Mu 21 March 2011


Muslim’ Brotherhood members of the “General Conference Allaotunai” are led by extremist gangs. They accused General Khalifa Hftar of being an enemy of Islam,

What they mean, is that they are WAHABI. Hftar and most Libyans do not aspire-to or espouse WAHABI SALIFISM.

Muammar al Qathafi helped to restore pure and true Islam, by saving the Holy Quran through the World Islamic Call Society,

which corrected the so-many errors put into the distorted Koran by the Brits at the turn of the 20th Century. It was fast adopted by the Saudiis

and the Arab tribes of the Peninsula, and destroyed the Prophet Mohammed’s [PBUH] great Gift to mankind. Muammar al-Qathafi

with the Council of Holy Quran Sholars of the World Islamic leadership and the Islamic Call Society, restored the true HOLY QURAN:



(founded by the inspiration and holy will of Allah, through his servant, Muammar al-Qathafi) of the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA

Identification telling the “HOLY QURAN” and terms drawn and control

Thank God, that grace is righteous, and facilitated tasks, is pleased Holy Quran to mention affording Bhvdah said, and saying right, if we went Alzkroana his privates, and prayers and peace be upon Muhammad, the Prophet Muhammad envoy to the Holy Quran amount for the Lord and calling, and Mwalimalalim and guide, the best Mnalm and science, and reading, He said in a concise speech Mhdjaaomahfsa:,,

best to learn the Quran and his knowledge, and his family good and his companions Alockraman, Alventhmiloa the burden of responsibility for the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Nicoloa us, for the Quran tortured and Slsla, and wire going after them and work on the publication of his book to the day of judgment.

But after.
It is the empowerment of God in the land and facilitate the male that created this nation at various Alozmnawalomkna of saves the Holy Quran by heart and bears responsibility communicated and works on Thviza and to publish it for others through various means of education and publishing,

Was it that stayed the Holy Quran and would be preserved, as revealed by God, recounted by generations to God inherits the earth and them.

I have been to this country, the Libyan Arab Muslim frontrunner; and I share fully in carrying the burden of this message novel and familiar, as it is preserved in the breasts, and documented in writing, carry it to receive parents grandparents to read Imam Nafi imam of the city of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and the reader Brwighthma: A Novel of Imam / Hanif, the imam novel / workshops.

The virtues of this country that draw the Holy Quran Bsmh known bloggers in drawing books. Drawing Abu Omar and Osman bin Saeed proximal in convincing, and draw my father Daoud Suleiman ibn Abi al-Qasim success in the download,

which bring them together with what ‘Aqeelah Shati Imam / Muhammad ibn Muhammad ibn Ibrahim Umayyad Alhresy famous Ngeraz in Mndhumich famous so-called vendor thirsty has gained interest publishers face drawing, which followed the Imam / Abudawood,

Aftbat him copies of the Quran several in the east, and expressed (and novels) Hafs from Asim, and Abu Omar and Hafs League for Dad Amralbesry, and Hanif wholesome Civil, but the face, which singled out by Imam proximal remained – to our knowledge – preserved in the breasts and documented in some manuscripts.

And confirm the role of “September Revolution” in the great work of God in order to publish a book and save it and Thviza. And continuing its call for all Muslims to return to the Holy Quran: the book of God, which does not come on wrong in the hands of his successor download from the wise Hamid,,

A committee was formed with a tool “Quran Alalmealhfezh” of the Holy Quran, and specialists in reading, and charted, and control, and Vosalh, and the reasons for coming, as well as some of linguists assisted by some technicians to prepare and write the Holy Quran, to be a novel, Hanif wholesome civil. It is through the proximal draw Mohammed bin Harun, known as Abu active.

Committee began Guy work on Monday, 27 of Rabi 1390 of the death of the Prophet peace be upon him, corresponding to the second of March, 1982:

the day which marks the anniversary of the Declaration of the first JAMAHIRIYA (mass) and the power of the people, and the issuance of the historic document that confirmed the Libyan Arab people now recognized that the Holy Qur’an is the law of society in the “Libyan Arab Jamahiriya”.

In much of the night of the blessed month of Ramadan in 1393 of the death of the Prophet (peace be upon him), corresponding to 07 June 1983 AD, held a religious ceremony within a large mosque, Maulvi Mohammed in Tripoli, where the brother / Rebel Muslim Colonel Muammar al-Qathafi, Supreme Commander Fateh Islamic Revolution, left the last word, and to the people, the center of the Jamahiriya (mass) the Holy Qu’ran, and enlarge lullaby thousands of Muslims.

It took the work of the Commission for the Preparation of the Holy Quran planning, writing and revision under the supervision of the Holy Quran Radio, and care for by the Islamic Call Society three years and Neva.

And by the “Libyan Arab Jamahiriya”, which is offered today to all Muslims everywhere in the world, the Holy Quran, is asking God Almighty to accept it (the labor of the solemn fruits of the Commision, accumulated in the purified edition) and it be a benefit by the sons of the Muslims, to illuminates the paths of their lives and to inspire them to return to it (THE HOLY QURAN), and work in each area from it.

Yes Moly Yes Pocket .
though the “Islamic Call Society” as The Print edition of this most HOLY QURAN, and we offer it to all readers of this novel, as part of its goals, in the definition of the Holy Quran;
and to learn and Hvdah and publish it by all means pleasing, to express my sincere thanks to all those who contributed to the output of this work in this novel,
who is pleased to announce that there is now a printed edition of the HOLY QURAN with some novels, novels and other prints will be for the benefit of all in circulation

and we have achieved successfully these divine objectives; and God bless.


la vidéo de “voice displaced Libyans in the world”, on FB

Hftar admits that leader Muammar al-Qathafi has saved the Holy Quran (through the World Islamic Call Society and the Islamic

Leadership, which he founded) from the corruption of the Wahabi.

Here, regaining his lost dignity, Khalifa Hftar admits that The Martyr Fasting was falsely accused. Intgah God says right ..

al-Qathafi is both a man and an angel with a pleasant manner, who saved the Holy Quran, conservative on links .. and the (al-Fateh) light of September,

is a popular revolution for the liberation of the country which docked with all the people and was not a coup…

صوت المهجرين الليبيين فى العالم

حفتر يعترف ان القائد امعمر القذافي وجوده نادر يحفظ القرأن

هاهو فاقد الكرامة خليفة حفتر من كان يتهم الشهيد الصائم كذبا و زورا بالأمس ينطقه الله بالحق فيقول .. القذافي كان إنسان ملاك و كان طيب الخلق يحفظ القرأن محافظاً على صلاته .. و ان الفاتح من سبتمبر هي ثورة شعبيه لتحرير الوطن و إلتحم بها كل الشعب و ليس إنقلاباً










To maintain the production of OPEC countries to 30 million barrels per day

Oil Minister-designate Omar Alchukmak on Monday to keep the current production of OPEC countries to 30 million barrels

per day because of the stability of the oil market and the Libyan balance demand and supply. He explained to the atmosphere

Alchukmak Net,

“that the choice of Libya to chair OPEC requires us to increase efforts to free ourselves from the constraints …”




 High production field elephant to 90 thousand barrels per day

Libyan media said the Elephant oil field director Abdel Fattah builder said Monday that the average crude oil production

of the field arrived at the approximately 90 thousand barrels per day. The builder of the atmosphere Net, there are some

idle wells in the case of fixed rates will increase oil production field. The Elephant field has resumed production processes .

Elephant field to resume production

Libya media – and agencies: Ministry official announced oil and gas on Sunday that production of the Elephant oil field has resumed

after a break ins guards the field. The director of inspection and measurement of the ministry, told Reuters:

“The rate of production of the field, will reach 80 thousand barrels per day within the next 24 hours. It is noteworthy …


In response to the kidnapping of Abu Khtale, armed group almost (base) 😉

The kidnapping of four workers Elephant field, including U.S. ..





Lock continued through a dirt barrier Abu Salim since the last fighting between militias of Akilla Gneoh


and the ZINTANI BRIGADES of QaaQa, Lightning and 32nd Civil.



Fire “market Conqueror” Abu Salim area caught fire in the second round to seek the cause of electric cars and al-Atfah in

place and according to sources, has now been extinguished the fire and the elements of self-styled room victory secured the

market now from theft and burned until the arrival of the owners of livelihood for Place.





The fall of the shells in the vicinity of Camp 21’s demons were closed road to there and there is no significant damage-





An incoming message:

Eyewitness you are near a gas station Gurji was a military unit trace lightning believes station time and the sun’s ultraviolet

Roshm from early morning armed group they seem to criminals Mtato pills seems that they were giving them money …

I have been attacked at a gas station in Gurji for viewing  the sabotage and Ahjmo on the power, which provides for the station.

Urgent: –
Force was charged with protecting the gas station, “Gurji”, a special operations and lightning, to attack
By a gang of terrorists driven them money and for the purpose of undermining security in the capital and was acquainted with the
Each of the attackers and counted in the list and has been dealing with them and will bring them one by one from their homes and released
Including a formal arrest warrant, this cowardly act funded by the views of the capital do not want security and stability will not
Tolerate it, and will teach those who wronged any return overturn ..
# Operations


Was executed on the strength of lightning at the station.

Some Hradm attack on the security force, which provides one of the fuel stations in Gurji…

It follows the lightning …

Then tells you and me behind the fuel crisis …

Fuel crisis in Tripoli orchestrated and fabricated urges planning Hftar.







General Electric Company (GECOL) notes the citizens to rise cut hours of electricity in the WESTERN REGION OF LIBYA :
To 4 hours ..General Electric Company announces a severe shortage in the supply of gas stations “Misrata” and “bed-west.”

General Electric Company announces a severe shortage in the supply of fuel stations on Misurata and the western bed
Media Libya – Tripoli announced that General Electric Company on Monday, that the acute shortage in the supply of fuel

to the stations and bed west of Misrata, has led to the loss of 200 megawatts worth of bed-west station. She added that

the electricity company as a result of this shortage has also been a sharp 400 …

Which leads to increase the hours of the distribution of loads to 4 hours.

Power outages for the entire region of Eastern and some cities in the Western Ntgah to bomb power plants …..

GECOL one of the many power plants in Libya







Magor Prison:

Urgent .. Today 15 people were transported from the prison to the prosecution Magor Zliten ..

been released for 6 people has been the extension of the rest .. and tomorrow will be transferred to another group

on behalf of their families Adeolhm RBI FAFSA.












Killing (Faisal bin Association), a member of Ansar al-Sharia, after that died in the battles between the forces in Benghazi and regulation forces (Hftar) …

 A ten people dead and 28 injured in clashes in Benghazi yesterday

Media Libya – Benghazi: The head of the Department of Movement hospital Abyar Salah tar arrival of the bodies

of six and thirteen wounded to hospital after clashes on Sunday, Mr. Faraj zones in Benghazi and Hawari.

And tar between the atmosphere revealed that the five bodies belonging to military personnel of the brigade Khalifa Hftar

and another unidentified corpse.


Clashes strong in Hawari

(video from 03 OCT 2009)


Blast booth for sale hyperemia area milkfish Street broadcast by sources and material damage only (no humans suffered).

Body Found (Salem al-jdharan) a member of the Special Forces area of ​​Sidi Faraj “slaughtered”

FORMER REPORT from 24 SEPT 2013:

al-JDHARAN brothers [the head of the political bureau of the province of Cyrenaica – Jdharan Ibrahim and his brother Salem–

accused and asserted, that, ZAIDANE and and chairman of the Energy Commission, the National Conference General Naji selected

to provide bribery and attempted purchase of receivables.
Showed Jdharan publicly at a news conference Sunday in the city of Ajdabiya certified checks for an amount of million, and confirmed

deposit of 2 million in the account of his brother Salem Aljdharan by broker government; in order to silence the political bureau

and decryption sit on the oil installations, according to his claims….

 Salem, brother of Ibrahim Jdharan, directs a cruel word to Tripoli dignitaries:



another Thunderbolt, “Abdulsalam al-Ghazali,” murdered in Hawari:

Found the body of one of the elements of the Thunderbolt “Abdulsalam al-Ghazali,” Hawari area

Media Libya – Benghazi: found elements of security, on Monday, the body of a Special Forces (Thunderbolt) Benghazi,

Hawari area near the cement plant. A source close to the family of the deceased for “news agency Solidarity” that elements of the security …


The return of two of the special forces in Benghazi after they disappeared two weeks

Media Libya – Benghazi confirmed the official spokesman for the Special Forces in Benghazi Thunderbolt “cabled Birthday”

to the atmosphere of Net, that the two soldiers who disappeared about two weeks ago were found on Sunday morning,

and are in good health. He denied “cabled” there is no information on who kidnapped the two soldiers, noting that investigations are underway now….


Find a decomposing body in Benghazi

Libya media – Benghazi: official said the Information Office Hospital Galaa “Fadia Albergthe” the atmosphere Forums:

The hospital had received on Monday decomposed bodies of unidentified, were found in the area Boatni,

saying it was transferred to Benghazi Medical Center, “1200” because of the lack Taibib legitimate Hospital evacuate.

Mohammed el-Hasy:  Five prisoners of “Ansar al-Sharia,” including Mohamed coracoid

Libya media – Benghazi: Colonel Mohammed el-Hasy, spokesman forces retired Major General Khalifa Haftar,

that the attack by his forces on Sunday on the stronghold of the militants in the city of Benghazi,

resulting in the occurrence of five members of the organization “Ansar al-Sharia” in captivity, including leadership,

while announced rat “Battalion 17 FEBRUARY” as being anti-Haftar with 11 families within the “Battalion 17 February”

belonging to  “ANSAR al-SHARIA”….

 Strong explosion shakes Benghazi …and Mzalt News contradictory scene.

Room joint security Benghazi declares curfew in the city from 12 pm to sixth
Since morning to night until further notice.


Curfew in Benghazi from the 12 until the 6:00

Media Libya – Benghazi: Room decided the common security of Benghazi on Monday, imposing a curfew for cars within the city of Benghazi

for several hours. A spokesman for the security room Benghazi Ibrahim al-Shara for “news agency solidarity” that the chamber

decided curfew for cars within the city of Benghazi, effective beginning the 16 JUNE 2014.


Egyptian killed by gunmen in Benghazi

Media Libya – Benghazi: Benghazi Medical Center received this morning, Monday, the body of an Egyptian citizen,

“Syed Hamid Khalifa” was shot dead by gunmen in the city of Benghazi. He was in his thirties, was shot by gunmen in the city of Benghazi.

And no information or other details on the circumstances of the killing of Hamid, and likely  being an expat …








The assassination of Imad Turkawi western city of Derna
Libya media – tuber: assassinated, on Sunday evening, called Imad Boubacar Abdulaati Turkawi that the victim was murdered

while on his way to the city of Derna, coming from the largest single residence. And at the age of 24, a citizen belonging to a

guerrilla battalions during the Nakba in 2011, does not belong to any military or a particular organization. Unidentified gunmen …



Bombings had to be USA or FRANCE:

Commander of the Air Force:

Saqr Jeroshy: The Air Force denies bombing sites in tuber .

His Tobruk aircraft was only a poll.

A REMINDER from 21 MARCH 2011:

Pilots in the cockpit for a stamina-sapping 25-hour mission
They dropped 45 satellite-guided bombs weighing 2,000lbs each
Six hero pilots return home safe and sound from a bombing mission to Libya which saw them in the cockpit for an incredible 25 hours.

Three B-2 Spirit bombers, piloted by two men each, made it back after the 11,418-mile round trip from the Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri – where they are kept in special hangars – to Libya,

Cost: 2.63€bn

Range: 6,000 miles

Special features: radar absorbing skin to make it near-impossible to detect. Can carry the GBU-37 ‘bunker buster’ 5,000 lib bomb that can bore 20 to 30 ft through concrete

Capabilities: Two B-2s armed with precision weaponry can do the job of 75 conventional aircraft. Can carry 16 2,000 lb satellite guided bombs

Max speed: 630mph at 40,000 ft

Cruise speed: 560mph at 40,000 ft

Dimensions: 69ft long, 17ft high, 172ft wingspan

ts mission is to penetrate heavily defended enemy territory and ‘kick down the door’ on the opening night of a conflict. One of its special features is its ability to carry eight GBU-37 ‘bunker buster’ bombs, weighing in at 2.27 tonnes that are capable of boring 20 to 30 ft of rock or reinforced concrete before detonating.

After the first wave of more than 110 Tomahawk missiles launched from allied warships in the Mediterranean, they struck yesterday morning on ‘a variety of strategic targets over Libya’, according to the US Air Force.

They dropped a total of 45 one-tonne satellite guided missiles on Libyan aircraft shelters before making the 5,709 mile journey back to the Missouri. The B-2 stealth bombers were first used in the Kosovo and Serbian war and have been used more recently in Afghanistan.

The long-range, heavy bomber capable of penetrating sophisticated and dense air-defence, and with one refuelling, is able to fly to any point in the world within hours.

The aircraft is famous for rather ominous-looking bat-like silhouette: The leading edges of the wings are angled at 33° and the trailing edge has a double-W shape. It is manufactured at two Northrop Grumman facilities in Pico Rivera and Palmdale in California.

The aircraft also are deadly and effective: An assessment published by the USAF showed that two B-2s armed with precision weaponry can do the job of 75 conventional aircraft.

That makes it a powerful weapon to strike targets including bunkers, command centres, radars, airfields, air defences.

The B-2 can carry 16 2,000 pound (900 kilogram), satellite-guided bombs, including an earth penetrating version.

As well as the eight ‘bunker busters’, its bomb bays can carry 16 Joint Air to Surface Standoff Missile (JASSM), which have been tested at ranges 180 miles from the target, or the Joint Standoff Weapon (JSOW), a glide bomb that releases cluster bombs.



After the first wave of more than 110 Tomahawk missiles launched from allied warships in the Mediterranean,

they struck yesterday morning upon a variety of targets throughout Libya.

On 21 MARCH, it was Muammar al-Qathafi’s home compound that was targeted…and you cannot tell me that

they were not after al-Qathafi from the very start of the 2011 WAR:

PICTURE of 21 MARCH 2011:

Surveying the damage: Libyan army soldiers stand amid the wreckage of a building inside Bab Al-Azaziya.





Champions Libyan air force bombing targets in the sea near the area Qmins.










Clashes between Toubou returning to their homes and militias in the Awlad Suleiman Sabha.

Tribal clashes between Tabu and the children of Solomon in the city of Mahdia # Sabha. tesfr about the number of dead and wounded.




 “ZERO HOUR” on FB, gives us some historical information:

Awlad Suleiman mass suicide ..

I have had children of Solomon and bonds lineage and kinship and history of struggle shared as linking this tribe of ancient links affinity and kinship and alliances historical mayor sacrifices of parents and grandparents in the battles of jihad against colonialism, Turkish, French and Italian in Libya and Chad, a matter which was established by the system of integrated social included in the bases tribes rejection of the occupation and to obey his will ranging from non-payment of taxes, “Miri” and ending with the battles of honor and redemption, a tribal named row mainland or “grade epitaxial” Perhaps the most prominent of was affiliated under this gathering tribes “and Rafla and Akaddadfah and Aolahdeslaman and Zintan,” what has become known as the “Khot seriously,”

Not only was this alliance to fight the occupier but extended to advocate for any party against those who attack it from the other tribes and perhaps a reality battle Paederus that killed Ibrahim Sowaihili son Ramadan, who was leading a military campaign destined to gather the tribes and Rafla Paljfrh after the occupation of Bani Walid Vtsdt his tribe Awlad Suleiman and caused him and his armies heavy losses Year 1924.
The Ahtfd this alliance it together in spite of the political conflict with the family of Saif Al-Nasr in 1970, or even some of the differences monopoly on trans-Saharan trade and Maravgaha excesses even Mazlomyat,

but infertile in Libya after “17 February 2011”, is a lot of data and dismantled alliances tribe list and replaced by another connection became known Boukot blood It links Baptist struggle and sacrifice in the face of NATO and his aides, for example, brothers and Rafla and Almgarhh as demonstrated by the parties over the depth of the bond when exposed Bani Walid to invade the second in October 2012 and Masitrh sons Almgarhh of tournaments over the soil of Bani Walid Taher ..

At the time that lasted the Association of brotherhood between Rafla and Akaddadfah despite Macabha after 1993, and consequent to that of wounds depth some of the sons of the two tribes “Maybe Adhar they royalist than the King,” is that the disaster in February pushed the tribes to forget the controversy and unite in order to protect the homeland ..

at the time went out the tribe Zintan on the grade to join with “17 February”, and Lefty sheikh that the aircraft Rasmussen and Bernard Levy birds Ababil any angels Rahman “ask forgiveness of God,” and then felt Zintan to be their enemies (though were their yesterday’s friends) and today under the banner of interests unreconciled .. and stood watching the genocide of supporters of (the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA) “Khot grandfather” in Bani Walid in 2012 and replaced its alliance old the last Model 2011 and the Awlad Suleiman was their situation is far worse than most of Zintan.

They (SONS OF SULEIMAN)  did not content themselves with the coup against the “Khot Grandpa” (GREAT JAMAHIRIYA) and sit by and watch Matardt him Bani Walid ((Although many, this history of the Awlad Suleiman against defending Bani Walid and Mduha logistical support an individual initiatives for the rights reserved for the official position of the militia Awlad Suleiman promised and whose hardware) ) and bias unjustified support for “17 February”, and its leaders that you collect with Aolahdeslaman Association of social or moral or national,

Thereby, entered in an armed clash with the “Khot Grandpa” al-Qathafi sometimes liquidate accounts Kadimamrdha power struggle or trade and other effects on the pretext ((conflict between the cronies and the rebels))

and after it was resorting to the use of force between the Awlad Suleiman and Akaddadfah and claimed lives and burned homes and property income Aloud Solomon in an armed conflict with Tabu and skirmishes with Almgarhh not left them in their own geography, only some small tribes that do not have Cathal human and Amoaagaf eternal they quickly change their positions according to the most dominant and even Harder than So that Aolahdeslaman held new alliances with some of the tribes that represent the historical enemy to them, which is waiting for the time and circumstance appropriate to avenge grudges Some think it’s completely finished Kmaznoa that revenge between Rafla and Misrata had finished surprised these raising the image Sowaihili in the heart of Bani Walid after stripped Resolution 7 and lie arrest and concoctions .. to find the tribe Awlad Suleiman herself alone in the choppy sea of ​​enemies Eptga crushed and re displace Chad, Niger and without find help from the described and their alliances traditional rooted. The enemies tribal prey on them and the Turks will never forget her revolution Jalil Seif El-Nasr and the French will not forgive her battle eye Klkh and well lofts and Sea Ghazal ..

Is aware wise Awlad Suleiman and Gmaúhm They are definitely a lot to be where they are, who are standing in today is not their place and their position is not the situation right and to abandon their surroundings which drowned them and their alliances where new doom and number and promised to Ajkovlan them survive long in front of a crowd of critics of their This crowd will grow once you change the balance of power on the ground, especially after the international intervention and its ambitions in the south and support Tabu especially ..

I do not know what to think Khot seriously and on any bet they build their policies and what are the criteria to decide which building alliances after Hedmam NATO solid was possible to provide them with protection and security and peace.

تربطني باولاد سليمان وشائج نسب وقربى وتاريخ نضالي مشترك مثلما تربط هذه القبيلة العريقة روابط مصاهرة وقربى وتحالفات تاريخية عمدتها تضحيات الاباء والاجداد في معارك الجهاد ضد الاستعمار التركي والفرنسي والايطالي في ليبيا وتشاد وهو الامر الذي تأسست عليه منظومة اجتماعية متكاملة ضمت في اركانها قبائل الرفض للاحتلال والانصياع لارادته بدءا من الامتناع عن دفع الضرائب”الميري” وانتهاءا بمعارك الشرف والفداء وهي القبائل التي سميت بصف البر او”الصف الفوقي” ولعل ابرز من انضوى تحت هذا التجمع قبائل “ورفلة والقدادفة واولادسليمان والزنتان” فيما اصبح يعرف باسم”خوت الجد” ولم يقتصر هذا التحالف على مقارعة المحتل بل امتد لمناصرة اي طرف ضد من يعتدي عليه من القبائل الاخرى ولعل واقعة معركة الرواغة والتي قتل فيها ابراهيم السويحلي ابن رمضان الذي كان يقود حملة عسكرية متجهة لتجمع قبائل ورفلة بالجفرة بعد احتلال بني وليد فتصدت له قبيلة اولاد سليمان والحقت به وجيوشه خسائر فادحة سنة 1924.
وقد احتفض هذا الحلف بتماسكه رغم الصراع السياسي مع عائلة سيف النصر سنة1970 او حتى بعض الخلافات على احتكار التجارة عبر الصحراء ومارافقها من تجاوزات بل حتى مظلوميات , غير أن ماحل بليبيا بعد17فبراير2011 غير الكثير من المعطيات وفكك تحالفات قبيلة قائمة وحلت محلها اخرى فيما صار يعرف بخوت الدم وهي روابط معمدة بالنضال والتضحية في مواجهة الناتو واعوانه ومثال ذلك اخوة ورفلة والمقارحة حيث برهن الطرفان على مدى عمق الرابطة حينما تعرضت بني وليد للاجتياح الثاني في اكتوبر2012 وماسطره ابناء المقارحة من بطولات فوق تراب بني وليد الطاهر..وفي الوقت الذي استمرت فيه رابطة الاخوة بين ورفلة والقدادفة رغم ماشابها بعد 1993 وماترتب على ذلك من جروح عمقها بعض ابناء القبيلتين “ربما لاضهار انهم ملكيون اكثر الملك” غير ان كارثة فبراير دفعت القبيلتين لتناسي الخلاف والتوحد من اجل حماية الوطن ..في الوقت الذي خرجت فيه قبيلة الزنتان على الصف لتلتحق بفبراير ويفتي شيخها بان طائرات راسموسين وبرنار ليفي طيور ابابيل اي ملائكة الرحمان”استغفر الله” ومن ثم ارتأت الزنتان في اعداء الامس اصدقاء اليوم وتحت شعار المصالح تتصالح ..وقفت تتفرج على ابادة “خوت الجد” في بني وليد 2012 واستبدلت حلفها القديم باخر موديل2011 وأما اولاد سليمان فكان حالهم اسوأ من الزنتان فلم يكتفوا بالانقلاب على “خوت الجد” ويقفوا متفرجين على ماتعرضت له بني وليد(( ومع أن العديد وهذا للتاريخ من اولاد سليمان قد دافعوا عن بني وليد ومدوها بالدعم اللوجستي وهي مبادرات فردية لاتعبر عن الموقف الرسمي لمليشيات اولاد سليمان وعدتها وعتاده)) وانحيازهم الغير مبرر لفبراير وقياداته التي لاتجمعها مع اولادسليمان رابطة اجتماعية او اخلاقية او وطنية بل دخلوا في صدام مسلح مع “خوت الجد” القدادفة تارة بتصفية حسابات قديمةمردها الصراع على السلطة او التجارة وثارة اخرى بحجة(( الصراع بين الازلام والثوار))ا وبعدما تم اللجوء لاستخدام القوة بين اولاد سليمان والقدادفة وازهقت الارواح واحرقت المنازل والممتلكات دخل الاود سليمان في صراع مسلح مع التبو ومناوشات مع المقارحة فلم يتبقى لهم في محيطهم الجغرافي سوى بعض القبائل الصغيرة التي لاتملك كثل بشرية ولامواقف ابدية فهي سرعان مع تغير مواقفها تبعا للغالب المسيطر بل والادهى من ذلك ان اولادسليمان عقدوا تحالفات جديدة مع بعض القبائل التي تمثل العدو التاريخي لهم والتي تتحين الوقت والظرف الملائم للثأر من احقاد يظن البعض انها انتهت تماما كماظنوا أن الثأر بين ورفلة ومصراتة قد انتهى ليتفاجأ هؤلاء برفع صورة السويحلي في قلب بني وليد بعد تجريدة القرار 7 واكذوبة القبض والتلفيقات ..لتجد قبيلة اولاد سليمان نفسها وحيدة في بحر متلاطم من الاعداء يبتغي سحقها واعادة تهجيرها لتشاد والنيجر ودون ان تجد عونا من صفها واحلافها التقليدية فالاعداء القبليين يتربصون بها والاتراك لن ينسوا لها ثورة عبدالجليل سيف النصر والفرنسيون لن يغفروا لها معركة عين كلكة وبئر علالي وبحر غزال ..فهل يدرك عقلاء اولاد سليمان وحكمائهم وهم بالقطع كثر أن مكانهم الذي يقفون فيه اليوم ليس مكانهم الصحيح وأن موقفهم ليس الموقف الصائب وأن تخليهم عن محيطهم فيه غرق لهم وأن تحالفاتهم الجديدة فيها هلاكهم وأن عددهم وعدتهم لايكفلان لهم الصمود طويلا امام حشد من المتربصين بهم وهذا الحشد سيتزايد بمجرد تبدل موازين القوة على الارض خاصة بعد التدخلات الدولية ومطامعها في الجنوب ودعم التبو خصوصا ..لست ادري بماذا يفكر خوت الجد وعلى اي رهان يبنون سياساتهم وماهي المعايير التي يقررون بموجبها بناء تحالفاتهم بعد هدمهم لحلف صلب كان بالامكان ان يوفر لهم الحماية والامن والسلام.







According to witnesses the entry of 25 cars armed militias of Misrata to the region,

“Germa” Valley of life against the backdrop of conflict in the region.

“جرمة” بوادي الحياة على

“Germma” Valley of Life

of her sons is a link between the province and “the valley of life” and the Libyan government, located in the west end of the province.







Water leak from one of the pumps, pipes feeding the city, “Galloux”

Libya media – Galloux: Galloux city suffered Ahli, water shortages, as a result of leaking Almsenmr of water pipe,

the main line of water fed from the pump station to the main city of Galloux, causing wastage of water unjustly.

He said one of the citizens Bjalo, news agency Solidarity, the water leakage constant clearly, and not so long ago …





3 killed and 9 wounded as a result of armed clashes in the “Sabha”
Libya mediaSabha: Sabha Hospital on Sunday evening, three dead and nine wounded by the armed clashes

broke out in Sabha. The city prevailed in a state of calm, after a night of sporadic clashes were used various weapons.


Murder of an officer in the city of Sabha:

Libya media – Sabha: assassinated on Sunday evening in the city of Sabha officer Abdul Hadi Sadiq Salih at the hands of armed

gangs after followed as he left his home and liquidated in front of Hall of the People … and the infiltration of a group of these bands

to the neighborhood Brady and clashed with a group of people there.







“Zero hour”, on FB. tells us:

Shufu God

Qatari Foreign Minister called Khalid bin Mohammed Al-Attiyah said:


…Must end the current conflict in Libya so requests, even resorting to the UN Security Council to adopt a UN resolution required all Libyan parties direct dialogue.







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