IMAM, guide, teacher, leader of the Revolution, and Supreme Commander:

The Wahabi movement puts forward an “absolutist” (but FALSE) sharia interpretation, that wants to be upheld, using radical (and surely not holy / “green” “revolutionary”) ways. The true-Jihad, in terms of Resistance against legal and political structure, is considered NOT not to be in accordance with Wahabi ideology; …especially since TRUE-ISLAM (pure, as Mu’ammar al-Qathafi has taught his people in the “Green Book”, and he has esposed in the GREAT GREEN UNIVERSAL CHARTER OF HUMAN RIGHTS, 12 JUNE 1988), as it is contained within “the Holy Quran” and Sacred Scripture, embodies the main concept of human rights and freedom, and tolerance for non-Muslims (accepting the equality principle as fellow countrymen).



Honest and Loyal Tribes of the Great Jamahiriya:


The Wahabi, and Al Qaeda (PART ONE)

from AM Hendroproyono:

Many people now must be brought to the attention concerning SALAFISM, and learn what Wahabiism means.

In the conflict arena, Wahabiism meets the “war spirit of the CIA-Al Qaeda”,under Osama bin Laden. The ideological relation between Wahabiism and Al Qaeda, shown from Osama bin Laden old statements and their followers, is that in his days, it began to develop the warped concept of the martyr’s suicide bombing doctrine. This movement received a seeding place and its habitat in developing a “global caliphate” that in local level synergized with Darul Islam movement with NII in 1945 that has never disappeared.

Various violent events in the false name of “jihad” (totally misunderstood, as a true ” jihad” can only be declared by a Holy Imam decended from Mohammed’s daughter, Fatima). This false concept almost never stopped since the first independence proclamation in 1945, which threaten all national defenses, any unity, and all humanity. Herewith also the embryo of contemporary “Wahabi global jihad radical movements” continues to flow and seed violence that threats the aspects of humanity and mankind’s welfare.

The Relation Between Wahabiism and Al-Qaeda:

The terrorist Western Nations/NATO, take casualties, regardless whether the victim is on the target’s side in their waged blind-war on Islam. They attack, disregarding whether in the attack target, there are women and children.

A true “Jihad” (in form of war), is only permitted by Allah, when it is to defend honor, property, and dignity of mankind and Muslims” (Abas, 2009: 27). The blood of true Muslims must be spared.

Yusuf Qardhawi has shown a total lack of understanding or awareness toward the essence of global Crusade. Where, in condition of Muslims are oppressed, every inch of the earth can be said as area of conflict.

Terrorism is a criminal act against humanity and civilization which causes a serious threat toward sovereignty, national security, world peace and damages public welfare (Abas, 2009: 36-37).

In relation with suicide bombing under the (so now-misconceived) martyr doctrine, Abas wrote:

“The act in finding martyrdom (amaliyah al-isytisihad) is different with suicide bombing. …suicide bombing is forbidden since a form of desperate act (al-ya su’) and self hurting (ahlak al-nafs), whether done in peace area (dar al-shulh/dar al-salam/dar al-da’wah) or in war area (dar al-harb).” (Abas, 2009: 49)

The Global-Caliphate Doctrine of Wahabiism, for the purpose of establishing the “one guided Caliphate”, as previously discussed, is an expansionist ideology with the ambition to launch global campaign of distributing Wahabism through the various Salafi movements.

The exclusive anti-Western and US attitude, has became the center theme of Friday preaching and prayers. The preaching material and Islam studies from mosque to mosque, village to village continuously spread the anti West and US spirit. Wahabi Islamic education materials, in Islamic Schools, have even deliberately spread the false “jihad and martyr’s death doctrine”, even if it is not accompanied by advice to do violence. The Judeo-Christian Zionist “campaign against the Muslim world, the likes of which has never seen before, is that the Muslim must prepare all the possible might to repel the enemy in the military, economic, missionary, and all other areas (Osama Bin Laden, Oct/Nov 1996; Berner, 2006, Quotations). We are a nation whose sacred symbols have been looted, and whose wealth and resources has been plundered (OBL, 28 May 1998; Gresham College; Jihad Unspun). Hostility toward America is a religious duty and we hope to be rewarded for it by God” (OBL, 22 December 1998l Atran, 2004; Dershowiz, 2004; Lloyd, 2001).

Wahabiism began when Muhammad Ibnu Abd al Wahhab (who was declared as the founder of Wahabi) was faced with modernization and Western colonialism, in accordance with his environment in the 18th century in Arabia Peninsula. While the Salafi movement, generation Al-Afghani and Abduh along with their students, modernity, and the efforts to face the challenges become one of the main agenda of their thinking. The Wahabi education reform in Saudi Arabia, basically follows the Western modern education system. Saudi Wahabiism starts to adopt Western educational model, with emphasizes a disturbed religious education program, according to Wahabi interpretation alone, although they accept modern science (Panggabean & Fauzi, 2006).

This ambivalence then show its true nature when modern Western civilization start to infiltrates all life’s aspects.

The expansion of the Salafi movement, through known university campuses, where the exponents introduce executive Islam activism current, together with other distorted Islamic movements, has spread outside the university. The active members, organize religious meetings, which commonly known as halqa and daura, in mosques located in the edge of cities or villages. Concentration centers, emerge, followed by mosque building, and elite-school developments under the movements of the black flag (Hasan, 2006).

The next development of Salafi movement cannot be separated from the expansion of contemporary transnational Salafi preaching movement that aggressively campaigned Wahabism to all corner of Islam world. In its development, then this Salafi ideology is more a synthesis of Wahabiism.

The spreading of Wahabiism, has become extra vigorous. Religion literal and narrow interpretation, combined with jihad, often marks the contemporary Wahabi. Their appearance comes from radical “Islamic” movement in the Middle East that shown in 1980s and quickly developed in 1990s with the Afghanistan jihad field (1979-1989).

After Afghanistan “jihad” completed, many of the so-called “jihadi groups and mercenaries” that returned to their respective countries, began doing so-called “jihad “, domestically.

In year 1992-1997/1998 these groups got plenty of media attention in Aljazair and Egypt and called by “Arab Afghans”. The rebellion stopped with failure in 1998. Then after Al Qaeda terrorist group directed “the jihad of Afghan Alumni in Middle East” and all over the world to fight the US, in a battle on global level (Panggabean & Fauzi, 2006).

The Wahabi movement puts forward an “absolutist” (but FALSE) sharia interpretation, that wants to be upheld, using radical (and surely not holy / “green” “revolutionary”) ways. The true-Jihad, in terms of Resistance against legal and political structure, is considered NOT not to be in accordance with Wahabi ideology; …especially since TRUE-ISLAM (pure, as Mu’ammar al-Qathafi has taught his people in the “Green Book”, and he has espoused in the GREAT GREEN UNIVERSAL CHARTER OF HUMAN RIGHTS, 12 JUNE 1988), as it is contained within “the Holy Quran” and Sacred Scripture, embodies the main concept of human rights and freedom, and tolerance for non-Muslims (accepting the equality principle as fellow countrymen).





see the man and woman at 01:17 – 08:30 on the meter:

Channel Update ” Mars Anomaly Research From TruthSeeker ” Debris from a lost civilization “


Man and woman on Mars pushing up on a round huge rock-like animal’s face (from above video):






So-called “Government” to postpone the vote calling for Ahmed Meitik to be “prime-minister” …
and there are voices “calling for the Allaotunai Congress to vote on extending the validity of the pagan

conference which ended, first, for another year, before there be any voting for any new  government 

“Prime Minister”, as the MB, “Justice & Construction” PARTY‘s Ahmed Meitik (nephew of criminal Abdul Rahman Sowaihilli …








A MB RAT convoy composed of 200 people who turned car shortly before the state

via the town of Misurata and Zliten go to Tripoli.

مزراته وهي في طريقها الي العاصمة المحتلة


series of 12 pictures of MITIGUA AIRBASE, TRIPOLI:

which has now been bombed, and was priorly infested with SALAFI, and supervised by Hashim humans

and Hathim Tagouris as a “reform prison”…

It was supplied with the highest Hi-tech Spy equipment and militarily equipped by Turkey and Qatar.
It was cleaned-out by the QaaQa, Lightning and 32nd Civil Brigades; but then was bombed by Turkish/French-Misurata based warcraft:







Spy war-aircraft flying to far to low altitude over the skies of the capital Tripoli.


Warplanes (bombers) roam the skies of the Libyan capital Tripoli.


“Zero hour”, on FB, continues reporting:

And backfired,
Commander of NATO’s military
Our troops will Btalaat over Libya will be prompt
We have identified military targets to hit Alaharbih groups in Libya
Where confirmed that the aircraft, which will be involved in the process

F-16 and the

(Piper PA-23-160) Apache (aircraft pictures):

and unmanned aircraft
The targets of all terrorist sites in Libya in the east, west and south
where the movement is not led by a military officer will be crushed.
(The commander of the military forces of NATO)




Now the attack on the Mitigua Airbase by a large convoy believed to be followed by Lightning Brigade. – 



la photo de Ahmed Moh.

la photo de Ahmed Moh.Haaaaaam and Aaaaaaaajl ::::
To the attention of all the comrades this page referred to below it is the preparation and follow-up Almqml Heretic excommunicating (Hashim humans).

Please precaution taken it as a breakthrough experiment Atbtaat (email?)

And admired by all of or deal with it.Haaaaaam and Aaaaaaaajl ::::


هاااااام وعاااااااجل ::::
لأنتباه جميع الرفاق هذه الصفحة المشار اليها اسفله هي من اعداد ومتابعة المقمل الزنديق التكفيري ( هاشم بشر ) يرجى أخد الحيطه حيث اتبتت التجربة إختراق ( أيميل ) كل من يعجب بها أو يتعامل معها .

هاااااام وعاااااااجل ::::لأنتباه جميع الرفاق هذه الصفحة المشار اليها اسفله هي من اعداد ومتابعة المقمل الزنديق التكفيري ( هاشم بشر ) يرجى أخد الحيطه حيث اتبتت التجربة إختراق ( أيميل ) كل من يعجب بها أو يتعامل معها .

“Zero hour”, on FB, reporting:

Self-styled Foreign Ministry at Tripoli
Announces the receipt of a telegram from the International Criminal Court is concerned with the Ministry of Justice and other internal and Talth Conference. And it says after the translation:

YOU GUYS and the International Criminal Court to investigate crimes that Tsthzv humanity and human life to safe that we have received a number of notes from a number of agencies and humanitarian organizations and reached the quorum law to open an international investigation.

We ask iof it, in the attached list annexed, to capture 73 out of 247 citizen of your citizens to arrest and interrogation.
Including 28 members of the Legislative your conference, so as to achieve them in the case filed against you as a government and legislators against them and against the defendants wanted plotting to murder a random Osthzvt cities in Libya.

Hopes the administrative board of the follow-up file in the Libyan ICC your cooperation so as not to take other aspects of the subject.

Please writers from the Interior Ministry immediately after the arrest of all those listed in the annex, including 23 officials who are directly for murder, kidnapping and outlaw groups in Resolution No. 7 in the other crimes committed in prisons.

Been assigned to an international investigation team to visit your country to find out what Cistgd in a number of issues and be present in the room and accountabilities legal investigations.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs –

Organizations Department / Tripoli

ساعة الصفر

ماتسمى وزارة الخارجية :: طرابلس
تعلن تلقيها برقية من محكمة الجنايات الدولية تختص بوزارة العدل وأخرى للداخلية وتالتة للمؤتمر . وجاء فيها بعد الترجمة
تفيدكم محكمة الجنايات الدولية والتحقيق في الجرائم التي تستهذف الانسانية والحياة البشرية الامنة الي أنه تلقينا عدد من المذكرات من عدد من الهيئات والمنظمات الانسانية و وصلت الي النصاب القانون لفتح التحقيق الدولي .
عليه نطلب في القائمة المرفقة أعتقال 73 من اصل 247 مواطن من مواطنيكم للتوقيف والتحقيق معهم .
بينهم 28 عضواً من مؤتمركم التشريعي ، وذلك للتحقيق معهم في القضية المرفوعة ضدكم كحكومة وضدهم كمشرعين وضد المطلوبين كمتهمين بالتخطيط لجرائم قتل عشوائية أستهذفت مدن في ليبيا .
تأمل الهيئة الادارية المتابعة للملف الليبي في المحكمة الجنائية الدولية منكم التعاون حتى لا يأخذ الموضوع مناحي أخرى .
نرجوا كتابنا من وزارة الداخلية فور القبض على جميع المذكورين في المرفق بينهم 23 شخص هم المسؤلين بشكل مباشر عن جرائم قتل والخطف والمجموعات الخارجة عن القانون في القرار رقم 7 وفي جرائم أخرى أرتكبت في السجون .
تم تكليف فريق تحقيق دولي لزيارة بلدكم للوقوف على ما سيستجد في عدد من القضايا ويكون حاضر في المسائلات القانونية وغرف التحقيقات .
وزارة الخارجية – أدارة المنظمات / طرابلس




Yarmouk Camp/ 27

 vidéo de Samir mass.Publishing
Mqji in a video of the 27 in the clashes, which Hdtt today …
Please recognize the rat-people in the video and inform us

فيديوا للمقملين في ال27 في الاشتباكات التي حدتث اليوم…
الرجاء من يتعرف على الاشخاص اللي في الفيديو يبلغنا

Sit-ins in Tripoli now “chant ((blood we will redeem the spirit Abnghaza)) ..
اعتصامات في طرابلس الآن ” يهتفون (( بروح بالدم نفديك يابنغازي )) ..






A very important and urgent
From the leadership of the operating room and Rishvana to fighters and brave Rishvana

We know very well how much love of the homeland, which is being in Aroukkm well know Gljankm and Tlhvkm to pounce on the hour from cached land and honor.

O Heroes and Rishvana that waited to engage in this battle causes him some Dahir you in public, others can not divulge it.

Oh Strtm of history in letters of blood, the blood is the most expensive of our life and Zachrvha,,, your blood and that others considered such as water, no matter that poured,

Guys this land will not Ndkhalkm in a battle in which his sons and partner holed up in the latest types of weapons and armor wants you that you will be pedestrian Thmon those forts, either to Charkohm those forts, but then you will not find us racing against hooves Khilna as Audnakm.

O sons of the best strains that gave birth to the Arab Atcono like (donkey dynamite) the sight of God and that his story as follows:
During the jihad against Italian colonialism and when it was colonized the cultivated fields of mines so the Mujahideen initiative to send donkeys to them in those fields and found the mines explode in those donkeys and pave the way for them and so called donkeys dynamite

There Tfrashwa Earth Bojdzisadkm even Aisalo to your judgment
Either we Nada them and either do not and will not be followed by the one we are most numerous and best past and present
And that they were looking for the dignity that we lost them we kept them, and we have a lot of them.

Oh God, Oh God, I witness reached

Free on 05/20/2014
هام جدا وعاجل
من قيادة غرفة العمليات ورشفانه الى مقاتلين ورشفانة الاشاوس

أننا نعلم جيدا مقدار حب الوطن الذى يجرى في عروقكم ونعلم جيدا غليانكم وتلهفكم لساعة الانقضاض على من باعو الأرض والعرض.

يا أبطال ورشفانه أن تريثنا في الدخول في هذه المعركة له أسبابه بعضها ضاهر لكم في العلن والبعض الاخر لا يمكن البوح به .

يا من سطرتم التاريخ بأحرف من دماء , دماء هي عندنا أغلى من الحياة وزخرفها ,,, دمائكم والتي غيرنا يعتبرها مثل ماء ولا يهم أن سكبت,

يا رجال هذه الأرض لن ندخلكم في معركة وشريكنا فيها أبنائه متحصنين في أحدث أنواع المدرعات القتالية ويريدكم أن تكونوا مشاة تحمون تلك الحصون , فأما أن تشاركوهم تلك الحصون والا فلا وعندها سوف تجدوننا نسابق حوافر خيلنا كما عودناكم .

يا أبناء أفضل سلالات ما أنجبت العرب لاتكونو مثل ( حمار الديناميت ) أكرمكم الله والتي قصته كالاتي :
خلال فترة الجهاد ضد الاستعمار الإيطالي وعندما كان المستعمر يقوم يزرع حقول من الألغام فقام المجاهدين بأرسال الحمير أمامهم في تلك الحقول وأن وجدت ألغام تنفجر في تلك الحمير وتمهد الطريق لهم وبذلك سميت حمير الديناميت

فلا تفرشوا الأرض بأجسادكم حتى يصلو الى حكمكم
فأما ان نكون نداً لهم وأما فلا ولن نكون تبع لاحد نحن الأكثر عددا والأفضل ماضي وحاضرا
وأن كانوا يبحثون عن الكرامة التي فقدت منهم فنحن حافظنا عليها وعندنا منها الكثير .

اللهم بلغت اللهم فأشهد

حرر بتاريخ 20 / 5 / 2014







It is a lie and rumour: Zintan is NOT giving Saif up to the ICC or anyone…

Saif Gaddafi, left, is guarded by a Zintani fighter:


“Zintan brigade QaaQa”, on FB, comments:

(Cautious calm in control of the situation in Tripoli ..)


“Heavy rain hugging the pure land of Zintan in the suit worn by a very beautiful view of the horizon ….

not the coolest ..

We ask for the goodness of Allah and for us to benefit from the Rain, by our planting upon the earth;

and to wash the wounds of the homeland of every disease and sin ….


Amen, Lord of the Worlds, Save Libya.”


لواء القعقاع الزنتان

أمطار غزيرة تعانق أرض الزنتان الطاهرة في حلة جميلة جداً يرتديها الأفق …. منظر ولا أروع ..

نسأل الله أن تكون أمطار خير وأن ينفع الله بها الزرع والأرض ، وأن تغسل جراح الوطن من كل داء وإثم ..

وما النصر الا بقريب ..


Zintani Warriors praying:

the town of Zintan prepares to join the “fight. for dignity”.

They will join their brethern Brigades in cleaning up Tripoli and purge all Libya from Salafi terror.













“Brigade operations QaaQa,Lightning, and  32nd Civil”, reports:

Clashes between the Cyrenaica National Defence force Army and Rat MB Libya Shield 27 led “Boca Oraibi”,

in South Ajdabiya.
# (Operating room)



Find Jtttin Mudbouhh wearing military uniforms in the city of Benghazi.


Login large convoy followed by MB Boca Arab debtors to Benghazi now heavily with heavy weapons, flies and other heavy weapons and a number of MB militias call themselves “revolutionaries” city Etwaadon Militia,

seeking revenge and “punishment for Hftar“.



“Zero hour”, on FB, reports:

Said the manager of the “airport security” at “Have Built Airport”, that the troops have now made a secure International Airport in the Libyan city of Benghazi, ...as they have now joined forces with Khalifa Hftar.






From AlAlam:

A Moroccan Salafist father has taken his five kids to Syria to fight alongside al-Qaeda militants in their war against the Arab country.
Syria militants have recently published photos of Osama al-Sha’ara, athirteen-year-old Moroccan boy who is in Syria with his father and brothers to fight and overthrow Syrian government.

According to the Moroccan sources, Osama al-Sha’ara, accompanying his father, took part in clashes in the northern Moroccan city of Tangier before entering Syria.
Ahmed al-Sha’ara, Osama’s father, who was a drug smuggler, entered Syria by the help of Salafist groups via Netherlands and Turkey.

Hassan al-Haddad, a Moroccan social activist and newspaper reporter, said that numerous Moroccan children have been sent to Syria through various ways, including European countries.

The local residents say that Osama along with his father had participated in several protests in support of Salafist prisoners in Tangier.

According to the reports, 600 Moroccan militants have been killed in Syria since the conflict erupted in 2011.




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