Honor vs Filthe and Corruption




I believe victory is near, but lacks the will and determination on resistance in all its forms, beginning with civil disobedience and to bear arms in front,

until you accelerate victory wish all Honorable thinking seriously of civil disobedience as the customer at the beginning at the traitors forthm lihakko triumph of false fiddled has no basic rule

and today we see them fighting for power and money, leaving home, raping and pillaging the sku wetakdo ya are free and silks coming victory with God’s help,

but it will be soon and will only be achieved by internal mobility: A popular war against injustice and corruption, colonialism, victory comes not from outside, but the inside of people’s war,

We are the owners of the land, and restore the sovereignty and dignity of our homeland and avenge the blood of all martyrs, the honor of our leader Muammar al-Qathafi and Libya will not be lost. The martyrs did not lose their lives in vain.

Victory for the right holders and the honorable.

Death to traitors and customers.

Mu w falcon by Tripoli fort at water


Meitik Jap Misratah and militias took over the Presidency by force of arms in the Centre of Tripoli

(blood-soaked Benghazi;  and Misuratah seizes power in Tripoli).

Wayne Fleming and civil community and lightning. ؟
Win a resonant data. And thankless. Green reviews. ؟
Wayne community of dignity, freedom and democracy?
Wayne zmsmat has free and liberated. Weialibia will we let down you. ؟
Win teams and legions and the amphibious battalions and space. ؟
Win a group we were in front and we liberated her begilatinh. ؟
Win 40 reviews country channel two whether their at mtkorbah biography of the only tyrant and henchmen. ؟
Wayne and Mufti of the elders. ؟
Win your island voice of truth. ؟
Win NATO Elly binshar democracy and set you free from the dictatorship.

معيتيق جاب مليشيات مصراتة وأستلم الرئاسة بقوة السلاح في وسط العاصمة طرابلس (بنغازي غارقة في الدماء و مصراتة تستولي علي السلطة في طرابلس )
السؤال :
وين جماعة القعقاع والمدني والصواعق . ؟
وين بيانات فرنانة . وتهديدات ناكر . وأستعراضات الأخضر . ؟
وين جماعة الكرامة والحرية والديمقراطية ؟
وين زمزمات قد تحررنا وحررنا الوطن . وياليبيا لن نخذلك . ؟
وين الفرق والجحافل والكتائب البرمائية والفضائية . ؟
وين جماعة كنا في الجبهة وحررناها بجيلاتينة . ؟
وين أربعين قناة اللي البلاد متقربعة وهما ماعندهم سيرة الا الطاغية وازلام النظام . ؟
وين شيوخ فبراير ومفتيهم . ؟
وين جزيرتكم صوت الحقيقة . ؟
وين الناتو اللي بينشر الديمقراطية ويحرركم من الديكتاتورية .





Gen Khalifa Hftar: Libya bomb targets home near Benghazi

Khalifa Hftar interview

General Khalifa Hftar accuses the puppet-Libyan government of supporting terrorism

A suicide bomb attack at the home of a rogue Libyan general – who has been leading an offensive against Islamist militia groups – has killed four people.

General Khalifa Hftar survived the blast, which happed at a farmhouse in the town of Abyar, about 60km (37 miles) east of Benghazi.

Several people were wounded.

Gen Hftar’s forces have been waging a campaign against Islamist armed groups in Benghazi for almost three weeks.

The general, who was an army chief-of-staff under Col Muammar al-Qathafi, accuses the MB government of supporting terrorism, which the authorities deny.

His actions have been backed by an array of groups, including military forces in the east as well as some members of the air force.

He said that he was well after the attack and vowed a “strong response”.

Benghazi has seen heavy fighting between Islamist militia and Gen Hftar’s forces

A suicide bomber drove a vehicle packed with explosives to the home of the “renegade general” on Wednesday.

General Sager Al-Jarushi, a senior commander allied to Gen Hftar, told the BBC that four of his guards were killed in the attack.

“A Toyota Chrysler packed with explosives approached the outside gate… they were stopped by the guards and the car exploded,” he said.

Gen Hftar was unharmed, according to the commander

This is the first assassination attempt against the general since the launch of an offensive against hardline Islamists militias nearly three weeks ago, says the BBC’s Rana Jawad in the capital, Tripoli.

Some 20 people died in fierce clashes between Gen Hftar’s forces and Islamist fighters in Benghazi on Monday.

The groups being targeted by Gen Hftar’s forces are the “Ansar al-Sharia Islamist militia” and the “17 February  brigade”, which fought against al-Qathafi in 2011.

A group of  followers of the “Azmi Albergthe”  (the so-called “guard vital installations gently”of Cyrenaica) has claimed responsibility for the latest attack.


Libya is still in turmoil three years after the fall of the Great Jamahiriya– with political, religious, community-tribal and political factions locked in disagreement about the country’s future.

 “MB-officials” in Tripoli have condemned an attack on the headquarters of the prime minister after a rocket hit the third floor of the building late on Tuesday night. It caused minor damage and no-one was hurt.

Our correspondent says at the moment Libya has two prime ministers. Abdullah al-Thani resigned in April following an attack on his family, but has yet to cede power as some MPs are unhappy about the forced-illegal-election in a chaotic session in parliament of his MB “successor”, Ahmed Meotik, and are challenging the appointment in court.

EVIL Abdul Rahman SOWAIHILI discloses with pride:


Their buy-out of some “resistance” leaders ($$$$$) and even some ZINTANI–

They fear only now of ZINTAN (and the fulfillment of the Sheikh Asmar Fatouri prophecies) !! Their plan to destroy Cyrenaica and screw BANI WALID and the Wershvana tribe.

Moved and very dangerous:

“ZERO HOUR”, on FB, reveals:

Said Abdul Rahman SOWAIHILI today.

“I was as excited we bought them. We know the place. And greed. He Zintani sold. And received 587.76€ million. And we promised to share 7 billion from Meitik. Was the program between al-Qaeda. And congrats.
Who caught the cash family dernbh alzntanet. Empowered to negotiate green. Ibrahim civil. And Adel Trabelsi. And the medium was through Juma tourist. And Dimitri. And thankless. Dr. kanouni tarhouni. And we will give them the Ministry of lltervas. Misratah is the leading now all those names for amounts in cash received 800 million of family dernbh. Another 44.08€ billion budget they have about 12 billion.

Will be distributed to military objects alzntanet. And the Summit. Worshvanh.. Kanouni Office law firm and Legal Affairs. And the treatment. And study abroad alzntanet.
Either the Cyrenaica to go to hell. Have we arranged with Turkey. And Qatar concerning air force. Now the real tribal danger around us. Zliten. And Bani Walid. Wetrhonh … And the remnants of the system in the plateau. Abu Salim. Tajourah dogs. And Friday market.”

ساعة الصفر

منقول وخطير جدا
صرح السويحلي أمس .. وكان منتشياً لقد اشتريناهم .. فنحن نعرف ثمنهم .. وطمعهم .. وأضاف الزنتان باعوا .. واستلموا مبلغ 800 مليون .. ووعدناهم بحصة 7مليار من ميزانية معتوق .. وتم البرنامج أمس بين قايد .. ومبروك..
والذين قبضوا المبلغ نقداً عائلة درنبه الزنتانيه .. مخوله بالتفاوض من الأخضر .. وإبراهيم المدني .. وعادل الطرابلسي .. والواسطه تمت عن طريق جمعه السائح .. وديمتري .. وناكر .. والدكتور الكانوني الترهوني .. وسنعطيهم وزارة للترفاس .. وأضاف مصراته هي من تقود الأن كل تلك الأسماء بمبالغ نقداً 800 مليون تم استلامها من عائلة درنبه .. ومبلغ أخر من ميزانية 60 مليار عندهم فيها حوالي 12 مليار .. ستوزع علي الأجسام العسكرية الزنتانيه .. وحزب القمة . وورشفانه .. ومكتب الكانوني للمحاماه والشؤون القانونية .. ولجنة العلاج .. والدراسة بالخارج الزنتانيه .
أما برقة لتذهب إلي الجحيم .. وقد رتبنا مع تركيا .. وقطر بخصوص السلاح الجوي .. والأن الخطر الحقيقي القبائل التي حولنا .. زليتن .. وبني وليد .. وترهونه … وأكيد بقايا النظام في الهضبة .. بوسليم .. وكلاب تاجوراء ..وسوق الجمعة .

Libya’s reserves of hard currency have been exhausted terribly fast;

and as a result the security chaos, and also, halt oil exports.

Zero hour”, on FB, explains and pleas:

Important for the publication and circulation of up to everyone
The media Committee of the battalion’s men currently
To all citizens throughout the country

What is donated to mosques and the Zakat funds given to the financial impact be charities directly to groups of satisfaction and armed militias and not delivered to beneficiaries of urgent financial need and bang it

Please from all citizens in all regions turn over any money to the poor and entitled victims of displacement and however large the amount of money or small if even a quarter of the Libyan dinar

My brother citizens not to support armed militias by the nomenclature correct and ostensibly true such as Zakat and donations and charity as well as
We advise everyone to deliver any amount in hand for the needs of poor families or displaced or orphans or widows.
And Allaah is the source of

ساعة الصفر

هام للنشر والتعميم العاجل ليصل المضمون الى الجميع
اللجنه الاعلاميه لكتيبة رجال الظرف الحالي
الى كل المواطنين في كامل ربوع الجماهيريه العظمى
ان ما يتم التبرع به لصناديق المساجد والزكاه التي تسلم الى جمعيات الخيريه مردودها المالي يكون بشكل مباشر الى الجماعات التكفيريه والمليشيات المسلحه ولا يتم تسليمها الى مستحقيها من الافراد دوي الحاجه الماديه العاجله وعليه
نرجوا من جميع المواطنين في كل المناطق تسليم اي مبلغ مالى باليد الى من يستحقه من الفقراء والمنكوبين والمهجرين مهما كبر حجم المبلغ المالي او صغر ولو كان حتى ربع دينار ليبي
اخي المواطن لا تساهم بدعم المليشيات المسلحه عن طريق مسميات صحيحه وظاهرها صحيح مثل الزكاه والتبرعات والصدقه ووووو
ننصح الجميع بتسليم اي مبلغ باليد لمن يحتاجه من عائلات فقيره او مهجرين او ايتام او ارامل .
والله ولي التوفيق

Abdullah bending emphasizes the crease in the conference slate to continue in his work:

the governments held emergency meetings to assess the situation and address the security of Libya …. comes new.

Mr. Abdulla bending head of the interim Government in a safe place under protection it does its work as usual and the btssir nation in waiting the judgement and sentence ladari.

resignation “Khaled Osman,” the so-called Minister of Information in the Government of the client Meitik

 ليبيا | استقالة ” خالد عثمان ” ما يسمى وزير الإعلام في حكومة معيتيق العميلة


The kidnapping of a member of Congress Allaotunai Libyan Abu Bakr able to area farmer, and is a member city of Ghadames.


For this was Tqatlalzentan militias .. This is the homeland that Atpacon attic:



Rat Congress wants to tear the fabric Walibi (Cyrenaica) and unity of Quebec…. and some did not know!!,

so, they give information to  their members of Congress.

must all cities Quebec withdraw their members from the Conference, if you want to want your constituents to comply with you…






Congestion in the RAS jedir border crossing and prevent exit or

entry of travellers from Libya to Tunisia or back from Tunisia to Libya







Shield forces bombed the central building of prime minister in the capital, Tripoli.

Eyewitness: Rat Outlaw Gneoh Alkkla retrieve mercenaries across a refrigerated truck and take them
to his headquarters in the area of ​​Abu Saleem, and science steering the truck from the right side.

now there is severe congestion at all TRIPOLI gas stations….people are frantic but remember the directive

given by Mu’ammar al-Qathafi and the PLF to be prepared and well stocked for the period when the Resistance

will free TRIPOLI.









Higher Sabrata sees its terrorist groups, who today blew up a building comprehensive:

The Professional Institute of Sabratha.




Photos de Al Qaqaa Brigade buzzes.





Ahmed Al-Zentani cell,says:
Launch the Bani Walid which TRIS when heat their best Tres Libya Zintani







violated hospital al-Byar:
The deaths, hospital currently 4 instances including the bomber and wounded 15 wounded,

some with minor injuries and a serious case of hospital turf shortly after died.



Killing three guards following the attempted assassination of the invitee (Khalifa Hftar).

a car bomb exploded in front of a checkpoint near the headquarters.

client exposure Khalifa Hftar of an assassination attempt carried out by a suicide bomber in a car type

Toyota, which led to the death of the suicide bomber ….

Suicide excommunicating Abu Talha Aldrnawi | |

(who blew himself up in a suicide attack today to try to assassinate Major General Khalifa Hftar, and

was a member of the battalion forearm
Most of the elements of a battalion of the Libyans) ..

 and was also killed, two guards from Major Hftar.


Najat client Khalifa Hftar and Brigadier Saqr Jeroshy and spokesman Mohammed Hijazi …..
A suicide bomber driving a Toyota carpet packed with explosives same day the sixth hour and a half morning farm, home to the client Khalifa Hftar in the pressures Sultan, killing the suicide bomber from the explosion and three escorts client Khalifa Hftar and injuries simple Asibh by the client Hftar and Brigadier Saqr Jeroshi and Mohammed Hijazi. A medical source of Hospital al-Byar the arrival of three bodies to the hospital and is back to his bodyguards and wounding client Pktfh Hftar and Brigadier Jeroshy in the leg and scratches Hijazi simple and all of them have received treatment and been discharged from hospital …


Hftar now leader of Cyrenaican National Army

Hftar now leader of Cyrenaican National Army


Cyrenaican National Army

Major General Khalifa Haftar A Libyan, 2

Two o’clock Great Jamahiriya (mass) on FB:
Picture of Hftar with Salah Albuaiche (one of Hftar’s bodyguards killed in the suicide attack

that targeted the headquarters of the client Khalifa Hftar this morning)….

Major General Khalifa Haftar A Libyan, 3



A Swiss national working for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has been killed in Sirte.

Local media said the man was shot dead as he visited a Libyan Red Crescent building in the coastal town.

The ICRC has since confirmed the death of one of its employees in Libya.

“He was attacked by gunmen as he left a meeting with two colleagues,” said ICRC spokesman Wolde Saugeron, adding that the others were unhurt but “in shock”.

Libyan militiamen loyal to rogue general Khalifa Haftar during clashes against Islamists in the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi on 2 June 2014






Close the road at Red Canyon and returns the truck to and from two-way traffic parked permanently.




Alotyosh – said following the conclusion of the “Forum Council of Elders to ‘ Benghazi’ ,”

“The blood of the Libyan precious and much more expensive than oil ..”

Saleh Alotyosh, Moroccan-Libyan tribal elder of Ajdabiya

Saleh Alotyosh, Moroccan-Libyan tribal elder of Ajdabiya, 1

Saleh Alotyosh, Moroccan-Libyan tribal elder of Ajdabiya, 2




“Ansar al-Sharia” release the kidnapped Egyptian they took, in exchange for their nine (which were prior arrested).

He is set at the airport, spotted.

Special Forces from both Benghazi mourns ::

Mr. Chairman sergeants secret (Abdel-Moneim collected Noah al-Zentany).
Soldier first, Mr. (Mohammed Abdel Hadi Akeilah Aekoky).
Mr. soldier first (Saleh Abdulkarim T Ferjany).
The first soldier (Mr. Abdulsalam Taher Abdel Hadi Abidi)



Benghazi in Mr. Faraj / fall of some of the missiles on the region of Sidi Faraj near the shops next

to a mosque Alatyosh and a rocket landed in a farm / enhancer Tagouris.

Military source confirmed that they had found an unidentified body in the road link between the region

and Benina /Mr. Faraj, The body was transferred from  the police station to complete the measures in Boatni

and then transfered to Benghazi Medical Center



Cautious calm witnessed in most parts of Benghazi after the events of Monday, and the movement of the street

almost non-existent, with most of the power outages on the revival of the city.



One of the men told us in Benghazi by telephone, that the number of deaths of the two conflicting parties far outweigh

the numbers cited by the private satellite television today

and this confirms that Jtt deceased are still on the streets until now when there are women and the number of eye-catching among the deceased when they tried to escape from areas of clashes ….. ..

for the suffering and turn to God and only God and yes agent..


Death of Captain Gordon Alberghti, an army alwatani, in Sidi faraj.

Khalifa Hftar refused Thursday night to interview a group of civil society organizations in Benghazi

and the truce and open talks with the so-called organization supporters of “ANSAR al-Sharia” and their allies in the city of Benghazi:





News about the closure of Anchorage Harika oil in Tobruk, in protest against the government

MB Misurati Meitik.












AR for. ..

From the first spark of Sabha has a group of young Tubu in the region of Gardah filter

offender, Kamal ajayeb Slimani, known as IOF who killed women Tubus balgtht.



“Heretic terrorist Abdul Hakim Belhadj Khweldi” in Sudan, a country to receive aid for extremists heretics Libyans. ”
Sources from within the occupied Arab Jamahiriya tendency heretic terrorist named / Abdul Hakim Belhadj Khweldi alias Abu Abdallah Assadaq , the leader of the LIFG to Sudan, where he met with some Sudanese officials.

The same sources said the visit came within the scope of critical and confidential coordination received on extremist terrorist groups in Libya country assistance through the Sudanese border.

The “Bel” of the founders of the terrorist group the Libyan fighter at the beginning of the nineties, but after the fall of Kabul, Afghanistan, left, and traveled to several countries, including Pakistan, Turkey and Sudan.
A. M

BELHADJ protected by MI6 and CIA intelligence…

so who is really al-Qaeda?

 Abdel hakim Belhadj, Alias Abu Abdallah Assadaq Khweldi, N° 1 terrorist, is best friends with NATO, USA and the Western alliance. He is a wanted man in Algeria, but can roam freely throughout the globe; and has the highest protection and clearance through Western Intelligence.

“Son of Colonel”, on FB, writes:

This Almqml dreams of becoming president of the Libyan, and went asking help and assistance of his brothers Almqji belonging to the terrorist movement Janjaweed to be his control.

 the call of Al Zawahiri for all SALAFI to come to Libya and join their terrorist Islamic Army under Abdul Hakim Belhadj, their Universal leader:


journalist Paul Conroy joined by a member of the al-Qaeda LIBYAN OFFICIAL, Abdelhakim Belhadj Libya 26 FEBR. 2012, in SYRIA:



Sit-ins in URDU:


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