The Final Commitment




la vidéo de “voice displaced Libyans in the world”, on FB

Hftar admits that leader Muammar al-Qathafi has saved the Holy Quran (through the World Islamic Call Society and the Islamic Leadership, which he founded) from the corruption of the Wahabi.

Here, regaining his lost dignity, Khalifa Hftar admits that The Martyr Fasting was falsely accused.

Intgah God says right ..

al-Qathafi is both a man and an angel with a pleasant manner, who saved the Holy Quran, conservative on links ..

and the (al-Fateh) light of September, is a popular revolution for the liberation of the country

which docked with all the people and was not a coup…

صوت المهجرين الليبيين فى العالم

حفتر يعترف ان القائد امعمر القذافي وجوده نادر يحفظ القرأن

هاهو فاقد الكرامة خليفة حفتر من كان يتهم الشهيد الصائم كذبا و زورا بالأمس ينطقه الله بالحق فيقول .. القذافي كان إنسان ملاك و كان طيب الخلق يحفظ القرأن محافظاً على صلاته .. و ان الفاتح من سبتمبر هي ثورة شعبيه لتحرير الوطن و إلتحم بها كل الشعب و ليس إنقلاباً

يقول الامام الشافعي رحمه الله* ما جادلت أحداً إلا تمنّيت أن يظهِر الله الحق على لسانه دوني !!

هاهو الجرد فاقد الكرامة خليفة حفتر من كان يتهم الشهيد الصائم كذبا و زورا بالأمس ينطقه الله بالحق فيقول .. القذافي كان إنسان ملاك و كان طيب الخلق يحفظ القرأن محافظاً على صلاته .. و ان الفاتح من سبتمبر هي ثورة شعبيه لتحرير الوطن و إلتحم بها كل الشعب و ليس إنقلاباً سبحان الله لقد حصحص الحق وشهد شاهد من اهلها



SALUTE to two GREAT LEADERS loved by their countrymen:

More wisdom to contemplate upon, from martyr Dr. Billah al-Qathafi–

especially now that Libya is being totally invaded and occupied, by the United States of America:


“Zero hour”, on FB, comments:

That were not for the Great Jamahiriya, we would not be for others. We do not commit aggression on one, but when it comes applauded,, our Leader and Great Jamahiriya, and us, in this case we will be, and then let it be the flood ..

especially our Leader, is a red line; and just thinking about it or even just approaching it, is forbidden ..

They are deluding themselves, they who thought the leader elusive,

Muammar al-Qathafi being of no-man’s-land, close to the tykes; 

and foolish they are, and scum Vemotwa Gad-haogahra, these ‘rulers of the world’. ..

As for the rats, they are not even within our calculations;

as, they are mainly talking about the feelings of their hate for the Commander, or of our love for him.
(Of our Leader, these last, are totally Disillusioned !),

ان لم تكن الجماهيرية العظمى لنا فلن تكون لغيرنا نحن لا نعتدي على احد ولكن عندما يتعلق الامر بقائدنا وجماهيريتنا وبنا في هذه الحاله سنكون نحن وبعدها فليكن الطوفان .. وخصوصا قائدنا فهو خط احمر ومجرد التفكير فقط بالاقتراب منه ممنوع.. فواهمون هم من ظنوا ان القائد سهل المنال فمعمر القذافي منطقة محرمة الاقتراب للحقراء والسفهاء والحثاله فموتوا ياحكام العالم غيضاوقهرا .. اما بالنسبة للجرذان فليسوا ضمن حساباتنا اساسا لنتحدث عن شعورهم فأن يكرهوا لقائد او يحبونه فهذا اخر همنا


ان لم تكن الجماهيرية العظمى لنا فلن تكون لغيرنا نحن لا نعتدي على احد ولكن عندما يتعلق الامر بقائدنا وجماهيريتنا وبنا في هذه الحاله سنكون نحن وبعدها فليكن الطوفان .. وخصوصا قائدنا فهو خط احمر ومجرد التفكير فقط بالاقتراب منه ممنوع.. فواهمون هم من ظنوا ان القائد سهل المنال فمعمر القذافي منطقة محرمة الاقتراب للحقراء والسفهاء والحثاله فموتوا ياحكام العالم غيضاوقهرا .. اما بالنسبة للجرذان فليسوا ضمن حساباتنا اساسا لنتحدث عن شعورهم فأن يكرهوا لقائد او يحبونه فهذا اخر همنا



Press conference with the Supreme Council of the Libyan tribes and cities
During the coming hours, with God’s help



مؤتمر صحفي مع المجلس اﻻعلى للقبائل والمدن الليبية
خلال الساعات القادمة بعون الله




“These infidels greater country a partagé la photo de mass II.”, on FB REPORTS ON AHMED IBRAHIM MANSOUR, in MISURATA PRISON,By Asad Zhio:

The sufferings of man in the modern era prisons Tatars ..

Arab thinker Libyan great professor / Ahmed Ibrahim Mansour, who was able to combine the project of the Arab nationalist and Islamic call correct, which revealed Broaath and analysis filaments conspiracy was hatched against Libya by the colonial powers and is present in all universities and research centers, cities, villages and neighborhoods small before the outbreak of the crisis In months to alert the Libyans in this conspiracy and its consequences disastrous to the people and the nation,

and I am honored to have acquired immunity, which ravaged homeland at the hands of this man in a lecture delivered at the Al-Fateh University in the month of October 2010 and was the clear-cut did not resort to the style of the hint, but turned directly toward scenarios that could be used by the colonial yield After a hundred years of time to loot our wealth and robbed us of our will and the elimination of our project National Unionist,

and he was always talking about tools that could be used by the enemy and of some of the elements of our compatriots regrettably, despite the knowledge of what will be attached to the homeland and the structure of the enemy who will not leave Libya, and would, but he continued to inform and educate citizens and after the Western alliance Crusader aggression on our land turning to Three fighter defends Libya dear.

Will not sink too much in the background and the intellectual depth of his awareness and his analysis of reality, it is not Pennekrh and will write about it a lot and a lot, but I want to talk here about the plight of this hero in the detention camp.

Exposed Mr. Ahmed Ibrahim of torture and abuse and lynching Mend occurrence in captivity in the city of Sirte after the crash of 2011 has been submitted to the court illegally lost its Terms of trials without a lawyer nor arguments have been sentenced to death by firing squad, a scholar and university professor, has not held any positions of security or military, as well as not commits any offense against his homeland is and his comrades in the prisons of darkness.

The great Arab thinker Ahmed Ibrahim suffer the bitterness of life at the hands of his jailers who do not know the literature of humanity and the methods of dealing with human beings amid terrible silence by human rights organizations and humanitarian in the world and the center of a media blackout creates within us a terrible case of thinking how to walk this world and in any policy.

This is a call to all without allocation to lift the injustice against the detainee and his fellow detainees inside the cellars of torture and to address all of the inside shred of humanity and the sense, that the prisoner Ahmed Ibrahim denied access to him Mend December 2013 and that he is being subjected to the treatment of very bad and being beaten and crucified on a column tree to passers-by to heal him and prevents lunch with him and a drug-old nearly 66 years and suffers from diabetes.

O decoding captured and the families of all the detainees in the prisons of darkness and extremist groups,
(Asad Zhio)

مكابدة رجل في سجون تتار العصر الحديث ..

المفكر العربي الليبي الكبير الاستاذ / احمد ابراهيم منصور ، الذي استطاع المزج بين المشروع العربي القومي والدعوة الإسلامية الصحيحة ، والذي كشف بروؤيته وتحليلاته خيوط المؤامرة التي كانت تحاك ضد ليبيا من قبل القوى الاستعمارية و حاضر في كل الجامعات والمراكز البحثية والمدن والقرى والاحياء الصغيرة قبل اندلاع الازمة بشهور لتنبيه الليبيين بهذه المؤامرة وتداعياتها الكارثية على الشعب والوطن ، ويشرفني ان اكتسبت مناعة مما عصف بالوطن على يدي هذ الرجل في محاضرة ألقاها في جامعة الفاتح في شهر اكتوبر 2010 وكانت واضحة المعالم فلم يلجأ لاسلوب التلميح بل إتجه بشكل مباشر نحو السيناريوهات التي قد يستخدمها الاستعمار العائد بعد مئة عام من الزمن لنهب ثرواتنا وسلبنا ارادتنا والقضاء على مشروعنا القومي الوحدوي ، وكان دائم الحديث عن الادوات التي قد يستخدمها العدو والمتمثلة في بعض العناصر من ابناء جلدتنا للاسف الشديد ، وبالرغم من معرفته بما سيلحق بالوطن و بنية العدو الذي لن يترك ليبيا وشأنها الا انه استمر في توعية وتثقيف المواطنين وبعد عدوان التحالف الغربي الصليبي على ارضنا تحول لمقاتل يدافع عن ثرى ليبيا الغالي .

لن نغوص كثيرا في خلفياته الفكرية ومشروعه التوعوي وعمق تحليله للواقع فهو ليس بنكرة وسيكتب حوله الكثير والكثير ، انما اريد الحديث هنا عن ما يقاسيه هذا البطل في معتقله .

يتعرض الاستاذ احمد ابراهيم للتعذيب والتنكيل والسحل مندُ وقوعه في الاسر في مدينة سرت بعد سقوطها عام 2011 وقد تم تقديمه لمحكمة غير قانونية فاقدة لشروط المحاكمات دون محامي ولا مرافعات وقد حكم عليه بالاعدام رمياًً بالرصاص وهو اكاديمي واستاذ جامعي لم يشغل اي مناصب امنية او عسكرية وكذلك لم يرتكب اي جرم في حق وطنه هو ومن معه من الرفاق في سجون الظلام .

ان المفكر العربي الكبير احمد ابراهيم يقاسي مرارة الحياة على ايدي سجانيه الذين لا يعرفون أدبيات الانسانية وأساليب التعامل مع البشر وسط صمت رهيب من قبل المنظمات الحقوقية والانسانية في العالم و وسط تعتيم اعلامي رهيب يخلق بداخلنا حالة تفكير كيف يسير هذا العالم وبأي سياسة .

هذه دعوة للجميع دون تخصيص لرفع الظلم عن المعتقل ورفاقه من المعتقلين داخل أقبية التعذيب ومخاطبة كل من بداخله ذرة من الانسانية والاحساس ، ان الاسير احمد ابراهيم منع أهله من زيارته مندُ ديسمبر 2013 وانه يتعرض لمعاملة سيئة للغاية ويتم ضربه وصلبه على عمود شجرة للمارة للتشفي منه ويمنع عنه الغداء والدواء وهو البالغ من العمر ما يناهز 66 عام ويعاني من مرض السكر .

اللهم فك اسره واسر كل المعتقلين في سجون الظلام والتكفيريين ,,
بقلم : اسعد زهيو






Right if after awhile! (says “Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar”,  on FB)

رحمو ياسي ضهور الحق لو بعد حين


BANKING HOURS restricted:

“Zero hour”, on FB, reports:

Due to the lack of safety and security in Libya from “17 February”, after the catastrophe and a repeat of armed robberies on banks, commercial banks .. decided to change the dates of permanence to become:
From Sunday to Thursday
It is nine o’clock am to one pm. ONLY

ساعة الصفر

نظراً لإنعدام الامن والامان في ليبيا من بعد نكبة 17 فبراير و تكرار عمليات السطو المسلح علي المصارف .. قررت المصارف التجارية تغيير مواعيد دوامها لتصبح :
من الأحد إلي الخميس
ومن الساعة التاسعة صباحاً إلي الواحدة ظهراً .

Central Bank of Libya SCRAPS all signatures of Government allocations by Abdullah bending. (also, bending refuses to hand over power to Meitik.)

مصرف ليبيا المركزي يوقف التعامل بتوقيعات حكومة الثني


too crowded on the banks across Libya…

Kingdom of Jordan asks its nationals to leave Libya soon.

Alhaji Alhaji of “Two o’clock Great Jamahiriya (mass)”, on FB, gives us a thought for contemplation:

Is this not an explicit recognition of the fact that leader Muammar al-Qathafi was calling the Libyan people always; and, warn them of the occupation and Their instruments “rats” and stray dogs?? , And was warning them of the destruction of Libya and loss and mess it up if obeyed and were led behind the plot,

Here’s a “17 February supporter”, Dr. Fatima Ahamroch: one who Tbloa and Zmarwa along with “damned February” into conspiracy; and was also one of the ministers and their governments, to recognize and acknowledge the fact that the bright Commander said it always, and it has never acknowledged, even after more than three lean years,
#(Alhaji Alhaji)

Dr. Fatima Hamroush: (QUOTE)

“While al-Qathafi said: ‘Collection of rats,’ it means they adopted from religious extremism and terrorism, he felt many of those who took part in the revolution of the Libyan people, were offended by the statement, due to lack of clarity of what he meant by that description.

I do not believe that al-Qathafi himself was then imagined that achieved what he said in the manner that we see today. Libya today has already become, and the privilege, a trap for the terrorists, tempted by an feladtha ‘security’, in addition to other features that was made for them such, as housing, livelihood and free training, They accepted them from all sides, and they entered into facilities with a mouth full of saliva. But once inside, they find it difficult to leave, and that for various reasons, ranging from general reasons such as lack of a visa for another country to special reasons, such as the appearance of their names in the lists of internationally wanted.

The end result of what I said above, is that they congregate on this good earth, to gradually turn to the area of a terrorist, where there is only themselves, and to serve themselves from trade which is otherwise prohibited, such as the trade of drugs, weapons and slaves and captives,

and it is through them, that drain all the capabilities of the Libyan people, material and human resources, to be harness in the service of development of their program terrorist Agendas, in the name of “religion”, and, in the name of “humanity”.

According to my own opinion, that this does not happen so haphazardly, but with the knowledge of the great powers and know-how;
and, what we are today, but in the early days of fierce war being waged on the land between the dual Libyan mercenary parties and several countries, against the troops of Libya, as well as their victims.

The population density of Libya is small. It is also a vast country, adding that at least one third of people are now displaced, and another small percentage of are stable. And, many are in the case of ‘constant travel’, under several names such as medical treatment, study, and others ..

From here we can see clearly that Libya today, has actually become an ideal place for the gathering of terrorists; and, also beat them both. And, the prospects of being more successful, with the lowest percentage of possible collateral damage.

For us, as a people, it was decided from outside to become a victim of terrorism. Still, we can limit the percentage of the damage that Sntekbdeh, by the reporting of any individuals suspected or any suspicious movements of the army and the competent authorities. Thus so, that we can accord our confidence, as it should on these parties, to distance onesself from exaggerated responsable action, so, as not to do harm to the victims of malicious complaints.

The wars, the fair is aimed at peace in the end, and our war on terror, is one.
We must put aside our pain, and animosities aside, and work together, one hand, against our common enemy; and, Sngelbhm God willing, and there will be peace and security throughout our home.

We pray to God, that one avoids temptations that may hinder us us fom bringing us together, to fight against the forces of evil; so, as to spare our country the evils of what is being plotted for us,.. but rather to establish a bright future for the coming generations, and our homeland.

(Dr. Fatima Ahamroch, BANI WALID hosital)

أليس هذا أعترافاً صريحاً بالحقيقة التي كان يدعو لها القائد معمر القذافي الشعب الليبي دوماً وكان يحذرهم من الأحتلال و ادواتهم “الجرذان ” والكلاب الضالة ؟؟ , وكان يحذرهم من تدمير ليبيا وضياعها وخرابها اذا انصاعوا وانقادوا وراء هذه المؤامرة ,,
هاهي فاطمة الحمروش وهي احد الذين طبّلوا وزمّروا لمؤامرة فبراير اللعينة وكانت احد وزراء حكوماتها , تعترف وتقر بالحقيقة الساطعة التي كان القائد يقولها دائما وابداً بعد مرور اكثر من ثلاثة سنوات عجاف ,,
#الحاجي الحاجي

Fatima al-Hamrosch:

حين قال القذافي: “شدو الجرذان” كان يعني من انتهجوا التطرف الديني والإرهاب، شعر الكثيرون ممن شاركوا في الثورة من أبناء الشعب الليبي بالإهانة وذلك لعدم وضوح المقصود من ذلك الوصف.
لا اعتقد أن القذافي نفسه كان حينها يتصور أن يتحقق ما قاله بالكيفية التي نراها اليوم، فليبيا اليوم أصبحت بالفعل، وبامتياز، مصيدة للإرهابيين، يغريهم إنفلاتها الأمني، إضافة إلى الميزات الأخرى التي تقدم لهم كالسكن والعيش والتدريب المجاني، فيقبلون عليها من كل حدب وصوب، ويدخلونها بتسهيلات يسيل لها لعابهم، ولكنهم بمجرد دخولها، يجدون صعوبة جمّة في مغادرتها وذلك لأسباب متعددة، تتراوح بين الأسباب العامة كعدم وجود تأشيرة دخول لبلد آخر إلى أسباب خاصة كظهور أسمائهم في قوائم المطلوبين دوليا.
النتيجة النهائية لما أسلفت ذكره، هي أنهم يتجمعون على هذه الأرض الطيبة لتتحول تدريجيا إلى منطقة إرهابية لا مكان فيها إلا لهم ولما يخدمهم من تجارة محرّمة كتجارة المخدرات والسلاح والعبيد والسبايا، ويتم من خلالهم استنزاف جميع مقدرات الشعب الليبي، المادية والبشرية، لتسخّر في خدمة إنماء برنامجهم الإرهابي باسم الدين وباسم الإنسانية.

حسب رأيي الخاص، إن هذا لا يحدث هكذا جزافا، بل بعلم من القوى العظمى ودرايتها، وما نحن اليوم إلا في الأيام الأولى من حرب ضروس تدور رحاها على الأراضي الليبية بين جهات ودول عدّة، جنودها جلهم من ليبيا وكذلك ضحاياها.

إن الكثافة السكانية بليبيا صغيرة، كما أنها بلد مترامي الأطراف، إضافة إلى أن ما لا يقل عن ثلث شعبها مهجّر، ونسبة أخرى منه غير مستقرة وفي حال سفر مستمر تحت مسميات عدة كالعلاج والدراسة وغيرها..

من هنا نستطيع أن نرى بجلاء أن ليبيا فعلا اليوم أصبحت المكان المثالي لتجمع الإرهابيين ولضربهم أيضاً على حد سواء، وباحتمالات أكثر نجاحا، مع أقل نسبة من الأضرار الجانبية الممكنة.

بالنسبة لنا كشعب تقرَر من خارجه أن يصبح الضحية للإرهاب، يمكننا أن نحد من نسبة الضرر الذي سنتكبده، وذلك بالتبليغ عن أي أفراد مشبوهين أو تحركات مشبوهة للجيش ولجهات الاختصاص التي يمكن أن نوليها ثقتنا، كما ينبغي على هذه الجهات أن تنأى بنفسها عن المبالغة في ردود أفعالها حتى لا يظلم ضحايا الشكاوي الكيدية.
إن الحروب العادلة هي التي تهدف إلى السلم في نهايتها، وحربنا على الإرهاب إحداها.
علينا أن نضع آلامنا جانبا، وأحقادنا جانبا، وأن نعمل معا، يدا واحدة، ضد عدوّنا المشترك، و،سنغلبهم باذن الله، وسيعمّ الأمن والسلام ربوع وطننا.
ندعو الله أن يجنبنا الفتن وأن يجمعنا ضد قوى الشر لنجنب بلدنا شرور ما يحاك لنا، ولنؤسس لمستقبل مشرق للأجيال القادمة، ووطن.
د فاطمة الحمروش



Escape … Electricity Minister Ali Mahariv outside the crease in the government of Libya

and the delegation of powers to his agent.

علي محيريق


Prime Minister Ahmed Meitik illegal in Tripoli to meet with members of his cabinet in the hall Tobakedz hotel owned by him without any powers or budget, or even government seals

احمد معيتيق رئيس الوزراء الغير شرعي يجتمع في طرابلس مع اعضاء حكومته في قاعة فندق توباكتس المملوك له دون اي صلاحيات او ميزانية او حتى اختام الحكومة



Chairman of the Jewish community in Tripoli, the Libyan buys Lands and announce the transfer of a million Jews to Libya |

reports attribute that Rafael Falah, head of the Jewish community of Libya, has purchased plots tracts in the Libyan capital Tripoli and in the Green Mountain in eastern Libya,

Chairman of the Jewish community in Tripoli, the Libyan buys Lands and announce the transfer of a million Jews to Libya.
the Libyan Jews returning to their homeland Libya very soon and will be in 2014 is Bmaah return of the Jews to Libya and also will be resettled Jews of the Maghreb countries like Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria and the transfer of a million Jews to Libby, with the help of the international community, the UN and international human rights organizations.

ISRAEL ALREADY HAS A HUGE AIRBASE in the WESTERN NAFUSA MOUNTAINS–in lands previously held as a national widerness preserve under ZINTAN…and the have a full military contigeant in Misurata; as they are traing MISURATA young men to be “soldiers”!…as well as building for them a missile defense center in Misurata to rival none other on our entire planet!




“These infidels greater country”, on FB, explains:

from A. D. Saleh Ibrahim Mabrouk:

Message to Displaced
All displaced to consider in 2011 is the year of the Nakba completely Kinkbh Palestine in 1948 because the lessons learned show that the displacement of Arabs from Libya is a series of Old and continuously starting Mend foray Habib when then displace Awlad on Jawazi to the Eastern Desert in Egypt, who number today 3 million

and has he believed in the war, which was part of the Ottoman Turks all well because the amount in Astana knead time was administered Aladhana secret of the Jews in Turkey and was believed Hola religion then they will return displaced to their homes during the months Wada their Antdharon Maiat years.

The process of displacement that were beginning to unload the mountain Alakhzer until the resettlement of Jews in it as a home alternative and when changed the plan to be Palestine is the alternative homeland postponed planned not canceled were on Water knead the displacement of 5 million Palestinians living in the diaspora today

and Mend Aktar than 6 decades In the Nakba current 2011 has been the displacement of two million Libyan in the process of regional and international have nothing to do Bntam political or power struggle, but is the process of unloading Libya of its population and replaced Pmaviac from all corners of the earth, and the proof is that the population of Libya on increasing during the two years Butlat million,

while the reality is that they Nqsoa two million meaning that there are 5 million of new settlers entered Libya after the catastrophe of 2011 worked just as the Zionist movement formed gangs Haganah to annihilate the Palestinians leave their homes until the day the new gangs Haganah same role, but its brutality and Bactr time this topic.

The displaced Libyans Mend foray Habib and even catastrophe in 2011 to commend the camps on the Egyptian and Tunisian borders in preparation for rewind their land, which Avcktha international gangs and Adera movement Alshabonih new because he choosers another in front of them and all Matsamaoh for reconciliation and dialogue and Return of Displaced is Akadeb and buy time until the smelting displaced in neighboring countries, … As has been adapted to children and Jawazi and the Palestinians and acquiesced to the policy of fait accompli.

أ.د. صالح ابراهيم المبروك

رسالة الى المهجرين
على جميع المهجرين ان يعتبروا عام 2011 هو عام النكبة تماما كنكبة فلسطين عام 1948 ﻻن الدروس المستفادة تبين ان تهجير العرب من ليبيا هو مسلسل قديم ومتواصل بدءا مند غزوة حبيب عندما ثم تهجير اوﻻد على والجوازى الى الصحراء الشرقية فى مصر والذين يبلغ عددهم اليوم 3 مليون ولقد كان يعتقد فى تلك الحرب التى كان لﻻتراك العثمانيين دورا قدرا فبها ﻻن اﻻستانة فى دلك الوقت كانت تدار سريا من يهود اﻻضنا فى تركيا وكان يعتقد هوﻻء الدين ثم تهجيرهم بانهم سيعودون الى ديارهم خﻻل اشهر وادا بهم ينتضرون ميئات السنين . ان عملية التهجير تلك كانت بداية لتفريغ الجبل اﻻخظر حتى يتم توطين اليهود فيه كوطن بديل وعندما تغيرت الخطة بان تكون فلسطين هى الوطن البديل تاجل المخطط ولم يلغى وتم على اتر دلك تهجير 5 مليون فلسطينى يعيشون فى الشتات اليوم ومند اكتر من 6 عقود وفى عام النكبة الحالية 2011 تم تهجير 2 مليون ليبى فى عملية اقليمية ودولية ليس لها عﻻقة بنطام سياسى او صراع على السلطة وانما هى عملية تفريغ ليبيا من سكانها واستبدالهم بمافيات من جميع اصقاع اﻻرض والدليل على ذلك ان سكان ليبيا ازدادوا خﻻل عامين بثﻻت مﻻيين فى حين ان الواقع هو انهم نقصوا بمليونين اى ان هناك 5 مليون من المستوطنيين الجدد دخلوا ليبيا بعد نكبة 2011 وتماما كما عملت الحركة الصهيونية بتشكيلها لعصابات الهاجانا ﻻبادة الفلسطينيين حتى يتركوا ديارهم تقوم اليوم عصابات الهاجانا الجديدة بنفس الدور ة بل و باكتر وحشية هده المرة.
على المهجرين الليبيين مند غزوة حبيب وحتى نكبة 2011 ان يشيدوا المخيمات على الحدود المصرية والتونسية استعدادا لترجيع ارضهم التى افتكتها العصابات الدولية وادرع الحركة الصهبونية الجديدة ﻻنه ﻻخيار اخر امامهم وان كل ماتسمعوه عن المصالحة والحوار ورجوع المهجرين هى اكاديب وشراء للوقت حتى يتم صهر المهجرين فى الدول المجاورة مثلما تم تكيف اوﻻد على والجوازى والفلسطينيين ورضخوا لسياسة اﻻمر الواقع.







“Zero hour”, on FB reports and comments:

The drums of war … knocks a border blockade of the Mediterranean
To Tunisia, Algeria and the Sahel and Egypt, preparation
Refugee camps and joint monitoring of the borders of the
Over time,

the Italian government is ready to position
Decisively in Libya, 

the U.S. Navy after the publication of force
Intervention, especially in Sicily.

On-board a warship 1000+
Soldiers anchored off the Libyan coast; and their pretext (stated goal) is
“The evacuation of the American community” !!

Some of the neighboring countries, like
Turkey, is asking its nationals to leave the land of
Libya … 

What is the purpose of these moves? ! It is that the enemy
Target is in Libya? …!
So will not know what the Libyans must do…
However, yard burst shells.

ساعة الصفر

ﻃﺒﻮﻝ ﺍﻟﺤﺮﺏ ﺗﻘﺮﻉ … ﺣﺼﺎﺭ ﺣﺪﻭﺩﻱ ﻣﻦ ﺍﻟﻤﺘﻮﺳﻂ
ﺇﻟﻰ ﺗﻮﻧﺲ ﻭﺍﻟﺠﺰﺍﺋﺮ ﻭﺩﻭﻝ ﺍﻟﺴﺎﺣﻞ ﻭﻣﺼﺮ , ﺇﻋﺪﺍﺩ
ﻣﻌﺴﻜﺮﺍﺕ ﻟﻼﺟﺌﻴﻦ ﻭﻣﺮﺍﻗﺒﺔ ﻣﺸﺘﺮﻛﺔ ﻟﻠﺤﺪﻭﺩ ﻋﻠﻰ
ﻣﺪﺍﺭ ﺍﻟﺴﺎﻋﺔ , ﺍﻟﺤﻜﻮﻣﺔ ﺍﻹﻳﻄﺎﻟﻴﺔ ﻣﺴﺘﻌﺪﺓ ﻟﻤﻮﻗﻒ
ﺣﺎﺳﻢ ﻓﻲ ﻟﻴﺒﻴﺎ , ﺍﻟﺒﺤﺮﻳﺔ ﺍﻷﻣﺮﻳﻜﻴﺔ ﺑﻌﺪ ﻧﺸﺮ ﻗﻮﺓ
ﺗﺪﺧﻞ ﺧﺎﺻﺔ ﻓﻲ ﺻﻘﻠﻴﺔ ﺑﺎﺭﺟﺔ ﺣﺮﺑﻴﺔ ﻋﻠﻰ ﻣﺘﻨﻬﺎ ﺃﻟﻒ
ﺟﻨﺪﻱ ﺗﺮﺳﻮ ﻗﺒﺎﻟﺔ ﺍﻟﺴﻮﺍﺣﻞ ﺍﻟﻠﻴﺒﻴﺔ ﻭﺍﻟﻬﺪﻑ ﺍﻟﻤﻌﻠﻦ
ﻋﻤﻠﻴﺔ ﺇﺧﻼﺀ ﻟﻠﺠﺎﻟﻴﺔ ﺍﻷﻣﺮﻳﻜﻴﺔ , ﺑﻌﺾ ﺩﻭﻝ ﺍﻟﺠﻮﺍﺭ
ﻭﺗﺮﻛﻴﺎ ﺗﻄﻠﺐ ﻣﻦ ﺭﻋﺎﻳﺎﻫﺎ ﻣﻐﺎﺩﺭﺓ ﺍﻷﺭﺍﺿﻲ
ﺍﻟﻠﻴﺒﻴﺔ … ﻣﺎ ﻫﺪﻑ ﻫﺬﻩ ﺍﻟﺘﺤﺮﻛﺎﺕ؟ ! ﻭﻣﻦ ﻫﻮ ﺍﻟﻌﺪﻭ
ﺍﻟﻤﺴﺘﻬﺪﻑ ﻓﻲ ﻟﻴﺒﻴﺎ ؟ …!ﺫﻟﻚ ﻣﺎ ﻟﻦ ﻳﻌﺮﻓﻪ ﺍﻟﻠﻴﺒﻴﻮﻥ
ﺇﻻ ﺳﺎﺣﺔ ﺇﻧﻔﺠﺎﺭ ﺍﻟﻘﺬﺍﺋﻒ

5 MORE HUGE BATTLESHIPS NOW off the nearby Coast, in Tunisian waters, right by the LIBYAN BORDER in the Mediterrannean Sea

Five battleships Atlantic water enters the Tunisian
Media reported that a Tunisian for five warships belonging to the NATO-docked in the port of La Goulette coming from Germany. The sources added that the presence of these warships comes within the framework of NATO‘s support for marine security in the Mediterranean countries and strengthen the presence of defense, without giving details about the task of these pieces of war at this time. Development came under Machhd Libya from dangerous conditions prompted many countries to withdraw his subjects, notably United States of America, Canada and Britaana and reduce diplomatic representation of them is limited to delegates in Libya …


Fireworks will start shortly, and continue, until occupation is thorough and complete!






the noble tribes threaten Zintan; Evil Akkla Gneoh attacks Zintan Brigades at the Bridge,

as all are against equestrian uniforms every day.
الزنتان تهدد القبائل الشريفة تي بالله وين غنيوة خلي يردهم لكوبري الفروسية زي كل يوم .



Killing “Ramadan Mabrouk Alhaka” janzour of “turf” following exposure to an armed robbery

on his car last evening.

News of the kidnapping of the Rat Fishing Abdel-Moneim, who heads the so-called
“The fight against crime”.  عبدالمنعم الصيد


Kidnapping Osama Salah Juweili’s brother,  in the city of Tripoli on Thursday, and came in response to some of the parties because of the kidnapping of Abdel Moneim fishing.

( room Libya rebels )
Any launch is the brother of Osama Salah Juweili versus immediately release Abdel Moneim fishing.

Jerzosama JuweiliSALAH JUWEILLI, extortionist







“Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar”, on FB:
Action stage, “my father”, won the Academy’s Award in Hleod al-Zliten

فيلم اكشن الدي ربح جائزة الاوسكار في مدينة هليود الزليتنيه





Been hit a convoy of the MISURATA rats in the area of ​​Soih south of Zliten.  Witnesses, from the area,

confirmed that they were bombed by NATO aviation, because they followed a convoy camp Trglat housing ANSAR al-Sharia.
تم ضرب رتل لجرذان مصراته في منطقه سويح جنوبي زليتن وحسب شهود عيان من المنطقة أكدوا انه تم قصفه من طيران الناتو لأنه رتل يتبع معكسر ترغلات الذي به انصار الشريعة








Hftar’s “clean-up” and dignity campaign, had the intention of stopping any or all foreign interference;…

as for the world to see that Libyans CAN take care of their own problems—

But USA and NATO have seen elswise…Their invasion has begun…

and therefore, all Libyans, and especially Kalifa Hftar, are NOT “happy campers”!



SALAFI demolish the tomb, “Mr. Happy” in Awjilah

(an oasis town in the Al Wahat District in the Cyrenaica region of northeastern Libya)

new mosque at Awjilah Coffee stop in Awjilah Boys studying in the old Al-Kabir mosque in AWJILAH Boy studies Holy Quran in Awjilah Camal at the farm in AWJILAH Awjilah Mosque Sammy Naas







Suspension of exports from the port of Zueitina for export because of NATO militias and their actions.

Zueitina Port
Port Descreption: Location: Zueitina is situated approx 130km S of Benghazi.
General overview:
Zueitina consists of offshore loading berths for oil tankers and LPG carriers. The main cargoes handled are crude oil, naphtha, butane and propane.
The LPG berth, because of it’s location, experiences different weather conditions and may be closed due to swell conditions, when the crude berths are open.
Traffic figures: Approx 270 vessels are handled annually.
Load Line zone: Summer.
Max size: LPG carriers LOA 160m, draft 8.7m and oil tankers up to 270,000dwt can be accommodated.
ETA’s: Vessels ETA must be advised 72, 48 and 24 hours prior to arrival to "Zueitina Oil Company", for the attention of the Operations Manager and the Terminal Superintendent, telex: 20139 ZUELY.
Vessels must provide the following information through their agents to the authorities with their ETA, on entering Libyan waters:
1. Point of entry
2. Colour of hull
3. Superstructure colour
4. Course
5. Speed
6. ETA at port
7. Name of port
8. Nationality of crew
9. Ship’s flag
Documentation required: Documents required include a Standard Crew List, Stores Lists and Declarations. It is most important that the last Certificate of Discharge is on board.
Radio: VHF: VHF ch 13 and 16, callsign "Zueitina Marine&quot.
LPG control room monitors VHF ch 12. Once VHF contact has been established, this should be maintained until out of range.
Health regulations: Standard health regulations apply.
If for emergency reasons a sick person has to be landed,the following information should be passed on as soon as possible:
Full name
Passport number
Customs and immigration: Vessels are advised to be sure that no alcohol is out of the bond and that there are no goods from Israel on the vessel.
Flags: The courtesy flag and the ship’s national flag must be conspicuously displayed.
Notices of readiness: NOR is given during hours of daylight and when cargo is ready, if the port is open and is within lay days. Also when ships are nominated and loading instructions
have been received.
General notices & regulations: Lifeboats should not be worked in the harbour or anchorage area.
Sea buoys, fairways and channels: The approach to Zueitina is marked by a light float moored approx 3.5nm NW of Scogli reef. Min channel depth is 18.3m.
Pilot: Compulsory. The Mooring
Master boards vessels near the Fairway buoy or within the anchorage area, centered on position Lat 30°55′N, Long 020°01.1′E and remains on board throughout the loading operation.
Anchorages: As advised by the Mooring Master or Marine Superintendent. Vessels awaiting a berth, anchor approx 1nm SE of the light float in depths of approx 30.0m. Holding ground is moderate to poor. During the winter strong NW’ly gales may set up heavy seas and swells, which may make the berths become untenable.
Prohibited anchorage is in the approaches to the oil loading berths and vessels should not anchor S of Lat 30°54′N.
Tidal range and flow: Range 0.3m.
Dock density: 1026.
Weather: Prevailing winds: N’ly.
Principal navigation aids: Az Zueitina oil terminal lightfloat (white hull, black tower, Lat 30°56′N, Long 020°00′E).
A DF radio station with a range of 100nm, working on 369kHz is available.
Charts: BA 3346, 3354. Admiralty Pilot NP49.
Tugs: There is 1 x 4,600hp tug available. Also mooring launches can assist with berthing.
Mooring information: Ships advised on berthing requirements prior to arrival on VHF ch 13.

Names/Nos: There is a small craft harbour situated inside the Tre Scogli reef.
Tanker berths: There are 5 offshore crude oil loading berths.
Berth Notes
Names/Nos: There is a small craft harbour situated inside the Tre Scogli reef.
Tanker berths: There are 5 offshore crude oil loading berths.
A. SPM closed, now marked by navigational buoy Fl (Mo’A’) W5s.
B.Conventional buoy mooring situated approx 2.5nm offshore in depths of approx 21.9m. Vessels moor heading approx 313°, using both anchors forward and tying up to 5 mooring buoys aft (vessels require a min of 9 shackles on each anchor). Loading takes place through a submarine pipeline (42in diameter) and 2 x 12in hose connections. Loading rate 32,000-36,000bbls/hr.
C. SPM approx 3nm offshore in depths of approx 30.5m. Served by a 48in submarine pipeline and 2 x 12in hose connections.
D. Conventional buoy mooring situated approx 2.5nm offshore in depths of approx 26.8m. Vessels moor, heading approx 313° using both anchors forward and tying up to 5 mooring buoys aft (vessels require a min of 9 shackles on each anchor). Served by a 42in submarine pipeline with loading taking place through a 12in hose connection. Loading rate 15,000-20,000bbls/hr. Dedicated ‘Naphtha’ berth.
E. SPM situated approx 3nm offshore in depths of approx 25m. Served by a 42in submarine pipeline, loading taking place through 2 x 12in hose connections. Loading rate 32,000- 36,000bbls/hr. Temporarily closed, header marked by navigational buoy Fl (Mo’E’) W5secs.
LPG Terminal: Situated inside the Tre Scogli reef, SSW of the small craft harbour. The berth consists of a trestle projecting from the end of the small craft harbour sea wall, at the end of which is a loading platform with a breasting dolphin on each side. There are 6 mooring dolphins provided, vessels berth starboard side to using the port anchor. Vessels up to 160m LOA and max draft 8.7m can be accommodated having a cargo capacity of approx 32,000m3. Loading takes place through a single loading line at a rate of around 3,000bbls/hr.
Barges: There are no barges available.
Ballast/slop reception: All ships must have clean ballast.
Security: Security is generally good.
Safety: A ship to shore safety check list is to be completed before cargo operations, also vessels are required to be able to move of a berth under ships power in the event of an emergency or when required.
Repairs: There are no repairs available.
Docking facilities: No docking facilities available.
Bunkers/water/stores: Bunkering: Not available.
Stores: Available but in limited quantities.
Medical facilities: Only emergency medical facilities are available.
Transport: Nearest airport: Benghazi.
Crew change: Crew change is not recommended.
Consuls: All Consular business at Tripoli.
Banks:There are no banks available.
Public holidays: Leilat al Meiraj, Eid al Fitr, British Evacuation Day, Eid al Adha, Islamic New Year, Evacuation Day, Ashoura, Mouloud, Revolution Day, Evacuation Day and Leilat al Meiraj.
Working hours: Throughout 24 hours.
Surveyors: Cargo surveyors available, though prior notice is required.
Recreation: There are no facilities available.
Garbage: All garbage must be kept on board.
Officials and visitors: No person is allowed on board the ship without being cleared by customs first.
Fumigation: Not available.
Pollution: Liable to heavy fines and delays.
PORT DUES: All Dues and Charges are available through agencies.
Port Authority- Port Towage – Zueitina Oil Co
Sidi Issa Street – PO Box 2134
Tripoli – Libya –
Tel: +218 21 333 8011
Fax: +218 21 333 9109 – Telex: 20289 ZUELY
Contact: Mr M Oun, Operations Manager

TEL : +218-21-4444924
FAX : +218-21-4448083
Email :


Zueitina  Shipping Port, 4 Zueitina  Shipping Port, 3 Zueitina  Shipping Port,2 Zueitina  Shipping Port, 1 Zueitina Shpping through UNIVERSAL SHIPPING COMPANY Zueitina shipping halted









WARNING, not so innocent:



Haaaaaaam and Aaaaaaagel :::

Take actions information is confirmed and received from the eastern region and Benghazi in particular the so-called organized Ansar al-Sharia, has followed this period, a new approach in the implementation of assassinations against targeted so where he trained a number of children and took over distribution and Taatbeth presence in the important sites, especially intersections and traffic signals within the city under the pretext of begging and selling tissue paper and are in fact in charge of monitoring and follow-up by some, and sometimes carrying out the liquidation of murder against the targeted person when it is appropriate and the circumstance surrounding appropriate.
A. M

الجمـــــاهيريه الثــــانيه

هااااااام وعااااااجل :::

تفيذ المعلومات المؤكدة والواردة من المنطقة الشرقية ومن بنغازي تحديدا إن مايسمي بتنظيم أنصار الشريعة قد انتهج هذه الفترة اسلوبا جديدا في تنفيذ الأغتيالات ضد المستهدفين بذلك حيث قام بتدريب عدد من الأطفال وتولى توزيعهم وتتبيث تواجدهم في المواقع الهامة وخاصة مفترقات الطرق والأشارات الضوئية داخل المدينة بحجة التسول وبيع المناديل الورقية وهم في حقيقة الأمر يتولون مراقبة ومتابعة البعض واحيانا يقومون بتنفيذ التصفية بالقتل ضد الشخص المستهدف عندما يكون الظرف مناسبا والمحيط ملائما .
A . M


… the region of Sidi Faraj on fire from NATO:




Urgent \ \ \ arrested in the so-called Bogfer precise gate and he was out in Benghazi after it was combined

with “the militia 17 February” in order to find her way out the name of reconciliation.


The Benghazi Bomber of precise gate:

a guard at Precise Gate:






Company Libya Telecom and technical notes its intention to cut the Internet on

Thursday the entire city of Benghazi



VIOLENT CLASHES in the city.



Smoke plume in Laithi and unaccountably.


The release of the abducted child, “Khaled Abdel-Fattah and Nice Saaiti” kidnapped nearly a month ago

against the amount of money and a ransom of one hundred thousand dinars.




Benghazi being bombed by NATO:



Peace, mercy and blessings of God
I hope publishing the widest
To the people of goodness and righteousness
There are sick in the Benghazi Medical Center 1200
In desperate need of platelets platoon A +
It is now located in the Department of Oncology
Please from philanthropists who want to donate call
من بريد الصفحة

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
ارجوا النشر علي اوسع نطاق
الي اهل الخير والبر
هناك مريضة في مركز بنغازي الطبي 1200
في حاجة ماسة الي صفائح دموية فصيلة A+
وهي الان موجودة في قسم الاورام
الرجاء من اهل الخير من يريد التبرع الاتصال علي الرقم
والله لا يضيع اجر من احسن عملا

General Hftar

Khalifa Hftar ask the air force bombing terrorist camps in Benghazi explosive barrels along the

lines of the Syrian Air Force, Bihriq Almqji.

خليفة حفتر يطلب من سلاح الجو قصف معسكرات الارهابيين في بنغازي بالبراميل المتفجرة على غرار سلاح الجو السوري ، بيحرق المقملين

arms at the terroist 17 FEBR. Camp at Gayounes

Ammunition were transferred from “Camp 17 February” to the University of Benghazi were smashed as well

as a full surveillance cameras, and there are several cars armed stationed in the interior.


Supporters of the military arm of the evil demon entity to intervene between my brothers and civilians stationed

at the University of Garyounis to escape the bombing of Air Force and the thing for taking civilians as human shields.








A fire in the power transformer near the condominium Hun
Near field Gardah.










Mu’ammar al-Qathafi in his Golf-cart motor-car:







Sisi first Egyptian head enters the Egyptian army in the region “c” in the reality of the Egyptian

border with the occupied territories of the Israeli entity.

 SISI, General of Egypt

Sisi, where the deployment of the fourth Egyptian army in the region, “c”, which was in the former area Menzuat arms.

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  1. Barrel bomb the Salafi’s to oblivion! I hope Hifter has turned on his zionist masters, it wouldn’t be the first time a US financed puppet has bitten the hand that feeds it.

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