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Muammar al-Qathafi, visionary for Life:

In the Holy Quran, where it says: do not take Jews and Christians as your friends, it is explicitly referring to NATO (not all Christians and Jews, obviously)…

When the dupes of the Israeli propaganda (BERNARD LEVY) in Benghazi during 2011 calling for NATO to intervene and bomb their own country, this is when these fools lost their identity as Muslims, and procured the wrath of Hell upon Libya.

We know, since then, Benghazi weeps in sorrow—wishing to reverse what has happened to them—Allah accepts all who truly repent of their wrongs, and will not repeat their mistakes, doing everything in their will-power to correct the grave error which they commited. But still, can Libya sustain 23 more years of NATO dominance over them?

Will Benghazi once again accept the Third Universal Theory so lovingly given unto them? al-SABRI has retried to have Popular Congressional Meetings since February 2014. Will they reinstitutionalise THE GREAT JAMAHIRIYA ?

The Third Universal Theory means freedom from the Zionist enslavement of the corrupt WORLD MONETARY SYSTEM. It means a harmonious, loving and courageous Koranic society in which Allah reigns SUPREME…and ONLY ALLAH!

In effect, the words of Mu’ammar al-Qathafi (through the Inspiration of Allah) …as expounded in the GREEN BOOK and the Great Green Universal Charter of Human Rights (12 JUNE 1988)…have the abilility to FREE THE ENTIRE WORLD. This indeed makes Mu’ammar the IMAM MAHDI.
NO OTHER SYSTEM, no matter how sincere, can accomplish this fete.

All non-believers, reap in your stupidity and remain sorrowful without Hope….

ALLAH BLESS Mu’ammar al Qathafi…Allah Bless THE GREAT JAMAHIRIYA….

Do not permit Libya to become the ‘Second Homeland for the “JEWS” ‘! This is a farce which MISURATA , the ZIONISTA and Abdul-Rahman Sowhailli have created. Remember, Little “ISRAEL” needs to expand. It is in their favor and wish to bring the proposed One Million Jews into Libya to permanently resettle. This will give, to Israel, our Libya; making it to be ISRAEL‘s needed allie to rule the entire earth… DO NOT LET THE ZIONISTA ACCOMPLISH THIS! Bring back the GREAT JAMAHIRIYA...Do not write a “new Constitution, nor hold any false “elections”. The Holy Quran is the only (and true) Law for the peoples of Libya, as was so fully adopted by the people on 02 MARCH 1977…DO NOT FORGET THIS !.

0:42 – 1:02 on the meter, in particular, concern LIBYA…LISTEN !|

This was posted on 19 OCTOBER 2011.



No longer remote, all conditions and indicators confirm

“Battle of Tripoli last:
Bloody battle which was postponed (due to a betrayal ‘Barrani forms’), no longer far away,

all conditions and indicators confirm this now.

Young people everywhere are no longer dreams confined to marriage, housing and car,

but became their dream of a large liberation of Libya in the battle for Tripoli bloody,

We will not have mercy on one of the traitors, will not shoot me in the air and will not have them spend time in the provision of places for prisoners, because their dictionary is no longer recognized by all the laws of war Fajsmanm as they see it is far from humans, and as close as possible to the rabid dogs that address the dead alone.

You will see what will do the battalions of security in the war in the streets, experiences battalion Emhemed and company affiliates and units of the “Special Forces Brigade 32 enhanced” and striking force in the band thunder and Vanguards Popular Guard and legions revolutionary fighter in the fight fierce doctrine does not return, victory or martyrdom.

Final battle to doubt it only sound which is the lead and if you have heard of speak will hear only the word exactly sir, this is the next you want to believe or say that this is nonsense and pointless behind them,

the matter resolved on this trend and Feedback no longer do any good, it will not delaying the final battle in Tripoli, one hour from the time, a lot of blood and the bodies of more and destruction has no boundaries these scenes,

but the most beautiful that last scene where the anthem God is greater, raising the green flag over Saraya red and join the cities and villages and rural areas of the Libyan second.

I do not Play a vacuum in this recital of the future and will not Tzmonha bullets and letters in the near future .. “


معـركة طرابلس الاخيـرة :
المعـركة الداميـة التي تأجلت بفعل خيانـة البراني اشكال ، لم تعـد بعيدة ، فكل الظـروف والمؤشرات تؤكد على وقـوعها ، فالشباب في كل مكان لم تعد احلامهم تنحصر في الزواج والسكن والسيارة وإنما صار لديهم حلم كبير بتحرير ليبيا في معركة طرابلس الدامـية ، لن يرحموا احد من الخونة ، ولن يطلقوا الرصاص في الهواء ولن يكون لهم وقت يقضونه في توفير اماكن للأسرى ، لان قاموسهم لم يعد يعترف بكل قوانين الحروب فخصمهم كما يرونـه ابعد ما يكون عن البشر ، واقرب ما يكون للكلاب المسعورة التي تعالج بالرصاص وحده .
سوف تشاهدون ماذا سوف تفعل الكتائب الامنية في حرب الشوارع ، خبرات كتيبة امحمد والسرايا التابعة لها ووحدات القوات الخاصة في اللواء 32 المعزز والقوة الضاربة في فرقة رعـد وطلائع الحرس الشعبي والجحافل الثورية المقاتلة في قتالها الشرس بعقيدة لا رجوع ، نصر او استشهاد .
معركة أخيرة لاشك في ذلك الصوت الوحيد فيها هو الرصاص وإذا سمعتم من يتكلم فيها فلن تسمعوا إلا كلمة تمام سيدي ، هذا هـو القادم تريدون ان تصدقوا او ان تقولوا ان هذا هـراء لا طائل من وراءها ، فالأمر حسم على هذا الاتجاه وأرائكم لم تعد تجدي فهي لن تؤخر المعركة الاخيرة في طرابلس ساعة واحدة عن موعدهـا ، دماء كثيرة وجثث اكثر ودمار لا حدود له هذه مشاهدها ولكن الاجمل ان المشهد الاخير فيها نشيد الله اكبر ورفع الراية الخضراء فوق السرايا الحمراء وانضمام المدن والقرى والأرياف للجماهيريـة الثانيـة .
انا لا اعزف في الخـواء هذه معزوفة المستقبـل ولسوف تسمعونها رصاصاً وليس حروفاً في القريب العاجـل..{الموسيقار}


TOTAL OPPOSITE and “reversal” in merely three years:

“QaaQa Brigade”, on FB comments:

Exchange places and change Titles, from “revolutionary” to Radical Wahabiism:

from the Conqueror of the Glorious al-Fateh, it became “the 17 FEBRUARY” of blood,

The Chamber of revolutionary committees and “General People’s Conference”, was replaced with

The Pagan National Conference of the Year”,

from the green institutionalised “The Third Universal Theory”, we were given the eccentricities

and perversions of the ‘Muslim’ Brotherhood...

The “stray dogs” accomplished to oust the “algae cronies”:
who were the removed “opposition from Abroad” was exchanged for the “displaced from home and abroad”.

PICTURE: Contrast from BASIC PEOPLE’s Congresses to RAT ALLAOTUNAI

from the Godly to Satanism:



to the perverted and unspeakable:








Power outages …… on some areas in Tripoli … and the deterioration of Internet services.


National Channel: power backing of the eighth Abdel Raouf (“hater”) cart, stormed channel national, 

and kidnaps executive director of the channel and the Hun Tariq led to a responsible party.


Attribution security:

The release of the Executive Director of the National Canal Libya Tariq Hun after he was kidnapped

for two hours, where an armed group to enter the headquarters of the channel actually accidentally shot.





Source from within the national channel:

power backing of the eighth Abdel Raouf cart stormed the national channel and kidnaps executive director of the channel, Mr. Tariq Hun and led to a responsible party.
It is worth mentioning that the same force stormed the channel several times and arrested a number of its employees for various reasons did not issue the government nor the National Congress, any statements regarding incursions and arrests.


“Zintan brigade QaaQa”, on FB comments:

Abdul Rauf is not a hater of the extremist group, not a group of books Banna and Sayyid Qutb and Abdel Raouf Shakespeare hater influential element of them deal with them to help them, support them

Day shows generally warrior corruption, drugs and decay another day out Bajendy Mitiga breath and policy Alofh Amazon

One that rejects the exclusion of the area Friday Market # foreign intelligence called Bameitikh Ba

There is no need to play a stealth game, which is spoken in theaters circus

When he graduated from strength to follow “the hater” and the intervention of the channel on the basis of trace or track the current state of the conference shame,..

And Ngerp to an unknown place, my Aakarh you do not do in your role in the usual box Mitigua Friday Market without you moved to your specialty Ge room Mitigua.

Yesterday, for the Ostor “hater”, who plays the role of a security man to combat evil (HAH!!)

Catching someone Pthmt he said it, “the words” GOD how big this crime Vaaltaarev and Alqaonin domestic and international interests of the standing issue Kabrh and declare a state of emergency in the country.

لواء القعقاع الزنتان

عبد الرؤوف كاره ليس من جماعة المتطرفة ولا من جماعة كتب البنا وسيد قطب وشكسبير عبد الرؤوف كاره عنصر مؤثر منهم يتعامل معهم ينصرهم يؤيدهم

يوم يظهر بوجه محارب الفساد والمخدرات والأنحلال يوم اخر يخرج باجندى معيتيقة و انفاسه سياسة اﻷفعة ﻷمازون

يرفض أحد أن يخالفه من منطقة سوق الجمعة #المخابرات ﻷجنبية تسمى بامعيتيقة با

لا داعى من لعب لعبة التخفى الذى يتقنها فى مسارح السرك

عندما تخرج قوة من اتباع كاره وتدخل لقناة على أساس تتبع الدولة أو تتبع تيار فى المؤتمر الخزى

ونجره إلى مكان مجهول يا ياكاره أنت لاتفعل فى دورك المعتاد فى المربع معيتيقة سوق الجمعة بلا أنت انتقلت إلى اختصاصك قى غرفة امعيتيقة

باﻷمس ال ﻷسطور كاره الذى يلعب دور الرجل ﻷمنى مكافح للشر

يقبض على شخص بتهمت انه قال عليه” كلام” ياالله كم هذه الجريمة كبيرة فاالتعاريف والقاونين المحلية والدولية قضية تقف مصالح الدول الكبرة و تعلن حالة الطوارئ فى لبلاد



Afghan Kharijites at MITIGUA airbase:

Omar Alqoira:

Names supported the need Mitigua Afghans and the gang:
* Tripoli center just 27 Jbaour Suad bin bout 6.
* Friday Market Samira Mohammed Rashid 14 Krmos 0.3
* Salim Abdul-Raouf immune 5 Samira Ferjani 0.2
* Al-Andalus Rabia Ali Sibai Aburas.
* Eye Ministry Abdul Hakim Ferjany.
* Tajura Ali bin Rashid








 “Zintan brigade QaaQa”, on FB, says:

Mnscheroat page Dat special character tells Bassot Libya over everyone and revolution gate of a new era last _khasoasiat and his future unknown

We’re not Alvena Ejammlon

_ Does not deal with the praise of extremist currents

_ We are not in favor of armed formations soldier

_ We are not the owners of Western agendas

_ Do not deal with human beings Mamni revolution you participated Vaant Libby Chakar and you did not go to hell

_ Are not flattering figures of the common interests

_ We do not know with a desperate life

We will be protectors of the nation in spite of all the difficulties and attacks currents

The possibility of criminals and thieves among us from the gate in February in the New Testament

_ Does not deal with every revenge if an Angels

Aslam first to Libya and our country do not know the colors do not know the band

_ Do not measure double Balmkialin “Not all who participated in the “17 February ‘revolution’ that it is the customers, and follow the disbelief and denial”

Metals to humans, “but people in Atjal Ndhark identity”

_ Not all of Aúidansar Sharia Phaho extremist and penitential

It is not seen in the shift will Phaho client and a traitor to the homeland

Sabaka QaaQa are the protectors of the homeland of our people Commando … I do not discernible in the money from the Qaqaa I Gertie at home made me pay impossible

_ You from early February to support the sisters revolution taking place in my veins like hot blood, which Ihry when Dbh Shah … I do not know for employment door nor betrayed stream … was eluted imaginary and fictitious and imaginary stays home

One at the hands of our young people to achieve the impossible.

Talal Al Mansouri, on FB writes:
No Shi named neutrality or impartiality
Either with or against-either white or black-right or wrong
And neutrality: is the hypocrisy and lying.

طلال المنصوري
لا يوجد شي إسمه حياد أو حيادية
إما مع أو ضد – إما أبيض أو أسود – إما حق أو باطل
و حياد : هو النفاق و الكذب

PHOTO: QaaQa Brigade













Wādī Al Qurayyāt:

Road closure of the Sabha to Tripoli Route, by the people of the area Qurayyat demanding

re-cover the mobile phones of the area ..





The outbreak of fire in the market, “the Egyptian” in Benghazi.


Victims of fire toll rises to 19, in Benghazi.
The explosion occurred near the place of fireworks from market for Arab Unity (Egyptian market)


Fire in the Egyptian market # Benghazi:

The reason for sparking a fire in the stores and shops selling.



Victims of the city of Benghazi since yesterday
Saturday until the moment they
1 – Sam Saleh Faitouri – Assassination
2 – adequate Mohammed Alabbar
3 – Key Ibrahim Hamza
4 – Yasir on Lamama
5 – Omar Warfali
6 – key to beauty
In addition to the bodies of three unidentified Benghazi Medical Center


The death of the citizen, “Mohamed Ibrahim Moroccan” and wounding each of the

“Hamouda Elmarghani – Abdulsalam Albergthe – Mari Albergthe” following the fall

of the Grad rocket at their car Ntgah indiscriminate shelling by supporters of evil (ANSAR al-SHARIA).





Now aviation bombed sites in Qnfodh did not specify where the target and the closest behind

Dawo Korean company previously.


Air Force bombed camps of the client and Sam bin Humaid in Qnfodh now:

Sam bin Humaid, 3


The effects of the bombing yesterday at Benghazi University (Faculty of Economics – Department of Political Science).
It is worth mentioning that the study did not stop at the Faculty of Economy and students in the exam period currently:


Eagles soar to air # Now the skies above Benghazi .. and hear the sound of explosions.


airstrikes now at HAVE-BUILT air-base for fighters in Benghazi



Abolition of the elements of the Department of explosives on Monday to dismantle an improvised explosive device (bag), weighing six kilograms of explosive material, “TNT.”

A source from the Department of the Abolition of explosives, reported to them that a communication from the Directorate of Security benefit of a foreign body in the Institute, “March 10” in the region of Sidi Hussein in the city iof Benghazi.

The source said that the elements of section bomb squads went to the scene and dismantled the explosive device connected to a mobile phone before exploding.




Found the elements of security, on Monday, two unidentified bodies Groth

area 35 km west of Benghazi, they effects shots and the effects of torture.





Intense air strikes and strong now by Libyan warplanes on the sites of the terrorists in

the valley west of the largest single tuber.








Tabu accuse the sons of sound & want to kill Mohammed BADDI (residents DOP),

who was also a candidate for “election” to the House of Representatives in Sabha.


Security source confirmed the city of Sabha elections, the assassination of a candidate

for the House of Representatives by the Department of Sabha Valley beach Mohammed Baddi.

I want to belong to Tabu, and did not yet know the motives of the assassination.



Outage area Mansheya in Sabha due to injury and Acbakat power station …



Theft 1.800000 Libyan dinars from the Bank of the Republic in the Wadi threshold in the south,

where a group of armed bank robbery at gunpoint ..

URGENT: A total of armed robbery on the Republic Bank branch in the south valley threshold where they shoot random and the storming of the bank and the theft of Del well as when they came out after the theft of the amount stole a car belonging to the joint security room and escaped.

 Pool: a policeman injured in the bank robbery Republic
unknown gunmen carried out, on Monday morning, an armed robbery at the Bank of the Republic Branch Valley Otaiba “relatives.” Colonel Ahmed Baraka, Director of the National Security Murzuq for “gateway center” injury to a police officer assigned to protect the bank during the robbery after a bullet hit the rebound into the wall ….


Dr. Muwlai-Qaidi-Oqnedi of the Tawareq Council:





 Mohamed alqashaat

(between treason and betrayal. .. check box)

asked his brother of Mauritania. They are employed in Arab Affairs. And Libya in particular. Led by Mahdi Al-Sharif al-Idrisi, his friend.

They asked me about Ahmed-blood. Is he a traitor or not ..? And to them I say:

I knew Ahmed-blood in 1963 when he was a child studying in the fifth year of primary school Sabha. I tutor this chapter which was among his students – unfortunately – Abdel Rahman Shalgham.

As I was teaching sixth grade, which was among his students – unfortunately – the foreigner forms. And you are my pupils in history, was the father of Ahmed Mohamed-blood security in Sabha. Or rather in Fezzan.

Prior to that, migrants in Egypt. Days of the Italian occupation. Where he married a woman from the tribe of ouled Ali Morsi region raised. And is the mother of Ahmed and Syed. And a girl or two, God rest her soul.

Om Ahmed died in a coup for the car Mohamed-blood in the desert between Jufra and Sabha. Since the road is free of altrak stayed Ms. underneath the car on the bottom half and Muhammad could not-blood and young boys to raise car alandrover on her body and she was her husband’s children recommends that the voice her Lisa not FIBC. I stayed in the same position tubercle, even after that caper. Ahmed joined the “al-Fateh glorious Revolution,” since its inception.

And, his brother Mr. men mobile.. He joined the Military Academy. He studied in several specialized courses and became an officer of the Libyan army.. The Commander of Libyan support group which fought with Idi Amin in Uganda against the Western onslaught that supports Nyerere in Tanzania and fought with Egypt in 1973 and contributed to its support and is preparing for this battle.

Most of the weapons that have supported Libya’s war effort of rockets and aircraft and inflatable boats that crossed the channel. Purchased by Ahmed who was the representative of Libya’s relations with Egypt. He worked as a Personal Envoy to Colonel al-Qathafi. The external work cell. And contributed to soften many of the intractable positions between Libya and some Arabic countries.

When the events of 2011 went to Syria, Lebanon and Egypt in the task by Colonel al-Qathafi. He remained in Egypt and took the role of exhibitions in agreement with Colonel al-Qathafi to act did not ripen him and I know it.

The RAT Transitional-Government pushed NATO clients 367.97€ million to the Government of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt for the extradition of Ahmad and his execution. It also prompted a quarter billion to the Government of Mauritania to hand over Abdullah Sanussi. 

President Mohamed Abdel Aziz seized money and hand over the man who was one of the pillars of the system in support of Abdul Aziz in access to power:  Here the French proverb holds true (higher knowledge of humans has increased my respect for dogs) announced a NATO agent Mahmoud Jabril,  supposedly to  Ahmad’s delight. And bleeding the news in a crowd of people exchanged greetings as an expression of their joy. Although not Ahmed.

Jabril was arrested for exchanging congratulations with the same enthusiasm and may God have mercy on one of the heads of Egypt in the 1930s and I think the name Sidqi. They deposed him. Delightful people cheer for the new President.

Only one even returned him to the Ministry, the people cheer him and marched the including gtaiba saying (o people of each Ministry) Interpol who worked for several years for government employment in Libya.

However, piracy and kidnapping did not work with Ahmed. The lane waiting at the airport in Morsi. Must possess something. Mr. Sharif signed. Cleaner. Free (Maria) in their nets and returned him glad. Maria pleaded guilty was commissioned by Colonel Gaddafi purchased the home of Abdul Jalil Sayf an Nasr anti-Gaddafi.

al-Qathafi’s plan was not the Arab opponents, including Libyan authorities need under the yoke of foreign intelligence. Viamr allocation of salaries and assistance buying homes for them. The puppet-rat “Government clients in Libya” paid millions and billions to arrest men Libya and who fought NATO and defend your home. NATO clients not to thousands of Libyans who were not paid their salaries. And they cut off the water. And electricity. And not think about building their homes destroyed. Welashwarahm crushed. Welamschviathm shattered, schools, camps and their contacts. The so-called employment officials in Libya for the most important to them when attending international conferences, but the claimant with handing over the Libyans who fled with their skins.

Hell militia. And religious extremism. Identity and murder.

They did not know they were coming to them without asking. Not request home and editing.There’s no need to rush. Ahmed-the blood was not a traitor to his homeland. And that similarity to other things. Ahmed is now working to free Libya than the mess. And all who were killed. And displacement. And theft. And looting. And violation of the symptoms. And looting of property. And compromising national freedom, sovereignty and dignity.This NATO customers that annoy those who begrudge that eliminating individuals end people and Jihad for freedom. And here, by the way, the great Egyptian courts. And Egypt is Egypt. That God said to the oppressed (dwelling place Egypt) and I thank the people of Mauritania, the great Arab descendant of the Almoravids. That ensures Arab problems and worry about intercourse with their woes. And the Liberal nationals recruitment as mercenaries with NATO and customers. When they offered Qatar and UAE recruitment in copious amounts. Gulf thought that pronouns.


And the PSI set you buy with money. Did they know that the Mauritanian people.. Bigger than they thought. The thinking of the Arab traitors. And colonial lackeys. Descendants of Abu rghal.  Weird to the pride of the Mauritanian people, its pride and stunning Arabic Islamic. They say that there is a treason to wallakhianh box. Is doubt that cloud the truth on the other. Here occurred when Ahmad-bloodدكتور-محمد-القشاط-يكتب-بين-الخيانة-وا.html

دكتور محمد القشاط يكتب : ( بين الخيانة .. واللا خيانة .. خانة )

( بين الخيانة .. واللا خيانة .. خانة ) سألني اخوة من موريتانيا . وهم من المنشغلين بالشان العربي عامة . والليبي خاصة . وعلى راسهم الصديق المهدي الشريف الادريسي.. سالوني عن احمد قذاف الدم . هل هو خائن ام لا ..؟ واليهم اقول…. عرفت احمد قذاف الدم عام 1963 عندما كان طفلا يدرس بالسنة الخامسة الابتدائية بمدرسة سبها المركزية . وكنت انا مدرس هذا الفصل الذي كان من ضمن طلابه – مع الاسف – عبد الرحمن شلقم .. كما كنت ادرس الصف السادس الذي كان من ضمن طلابه – مع الاسف – البراني اشكال .. وكنت ادرسهم في مادة التاريخ كان والد احمد محمد قذاف الدم مسئول الامن في سبها . او بلاحرى في ولاية فزان .. وكان قبل ذلك مهاجرا في مصر . ايام الاحتلال الايطالي .. حيث تزوج سيدة من قبيلة اولاد علي في منطقة مرسى مطروح . وهي ام احمد وسيد . وبنت او اثنتين توفيت ام احمد رحمها الله في حادث انقلاب لسيارة محمد قذاف الدم في الصحراء بين الجفرة وسبها . ولما ان الطريق خالية من الطراق بقيت السيدة تحت السيارة التي سقطت على نصفها الاسفل ولم يستطع محمد قذاف الدم والاولاد الصغار ان يرفعوا سيارة الاندروفر من على جسمها وكانت توصي زوجها بالاولاد الى ان لفظت انفاسها احمد الصغير لم يبك .. وبقيت عجرة ذلك الموقف في نفسه حتى بعد ان كبر.. التحق احمد بالثورة . منذ قيامها . وكان اخوه السيد من الرجال المتحركين لتحقيقها.. التحق بالكلية العسكرية . ودرس في عدة دورات تخصصية واصبح احد ضباط الجيش الليبي الاكفاء.. كان قائد مجموعة الدعم الليبي التي قاتلت مع عيدي امين في اوغندة ضد الهجمة الغربية التي تدعم نيريري في تانزانيا كما حارب مع مصر عام 1973 وساهم في دعمها وهي تتهيأ لهذه المعركة ..واغلب الاسلحة التي دعمت بها ليبيا المجهود الحربي المصري من صواريخ وطيران وقوارب مطاطية التي عبرت القناة ..اشتراها احمد الذي كان مندوب ليبيا للعلاقات مع مصر.. اشتغل احمد كمبعوث شخصي للعقيد القذافي .. وكان من خلية العمل الخارجي.. وساهم في تليين الكثير من المواقف المستعصية بين ليبيا وبعض البلدان العربية.. عند احداث 2011 ذهب احمد الى سوريا ولبنان ومصر في مهمة من قبل العقيد القذافي. وبقي في مصر واتخذ دور المعارض باتفاق مع العقيد القذافي وذلك لاداء عمل لم تنضجه الظروف وانا اعلم بذلك .. دفعت حكومة عملاء الناتو 500مليون دولار لحكومة الاخوان المسلمين في مصر من اجل تسليم احمد لهم واعدامه ..كما دفعت مليار وربع لحكومة موريتانيا من اجل تسليم عبد الله السنوسي ..وقام الرئيس محمد عبد العزيز بقبض المال وتسليم الرجل الذي كان احد اركان النظام الذي دعم عبد العزيز في الوصول للسلطة وهنا يصدق المثل الفرنسي( كلما زادت معرفتي بالبشر زاد احترامي للكلاب ) اعلن عميل الناتو محمود جبريل ابتهاجه بالقبض على احمد . وزف النبأ وسط حشد من المواطنين تبادلوا التهاني تعبيرا عن فرحتهم .. ولو ان احمد في الحكم . وتم القبض على جبريل لتبادلوا التهاني بنفس الحماس ورحم الله احد رؤساء مصر في الثلاثينات واظن ان اسمه صدقي اقالوه من الوزارة .. وسار الشعب يهتف للرئيس الجديد .. ولم تمض مدة حتى اعادوه للوزارة فسار الشعب يهتف له وقام فيهم جطيبا قائلا ( ياشعب كل وزارة ) الانتربول الذي يشتغل لعدة سنوات الا من اجل حكومة العمالة في ليبيا.. الا ان عملية القرصنة والاختطاف لم تنجح مح احمد .. والطائرة تنتظر في مطار مرسي.. ولابد ان يحملوا شيئا .. ووقع الاستاذ الشريف . النظيف . الحر (علي ماريا) في شباكهم ورجعوا به مغتبطين.. علي ماريا ذنبه انه بتكليف من العقيد القذافي قام بشراء منزل لعبد الجليل سيف النصر احد المعارضين للقذافي .. وكانت خطة القذافي تقضي بان لانترك المعارضين العرب بما فيهم الليبيين ان ترميهم الحاجة تحت نير المخابرات الاجنبية .. فيامر بتخصيص رواتب لهم ومساعدات وشراء بيوت لبعضهم .. ان حكومة عملاء الناتو في ليبيا تدفع الملايين والمليارات من اجل القبض على رجال ليبيا الاحرار والذين قاتلوا الناتو ودافعوا على الوطن . لم ينتبه عملاء الناتو لالاف الليبيين الذين لم تدفع رواتبهم . ويقطع عليهم الماء . والكهرباء . ولم تفكر في بناء بيوتهم المهدمة .. ولاشوارعهم المهشمه .. ولامستشفياتهم المحطمة ومدارسهم ومعسكراته ووسائل اتصالاتهم .. مايسمى بمسئولي العمالة في ليبيا لاهم لهم عند حضورهم المؤتمرات الدولية الا المطالبةبتسليم الليبيين الذين فروا بجلودهم . من جحيم المليشيات. والتطرف الديني . والقتل على الهوية .. وهم لايعلمون انهم قادمون اليهم بدون طلب .. الا طلب الوطن والتحرير..فلا داعي للاستعجال.. ان احمد قذاف الدم لم يكن خائنا لوطنه .. وان تشابه على البعض الاشياء.. واحمد الان من العاملين على تحرير ليبيا مما هي فيه من فوضى . وقتل . وتشريد . وسرقة . ونهب . وانتهاك اعراض . وسلب الممتلكات . والتفريط في حرية الوطن وسيادته وكرامته ..وهذا مايضايق عملاء الناتو الذين يضنون ان القضاء على الافراد ينهي صمود الشعب وجهاده من اجل الحرية .. واشكر هنا بالمناسبة القضاء المصري العظيم .. ولازالت مصر هي مصر .. التي قال الله تعالى للمضطهدين ( اهبطوا مصر ) واشكر شعب موريتانيا العربي العظيم سليل المرابطين . الذي يسهر لمشاكل العرب وتقلق مضاجعه مآسيهم.. والذي رفض مواطنوه الاحرار التجنيد كمرتزقة مع الناتو والعملاء . عندما عرضت عليهم قطر والامارات التجنيد بمبالغ طائلة .. وظن الخليجيون ان الضمائر .. والمواقف .. والمباديئ تشترى بالمال.. ولم يعرفوا ان الشعب الموريتاني المجيد .. اكبر مما يظنون .. وان تفكير خونة العرب .. واذناب الاستعمار .. واحفاد ابي رغال ..لايرقى الى مستوى كبرياء الشعب الموريتاني وانفته وشموخه العربي الاسلامي .. وأ قول ان هناك خانة بين الخيانة واللاخيانة .. هي خانة الشك التي تغم فيها الحقيقة عن البعض .. وهنا وقعت حالة احمد قذاف الدم …

Dr. Mohamed alqashaat



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