The Mess Can only be cleaned by the “Mass”

scene from Pipeline to Paradise video

scene from Pipeline to Paradise video

incredible–Mu’ammar really made the desert bloom and still there were two more phases

to go before NATO ended it all..

Mu’ammar al-Qathafi himself inspecting a vask water tank:


مصحف الجماهيرية نسخة سريعة التصفح والتحميل رابط المصحف يصيغة PDF


Along with ALLAH, the HOLY QURAN and the “Universal Green Charter of Human Rights” (12 June 1988),

what more does one need ? 

The GREAT JAMAHIRIYA, the first of its kind in all the world:


Human happiness Happiness is human on Earth will not know the way to reality without the arrival of the popular masses to power And the liberation of all the instruments of political oppression, economic and social.

Commentaries on the first book Alakhaddralamgeld (8 power struggle)

Traditional tools of political conflict The tools of traditional political struggle for power in its many forms, from coups .. and .. and topple Mdahirat Parliaments and dropping .. and withdraw confidence from other governments and the inauguration, is a struggle Aapt useless no matter masses People’s nothing at all, because it’s just a conflict between the authoritarian tools authoritarian … run to win the one canceled The others, apart from Aljmaheralhabah, which will be losing not always have hope in salvation.

Commentaries on the first book Alakhaddralamgeld (4 crisis of sovereignty and legislation)

السعادة البشرية فالسعادة البشرية على الأرض لن تعرف طريقها إلى الواقع بدون وصول الجماهير الشعبية إلى السلطة وتحررها من كل أدوات القهر السياسي والاقتصادي والاجتماعي .

من شروح الكتاب الاخضرالمجلد الأول ( 8 الصراع على السلطة )

صراع الأدوات السياسية التقليدية إن صراع الأدوات السياسية التقليدية على السلطة بأشكاله العديدة ، من انقلابات.. ومضاهرات .. واطاحة واسقاط برلمانات .. وسحب ثقة من حكومات وتنصيب اخرى ، هو صراع عابت لا جدوى منه ولا يهم الجماهير الشعبية فى شيء اطلاقاً، لأنه مجرد صراع سلطوى بين أدوات سلطوية … تديره لتنتصر فيه واحدة وتلغى الأخريات ، بمعزل عن الجماهيرالشعبية ، التى ستكون خاسرة دائماُ لا أمل لها فى الخلاص .

من شروح الكتاب الاخضرالمجلد الأول ( 4 ازمة السيادة والتشريع )






Rest assured that … there is something waiting for you patience .. after the Abhrkm Vencickm bitter pain.
And very, very soon Sivhlkm do your children, God willing …..
(Chamber of Popular Forces)

We should be hearing his voice again soon…



Libyan purification:

The Struggle with time and predestination
“MUSICIAN” explains many things to us:

To force the disease before the events in Libya shortly absence of man brigade-sized Khalifa Hanish Hftar, it means that predestination itself began to close on us the doors of the solutions to our problems, the man is God’s mercy was sufficient for us on the boards of the senate and the wise men of the tribes of Libya, by virtue of his intelligence and his genius nomadic carried the blade social structure in Libya and laid accordingly, the concept of the social ladder, Major General Khalifa Hanish succeeded in achieving all of this was in the era of system allows anyone who wants to excel in his own way that creates.

One man was enough to solve our problems of tribal and this is not a dictatorship because the success of one person and failure rest in this social science does not mean that it succeeds dictator and Alraspun of the oppressed, the Hanish knows their problems and solutions more than notables tribes themselves who suffer these problems, no less than what is within the confines of Leader Muammar al-Qathafi. (WHAT THER PUBLIC DID NOT KNOW, is that)The man was guarding the Commander in the Bab al-Aziziya, and guarding the Libyan tribes from the far east to the far south and west!!

When we lose a man of that size, in those circumstances that took us, it means that calamities decide to come to us, in the form of battalions, and not just individuals. Muammar al-Qathafi has missed a lot of his men due to death and disease, and thus, we have for a long time been trying to cope with the circumstances and events.

But the battles with time and predestination whatever Samudk where, ultimately must fall, and your choice of viewers fall in courage and heroism is victory particular which will eventually be recorded by you to history. The battle is with “time”: old age and disease damned and choosing the death of heroes, the battle, is not at all merely with the dwarves in Libya today.

{And still continues playing the lead musician}

صراعنا مع الزمن والأقدار

أن يجبر المرض قبل الاحداث في ليبيا بفترة قصيرة غياب رجل بحجم اللواء خليفة حنيش ، فهذا يعنـي ان الاقدار نفسها بدأت تقفل علينا ابواب الحلول لمشاكلنا ، فالرجل رحمه الله كان يغنينا عن مجالس الاعيان والحكماء للقبائل الليبية ، بحكم ذكائه وعبقريته البدوية حمل معه شفـرة التركيبة الاجتماعية في ليبيا وأرسى تبعاً لذلك مفهوم السلم الاجتماعي ، نجح اللواء خليفة حنيش في تحقيق كل ذلك في عهـد نظام كان يسمح لمن يريد ان يبدع بطريقته ان يبدع .

رجل واحد كان كافياً لحل مشاكلنا القبلية وهذه ليست دكتاتورية لأن نجاح شخص واحد ورسوب البقية في هذا العلم الاجتماعي لا يعني إن من ينجح دكتاتور والراسبون من المظلومين ، كان حنيش يعرف مشاكلهم وحلولها اكثر من اعيان القبائل نفسهم الذين يعانون هذه المشاكل ، في كنف القائد معمر القذافي كان الرجل يحرس القائد في باب العزيزية ويحرس القبائل الليبية من اقصى الشرق إلى اقصى الجنوب والغرب .

عندما نفقد رجل بهذا الحجم في ظل تلك الظروف التي أحاطت بنا ، فهذا يعني ان المصائب قررت ان تأتي لنا في شكل كتائب وليس فرادى ، غاب الكثير من رجال معمر القذافي بفعل الموت والمرض ، لقد طال الزمن ونحن نحاول ان نتأقلم مع ظروفه وأحداثه ، لكن المعارك مع الزمن والأقدار مهما كان صمودك فيها, بالنهاية لا بد ان تسقط واختيارك لمشاهد السقوط في شجاعة وبطولة هو النصر بعينه الذي سوف يسجله لك التاريخ ، معركتنا كانت مع الزمن والكبر والأمراض اللعينة واختيار الموت للأبطال ، معركتنا لم تكن مطلقا مع الاقزام في ليبيا اليوم .

ولازال عزف الرصاص مستمراً { الموسيقار}


Meitik’s MB Allaotunai NATO Government sends a Threat and a warning to the people:



Urgent. Andmamalkalp Barrani forms to process Allakramh will deliver a statement on the day at seven

in the channel Libya first. Moved from page Allakramh operations room.

عاجل . انضمامالكلب البراني اشكال الي عملية اللاكرامة وسوف يلقي بيان اليوم على تمام الساعة السابعة في قناة ليبيا اولاً . منقول من صفحة غرفة عمليات اللاكرامة .

NATO knew about the Mufti (SADAK GHARYIANI) of the revolutionaries (whom they called into power) as being a major sponsor of prostitutes. He was speaking-out, at the beginning of the events of the “CIA/ NATO uprising”,

against the guardian-leader Muammar al-Qathafi.

ثوار الناتو يشتمون مفتيهم الذي وصفهم بالبغاة, وهو الذي دعاهم في بداية الاحداث للخروج عن ولي الأمر القائد معمر القذافي.

SADAK GHARYIANI’s Prostitutes in Doha:Taxing Sexs



  1. Sheikh Raed Salah Valley Suleiman Abu Shakra Mahajna city of Umm al-Fahm ,

    the head of the Islamic movement in Palestine 48 . Valley Raed Eattaúr Iabtal:


    Growing Up:

    Sheikh Raed Salah was born in the city of Umm al-Fahm northern occupied Palestine in 1958, a father of eight children, belongs to one of the Palestinian families ((Abu Shakra)), which remained in the territory did not succeed Zionist gangs of displace in 1948, and received his primary and secondary education in mother coal, and earned a bachelor’s degree in Islamic law from the Islamic University of Hebron in Palestine.

    And began to Sheikh Raed Salah, his Islamic early, where he converted the ideas of the global Islamic movement ” Muslim Brotherhood “, and is active in the field of Islamic Dawa inside the Green Line since he was in high school, and was one of the founders of the Islamic movement inside the Jewish state at the beginning of the seventies, and has been a senior leaders until the split that occurred due to the end of the nineties the decision of some of its leaders, including Sheikh Abdullah Nimr Darwish, head of the movement to run for the Knesset.

    Political activism and advocacy

    Sheikh Salah Laghmar fought through political run for municipal elections or coal (the largest Arab town in Israel), which succeeded in the presidency three times the first was in 1989.

    He gave Sheikh Salah great attention to the cause of Islamic holy sites of mosques, cemeteries and shrines; due to the deliberate Israeli attack them and convert them for other purposes after the departure of its people about, and he was elected in August 2000 as president of the Al-Aqsa Association for the care of Islamic holy sites that have contributed actively to defend the mosques throughout the territory of Palestine, and succeeded Show in repeated attempts occupation of digging under Al-Aqsa Mosque.

    The activity began in the reconstruction of Salah Al-Aqsa Mosque and other holy sites is growing since 1996, and was able to fail schemes seeking to empty the maximum of Muslim architecture by bringing tens of thousands of Arabs inside to pray flags march through the project.

    He succeeded Salah and his colleagues in the reconstruction of the Marwani Mosque inside the Temple Mount and to open its gates giant, and the reconstruction of the maximum old and cleaning precincts and lit, and the establishment of modular toilets and ablution in the door of humility and tribes, and Faisal and the Council, and also worked on the revival of the lessons of the terraces Historically, most notably “familiarize Tuesday,” which will be attended today about 5 thousand Muslims in the weekly Al-Aqsa Mosque.

    And contributed to Prime-Aqsa Association in creating a project fund child-Aqsa who cares sponsored by about 16 thousand children, and the organization of the international competition “Jerusalem is in danger,” which conducted its business annually in the month of Ramadan for adults and children with the participation of tens of thousands from all over the world, in addition to contest the maximum scientific cultural .

    He also helped in the issuance of several documentaries and books on Al-Aqsa Mosque as a bar “stationed” and the book “Guide first Qiblah,” the bar “Al-Aqsa is under siege.”

    At the same time it was Sheikh Salah a prominent role in the Islamic Movement inside Israel, a movement which organized the festival Aqsa Fund in August 2002 and has raised concern by the Israeli authorities in a timely manner.

    Confrontation with the occupation authorities:

    Arrested is four others, where the poor have charged several, considered dangerous out of them because the Israeli authorities have not been able to prove any of the charges against them, such as communication region of hostile ( Iran ) and support for terrorism , and others, while it was clear but Aatgulw of interest in the issue of Al-Aqsa Mosque , one of the most popular figures among the Arabs 48, served as mayor of Umm al-Fahm, but resigned because he was busy with charity projects such as Emaar sanctuaries and defend the Al-Aqsa Mosque and his sponsors many projects Kmserh flags, which is a bus service to the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

    Sheikh Salah has emerged – who was arrested by Israeli police at dawn on Tuesday 13/05/2003, in addition to the 13 leaders of the Islamic movement, claiming that they had laundered money for the expense of the Islamic Resistance Movement ” Hamas “- in the defense of the holy sites and the Islamic Waqf, especially Al-Aqsa Mosque;, where he headed Al-Aqsa Foundation for the reconstruction of the Islamic holy sites, which works to protect and restore the holy sites and endowments transferred by the occupation authorities to hangars and mufflers and the role of prostitution.

    And establish the Islamic Movement led by Sheikh Salah annual festival universally covered by dozens of Arab satellite channels and foreign in the city of Umm al-Fahm as the “maximum in danger”, and attended by about 60 thousand Palestinians.

    She considered sources in the Israeli security apparatus in 2002 that the establishment of the festival stems from the belief of the movement’s leaders are well-established health conspiracy theory Israeli efforts to harm Al-Aqsa Mosque and destroy it, fearing to accept young Arabs what they called these “allegations” and translated the practices hostile to Israel.

    The Israeli authorities have to crush Ali Sheikh Salah long ago, in the beginning of October 2002 announced that the Israeli General Security Service (Shin Bet) likely having a firm basis for submission and a number of the leaders of the Islamic Movement of the trial, and received Israeli Ministry of Justice, which is working its officials to discuss the future of the Islamic movement Israel recommendation in this regard.

    Sources in the Shin Bet at the time: It can undoubtedly trial on charges of Sheikh Raed Salah, his relationships with organizations hostile to Israel within the country and abroad. She said: The Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) is the sister of the Islamic Movement in Israel.

    The Israeli Supreme Court has rejected a petition in June 2002 made by Sheikh Raed Salah, to cancel the order issued by the Minister of Interior which prevents from leaving the country, and decided the judiciary at the time that the public security overcomes its importance to the principle of freedom of movement.
    It is noteworthy that Sheikh Salah subjected to an assassination attempt by Israeli forces during clashes Al-Aqsa Intifada, and was shot in the face.

    And pass Sheikh Raed Salah, in defense of the Islamic holy sites and will pass the Zionist army is trying to remove Sheikh city of Jerusalem, where Sheikh prevent from entering the city of Jerusalem in 2014, and the court issued a decision in 2014 Zionist Sheikh jailed for nine months. ĆáÇßä response was Sheikh we will defend Al-Aqsa Mosque, even inside prisons and prison will not only strengthen our Guo and also continued to call on the Islamic nation in order to carry out the duty to defend the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and then gravely wounded after the Israeli attack violently on the Freedom Flotilla and the transfer to the hospital own Coal.

    Freedom Flotilla

    31 MAY 2014 in Sheikh Raed Salah participated in the Freedom Flotilla and offers fleet fire from ships Alasiraelih. Aktar killed 16 unarmed solidarity.

    Sheikh Raed Salah, injured in one of the Freedom Flotilla

    His meetings with Ali “Al-Jazeera” !!
    Program Without Borders : 1948 Palestinians in the face of Althua was presented on 01 November 2000

    Program directly with : a special episode will be broadcast about stationed in Al-Aqsa Mosque , 02 October 2014

    Judaization of Jerusalem , 12 March 2014

    Program open dialogue: the fortieth anniversary of the burning of Al-Aqsa, will appear on 22 August 2014

    Oh God, give us victory over the Jews oppressors .. Amen.

    ………………………………………….. ………….
    We all Raed Salah
    We are the people of the farmer
    We address of arms
    The morning loomed Fjra
    Oh Palestine grow old
    And we went on the trail
    Our spirit Aqsa Avcddin
    We all Raed Salah
    We are the descendants of the Prophet
    We are of the utmost horses
    May Latina drums
    We all Raed Salah
    The distance we have come
    Of villages may dismay
    Soldiers of Zion suppressed
    We all Raed Salah
    Uh oh electrode Mohammed
    Black will not stay the night
    Naftda ascension Ahmed
    We all Raed Salah
    We appeal for Pena
    We are a symbol of tender
    Blood will tell
    We all Raed Salah
    We are not afraid Almnon
    Coming from Jalil
    We destroyed forts
    We all Raed Salah
    It is the West loomed
    Far band and began
    Far rested inside
    We all Raed Salah
    Abashry Ya Quds are back
    Sajad Palmrauni
    Despite responded Aalmert
    We all Raed Salah
    Saturday festival
    Will be attended by eyewitnesses
    We address of the statement
    We all Raed Salah
    (composed by Hair Lutfi Yassini)

    THIS EVIL “B” supports the FREE SYRIAN ARMY against BASAR ASSAD, and sent many Libyan boys to their death of whom he forcable recruited. He was, as far as I knew, incarcerated in a prison in Libya, and last report was to have participated in a jail-break which was to have resulted in his “death”….aaah, ALAS, but another false news report !

    الشيخ رائد صلاح


    Tuesday 29 Ramadan 1434 AH – 06 August 2013 22:23 PMالشيخ-رائد-صلاح-يمثل-أمام-محكمة-اسرائيلية-في-قضية-وادي-الجوز
    Sheikh Raed Salah, brought before an Israeli court in the case of “Wadi Joz”

    The arrest of Sheikh Raed Salah – archival
    تكبير الخطتصغير الخط
    LG BBC – held “Israeli Magistrate’s Court,” Tuesday, a session to discuss the issue summaries “Wadi Joz” filed against Sheikh Raed Salah, against the backdrop of the demolition Jzebab Moroccans, which constitutes one of the main gates to the pro-Aqsa Mosque in 2007.

    The face of the Israeli attorney general charged with inciting violence, hatred and racism against the Sheikh Raed Salah, when he delivered a sermon on the road to Damascus Gate in Jerusalem after preventing him from entering the Temple Mount.

    The prosecutor asked for the conviction of Sheikh Raed because of what he called “broad influence and strong presence at the local level and the Arab and Islamic world.”

    He stressed member of the defense team for Sheikh Raed attorney Feldman that what the Sheikh was “the word of a natural result of his anger over the demolition of part of a holy al-Aqsa Mosque, and was announced by Sheikh comes within the freedom of opinion,” and assured the lawyer that there was no case against Sheikh Raed so there is no nothing to deny, as he put it.

    THIS EVIL “B” supports the FREE SYRIAN ARMY against BASHAR ASSAD, and sent many Libyan boys to their death of whom he forcable recruited. He was, as far as I knew, incarcerated in a prison in Libya, and last report was to have participated in a jail-break which was to have resulted in his “death”….aaah, ALAS, but another false news report !

    الشيخ رائد صلاح

    He was also financially supporting Morsi in Egyptالشيخ-رائد-صلاح-يمثل-أمام-محكمة-اسرائيلية-في-قضية-وادي-الجوز

The IMF will soon OWN LIBYA!

LIBYA in deep debt to the IMF !!! JUST LIKE OBAMA WANTED...

Central Bank of Libya is about to sign an agreement with the IMF on getting a loan worth four

billion bridge made in the balance sheet to ensure oil sales.

This means …(and it has already begun), that there is  now a Stop on all credits, for flour and basic goods

and medicines, as a result of a lack of liquidity in the commercial banks to cover letters of credit ..

Remember, The Great Jamahiriya, before the War, gave out INTEREST FREE LOANS to people and

countries all over the world…LIBYA OWED NO-ONE!

Just as Mu’ammar al Qathafi said:

“No more rich ‘daddy’ to cry-to for assistance…”




Abdul Hakim BelHadj: THOUGHLY EVIL THROUGH & THROUGH, the Leader of all the Packs

(with the help of the USA):

News heroic Libyan resistance and crimes and scandals NATO, onFB reports:

Jeroshi now Libya’s first appeal to the people and youth of Tripoli and Mageorha that Aagafloa gates base Mitigua

say will begin operations in Tripoli to capture terrorists, including Belhadj and Khaled al-Sharif and all those named

in the confessions admitted by the terrorists and the dead who are now in the grip of the military.

(BelHadj shown here, center w Salah Badi to his right, Mustafa Noah to his left & Company):

Salah Badi, BelHadj and leaders of the 'new Libya'



The Zintani Brigades at all petrol stations of Tripoli this morning, after the outbreak of clashes with the background of a lack of gasoline, for example, a gas station Abusth, line of cars up to fast Friday Market (Alamrs), and the situation threatens crisis contention large.

PICTURE OF “CORNER” GAS STATION last 13 APRIL, when there were conflicts over gasoline.


Continued lack of fuel stations in the Libyan capital of Tripoli amid restless …

and the anger of ordinary citizens ….



Saqr Jeroshi commander of the air force says that there is information about Shield Central Misurata they walk through mechanisms different from Spring Valley to the city of Tripoli.





The arrest of drug-shippers of a shipment weighing 18 tons, and this amount Talt largest drug known to mankind: 4 containers loaded with “walnuts India” in the city of five




Tarhounah ..
O with red roses and blue rivers and green leaves, taking the hearts and minds,

oh Tgmra eye beautiful,
and HE Tmlaúa hearts,
minds and salutes

Pensive in the beauty and creativity of the Creator. Commemorated the beauty of our feelings thin ..

لواء القعقاع الزنتان

ترهونه .. يا ذات الورود الحمراء و الانهار الزرقاء و الاوراق الخضراء, آخذة القلوب و العقول, يا من تغمري العين جمالا, و تملائي القلوب سعادة, و تحيي العقول متاملة في جمالك و ابداع الخالق. جمالك احيا لمشاعرنا الرقيقة ..





Mottagrbah Dalk now and because of smuggling a group of captives.

Lord protects them quietly.






Mdur Endowments branch office of Sirte today on channel consolidation

Mr. ((Mohammed Abdullah Ahoalat)) and on the air directly

# Opined that the sanctity of the police to join #

Access # two wounded to Ibn Sina Hospital
And two ((Saddam prestige sincere Ferjany))
And ((Sadiq Ali Khairallah Ferjany))
The source also said that they are #

Gerho impact Ochaabakat headquarters or supporters of evil (ANSAR al-SHARIA)

And the entry of the wounded to the intensive care.


al-BYAR / a-BIAR:


Video capture on the car bomb was en route to the al-Byar / A-BIAR
بالفيديو القبض علي سيارة مفخخة كانت في الطريق الي منطقة الابيار




Body found inside the safe-box near the North iron Gate to the north-eastern city of Ajdabiya (gate way Tobruk _ Ajdabiya).
Libya comes from new

There is no power but from God Almighty.



Killing Coordinator F dignity in Ajdabiya, which organized the past few days Mohamed Awad Moroccan (Shaddad)

was found dead in one of the farms the city, one of the Jardan ancients who came out in Ajdabiya said dropping the system …

What audacity ! but Sfitwa some of you some

((Oh God, strike the oppressors oppressors and got us out of them unharmed.

Mohamed Awad Anthony Moroccan (Shaddad) murdered by ANSAR al-SHARIA
Urgent Libya | Ajdabiya – Coordinator F dignity killed in a Ajdabiya”Moroccan Mohamed Awad”.

Mohamed Awad Anthony Moroccan (Shaddad) of AJDABIYA

Moroccan Mohamed Awad (Anthony)

Death of Juma Coordinator of dignity in Ajdabiya organized days of Moroccan Mohamed Awad (Anthony)

where found dead in one of the city’s farms from the first two rats who took in Ajdabiya, said dropping the system … What are some svitwa gloated, but some ((o oppressors by the oppressors and we took them safely

10 JUNE 2014
Ajdabiya – Coordinator F dignity killed in a Ajdabiya”Moroccan Mohamed Awad, known as(Shaddad) ” ,

Where the farmer was found dead in one city, one of the rebels who Tsdo Brigades offered to the city

released by al-Jamahiriya forces during 2011.






Found the body of a white leader Abu Ansar al Sharia.


Norman bin Othman warns on cross-Arabiya event population and the tribes of the CASABLANCA conspiracy led by a member of the rat “National Congress” for the city of Casablanca belonged to the stream of political WAHABI-Islam.

others aim to create violence in the city and confuse them within any chances on the one hand and in order to turn CASABLANCA into a spot of instability, after recently turned to kiss for the security and safety frequented by politicians and journalists officers and dignity of the other.




SAUDI ARABIA INVOLVED with proliferation of ANSAR al-SHARIA and the numerous assassinations.

Saudis under arrest, fighting with ANSAR al-Sharia in Benghazi
Channel aired the first video Libya said that for some of the fighters who were arrested as they Iqatlom with Ansar al-Shariah in the city of Benghazi and the video shows two people of Saudi Arabia have been arrested and their recognition Btid assassinations of soldiers from the national army.
Rusaifa News

سعوديين مقبوض عليهم يقاتلون مع انصار الشريعة في بنغازي

سعوديين مقبوض عليهم يقاتلون مع انصار الشريعة في بنغازي
بثت قناة ليبيا اولا فيديو قالت بانه لبعض المقاتلين الذين قبض عليهم وهم يقاتلوم مع تنظيم انصار الشريعة في مدينة بنغازي ويوضح الفيديو شخصين من السعودية قبض عليهم واعترافهم بتنفيد اغتيالات لجنود من الجيش الوطني .
الرصيفة الاخبارية


Continued air strikes on Benghazi.

client Hftar forces bombed hideouts of Ansar al-Sharia in Sidi Faraj in Benghazi and Hawari.


News of the fall of the Dana RPG on one of the houses, Mr. Younis area

and caused material damage in the house.




Loud explosion Qadf RPG in the world by a few.


Air violent bombardment of the city of Benghazi area al-Qnfodh and dismay many people of the region.

The Leadership of the Chamber of dignity in Benghazi declares an air strike shortly before a weapons

store by the depot area Qnfozh armed vehicles belonging to

the Commander of the MB RAT force shield “Libya 1” : Sam bin Humaid.

Statement of Ansar al-Sharia Islamic state on the people of Benghazi
Mandate of Benghazi
1 – prevents the girl to wear jeans and sweater, and must wear Islamic dress abaya and Barkaa and not put make-up. Toiletry
2 – prohibits smoking in all its types and the drinking of alcohol and drugs


3 – closing barber shops for men and prevents shortening of hair or shave the mustache and chin
4 – Do not put on women’s clothing storefronts and application must be female and purchaser enters the shop alone without any man over age 14
5 – tailoring shops shut down in the event of the women’s presence in the shop said.
6 – still all Signboards and advertisements placed by the women’s hairdressing shops. Closed
7 – flogged 70 lashes each of the trades word “Supporters of Sharia”.
8 – prevents women visits to Doctors, even women with a view to treatment.
9 – Prevents hair comb Baltsrihat modern and put anything on the hair for young people. (Generation and Almcefvat, creams and the like)
10 – prevents wear jeans for young people with a waist coast.
11 shut down all kinds of cafes
12 prohibits the display and watching and playing football the so-called soccer, volleyball, basketball, except exercise walking, running, swimming, horseback riding only
13 prohibits any element of female Driving
14 shut down all lounges, including lounge called Wedding
15 prevents women traveling inside or outside without a mahram .. husband or brother., Father or
Uncle and Khal
16 shops shut down all the tapes and prevents all types sold
From the date on Friday, 14 / August / 1435 06/13/2014

If anyone violates this, we will apply the law of God and cropping.


WAHABIISM and men stay filthy!

الصفربيان انصار الشريعة للدولة الاسلامية على اهالي بنغازي
ولاية بنغازي
1 – يمنع ارتداء الفتاة للجينز والكنزة ويجب ارتداء اللباس الاسلامي العباية والبركع ويمنع وضع المكياج.وادوات الزينة
2 – يحرم التدخين بكل انواعه وشرب الخمور والمخدرات
3 – تغلق محلات الحلاقة الرجالية ويمنع تقصير الشعر او حلاقة الذقن والشارب
4 – يمنع وضع الملابس النسائية على واجهات المحلات ويجب ان تكون البائعة انثى والشارية تدخل للمحل بمفردها دون اي رجل فوق السن 14
5 – تغلق محلات الخياطة النسائية في حال تواجد ذكر في المحل.
6 – تزال كل الآرمات والاعلانات التي توضع لمحلات الكوافير النسائية.وتغلق
7 – يجلد 70 جلدة كل من يتداول كلمة “انصار الشريعة”.
8 – يمنع زيارات النساء لاطباء النسائية بقصد المعالجة.
9 – يمنع تمشيط الشعر بالتسريحات الحديثة ووضع اي شيئ على الشعر بالنسبة للشباب. ( الجيل والمصففات والكريمات وماشابه ذلك )
10- يمنع ارتداء بنطال الجينز بالنسبة للشباب ذو الخصر الساحل.
11ـ تغلق جميع المقاهى بانواعها
12ـ يحرم العرض والتفرج واللعب بالكرة بما يسمى كرة القدم والطائرة والسلة عدى ممارسة الرياضة المشي والجري والسباحة وركوب الخيل فقط
13ـيحرم اي عنصر نسائي بــ قيادة السيارات
14ـ اغلاق جميع الصالات بما تسمى صالة الافراح
15ـيمنع السفر النساء داخل او خارج بدون محرم..الزوج او الاخ .او الاب او
العم والخال
16ـ تغلق جميع محلات الاشرطة بانواعها ويمنع بيعها
من تاريخ يوم الجمعة 14/شعبان/1435 2014/6/13
ومن يخالف الامر سوف يطبق شرع الله والاقتصاص


    and this is how they propose to bring it about:

  • (an actual picture of the “EMERATE OF DERNA”)

    forget about your cars, ladies/SILKS, and your babies will never even see their Mummy’s face !

  •  and you you will never know what hit you gals until you are abducted and forcably “wed” to a terrorist with 4 other “wives” already !…

    and that will happen right after they surgically disfigure your womanhood first! afterwards, you’ll never see a doctor!

  • The preferred look for men:

  •  Salafi beauty ?




Body Found “Mahdi Bualibad” B area Alcorvat
7 south of the city of Derna and the body on the way to hospital
Hraish the city, and mentions that “Bualibad” blew up the home
“Rav God Alchloi” leader of the battalion and Salim was arrested
It while trying to blow up the house, “the poetic gift,” battalion command
Martyrs of Abu Salim in the city of Derna, will be expanded after the news
All the little details, as is what I received from a source familiar with the

Battalion forearm jihadist Bdrna announce the death of the emir, “Mahdi Abu white” eastern Libya

Libya media – tuber / Anatolia: a jihadi leader died, of wounds sustained clashes took place immediately after the bombing of a house a battalion commander of the martyrs of Abu Salim, the city of Derna, Shri Libya, according to a statement of his battalion. The battalion announced forearm jihadist, city of Derna, in a statement …




The killing of so-called)) Hntore ((one of the elements
Ansar al-Sharia


Was expelled client (Mustafa Abdul Jalil) airport Abraq, city of Tobruk by the young tribe of slaves,

who accused Jalil of assassinating General Abdel-Fattah Younis.

Shown here (above) Jalil with Belhadj.






Channel presented tribes next Thursday evening a documentary about displaced persons outside Libya and longer tape is the first of its kind that tells immigrants, and the conditions of their lives in the Arab Republic of Egypt, where the cosine displays a second time ten pm GMT Libya
Horizontal Frequency 11095_ 27500

AHMED GADDAF-a-DAM is acting co-ordinator for the “Libyans displaced in Egypt”:


General Conference of the youth tribes and Libyan cities”, on FB, a partagé la vidéo de Raad Raad Raad.

Who is still certified mesh base
And keep coming back to Adgo Jardan
The national anthem of the Libyan Awami heard and after him the master-Sisi
Almhzb longevity Mhzb shame on their faces ĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺ

اللي مازال مش مصدق بس
ونعاود اضحكو على الجردان
النشيد الوطني للجماهيرية سمعه العوامي وبعدها سلم على سيده السيسي
المهزب طول عمره مهزب الخزي والعار على وجوهم هههههههههه

le statut de Youth Congress Libyan tribes of the year.

“News heroic Libyan resistance and crimes and scandals NATO”, on FB REPORTS:Egyptian terrorist admits now on the first channel Libya
Said that  Abdul Hakim Belhaj, who leads operations in Benghazi, one of the orders issued to the assassination

of a man named “Ahzer money”, and handed him over to the supporters of evil (ANSAR al-SHARIA).

Aatervat Egyptian Baalguetal with Ansar al-Sharia Benghazi

News heroic Libyan resistance and crimes and scandals NATO a partagé un lien.

Video: Oatervat Saudi and Egyptian Btid assassinations and fighting with Ansaralhariah Benghazi
1 2 forum Breaking News Libyan political forums

اعترفات مصري باالقتال مع تنظيم انصار الشريعة بنغازي

اعترفات مصري باالقتال مع تنظيم انصار الشريعة بنغازي تابعونا علي صفحتنا علي الفيسبوك


THE USA IS NOT “FIGHTING TERRORISM” in any manner, but rather creating the chaos on purpose,

for their own worldly agendas.

They gloat in all the bloodshed. It fills their Satanic purposes.

ارهابى مصري يعترف الان على قناة ليبيا اولا
ان عبدالحكيم بالحاج من يقود العمليات فى بنغازي وهو من يصدر الاوامر بالاغتيال وهو من احظر الاموال وسلمها لانصار الشر

A national seminar on the occasion of the anniversary of the evacuation of U.S. bases from Libya 06/11/2014

– Organize a symposium popular initiative Arab nationalism for the occasionand to discuss the grave situation and external developments in Libya, in support of the resistance to the Libyan Arab people against extremism and terrorism of the Zionist and imperialist intervention.
– Participate in the seminar a number of intellectuals and politicians and trade unionists and journalists Arabs.
– Symposium will be held at 12:00 pm Wednesday at the Cultural Center of the Egyptian Nile Corniche in Cairo.

Muammar al-Qathafi about the negotiations evacuated U.S. bases.










“News heroic Libyan resistance and crimes and scandals NATO”, on FB announces Tunisian Meeting:

Professor Bashir fishing Dean Tunisian lawyers and former head of the Movement Fighters Tunisia
Ahead with the meeting to clarify displaced Libyans in Tunisia to be held on 11 June 2014.

الاستاذ البشير الصيد عميد المحامين التونسيين السابق ورئيس حركة مرابطون تونس
يتقدم بتوضيح يتعلق باجتماع المهجرين الليبين بتونس المزمع عقده يوم 11 جوان 2014.

Salah on
In the name of God the Merciful
Statement Forum displaced Libyans on the Tunisian territory
Said Gila and Ola would the name of God the Merciful
(So ​​for those who fight because they have wronged and God on their victory to Kadeer, who were driven from their homes unjustly only because they believe in God but do not push God’s people to each other for the silos were demolished and the sale and prayers, mosques, stating the name of Allah much Inasrn God and that God Inzareth strong Aziz)
Almighty God
The displaced Libyans on the land of the Republic of Tunisia as they watched all the care and perception are issued by the Forum tribes and Libyan cities, held in the city of Aziziyah on 05/25/2014 P stand today with all the awareness and responsibility of respect and in recognition of this historic event in our people’s struggle to recover his freedom and dignity as the only way out of the crises of our country and expresses her to safety and restore security to which deprived him Dilma and falsely and slanderously
Today and have been on the Nakba nearly four years Ana where our people at home and suffered two where money abroad eye has seen and no ear has heard
It is the depth of our tragedy and cruelty of our circumstances and hardship we live and the bitterness of loneliness and Tgraybna and screaming children and their need for education and health, and their search for their schools Riyadhm safe and quiet and killing innocent dreams without guilt and their dream to return to their schools asking how long is achieved
We turn today to the tribes and cities of ancient pure all the love and fulfillment and Irfan Ali and Agafthm in Mmeltqahm Baran seven drums of Ali as much as you push and it generates in Aldilmat comes light Faarah is here explained everything and fell mulberry paper and that the individual insight into the reality of what happened and what is happening and Almighty God says Ed
In the name of God the Merciful (they do not blind eyes and hearts but blinded by the breasts) Almighty God
Because the hearts of the displaced Libyans palace on the Tunisian territory aware of the size of the plot and is aware of the fact that the lies and Forgery which practiced and practiced by the traitors and customers since the first day of the Nakba and hear the screams of the tortured in prisons illegal militias and gangs and Otaatqta pain and sorrow to the screams of Silks noble women in detention injustice and Almupaiqat
And Ttasa Ali Taher irrigated soil shed the blood of our fathers and Ojaddedana a brave Mujahideen trampled feet infidels Alfoajer front sight and earshot of the right to say that justice and legitimacy Assistant Pro
Of actual and including trumpeting We believe and we are all sure we are displaced Libyans in Tunisia green to you that we are going back to you, O Libya returning fill us confidence in our people in the tribes in our cities Immaculate Npink partners in destiny are ready to die in Sbelk
No homeland for us except you do not vault us only under Turabk and Live without us breeze Mahfozi heads held high and dignity, no matter how long or short
Returning returning we return we shall return to you, O beloved bone Libya
We all faith and certainty announce the following: –
Declares displaced Libyans exclusively in the territory of the Republic of Tunisia sister that they are committed to the cis and workers in a statement on the Helms Forum tribes and cities in the Libyan city of Aziziyah on 25/05/2014 and cling to its program of work is running out for the moment when he meets and told to ask
At that clings to the displaced Libyans palace with all their rights caused by the Thgerém forced from their home and put themselves under the mechanism Conference Libyan tribes in Trutab return to their homeland and hurry or process Atidah her and bless everyone’s efforts to make it a success and call on Ba to the Supreme Council of the tribes of the Libyan speed finding body administrative takes care of the interests of displaced Libyans in Tunisia in the manner it deems appropriate
Go Allibon displaced exclusively on Tunisian territory to all the brothers and their siblings in all countries of the world which contains displaced likes of footsteps suit by issuing statements in favor of affiliation to their tribes statement referred to
Isdh displaced Libyans in Tunisia highest voices demanding all international organizations, human rights and humanitarian particularly the United Nations and the African Union to intervene immediately to end the tragedy Almadben in jails and prisons Almilishawih and carry them full responsibility Ali Tkhadelhm and duplication Mairém
That our right to return to our home unchallenged in which long-time or short and our rights will not be lost no matter how tried to cover up the customers will not be wasted right behind the demands of the willing, willing, and hatred of hate
Seize displaced Libyans on Tunisian territory this opportunity to Aabro Per brothers and brothers in Tunisia, the government and people and parties for their profound gratitude to the host and good treatment and stress for all the brothers in Tunisia that they will help honest and supportive Hteta to support Tunisia and the protection of their security and that we will not and did not forget who Ouona and safety and Qasamuna gave us a loaf of bread they have us all salute and appreciation and loyalty to fulfill Thelamiv loyal and faithful one destiny for all Arabs from the perimeter of the bay
Long live Libya skeleton over the top” ‘Long live Libya dear dignified”’ Long live Libya pride and dignity and steadfastness

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

بيان ملتقي المهجرين الليبين علي الأراضي التونسية

قـال جلا شأنه وعلا بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
( أُذِنَ لِلَّذِينَ يُقَاتَلُونَ بِأَنَّهُمْ ظُلِمُوا ۚ وَإِنَّ اللَّهَ عَلَىٰ نَصْرِهِمْ لَقَدِيرٌ ۚ الَّذِينَ أُخْرِجُوا مِن دِيَارِهِم بِغَيْرِ حَقٍّ إِلَّا أَن يَقُولُوا رَبُّنَا اللَّهُ ۗ وَلَوْلَا دَفْعُ اللَّهِ النَّاسَ بَعْضَهُم بِبَعْضٍ لَّهُدِّمَتْ صَوَامِعُ وَبِيَعٌ وَصَلَوَاتٌ وَمَسَاجِدُ يُذْكَرُ فِيهَا اسْمُ اللَّهِ كَثِيرًا ۗ وَلَيَنصُرَنَّ اللَّهُ مَن يَنصُرُهُ ۗ إِنَّ اللَّهَ لَقَوِيٌّ عَزِيزٌ )
صدق الله العظيم

إن المهجرون الليبين علي أرض الجمهورية التونسية وهم يتابعون بكل العناية و الإدراك ما صدر عن ملتقي القبائل و المدن الليبية , المنعقد في مدينة العزيزية بتاريخ 25/5/2014 ف يقفون اليوم بكل الوعي و المسئولية أحتراماً و تقديراً لهذا الحدث التاريخي في نضال شعبنا لأسترداد حريته و كرامته كطريق وحيد يخرج بلادنا من أزماتها ويعبر بها إلي بر الأمان ويعيد إليها الأمن الذي حرمت منه ضلماً و زوراً و بهتانا
اليوم و قد مضي علي النكبة ما يقارب الأربع من السنين عانا فيها أهلنا في الداخل الأمرين و عانينا فيها في الخارج مالا عين رأت و لا أذن سمعت
ومن عمق مأساتنا وقساوة ظروفنا وضنك عيشنا و مرارة غربتنا وتغريبنا و صراخ أطفالنا وحاجتهم إلي التعليم و الصحة و بحثهم عن مدارسهم و رياضهم الأمنة الهادئة و قتل أحلامهم البريئة بدون ذنب و حلمهم بالعودة إلي مدارسهم يسالون متي يتحقق
نتوجه اليوم إلي قبائلنا و مدننا العريقة الطاهرة كل الحب و الوفاء و العرفان علي وقفتهم في ملتقاهم بعرين السبع طبول علي قدر أهل العزم تأتي العزائم و إنما ما يولد في الضلمات يأتي النور فيعريه هاقد وضح كل شئ و سقطت ورقة التوت وبان لكل ذي بصيرة حقيقة ما جري ومايجري و صدق الله العظيم أد يقول
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم ( فَإِنَّهَا لَا تَعْمَى الْأَبْصَارُ وَلَكِنْ تَعْمَى الْقُلُوبُ الَّتِي فِي الصُّدُور ) صدق الله العظيم

ولإن قلوب المهجرين الليبين قصراً علي الأراضي التونسية تدرك حجم المؤامرة وتعي حقيقة الأكاذيب و التزيف التي مارسها و يمارسها الخونة و العملاء منذ اليوم الأول للنكبة وتسمع صراخ المعذبين في السجون اللاقانونية للمليشيات و العصابات ووتتقطع ألماً و حزناً لصراخ الحرائر الماجدات في معتقلات الظلم و الموبيقات

وتتأسي علي إستباحة التراب الطاهر المروي بدماء أبائنا و أجددانا المجاهدين الأشاوس وهو يداس بأقدام العلوج الفواجر أمام مرأى و مسمع من يقول أنه للحق و العدل و الشرعية مساعد ومناصر

فعلي من وبمن تقرع الطبول إننا نؤمن وكلنا يقين نحن المهجرون الليبيون في تونس الخضراء بإننا عائدون إليك إليك يا ليبيا عائدون تملؤنا الثقة في أهلنا في قبائلنا في مدننا الطاهرة نبينك شركاء في مصيرك مستعدون للموت في سبيلك
لا وطن لنا إلا أنت لا مدفن لنا إلا تحت ترابك و لاعيش لنا بدون هواك مرفوعي الرأس ومحفوظي الكرامة مهما طال الزمن أو قصر
عائدون عائدون راجعون راجعون إليك أيتها العظمي ليبيا الحبيبة

وإننا بكل الإيمان و اليقين نعلن مايلي :-

يعلن المهجرون الليبيون قصراً في أراضي الجمهورية التونسية الشقيقة بإنهم ملتزمون ومقرون وعاملون علي ماجاء في بيان ملتقي القبائل و المدن الليبية في مدينة العزيزية بتاريخ 25/5/2014 ويتمسكون به برنامج عمل ينفد لحظة ما نؤمر و يلبي حينما نطلب

في الوقت الذي يتمسك فيه المهجرون الليبيون قصراً بكل حقوقهم التي نجمت عن تهجريهم القصري عن وطنهم ويضعون أنفسهم تحت آلية مؤتمر القبائل الليبية في تراتيب عودتهم إلي أرض الوطن و يستعجلون الأجراءات التنفيدية لها ويباركون جهود الجميع لإنجاحها و يهيبون با لمجلس الأعلي للقبائل الليبية سرعة إيجاد جسم إداري يتولي رعاية مصالح المهجرين الليبين في الجمهورية التونسية بالكيفية التي يراها مناسبة

يتوجه الليبون المهجرون قصراً علي الأراضي التونسية إلي كل أخوتهم و أشقائهم في كل دول العالم التي تحوي المهجرين أمثالهم للحذو حذوهم بإصدار بيانات تؤكد إنتمائهم لبيان قبائلهم المشار إليهم

يصدح المهجرين الليبيون في تونس بأعلي صوتهم مطالبين كل المنظمات الدولية الحقوقية والإنسانية خاصة الأمم المتحدة و الأتحاد الأفريقي بالتدخل فورا لأنهاء مأساة المعدبين في المعتقلات و السجون الميليشاوية ويحملونهم المسؤلية الكاملة علي تخادلهم و أزدواجية معايريهم


أن حقنا في العودة إلي وطننا لا منازع فيه طال الزمان أو قصر وحقوقنا لن تضيع مهما حاول العملاء طمسها لن يضيع حق ورائه مطالب شاء من شاء وكره من كره

ينتهز المهجرون الليبيون علي الأراضي التونسية هذه الفرصة ليعبرو لكل الأشقاء و الأخوة في تونس حكومة وشعباً و أحزاباً عن شكرهم العميق للإستضافة و حسن المعاملة و يؤكدون لجميع الأخوة في تونس بإنهم سيكونون عوناً صادقا و مؤازراً حتيتا لدعم تونس وحماية أمنها وإننا لن و لم ننسي الذين أوونا و منحونا الأمان و قاصمونا رغيف الخبز فلهم منا كل التحية و التقدير و الوفاء لثلاميذ الوفاء و الأوفياء المؤمنين بالمصير الواحد لكل العرب من محيط للخليج

فلتحيا ليبيا عظمي فوق القمة ’’’ لتحيا ليبيا عزيزة كريمة ’’’ تحيا ليبيا العزة و الكرامة و الصمود
والسلام عليكم ورحمته الله وبركاته

المهجرون الليبيون في تونس
صدر في تونس يوم الأربعاء الموافق 11/6/2014
النشر فى كل الصفحات ومجموعات

Peace be upon you and the mercy and blessings of God
Displaced Libyans in Tunisia
Released in Tunisia on Wednesday, 11/06/2014

Sousse, Tunisia

مباشر من قاعة المؤتمرات بسوسة الأن تونس 11/06/2014*****مباشر من قاعة المؤتمرات بسوسة الأن تونس 11/06/2014*****

مباشر من قاعة المؤتمرات بسوسة الأن تونس 11/06/2014*****

من دلهل مؤتمر المهجرين الليبيين بتونس


Snapshots of displaced Conference in Tunisia

la vidéo de Almہqہomہ Alہlہabہa.

 “Children of Sheikh Abdul Salam Asmar”, on FB, a partagé la vidéo de Samir mass.
We commend the splendor of God’s biggest plays. Today at a conference in Tunis Almahjrien

نشيد العز الله اكبر يعزف. اليوم في مؤتمر المهجريين بتونس

The proliferation of security and military is too big for the Armed Forces military and security

along the Libyan-Tunisian border this evening.



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