photo of Nkos’Entle Kaekappakae Dalubuhle Dalindyebo, on FB.: “HOLINESS is ETERNAL”

“Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar”, on FB, writes:

Any channel is trying to tarnish the image of the leader al-Qathafi, Anhab Anicolhelm

al-Qathafi is in the hearts of millions ….

42 years of awareness and I no Ssagyh are condemned heretics and apostates Hat.

Please Tzmau that Hedda discourse showing the pain and suffering of our Tcolo leader Muammar

infidel himself Hua Aakhunh you respond?????????????

42 سنة من التوعيه ولاكن لا توجد ادان ساغيه هي هات الزنادقه والمرتدين الرجاء ان تسمعو هدا الخطاب الم تقولو معمر كافر القائد بنفسه هوا يرد عليكم ياخونه ؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟

Hlha Khalasin and resolve

هلها خلاصين وحلها


Yesterday’s Allies and Today’s Enemies


Stand united to confront what we term as “greedy and aborted dreams,” of which is the power struggle of Gangs whose Militias imposed control over Libya…

The statement noted that “the Quranic Sharia is the main source of legislation in Libya, and that all else is null and void, and opposes the law (as it was ratified on 12 June 1988 by all the Libyan peoples),”

warning the United States not to intervene in Libya, and condemns any foreign interference in the internal affairs of Libya.


“Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar”, on FB, comments:

When they start playing our rifles and our missiles Balnsf the right to speak and the unjust pain and paradise Tnadina and certification is our highest hope you become the hope does not die, O free Conqueror.

Children are traitors bequeath humiliation,,,

Rich bequeath their children money,,,

Liberals are fighting to leave behind their children’s homelands,,,

عندما تبدأ بنادقنا بالعزف وصواريخنا بالنسف فإن الحق يتكلم والظالم يتألم والجنة تنادينا والشهاده أسمى أمانينا تصبحون علي أمل لا يموت يا أحرار الفاتح

أولاد الشيخ عبدالسلام الاسمر

الـخونه يـورثـون أولاد همـ الـذل ,,,

الأغـنيـاء يـورثـون أولادـهـمـ الـمـال ,,,

الأحـرار يـقاتلـون لـيورثـوا أولادـهـمـ أوطـانــا ,,,


All the Liberals go to the channel page Arabic Hebrew and attacked the official pictures of the commander of the victory and the challenge they will broadcast a video documentary distorts the life of the leader

All the Liberals go to the channel page Arabic Hebrew and attacked the official pictures of the commander of the victory and the challenge they will broadcast a video documentary distorts the life of the Leader.


علي جميع الأحرار التوجه لصفحة قناة العربية العبرية الرسمية ومهاجمتها بصور قائد النصر والتحدي لأنها ستبث فيديو وثائقي يشوه حياة القائد


&عاجل~الليلة قناة العربية ستقوم بعرض برنامج عن حياة القائد معمر القذافي الساعه 10بتوقيت الجماهيرية العظمى

~ night-Arabiya will offer a program on the life of Libyan leader Muammaral-Qathafi

at 10 the time of the Great Jamahiriya



“Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar”, on FB tells us:

Channel Hebrew our leader history Musharraf Oatzbeh is our protector of everything his strong tall …

oh channel Hebrew Speak about the plight of 17 who destroyed Libya, where the torture

of prisoners of men, women and kill everything loving our leader ..

Libya has become a place of heretics (terrorism) .. stole money Libya ..

Libya became a sea of blood, God and yes, the agent in you fear God in us ..

and I tell you, God is the greatest rights Kid aggressor …

and Onthm Fans “catastrophe 17” want to occupy Libya and this far you Libya has a history of

struggle against the Italians … 

Sun light will shine with God’s help Pfersanha great ..

We have a lion (Mu’ammar al-Qathafi) and one sponsor (ALLAH) to rid the Libyans of all heretics

and traitors Adharv in a few days, not petals lean years.

The curse of God on February bitch.

قناة العبرية قائدنا تاريخه مشرف أعتزبه هو حامينا من كل شئ شخصيته قوية شامخة … يا قناة العبرية تكلمي عن نكبة 17 اللي دمرت ليبيا حيث قامت بتعذيب السجناء من الرجال والنساء وقتل كل ماهو محب لقائدنا .. ليبيا أصبحت مكان للزنادقة (الأرهاب) ..قاموا بسرقة أموال ليبيا .. ليبيا أصبحت بحر من الدماء حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل فيكم خافوا الله فينا .. وأقول لكم الله أكبر قوق كيد المعتدي … وأنثم معجبين بنكبة 17 تريدون احتلال ليبيا وهذه بعيدة عنكم ليبيا لها تاريخ نضالي ضد الطليان … ستشرق شمس الفاتح بعون الله بفرسانها العظماء ..

لدينا أسد واحد كفيل بتخليص كل الليبيين من الزنادقه والخونه في اضرف ايام قليله وليست تلات سنوات عجاف لعنة الله علي فبراير الكلبه

“Pride department in Ajeelat”, on FB writes:

“Fail channel in Hebrew tarnish the image of the hero Muammar al-Qathafi, on the contrary increased shined bright image
Said he wants to teach his people to a sophisticated but it is the people from the failure of his own telegraphic
They were intelligent and read a lot

And they described himself Ballowathag
And wants to unite Evrivia.”

كبرياء العجيلات

تفشل قناة العبرية في تشويه صورة البطل معمر القذافي بل العكس زادت لمعت صورته المشرقة
قالت كان يريد تعليم راقي لشعبه ولكن الشعب هو من فشل برقي بنفسه
قالوا كان ذكي ويقرا كثيرا

و وصفوه بالواثق بنفسه
ويريد توحيد افريقياء
كان يدعم حركات التحرر في العالم

“Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar”, on FB


In response to a campaign of infidelity and lying and deceit on the minds of people led by the channels prostitution moral Taatsidh labor and betrayal and Algdhir of Arabism and Islam, and you want to break the myth Arab Jamahiriya purebred descendant of the honorable and the grandson of the martyrs and Ibaém and brother and who led the Libyan Arab people in the greatest historical battles major,

of an unprecedented alliance forces of evil and aggression, the enemy of God ally of Satan and his leg,

gave the Commander of the editor’s historical people, Muammar al-Qathafi, Hero’s historic World in the face of heresy global which swarmed him with all their weapons

and still the war continues and Mstdh and raging and defeated the collection of the devil and paying back passage and defeated everywhere in the world and their breakup of peoples who are angry and rebellious…

these words in response to the forces of evil and lies and immorality and debauchery and immorality and espionage, who claim that they are for the shows and the Arabs and Muslims,

and they are served heresy dose allocated to wash Alozmgh about a person and Leader whose qualities remain spotless,

and say to the shepherds of the people, that you are promiscuous channels for each of the prostitution and debauchery and really commit adultery yourself in order to survive in you filthy dirt:

Tekhal eye and soaked in perfume roses …

and the same green and new ideas
Berlusconi and Muammar Tbes before hand …

Theny grandparents and their lives in the Al-Saad
Or the millions and God bless knelt and bowed … scion of a very honorable seriously.

And if you count the Avdhalh appreciate what promise … in the face of the enemy, repels stop and block.

Judgment of the people on what rate in cheek … and gives good sought and worked hard.
No Jaen and Obaya banana … and not all of Ahmed Khan has confirmed that he extend the dynasty.

And not excessive in his religion in his Lord tightens … Keep the Book of Allah Samad per Sunday.
Not afraid not Khana no humiliation and no day subsided …

In nothing ever has he deceived people, and never has he ever renegated on his promises.
And he has never lied on his words and his thoughts (all which have now been confirmed Asd) …

peoples in the extreme limit.
Traitors bared and pant on the face of bile … killing and oppression and Aazh and Algdhir Ajbd.
Ideas and convince the world is witnessing the unjust … trying to convince himself and the people break in Safed.

Green horse Tg by people … and the idea of a plan handwritten from the Holy Quran.
Spread the good wishes and in the net … and what they do not Zlhm and overwhelmed and rebellion.

Spread Jmrkm Ahba pay Ophthalmologists woodcut fire …

and the devil and U.S. Soldiers.

God has the right and the right as he promised … and invalidate the falsehood and fire Kzpkm right Tnkhmd.

Free people and taught them honesty and Grandpa … and what does not and Saashm Day speeches friendliness.
Struggle through the redemption of a youngster christened … a role model for his generation and Abdel Nasser saw Secretariat.

Whatever lies promoted at what God designed … and people Ajeha day and you are set.
And liberated the people you give your day distemper … you Vaydh bitterness O liver irresistible character.

Juana Tlzzu Baichh Syed Abdul and his shame … Taatmashoa Balnsawin mesh Balznd.
Im a storm and people shine and rumble … and explode the flood of horror and Alfdd.

And his power and his arm and his fortune is given to … give you your masters die CMD
And spin days and walks and Iszewy butter … Njibwa Koran and governs Nqimoa limit.

And mother of the martyr and the rest Taatbasm and sighs … and to thank God and praise him.
And Tekhal girlhood Atord eyes and cheek … and sing for poetry of the martyred.

ردا على حملة الكفر و الكذب و الدجل على عقول الناس التي تقودها قنوات العهر الأخلاقي الذي تتسيده العمالة و الخيانة و الغذر للعروبة والإسلام و التي تريد أن تحطم الأسطورة العربية الليبية الأصيلة سليلة الشرفاء و حفيد الشهداء و أبايهم و اخوهم و الذي قاد الشعب العربي الليبي في اعظم المعارك التاريخية الكبرى التي يسبق لها مثيل في تحالف قوى الشر و العدوان عدوة الله حليفة الشيطان و رجله أهدى للقائد المحرر التاريخي للشعب الليبي معمر القذافي البطل التاريخي العالمي في مواجهة الزندقة العالمية التي احتشدت له بكل أسلحتها و ما زالت الحرب مستمرة و مشتدة و مستعرة و هزم جمع الشيطان و يولون الدبر و يهزمون في كل مكان من العالم و تحطمهم الشعوب الغاضبة الثائرة هذه الكلمات ردا على قوى الشر و الكذب و الرذيلة و الفجور و الفسق و الجوسسة ممن يدعون بأنهم لليبين و عرب و مسلمين و هم خدم الزندقة على الجرعة المخصصة لغسل الأذمغة حول شخص القائد و خصاله و نقول لرعاة القنوات الفاجرة أنكم أهل لكل فجور و دعارة و حقا تزنون بأنفسكم من أجل البقاء أيها القذرين :

تكحل العين و غارقة في عطر الورد … و عينها خضراء و افكارها جدد
برلسكوني طبص و لمعمر قبل اليد … تهنى الأجداد و ارواحهم في السعد
أم الملايين و لله صلى ركع و سجد … سليل الشرفاء من جد الجد .
و لو نحصي أفضاله ما نقدر نعد … في وجه العدو وقف يصد و يسد .
الحكم للشعب ما يوم صعر الخد … في الخير سعى و عطى و اجتهد.
لا خاين و لابايع موزة و لا احمد … كل من خان أكد انه سلالة لمد .
و لا فرط في دينه في ربه يشد … حافظ كتاب الله الصمد الواحد الاحد.
لا خاف لا خنع لا ذل و لا يوم خمد … وفي لا خدع الناس و لا نكث بالوعد .
و لا يوم كذب و كلامه يصهد … أفكاره تأكدت للشعوب في أقصى الحد .
الخونة تعرت وبانت على وجه النكد … قتل و قهرة و عازه و الغذر يجبد.
بأفكاره العالم يقنع و يشهد … يكابر الباغي و الشعوب تكسر في الصفد .
فرسه الخضراء عليها الناس تلهد … و فكره من القرآن خطه بخط اليد .
نشر الخير و في الصافين يود … و ما ذلهم و لا عليهم طغى و تمرد .
أنشروا جمركم يهبي يولي رمد … حطابة النار و للشيطان و امريكيا جند .
الله يحق الحق كما قال و وعد … و يبطل الباطل و نار كذبكم بالحق تنخمد .
حرر الناس و علمهم الصدق و الجد … و ما سايسهم و لا يوم خطب الود .
كفاحه من صغره بالفداء معمد … قدوة لجيله و عبد الناصر بالأمانة شهد .
الكذب مهما رقى عند الله ما يصمد … و الناس يجيها يومها و عليكم ترد .
و تتحرر الناس منكم يولي يومكم نكد … فايضة منكم المرارة يا دراه الكبد .
خوانة تلذذوا بعيشة سيد و عبد … خزيه تتمعشوا بالنساوين مش بالزند .
و يجيكم الشعب عاصفة تبرق و ترعد … و يتفجر الطوفان من الهول و الفدد.
و لسلطته و لسلاحه و لثروته يرد … يتخلى عليكم أسيادكم تموتوا كمد
و تدور أيام و يمشي و يجفى الزبد … نجيبوا القرآن يحكم و نقيموا الحد .
و أم الشهيد ترتاح و تتبسم و تتنهد … و تتوجه بالشكر لله و له الحمد .
و تكحل الصبايا العيون و يتورد الخد … و تغني بالأشعار على من استشهد .


نحن هلــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــها إهداء خاص لكل الشرفاء


The Zionists are frightened by NATO!My comments on the Destruction of the Great Jamahiriya, and removal of Muammar al-Qathafi04 September 2011 “NATO had no right to do this!”

The “Liberation” of Libya: NATO Special Forces and Al Qaeda Join Hands

“Former Terrorists” Join the “Pro-democracy” Bandwagon

Extensive war crimes have been committed. NATO has blood on its hands. The heads of government and heads of state of NATO member countries are responsible for extensive war crimes

The “pro-democracy” rebels are led by Al Qaeda paramilitary brigades under the supervision of NATO Special Forces. The “Liberation” of  Tripoli was carried out by “former” members of the Libya Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG).

The jihadists and NATO work hand in glove. These “former” Al Qaeda affiliated brigades constitute the backbone of the “pro-democracy” rebellion.

NATO special forces with “boots and the ground” pass unnoticed. Their identity is not known or revealed. They blend into the Libyan rebellion landscape of machine guns and pickup trucks. They are not highlighted in the photo ops.

Special forces composed of  US Navy SEALS, British Special SAS Forces and French legionnaires, disguised in civilian rebel garb, are reported to be behind major operations directed against key government buildings including al-Qathafi’s Bab al-Aziziya compound in central Tripoli.

Reports confirm that British SAS were on the ground in Eastern Libya prior to the onset of the air campaign. Special Forces are in close coordination with NATO air operations. “Highly-trained units, known as ‘Smash’ teams for their prowess and destructive ability, have carried out secret reconnaissance missions to provide up-to-date information on the Libyan armed forces.” (SAS ‘Smash’ squads on the ground in Libya to mark targets for coalition jets, Daily Mirror, March 21, 2011)

NATO special forces and the CIA sponsored Salafist brigades under the command of “former” SALAFI-militants constitute the backbone of combat capabilities on the ground, supported by the air campaign, which now includes Apache helicopter raids.

The remainder of the rebel forces include untrained trigger happy gunmen (including teenagers) (see photo below), which serve the function of creating an atmosphere of panic and intimidation.

What we are dealing with is a carefully planned military intelligence operation to invade and occupy a sovereign country.

Zohra Bensemra/REUTERS

Killing the Truth. The Role of the Western Media

The Western media constitutes a major instrument of war. NATO war crimes are obfuscated. Popular resistance to the NATO led invasion is not mentioned.

A narrative of  “liberation” and  “opposition pro-democracy rebel forces” is instilled in the inner consciousness of millions of people. Its called the “NATO Consensus”.

“The NATO Consensus” which upholds the “humanitarian mandate” of the Atlantic alliance cannot be challenged. The bombings of civilian areas as well as the role of a terrorist militia are either trivialised or not mentioned.

Killing the truth is an integral part of the military agenda.

Realities are turned upside down.

The lie becomes the truth.

Its an inquisitorial doctrine. The NATO consensus dwarfs the Spanish Inquisition by a long shot.

The criminal invasion and occupation of Libya is not mentioned. The lives of independent journalists in Tripoli who report on what is actually happening are threatened. The catch words are “Liberation” and “Revolution” with NATO’s mandate limited to R2P (“Responsibility to Protect”).

Liberation or Invasion? By camouflaging the nature of the military operation, not to mention NATO atrocities, the Western media has contributed to providing the Transitional Council with a semblance of legitimacy and international recognition. The latter would not have been forthcoming without the support of the Western media.

NATO special forces and intelligence operatives on the ground are in permanent liaison with military planners involved in coordinating NATO strike sorties and bombing raids on the Libyan capital.

Mu’ammar al-Qathafi…the  

most honest,


generous, kind, and loving


holy leader of all times!

Mu’ammar al-Qathafi…an innocent victim of the SATANIC powers of the

evil Rothschilds, the CIA,  MI6, and the Global


Menkind Menkind, replies on FB site “Zintan Brigade QaaQa”:

Girl tore her body and her soul has cost rocket to NATO in 2011 # Zliten in Libya within about eighty another victim whom about 39 children and the rest are mostly women.

Ignored all the Western media image and some ways her elders Brotherhood and sedition faces toward al-Qathafi’s “alleged crimes” as victims were buried in a majestic procession out of the spotlight and with dignity ..

As I worked # island anesthesia Libyan people abroad for al-Qathafi .. and worked on the invention and falsification of crimes attributed to him; and also, justified Per crimes of NATO and claim it either because of traffic accidents, or the bombing of al-Qathafi himself (supposedly) on his supporters to attribute NATO‘s innocent of the blood of Muslims?? !!!!!

And, as they say things Bjuatimha ..
Here is # Libya now reap what you planted sedition follow .. All its news is: was assassinated – the dawn – killed – kidnapped – unidentified bodies – clashes – and demonstrations – and fight in the streets.

(Menkind Menkind)

طفلة مزق جسدها و ازهق روحها صاروخ لحلف الناتو عام 2011 بمدينة #زليتن الليبية ضمن حوالي ثمانين ضحية اخرى منهم حوالي 39 طفلا والبقية غالبها نساء .

تجاهلت كل وسائل الاعلام الغربية الصورة و اشاح عنها شيوخ الاخوان و الفتنه بوجوههم نحو جرائم القذافي المزعومة فيما تم دفن الضحايا في موكب مهيب خارج دائرة الضوء و بكل كرامة..

فيما عملت #الجزيرة على تخدير الشعب الليبي الخارج عن القذافي .. و عملت على اختراع و تزييف جرائم نسبتها له و ايضا تبريرها لكل جرائم الناتو و الزعم انها اما بسبب حوادث السير او قصف للقذافي نفسه على مؤيديه لينسبها للناتو البرئ من دماء المسلمين ؟؟

و كما يقال الامور بخواتيمها ..
فها هى #ليبيا الان تحصد ما زرعه اتباع الفتن ..فكل اخبارها هي : اغتيل – فجر – قتل – اختطف – جثث مجهولة الهوية -اشتباكات – و مظاهرات – و قتال في الشوارع

صور اخرى للاشتباكات بالساحة الخضراء (4 photos)

scene of clashes Green (4 photos)

Green clashes  30 MAY 2014

SMILE in Memory of what
The Great Arab People’s Jamahiriya,

Friday, 01 Oct 2004

(no “author” is given. It is just under AI /African Investors)


The Libyan economy depends on the oil sector for virtually all export earnings, and is seeking foreign investment to expand in oil and gas following a long period when expansion has been prevented, partly by international economic sanctions which have now been lifted. As in many oil-rich economies, diversification is constantly proclaimed an objective. Libya is therefore also seeking investment in agriculture, tourism, industry, transport, and other sectors.

The political and administrative structure is unique. It is modelled to some extent on the principles of Mu’ammar al-Qadhafi’s “Green Book”.
Libya is a friendly country, and potential investors will encounter much goodwill.

Historical Background

The Phoenicians settled the shores of Libya mainly towards the West and built a few coastal trading centres which became the main cities of Tripolitania, the region around Tripoli. The Greeks settled the Eastern shores of Libya where they developed agriculture and built trading cities which include Benghazi and Cyrene.

The Romans arrived in Tripolitania in 106 BC, and gained control of most of the region, which became a Roman province, and a thriving trade and cultural centre. The three major Roman cities of Tripoli, Leptis Magna, and Sabratha provided the empire with agricultural commodities, and also supplied slaves and goods from sub-Saharan Africa. The fall of the Roman Empire saw the takeover of the cities by the Byzantines in the 6th Century, with major destruction of the cities that were built by the Romans. Only Tripoli survives as an inhabited city, though paradoxically it is those that were deserted which have retained their archaeological glories.

Libya was invaded by the Arabs in the seventh century, which brought Islam to the region where it remains to this day. The Arabs brought new cultural development in all aspects of life, and there are examples of Islamic architecture from all subsequent periods. Libya remained under Arab rule till the Turks conquered the region in the mid 16th century, with a locally appointed administrator or ruler. The rule of the Turks came to an end with Italian colonial expansion early in the twentieth century.

The Italian colonisation of Libya was devastating for Libyans, as almost half the population was either exiled or killed between 1911 and the end of World War II. During that war Libya was a battlefield, and problems such as unexploded bombs remain to this day. The Italian occupation came to an end when Italy was defeated in 1945. The country then came under British and French administration until it became independent in 1951 under King Idris, who came from the Senussi dynasty in the region of Cyrenaica. Libya was transformed into a constitutional monarchy which followed the British model. Hostility towards imperialism and pro-Western regimes developed throughout the Arab world, including in Libya, as the Arabs looked increasingly to the leadership of President Nasser of Egypt. On 1st September 1969 the monarchy came to an end, overthrown by a group of army officers led by 27-year-old Lieutenant Mu’ammar al-Qathafi.

An overview of the Economy

The Libyan economy in the 1960s, which was among the poorest in the world, was mainly controlled by outside powers. Although the economy was quite liberal and open, few Libyans were permitted to be important players in it.

After the “al-Fateh Revolution” of Light, 01 September 1969, foreign and private assets were at first, nationalised in an attempt to distribute wealth more fairly among the Libyans. Later, under “people-power”, co-operatives were developed by the Libyan people themselves. The proclaimed objective was to develop the nation and to shift towards import substitution and self-sufficiency.

Introduction to “THE GREAT JAMAHIRIYA”:

By the late 1970s the public sector was dominant in all fields; distribution as well as production of goods and services was controlled and run by the public sector. People-Parnerships and cooperatives control the industry, but because of heavy-sanctions, there was still a shortages of goods, lower quality, high costs which led to an increase in the financial burden of maintaining these industries. The public sector was seen as the only source of jobs for new graduates and others, which resulted in over-employment in the public sector and a collapse in efficiency and productivity.

The problems arising from the controlled public sector paved the way for a relaxation of commercial laws and regulations in the late 1980s; the private sector started emerging once again, and small scale traders started to be active in the development of the economy. But international sanctions imposed in the early 1990s slowed down the liberalisation of the economy.

After the suspension of UN sanctions in 1999 a wide range of normalisation measures were introduced, including externally the normalisation of relations with Libya’s main trading partners in Europe and elsewhere.The appointment of Shukri Ghanim as minister of trade and later prime minister was a step forward, as he was identified with reform of the economy. Ghanim’s attempts to reform the economy continue, despite opposition from forces of reaction which, though obscure, have been denounced by him and by al-Qathafi himself.

America remained the exception until December 2003.

Recent Developments

1. A delegation of seven members of the US congress headed by Curt Weldon arrived in Libya in January 2004, the first such visit in 30 years, and were followed by other congressional visitors.

2. The British Prime Minister Tony Blair visited Libya in March 2004, sharply accelerating the tempo of exchanges between the two countries following slow step-by-step normalisation since diplomatic relations were restored in 1999.

3. al-Qathafi visited Brussels as guest of Commission President Prodi, an important stage in ending his international isolation.

4. World Trade Organisation members unanimously agreed to allow Libya to start negotiations to join the international body that sets the global rules on international trade. The process is likely to take several years.

5. The application to Libya of the US Iran/Libya Sanctions Act (ILSA) and certain other US administrative measures such as a ban on travel were relaxed. Official US sources state that full ties between Libya and the United States are expected to be restored as early as 2005, irrespective of the outcome of the US elections.

6. In mid-August the National Oil Corporation issued a long-awaited invitation to international companies to bid for exploration and production sharing agreements (EPSA) covering 15 areas. Presentations on these were made in Tripoli on September 5 and in London on September 14 (details at This is an important step forward, but experience suggests that negotiations will be protracted.


A privatisation agency was established in 2000. It has been announced that more then 361 state-owned companies are to be privatised in a programme that will be carried out in three phases ending in 2008.
“The programme targets the privatisation of heavy industry, particularly steel mills, chemical plants, truck and bus assembly lines, textile and shoe factories, as well as state farms,” said Prime Minister Shukri Ghanim. The Central Bank of Libya is to control the sales of stocks of these firms and factories, until a stock market is established, in an attempt to broaden the base of ownership. al-Qathafi has announced that privatisation could go as far as light industry, oil and the banking sector as well as airports. But the list of companies for privatisation has still to be revealed.

Banking and Insurance

The Banking sector has been heavily regulated by the State since the nationalisation of foreign banks in the 1970s. The only bank that has international operations is the Libyan Arab Foreign Bank (LAFB), which was established in 1972. There are six state-owned commercial banks supervised by the Central Bank: LAFB, Gumhouria Bank, National Commercial Bank, Sahara Bank, Umma Bank, Wahda Bank. There are also currently two privately owned banks; the Bank of Commerce and Development, which has installed a modern integrated system with an efficient payments procedure, and the newly established Tourism Development Bank, which will focus on financing the tourism sector. Most of the commercial banks are now connected to SWIFT but the banking sector is underdeveloped, and many small-scale transactions are therefore settled in cash, which does not enter the national banking system. The development of modern systems such as credit cards and ATMs has been frustrated by US sanctions.

Most insurance activities were handled by foreign companies until the 1970s. The revolution’s intentions were to gain absolute control of the insurance sector, with an insurance law passed in 1970. Since 1999, some deregulation of the insurance market took place to allow some private-sector share capital into the structure of the industry. A sound banking and insurance system will be required as rapid development is expected.

Oil and Gas

Oil exploration started at the beginning of 1955, with the key national Petroleum Law No. 25 enacted in 1955. The first oil fields were discovered in 1959 at Amal and Zelten. Oil exports began in 1961. Libyan oil production has declined somewhat in recent years under pressure of sanctions, and in 2003 was estimated at nearly 1.5 million barrels per day (bbl/d), with consumption of 227,000 bbl/d and net exports of about 1.25 million bbl/d. Nearly all (about 90 per cent) of Libya’s exports are sold to European countries such as Italy (485,000 bbl/d in 2002), Germany (188,000 bbl/d in 2002), France (47,000 bbl/d in 2002), Spain and Greece. Very little goes to Britain, because Libyan oil is similar to North Sea oil in quality; Libya produces high-quality, low-sulphur (“sweet”) crude oil at very low cost – as low as 0.73€ per barrel at some fields.

The lifting of UN sanctions in September 2003, along with possible changes to Libya’s 1955 hydrocarbons legislation, should help boost oil output. Sanctions caused delays in a number of exploration projects, and affected the maintenance of existing oil installations. The full lifting of sanctions, after their suspension in 1999, meant that Libya could resume the purchase from Europe and elsewhere of oil industry equipment, which was restricted. However, US sanctions remained in place, prohibiting US companies from selling advanced oil and gas equipment.

Libya would like to see an increase in its oil production capacity from the present level to two million bbl/d by the end of 2010. In order to achieve this goal, the oil industry infrastructure needs to be upgraded. That will only be possible if foreign companies invest. Libya is seeking as much as 22€ billion in foreign investment up till 2010. Libya is considered a highly attractive oil province due to its low cost of oil recovery, its proximity to European and the US markets compared with the Gulf and its well-developed infrastructure.

Continued expansion of natural gas production remains a high priority for Libya for two main reasons. First, Libya would like to replace the domestic use of oil by natural gas to free more oil for export. Second, Libya has vast natural gas reserves and is looking to develop its gas production for exports to Europe. Libya’s proven natural gas reserves in 2003 are estimated at 46.4 trillion cubic feet (Tcf), but the country’s actual gas reserves are largely unexplored, and thought by Libyan experts to be considerably larger, possibly 70-100 Tcf. Major producing fields are Attahadi, Assumud, Defa-Waha, Hatiba, Sahl and Zelten. Libya is undertaking a major gas development project, which includes as-Sarah and Nahoora, Faregh, Wafa, offshore block NC-41, Abu-Attifel, Intisar, and block NC-98. In line with worldwide market and technological changes the emphasis for the future has shifted from export by pipeline to the construction of facilities for the export of liquefied natural gas by sea.

A joint venture between Eni and NOC on the Western Libyan Gas Project (WLGP) costing approximately 4.11€ billion and aimed at developing and exporting large volumes of natural gas to Italy is in its last phase. There is great potential for developing the natural gas industry for export to Europe.

One billion US Dollars’ worth of engineering, procurement and construction contracts were awarded to a consortium led by Japan’s JGC and including France’s Sofregaz and Italy’s Technimont at the beginning of 2002. The consortium is working on oil and natural gas infrastructure to improve production and exploration capacities in the Wafa Desert and near Melitah on the Mediterranean coast, with first flows starting in 2005.

ENI affiliate Saipem was awarded a contract worth of 366.62€-550 million to build and install an offshore natural gas platform northwest of Tripoli in June 2002.


Libya currently has electric power production capacity of about 4.6 gigawatts. Power demand has been growing rapidly (around 6 per cent annually) and Libya has plans to more than double installed capacity by 2010 at a cost of more than 2.57€ billion. Most of Libya’s existing power stations are oil-fired, though several have been converted to natural gas.

Gecol is the main electricity supplier in the country, but lack of funding and bureaucracy has slowed down its progress. Last summer the country experienced a blackout because the power plants simply couldn’t keep up with the demand for electricity. In fact, the peak demand was 3,341 MW which is way below the country’s installed generating capacity. Electricity demand is expected to grow by 7.8 per cent per year in the future. Therefore, large investments are necessary to avoid supply shortages of energy in the future.


Agriculture in Libya was traditionally limited to the coastal strip, with climatic conditions and poor soils severely limiting agricultural output. Agriculture is still the main occupation in Libya and accounts for around 20 per cent of the workforce. Barley, wheat, tobacco and olives are grown in the north; dates and figs on the oases; and grapes are grown on the mountain slopes.

In 1958 (before the discovery of oil), agriculture supplied more than 26 per cent of GDP and Libya exported food. Although gross levels of agricultural production have remained relatively constant, an increase in oil revenue has resulted in a downturn in agriculture’s share of gross national product. The development of the oil industry had dropped agricultural share of GDP to nine per cent by 1962; and by 1978 to less than two per cent. The slow-down in agricultural production led to an increase dependence on foreign supplies of food. A substantial amount of oil wealth is spent on importing foreign food. Today’s story is different. Agriculture accounts for five per cent of GDP and Libya imports about three-quarters of its food.

With new agricultural development made possible by the availability of fossil water from the Great Man-Made River, an investment programme has been initiated by the government to develop the agricultural sector. Incentives have been created and credit facilities for seeds, fertilisers and machinery are widely given. The government has designated a total area of 55,000 hectares in the al-Khadra region south of Benghazi for agriculture development intended for foreign investors.


A combination of history and geography makes Libya a very attractive holiday destination for tourists. Libya has magnificent historical sites and ruins to offer as well as a vast desert. The warm climate is suitable for all-year-round tourism. The country has a coastal line of almost 2,000 km of virgin beaches. However, Libya is not looking for mass tourism, but rather concentrating on archeology and desert tourism. Alcohol is banned. A ministry of tourism was created earlier this year, reflecting the government’s concern to develop and regulate the sector. The Tourism Development Bank has also been created to finance projects in the sector.

In the first development of a modern tourist/business amenity, the Corinthia Group and the Libyan Arab Foreign Investment Company have opened a five-star hotel in Tripoli as a joint venture; with 300 rooms and suites, a business centre, conference facilities, sports facilities and spa as well as a shopping centre. The Italian company Valtur is reportedly planning to develop the Silin Beach with a 600-bed resort that will feature an 18-hole golf centre.


The General Company for Posts and Telecommunications (GCPT) is the only national operator and regulator for telecommunications services in Libya. It provides international and local voice services, telex, fax, mobile call services through its mobile communications subsidiary (Al-Madar) as well as internet services. Privatisation seems a very long way away in this sector as it is fully controlled by the state; the government intends to boost the accessibility of the telecommunication sector to 27 per cent by 2015 and 37 per cent by 2020. Investment of more than 7.33€ billion is required by the end of 2020 and 50 per cent of this investment will be sought from foreign investors.

The GSM subscriber base was low at the start of 2002, with 50,000 people representing one per cent market penetration. A combination of high rates and underdeveloped infrastructure contributes to the low penetration of the market. Fixed lines were low as 660,000 subscribers in 2002, at 12 per cent. Demand is high, but waiting time exceeding 14 months reflects the low quality of service provided.

A new company named Libyiana has started operations this year; a joint venture between a Chinese operator and GCPT that should at least create some competition and a drop in prices. GCPT plan optimistically to achieve three million subscribers by 2005.


Good roads along the coast connect Tripoli with Tunis, and through Benghazi and Tobruk with Alexandria. Another road connects Sabha in the deep interior with the coastal roadway. A five-year plan aims to connect Libya internationally. Several projects are underway to connect Libya with its neighboring countries. Construction and completion of local and international airports and runways are being carried out again to facilitate connections between Libya and the rest of the world. The maritime facilities are being updated and developed; seaports are being equipped and expanded to increase their capacity.

Libya railways stopped operation in 1965. All previous systems have been dismantled. There is now a 7.33€ billion plan to construct a 2,178km standard gauge line from the Tunisian frontier to the Egyptian frontier, as well as a 992 km southern line connecting Sirt on the coastal line with inland Sebha in the south. It is estimated that the railway project will create up to one million jobs. A Chinese company has already been awarded a contract worth 344.63€ million to construct the track linking Tripoli with Tunisia.

Country Profile:

Population (2004 estimate): 5.6m
note: includes about 800,000 non-nationals
Area: 1,759,540 sq km, Libya is the fourth largest country in Africa and seven times the size of the UK.
Border Countries (length of border): Egypt (1,160 km), Sudan (383 km), Chad (1,055 km), Niger (345 km), Tunisia (459 km), Algeria (920 km), Mediterranean coast (approximately 1,950 km)
Main Language: Arabic. Amazighi /Tazmut, English and Italian are also widely spoken

Political system:

Since he took leadship of the  SEPT. 1969 REVOLUTION, Col. Mu’ammar Abu Minyar al-Qathafi has developed his own political system, which he calls the “Third International Theory”. He gave up all political powers on 02 MARCH 1977. Libya since then, is defined as a Jamahiriya, which resembles the word for “Masses”: ‘Jumhuriyya’. Jamahiriya involves a system of councils where all citizens have a right to express their opinions. The GREAT JAMAHIRIYA system comprises 186 basic people’s administrative congresses. The declared aim of the Jamahiriya system is to give influence and responsibility directly to the people, through a pyramid system of direct democracy. Delegates in higher positions are mandated by the members of the people’s congresses.

Administrative Divisions: The 26 governorates (sha’biyat) include: Ajdabiya, Al ‘Aziziyah, Al Fatih, Al Jabal al Akhdar, Al Jufrah, Al Khums, Al Kufrah, An Nuqat al Khams, Ash Shati’, Awbari, Az Zawiyah, Banghazi, Darnah, Ghadamis, Gharyan, Misratah, Murzuq, Sabha, Sawfajjin, Surt, Tarabulus, Tarhunah, Tubruq, Yafran, Zlitan
Currency: Libyan Dinar (LYD): 0.73€ = 1.20 LYD: 1.23€ = 2.23 LYD (August 2004) 

Real GDP growth (%): 2.3%-2.6% (2004 estimate)

Inflation (%): 11.0 (2003 estimate)
Unemployment: 25% (2004 estimate)
Main Industries: Oil and gas, food processing, textiles, handicrafts and cement
Main Exports: crude oil and refined petroleum products
Road Network: total: 83,200 km, paved: 47,590 km, unpaved: 35,610 km (1999 estimate)
International Airports: Tripoli International Airport, Benina (Benghazi) International Airport.
Ports and Harbors: Al Khums, Benghazi, Darnah, Marsa al Burayqah, Misratah, Ra’s Lanuf, Tobruk, Tripoli, Zuwarah

PICTURE: The Heart and Soul of Libya, Mu’ammar al-Qathafi:








Libya first

Online confirms injury Almqml and Sam bin Humaid in his feet from the first day of the process

of dignity and confirms that he is currently out of the country.


“These infidels greater country”, on FB
Wissam bin Humaid \ \ \ \ \ Menkowoowoowoowol

Almqml Zahawi leader of Ansar al-Sharia

Zahawi Radio airs
The Libyan people did not disbelieve. The whole Libyan people are Muslim and we are part of it.

Broadcaster .. What do you think of the army and police?

Zahawi: we are building with the army and police and the basics are correct dogma and loyalty to God and the nation and service to Libyans.

Broadcaster … What do you say to the assassinations in Benghazi?

Zahawi …. We Security Directorate after the incident that killed a group of ANSAR al-SHARIA, went into defense and interior and the prime minister and told them they came with evidence and the names of people from the Ansar from doing so and evil investigations, but unfortunately did not respond and Then they brought the subject.
He stressed that they are not the one who can do and those who claim that highlight what he has to the Libyan people in the media either establishing their purposes and in order to settle the Ansar, but they have a purpose.

Broadcaster …. What about you Tstdon from outside Libya?

Zahawi:  destination including calls for the U.S. and the West to kill the sons of Libyan Muslims should know that we are a part of the Libyan Islamic world, Muslims will not let us down now as they did in Syria.

Broadcaster statement .. Research in Fatwa on your statement

Zahawi .. We Khatabnahm and Avhemenahm points that they talked about and what we mean to them and we confirmed that we accept them advice that Akhtina.

Broadcaster:  statement Misurata …

Zahawi … Perhaps they understood our statement of error and the large number of media disinformation.

Broadcaster .. Is interlocutors Haftar?

Zahawi … of Haftar even Nhaorh is attacked on the Benghazi and wants the coup against the “revolution”.

Why is it all comes from the suspicion has a resident in the embrace of the West ?…

Zahawi .. We are the sons of Libya and accept dialogue with anyone, and we want the army and the police are not Madlgin nor their loyalty to politicians or their parties or their loyalty to the west.

Zahawi: .. We Ntmn Libyan people that we are sons and we do not want only good for this country
Ma’lec some of the terms are not Bzbt but almost 90% and said the Arabs following the first rope shoulder gives him …..

(Transferred Akram Fazzani)

سـام بـن حـمـيـد\\\\\منقوووووووووووول
الزهاوي لراديو اجواء …
لم نكفر الشعب الليبي فالشعب الليبي كله مسلم ونحن جزء منه
المذيع .. مارأيكم في الجيش والشرطة
الزهاوي نحن مع بناء الجيش والشرطة باسس صحيحة وعقيدة ولاؤها لله ثم الوطن وخدمة لليبيين
المذيع … ماذا تقول على الاغتيالات في بنغازي
الزهاوي …. نحن بعد حادثة مديرية الامن التي مات فيها ثلة من انصار الشريعة توجهنا الى الدفاع والداخلية و رئاسة الوزراء وقلنا لهم اتوا بادلة واسماء اشخاص من الانصار من يقوم بذلك وقوموا بتحقيقات ولكن للاسف لم يستجيبوا وفاتوا الموضوع
واكد انهم ليسوا هم من يقوم بذلك وعلى من يدعي ذلك ابراز ما لديه للشعب الليبي في الاعلام اما تاسيس ذلك لاغراضهم وتشوية الانصار الا غرض لديهم
المذيع …. ماذا عن انكم تستدعون من خارج ليبيا
الزهاوي المقصد بمن يستدعي امريكا والغرب ليقتل ابناء ليبيا المسلمين فليعلم اننا اي ليبيا جزء من العالم الاسلامي ولن يخذلنا المسلمين كما فعلوا الان في سوريا
المذيع ..بيان البحوث في دار الافتاء على بيانكم
الزهاوي ..نحن خاطبناهم وافهمناهم النقاط التي هم تكلموا عنها وماذا نقصد بها واكدنا لهم اننا نقبل منهم النصح ان اخطئنا
المذيع … بيان مصراتة
الزهاوي … لعلهم فهموا بياننا خطأ من كثرة الاعلام والتضليل
المذيع ..هل تحاوروا حفتر
الزهاوي … من حفتر حتى نحاوره هو من هاجم على بنغازي ويريد الانقلاب على الثورة
لماذا كل من يأتينا عليه شبهة وله فترة مقيم في احضان الغرب…
الزهاوي ..نحن ابناء ليبيا ونقبل التحاور مع اي احد ونريد جيش وشرطة ليسوا مؤدلجين ولا ولاءهم للساسة او احزابهم او ولاءهم للغرب
الزهاوي نحن نطمن شعبنا الليبي اننا ابناؤه واننا لا نريد الا الخير لهذا الوطن
معليش بعض التعابير ليست بزبط ولكن تقريبا 90 % وقالوا العرب الاولى يلي يعطيك حبل كتفه به…..
(نقله اكرم الفزاني)


The achievements of the “plight of 17 February” Part …
Company announced that the General Electricity Company losses as a result of the theft

and looting of equipment amounted to one billion and 500 million Libyan dinars …



Lifted today,  the immunity of named (Nuri Abusshmin) by the Attorney General.



Nuri Abu Bushmin:

“(ABDULLAH bending‘s) refusal to hand over his duties to the crease Meitik is dig power and

violation of the law and a crime punishable by up to prison or isolation.
. ”
“These infidels greater country”, on FB, COMMENTS:
“Is there a crime bigger than that inflicted upon the Libyan state Baaataravk Baasraúal state and

murder, child prostitution and mesmerized Aaamal ?….”

هذه الكفرة ياسادة

Nouri Bousahmein /نوري ابوسهمين :

“رفض الثني تسليم مهامه لمعيتيق يعتبر تشبثا بالسلطة و خرقا للقانون و جريمة تصل عقوبتها الي العزل او السجن .

وهل هناك جريمة اكبر من التي الحقتها بالدولة الليبية باعترافك بااسرائيل دولة وجرائم قتل ودعاره وفتن ياعميل ….







The ZINTANI Airport Security teams, have reassured us of the NORMAL resumption of air traffic at Tripoli International Airport.


Tripoli is the gateway to the country, with the construction of a terminal capable of handling more than 20 million passengers per year and to act as a contemporary cutting-edge technological symbol for Libya.
ADPI is responsible for the design of two modules, a cargo terminal, a control tower and associated technical services area, a VVIP pavilion, a maintenance hangar (for 2 Code E aircraft), infrastructures (aircraft stands, taxiways and car parks) and a new runway.

Taking its inspiration from the movement of the wind that shapes the desert sand dunes and the swell of the ocean, this memorable concept introduces an iconic identity for the city of Tripoli. On the landside of the terminal, a giant wave nearly 40 metres high forms the roof of its main entrance 11.5 metres above ground level. The central building features a series of undulating and overlapping roofs which extend well beyond the building facades to provide shading against the sun. Nevertheless, plenty of natural light is brought into the building through the roof windows and extensive wall glazing. Top quality materials, including natural stone, glass and metal, are used in the construction of this futuristic architectural concept.- pierre, verre, métal – sont utilisés pour cette architecture aux formes futuristes.

It was completed before December 2012—but initiated in SEPTEMBER 2007, under the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA.

Panic among the passengers at Tripoli airport due to short circuit
Tripoli – “gateway center” | Friday, May 30th 11:51 AM

Cause smoke billowed from one of the gates of Tripoli International Airport passengers, on Friday, stopped in flights and passenger congestion at the airport, with airport officials attributed it in diamonds electric gate No. 6 resulted in the fire was brought under control quickly.
Witnesses said the “gateway center”, said the smell of smoke spread throughout the airport, at a time when workers tried to calm the passengers at the airport and be reassured that the emergency service has completed the processing of command and that the airport will return to his normal soon.




Kidnapping called “Ahmed Alrajabana” a movement of activists Maasmoha rebellion Libya from the

Green Square in Tripoli during a demonstration, “No to terrorism.”


TRIPOLI after finish of demonstrations on 30 MAY 2014:





“These infidels greater country”, on FB, reports

Haaaaaam |
News that the quasi-Mukdh Almutmr: Alaotunai will be a shift to the city of five and specifically

in the management of the five cement plant ! 

Mukdh news that Almutmr Wati Sovh is transferred to the City of Five.





A picture of a tragic accident leads to the death of the driver and the facilities in the area as a year on the coastal road

أولاد الشيخ عبدالسلام الاسمر
صورة لحادث أليم يؤدي لوفاة السائق ومرافقه في منطقة كعام على الطريق الساحلي



Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar”, on FB, posts from “Lion of the Desert Knight”:
Rishvana and battle-determination
Between playing and lead hatched plots, and between playing clip remorse Hfter, You legitimacy of our conference, there was a state called GREAT JAMAHIRIYA absent all the features of the homeland did not remain only a dignity and a badge of honor on the issuance of supervision, and in order to keep pride and glory and honor Ttoshh by our heads, we defend Mmihak to Rishvantha in basements Aadilam and Aldilamyin.

And also announced the men and Rishvana on the status of the horn and the degree of readiness of cruelty, for preparing the sons of the tribes to participate in a real battle battle all Libyans to preserve what Tbakymn Azza home and prestige under the hallucination demons, and lowliest collaborators and traitors and extremist groups,

and to teach the bastards and the world knows that the tribes noble is a difficult equation shatter them all Ariqamkm your accounts and in the sale of home, and will not accept that the soil remains depends Jladikm and your masters,
Dear Almanafiqian.

The slogans on al-Qathafi, Centvd all the sons of Libya’s revolutionaries honorable exemption that carry their minds the thought of their leader and love their home away from orders U.S. and sponsored by the country, to understand in the case of longing and yearning for the good times and the Grand National, and between longing and home.

It is a decisive battle on the land.

Rishvana will return the home to loved ones and to the right owners Fastta determination to battle ..
For your mind and your approach moving

(Lion of the Desert Knight)

ورشفانة ومعركة المصير
مابين العزف والرصاص تحاك الدسائس ،ومابين عزف مقطع الندامة حفترنا ولك الشرعية مؤتمرنا كانت هناك دولة اسمها ليبيا ، غابت كل ملامح الوطن ولم تبقى سوى الكرامة وسام شرف على صدور اشرافه ،ولكي تبقى العزة والمجد والكرامة تتوشح بها رؤسنا علينا الدفاع عنها ممايحاك الى ورشفانتها في سراديب ااضلام والضلاميين .
وكما اعلن رجالات ورشفانه عن حالة النفير ودرجة الاستعداد القسوة ،ليستعد ابناء القبائل للمشاركة في المعركة الحقيقية معركة كل الليبيين للحفاظ على ما تبقىمن عزة الوطن وهيبته في ظل هلوسة الشياطين ونذالة العملاء والخونة والتكفيريين ،وليعلم الاوباش وليعرف العالم ان القبائل الشريفة هي معادلة صعبة تتحطم عليها كل ارقامكم وحساباتكم في بيع الوطن ،ولن نرضى لترابه ان يظل رهين جلاديكم واسيادكم ايها المنافقيين .

وبشعار القذافي ،سينتفض كل ابناء ليبيا الثوريين الشرفاء الاعفاء التى تحمل عقولهم فكر قائدهم وحب وطنهم بعيدا عن اوامر امريكية وبرعاية قطرية ،فهم في حالة اشتياق وشوق لذلك الزمن الجميل والوطن الكبير ،،ومابين الشوق والوطن هناك معركة حاسمة على ارض ورشفانة سيعود فيها الوطن الى محبيه والحق الى اصحابه فاستعدوا الى معركة المصير ..
فعلى فكرك ونهجك سائرون ( أسد الصحراء فارس )




Kİňğ Âŀĵáƀl, reports that:
Urgent Salahat area and Padrtin in Gharyan Association exists by al-Qaeda training camps.






Found the body of a dead person in Zliten mysterious circumstances.

This is a picture of the Egyptian who blew himself up with a hand grenade, in front of the pa  ssport office in Zliten.


Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar, on FB, informs us:

‘Muslim’ Brotherhood” and their despicable in Zliten and media asleep
The Brotherhood these days, since the length of unremitting endeavors to deliver all the places and colleges for their group at the University Alosmria.
They are fighting so that all successful in its entirety, for the sake of a “Aseltmha Brotherhood”.
The last war directed against Dr Ismail trait, for which good treatment tolerance and morals everyone loves professors and students.

This did not live up to “the brothers and their group” because it does not belong to the party at all, but it worked for many problems, and the imprisonment of Dr Ismail for a day, almost to order it.

From the behind this process and these complaints and unrest group, led by Pawn:

(Haitham safe) is a Doctor Jordanian. 
It seems that my brothers fancy, too, have been used by a group of criminals. These are who they are:

Essam mast, brother of the President of the local council and brother of President of the Brigade Central Zliten, 

and Abdel Raouf Troch Chairman of the Committee security, 

and Cthati charity, and the money.

أولاد الشيخ عبدالسلام الاسمر

الإخوان وأعمالهم الخسيسة في زليتن والإعلام يغط في نوم عميق
يقوم الإخوان هذه الأيام ومنذ مدّة بمساع حثيثة لأجل تسليم كل المناصب والكليات لجماعتهم في الجامعة الأسمرية.
بحيث إنهم يحاربون كل ناجح في كليته، لأجل أن يسلتمها أحد الإخوان.
وكانت آخر حربهم موجهة ضد الدكتور إسماعيل شميلة، الذي لحسن معاملته وسماحة أخلاقة يحبه الجميع أساتذة وطلاب.
وهذا ما لم يرق للإخوان وجماعتهم لأنه ليس منتميا لحزب البتة، ولذلك عملوا مشاكل كثيرة، وحبس الدكتور لمدة يوم تقريبا لأجل ذلك.
من يقوم وراء هذه العملية وهذه الشكاوى والقلاقل مجموعة، على رأسهم البيدق: (هيثم خزنة) وهو دكتور أردني يبدو انه إخواني الهوى أيضا، يستخدمه مجموعة المجرمين وهم : عصام الصاري، أخ رئيس المجلس المحلي وأخ رئيس لواء الوسطى زليتن، وعبد الرؤوف الطروش رئيس اللجنة الأمنية، وخيري الشطشاطي، والفلّوس.





fontana Central Park:


Misurata_(Libia)_-_fontana Central Park




The arrival of the second batch of weapons to the Cyrenaica National Army abutment.

arrived three Rafale
The operations of these aircraft, followed by a high resolution cameras and targets identified Pallaizr By 22 homing….
And the arrival of tanks and armored vehicles loaded with long-range guns.



Continued no communication Libyana and internet within the city:





“These infidels greater country”, on FB, reporting:
Almqml Badr Aqeeli المقمل بدرالعقيلي arrested !
My father !! AYE!! was the person arrested is the most prominent leaders of the ANSAR al-SHARIA, and is Almqml Badr Aqeeli one main suspects in the theft of bank funds Sirte area have built at the hands of the region’s youth voice – Displaced …/380750618673781






Body Found Issam Ramadan Sati has been beheaded in the area of ​​what has been checkered

scarf after 3 days since his abduction.

God and yes, the agent.


Heavy deployment of young people from the beginning of the fork Buhedima military police Buhedima Bridge

and now equipment for young people to enter the Arab Medical University and trapping supporters of evil

response to injury, two of the region’s youth.


News for the bombing of a good place for cosmetic accessories in Fanar Street Bdrnh.


Dead and two wounded in clashes with “Ansar al-Sharia” area Buhedama.


The burning of the arms depot of the base in Benghazi now






Tdt in the name of the Libyan army declares Bontha process Hawari after the success of its goals.


Fire in the store and fuel station in the area Hawari.



Decoding the families of 20 Egyptian workers were detained by the “supporters of evil” (ANSAR al-SHARIA).



neighborhood youth are waging an attack on the patrol belonging to the

“Ansar al-Sharia” where is “the island rotation Made River”



News that the helicopter bombed one of the supporters of the dens of evil in the farms Mr. Faraj now.







Explosion in the city of Derna shakes the house, “Sheikh Hashim Mozah banana” leader of the so-called Ansar al-Sharia and the Islamic Army of Libya.
هاشم موزة




Killed (Mohammed Poblal) militia commander Abu Salim Martyrs of the Ansar al-Sharia in # Derna.




“These infidels greater country”, on FB, REPORTING:
Urgent :::
A group of extremists and extremist groups are now surrounded the Sahaba Mosque in the city of Derna dozens of armed vehicles while stormed another group of them backyard of the mosque and now demolished the graves of the companions of the Messenger (PBUH) of Allah;
and, the people directing the appeal now for the youth of the city through the channel of Libya International

to go to the mosque and rescue, and addressing these Altcfhirien.






U.S. ground forces, especially French Algerian now heading in the south of Libya.







The speeding car threw a hand grenade towards the militia stationed

at the gate of Misrata Hospital March 2 in Sabha.

'Hospital of 02MARCH' in Sabha


The militia attacked the Awlad Suleiman Triangle agricultural and killed three of the militia Tabu

and two armed robberies.


Close Taiora entrance opposite the ‘Hall of the People’ and the proliferation of armed Tabu in Sabha.

Was found dead media “share Krnavh” anchorwoman channel called Libya’s national branch Sabha in a street

in the city of Sabha after killing “slaughtered” after her abduction on Thursday afternoon in front of the

headquarters of the channel in Sabha with driver.

هذه الكفرة ياسادة

سبها ||

تم العثور علي جثة الاعلامية “نصيب كرنافة ” المذيعة بقناة ما تسمى بليبيا الوطنية فرع سبها في احد شوارع مدينة سبها بعد قتلها “ذبحاً ” إثر اختطافها ظهر امس الخميس من امام مقر القناة في سبها مع سائقها






These infidels greater country
il y a 3 heures
Tabu Hovowoowoowooo what the national interest of Wayne Wayne visits are with Muammar yet been okay with Muammar Jardan and then with federal and even with him Haftar.
Because their money Tariqh
Aptt on tattoo
They’re only invincible O Khadr Drtoa uniforms marched Jardan what initially “17 Gahaar” salvation missed Alkdbottabal.

Melcaat boys Asilymat Melcaat Tabu and what the teams Behm
If Hittin hope Tabu players exert if they throw the entire state of South
Trgen and became the launching of disgracing by Popat and Tabu Tabu in Sabha and car theft Libyans and snipers Tabu downright downright Sabha in what sends in Rhode.

Mean free tattoo on the side of the people and Shading
Awlad sound = Tabu Jardan Mqji robbers dogs blood What Fish teams, including two for heartburn (5 photos)

هذه الكفرة ياسادة‎ a ajouté 5 photos.
3 h ·

شوفووووووووووو التبو ما فيه وطنيه وين مصلحة وين هم مرة مع معمر بعد تم خير مع معمر مع الجردان و بعدها فدرالية و حتى حفتر معه
لان مالهم طارقة
ابتعدو على تطبيل
الشي الا يقهر يا خضر درتوا زي ما داروا الجردان في البداية 17 قهاير خلاص فوتوا الكدب وتطبيل
ملشيات الاولاد اسليمات و ملشيات التبو ما فيه فرق بيهم
لو حطين امل في التبو اعبوا هم لو يلقوا الجنوب بالكامل دولة
و ترغن وشن صار فيها من تعيب من قبل التبو و بوبات التبو في سبها وسرقة سيارات الليبيين و قناصات التبو اكيد في سبها اكيد ما تبعث في ورود
يعني خلو تطبيل على جانب وتظليل الناس
اولاد سليما = التبو جردان مقملين سارقين كلاب دم ما فيش فرق بينهم حرقة للاثنين

Photo de ‎هذه الكفرة ياسادة‎.
Photo de ‎هذه الكفرة ياسادة‎.
Photo de ‎هذه الكفرة ياسادة‎.
Photo de ‎هذه الكفرة ياسادة‎.





“These infidels greater country”, on FB, tells us:
Yesterday Thursday, 05.29.2014 wounded and sick Colony Hotel
Italy specifically in Rome
Begging the Libyan embassy in Rome has given them for subsistence and expense that stopped three months ago

and they ate religion in the hotel until they reached their debts nearly ten thousand euros, forcing the hotel to stop

dealing with religion, which means they will stay without food or money and those families and children.

يوم أمس الخميس 29/5/2014 الجرحي والمرضي بفندق كولوني
في ايطاليا روما تحديداً
يتوسلون السفارة الليبية في روما منحتهم للاعاشة والمصروف التي توقفت منذ ثلاثة اشهر وكانوا يأكلون بالدين في الفندق حتي وصلت ديونهم قرابة عشرة الاف يورو مما اضطر الفندق لوقف التعامل بالدين مما يعني انهم سيبقون بلا اكل ولا مصروف وفيهم العائلات والاطفال




This voids the agreement and concordance Mu’ammar al-Qathafi achieved for the Libyan people from ITALY:

“Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmar”, on FB, reminices and now explains:

Commander riding on Pocket Military In Rome: this image that emulates a picture Qrcany which descend in Tripoli or he entered the infidels, but the logic of various did not want the leader to wear a military uniform like Aqrasaany but entered my outfit Libi, who had worn ancestors inventory me Italy to force it to regret colonial past and to compensate for the Libyans that we have seen so a new rule in international law which forbids compensation for colonial times.

أولاد الشيخ عبدالسلام الاسمر

اصرار القائد على ركوب الجيب العسكرية وفى روما وبهذه الصورة ان يحاكى صورة قرسيانى وهو ينزل فى طرابلس او هو يقتحم الكفرة ولكن بمنطق مختلف لم يشاء القائد ان يلبس الزى العسكرى مثل قراسيانى وانما دخل بي الزي الليبي الذي كان يلبسه الاجداد جرد لي ايطاليا ليرغمها على الندم على الماضى الاستعمارى وعلى تعويض الليبيين عن ذلك مسنا بذلك قاعدة جديدة فى القانون الدولى وهو مبداء التعويض عن فترات الاستعمار .


Berlusconi and Mu’ammar al-Qathafi at Basic People’s Congress:




Frown on news channel Libya bad guys in the field after Algeria dispersed the demonstration of the brothers shortly before.

The Movement for the Society of Peace (MSP) — the Algerian branch of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood — supported Bouteflika from when he first took power in 1999 right up to early 2012, backing him when he was last re-elected in 2009, and served in successive governments.

But the MSPs decision to break with the regime cost both it and its newfound Salafist opposition allies in “the Front for Justice and Development (FJD)” and “Ennahda dearly”.

The MSP had been the third largest party in parliament, but the parties’ joint list took just 48 seats out of 462 in the 2012 election.

“It fails to hide the fragmentation, divisions, and lack of leadership within the current Islamist movement as a whole. Their inability to formulate a clear strategy, as a movement or as individual parties, has cost them support on the ground,” Dalia Ghanem-Yazbeck argued.

Forced “to take other players in the political arena into account,” Algeria’s Salafists have struggled to find common ground or to rally behind a consensus presidential candidate, says Amel Boubekeur, at the Jacques Berque centre in Rabat.





The NIAMEY Niger-mission video, re-done with a new song for Muammar al-Qathafi:

من هدا الدي يصلي بالله يا ؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟



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