already existed between the new emir and Abderrazak El Para, then turns into frank hatred. Abderrazak El Para does not accept to obey Mokhtar Belmokhtar, which he seems to take pleasure to send instructions to his subordinate! In July 2001, Mokhtar Belmokhtartransmet orders and he says come from Hassan Hattab, prescribing a quota cartridges – only 2000 – all formations of the area, with a request for transfer of all heavy weapons to the military command of the GSPC .Abderrazak refuses to comply with these guidelines. Denial that would have accompanied death threats against Mokhtar Belmokhtar! As for Hassan Hattab, he invites him to run. Abou Zeid, assistant el-Para supports the course and there is no shortage of encouraging its own lieutenant, Yahya Abu Hamame to encroach on the field of Mokhtar Belmokhtar. The GSPC is a basket of crabs Hassan Hattab (supported by Mokhtar Belmokhtar!) … Does not control, necessarily, more!
MBM, the GSPC and al-Qaida
In summer 2001, bin Laden delegated an envoy of Yemeni origin with the GSPC in order to take on the Algerian situation and determine if Al Qaeda could establish an operational area in the Sahel with the support of the GSPC. Abdelwahab Alwan, alias Abu Mohamed, the envoy in question, so leave Afghanistan to go to Yemen, where he won Ethiopia and Sudan, Niger and finally where it makes contact with Mokhtar Belmokhatar that he already knows. The head of the escort katiba into southern Algeria where he will meet the national emir of the GSPC.
Hassan Hattab, in principle, the national emir of the organization. In principle only: probably not informed of the meeting with the representative of bin Laden, it is not involved in this one! Mohamed Abou suggests that leaders are present to further establish the Sahel region by sharing zones of influence (in fact, avoiding quarrels).
He also stressed that it plans to meet later, Hassan Hattab. However, Abderrazak El Para maneuver to prevent the interview. Abou Mohamed returned to Afghanistan to report to bin Laden. He returned to Algeria in July 2002. This time, it seems to demand to see Hassan Hattab. Finally, the Algerian security forces slaughter Abou Mohamed on September 12 of the same year, without having managed to talk directly with Hassan Hattab.
“Novelty” by Abderrazak El Para, the emissary of Bin Laden has not resolved the dispute between El Para and Mokhtar Belmokhtar, which, in turn, did not wait for a hypothetical success of the mediation Yemen to root more in the Sahara and the Sahel with his men!
Mister Marlboro has long chosen as the desert area of ​​operation and traffic; equally fanatic smuggler, reconciling one and the other an equally elusive as is the character; somehow, Mokhtar Belmokhtar is a “von Ungern-Sternberg” jihadist individual to the edge of madness, able to unleash the bloodiest violence (beheading of Mauritanian soldiers Amenas) but also to be computer and sometimes sincere in its commitment to being power-hungry …
It was during these years that Mokhtar Belmokhtar earns its nickname “Mister Marlboro”, in reference to cigarette smuggling, but also weapons, 4×4, drugs, diamonds and migrants. Establish exactly who was the father of this nickname is difficult: services as Western Algerians who monitor, or smugglers and indigenous he works with information? And indeed, as part of its “trade” Mokhtar Belmokhtar crosses the region. He thus established close ties with the people, especially those new caravan routes ultimately little more different than those of yesteryear (4×4 have just replaced camels) feed the local economy undermined by droughts and absence of specific national development programs.
To sign the more “tacit agreement” between him and the local communities, Mokhtar Belmokhar following the initiative of one of his lieutenants, Ibrahim Ebi Isagh, Ghreigha his nom de guerre. He marries the daughters of local leaders and encourages men to imitate. Therefore, the Algerians are no longer perceived as strangers, but as members of the family.Marriages (four Mokhtar Belmokhtar) and what they represent in terms of tradition and weld each other, with all the advantages inherent to face the harshness of the Sahara, but more importantly, the various enemies. They also facilitate the smooth running of traffic that men manage Mokhtar Belmokhtar.
Mokhtar Belmokhtar also appears in contact with some Sahrawi Polisario Front (Frente Popular de Liberacion Saguia el-Hamra y Rio de Oro / Popular Front for the Liberation of Saguia el-Hamra and Rio de Oro, which claims the independence of former Spanish Sahara, now Western Sahara, Moroccan territory). Besides being a source of regular income, traffic channels are much more cost parallel diplomacy, which involves a wide range of individuals (including members of the security forces), under which it appears be on good terms with everyone. In Mali, including Mokhtar Belmokhtar will soon benefit from a relative impunity.
Rivalries: Abderrazak El Para Abu Zeid
If aboriginal accept or appreciate it for the money injected into the local economy and its respect lifestyles, there is always something rotten in the Sahel emirate GSPC. Abderrazak El Para embarks on an escalation of actions, more or less improvised: in January 2003, he organized an ambush in Batna against an Algerian unit, killing 43 paratroopers.Between February and March, he “picked” several groups of foreign tourists, for a total of thirty-two. Mediates the operation considerably. However, behind the facade of a series of rapid and bold action lies … nothing. Abderrazak do not really know what to do with hostages, as it lacks the means to ensure that their supplies to keep an eye on; Algerian army release 17 May 13, 2003, the others will be released August 18, 2003 after payment of a ransom.
Anyway, even if the management of the hostages is not a great success, Abderrazak El Para is now known worldwide.At the same time, it strives to provide quantity of arms and ammunition to the direction of the organization. The issue is seen as more effective than Mokhtar Belmokhtar, dominate in everything and take center stage.
In Algeria, the situation does not turn either to the benefit of Mister Marlboro between July and August 2003, Nabil Sahraoui “replaces” Hassan Hattab head of GSPC. In reality, it forced him to resign, to the great satisfaction of Abderrazak El Para and his lieutenant, Abu Zeid. Reproaches accumulate against Mokhtar Belmokhtar, no longer protects Hassan Hattab isolated and reduced to sending communications on behalf of a GSPC it no longer runs. Many accuse him of paying more attention to his business as the cause, away, away from Algeria, where security forces are severe blows to militants. The undermining of Abderrazak El Para bear fruit, insulation gradually Mokhtar Belmokhtar kernel GSPC.
However, Mokhtar Belmokhtar makes moves: he vilifies his opponent for not shared equitably weapons captured during the ambush of Batna. Determined to have a territory at least as wide and rich (at least in terms of potential traffic) than Mokhtar Belmokhtar, Abderrazak El Para extends more his grip on the Niger and Chad. But impulsive where Mokhtar Belmokhtar shows thoughtful, he sees too large, with limited resources, especially since it does not have a native support for image Mister Marlboro. The Nigerian security forces and Chadian frequently hang its elements – more than Mokhtar Belmokhtar – until the day when the Chadians capture. Probably against reward, they secretly engaged to Libya, which transfers to Algeria! It is easy to guess the feeling of Mokhtar Belmokhtar learning neutralizing rival!
Tensions between Mokhtar Belmokhtar and the emir of the GSPC
In July 2004, the GSPC suffered another setback when the Algerian security forces slaughter Nabil Sahraoui in an ambush. Abdelmalek Droukdel minion Nabil Sahraoui, succeeded him. Internal controversy about Mokhtar Belmokhtar therefore not weaken. On the contrary, the refusal to recognize Mokhtar Belmokhtar Droukdel as head of the GSPC stirs!
The June 4, 2005 Mokhtar Belmokhtar loses his lieutenant, Ghreigha during the attack position Mauritanian Lemgheiti.“Afghan” Ghreigha has been “gray eminence” Mokhtar Belmokhtar immersive in its diplomacy with local communities.Both men were longtime friends and Mokhtar Belmokhtar was probably affected his death. According Mokhtar Belmokhtar, this attack named “Operation Badr Ghazouate” warning takes place in the Sahel, while the Americans fix their attention on the region, the one and the other conducting joint exercises (Flintlock 2005 and every other “Flintlock”to follow).
The same year, chooses Droukdel Abdelkader Benmessaoud (alias Abu Musab Daoud) – Mokhtar Belmokhtar friend – to oversee the 9th Zone! Given the antagonism between Droukdel and Mokhtar Belmokhtar this promotion Benmessaoud it comes to ease tensions between them (a kind of gesture of goodwill) or on the contrary, is it to isolate Mokhtar Belmokhtar in “corrupting “a friend of the latter? The decision to Abdelmalek Droukdel notes probably both: neither truly favorable or unfavorable to man totally cigarettes GSPC.
Reporting MBM?
Anyway, if it comes, apparently, to create a less poisonous atmosphere, Mokhtar Belmokhtar is not fooled. There also adds a certain weariness. Between 2006 and 2007, Mokhtar Belmokhtar and have accepted a truce with the Algerian and Malian authorities. The same year, begins the rumor that he is preparing to go to the Algerian authorities. It would then fled in the Tindouf area, a stronghold of the Frente. Fearing for his life, he would have benefited from an Algerian protection activists POLISARIO interposed against the GSPC … Also in 2007, he would have condemned the car bomb attack on April 11 in Algiers.
At the same time, Benmessaoud rejects allegiance to al-Qaida and alignment with al-Zarqawi Abu Musab guidelines decided by Droukdel without consultation. Probably influenced by the prospect of Mokhtar Belmokhtar abandon, too, the fight, he engages the Algerian authorities in July 2007 and had been replaced by Yahya Djouadi at the head of the emirate of Sahara-Sahel. As for the GSPC, it now goes by the name of Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM).
Thereafter, Mokhtar Belmokhtar assert himself that he never intended to go. Was it then a manipulation of Algerian security forces enjoying a difficult period for the GSPC / AQIM (Death of Sahraoui and difficult succession Droukdel disputed arrest Abderrazak El Para, surrender Abdelkader Benmessaoud. ..)? Or, Mokhtar Belmokhtar wants it then send a message to the leaders of the organization – a bluff, in fact – if the idea of eliminating does not go off in the minds of some (that of Droukdel in particular), then it is likely to affect the GSPC / AQIM, or even put at risk. Supporters before it could be defected in turn. In addition, he knows many secrets about the GSPC / AQIM and its leading members … On top finance its traffic movement while facilitating the supply of arms and ammunition.
Hypothesis to hold, therefore, especially as this implicit threat of reporting MBM implies an alternative: give autonomy to MBM. Alternative Benmessaoud which is to the messenger, indicating the Algerian security services that Le Borgne absolutely no plans to engage in the Algerian Justice, but he wants to retire in Mali … In his testimony reveals Benmessaoud Mokhtar Belmokhtar also love the desert.
In fact, this is the option chosen Droukdel if Mokhtar Belmokhtar does not recover its emir of the Sahara-Sahel Zone function, it now has a quasi independence, with a wide range of operations in the Sahel . Mokhtar Belmokhtar then hastens to show who is “the boss” in the region: its katiba is probably responsible for the kidnapping of eleven Mauritanian soldiers and a civilian auxiliary, September 14, 2008, on the border with Morocco. They are found decapitated, a week later. Way to indicate to the desert bandits and enemies, cheap and under the pretext of jihad, he can use violence. Vengeance, also, to pay Mauritanians death of his friend Ghreigha two years ago.
Opportunistic smuggler or jihadist wheeler?
Mokhtar Belmokhtar also sponsors a number of kidnappings of foreigners in northern Mali. The ransoms worth it to significantly increase the wealth of AQIM. In addition to the kidnappings, it increases its participation in the trades that exist in its area of ​​influence. In this respect, the safety of the drug that comes from South America via Nigeria is a lucrative activity. This does not prevent him from declaring a Muslim media in late 2011: “The trafficking or selling drugs, even infidels earth is prohibited in the laws of Allah, and it is clear and indisputable” .
In another interview at the beginning of 2012, this time it evokes beheadings Mauritanian soldiers and admits that this is error for which Droukdel is also intervened: “As for the fact that some soldiers are killed in this way, it is something that we have not accepted when we were informed. We consider that this is a mistake as there was in all the wars and instructions were given by my brother the emir of Abu Musab Abdelwadoud organization (Droukdel) more repeat such acts 1 . “ In the same exchange, he finally denies being involved in drug trafficking, echoing what he explained in late 2011.
Very cleverly, Mokhtar Belmokhtar avoids confrontation with the Malian security forces. It also uses methods that are proven for thousands of years: corruption, bribes and more subtle than brutal (decapitation Mauritanian soldiers, executed or not by the men of his katiba, is an “example” that encourages threats not to challenge). Thus he created over the years, a climate conducive to the cohabitation between his group and Malian forces. It transforms the Mali into a sanctuary where local authorities do not care where indigenous and bring him a crucial logistical support. Therefore, it can easily ensure the protection of convoys to illegal shipments transiting its area, sources of regular income, and hold hostages, including “trade” provides a significant financial side.
Malian crisis
In March 2012, Le Borgne password eighteen days in Libya, probably to take contact with local Islamists and possibly to recruit men. Obviously, he buys weapons in an area that does not already missing, which now add stocks Gaddafi.Observers also reported its frequent presence in Gao, where he often sees Oumar Ould Hamaha a whimsical leaders MUJAO. On site, it seems rally to his cause Mohamed Lamine Becheneb, alias Taher, his “VRP” to traffic with Libya which is also leader of the Movement of the Sons of the Sahara to the Islamic Justice (MSJI).
Beginning in April 2012, Mister Marlboro meeting other Islamic leaders and imams of the city, Timbuktu. On May 24, a new meeting is held. Through Nabil Makhloufi, new head of the Sahara-Sahel zone AQIM, but mostly outfall Abdelmalek Droukdel, all agree to operate together, with a distribution of spheres of influence between Algerian leaders katibas of AQIM, the Mauritanian MUJAO, and nomadic (mostly Tuareg) Ansar Eddine.
End of June 2012, information MNLA give to the death of an RPG-7 rocket, fired by an officer of the Tuareg movement had reached its 4×4. However, on July 7 it belies the rumor speaking in a statement. Meanwhile, he mediates between the elements of AQIM, the MUJAO and MNLA following clashes Gao who see the defeat of the MNLA. He strives with all his authority to calm the game Hypocritically Besides, since on the one hand, his men seem to have fought alongside those of MUJAO, and secondly, the MNLA not then have much political and military weight in the region. Act as a referee between communities is its image as a major player in the jihadist “camp” more than the true interests of the protagonist.
Significantly, Iyad Ag Ghaly, head of Ansar Din, yet likely to be close to Mokhtar Belmokhtar, especially because the two men stood side by side in negotiations for the release of hostages, seems to discuss with Abu Zeid preferably. Attitude which confirms that Mokhtar Belmokhtar is not as representative within the organization. Already tried in the past to disarm, Mokhtar Belmokhtar stands therefore more easily AQIM over months, approaching a first time MUJAO Oumar Ould Hamaha, including MBM married, some years ago, a niece.
Taken away with AQIM
December 2012; AK103 acquired in Libya side Mokhtar Belmokhtar Announces it is movement, Signatories by the Blood
Early December 2012, Borgne announcement in a video he took away with AQIM, and the creation of his own,Signatories blood, which some see as a simple change of name katiba he commanded before. With its two to three hundred men, he wants to contribute to the sustainability of sharia in northern Mali. He also stressed his intention to“respond to any military intervention in Mali.” When the video of the end of 2012, in fact, the break with AQIM is probably already consumed for several months, while he is in Libya . But if MBM wants to impose its “new” group, he must strike hard. Action magnitude, focusing the attention of the media, allow it to stand out from other terrorists in the region.
Hostage taking Amenas: indirect success Mokhtar Belmokhtar
This “big blow”, it occurs with the planning of the operation Abdel Rahim al-Mauritani, as it was named. The nature of the objective remains vague: just take hostages (including, perhaps, the CEO of British Petroleum) by attacking a bus connecting the gas site Amenas, Algeria, or, s ‘seize hostages and blow up the site? Anyway, the operation was launched January 16, 2013 at dawn. The next day, the Algerian security forces involved. Balance sheet thirty-eight hostages were killed, and most of the terrorists, who commanded Bencheneb which, it seems, the commando.
For the jihadists, it is at first a failure: three or four frames near MBM killed, not one hostage was taken to Mali (and in fact, neither a human shield or ransom) … Yet this failure turns in stride near-success, thanks to the media: Most observers and journalists are not within the relative poverty of the planning of the operation, or the inability of terrorists achieve their objective (s) (s), more through lack of preparation on their side as absolute efficiency of Algerian security forces (I explain here: operation-so-bien.html ). On the contrary, the action is described as “carefully planned operation” …
Moreover, despite the losses, Mokhtar Belmokhtar won several indirect success: first, always through the media, it can easily spread his speech to stir up trouble on the responsibility for the death of the hostages (if, on the form, some Algerian options are questionable on the merits, the intervention of the security forces was the only right decision). In addition, it offers a “media facelift” erasing his image as a drug dealer, weapons and cigarettes to become a formidable jihadist defender of Sharia … Ambition must not only calculation: despite what he criticize his rivals, MBM seems truly pious and capable of fanaticism.
January 20, Nouakchott Information Agency, which has already served as a relay for terrorists throughout the crisis, receives a press Mokhtar Belmokhtar, in which he accuses Algiers for taking decisions “led to the elimination hostages. “The next day, the voice of the spokesman of the Signatories by Blood, Hacen Khalil Ould aka Joulaybib, MBM threatens threatens France and the countries involved in the operation to reclaim the north Mali: “I hope the France realizes that there will be tens of Khaled Mohammed Merah and Kelkal. The attack Amenas is only the beginning. “
What ambitions?
Mokhtar Belmokhtar appears clearly enemy of all those who came running in northern Mali to dislodge Islamists and put an end to Sharia. His approach is probably part of a religious logic underestimate the fanaticism of the individual will perceive as a mere bandit would be a mistake. On several occasions, MBM has demonstrated its fighting fervor in Afghanistan, Mauritania with decapitation Malian prisoners … With an operation like Amenas, it becomes the de facto figurehead for jihadists in the region, and thus to Somehow their chief holy war.
However, Belmokhtar is also a bandit. The rule that gives it Amenas, assures power reconstitute as “big boss” smuggling networks that made his fortune. At one time or another, especially under the weight of public opinion, France will reduce the volume of its device. African forces remain more or less vulnerable to corruption or coercion, which does not represent the same obstacle to its “commercial activities”. These may be resumed at the expense of Mali …
Unless MBM should be killed or captured before it: many people who now want his skin, including his own camp. To maintain maintenance icts position, because it must rallies, or at least, comparisons with other armed groups, use the jihadist rhetoric enjoying media notoriety, hit enemies while Avoiding setbacks in order not to arouse Doubts on the hand of His Men … and survive .
1 Al-wisal, January 13, 2012 Lawrence Touchard

AQIM: Mokhtar Belmokhtar, Khaled Abu al-Abbas (or, Laouar /

Borgne) the trafficker

03/10/2012 11:05 By L. Touchard, B. Ahmed, Ch Ouazani
Mokhtar Belmokhtar, leader of one of two main katibas Mali.
Mokhtar Belmokhtar, leader of one of two main katibas Mali. © DR

Mokhtar Belmokhtar, Algerian, 40, is the head of one of the two main katibas Mali.

Mokhtar Belmokhtar , or history of Hajj went wrong. Teen, young leaves his Mokhtar Algeriahome in 1990 to travel to Saudi Arabia, where he performed the minor pilgrimage. There are then only 18 years old. Fascinated by the struggles of the Afghan mujahideen against the Soviet occupation, he decided to also lead the jihad.Accompanied by three friends, he flew to Afghanistan a year later.

There, he joined the fundamentalist Hezb-e-Islami led by Gulbuddin Hekmatyar. Belmokhtar built his legend. The fanatic aspiring to have met Abu Musab al-Zarqawi (who became the leader of Al Qaeda in Iraq): impossible to verify. He lost his eye in fighting against the Soviets: the latest Russian tanks left the mountains of Afghanistan in February 1989, so it is more likely an injury during training. Anyway, Belmokhtar dream to return home. Hezb-e-Islami has enlisted many foreign fighters and enjoys strong complicity in Pakistan. Algeria called upon Islamabad to intervene. This was done in April 1993 when the Pakistani police arrested and deported several hundred people. But the young jihadist is gone.

“Le Borgne”

Back home, in late 1992, it enjoys relative autonomy, set up a stamped katiba Armed Islamic Group (GIA), which quickly radiates beyond Algerian borders in the Sahara. In 1998, he joined the Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat (GSPC). It was during these years that “Borgne” wins its other nickname, Mister Marlboro, with reference to cigarette smuggling, arms, 4×4, drugs, diamonds and migrants … he established. Difficult to establish who was the father of this nickname intelligence services or Aboriginal he works with … Anyway, its juicy traffic allow her to travel throughout the region to build a war chest and develop special relationships with people – including traditional leaders and some members of the security forces – along the caravan routes.

But the businessman has not only supporters within the GSPC, especially after the fall of Hassan Hattab, in August 2003 It arouses jealousy -. Rivalries with Abderrazak El Para are at their peak – and the controversy over its causes attachment to religious values. Its parade: root and hide in the Malian desert, moving constantly with his katiba, avoid confrontations with the army, marry girls local leaders … and distribute the money to buy the silence of some, the complicity of others. So he turns northern Mali into a sanctuary where he can easily protect convoys, and where he can be free from the control of Droukdel. It can also act as “boss intractable.” This is probably his katiba who is responsible for the kidnapping and execution of 11 Mauritanian soldiers in September 2008. “We believe this is an error and instructions were given by my brother, Emir Abu Musab Abdelwadoud [Emir Droukdel, Ed], never to repeat such acts, “he said in January.


At the same time, the outbreak of the Tuareg rebellion forced him to position. In March 2012, he spent three weeks in Libya, in particular, buy weapons. In April and May 2012, he met at least twice in Timbuktu, the leaders of Ansar Dine movement and those of the Movement for the uniqueness and jihad in West Africa (Mujao). He already knows Iyad Ag Ghali likely to have probably rubbed in negotiations for the release of hostages. Hamada Ould Mohamed Kheirou is a former comrade in AQIM. All are assigned roles and areas of influence.

In desert fox, Mokhtar Belmokhtar known to be essential, or at least ignored. Does this mean recoverable? The sincerity of his jihadist commitment is questionable, some experts believe so. Not sure that Algeria – where he was sentenced to death in absentia – and Mauritania are of this opinion. The other possibility would be to disconnect the AQIM, against serious guarantees. Leaves to neutralize once the crisis is resolved …


Laurent Touchard Baba Ahmed (Bamako), Cherif Ouazani




What is the story of the Egyptian army in the free zone near the Libyan city of Derna Salloum Egyptian border?!
After that overlapped information and media statements and speculation about the so-called Army of Egypt free in Libya .. Where is the truth?!
Military experts say Egyptians, they’re just terrorist groups scattered inside the camps small in the desert of Libya’s eastern and southern regions, and that these groups if formed as they claim army bears the name of Egypt, the one battalion of the Egyptian army is able to wipe them out easily inside Libya before thinking to penetrate the Egyptian border Bank in the words of Major General Mahmoud Abdel-Rahim, and all the talk about free Egypt Army, or the Army stationed Mauritanian terrorist Balmokhtar Mokhtar, who dreamed of establishing the Army of Islam free, just terrorist organizations linked to al-Qaeda, the international organization of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood.

In explaining the truth of the matter, says the political and militant al-Libi, Hassan Salahuddin Tata Naki, the international organization of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood in collaboration with Al-Qaeda, Deshna Egyptian army free in Libya, funded by Qatar and Turkey, and established this army military parade in the field of companions city of Derna Libya, participated Ismail Sallabi, leader of al-Qaeda, in the parade and raise the black flag, and the aim of the military alleged to target military zone Egyptian Bank, and the destruction of units Egypt fighting in the city of Marsa Matrouh, and probably extends to destroy it to other areas in Egypt, such as Cairo International Airport, and El Nozha Airport, and other Alohdf of antibiotics, and this attracts the Egyptian army a number of free Africans, and pay them money as mercenaries, and this is a response to the decision of the former Egyptian Defense Minister Field Marshal Sisi formation of rapid reaction forces ..
Monitor suspicious movements:
Sources sovereign’s “Arabs Today” that the organs of the National Security Intelligence, and Military Intelligence Service monitored the efforts and movements, al-Qaeda, the international organization of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, to form the Egyptian army free in Libya, for the implementation of the scheme spread chaos in Egypt by targeting public places, and the storming of the prison, and carry out assassinations of public figures and political, and the top of the list, Field Marshal Abdel Fattah al-Sisi before the end of the presidential elections!! The sources said the sovereign,


I’ve already spotted the Egyptian intelligence service, the beginning of the idea of ​​the formation of the Egyptian army free in the month of November last year, after a breakthrough meeting in the Turkish city of Istanbul on November 2, 2013 under the title “How to legitimacy in Egypt”, including representatives of the Turkish intelligence and country and American, German, British, in the presence of the leader of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and the well-known businessman Malik Hasan, a representative of the International Organization of the Muslim Brotherhood, and released by the conference recommendations, including, exercise economic pressure on Egypt – and the formation of the Egyptian army free style free army in Syria, despite his failure, and the idea was put forward Malik Hasan, pointing at the meeting, that the international organization of theMuslim’ Brotherhood and in agreement with Al-Qaeda and a number of Salafi groups, seeking to form an army, and identify sources of funding and arming, and that the leader of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood fugitive currently in Gaza, Mahmoud Ezzat, will be the spiritual leader of the Egyptian army free, which is communicates with Ayman al-Zawahiri to plan the formation of the army, and that takes Qaeda leader providing elements of the army of jihadists and coaches to be the nucleus of the FSA, at the end of the Istanbul meeting met with representatives of the desirability of the idea intelligence agencies and approved!!


Coordinate intelligence:
The sources said the sovereign responsible, that called Abu Ubaidah al-Libi, Chairman of the Chamber Libya rebels is currently act as the link between the groups, the so-called Egyptian army free and foreign intelligence agencies, to obtain information on Egypt and the movements of the Egyptian army at the border, and on the basis of this information has been division of terrorist groups or free army to 3 camps in the areas of: Fattatih, and the Gulf of papyrus, and the desert of Zamzam, and the trained leaders of terrorist al-Qaeda, among them according to what has been detected, the terrorist Sharif Alrezvani, Abdul Baset Azzouz adviser Ayman al-Zawahiri, and Nasser Alhouca, whereas Heavy weapons are shipped to the camps, funded by Turkish diagonal, which is the largest share of funding, along with funding from the International Organization of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, the weapons were found in the stores of the Libyan army, which was seized after the fall of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA!!
In response to a question about the overlap of information so far, about the reality of what is called the Egyptian army free in Libya, said a senior security official:


The security services sovereign of the General Intelligence and Military Intelligence, has spotted already the movements of the international organization of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood in collaboration with Al-Qaeda, for the formation of this army , a mere attempts, but in fact the image of terrorist movements within Libya, under the circumstances of the current security deteriorating, and experienced by the brotherly Libyan people, is the movement of a number of elements of the organizations and terrorist groups,


and Titles “Shaw Media” using the name of Egypt in order to draw attention , as happened in Syria and Iraq under the name of the FSA, or the Islamic Army, but all of what is going on Libyan territory under the follow-up and monitoring of our security sovereign, not the monitoring and follow-up only, and even prosecution, too, because our national security will not stay in the case of anticipation and defense within our borders , but in the case of calls for pre-emptive attack, and perhaps hit one of the most important dens of Ansar al-Sunna in Benghazi, just a message to those terrorist groups ..


He said the security official: There is no army free as they claim, but there are terrorist groups belong to the base and the international organization of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, financed and armed and trained , but to be told that there is an army freely, the matter does not come from the mere statements of its goals, if there is such a free army is destroyed and crushed inside Libya, is affordable for our armed forces that monitor our borders and defend, and have the right to defend, intervene outside our borders also

If there are dangers threaten us, and will not wait, of course, has happened like this in the era of the late President Anwar Sadat in the late seventies, when he stepped in our forces in the movement of “discipline” and deter a quick response to al-Qathafi’s comments, but there are in Libya now terrorist groups have been formed by the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood and supporting al Qaeda, and these terrorist groups of mercenaries and extremist groups and call them Salafists, and they seem to think they are “nucleus” of so-called Army of Egypt’s free, and this is not true on the ground, we face a terrorist war of organizations and international terrorist groups, the groups are central of the Brotherhood, from which the groups are not centralized trying to spread chaos and terror inside the Egyptian street, has been assigned “Nizar Kawan” by the international organization of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood,


led by such groups inside Libya, the head of the Justice and the National Conference of the Libyan General, and is known for his inside circles Brotherhood as a penitential to the bone, and correlates Ikhwan Egypt have common interests, and had worked as a correspondent for Al-Jazeera inside Libya, as well as that of his father was a member of a ceremony private Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, was therefore “Nizar Kawan” a valuable catch for the organization of the International Brotherhood of proximity of the Libyan regime before and after the revolution!! The terrorist group the most dangerous is the “organization stationed” and founded the terrorist Mauritanian Mokhtar Balmokhtar known as the “one-eyed” after the transfer activity of the Sahara Desert in Mali to the east of Libya, drawing a thousand fighters of different nationalities, to form a so-called “Army stationed,”


and most of the members of the organization stationed from Mali and Algeria, and the “Balmokhtar” the formation of the Shura Council stationed from 6 leaders prior to al Qaeda presently in charge of the responsibility to coordinate with other groups, in the hope of forming the “Army Almrbtin” or Islamic Army free, and seeks to implement the instructions of the international organization of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, to enter Egypt and implementation processes terrorist attacks against the army and police, and carry out bombings to derail the presidential election .. He said the security official: the movements of international terrorist, Mukhtar Balmokhtar, under the monitoring and follow-up, and since that Baiath terrorist groups that used to belong to al-Qaeda, the establishment of a new group of three organizations: They are a group Balmokhtar, The masked group, the Tawhid and Jihad group, joined in one group called “stationed” led by Mokhtar Balmokhtar, and the aim of establishing an Islamic Emirate stretching from Moretnania to Egypt, and the Sinai-based!!


He says Mansour al-Qawasmi, a leader of former Salafist and was a companion to him in Afghanistan that “Belmokhtar” came to Libya can not escape from the pursuits of security in Mali only, but because he believes that the project of the Islamic Emirate, which has long dreamed of, the time that we were together in Afghanistan, began show the features of the new conjunction with the control of armed militias in Libya, and the presence of elements loyal to him among Libya rebels, some of whom helped him to enter Libya,


and provided him and his arms and helped them to enter Egypt through the corridors they control, and succeeded Egyptian security services in the arrest of those cells in the Siwa Oasis, and the Sinai, and the desert of the Eastern Province and the other, a security operations was not announced until now for security reasons and to prosecute other elements crept into Egypt, and is assisted by Mokhtar Balmokhtar, Abu Hamza al-Libi, whose real name Mohammed Abdullah al-Miqdad, has already been for him to travel for jihad in Afghanistan, and returned with the Libyan revolution to lead a group of Amazigh!
Failed project:
Says the leadership of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood, former senior, and Islamic thinker Dr. Kamal Helbawi:


The draft of the Egyptian army (is) free, whatever name it, a failed project of the foundation, Egypt is not Iraq, and Syria, and Somalia, and Libya, who lives a struggle not find it resolved by today , As for the destruction of and behind the project of the Egyptian army (is) free, it is expected for several reasons, including the arms of the many lethal controlled by extremists in Libya, and also of intolerance and hatred among extremists, including the feeding of Foreign Affairs of the conflict, and certainly behind them, NATO, America and the Zionist movement which is trying to implement Mkhtttha across dupes whatever their affiliations and beliefs!!

ما هي حكاية جيش مصر الحر في منطقة درنة الليبية قرب مدينة السلوم الحدودية المصرية ؟!
بعد أن تداخلت المعلومات والتكهنات والتصريحات الإعلامية حول ما يسمى بجيش مصر الحر في ليبيا.. أين الحقيقة ؟!
يقول خبراء عسكريون مصريون، انهم مجرد مجموعات إرهابية متفرقة داخل معسكرات صغيرة في صحراء ليبيا الشرقية والجنوبية، وأن هذه المجموعات لو شكّلت كما يزعمون جيشا يحمل اسم مصر، فإن كتيبة واحدة من الجيش المصري قادرة على تصفيتهم بسهولة داخل ليبيا قبل التفكير في اختراق الحدود المصرية الغربية ــ حسب تعبير اللواء محمود عبد الرحيم ــ وأن كل ما يقال عن جيش مصر الحر، أو جيش المرابطين للإرهابي الموريتاني مختار بالمختار، الذي يحلم بتأسيس جيش الإسلام الحر، مجرد تنظيمات إرهابية مرتبطة بتنظيم القاعدة، وبالتنظيم الدولي للإخوان.
وفي توضيحه لحقيقة الأمر، يقول السياسي والمناضل الليبي، حسن صلاح الدين طاطا ناكي، إن التنظيم الدولي للإخوان المسلمين بالتعاون مع تنظيم القاعدة، دشنا الجيش المصري الحر في ليبيا، تموله إيران وقطر وتركيا، وأقام هذا الجيش عرضا عسكريا في ميدان الصحابة بمدينة درنة الليبية، وشارك إسماعيل الصلابي، القيادي بتنظيم القاعدة، في العرض العسكري ورفع الراية السوداء، ويهدف هذا الجيش المزعوم إلى إستهداف المنطقة العسكرية المصرية الغربية، وتدمير وحدات مصر القتالية في مدينة مرسى مطروح، وربما يمتد تدميره لمناطق أخرى بمصر مثل مطار القاهرة الدولي، ومطار النزهة، وغيرها من الأهدف الحيوية، ويستقطب هذا الجيش المصري الحر عددا من الأفارقة، ويدفع لهم الأموال كمرتزقة، وهذا رد على قرار وزير الدفاع المصري السابق المشير السيسي بتشكيل قوات التدخل السريع..
رصد التحركات المشبوهة
وكشفت مصادر سيادية لـ “العرب اليوم” أن أجهزة الأمن القومي ــ المخابرات العامة ، والمخابرات الحربية ــ رصدت مساعي وتحركات، تنظيم القاعدة، والتنظيم الدولي لجماعة الإخوان، لتشكيل الجيش المصري الحر في ليبيا، لتنفيذ مخطط إشاعة الفوضى في مصر من خلال إستهداف أماكن عامة، واقتحام السجون، وتنفيذ اغتيالات لشخصيات عامة وسياسية، وعلى رأس القائمة المشير عبد الفتاح السيسي قبل أن تنتهي الإنتخابات الرئاسية !! وقالت المصادر السيادية، لقد سبق أن رصدت المخابرات العامة المصرية، بداية فكرة تشكيل الجيش المصري الحر في شهر نوفمبر / تشرين الثاني الماضي، بعد اختراق اجتماع عقد في مدينة اسطنبول التركية يوم 2 نوفمبر2013 تحت عنوان كيفية إعادة الشرعية في مصر، وضم ممثلين للمخابرات التركية والقطرية والأمريكية والألمانية والبريطانية، بحضور القيادي الإخواني ورجل الأعمال المعروف حسن مالك، ممثلا عن التنظيم الدولي للإخوان، وصدر عن المؤتمر توصيات من بينها، ممارسة الضغوط الإقتصادية على مصر -، وتشكيل جيش مصر الحر على غرار الجيش الحر في سورية برغم فشله، وكانت الفكرة قد طرحها حسن مالك، موضحا في الإجتماع، أن التنظيم الدولي للإخوان وبالاتفاق مع تنظيم القاعدة وعدد من المجموعات الجهادية، يسعون لتشكيل هذا الجيش، وتحديد مصادر تمويله وتسليحه، وأن القيادي الإخواني الهارب حاليا في غزة، محمود عزت، سيكون هو القائد الروحي للجيش المصري الحر، الذي يتواصل مع أيمن الظواهري لوضع خطة تشكيل الجيش، وأن يتولى زعيم تنظيم القاعدة توفير عناصر الجيش من الجهاديين والمدربين ليكونوا نواة الجيش الحر، وفي نهاية اجتماع اسطنبول لاقت الفكرة استحسان ممثلى أجهزة المخابرات ووافقوا عليها !!
تنسيق مخابراتي
وقالت المصادر السيادية المسؤولة، ان المدعو أبو عبيدة الليبي، رئيس غرفة ثوار ليبيا هو من يقوم حاليا بدور حلقة الوصل بين مجموعات ما يسمى بــ الجيش المصري الحر وأجهزة المخابرات الأجنبية، للحصول على المعلومات الخاصة بمصر وتحركات الجيش المصري على الحدود، وبناء على هذه المعلومات تم تقسيم المجموعات الإرهابية أو الجيش الحر إلى 3 معسكرات في مناطق: الفتاتيح، وخليج البردي، وصحراء زمزم، ويقوم بتدريبها قيادات إرهابية بتنظيم القاعدة، ومن بينهم حسب ما تم رصده، الإرهابي شريف الرضواني، وعبد الباسط عزوز مستشار أيمن الظواهري، وناصر الحوشي، أما عن الإسلحة الثقيلة فيتم شحنها إلى تلك المعسكرات، بتمويل قطري تركي، وهي الحصة الأكبر من التمويل، إلى جانب تمويل من التنظيم الدولي للإخوان، وهي أسلحة كانت موجودة في مخازن الجيش الليبي والتي تم الإستيلاء عليها بعد سقوط نظام القذافي!!
وفي رده على التساؤل حول تداخل المعلومات حتى الآن، حول حقيقة ما يسمى بالجيش المصري الحر في ليبيا، قال مسؤول أمني كبير: إن الأجهزة الأمنية السيادية من المخابرات العامة والمخابرات الحربية، قد رصدت بالفعل تحركات التنظيم الدولي للإخوان بالتعاون مع تنظيم القاعدة، لتشكيل هذا الجيش، وهى مجرد محاولات، ولكن في حقيقة الأمر فإن صورة التحركات الإرهابية داخل ليبيا، وفي ظل ظروفها الأمنية الحالية المتدهورة، والتي يعاني منها الشعب الليبي الشقيق، هي تحركات عدد من عناصر التنظيمات والجماعات الإرهابية، والمسميات “شو إعلامي” باستخدام اسم مصر لكي يلفت الإنتباه، كما حدث في سورية والعراق تحت مسمى الجيش الحر، أو الجيش الإسلامي، ولكن كل ما يجرى على الأراضي الليبية تحت المتابعة والرصد من أجهزتنا الأمنية السيادية، وليس رصدا ومتابعة فقط، بل والملاحقة أيضا، لأن أمننا القومي لن يبقى في حالة الترقب والدفاع داخل حدودنا، بل في حالة تستدعي الهجوم الاستباقي، ولعل ضرب أحد أهم أوكار تنظيم أنصار السنة داخل بنغازي، مجرد رسالة لتلك المجموعات الإرهابية.. وأضاف المسؤول الأمني: ليس هناك جيش حر كما يدّعون، ولكن هناك مجموعات إرهابية تنتمي للقاعدة والتنظيم الدولي للإخوان، تمويلا وتسليحا وتدريبا، أما أن يقال ان هناك جيشا حرا، فالأمر لا يخرج عن مجرد تصريحات لها أهدافها، فإذا كان هناك مثل هذا الجيش الحر فإن تدميره وسحقه داخل ليبيا، أمر ميسور بالنسبة لقواتنا المسلحة التي ترصد حدودنا وتدافع عنها، ولها الحق أن تدافع وتتدخل خارج حدودنا أيضا، إذا كانت هناك مخاطر تهددنا، ولن ننتظر بالطبع، وقد حدث مثل هذا في عهد الرئيس الراحل أنور السادات في آواخر السبعينيات،حين تدخلت قواتنا في حركة “تأديب” وردع سريعة، ردا على تصريحات القذافي، ولكن هناك في ليبيا حاليا مجموعات إرهابية تم تشكيلها من قبل الإخوان وبدعم القاعدة، وهذه المجموعات الإرهابية من المرتزقة والتكفيريين ومن يطلقون عليهم جهاديين، وهم يتصورون أنهم “نواة” ما يسمى بجيش مصر الحر، وهذا غير صحيح على أرض الواقع، فنحن نواجه حربا إرهابية من تنظيمات وجماعات إرهابية دولية، وهي تعتبر المجموعات المركزية التابعة لتنظيم الإخوان، التي انبثقت عنها مجموعات لا مركزية تحاول إشاعة الفوضى والرعب داخل الشارع المصري، وتم تكليف “نزار كعوان” من قبل التنظيم الدولي للإخوان، بقيادة هذه المجموعات داخل ليبيا، وهو رئيس كتلة العدالة والبناء بالمؤتمر الوطني العام الليبي، ومعروف عنه داخل الأوساط الإخوانية بأنه تكفيري حتى النخاع، وتربطة بإخوان مصر مصالح مشتركة، وسبق له أن عمل مراسلا لقناة الجزيرة داخل ليبيا، فضلا عن أن أبيه كان أحد أفراد جهاز المراسم الخاص بالزعيم الليبي معمر القذافي، ولذلك كان “نزار كعوان” صيدا ثمينا بالنسبة للتنظيم الدولي للإخوان لقربه من النظام الليبي قبل الثورة وبعدها !! والمجموعة الإرهابية الأخطر هي “تنظيم المرابطين” وأسسها الإرهابي الموريتاني مختار بالمختار المعروف بـ “الأعور” بعد أن نقل نشاطه من الصحراء الكبرى في مالي إلى شرق ليبيا، مستعينا بألف مقاتل من جنسيات مختلفة، لتشكيل ما يطلق عليه “جيش المرابطين”، وأغلب أعضاء تنظيم المرابطين من مالي والجزائر، وقام “بالمختار” بتشكيل مجلس شورى المرابطين من 6 قيادات سابقة بتنظيم القاعدة يتولون حاليا مسؤولية التنسيق مع الجماعات الأخرى، على أمل تشكيل “جيش المربطين” أو الجيش الإسلامي الحر، ويسعى لتنفيذ تعليمات التنظيم الدولي للإخوان، بدخول مصر وتنفيذ عمليات إرهابية ضد الجيش والشرطة، وتنفيذ تفجيرات لإفشال الإنتخابات الرئاسية.. وأضاف المسؤول الأمني: تحركات الإرهابي الدولي، مختار بالمختار، تحت الرصد والمتابعة، ومنذ أن بايعته الجماعات الإرهابية التي كانت تتبع تنظيم القاعدة، على تأسيس جماعة جديدة تضم ثلاثة تنظيمات: وهم جماعة بالمختار، وجماعة الملثمين، وجماعة التوحيد والجهاد، إنضمت في جماعة واحدة أطلق عليها “المرابطون” بزعامة مختار بالمختار، وبهدف تأسيس إمارة إسلامية تمتد من موريتنانيا إلى مصر، ومقرها سيناء !! ويقول منصور القواسمي، القيادي الجهادي السابق ــ وكان رفيقا له في أفغانستان ــ إن “بلمختار” جاء إلى ليبيا ليس هربا من الملاحقات الأمنية في مالي فقط، ولكن لأنه يرى أن مشروع الإمارة الإسلامية التي طالما حلم به، وقت إن كنا سويا في أفغانستان، بدأت تظهر ملامحه من جديد بالتزامن مع سيطرة المليشيات المسلحة في ليبيا، ووجود عناصر موالية له بين صفوف ثوار ليبيا، وبعضهم ساعده في دخول ليبيا، ووفروا له ولمجموعته السلاح وساعدوهم في دخول مصر عبر الممرات التي يسيطرون عليها، ونجحت أجهزة الأمن المصرية في القبض على تلك الخلايا في واحة سيوة، وسيناء، وصحراء محافظة الشرقية وغيرها، وهي عمليات أمنية لم يعلن عنها حتى الآن لأسباب أمنية وملاحقة عناصر أخرى تسللت داخل مصر، ويعاون مختار بالمختار، أبو حمزة الليبي واسمه الحقيقي محمد عبدالله المقداد، وقد سبق له السفر للجهاد في أفغانستان، وعاد مع قيام الثورة الليبية ليقود مجموعة من الأمازيغ !
مشروع فاشل
يقول القيادي الإخواني البارز السابق، والمفكر الإسلامي الدكتور كمال الهلباوي: إن مشروع الجيش المصري (غير) الحر، مهما كانت تسميته، مشروع فاشل من أساسه، فمصر غير العراق، وغير سورية، وغير الصومال، وغير ليبيا التي تعيش صراعا لا يجد من يحسمه اليوم، أما عن الدمار من وراء مشروع الجيش المصري (غير) الحر، فهو متوقع لعدة أسباب، منها الأسلحة الكثيرة الفتاكة التي يسيطر عليها المتطرفون في ليبيا، ومنها أيضا التعصب والكراهية لدى المتطرفين، ومنها التغذية الخارجية للصراع، وبالتأكيد يقف وراءها، الناتو وأمريكا والحركة الصهيونية التي تحاول تنفيذ مخططتها عبر المغفلين أيا كانت انتماءاتهم ومعتقداتهم!!



Tunisian Foreign Minister Manji Hamidi confirms that the government is studying the possibility to conclude

an agreement with Libya for the exchange of prisoners, in order to increase the chances of the release
of the kidnapped secretary.
captive Nutria:
Under the Great Jamahiriya, prisons were closing, and all wildlife thrived—even the Nutria:



Alert against the use of baby milk type for future French crown made by Algeria

containing the germs of serious health workers according to the statement.
We hope publication and dissemination of alarm protection for all.







Abraham Zelthom” fighters a “battalion of immigrants,” a Libyan killed by the Syrian army Brive Latakia 






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