MU’Ammar al-Qathafi is utterly Allah’s servant:





ALLAH’s blessings on the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA:


We have one option .. our country and where we are to the end
(Muammar al-Qathafi is valiant against 44 Nations)



What is happening assassinations throughout Libya is the result of the occurrence of archive

security of the Libyan state in the hands of darkness,

and this archive contains the exact details of each communications, reports and recommendations supplied by elements

of the security services of different ranks, for four decades against these obscurantist of criminals and extremists employers prisons,

and the result is that obscurantists know everything about them and they do not know, and be targeted,

Today will channel MBC conduct a meeting with the international player Tarek El Taib midfielder in the Great Jamahiriya program vibrated stadiums:

Echo stadiums | Crescent former player Tariq Altaib guest program – Full Episode



Return to meet with Tariq Altaib program in stadiums echo clock 6:00 or 7 Jamahiriya time Vibrated enough that the program stadiums Showing pictures of Tariq Altaib pall Great Jamahiriya ~ no consolation for Hakadin

لقطة للتائب بغلالة منتخب الجماهيرية العظمي من برنامج صدى الملاعب

snapshot of a repentant pall team from Great Jamahiriya program echo stadiums

&بالصور الرايات الخضراء ترفرف بعد إنتهاء لقطات طارق التائب لاعب منتخب الجماهيرية في برنامج صدى الملاعب&


Tariq Altaib pall Great Jamahiriya

Tarek El Taib midfielder Great Jamahiriya now echo in stadiums on channel MBC.
Green flags flapping in the program echo the stadiums after the end of each shot for the penitent.


HISTORICAL  moments:

From MAY 2011: by Richard Norton-Taylor and Simon Rogers The Guardian, Sunday 22 May 2011 17.05 BST


Libya: Britain’s 1.22€ war Libya conflict could cost UK taxpayers 1.22€ over six months

as al-Qathafi (and the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA forces) cling on,

and now thecost of involvement soars:


(ABOVE picture) :

Interactive guide to NATO attacks upon Libya, May 2011

Norway and Denmark have by some distance the highest ratio of bombs dropped in relation to population. Tripoli has been heavily bombed for the past 10 days.

However, demonstrations in support of al-Qathafi are still common and dissident groups are unwilling to engage his loyalist army, which still controls the west of the country. Defence chiefs in the UK and US are also said to be concerned that some Nato countries are unwilling to commit air power to the campaign.It is not only the cost that is worrying the Ministry of Defence, and, indeed, defence chiefs in the Pentagon.

The reluctance of most countries to commit their air forces to action – Norway, which has dropped about 300 bombs, is to pull out at the end of June.– is causing serious concern among military commanders throughout the alliance about whether Nato countries have the political will and military capability to continue operations that now have the stated aim of removing and wiping-out al-Qathafi, his sons, their closet advisers and their system of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA.

For Britain, the Libyan conflict has also presented military commanders and ministers alike with an uncomfortable reminder of the perilous state of the defence budget. As Paul Cornish, head of the international security programme at the thinktank Chatham House, has observed, many of the military capabilities used in and around Libya – HMS Cumberland, the Nimrod R1 eavesdropping plane, the Sentinental surveillance aircraft, and Tornado jets – are among the first casualties to be scrapped or their numbers reduced (in the case of Tornados) as a result of last year’s strategic defence and security review.

“The obvious question to ask,” Cornish writes in the latest issue of The World Today, “is whether Britain could have made a contribution to the intervention in Libya had the crisis developed later in 2011 when most of the decommissionings, disbandments, and retirements would otherwise have taken place.”

The US led the assault, during the first week flying more than 800 sorties in Libya, of which over 300 were strike sorties. It fired more than 200 Tomahawk cruise missiles from its ships. Britain has fired fewer than 20 Tomahawks, costing an estimated 1.22€m each, from the submarine HMS Triumph. Britain has accounted for some 25% of all sorties….

Libya: Tripoli NATO Bombing for ‘Peace’ on June 2nd 2011

Let’s help NATO understand the meaning of ‘peace’

WAT http://www.wat.tv/video/libya-tripoli-nato-bombing-3rcrt_31wod_.html

Vidéo Libya: Tripoli NATO Bombing for ‘Peace’ on June 2nd 2011


Ruiz Deputy Speaker of Parliament says that the election of a prime minister Ahmed Meitik is null and void !

ABU BUSHMIN (arrows) is BACK!!!


Nuri Abusshmin eliminates shortly before the decision invalidating the election of the (AHMED) Awami Meitik and prove the premiership after calling Fidelity’s Abusshmin and brought to the Conference today after a long absence because of the issue of the leaked passages and asked the Attorney General to lift his immunity.

“GPC basic Elvis Bucky free” on FB, reports:
Rat Sharif adequate member of the conference’s “international”:

adjourned yesterday with only 113 voice confidence of the Government to appoint Meitik head of the government

and did not reach the quorum and happened to play in the outcome of the vote and Snassad position in this matter.

Aa Nuri Abusshmin: the decision to appoint as prime minister, Meitik and sources of Misurata confirm that the signature was by e-mail.







Alkkla Gneoh !!
Oh Gnjoh mesh every time the jar and the third received a fixed O Sacred Born !

News from targeting the home of inventory Almqml Gneoh Alkkla:  my Qadf RPG which was burning his home.

The fire brigade is now in place.

(“Gaddafi Sniper” on FB)




A failed attempt by an armed group
for grabs the “official office of Housing, Utilities and Director of Legal Affairs of Bani Walid”, in the city of Tripoli.
Close Gamal Abdel Nasser Street in front of the building of the ship by angry youth.



  On this day, 5 ~ 5 ~ ~ 2011 met Libyan tribes noble in its first meeting in the capital Tripoli ~

participated city of Zliten three tribes of the children of Sheikh Abdul Salam, a brown, invoices,

and Amayem and history testifies. ZLITEN TRIBES Against NATO AGRESSION


Bombing Vote (NATO) aircraft hovering on the sky in the Ayn Zara capital Tripoli now.  this picture is from skies over Tripoli today, 05 MAY 2014.


“Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar” on FB, amusingly says:

“How stainless bright, and confident of their ‘victory’ Aalkhona and clients NATO ~ Qrba Lake and suspension! “











seeing drones/ or saucers?






Policeman found dead (with his throat slashed) “Jacob Mohammed Abdullah”, west of the city of Zuwara,

in town of Zaltan. His body is now at the “Beautiful Hospital”.

العثور على جثة شرطي ” يعقوب محمد عبدالله الصحيح ” مذبوحاً بمدينة زلطن غرب مدينة زوارة وهو الأن بمستشفى الجميل العام.



Black and Rishvana seven Otpol Iqmon diagonal kill the officer was trying to sneak to their land:  






The assassination of the son of the President of the local council Ifrane “Abdullah Ali Aezzabi” at noon today in Ifrane. 


Seven shots in the heart, abdomen and neck was found in his car in the area Alhqarna. He  was

brought to the hospital, and has died.





The “new” Libyan regime does not want to admit that the fighting going on is between anti and pro-al-Qathafi


They always claim it is a tribal conflict, which proves that the government can not control ANYTHING!

Libyan “security officials” said that, they had arrested 32 members of an organized “network of Muammar al-Qathafi”.

Picture: Occupational Forces trying to impose their authority in ZLITEN, over the people:

  Khadra Khadra, writes:

“Proud builder from the Libyan Muammar al-Qathafi and the daughter of Zliten and I belong to this topic Iilath and sister of men and enough …..”





Pilot drone bombing range calculated on the base area between forty and Alwa alone
West of the city of Ajdabiya.

found the body of a young man from the city of Ajdabiya, located in one of the farms on the road to Tobruk

and riddled with several shots from a Kalashmakov rifle.


A correspondent channel Libya wicked good Bacouche an assassination attempt since few in Benghazi.


17 cases of civilians were kidnapped and military communications, according to the Center for Garyounis came only yesterday.



The port of Benghazi Muskrene Hedda second day and the reason is to kill three young people from the customs

Hawit weapon Mbush give them an exit permit.
There is no power but from God:


Video of the dead Thunderbolt in the run into with al-Qaeda in Benghazi two days Almadiaan!
فيديو لقتلى الصاعقة في مواجهتم مع القاعدة ببنغازي اليومين الماضييين !



“GPC basic Elvis Bucky free”, on FB comments:

The widest
Expose dogs barrel Qatar

The group seized the headquarters of the local council tuber in the past few days, asking those involved in the Scout

movement’s headquarters adjacent to the headquarters of the Council evacuated and handed over to them to turn

it into housing for judges ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood family immigrants coming from Egypt and Mauritania.

Oh goodness arrived rats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ABOVE:  from a series of 5 poses taken of Our Leader in the 1990’s.


Is NATO itching for war as it baits Russia with isolation and threats?
by Renee Parsons 13 April 2014.

Currently, the former Soviet republics of Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Armenia, and Azerbaijan are pending membership and all five former Soviet republics in Central Asia (Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan) provide NATO with logistical support for the US war in Afghanistan.

As the US-led NATO alliance tightens its grip on the Caucasus countries, the American public has not been informed about the Ukrainian Parliament’s approval for a series of NATO military exercises that would put US troops on Russia’s border, even though the Ukraine is not yet a member of NATO. Rapid Trident is a 12-nation military ‘interoperability’ exercise led by the US who will commit the majority of participating troops and Sea Breeze is a naval exercise that will take place on the Black Sea adjacent to Russian ports. The NATO buildup includes joint ground operations with Moldova and Romania.

Most recently, NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen announced that the military alliance has cut Russia off from civilian and military cooperation and that there would be the deployment and reinforcement of military assets including increased air patrols over the Baltic Sea and AWACS surveillance flights over Poland and Romania.

It goes without saying that the NATO build up is in addition to the deployment of US troops and F-16 warplanes to Poland, F-15C warplanes to Lithuania and aircraft carriers to the Black and Mediterranean Seas.

All this raises the question about whether a promise and handshake in the world of international diplomacy is a real commitment and what is a 1991 international promise made by a Republican Administration worth in 1994 to a Democratic Administration? Apparently zilch.

In a 1999 article for the NATO Review “Not When but Who,” Goldgeier shed further light on the early political wrangling as the US became the ‘main driver’ of NATO enlargement beginning with President Bill Clinton’s declaration while attending his first NATO summit in 1994 that “it was no longer a question of whether NATO would enlarge but how and when.” Clinton offered no explanation of why the Baker-Gorbachev agreement was no longer relevant. So much for political handshakes.

As Goldgeier recounts, “the timing was left deliberately vague until after Russian President Boris Yeltsin’s re-election in July 1996.” While Yeltsin bears much of the responsibility for Russia’s predicament today, he was not a tough-minded figure and the remnants of the Soviet Union were confused and disorganized immediately after its 1991 disintegration.

Goldgeier reports that “President Yeltsin tried unsuccessfully to get President Clinton to shake hands in Helsinki in March 1997 on a “gentleman’s agreement” that the Baltic nations of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania would never become NATO members.” The result being that all three were admitted to NATO in 2004 and Russia was hoodwinked in its effort to limit NATO expansion by a more experienced, better organized State Department.

What all this means is that, behind the diplomatic landscape of verbal jujitsu and summit meetings, there had been a concerted effort at the US State Department with the creation of a NATO Enlargement Office to establish what has become a Russian Wall – an impenetrable US – defined barrier of estrangement along the Russian border meant to cut the country off from land and sea access – as NATO, itching for war, continues to bait Russia with isolation and threats.

The task of member recruitment fell to US Assistant Secretary of State Richard Holbrooke’s in 1994 with the driving force of NATO enlargement being the introduction of neoliberal economics and prevention of a Russian resurgence. Unbeknownst to the American public, the impetus to expand NATO was not solely on the initiative of the Warsaw Pact countries but facilitated by the US State Department’s NATO Enlargement project.

With the west’s military encroachment and political intimidation of Russia, NATO and the US are currently organizing the most extensive buildup of weapons and combatants in the Caucasus since WWII.

In February, 2010, the Council on Foreign Relations sponsored a discussion on “A Little War that Shook the World” written by Ronald Asmus about the 5-day war in Georgia. While at State,Asmus, a former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs was responsible for “formulation and implementation of US policy on all European security institutions” which can only mean that he blazed the trail for Victoria Nuland’s recent efforts in Ukraine.

More than just a key participant in the State Department’s NATO Enlargement project (1997-2000), Asmus displayed the typical mindset of a professional foreign policy nerd who sees only one limited vision and that is US supremacy dominating every sphere of the planet. American Exceptionalism reeks as one constant theme throughout the interview SaveFrom.net and here are just a few choice morsels from that 2010 CFR discussion:

“we need to convince Russia that we are not their biggest problem. We are their potential partner but there has to be certain rules and pre-conditions for this partnership which is why we have to keep doors open even if we have to be tough with them on certain issues in which they have done things that are wrong and which violate the rules.” “if Ukraine goes European, it will have huge impact on Russia in a positive sense; ultimately pull Russia in the right direction.”

“If you asked me in the 1990s when I was in the State Department in charge of NATO Enlargement and all these other things; had I ever thought about Ukraine and Georgia joining the NATO the honest answer was not really.. it wasn’t on my radar screen. I thought it was a miracle that we got Poland and Baltic States and everyone else.” “…instead we spent a billion dollars to help Georgia after the war. We’re calling for a modest reinvestment of American political and economic leverage and muscle to stabilize the situation on the ground and help rebuild these countries.” “We should be investing more, we should be more present and active on the ground in Ukraine in Georgia and all these places – without triggering the Russian hyper-reaction.” When asked if Russia didn’t have a point that their buy-in was necessary for a safe, secure Europe, Asmus replied:

“I always say the project is not complete, the project that I have spent my life working on is not complete until we have a Russia that is part of the European security system. They all think I’m anti Russian because of everything I’ve done.” Originally created as the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, today’s NATO has become an international entity with a reach far beyond the Atlantic – and this time Russia is the Big Enchilada. As its participation in global bombing campaigns continue to justify its existence, NATO has a vested interest in creating war – just as the ultimate intent of the State Department’s Enlargement project has been war.

Protest at the NATO Summit 4th -5th September Sign the No to Nato statement at:

http://stopwar.org.uk/events/protest-the-nato-summit#.U0qjc1c7bQs Source: Counterpunch






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